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January 5 to 9, 2015
Billy got his wedding ring tattoo removed, and Chelsea removed her wedding band. Chelsea hired Sharon as a fitting model. Adam was livid when he learned he had to stay married to Sage for two more years to receive Gabriel's inheritance. Adam manipulated Chelsea into giving him a tour of the penthouse, and he stole Connor's toy car. Nick was suspicious when "Gabriel" didn't remember an incident from their youth. Mariah became uncomfortable when her newfound family threw a birthday party for her and Cassie. Mariah lashed out by kissing Austin, but Kevin encouraged her to admit she really wanted to love and be loved. Abby stole a sample of Jabot's secret formula from the lab. Michael finally decided to begin aggressive therapy to battle his cancer. Devon rebuffed Gwen's sexual advances, but he invited her back to his suite after Neil told him that Hilary was trying to get pregnant. Joe tricked Avery into meeting him privately so he could ask for a second chance, but she reacted by suggesting to Dylan that they get married right away. Kevin informed Dylan and Avery that Victor owned Gerolamo. Dylan publicly confronted Victor during Joe's cocktail party. Joe welcomed Colin as an investor. Nikki took a drink after she learned Victor had lied to her. Jill and Cane teamed up to wrestle Chancellor away from Victor.
January 12 to 16, 2015
Ashley suspected Victoria was using Stitch to find out information about Jabot's secret project. Victoria asked Jack and Abby to be Katie's godparents. Victor made Dylan a generous offer to relocate the coffeehouse, but Dylan declined. The mayor put a hold on the sale of the warehouse district, pending a community impact study. Two thugs robbed Crimson Lights and beat up Dylan. Joe denied Avery's accusations that he'd arranged the assault. Avery slapped Joe when he kissed her. Joe hired Austin to film a commercial for his real estate firm. Adam instructed Sage to get closer to Nick to find out more details about Gabriel's past. Chelsea caught "Gabriel" holding Connor. Devon slept with Gwen, who believed it was the start of a real relationship. Devon and Hilary cleared the air and made secret plans for a getaway in Chicago. Neil convinced Cane not to tell the rest of the family about the possibility that Neil's vision was returning. Phyllis learned that Michael had cancer. Phyllis planned a romantic surprise for Jack at the Athletic Club, but he ended up in a rose-covered suite with Kelly after he was given the wrong room number. Phyllis and Kelly accused one another of setting up the situation. Jack sided with Phyllis when the florist confirmed a blonde woman had purchased the roses. Jack confronted Phyllis after he found a blonde wig in her purse.
January 19 to 23, 2015
Victoria suggested to Victor that they revive the Brash & Sassy line. Chelsea advised Sharon to play dirty against Nick in court, or Sharon stood to lose her little girl. Sage accidentally spilled water on her clothes, and Nick insisted on drying them before she left. Faith led Sharon to believe there was an emergency at Nick's house, and she told Sharon that she'd heard Nick tell Sage to take off her clothes. Posing as Gabriel, Adam questioned what Chelsea would have said to Adam if she'd had the chance. Summer and Austin clashed over her cruelty toward Mariah. Michael began radiation treatment. Ashley fired Tobias, but she suspected there was still a mole at Jabot. Victor listened to conversations in the lab via a hidden bug. Dylan received threatening phone calls, and Avery was disturbed when he bought a gun. Joe implied that Avery could end the conflict by sleeping with him, but a livid Dylan burst through the door. Devon and Hilary enjoyed a romantic rendezvous at a Chicago spa, but they struggled with keeping their affair a secret. Colin blackmailed Devon to get the money for Jill and Cane to purchase Chancellor Industries. Kelly collapsed after having tea with Phyllis, and the doctor confirmed Kelly had been poisoned. Dr. Cutler informed Jack that some of his patients had experienced behavioral changes. Kelly accused Phyllis of poisoning her, and Jack and Phyllis began to wonder if the experimental drug treatment had caused Phyllis to lash out.
January 26 to 30, 2015
"Gabriel" presented Sage as his girlfriend to Billy and Chelsea. Sage told Nick that she and "Gabriel" were in a marriage of convenience. Adam moved in across the hall from Billy and Chelsea, and Sage insisted on living there to keep up their ruse. Sharon planned to put Faith on the stand at the custody hearing. Avery attempted to record Joe admitting to the attacks on Dylan, but she became flustered when Joe made a sincere effort to show he cared about her. Victoria told Stitch she loved him, and he accepted her invitation to move in with her. Victor arranged for an environmental agency to confiscate Jabot's new formula, and he secretly stole a sample before returning it. Ashley, Abby, and Stitch found the bug in the Jabot lab. A drunken Nikki almost dropped Katie, but she claimed she was weak from multiple sclerosis symptoms. Victor agreed to drop the warehouse sale and offered to sell Chancellor to Jill if she delivered payment in full, or he'd sell it to the highest bidder. Phyllis met with a psychiatrist to try to figure out what she'd done, and she tried to make amends by apologizing to Kelly. Kelly continued to insist that Phyllis was no longer the woman Jack had once loved. After finding antifreeze in the Abbott garage and a redheaded woman on the Athletic Club's security tapes, Paul arrested Phyllis for attempted murder.
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February 2 to 6, 2015
Victor called off the sale of the warehouse district property. Sharon felt betrayed when Noah and Mariah told the truth in court. After Sharon had an outburst in the courtroom, the judge awarded Nick full custody of Faith. Nick called Sharon for help after Faith had a bad dream. Mariah accepted Kevin's invitation to move in with him as friends. Joe caused friction in Avery and Dylan's relationship. Billy was upset when he learned Stitch had moved in with Victoria. Phyllis was admitted to a psychiatric facility, and Jack blamed himself for Phyllis' predicament. Victor assured Phyllis that he was her ally. Jack told Kelly they hadn't shared anything real and needed to keep their distance. A building inspector threatened to close the Underground. Summer was irritated when she learned Austin hadn't passed along the inspector's messages to Nick. Devon gave Jill and Cane the funds to buy Chancellor Industries from Victor, but Devon demanded that Colin not be involved. Colin and Cane blackmailed one another. Lily suspected Cane was keeping something from her. Neil started to regain his eyesight as he walked in on Devon and Hilary making love.v
February 9 to 13, 2015
Austin quit his job at the Underground. Abby sent out anonymous invitations to a Valentine's Day party at the Abbott cabin to avoid spending the holiday alone. Austin stormed out of the cabin during a drinking game. Sage separately confided to Billy and Adam that she was unable to have children. Billy visited Delia's memorial on her birthday, and he vowed to let go of his anger toward Adam. Billy walked in on Chelsea hugging "Gabriel." Sage stepped in as a bartender at the Underground, and Nick became flustered when he found her half-dressed. Nick arranged for repairs at his club, but flickering lights and falling dust indicated something was wrong. Ashley confronted Victor about stealing Jabot's fragrance and marketing campaign. Nikki was livid when Victor moved Phyllis into the Newman ranch. After meeting with Kelly, a psychiatrist determined that Phyllis was sane. Victor approached Kelly about working together to keep Phyllis out of Jack's life. Jack and Avery hatched a plan to prove that Phyllis was unstable. Avery realized Joe had a different memory of what had gone wrong between them. Neil feigned blindness while he assessed who'd known about Hilary and Devon's affair. Neil and Nikki commiserated about their troubles over drinks. While on a private jet during a business trip, Neil chugged a drink in front of his family and announced he could see.
February 16 to 20, 2015
On a private plane, Neil exposed Devon and Hilary's affair and Cane's knowledge of it. The plane crashed in a remote, snowy location, and Hilary's leg was severely injured. Fen drugged the punch at Abby's Valentine's Day party, and the guests passed out. Austin's lifeless body was found stuffed in a wardrobe at the cabin. Summer remembered hiding the murder weapon and was convinced she'd killed Austin. Mariah realized the events mirrored the latest chapter from Plato Sphere, and Kevin revealed that he had authored the series. Mariah discovered that Austin had been cheating on Summer with Abby. The group of young adults decided to stage Austin's death as an accident, but Austin's body disappeared. A fire broke out at Lakeview Towers, and Adam heroically raced into Chelsea's penthouse twice to save both Connor and Billy. Jack set his plan in motion to provoke Phyllis into having a public outburst, and she was livid when she realized he'd set her up. Jack and Kelly had sex in a storage room at the Underground. Adam blasted Victor for the hostile takeover of Gabriel's father's company. Victor discovered that Nikki had resumed drinking. Dylan accidentally hit Avery during a scuffle with Joe. Dylan helped Sharon when she suffered a head injury in a minor car accident. The building that housed the Underground collapsed with a crowd of people inside. Nick and Sage shared a kiss when they were trapped together. Victor performed CPR to save Jack's life, and Jack started to say something about Adam. Most people were rescued from the debris, but Victor and Jack were still trapped inside when there was another collapse.
February 23 to 27, 2015
The police thought they'd found Austin in a ravine, but the man in question turned out to be Kyle. Noah remembered Kyle being outside the cabin, but Kyle denied it. Kevin found a bloody towel hanging out of the trunk of Kyle's car. The authorities discovered Austin's body behind the wheel of a crashed car. Billy invited "Gabriel" and Sage to move into the Abbott mansion while their apartments were repaired from the fire. Nikki took a drink in front of her children, and Victoria realized Nikki had been drunk when she'd almost dropped Katie. The Newmans were stunned when Victor showed up alive at the ranch. Phyllis slapped Kelly when Kelly said she'd had sex with Jack on Valentine's Day. Jack denied having sex with Kelly, and Kelly was floored when she overheard Jack call her a pathological liar. Victor and Jack were forced to share a hospital room, and they agreed to be "friendly enemies." The survivors of the plane crash were rescued. Lily refused to forgive Cane for lying about Hilary and Devon's affair, and he was angry with her for not seeing his side. Hilary told Neil and Devon that she had never loved either of them, and it had all been an act to get even with Neil for his role in her mother's death, but privately, she broke down in tears.
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MARCH 2015
March 2 to 6, 2015
Victor secretly met with an unseen person to discuss taking down Jack. Jack was suspicious when he saw Victor emerge from a confessional. Kelly agreed to follow Victor's orders as long as she ended up with Jack. Ashley was concerned about Jack's erratic behavior. With Nick's encouragement, Sage decided to divorce "Gabriel." Chelsea accepted Billy's proposal. Stitch worried that Victoria would never truly be over Billy. Summer found a video Austin had made on Valentine's Day to apologize to her for something. During Austin's memorial service, Summer remembered discovering that Austin and Abby had slept together, and she lashed out at Abby. Abby admitted to Victoria that she'd fallen hard for Austin, but he hadn't returned her feelings. Summer questioned Avery about why she'd cheated on Joe. Someone scrawled a message in lipstick inside the armoire where Austin's body had been stashed. Sharon invited Dylan to a friendly dinner to thank him for helping her during the storm. Paul and Christine's arguments about his loyalty to Nikki escalated. Neil declared that Devon was no longer his son. A drunken Neil grabbed the steering wheel of Nikki's car, and they plowed into Christine. Nikki covered up Neil's role in the accident. Christine lost her baby, and she accused Nikki of deliberately hitting her. Paul arrested Nikki for attempted murder.
March 9 to 13, 2015
Someone hit Abby over the head in Chancellor Park, but she fibbed to the police that she'd been mugged. Summer and Abby received ominous messages written in lipstick. Summer remembered that she hadn't killed Austin with the bookend. Stitch realized Abby was hiding something, and she confided in him about Austin's murder. Kevin discovered footage on Austin's computer that indicated Austin had intended to expose the greed of the Abbotts and the Newmans in a documentary. Kelly told the police that her accusations against Phyllis had been lies, and Kelly was arrested. Victor visited Kelly and promised she'd get everything she wanted. The charges against Phyllis were dropped. Christine buried herself in work to deal with her grief over her lost child. Michael worried that Lauren would turn to another man if he couldn't satisfy her sexually. Neil told Devon that he'd killed Christine's baby, and Devon passed the news on to Hilary. Victor thought Nikki's story about the accident didn't make sense, and he sensed that Neil had been involved. Dylan and Avery worried that they were drifting apart. Avery presented Phyllis with their grandmother's wedding dress, but Phyllis considered it cursed and burned it in an effort to look toward the future. Phyllis took back Jack's engagement ring. Billy asked "Gabriel" to be his best man. After drinking heavily, Adam prepared to make a toast at Billy and Chelsea's engagement party.
March 16 to 20, 2015
Victor continued to meet with an unknown person in the chapel confessional about their plan to take down Jack. Victor secretly arranged for Kelly to make bail and leave town. Phyllis discovered Kelly's travel itinerary, and Kelly knocked Phyllis out. Kelly called Jack to say goodbye, and Phyllis was irked when Jack was concerned about what Kelly would do to herself. Cane confronted Hilary with his suspicion that she was still in love with Devon. Despite Nikki and Devon's protests, Neil confessed to Paul that he had been responsible for the accident that had killed Christine and Paul's baby. Joe asked Avery for her legal help to save a charity that helped battered women and children. Dylan was incensed that Joe had found another reason to stick around town. Kevin discovered video footage of Stitch threatening Austin. Abby and Stitch found another message written in lipstick inside Victoria's house, and Abby moved to the Athletic Club. Victoria insisted that Stitch stay in the room next to Abby's. Kyle planted seeds of doubt in Victoria's mind about Stitch. Victoria walked in on Stitch comforting Abby. Kyle, Summer, and Noah caught Sharon with Austin's laptop.
March 23 to 27, 2015
Michael rebuffed Lauren's attempt to seduce him. Christine informed Paul that she couldn't have more children, and she intended to file a civil suit against Nikki and Neil. Leslie agreed to represent Neil. "Gabriel" plotted for his car to run out of gas to spend time with Chelsea and plant reminders about Adam. Avery discovered that Gabriel's signature didn't match a document Gabriel had previously signed. Chelsea began to have second thoughts about marrying Billy. The Abbotts were baffled when Victor pulled Brash & Sassy's love potion off the market right before Hex successfully launched. Victor provided Phyllis with evidence that Kelly had committed suicide, and Jack felt overwhelming guilt because of his role in Kelly's fate. Stitch rejected Victoria's attempt to console him about Kelly's death. Stitch drunkenly revealed to Abby that he and Ashley had slept together. Nick and Sage made love, and Sharon was stunned when she found them together. Sharon was horrified when she found a message written in lipstick on her mirror, and Kyle admitted to his friends that he'd left it. Kevin decrypted Sharon's interview with Austin. Sharon threatened to tell the world that Nick had broken a girl's neck if he kept her from seeing Faith.
March 30 to April 3, 2015
Billy and Chelsea mutually decided to postpone their wedding. Gabriel reported that Jabot's mainframe had been hacked, and Jack suspected Victor had been behind it. Victor claimed that Newman's system had also been breached. Nick confronted Victor about the truth behind Sandra Allen's accident. Nick begrudgingly gave Sharon more time with Faith in exchange for Sharon's silence about Sandra. Faith innocently told Dylan that she and Sharon had driven through the woods on the night of the snowstorm. Avery was irritated when Dylan spent the night at the cottage to protect Sharon. Sharon remembered seeing car headlights near the Abbott cabin, and she panicked that the real killer was trying to frame her. Dylan had doubts about Sharon's innocence. Phyllis and Jack decided to contribute to Joe's charity, but Phyllis worried that Avery would once again be drawn to Joe. Nikki followed Victor to the confessional and retrieved a set of fingerprints he'd left there. Michael continued to distance himself from Lauren. Kyle kissed Summer. Kevin found footage Austin had secretly filmed as he'd followed Jack through the park. Paul suspended Kevin after Kevin attempted to access police surveillance footage. Courtney accepted Noah's proposal, and they planned to wed the next day. Courtney found something strange in the police department's computer records. As guests gathered for the ceremony, Courtney sent a text message to Noah to request that he meet her at the cabin instead.
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APRIL 2015
April 6 to 10, 2015
Sage moved out and demanded a divorce from "Gabriel." The Bingham inheritance was turned over to the Better Days Foundation. Posing as Gabriel, Adam admitted his feelings for Chelsea. Adam supported Chelsea through Connor's health crisis while Billy was out of town. Michael tried to push Lauren toward Cane. Hilary slept with A.D.A. Winston Mobley, and she overheard him telling Leslie it would take extraordinary circumstances to get a plea deal for Neil. Devon offered to set Neil up with a new life overseas, but Neil vowed to stay and fight. Victor arranged for someone to duplicate a set of fingerprints. Jack received multiple mysterious phone calls, and Victor ordered someone to stop calling Jack. Ashley learned John was not her biological father. Abby discovered Courtney's body in the armoire at the Abbott cabin, and Courtney was clutching a note that warned to stop digging. The young adults confessed everything about Austin's murder to Paul, who ordered them to act like they were still hiding the truth. Paul was suspicious of Dylan's involvement in the murders. Sharon remembered seeing the driver throw something out of the car window during the snowstorm. Dylan found a tire iron in the woods, and he asked Avery to run forensic tests on it. The tests indicated that the tire iron had traces of Austin's blood and Sharon's fingerprints. Avery pushed Joe away when he kissed her, and he fell off a balcony.
April 13 to 17, 2015
Someone continued to frame Sharon, and Sharon was arrested for murder. Joe was unable to feel his legs after his fall off the hotel balcony. Dylan was irritated when Avery opted to stay by Joe's side rather than defend Sharon in court. Michael distanced himself from Lauren by agreeing to be Sharon's guardian to get Sharon out on bail. Noah found Sharon holding Courtney's necklace as the police arrived with a search warrant. Kyle and Summer made love, but she told him she wanted to slow things down. Billy and Victoria independently discovered video footage of Jack entering their companies' server rooms at the times of the hacks. Victoria and Stitch drifted apart, and Stitch and Abby leaned on one another for support. Billy and Adam got into a fistfight. Chelsea spied Billy and Victoria sharing a kiss, and she reacted by sleeping with "Gabriel." Adam signed divorce papers from Sage. Chelsea suggested she and Billy get married right away. Nick offered Sage a job managing the Underground. Phyllis and Jack wed in St. Barts. An impostor took Jack's place while a deranged Kelly held Jack hostage.
April 20 to 24, 2015
Victor threatened to turn Jack in for corporate theft. The real Jack tried to escape, but Kelly hit him over the head with a baseball bat. Jack recounted his and Kelly's love story in an attempt to get Kelly to turn against Victor. Victoria and Stitch broke up, and he hopped into bed with Abby. Ashley and Billy attempted to have the Jabot board remove Jack as CEO, but Jack's imposter sealed a deal to merge Jabot with Newman. Jack fired Billy and threw his family out of his house. Phyllis was worried when she smelled liquor on Jack's breath, and the Abbotts questioned Jack's change in behavior. Victor named Victoria as COO of the restructured company, which was renamed Newman-Abbott. Victor threatened to send the imposter back to prison if he didn't follow Victor's orders. Joe agreed to go to a rehab facility, and Avery insisted on accompanying him. Joe assured Dylan that he'd given up on winning Avery back. Winston was stunned when he learned Hilary's true identity during Neil's trial, and she blackmailed him into offering Neil a plea arrangement. Hilary confessed to Devon that she'd never stopped loving him, but he hesitated to let her back into his life. Michael and Lauren fought in public, and she leaned on Cane for support. Colin planted seeds of doubt in Lily's head about Cane and Lauren's closeness. Michael tried to intervene during an argument between Sharon and Avery, but he collapsed.
April 27 to May 1, 2015
Nick punched a reporter, and Faith's therapist called Child Protective Services after the girl expressed concern about her father's anger. Sharon convinced a social worker to let Faith remain with Nick. Avery and Dylan drifted apart as they separately spent their time helping Joe and Sharon, respectively. Michael requested a separation from Lauren. Michael had the tire iron retested, and the lab reported traces of latex on it. Paul found a still photo of Sharon sneaking into Summer and Austin's building on the night of Austin's murder, but Kevin discovered the photo had been doctored. Kyle staged an elaborate date for Summer, but she was unimpressed with how he had changed. Ashley was livid when Victoria pulled the Hex line, but she refused to allow Victoria to force her out of the company. Chelsea quit when Victoria insisted that Chelsea cater her designs to a focus group. Victor offered Gabriel and Neil jobs at Newman-Abbott. Adam remarked to Jack's imposter that he wasn't really a Bingham. Kelly tried to convince the real Jack that Phyllis was dead and that the world considered him missing after a boating accident. Nick broke up with Sage. Adam and Sage had sex. Billy overheard Chelsea and Gabriel discussing their tryst. During his wedding to Chelsea, Billy announced to the guests that Chelsea had slept with Gabriel.
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MAY 2015
May 4 to 8, 2015
Michael was arrested for solicitation. Cane figured out that Michael and the prostitute had only talked, but Michael insisted upon pushing Lauren away. Lily became increasingly irritated with the time Cane spent consoling Lauren. Hilary and Devon made love. Dylan visited Avery in Chicago, but their rift continued to grow. With Avery's encouragement, Joe took his first steps since the accident. Nick reopened the Underground. Sage agreed to wait for Nick. Sharon broke house arrest and showed up at the reopening celebration, and she was arrested. Sharon sent a text message from Dylan's phone that further alienated Dylan and Avery. Christine dropped the murder charges against Sharon. Sharon and Dylan kissed, but they agreed it had just been a moment between friends. Stitch and Abby confided that they had real feelings for one another. The real Jack stabbed Kelly with a pen and phoned Kyle, but the imposter answered the call. Kelly convinced the authorities that Jack was a mental patient under her care, and she bound him in a straitjacket. Jack's imposter and Kyle got into a car accident, and the clone was placed into an induced coma. Kyle blamed himself for the accident. Ashley and Billy hoped to reclaim Jabot if the merger had never been finalized. Neil supported Victor's scheme to forge Jack's signature on the merger documents, and Victor convinced Nikki to sign off as a witness. Billy said the signature on the contract wasn't Jack's.
May 11 to 15, 2015
Chelsea called out Adam's name while having sex with Gabriel. Adam agreed to work for Victor, but Victoria was livid when Victor gave Adam a position equal to her own. Sage informed Nick that she was pregnant, and the baby was his. Devon and Hilary told Neil they'd reunited. Neil kissed Gwen. Kelly drugged Jack and brainwashed him into believing they were married. Jack was crushed when Kelly told him Jabot had been merged with Newman. Ashley and Billy suspected Victor had forged Jack's signature on the merger documents, but Jack's impostor woke up from his coma and announced he'd signed the papers. Adam caught Victor threatening to kill Jack's double. Phyllis worried when the clone began having nightmares and speaking in Spanish. Avery returned Dylan's engagement ring. Avery rebuffed Joe's advances. Dylan and Sharon made love. Fen admitted someone had blackmailed him into drugging the punch during Abby's party. Fen handed over the envelope that the killer had put the vial of drugs in, and Paul confirmed there was a DNA match.
May 18 to 22, 2015
Michael presented Lauren with divorce papers, but she refused to sign them. Paul revealed that the DNA on the envelope was a match to an elusive drug lord, but he was suspicious when the FBI's tests later indicated there was no match. Nikki fell off the wagon again, unable to cope with her guilt over her involvement in Victor's scheme to forge Jack's signature on the merger documents. Neil helped get Nikki sober, but she began drinking again when she learned Dylan and Sharon were involved. Nick informed Sharon that Sage was pregnant, and Sharon took the news surprisingly well, thanks to Dylan's support. Adam demanded that Sage get a paternity test. Phyllis pushed Avery to return home to avoid Joe's manipulations, but Avery insisted on staying with Joe at the rehab clinic. The citizens of Genoa City commemorated Cassie's death. Ashley admitted she had feelings for Stitch, but she didn't want Abby to get hurt. Kelly brainwashed the real Jack into believing they were married, and she unshackled him after he passed a series of tests. Kelly and Jack had sex, but he woke up next to her slaughtered body. The Jack impostor insisted on having a party to celebrate the merger, and he rehired Billy at the company. At the event, the clone announced that he was funding a new hospital wing in memory of Cassie. A mysterious person showed up at the party.
May 25 to 29, 2015
Tobias threatened to reveal the secrets of the Abbotts and the Newmans at the party to celebrate the merger. A drunken Tobias crashed his car, and he said Austin's name before he died. Kevin and Mariah found evidence in Tobias' motel room that implicated Tobias as the killer. The police considered the case closed, but Kevin suspected the real killer was still out there. Neil punched a man who was hitting on a drunken Nikki, and Neil was arrested. Neil discovered that Nikki had taken the stranger back to her hotel room. After Nikki's friends and family staged an intervention, Nikki agreed to seek treatment. Joe checked out of the rehab center and moved in with Avery. Joe's progress appeared to have stalled, but when he was alone, he stood on his own. Joe attempted to make a pact with Sharon to keep Dylan and Avery apart. Nick agreed to ask the judge to let Faith spend one night a week with Sharon. Sharon suggested Dylan move in with her, but he wasn't ready yet. Jack stowed away on an illegal cargo ship, and he was haunted by visions of Kelly. Men on the ship found Jack and believed he was Marco. Abby was uncomfortable when she learned Ashley had feelings for Stitch. Stitch discovered that Ashley was taking serious medication. Adam unknowingly revealed his true identity to Marco.
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JUNE 2015
June 1 to 5, 2015
The cargo ship captain plotted to sell Jack to the highest bidder among Marco's enemies. Marisa agreed to help "Marco" if she could be part of his life in Genoa City. Marco fibbed to Victor that Gabriel was Jack's son. Nick agreed to let Faith spend one night a week with Sharon as long as Dylan was present. Sage made it through emergency surgery to remove her appendix, but the baby was still in danger. Nick accused Sharon of using Sage's condition to try to get more time with Faith. Chelsea was suspicious of Gabriel's concern about Sage and the baby. Dylan offered Sharon a job at Crimson Lights. Kevin leaked information about the murder case to GC Buzz in an effort to get the police to reopen the investigation, and he was arrested. Paul instructed Detective Harding to quietly keep digging into the case. A response from the killer appeared online, but Mariah admitted to Kevin that she'd posted the reply to get him out of prison. Neil confided to Nikki that he had fantasies about seeking revenge on Hilary and Devon. Neil and Hilary signed divorce papers, and Hilary accepted Devon's proposal. Nikki told Victor that they had to live separate lives for her to maintain her sobriety. Lily became increasingly agitated by Cane and Lauren's closeness. Cane and Lauren kissed. Summer told Avery she'd seen Joe walking on his own. Avery confronted Joe, and he implied that he'd tell the police that she'd caused his accident unless she slept with him.
June 8 to 12, 2015
The rift between Lily and Cane widened when she learned Cane and Lauren had kissed. Avery and Joe had a bitter argument, and she disappeared afterward. Phyllis and Summer discovered signs of foul play in Avery's apartment. The police found Avery's abandoned car, and Avery eventually returned to Crimson Lights, where Dylan encouraged her to fight against Joe. Joe attempted to have Avery arrested, but Dylan presented photos of the bruises Joe had caused on Avery's arms. Avery filed a restraining order against Joe, and Joe filed one against Dylan. An unseen Sharon spotted Dylan and Avery hugging, but she had faith Dylan would return home to her, and he later assured Sharon that he'd chosen her. Paul discovered that Mariah had been behind the reply to Kevin's GC Buzz post, but he let her go and decided to lure the killer out by fibbing to the press that the police had obtained Austin's tablet. Ashley suffered a seizure, and Stitch learned she had a brain aneurysm. At her family's urging, Ashley underwent surgery, and all signs pointed to a full recovery. Marco tricked Kyle into wiring Jabot funds to buy Jack from the cargo ship captain. Marco plotted to frame Victor for embezzlement. Jack revealed his true identity to Marisa. Jack started a fire on the boat, and the ship exploded. Marco informed Victor that Jack was dead.
June 15 to 19, 2015
Sage agreed to move in with Nick, and Dylan accepted Sharon's invitation to live with her. Cane informed Lily and Lauren that Michael had pushed Cane and Lauren together. Joe and Lily bonded over their problems. Hilary and Devon planned their wedding. Avery called Dylan and reported an intruder peering in from her balcony. Dylan confronted Joe, who claimed he was truly concerned about Avery. Mariah warned Dylan not to get involved in Avery and Joe's issues at Sharon's expense. Marco was visibly shaken when he received a message about "M's" death, but he spun a story to Phyllis about a former love named Manuela. The Abbott clan was shocked to hear that Gabriel was Jack's son. Chelsea was livid that Gabriel had kept his paternity from her. Jack and Marisa found their way to shore after the boat exploded. Marisa called Jabot and reached Marco, but she fibbed that Jack was dead. Abby and Victoria agreed to work together to figure out what was really going on between Victor and Jack. Nikki returned from rehab but refused to live at the ranch with Victor. Paul and Christine accepted Nikki's apology for her role in their baby's death. Marco pulled a gun on Victor, and Phyllis was disturbed to later find the gun in her husband's pocket. Kyle transferred funds into Victor's account and told Paul that Victor had stolen the money. Victor was arrested for felony embezzlement.
June 22 to 26, 2015
Dylan told Avery to call the police and not him if she was in trouble. Avery called the cops when she thought an intruder was in her apartment, but Paul found no evidence. Lily had sex with Joe after a fight with Cane, and she confided in Avery about the encounter. Avery summoned Joe to the park to confront him, and after they argued, she was raped by a masked assailant. Avery named Joe as her attacker. Lily and Cane made amends, but she was unable to have sex with him because of her guilt. Lauren signed her divorce papers. Sharon told Dylan she was pregnant, and their families had a mixed reaction to the news. Mariah questioned Dylan's devotion when he took off to comfort Avery. Victor was released on bail and hired bodyguards to protect his family. Phyllis complained to "Gabriel" that Jack didn't seem like himself. Adam tricked Marco into admitting he wasn't Jack, and the men plotted to frame Victor for Marco's death. Marco sent a thug to kill Jack, but Jack and Marisa convinced the henchman to simply report to Marco that he'd killed Jack. Jack returned to Genoa City with Marisa, and he reunited with Phyllis without telling her what had happened. Marisa learned about an ominous meeting in the park between Victor and Marco, and Jack planned to show up to warn Victor. Adam witnessed Victor shoot a man who was either Jack or Marco.
June 29 to July 3, 2015
Adam blackmailed Victor into turning over Newman-Abbott to him in exchange for covering up that Victor had shot Jack. Adam realized that Victor had shot the real Jack, not Marco. The Abbotts dropped the embezzlement charges against Victor, claiming the funds transfer had been a computer glitch. Victoria lied to give Victor an alibi. Nikki told Paul that Victor had met Jack in the park. Nick turned his back on Victor. Jack woke up from a coma just long enough to point his finger at Victor as the shooter. Adam gave the police a statement about witnessing Victor shoot Jack. Victor confessed to shooting Jack in self-defense. Kevin showed Paul surveillance footage of Jack passing by the coffeehouse twice in the same direction just before the shooting. Kevin was convinced Jack's shooting was linked to Austin and Courtney's murders. Ashley discovered the DNA test results that confirmed a match between Jack and Gabriel. Sharon tossed out her prescription medication. Dylan attempted to beat a confession out of Joe, but Joe denied he'd raped Avery. Reeling with guilt from sleeping with Joe, Lily extended an olive branch to Devon and Hilary. Marisa realized Marco intended to kill her, and she caused their car to swerve off the road. Marisa stumbled into the Underground, and Noah gave her a job and a place to stay. Adam felt threatened when Marisa revealed that she knew his real identity.
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JULY 2015
July 6 to 10, 2015
Adam demoted Victoria and appointed Abby as Newman-Abbott's COO. Abby was hurt when her family indicated she wasn't qualified for the role, but she was determined to prove herself. Neil quit. Nick rejoined the company, and he and Victoria staged arguments as part of their plan to take Gabriel down. Kyle and Summer professed their love. Stitch revealed that the state licensing board had ruled in his favor. Nikki began drinking again and nearly died from a multiple sclerosis episode, but Neil saved her. Victor punched Neil for warning Victor to stay away from Nikki. Nikki told Victor to let her go. Jack communicated with Phyllis by squeezing her hand, and she learned that Victor hadn't shot Jack in self-defense. Lily confessed to Cane that she'd slept with Joe, and Cane told her to move out. Joe filed civil suits against Dylan and the police department. Joe told Sharon that Avery had set him up in an effort to win Dylan back. Sharon asked Dylan to stay away from Avery. Christine was determined to find a way to charge Joe with Avery's rape, but she admitted her judgment was clouded. Avery was convinced the police wouldn't arrest Joe, and she took Dylan's gun. Dylan discovered that his gun was missing.
July 13 to 17, 2015
A gun-wielding Avery forced Joe to confess to raping her, but Dylan interrupted and informed her that her real attacker had been apprehended. Avery suspended her law practice. Cane punched Joe and threatened to sue Lily for full custody of their children. Adam inadvertently revealed his true identity to Chelsea, and she convinced him to tell everyone the truth, but he decided to keep mum about Billy shooting him. Chelsea confronted Sage about keeping Adam's return a secret. Adam called a meeting to reveal everything, but Chelsea stopped him to avoid inflicting more pain on others. Sage wrote a goodbye letter to Nick, but Marisa intercepted it and stopped Sage from leaving town. Sage requested a paternity test. Stitch was reinstated in the residency program at the hospital. Determined to prove her worth as COO, Abby negotiated a deal with the warehouse workers' representative, who offered to take her home when she got tipsy on Champagne. Marisa visited Victor in jail and revealed that she was aware of what he'd done to Marco and Jack. Phyllis was frustrated when she couldn't figure out what Jack was trying to tell her, and she begged Nikki to try to get the truth out of Victor. Victor told Nikki to find the gun that Gabriel had taken from the park. Victor arranged for a gun with Jack's fingerprints to be planted in Chelsea's penthouse. Ashley found the gun and tipped off the police.
July 20 to 24, 2015
Avery shared poignant goodbyes with Phyllis, Nick, and Dylan before she left Genoa City. Noah learned that Marco was Marisa's ex-boyfriend, and Marisa revealed that Marco had died in the lake. Noah and Marisa kissed but stopped short of making love. Marisa informed Victor that he'd shot the real Jack Abbott. Stitch told Ashley that he couldn't stop thinking about her, but she insisted that Abby needed him. Abby suffered minor injuries in a car accident after she negotiated a deal with the warehouse workers. Victoria was livid when Victor decided to allow Abby to remain COO. Chelsea defended "Gabriel" to the police, but she struggled with the thought of having a life with Adam. To protect his identity, Adam reluctantly stepped down as CEO of Newman-Abbott and admitted he wasn't Jack's son. Jack secretly regained consciousness, and he enlisted Stitch's help to arrange a meeting with Victor. Jack told his family and the police that Victor had shot him in self-defense. Paul questioned Gabriel about providing a false statement. Jack vowed to take Victor down. Nick discovered the DNA test results Sage had ordered, and he demanded that Gabriel stay away from Sage and the baby, since the child was Nick's.
July 27 to 31, 2015
Chelsea declared that she was done with Adam after she learned he'd slept with Sage. Sage prepared to walk out of Nick's life, but he forgave her for lying about never having sex with Gabriel. The attempted murder charges against Victor were dropped. Sharon was insecure about the possibility of Dylan walking out on her, but he professed his love to her. Lauren agreed to try to forgive Michael. Cane couldn't forgive Lily for sleeping with Joe, but he agreed to work out shared custody of their kids. Kevin and Mariah searched the lake for Marco's body, but they found no sign of Marco. Adam took off with Connor, but he returned with the tot. Adam was almost fingerprinted at the police station, but Jack called in a favor and had the charges dropped. Victor rehired Gabriel at Newman-Abbott. Paul suffered a minor heart attack, but he refused to take time away from work. Hilary happily planned her wedding, and she was relieved when Neil claimed he wouldn't do anything to interfere with her and Devon's big day. Colin threw an impromptu bachelor party for Devon, and he drugged Devon's drink and made it appear as if Devon had slept with a prostitute. Colin filmed incriminating footage and forwarded it to Neil, who had paid Colin to set Devon up. Phyllis became increasingly uneasy about the changes in Jack's behavior. Jack took Phyllis on a second honeymoon to Istanbul, and he confessed that there had been two Jack Abbotts.
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August 3 to 7, 2015
Sage accepted Nick's marriage proposal. Sharon and Dylan bonded with Nick and Sage when they built a crib, and they committed to being a blended family for Faith. Neil taunted Hilary when they got stuck in an elevator together during a blackout. Adam followed Chelsea and Connor to Paris and begged her to give him another chance. Victoria and Billy made love and agreed to take things one step at a time, but she was concerned about his anger toward Gabriel. While Abby obsessed about climbing the corporate ladder, Stitch opened up to Ashley about his survivor's guilt and his worries about James, a patient who was a fellow veteran. James went into cardiac arrest. Noah and Marisa had sex, but he was livid when he learned she'd given a false description of Marco to the police. Jack told Phyllis that Marco had taken over his life. Marco showed up at the Abbott mansion, but Phyllis realized he wasn't Jack and bashed him over the head. Marco fled to the Abbott cabin and enlisted someone's help. Phyllis vowed to make Victor pay for hiring Marco to impersonate Jack. Victor accused Ashley of being behind the Paragon Project. Kevin voiced his suspicions about Detective Harding to Paul. Kevin overheard Harding secretly planning to meet someone.
August 10 to 14, 2015
Stitch was distraught when he lost a patient who had been a fellow veteran, and he found it easier to confide in Ashley rather than Abby. Abby pushed Stitch to open up to her. Billy tested Victoria to see if she was using him to spy on the Abbotts, and she was furious when she found out. It was revealed that Marco had paid Harding off to erase Austin's documentary, and Harding had ended up killing Austin and Courtney to cover his tracks. Paul agreed to investigate Harding, and he asked Dylan to help. Summer had a memory of hearing something when Austin had been killed, and she later recognized Harding's ringtone as the sound. Kevin followed Harding to the Abbott cabin. Marco contacted Victor and suggested they work together to eliminate Jack. Jack suspected that Adam was behind the Paragon Project, but Adam denied it. Adam admitted that he'd secretly watched Chelsea while he had been recovering. Chelsea agreed to forgive Adam and stay in Paris, but she became livid when she learned he'd lied to her. Devon admitted to Lily that he might have cheated on Hilary and that Colin was blackmailing him. Nikki worried about Neil's state of mind as Hilary and Devon's wedding day approached. Hilary was touched when Lauren and Lily helped her prepare for the ceremony. Hilary and Devon's wedding began with heartfelt vows, but someone walked in when the minister asked if anyone objected to the union.
August 17 to 21, 2015
Neil interrupted Devon and Hilary's wedding, but he only wished them happiness, and the couple got married. Devon became ill during the honeymoon, and Hilary went on a hike without him. Neil confronted Hilary on the summit and showed her the incriminating footage of Devon with the hooker. The police treated Devon as a suspect when Hilary disappeared. Cane agreed to give his marriage to Lily another chance. Billy offered to resign if it meant he and Victoria could be together, but Victoria didn't trust the Abbotts. Victor agreed to give Jabot back to Jack if Jack kept quiet about Victor's association with Marco. Summer remembered seeing Harding at the cabin on the night of Austin's death. Marco lured Jack to Victor's office, but Harding intervened. Marco shot Harding in the arm to keep people from thinking they were working together. Marisa found Marco at the cabin, tied him to the bed, and summoned Jack. Jack resisted the urge to kill Marco and appealed to Victor to have Marco eliminated. Phyllis admonished and threatened Marco, but she refused to stoop to his level by hurting him. Dylan contemplated joining the police force. Dylan confronted Harding, who held him at gunpoint. Paul tried to talk Harding down, but Dylan lunged for Harding's gun, and a shot rang out.
August 24 to 28, 2015
Victor arranged for Marco to be sent back to the Peruvian prison, but only after his minions had severed one of Marco's ears to keep him from impersonating Jack again. Paul shot and killed Harding to save Dylan's life. Dylan decided not to join the police force to ensure he was there for Sharon and their baby, and Sharon accepted his marriage proposal. Sharon suffered a miscarriage, but she plotted to get pregnant again rather than tell Dylan the truth. Mariah reluctantly agreed to keep Sharon's secret. Noah and Dylan were concerned about Sharon's mood swings. The Newmans threw Sage a baby shower. Nick and Sage wed. Nikki was suspicious that Neil had been involved in Hilary's disappearance. Neil flashed back to hearing a scream on the summit. The island authorities believed that Hilary had fallen off the cliff and that Devon had been responsible. Stitch committed to opening up to Abby, and they decided to move into her home together. Abby decided to continue working for Newman after the merger ended. Adam and Chelsea bought their dream house in Paris, but they returned to Genoa City when Victor declared his intent to keep her clothing line under the Newman umbrella. Chelsea unknowingly selected Newman's sealed bid over Jabot's, and Victor declared that he owned her due to a non-compete clause. Jack offered to make Ashley co-CEO of Jabot.
August 31 to September 4, 2015
Jack made Ashley CEO of Jabot. Devon was to be extradited, but a judge blocked the order. Cane offered to go to the Virgin Islands to search for Hilary. Neil held an unconscious Hilary in a boathouse. Victor discovered that Neil had been in the Virgin Islands at the time of Hilary's disappearance, and he blackmailed Neil into staying away from Nikki. Victor attempted to bribe Marisa to leave town, but she turned down his money. Noah and Marisa professed their love. Sage became increasingly concerned that Victor would interfere in her and Nick's lives. Nick rushed Sage to the hospital after she experienced abdominal pains. Sharon told Dylan that she'd gone off her medication to explain her erratic behavior, but she secretly continued to try to get pregnant again. Kevin and Mariah decided to try dating like a normal couple. Victor filed a civil suit to demand weekly visitation with Connor, forcing Chelsea to stay in Genoa City. Chelsea considered fleeing town with Connor, but Adam convinced her to remain there and play nice with Victor. The citizens of Genoa City celebrated Katherine's life with a remembrance ceremony, during which they reflected back on how their lives had improved. Jack and Victor joined forces to find out who was behind the Paragon Project. Adam worked with Ian Ward to initiate the Paragon Project.
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September 7 to 11, 2015
Esther told Jill that Colin had made advances toward her, and she moved out when Jill didn't believe her. Dylan hired Esther at Crimson Lights, and he became suspicious of Colin when Esther revealed Colin had once blackmailed Devon. Sage's doctor put her on bed rest. Victoria and Billy reunited on their fifth wedding anniversary. Ashley suspected Joe was behind the Paragon Project. Jack hired Adam to protect Jabot from the Paragon mastermind, unaware Adam was working with Ian to unleash the project. Phyllis befriended Ian near the Abbott cabin, and he advised her to trust her husband. Chelsea called Adam by his real name when she thought he was on the phone with Jack, but he had been speaking with Ian. Victor hired Kevin to figure out who had tried to hack into the Newman computer system. Michael and Cane were thrown in prison for withholding information about a potential witness. Devon returned to Virgin Gorda and met with the witness who had seen a man carrying an unconscious woman on the beach. The witness confirmed that the man he'd seen hadn't been Devon. Neil wondered if Devon really had hurt Hilary. After bedding Gwen, Neil swiped her sister's hospital identification badge and stole medical supplies from the hospital. Hilary briefly regained consciousness and realized she was at the dream house Neil had bought for her.
September 14 to 18, 2015
Jack left Phyllis at the cabin while he dealt with business, and she spent more time with Ian, who posed as a widower named Fred. Adam and Kevin forged an alliance to share what they learned about the Paragon Project. Abby rebranded Chelsea's fashion line as Chelsea 2.0, and she took credit when sales spiked, but the Paragon Project had falsified the figures. Nick pretended to support Abby in an effort to manipulate her business decisions. Adam ordered Ian not to tank Chelsea's line as part of their scheme to destroy Newman. After a mutually unrewarding sexual encounter, Kevin and Mariah agreed to stay just friends. Dylan learned about the hooker and the incriminating video from Devon's bachelor party, and Colin insinuated that Neil had been behind the setup. To explain his odd behavior, Neil fibbed to Devon and Gwen that he'd started drinking again. Cane was livid when he learned Joe had been spending time with the Ashby family in Cane's absence, and he ordered Joe to stay away from Lily and the twins. Michael told Devon that the lead about a private plane taking a woman on a gurney from Virgin Gorda to Dallas had turned out to be a dead end. Sharon checked herself into Fairview. Marisa's husband, Luca, arrived in town and resolved to win Marisa back. Jack worried that Victor was still working with Marco.
September 21 to 26, 2015
Gwen followed Neil to Hilary's dream house, and she notified Devon of Neil's whereabouts. Devon confronted Neil, who claimed he was fixing the place up to give as a gift to Devon and Hilary. Gwen told Devon she was falling in love with Neil. Kevin and Dylan tracked down the pilot who had flown the chartered plane from Virgin Gorda, and Devon decked the pilot. Abby and Stitch broke up. Michael and Lauren reunited. Patty overheard Sharon and Mariah discussing Sharon's miscarriage. Sage collapsed, and she was diagnosed with an intestinal infection. Victoria became jealous when she overheard Victor call Nick the future patriarch of the family. Phyllis became suspicious when she discovered that "Fred" had vacated his trailer, and she later learned that his phone had been disconnected. Ian moved in next to Adam and Chelsea. Nick believed that a computer virus had caused a sudden shift in sales between Newman's divisions. The Paragon Project put Newman's shipping line up for sale at a bargain price online, and Billy purchased it for Jabot. Jack rallied the board to reverse the sale, but Traci's deciding vote sided with Ashley to keep the subsidiary. Noah was livid when he realized that Marisa was Luca's wife. Luca agreed to give Marisa a divorce if she told him the truth about why she'd left him.
September 28 to October 2, 2015
Dr. Anderson told Patty that she'd run a pregnancy test on Sharon. Sharon was thrilled when Patty claimed that Sharon really was pregnant. The doctor informed Sharon that she was having a bipolar episode. Marisa told Noah about Victor and Jack's association with Marco. Noah broke up with Marisa, who headed out of town, but she was attacked before she could leave. The pilot informed Dylan that he'd flown Hilary to Genoa City. Cane informed Devon that a Jane Doe had been admitted to the hospital, but the woman turned out to be Marisa. Stitch linked the missing hospital supplies to Hilary's disappearance, and Paul planned to put trackers on additional supplies in the hope her captor returned for more. Neil planned to leave town when Gwen discovered that he was holding Hilary, but Gwen insisted on helping with Hilary's recuperation. Victoria was disgusted to find out that Billy had continued to buy Newman assets for Jabot. Phyllis learned "Fred" was really Ian when Summer recognized him. Ian sneaked back into prison, but he later escaped. Kevin traced the cyber attack activity to "Gabriel's" old penthouse. Chelsea realized that Adam had partnered with Ian to unleash the Paragon Project, and she accepted that their relationship was over. Chelsea told Billy about Adam's true identity, while Ian exposed Adam to Phyllis, who relayed the news to Victor. Ian turned himself in.
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October 5 to 9, 2015
Gwen swiped the supplies the police had put trackers on, but Neil destroyed the tracking device. Gwen heard someone outside the boathouse. Devon received a ransom note for Hilary. Dylan delivered the ransom in the park, but the supposed kidnapper got away. Dr. Anderson convinced Sharon to stay at Fairview, and she put Sharon on a new drug regimen. Patty expressed concern to Dylan that the drugs might hurt Sharon and the baby. Dr. Anderson lurked outside Sage's hospital room. Victor looked on as Billy beat up Adam. Billy was furious with Jack for keeping Adam's secret, but Phyllis refused to let Adam get between her and Jack. Nick blasted Sage when he realized she'd known Adam's true identity all along. Adam delivered Sage's premature son in the park, and he saved the boy's life by performing infant CPR. Nick and Sage named their son Christian Andrew Newman, and the baby's life hung in the balance. Adam was arrested. Adam planned to represent himself with a guilty plea, but Michael stepped in as his attorney. Adam confessed to hitting Delia, but he fibbed that Billy's gun had gone off accidentally on the night of Adam's alleged death. Victor gave Chelsea back her design company, and she prepared to leave town. Victor offered to get Adam out on bail if Adam stopped the Paragon virus, and Adam accepted the deal.
October 12 to 16, 2015
Victor vouched for Adam in court, and a judge granted Adam bail. Delia's loved ones planted a tree in her honor on the anniversary of her death. Adam showed up at the ceremony and apologized. Chloe pulled a gun on Adam, but Chelsea talked her down. Adam had Chelsea subpoenaed to testify at his trial to keep her from leaving town with Connor. Billy overheard Chloe making arrangements to have someone watch "her," and Chloe claimed she'd been talking about her dog. Chloe implied to Kevin that she had something to live for. Over Jack's objections, Ashley planned to keep snapping up Newman assets. Nick and Sage reconciled. Dr. Anderson drugged Sharon and manipulated her into signing a consent form that barred any visitors. Patty tried to send a note to Paul to tell him Sharon was in trouble, but an orderly intercepted it and locked Patty in her room. Luca confronted Marisa about giving their baby daughter away. Marisa agreed to live with Luca for one month in exchange for her daughter's whereabouts. Neil tried to push Gwen away to save her from being an accessory to his crime, but she refused to leave him. Neil agreed to have Dr. Neville treat Hilary, despite his reservations about the doctor's unconventional methods. The "kidnapper" sent Devon to a bogus location. Lily found Devon's ransom money in Cane's duffel bag.
October 19 to 23, 2015
The police believed that Cane had extorted money from Devon to cover up a bad business deal at Fenmore's. The evidence mounted against Cane, and he prepared to move out when he thought Lily didn't believe in his innocence. Victor refused Noah's request to help Marisa find her daughter, but Noah convinced Kevin to lend a hand. Patty tried to convince Sharon that there was something wrong with Dr. Anderson's drug regimen, but Sharon pushed her away and accidentally knocked her unconscious. Victor offered to help Adam run before his trial, but Chelsea suspected that Victor was trying to make things worse for Adam. Adam and Chelsea spent the night together before his trial. Adam waived his Fifth Amendment rights and testified on his own behalf. Chelsea panicked when she briefly lost Connor in the park, but Billy found the boy. Billy was impacted by Chelsea's assertion that she had been to blame, since she'd been responsible for keeping an eye on her son. During his testimony, Billy forgave Adam and encouraged others to do the same. Victoria convinced Billy to forgive himself. Adam was found guilty of felony hit-and-run and sentenced to ten years in prison. Someone mowed Adam down with a car as he was being led out of the courthouse.
October 26 to 30, 2015
Kevin discovered that Chloe had been the driver who had hit Adam. Chloe babbled about needing to be with her daughter before the police took her away. Adam survived emergency surgery and experienced temporary paralysis, but he was fine. Abby accepted Stitch's marriage proposal. Victoria confronted Ashley about Ashley's feelings for Stitch. Ashley decided to return the companies that Jabot had acquired to Newman. Christian suffered an episode of bradycardia, and the doctor advised Nick and Sage that their son had an uphill battle. Hilary awakened and fled the boathouse while Dr. Neville was napping. Cane spotted Hilary in the park, but she took off when he turned away to call for help. Cane was crushed when Lily refused to believe him, and he moved out. Cane broke his elbow during a fistfight with Joe. Hilary resurfaced at the hospital, where Dr. Neville sedated her and left her for hospital personnel to find. When Hilary woke up, she thought Neil was her husband. Victor hosted a benefit for the Delia Project at the newly reopened Top of the Tower. There was a brief power outage, but Kevin was confident that the Paragon virus hadn't been the cause. A disguised figure tampered with the electrical system and started a fire during the gala.
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November 2 to 6, 2015
Noah and Marisa sneaked off to have sex during the Delia Project benefit, and Luca spotted them. As a fire raged inside Newman Towers during the gala, someone knocked Cane out and locked him in a file room. Nick, Mariah, and Kevin led the children down the stairs to safety. Michael helped Adam escape from the hospital so he could make sure Chelsea and Connor got out of the burning building. Patty broke out of Fairview and went to Newman to tell Dylan about Dr. Anderson's questionable practices. Dylan rescued people via helicopter from the Newman roof. As explosions rocked the building, Stitch was severely injured when he protected Ashley from the debris. Stitch professed his love for Ashley before losing consciousness. Patty found a trapped Phyllis and Jack and said she had a warning for Dylan. Jack couldn't free Patty when a vending machine toppled onto her. Someone clad as a devil knocked Adam out in the stairwell. Adam faced off with Ian, who admitted to setting the fire, and they fought. Ian was pinned under debris during their scuffle. Adam carried Stitch to safety. Patty found Ian and suggested that they help one another. Paul was devastated when Jack told him that Patty had likely perished in the blaze. Lily was relieved when Cane turned up alive, but he refused to go home with her. Nick and Sage were distraught when a nurse informed them that Christian had passed away.
November 9 to 13, 2015
Neil confessed to Hilary that he'd been in Virgin Gorda when she'd fallen and that he'd nursed her back to health in the boathouse. Hilary was disgusted with herself when she learned she'd cheated on Neil when he'd been blind. Gwen became increasingly insecure about Neil's relationship with Hilary. Dr. Neville provided pills that were essential to Hilary's recovery, and he warned that she could die if she didn't take them. Dylan pursued a lead linking Dr. Neville to Hilary's recovery. Luca walked out on Marisa. Stitch regained consciousness and was surprised when Ashley pushed him to go through with his wedding to Abby. Sage refused to go to Christian's memorial, but after a talk with Adam, she showed up. Victor and Nick spoke lovingly about Christian at the memorial. Nick and Sage drifted apart as they tried to cope with Christian's death. Victor confronted Adam about being Christian's father. Dr. Anderson continued to make Sharon believe she was pregnant, and Sharon informed Dylan that they were having a boy. Victoria convinced Billy and Jack to extend help to Newman, but Victor flatly refused their offer to share office space. Victoria threatened to leave Newman, and Victor blackmailed Adam into helping him rebuild Newman in exchange for getting Adam a reduced prison sentence. Michael was pessimistic when upstanding Judge Elise Moxley was assigned to Adam's appeal. Elise tried to recuse herself, but Victor insisted that she hear the case.
November 16 to 20, 2015
The Newmans and the Abbotts celebrated Katie's first birthday. Billy and Phyllis plotted together to take down Newman Enterprises. Ashley and Victoria were suspicious of Billy. Victor accepted Jack's offer for their companies to share office space. Nikki learned that Elise had had an affair with Victor years earlier. Victor used the affair to attempt to blackmail Elise into delivering the ruling he wanted at Adam's appeal, but she refused to compromise her integrity. Adam was confident that he'd win the appeal, but Victor pulled his support when he learned Ian's body hadn't been found in the wreckage from the fire. Adam was beaten in prison. Paragon launched another attack on Newman and Jabot. Stitch resolved to marry Abby, despite his feelings for Ashley. Nick and Sage sought therapy to deal with the loss of Christian. Christian was alive and being cared for by a nurse who reported to Dr. Anderson. Sharon realized that she wasn't really pregnant. Hilary collapsed after taking Dr. Neville's pills. Hilary lied to the police to cover for Neil. Neil and Hilary kissed, but he pulled away. Neil told Gwen that he still had feelings for Hilary that he wanted to pursue. Gwen threatened to tell Devon the truth if Neil didn't.
November 23 to 27, 2015
Victor suspected that Billy and Phyllis were working together to take down Newman. Adam agreed to help Victor if Victor used his leverage over Judge Moxley to get Adam out of prison. Dr. Anderson convinced Sharon that she'd given birth, and she presented Sharon with a healthy Christian, claiming the boy was Sharon's son. Sharon and Dylan named "their" son after Dylan's late war buddy, Sullivan. Dr. Anderson advised Sharon against leaving Fairview, but she allowed Dylan to stay with Sharon and the baby. Neil confessed everything about his role in Hilary's accident and recovery to Devon. Neil prepared to turn himself in, but Devon didn't want to carry the burden of ruining Neil's life by seeking payback, so Neil kept quiet. Cane approached Paul with his theory that Joe had set up Cane for extortion and that Joe had tried to kill him during the fire, but Paul said he couldn't proceed without evidence. Joe seduced Lily again. Colin lured Joe out of his room to discuss a business proposition while Cane entered Joe's room to look for evidence. Cane was shocked to find a naked Lily in Joe's bed. Cane convinced Lily to open Joe's safe, and they discovered a hoodie that matched the one worn by the person who'd taken the ransom money. Cane took the hoodie to Paul.
November 30 to December 4, 2015
Billy sent Jack and Kevin to Switzerland on a bogus lead about Paragon. Ian gave Patty a passport and money to start a new life in Paris. Phyllis created an online video to lure Ian out of hiding, and she and Victor worked together to get Ian arrested. Billy and Phyllis' plot to relaunch Paragon was exposed. Victoria ended things with Billy for good, and he drowned his sorrows in alcohol. Billy was arrested for DUI, and Victoria threatened to keep his children away from him. Abby testified on Adam's behalf at his appeal hearing, and Judge Moxley reduced his sentence to parole and community service. Stitch and Abby were uncomfortable discussing the subject of starting a family. Stitch was livid when Ashley tried to push Abby to spy on Adam. Victor agreed to accept a cash infusion from the Santori family in exchange for a stake in Newman Enterprises. As part of his deal with Victor, Luca offered to take Marisa out of town to find their daughter. Cane and Lily agreed to take Joe down together. Sharon checked herself out of Fairview with Dr. Anderson's blessing. Sharon and Dylan chose Mariah and Stitch as Sully's godparents. Sage became emotional when she held Sully during the baby's christening. Sage told Nick that she wanted to grieve alone, but she opened up to Adam. Adam invited Sage to stay in the guest room, and Chelsea spotted Adam comforting Sage with a hug.
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December 7 to 11, 2015
Victor decided to sue Jabot for the damage inflicted upon Newman Enterprises. Jack -- who'd spent decades battling Victor -- took Billy to task for reigniting the war between their families. Jack nixed Adam's suggestion to fire Billy to solve Jabot's problem. Billy predicted that Kevin's role in rebooting Paragon would be uncovered. Victor informed Ashley that Jack had killed Kelly and blown up a boat while returning to Genoa City. Cane and Lily staged a public fight then Lily and Joe headed off to cut down a Christmas tree, with Lily hoping Joe would open up. Lily and Joe wound up stranded at the Abbott cabin, and he figured out what she was up to. Devon and Cane rushed to Lily's rescue, and Paul arrived and arrested Joe for framing Cane. Lily hoped she and Cane could reunite, but he could forgive her for sleeping with Joe -- twice. Although Nick offered to bulldoze his house and relocate so he and Sage could have a fresh start, she opted to move into the penthouse across the hall from Adam and Chelsea. Luca took Marisa to see their daughter, Ava. Marisa decided to leave the little girl with her loving adoptive family. Kevin told Noah that Luca's family were bad people with ties to organized crime. Dylan proposed to Sharon and the two tied the knot, with Nick and Dr. Anderson in awkward attendance. Mariah grew increasingly suspicious of Dr. Anderson, and Nick bonded with the shrink, who admitted that she'd once been very much in love with a man who'd broken her heart. When Kevin spoke in glowing terms about the female hacker he'd met, Mariah seemed quite jealous.
December 14 to 18, 2015
Jack held a press conference to reveal the entire Marco fiasco. Phyllis didn't want anyone to know that she'd unknowingly slept with a Colombian drug lord. However, Jack opted not to go expose Victor, instead announcing that Jabot would be settling the lawsuit. Jack fired Billy, who took time away from drinking and gambling to blackmail Kevin into letting him in on Kevin's new Web-based project. Victoria admitted to Chelsea that she couldn't be the one to save Billy again. Billy got drunk at the Underground's Christmas party, dissed Victoria, and took a swing at Stitch, who took the drunkard home. Stitch admitted to Abby that he'd declared his love to her mom during the fire. Ashley insisted the incident had only been because they'd believed they would die. Abby agreed to move forward with plans for the New Year's Eve wedding. Ashley collapsed in the park, conversed with her dead dad, and stepped down as Jabot's CEO. Victor tried to push Luca's family out of Newman Enterprises. Luca refused. Noah met with an FBI agent, but didn't tell him anything about Luca. The agent revealed they had been investigating the Santori family for years. Adam convinced Noah to serve as a liaison between the Santori and Newman families to learn something the Newmans could use to push out the Santoris. Neil refused to fund Dr. Neville's research, so Neville got Hilary to approach Devon. To prevent Neville from revealing that Neil was responsible for Hilary's abduction, Devon agreed to fund the company. Ashley joined Neville's firm, and Neil decided to keep an eye on the doctor by joining them. Nick wasn't thrilled to learn that Sage had moved into the apartment across the hall from Adam and Chelsea's place. Nikki bonded with Sage, sharing about when she had given birth to a premature child -- fathered by Jack -- who had died. Joe was sentenced to six years in prison. Lily and Cane agreed to spend Christmas morning together in order to give their children "one last" magical holiday. Kyle returned to help deal with the crisis at Jabot and celebrate Summer's birthday.
December 21 to 25, 2015
Summer celebrated her 21st birthday. Phyllis paved the way for a reconciliation between Jack and Billy. Billy pledged to clean up his act, and he fought his urges to drink and gamble. Victoria and Billy struggled with finding their way back together. After Gwen was laid off from Jabot, Neil hired her to help him oversee Dr. Neville's research project. Hilary volunteered to be the spokesperson for the project as a way to be near Neil. Neil rejected Hilary's invitation to spend Christmas together. Hilary tried to give Devon back her eternity ring, but he refused to accept it. Jack objected to Ashley working with Dr. Neville. Ashley hid her headaches from her loved ones. Nikki hosted a family Christmas Eve party, but she and Victor argued about him working instead of celebrating the holiday. Faith convinced Victor to attend the party. Cane agreed to return home to spend one last perfect Christmas with the twins. Neil arranged for Cane and Lily to be caught under the mistletoe, and the couple kissed. Traci returned to Genoa City to unite the Abbotts over the holidays. After seeing Adam holding Sully, Chelsea assumed that he was ready to have another child.
December 28, 2015 to January 1, 2016
Dr. Anderson advised Nick against allowing Sage to spend time with Sully. Nick and Faith moved into Sage's penthouse. After learning that Marisa had returned to Luca's bed, Noah told Victor he'd do whatever it took to get the Santoris out of Newman Enterprises. Adam and Luca hatched a plot to expose their fathers' illegal dealings and take over their respective companies. Stitch was disappointed when Jenna refused to allow Max to attend Abby and Stitch's wedding. Ashley collapsed as Abby and Stitch's wedding began, but she insisted that they proceed with the ceremony. Abby and Stitch got married. Dr. Neville guessed that something was seriously wrong with Ashley. Ashley confided her symptoms to Dr. Neville, and they agreed to work on finding a cure together. In an effort to discourage Hilary's feelings for him, Neil arranged for Hilary to see him kissing Nikki. Kevin asked Billy for two million dollars to invest in Natalie's breakthrough technology. Billy tried to raise the money by gambling, but he ended up in debt to his bookie. Jack refused Billy's request for cash. The bookie's goon savagely beat Billy in a parking garage when Billy was unable to repay his debt. Noah unknowingly backed over an unconscious Billy with his vehicle, and Marisa saw Noah driving away. Marisa found a gravely injured Billy and called for an ambulance.
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