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January 6 to 10, 2003
Dru agreed that she and Lily would move back in with Neil. Mac and Billy made plans to transfer to Genoa City University. Jill and John rehired Larry, and Katherine helped Larry and Jill to reconcile. Victoria was disappointed that Diego wanted to live apart for a while. Victor refused to help Diego locate the stolen money. Diego's attackers forced their way into Raul and Brittany's apartment, hoping to find Diego and more money. Larry and Billy rushed to the rescue, and Larry and Diego later confronted the attackers at the Olive Tree. Brad didn't recall that Ashley had told him that Victor didn't know that Abby was Victor's daughter, and Brad set out to confront Victor. Nikki became infuriated when Brad told her his frame of mind had to do with Ashley and Victor, and her fury grew when Ashley later phoned looking for Victor.
January 13 to 17, 2003
Billy, Mac, Raul, and Brittany made plans to transfer to Genoa City University and share an apartment. Diego and Larry made plans to set up Diego's attackers. Sharon took Katherine's advice about appearing to move on, and Nick initially reached out to her, but he later agreed to a divorce. Wesley, Dru, Neil, and Lily reached an understanding about their living arrangements. Brad and Olivia had sex, and Brad fumed that Ashley had withheld the truth about Abby's paternity. Ashley implored Victor to avoid Brad. Ashley told Jack that Victor was Abby's biological father. Nikki questioned Victor, Jack, and Brad about their secret and was stunned when Brad finally told her the truth. Ashley confronted Olivia.
January 20 to 24, 2003
Ashley convinced Brad that Victor didn't and shouldn't know about Abby's paternity, and Ashley and Brad arrived at the ranch just in time to stop Nikki from confronting Victor. A disguised Christine questioned Isabella about her ex-husband and later discussed the discrepancies in Isabella's story with Lynne. Jack became furious when Diane made plans to take Kyle to Florida for two months. Phyllis and Paul investigated the phone call she had received the night of the fire, and she later made a startling discovery. Lauren discovered Colleen sneaking around to see J.T. Victor reluctantly agreed to help when Diego and Larry made plans to set up Robert and Seth at the ranch.
January 27 to 31, 2003
Shaken by "Kelly Simmons'" interrogation of Isabella, Michael became acquainted with "Kelly" at the coffeehouse, as did Paul and Andy. The Olive Tree drunk gave Phyllis the written instructions that Diane had given him on the night of the fire. Jack and Phyllis offered to withhold the evidence in exchange for full custody of Kyle. Seth and Robert were arrested, but neither Victor nor Victoria was impressed by Diego's efforts. Paul admitted to Isabella that he'd had sex with Christine. Nikki confronted Ashley and warned her to stay away from Victor. Ashley collapsed and was rushed to the hospital, where Dr. Walker informed Olivia that Ashley was pregnant. After Sharon and Nick had argued, Victor tried again to comfort and support Sharon. Cody convinced Nick to try one more time to save his marriage, but Nick was shocked when he returned home and saw Sharon kissing Victor. Mac, Billy, Raul, and Brittany made plans to support themselves by working for Lauren at the former Jabot Boutique.
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February 3 to 7, 2003
Victor told Sharon to forget about their kiss, and he gently encouraged her to pull herself together for the sake of her marriage and children. Sharon was devastated when she read Nick's discarded note. Nikki questioned Nick about his state of mind, and she went on to question Sharon, while Nick confronted Victor about the kiss. Ashley asked for a legal separation, and Olivia later revealed that Ashley was pregnant. Jill's mother, Liz, returned to Genoa City to inform Jill that she had been adopted. Michael became livid when Isabella told him that Paul and Christine had had sex on the night of Ricky's christening. Lynne shared her suspicions about Isabella and Michael with Christine. "Kelly" phoned a suspicious Michael and asked him to show her around town. Neil walked in on Dru and Wesley making out, and he went to the Lodge and ordered a drink. At the end of the bar, Nikki also ordered a drink.
February 10 to 14, 2003
Neil convinced Nikki that starting to drink again was a bad idea. Nick and Victoria were disgusted with Victor's explanation for his kiss with Sharon. Isabella offered to forgive Paul if he promised to stay away from Christine, but he insisted that he had to see her one more time. Disguised as "Kelly," Christine questioned Michael further about his relationship with Isabella. Diane signed custody of Kyle over to Jack and Phyllis. John and Billy made plans to thwart J.T. and Colleen's plans for the Valentine's Day dance. Dru was crushed to learn that her days as a high fashion model were over, and she later turned her copy of the videotape over to Ashley. After overhearing Brad profess his love for her, Ashley told him about her pregnancy, and they reconciled. Olivia was devastated to learn about the reconciliation, but she apologized for betraying Ashley.
February 17 to 21, 2003
Nick and Victoria told Sharon and Diego, respectively, that their relationships were over. Sharon and Diego left town, and a devastated Cassie remained in critical condition after falling through the icy pond. J.T. serenaded Colleen at the Valentine's Day dance. Anita overheard Jill propositioning Frederick. Jill remained determined to learn the identity of her birth parents. Michael confronted Paul about having sex with Christine. Christine was shocked when Paul confessed his remorse about their night together, and he later recognized her dressed as "Kelly Simmons." Drucilla was devastated when Sid told her that her career was over and again later when Jack was unable to offer her work at Jabot.
February 24 to 28, 2003
Nikki learned about Cassie's accident, and after she saw Ashley with Victor, Nikki told Ashley that Victor should know the truth about Abby. Victor admitted to Nikki that Sharon had initiated the kiss. Wesley and Olivia had sex, as did Dru and Neil. Ashley stopped short of offering Dru a job at Jabot. Paul and Christine began to talk, but Isabella arrived and demanded to know why "Kelly" was questioning Paul. Larry unsuccessfully tried to convince Jill to drop the search for her birth parents, and he was irritated when Frederick offered Jill his assistance. Jill was floored when Greg and Snapper arrived in town for Liz's surgery. Jack and Phyllis worried about Kyle's inability to adjust to their home. Andy attempted to plead Diane's case to Jack.
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MARCH 2003
March 3 to 7, 2003
Liz's surgery was a success. Greg and Jill discovered birth certificates for three children, but the files were snatched away before they could discover more. Jack was moved when Phyllis sought Diane's assistance to help Kyle transition into their home. Nikki insisted that Nick be told that Sharon had initiated the kiss with Victor. The Newmans were elated when Cassie opened her eyes. Brad insisted that Colleen move back home, and he warned J.T. not to hurt her. J.T. refused Colleen's advances. Brittany's family and friends were upset to learn that Brittany had left town because she thought she was pregnant. Neil and Victoria made plans to purchase the cosmetics company Jabot was pursuing. Michael and Isabella began to feel the pressure from "Kelly's" visits, and Paul made plans to investigate Michael and Isabella. Dru rejected Neil's advances. Dru and Olivia quibbled over Neil and Wesley.
March 10 to 14, 2003
Cassie remained in a catatonic state, and Victor refused to let Nikki tell Nick the truth about Sharon. Paul admitted to Isabella that he had forced himself on Christine. Isabella insisted that Paul decide whether to give her a second chance or a divorce. Christine revealed herself to Michael and questioned his relationship with Isabella. Dru and Wesley broke up after they admitted they had been unfaithful with Neil and Olivia, respectively. Phyllis was fired from Newman Enterprises, but she proved her loyalty when she shared Dru's information regarding Jabot's interest in Satine Cosmetics with Neil and Victoria. Jack and Ashley were furious to learn that Newman Enterprises had purchased Satine, and they assumed Dru had leaked the information. Larry and Frederick tried to help with Jill's search for her birth parents.
March 17 to 21, 2003
Neil and Victoria rehired Phyllis, and Jack became furious when Phyllis refused to work for Jabot. Neil became livid when Dru refused to consider working for Newman instead of Jabot. Jack and Ashley made plans to launch a new line of African-American skin products. Jill apologized to Larry. After catching Jill and Frederick in an embrace, Anita confronted Jill and was later incensed to learn that Frederick was helping in the search for Jill's biological parents. Anita confided her concerns about Brittany to J.T. Colleen questioned J.T.'s willingness to continue their relationship without sex. Doris told Nikki that she was furious with Victor for kissing Sharon. Cassie showed signs of improvement.
March 24 to 28, 2003
Doris told Nikki that she had received a letter from Sharon stating that Sharon was staying away because of Victor's advances, and Nikki told Doris, Nick, and Victoria the truth about Sharon initiating the kiss with Victor. The Newmans were upset to learn there had been no improvement in Cassie's condition. Colleen convinced Ashley and Brad to allow her to continue seeing J.T. Jill met the woman Frederick believed was her mother. Raul and Anita worried about Brittany. Anita confided her marriage woes to J.T., and she kissed him. Christine told Michael that Paul had forced himself on her. Isabella fretted about "Kelly's" inquiries, and Paul went to see Christine himself.
March 31 to April 4, 2003
Paul and Christine accepted one another's new relationships. Isabella was stunned to learn that "Kelly" was really Christine in disguise. Andy convinced Diane to get on with her life. Phyllis became furious when Jack tried to manipulate her into working for Jabot. Dru and Neil bickered about her new job. After she saw Ashley and Victor in an embrace, Dru told the Abbotts that they should be more concerned about Ashley's relationship with Victor than Dru's relationship with Neil. After he argued with Jill, Billy proposed to Mac. Victor tried again to make Nick understand what had really happened with Sharon, while little Noah attempted to start a fire to help warm Cassie.
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APRIL 2003
April 7 to 11, 2003
Cassie called out to stop Noah from starting a fire, and the Newmans were elated when she regained consciousness and asked for Sharon. Brad asked Ashley to tell him about any future contact she had with Victor, and Jack informed security to keep Victor out of the Jabot building. Jill became livid when Billy told her that Mac had accepted his marriage proposal. Lynne and Marisa visited Ricardo Brana and learned that Michael had helped Isabella years before she had arrived in Genoa City. Michael confronted Paul. Christine recommitted herself to Michael and their law firm. Anita moved out and took a room at the Lodge. Jill and Frederick spent the night at the Lodge talking, but Anita spotted them the next morning as she met with J.T. to discuss Brittany. After J.T. helped a distraught Anita to her room, she kissed him passionately. John agreed to host J.T.'s surprise birthday party for Colleen.
April 14 to 18, 2003
J.T. was awkward and troubled after he'd had sex with Anita, and he confided in Lauren, who was livid that Anita had taken advantage of an 18-year-old. John was crushed when Colleen announced Mac and Billy's engagement at her birthday party. Raul was elated when Brittany returned. Paul suggested that he, Isabella, and Ricky move to Los Angeles. The tension between Jack and Phyllis, as well as between Neil and Dru, intensified following an arranged dinner at Gina's. A recovering Cassie worried about Sharon's absence. Sharon sent letters to Cassie, Noah, and Victor.
April 21 to 25, 2003
Brittany and her parents were relieved to learn that she wasn't pregnant. Frederick told Anita that he and Jill had not had sex. Mary was furious to learn that Paul intended to move his family to Los Angeles. Paul and Christine refused to listen to Lynne's warnings about Michael and Isabella's past. Paul suggested that Andy take over Paul's business. Lynne confronted Michael and Isabella. Mary tried to convince Christine to stop Paul from leaving. Mac and Billy began planning their wedding, with Katherine's blessing. Jill became frustrated when Charlotte began to drink during their meeting, and John became curious about Charlotte. Nick told Jack about Sharon and Victor's kiss, and he offered his services to Jabot.
April 28 to May 2, 2003
Paul and Christine shared an emotional goodbye. Christine and Michael planned to elope. Michael began to have feelings of guilt about his deception regarding Isabella. John and Katherine began to suspect that Charlotte was a fraud when Katherine remembered that someone with the same name had had an abortion. Ashley gave Dru a final warning. Jack and Victor taunted each other about business. Victor reminded the Jabot executives about the $50 million interest payment that was due soon. Raul and Brittany discussed their future. Brittany was upset to learn about her parents' separation. Lauren confronted Anita about J.T. Colleen convinced J.T. to help her obtain a driver's license. Sharon returned home and had a bitter confrontation with Victoria, and she was shocked to learn about Cassie's accident.
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MAY 2003
May 5 to 9, 2003
Sharon apologized about her state of mind and her absence, and she begged Nick to let her see Cassie. Victor told Nikki to stay away from Sharon. Michael admitted that he had invited Isabella to Genoa City to distract Paul. Christine blasted Michael and Isabella, and she left to find Paul in Los Angeles. Isabella lashed out at Michael for destroying her family. Lily became depressed and uninterested in school assignments. Wesley and Olivia agreed to date. Following Wesley's advice, Neil proposed to Dru. Brittany declined Mac's invitation to be her maid of honor. Katherine offered to pay for Mac and Billy's wedding, and she gave Billy the Reynolds' heirloom engagement ring for Mac. John made plans to investigate Charlotte's claims.
May 12 to 16, 2003
John was intrigued to learn that Charlotte and Katherine secretly knew each other. Brittany pressured J.T. into telling her about Frederick and Jill's encounter at the Lodge. Brittany blasted Frederick when she walked in on him kissing Jill. Colleen saw Anita kissing J.T. goodbye, and she confided in Raul. Victoria agreed to go out with Cody. Nick declined Victor's offer to begin training to take over Newman Enterprises. Sharon expressed her gratitude and apologies to Victor. Phyllis tried to warn Jack, Nikki, and Brad about Victor's intentions regarding Satine. Nikki was livid to find Sharon in Victor's office. Mary slapped Isabella after Lynne told her the truth about Isabella's relationship with Michael. Christine and Paul reconciled on a beach in California.
May 19 to 23, 2003
John told Jill that Charlotte was not her mother. Katherine was so upset to learn that Jill was her daughter -- the result of a fling she'd had while young Brock and his father were in Europe -- that she had a stroke. Mac and Billy vowed to proceed with their wedding plans. Raul told Brittany about J.T. and Anita's kiss. Colleen confronted J.T. about Anita, and he admitted they'd had sex. Victor broke up a fight between Sharon and Nikki, and he defended Sharon. Cassie was not impressed by Sharon's explanation or apology. Phyllis and Jack continued to be at odds about business. Drucilla accepted Neil's marriage proposal and later thwarted his attempt to lure a former Satine executive to Newman Enterprises by offering the executive a position at Jabot. Paul and Christine returned from California. Isabella was stunned when Paul confronted her at the apartment.
May 26 to 30, 2003
Ashley was furious to learn that Jack had hired Damon Porter without her input. Victor was furious to learn that Dru had taken Damon's business card from Neil's desk. Phyllis forcibly retrieved the card from Dru and threatened legal action against her. Cody and Victoria went out on a date. Michael told and an unconvinced Isabella that he had no hope of reconciling with Christine. Paul accepted Christine's invitation to move into her spare bedroom. Sharon was reunited with Cassie and Noah, and Nick later asked her to stay. Brittany lashed out at J.T. for having sex with her mother.
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JUNE 2003
June 2 to 6, 2003
After she learned that Mac was Katherine's granddaughter, Charlotte surprised Jill by insisting that Mac and Billy could not get married. Brittany told her parents off, and she informed Frederick that Anita had also had an affair. Colleen broke up with J.T. Lily, Colleen, and Sierra got tattoos. During an argument, Dru slapped Lily. Isabella arranged for Diane to overhear Paul threaten Isabella. Michael reluctantly agreed to continue his law partnership with Christine. A handsome customer at the boutique intrigued Brittany. Ashley summoned Dru to the Jabot boardroom.
June 9 to 13, 2003
Anita admitted that she'd had a one-time affair with a younger man. Bobby Marsino offered Brittany a job at his club. Phyllis turned Damon's business card over to Victor, and Victor confronted Ashley and Dru as Ashley was about to fire Dru. Jack suggested to Nick that Nick might be able to change things if he ran Newman Enterprises. Nikki confronted Sharon, and Cassie remained indifferent toward her mother. Ashley and Damon reached an understanding. Charlotte told Liz the truth about Katherine and Jill in the presence of an unresponsive Katherine. Brad confronted J.T., and Colleen confronted Anita.
June 16 to 20, 2003
Colleen reconsidered giving J.T. another chance after she misunderstood an exchange between him and another girl. Olivia convinced Ashley to leave town for a while to get her mind off of Jabot. Nick accepted Victor's job offer. Paul, Christine, Mary, and Lynne were furious to learn that Isabella planned to contest the divorce. Later, Michael discovered blood and signs of a struggle at Isabella's apartment. Brittany was upset to learn that there were strippers at Bobby's club. Devastated to learn that Katherine was her mother, Jill was too late to stop Mac and Billy's wedding, but she showed up unannounced at their honeymoon suite.
June 23 to 27, 2003
The police surmised that Isabella's body had been dragged from the apartment, and they questioned Lynne, Paul, and an intoxicated Mary. Mac and Billy were devastated to learn they were related, and they made plans to leave town separately. Katherine responded to Mac's tearful goodbye. Jack and Dru were furious to learn that Phyllis had questioned Damon about his long-term goals. Victoria was furious to learn that Nick had accepted Victor's job offer, and his first assignment was to save Satine. Victor offered Michael a job at Newman Enterprises. J.T. and Colleen agreed to spend time together as friends.
June 30 to July 4, 2003
Victoria became incensed when she learned her new coworker was Damon Porter. Brad became furious with Colleen after she lied and was stranded overnight with J.T. Brittany agreed to work at Marsino's, unaware that Bobby intended for her to strip. Damon was displeased to learn about the history of Tuvia and Satine. Diane alerted the police to Christine's history with Isabella. Christine went for a checkup after she woke up in her car at Lake Michigan. A fisherman phoned Michael from Christine's cell phone, asking Michael to clean up blood left in the man's fishing boat. Olivia was thrilled to learn that Wesley intended to stay in town. Jill assumed a more caring role with Katherine. Sharon's assertive behavior irritated Nikki and intrigued Nick.
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JULY 2003
July 7 to 11, 2003
Michael gave Otis enough cash to cover the cost of having the boat cleaned, and he told Paul about the blood. A worried Christine told Detective Weber about her blackout and the scratches on her arm. Nick and Sharon made love. After learning that Nikki had slapped Sharon, Nick told Nikki that she was no longer welcome in his home. Katherine insisted that Esther not let on to Jill that she could talk. Per Jack and Michael's suggestion, Jill began to search for Katherine's will. Wesley suggested to Neil that Lily get counseling. Lily made arrangements to meet her Internet friend at Crimson Lights.
July 14 to 18, 2003
Michael agreed to work for Victor. Billy left town. J.T. agreed to move in with Brittany and Raul. Onstage, Brittany changed her mind about stripping and was pleased by the audience's response to her. Lily met her Internet friend, Bobby's bookkeeper, Kevin Fisher. Wesley proposed to Olivia. Christine had nightmares about Isabella, and she was stunned when Detective Weber followed her to Lake Michigan. Later, Christine confronted Michael about getting rid of the evidence in the boat. Victoria and Neil proposed changing the name of their new cosmetics line to Safra. Victor refused Jack and Brad's alternative payment arrangement and threatened to go public with Jabot's financial woes.
July 21 to 25, 2003
Brittany was annoyed that J.T. had moved in, and she blew off Raul's offer to hear her sing at the club. Jack secured a loan to pay off Victor. Nick was furious to find Sharon and Victor alone, and he shared Safra information with Jack. Incensed by Victor's methods, Damon agreed to question Phyllis. After seeing Jack and Diane having a drink, Phyllis reached out to Damon with a passionate kiss. Colleen and J.T. reconciled. Kevin asked Lily to leave when she wouldn't become intimate with him. Katherine, Nikki, and Esther discovered that Katherine's will was missing.
July 28 to August 1, 2003
Damon decided against questioning Phyllis for Jabot. Katherine insisted that Jill not be confronted about taking her will, while Jill made plans to have Katherine declared legally incompetent. Sharon questioned Jack about his involvement with Nick. Nikki continued to oppose Sharon. Brittany was stunned to learn that J.T. had watched her striptease act. Bobby invited Raul to the club. Kevin asked to see Lily again. Christine continued to have dreams of Isabella, and she found a bloody scarf in her car. Michael was stunned when Victor threatened him with information about Otis Elwood and Isabella's murder.
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August 4 to 8, 2003
Phyllis and Jack were stunned to learn that Damon had left town. Dru confronted Phyllis about her evening with Damon. Victor blackmailed Michael into continuing working for him. A retail chain executive accepted a briefcase full of cash from Michael. Under hypnosis, Christine remembered strangling Isabella and was later shocked when the police confiscated blood-stained garments from her condo. Brock refused Jill's suggestion to have Katherine declared incompetent. Nikki and Katherine devised a test for Jill. After a violent episode at work, Kevin managed to get Lily back to his apartment.
August 11 to 15, 2003
Larry refused to support Jill when she admitted that her motivation regarding Katherine was revenge. Brock chastised Katherine for playing games with Jill. Raul recognized the necklace Bobby had given Brittany and was later shocked to see her striptease act at Bobby's club. Dru told Nikki about Damon and Phyllis. Damon returned and promised to get the Tuvia line back on track. Christine was shocked when Isabella appeared in her bathroom. Isabella admitted framing Christine and then attempted to drown her. Paul rescued Christine, and Michael later saved Paul. Isabella was taken to jail but vowed to return in the future.
August 18 to 22, 2003
Damon convinced Drucilla to keep quiet about his evening with Phyllis. Phyllis and Damon shared another kiss. Victor nixed Victoria's offer to get close to Damon, but Victoria invited Damon to go horseback riding anyway. Nikki insisted that Sharon assist her in having the Arts Gala at the ranch. Brittany refused to stop stripping. Bobby and J.T. argued about Brittany. Lily blasted Colleen for the scene at Kevin's apartment. Kevin vandalized the loft and later taunted Colleen in the park. Victor reluctantly agreed to continue working with Michael. Brad was stunned to find Victor checking in on Ashley.
August 25 to 29, 2003
J.T. rescued Colleen from Kevin. Olivia accepted Wesley's marriage proposal. Nikki and Brad warned Damon to stay away from Victoria. Michael questioned Damon about Damon's future with Jabot. Nikki was furious to discover Sharon's name on the gala invitations. Larry was upset about Jill's plans for Katherine. Before she could tell Jill the truth about her recovery, Katherine was stunned to learn that Jill planned to put her in a nursing home. Nick and Victoria suspected foul play when Safra outsold Tuvia, as did Ashley, who crashed into a truck as she was rushing back to Genoa City.
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September 1 to 5, 2003
Katherine offered to have a mother-daughter relationship with a very reluctant Jill. Brittany initially agreed to stop working at Marsino's but ultimately changed her mind. Damon and Victoria kissed. Nick's accusations about Safra's sales infuriated Victor. Nick shared his concerns about Victor with Nikki. Sharon told Victor how Nick felt about Victor's vendetta against Jabot. Moments before Ashley was to be taken to emergency surgery, the baby's fetal heart monitor fell silent.
September 8 to 12, 2003
Victor remained oblivious to his role in Ashley's accident, and everyone was devastated when her baby boy was stillborn. Jack demanded that Phyllis quit her job, but she refused. Jack accepted a loan from Diane and vowed to find proof implicating Victor. Damon and Victoria proceeded with their plan to date. Frank Barrett suddenly appeared at the boutique while Sharon and Cassie were shopping. Cassie voiced her suspicions about her mother's possible involvement with Frank. Christine shared her hopes for their future with Paul.
September 15 to 19, 2003
Ashley was devastated to learn that she most likely could not have more children. Brad became livid when Ashley told him that she had already told Victor about her condition during his recent visit. John went to the ranch and punched Victor. Nick and Nikki tried to convince Sharon that Cassie could handle the truth about Frank. Alice visited Genoa City after a phone call from Cassie. Sharon was alarmed to find Alice and Cassie discussing Frank at the coffeehouse. Neil and Dru fretted about the amount of time Lily spent on the Internet. Kevin told Lily that Colleen had flirted with him, and he later pressured Lily into having sex. Frederick was shocked to see Brittany stripping at Marsino's. Raul kissed Lauren. Jill insisted that Katherine fire Esther.
September 22 to 26, 2003
Frederick convinced Bobby to escort Brittany offstage. Raul broke up with Brittany. Lauren told J.T. about Raul's kiss. Victor expressed his concerns to Nick about continuing to mentor him. Jack accepted a loan from Diane and gave her a job at Jabot. Phyllis shared the news with Victor, who vowed to destroy Jabot. Victoria shared kisses with both Damon and Michael. Paul admitted to Todd that he had raped Christine. Katherine contemplated firing Esther. Brad sought out Victor.
September 29 to October 3, 2003
Brad and Victor almost brawled, but Neil and Dru stopped them. Brad returned home and tried to make up with Ashley. Ashley lied to Father Todd and told him that she'd just had a baby. Esther agreed to try to act as though she liked Jill so she wouldn't end up getting fired. Katherine and Larry made up a plan to make Jill realize that she loved her mom, but the plan backfired. Todd believed that Paul's relationship with Christine was a sick obsession. Sharon found out that Victor might be Abby's biological father, and she threatened Nikki with the information. Brittany's parents told her that they knew she was a stripper. Lauren and Raul kissed again, and Brittany caught them. Brittany confided in Bobby. Kevin lost his temper again. Phyllis reconciled with Jack.
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October 6 to 10, 2003
Nikki found out that Sharon knew the truth about Victor being Abby's biological father, and she begged Sharon to keep it a secret. Sharon used the secret to make sure Nikki behaved herself at the gala. Nick learned that Michael had almost bribed Lauren to put Safra on the best shelf. Lily sneaked out at night and skipped school to visit Kevin. Colleen and Sierra told Lily's parents about Lily's behavior, and Neil threatened Kevin. Kevin locked Colleen in the walk-in refrigerator at Gina's and began to light the place on fire. Ashley became delusional and pretended that her baby was still alive. At the gala, the caterers failed to show up with the cuisine, Phyllis and Dru wore the same dress, and controversial dates included Raul and Lauren, Brittany and Bobby, Diane and Damon, and Victoria and Michael.
October 13 to 17, 2003
Ashley wandered away from home and arrived at the gala in her robe, clutching baby Robert's blanket as if he were inside it. Victor saw Ashley and tried to take her upstairs, and everyone sadly watched her. Kevin set Gina's restaurant ablaze with Colleen locked inside. J.T. realized that Kevin might have had something to do with Colleen's disappearance. Raul and Brittany made up. Nick was determined to find out how Michael and Victor had underhandedly beat Tuvia. Sharon went to Victor and told him that Nick and Victoria were working late and that Nick wouldn't tell her what they were up to. J.T. was devastated when he found Colleen's locket in the fire, but then he heard her in the cooler and pulled her out to safety.
October 20 to 24, 2003
Christine received news that she would get an offer for a job in the district attorney's office. Christine turned down Paul's marriage proposal. Nick discovered the truth about Victor and Michael's bribery, and he called John Silva. Victor's brother, Matt, appeared and told Victor that Victor's father was alive but on his deathbed. Katherine and Esther moved out, and Jill told Katherine that she didn't hate her. Lily's parents found out that she had slept with Kevin. Damon and Olivia tried to help Ashley, but they were sad to see she still believed Robert was alive.
October 27 to 31, 2003
Frederick and Anita's plan to shut down Marsino's worked, and Brittany blamed J.T. for it. Lily finally saw the real Kevin and made a clean getaway. Sharon and Nick told Phyllis some news about Safra sales that might change the game. Gina moved into the Abbott home, and Phyllis wasn't too happy about it. Phyllis met Bobby. Diane got upset that Jack had put Kyle in the middle of Phyllis and Jack's arguments. Diane kissed Jack, and he didn't stop her. Olivia suggested that Ashley begin taking prescription medicine. Nick told Brad and Jack that Victor had done something illegal to manipulate sales for Safra. Nick tried to tell Nikki about Victor's treachery, but Nikki wouldn't listen. Vanessa, an old co-partner from Damon's past, visited Damon. Nick walked in on Sharon confiding in Victor.
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November 3 to 7, 2003
A sexually frustrated Paul told Christine that he had to move out. Vanessa gave Damon some information that could really help Tuvia. Victor admitted to Phyllis that bribery had been involved in Safra's initial success. Phyllis promised Victor that she would stay on his side. Olivia told Lily that Lily had contracted chlamydia. Colleen went to Gina's, and Kevin blocked her from running away, saying he needed to tell her something. Colleen told J.T. what had happened, and J.T. went to Kevin's to fight him. J.T. was arrested. Victor told Nick that he couldn't mentor Nick anymore, and Nick went to an attorney to name Victor as the perpetrator of bribery. Jill started drinking again, and she hit it off with Bobby at the bar. At the Newman family meeting, Sharon was allowed to stay, and Victor said that he would visit his father only if Nick accompanied him. Michael got a surprise visitor.
November 10 to 14, 2003
Victor decided to go see his father after Nick agreed to go with him. Victoria and Sharon told Nick that they didn't like what he was doing to Victor and the family. Brad bailed J.T. out of jail, and Ashley fantasized about Victor. Damon asked Jack for funding to go to Japan. Dru told Neil she wanted to go to Japan instead of Trinidad. Neil and Phyllis found out that the Japan trip might be more than met the eye. Brittany found out that Raul and her parents had set up the plan to close down Marsino's. Kevin asked Michael to represent him, and Michael refused. Michael and Victoria got hot and heavy. Paul moved out, and Lauren consoled him. Danny Romalotti showed up at Christine's home. Mr. Becker showed up at Michael's to discuss Michael's involvement with the Tuvia bribery.
November 17 to 21, 2003
Christine was stunned to see Danny in Genoa City. Gina let Danny stay in a room above the health club. Mr. Becker confronted Michael about the commercial bribery case, but Michael refused to say anything. Larry said goodbye to Jill. Nikki believed that Victor would finally have closure with his father, and Victor dreamed of a happy reunion. Lauren helped Paul move his things out of Christine's apartment, and Mary caught them kissing. Raul had a diabetic reaction, and Brittany decided to quit Marsino's for a while. Victor's reunion with Albert Miller didn't go well. Nick felt bad for Victor because Albert was such a horrible man.
November 24 to 28, 2003
Christine informed Michael that she would be working on a case against him. Christine confronted Victor about the bribery case, and he asked about her friendship with him. Victor and Nick returned home after seeing Albert Miller. Nick questioned whether or not he had been too hasty to report the bribery allegations. Phyllis saw Danny and asked about her son, but he refused to give her any information. Cassie told Nikki about Sharon's odd behavior at the restaurant. Ashley returned home and found out about Victor's schemes. Kevin received a subpoena stating that he was required take a blood test. Dru found out about Lily's STD.
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December 1 to 5, 2003
Victor appointed Nick in charge of Newman while he dealt with the D.A.'s charges against him; he told Michael and Phyllis that he believed them to be the rats. Michael told Victor that Nick was the accuser. Phyllis admitted to Jack that she'd had previous knowledge of Victor's betrayal against Tuvia, and they separated. Jack told Nikki everything about Victor's illegal activity, and Nikki couldn't believe Victor would do that to her. Ashley forgave Victor. Neil told Vanessa about Damon going to Japan, and Vanessa confronted Damon. Damon was disappointed when Dru told him she had changed her wedding location from Trinidad to Japan. Colleen was disappointed because she couldn't attend the Winter Ball with J.T. because her mother wanted to see her. Chris embarrassed herself in front of Paul and Lauren, and Danny interceded. Sharon confessed to Michael that someone had taken advantage of her and beaten her when she had deserted her family and that the culprit was in Nick's office.
December 8 to 12, 2003
Victor found out that Nick had betrayed him, and he disowned his son. Phyllis, Jack, Damon, Vanessa, Lily, Olivia, Dru, and Neil all boarded the Newman jet to attend the Winters' wedding and to secretly hunt for orchids in Japan. Colleen was disappointed when Brad told her she had to visit Traci instead of going to the Winter Ball with J.T. Brad decided to surprise them, and he invited J.T. to go along. Sharon tried to get Cameron to leave her alone, but he persisted, and she worried that he would tell Nick about their affair.
December 15 to 19, 2003
Neil threatened to cancel the wedding if Dru didn't tell him the truth. Dru convinced Neil that her secretive conversation with Damon had been about business. Neil asked Jack to be his best man, and Jack agreed. Jack and Phyllis tried to cope with sleeping in the same room. Lily decided to pick flowers as a gift for her parents' wedding, and she stumbled across the infamous rare orchid. Vanessa suggested to Damon that they work on the orchid samples without Jabot's involvement. Victor insisted that Michael take a deal with Christine. Victor was arrested, and Michael showed up to be his lawyer. Bobby introduced Brittany to Sal, who supposedly could help her launch her career, and Brittany's parents caused a scene. Unable to cope with Nick's betrayal of his father, Victoria left Genoa City.
December 22 to 26, 2003
Ashley secretly visited Victor in jail and convinced him to return home for Christmas for Cassie and Noah's sake. J.T. hawked his guitar to get Colleen a special gift, but Sierra got it back for him. Kevin told Colleen that her restraining order had been dropped, since his STD tests had been negative. Vanessa found the notorious orchid, and Damon was so ecstatic that he made love to her in the jungle. Phyllis became suspicious when Jack, Dru, and Damon tried to steal Phyllis' bouquet, and she sneaked into Damon's hotel room. She found a picture of an orchid like the one in her bouquet. Phyllis went to Neil with the news, and he suggested that they send the orchids over to the lab right away. Katherine and Jill made attempts to see each other on Christmas. Cameron asked Nick if he could borrow Sharon to help him throw a New Year's party, and Nick agreed.
December 29, 2003 to January 2, 2004
Victor told Nick to go home, because he refused to allow Nick to be in charge of Newman Enterprises. Victor was released from jail and started to make amends with Nikki. Ashley went back into shock and into a delusional world where Victor, Ashley, and Abby were a family. Kevin showed up at the coffeehouse and the Winterses' home to brag that his STD test had been negative and that all charges against him had been dropped. J.T. teamed up with Paul to investigate Kevin. An intoxicated Frederick went to Marsino's, looking for Brittany, and he threatened to close down Bobby's club. Angelo suggested to Bobby that they take care of Frederick before he became a problem. Jack had been drinking when Phyllis arrived, and they went upstairs together. Cameron schemed to get Sharon alone in a hotel room with him. When he forced her onto the bed, she grabbed a champagne bottle and bludgeoned him with it.
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