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January 2 to 6, 2023
Jack and Diane staged an argument to convince Stark that she was distancing herself from the Abbotts. Diane declined Jack's invitation to stay at the Abbott mansion and instead moved back into the Grand Phoenix. Diane proposed that she and Stark resume their criminal lifestyle in Genoa City. Diane contemplated committing grand larceny by stealing from Nikki to prove her loyalty to Stark. Summer's relationships with Kyle and Phyllis became increasingly strained because of Diane. Kyle objected when Summer wanted to take Harrison to France to escape from the growing conflict and possible danger. Sally confirmed her pregnancy with a home test and a visit to her doctor. Nick doted on Sally, believing she had a stomach bug. Mariah and Tessa excitedly made plans to meet Delphine, a prospective birth mother. Danny and Christine reminisced about the past before he left town. Victoria took Nate's advice and allowed Johnny some freedom, including making plans with Chelsea and Connor. Billy confided to Chelsea that his relationship with Lily might be over. Billy and Lily were deeply affected by their first couples therapy session. Abby and Devon decided they wanted to be together. Abby removed her wedding ring. Over Devon's objections, Jill and Lily opted to move forward with Chancellor-Winters' IPO. Tucker encouraged Devon to consider getting Hamilton-Winters back and running the business on his own again. Devon became suspicious of the connection between Tucker and Audra. Sharon and Chance commiserated over being alone by setting up a weekly dinner together.
January 9 to 13, 2023
After Devon's investigators confirmed Tucker and Audra had a past connection, Devon and Lily fired Audra. Nate hired Audra as Newman Media's new COO, choosing to keep her on board even after he learned she'd been colluding with Tucker to take over Chancellor-Winters. Devon threatened to go public with his lack of support for Chancellor-Winters' IPO unless Jill and Lily agreed to let him buy back Hamilton-Winters. After having sex with Tucker, Ashley found Jabot's financial documents stashed in Tucker's hotel suite. Ashley looked on as Devon angrily confronted Tucker and cut his father out of his life. A shattered Ashley decided to return to Paris. Tucker blamed Audra for his plan falling apart. Phyllis was horrified when she spied Jack and Diane kissing. Daniel convinced Phyllis to apologize to Summer. Summer agreed to stay in town with Harrison. Lily sadly ended her relationship with Billy. Billy opened up to Chelsea about how the night she'd almost jumped from the rooftop had stirred up memories of him not being able to save Delia. Stark gave Diane a deadline by which to prove her loyalty. Jack volunteered to steal a piece of Nikki's jewelry from the Newmans' pied--terre in Chicago. Phyllis became suspicious when she spotted Diane and Stark together. Victor sought Kyle's help in his plan for Adam to hit rock bottom. Sally hid her pregnancy from Nick. After a blowup with Abby, Chance turned to Sharon for support.
January 16 to 20, 2023
Jack broke into the Newmans' Chicago apartment and stole a necklace of Nikki's on Diane's behalf. Stark was impressed when Diane presented him the necklace as a token of her loyalty. Diane rebuffed Stark's sexual advances by feigning an allergy. Diane planted incriminating evidence in Stark's hotel suite. Chance searched Stark's suite and found the necklace and evidence. Jack and Diane celebrated Stark's arrest by making love. Nikki suspected that Jack and Diane had been involved in the heist. Tensions mounted between Summer and Kyle over Diane's shady plan. Chance sensed that something was amiss with the robbery investigation. With Sharon's encouragement, Chance reconsidered his career choice. Daniel considered firing Phyllis because of her preoccupation with Diane. Billy and Adam clashed over Billy's friendship with Chelsea. Victoria and Chelsea had an honest talk about Victoria's discomfort with letting Johnny spend time with Chelsea. Devon ordered Tucker to leave town. Jill and Lily rejected Devon's offer to repurchase Hamilton-Winters to run on his own, and they suggested that they buy him out once Chancellor-Winters' IPO was complete. Abby advised Devon to make his decision based on how he saw the future and not the past. Sally confessed to Nick that she was pregnant, and he assured her they would figure things out. Mariah and Tessa announced that Delphine had decided to allow them to adopt her baby.
January 23 to 27, 2023
Kyle and Summer had mixed feelings when Jack and Diane announced their romantic reunion. Summer was taken aback when Kyle revealed that he'd asked Victor to give him some textile factories in exchange for helping oust Adam from Jabot. Nate canceled plans with Elena to attend a work meeting with Audra. When Jill and Lily continued to refuse to sell back Hamilton-Winters to Devon, he threatened to take them to court. Abby warned Devon that his relationship with Lily might never recover. Daniel was livid when he learned Phyllis had shopped his video game project to Newman Media. Both Nate and Tucker expressed interest in backing Daniel's endeavor, but Daniel remained committed to his contract with Lily. Tucker begged Audra for forgiveness, and passion reignited between them. Victor suspected that Tucker's company was in financial trouble. Victor and Victoria entertained the idea of taking over McCall Unlimited, but Nikki and Nick had reservations. Victor reached out to Jill to sabotage Sally's chances of doing business with Chancellor-Winters. Sally was disappointed when she flew to L.A. to meet with Jill, only to have Jill cancel at the last minute. Chelsea considered launching a podcast to support people dealing with depression, but her therapist advised that it was too soon for her to relive the trauma of her suicide attempt. Fen returned to town with his boyfriend, Trey, to attend a ceremony honoring Lauren. Lauren reflected on key moments of her life in Genoa City.
January 30 to February 3, 2023
Nick blasted Victor for sabotaging Sally's meeting with Jill and warned Victor not to make him choose between Sally and the Newmans. Kyle shared notes about Adam's mediocre performance at Jabot with Victor. Adam became suspicious when he overheard Sally and Chloe talking about him. Nick revealed to Adam that Victor was scheming to get Adam ousted from Jabot. Jack confronted Kyle about working with Victor, but Kyle denied it. Adam confided to Chelsea that he was unhappy at Jabot, but he couldn't imagine returning to Newman Enterprises. Sally admitted to Nick that Adam might be the father of her baby. Kyle opened up to Jack and Diane about how their reunion had triggered Kyle's fear of abandonment. Summer warned Diane not to hurt the people Summer loved. Chance returned the money Jack had given to Stark to repay Diane's debt, but he remained leery of Jack's involvement in the necklace heist. Phyllis left for Portugal to try to convince Heather to take Daniel back. Daniel was infuriated when Tucker informed him about Phyllis' travel plans. Audra told Nate about Tucker's business interest in Omega Sphere. Elena confided to Mariah and Tessa that she didn't trust Audra. Over a bottle of scotch, Victoria and Nate discussed using Audra to take over McCall Unlimited, and Victoria impulsively kissed Nate. Lily and Devon remained at odds over Chancellor-Winters' IPO. Billy and Chelsea went out to a friendly dinner, making it clear it wasn't a date.
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February 6 to 10, 2023
Sally scheduled a paternity test but decided not to tell Adam about her pregnancy until after she received the results. Nick convinced Jill to listen to Sally and Chloe's business proposal, and Jill was impressed with the women's presentation. Jill agreed to Lily's request that they move forward with Daniel's Omega Sphere project. Lily turned down Devon's suggestion that she join him at Hamilton-Winters to run Neil's company together. Phyllis returned from Portugal and admitted that she'd made no progress with Heather. Daniel fired Phyllis. Victoria insisted that Nate be in on Newman's plan to take over McCall Unlimited. Audra renewed her friendship with Tucker to try to get inside information for Nate. Diane asked Kyle to promote her to Phyllis' former position. Jack stumbled upon a text message from Victor on Kyle's phone, proving that Kyle and Victor had been working together to oust Adam from Jabot. Jack angrily confronted Kyle for lying to him, but Adam interrupted and announced he was leaving Jabot. Adam advised Chelsea against spending time with Billy, but she asserted that it was her decision to make. Victoria cautioned that Katie was jealous of the time Billy had been spending with Chelsea and Connor. Billy was stunned when Adam volunteered to coordinate a fun outing for their sons. Delphine called Mariah and Tessa to report that she was in labor, but it turned out to be a false alarm. Elena eased Tessa's fears about being unprepared for motherhood.
February 13 to 17, 2023
Victoria was irritated when Victor revealed he intended to take over McCall Unlimited so Adam could run it. Audra informed Tucker that the Newmans were plotting to buy his debt and use it as leverage, but he wondered if she was playing him. Nate and Elena drifted further apart. Kyle attempted to make amends with Summer, but she remained angry that he'd violated her trust by colluding with Victor. Ashley and Jack clashed over his reunion with Diane. Ashley rejected Jack's offer to buy her out of the Abbott home. Tucker confessed his financial woes to Ashley, and he offered to give up everything for a chance to be with her again. Tucker announced to Victoria that he was ready to sell McCall Unlimited. Lily and Daniel commiserated on Valentine's Day by reflecting on their long friendship. Daniel was stunned to find Heather in his hotel room. Heather gently explained that she'd fallen in love with someone else, and she ended her relationship with Daniel. Daniel tried to reconnect with Lucy, who was wary about trusting him again. Sally confided to Sharon that she was pregnant and that Adam might be the father, while Nick opened up to Victoria about the same matter. Jeremy Stark returned to town after being released from prison. Stark proposed that Phyllis work with him to take Diane down. Adam told Victor that he'd resigned from Jabot, and he offered to return to Newman -- if Victor gave him Victoria's job.
February 20 to 24, 2023
Devon hired Christine as his attorney to help him recover Hamilton-Winters in court. Christine encouraged Lily to reach a compromise with Devon, but the siblings remained at an impasse. Nate attempted to broker peace between Lily and Devon, but he only reignited their anger over his betrayal. Tucker and Victoria were floored when they separately learned that another party had acquired his debt. Ashley later gloated that she'd purchased Tucker's debt -- and that she owned him. Audra sensed that something more than professional was going on between Victoria and Nate. While preparing to look at the paternity test results, Sally envisioned two different scenarios, depending on whether Nick or Adam turned out to be the baby's father. Nick and Sally were devastated when the test indicated Nick was not the father. Sally told Adam that she was pregnant with his baby but that there was no chance of a reconciliation between them. Nick and Sally pledged not to let Adam get between them. Adam turned to Chelsea for advice. Jack tried to convince Billy to become co-CEO of Jabot. Billy admitted to Jack that he had growing feelings for Chelsea. Daniel slowly began to rebuild Lucy's trust. Heather and Lucy returned to Portugal. Chance warned Jack and Diane against trying to handle Stark themselves. Kyle and Summer made up after he stood up to Victor. Victor still honored his word by transferring the textile mills to Marchetti.
February 27 to March 3, 2023
Audra almost walked in on Victoria and Nate kissing. Audra attempted to make Elena feel insecure by gushing about Victoria and Nate's close connection. Victoria and Nate agreed to pretend the kisses they'd shared had never happened. Lily and Daniel nearly kissed but agreed that they should avoid intimacy because they were both vulnerable. Daniel had doubts about continuing with Omega Sphere, but he brightened when an inspired Chelsea shared her ideas to help with the project. Ashley demanded that Tucker sell McCall Unlimited to Devon. Abby convinced Devon to hear Tucker out. Victor and Victoria confronted Ashley about buying Tucker's debt, but Ashley denied she'd done it. Nate was torn when Victoria ordered him to sabotage any chance of Devon buying McCall from Tucker. Devon and Lily's rift widened when he learned she'd hired Amanda to defend Chancellor-Winters against his lawsuit. Abby urged Devon to consider Tucker's offer. Adam assured Sally that he wouldn't use her pregnancy to get close to her. Jack and Diane headed to the Abbott cabin to get away from Stark's mind games, but Diane remained unnerved. Jack suggested he and Diane get married. Stark contemplated staying in Genoa City permanently. Summer and Daniel separately rejected Phyllis' efforts to mend fences. A drunken Phyllis spiraled out of control and later awakened to find Stark in her hotel room, telling her she was lucky to be alive. Mariah and Tessa returned home with their unnamed baby girl.
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MARCH 2023
March 6 to 10, 2023
Diane happily accepted Jack's proposal. After Stark saved a drunken Phyllis from passing out in the street, she agreed to help him take down Diane. Diane continued to have anxiety over Stark possibly seeking revenge. Phyllis found out Jack and Diane were at the Abbott cabin and told Stark she knew the couple's whereabouts. Upon learning Sally was pregnant with Adam's baby, Summer accused Sally of using Nick. Nick ordered Summer to respect his choices. Sally declined Adam's offer to buy her a house. Summer attempted to convince Sally that Sally and Adam belonged together. Sharon warned Billy that Chelsea was too dependent on him. Chelsea planned a special lunch for Billy to celebrate the next steps in her life, including helping develop Omega Sphere. Chelsea confided to Chloe that it was becoming difficult not to act on her growing feelings for Billy. Billy decided to return to Jabot. After Sharon encouraged Adam to find something that gave him a sense of purpose, Adam accepted Victor's offer to run McCall Unlimited. Daniel rejected Nate's idea that they work together to mend the rift between Lily and Devon. Victoria told Devon that Tucker had approached her about selling McCall to Newman, hoping to dissuade Devon from buying McCall himself. Devon considered Tucker's suggestion that they work together at McCall to repair their relationship. Ashley kissed Tucker. Victoria was livid when Victor revealed his plan to have Adam run McCall, and she was determined to acquire the company for herself.
March 13 to 17, 2023
Elena confronted Nate about his relationship with Victoria, but he insisted that he loved only Elena. Nate blasted Audra for insinuating to Elena that something was going on between him and Victoria. Victoria booked a hotel suite and invited Nate to join her. Nick became suspicious when he saw Nate heading to the Grand Phoenix elevator. Nate stopped by Victoria's hotel room to decline having sex with her because he didn't want to ruin their working relationship. Victoria assured Nate it was fine, but she later fantasized about making love with him. Elena continued to have doubts about Nate's commitment to her. Audra admitted to Tucker that she was interested in Nate and that she considered Victoria to be her primary competition. Troubled by Summer's words, Sally dreamed about whether she and Adam were meant to be together. Phyllis revealed Jack and Diane's whereabouts to Stark. Phyllis told Kyle and Summer that Stark had flown to Paris to look for Jack and Diane, who believed the lie and returned to Genoa City. Stark instructed Phyllis to obtain personal items that were obviously Diane's. Kyle and Summer had misgivings about Jack and Diane's engagement. After Adam bragged that he'd be taking over as CEO of McCall Unlimited, Tucker vowed that he would never sell his company to the Newmans. Devon implied that if Victor convinced Jill and Lily to drop the lawsuit, Devon would consider forgetting about acquiring McCall. Victor discovered that Devon and Abby were romantically involved.
March 20 to 24, 2023
Amanda returned to town to represent Lily at the arbitration hearing to determine the fate of Hamilton-Winters. Both Devon and Lily were unnerved when Amanda ripped Devon apart during her arguments. Victor offered to become a private investor in Chancellor-Winters. Jill interrupted the arbitration hearing and announced that she'd decided to call off the IPO, but Devon still refused to work with Lily. Audra fueled Elena's insecurities about Victoria and Nate's relationship. The Abbotts shared a heartfelt reunion with Mamie. Billy accepted Jack's job offer at Jabot. Diane found Phyllis and Stark together and realized Phyllis had lied about him leaving town. While snooping at the Abbott mansion, Phyllis reeled when she stumbled upon Diane's engagement ring. Jack and Diane decided to announce their engagement at the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala, while Phyllis and Stark planned their next move to take Diane down at the same event. To spite Jack, Ashley agreed to attend the gala with Tucker. Sharon accepted Adam's last-minute invitation to the party. Nick calmed Sally's fears about her baby bump starting to show. Guests arrived on the red carpet outside the Athletic Club. At the gala, Nikki and Victor unveiled the Neil Winters Jazz Lounge in honor of their late friend. Touched by the dedication, Lily attempted to make amends with Devon. Leanna Love crashed the gala. Elena spotted Victoria and Nate during a close moment. Phyllis' oddly emotional behavior puzzled Daniel and Summer.
March 27 to 31, 2023
Lily and Devon made amends, and he agreed to drop the lawsuit. At the Genoa City Bicentennial Gala, guests dodged Leanna's attempts to fish for gossip. Nina blasted Abby for betraying Chance. Danny and Gina returned for the celebration. Billy whisked Chelsea out of the party when she became overwhelmed, and they shared a tender kiss. Stark deliberately bumped into Jack, and he later revealed to Phyllis that he'd swiped Diane's engagement ring out of Jack's pocket. Phyllis lured Diane to a hotel suite by claiming Kyle was sick. Phyllis provoked Diane into a fight, resulting in Diane pinning Phyllis down and choking her, threatening to kill her -- just as Jack, Kyle, and Summer burst in. Jack and Diane announced their engagement. Phyllis flew into a rage, but she suddenly collapsed during her tirade about Diane. Diane was horrified when she spied her engagement ring in an unconscious Phyllis' hand, and she grabbed the ring before the EMTs took Phyllis away. Stark revealed that he and Phyllis had gotten married. Stark publicly accused Diane of causing Phyllis' condition. Chance questioned Diane, who confessed that she'd had a physical altercation with Phyllis earlier. Phyllis' loved ones panicked when they learned the ambulance transporting Phyllis had never made it to the hospital. Chance reported that there had been a car accident involving an ambulance. Ashley turned down Tucker's proposal, but he refused to give up. Audra requested Tucker's help to track down J.T. Devon invited Abby to move in with him.
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APRIL 2023
April 3 to 7, 2023
Genoa City was rocked by the news that the ambulance transporting Phyllis to the hospital had crashed, resulting in an explosion and a fire. A paramedic revealed that the ambulance driver had swerved to avoid a deer and that Phyllis and the driver had been trapped inside the vehicle. Authorities confirmed that Phyllis hadn't survived the accident. Chance tracked down the blood sample the paramedic had taken before the accident and covertly arranged to have it tested. Stark later met a very much alive Phyllis, who wrestled with feelings of guilt over deceiving her children. Stark paid off the paramedic and implored Phyllis to leave town immediately. Elena vowed to find out why Phyllis had collapsed. Danny summoned Lily to console a devastated Daniel. Summer dealt with her grief by lashing out at Diane and throwing herself into planning a memorial for Phyllis. Michael discovered a voicemail Phyllis had left for him in which she'd claimed she was terrified of Diane after Diane had threatened to kill her, and he replayed the message for Christine. Victoria informed Tucker that she was no longer interested in acquiring McCall Unlimited. Adam was dismayed when Victor stood by Victoria's decision. Victor later told Nikki he still considered McCall to be on the market. Abby and Devon professed their love. After a talk with Chance, Abby accepted Devon's invitation to move in with him. Lily and Devon agreed to resume their business partnership. Chance asked Sharon out to dinner.
April 10 to 14, 2023
Summer insisted on handling the arrangements for Phyllis' memorial by herself, although she included a portrait Daniel had sketched of Phyllis in the service. Summer regretted that she hadn't believed Phyllis' warnings about Diane being dangerous. Chance informed Summer that Phyllis' toxicology tests showed Phyllis had been poisoned. Chance found a bottle of strychnine in Phyllis' room and traced its purchase to Diane. Summer ordered Sally to stay away from the memorial. Chance ushered Stark out of the service. Phyllis donned a disguise and attended her memorial service, where she was touched by the emotional words of her family and friends. Danny honored Phyllis by performing a song. Police conducted a search of the Abbott mansion and found an incriminating letter that Phyllis had penned to Diane. Chance arrested Diane during the memorial. Michael declined Diane's request to serve as her attorney. Summer and Kyle clashed over Diane's alleged guilt. Phyllis considered going back to her life and pleading for her children's forgiveness, but Stark threatened to kill her for real if she abandoned their plan. Audra made it clear that she was interested in Nate's job. Victoria and Nate started to have sex in her office, but Nick interrupted them. Christine confided to Lauren that her marriage to Paul was over. Tucker was disappointed when Devon announced that he had no interest in buying McCall Unlimited. Tucker vowed to make Ashley fall in love with him again. Mariah and Tessa returned home with their baby girl, Aria Porter Copeland.
April 17 to 21, 2023
Stark transferred half of Phyllis' money into an offshore account and envisioned running off to a tropical island with Phyllis. After Phyllis rejected Stark's advances, he attempted to attack her with a pair of scissors, and a struggle ensued. A blood-spattered Phyllis later dragged a body out of her motel room. Michael agreed to serve as Diane's attorney. After Diane was denied bail, she ordered Jack not to visit her in jail because seeing him reminded her of what she'd lost. Chance became suspicious when he found out Stark had disappeared. Summer taunted Diane about the likelihood Diane would go to prison. Michael turned down Christine's suggestion that Diane make a plea deal. Adam informed Victor that Sally was pregnant with Adam's baby. Nick was dismayed when Sally invited Adam to join them at a doctor's appointment to find out the baby's sex. Victor admonished Nick for his lack of loyalty to Victor and Adam. Lucy encouraged Daniel to pursue a relationship with Lily. Lily and Daniel kissed. Nate told Victoria that they had to forget anything had happened between them, but she anticipated that he would eventually change his mind. Elena accepted Audra's offer to track down J.T. When Ashley continued to rebuff Tucker's attempts to reunite, a frustrated Tucker blasted her for manipulating him and agreed to sell McCall Unlimited to Victor. Billy resumed working for Jabot and immediately clashed with Kyle. Sharon threw Mariah and Tessa a surprise baby shower.
April 24 to 28, 2023
Jack and Ashley's rift widened, and he suggested she move out. Tucker sold McCall Unlimited to Victor. Ashley stopped Tucker from leaving town and convinced him to move into the Abbott mansion. Chance learned that Jeremy Stark had been found dead. Lauren and Jack commiserated over Phyllis' death. After having sex, Lily and Daniel agreed to embrace whatever happened next in their relationship. Billy and Chelsea made love. Summer was stunned to see Phyllis very much alive. Phyllis told Summer the truth about framing Diane and killing Stark. Phyllis appealed to Summer to give her time to work out a plan. Daniel later refused to believe Summer's claim that she'd seen their mother. Jack begged Diane to marry him right away. After Billy encouraged Jack to take time to grieve Phyllis, Jack reflected on the times he and "Red" had shared together. Lauren and Michael argued about his defense of Diane. Adam and Sally learned they were having a baby girl. Sally pushed to tell Connor about the baby, but Adam worried that the situation would confuse the boy. Nick flatly rejected Victor's demand that Nick help Adam run McCall. Adam hesitated to commit to running McCall after Victor declined his request to have complete autonomy. Victoria asked Nate to accompany her on a business trip to L.A. Nate fibbed to Elena that he was making the trip alone. Sharon and Chance went on a dinner date.
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MAY 2023
May 1 to 5, 2023
Victoria and Nate had sex while on a business trip in Los Angeles. Nate admitted that he felt more than just a physical attraction for Victoria. Audra informed Elena that Nate had lied about making the trip alone. Elena reached out to J.T. about appearing on her podcast, but he refused to return to Genoa City to record it. After Elena flew to L.A. to confront Nate, he confessed that he and Victoria had slept together. Elena blasted Nate for his betrayal. Victor offered to fund Sally's business venture -- provided she left Genoa City and allowed her baby to grow up with the Newmans. Connor had a lukewarm reaction when Adam and Chelsea told him that Adam was expecting a baby girl with Sally. Chance learned that Stark had been stabbed to death. Summer blabbed to Daniel that Phyllis was alive and had killed Stark. Livid that Phyllis had faked her death and allowed Diane to take the fall, Daniel threatened to go to the police. Michael got Diane released on bail and placed under house arrest. Abby objected to Tucker moving in with Ashley. Devon turned down Tucker's offer to produce an international jazz festival in Neil's name. Devon and Lily hosted a party at the jazz lounge to commemorate the anniversary of Neil's death. Harmony made a surprise appearance at the party.
May 8 to 12, 2023
Devon was touched when he learned Tucker had arranged for Harmony to return to Genoa City. Malcolm joined the Winters clan to honor Neil's memory. Devon decided to change his last name to Winters. Harmony met Dominic. Harmony encouraged Devon to get back into music. Diane's release from prison escalated tensions in the Abbott home, resulting in Kyle, Summer, and Harrison moving to the pool house. Tucker volunteered to help Diane go on the run. Daniel received a call from an unknown party who didn't speak, and he was convinced it was Phyllis. Daniel told Jack, Michael, and Kyle that Phyllis was alive and had killed Stark, claiming that Phyllis had reached out to him and that Summer had no idea. Michael insisted that they stay quiet until they could gather evidence to support Daniel's story. After reflecting on Nate's lies, Elena moved out. Nikki had misgivings about Victoria and Nate's relationship turning personal. Nick and Adam separately warned Victor to leave Sally alone. Jill postponed Chancellor-Winters' commercial projects, leaving Sally and Chloe with no prospects. Adam agreed to run McCall Unlimited, provided Victor gave him complete autonomy. Adam offered Sally a job at McCall. Despite Nick and Chloe's objections, Sally considered going to work for Adam. Connor lashed out, unhappy with the idea of having a younger sibling.
May 15 to 19, 2023
Sally turned down Adam's job offer. Nick professed his love to Sally. Jack told Christine the story of how Phyllis and Stark had faked Phyllis' death, but Christine refused to take any action without proof Phyllis was alive. Diane exploded when Kyle informed her that Phyllis was alive and had framed Diane. Diane later forgave Jack for keeping the information from her. Summer feigned surprise when Kyle relayed Daniel's version of how Phyllis had revealed herself to him. Jack and Kyle snooped in Stark's motel room and found long, red hairs that they later proved were a familial DNA match with Summer. Chance learned that the call that had lured him away from the gala had been made from the Athletic Club. Chance suspected Summer was keeping something from him. Daniel and Chelsea looked forward to launching the Omega Sphere prototype. Nate blasted Audra for imploring Elena to track him down in L.A. Nick warned Victoria that Nate was taking advantage of her. Mariah and Tessa enjoyed their first romantic night out after becoming mothers. Sharon received a mysterious gift of an expensive bottle of Champagne from an unknown sender. Someone lurked outside the coffeehouse and watched Sharon. Devon and Abby celebrated his official name change to Devon Hamilton Winters. Ashley was charmed when Tucker showed genuine interest in Dominic's activities. Ashley assured Abby that Tucker's proposal had been fake, but Tucker was determined to make it real.
May 22 to 26, 2023
Daniel told Lucy that Phyllis was alive. Chance scolded Jack and Kyle for searching Stark's motel room, since they'd compromised the evidence they'd found. Chance searched the Dumpsters outside the motel and found a tear-stained program from Phyllis' memorial service, which he submitted for DNA testing. Phyllis returned to town and covertly reunited with Summer in a hotel room. Summer was floored upon learning Phyllis had attended her own memorial. Victoria and Adam prepared for their companies to go to battle. Nate promised Audra that when he climbed the corporate ladder at Newman, Newman Media would be hers. Tucker warned Audra that Nate wouldn't allow her to get in his way. Elena lashed out at Victoria and Nate before quitting her podcast. Devon and Lily agreed to become Sally and Chloe's first clients. Billy told Jack that Ashley was staging a coup. During an argument with Jack, Ashley announced that she and Tucker were in love and engaged. Ashley later told Tucker that while she wasn't ready to say she truly loved him, she was optimistic their relationship would work out. Connor seemed hurt when Johnny and Lucy bonded. Sharon was disturbed when Nick noticed what appeared to be a bloodstain on the mysterious bottle of Champagne she'd received, and she tossed it in the trash. Sharon received a postcard from Colorado with another cryptic message, and she panicked when she realized Cameron Kirsten might have sent both the Champagne and the postcard. Cameron checked into the Athletic Club.
May 29 to June 2, 2023
Daniel confided to Lily that Phyllis was alive. Phyllis searched for evidence to prove that she'd killed Stark in self-defense. After the lab tests confirmed that Phyllis was alive, Christine dropped the charges against Diane. Christine vowed to seek justice against Phyllis. Jack and Diane celebrated her freedom. Kyle became increasingly suspicious of Summer's behavior. Summer admitted to Daniel that she knew where Phyllis was. Over Summer's objections, Phyllis summoned Daniel to her hotel room. Daniel agreed to protect Phyllis. Kyle was stunned when he found Summer, Daniel, and Phyllis at the hotel together. Faith returned home from college with a pet cat. Cameron sent Sharon a cigar box with a matchbook from the motel where he'd attacked her. Cameron orchestrated bumping into Faith in the park and claimed he and her parents were old friends. Chance learned that Cameron had been arrested in L.A. for assaulting his girlfriend, who looked just like Sharon. Sharon and Nick told Chance about their horrific history with Cameron. After experiencing blurred vision, Sally called Nick for help, but he was preoccupied with Sharon. Sally turned to Adam, and they learned she had preeclampsia. Sharon was terrified when Cameron confronted her at Crimson Lights, clearly still obsessed with her, but Nick intervened. Victor gave Victoria and Nate's relationship his blessing. Nate considered Nick a problem and turned to Audra for help. Upon learning Daniel and Lily had once been married, Lucy romanticized their relationship.
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JUNE 2023
June 5 to 9, 2023
After a Newman guard was found drugged and tied up with his uniform missing, Cameron returned to his hotel room with the uniform. Faith was traumatized when she discovered her pet cat lying dead on the front steps. Sally realized that Cameron had been the man who'd approached her when she'd felt dizzy in the park. Over Faith's protests, Sharon insisted that Faith leave town. Adam chided Nick for focusing on Sharon rather than Sally. Nick confronted Cameron and ordered him to leave town. An enraged Nick unleashed his anger by hitting the wall instead of Cameron. Nick nursed an injured hand. After calling in a favor involving a right hook, a bloodied Cameron contacted the police to report an assault. Chance arrested Nick for battery. Kyle walked out on Summer when he realized she'd known for weeks that Phyllis was alive. Phyllis offered to turn herself in to save Summer's marriage, but Summer insisted that her mother flee. Kyle led Chance to Phyllis' hotel suite, but Phyllis had already cleared out. Diane encouraged Kyle to forgive Summer, but he wasn't sure he could do so. Summer contemplated paying someone off to back up Phyllis' story about killing Stark in self-defense. Ashley and Tucker decided to get married. Jack, Billy, and Diane feared that Ashley and Tucker were plotting to take over Jabot. Diane suggested that Jack promote her to a key position at Jabot. Nate invited Victoria on a real date.
June 12 to 16, 2023
Cameron kidnapped Faith while she was on her way to the airport. Nick discovered a listening device inside the cottage. Nick asked Adam to look after Sally while Nick dealt with Cameron. Cameron asked Sharon to meet him at the motel where she'd almost killed him. Nick strapped a knife to Sharon's leg before her meeting with Cameron. Chance found a lead on Faith's whereabouts. Alone at the cottage, Sharon was horrified when Cameron suddenly descended the stairs. Sharon pretended to go along with Cameron's plan to run off together. Nick burst in and attacked Cameron, but Cameron escaped. Cameron terrorized Faith in the underground sewer system. Nick and Sharon found Faith, but Cameron held a screwdriver to Sharon's throat and demanded that Nick choose between Sharon and Faith. Nick told Faith to run, but Cameron revealed that he'd strapped a bomb to Faith's midsection. Sharon retrieved her hidden weapon and slashed Cameron's arm. Chance arrived and had Cameron at gunpoint, but Sharon plunged the knife into Cameron's chest, killing him. Adam and Sally considered naming their baby after Hope. Sally suffered a medical emergency, and Adam was forced to decide whether to save Sally or the baby. Adam prepared to tell Sally that they'd lost the baby. Summer appealed to Victor to find Carson. Lily suggested to Daniel that Phyllis might benefit from serving prison time. Audra lent an ear to Kyle. Kyle rejected Summer's attempt to talk things out. Connor refused to see a therapist.
June 19 to 23, 2023
Sally was devastated when Adam informed her that their baby hadn't made it. Sally lashed out at Adam when she learned he'd chosen to save her life over their child's. Chance deactivated the explosives that Cameron had strapped to Faith. Traumatized by the experience, Faith decided to return to college for the summer. Nick encouraged Sharon to share her feelings about killing a man, but she insisted that she felt alive for the first time since Rey's death. Elena presented Adam and Sally with footprints of their baby, who they named Ava Hope Spectra. Nick regretted that he hadn't been there for Sally during her time of need, but he supported Adam's decision to save Sally. Sally requested to see her baby to say goodbye. Nick and Adam commiserated over their loss. Sally pretended to be sleeping while Adam explained that he'd chosen her because he loved her. Nick asked Sally to move in with him, and she requested time to think about it. Over Nikki's objections, Victoria forced Nick to take a leave of absence from Newman. Nick accused Nate of taking advantage of the situation to oust Nick from the company. Victoria offered an interim COO position to Nate. Traci's agent, Zelda, encouraged Traci to find a way to make peace in the Abbott family. Traci called a family meeting and implored the Abbotts to consider what John would have wanted them to do. Kyle had doubts about whether he could ever forgive Summer.
June 26 to 30, 2023
Diane admitted to Jack that she'd made up a story about Harrison blaming himself for his parents' problems, hoping the fib would push Kyle and Summer into overcoming their differences, but her plan had backfired. Kyle suggested that Summer move out of the Abbott mansion. Billy was livid when Jack didn't consult him before issuing a press release about Diane's new executive position at Jabot. Tucker pleaded with Ashley to let go of her hatred toward Diane. Ashley agreed to start a new business venture with Tucker. Kyle and Audra flirted over drinks, and they ended up having sex in her hotel suite. Jack and Diane caught Kyle descending the Athletic Club stairs, and Kyle let them assume he'd taken a room there to escape the conflict at home. Summer confided to Chance that Phyllis had contacted her, not Daniel. Summer and Chance made a pact to help one another find Phyllis. Phyllis made a surprise visit to Michael, who agreed to help her prove her claim of self-defense. At Nick's urging, Sally unleashed her anger that he hadn't been there for her when she'd needed him. Sharon received a box of items from Cameron's attorney, including a document handing over Cameron's company to her. Victor warned that if Nate tried to make a power grab at Newman, Victor would consider him an enemy. Chance proposed that Abby and Devon move into the Chancellor mansion to give Dominic a single home.
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JULY 2023
July 3 to 7, 2023
Sharon and Nick set fire to Cameron's belongings to try to purge their unpleasant memories of him. Sharon decided to take back her life by finding a way to use Cameron's company to help people. Victor attempted to dissuade Victoria and Adam from going to battle in business, but he feared that his children were on a path to war. Victor warned Audra that Adam was gearing up to take over Newman Media. Victor begged Nick to help support Adam by working with him at McCall Unlimited. Nikki objected when Victoria dissolved Nick's support team and assigned Nate to handle important meetings solo. Summer moved into the Athletic Club after assuring Harrison that she would always be there for him. Daniel informed Phyllis that Summer and Kyle had separated, hoping it would lure Phyllis back to town. Jack insisted that Kyle step down at Marchetti. Billy urged Chelsea to consider Summer's job offer to become Marchetti's creative director. After Kyle sent Audra flowers and diamond earrings, they continued their affair. Audra suggested that Kyle become her second in command. Jack was outraged when Ashley and Tucker issued a press release to announce the launch of their new business venture. Devon and Abby accepted Chance's offer to move into the Chancellor mansion, while Lily opted to take ownership of Devon's penthouse. Sally used work as a distraction from her grief. Adam penned a heartfelt letter to Sally, asking her to meet him, but she never showed up.
July 10 to 14, 2023
Tucker eavesdropped on Michael telling Daniel and Summer that Carson was the key to Phyllis' case. Ashley agreed to Tucker's plan to help clear Phyllis' name and unleash her as a weapon against Diane. Phyllis vowed not to let Diane win. Diane rejected Billy's request that she temporarily resign from Jabot. Tucker became frustrated when Ashley refused to admit her love for him. Phyllis was shocked when Tucker revealed that he'd tracked Carson down. Tucker threatened to make Carson disappear unless Phyllis agreed to help take down Diane. Heather took over Phyllis' case from Michael. Phyllis turned herself in. Sharon proposed that she and Adam merge McCall Unlimited and Kirsten Incorporated and run the combined company together. Sally encouraged Nick to work with Adam. Traci and Billy rejected Jack's plea to oust Ashley from Jabot's board of directors. Kyle was livid when he discovered he hadn't been included in the family meeting. Kyle and Audra flirtatiously discussed the possibility of working together at Newman Media. Summer became suspicious when she spied Kyle and Audra talking. Kyle removed his wedding ring. Diane attempted to convince Kyle to forgive Summer. With Chloe and Billy's support, Chelsea accepted Summer's offer to become Marchetti's new creative director. Daniel gifted Lily with a video game he'd created about Queen Liliana. Devon and Abby moved out of his penthouse, leaving behind memories of Neil for Lily. Daniel and Lily christened her new home.
July 17 to 21, 2023
Victor retook control of Newman Enterprises and demanded that Victoria, Nick, and Adam do as he told them. Victoria and Nick agreed to abide by Victor's wishes, but Adam walked out. Victoria and Nate celebrated, certain that McCall Unlimited would become part of Newman. Nick, Sharon, and Adam ultimately agreed to work together to change McCall's name to Adustus International and merge it with Kirsten Incorporated. Victor offered to think about Adam's proposal to fold Newman Media into Adustus-Kirsten. Sharon and Chance had sex. Kyle began working at Newman Media. Summer realized that Kyle smelled like Audra's perfume. Kyle confirmed Summer's suspicions that he was sleeping with Audra. Summer and Audra exchanged barbs over Audra's affair with Kyle. Christine rejected Heather's plea to drop the charges against Phyllis. Phyllis was released on bail. Tucker pressed Phyllis to fulfill her end of their agreement by pushing Diane over the edge. Tucker and Ashley separately attempted to incite an altercation between Phyllis and Diane, but they were disappointed when the women remained civil. Christine resolved to find out what Phyllis was hiding. Tucker found loopholes in the contracts from when Ashley had merged her company with Jabot. Ashley admitted that she was falling in love with Tucker. Billy gave Chelsea a bracelet to help calm her nerves on her first day at Marchetti. Chelsea lent a sympathetic ear to Summer.
July 24 to 28, 2023
Diane volunteered to step down at Jabot to stop Ashley's vendetta. Jack refused to let Diane make the sacrifice and offered to sign over part of Jabot to Ashley, but he later changed his mind. Diane devised a plot to plant Billy as a Trojan horse in Ashley and Tucker's new entity. Jack and Diane decided to get married immediately. Kyle opted to spend time with Audra rather than attend his parents' wedding ceremony. Jack and Billy staged a public argument about Jack's sudden wedding to Diane in front of Ashley and Tucker. With Traci as the sole witness, Jack and Diane exchanged heartfelt vows at the courthouse. After Phyllis persuaded Heather to try to get Carson into protective custody, Tucker arranged for Carson to disappear. Tucker was unimpressed with Phyllis' unsuccessful efforts to win Jack's forgiveness. Victor vowed that Phyllis would pay for hurting Summer. Phyllis declined Adam's offer to head up Adustus-Kirsten's IT department. Sally pondered Victor's offer for her to start her own design company under the Newman umbrella. Sally conceded that she'd been overly harsh with Adam. Victor warned Nate that Newman Enterprises would never be led by anyone other than a Newman. Victor threatened to change Adam's role in Adustus-Kirsten unless Adam gave up his quest to take over Newman Media. Adam seemingly agreed to Victor's terms. Chance cautioned Sharon against working with Adam. Abby and Devon offered to host Ashley and Tucker's wedding at the Chancellor mansion.
July 31 to August 4, 2023
Phyllis accepted Adam's job offer on the condition that he help her dig up dirt on Tucker. Adam discovered evidence that Tucker and Audra had covered up the fact that a major artist on one of McCall's labels had committed statutory rape. Phyllis tried to use the information as leverage against Tucker, but he dared her to do her worst. Adam appealed to Tucker to keep Phyllis out of prison. Christine implied that she would stop pursuing charges against Summer if Phyllis pleaded guilty. Daniel was livid when Phyllis balked at taking Christine's deal. Abby realized that Ashley was the one fueling the Abbott family feud. Abby pledged to help mend the rift between Jack and Ashley. Ashley suggested that Billy nudge Diane into showing her true colors and making bad decisions, allowing Ashley and Billy to swoop in and save their father's legacy. Devon agreed to serve as Tucker's best man. Nate admitted to Nikki that he wasn't in love with Victoria, but he could see them falling in love if they kept seeing one another. Elena smirked when she overheard Nikki tell Nate that he'd be gone if he caused Victoria any pain. Chloe flatly refused to continue working with Sally if Sally accepted Victor's offer to start her own design company as part of Newman. Mariah left Jabot to work with Sharon at Adustus-Kirsten. Summer confided in Chance about her troubles. Lily arranged a romantic surprise to distract Daniel, including him drawing her in the nude.
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August 7 to 11, 2023
Heather threatened to appeal to the judge to have Christine thrown off Phyllis' case. Summer blew up at Phyllis when she realized her mother would never change, prompting Phyllis to plead guilty in exchange for Christine not pursuing charges against Summer. Daniel and Summer agreed that Phyllis needed to be punished for her actions. Phyllis made an emotional plea to the judge for leniency. The judge rejected Christine's recommendations and sentenced Phyllis to only probation and community service. Phyllis was disappointed with her children's unenthusiastic reaction to her freedom. Paul summoned Christine to Lisbon to discuss their future. Tucker blamed Audra for Adam's discovery of the incriminating emails in McCall's records. Adam agreed to keep quiet about Audra's role in the McCall cover-up if she convinced Victor to merge Newman Media into Adustus. Audra requested Nate's help to appeal to Victoria to support the merger. Nikki urged Victoria not to give up on finding real love. Nikki became suspicious when Nate and Audra separately made similar pitches for the companies to merge. Victoria rejected the idea of a merger, and Nate backed off. Ashley and Tucker offered to let Billy run Jabot once Simply Ashley took over the family company. When Abby arranged a meeting to broker peace between Jack and Ashley, Ashley claimed she'd walk away from Jabot to end the fighting. Ashley reluctantly agreed to let Diane attend her wedding. Diane contemplated whether Ashley had turned Billy against Jack and Diane.
August 14 to 18, 2023
At Kyle's urging, Audra foiled Adam's blackmail attempt by turning to Victor and Nikki for help. Victor ordered Adam to eliminate the evidence against Audra. Nate admitted that he was falling in love with Victoria. Victoria started to have doubts about Nate's loyalty. Nick returned to town and found Sally at Adam's apartment. Sally explained that she'd forgiven Adam and that she recognized he was dealing with his own pain. Sally accepted Victor's offer to run a design company for Newman, but he rescinded the offer. Sally blamed Adam for Victor's change of heart. Adam vowed to regain control of Newman Media. Sharon, Nick, and Adam agreed to change Adustus' name to SNA Media. Ashley and Tucker wed. Ashley was skeptical when, as a wedding gift, Jack returned the assets from the company she'd built in Paris. Traci cautioned that whatever Jack was up to would tear their family apart again. Ashley confronted Tucker after he left their honeymoon suite on their wedding night to visit Audra in her room. Tucker told Ashley about the cover-up at McCall Unlimited. Ashley and Tucker decided to move out of the Abbott mansion. Diane convinced Jack to sign a post-nuptial agreement to prove she wasn't after his money. Billy suspected that Connor was being bullied at school. Connor attempted to run away, but Sally talked him into returning home to his parents. Connor begged to leave Genoa City.
August 21 to 25, 2023
Nick and Adam confronted Victor for revoking the job offer he'd made Sally. Victor threatened to complete the merger and launch SNA Media if his sons didn't. Victoria pressed Kyle for information about Audra. Kyle and Audra were pleased that Victoria considered him an ally. Victoria and Nate patched things up. After soliciting Nate's opinion about SNA Media's business plan, Victor decided to fold SNA Media into Newman Media. Over Nick and Sharon's objections, Adam insisted that he be put solely in charge of the media powerhouse. Audra sought Victor out to fight for her job, and he assured her that she'd still have a position at Newman. A pediatrician confirmed that Aria had hearing loss. Elena encouraged Mariah and Tessa to stay positive until a specialist determined whether Aria's condition was treatable. Summer and Kyle agreed to proceed with a divorce. Summer removed her wedding rings. Tucker fumed over Ashley's inability to walk away from Jabot. Adam offered to give Billy dirt on Tucker in exchange for a favor. Chelsea and Connor left Genoa City so he could attend a school near Anita that specialized in kids struggling with anxiety and depression. Chelsea hired Chloe as her second in command at Marchetti. Esther accepted Sharon's offer to manage Crimson Lights. Chance informed Sharon that Paul had recommended Chance to serve as his replacement as police chief. Heather decided to stay in town with Lucy for the rest of the summer.
August 28 to September 1, 2023
Nick, Sharon, and Adam had vastly different fantasies of how the merger situation would play out. Frustrated with the trio's inability to work together, Victor appointed Nikki as CEO of Newman Media with Audra reporting to her as COO, and he reassigned Nick to join Victoria at Newman Enterprises as co-CEO. Adam was livid when Victor ousted him from the family company, and he vowed to go to war against his father. Sharon took legal action to back Kirsten Incorporated out of the merger. Summer informed Nikki that Kyle and Audra were sleeping together. Nikki made Audra's continued employment conditional on Audra backing off and giving Summer and Kyle a chance to reconcile. Sally agreed to let Nick give her funding to start her new business venture, provided he was a hands-off investor. Diane saved Ashley from choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver. An emotionally conflicted Ashley told Jack she'd give Diane a chance, but she later suggested that she and Tucker honeymoon in Paris while she figured things out. Tucker told Jack that Billy had been plotting with Tucker and Ashley to take over Jabot. Billy bristled when Jack insinuated that he had reason not to trust Billy. Billy and Adam commiserated over their positions as the black sheep of their families. An audiologist suspected that Aria's hearing loss had occurred in her inner ear and was treatable but not curable. Mariah and Tessa prepared to have Aria fitted with a hearing aid.
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September 4 to 8, 2023
Kyle and Audra agreed to let Nikki believe they'd broken things off but planned to sneak around to see one another on the sly. Nikki decided to let Kyle stay on at Newman Media but wanted time to determine his title. Nate caught Audra and Kyle flirting and warned Audra that she was playing with fire by deceiving Nikki. Victoria confronted Victor about reorganizing Newman without her knowledge, but she was elated that he'd fired Adam. Adam turned to Sharon to help him become a better person, but she told him he'd have to earn back his family's trust himself. Victor returned Kirsten Incorporated to Sharon with no strings attached. As Nick grappled with whether to return to Newman, Sharon suggested that he join her in running Kirsten instead. Adam pledged to make amends with his family. Billy confided to Lily that he believed he was the right Abbott to lead Jabot. Jack opposed Billy's recommendation that Jabot draft a bylaw to prevent Diane from becoming a board member for at least ten years. Kyle's loved ones voiced concern about his state of mind. Kyle said he'd consider returning to Jabot if Jack fired Billy. Daniel and Lily separately contemplated where their relationship was heading. Daniel warned Phyllis not to play matchmaker between him and Heather. Devon assured Mariah that she and Tessa would find ways to communicate with Aria. Devon invited Mariah to stay with him and Abby while Tessa was away on a business trip.
September 11 to 15, 2023
Diane was thrilled when Jack offered to plan a party to celebrate their wedding. Jack was suspicious when an apologetic Billy suddenly supported the idea of Diane working at Jabot. Tucker returned from his honeymoon without Ashley. A clearly hurt Tucker confided to Devon that Ashley had chosen Jabot over him by abandoning their plans to form a competing entity. An upset Ashley called Jack to warn him that Tucker was angry because she hadn't been able to walk away from Jabot or her family. Tucker bedded Audra and insinuated that he'd like her help to take over Jabot. The Abbotts worried that Tucker would seek revenge. Billy attempted to find out what Tucker had planned. Victor agreed to consider Adam's request to start at the bottom of Newman and work his way up. Nikki warned Adam not to hurt Victor, or she would destroy Adam. Nick opted to leave Newman to help Sharon rebuild Kirsten. Victor rejected Victoria's recommendation to promote Nate to co-CEO and instead demoted her to the position while retaking his position at the company's helm. A livid Victoria pledged not to let her father take the CEO chair away from her. Daniel and Summer vowed to stop Phyllis from meddling in their relationships. Heather contemplated moving back to Genoa City. Tucker told Heather he needed a good attorney if she decided to stay. Sharon noticed the connection between Chance and Summer. Summer daydreamed about her past encounters with Chance.
September 18 to 22, 2023
Billy suggested that he and Jack attempt to turn Devon against Tucker to drive Tucker out of town. Jack hesitated to go along with the plan, and he was later incensed when he discovered that Billy had sought out Devon on his own. Tucker confided to Audra that he considered Billy to be his secret weapon. Jack told Phyllis she was still dead to him. Tucker offered Phyllis $2.2 million to hack into Billy's financial records. Desperate to repay the insurance company for her fraudulent death claim, Phyllis accepted Tucker's deal. Billy watched Phyllis sneaking up to Tucker's hotel suite. Lily learned that Victor had sold his interest in Chancellor-Winters to another party, but he refused to name who it was. Victoria claimed that Victor was unfit to be Newman's CEO, citing his impulsive and contradictory decisions. Victoria was taken aback when Victor replaced her portrait with his in the CEO's office. Nikki forced Audra to fire Kyle. Audra also ended her romantic relationship with Kyle. Jack and Diane hoped Kyle would return to Jabot, but Kyle refused to return unless Jack replaced Billy with Kyle as co-CEO. After a friendly dinner to celebrate the new beginnings in their lives, Adam kissed Sally, and she responded. Adam and Sally agreed to pretend it had never happened, but she was clearly shaken by her lingering feelings for him. Summer admitted to Daniel that she was attracted to Chance.
September 25 to 29, 2023
Billy continued to be disturbed by Jack's lack of trust in him. Billy informed Jack that Adam had damaging information about Tucker. Victor requested that Nate offer Adam support while also keeping an eye on him. Adam was livid when Victor named him as Nate's assistant. Adam agreed to provide Jack with the incriminating emails in exchange for a favor to be named later. After paying Phyllis to hack into Billy's financial accounts, Tucker forced Phyllis to make it look like Billy was embezzling from Jabot. Tucker confided to Audra that the transfer was just a smokescreen to distract the Abbotts while he enacted the next phase of his plan. Billy threatened to use the scandalous emails to crush Tucker unless Tucker backed off. Phyllis denied Jack's accusations that she'd schemed with Tucker to hurt the Abbotts. Jack was thrilled when Mamie returned to Genoa City. Devon and Lily realized that Mamie was Chancellor-Winters' secret investor. Mamie looked forward to seeing Jill's head explode. Victoria attempted to convince Nick that Victor was jeopardizing his health by returning to Newman, but Nick found the timing of her sudden concerns suspicious and urged her to keep the peace by accepting her demotion. Adam told Sally that he hoped she would eventually admit she was still in love with him. Danny was disappointed to hear that Christine was in Lisbon with Paul. While Sharon was out of town, Chance and Summer celebrated his impending promotion to police chief.
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October 2 to 6, 2023
Nate assigned Adam to handle only menial office tasks. Adam resolved not to let Nate break him. Victoria claimed that she'd accepted her demotion. Victor warned that he'd fire Victoria if their relationship became untenable. Victor was skeptical that Victoria and Adam's respective turnarounds were sincere. Victoria hoped Adam would eventually make a move that drove Victor to his breaking point. After Sally confessed to Nick that Adam had kissed her, Nick questioned whether Sally still had feelings for Adam. Adam apologized to Nick and Sally but confided to Sharon that he believed Sally was still in love with him. Sally told Nick she was falling in love with him. Nikki hired Claire as her new assistant. Diane unsuccessfully attempted to convince Kyle to return to Jabot. Tucker confronted Adam about turning over the incriminating emails to the Abbotts and declared himself Adam's enemy. Tucker requested that Audra reignite her relationship with Kyle. Mamie called a family meeting to announce her investment in Chancellor-Winters. Jill crashed Mamie's party as Mamie declared her intention to make their family a powerhouse again. Lily and Devon balked at Mamie's suggestion that Nate return to Chancellor-Winters. Jill suspected that Mamie had a hidden agenda. Once alone, Mamie updated an unseen party over the phone that everything had gone perfectly. Kyle agreed to preside over Jack and Diane's vow renewal ceremony. Phyllis was distressed when she learned Lauren was providing Diane's dress for the event. Danny urged Phyllis to find her own happiness.
October 9 to 13, 2023
Jack and Diane renewed their wedding vows in a heartfelt ceremony. Nikki surprised the couple by making a supportive toast, but she later warned Diane not to hurt Jack. Tucker crashed the ceremony to drop off an unwelcome wedding gift. Listening to the Abbotts' conversations via a bug he'd hidden in the gift, Tucker overheard Jack make plans to meet Phyllis. Phyllis informed Jack that Tucker had purchased a listening device. Audra complied with Tucker's request to resume her relationship with Kyle. Kyle told Diane that he was determined to replace Billy as co-CEO of Jabot. Audra realized that Tucker wanted to use Kyle to get Billy ousted from Jabot. Devon suspected that Tucker had a connection to Mamie's sudden investment in Chancellor-Winters, but Tucker denied it. Audra was miffed when Claire proposed a successful solution to resolving a stalled business deal. Daniel was thrilled when Heather announced that she and Lucy were moving back to Genoa City. Convinced Sally wasn't over Adam, Nick broke things off with her. Nick lashed out at Adam. Nick dismissed Victoria and Adam's concerns about the possibility their father was having memory problems. Victor confided to Nikki that he'd deliberately called Adam by the wrong name. Victor sensed that someone was trying to stab him in the back, and he vowed that no one would take over Newman Enterprises while he was alive. Overcome by anger, Victoria smashed a framed photo of her and Victor.
October 16 to 20, 2023
Victoria, Nick, and Adam became increasingly concerned about Victor's apparent memory lapses and erratic behavior. Nikki chided Victor for being cruel to his children, but he remained determined to figure out who the traitor was amongst them. Victoria and Nick voiced their worries about their father's health to Victor, who accused them of trying to stab him in the back. Nate observed that Victor seemed completely lucid. Sally admitted that she couldn't let go of Adam, but she refused to act on her feelings and ordered him to leave her alone. Kyle bristled at Audra's proposition that he join forces with her and Tucker to take over Jabot, but he later reconsidered when he overheard Jack saying Kyle needed to work from the bottom up and pay his dues. Phyllis admitted to Daniel and Summer that she'd hacked into Tucker's computer to get information to help Jack. Tucker tried to get Phyllis to fall in line, but she turned the tables on him by revealing that she knew he and Mamie were silent partners. Devon urged Tucker to make things right with Ashley. Tucker became infuriated when Ashley rejected his attempt to reach out. Mamie appealed to Nate to return to Chancellor-Winters, but Nate opted to stay at Newman. Jill warned Lily and Devon not to underestimate Mamie. Daniel moved into an apartment in the same building where Lily lived.
October 23 to 27, 2023
Victor told Adam he believed Victoria and Nate were conspiring to push Victor out as CEO. Adam agreed to be Victor's ally. Nick confided in Sharon about his problems. Nick decided not to pull funding from Sally's new company, though he maintained that their relationship was over. Adam presented Nick with a disturbing drawing he'd discovered in Victor's desk, depicting a snake made up of the letters of Nick, Victoria, and Adam's names. Nick linked the drawing to a story Victor had read to him in his youth, and he confronted Victor. Victor was irked when Nikki forced him to confess that he'd been faking his memory lapses. Nick informed Victoria about Victor's duplicity, and they considered playing along in the hope Adam would fall into Victor's trap. Swearing Nate to secrecy, Victor feigned fears about his grasp on reality. Adam spoke with a psychiatrist about how to help Victor. Adam admitted to Sally that his alleged redemption had been a scam to get revenge, but he was truly worried about his father. Adam and Sally made love. Claire perused a seemingly obsessive collection of articles she'd accumulated about the Newmans. Lily and Daniel argued about his oversensitivity to Phyllis' comments about Heather moving back to town. Christine tearfully revealed to Danny that her marriage to Paul was over. Kyle officially agreed to help Tucker and Audra take over Jabot. Jack objected to Ashley's plan to rekindle things with Tucker to prevent him from attacking the Abbotts.
October 30 to November 3, 2023
Ashley confronted Tucker about his abusive behavior. Nate noticed a message from Tucker pop up on Mamie's phone. Devon accused Tucker of lying about his connection to Mamie. After Ashley described her terrifying experience with Tucker to Mamie, Mamie decided to end her partnership with Tucker. Tucker requested an annulment from Ashley. Kyle turned down Jack's offer to make him COO at Jabot. Jack admitted to Billy that he'd considered replacing Billy with Kyle as co-CEO. Billy vowed to fight not to lose his job because he deserved it. Kyle claimed he'd accepted that Billy would remain co-CEO, but Billy suspected that Tucker had turned Kyle against the Abbotts. Kyle offered to prove his loyalty to Tucker. After having sex with Adam, Sally requested time to figure out how they should move forward. Victoria and Nick scolded Victor for testing their loyalty. Victor told Nate that Nate was the only person Victor could trust. Nate suggested that Victor pretend to go on an extended business trip while secretly having his condition assessed. Chelsea returned to Genoa City and enjoyed a passionate reunion with Billy. Summer and Chloe clashed over Marchetti's new line. After Aria's hearing loss was confirmed, Mariah prepared to fit the tot with hearing aids but feared they wouldn't work. Christine reflected back on key moments of her life in Genoa City.
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November 6 to 10, 2023
Mariah and Tessa rejoiced when Aria responded to sound after being fitted with hearing aids. Nick told Victor that Adam had planned for a doctor to covertly evaluate Victor. Victor revealed to his family and Nate that he was truly concerned about his mental health. Nate pushed for Victor to secretly seek treatment at a specialized clinic while Victoria took over as CEO, while Adam insisted that they avoid exposure by arranging for care in-house. Nate was livid when Victoria sided with Adam. Victor fired Nate and confessed that his memory lapses had been a charade to draw out who had been trying to betray him. Victoria defended Nate. Victor continued to pressure Nick to return to Newman. Over a call, Claire told her aunt that she thought she'd have more time, but she was making progress. Devon agreed to try to make amends with Nate for Lily and Mamie's sakes. Sally invited Chloe to tag along to provide decorating ideas for Daniel's new place. Chloe decided that Marchetti wasn't the right fit for her. Heather and Lily moved back to Genoa City. Nina received notice that Chance had been shot while on duty, but he was expected to make a full recovery. Sharon was stunned when she found Summer holding Chance's hand at the hospital. Summer admitted to Phyllis that she had feelings for Chance but intended to show restraint. Phyllis angled to spend more time with Danny but was dismayed when he kept making plans with Christine.
November 13 to 17, 2023
Nikki arranged a surprise trip to visit Casey in Napa, and she offered to give Claire a ride on the Newman jet to tend to her injured aunt in Oregon on the way. Nikki agreed to make a brief stop to meet Aunt Jordan. Claire drugged Nikki, locked her in a room, and sent text messages from Nikki's phone to make sure the Newmans believed Nikki was fine. Claire repeatedly made references to a family reunion. Nikki was horrified to discover that Claire had intravenously pumped vodka into her system. Jordan joined Claire at the lake house. Nick decided to return to Newman, leaving Sharon to relaunch Kirsten on her own. Victor ordered Victoria, Nick, and Adam to work together, but Victoria threatened to leave Newman if Adam was given a position of power. Victor dared his children to walk if they disagreed with his decisions. Nate rejected Victoria's attempt to reconcile. Jill, Lily, and Devon agreed to consider allowing Nate to return to Chancellor-Winters. Kyle backed out of Tucker and Audra's plan to take over Jabot. Audra was stunned when Tucker revealed that he'd expected Kyle not to go through with it, and he anticipated that Jack would send Kyle back as a mole. Diane advised Kyle not to tell Jack what he'd done and instead turn the tables on Audra. Chloe opted to leave Marchetti and resume working with Sally. Chance was released from the hospital. Abby confronted Summer about her obvious feelings for Chance.
November 20 to 24, 2023
The Newmans headed to Oregon after Claire informed them that Nikki had suffered a seizure. Nikki chugged the bottle of vodka that Claire had left behind. Cole Howard arrived at Jordan's lake house and called out for Nikki and Victoria. Jack was delighted when Kyle accepted the position of COO at Jabot. At Diane's urging, Kyle told Audra and Tucker that he was back in on their plan to take over Jabot, but he really planned on undercutting Tucker to prove himself to Jack. Devon ordered Tucker to keep his distance from Devon's family and Chancellor-Winters. Ashley offered to help Tucker mend his relationship with Devon. Devon, Lily, and Jill agreed to consider letting Nate back in the family company if Mamie revealed Tucker's true agenda. Mamie claimed that Tucker's only interest was ensuring that Devon no longer had to share control of Chancellor-Winters with Jill, since Tucker believed Devon was the true Chancellor heir. Jack was miffed when Ashley wanted to have drinks with Tucker on Thanksgiving. Ashley tried to make peace with Tucker by giving him the company they'd acquired together as a foundation for Simply Ashley. Nina was relieved when Chance considered leaving the police force to join Jill at Chancellor-Winters. Abby arranged for a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner at Society for the Fisher-Baldwin clan when Michael and Gloria suddenly returned to town. Gloria divulged that she'd been thrown in jail for stealing from the wife of a diplomat she'd had an affair with in Singapore.
November 27 to December 1, 2023
Jordan claimed to be Eve Howard's sister, and she revealed that Victor, Victoria, and Nick's water bottles had been poisoned as part of her plan to make the Newmans pay for Eve's death. Claire confronted Victoria and Cole about allegedly giving her up as a baby. Victoria and Cole were stunned to realize that Claire believed she was their dead baby girl, who they'd named after Eve. Claire's world was rocked when Jordan announced that she'd swapped babies at the hospital, stolen baby Eve, and raised her as Claire. Nick was stabbed during a scuffle with Jordan but managed to call for help. Victoria convinced an emotionally shattered Claire to administer an antidote. Victoria and Cole insisted that Claire couldn't be their daughter. Authorities were unable to find Jordan, who hid in the lake house's ventilation system. Audra implied that she might have a job for Nate. Ashley struggled with her memories of Tucker becoming enraged and abusive in Paris. Tucker insinuated that he'd already sabotaged things at Jabot, and Billy suspected that Kyle was involved. Jack refused to heed Billy's warnings about Kyle. Tucker and Audra discussed the complicated nature of their relationship, and things turned passionate between them. Abby suggested that Devon put her on the Chancellor-Winters board to help fight any move Tucker made against the company. Adam invited Sally to go on a real date. Adam was pleasantly surprised when Sally kissed him. Chance decided to leave the police force.
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December 4 to 8, 2023
Nikki was tormented by anonymous calls that played a song she'd danced to during her days as a stripper. Nikki secretly succumbed to her temptation to drink. Nikki attended an A.A. meeting. After Cole offered to get a lawyer for Claire, Claire agreed to a DNA test to prove whether she was really Cole and Victoria's daughter. A disguised Jordan holed up in a seedy motel room. Jill proposed that she and Mamie declare a truce. Jill begged Billy to join her at Chancellor-Winters, but he opted to stay at Jabot. Ashley reneged on her offer to allow Tucker to take over Glissade. Tucker ordered his attorney to find a way to oust Ashley from Glissade. Ashley realized that Tucker wanted to use Glissade to destroy Jabot. Jill and the Abbotts united to turn the tables on Tucker, and they plotted to release the damaging information they had on him. Phyllis was dismayed when she spied Danny and Christine kissing. Michael encouraged a depressed Phyllis to embrace the second chance she'd been given. Danny arranged a romantic, home-cooked dinner for Christine. Nate discovered that Tucker and Audra planned to take over Jabot. Despite warnings from Victor, Nikki, and Nate, Lily and Devon invited Nate to return to Chancellor-Winters. Lucy moved in with Daniel. Lily learned that Mattie's school was in lockdown due to a fire, and she left town to be close to her daughter. Lily declined Daniel's offer to go with her.
December 11 to 15, 2023
A sympathetic Michael agreed to defend Claire. Michael advised Claire to plead guilty by reason of insanity. Cole swiped Claire's DNA from the Oregon lake house. Jordan tormented Nikki with photos of a drunk and unconscious Nikki taken during her captivity. Nikki continued to hide her drinking. Jordan phoned in an anonymous tip to the police to lure them to a motel room, where she'd planted creepy clues that indicated she was murderously stalking the Newmans. Ashley named her price to sell Glissade to Tucker. Tucker instructed Kyle to steal new product information from Jabot. Kyle suspected that Tucker intended to make him a sacrificial lamb, and he questioned whether Audra's loyalties were with Kyle or with Tucker. Billy was taken aback when Chelsea compared his adrenalin rush from the Abbotts' plan to take down Tucker to his gambling addiction. Fearing he would backslide, Billy decided to leave Jabot and join Jill at Chancellor-Winters. Chloe tried to convince Nick to reunite with Sally. Nick glowered when he spotted Adam and Sally on a date. When Sharon bailed on a concert date with Chance, he invited Summer to go with him instead. Christine frowned upon Chance's resignation from the police force. Phyllis and Christine vied for Danny's attention. Abby noticed Heather's renewed interest in Daniel.
December 18 to 22, 2023
A DNA test proved that Claire was Victoria and Cole's daughter. Claire was admitted to a psychiatric facility in Genoa City. Victoria, Cole, and Claire grappled with what the future looked like for them. A disguised Jordan kidnapped Claire from the hospital. Victor disregarded Nate's warning that Nikki was drinking again. Jordan called a drunken Nikki and proposed that they make a trade if Victoria ever wanted to see Claire again. Jack accepted Billy's decision to leave Jabot to join Chancellor-Winters. Jack initially decided not to promote Kyle to co-CEO, but he reconsidered after Kyle confessed his plans to take down Tucker. Jack and Kyle plotted to provide Tucker with an unreleased Jabot product and then nail him for corporate fraud. Tucker finalized his deal to buy Glissade from Ashley. Tucker made Phyllis a lucrative job offer. Summer condemned Phyllis for considering leaving Omega Sphere to work for Tucker. Jack released the information about Tucker's knowledge of the McCall scandal to the press. Audra worried that Kyle had been using her. Ashley promised Abby she wouldn't reunite with Tucker. Chance balked at having Billy serve as his mentor. Michael and Lauren surprised one another with romantic Christmas Eve proposals. Devon reluctantly agreed to allow Tucker to spend time with Dominic for Christmas. Danny and Christine exchanged meaningful holiday gifts.
December 25 to 29, 2023
A drunken Nikki met Jordan at an abandoned cabin, where a gun-toting Jordan was holding a sedated Claire. Jordan prepared to kill Nikki. As Nikki and Jordan scuffled, Claire managed to grab the gun. Jordan forced Claire to choose between her and Nikki, and Claire ranted that Jordan deserved to die. Nikki convinced Claire not to throw her life away for Jordan. Victor realized that Nate had been right about Nikki drinking again. The Newmans found an address that Nikki had left behind at the ranch, and they called the police. Jordan was arrested. After an argument with Devon, Tucker considered leaving Genoa City. Daniel warned Christine that Phyllis was trying to rekindle her relationship with Danny. Danny responded to Phyllis' kiss at first, but he eventually rebuffed her advances. After running into Danny and Christine on a New Year's Eve date, Phyllis reacted by claiming she had plans for the evening with Tucker, who went along with the ruse. Ashley and Tucker had very different recollections of his allegedly violent behavior in Paris. Daniel and Lucy fell asleep during a family movie night, and Heather cuddled up next to Daniel. Lucy was pleased when she found her parents asleep together, and she snapped a photo of them. Heather kissed Daniel. Michael and Lauren renewed their vows in a touching New Year's Eve ceremony.
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