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January 2 to 6, 2017
Dylan left for Miami on a dangerous undercover assignment. Faith panicked when she found Dylan's wedding ring, but Sharon assured her that they weren't getting divorced. Paul was relieved when he learned that Dylan had safely reached his destination. Sharon witnessed a close moment between Chelsea and Nick. Devon was airlifted to the hospital after a horrific car accident. Devon survived surgery but couldn't remember the events leading up to the accident. Neil and Lily blamed Hilary for Devon's condition, but Stitch warned them not to upset Devon or risk setting back his recovery. Hilary vowed to stand by Devon's side. Victoria agreed to let Reed live with her, but she had concerns about how little she knew about him. Victoria was upset when Billy and Reed bonded, and she was reluctant to let Billy play a role in Reed's life. Ashley refused to let Ravi resign from Jabot. Ashley objected to Jack's decision to try to take over Fenmore's. Phyllis developed an app for Fenmore's. Jack approached Lauren with the idea to merge their companies, but she declined. Gloria revealed that Jeffrey had left her broke, and she was dismayed when she found out that Sharon had taken her old job at Chelsea's studio. Gloria snooped on Lauren's computer and discovered that Fenmore's was in financial trouble. Gloria tried to blackmail Lauren into giving her a job. When Lauren refused, Gloria offered to help Jack get Fenmore's.
January 9 to 13, 2017
Gloria offered to help Jack get Fenmore's in exchange for a role in the company. Gloria sabotaged Lauren's chances with an investor by spinning a story about receiving horrible customer service at Fenmore's. Lauren finally admitted to Michael that Fenmore's was suffering financial problems. Chloe arranged a romantic evening with Kevin, but their plans were foiled when they ended up in the sauna with Gloria. Michael forced Kevin to allow Gloria to live with him, and Kevin steeled himself to face Chloe's wrath. Victoria reluctantly allowed Reed to spend time with Billy. Reed approached Billy with questions about sex but asked him not to tell Victoria about their conversation. Phyllis reached out to Ravi with an idea. Faith worried that her parents would start fighting again if she moved back in with one of them. Nick hired Monica as a nanny. Victor contemplated what his next step in life would be. Victor was impressed when Abby handled a key deal on his behalf. Sharon confided in Nick about her concerns about Dylan's undercover work. Paul worried when Dylan made no contact. Dylan learned that Fisk's next in command was a woman, Alex, who attempted to seduce him. Dylan managed to earn Alex's trust without having sex with her, and she set up a meeting between him and Fisk. Devon's family struggled with hiding the truth about Hilary's lies from him while he recovered. Devon dreamed about the night of his accident.
January 16 to 20, 2017
Reed used Victoria's credit card to access a pornographic website. Victoria tried to get Reed to turn to Nick instead of Billy for advice. Victor hosted a dinner to let his family know how important they were to him. Reed secretly spiked his drink and continued to clash with Victoria. Lily filled in as a model for a Brash & Sassy photo shoot. Jack encouraged Hilary to tell Devon the truth about the night of the accident, but she lost her nerve when Devon said he wanted to make the most of their future together and start a family. Mariah apologized to Devon for manipulating Hilary into confessing to causing Mariah's fall, and their conversation triggered Devon's memory. Devon told Hilary that things were over between them. Phyllis attempted to lure Ravi to work on a project for Fenmore's, but he remained loyal to Jabot and was thrilled when Ashley offered him a contract. Gloria feigned interest in Craig in order to thwart Lauren's efforts to get him to invest in Fenmore's. Phyllis became suspicious when she spotted Jack and Gloria together. Sharon found the burner phone to contact Dylan and attempted to reach him. Alex became livid when Dylan received a call from a woman. Dylan slept with Alex to win her trust and avoid having his cover as "Derek" blown. Alex arranged for Dylan to meet Fisk, and the men agreed to a drug deal. Dylan found himself trapped in a locked car, heading away from the location where the exchange was to take place.
January 23 to 27, 2017
Hilary told Devon that she wouldn't fight a divorce because she loved him and wanted him to be happy. Victoria was livid when she found Reed making out when a girl when he was supposed to be babysitting his siblings. Victoria's anger intensified when she learned that Reed had turned to Billy with questions about sex. Victoria was crushed when Reed called her a cold person. Nikki separately counseled Victoria and Reed to give one another a break. Lily enthusiastically accepted a new job as brand ambassador for Brash & Sassy's men's line. Cane was irate that Jill, Billy, and Victoria had hired Lily without his input. Lily's excitement faded when Cane admitted that he wasn't happy about her return to modeling. Lauren realized that Jack and Gloria were sabotaging her attempts to find an investor. Lauren enlisted Eric Forrester's help to pose as a potential business partner to trick Jack into meeting her terms, and she agreed to sell a minority interest in Fenmore's to Jabot for a higher price. Paul panicked when he found evidence in Miami that suggested something terrible had happened to Dylan. Fisk was taken into custody. An injured Dylan showed up in Genoa City and reunited with Sharon, but he warned that Fisk's people would never stop looking for him. Paul arranged for Dylan to enter the Federal Witness Protection Program. Dylan shared touching goodbyes with Sharon, Paul, and Nikki before he left to start a new life.
January 30 to February 3, 2017
Lauren signed a deal with Jack to give him a minority interest in Fenmore's. Jill was livid that Lauren had sold Jack part of the company without consulting her. Jill decided to sell Brash & Sassy to Billy, Victoria, and Cane in order to liquidate money to buy Jack out. Colin returned to town and was suspiciously against Jill's desire to get more involved at Fenmore's. Gloria was crushed when Jack told her that he couldn't offer her a job at Lauren's company. Jack joined Gloria for several rounds of drinks, and the two ended up having sex. Ashley was irritated when Jack assigned Ravi to work with Phyllis. Devon hired Mariah as Hilary's co-host on GC Buzz. Hilary apologized on live television for causing Mariah's fall. Gloria approached Mariah about a story regarding sexual harassment in the workplace, and she gave an anonymous interview naming Jack as her harasser. Hilary presented Devon with divorce papers. Paul convinced Sharon to tell everyone that Dylan had left town to get away from her. Lily was dismayed to learn that she'd have to work on Valentine's Day, since it was her and Cane's anniversary. Victoria was grateful to Billy for providing good advice about how to bond with Reed, but she lashed out at Billy when she found out that he'd discussed her home life with Phyllis. Billy reacted to Victoria's tirade by kissing Phyllis in the Jabot elevator.
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February 6 to 10, 2017
Hilary prevented Gloria's statement that Jack had sexually harassed her from airing on GC Buzz. Gloria blackmailed Jack into giving her a job as his secretary. Billy saved Phyllis from a disastrous date from an online dating site, and they agreed to remain friends. Phyllis coached Lauren to upstage Jack during an interview. Victoria was livid when she discovered that Reed had used her credit card to access a porn site. Reed's attempt to pit his parents against one another backfired. Victoria gently pushed Nick to pursue Chelsea. Sharon turned down Faith's request to move back home because it was best for Faith. Nick shot down Faith's attempts to have him spend time with Sharon. Chelsea initially declined Nick's dinner invitation on Valentine's Day, but she later accepted. Paul revealed that Dylan had signed Crimson Lights over to Sharon. Sharon dumped a pitcher of milk on Nikki's head. Victor refused to help Sharon track down Dylan, and he advised her to stay near her family. Victoria was less than thrilled when she realized that Victor was grooming Abby to take over Newman. Victoria declared that she wanted to buy Brash & Sassy on her own, but Cane was determined to make his own deal with Jill to buy the company. Cane was irritated when hotshot photographer Jordan flirted with Lily. Devon tried to offer Hilary a huge divorce settlement, but she tore up the check and maintained that she wanted nothing from him.
February 13 to 17, 2017
Jill offered to sell Brash & Sassy to Cane if he could raise the funds, but he was crushed when Victoria offered immediate payment of more than Jill's asking price. Victoria became sole owner of Brash & Sassy. Abby and Victoria competed for recognition from Victor. Cane's obsession with work ruined his anniversary dinner with Lily. Lily contemplated leaving Brash & Sassy for Cane's sake, but Jordan encouraged her not to give up her dreams. Ravi purchased Valentine's Day chocolates for Ashley, but he tossed them in the garbage when she complained about the holiday. Ashley later found the gift in the trash, and she and Ravi drew closer when she shared memories of her father. Jack turned down Jill's offer to buy his stake in Fenmore's, expecting her to meet his demand for a higher price. Ashley threatened to take control of Jabot if Jack didn't get his act together. Jill planned to tap into her retirement accounts to buy out Jack, but she was outraged when she discovered that Colin had cleaned them out. Jill suffered a heart attack and underwent surgery, but she was expected to make a full recovery if she made lifestyle changes. Victoria rushed to support Billy and overheard him make a tender declaration at Jill's bedside. Nick was impressed when Chelsea filled in behind the bar when their Valentine's Day plans went awry. Faith was not pleased when she saw Nick and Chelsea kissing.
February 20 to 21, 2017
Nikki and Sharon declared a truce, and Nikki decided to start a women's shelter in Dylan's honor. Sharon quit her job with Chelsea and decided to manage Crimson Lights. After Nikki accidentally revealed to Noah that Dylan hadn't had any choice but to leave, Sharon told Noah the truth about Dylan's departure. Noah informed Sharon that he and Marisa had broken up. Cane overshadowed Victoria during her GC Buzz interview by removing his shirt to demonstrate Brash & Sassy's new men's line, and Hilary encouraged a shirtless Jordan to join him. Hilary sensed the closeness between Lily and Jordan. Devon admitted that he'd be miserable without Hilary, and they kissed. Hilary revealed to Jack that she'd seen him exiting Gloria's hotel room. Reed sneaked out to perform at open mic night at the Underground, and he was a hit with the crowd. Mariah posted a video of Reed's performance online. Victoria was livid when she learned that Reed had broken the rules again, and Billy attempted to mediate. Colin appealed to Jack for an extension of time to raise the funds for Jill to buy his shares of Fenmore's. The cardiologist advised Jill that she had to make major life changes in order to stay healthy. Jill told Colin that they were through. Paul informed Lauren and Michael that Scott might have gone missing while working on a news story in the Middle East. Lauren received a call demanding ten million dollars in exchange for Scott's life.
February 27 to March 3, 2017
Victoria softened toward Reed after he played his guitar for her, and she agreed to pay for music lessons. Victoria assigned Cane to run Brash & Sassy's Asian division, but he suspected it was a diversion to keep him out of her way. Victor considered writing his life story. Michael was shocked to walk in on Gloria giving Jack a massage. Phyllis and Ravi announced that Fenmore's new virtual dressing room app was a success. Phyllis suspected that Jack had a new woman in his life. Jill was devastated when she couldn't help pay Scott's ransom because Colin had taken all her money. Colin found Katherine's music box at a thrift store, and he discovered a key to a safe deposit box inside. Colin retrieved a valuable ring and a letter to Jill from the bank. Jill found the letter in her mailbox and read Katherine's admission that Phillip had always loved Jill and had wanted her to have something. Esther summoned Murphy to help solve the mystery of the letter, but he knew little other than that Katherine had left the letter in the safe deposit box. Colin sold the ring and used the proceeds to repay Jill. Victor agreed to help Michael and Lauren deal with Scott's kidnappers. Victor sent Kevin to the Middle East to exchange the ransom money for Scott. Despite Faith's attempt to derail Nick and Chelsea's third date, the couple made love for the first time.
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MARCH 2017
March 6 to 10, 2017
Devon gave his blessing for Jordan to ask Hilary out, but he became jealous when he saw them together. Lily cautioned Jordan against getting involved with Hilary. Devon and Hilary made love, but they realized their marriage was over. Devon signed the divorce papers. Kevin worked with Victor's contacts to rescue Scott from terrorists in the Middle East. Lauren was relieved to have Scott back home but distressed when he revealed his plan to leave again. After being fired, Scott decided to stay in Genoa City. Michael wondered if Scott was hiding something. Chloe was turned on by Kevin's heroism. Jill was floored when Colin confessed to Jill that there had been a ring that Phillip had intended for Jill in Katherine's safe deposit box, and she forced him to recover the ring. Jill refused to forgive Katherine or Colin, and she opted to keep the ring rather than use its worth to purchase Jabot's stake in Fenmore's. Sharon declared her independence by enrolling in college classes and deciding to live a full life on her own. Abby and Phyllis separately advised Ravi against pursuing Ashley romantically. Ravi confronted Ashley about why they couldn't be more than friends. Cane nearly blew a critical deal to distribute Brash & Sassy in Asia, but Juliet saved the day. Nick warned Victor not to interfere in his relationship with Chelsea. Victor pressured a torn Chelsea never to tell Nick the truth about Christian's paternity.
March 13 to 17, 2017
Cane and Juliet celebrated closing Brash & Sassy's Asian distribution deal by touring Tokyo and drinking heavily. A hungover Cane discovered Juliet's earring in his bed the next morning, but she claimed that she'd only put him to bed because he'd been too drunk to get back to his hotel room by himself. Upon returning home, Cane was surprised to find sexy lingerie in his suitcase. A creepy fan cornered Lily during a campaign promotion, but Jordan intervened. Jordan later found the same guy lurking outside Lily's home, taking photos of her. Lily had the man arrested, and Jordan spent the night on her couch. Colin warned Cane that a strange man had stayed overnight while Cane had been away, but Cane chalked it up to Lily and Jordan being old friends. Hilary requested full ownership of GC Buzz as her divorce settlement. Phyllis and Scott bonded. Victoria struggled to balance motherhood and work. Reed was upset with Victoria for missing his open mic performance to take a business call. Ravi stepped in for Jack to escort Ashley to a charity event at the opera. Ashley saw Ravi in a different light when he fit in easily at the posh affair. Nikki implored Jill to search her heart and find happiness. Jack planned to destroy Brash & Sassy by resurrecting Jabot's men's line, but Victoria pledged to beat Jack at his own game.
March 20 to 24, 2017
Ashley was livid when Jack used Billy's past transgressions to sabotage Billy's business deal. Victoria swiped the original GC Buzz footage in which Gloria had accused Jack of sexual harassment, and she used it as leverage to get Jack to back off. Billy questioned why Victoria had defended him, and they shared a passionate kiss. Jack had a drink after an altercation with Billy. Nikki hired Tessa as Reed's music teacher. Jill forgave Colin and invited him to go on an extensive trip with her. Despite Lily's warnings, Jordan continued to date Hilary. Devon asked Mariah out, and they bantered about whether or not it was a date. Mariah planted a kiss on Devon to irritate Hilary, but they were surprised when they both enjoyed it. Devon agreed to give Hilary GC Buzz in the divorce settlement with the stipulation that she couldn't fire Mariah. Ashley offered Neil a job at Jabot. Devon decided to start his own company with Neil's help. Juliet claimed that she'd slept in Cane's hotel room in Tokyo because she'd been too drunk to get home. Cane threw Juliet's camisole into the trash at Brash & Sassy, but Jordan discovered it. Chloe drunkenly told Scott that she'd taken control of her life six months earlier, and Scott relayed the statement to Nick. Chloe accepted Kevin's proposal. Chelsea struggled with memories of Adam. Nick and Chelsea found a tracking device inside Connor's favorite toy and suspected that Chloe had planted it.
March 27 to 31, 2017
Cane informed Juliet that Victoria hadn't chosen her for the division manager position in Tokyo. Cane was horrified when Juliet told him that they'd had drunken sex in Tokyo. Cane panicked when Victoria wanted to hire Juliet for a position based in Genoa City. Abby was livid when Victoria convinced Victor to nix one of Abby's ideas, but Abby decided to move forward with it anyway. Victor hired Scott to write his biography. Abby opened up to Scott when he interviewed her. Scott and Sharon's friendship grew. Ashley learned that Victoria was holding something over Jack's head. Hilary and Jordan had sex, and she allowed him to take nude photos of her. Devon and Mariah went on an official first date. Tessa reluctantly performed at the Underground, and Devon saw potential in her. Chloe confessed to Chelsea and Nick that she'd planted a tracking device in Connor's toy, but she claimed it had been to protect Chelsea. Nick tracked down cell phone records that showed Chloe had been near the cabin just before the explosion. Chelsea refused to believe that Chloe had had anything to do with Adam's death. Nick planted a tracking device on Chloe's car and caught her throwing a bag in a Dumpster. Nick discovered a tranquilizer gun and a wrench in the bag. Nick asked Paul to reopen the investigation into Adam's death. At Chloe's urging, Kevin agreed to marry her right away.
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APRIL 2017
April 3 to 7, 2017
Cane squirmed when Juliet accepted Victoria's job offer in Genoa City. Phyllis gave Ravi a makeover and told Ashley to stop giving Ravi mixed signals. Ashley was impressed with Ravi's new look, and she invited him to join her in New York for a press conference and to attend the opera. Victor opened up to Scott about his relationship with Adam. Paul told Nick that he couldn't reopen the investigation into Adam's death without solid evidence. Chelsea refused to believe Nick's theory that Chloe had been behind the explosion at the cabin. Nick enlisted Sharon's help to get Chloe drunk at a bachelorette party in an attempt to force her to confess to killing Adam. Nick confronted Chloe with the tranquilizer gun and the wrench, but Chloe pretended to pass out. Chelsea was livid when she learned about Nick's plan to entrap Chloe. While helping Chloe get ready for her wedding, Chelsea found Adam's wedding ring in Chloe's drawer. Chelsea replaced Kevin's wedding band with Adam's during the ceremony, and Chloe ran out when she saw it. Chelsea confronted Chloe about Adam's death, and Chloe confessed that she'd caused the explosion because she'd wanted Adam to die. Chloe clocked Chelsea over the head with a lamp and fled. Chelsea relayed Chloe's admission to the wedding guests, but Kevin and Esther remained in denial. Nick used the tracker he'd planted on Chloe's car to find her, and he was stunned when he saw her meeting with Victor.
April 10 to 14, 2017
Chloe convinced Victor to help her flee to avoid everyone finding out about their connection. Nick confronted Victor moments after Chloe's departure, and he realized that Victor had enlisted Chloe's help to frame Adam. Nick forced Victor to reveal to Nikki and Victoria that he'd set the chain of events that had led to Adam's death in motion. Nikki, Victoria, and Nick agreed that they'd fake being a united family to the world, but they wouldn't consider Victor to be part of their family behind closed doors. Billy was suspicious when Victoria requested that he take Reed to get his driver's license on his sixteenth birthday, and Victoria felt guilty for keeping the truth about Victor from Billy. Faith walked in as Nick slugged Victor. Nick moved Faith out of the Newman ranch. Chelsea went on GC Buzz to appeal to Chloe to return home. Hilary rebranded the show to focus primarily on her. Mariah and Devon stopped short of having sex. Noah asked Tessa out. Phyllis walked in on Jack comforting Gloria, and she was livid when Jack and Gloria confirmed that they were having a fling. Phyllis rebuffed Lauren's attempt to set Phyllis up with Scott. Phyllis and Scott had an unexpected drunken make-out session, and Kevin walked in on them. Reed was thrilled when Victoria presented him with a new guitar at his birthday party. Victoria and Nikki seethed when Victor sent a car to Reed as a birthday gift.
April 17 to 21, 2017
Victoria refused to let Reed keep the car that Victor had given the teen as a birthday present. Kendall manipulated Reed into joining her at the movies by sending text messages from Zoey's phone. Kendall planted a kiss on Reed, and he responded. Nikki hired Tessa as her assistant. Neil and Devon formed a family company focusing on the music industry and investing in or acquiring other businesses. Victor appointed Abby as acting CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he mysteriously left town. After an argument with Victoria, Billy had sex with Phyllis. Jack suspected that something was off in the Newman family. Jack attempted to enlist Phyllis' help to take down Victor, but she declined. Billy was stunned when Victoria suggested they see where things could go between them, but he opted to just stay friends. Phyllis vowed not to let Billy go again. Phyllis told Michael that Jack and Gloria were an item. Nikki tried to pay off Scott to kill Victor's biography project in the name of protecting her family, but Scott refused. Sharon and Scott went out on a first date, but they agreed to take things slowly. Scott secretly met with Christine and objected to taking another assignment from special agents. Traci encouraged Ashley to date Ravi. Ravi and Ashley shared a kiss after they attended the opera.
April 24 to 28, 2017
Chloe sent letters to Kevin and Billy to inform them that either one of them could be Bella's father. A DNA test determined that Kevin was the girl's biological dad. Abby had second thoughts about pursuing her tech incubator project behind Victor's back. Jack discovered that Abby had bought a warehouse to house the project without Victor's permission, and he agreed to purchase the building from her if she made him a partner in the endeavor. Tessa witnessed Kendall kissing Reed. Devon and Hilary amicably finalized their divorce. Mariah and Devon were impressed when Hilary included an emotional segment about her divorce on her show. Cane panicked when Lily wore Juliet's camisole during a photo shoot. Phyllis informed Jack that there was a new man in her life, but she didn't reveal that it was Billy. Billy's plan to tell Victoria about his reunion with Phyllis was thwarted when Victoria claimed that she's shut him out because Nikki's multiple sclerosis had flared up. Ashley accepted Ravi's dinner invitation, but Phyllis crashed their date after Billy canceled plans with her. Cane overheard Billy reassuring Phyllis that she was the only woman in his life. Nikki was livid when she found out Victor had made a large donation to construct a medical research center bearing her name. Nikki requested Jack's help to get her mojo back. Victor walked in on a close moment between Nikki and Jack.
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MAY 2017
May 1 to 5, 2017
Jack confessed his relationship with Gloria to Ashley. Ashley opened up to Ravi about how her mother, Dina, had abandoned her and her siblings years earlier. Neil and Devon made a pitch to acquire Mergeron Enterprises, but Dina insisted on entertaining other offers. Gloria was surprisingly supportive when Kevin informed her that he was Bella's biological father. Nikki continued to take Tessa under her wing. Tessa encouraged Nikki to join her in playing at open mic night, and Victor witnessed the performance. Victor flashed back to confronting Chloe and giving her money to flee. Scott was stunned when Victor decided not to proceed with writing his biography. Chelsea and Jordan agreed not to tell anyone about their former friendship. Phyllis became irate when she believed Billy had lied about Nikki's multiple sclerosis acting up. Billy appeased Phyllis with kisses in the Jabot elevator. Cane arranged for Victoria to see Phyllis and Billy's passionate encounter when the elevator doors opened. Phyllis and Billy told Jack about their reunion. Cane was disappointed when Victoria didn't fire Billy, and Jack advised Cane to make sure Billy screwed up sooner rather than later. Hilary sneaked into Devon's penthouse, and she was devastated when Devon and Mariah returned home and began to have sex.
May 8 to 12, 2017
Victor became suspicious when he learned Newman had received a mysterious payment for a real estate transaction. Scott and Abby clashed, and the friction between them worsened when Victor hired Scott at Newman to spy on Abby. Scott and Sharon kissed. An unseen Nikki discovered that Tessa had been living in her car. Tessa accepted Nikki's invitation to move into the ranch. Hilary was livid when Mariah showed up for work in one of Hilary's dresses after spending the night with Devon, and the women got into a catfight. Jordan was offended when he overheard Hilary bragging about their sex life to Devon, but she managed to smooth things over. Dina agreed to sell Mergeron Enterprises to Neil and Devon, but the men weren't happy with her counteroffer. Without identifying herself, Abby called Dina and suggested that Newman was interested in acquiring Mergeron, but Dina refused to sell to Victor. Chelsea asked Jordan to ask his old contacts if they'd made a passport for Chloe, but his search turned up nothing. Billy pitched an idea to rush filming a commercial to air before the end of the hockey season, and Cane was irked when Victoria approved the idea over his objections. Victoria secretly arranged to spend time with Billy and the kids in California after the commercial shoot. The Brash & Sassy team scrambled when the shoot suddenly got moved up, and Cane saw an opportunity for Billy to take the fall if things went wrong.
May 15 to 19, 2017
Nikki revealed that she knew Tessa had been living out of her car, and the women bonded. Noah and Tessa went out on a date, but she was uncomfortable when talking about her family. Jack assured Gloria that he wasn't embarrassed about their relationship. Dina reached an agreement with Devon and Neil to sell Mergeron Enterprises to them. Ashley was cold to Dina, and Jack struggled with whether or not he wanted a relationship with his mother. Abby recruited her first startup for her tech incubator project. Scott investigated Abby's connection to the mysterious deposit Newman had received in Victor's absence. Victor pretended to help Chelsea trace Chloe's passport, but he claimed it was a dead end. Nick encouraged Chelsea to continue her efforts to track down Chloe. Chelsea booked a flight to San Francisco. Nick fibbed to Victor by claiming that Chelsea had given up her search. Hilary scored an interview with Julie Chen. A Hollywood agent showed interest in managing Lily's career. Phyllis flew to L.A. to surprise Billy. During a behind-the-scenes shoot for the Dare commercial, Jesse caught Billy and the hockey players joking about placing bets on their game. Cane bribed Jesse to edit the footage to look incriminating. Brash & Sassy faced losing their campaign with the hockey league when they rushed to air the footage on Hilary's show before getting the league's approval. Victoria caught Phyllis in Billy's hotel room. Jesse blackmailed Cane into giving him more money to keep quiet.
May 22 to 26, 2017
Nikki had mixed emotions when Victor arranged for her to play the piano at a charity event. Tessa freaked out when she spotted Zack, and she considered leaving town. Devon expressed interest in signing Tessa as his company's first artist. Scott told Sharon that he'd fallen in love with the wife of an arms dealer while on assignment. Chelsea bribed a mental hospital administrator into giving her information about Chloe. In Louisiana, Nick and Chelsea tracked down Dr. Harris, the psychiatrist who'd released Chloe. Dr. Harris claimed not to know where Chloe was, but a dazed Chloe emerged after Nick and Chelsea left. Scott overheard Victor on the phone with Dr. Harris. Victor tried to persuade Ashley to forgive Dina. Dina attempted to forge a relationship with Abby. Reed ended things with Zoey when he caught her making out with Charlie. Reed was disappointed when he learned that Billy and Phyllis were together. Hilary overheard Cane and Juliet discussing their one-night stand. Hilary later secretly videotaped Juliet admitting that she'd had sex with Cane. Lily requested a copy of her interview, and Hilary swapped it with footage of Juliet's confession. Victoria met with the hockey league, who agreed to uphold their deal if Brash & Sassy scrapped the commercial and Victoria fired the person responsible for airing the incriminating footage. Billy tried to resign, but Victoria opted to fire Juliet instead. Cane destroyed the flash drive with Juliet's confession before Lily had a chance to watch it.
May 29 to June 2, 2017
Sharon's divorce from Dylan was finalized. Hilary admitted to Devon that she'd been in his penthouse when he and Mariah had had sex. Hilary advised Juliet to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Victor flashed back to arranging for Dr. Harris to look after Chloe. Chelsea found a sketch of Chloe's wedding dress in Dr. Harris' home. Nick lured Dr. Harris out of his house, and Chelsea found Chloe dead from a drug overdose inside. A devastated Kevin blamed Nick and Chelsea for Chloe's suicide. Abby confessed to Victor that she'd used Newman funds to proceed with her startup incubator project, but she'd had second thoughts and returned the money. Victor decided to pursue Abby's idea after all. Billy and Phyllis decided to move in together. Nikki grappled with whether or not to take Victor back, but she wanted to wait to make a decision until after her piano concert. Nick pushed Nikki to cut Victor out of her life for good, while Victoria wanted Nikki to do anything that would put an end to the lies. The Abbotts were surprised when Ashley invited Dina to a family dinner, during which Dina became uncharacteristically sentimental. Ashley suspected that Dina was dying, but Graham denied it. Graham was adamant that he and Dina return to France. Ashley was suspicious when she interrupted an argument between Dina and Graham.
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JUNE 2017
June 5 to 9, 2017
At Hilary's urging, Juliet filed a lawsuit against Brash & Sassy for sexual harassment, naming Cane as her harasser. Victoria was surprised when Cane urged her to settle the suit, even though he maintained his innocence. Lily stood by Cane, despite her suspicions about what might have happened in Tokyo. Mattie showed up at the Underground after Reed invited her to hear him play. Tessa grappled with whether or not to take Devon's recording deal. Nikki walked in on Tessa reporting to Victor over the phone. Lauren bristled when she learned about Scott and Sharon's budding romance. Nick and Chelsea left Chloe's funeral after Kevin blasted them for their role in her death. Alone in the church after the service, Kevin fainted when Chloe emerged alive from the casket. Chloe gave Kevin an address and begged him to secretly find her there. Dr. Harris whisked Chloe back to his home in Louisiana. Chloe flashed back to discussing the "nuclear option" of faking her death with Victor. After having poignant moments with his loved ones, Kevin pretended he was going on a vacation alone, but he grabbed a gun and planned to track down Chloe. Ashley and Jack's suspicions about Graham grew. Dina admitted to Jack that she wished she had more time with her family, but she stood by her decision to leave town. Dina later had second thoughts, but Graham reminded her that there was something she didn't want her family to know.
June 12 to 16, 2017
Scott quickly rescinded his resignation when Victor revealed that he planned to acquire Hashtag and have Scott run it. Scott and Abby butted heads over whose project would be more successful. Scott and Sharon made love. Sharon admitted to Mariah that she was falling for Scott. Tessa agreed to sign with Devon's company and stay in town. Zack and Abby went on a date to test his dating app. Reed was dismayed when he learned Charlie was Mattie's twin brother. Kevin tracked down Chloe in Louisiana. Dr. Harris agreed to let Kevin stay while Chloe underwent treatment, and he fibbed to Victor that everything was going as planned. Dina decided to stay in town to spend more time with her family, but she declined Jack's invitation to stay at the Abbott house. Graham revealed to Ashley that he loved Dina, but that they weren't lovers. Phyllis and Billy moved in together. Hilary recommended that Juliet use Leslie as her attorney. The judge decided to let Juliet's sexual harassment case go to trial. Victoria learned that Cane had botched the Tokyo deal before Juliet had bailed him out. Victoria declined Leslie's settlement offer. Against everyone's advice, Cane went to Juliet's hotel room and convinced her to drop the lawsuit, but Juliet changed her mind once again when Leslie informed her that Cane's visit had strengthened her case. Hilary refused to serve as a character witness on Juliet's behalf. Victoria chose to expedite discovery in order to prove Juliet was lying. Cane found Jordan comforting Lily.
June 19 to 23, 2017
Cane and Lily told the twins about the sexual harassment lawsuit against Cane. Both sides in the case agreed to an expedited discovery. During a deposition, Victoria berated Juliet for lying. Lily was devastated when Leslie presented hotel security footage of Cane and Juliet entering his hotel room together and Juliet leaving the next morning. Cane maintained that he hadn't sexually harassed Juliet, and Victoria pledged to continue to fight the lawsuit. Jordan had doubts about his relationship with Hilary because of her need for vengeance against Lily. Devon comforted Hilary after Jordan walked out on her. Chelsea suspected that Jordan considered Lily to be more than just a friend. Chelsea told Nick about her past with Jordan. Sharon sensed something shady about Zack. Abby hesitated to go on a real date with Zack, but she agreed to attend the charity concert together. Jack attempted to get Ashley, then Gloria, to seduce Graham away from Dina, but both women declined. Ravi's research determined that Graham had been a wannabe actor who hadn't had any roles for years. Graham convinced Dina to sign her will. Dina revealed to Ashley that she and Graham had a deal. Nikki's stress level escalated until she suffered a multiple sclerosis relapse. Tessa found Nikki helpless on the floor, but Nikki forced her not to tell Victor. Against the advice of her doctor, friends, and family, Nikki remained determined to perform at the charity concert to prove that she didn't need Victor.
June 26 to 30, 2017
Tessa signed a recording contract with Hamilton-Winters. Billy threw Jill out of his and Phyllis' apartment when his mother refused to accept their relationship. Jill was thrilled when her doctor reported that her health had shown great improvement. Gloria befriended Graham. Dina informed Ashley and Jack that she'd signed her will and left the bulk of her estate to Graham. Nick and Chelsea declared their love to one another. Chelsea pitched an idea to Phyllis to have Fenmore's carry Chelsea 2.0 exclusively. Victor found a note from Nikki saying she'd gone away for a few days, but no one had any idea where or why she'd gone. Jill tipped Jack off about the sexual harassment lawsuit, and he considered hiring Juliet. Juliet collapsed during an altercation with Lily. After Lily confronted Juliet at the hospital, Juliet showed Cane and Lily a lab report that proved she was pregnant and that the date of conception coincided with the trip to Tokyo. Cane confessed to Lily that he'd had sex with Juliet. After Cane told Victoria the truth about sleeping with Juliet and Juliet's pregnancy, Victoria decided to settle the lawsuit. Devon overheard the news of Juliet's pregnancy and begged Hilary to keep the story under wraps. Hilary watched footage of Juliet admitting that having sex with Cane hadn't had anything to do with her getting a job at Brash & Sassy. Hilary grappled with what to do when Juliet excitedly credited Hilary for helping her win the lawsuit.
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JULY 2017
July 3 to 7, 2017
Neil and Devon hosted the first annual Hamilton-Winters Fourth of July celebration. Mariah became wary of Devon's jealousy of Hilary and Jordan's relationship. Mariah guided Tessa and Noah back to one another after they'd had a misunderstanding. Tessa told Nick about Nikki's MS flare-up. Nikki returned to town and insisted on going through with the charity concert. Hilary sensed that Jordan and Chelsea shared more of a history than they were letting on. Nick and Scott butted heads. Victoria settled the lawsuit with Juliet under the condition that Juliet sign a nondisclosure agreement. Victoria fired Cane for his lies. Juliet confided to Hilary that she wanted Cane to be part of her baby's life. Cane demanded that Juliet take a paternity test. Lily searched Cane's phone for correspondence with Juliet but found no evidence of sexual harassment. Jordan comforted Lily. Hilary speculated to Jordan that Lily was looking to have revenge sex to get even with Cane. Mattie and Reed learned about the connection between their parents. Dr. Harris deluded himself into thinking that Chloe was his dead daughter, Maggie, and alluded to doing something to ensure Kevin wouldn't return. Kevin got out of his car moments before it exploded. Kevin overpowered Dr. Harris and fled with Chloe. Kevin returned to Genoa City alone to fetch Bella, and he told Michael and Esther that he was moving to Oregon to start over. Before Kevin took off, Bella innocently revealed to Chelsea that they were going to see her mommy.
July 10 to 14, 2017
Kevin said his final goodbyes to his loved ones in Genoa City and headed to Oregon with Chloe and Bella. Chloe confessed to Kevin that Victor had gotten her out of the mental facility and that she'd helped Victor frame Adam. Kevin promised to always protect Chloe. Cane told his family that he'd been fired. Juliet announced that the paternity test confirmed that Cane was the father of her baby. Juliet offered to raise the child alone, but Lily demanded that Cane take responsibility. Charlie and Mattie were devastated when Cane and Lily informed them that Cane had fathered Juliet's baby. The rift between Cane and Lily widened. Nikki kept her MS flare-up a secret from Victor. Victor requested that Hilary provide media coverage of the charity concert. Nick attempted to sabotage the equipment at the concert venue, but Noah saved the day by swapping in equipment from the Underground. Victor blamed Abby for the snafu but later praised her for remaining cool under pressure. Victor and Nikki shared a tender kiss before she took the stage. Despite being in tremendous pain, Nikki performed flawlessly at the concert. Victor discovered the truth about Nikki's health, and she thanked him for making her perform to prove to herself and her supporters that she could do it. Victor realized that Nick had been behind the technical issues at the concert and confronted his son in the parking garage.
July 17 to 21, 2017
Hilary filmed footage of Victor punching Nick. Nikki learned of Nick's attempt to sabotage the concert, and she allowed Jack to whisk her away to the Abbott cabin, where they shared a kiss. Victor disowned Nick and walked out on Nikki. Victor gave Hilary permission to use the video footage as she deemed fit. Abby threw a drink in Victoria's face, causing Victoria to lose her balance and fall. Victoria insisted she was fine, but she later had headaches and trouble focusing. Abby caught Jack and Nikki kissing and worried that it would reignite the war between her families. Billy introduced Phyllis to Johnny and Katie. Victor tracked down Kevin and Chloe, but he allowed them to leave town with Bella as long as Chloe remained dead to everyone else. Ravi told Ashley that Dina had seemed confused at times, and Ashley planned to spend more time with her mother. Dina was upset with Jack for leaving her alone at the party, and she later slapped him when he made a smart remark. Mariah broke down in tears because she believed she was just a rebound to Devon. Mariah was surprised when Tessa tenderly comforted her. Devon assured Mariah that he wanted to be with her, not Hilary. Mattie and Reed drew closer as he helped her deal with her family's problems. Lily admitted that she still loved Cane, but she pulled away from making love to him. Cane asked Devon for a job, but Neil thought it was best to keep family problems out of their company. Jack contemplated hiring Cane.
July 24 to 28, 2017
Sharon contacted the police after she answered a call from a terrified sex trafficking victim on the crisis hotline. Ashley suspected that Dina was suffering from depression. Hilary aired the footage of Victor slugging Nick on her show. Nick decided to go into business with Noah, expanding the Underground into a chain in college towns. Devon surprised Mariah with tickets to a music festival in San Francisco, but he was dismayed when she invited Noah and Tessa to tag along. Phyllis found Victoria unconscious in the Jabot elevator. A doctor confirmed that Victoria had suffered a mild concussion after her fall. The doctor recommended that Victoria avoid stress, but Victoria refused to take time away from work. Reed and Mattie went on their first date and shared a tender kiss. Charlie warned Reed to stay away from Mattie. Mattie started an internship at the Hamilton-Winters Group, which opened new offices at the Athletic Club. Cane was confident that Jack would hire him at Jabot, but he was livid when Victoria talked Jack out of it. Lily worried about her family's finances and felt responsible for making everything right. Jordan helped Lily film footage to submit for a national television commercial. A jealous Hilary learned about the commercial and snagged an audition herself. Jesse arrived in town and tried to extort more money from Cane. When Cane hesitated to pay, Jesse asked Billy how much he was willing to pay for what Jesse knew.
July 31 to August 4, 2017
Jesse extorted more money out of Cane. Cane lied to Lily that he'd withdrawn the funds for an investment opportunity. Jesse spilled the truth to Billy and Victoria with the expectation of a payoff, but Victoria refused to pay him. Billy and Victoria told Lily that Cane had paid Jesse to edit the footage and keep quiet about it. Lily threw Cane out. Jordan and Hilary clashed when she snagged the commercial spot that Lily had been hoping to get. Hilary questioned Jordan's true feelings for Lily. Zack kissed Abby. Abby admitted to Ashley that she was afraid of opening up to someone again, but she agreed to a fourth date with Zack. Victor thwarted Nick's attempts to buy buildings for his new business venture with Noah. Nick found Crystal hiding in an alley behind the Underground. Sharon was shocked to discover that Crystal was the same girl she'd spoken with on the crisis hotline. Sharon promised to protect Crystal, but Crystal took off. Scott decided to write a series of articles about the sex trafficking ring. An uncharacteristically emotional Victoria opened up to Abby about her work problems. Phyllis plotted for Benjamin Hochman to take an interest in Victoria and Brash & Sassy, hoping to free up Billy's time. Victoria agreed to a business dinner with Hochman, but after a dizzy spell, she suddenly became sexually aggressive. Mariah kissed Tessa, but the women agreed to write it off as an impulsive moment. Mariah declared her love for Devon.
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August 7 to 11, 2017
Victoria was stunned when she woke up in bed with Hochman and hazy memories. Hilary gossiped to Jack that Victoria had spent the night with Hochman. Jack sent Victoria flowers in Hochman's name, and Victoria agreed to go out with Hochman again. Hochman accepted a consulting deal with Jack to provide inside information about Brash & Sassy. Victoria's mood swings mystified Abby. Juliet showed Cane an ultrasound of their baby. Cane sold his car to Zack to pay for the twins' school tuition. Nikki moved out of the ranch and into a hotel. After a frantic call from Crystal, Tessa was noticeably distracted during her recording session. Sharon tracked Crystal down at a seedy hotel, but a thug forced Crystal to leave with him. Tessa was shaken when she learned about Sharon's encounter with Crystal. Tessa requested Zack's help to find Crystal -- her sister. Abby and Zack successfully launched the dating app. Zack made cryptic phone calls to further his plans. Sharon offered to let Tessa stay at the cottage. Jack gave Dina a project at Jabot. Dina and Nikki clashed. Ashley invited Ravi to join her at the Abbott cabin. Devon told Mariah that he wasn't ready to say "I love you," but he confirmed his commitment to her. Devon noted Mariah and Tessa's closeness. Nick fired his financial advisor, who had been secretly working with Victor to undermine Nick, and secured his first building purchase to expand the Underground. Nick discovered that Victor had arranged to have Nick's belongings removed from the tack house.
August 14 to 18, 2017
Victor moved Nick out of the tack house and invited Abby to move in. Nick encouraged Abby to accept Victor's invitation. Nick and Chelsea decided to move in together, but Jordan was skeptical about whether it was what she really wanted. Jack hiked Brash & Sassy's rent in an attempt to get them to leave the building. Jordan observed the chemistry between Abby and Scott. Tessa confided to Mariah that Crystal was her younger sister. Scott posed as a john and learned that Crystal was staying with a woman. Ashley and Ravi made love at the Abbott cabin. Gloria tipped off Graham about errors Dina had made in a report for Jabot, and he corrected Dina's mistakes. Cane was livid when he caught Mattie making out with Reed. After Cane, Lily, and Victoria voiced concern about the teens seeing one another, Mattie and Reed decided to secretly do so. Hochman considered hiring Cane. Billy encouraged Victoria to accept Victor's offer to fund Brash & Sassy, but she opted to turn to Hochman for help. Victoria was about to sign the loan agreement when she discovered Hochman's secret alliance with Cane. Hilary videotaped a confrontation between Victoria and Hochman that revealed the couple's sexual relationship as well as Brash & Sassy's financial woes. Neil agreed to give Victoria a bridge loan to keep Lily employed. Hilary aired the incriminating footage, to Victoria's horror and Jack's delight. Hochman refused to hire Cane. Jordan kissed Lily.
August 21 to 25, 2017
Juliet told Cane that their baby had genetic markers for cystic fibrosis, and they had blood tests performed to find out if their child had the disease. Lily was thrilled when Billy informed her that the Dare campaign was back on, but she seemed nervous about traveling with Jordan for work. Jordan broke up with Hilary, who suspected that he was moving on with Lily. Cane ignored Hilary's warnings about Jordan and Lily hooking up, but he was later stricken to witness Jordan having a pleasant dinner at the Ashby home with Lily and the twins. Victoria admonished Hilary for airing the footage of Victoria's argument with Hochman. Victoria made another visit to her doctor, who still could find no reason for her memory problems. Billy plotted to use Dina to take Jack down. Abby's curiosity grew when she learned about Dina's affair with Brent Davis. Ravi overheard Ashley and Dina discussing a secret. Jack and Nikki agreed that Victor wasn't the reason they wanted to be in one another's lives. Sharon witnessed a thug bailing out two young prostitutes at the police station and a blonde woman driving them away. Tessa tried tracking down Crystal at a seedy motel, but the thug warned her to forget Crystal had ever existed. Nick and Chelsea adjusted to living together. Victor secretly visited Faith at camp to tell her that Nick had moved away from the ranch. Faith returned home and blamed Nick for ruining her life.
August 28 to September 1, 2017
Jordan and Hilary agreed to be friends, but he declined her dinner invitation to spend time with Lily. Hilary deliberately made sure Mariah found out that Devon had stood Mariah up to spend time with Hilary. Nick and Chelsea coped with Faith's objection to living at Chelsea's penthouse, but Faith warmed up when Victor arranged to have the bedroom furniture that Chelsea had designed delivered there. Nick begrudgingly took Faith to visit Victor. Nick was stunned when he spotted Alice Johnson at the Underground. Sharon suspected that Alice was involved in the sex trafficking ring. Scott tracked down Alice's address, and he and Sharon learned from a neighbor that Alice's niece had just visited. Alice and Zack exchanged text messages. Tessa told Sharon, Paul, and Noah that Crystal was her sister. Jack tried to persuade Lauren to remove Brash & Sassy's products from the shelves at Fenmore's to make room for Jabot's new product line, but Lauren refused. Ravi tipped off Victoria about Phyllis' meeting with Hochman. Phyllis became increasingly enraged when Billy kept prioritizing Victoria and her company over Phyllis. Billy secretly logged onto Jabot's server, using Phyllis' computer and Dina's password, and he learned about Jack's plot to sabotage Brash & Sassy. Victoria vowed to stoop to Jack's level to protect her company, and she suspected that Phyllis knew about Jack's plan. Nikki warned Jack that their friendship would be over if he undermined Victoria's livelihood.
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September 4 to 8, 2017
Victoria confronted Phyllis in the Jabot elevator. Phyllis mistakenly assumed that Victoria had told Billy about their encounter, and she blurted out her role in pushing Victoria and Hochman together. Victoria kissed Billy passionately. Ashley was livid when she learned Dina had shared company information with Graham. Dina panicked when Graham decided to return to Paris. Devon learned that Hilary and Jordan had broken up. Hilary informed Devon that Jordan had designs on Lily. Cane and Juliet were relieved when the genetic test for cystic fibrosis was negative, and they found out their baby was a boy. Cane stepped up his efforts to win his family back. Mattie lied about joining the drama club to sneak around with Reed. Hilary spotted Mattie and Reed kissing and agreed to keep the teens' romance a secret. Abby and Zack decided to date exclusively. Alice welcomed Crystal home. Alice informed Zack that Crystal's attitude had improved, but Zack ordered Alice to get Crystal out of the house. Abby was irate when Zack blew off a date, and he followed her after she stormed out. Sharon and Nick were affected by the memories that Alice's return had stirred up. Nick planted a tracking device on Alice's car, but he persuaded Sharon not to do anything that might tip Alice off. Tessa told Mariah about how she and Crystal had grown up with an abusive, drug-dealing father and an addict mother. Mariah and Tessa found out Alice's location and took off on their own to confront her.
September 11 to 15, 2017
Phyllis suspected that Victoria had manipulated Brash & Sassy's sales figures when they showed a sudden spike. Phyllis asked Ravi to do some digging to see if there was a spy at Jabot. Victoria and Billy took Johnny to his first day of kindergarten. Mattie skipped school to see Reed. Hilary tipped Mattie off when the school alerted Cane to Mattie's absence. Victoria found Cane angrily confronting Reed in her home, and she threw Cane out. Victoria wanted to press charges, but Michael talked her out of it. Crystal overheard Tessa try to talk her way into the safe house, but Alice refused to let Tessa in. Sharon followed Alice to the airport, using the tracking app, but later lost her. Nick was irritated when Victor called in favors to get a liquor license for the Underground expansion, but he caved because it was what Noah wanted. Nikki learned that Victor had secretly visited Faith at camp. Nick told Faith the truth about why they'd moved off the ranch, and she lashed out at Victor for lying. Jack turned down Abby's proposal for Jabot to advertise on Design Date, but Abby later struck a deal with Brash & Sassy. Ashley discovered that Graham had unsuccessfully applied to Mergeron many times before Dina had hired him, and she worried that he'd been stalking her mother. Dina provided Ashley with Graham's hotel keycard to prove that Graham had done nothing wrong. Ashley discovered a receipt to a pricey assisted living facility in Graham's desk. Graham caught Ashley leaving his room.
September 18 to 22, 2017
Ashley fibbed about why she was in Graham's room, but Dina later told him that she'd invited Ashley to snoop around. Dina confessed to Graham that John wasn't Ashley's father, but she ordered him not to tell another living soul. Ashley called the senior living facility and spoke to a Mrs. Bloodworth, who confirmed that her son paid her bills. A facility employee further spilled that Mrs. Bloodworth was from Genoa City. Dina refused to believe Ashley's claim that Graham's mother was alive. Graham received photos of Jack and Nikki kissing, and he forwarded them to Victor, using Dina's return address. Victor summoned Kevin to town and enlisted his help to hack into Nick's bank accounts. Michael was surprised when he spotted Kevin in Genoa City. Cane convinced Lily to try marriage counseling, but she walked out of the session after admitting that she was only there for the twins' sake. Juliet comforted Cane with takeout food and a kiss. Juliet dreamed about Cane being devoted to her and their baby. After experiencing severe cramping, Juliet learned that she might have placenta previa, a potentially life-threatening condition. Cane vowed not to let anything happen to his baby boy. Music promoter Irv West was impressed with Tessa's performance at the Underground and wanted her to tour as the opening act for his other artists. Scott recognized Irv's "girlfriend" as Natalia, the hooker he'd met at the seedy motel. Tessa gave Natalia her number and hoped to get information about Crystal.
September 25 to 29, 2017
Dina allowed everyone to think that she'd sent Victor the photos of Jack and Nikki kissing. Ashley accused Graham of stealing files from Jabot's server. Ravi discovered that someone had downloaded the confidential files by using Dina's password and Phyllis' laptop. Ashley demanded that Phyllis be fired, but Jack suspected that Billy had been behind the hack, and he plotted to feed Brash & Sassy information. Jack and Ravi fibbed to Phyllis that the hack had been a false alarm. After unsuccessfully trying to get Dina to divulge the identity of Ashley's biological father, Graham pulled out a photo of a young boy. Myrna encouraged Graham to get payback against Dina for destroying their family. Victor gifted Victoria with an anti-aging skincare line to combat Jabot's revival of Jabot Junior. Victor ordered Kevin to access Nikki's phone and email. Hilary tried to convince Juliet to move back to Tokyo, to no avail. Cane was devastated when Lily decided to file for divorce. Scott and Sharon were dismayed when Paul found no suspicious activity on Irv's credit card. Abby blabbed to Zack that Scott was working on a story about a sex trafficking ring. Mariah confided to Kevin that she had feelings for Tessa, but she faltered when she started to confess how she felt to Tessa. Tessa and Mariah abducted Alice and took her to the Newman stables. Alice fainted when she saw Mariah. Mariah pretended to be Cassie to guilt Alice into revealing Crystal's whereabouts.
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October 2 to 6, 2017
Abby was turned off by Zack's change in behavior. Ashley learned that she'd won the Innovator of the Year Award. Jack and Billy agreed to set aside their differences to celebrate Ashley's success. Graham convinced Dina that the woman at the assisted living facility in Florida was his aunt. Myrna encouraged Graham to exact revenge on Dina because Brent had left Myrna and Graham for Dina years earlier. Sharon threatened to turn Alice in to the police unless Alice arranged to have Crystal returned to Genoa City. Tessa and Crystal tearfully reunited. Before calling the cops, Sharon gave Alice a head start to escape. Alice found the safe house abandoned, and a car mowed her down when she attempted to leave town. Sharon and Scott found Alice's empty hospital bed as Zack looked on. Mariah covered her dismay when Tessa agreed to move in with Noah. Kevin hacked into Nick's bank account and transferred the funds to Victor. Nick suspected that Victor had been behind his missing cash. Cane and Lily told the twins about their impending divorce. Cane implored Juliet to stay in Genoa City. Lily accepted an executive position at Brash & Sassy. Victoria lashed out at Hilary during one of her ear-ringing episodes. Over Victoria's objections, Billy used Phyllis' computer to hack into Jabot's server again, and he downloaded the fake information that Jack had planted. Victoria antagonized Phyllis by insinuating that Billy would return to Victoria. Jack told Phyllis that Billy had used her computer to hack Jabot.
October 9 to 13, 2017
Phyllis caught Billy using her computer to try to access Jabot's server, but she didn't tell him. Nick appeared on Hilary's show to announce that he was donating his entire trust fund to charity. Nick explained to Nikki and Victoria that he'd done it because Victor had drained Nick's bank account, and he wanted to sever all connections with his father. Juliet was moved when Colin welcomed her baby into the family. Victoria and Lily agreed to let Mattie and Reed see one another. Mariah tried to distance herself from Tessa and Devon after Tessa moved in with Noah. Hilary suspected that Mariah was more interested in Tessa than in Devon. Ravi tracked down Myrna's work history and learned that she'd worked at Walnut Grove. Traci discovered an old yearbook photo of Graham Davis. Jack threw a party to celebrate Ashley winning the Innovator of the Year Award. Ashley and Graham clashed at the event, and she exposed his ties to Genoa City. Graham revealed that Brent Davis had been his stepfather and that he was bitter because Brent had left their family for Dina. Dina blurted out that Brent was Ashley's father. Hilary promised Jack that she'd bury her footage from the party. Dina and Jack planned to have Graham written out of her will. Dina collapsed during an altercation with Graham, and he hesitated to call for help.
October 16 to 20, 2017
The Abbott family reeled from the public revelation that Ashley wasn't John's biological daughter. Scott comforted Abby. After Dina collapsed, Graham left her unconscious in her hotel room without calling for help. Ashley found Dina and rushed her to the hospital, where the doctor determined that Dina had suffered a mild stroke. Graham revealed that he had Dina's medical power of attorney. Graham tried to convince Dina that he had truly developed affection for her. Graham accepted a check from Jack in exchange for letting the Abbotts see Dina. Instead, Graham whisked Dina out of the hospital and onto a private plane. Jack offered Phyllis his support and resources to move forward with her plans to take down Brash & Sassy. Lily told Jordan that she just wanted to be friends, and he expressed renewed interest in Hilary. Cane announced that Jill had named him acting CEO of Chancellor Industries. Victoria agreed to appear on The Hilary Hour. Victor implored Nikki to move back to the ranch to heal their family. Nikki encouraged Gloria to pursue Victor. Sharon and Noah chided Nick for giving away his trust fund. After Nick earmarked some of his charitable contribution to go toward orphanages, he and Victor agreed to a tentative truce. Tessa implied that she had feelings for Mariah, but she stood by her commitment to Noah and urged Mariah to be happy with Devon. After an altercation with Cane, Victoria got into a car accident. Cane invited Juliet to move in with him.
October 23 to 27, 2017
Victoria refused to get medical attention after her car accident. Phyllis learned that Victoria was going to appear on The Hilary Hour and arranged for Jabot's men's line to hit the stores immediately. Billy and Phyllis had a bitter argument about their mutual betrayals. Phyllis threw Billy out. Victoria collapsed during her live interview on Hilary's show. Victoria was diagnosed with prolonged toxic poisoning, and she realized that Brash & Sassy's new face masks were toxic. Billy and Victor suspected that Jack had poisoned the product, and Billy offered to help Victor take Jack and Jabot down. Jack and Ashley tracked Dina down in Florida, where they were surprised to find their mother living it up. Dina declared that she despised Jack, but Jack vowed not to leave until he figured out what was really going on. Lily was stunned to find out that Juliet had moved in with Cane. An oblivious Scott bragged to Zack that he was getting close to exposing the leaders of the sex ring. Zack drugged Scott's drink. Scott woke up in a motel bed next to a dead Natalia. Scott called Victor for help, but Victor turned him in to the police. Lauren blamed Sharon for Scott's predicament. Zack broke up with Abby over voicemail and planned to leave town, but he later wooed her back by professing his love. Zack and Abby began to make love as Scott linked Zack's app to the sex ring.
October 30 to November 3, 2017
Jack found a legal loophole that rendered Graham's power of attorney invalid. Dina was devastated when Jack told her that Graham never wanted to see her again. Scott lost his cool and accused Zack of running the sex trafficking ring. Sharon told Tessa about Scott's suspicions about Zack, and Tessa revealed that she'd once worked in a seedy massage parlor that Zack had owned. Scott and Faith hit it off, but Nick objected to his daughter spending time with Scott. Scott distanced himself from Sharon to keep her safe. Mariah confided to Sharon that she had feelings for Tessa. Tessa implied that she felt something for Mariah, but she just wanted to be friends. After the FDA decided to test all of Brash & Sassy's products, Victoria decided to sell Brash & Sassy to Victor. Billy accused Jack of poisoning the face masks. Ashley tested a face mask sample and learned that the factory had cut corners. Reed talked Noah into giving him the keys to the Underground. Mattie, Charlie, and Reed hid when Nick entered the Underground and lit a jack-o'-lantern. Later, Dina wandered into the Underground and accidentally started a fire. Billy rushed into the burning building to save the teens, but he was trapped inside when the structure started to collapse. Jack risked his own life by going inside to make amends with Billy. Firefighters saved Billy and Jack. Victoria fired Billy when she found out he had caused the face mask debacle.
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November 6 to 10, 2017
Jordan threatened to release the explicit photos of Hilary if she didn't back off. While Phyllis distracted Jordan, Hilary broke into Jordan's room to retrieve the photos, but instead, she found multiple identification cards with his photos and different names. Hilary exposed Jordan's various identities on her show. Victoria fired Jordan after Hilary revealed that he'd taken the photos of Jack and Nikki kissing. Noah was dismayed when Nick decided not to rebuild the Underground, but he later agreed to run Top of the Tower. Jack fired Dina after she made a disastrous business decision. Abby caught Dina hoarding sugar packets at Crimson Lights. Dina later swiped silverware from the Athletic Club. Billy and Cane were arrested and thrown in jail after getting drunk and going to see Phyllis and Lily, respectively. Lily offered to put the divorce on hold after Juliet collapsed during the divorce hearing. Juliet died during emergency surgery, leaving behind an infant son with medical complications. Crystal fled police custody and turned to Sharon for help. Neil decided to run Power Communications and accepted Newman as a client. Victor planned to throw a party to celebrate Abby's success with Design Date. Neil convinced Victor and Victoria to use the party to announce Brash & Sassy's return to Newman and Victoria's appointment as COO. Expecting a promotion, Abby was shocked and devastated when Victor broke the news. Crystal publicly revealed that Zack was using Design Date as a front for his sex trafficking ring. Dina stabbed Nikki.
November 13 to 17, 2017
Zack drove off with Abby and tried to convince her that he'd done nothing wrong, but she blasted him for pimping out women. Scott traced them to a storage facility, where Zack locked Scott and Abby in a storage locker. Scott and Abby comforted one another and had sex. Sharon realized that her feelings for Scott were deeper than she'd thought. Victor and Jack worked together to offer a reward for Abby's safe return. Dina was discovered along the highway and later revealed that she'd hidden in the back seat of Zack's car. Dina provided a tip that led Paul and Sharon to the storage facility, but Scott and Abby had already escaped. Scott and Abby tracked Zack to a hotel, where Zack pulled a gun on them. Abby proposed that she and Zack run off together, but he realized that Scott and Abby had had sex, and a gunshot went off. Ashley and Jack were devastated when they realized that Dina suffered from Alzheimer's. The FBI froze Newman's assets. Victoria released a statement to the press, blaming Abby for the sex ring scandal. Billy rented the apartment next to Phyllis'. Nick learned that the insurance company was refusing to pay his claim because they suspected that he had started the fire. Hilary exposed Jordan's past as a con artist who'd scammed wealthy older women out of their money. The exposť ended up revealing that Chelsea had been Jordan's partner in crime, leading to a rift between Chelsea and Nick.
November 20 to 24, 2017
Crystal shot Zack dead before he could shoot Abby and Scott, and she fled. Scott and Abby reunited with their loved ones. Lauren refused to make amends with Sharon. Abby was livid when she learned that Victoria had publicly blamed Abby for the sex ring debacle. After Victoria demoted Abby and decided to shut down Hashtag, Abby and Scott agreed to work together to take Victoria down. Scott envisioned kissing Abby when he kissed Sharon. Mariah broke up with Devon. Jordan exposed Hilary's past as Anne Turner on a live segment of her show. Ashley and Jack grappled with how to tell Dina that she had Alzheimer's, and they were shocked when Dina revealed that she had already been diagnosed a year earlier. Jack disinvited Nikki for Thanksgiving when she badmouthed Dina. Ravi showed up at the Abbott mansion for Thanksgiving dinner and was embarrassed when he learned that Ashley hadn't meant to invite him. Jack and Ashley informed the rest of the Abbott clan about Dina's diagnosis. Nikki and Nick showed up unexpectedly at the Newman ranch on Thanksgiving. Abby stormed out of the Newman family dinner after she heard Victoria insulting her. Jack announced that he was going to take a leave of absence to care for Dina. Phyllis admitted that she was still in love with Billy. Phyllis, Nick, and Chelsea accepted Billy's impromptu invitation to spend the weekend in New Orleans.
November 27 to December 1, 2017
Nick, Chelsea, Billy, and Phyllis returned from a wild weekend in New Orleans and agreed to never speak of it again. Paul revealed that Nikki's gun had been used to shoot Zack. Tessa admitted that she'd stolen the gun and given it to Crystal. Jack broke things off with Nikki and stepped away from Jabot to care for Dina. Jack realized that Dina had started the fire at the Underground. Paul learned about Dina's Alzheimer's diagnosis, and he recommended that the criminal charges against her be dropped. Ashley took over at Jabot and was livid when she discovered that Jack had kept information from her. Ashley summoned Ravi for a sex romp, but he was disappointed when she wanted to keep things simple. Victoria wrote a statement for Abby to read at a press conference, with Abby taking the blame for Zack's criminal activities. Scott helped Abby edit the statement, and she deflected the blame from herself and encouraged the public to read about the sex ring scandal on Hashtag. Abby and Scott made a pact to quit Newman, but he decided to stay when Victoria agreed to keep Hashtag running. Victor ordered Victoria to convince Abby to return to the company. Hilary's career unraveled after Jordan posted her nude photos online. Nick gave his blessing for Sharon to ask Scott to move in with her and Faith. Cane learned that the medication to treat Sam's heart condition was no longer working, so the baby needed surgery. Victor threatened to tell Nick about Christian's paternity to manipulate Chelsea.
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December 4 to 8, 2017
Cane was touched when Mattie donated blood for baby Sam. Sam made it through surgery, and Cane was finally able to hold his son. Abby agreed to return to Newman as long as she could appeal Victoria's decisions to Victor. Victor told Noah that Tessa had stolen Nikki's gun. Victor offered Tessa money to leave town, but she refused. Tessa turned down an opportunity to gather evidence to implicate Victor in the sex trafficking ring, and she was arrested for stealing the gun. Devon filled in as a guest on Hilary's show when Tessa failed to appear, but he was appalled when Hilary revealed that Tessa had been hauled in by the cops. Tessa later appeared on Hilary's show and publicly admitted that she'd taken the gun. Scott agreed to move in with Sharon. Scott and Abby almost kissed, and he admitted that he was physically attracted to her, but he insisted on staying with Sharon. After Ashley declined Ravi's efforts to spend quality time together, he accepted a job offer from Victoria. Billy bought Phyllis a racehorse. Jack and Ashley clashed after he agreed that Jabot would sponsor Hilary's show, and she appealed to the board of directors to give her complete authority to run the company. Nick made it his personal mission to stop real estate developers from paving over Chancellor Park to build condos. Nick was livid when he learned that Newman was behind the project.
December 11 to 15, 2017
Abby admitted to Lily that she'd had sex with Scott. Faith sneaked out without Sharon's knowledge and witnessed Scott and Abby kissing. Scott and Sharon professed their love to one another. Mariah noticed Faith's cold attitude toward Scott, and Faith eventually blabbed about Scott and Abby's kiss. Mariah warned Scott not to hurt Sharon or he'd have to answer to her. Both Victor and Devon lost their bids on Chancellor Park, but the identity of the high bidder remained a mystery. Nick staged a protest in the park against the developers. Ashley was shocked when Ravi tendered his resignation to take a job at Newman. Ashley cited a non-compete clause in Ravi's contract that prevented him from taking a position with a competitor, and he stayed at Jabot. Jack returned as Jabot's CEO and planned to work from home while caring for Dina. Dina interrupted an important video conference because she mistook Jack's colleague for Traci. Jack invited Hilary to spend Christmas with the Abbotts. Billy was livid when the business news praised Cane for his efforts at Chancellor. Auditors discovered an anomaly in one of Victor's personal bank accounts, and J.T. returned to town to investigate. Reed avoided J.T., but Cane arranged for them to spend time together. Nikki confessed to Victoria that she'd stolen funds from Victor and transferred them into an overseas account. Victoria appealed to J.T. to help Nikki avoid punishment, but he insisted that Nikki face the consequences of her actions.
December 18 to 22, 2017
Nikki urged Kevin to flee town to avoid being exposed as her accomplice in embezzling from Victor's accounts. Nikki and Victoria appealed to J.T. to look away from Nikki's involvement in the theft, but he told them he couldn't. Victoria blabbed to Victor that Nikki had stolen the money. Victor and Victoria were stunned to learn that J.T. had reported the anomaly in Victor's account as a banking error. Victor deliberately kept the information from Nikki and blackmailed her into moving back to the ranch. Nikki informed Victor that she'd used the stolen funds to buy Chancellor Park. Victor and Nikki publicly announced their reunion and their co-ownership of the park. Nikki learned the truth about J.T.'s report, but she opted to stay at the ranch. J.T. confided to Victoria that he and Mac had separated, and Victoria invited him to join her and Reed for the holidays. Jill planned to sell Chancellor Industries. Ashley assembled the board for a vote of no confidence against Jack. Jack appointed Phyllis to the board in the hope of winning the vote. Jack was crushed when Kyle sent his tiebreaking vote to oust Jack as CEO. Ashley was livid when Jack revealed that he'd added a provision to Jabot's bylaws to require that the CEO of the company be a blood Abbott. Charlie tried to play matchmaker with his parents. Devon and Jill joined efforts to reunite the Ashby family for Christmas Eve.
December 25 to 29, 2017
Sharon was touched when Mariah gifted her with a "Mom" ornament. Hilary was stunned when an old childhood letter she'd written to Santa was read aloud on her show. Jill was shocked when Jack accepted her inflated counteroffer for Jabot to buy Chancellor Industries. After Jill learned that Jack had been ousted as CEO, she sent Billy to squash the deal. Ashley rallied the Jabot board to approve an amendment requiring the CEO to work from the office. Jack opted to remain CEO and hired a caregiver for Dina. Nick wanted to build a dream home for Chelsea and their kids, but she insisted on staying at the penthouse. Sam was released from the hospital. Lily struggled with her feelings about the baby, while Hilary took a shine to Sam. Reed insisted on driving after drinking at a party, and Mattie called the cops on him. Reed was arrested for DUI. Nikki lectured Reed on his possible predisposition to addiction. J.T. decided to stay in town. Nikki and Victor planned a vow renewal on New Year's Eve. Nick refused to attend the ceremony at first, but he eventually agreed to do it for his mother after a visit from Victor. Jill and Esther arranged a private party for Lily and Cane on New Year's Eve, but Lily dodged Cane's kiss. Victor and Nikki exchanged surprisingly sincere vows. Nick caught Abby and Scott kissing.
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