General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 2012 on GH

Todd and Carly made love. Maxie took comfort in Spinelli's arms after she was told that she had miscarried Lulu and Dante's baby. Meanwhile, two people were left in critical condition following a car crash.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 31, 2012 on GH
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Monday, December 31, 2012

Due to the New Year's holiday, ABC aired an encore episode of General Hospital from earlier this year. This programming change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2, and pick up where the Friday, December 28 episode concluded.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Due to the Christmas holiday, ABC aired an encore episode of General Hospital from earlier this year. This programming change was planned for, so there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change. Regular programming will resume on Wednesday, January 2, and pick up where the Friday, December 28 episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

At the apartment, Ellie sported a mud mask as she relaxed and read a magazine. Maxie entered the living room and glanced at Ellie as the phone rang. It was Lulu calling to wish Maxie a Happy New Year and to let Maxie know that she would stop by later. Maxie reminded Lulu that Lulu had a club to run and assured her that she would see Lulu the following day, and probably every day after that, for the next nine months. Lulu wondered if Maxie really wanted to be alone on New Year's Eve, so Maxie revealed that Ellie was home. Lulu was surprised because she had assumed that Ellie and Spinelli had had plans.

Maxie decided to end the call, so she told Lulu to wish Dante a happy New Year and disconnected the call. Maxie was curious what Spinelli was doing for New Year's Eve, so Ellie explained that he was on his own. Maxie realized that Ellie and Spinelli had broken up, so she wondered what had happened. Ellie insisted that it didn't matter, but then admitted that Spinelli had invited Ellie to meet him on the hospital's rooftop at midnight like in the movie An Affair to Remember. Maxie wondered why Ellie was still at the apartment, so Ellie explained that Ellie would never be Spinelli's first priority.

Maxie realized that the split had to do with her, so Ellie suggested that Maxie's self-absorption bordered on egomania. Maxie ignored the remark and explained that what had happened on Christmas Eve had been Maxie's fault and that Spinelli had been eager to introduce Ellie to his "famiglia." Ellie seemed skeptical, so Maxie conceded that Spinelli had seemed happier than he had been in years. Maxie insisted that Spinelli had chosen Ellie because he had moved on, so Maxie assured Ellie that Maxie had too. At Maxie's urging, Ellie decided to meet Spinelli on the rooftop.

Later, Maxie was watching the New Year's Eve celebrations on television, but her thoughts were on the night that Spinelli had told Maxie that he had chosen Ellie. Moments later, Ellie entered the living room, dressed a beautiful red dress. Maxie assured Ellie that Ellie looked perfect, so Ellie thanked Maxie for the talk. Ellie noticed the time. "Wish me luck," Ellie said as she rushed out the door to meet Spinelli. "Good luck," Maxie softly said after Ellie had left.

Later, Maxie heard scratching at the front door, so she grabbed an umbrella and opened the door. Maxie was surprised when she saw a small dog on her doorstep. She tried to shoo it away, but the puppy ran into the apartment and lay down on the sofa. Maxie started to march to the sofa, but tripped on the rug and fell.

At the Drake residence, Patrick was on the phone with Britt when Emma entered the living room. Emma wanted to go to the New Year's Eve party with Patrick, so Patrick covered the phone's mouthpiece as he explained that the party was for adults. Emma complained that "Dr. Britt" didn't act like a grownup, so Patrick scolded his daughter and sent her to her room to change into her pajamas. After Emma left the room, Patrick resumed his conversation with Britt. Britt was curious if Patrick and Emma had been talking about her, so Patrick explained Emma wanted to go to the party. However, Patrick assured Britt that Emma would cheer up when Sabrina arrived because Emma loved Sabrina.

"Who doesn't?" Britt asked, while carefully hiding her disdain for the young nurse. Moments later, the doorbell rang, so Patrick ended the call and opened the door. Sabrina stood on the doorstep, wearing a pair of 2013 New Year's Eve glasses. Patrick smiled when she blew on her noisemaker and entered the house. She revealed that she had picked up party favors for Emma, too, because she thought that Emma would enjoy them. Patrick agreed as Sabrina became lost in a fantasy about Patrick kissing her.

Sabrina snapped out of the fantasy when Patrick had to repeat her name several times and asked where she had gone. "Nowhere at all," Sabrina assured him as Emma ran into the living room and warmly greeted her. Sabrina showed Emma the party favors that she had picked up, so Emma suggested that Patrick stay instead of going out. Emma put on her 2013 New Year's Eve glasses and handed a pair to Patrick to try on. Sabrina offered to snap a picture, so Patrick and Emma posed.

Afterwards, Patrick promised to wake his daughter when he returned home, and he left. Later, Sabrina and Emma watched the New Year's Eve festivities on television. Emma was curious what adult parties were like, so Sabrina explained that people talked and danced. "Will Daddy dance with Dr. Britt?" Emma wondered. "Probably," Sabrina replied. Emma was curious if Britt would be her new mother, so Sabrina carefully asked how Emma would feel about that.

"Terrible. I don't like her," Emma admitted. Sabrina was surprised when Emma confessed that she'd rather have Sabrina as a mother. Sabrina assured Emma that she would be proud to be Emma's mother because Emma was a wonderful little girl, but Emma already had the world's best mother. "But she's in Heaven," Emma reminded Sabrina. Sabrina promised to always be Emma's friend, but no one could replace Emma's mother. Emma nodded and hugged Sabrina.

At the hospital, Britt was relieved when her shift ended because she was eager to join Patrick at the Haunted Star. However, her plans were delayed when Michael arrived with Starr and asked for Britt to examine Starr. Britt reluctantly agreed, even though Starr insisted that she was fine. Britt led the couple to an examination room and checked Starr for signs of a possible concussion. Britt decided that more testing was needed when Michael revealed that Starr had been unconscious for several minutes. Starr argued that they didn't have time for that because Connie had abducted Johnny. Michael assured Starr that he would alert the police, so he called Dante.

Later, Britt determined that Starr was fine and then quickly left. Michael questioned if Britt had looked at the right chart, but Starr assured Michael that she felt fine, so Michael hugged her tightly as he confessed that he had been terrified when he had found her unconscious. He admitted that he couldn't take it if anything were to happen to her. Michael suggested that they spend New Year's Eve the same way that they had spent Christmas. Starr smiled at the idea of ringing in the New Year with Michael in bed.

Meanwhile, Britt had changed into a sexy tight dress. She called Patrick to apologize for the delay but assured him that she was on her way. After she ended the call, Britt waited for the elevator to arrive. Moments later, the door slid open. A woman and young girl exited the elevator and smiled when they saw Britt because they had been looking for her.

Britt greeted the little girl by the wrong name, so the mother corrected Britt and explained that they had wanted to give Britt some peanut brittle as a show of appreciation for everything that Britt had done for the little girl. Britt leaned down to accept a hug from the little girl, who promptly vomited down the back of Britt's dress. Britt was forced to change into a pair of scrubs, so she called Patrick to let him know that she would be there soon. Maxie arrived as Britt was on the phone with Patrick. Britt was frustrated when Maxie explained that she had fallen, so she was concerned about the baby.

Patrick had overheard enough to know that Britt would be delayed yet again, so he decided to take a rain check on the date and promised to call Britt the following day. Exasperated, Britt took Maxie to an examination room to make sure that everything was okay with the baby. A short time later, Britt broke the news to Maxie that Maxie had suffered a miscarriage.

Patrick arrived home and smiled when he saw Sabrina asleep on the sofa. He touched her shoulder, which startled her awake. Patrick immediately apologized, but Sabrina assured him that it was okay. She was curious what time it was, so Patrick revealed that it was a few minutes before midnight, and then explained that Britt hadn't been able to make it to the Haunted Star. Sabrina started to leave, but Patrick invited her to stay to ring in the new year with him by watching television and eating popcorn. Sabrina agreed, so she sat down.

As the ball dropped in Times Square, Sabrina turned to look at Patrick. The air of casual friendship suddenly shifted as they slowly leaned towards each other for a New Year's kiss.

On the hospital's rooftop, Spinelli thanked Milo for helping Spinelli to transform the rooftop into a romantic setting for Spinelli's midnight rendezvous with Ellie. Spinelli's only regret was the thick fog. Milo was curious why Spinelli was so nervous, so Spinelli explained that Ellie had convinced herself that Spinelli would rather be with Maxie than with Ellie. Milo wondered if Ellie was right, so Spinelli pointed out that he wouldn't have gone to so much trouble for Ellie if he would rather be with Maxie.

Spinelli hoped that midnight would be a new beginning, but he remained nervous, so he wanted to do a run-through to make sure everything was right. Milo reluctantly agreed to stand in for Ellie, so Spinelli turned on Moonlight Sonata and held out a chair for "Ellie." Milo took a seat as Spinelli pretended to pop the cork on the champagne. Afterwards, Spinelli invited "Ellie" to dance, so Milo played along and danced with Spinelli. Afterwards, Spinelli led Milo to a telescope as he revealed that he intended to point out the brightest star in the sky for Ellie to wish upon.

Later, Spinelli started to become concerned as midnight drew closer without any sign of Ellie. Milo handed him a bottle of peppermint schnapps to calm Spinelli's nerves. Spinelli recognized the bottle as a gift that he had given to Sonny two years earlier for Christmas. Milo claimed that Sonny had enjoyed the gift so much that he had decided to start giving everyone a bottle of the schnapps every Christmas. "Well played," Spinelli replied as he took a swig.

Milo didn't understand Spinelli's lack of confidence, since Spinelli clearly knew how to romance a woman. Milo confided that women only paid attention to him when he was half-naked on stage. Spinelli confessed that he wouldn't mind being viewed as a sex object, so Milo proposed that they give each other pointers. Milo hoped to find the right woman, since Lulu had married the boss's son. Milo thought perhaps he might even date Maxie, so Spinelli quickly informed him that Maxie was pregnant.

After Milo gave Spinelli's some tips on how to strip, Milo decided to head out so that he could find someone to share a New Year's Eve kiss with. Spinelli started to return the bottle of schnapps to Milo, but Milo told him to keep it. After Milo left, Spinelli continued to drink. As midnight arrived, Spinelli realized that Ellie wasn't going to show, so he decided to call her.

On the Haunted Star, Lulu welcomed Olivia and Steve. They all looked forward to 2013 and the arrival of Lulu and Dante's baby. Lulu was curious if Olivia had any vibes about the upcoming year, so Olivia smiled and started to assure Lulu that the baby would be healthy. However, Olivia smile disappeared when she spotted the puppy from her visions at the bar. Olivia was rattled by the vision. Moments later, Dante joined them and told them that Connie was on some kind of rampage.

Nearby, Todd and Carly arrived for the New Year's Eve party. Todd was not happy to be in Carly's ex-boyfriend's nightclub because he wanted her to move forward, not look back. Carly explained that the Haunted Star made the best martinis and that it was the place to be seen. Todd suspected that Carly hoped that Johnny would see them together, so Carly pointed out that there was nothing wrong with Johnny getting the message that she had moved on. Todd conceded that he was fine with that.

Moments later, Todd and Carly approached Lulu to congratulate Lulu on the baby. Todd was curious where Johnny was, so Dante revealed that the same woman who had assaulted Starr had kidnapped Johnny. Todd immediately demanded to know what had happened, so Dante assured him that Starr was fine. Todd wasn't satisfied, so he called Starr to find out for himself. Meanwhile, Olivia couldn't understand why Connie couldn't leave Starr alone.

Later, Dante suggested that his mother make a New Year's resolution not to lie to her son. Olivia had no idea what he was talking about, so Dante reminded her that she had been evasive when he had greeted her and asked her how she was doing. He was certain that she'd had another vision of the dog. Olivia warned Dante that the dog was trouble. Moments later, Lulu joined them, so Dante dropped the subject. Steve walked up to whisk Olivia away so that they could ring in the New Year at his place.

After Todd ended his call with Starr, he told Carly that Starr was fine. Carly admitted that she had known that Connie had been lying about Johnny. Todd was curious why Carly was thinking about Johnny after the way that Johnny had betrayed her. Todd was relieved when she assured him that she hadn't been thinking about Johnny because Todd had started to doubt her commitment to moving forward. Carly wondered about Todd's own commitment to move on from Blair. Todd insisted that asking Carly out was proof that he had moved on, but Carly remained skeptical, so she asked to see his phone.

Todd refused to hand it over, so Carly wondered if he had called Blair to tell her about Starr. Todd admitted that he had texted Blair to let her know. "I rest my case," Carly replied smugly. Todd assured Carly that he wasn't hung up on his ex-wife, because Blair always saw the worst in him, so he had decided to let Blair go. Carly reminded Todd that they were friends and had promised to be honest with each other about their feelings. Carly assured Todd that all she felt for Johnny was contempt.

However, Carly was curious how Todd could expect her not to think about Johnny when Blair was always on Todd's mind. Todd conceded that they both had a habit of looking back, but he was determined to look forward to the future with Carly. Carly smiled, so they toasted to moving forward as the countdown began. Moments later, Todd and Carly shared a New Year's Eve kiss.

In the parking garage, Trey told Connie that he had decided to take a job in California, so he would be leaving Port Charles for good. Connie revealed that she too intended to leave town because things weren't working out with Johnny. Meanwhile, Kristina heard thumping from the trunk of Connie's car, so she asked Connie what was in the trunk. Connie explained that it was luggage, but Kristina argued that luggage didn't make noise. Trey walked to the trunk of the car and became concerned when he heard the noise.

Connie tried to blame it on mice, but Trey ordered Connie to open the trunk. Connie pretended to use her key fob to open the trunk, but it didn't open, so she announced that she would have to do it from inside her car.

Meanwhile, Starr was surprised when Todd called to check on her after he had heard about what had happened. Starr assured her father that she was fine and promised to make Connie pay. Todd warned Starr to stay away from Connie, so Starr admitted that she was headed to Michael's apartment. After Starr ended the call, Michael spotted Kristina and Trey, so he called out to them. Connie panicked when she saw Starr, so Connie started the car and sped away.

Starr realized that Connie had been behind the wheel, so she told Kristina and Trey about Johnny's kidnapping. Kristina and Trey realized that the thumping noise in the trunk of Connie's car had been Johnny. Starr was determined to catch up with Connie to rescue Johnny, so Michael insisted on driving. Kristina and Trey climbed into the back of Michael's car.

Meanwhile, Connie raced down the road. She apologized to Johnny for the bumpy ride, but insisted that it was necessary.

Ellie's car broke down as she drove to the hospital, so she decided to start walking. She was frustrated because she couldn't get a cell phone signal to let Spinelli know that she was on her way.

In Michael's car, Trey noted that the fog was thick as pea soup, so Kristina warned Michael to drive carefully. Starr realized that they were on the road that Hope and Cole had been killed on. Michael glanced at Starr to make sure that she was okay. Seconds later, Starr shouted for Michael to watch out. Michael tried to swerve to avoid a collision.

In Connie's car, Connie was relieved when it appeared that the fog had lifted, so she took her eyes off the road to let Johnny know. Tragedy struck when Connie glanced back at the road in time to notice that Ellie was in her direct path. "Oh, my God," Connie shouted as she tried to swerve her car away from Ellie.

Ellie was relieved when her cell phone suddenly rang and she saw that it was Spinelli. Seconds later, she looked up and screamed in terror as a car careened towards her.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

At the Haunted Star, Todd and Carly rang in the new year with a heated kiss. They decided to go to Todd's hotel suite for a more intimate setting to continue their kiss. Eventually, Todd pulled away from the passionate kiss and offered Carly a nightcap. Breathless, Carly accepted and made her way to the sofa, while Todd poured the drinks. He handed Carly a tumbler of amber liquid and suggested that they had a lot to celebrate, including Connie's decision to kidnap Johnny. Carly assured Todd that she wasn't concerned about Johnny, but she couldn't understand why Connie continued to harass Starr after everything that Connie had done to Starr.

Carly's good mood soured when Todd checked his messages because she suspected that he had expected a call from Blair. Todd explained that he had hoped that Starr would throw him a bone by calling to wish him a happy New Year, since Starr had been cold to him over Christmas. Carly was curious why Starr had been so mad at Todd, but Todd became evasive. Carly let the matter drop and admitted that Michael hadn't called her, either, which wasn't out of the ordinary. Todd confessed that he couldn't stand it when Starr refused to talk to him, so he decided to call her. Carly stopped him because she didn't want him to ruin the moment.

Todd smiled as he asked what moment Carly had been referring to. Carly quickly clarified that she had been talking about Michael and Starr. She pointed out that Michael and Starr had been living under the same roof for months. Todd reminded her that Michael and Starr had separate beds, so Carly chuckled and accused Todd of being delusional if he thought Michael and Starr hadn't slept together. Todd was ready to storm over to Michael's apartment, but Carly distracted Todd with a kiss. However, she wasn't ready to let things go further until she knew where Todd stood with Blair.

Carly didn't want Todd to use her to get over Blair, so Todd admitted that he didn't want Carly to use him to get over Johnny. Carly wondered what Todd would do if Blair wanted Todd back. Todd assured Carly that he was over Blair and ready to move forward with Carly. Carly promised Todd that she would tell Johnny to get lost if Johnny were to give her a convoluted, but plausible, story about why he had been forced to marry Connie. Carly was confident that what she and Todd shared was the start of something new for her, so Todd kissed her and led her to the bedroom, where they made love.

At the hospital, Britt broke the news to Maxie that Maxie had miscarried. Britt felt bad for Maxie, but explained that it happened sometimes. Maxie reminded Britt that it had been Lulu and Dante's baby, so it was their loss, not Maxie's. However, Maxie was curious what had led to the miscarriage and wondered if the fall had contributed to it. Britt suspected that the embryo had simply not been viable, so it was nature's way of saying that it wasn't meant to be. Maxie disagreed because she believed that Lulu and Dante were meant to be parents.

Maxie blamed herself for the miscarriage because she hadn't rested properly and had tripped following the dog into the apartment. Britt doubted that the fall had anything to do with the miscarriage, but Maxie seemed unconvinced. Maxie had no idea how to tell Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage, so Britt offered to break the news to Lulu and Dante. Maxie thought that they should hear it from Maxie, so she left.

On the hospital's rooftop, Spinelli was drunk from peppermint schnapps as he left Ellie a blistering voicemail message about how he had waited for her, but she hadn't shown up. Spinelli popped the cork on the champagne bottle and poured the champagne out. He rambled about how he had prepared a special evening for her, but it had been for naught, so he hoped that Ellie had a happy life. Spinelli perked up when he heard approaching footsteps, so he begged Ellie to disregard his message and ended the call.

Moments later, Maxie appeared in the doorway. Spinelli wondered what Maxie was doing there. Maxie suddenly recalled that Ellie had mentioned that Ellie had planned to meet Spinelli on the rooftop, so she apologized for interrupting Ellie and Spinelli's evening. Spinelli pointed out that Ellie wasn't there and hadn't shown up for their midnight rendezvous. Maxie thought that it was odd, but didn't elaborate. Spinelli drunkenly assured Maxie that the message had been clear; Ellie didn't return his affections, so he and Ellie were over.

Maxie's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she had messed everything up and didn't know how to make things right. Spinelli wondered what had happened, so Maxie explained that she was a failure who couldn't do anything right. Spinelli vehemently disagreed and attributed her feelings of failure to pregnancy hormones. Spinelli argued he was the failure and then changed the subject by offering to take Maxie wherever she wanted to go. Maxie decided that she wanted to go home.

At the Haunted Star, Dante and Lulu called Maxie to wish her a happy New Year. However, the call went to voicemail, so they decided to go to Maxie's apartment. A short time later, Lulu and Dante were concerned when they saw that the front door to Maxie's apartment was wide open. Dante checked the apartment, but there wasn't any sign of Maxie or Ellie, so Lulu called Maxie's cell phone. Lulu's concern turned to alarm when Maxie's cell phone turned out to be on the sofa. Lulu insisted that Maxie never went anywhere without the cell phone, so Dante urged Lulu not to panic.

Seconds later, Maxie helped a staggering Spinelli into the apartment. Lulu and Dante were relieved to see Maxie, but curious where she had been and why the front door had been left open. Spinelli drunkenly collapsed on the sofa as Maxie told Lulu and Dante about the puppy and the fall. Dante wondered if Maxie had gone to the hospital, so Maxie assured Lulu and Dante that Britt had examined her. Lulu was anxious to know how the baby was, so Spinelli assured Lulu and Dante that the baby was okay or else Maxie would have told him when he had bumped into Maxie at the hospital.

Maxie allowed Lulu and Dante to believe the lie. Lulu and Dante offered to take Spinelli home, but Maxie assured them that he could stay. After Lulu and Dante left, Maxie closed the door and asked, "What the hell just happened?" Spinelli was more concerned about where Ellie was. He stumbled into Ellie's bedroom, while Maxie sat down on the sofa and picked up the baby book that Lulu and Dante had given to her. Maxie had no idea how to tell Lulu and Dante that the baby was gone, but she didn't have long to ponder it because Spinelli returned to the living room and announced that Ellie wasn't home.

Spinelli noticed that Maxie was upset, so he draped his arm over her shoulders and promised her that everything would be okay. They looked deep into each other's eyes for several heartbeats and then kissed.

Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante returned to the Haunted Star and slow danced as they basked in the joy of impending parenthood.

At the Drake residence, Patrick and Sabrina slowly leaned towards each other to ring in the new year with a kiss when Patrick's cell phone rang. Patrick quickly jumped up and answered his phone, while Sabrina appeared dazed by what had almost happened. She quickly recovered when she realized that Patrick was on the phone with Britt.

Britt apologized to Patrick for not making it to the Haunted Star and admitted that she was disappointed that she hadn't been able to enjoy the special night with him. Patrick assured her that he felt the same way. Britt wished Patrick a happy New Year, so Patrick wished her the same and then ended the call. Meanwhile, Sabrina had grabbed her things, thrown on her coat, and raced to the door to leave, but Patrick called out to her. He awkwardly hesitated and then reminded her that he had to pay her for watching Emma. Sabrina insisted that it wasn't necessary, but Patrick disagreed.

Patrick explained that he had to check on Emma and then fetch the money from the bedroom, so he asked Sabrina to wait. Sabrina reluctantly agreed, so she sat down as Patrick left the room. A short time later, the doorbell rang. Patrick didn't return, so Sabrina answered the door. Britt stood on the doorstep with her coat wide open and a seductive smile on her face as she said, "Happy New Year." "You're naked," Sabrina said in horror as she looked at Britt, who quickly snapped the coat closed and marched into Patrick's home, demanding to know what Sabrina was still doing there.

Britt pointed out that Patrick had left the Haunted Star before midnight, so Sabrina should have left long before. Sabrina tried to explain that Patrick had asked her to stay, but Britt cut her off and accused Sabrina of intentionally being on hand when the clock struck midnight. "Unbelievable," Britt added snidely. Sabrina tried to defend herself, but Britt wanted to know where Patrick was. Sabrina explained that Patrick had gone to the bedroom to fetch money to pay Sabrina for babysitting Emma.

Britt pulled some money out of her coat pocket and handed it to Sabrina. Sabrina refused to accept it because it was too much, but Britt ignored her and ordered Sabrina to get a jumpstart on the paperwork that had been left on Britt's desk. "What? Now?" Sabrina asked. "Yes," Britt replied as she shoved Sabrina out the door. Moments later, Patrick returned to the living room.

Patrick was surprised to when he saw Britt but not Sabrina. Britt lied by claiming that Sabrina had needed to leave, so Britt had paid her. Patrick offered to repay Britt, but Britt insisted that it was her treat, and she tried to kiss him. Patrick pulled away because he was worried about why Sabrina had left so quickly. Britt suggested that perhaps Sabrina had had plans and then changed the subject by confessing that she had missed Patrick at midnight.

Britt turned off the living room light and kissed Patrick. "Three guesses what I'm wearing underneath this coat," Britt whispered seductively in his ear. Patrick realized that she was naked under the coat, so Britt offered to show him. Patrick declined because he would end up taking her to his bedroom. Britt didn't mind, but Patrick feared that Emma might overhear them.

Britt promised to be quiet, but Patrick argued that Emma wasn't ready to wake up to find Britt in his bedroom. Britt claimed that she understood, so she suggested that they get a hotel room soon. Patrick agreed and promised that he was ready to move forward. Britt smiled with satisfaction and kissed Patrick. After Britt left, Patrick looked at the sofa where he and Sabrina had nearly shared a kiss.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina took a break from the files that she had been working on to look at the picture that she had snapped of Patrick and Emma in their 2013 New Year's Eve glasses. Sabrina smiled softly as she gazed at the snapshot.

Ellie screamed as a car careened towards her, while another care swerved to avoid a collision. In the aftermath, Ellie was thrown into a patch of heavy foliage, so that she was unseen by the occupants in Michael's car. Michael was the first to regain consciousness, so he roused Starr. Starr slowly opened her eyes and asked what had happened. Michael explained that he had skidded off the road to avoid hitting Connie's car. In the backseat, Kristina and Trey slowly regained consciousness and got out of the car.

Starr and Michael ran over to Connie's car and discovered that the driver's door was open, but Connie was nowhere in sight. Moments later, they heard Connie cry out for help as Connie clung tightly to the edge of the cliff. Starr ordered Michael to help Johnny, who was still in the trunk, while Starr went to check on Connie. Michael fetched a tire iron from his trunk to force the trunk of Connie's car open. Johnny was inside, but unconscious. Michael was relieved when Johnny slowly opened his eyes, so Michael told him about the accident as he helped Johnny out of the trunk and then went to check on Kristina when Trey had called out for help.

Kristina had collapsed and stopped breathing, so Trey attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Moments later, Kristina began to cough as she opened her eyes. Trey was relieved and admitted that his life had flashed before his eyes when Kristina had collapsed. Trey confessed that he couldn't live without her, so Kristina admitted that she felt the same way about him.

Meanwhile, Starr refused to help Connie because she blamed Connie for Hope and Cole's deaths. Connie begged for help, but Starr insisted that Connie deserved to die. Desperate, Connie grabbed Starr's wrist as Connie's other hand lost its grip on the outcropping of the cliff. Starr started to pry Connie's fingers off of her wrist as she vowed to let Connie die. Johnny heard the exchange, so he called out to Starr to reconsider what she was doing.

Johnny slowly made his way to the edge of the cliff as Starr accused Connie of being a murderer. Johnny explained that Connie hadn't killed Hope and Cole, but Starr didn't believe him. Johnny admitted that Connie had been covering for him; he had been the one to shoot out Anthony's tires, which had led to the crash that had killed Starr's daughter and fiancÚ. Connie's grip continued to slip, but Starr refused to make a move to help Connie until Johnny confessed all.

Johnny told Starr about the deal that he had made with Connie. Disgusted, Starr stormed off, so Johnny grabbed Connie's hand at the last second and pulled her to safety. Starr returned and violently slapped Johnny across the face as she accused him of being a "son of a bitch." Connie slowly stood up, looked around, and asked where the woman with red hair was. Starr had no idea what Connie was talking about, so Connie admitted that she might have struck a pedestrian with the car

Nearby, Kristina thanked Trey for saving her life. Trey hugged her and started to walk down the road in the hopes of getting a cell phone signal to call for help when he suddenly collapsed.

Meanwhile, Ellie struggled to stay awake as she desperately tried to call out for help. However, she was only able to manage a weak whisper. Ellie realized that she was in critical condition, so she repeatedly said Damian's name and admitted to herself that she and Spinelli belonged together. Ellie deeply regretted that she hadn't realized it sooner.

Michael spotted a cell phone on the ground, so he picked it up. He saw that there had been a missed call from Spinelli, so he realized that someone else had been on the road during the accident.

Friday, January 4, 2013

At the accident site, Michael called out for help when he found Ellie's unconscious body. Starr warned Johnny that she wasn't through with him and then ran to Michael's side. Starr immediately recognized Ellie, so Michael explained that Ellie was Spinelli's girlfriend. Michael was concerned because Ellie's pulse was weak, so he and Starr pleaded with Ellie to wake up. Ellie's eyes slowly opened as she softly whispered Damian's name, but it was clear that Ellie had been gravely injured. After Michael and Starr covered Ellie with a coat to keep her warm, Michael decided to walk around until he could pick up a cell phone signal.

By Connie's car, Connie insisted that the young woman that she had struck had jumped into the path of her car. Johnny was disgusted with Connie's excuses, so he warned her that she would be charged with kidnapping and assault. Connie pointed out that she would see Johnny in lockup because he had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. Kristina cried out for help, so Johnny raced over to check on Trey. Kristina was distraught because Trey had collapsed, so Johnny urged her to calm down and promised to try to get help.

Johnny started to walk, in the hopes of flagging down a driver, but Connie accused Johnny of trying to get away and leave her "high and dry." Outraged, Johnny pointed to Trey as he shouted, "Look at him. He's your son, and he could be dying. Does that not mean anything to you?" Connie appeared rattled.

Eventually, Michael was able to get through to Dante to let Dante know what had happened. Everyone waited anxiously for help to arrive, so Starr approached Johnny to ask him if he had lied to her about shooting out Anthony's tires to stop her from letting Connie fall to her death. Johnny wished that he could say that he had lied, but he couldn't. Starr was devastated by the betrayal, so Johnny admitted that he had been sick about what he had done and that he would change things if he could. Starr angrily pointed out that he couldn't and then blasted Connie for covering up for Johnny.

Starr decided that Johnny and Connie deserved each other. Michael heard Starr's shouting, so he asked what was going on. Starr was too upset to talk, so she marched off. Moments later, the police and ambulances arrived. As the paramedics checked Ellie and Trey and then loaded them into the back of the ambulances, Connie thought about Johnny's threat to make certain that she was charged with kidnapping. Connie refused to stick around, so she went to her car.

At the loft, Dante and Lulu lounged in bed and snacked on ice cream after they had made love. Lulu confessed that she felt guilty because they were able to do whatever they wanted, while Maxie had to live like a "nun" during the pregnancy. Dante was relieved when Lulu decided to stop worrying that something bad would happen to the baby. Moments later, Dante's cell phone rang. It was Michael calling to tell Dante about the accident.

In Steve's apartment, Olivia snuggled in bed with Steve after they had made love. Steve confided that he needed to ask her something important and then wondered if she recalled the first time that they had made love. Olivia chuckled fondly at the memory. Steve confessed that he had known then that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Olivia was startled when Steve opened his nightstand drawer and pulled out a black velvet box. Her eyes filled with unshed tears as Steve opened the box and asked Olivia to marry him.

Olivia was at a loss for words, so Steve suggested that she say yes. Olivia pointed out that it was a big step, so Steve assured her that he intended to only get married once. Olivia felt the same way. Steve promised Olivia that he loved her, so he was ready to make a permanent commitment to her. Olivia confessed that Steve's sister, Liz, and the rest of his family had feared that Steve would never settle down. Steve admitted that Olivia had changed him because she was not just beautiful, but smart, kind, sexy, and skilled with a socket wrench.

Olivia laughed, so Steve proposed to her again. "Yes," Olivia answered as he slid the diamond engagement ring onto her finger. A short time later, Olivia extended her hand to admire the beautiful ring, while Steve answered the phone. Olivia quietly muttered to herself, "I did not see this coming. That's weird because I see everything else." Steve ended the call and explained that he had to go to the hospital because there had been an accident.

Later, Olivia stopped by the loft to visit Lulu. Olivia realized that it was late, but she suspected that Dante had been called to the scene of the accident that Steve had been notified about. Lulu suspected that Olivia's visit had something to do with the hallucinations that Olivia had had about the puppy. Lulu told Olivia about Maxie's encounter with the puppy and the fall, but assured Olivia that everything was fine, so the vision hadn't been a bad omen. Olivia admitted that she hadn't stopped by to talk about the vision.

Lulu was startled when Olivia proudly showed off the diamond engagement ring. Lulu squealed with delight as Olivia explained that she had been desperate to share the good news with someone. Olivia was thrilled that they would soon have two new family members: Steve and the baby.

At Maxie's apartment, Maxie and Spinelli kissed. They pulled apart for several heartbeats and then resumed their heated kiss. Moments later, they shed their clothes and had sex on the sofa. Afterwards, Spinelli was filled with regret. "We just made a terrible mistake," Spinelli quietly said as he looked off into space, while Maxie's eyes filled with sadness. Maxie put on a robe as Spinelli got dressed. Spinelli insisted that his actions had been inexcusable and that he had no one to blame except himself. "Or maybe the demon alcohol," he added.

Maxie reminded Spinelli that she had been a willing participant and confessed that it had been nice. Spinelli worried that they might have harmed the baby, so he suggested that they go to the hospital to have Maxie checked out. Maxie assured him that they couldn't hurt the baby. Spinelli wondered how she could be certain about that, so Maxie started to tell him about the miscarriage, but Spinelli's phone rang. Spinelli saw that the call was from Ellie, so he let it go to voicemail. Maxie was curious if he intended to call Ellie back.

Spinelli suspected that Ellie had simply wanted to gloat about what a wonderful evening she'd had or she had accidentally dialed his number as she rolled over on her phone while in bed with another guy. Spinelli was determined to forget about Ellie, so he reminded Maxie that she had been about to tell him something. Maxie admitted that it was about Lulu and Dante's baby. She struggled to find the right words because Spinelli was the first person that she would tell. Maxie finally admitted that she had lost the baby, but Spinelli hadn't heard her because he had passed out. Maxie curled up on the sofa and rested her head on his lap.

In the afterglow of making love, Carly couldn't find the words to express how she felt about Todd, but she admitted that it had been surprising. Todd didn't know if that was good or bad, so Carly clarified that she was happy. Todd relaxed until Carly asked what sex with her had meant to him. Todd carefully explained that it meant that they had been attracted to each other for a long time. Carly tried to downplay the importance of being intimate with him by suggesting that they had just given in to an "urge."

Todd wondered how Carly would feel if he told her that it had been more than that to him. "Are we together?" Carly suddenly asked. Todd didn't immediately reply, so Carly jumped out of bed, pulled on a robe, and went to the living room to pour herself a drink. Todd followed her and asked her if she wanted more than a casual relationship with him. Carly refused to answer him, so Todd confessed that he had a hard time believing that she wanted a relationship with him at all because of his terrible history.

Carly insisted that Todd's bad deeds were in the past and that he had promised her that he wasn't hiding any deep, dark secrets. Carly reminded him that neither of them was perfect, so perhaps the smart thing for them to do was end it before things went further. Todd was relieved that neither of them was smart. Carly chuckled, so Todd clarified that he wanted to move forward and have a relationship with her. "Good answer," Carly replied.

Todd announced that they were officially "going steady," so Carly kissed him. Moments later, Michael called Carly to let her know about the accident. Michael heard Todd in the background, so he told Carly to let Todd know that Starr was okay.

At the accident scene, Connie was frustrated when her car failed to start. Dante, flanked by two police officers, appeared as she climbed out of the car. Dante was curious where Connie was headed, so Connie immediately accused Ellie of jumping into the path of Connie's car. Dante warned Connie that he knew about what Connie had done to Starr and Johnny. Connie insisted that she had intended to take Johnny to the police station because he had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires. "That bastard blamed me for what he did," Connie added.

Dante ordered the police officers to handcuff Connie to her car while they investigated the crash site. He then assured Connie that he intended to address her accusations with Johnny. A short time later, the police officers returned to fetch Connie, but she had managed to escape.

At the hospital, Liz was surprised when she saw Sabrina working, because she had thought that Sabrina had New Year's Eve plans. Sabrina smiled as she confessed that it had been a wonderful evening. Liz appeared skeptical, since Sabrina had spent the evening babysitting. Sabrina told Liz that Patrick had returned home early, so they had rung in the new year together. Sabrina confided that Patrick had been about to kiss her when Britt had called and then later had shown up on Patrick's doorstep, dressed in nothing except a trench coat, which had been wide open when Sabrina had opened the door.

Liz admitted that she would have been mortified. Sabrina revealed that Britt had been furious because Sabrina had still been at Patrick's house, so Britt had ordered Sabrina to finish up Britt's paperwork at the hospital. Liz was disgusted. Sabrina changed the subject by asking if it had been busy in the emergency room. Liz explained that it had been quiet. Moments later, Liz received a call about the accident.

A short time later, Trey was rushed into an examination room. Kristina followed closely behind, so Sabrina suggested that Kristina wait in the waiting area. Kristina refused to leave Trey's side, so Sabrina allowed Kristina to enter the room. Steve examined Trey and determined that Trey had abdominal bleeding. Connie managed to sneak into the hospital and made her way to Trey's room just as Trey flat-lined. "Please come back," Kristina tearfully begged Trey as Steve worked to save Trey's life.

In another examination room, a doctor examined Ellie, who hadn't regained consciousness. The doctor thought that Ellie seemed familiar, so Sabrina revealed that Ellie was a lab technician at the hospital. The doctor instructed Sabrina to notify Ellie's family, so Sabrina picked up Ellie's cell phone. Sabrina saw that the last call had been from Damian Spinelli, so she decided to call him. Spinelli's voicemail picked up, so Sabrina explained that Ellie had been in a car accident. Afterwards, the doctor told Sabrina that it appeared that Ellie had suffered a spinal cord injury.

In the waiting area, Liz spotted Michael and Starr, so Michael asked Liz to examine Starr because Starr had lost consciousness. Liz noticed Johnny standing behind Michael and Starr with a deep gash to his head, so she decided that Johnny needed stitches immediately. Liz promised to return to fetch Starr once Johnny's injury had been attended to. Michael hugged Starr and assured her that Trey and Ellie would be okay. He then decided to call their parents to let them know what had happened.

A short time later, Starr glared at Johnny when he emerged from one of the examination rooms after being stitched up. Johnny approached Starr and asked for an opportunity to explain things. "You have no idea what it did to me," Johnny said in reference to realizing that he had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. "What it did to you, Johnny?" Starr asked in disbelief. She informed him that he had taken her whole life from her and a joy that that she would never get back. Johnny realized how callous his comment had sounded, so he apologized.

Starr made it clear that Johnny could never make amends for what he had done. Michael overheard the commotion, so he walked up and demanded to know if it was true. "Yes," Johnny admitted. Michael was outraged that Johnny had tried to blame Hope and Cole's deaths on Sonny at one time. Johnny assured Starr and Michael that he regretted everything that he had done, except for picking up Starr's recording contract, because he had hoped that it would allow Starr to heal.

Starr explained that the loss of her daughter and fiancÚ was an aching wound that would never go away. She accused Johnny of being a liar and a snake. Johnny realized that Starr was hurt and felt betrayed, but he assured her that he would always care about her. Starr was unmoved. She screamed at Johnny and pounded in anger on his chest with her fists until Michael pulled her away. Johnny assured Starr that he would face the consequences for his actions, but Starr insisted that it wouldn't make a difference because Hope and Cole would still be gone.

A short time later, Dante arrived. Michael updated him on Trey and Ellie and then asked if Dante had seen Connie. Dante pointedly looked at Johnny as he revealed that Connie had had a lot to say, so Dante was curious if Johnny had anything to add. Johnny revealed that he wanted to turn himself in. Dante was in the process of arresting Johnny when Carly and Todd arrived, so Starr explained that Johnny had shot out Anthony's tires. Carly refused to believe it, but Johnny admitted that he had tried to tell her several times.

Carly recalled Johnny's various attempts to confess, so she realized that it was true. Carly wondered why Connie would lie for Johnny, so Johnny revealed that Connie had had her own reasons. However, Johnny revealed that he had married Connie to make certain that she would keep his secret. Carly couldn't believe that Johnny had lied to her for so long, but Johnny assured her that he had never lied about his love for Carly. Johnny insisted that the last thing that he had wanted to do was hurt innocent people.

Carly felt sorry for Connie and hoped that the truth would give Starr closure like it had for Carly. Carly was happy that she had moved on with Todd because Todd, at least, had been honest with her. Johnny snorted because he doubted that Todd had bared his soul to Carly. Carly's brow furrowed with concern when Johnny invited Todd to tell Carly the truth. Todd glared and remained silent, so Johnny offered to tell Carly what Todd had done.

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