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January 7 to 11, 2019
Nikki told Victor that she knew who had killed J.T., but he implored her to keep silent. Jack visited Victor in prison to taunt him. Billy supported Reed's idea to have a memorial service for J.T., and Victoria reluctantly agreed to hold it at her house. Victoria slapped Phyllis during a heated argument about Victor. Phyllis interrupted J.T.'s memorial to stop Nikki from confessing to his murder. Phyllis revealed that J.T. had abused Victoria. Victoria was horrified that Reed had learned the truth, but she refused to remain silent any longer. Nikki confessed to Nick that she'd murdered J.T. Victoria admitted that she still loved Billy. Mia used her heat being out as an opportunity to cozy up to Arturo. Sharon and Rey were forced to innocently share a motel room while stranded in a snowstorm on police business. Mia figured out that Rey and Sharon were together and that Rey had kept it from her. Mia and Arturo almost kissed. Kyle helped Lola overcome her insecurities about being able to run a restaurant, and she impressed Devon and Abby with her sample menus. Kyle and Lola professed their love. Lola surprised Kyle with a romantic date, but she drew the line at spending the night together. Ana objected to Devon's remix of Fen's first track, and Devon was offended when she went behind his back to revise it. Devon shut Ana out of LP, but he later reconsidered after a heart-to-heart talk.
January 14 to 18, 2019
Nikki told Nick how she'd killed J.T., but she left out Sharon and Phyllis' involvement. Nick publicly professed his father's innocence. Reed returned to boarding school. Someone watched surveillance video footage from a hidden camera at the Newman ranch. Victor was released on bail. Nikki fired a gun when she heard someone inside the ranch, but she was relieved to see it was Victor. Arturo declared his love to Abby but continued to feel guilty about almost kissing Mia. Rey and Mia affirmed their commitment to fight for their marriage. Ana was elated when Devon decided to release her version of Fen's song. Ana claimed that her songwriter friend wanted to sell the song outright rather than sign a contract. Devon asked Michael to look into the identity of the songwriter. Fen was moved by Michael and Lauren's enthusiasm for his success. Kerry presented Jack with a custom cologne that she'd made for him, named Jack of Hearts. After a romantic interlude with Jack, Kerry privately pulled a syringe from her purse. Cane was upset when Lily cut their visit short to teach a class to her fellow inmates. Phyllis blabbed to Victoria about Billy asking Phyllis to get back together right before he'd attempted to reunite with Victoria. Victoria and Cane commiserated over keeping their families together, and they ended up making out. Billy walked in on Cane and Victoria kissing. Billy arrived at the prison and asked to see Lily. Kyle started showing signs of frustration over Lola wanting to wait to have sex.
January 21 to 25, 2019
Billy visited Lily in prison and told her about Cane and Victoria making out. Lily focused on surviving in prison and refused to see Cane when he tried to visit her. Cane punched Billy and vowed to make him regret telling Lily about Cane's cheating. Victoria struggled with whether to give her relationship with Billy another shot. Phyllis proposed that she and Sharon form an alliance to protect themselves from the Newmans throwing them under the bus, but Sharon declined. Phyllis confessed that she'd never thrown the fireplace poker in the lake and that she'd held onto it for insurance, but it had disappeared. Nikki told Nick about Phyllis' involvement in J.T.'s death. Nick confronted Phyllis with his suspicions about her framing Victor, and she lashed out by exposing that Sharon had been there, too. Mia tried to drive a wedge between Arturo and Abby. Arturo refused to give in to Mia's taunts, and Mia responded by insisting that she and Rey renew their wedding vows. Mia talked Rey into asking Arturo to be his best man. Mia made a point of inviting Sharon to the vow renewal. Right after Rey and Mia renewed their vows, Arturo proposed to Abby, and she accepted. Arturo ignored Mia's insistence that Abby wasn't the woman for him. Jack became suspicious when he caught Kerry in a lie. Ana admitted to Devon that she'd written Fen's song and that she'd taken the cash up front to dig herself out of credit card debt.
January 28 to February 1, 2019
Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon told Nick the whole truth about J.T.'s death. Abby was appalled when Victor presented Arturo with a prenup, but Arturo readily signed it. Mia got drunk at Abby and Arturo's engagement party and insulted Abby. Abby reached out to make amends with Mia, who fantasized about chopping off Abby's hair. Phyllis counseled Mia to put her energy into her marriage and career. Concerned about Kerry's secretive behavior, Jack snooped in her purse and found a syringe. Kerry revealed that she was injecting herself with fertility hormones to have her eggs frozen. Jack and Kerry agreed to live in the present and continue seeing one another. Summer returned to town and tried to make Kyle jealous by kissing Fen. Lola was worried that Summer could give Kyle what she couldn't, but Kyle insisted that he wanted only Lola. Victor asked Victoria to run the company in his absence, but she was dismayed when he requested that Summer move back from Dubai to help. Everyone assumed Katie's new "friend" at the Newman ranch was imaginary. Katie went missing when Nikki fell asleep, and her family frantically searched for her. Victoria and Billy heard Katie singing from inside the walls. Ana was irritated when Fen was more concerned about stardom than putting work into his music career. Devon encouraged Ana to continue singing, but she was adamant about staying out of the spotlight. Kyle and Fen's rivalry intensified when they filled in as models at a Jabot photo shoot.
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February 4 to 8, 2019
Mia invited Abby to have drinks in a phony attempt to forge a friendship, but Abby made it clear that she wouldn't let Mia interfere in her relationship with Arturo. While rescuing Katie from behind the wall at the ranch, the Newmans discovered hidden surveillance equipment and realized that someone had been spying on them. Victor and Nick suspected that J.T. was alive and tormenting them. Michael had the equipment tested for evidence, but there was no indication of who the intruder had been. Kyle admitted to Mariah that he and Lola were having problems connecting because of her preoccupation with the new restaurant. Mariah convinced Abby and Lola to hire Tessa as a server. Kyle and Lola had a public argument about Summer, and Summer learned that Lola was a virgin. Despite encouragement from their friends, Kyle and Lola failed to make up, and Kyle agreed to have drinks with Summer. Devon threw a party to introduce Fen to the industry, but Ana stepped in to perform when Fen didn't show up. Fen was dismayed when he arrived as Ana finished singing. Sharon stumbled upon an audio file sent to the crime tip line that incriminated Victor and Nick. Sharon told Nick about the recording, but she eventually gave it to Rey. Victor's trial date was set. The authorities arrived to escort Victor to the courthouse, and Nikki blurted out that there wouldn't be a trial because she had something to say.
February 11 to 15, 2019
Nikki announced that she had killed J.T., and she was arrested. Rey didn't believe Nikki's claim that she'd acted alone. Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis stuck to their previous versions of what had happened during their girls' night. Billy was concerned by Victoria's repeated requests that he care for their children if she wasn't there. Mia became incensed over a magazine spread showcasing Abby and Arturo's engagement. Mia moaned Arturo's name during sex with Rey. Rey professed his love to Sharon, who returned the sentiment. Rey found a call to 9-1-1 on Sharon's phone bill and pressured her until she admitted that Nikki had killed J.T. in self-defense. Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis were arrested. Summer convinced Devon and Ana to keep Fen on at LP. Jack suggested that Kyle whisk Lola away to the Abbott cabin for Valentine's Day, and Kyle presented her with a formal invitation. Lola thought it proved that they wanted different things, and she broke up with Kyle. Kyle headed to the cabin alone. Summer stumbled upon the invitation and joined Kyle at the cabin. Lola had a change of heart and headed to the cabin to reconcile with Kyle, but she found him kissing Summer and stormed out. Abby and Mia got into a vicious public argument. Mariah and Tessa talked Lola into hearing Kyle out. While wearing Abby's hooded coat, Lola was attacked from behind at the Abbott estate, and she tumbled into the pool. Cane continued to hide from the twins that he and Lily were estranged.
February 18 to 22, 2019
Kyle found an unconscious Lola in the Abbott pool and called for help, but she remained in a coma. Mia discovered that she'd lost an earring on the night of the assault. Mia was horrified when Abby showed up to tell her about Lola's condition. Rey and Arturo refused to let Kyle see Lola. Kyle lashed out at Summer. Rey suspected that Summer had attacked Lola. Rey learned about Abby and Mia's fight when Abby apologized. Summer professed her love to Kyle, who remained devoted to Lola. Devon suffered a panic attack while being at the hospital for the first time since Hilary's death, but he channeled the strength to offer supportive words to Lola. Brittany advised Sharon to recant her confession. Nikki penned a letter about her life to her grandchildren. Phyllis negotiated an immunity deal with Christine in exchange for physical evidence and the truth about J.T.'s death. Christine again questioned Mariah, who confirmed that a videotape existed from the night of J.T.'s disappearance. Mariah wondered why Phyllis had been released when Sharon, Nikki, and Victoria remained in police custody. At the women's arraignment, Christine amended the charges and announced that Phyllis was her star witness. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were denied bail. Jack and Kerry drew closer when he shared memories of Dina.
February 25 to March 1, 2019
Phyllis attempted to reassure Jabot's employees that her involvement in J.T.'s case wouldn't hurt the company. Billy enlisted Jack and Kyle to help him oust Phyllis from Jabot, but Jack balked at the idea of using Kerry in their plan. Kerry pledged her loyalty to Phyllis. Nick threw Phyllis out of his home and his life. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon's trial began. Brittany argued that Sharon's case should be tried on its own merits. Christine called Mariah as a witness and played the surveillance video. Michael pushed Mariah to reveal how she'd really obtained the video. Rey learned that Lola's attacker had been female, and he later realized that the earring found at the crime scene was Mia's. Rey started to arrest Mia, but she blurted out that she was pregnant. Mia schemed to provide Rey with a positive pregnancy test. Rey agreed to keep Mia's secret to prevent his baby from being born in prison. Arturo found Kyle in Lola's hospital room and threw him out. Nate announced that Lola needed a liver transplant, but Rey and Arturo weren't matching donors. Kyle arranged for Mariah to appeal to the public to be tested to find an organ donor for Lola. Touched, Arturo finally allowed Kyle to sit at Lola's bedside. Summer was tested as a potential donor.
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MARCH 2019
March 4 to 8, 2019
Mariah committed perjury when she testified that she didn't know who had sent the incriminating video. On the stand, Phyllis tried to explain that Nikki had acted in self-defense, but Christine twisted Phyllis' words to her advantage. Michael and Brittany attempted to tear apart Phyllis' credibility. Michael called Tessa to the stand and exposed her blackmail scheme. Christine pushed Tessa into admitting that Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon had kidnapped and threatened her. As Mia looked on, Brittany forced Rey to publicly admit that he'd professed his love to Sharon. Sharon continued to wonder if Rey had played her or if his feelings for her were real. Rey told Mia it was over between them. Michael attempted to negotiate a plea bargain, but Christine refused. Michael decided to let Victoria testify about J.T.'s abuse. Nick was determined to find the person who'd been hiding out at the ranch, convinced it had been J.T. Jack agreed to Billy's plan to use Kerry to oust Phyllis from Jabot. Kerry offered to do it if there was something in it for her, and she demanded that Jack put it in writing. Kyle proposed to Summer to get her to consent to donating part of her liver to Lola, with the conditions that he didn't have to perform husbandly duties and that they'd divorce after a year if he wasn't happy. Summer insisted that the donation remain anonymous and that their marriage appear real.
March 11 to 15, 2019
Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were found guilty on all counts and received stiff sentences. Phyllis attempted to offer her support to the women, but Victoria blasted her for her betrayal and vowed that Phyllis would get what she deserved. Nick and Billy agreed to work together to prove that J.T. was alive. Summer and Kyle's friends and family were stunned to learn about their engagement. Rey suspected that Summer was Lola's anonymous donor. Summer insisted that she and Kyle marry before the surgery. Lola woke up and learned that she needed a transplant. Abby hid from Arturo that she and Devon were searching for a new chef to replace Lola as a backup plan. Kyle confided to Mariah that he was only marrying Summer to save Lola. Summer left a threatening voicemail for Kyle when he was late for their wedding. Kyle eventually showed up, and he and Summer wed. On their wedding night, Summer shared her fears about the surgery, and she and Kyle began to make love. Lola wondered why Kyle hadn't returned to the hospital to see her. Phyllis told Kerry about her plan to keep Ashley's new products out of the marketplace. Kerry played an unsuspecting Phyllis and Jack against one another and reported her progress to an unknown person. Tessa was arrested for extortion, and Mariah paid her bail. Devon learned that Ana had lied about her finances when her credit report turned up clean.
March 18 to 22, 2019
Rey agreed to help Nick and Billy make things right for Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon. Rey staged it to look like the women's prison transport van had been in an accident, allowing Nick to whisk the women away to the Abbott cabin. Hoping to lure J.T. out of hiding, Nick and Billy plotted to make it look like the women were being held at a Dark Horse warehouse before being smuggled out of the country. At the cabin, J.T. knocked out the guards, swiped the women's burner phone, and cut the power. J.T. tied Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon up at gunpoint. Complaining of horrible pain in his head, J.T. flew into a rage, smashing everything around him and damaging a gas line. The women begged J.T. to release them, but he collapsed. Phyllis followed Billy to the cabin. A clearly shaken Summer proceeded with the transplant surgery. Abby speculated that Summer had blackmailed Kyle into marriage, but he denied it. Nate reported that Lola was in recovery, but he told Kyle that Summer's surgery hadn't gone as well. Mia and Arturo reflected back on having sex on the night of the storm. Mia threatened to tell Abby that they'd slept together unless Arturo convinced Rey to take Mia back. Devon discovered that Ana had tracked down her biological father, singer Jet Slade, and had been providing money to help with his health problems. Ana and Jet continued to decline Devon's offers of financial assistance.
March 25 to 29, 2019
Billy, Nick, and Phyllis saved Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon from the gas leak at the Abbott cabin. J.T. underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor, which might have been the cause of his violent behavior. Reed protested when his father was arrested for attempted murder. Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon were released. The charges against Tessa were dropped. Victoria showed signs of posttraumatic stress. Paul fired Rey, and Sharon quit her job in protest of Rey's dismissal. Rey threw Mia out. Mia told Rey that she'd had sex with Arturo -- again. Arturo confessed the tryst to Abby, who dumped him and took a hammer to his truck. Arturo begged for Abby's forgiveness, but she refused and fired him from Dark Horse. Rey punched Arturo. Sharon and Rey kissed. Lola and Summer recovered after the liver transplant. Kyle tearfully told Lola that he'd married Summer to convince her to be Lola's organ donor, but he loved Lola. Lola thanked Summer and resolved to move on with her life. Abby and Lola agreed to forget their man troubles by focusing on the new restaurant. Kerry corresponded with an unseen party about certain paperwork. All of Jabot's patent requests were rejected because they'd already been awarded to a competitor. Jack confronted Kerry, who confessed that she'd secured the patents. A mystery person called an emergency board meeting at Jabot, and everyone was stunned when Ashley showed up. Devon invited Jett and Elena to move into his penthouse. Lily served Cane with divorce papers.
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APRIL 2019
April 1 to 5, 2019
Dominique left town after Jack refused her invitation to join her in Paris. The Jabot board ousted Phyllis and reappointed Jack as CEO. Jack declined Ashley's offer for Jabot to become a subsidiary of her new company, and they declared corporate war. Lauren appealed to Jack to sell her Jabot's share of Fenmore's, but he wouldn't consider it unless she had the cash. Phyllis vowed to put up the money and join Lauren in running Fenmore's. Phyllis was incensed when Jack announced his intent to hire Summer at Jabot. Billy hired Rebekah as a consultant to help Jabot expand into fashion. Rebekah reconnected with Nick, and they slept together. Sharon and Rey went on a first date and made love. Sharon turned down Nick's job offer to replace Abby at Dark Horse. Mia left a sonogram photo for Sharon to find. Under the ruse of going on a business trip, Victoria checked herself into a Las Vegas hotel, using a false name. Billy was concerned when he saw an online photo of Victoria partying with a band. Billy showed up at Victoria's hotel room shortly after she'd had sex with the band's lead singer, Brandon. Jett and Elena moved in with Devon. Lola put up a brave front, hiding the physical toll that her recovery was taking. To please Summer, Kyle deleted all traces of Lola from his phone. Mariah encouraged Tessa to resume singing. Lily told Cane their marriage was over, but he pledged to fight for her.
April 8 to 12, 2019
Victoria and Billy grew closer over a heart-to-heart talk in Vegas. Brandon sent Victoria a photo of Victor with a high-rolling gambler. Billy struggled with but didn't succumb to his gambling addiction. Mia experienced a cramp during a confrontation with Sharon. Mia freaked out when a doctor insisted on performing an ultrasound, but she was stunned to find out that she really was pregnant. Mariah appealed to Devon to consider taking Tessa back as a client. Phyllis lured Summer out of town and hired an investigator to follow Kyle and Lola. During an intimate dinner, Lola suggested that she and Kyle make love. The investigator took photos of the couple heading to a hotel room. Kyle and Lola pledged their love, but he couldn't go through with it after seeing an incoming call from Summer. Phyllis attempted to blackmail Jack with the photos of Kyle and Lola, but Jack refused to make a deal. Summer accepted Jack's job offer. Kyle told Summer the truth and was surprised when she remained steadfast that they belonged together. Paul offered to reinstate Rey if Rey solved Lola's case. Ashley announced the launch of a concept that mirrored Jack's idea for the Jabot Collective. Jack discovered that Ashley had planted a bug at the Abbott mansion, and he agreed to pay her four million dollars to not copycat his idea. Jack and Lauren renewed their business relationship. Phyllis started to spiral out of control. Nick had sex with a woman he met at a bar.
April 15 to 19, 2019
Nikki hired Rey to investigate what Victor was doing in Las Vegas. Cane resigned from Chancellor Industries. Lily was released from prison. Cane begged Lily for one last chance. Someone threw a brick through the Crimson Lights window with a threatening note for Mariah. Devon convinced Ana and Jett to perform at the opening of Society, Devon and Abby's new restaurant. Devon invited Elena to attend the restaurant opening with him. Kyle struggled with honoring Lola's request not to sleep with Summer while finding a way to end his marriage. Summer confronted Phyllis about hiring an investigator to follow Kyle and Lola. Summer found a necklace in Kyle's pocket and assumed it was for her. Summer reeled when she later saw Lola wearing the necklace. After working through various obstacles that threatened Society's grand opening, Abby found no customers at the door. Dina told Jack that he was ruining his father's legacy. Jack lashed out at his mother and immediately regretted it. Jack envisioned speaking to a younger version of Dina about why she'd left her family. Arturo learned Mia was pregnant. Mia asked Arturo for an alibi. After a talk with Rey, Arturo vowed to do anything to protect the baby. Paul remained suspicious of Rey and Arturo. Rey told Sharon about Mia's attack on Lola. Phyllis interrupted Billy's proposal to Victoria to ask him to end their feud by funding her new company. Victoria told Billy she couldn't accept his proposal because she needed more time.
April 22 to 26, 2019
Society's grand opening was a great success. Devon escorted Elena to the opening on their first date. Abby was livid when Jack and Ashley both attempted to use the event to promote their companies. Nick blasted Kyle after finding him kissing Lola, but Summer defended her husband. Summer lashed out when Kyle later told her he wanted to end their marriage because he loved Lola. Worried when Neil didn't show up to the restaurant opening, Devon returned home and was devastated to discover that Neil had passed away in his sleep. Nate confirmed that Neil had suffered a stroke and had gone peacefully. Word of Neil's death spread in Genoa City. Jack and Ashley consoled one another and agreed to a truce. Lily blamed herself for causing Neil the stress that had led to his death. Malcolm, Sofia, and Leslie returned to attend Neil's funeral. Malcolm, Nate, Victor, Jack, and Devon delivered moving eulogies. Cane stepped up to speak when Lily faltered, and his words inspired her to say a few of her own. After the funeral, Devon hosted a celebration of Neil's life at his penthouse, where family and friends listened to jazz and exchanged memories of Neil. Devon put on a brave front, but he later broke down in Elena's arms. Cane encouraged Lily to stay home after everything she'd been through, but she still intended to move on without him. Nikki was miffed when Victor headed out on another mysterious trip without explaining where he was going.
April 29 to May 3, 2019
Past and present cast members shared their memories of Kristoff St. John (Neil) in a special tribute episode. Nikki encouraged Victoria to reunite with Billy. Rey and Sharon headed to Las Vegas to investigate Victor's mysterious behavior. Paul chided Rey for putting Nikki's request ahead of looking into Lola's attack. Dr. Calhoun informed Victor that a male patient had run off after the psychiatrist had pushed too hard under Victor's orders. Rey discovered the briefcase of cash that Victor had paid Calhoun. Victor met with poker queen Riza to ask for her help to find the mystery patient. Victor sought out Sharon in Vegas to tell her something she needed to know. Phyllis, Jack, and Nick consoled Summer over her breakup with Kyle. Summer moved back in with Nick. At Phyllis' urging, Summer announced her intention to stay at Jabot. Billy gave Phyllis the funding she needed to start her own company, under the condition that it was the end between them. Lauren comforted Jack when Dina's condition continued to deteriorate. Kyle arranged a romantic surprise for Lola, and the couple finally made love. Summer plotted to go on a business trip to New York with Kyle. Mariah received an ominous text message. Devon and Elena bonded when she shared that she'd also lost a parent. Devon envisioned Hilary when he looked at Elena. Cane left a goodbye message for Lily, accepting that she wanted their marriage to be over.
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MAY 2019
May 6 to 10, 2019
Jett told Devon that Elena felt responsible for her mother's death. Devon cried in his sleep while dreaming of Hilary, and he kissed Elena when she awakened him. Devon apologized and invited Elena on another date. Devon coached Ana and Tessa on how to work together and achieved impressive results. Mariah was irritated by Ana's quest to change Tessa's image. Victor informed Sharon that Adam was alive, with no memory of anything before the explosion. Adam agreed to meet Sharon alone in a park but didn't show up. Sharon told Nick that Adam might be alive. Adam invited Sharon to meet him at an apartment, and she found Riza there. Sharon discovered that Adam had thrown out a stack of family photos but had kept one of Christian. Summer schemed to spend more time with Kyle by working together, but Lola remained his priority. Mia was disappointed when Phyllis didn't hire her. After Abby rejected Arturo again, Arturo and Mia slept together. Arturo suggested that he and Mia move back to Miami. Arturo accidentally revealed to Lola that Mia was the one who'd attacked her. After a confrontation with Mia, Lola and Abby reluctantly agreed, for the baby's sake, not to call the police. Paul interrogated Mia, who finally confessed to pushing Lola. Mia doubled over in pain. Abby declined Nate's request for a date. Jack turned down Phyllis' suggestion that her new accessory company and Jabot Collective work together. Phyllis called Ashley with a proposition.
May 13 to 17, 2019
Adam met with Sharon but still claimed to have no recollection of his life before the explosion. Sharon convinced Adam to return to Genoa City. Victoria and Nick were suspicious of Adam's true motives. Abby was miffed that no one had told her about Adam's return from the dead. Adam reeled when he learned that he'd caused Delia's death and destroyed the evidence. Nick and Adam were both livid when Victor pushed for Adam to meet Christian. Nick ultimately relented, but Adam felt nothing for the boy. Adam exchanged text messages with an unknown person about things going according to plan. Nick contemplated responding to Chelsea's text messages. Adam prepared to leave town, but someone stopped him by shooting him in the gut. Victoria told Billy that she didn't want to get married, but she was willing to host an event to announce their reunion. Kyle called Summer out on her manipulations to spend extra time with him under the guise of work. Lola and Kyle decided to move in together. Summer blabbed to Jack about Phyllis' attempt to access Jabot files. Summer pushed Jack to modify Kyle's role at Jabot. Lauren was determined to find the right woman for Jack. Phyllis contemplated making knockoffs of Jabot's products. Paul agreed not to press charges against Rey or Mia. Rey had mixed feelings when a paternity test proved Arturo was the father of Mia's baby. Traci fantasized about Cane.
May 20 to 24, 2019
Adam made it through surgery and announced that he'd recovered his memories. Adam arranged to cover up the identity of his shooter. Paul was skeptical when a rival of Adam's from Las Vegas confessed to the shooting. Adam was released from the hospital and decided not to go back to Vegas. Adam told Victoria and Nick that he wanted nothing to do with Newman Enterprises, but he had three demands in order to leave town -- $500 million, Chelsea and Connor's whereabouts, and Christian. Nick pondered what to do with Chelsea's contact information. Faith prompted Sharon and Rey to decide to move in together. Kyle moved in with Lola at Rey's former apartment. Phyllis launched her new website after stealing Jabot Collective's new logo. Arturo and Mia moved to Miami to raise their baby together. Jack rebuffed Lauren's efforts to set him up on a date. Dina overheard Jack and Traci making plans to place her in a memory care facility. Cane's first day at his new job was a success. Traci daydreamed about Cane kissing her. Abby invited Nate out to dinner. Elena voiced concerns about Jett going on tour, but Devon was happy when she decided to stay in Genoa City instead of joining her uncle on the road. Michael convinced Devon to set a date to read Neil's will. A creepy fan confronted Mariah and admitted that he'd thrown the brick, but Tessa scared him off. Tessa terminated her contract with LP because of Ana's attempts to change her.
May 27 to 31, 2019
Nick refused to meet Adam's demands. Victoria swiped Chelsea's number from Nick's phone and gave it to Adam. Victoria offered Adam money to leave town and forget pursuing custody of Christian. Nick hired Rey to keep an eye on Adam. Esther was shaken when she ran into Adam. At Adam's request, Sharon left a voicemail for Chelsea. Adam had a passionate dream about Sharon. Nate had bad news about Victor's health, and Victor vowed to fight it. Dina overheard Jack and Traci discussing putting her in a memory care facility. Dina confronted her family about wanting to get rid of her. Dina ran away, and Jack found her in the park, listening to Tessa sing. Tessa convinced Dina to go to the facility by promising that she'd perform for Dina there. Ashley tipped Jack off about the website that was counterfeiting Jabot's products. A livid Lauren realized that Phyllis was behind the knockoff site and ordered her to shut it down, or Lauren would tell Jack. Jabot's technical team determined that the site had been developed in Genoa City. Kyle and Lola happily settled into domestic bliss by completing home improvement tasks together. Abby and Nate got to know one another on their first date. Cane signed divorce papers and removed his wedding ring. Michael read Neil's will, which was full of touching surprises. Devon named Ana co-head of LP. Devon and Elena shared a kiss, but things became awkward when he envisioned Hilary in the room.
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JUNE 2019
June 3 to 7, 2019
Sharon informed Adam that Chelsea had remarried and that Chelsea's new husband had adopted Connor. Victor refused to help Adam take Christian from Nick. Rey informed Nick that Adam had hired an investigator to dig up information on Chloe. At the Jabot Collective launch party, a drunken Phyllis excoriated Summer and warned that there would be a day of reckoning. Summer had sex with Theo. Victoria and Billy professed their love in a commitment ceremony. Adam and Phyllis crashed the event. Adam stoked Phyllis' quest for revenge, and she agreed to hack into Dark Horse's servers. Adam learned Dark Horse was highly leveraged and bought the company's debt. Adam forced Nick to choose between Dark Horse and Christian, and Nick readily chose Christian. Someone knocked Phyllis out and locked her in a basement room. Kevin was later revealed to be Phyllis' captor. Victor confided to Nikki that he had a rare blood disease, but he continued to hide it from the rest of his family. Lola was taken aback by Kyle's spontaneous proposal, and Kyle worried that he'd ruined everything. Summer eavesdropped as Jack and Kyle discussed the proposal. Lola overheard Summer's rant about boring married life and realized she was ready to marry Kyle. Rey had reservations but welcomed Kyle to the family. Mariah quit her job as host of GC Buzz, and Devon suggested that she head up Power Communications. Jett left to go on tour. Devon and Elena made love, but he continued to have visions of Hilary.
June 10 to 14, 2019
Summer worried when she found out that Phyllis had left her belongings behind, and she reported her mother missing. Nick was unable to raise the funds to keep Adam from taking over Dark Horse. Nick turned to Victor as a last resort, but Victor refused to give him the money. Nick lashed out at Victoria after Adam revealed that she'd given him the money that had allowed him to purchase Dark Horse's debt. Victor filed a lawsuit against Christine and the police department. Nate reported that Victor hadn't responded to medical treatment as they'd hoped. Nikki convinced Victor to tell his children about his condition. Victor asked Adam to take over Newman Enterprises, but Adam declined. Adam admitted to Kevin that he had Chloe, and he agreed to free Chloe if Kevin freed Phyllis. Michael walked in as Kevin discovered that Phyllis had escaped. Phyllis headed to Las Vegas. Sharon was shaken when Adam confessed that he had unresolved feelings for her. Rey feared that Adam was getting inside Sharon's head. Elena was upset when she learned that Devon had paid off her student loans without consulting her. Traci was disappointed when Cane hoped to get a promotion that would transfer him closer to Lily. Kyle officially proposed to Lola. Mariah took on Tessa as her first client. Tessa and Ana agreed to continue working together.
June 17 to 21, 2019
Adam sued for custody of Christian. Kevin told Michael the truth about how he'd kidnapped Phyllis to trade her for Chloe, who was alive. Michael agreed to take Nick's custody case and later flatly turned down Adam's request to switch sides. Sharon ordered Adam out of her life. Victor evicted Adam from the tack house. Adam instructed Kevin to find out what Victoria and Nick were plotting. Nikki convinced Victor to take a leave of absence, and he appointed Victoria CEO. Victoria asked Nick to return as Newman's COO to work together to take Adam down. Nikki confided in Paul about Victor's health issues. Phyllis tracked down Riza in Las Vegas and returned to Genoa City with leverage against Adam -- his connection to a Chancellor. Devon turned to Mariah for relationship advice, and he and Elena later made up. Mariah and Ana worked together to promote Tessa's music and image, but Devon disapproved of their plans and threatened to hire someone above Ana. Devon hosted a ceremony to dedicate Society's stage in Neil's memory. Cane invited Traci to be his date at the dedication, but things became awkward when Lily showed up. Devon and Nate clashed when Devon learned that Nate had sold Neil's penthouse to Adam. Kyle asked Jack to be his best man, while Abby agreed to be Lola's maid of honor. Lola misplaced her engagement ring, and she and Kyle dug through Society's garbage to find it. Jack spent time with Mallory, and they bonded over both having parents with Alzheimer's.
June 24 to June 28, 2019
Nick and Victoria made amends, but he still declined her job offer. Victor admitted that he hadn't always been the best father to Nick, and Nick forgave him. Phyllis taunted Adam about his connection to Chance. Adam appointed Phyllis as CEO of Dark Horse. Jack and Billy worried about what Phyllis would do in her new position of power. Kevin negotiated Chloe's release in exchange for incriminating video footage of Nick masquerading as J.T. Adam attempted to use the video to force Nick to hand over Christian. Chelsea interrupted Nick and Adam as they were about to scuffle. Chloe resolved to stop going after Adam and devote her life to being Bella's mom. Chloe reunited with Kevin and Esther. Chloe revealed herself to Billy and requested his help with looking after Kevin. Victor decided to pursue experimental treatment, despite diminished mental capacity being a side effect. Victor revealed that he also knew about Adam's affiliation with Chance. Devon suffered another panic attack, and he confided to Elena that he still felt Hilary's presence. Ana and Nate encouraged Devon to move on, but Devon became emotional when packing mementos of Hilary. Abby hosted a bridal shower for Lola. Summer crashed the shower and was surprised when Lola invited her to stay. Abby unveiled her surprise guest -- Lola's mom, Celeste. Traci celebrated finishing her book with Cane, and they shared a kiss.
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JULY 2019
July 1 to 5, 2019
Chelsea rebuffed Adam's attempt to reunite. Nick and Chelsea made amends. Calvin surprised Chelsea by showing up in Genoa City, and she seemed anxious around him. Phyllis realized that Kevin was the one who'd kidnapped her. Victoria outwitted Phyllis in a business deal. Phyllis hosted a Dark Horse party at Adam's penthouse, but only a handful of people showed up. Phyllis ended up alone after alienating her guests. After a talk with Adam, Calvin told Chelsea that they should give custody of Connor to Adam and start a family of their own. Later, Chelsea frantically called Nick with the news that Calvin was dead. Adam and Phyllis walked in on Chelsea in Nick's arms. Lola and Kyle tried to hide the fact that they'd been living together from Celeste. Lola eventually told her mother the truth, but Celeste insisted on staying with Lola and helping to plan the wedding. Celeste fawned over Jack. Theo walked out on Summer when she couldn't stop blathering about Kyle. Phyllis consoled a drunken Summer but was disappointed when their closeness proved to be short-lived. With Ana and Elena's support, Devon donated Hilary's belongings. Devon and Elena had a fun second first date at the carnival. Ana released Tessa's video without Devon's knowledge. Ana was livid when Devon wanted to hire Theo as her mentor, but she later accepted the situation. Summer walked in on Theo and Ana toasting to their working relationship. Cane asked Traci on a date.
July 8 to 12, 2019
Nick invited Chelsea to stay with him while the police investigated Calvin's death. Summer objected to Nick and Chelsea's growing closeness. Chelsea rebuffed Adam's attempt to reconcile. Adam was livid when he learned that Chelsea and Nick had gone to tell Connor about Calvin's death. Victoria suspected that Phyllis was double-crossing Adam, but Adam refused to listen to Victoria's warning. Rey informed Nick that Adam had bailed Chance out after Chance had been arrested for assault. Nick suggested to Paul that Adam had reason to want Calvin dead. Adam presented Paul with evidence that implicated Chelsea in Calvin's death. Tests proved that Calvin had died of a heart attack. Victor was pleased to learn that the city had agreed to settle his lawsuit. Christine decided not to run for reelection. Jack became suspicious when he overheard Victor having a forgetful moment. The side effects of Victor's treatment became more apparent. Billy was unnerved when he discovered one of Delia's old dolls at the Chancellor mansion. Jack was disappointed when Mallory decided to leave town after her father's death. Rey vehemently objected when Celeste told him that his father wanted to walk Lola down the aisle. Mariah convinced Lola to shoot a cooking video. Celeste continued to make things difficult for Lola and Kyle. Theo and Summer interrupted Kyle and Lola's romantic evening together by leading a party to the Abbott mansion, but Kyle threw them out. Theo suggested that Summer become a social media influencer.
July 15 to 19, 2019
Billy had nightmares about Delia. Billy found "Daddy" scrawled on a piece of furniture at the Chancellor mansion. Billy arranged for Jack to visit Ashley in Paris. Phyllis implied to Billy that she had plans to take Adam down. Nate bought Cane and Lily's house. Traci and Cane had a fabulous time in New York together. Cane suggested that he and Traci explore what was happening between them, but she insisted on just staying really good friends. Lola was appalled to learn that her parents had reunited. Lola refused to let her dad attend her wedding. Sharon and Rey agreed to try to make their relationship work. Rey informed Nick about Chance's shady behavior in Las Vegas. Rey interrogated Phyllis about Chance, but she claimed that she'd been unable to get in touch with Chance during her Vegas trip. Chelsea provided Victor with Connor's whereabouts. Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to convince Adam to drop the custody case. Adam and Phyllis crashed a Newman family dinner. Victor had a memory slip during the event but covered. Phyllis confronted Summer about her emotional manipulation. Kyle warned Summer about Theo. Lola demanded to know the truth about Kyle's life in New York. Adam ordered Kevin to blackmail the judge in the custody case with incriminating photos. Michael stopped Kevin from turning over the photos to the police and instead suggested that he and Adam strike a deal. Elena accepted Devon's invitation to live together as a couple.
July 22 to 26, 2019
Adam forced Michael to withdraw from Nick's case. Nick insisted on proceeding without an attorney. Adam arranged for Kevin to publicly release the incriminating video of Nick during the custody hearing. Adam offered to give up his quest for Christian in exchange for Chelsea and Connor, but Chelsea refused. After hearing Nick and Adam verbally clash, the judge ruled that neither of them was fit to have custody of Christian. Over Rey's objections, Sharon agreed to help Adam by serving as Christian's temporary guardian, but the judge appointed Victoria instead. Rey walked out on Sharon. Michael urged Kevin to leave town while Adam was distracted by the custody battle. Victor considered suspending his treatments. Victor demanded that Chelsea allow Connor to return to Genoa City. Phyllis and Abby agreed to do business together. Summer was uncomfortable with Theo and Phyllis working together. Phyllis made plans for a second acquisition. Victoria suggested that she and Phyllis work together to take Adam down. Lola worried when Kyle remained evasive about his life in New York. Abby and Nate made love. Ana reported that Jett was in the hospital and left town to be with him. Billy confided in Sharon about his disturbing dreams about Delia. Theo blabbed to Celeste about Lola's surgery and Kyle and Summer's marriage. Celeste and Phyllis bonded. Feeling unneeded by her children, Celeste decided to go back to Miami. Ashley and Jack returned from Paris and announced their plan to merge their companies.
July 29 to August 2, 2019
Michael outsmarted Adam by destroying the incriminating photos of the judge. Michael suggested that Christine resign as D.A. so he could run in a special election. Victoria and Phyllis completed their deal to sell Dark Horse properties to Newman. Nick softened toward Phyllis when he learned what she'd done. Nick partnered with Devon to revive New Hope. Jack and Billy were stunned when Phyllis offered them the opportunity to buy the Jaboutique properties at a fair price. Adam confronted Phyllis about her duplicity and revealed that she didn't own the Grand Phoenix. Victoria made it difficult for Adam to see Christian. Rey told Sharon it was over between them. Rey quit his job with Nick and rejoined the police force. Billy took some of Victoria's sleeping pills and freaked out when he woke up at the Chancellor mansion. Sharon convinced Billy to see a therapist. Billy found Delia's doll in his bed. Calvin's attorney, Daryl, informed Chelsea that Calvin had left her a huge inheritance. Chelsea worried that it felt wrong, but she signed the paperwork, anyway. Chelsea decided to stay in Genoa City. Victor began the next phase of his treatment and had a bad reaction to his medication. When Nate didn't answer Victor's call, Victor turned to Jack for help. Abby cooled things off with Nate when she sensed that he was getting too serious. Nate comforted Elena after she was unable to save a patient. Mariah and Tessa celebrated their success.
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August 5 to 9, 2019
Adam offered to sell Phyllis the Grand Phoenix for $15 million, but she was unable to find a co-investor. Michael filed a petition with the court to grant Adam access to Christian. Adam called Nick and threatened to tell Christian that Adam was his father, and Nick arrived as Adam was doing so. Sharon walked in on Nick punching Adam. Sharon tended to Adam's injuries, and the couple had sex. Adam reported Nick's assault on him to the police. Rey showed up to question Adam and found Sharon at Adam's place. Sharon regretted her romp with Adam, but Adam was convinced that they belonged together. Chelsea arranged for Connor to return to Genoa City. Anita uncharacteristically refused to take Chelsea's money. Chelsea told Connor that Adam was alive, and she caved when Connor insisted on seeing Adam. Connor begged to spend the night at Adam's, and Chelsea agreed if she stayed, too. Mariah threw a bachelor/bachelorette party for Kyle and Lola. Nate was confused when Abby invited him to the party after blowing him off. At the party, things became awkward when Sharon and Rey unexpectedly ran into one another. Abby picked a fight with Summer, while Kyle and Theo got into a brawl. Kyle referred to paying off the father of a 17-year-old girl who'd almost died. Elena advised Nate to let Abby chase him. Jack offered to convince Celeste to attend the wedding. Billy continued to be haunted by what he believed was Delia's ghost.
August 12 to 16, 2019
Adam threatened to sue for custody of Connor. Connor became upset when he realized that Chelsea didn't want to reunite his family. Chelsea threw Anita out when she learned that her mother had swindled her out of half of Calvin's estate. Daryl returned the dirty cash to Chelsea. Devon declined Phyllis' request for a loan and turned down Adam's attempt to sell the Grand Phoenix to him. Phyllis convinced Abby to buy the hotel, but Abby demanded that Phyllis put up a stake if she wanted to be involved in the project. To prevent Adam from seeing the boy, Victoria lied that Christian was sick. Adam was livid when he saw Nick spending time with Christian during Adam's scheduled visit. Christian ran off when the adults argued, but Adam found him. Victor arranged to have a restraining order issued against Adam to prevent him from seeing Christian. With Nate's encouragement, Elena became a resident at the hospital. Nate and Abby agreed to meet in the middle where their relationship was concerned. Theo told Summer that a 17-year-old girl named Zoe had nearly died after getting wasted at a party he and Kyle had thrown, and Kyle had paid off Zoe's father to cover it up. Theo tracked down Zoe. Lola was torn when she received a letter from Adrian, asking for the chance to be at her wedding. Kyle and Lola separately dealt with pre-wedding jitters. Jack returned from Miami with Celeste. Adrian covertly watched as Kyle and Lola got married.
August 19 to 23, 2019
Theo and Zoe crashed Kyle and Lola's wedding reception. Rey and Arturo made amends. Lola agreed to let Adrian stay at the wedding, but she didn't want to deal with him. Kyle and Lola honeymooned in Samoa and fantasized about their future together. Celeste rebuffed Adrian's attempts to reconcile. Billy became suspicious after seeing Michael and Adam talking. Michael was elected as D.A. Michael confided to Lauren that he'd pursued the position to take Adam down. Victor advised Michael not to be on the wrong side when things went down between Victor and Adam. Kevin punched Michael after Michael had Chloe arrested. Sharon turned down Adam's marriage proposal. Sharon was unnerved when Adam claimed they were alike because they both had dark sides. Adam and Chelsea spotted Nick comforting Sharon. Victor overheard Phyllis bragging about squeezing Abby out of the Grand Phoenix and warned Abby about Phyllis' duplicity. Phyllis requested a loan from Chelsea to purchase a share of the hotel, but Chelsea turned the tables by negotiating a deal with Abby, cutting Phyllis out. Phyllis threatened to take Victor down. Chelsea warned Adam that he'd never find love if he kept trying to manipulate people to get what he wanted. Adam seethed when he spotted Victor, Nick, and Christian sharing a close moment. Theo angled for Mariah's job. Billy opposed the merger between Abbott Exchange and Jabot. Victoria and Jack worried about Billy's obsession with Delia.
August 26 to 30, 2019
Michael arranged a deal for Chloe to be sentenced to probation and outpatient therapy without serving jail time. Adam gave up the custody battle over Christian but threatened to destroy the Newmans. Adam refused to attend the custody hearing. The judge suspected that Nick had applied undue pressure to get Adam to withdraw his petition for custody. After a heartfelt plea from Nick, the judge awarded Nick full custody of Christian. Nick refused to drop the restraining order against Adam. Nick and Chelsea made love. Billy mistook Bella for Delia. Billy fibbed to Victoria about going on a business trip, and she worried when she discovered he'd lied. Chelsea presented Hope's handkerchief to Adam to give to Connor when the boy was older. Billy broke into Adam's penthouse and stole the handkerchief, then lured Adam to the site of Delia's accident by sending an anonymous text message with a photo of the hankie. Billy attempted to run Adam down, but Chloe pushed Adam out of the way. Kevin and Chloe secretly tended to Billy at the Chancellor boat house. Chelsea was stunned to see Chloe alive and confronted her former best friend about the pain she'd inflicted. Adam suspected that Victor had tried to kill him. Phyllis became incensed when everyone seemed to be working on the opening of the Grand Phoenix except her. Adam and Phyllis agreed to join forces to take down their enemies. Mariah and Theo pretended to work on a deal together, but each had plans to outsmart the other. Devon received a letter from an attorney about discrepancies in Katherine's will.
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September 2 to 6, 2019
Kevin sent a text message to Victoria, Jack, and Traci from Billy's phone, claiming that Billy had checked himself into rehab. Adam threatened Michael with a photo of a drug-dealing Fen. Lauren vowed that she and Michael would take Adam down. Jack decided to leave town to figure out what was missing in his life. Jack appointed Kyle as interim CEO. Chelsea and Chloe took the first step in attempting to rebuild their friendship. Billy woke up with no memory of the car accident or his attempt to mow Adam down. Devon pledged to fight whoever was challenging Katherine's will. Jill returned to town and revealed that she'd heard from Chance, who had referred to being involved in something potentially lucrative. Zoe insinuated that Phyllis could sabotage the Grand Phoenix's opening, but Phyllis wanted no part of it. Summer blew off Theo to work with Kyle on Jabot's tie-in with the hotel opening. The night before the opening, Abby and Chelsea threw a pre-party, where Abby introduced a new signature drink, the Grand Sangria. Zoe was hurt when Summer, Theo, and Kyle shunned her. Adam swiped Nate's tablet, and Phyllis agreed to hack into it. Adam obtained Victor's medical records and hired someone to create pills identical to Victor's but with double the dosage. After Victor declined Adam's attempt to forge a truce, Adam swapped out Victor's pills with the stronger version.
September 9 to 13, 2019
Abby and Chelsea excitedly prepared for the Grand Phoenix opening. Zoe slipped "Molly" into the pitchers of sangria at the party. Those who consumed the sangria lost their inhibitions, while the sober guests wondered what was going on. Sharon kissed Rey before passing out from an interaction with her medication. Lola witnessed Summer kissing Kyle. Devon experienced a panic attack, and Elena helped him through it. The security footage went missing, and Abby and Chelsea grappled with how to handle the bad publicity. Phyllis tricked Zoe into admitting to the drugging on tape. Phyllis revealed that she also had the security footage of Zoe drugging the drinks and blackmailed Abby and Chelsea into handing over a 25 percent stake in the hotel in exchange for the evidence against Zoe. Zoe was arrested. Devon and Elena pledged their love. Sharon left on a road trip to do some soul-searching. Theo made a pass at Tessa, who rebuffed him. Victor's symptoms became more severe after Adam switched his father's pills with a double dose. Chloe realized that Billy was acting like two different people and told Victoria the truth about his behavior and his whereabouts. Nikki summoned the Newmans to the ranch with concerns about Victor. Victor announced his plans to go overseas for treatment and requested that his family unite in his absence. Victor collapsed, and his family panicked when Nate was unable to find a pulse.
September 16 to 20, 2019
Genoa City was rocked by the news of Victor Newman's death. Nick blamed Adam for Victor's demise. Nikki begged Paul to open a police investigation, and lab tests revealed that Victor's pills had contained a double dose of medication. Summer rebuffed Phyllis' attempts to provide support. Theo opened up to Summer about losing his father at a young age. Kyle comforted Summer. Nick convinced Chelsea to keep Adam from seeing Connor. With Victoria's help, Billy remembered trying to kill Adam. Billy battled his dark side in his mind and believed that he'd vanquished it. Jack and Sharon were pleasantly surprised to run into one another while on their soul-searching trips. Sharon resolved to no longer let her romantic relationships define her. Jack realized that he already had what he'd thought he'd been looking for. Sharon believed Adam's claim that he hadn't wanted Victor dead. Paul and Rey interrogated the pharmacist who had supplied Adam with the altered pills. The pharmacist claimed that Victoria had instructed her to double the dosage and forge the prescription label. A search turned up a prescription pill bottle and Nate's tablet in Victoria's office. Attorney Amanda Sinclair showed up for a meeting with Devon, and he was stunned to see that she was the spitting image of Hilary. Amanda informed Devon that Chance was contesting the validity of Katherine's will because Katherine's attorney had made a deathbed confession that Tucker had paid him to change it.
September 23 to 27, 2019
Adam threatened to have Fen sent to jail unless Michael took legal action against Victoria. Victoria was arrested. Chelsea was angry when, against her wishes, Adam told Connor about Victor's death. Nikki told a very much alive Victor that their plan had gone horribly wrong. Adam was tortured by the thought that he'd killed his own father. Sharon pleaded with Adam to help Victoria, offering herself in return. Adam ordered Sharon out of his life when she couldn't say she loved him. Adam decided to leave town, devastating Connor with the news. Paul's men caught the pharmacist attempting to leave the country, and she told a very different story about Victor's pills. Adam learned that Victor was alive. Jack apologized to Dina for not accepting her for who she was, and they shared a close moment when she said she loved him. Jack decided to write the Abbott family's story with Traci's help. Devon threw Elena a birthday party, but the celebration quickly went south when Amanda made an appearance, stunning everyone with her resemblance to Hilary. Theo appealed to Lola to help him repair his friendship with Kyle. Lola softened when Theo passed out at the sight of blood after she accidentally cut her finger. Kyle and Summer had a heartfelt conversation about Victor. Summer was offended when Theo booked a hotel room to take her mind off her grief, but they drew closer when she realized that he was trying to help but didn't know how.
September 30 to October 4, 2019
Nick told Chelsea that Victor was alive. Chelsea was furious because the secret had caused Connor to suffer unnecessarily. Adam expressed sincere remorse to Victor and decided to leave town to live in exile. Victor allowed Adam to slip out instead of alerting the authorities. Michael held a press conference to announce that Victor was alive. Business at Newman Enterprises suffered when the news of Victor's resurrection spread. Summer reeled from the fact that the Newmans had allowed her to grieve for her grandfather by not letting her in on the plan. Rey felt betrayed when he learned Paul had been in on the scheme. Nikki and Victor's attempt to smooth things over with a family get-together bombed when everyone either left early or opted not to attend. Amanda read what she claimed to be Katherine's real will, which left the bulk of the Chancellor estate to Cane. Brittany cried foul when she realized that the will was a photocopy. Cane volunteered to track Chance down, and he thought finding Adam would be his best lead. Phyllis overheard Cane making plans to fly to Las Vegas. Billy told Jack about his break with reality. Jack decided to take a step back from Jabot to write the history of the Abbott family with Traci. Jack requested that Billy and Kyle run the company together. Kevin agreed to Chelsea's request to launder money for her. Lola and Mariah encouraged Sharon and Rey to reconcile.
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October 7 to 11, 2019
Victor planned to return as CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victoria became incensed when she learned from a reporter of her father's impending return. Billy and Kyle clashed when Billy appealed to Victoria to join Jabot's executive team. Victoria issued an ultimatum to Victor to make her CEO or lose her as a daughter, and she was surprised when he permanently reinstated her as head of Newman. Phyllis and Cane separately tracked down Adam in Las Vegas. Adam evaded Phyllis and Cane's questions about his connection to Chance. Victor called off his surveillance of Adam. Cane received a text message from Chance. Cane arrived to meet Chance, but someone knocked Cane out and dragged him off. Nate grappled with the role he'd played in faking Victor's death, and he and Abby drifted apart. Devon fired Theo when Theo again tried to undermine Mariah. Kyle warned Summer not to fall for Theo's act. Lola sensed there was a reason Theo always deliberately tanked his life. Elena was worried about Devon's preoccupation with Amanda. Devon learned that the statute of limitations had passed to contest Katherine's will, but he felt an obligation to honor his grandmother's true wishes. Chelsea turned to Sharon for help with a despondent Connor. Jack and Traci began writing a book about the Abbott family.
October 14 to 18, 2019
Nick's family and friends tried to convince him to run for city council. Dina affectionately recalled a man named Stuart. Traci reached out to Stuart Brooks's daughters, who provided a letter that Dina had sent to Stuart decades earlier. Jack was intrigued by a Shakespearean quote in Dina's letter. Delia's family commemorated the anniversary of her death. Adam declared his intent to stay in Las Vegas permanently. Connor lashed out by picking a fight at school and locking Christian in the garage. Nick agreed to track down Adam in Vegas. Devon learned that Tucker had supposedly gone off on a spiritual journey. Devon and Elena overheard Amanda gripe about an "old jerk" pulling her into the case. Devon threatened Amanda if she didn't leave town. Nate broke up with Abby and edged closer to Amanda. Phyllis plotted to dupe Abby. Theo apologized to Summer and vowed to change his ways. Kyle ordered Lola to stay away from Theo. Lola suspected she might be pregnant, but a pregnancy test was negative. Adrian showed up in town to seek help from Lola, but she turned him down. Kyle gave Adrian money and warned him never to hurt Lola again. Adrian befriended Traci. Rey admitted having mixed feelings about the birth of Mia and Arturo's son. Victor confronted Billy about trying to kill Adam, and Billy was surprised when Victor gave him a second chance. Cane woke up in Vegas next to what appeared to be pages from Katherine's real will.
October 21 to 25, 2019
A forensic expert determined that the newly recovered pages of Katherine's will were authentic and that the ones naming Devon as her main beneficiary had been forged. Devon struggled with whether to keep the money. Elena learned that Jett might have cancer and left town to help him. Lily returned to Genoa City to support Devon. Devon ultimately decided to keep Hamilton-Winters but give the rest of his fortune to Cane. Jill was elated at first, but she later became suspicious that Colin had conned Devon. Devon and Amanda made amends. Nick tracked down Adam in Las Vegas. Adam initially refused to return to Genoa City, but he relented when he learned that Connor had broken his arm after claiming to be invincible. Chelsea caved to Connor's insistence that he live with Adam. Adam kicked Phyllis out. Sharon turned down Adam's request to continue to help with Connor, but a chat with Rey made her reconsider. Jack and Traci asked Dina about Stuart, and Dina referred to a wonderful, terrible night. Jack and Traci discovered an invitation to a prom afterparty that had been held at the Abbott home. Lola was miffed to find out that Kyle had given her father money, but they agreed not to let Adrian get between them. Theo befriended Adrian to get more information about Lola, and Adrian quizzed Theo about Kyle. Kyle and Lola had different ideas about their future home. Billy and Kyle continued to clash over their partnership at Jabot.
October 28 to November 1, 2019
An old friend of Dina's revealed to Jack and Traci that Dina had slept with Stuart while dating John. Jack and Traci found an adoption decree among Dina's things, indicating that she'd given birth to an infant named Eric, who had been adopted by the Vanderways. Theo confirmed that his father's name was Eric Vanderway. Kyle was appalled to realize that Theo might be his cousin. Theo agreed to a DNA test. Nick decided to run for city council. Chelsea struggled with living apart from Connor. Connor opted not to go trick-or-treating with Chelsea and Nick, and Connor was pleased when he, Adam, and Chelsea ended up spending the evening as a family. Billy and Adam agreed to go their separate ways. Adam refused to succumb to Phyllis' pressure to join her in a revenge plot against Victor. Adam attempted to pay Phyllis to go away, but she ripped up the check. Sharon and Rey celebrated Halloween by making love. Rey, Phyllis, Kyle, Nick, and Abby had Halloween nightmares about their deepest fears. Amanda agreed to stay in town to help Nate with the medical board inquiry against him. A former associate of Calvin's named Simon approached Chelsea, claiming that the money that had been left in Calvin's storage locker was his. Chelsea begged Kevin to return the money that she'd given him to launder, but he informed her that the government had seized it. Nick became concerned when Chelsea didn't show up for the press conference to announce his candidacy.
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November 4 to 8, 2019
Simon gave Chelsea 48 hours to fork over Calvin's money. Kevin and Chloe posed as Federal agents to scare Simon off, but Simon didn't fall for the ruse. Chelsea was livid when Simon threatened Connor. Phyllis spied on Chelsea over the Grand Phoenix's surveillance system. Chelsea convinced a suspicious Adam to take Connor out of town. A DNA test proved that Theo was Dina's grandson. Theo requested to meet Dina, and she visibly reacted to the name Vanderway. Dina assumed Theo was his father, and Theo comforted her by assuring her that he'd had a loving upbringing. Kyle and Lola bickered over his treatment of Theo. Jack threw an awkward get-together to welcome Theo to the family. Theo struggled with whether to embrace his new family or back off. Theo had a vision of Eric, who assured him that he was a good man. Victoria worried about Billy's anger over Devon giving Cane his inheritance from Katherine. Billy warned Kyle that Theo was a threat. Devon returned from Thailand after confronting Tucker about the forged will. Devon believed Tucker's claim that he'd had nothing to do with it. Elena reported that Jett's biopsy had been negative for cancer. Amanda tracked a man using GPS. Amanda was unnerved when she recognized someone in the hotel lobby. Chance returned to town and slugged Cane. Mariah and Tessa planned romantic surprises for one another in honor of their one-year anniversary.
November 11 to 15, 2019
Victor frowned upon Nick's political aspirations. Chance blasted Cane for screwing Devon out of his inheritance. Chance was vague about why he hadn't been in touch with his family. Chance revealed that he was in town as part of a federal sting operation. Adam intervened when he found Simon hassling Chelsea. Simon took Chelsea, Adam, Connor, and Abby hostage in the Grand Phoenix lobby. Simon ordered the hotel to be locked down. Cane observed Amanda's nervous reaction to being trapped in her hotel suite. Chance crawled through the hotel's ventilation system as Phyllis guided him to Simon's location. Abby created a distraction, and Chance dropped through the ceiling and punched Simon. The authorities apprehended Simon. Chelsea and Adam consoled a traumatized Connor, shutting Nick out. The Grand Phoenix hemorrhaged customers. Amanda told Chance that she'd had one phone conversation with the man who'd posed as him, and the man had sounded older than she'd expected. Summer insisted on staying neutral in the conflict between Kyle and Theo. Jack scolded Billy and Kyle when he caught them arguing over business. Jack was irritated when Ashley offered Theo a job in Paris. Nate seemed dismayed when he saw Abby and Chance flirting. Abby became suspicious of Kevin. Chance worried when Phyllis divulged that she'd seen him and Adam together in Las Vegas. After the media fallout over Chelsea's association with Simon, Nick decided to drop out of the election.
November 18 to 22, 2019
Devon reeled from the possibility he'd been scammed out of his fortune. Jill tracked down Colin in the Maldives, and he claimed the new will pages were authentic. Jill smacked Colin before kissing him. Chance determined that the Grand Phoenix's security system had been reinstalled, and he informed Abby that someone could have hacked into any device logged onto the server. Abby accused Phyllis of the deed and threatened to fire her. Summer encouraged Theo to take the job with Ashley in Paris. Theo accepted Ashley's offer but later had a change of heart when Jack offered him a job at Jabot. Billy resigned from Jabot, and Jack returned as CEO, naming Kyle and Lauren as co-COOs. Kyle reeled when he learned Jack had hired Theo. The medical board reinstated Nate's medical license. Amanda and Nate enjoyed their friendship but drew the line at dating. Nick warned that Simon would answer to him if Simon went after Chelsea or Connor. Simon offered to give the Feds information about Colin. Nick was troubled because of the time Chelsea was spending with Adam. Nick and Phyllis bonded over their woes.
November 25 to 29, 2019
Traci finished writing the Abbott family memoir. Jack took a stroll down memory lane as he read the manuscript. The Abbott family was moved to tears by Traci and Jack's efforts. Adam and Chelsea were stunned when Connor's principal recommended that they homeschool their son. Chelsea rebuffed Nick's attempts to help. Sharon agreed to Adam's request that she continue to counsel Connor. Connor continued to have nightmares. Adam pushed Chelsea to prioritize Connor over Nick by moving into the penthouse. The rift between Nick and Chelsea grew. Abby was perplexed when multiple thefts occurred at the Grand Phoenix, and the security system failed to capture any evidence. Chance confronted Colin about scamming Devon, and Colin claimed that Cane had been the mastermind behind the plot. Cane pledged to clear his name and get justice for Devon. Colin called Chance and taunted that he'd escaped federal custody and was on the lam. Elena accused Amanda of helping Colin steal Devon's inheritance. Amanda contemplated staying in Genoa City. Elena became incensed when Nate defended Amanda. Theo impressed Summer on his first day of work, but Kyle continued to have doubts. Billy grappled with what to do next with his life. The Newmans shared a heartfelt family Thanksgiving. Phyllis showed up with Chinese food to spend the holiday with Adam because they would otherwise both be alone. Chelsea seemed taken aback when she later spotted two wine glasses in Adam's penthouse.
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December 2 to 6, 2019
Billy grappled with what to do with his life. Elena and Devon bristled when Nate defended Amanda. Billy and Amanda forged a friendship when he chased off a drunk who was hassling her at a dive bar. Billy later contemplated why he'd kept his innocent conversation with Amanda a secret from Victoria. Rey and Victoria bonded when they were trapped in her office during a power outage. Rey apologized to Victoria for falsely arresting her for tampering with Victor's medication. Amanda tracked someone's whereabouts on her phone. Devon carved out special time with Elena after she complained that the will scam was interfering in their relationship. Devon dreamed about Hilary, who morphed into Amanda. Chance agreed to help Abby find the Grand Phoenix's jewel thief. Abby fired Phyllis. Abby asked Chance out, but he put their date on hold after he caught her with the stolen jewels. The rift between Nick and Chelsea grew when she moved in with Adam for Connor's sake. Nick claimed to support Chelsea's decision but feared that Adam was using Connor's issues to get closer to Chelsea. Phyllis told Nick that he deserved better than Chelsea. Connor told Sharon that he didn't need their talks anymore, and he became fixated on spending all his time with Chelsea and Adam. Theo ended his relationship with Summer.
December 9 to 13, 2019
Abby revealed that she'd staged the jewel thefts to force Phyllis out of the Grand Phoenix. Chance turned down Abby's job offer to replace Phyllis as head of security, but he decided to stay in Genoa City. Chance asked Abby out on a date. Phyllis confronted Chance about what he'd been doing with Adam in Las Vegas, but Chance refused to provide any information. Amanda refused to take on Phyllis' wrongful termination suit because of Phyllis' questionable reputation. After finding Devon with Amanda again, Elena implored Devon to choose between her or holding onto the past. Devon confided to Nate that he was still grieving Hilary's death. Elena forged a truce with Amanda. Victor provided Devon with a file on Amanda, including the fact that she'd hired a firm to erase her online presence. Connor lashed out at Sharon and later told Adam and Chelsea lies about Sharon. Adam and Chelsea clashed over Connor's fantasy that his parents would reunite. Nick grappled with whether he could continue to support Chelsea's decision to live with Adam. Billy hid his internal struggles from Victoria. Amanda and Billy continued to get to know one another at the dive bar. Kyle contemplated leaving Jabot if Jack wouldn't reinstate him as CEO. Jack proposed that he and Kyle serve as co-CEOs of the company, and Kyle happily accepted. Mariah warned Lola to watch out for a newly single Summer.
December 16 to 20, 2019
Chance and Abby went on a date and shared a kiss. Amanda advised Chelsea to consider whether a change in Connor's school might be better than pursuing a legal battle against Walnut Grove. Theo accused Kyle of sabotaging him at Jabot. Summer was determined to remain neutral in the conflict between Kyle and Theo. Phyllis became incensed when Adam suggested that she seduce Nick so Adam could make inroads with Chelsea. Sharon confronted Connor about his lies, and he admitted that he wanted his family to stay together. Sharon advised Adam not to indulge Connor's fantasy. Adam dreamed about reuniting with Chelsea. Chelsea gifted Nick with a framed picture of their dream home, and he pledged not to give up on them. Billy and Amanda's bond grew, and she shared that she was an orphan. Billy struggled to live up to expectations in his seemingly perfect life. Billy announced that he'd accepted a consulting job in Chicago. Billy was disappointed when Victoria rejected his attempt at spontaneity. Devon examined the file Victor had given him and learned that Amanda had once been engaged and had filed a restraining order against her fiancÚ, who had in turn filed one against her. Nate talked Elena down after she'd misdiagnosed a patient. Elena found Devon's file on Amanda and warned Nate about Amanda. Devon and Elena teamed up to find out the truth about Amanda. Abby and Nate renewed their friendship. Sharon and Rey decided to spend the holidays together.
December 23 to 27, 2019
Theo shared his family's holiday traditions with Jack and Traci, but he declined their invitation to join them for Christmas. Theo denied Summer's accusation that he wanted Lola. Kyle and Lola reveled in their first Christmas as a married couple. Summer celebrated her birthday with Phyllis. Devon made plans to whisk Elena off to London for a dream vacation. Phyllis accepted Nick's invitation to spend Christmas together with Summer. Nick caved to Chelsea's request that Nick also invite Adam for Connor's sake. Phyllis objected to spending the holidays with Adam and blabbed to Nick about Adam pushing her to seduce Nick. Adam frowned upon Nick's invitation and proposed that he and Chelsea take Connor to Hope's farm in Kansas instead. Adam professed his love to Chelsea and pressured her to admit that she felt the same way, but she swore that she loved Nick. Adam made a call to someone in Las Vegas to ensure that "she" was still receiving payments for her silence. Billy postponed his flight for a family vacation in Telluride because of work. Billy considered spending time with Amanda while Victoria was out of town, but he opted to stay home alone instead. Billy and Amanda kept their connection a secret. Chance quizzed Paul about working as a private investigator. Faith returned home for Christmas, and Summer and Mariah gave her advice about boys. Fen was released from rehab and surprised Michael and Lauren with a Christmas visit. The Abbotts shared a magical Christmas Eve together.
December 30 to January 3, 2020
Nick told Chelsea that Adam had requested that Phyllis seduce Nick in order to break up Nick and Chelsea. Summer suspected that Phyllis was after Nick, but Phyllis appeared to be interested in Chance. Adam dared Chelsea to admit her feelings for him. Chelsea pushed Adam away when he tried to kiss her. On Christmas, Chloe gifted Kevin with the news she was pregnant. Nikki found an abandoned baby in the Newman stables. The baby's mother returned for her child, and Nikki, Nate, and Elena helped them to find shelter and medical care. Phyllis and Jack renewed their friendship. Kyle and Theo continued to butt heads. Theo vowed to get rid of anything that was standing in his way. Chance decided to open a P.I. firm in Genoa City. Abby threw a New Year's Eve party to unite both of her families. Billy tried to open up to Victoria but felt like she was trying to fix him. Billy fibbed about needing to work on New Year's Eve, so he could spend time with Amanda, but he joined Victoria just before midnight. Nick realized that Chelsea would never love him the way she loved Adam, and he ended their relationship. Chelsea turned to Adam, and they agreed to take things slowly. Mariah was excited when music superstar Tanner Watts contacted Tessa to request a meeting. Tanner asked Tessa to go on tour with him as his opening act. Tessa informed Mariah that Tanner was her ex-husband. Sharon found a lump in her breast and secretly made a doctor's appointment.
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