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January 7 to 11, 2002
Neil continued drinking and handling things badly at Newman Enterprises. Nick moved in with Victor. Victor, Nikki, and Victoria sided with Nick. Determined to discover the truth behind Nikki's visit, Diane returned to Genoa City. Brock also returned to Genoa City and remained skeptical about Amanda after Mac told him about her stepfather. Diego and Raul clashed. Michael bought a bassinette for Isabella's baby. Lauren urged Paul to discuss his feelings with Isabella.
January 14 to 18, 2002
A mystery man traced a call from Amanda back to Genoa City. Brock returned to Louisiana. Victor insisted Neil seek professional help for his drinking problem. Alex and Malcolm set a wedding date. After talking with Brad and Michael, Diane decided to find out who the father of her son is. Phyllis narrowly escaped death from a serious reaction to hormone therapy. Sean agreed to move in with Jill. Diego applied for a job at Crimson Lights.
January 21 to 25, 2002
Cassie became upset when she learned that Nick moved to the main house. Victor and Nikki shared a romantic evening. Victor and Ashley discussed families and children. Malcolm and Alex agreed to go to Africa for a photo shoot for Brash and Sassy. J.T. broke up with Rianna. Raul was upset to learn that Diego got a job at Crimson Lights. Colleen tried to score some pot at Walnut Grove. Phyllis tried to convince Jack to continue the in vitro process. Diane confronted a technician at Robertson Labs. Isabella admitted to Paul that he's the father of her baby.
January 28 to February 1, 2002
Nick and Sharon agreed to work separate shifts at Crimson Lights. Phyllis and Diane fought in Michael's office. Phyllis made plans to continue the in vitro process without Jack's blessing. After hearing that Phyllis' in vitro process failed, Nikki told Jack he is the father of Diane's baby. Because Victoria came down with the flu, Neil joined Alex and Malcolm on their trip to Africa. Jill moved Sean into the Chancellor mansion. Rianna decided to take a trip.
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February 4 to 8, 2002
Jack convinced Diane to stay in Genoa City under the premise that he would help her discover Nikki's true motives. John Silva told Nick to try to save his marriage and told Jack that he would most likely be awarded sole custody of Kyle if he took the issue of his paternity to court. Isabella told Michael that Paul is the father of her baby. Paul told Isabella that he wants a future with her and the baby. Victoria arrived in Kenya and was disappointed to discover that Neil was still drinking and surprised when he kissed her. Colleen again tried have a discussion with Troy about pot. Brad and Ashley celebrated their belated one-year anniversary.
February 11 to 15, 2002
Victoria discovered how serious Neil's drinking problem has become. Malcolm and Neil argued after Malcolm overheard Alex admitting to Neil that she had feelings for him at one time. Later, everyone leaned that Malcolm was involved in a serious accident. Jack told Diane about Kyle's paternity to keep her from returning to Milan and sent samples for DNA testing. Nikki shared her concerns with Victor and suggested that Phyllis consider finding a surrogate mother. Rianna cleared the air with Raul and said her goodbyes to everyone. Billy admitted to Mac that he wants to take their relationship to the next level. Billy discovered that Sean moved in with Jill.
February 18 to 22, 2002
Malcolm is missing after being involved in a bridge collapse. Jack and John Silva rushed to stop Diane from leaving town after DNA tests proved that Jack is Kyle's father. Colleen bought marijuana from Troy and they got high in the school auditorium. Brittany correctly assumed to Raul that Colleen was stoned. Under Colleen's care, Abby fumbled with a button in her playpen. Billy and Mac broke up after she admitted that she isn't ready for sex. Jill gave Larry an etiquette lesson. Paul told Lauren about his plans with Isabella. Isabella declared her love to Paul and asked him to move in with her. Michael hinted to Isabella that he may reveal their past to Paul. Diego insinuated himself into Nick and Sharon's problems.
February 25 to March 1, 2002
Diane received court documents ordering her to remain in Genoa City. Jack told Phyllis about Kyle and later Phyllis and Diane traded places so that Diane could return to Milan. Colleen saved Abby's life when she choked on Ashley's button. Afterwards, Colleen flushed the marijuana. Paul and Isabella bonded. Raul passionately kissed Brittany. Victor and Nikki discussed their relationship. Victor paid a visit to his former wife, Julia.
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MARCH 2002
March 4 to 8, 2002
Victor bought a diamond ring for Nikki before he left to save Julia and her company from a hostile takeover. Diego was hired at the Newman stables and made plans to move into the tack house. Victoria returned from Kenya. Neil tried to convince Alex to return to Genoa City. Olivia and Nate awaited news of Malcolm's return. After learning of Phyllis' inability to have children, Diane decided to stay in town. Paul made his intentions clear to his mother. J.T. taunted Colleen after Troy told him about her marijuana use.
March 11 to 15, 2002
Phyllis was surprised to see Diane at the hearing. Ashley's mammogram was abnormal. Jill and Sean planned to participate in the Chicago Marathon. Danielle made a play for Billy. Brittany was annoyed at Raul for consoling Mac. J.T. agreed to keep Colleen's secret but declined an invitation to join her for a soda. Amanda cautioned Larry about reading too much into their relationship. Victor reflected on his past relationships. Nikki became discouraged by Victor's lack of interest in her.
March 18 to 22, 2002
Paul and Isabella attended birthing classes. Mary went to Australia to enlist Christine's help with Isabella and Paul. Amanda admitted that she is simply afraid and was touched by Larry's protectiveness. Mac felt as if she were being watched. Brittany reluctantly admitted that she wants to continue seeing Raul. Nick and Sharon kept getting their signals crossed. Ashley awaited results of her biopsy. Phyllis was devastated to learn that losing custody of Daniel may hurt Jack's case. Neil and Alex planned memorial services for Malcolm.
March 25 to 29, 2002
Paul told Isabella about his daughter, Heather. Larry asked Billy not to flaunt his relationship with Danielle in front of Mac. Danielle and Billy made out in the playhouse. As Mac and J.T. kissed backstage at Walnut Grove, Mac saw someone watching them. Victoria tried to convince Nikki to come to work at Brash & Sassy and later discovered the engagement ring Victor bought for her. Everyone said goodbye to Malcolm at his memorial service. Phyllis became convinced that Alex and Neil aren't being truthful. Ashley made plans for a lumpectomy and radiation upon learning that her biopsy was positive.
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APRIL 2002
April 1 to 5, 2002
Billy was unable to put Mac out of his mind during his evening with Danielle. Lauren discovered that Mary had visited Christine in Australia, and shared the news with Paul and Isabella. Victoria was disappointed when Victor did not propose to Nikki. Nick and Sharon shared a kiss. Ashley and Brad awaited the results of her lumpectomy. Jack revealed his intention of gaining sole custody of Kyle. Michael cautioned Diane about her motives where Jack was concerned. Raul's application to college in Boston was denied.
April 8 to 12, 2002
To Jill's dismay, Warton and Katherine grew closer. Sharon walked in on Nick kissing another woman. Sharon later told Nick that she was filing a restraining order against him and asking for a legal separation. Ashley's lumpectomy was completed successfully. Diane couldn't talk Jack out of his petition for custody. Alex confessed that she had felt Neil was responsible for Malcolm's death.
April 15 to 19, 2002
Mac told Amanda that she fears her stalker is Ralph. Disguised as a telephone repairman, Ralph spent a few minutes inside the Chancellor estate. Victoria confronted Carrie about Nick. Paul and Christine's divorce became final. Isabella pressured Paul to get married right away. Christine returned after Sharon asked for her legal representation. Diane tormented Phyllis about Daniel and later encouraged Jack to pursue joint custody in an out of court settlement.
April 22 to 26, 2002
Christine tried to mend fences between Sharon and Nick. After quizzing Diego about Nick and Sharon's problems, Grace Turner paid a visit to Nick at his office. Nikki was upset to learn that Victor was leaving town on a business trip. Olivia and Neil blamed Alex for Malcolm's mood prior to the accident in Kenya. Jill became attracted to Larry and again declined marriage to Sean. Thinking Ralph is living in Arizona, Amanda was terrified when he appeared in a doorway and grabbed her.
April 29 to May 3, 2002
Victor postponed his trip so Nick could whisk Sharon away for a second honeymoon. Assuming that Nick and Grace were having an affair, Sharon confided in Diego, which led to sex. In the Caribbean, Nick apologized to Sharon for the death of their baby while Sharon wrestled with feelings of guilt. Ralph discussed his past with Amanda and later blackmailed her with a taped recording of their conversation. Phyllis and Michael devised a plan to sabotage Jack's efforts to gain custody of Kyle. Jack and Nikki asked Victor to testify on Jack's behalf.
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MAY 2002
May 6 to 10, 2002
Alex decided to move back to Minneapolis. Nick and Sharon reconciled and made love. Paul and Christine shared a kiss. Isabella underwent an emergency C-Section due to hypertension, delivered a baby boy, and later experienced a seizure. Mary and Katherine tried to convince Christine to stay in town. Michael successfully baited Phyllis into losing it on the witness stand. As Jack lunged at Michael, all were called back into the court room for the judge's decision. Danielle threatened Billy.
May 13 to 17, 2002
After being awarded full custody of Kyle, Diane pretended to be fired, told Jack she wanted him to have a relationship with his son, and suggested moving into the Abbott home. Ashley made a startling discovery during a breast self examination. Phyllis slapped Michael and confronted Christine, who knew nothing about Michael's conduct in court. Although she suffered a stroke, Isabella looked forward to a future with Paul and their son as Christine looked on. Raul stepped in at the last minute as the male lead in the school play. Amanda reluctantly agreed to steal money from Katherine for Ralph. Mac saw Ralph at the park. Neil resigned from Newman Enterprises after Victor discovered that he was still drinking.
May 20 to 24, 2002
After questioning by Victoria and learning about Nick and Sharon's reconciliation, Diego resigned. Diane told Jack about Phyllis helping her attempt to leave the country, and Jack agreed to let Diane and Kyle move into the pool house. Furious, Phyllis accused Jack of punishing her. Ashley became very anxious when she learned her newest lump had to be removed. Paul confessed his feelings to Christine but she resisted because of his new family. Amanda accepted Katherine's invitation to move into the Chancellor Estate. Raul and Brittany discussed having sex.
May 27 to 31, 2002
John, Jack, and Phyllis were upset to learn that Diane and Kyle immediately moved into the pool house. Sean was sad to learn that Jill had not changed her mind about marrying him. Brad and members of the Abbott family tried to ease Ashley's fears. Paul invited a judge over when his new family came home from the hospital. Michael and Christine shared a kiss. Sharon wrestled with feelings of guilt as Victoria continued to keep a close eye on Diego. Neil's family distanced Nate from him. Nikki offered to help Neil. After a night of drinking, Neil found solace in bartender Serena's bed. Larry decided to go to Tucson to investigate Ralph.
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JUNE 2002
June 3 to 7, 2002
Nikki discovered the engagement ring Victor bought for her. Later, Maxwell Hollister and Leanna Love arranged for Nikki to see a recent photo of Victor and Ramona embraced in a kiss. After Amanda let Ralph slip into Jill's room to steal some of her jewelry, Jill caught Amanda in her room, discovered her bracelet missing, and called the police. Paul and Isabella were married. Christine decided to stay in town. Nervous about their relationship, Brittany broke up with Raul and began to openly flirt with J.T. Rianna returned and teamed up with Raul to make Brittany jealous. Mac and Billy agreed to go to the Prom as friends. Olivia met Serena.
June 10 to 14, 2002
The police investigation revealed fingerprints belonging to Amanda, Larry, and someone unidentified in Jill's bedroom. Disappointed in the street value of Jill's bracelet, Ralph demanded that Amanda help him break into Katherine's safe on prom night. Victor rejected Ramona's advances, but Nikki was devastated when Ramona later answered the phone on his jet. Just as Ashley was about to tell Victor something very important, Brad phoned with news that her breast cancer has not spread. Paul fantasized about Christine who was later upset to learn that Isabella had originally named Michael as the father of her child. Michael and Isabella agreed to keep their secret. A disappointed Sean moved out of the Chancellor mansion and resigned from Jabot. Victoria witnessed a tender moment between Sharon and Diego.
June 17 to 21, 2002
Larry discovered that the telephone repairman, Ralph, was not employed by the telephone company, and he suspected that the fingerprints found in Jill's room belonged to him. Mac became suspicious of Amanda, who later left the prom early to meet Ralph at the Chancellor estate. At the prom, Rianna implored Brittany to stop tormenting Raul, and Jill threw her drink into Katherine's face. Phyllis and Diane continued to torment each other. Nikki was abrupt with Victor on the telephone and refused Maxwell's advances. Victor visited with Hope while someone secretly filmed their encounter. Victoria decided to change her strategy and appeared to befriend Diego. Sharon confided in Christine. Brad offered to spend time with Nate and suggested immediate detox for Neil.
June 24 to 28, 2002
Billy walked in on Ralph attacking Mac and knocked him unconscious with a fire poker. Ralph regained consciousness and later kidnapped Katherine. After having been secretly videotaped, Amanda was arrested for stealing Jill's necklace. Raul and Brittany reconciled and made love at the lake. Michael and Christine became closer. Maxwell and Nikki watched Leanna's scathing exposť on Victor. Victor spent quality time with Victor, Jr. Neil retreated to Serena's. Phyllis refused to answer when Jack confronted her with the plumber's report of sabotage.
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JULY 2002
July 1 to 5, 2002
Larry and Amanda rescued Katherine. Larry arrived at the lake just in time to save Mac from being attacked by Ralph. Billy, Katherine, and Larry were later hospitalized. Jill arranged for the charges to be dropped against Amanda in exchange for her leaving Genoa City. Victor returned to find Maxwell visiting with Nikki at the ranch and became irritated when Nikki and Victoria confronted him about his trip. Diane's plans to stage an accident backfired when she was actually run over by Phyllis' car. Diego tried to convince Sharon that he could outsmart Victoria. Ashley experienced unpleasant side effects from the radiation therapy.
July 8 to 12, 2002
After Victor explained his trip and proposed, Nikki told him she would give him an answer in two weeks. Upon hearing that the Jabot summer campaign was cancelled and that Diane was being allowed to remain in the pool house, Phyllis moved out. Billy and Mac reconciled. Ashley was upset to discover that her hair is falling out. Jill was caught off-guard when Larry accepted a part-time job from Katherine and made plans to move into an apartment over her garage. After drinking all night, Neil accepted an invitation to join Nate and a stunned Brad for a baseball game. Juice told Serena about his unpleasant past with Neil. Lauren agreed to be Ricky's Godmother.
July 15 to 19, 2002
Olivia confronted Brad, Neil, and Nate about going against her wishes. Serena let herself into Neil's apartment and got Drucilla's telephone number. Leanna agreed to make a public retraction and apology when she learned that Julia, Hope, and Ramona planned to sue her. Phyllis offered to move back, in exchange for strict house rules for Diane. Upset that John and Brad did not attend her dance recital, Colleen was thrilled to learn that J.T. attended and videotaped the event. Brittany sulked after learning that Raul wasn't interested in partying. Max taunted Victor about Nikki. Sharon blasted Diego for asking Victoria for a date. After discussing his job and her past, Larry and Jill shared a passionate kiss.
July 22 to 26, 2002
Larry and Jill had sex and agreed to keep it a secret. Feeling that communication was shutting down, Ashley confided her fears to Brad. Distraught about Ashley, John reached out to Jill for support. Sharon warned Diego, confided her feelings of guilt and jealousy to Christine, and got into it again with Victoria in a meeting arranged by Nick. Diane continue to break the house rules while Phyllis, Jack, and Kyle began to bond. Raul and Brittany shared a romantic night at the Lodge. Nikki returned from her trip.
July 29 to August 2, 2002
Nick and Sharon were thrilled to learn that Nikki accepted Victor's marriage proposal. Lorie Brooks returned to Genoa City to get Maxwell's signature on their divorce papers. Lorie visited Victor at the penthouse. Maxwell suggested that he and Lorie break up Victor and Nikki. Victoria and Diego grew closer. Paul and Christine tried to shake off old memories while dining with Isabella and Michael at the Colonnade Room. Michael cautioned Isabella about Lauren. Colleen continued to flirt with J.T. Billy suggested that he and Mac spend some time in Louisiana helping Brock build houses for the less fortunate.
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August 5 to 9, 2002
Jill was livid when Billy told her about his plans to go to Louisiana. Billy warned J.T. about Colleen. Mac began to have second thoughts about the trip and tried to set things straight between J.T. and Colleen. Brad was upset when Victor came to tell Ashley about his engagement. Nikki told Lorie to leave town and later set a wedding date with Victor for September 5. Sharon confided to Doris that she doesn't feel the same about her marriage. Diego and Victoria made love and she questioned him about Sharon. Olivia went to the bar looking for Neil, who was at his motel room with Serena, unsuccessfully trying to quit drinking "cold turkey." Upon returning from Monte Carlo, Jack and Phyllis were disappointed to discover that nothing had changed where Diane is concerned.
August 12 to 16, 2002
Victor and Nikki made plans to purchase a castle in England for their wedding. Following an encounter with Nikki, Lorie agreed to help Maxwell. After discussing Victor's intentions with Ashley, Brad left town on a business trip. Ashley tried on several wigs purchased by Olivia. Mac decided to go to college instead of Louisiana. Billy shared a tearful goodbye with Mac and Jill. Paul confided to Lauren that he is upset because Christine is still upset. When asked about a possible relationship, Christine told Michael that she preferred to take things day by day. Drucilla and Lily arrived at Neil's apartment seeking parental guidance. At Serena's - Juice assaulted Neil, took his money and the keys to his apartment. After drowning her sorrows about dinner with her detached parents, Brittany put herself and Raul in harm's way.
August 19 to 23, 2002
Victor and Nikki decided to remarry at the Colonnade Room. Sharon and Nick decided to have another baby. Victoria and Diego continued to spend time together. Max and Lorie set up video equipment and lured Victor and Nikki to separate hotel rooms. Brittany was arrested and charged with DUI following the car accident. Raul suffered a concussion and fractured spine. After running Juice out of his apartment, Neil checked into a rehabilitation facility. Drucilla told Olivia about her boyfriend, Wesley. Jack told Diane she has to move out when her cast comes off. Phyllis asked Larry about hiring a hit man. John worried after seeing Colleen and J.T. meeting at Crimson Lights. Colleen kissed J.T. and he let her.
August 26 to 30, 2002
Victor and Nikki discovered Max's ploy when Lorie abandoned her plans for Victor. The Newman clan made final preparations for the wedding. Jack offered an olive branch to Victor. Larry told Jill about Phyllis' request and they made plans for a romantic encounter. Diane informed Jack and Phyllis about her plans for a job and house in the neighborhood and announced that she is taking legal action to insure that Kyle would never be left alone with Phyllis. Neil convinced Drucilla to stay in town. Lily implored Wesley to come to Genoa City. Brad shared quality time with Olivia. After arguing with Brad about attending the wedding and dreaming about Abby questioning her paternity, Ashley began making a new videotape for her while Brad watched from behind. Raul, still having no feeling in his legs, blasted Brittany for causing the accident. After Sharon confessed her affair, Nick attacked Diego.
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September 2 to 6, 2002
Nick and Victoria demanded that Diego leave and insisted that Sharon remain composed during the wedding ceremony. Larry implored Diego to stay in town for Raul's sake. Phyllis and Diane had another heated encounter before the wedding and a gloved-hand placed a can of turpentine in the shrubs outside the Abbott pool house. Paul was furious to discover that Michael was Christine's date for the wedding. Ashley insisted on leaving the wedding without Brad. Brad arrived at home just as Ashley was telling Abby (via videotape) that Victor Newman is her biological father. Victor and Nikki were married. Still unable to feel anything in his legs or feet, Raul was finally above to move one of his toes.
September 9 to 13, 2002
Mac, Brittany, and Raul were elated by the news that he would regain use of his legs with physical therapy. Raul told Brittany that he doesn't know how he feels about her anymore, because of the accident. Jack was stunned to learn that there was a fire at the pool house (due to arson) and gloves similar to Phyllis' garden gloves and a can of accelerant were found in the neighborhood. Ashley fantasized about telling Victor he is Abby's father, but made plans to put the videotape in a safety deposit box to be opened on Abby's 16th birthday. Nick told Sharon that nothing would ever be the same for them and that he couldn't stand to be in the same room with her. Diego insisted to Victoria that his night with Sharon was a mistake and that his feelings her are real. Feeling shut out from Ashley, Brad kissed Olivia. Christine kissed Paul and admitted she still has feelings for him. Mary confided her suspicions about Isabella's past to Lynne. Isabella insisted that Michael take Christine to bed.
September 16 to 20, 2002
Detective Weber informed the Abbotts that the police department was attempting to track the arsonist through the maker of the turpentine. Diane and Kyle moved into a hotel. Weber informed Phyllis that the call from Newman Enterprises had really been placed from a pay phone, and he went on to question Diane and Isabella. Victor and Nikki left for their honeymoon in Australia. Nick fired Diego from the ranch and coffeehouse. Ashley changed her mind and gave the videotape to Olivia for safekeeping. Paul told Christine that he still had feelings for her, but he refused to disrupt his family. Christine reached out to Michael, and they made love in her office, which pleased Isabella immensely. Sharon begged Diego to claim that he had been the aggressor in their sexual encounter, but he refused. Nick confronted Sharon about Diego and later phoned Grace in New York. Neil made plans to leave the rehab center and begged Lily to get to know him again. Wes arrived from France, and Drucilla accepted his offer to remain in Genoa City. J.T. and Colleen grew closer.
September 23 to 27, 2002
Phyllis went to Michael for advice about Diane and Diane went to Christine for advice about Phyllis. Christine suggested that Diane hire Paul if she is concerned about her safety. Diane was stunned to realize how angry Jack is about the arson investigation. Jill told Jack about Phyllis' hit man conversation with Larry. Traces of the accelerant were found in the trunk of the Abbott car. Phyllis was arrested and taken to jail. Brittany's hearing was postponed until mid October . John warned Colleen about J.T. and filled Brad in. Wes offered his support to Neil. Olivia told Drucilla she has no romantic interest in Neil. Serena was frustrated to learn that Neil and his family don't think she figures into his current plans for sobriety and Lily.
September 30 to October 4, 2002
Neil visited Victoria at Brash & Sassy and she promised to talk to Victor about rehiring him. Phyllis was released from jail and verbally attacked Diane at Gina's. Jill, Katherine, and J.T. shared a tender goodbye with Mac as she left for college. After going to a concert together, Jill discovered J.T. and Colleen together. Brad turned to Olivia after another disagreement with Ashley. Sharon and Victoria asked Diego to leave, as he is a constant reminder of his affair with Sharon. Nick was stunned to find Grace in his office and later Victoria was stunned to find them kissing. With the honeymoon over and Victor called away on business, Nikki became upset when she sensed tension between Sharon and Nick, and learned of Victoria's break-up with Diego. After an unsuccessful attempt by Sharon to rekindle Nick's devotion to their family, Nick turned to Grace and they had sex. The next morning, Nikki was stunned to see Grace at the coffee house.

October 7 to 11, 2002
Diane took out a restraining order against Phyllis. Phyllis again tried to reason with Diane about her innocence as Det. Weber arrived. He later told Diane that another charge was added against Phyllis - attempted murder. Nikki told Grace to stay away from Nick. Sharon told Victor about her affair and Nikki was upset when Victor relayed the information to her. Victor became angry when Nikki told him that she encouraged Victoria to try to stop Diego from leaving and left to stop her. Nick told Grace there is no future for them. Victoria picked up a hitch-hiking Diego. Brad and Olivia stopped just short of making love. Ashley apologized to a guilt-ridden Brad for her behavior. Olivia became consumed with emotion after watching the videotape of Ashley telling Abby she is Victor's biological child. Paul was outraged to learn that Christine and Michael are having sex. With the help of a physical therapist, Raul slowly walked into his hospital room.
October 14 to 18, 2002
Raul was discharged from the hospital, forgave Brittany, and admitted how much he loves her. Unbeknownst to Isabella, Paul invited her parents to attend Ricky's christening. Michael had Lynne and Mary arrested when they were found rummaging through his office. Michael proposed to Christine and warned Isabella that Christine could discover their secret if she put her mind to it. Victoria and Diego reconciled but Victor attacked him and demanded that he leave town. Nick admitted to Sharon that he and Grace had sex twice, and asked for separation. Olivia confided in Wes about Brad and the videotape and later phoned Ashley to set up a meeting. John became furious when he learned that Colleen and J.T. attended a concert together against his wishes.
October 21 to 25, 2002
Michael dropped the charges against Lynne and Mary but Paul had already heard the details and attacked Michael. Mary told Christine the reason behind the break-in and Paul was stunned when Christine relayed the information to him. John grounded Colleen and warned J.T. to stay away from her. Olivia told Ashley that she watched the videotape and planned to tell Brad the truth. Ashley explained how she became pregnant and implored a non-committal Olivia to keep the secret. Drucilla confronted Brad about Olivia, and told Neil about the problems she's been having with Lily. Wes and Lily were not pleased when Dru and Neil decided that she and Lily would remain in Genoa City. Jack and Phyllis were stunned to learn she had been indicted and shocked when they watched an evidence surveillance tape from a hardware store revealing a woman bearing a striking resemblance to her purchasing a can of turpentine. Diane confessed her feelings to Jack and he finally realized she had set Phyllis up - just in time to stop Phyllis from leaving him. Noah and Cassie were very upset when Sharon and Nick told them they were separating. Despite Nikki's pleas to stay out of their children's personal lives, Victor urged Vicky and Nick to move on from the situation with Diego, to no avail.
October 28 to November 1, 2002
Jack and Phyllis made plans to trick Diane into revealing her involvement in the fire. Victor offered Diego $100,000 to leave town and Victoria. Nick told Victoria that he will no longer be her brother if she stays with Diego. Brittany and Raul moved into an apartment after Anita cut her off financially for refusing to stop seeing him. Ashley and Brad reconciled but later Ashley overheard Olivia telling Drucilla that she is in love with Brad. Drucilla was disappointed to learn that Sid has no modeling jobs for her. Larry humiliated Jill at Jabot after she denied her involvement with him to Katherine. Intrigued by the display, Fred asked Jill out for dinner. Christine accepted Michael's marriage proposal. Lauren and Andy became Ricky's godparents and Isabella thanked Paul for inviting her dad to the ceremony. Isabella apologized to her father for their past and Michael implored him not to reveal his involvement with Isabella.
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November 4 to 8, 2002
Ashley confronted Olivia about her feelings for Brad. Olivia gave the videotape to Ashley, but not before Drucilla watched it and made a copy. Wes tried to discourage Serena from trying to pursue a relationship with Neil and was surprised to find Drucilla and Neil having lunch. J.T. and Colleen admitted their feelings to each other amid Traci's demands that Colleen return to New York City. J.T. convinced Raul and Brittany to let Colleen stay with them for a couple of days. Jack and Phyllis told everyone they separated and Diane tried to seduce Jack. Phyllis paid a visit to Isabella who let it slip that Diane being run over by Phyllis was no accident. Jill threatened to tell the police about Phyllis' hit-man discussion with Larry. Diane (no longer limping consistently) was stunned to find Phyllis hiding in her closet following a visit from Isabella. Michael announced he and Christine's engagement at Ricky's reception and Paul attacked him. Christine blasted Paul and he followed her to the condo where they had sex. Michael became suspicious of Paul when Christine suddenly left town. Paul admitted to Andy that he forced himself on Christine.
November 11 to 15, 2002
Phyllis was arrested again and was disappointed to learn that what she'd overheard from Isabella and Diane had no legal bearing on the fire. Jack went to see Isabella but was unsuccessful in getting any information about Diane. Diane admitted to Jack that she had deliberately placed herself behind Phyllis' car but denied any involvement in the fire. Phyllis tried to convince Jack that he needed to seduce Diane. Wes and Neil discussed their intentions where Drucilla and Lily were concerned. After Jill refused to rehire Larry or give him a reference, he made plans to take Michael up on his suggestion to sue her for sexual harassment. Nick and Nikki were upset to learn that Cassie and Noah blamed Nick for the separation and wanted to move into the main house. After Diego confided his affair with Sharon, and Victor's bribe, to Raul, Raul convinced him to give the money back to Victor and work things out with Vicki. Later, Diego was mugged and attacked in the alley and rushed to the Emergency Room without any identification. Concerned about Diego's whereabouts, Raul told Vicki about Victor's bribe.
November 18 to 22, 2002
As Diego was rushed to emergency surgery, Vicki confronted Victor about the bribe and slapped him. Nikki blasted Sharon about Diego and Cassie became suspicious of Sharon's part in the separation. Cassie later overheard Nikki and Victor say that Sharon had betrayed Nick. Jack agreed to try to convince Diane that he wants a future with her and joined her for a romantic dinner. Ashley insisted to Olivia that she will tell Brad the truth about Abby in her own time. Olivia told Neil she has devastating information about Brad and Ashley. Drucilla sent Ashley's videotape to Brad but Wes convinced her to retrieve it before Brad had a chance to watch it. Wes mistakenly believed that Dru destroyed the tape. Lauren questioned Michael's involvement in Paul and Christine's divorce. Paul pledged his devotion to Isabella and Ricky. J.T. was arrested for statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor when Traci alerted the police of Colleen's absence and his possible involvement. Colleen opted to go to a juvenile facility rather than return to New York with Traci. Anita tried unsuccessfully to convince Brittany to move back home.
November 25 to 29, 2002
Neil suggested that he, Lily, and Drucilla live under the same roof as a family for Lily's sake. Wes proposed to Dru and confronted Neil about his suggestion. Victor re-hired Neil on a probationary basis. Investigating the possibility that Diego may have been involved in an accident, Vicki was finally reunited with him at the hospital. Nikki and Victor continued to be at odds regarding Sharon. Phyllis was devastated that Jack actually bedded Diane, despite the fact that he discovered that Diane may not have needed a cast for weeks. Andy and Diane became reacquainted and he questioned her version of the events the night of the fire.
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December 2 to 6, 2002
Larry decided not to pursue a sexual harassment suit against Jill/Jabot, but not before John learned about it and blasted Jill for her behavior. Nick promised Cassie and Sharon that he would try to work through his issues with Sharon. Victoria vowed to stay with Diego and said goodbye to Victor. Unable to convince Drucilla to keep her secret, Ashley made plans to tell Brad the truth about Abby's paternity. Traci promised J.T. that she would have the charges against him dropped if he would convince Colleen to return to New York with her. Colleen was devastated when J.T. ended their relationship and later called for her mother to pick her up. Raul's parents became upset when Brittany's parents told them about their living arrangements and Colleen. Phyllis began to consider a plea bargain.
December 9 to 13, 2002
Paul and Jack learned that Diane's leg was healed in late August and that she lied about taking a sedative the night of the fire. Paul and Lynne discovered something regarding the fire while viewing video surveillance tapes from a sporting goods store. After having a nightmare featuring the victims of her past, Phyllis began to feel defeated - until Diane's dramatic tear-filled testimony on the witness' stand. Adela tried to get through to Brittany and Frederick threatened Raul. Brittany convinced J.T. to tell Colleen the way he really feels about her before it's too late, and Colleen later spotted him at the airport. Cassie took a bus to the hospital to ask Diego about the problems between Nick and Sharon and was stunned when Nick arrived. Sharon rejected Nick's suggestion that he move home only for the holidays. Diego prepared to leave the hospital and began to have doubts about his influence on the lives of the Newmans.
December 16 to 20, 2002
J.T. whisked Colleen away from the airport and interrupted Brad and Ashley's conversation about Abby. Traci agreed to let Colleen move in with Brad and Ashley and J.T. agreed to stay away from Colleen for two weeks. Olivia told Ashley that she will be there for Brad when he needs comforting. The judge declared a mistrial and dropped the charges against Phyllis. Diane was stunned by Paul's evidence and Jack and Phyllis were reunited. Drucilla agreed to accompany Wes to Paris with Lily but didn't give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Victoria refused to attend the Newman Enterprises Christmas party and spent the evening with Diego and his parents. Nick and Sharon spent an awkward evening at the party while Neil went looking for Serena at the Olive Tree, much to the dismay of Olivia and Drucilla.
December 23 to 27, 2002
Michael and Paul reminisced about Christine. Larry and Jill shared a tender moment at the homeless shelter. Jack and Phyllis celebrated their first wedding anniversary. Billy returned home for Colleen's 16th birthday and argued with J.T. about her. Later, J.T. serenaded Colleen with their song. Brittany and Raul's parents saved Christmas for them after their apartment was burglarized. Drucilla changed her mind about going to Paris, and Neil kissed her. Diego convinced a reluctant Victoria to go to the ranch for Christmas. Nick rejected Sharon. Nikki became annoyed by Victor's attention to Sharon. Detective Weber questioned Diane and suggested she hire an attorney. Phyllis confronted Diane when Diane refused to let Kyle spend time with Jack. John Silva cautioned Jack about suing for custody.
December 30, 2002 to January 3, 2003
Jack offered to censor his testimony against Diane in exchange for full custody of Kyle. Uncertain of Diane's guilt, Michael agreed to represent her, much to the dismay of Jack and Phyllis. Paul warned Andy about Diane. Lauren was intrigued with Larry. Neil asked Olivia to distract Wes so he could have some time alone with Drucilla and Lily. Lily and Colleen became friends. Neil and Drucilla shared a passionate kiss. After a conversation with Olivia, Victor assumed that Brad was having an affair. Brad stormed out after Ashley told him that Victor was Abby's biological father.
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