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January 4 to 8, 2016
Marisa covered up Noah's role in Billy's accident. Noah struggled with his guilt when he learned he'd been the driver who'd hit Billy. Marisa informed Luca that the Santori family had financed Marco's crimes. Luca tricked Marisa into revealing Noah's secret, and she threatened to leave Luca if he turned Noah in. Adam and Victor toasted to Adam's role of double agent to take Luca and the Santoris down. Sage became irate when she suspected Dr. Anderson was trying to interfere in Nick and Sage's marriage. Dr. Anderson attempted to plant seeds of doubt in Nick's mind about Sage's mental stability. Phyllis inadvertently tipped Victor off about Billy's potential investment in Kevin's idea. Victor approached Kevin about investing in the project, but Kevin was determined to wait for Billy to recover. Abby and Stitch cut their honeymoon short when they found out about Billy's accident. Jenna was killed in a car accident, and Max arrived in Genoa City to live with Abby and Stitch. Max blamed Abby for his mother's death, and he briefly ran away, but Stitch convinced the boy to give his new home a chance. Dr. Neville covertly obtained Billy's medical records and recommended his protocol to save Billy, but Billy's family opted to proceed with surgery. Billy suffered cardiac arrest during the surgery. Jill argued with Jack and Victoria about whether Billy would want to live in his condition. Billy's condition deteriorated.
January 11 to 15, 2016
Nikki was pleased when her faux affair with Neil infuriated Victor, and she wanted to keep up the charade. Devon saw Neil and Hilary having sex in the Jabot lab. Devon lashed out at Neil, but he remained determined to win Hilary back. Dylan accepted Paul's invitation to become a cop. Noah struggled with his guilt over being the driver who'd hit Billy. Kevin decided to stay loyal to Billy at first, but he took on Victor as an investor in the Internet security project when Billy showed no brain activity. Michael revealed that Billy had given Jack his power of attorney to make medical decisions, and Jack decided to take Billy off the machines. Billy's family and friends said touching goodbyes. Billy had an out-of-body experience as he prepared to die. Delia appeared to Billy and encouraged him to stay and fix things. Billy's family was stunned when Billy recovered. Adam was kidnapped. Marisa suspected that Luca was really working with his father to take over Newman Enterprises. Natalie arrived in Genoa City, and she informed Kevin that she'd sold her idea to other investors who were threatening her. Victor received an email demanding "the girl" in exchange for his son.
January 18 to 22, 2016
Sharon objected to Dylan becoming a cop. Abby unsuccessfully tried to win Max's affections with a video game, but she was hopeful when the game ended up drawing Stitch and Max closer. Sage snooped into Dr. Anderson's background. Dr. Anderson overheard Nick concede to Sage that something was off with the doctor's involvement in Nick and Sage's relationship. Luca decided to use Marisa's knowledge about Marco's contacts to take down his father. Victor had his minions hold Marisa hostage, believing she was the girl the kidnapper wanted in exchange for Adam. Natalie admitted that there were glitches in her security program and that she'd kept the money from the other investors. Mariah was jealous of Kevin and Natalie's connection. Natalie informed Victor that she was the girl the kidnapper wanted. Victor banished Kevin from the security project. Dylan devised a plan to use Natalie as bait to get Adam back during Chelsea's fashion show. Victor agreed to work with the police, but he told his security team to follow his orders. Adam learned that his kidnapper was a woman. Billy awakened and reunited with Victoria. Billy pledged to focus on Victoria and their children, but he remained perplexed that Victor had stolen the security project out from under him. Billy started to remember details about the night he'd been hit by a car. Noah panicked when Paul questioned Billy about the accident.
January 25 to 29, 2016
Sage and Nick hatched a plot to have Sage committed to expose Dr. Anderson's true intentions. Simon informed Ashley that his treatment seemed to be working, and they shared an unexpected kiss. Jack tried to rally the Abbotts to rebuild Jabot, and Billy accepted Jack's job offer. Ashley opted to stay on Simon's research project, and Abby decided to leave Newman and work with Ashley. Ashley worried that Abby would find out that Ashley was dying. Adam was exchanged for Natalie during Chelsea's fashion show, but Natalie escaped her captor. Phyllis revealed herself to Natalie as the other investor in the technology project, and Natalie agreed to work with Phyllis while pretending to be a Newman employee. Victoria clashed with Natalie. Billy agreed to help Phyllis take Victor down. Chelsea confronted Adam about his plan with Luca to take over their fathers' businesses, and Adam confided that he was really working with Victor to get the Santoris out of Newman. Adam accidentally revealed that Victor was forcing him to work for the company. Noah found out about Luca's plans and decided he wanted in. Nikki confessed that her alleged affair with Neil had been a ruse, and Victor offered to whisk her away on a second honeymoon. Hilary said she couldn't sign divorce papers.
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February 1 to 5, 2016
Sage was admitted to Fairview as part of her and Nick's plan to find out more about Dr. Anderson. Sage found a book about paralysis in Dr. Anderson's office. Nick tried to get Dr. Anderson to open up, and she kissed him. Nick confided in Sharon about his plot with Sage, and Sharon contacted Dr. Anderson. Patty resurfaced and told Paul that Dr. Anderson was the person who shouldn't be trusted. Hilary decided that she wanted to be with Devon, but he refused to give her another chance. Jill and Colin staged a fight on their anniversary in an effort to get Cane and Lily back together. Cane and Lily made love, but they hesitated to make their reunion permanent. Neil took a drink. Billy was released from the hospital. Kevin suspected that Natalie had also cut Billy back in on the Internet security deal. Adam tricked Luca into giving up all the incriminating information about the Santori family, but Luca turned the tables by threatening to expose Noah's secret. Marisa declared that she was done with Luca, but Noah wanted nothing to do with her. Adam convinced Noah not to confess to the hit-and-run. Noah decided to work with Luca to take Victor down. Chelsea threatened to leave Adam because of his secrets, and he agreed to tell her everything.
February 8 to 12, 2016
Noah left the country to take away Luca's leverage, and Marisa went with him. Jack confronted Neil about his drinking. Victoria proposed to Billy, but he wanted to prove that he was worthy of her before they set a date. Max slipped away from Summer when she was babysitting, and he interrupted Stitch and Abby's romantic evening. Natalie covertly placed a hidden camera on the computer that housed the Internet security software, and she monitored interactions in Victor's office. Summer decided that she wanted to work for the family business. Victor forced Natalie to move in with Summer so Summer could keep an eye on her. Phyllis and Billy altered their plot to make Natalie appear to be a con artist, so Victor would fire Natalie, and they could hire her themselves. Sharon and Nick realized that Dr. Anderson was really Sandra Allen, the girl who'd been paralyzed in a fall during a teenage party Nick had hosted. Sharon and Nick found Dr. Anderson's dead body. Sage discovered a despondent Patty covered in blood. Paul determined that Patty had suffered a psychotic break. In her mind, Patty flashed back to confronting Dr. Anderson about giving Nick and Sage's baby to Sharon, and she'd stabbed Dr. Anderson when the doctor had threatened to lock Patty up forever. Paul considered the case closed, but Dylan was determined to dig for answers.
February 15 to 19, 2016
Delia's ghost visited Billy on Valentine's Day and encouraged him to propose to Victoria. Billy arranged a romantic setting at Top of the Tower, and Victoria accepted Billy's proposal. Stitch and Abby celebrated her pregnancy. Max feigned excitement over his new sibling, but he secretly had dark thoughts about pushing a pregnant Abby down the stairs. Neil continued to drink on the sly. Hilary and Devon made love. Neil called a press conference to prematurely announce Dr. Neville's research, and he showed up drunk. Devon fired Neil. Neil passed out in a motel room and hit his head. Jack discovered an unconscious Neil, and he and Lily attempted to talk Neil into going to rehab. Luca plied a lonely Summer with Champagne, and she spilled information about PassKey. Luca plotted to get the software for himself. Natalie pretended to have problems getting her program to work. Phyllis became increasingly uncomfortable about using Summer as part of her plan to snag PassKey, and she ordered Natalie to move out of Summer's apartment. Adam told Victor about Noah's plan to work with Luca to take down Victor. Victor turned Noah in to the police, and Noah was injured while he was being extradited. Dylan arrested Noah. Victor turned over evidence to Paul that incriminated Marisa. Billy remembered that Noah was the driver that had hit him, but he refused to go to the police.
February 22 to 26, 2016
Nikki overheard Jack confide in Neil about Victor hiring Marco to masquerade as Jack. Disgusted by her husband's actions, Nikki left Victor and offered to help Adam rip Newman Enterprises away from Victor. Phyllis moved to the Athletic Club when she learned that Jack had broken her confidence. Victor ordered Luca to leave town, but Luca secretly decided to stay and find a way to win Victor's trust. Over Natalie's objections, Summer invited Luca to stay at her apartment. Luca and Summer discovered that Billy and Natalie were working together. Luca offered Billy information about Victor's dealings with Marco in exchange for a stake in PassKey. Billy confronted Jack about why Victor wasn't in prison for what he'd done to Jack and Phyllis. Ashley and Hilary clashed over whether to publicize Simon's research. Sage continued to have nightmares about Christian. Sage and Nick decided to adopt a baby. Dylan and Sharon bickered about Noah's crime, and their rift deepened when Dylan found Sharon and Nick in a close moment. Nikki blackmailed Elise in an effort to ensure that Noah didn't serve jail time. Adam helped Sage tend to Faith and Sully during a storm. Adam confessed to Chelsea that he had fathered Christian and that Victor had been holding the information over his head.
February 29 to March 4, 2016
Hilary found out about Ashley's illness and blackmailed Ashley into stepping down from the research project and handing her position over to Hilary. Sage and Nick met with a pregnant teen who was considering putting her baby up for adoption, but he feared what would happen if things didn't work out. Phyllis told Summer that she and Billy had partnered to take PassKey from Victor. Victor fired Natalie, and Billy hired her at Jabot. Jack and Phyllis went to the police with their story about how Victor had hired Marco to pose as Jack. Christine learned that no one had died in the explosion on the cargo ship, and Jack avoided all charges. Billy gave Victoria the disc of evidence against Victor, and she turned it over to the police. Paul arrested Victor, who feigned illness to avoid going to jail. Victor's family turned on him, and Victor imagined how their lives would have turned out if he hadn't been part of them. Victoria was surprised to learn that Billy had hired Natalie, but she commended his wise business decision. Phyllis asked Michael to defend Victor and throw the case to ensure Victor was convicted. Stitch was livid when he learned that Jack had killed Kelly, and he took out his anger by yelling at Max. Social services intervened when Max's teacher suspected that Max was being mistreated at home. Noah asked Marisa to marry him to avoid them having to testify against one another, but she pointed out that she was still married to Luca.
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MARCH 2016
March 7 to 11, 2016
Jack was stunned to learn that Billy had hired Natalie and that Jabot planned to launch PassKey. Summer told Victor and Victoria that Billy and Phyllis had conspired with Natalie from the beginning. Victoria called off her wedding to Billy. Victor tried to blackmail Elise into ensuring that she was the judge assigned to his case, but she surprised everyone when she went public with their past affair. Victor's bail was revoked when he threatened Jack and Phyllis. Summer was the only person to visit Victor in jail, and he gave her his proxy to vote his Newman shares. Victor landed in the hospital after another episode, but tests indicated that everything was normal. The Newman board voted to oust Victor as CEO and to replace him with Victoria. Victor asked Adam to run Newman, but Adam planned to start a new life with Chelsea in New York. Michael agreed to Phyllis' request that he defend Victor and throw the case to make sure she got justice. Max was released from social services after he admitted that Stitch had never abused him. Abby became increasingly concerned about Max's behavior when he hesitated to help her during a health scare. Ashley considered stopping Simon's treatment, but Simon convinced her to fight for her life. Abby was irritated when Max bonded with Ashley. Nick and Sage argued about his level of commitment to the adoption process. Neil suspected that Hilary had reverted to her conniving ways.
March 14 to 18, 2016
Phyllis and Billy decided to delay the rollout of PassKey until after Victor was in prison, and Jack considered it to be a fair compromise. Phyllis apologized to Jack for putting her need for revenge against Victor ahead of her love for Jack. In court, Noah blamed his actions on Victor's manipulations, but he later took full responsibility for what he'd done. Judge Moxley found Noah guilty of Billy's hit-and-run, and she sentenced him to probation and community service. Marisa accepted Noah's proposal and asked Luca for a divorce. Marisa sensed Summer's interest in Luca, and she warned Summer not to be taken in by his charms. Luca taunted Noah into punching him. Cane forgave Lily and prepared to move back home. Shawn reported that someone had broken into her apartment, and Sage invited her to live with Sage and Nick. Nick became increasingly concerned about what would happen to Sage if Shawn changed her mind about the adoption. Sharon accepted a job with Chelsea, but she later had doubts about being away from Sully. Sharon had a nightmare about being pregnant, and Dylan worried when Sharon thought she'd heard Sully crying when the tot hadn't been. Nick convinced Chelsea to offer Sage a job, but Sage was livid when she realized Nick had been behind it. Sage overheard Nick telling Shawn that Shawn had every right to decide to keep her baby.
March 21 to 25, 2016
Hilary angled for a seat on the board for the Abbott-Winters Foundation, but Devon asked Neil not to give her one. Simon informed Ashley that she was recovering because of his protocol, and they passionately kissed. Dylan became increasingly disconcerted by Sharon's recurring nightmares about Sully's birth. Jill signed the Chancellor mansion over to Billy. Billy and Phyllis were trapped at the mansion during a storm, and they shared an impromptu kiss, but they agreed to never talk about it again. Luca granted Marisa a divorce, and she suspected that he was scheming to marry into the Newman family by using Summer. Victor offered to plead guilty if Adam agreed to take over Newman Enterprises. Adam consulted with the rest of the Newmans and decided not to accept Victor's deal. Summer was torn between her loyalties to Victor and to Phyllis. Phyllis had an emotional outburst during Victor's trial. During their testimony in court, Victor's family members condemned Victor's actions. Christine became suspicious when Michael didn't cross-examine any of the witnesses. Victor ordered Michael to call Luca to the stand, and Luca revealed that Michael had conspired with Phyllis to throw Victor's case. Victor announced that he was going to serve as his own counsel, and he called himself to the stand.
March 28 to April 1, 2016
Sage and Nick agreed to name Shawn's baby David after Shawn's grandfather. During a conversation with Sharon, Shawn went into premature labor. Sage worried that Shawn would change her mind about giving up her baby for adoption. Sharon remembered that a nurse had been present when Dr. Anderson had first put Sully in Sharon's arms at Fairview. Lauren pledged to stand by Michael as he anticipated facing disbarment. The stress of Victor's trial drove Nikki to start drinking again. Serving as his own counsel, Victor cross-examined the family members testifying against him. Phyllis and Billy couldn't stop thinking about the secret kiss they'd shared. Phyllis turned to Billy instead of Jack for comfort when she anticipated that Victor would be set free. Victoria returned Billy's engagement ring. Victoria told Jack about a close personal moment she'd witnessed between Billy and Phyllis. The jury found Victor guilty, and the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison. Victor disowned his family. Jack and Victoria agreed that they wanted to end the feud between their families. Phyllis vowed to destroy Newman Enterprises. Over Jack's objections, Billy called a press conference to announce the launch of PassKey. Victoria publicly accused Billy of conspiring with Phyllis and Natalie to steal PassKey from Newman, and she declared that the war between the Abbotts and the Newmans was back on. Victor fended off an inmate's attack in prison.
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APRIL 2016
April 4 to 8, 2016
Hilary warned Devon not to sabotage her efforts to get what she wanted. Abby learned about Ashley's illness. Stitch realized that Simon had feelings for Ashley. Abby tried to nudge Ashley and Simon's relationship in a romantic direction by sending them flowers from one another. Sharon became unnerved when Nurse Stevens wanted to hold Sully. Shawn gave birth, and Sage suggested that they have an open adoption. Shawn decided not to go through with the adoption, and she took off with baby David. Sage found comfort in holding Sully, and Sharon invited her to spend time with the boy. Victoria rehired Michael at Newman, and Nick decided to run the company with Victoria. Billy tried to make amends with Victoria, but she bristled when he attempted to kiss her. Victoria proceeded with a lawsuit to reclaim PassKey. Jack offered Newman a share of the profits to drop the lawsuit, but Victoria declined. Victor recovered from being stabbed by an inmate. Victor asked Adam to avenge his death if Victor was murdered in prison. A frustrated Chelsea told Adam to go back to Newman if it was what he wanted to do. Adam warned Victoria that Victor might not make it out of prison alive, so she had to be prepared to save Newman. Ian swore that he'd had nothing to do with the attack, and he suggested that he and Victor work together to stay alive in prison.
April 11 to 15, 2016
Nikki was injured when she drunkenly stumbled in front of a car. Jack agreed to keep Nikki's accident a secret from her family, and he tried to help her control her drinking. Nikki attempted to visit Victor in prison on their anniversary, but he refused to see her. Hilary convinced Jack to give her a seat on the Abbott-Winters Foundation's board, but Neil tried to thwart her plans by divulging to Jack that Hilary had blackmailed Ashley. Hilary threatened to expose Neil as her kidnapper if she didn't maintain her board seat. Abby reprimanded Max when he dared Charlie to pull a fire alarm. Max showed a sudden change in behavior and suggested that he and Stitch throw a surprise baby shower for Abby, but the boy seemed to have ulterior motives. Simon overheard Ashley tell Abby that there was no romance between Ashley and Simon. Leslie deposed everyone involved with PassKey, but all of the witnesses lied to cover Billy and Phyllis' plot to steal the program from Victor. Summer eventually caved in and told Victoria the truth. Luca comforted Summer, and she kissed him. Mariah became jealous when Kevin admired Natalie's sexier new look. Victoria agreed to drop the lawsuit if Jack fired Billy. Phyllis and Billy ended up splattered in mud during a motorcycle ride, and Jack walked in on them in what appeared to be a compromising position.
April 18 to 22, 2016
Victor blasted Victoria for agreeing to a deal to share PassKey profits with Jabot. Natalie offered to split her share of the PassKey proceeds with Kevin, but Mariah was livid when Natalie cut her out of the deal. Dylan found out about Nikki's accident, and he insisted that she stay with him and Sharon. Nikki and Sharon clashed, but they reluctantly decided to try to get along for Sully's sake. Sharon and Sage worked together to investigate Nurse Stephens, and they discovered that the nurse had been Dr. Anderson's patient. Sharon dreamed of Patty insisting that Sharon wasn't pregnant. Patty cryptically told Paul that she'd been protecting the baby when she'd killed Dr. Anderson. Jack fired Billy from Jabot. Summer had sex with Luca. Adam suspected that Victor had arranged for Luca to get Adam fired. Chelsea hired Adam as CEO of her design company. Stitch treated Abby to a romantic night in an Athletic Club suite while her loved ones prepared for a surprise baby shower downstairs. Max planted fishing wire on the stairs, causing Abby to trip and fall. Abby and Stitch were devastated when she lost the baby. Victoria, Jack, and Billy put their differences aside to support Abby.
April 25 to 29, 2016
Abby accused Max of orchestrating the fall that had resulted in her miscarriage. Kyle and Summer broke up. Hilary blackmailed Neil into convincing Jack to give her another chance on the foundation's board. A patient nearly died in the clinical trial, and Hilary made it appear like Ashley and Simon had rushed the testing. Mariah was upset that Natalie had replaced her in Kevin's life. Kevin and Natalie kissed. A drunken Natalie attempted to seduce Kevin, but she passed out. Jack agreed to Billy's request for a multi-million-dollar severance package. Victor and Ian plotted to use Dr. Meredith Gates as their ticket out of prison. Victor played on Nikki and Abby's guilt to get them to sign their Newman voting rights over to him. Victoria was shocked when she learned the board had approved the sale of Brash & Sassy without her knowledge, and she later learned that Billy had purchased the division. Patty told Sharon that Sharon had never been pregnant. Sharon ran a DNA test and learned that Sully was really Christian. Sage learned the truth about Christian's true identity from Nurse Stephens, and she confronted Sharon. Sage raced off to tell Nick that Christian was alive, and Sharon followed in her car. Sharon witnessed Sage get into a horrible car crash, and she placed Christian in Sage's arms just before Sage died. Sharon kept mum about the cause of the crash and the baby's identity.
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MAY 2016
May 2 to 6, 2016
Adam listened to a voicemail Sage had left him before her car crash, saying that she'd needed to talk to him about Christian. After Nick lashed out at Sage's memorial service, Sharon grappled with whether to tell him that his son was alive, but she offered only words of comfort instead. Victor sent Meredith to speak to his family on his behalf, but the Newmans refused to listen to Meredith's advice to forgive Victor. Sage left Adam a letter in her will, and he found out that she'd known about Christian's true paternity. Adam destroyed the letter to honor Sage's request that Nick never find out the truth. Cane learned that Neil had kidnapped Hilary. Victoria began frequenting Hank's Bar and befriended the bartender, Travis. Luca had an investigator follow Victoria. Billy and Phyllis kissed again, but she pushed him away. Billy struck a deal with Jabot's biggest buyer. Jack realized that Billy had acquired Brash & Sassy to stick it not only to Victoria but also to Jack and Jabot. Jack and Phyllis clashed over her role in Billy's self-destructive behavior. Max overheard Lily talking about the police reviewing the Athletic Club's security tapes, and he convinced Charlie to swipe the master keycard for the hotel. A fire broke out in the club's security room, and Abby suspected that Max had set the fire. Stitch believed Max's pleas of innocence. Dylan uncovered forensic evidence that linked Max to the crime. Max ran away.
May 9 to 13, 2016
Cane told Lily that Neil had kidnapped Hilary. Lily was furious with Neil, but she agreed to keep the secret for Devon's sake. Devon confronted Hilary about blackmailing Neil. Mariah became upset when she saw Kevin and Natalie kissing. Mariah moved out of Kevin's house and back in with Sharon. Jack's identity was stolen, and Natalie agreed to fix a glitch in the PassKey program. Victor encouraged a reunion between Meredith and her father, Judge Russell Gates. Adam tipped off Russell that Victor was using Meredith as a pawn in his plan to secure an early prison release. Max admitted to Ashley that he'd caused Abby's fall, but he claimed it had been a prank. Stitch was crushed when a doctor determined that Max needed inpatient psychiatric treatment. Victoria was livid when she found Fiona at Billy's home. Victoria and Travis shared a dance and a kiss. Travis invited Victoria back to his place, but she declined. Luca's investigator filmed the couple together. Fiona suspected that Phyllis wanted Billy for herself. Fiona agreed to resume doing business with Jabot, but she warned Jack that something was going on between Billy and Phyllis. After an argument with Jack, Phyllis sought out Billy to tell him that whatever was going on between them was over, but they ended up having passionate sex. Later, Jack asked Phyllis whether she had feelings for his brother.
May 16 to 20, 2016
Victoria requested that Billy confirm the terms of their custody agreement in writing in an effort to distance herself from him. Victoria slept with Travis, but she insisted that they keep things casual. Luca fished for information about Victoria and Travis' relationship. Summer hatched a plan to impress Victoria at the office. Adam and Chelsea renewed their wedding vows. Mariah found Sage's journal, and Nick discovered that Sage had written that Adam had murdered Constance. Sharon confided to Mariah that Sully was really Christian, but Mariah struggled with keeping the secret. Sharon prepared to confess everything to Dylan, but Nick interrupted with his accusations against Adam. Nick demanded to see the letter Sage had left for Adam. Adam thought Victor was setting him up. Billy and Phyllis couldn't stop thinking about their lovemaking session. Phyllis insisted that having sex with Billy had been a mistake and that it couldn't happen again, but the couple succumbed to their attraction and kissed passionately. Jack stopped Nikki from drinking. Nikki decided to file for divorce. Victor and Meredith kissed. Lauren persuaded Michael to contest his suspension from practicing law. Hilary tried to undermine Jack and Phyllis' marriage. Lily threatened to tell Devon that Hilary was making a play for Jack. Neil fell off the wagon again. Max was taken to a long-term psychiatric facility.
May 23 to 27, 2016
The forensic evidence from the exhumation of Constance's body backed up the claims in Sage's journal that Constance had been poisoned. Chelsea suggested that she and Adam run, but he insisted on staying to prove that Victor had framed him. Victoria blasted Summer for sending out an email to Newman executives in Victoria's name. Summer blabbed to Victor that Nikki was filing for divorce. Luca handled a Newman emergency when Victoria was busy having sex with Travis. Mariah kissed Kevin, and he chose spending time with Mariah over an extravagant trip with Natalie. Michael's license to practice law was reinstated. Sharon, Nick, and their families commemorated the anniversary of Cassie's death. Jill returned to town for the dedication of a hospital wing in Katherine's name, but she bristled when she learned the wing would be named after both Katherine and Hilary's mother, Rose. Hilary was livid when Jack sided with Phyllis about having two separate dedications. Lily and Cane plotted to get Devon on their side where Hilary was concerned. Ashley suspected that Billy had become serious about another woman. Billy prepared a romantic lunch for Phyllis, but she rejected him and joined Jack for a hotel getaway. Billy had sex with Bethany and resisted the urge to gamble. Jill walked in as Billy pointedly told Phyllis and Jack that he wouldn't give up on the woman he loved.
May 30 to June 3, 2016
Stitch learned that Max had a brain tumor. Nick refused to grant permission to exhume Constance's body a second time. Adam formed an alliance with Ian to get Victor to admit that he'd set Adam up. Luca fibbed that Victoria had instructed Summer to talk to the press about the oil spill, and Victoria backed up his claim to avoid revealing her whereabouts. Billy discovered that the leak had occurred because Newman had cut corners. Victoria and Billy shared a close moment when Johnny got sick. Travis walked in on a press conference where Victoria was announcing Newman's large donation to the Abbott-Winters Foundation, and he was livid that she'd hid her wealth from him. Jill stole the spotlight from Hilary to dedicate a memorial wing in Katherine's name. Neil admitted himself as the first patient into the foundation's new clinic. Summer refused to listen to everyone's warnings about Luca, and Luca accepted her invitation to move in with her. Kevin decided to give a romance with Natalie a shot. Billy and Phyllis got into an accident on his motorcycle. Phyllis fled the scene after calling for help, and Billy claimed that Bethany had been riding with him. Phyllis bribed Bethany into backing Billy's claim. Meredith and Victor shared a steamy moment, and he later learned that she'd taken a leave of absence.
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JUNE 2016
June 6 to 10, 2016
Paul and Dylan suspected that Victor had paid a lab technician to falsify Constance's autopsy results, but the tech committed suicide after the police questioned him. The cash trail from the deposits in the tech's bank account led the police to Hilary, who cast suspicion on Simon. Simon was alarmed when two patients exhibited severe side effects from his drug protocol, and he feared Hilary would be the third when he spotted a tremor in her hand. Hilary continued to push for the release of the drug. Hilary collapsed during a confrontation with Lily. Stitch told Max about the boy's brain tumor, and Max wanted to proceed with the surgery. Meredith returned to her job at the prison and continued her relationship with Victor. Ian agreed to testify that Victor had bragged about forging Sage's diary and altering Constance's autopsy, but he insisted on doing it in open court rather than giving a deposition. After a fight with Ian, Victor was sent to solitary confinement and denied infirmary privileges. Victoria appealed to Travis to get to know the real her, and they edged toward reconciliation. Luca tipped off Nick about Victoria visiting Travis at Hank's Bar, and he handed over information to Victoria about Travis' past as a Wall Street trader. Nick and Phyllis hatched a plot to get Luca to walk away from Summer. Bethany pretended to be Billy's girlfriend in exchange for cash. Billy insisted that he and Phyllis tell Jack the truth about their relationship.
June 13 to 17, 2016
Phyllis backed out of her plan to tell Jack about her affair with Billy, and she made plans with Billy to spend the weekend together. Hilary confided to Jack that she was relapsing. Lily tried to convince Devon that Hilary was making a play for Jack, and Devon became suspicious about Hilary and Jack's relationship. The police suspected Simon of paying off the lab technician to falsify the drug trial, and Ashley claimed she'd done it to leave Simon free to perfect the treatment. Ashley ordered Hilary to stay away from Jack and the research project in exchange for Ashley's silence about Hilary paying off the lab tech. Ashley told Jack she wanted to return to Jabot. Victoria and Travis made amends, and she introduced him to Summer as her new man. Travis became cold when he spotted a press release that blamed the Newman oil leak on a third-party contractor. Adam agreed to help Ian break out of prison if Ian testified in his defense. Ian intercepted correspondence from Meredith to Victor. Meredith offered to testify that Ian had bragged about his plan to claim that Victor had set Adam up. Victor flashed back to instructing an unseen woman to have someone forge Sage's diary and alter Constance's forensic results. Nick sensed that something was off with Sharon, and Dylan told him about Sharon's nightmares about Sage. Nick agreed to exhume Constance's body again to get to the truth.
June 20 to 24, 2016
Ashley told Jack that Hilary had bribed the lab technician and had been blackmailing Simon. Jack confronted Hilary, who spilled that Neil had kidnapped her. Jack decided not to turn Neil in. Hilary left Devon, and she was pleased when Jack vowed to stand by her. Billy and Phyllis planned to spend a secret weekend together, but she cut their plans short when Jack needed her. After a second oil leak occurred, Luca and Travis accused one another of sabotaging Newman. Luca goaded Travis into punching him. Victoria struggled to believe Travis, while Summer began having doubts about Luca. Victoria hired Kevin to find out who had been behind the attacks on Newman, and his investigation led him to believe that Natalie was working with Victor. Sharon continued to have visions of Sage. Meredith retracted her statement, and Victor prepared to testify at Adam's trial. Victor arranged for his accomplice to plant more evidence against Adam in a storage locker.
June 27 to July 1, 2016
Hilary left Devon and threatened to take the club as part of the divorce settlement. Lily and Cane convinced Devon to stay married to Hilary to avoid losing half his fortune. Simon found a possible cure for Hilary's ailment, and she agreed to let him test the drug on her. Devon learned about Hilary's relapse and promised to be by her side, but she continued to push him away. Victoria admitted that she was falling in love with Travis. Kevin suspected Natalie of helping Victor to sabotage Newman. Natalie hacked into the prison surveillance system, and she and Kevin discovered footage of meetings between Victor and the mystery woman, but they were unable to identify her. Phyllis agreed to go to the Abbott cabin with Jack to celebrate his birthday, but she intentionally drank too much Champagne to avoid having sex with him. Phyllis remained at the cabin alone, and Billy joined her to have a passionate encounter. Mariah sought help from a psychiatrist for advice on how to make Sharon's nightmares stop. Mariah confronted Sharon about going off her medication. Sharon lashed out at a vision of Sage and knocked Mariah out. Kevin walked in on Sharon hovering over an unconscious Mariah. At Adam's trial, Ian testified that Victor had bragged about setting Adam up. On the stand, Victor denied framing Adam, and he professed his love for his son and stated that Adam wasn't a murderer. Ian realized that Chelsea and Adam had lied about helping him escape. Ian overpowered his guard, shot Victor, and took Nikki hostage.
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JULY 2016
July 4 to 8, 2016
Kevin agreed not to tell Dylan that Sharon had gone off her medication as long as she continued taking her pills. Max suffered seizures after his brain surgery, resulting in memory loss and other problems. When Stitch shut Abby out, she believed that he blamed her for Max's condition. Summer began to have suspicions about Luca. Hilary kissed Jack, but she blamed her actions on side effects from her medication. Hilary continued to rebuff Devon, who vowed to fight to keep her from destroying his family. Ashley returned to Jabot. Phyllis professed her love for Billy. Victor survived the shooting. Ian whisked Nikki away to the Abbott cabin, where he also took Phyllis hostage. Ian forced Nikki to call Victor to make a ransom demand. Meredith helped Victor escape from the hospital, and he confronted Ian at the cabin. Ian tried to taunt Victor into shooting him, but Victor held Ian at gunpoint until the police arrived. Meredith realized that Victor would always love Nikki. Nikki called off the divorce and reunited with Victor. Victor was confident that his sentence would be overturned. Victor implied that he could exonerate Adam, and he presented Adam with the choice of going to prison or working by Victor's side. Billy insinuated to Jack that Phyllis and Jack's marriage was doomed. Phyllis thought Billy had crossed the line, and she remained torn about whether or not to leave Jack for Billy.
July 11 to 15, 2016
Victor and Nikki tore up their divorce papers. Adam begrudgingly accepted Victor's offer to work at Newman in exchange for the missing pages of Sage's journal that would clear him of Constance's murder. Dylan received an anonymous tip about evidence in Adam's case, but his search only turned up an empty envelope. A disguised Chloe visited Victor in the hospital, and she was revealed to be his accomplice. Chloe divulged that she'd taken the diary pages, and she vowed to stay in town to make Adam pay for killing Delia. Adam agreed to take a plea bargain. The Newman family prepared to band together to appeal Victor's prison sentence. Jill invoked the clause in her agreement with Billy to take back Katherine's home, and she began having the mansion restored to its original state. Victoria turned down Travis' invitation to sail away with him, and he broke things off. Victoria interrupted Jack's attempt to have sex with Phyllis at the office, and she told Billy about the encounter. Billy demanded that Phyllis make a choice between him and Jack. Phyllis moved out of the Abbott mansion, but she didn't tell Jack about her affair with Billy. Jack accused Hilary of lying about her illness getting worse. Hilary collapsed, and doctors determined that she had suffered a severe setback. Devon realized that he truly wanted to save his marriage. Hilary pushed Devon away at first, but she finally admitted that she was glad he was standing by her.
July 18 to 22, 2016
Luca and Summer confessed that they'd been playing one another, but he insisted that his feelings for her were real. Luca prepared to leave town, but Summer decided to walk away from Newman in order to be with him. Hilary was released from the hospital, and she asked Devon to take her home. Simon cleared Ashley's name by telling the FDA that he'd altered the results of the drug trial. Stitch and Abby inched closer, but the distance between them grew when she mentioned trying to have another baby. Jack learned that Phyllis had lied about taking the corporate jet to go to Montreal, but she fibbed that she'd flown commercial. Victoria angrily confronted Billy about selling Brash & Sassy. Billy and Cane traded punches when Billy learned that Cane and Jill had acquired the company in a hostile takeover. Adam accepted a plea bargain, and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. Dylan continued to look for evidence that Adam had been framed. Mariah planned to move out of Sharon's house, but Sharon convinced her to stay. Chelsea threatened Victor with a scalpel in an effort to get his confession on tape, but she was disappointed when her plan didn't work. Victor vowed to help Adam get out of prison once his own sentence was reduced. Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Abby testified on Victor's behalf at his appeal hearing. Phyllis interrupted the hearing to speak as one of Victor's victims.
July 25 to 29, 2016
Phyllis interrupted Victor's appeal to oppose his potential release. Jack encouraged Judge Gates to make a final decision. Victor privately promised Judge Gates that he'd stay away from Meredith if his appeal was granted, and the judge reduced Victor's sentence to time served and community service. Victor returned to the helm at Newman and implored Summer to work by his side. Victoria and Nick thought it was a matter of time before Victor forced them out. Phyllis sought out solace from Billy, and she finally decided to leave Jack. Jill caught Billy and Phyllis in bed together and convinced Phyllis to stay with Jack. Billy was devastated when Phyllis ended things with him. Jill informed Billy and Cane that they'd run Brash & Sassy together. Jill was livid when she learned that Cane had leased office space from Jabot. Billy and Phyllis shared a passionate kiss in the Jabot elevator. Jill suggested that Victoria return to run Brash & Sassy. Ashley shared a bittersweet goodbye with Simon, who left town. Stitch assured Abby that he wanted to have a baby with her once Max was doing better. Chelsea refused to let Adam push her away. Dylan defied Paul's orders by continuing to investigate Adam's case. Chloe told Victor that she'd burned the pages of Sage's journal. Chloe introduced Bella to Esther and Kevin, but she insisted that Kevin wasn't the tot's father. Kevin demanded a paternity test.
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August 1 to 5, 2016
Sharon, Dylan, Mariah, and Faith bonded on a camping trip. Stitch admitted that he'd been keeping details about Max's condition from Abby to avoid dashing her hopes of having another child. Victoria declined Jill's offer to run Brash & Sassy. Cane and Billy realized that Jill had made them both the same offer to become sole CEO of the company. Summer agreed to return to Newman. Nick flipped out when he overheard Summer tell Luca that she might be pregnant. Summer's pregnancy test was negative, but she happily accepted when Luca proposed simply because he wanted a future with her. Nick vowed to get Luca out of Summer's life for good. Chelsea invited Chloe and Bella to live with her. Adam suspected that Chloe was the mystery woman working with Victor, but Chloe convinced Chelsea that she had truly forgiven Adam. A DNA test proved that Kevin wasn't Bella's father, and he offered to still be a father figure to the girl, but Chloe was adamant that they weren't getting back together. Kevin ended his relationship with Natalie. Phyllis rebuffed Billy's advances by slugging him. Billy accepted Jack's offer of a position on the Abbott-Winters Foundation board. Hilary and Devon learned the patients in the drug trial were suing them, and he wanted to settle, but she insisted on fighting the suit. Lily moved to oust Hilary from the board, but Hilary swayed Jack's deciding vote to keep her on the board by agreeing to settle the lawsuit.
August 8 to 12, 2016
Paul suspended Dylan from the police force for continuing to pursue Adam's case. Dylan spotted Chloe and Victor arguing in the park, and he was convinced they'd conspired to frame Adam. Kevin refused to help Dylan prove that Victor and Chloe had worked together. Chelsea took Connor to see Adam in prison on the boy's birthday, and Adam was thrilled to see his son, but he vehemently objected to any future visits. Phyllis pretended to go along with Summer and Luca's wedding plans, but she secretly agreed to work with Victor to prevent the union. Chelsea designed Summer's wedding dress. Kevin implored Mariah to talk him up to Chloe, but Chloe tried to nudge Mariah and Kevin together. Mariah intercepted a flower delivery from Kevin to Chloe, and she encouraged Kevin to let Chloe make the next move. Chloe retrieved the missing journal pages from behind Victor's portrait and contemplated handing them over to Victor. After seeing Cane's lousy marketing ideas, Victoria accepted Jill's offer to work at Brash & Sassy. Victor masked his dismay when Victoria walked away from Newman. Billy and Victoria grew closer while working together. Billy offered Jack advice about Phyllis. Lily pushed Neil to seek out his parents, but she was disturbed when he wanted nothing to do with them.
August 15 to 19, 2016
Chloe turned the real pages of Sage's journal over to Victor. Victor paid off Bethany to pretend to be the woman he'd met with in prison, and she left town. The journal pages turned up in Bethany's motel room. Victor told the police that he'd hired Bethany to keep Billy and Victoria apart. Billy and Phyllis worried that Bethany had told Victor about their affair. Adam refused to eat or sleep in prison. Adam attempted to strangle a prison guard, believing the guard was Victor. Adam learned that the evidence to clear him had been found, but he was facing assault charges. Kevin realized that Mariah had intercepted his flower delivery to Chloe. Sharon implied to Kevin that Mariah had feelings for him. Summer was livid when she discovered that Victor, Phyllis, and Nick were working together to derail her wedding to Luca. Jack and Phyllis clashed over her partnering with Victor to stop Summer's wedding. Jill enlisted Cane's help to reunite Billy and Victoria. Victoria told Billy that he had been the reason she had turned down Travis' invitation to sail around the world. Victoria called Travis to try to convince him to return to Genoa City to expose Luca's dirty dealings. After Travis refused, Victoria tracked him down in Mexico, and they had a passionate reunion. The Abbotts remembered the anniversary of John's death.
August 22 to 26, 2016
Hilary presented Lily with letters that Neil's mother had written to Neil and his family. Neil revealed to Hilary that he hadn't been able to forgive his mother for cheating on his father. Lily contemplated contacting Neil's mother to get the whole story. Victoria left Travis on his boat in Mexico and returned to Genoa City to inform her family that Travis wouldn't return to help stop Summer's wedding to Luca. Phyllis begrudgingly accepted that Summer had a right to make her own decisions. Daniel returned for Summer's wedding, and he was stunned when he met Mariah. Travis interrupted Summer and Luca's engagement party to expose Luca's involvement in the oil disasters. Summer stood behind Luca, but he later admitted to her that he'd sabotaged the oil rigs. Luca implored Summer to start a new life with him, but she insisted that he turn himself in. Victor admitted to Nikki that he'd framed Adam for murder. Adam pleaded guilty to assault charges and fired Michael as his attorney. Adam requested that Nick be a father to Connor in Adam's absence. Despite Chelsea's emotional plea for mercy, the judge sentenced Adam to ten years in federal prison. During the prison transport, Adam was kidnapped and taken to a remote cabin. Victor pledged to make things right by allowing Adam and his family to start over someplace else. Nikki assisted in Victor's plan by sneaking a burner phone to Chelsea.
August 29 to September 2, 2016
Lily and Cane tracked down Neil's mother, Lucinda, in an assisted-living facility. Neil was stunned when Lucinda admitted that she'd left him as a child because she was an alcoholic, and he wished he'd known the truth. Jack thwarted Luca's attempt to escape, and Luca was taken into police custody. Billy learned that Jill had been blackmailing Phyllis into staying away from him. Colin offered to help Billy deal with Jill -- for a price. Mariah and Daniel discussed Cassie's death. Victor arranged for Chelsea and Connor to meet Adam at a secluded cabin and start a new life. Dylan discovered that Chelsea had used a secret passageway to leave the penthouse, undetected. Nick and Sharon urged Dylan to look the other way, but Dylan went public about Adam's escape and turned over evidence of Chelsea's whereabouts to Paul. Victor declined Christine's immunity deal. Connor became ill, and Chelsea called Nick for help to get antibiotics after she saw an AMBER Alert had been issued for them. Using a tracking device she'd planted in Connor's toy, Chloe found Adam at the cabin and shot him with a tranquilizer dart, revealing that her plan was to watch him die. Chelsea and Nick arrived at the cabin, only to watch it explode in flames. Chloe used the passageway to sneak back into the penthouse, where Kevin believed that she had been sleeping upstairs. Nick accused Victor of killing Adam.
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September 5 to 9, 2016
Lucinda passed away with Neil by her side. Luca swore that he still loved Summer, but she told him that she was done with him, and the authorities took him back to Spain. Abby contemplated ending her marriage, but Stitch stunned her by announcing that he was ready to have another baby. Nick realized that a devastated Victor hadn't caused the explosion. Chelsea refused to give a statement implicating Victor in Adam's escape, but Dylan continued to investigate Victor's involvement, against Paul's wishes. Sharon worried that if Dylan kept pushing, Victor would uncover the truth about Sully's parentage. DNA evidence confirmed that Adam had died in the cabin. At Adam's memorial service, Victor nearly confessed to framing Adam, but Jack's comforting words stopped him. Jack defended Phyllis' absence at the memorial to Jill and Ashley. Billy suggested that Travis go in his place on a business trip that Jill had arranged for Billy and Victoria. Phyllis and Billy resumed their affair. Billy objected to Phyllis' proposal that they live two lives. Billy and Jill faced off over his affair with Phyllis, and Jill cried out in physical distress. Phyllis admitted to Jack that she'd been lying to him. Victor suspected that Chloe had caused Adam's death, but she professed her innocence and cited her alibi. Chloe visited Delia's roadside memorial to tell her daughter that justice had been served. An unseen person's gloved hands placed Adam's wedding band inside a drawer.
September 12 to 16, 2016
Dylan refused to back down from finding evidence against Victor. Victor filed a restraining order against Dylan. Nikki appealed to Dylan to back off if he truly wanted to protect her. Chloe clammed up when Kevin questioned her about Bella's father. Chloe, Sharon, and Nick expressed concern when Chelsea returned to work and refused to take time off after Adam's death. Chelsea was livid when she discovered that Chloe and Sharon had delayed the launch of her line. Victor offered to give Chelsea his stake in her company. Stitch informed Jill that she had a bad case of acid reflux. Jill continued to pretend that she'd suffered an attack, but she eventually told Billy the truth. Jill told Colin about Phyllis and Billy's affair, and Colin offered Jack information about Phyllis in exchange for a million dollars. Jill forced Colin to convince Jack that he'd been bluffing. Phyllis told Billy that she belonged with Jack, and she and Jack sought marriage counseling. Billy acted out by drinking with scantily clad women at the office. Billy confessed to Ashley that he was in love with Phyllis, and Ashley betrayed Billy's confidence by telling Jack. Jack confronted Billy, who swore that Phyllis loved Jack. Phyllis admitted her affair with Billy to Jack, who declared that their marriage was over. Phyllis inadvertently revealed the affair to Victoria. During an interview for the foundation, Jack exposed Billy and Phyllis' affair to the press.
September 19 to 23, 2016
Victoria and Billy clashed at work. Travis turned down Jill's job offer. Travis offered to move out to give Victoria space to deal with her feelings about Billy, but she realized how much she wanted a relationship with Travis, and he agreed to stay. Kevin charmed Chloe on a "non-date," and they shared a kiss. Mariah was suspicious of the inconsistencies in Chloe's story about Bella's father. Mariah and Chelsea bonded. Jack vowed revenge against Jill for not telling him about Phyllis' affair with Billy. Phyllis tried to explain to Jack why she'd turned to Billy, but Jack demanded that she leave Jabot and give him a divorce. Michael implored Phyllis to fight for Jack. Jack told Victor that the war between them had never ended -- it had only escalated. Jack resigned from the foundation board and declared his intent to not play nice anymore. Lily expected Hilary to make a play for Jack, but Hilary only offered him a friendly ear. Neil reached out to Billy to try to keep him from heading into a downward spiral. Phyllis gave a statement to the press to accept responsibility for her mistake. Phyllis begged for Jack's forgiveness, but she fell down the stairs during their ensuing argument. Billy witnessed part of the confrontation and blamed Jack for Phyllis' fall. Paul and Dylan contemplated whether Phyllis' spill had been an accident or the result of a domestic dispute.
September 26 to 30, 2016
Phyllis insisted to Paul that her fall had been an accident. Summer invited Phyllis to live with her. A reporter accused Jack of abusing Phyllis, and he filmed Jack's response. Devon offered the reporter money to kill the story, but the reporter exposed Devon's bribery attempt on GC Buzz. Devon acquired GC Buzz, fired the reporter, and made Hilary the host of the tabloid's television show. Lily worried that Hilary would use her new position to settle her grudges. Phyllis threatened to take half of Jack's stake in Jabot unless he allowed her to have her job back. Phyllis returned to work, and Jack vowed to make her life miserable, starting with a dingy office and a mountain of paperwork. Travis turned down Victor's job offer at first, but he later accepted it. Travis assured Victoria that his new job wouldn't affect their relationship. Cane rejected a model's advances. Mariah shared with Dylan her suspicion that Chloe was hiding something. Chloe tried to clear the air with Mariah, who responded by quitting her job. Family and friends celebrated Faith's birthday. Faith told Chelsea about Sharon's plan to push Nick and Chelsea together. Nick told Sharon to stay out of his personal life. Nick and Chelsea separately prepared to have an awkward discussion about boundaries, but they realized that they were on the same page and remained friends. Sharon received a disturbing phone call from Patty.
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October 3 to 7, 2016
Ashley and Travis got stuck in an elevator, and she realized that they'd met during his days on Wall Street. Victoria and Travis professed their love. Travis charmed everyone at Newman on his first day of work. Ashley confronted Travis about having an affair with his former boss's wife, Michelle. Victoria was livid when Travis confessed the affair to her. Cane and Billy were irritated when Hilary focused on Victoria during an interview about Brash & Sassy for GC Buzz. Billy and Travis bonded over a game of pool, but they ended up being jailed together after a fight with a bar patron. Abby admitted to Stitch that she'd stayed on her birth control, and she continued to have doubts about their marriage. Sharon let Dylan believe that Patty's calls were really from a stalker. Sharon visited Patty at Stonevale, and Patty threatened to tell the truth about Sully unless Sharon got her out of the facility. Patty sneaked the stolen phone to Sharon in a painting, and Mariah disposed of the phone in the park. Kevin and Dylan traced the phone, but they suspected that someone had wanted them to find it. Phyllis' attempts to work closely with Jack failed. Nikki worried that both Victor and Jack wanted to restart the war between them. Phyllis found evidence on Jack's computer that indicated that he was going after Victor.
October 10 to 14, 2016
Delia's family and friends remembered the anniversary of her death. Hilary secretly videotaped Victoria's reaction to finding out that Billy and Travis were both in jail, but Devon refused to air the footage on GC Buzz. Hilary was crushed by viewers' negative response to the heavily edited, non-scandalous version of the Brash & Sassy interview. Victoria forgave Travis for not telling her about his affair with his former boss's wife. Patty responded to Paul's visit, but she became agitated when he mentioned Sully. Faith told Nick about the harassing calls Sharon had been receiving. Dylan requested that Nick stay with Sharon while Dylan was out of town. Sharon developed a plan to convince Patty to act crazy in order to get her transferred to a lower-security facility so Sharon could break her out. Mariah relayed the plan to Patty, who staged a fit, not knowing that Sharon had no intention of getting her out. Sharon nearly told Nick the truth about Sully, but Mariah stopped her. Stitch and Abby's marriage continued to crumble. Brash & Sassy successfully launched its new fragrance, "Bare." Victor confided to Travis that he hoped to extract information about Jack's plans from Summer. Phyllis accessed Jack's computer remotely, and she followed him to a meeting where he covertly exchanged briefcases with a man in the park. Ashley discovered that Phyllis had been spying on Jack, and she forced Phyllis to tell him about it. Phyllis confronted Jack about his plan for revenge against Victor, and she wanted to be part of it.
October 17 to 21, 2016
Chelsea heard Chloe cry out Adam's name during a nightmare. Chloe told Kevin that she wanted him in her life. Sharon thought she spied someone outside the cottage, and she freaked out when she learned that Patty was missing from Stonevale, convinced that Patty had escaped to tell Nick the truth about Sully. Paul was puzzled when he saw that Patty had painted a picture of a pregnant Sharon. Patty turned up in the psychiatric facility's kitchen. Kevin accidentally knocked Nick out, thinking Nick was Sharon's stalker. Sharon asked Nick to move out to keep him from bonding with Sully. Abby ended her marriage to Stitch. Jabot attempted to thwart Brash & Sassy's success by keeping the manufacturer busy making Jabot's products, but Victoria resolved the problem by finding a new production facility. Jack enlisted Phyllis' help to leak confidential Newman documents to the press, indicating that Newman wasn't as financially sound as the company had made itself seem. Billy caught Phyllis trying to destroy a flash drive that contained the documents. Hilary defied Devon and aired a Newman exposť on GC Buzz. Travis became incensed when Victor insinuated that Travis had compromised the company. Victor hired Natalie to erase all incriminating evidence and threatened to sue for slander. Jack assured Ashley that the information leak was the extent of his revenge plans against Victor, but he told Phyllis that it was just the beginning.
October 24 to 28, 2016
Hilary hired Mariah at GC Buzz in exchange for the scoop that Victor had hired genius hacker Natalie as his executive assistant. Hilary released the tidbit as a blind item, thwarting Devon's attempt to negotiate with Victor to avoid a lawsuit. Kevin was livid when Mariah used him to attempt to get confirmation of Natalie's true role at Newman. Travis asked Natalie to secretly compile information on Newman's board members, including Victor's family, but she blabbed Travis' plan to Victor. Chloe and Kevin made love. Chloe encouraged Chelsea to start a new future without Adam. Lily was disappointed when Cane missed the twins' Halloween play for a business meeting. Cane closed a deal after the buyer witnessed him interacting with his children. Lauren complained that Cane's deal violated her exclusive rights to the product, and Jill reprimanded Cane for making unilateral decisions. Paul arranged to have Patty transferred to a closer psychiatric facility. Patty agreed to the transfer, but she freaked out when she realized that it wasn't part of Sharon's escape plan. Patty demanded to see Sharon, who promised to set her free. Dylan became increasingly suspicious about Patty and Sharon's connection. Chelsea and Sharon worried when they couldn't find Nick on the anniversary of Christian's death. Phyllis and Jack's divorce was finalized. Phyllis agreed to make a cash drop to the mole. Jack caught Travis following him. Abby witnessed Phyllis swap briefcases with the mole.
October 31 to November 4, 2016
Stitch and Abby decided to divorce. Cane injured himself while playing basketball with the twins. Victor revealed to Abby that he'd used Curtis to set up Jack, Phyllis, and GC Buzz. Travis learned that he'd failed Victor's test by continuing to investigate members of the Newman family. A drunken Natalie informed Billy that Victor knew who the mole was, and Billy warned Phyllis. Phyllis was too late to stop Jack from dropping off the second set of Newman documents to GC Buzz. Jack failed to retrieve the envelope, but Phyllis pulled the fire alarm and swiped the documents before Hilary saw them. Jack accidentally spilled hot coffee on Phyllis, and he tried to help by ripping off her blouse. Mariah was livid when she overheard Hilary pitching one of Mariah's ideas as her own. Chelsea caught Nick trashing the Underground on the anniversary of Christian's death. Patty phoned Nick and divulged that Christian was alive and that Sharon had been raising the boy as her own. Nick confronted Sharon, who finally admitted the truth. Sharon was forced to confess to Dylan that Sully wasn't his son. Nick threatened to take Christian, but Chelsea talked him into letting the boy stay in familiar surroundings while the adults figured things out. Chelsea grappled with whether to keep the secret that Christian was really Adam's son, but Victor convinced her that Adam had wanted Nick to raise Christian.
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November 7 to 11, 2016
Dylan handed Christian over to Nick. The rift between Sharon and Dylan grew. Victor forced Curtis Fielding to confess to GC Buzz that he'd fabricated the Newman documents and sold them. Devon refused to air the story, but he relented when Victor offered to drop his lawsuit if the segment aired. Hilary was intrigued when she spied a conversation between Kevin and Mariah about Dr. Anderson and a baby. Hilary's investigation led her to Patty, who spilled the entire story about Sharon raising Nick's son. Hilary aired the story live on GC Buzz. Sharon worried that she'd be arrested for kidnapping. Hilary realized that Mariah had known Sharon's secret, and she appealed to Mariah to tell her side of the story on-camera. Cane required surgery for a torn ACL, but he insisted on working. Lily appealed to Billy and Victoria to convince Cane to proceed with the surgery, and Cane agreed. Michelle visited Genoa City after splitting from her husband, and she indicated her interest in getting back together with Travis. Travis rebuffed Michelle, but he ended up at her hotel room after a tiff with Victoria. Ashley walked in on Jack and a shirtless Phyllis. Ashley launched the Jabot Go app with great success, but she gave credit to Jack, hoping he'd fire Phyllis in return. Jack assigned Phyllis to run a new division in New York. During their ensuing argument, Jack pulled Phyllis into a passionate kiss.
November 14 to 18, 2016
Cane recovered from surgery, and Lily presented his ideas to Billy and Victoria on her husband's behalf. Traci returned to Genoa City for the holidays. Phyllis refused to move to New York. Sharon insisted on doing a live interview on GC Buzz to tell her side of the story. Hilary continued filming when a police officer arrived to arrest Sharon. Dylan appealed to Nick not to press charges, and the charges were dropped after Nick refused to testify against Sharon. Hilary suspected that Mariah had known Sharon's secret all along. Nick invited Sharon and Dylan to attend a joint birthday party for Christian and Katie. Nick and Chelsea bonded over being single parents. Faith declared that she wanted to live with Nick and Christian. Sharon was livid when Dylan dropped Faith off at Nick's without consulting her, and she threw Dylan out. Billy convinced Victoria to give Travis a second chance, unaware that Travis had slept with Michelle after a fight with Victoria. Travis kept Michelle's identity a secret when he and Victoria ran into his ex at the Underground. Michelle blabbed about her tryst with Travis to Ashley, who relayed the news to Billy. Travis told Victoria that Michelle was in town, but he didn't mention that he'd slept with his ex. Travis ordered Michelle to leave town, but she remained convinced that he had feelings for her. Billy looked on as Travis proposed to Victoria in the park.
November 21 to 25, 2016
Chloe empathized with Sharon and suggested that they stick together. Sharon accused Chelsea of wanting Nick. Dylan became incensed when he overheard Sharon and Michael discussing suing Nick for visitation rights. Billy covertly watched as Travis proposed to Victoria, but she requested time to make a decision. Victoria later accepted Travis' proposal during the Newmans' Thanksgiving dinner. Dylan showed up at the ranch and told Nick that he was suing for visitation. Phyllis, Billy, and Jill spent their Thanksgiving feeding the homeless at Crimson Lights. Phyllis learned from Abby that Jack would be left alone at the Abbott cabin, and she encouraged Billy to join Jack. Summer and Abby divided their time between the Abbott and Newman holiday celebrations. Jack, Summer, and Abby ended up dining on pie after a disastrous attempt to deep-fry a frozen turkey. Jack envisioned Billy and Phyllis making love in the cabin. Jack was stunned when Billy showed up and convinced him to go to Phyllis. Jack joined Phyllis to do charity work at the coffeehouse. Hilary complained when Devon insisted on doing a human interest story to balance the dirt they'd aired on GC Buzz. Hilary was surprised when Mariah filmed a compelling interview with J.J., a homeless former addict who wished to reunite with her family. Hilary anonymously sent J.J. hundreds of dollars and a note encouraging her not to give up.
November 28 to December 2, 2016
Dylan and Sharon sued Nick for visitation with Christian. Nikki urged Nick to offer visitation to Dylan but not to Sharon. Chloe summoned Sharon over to Chelsea's for a work emergency, but she'd really arranged for Sharon to spend some time with Christian. Chelsea was livid when she learned Sharon had been there, but she didn't tell Nick until the visitation hearing was underway. Nick confronted Dylan and Sharon about the secret visit in court, and the judge issued a temporary restraining order against the couple while he made a decision about visitation. Sharon decided to divorce Dylan in order to give him a better chance of getting visitation on his own. Mariah convinced Dylan to go on GC Buzz to tell his side of the story, but Hilary doctored the footage to make it look like he spoke ill of Sharon. Nick, Sharon, and Dylan learned that there had been a health emergency with Christian, and they rushed to the hospital. Chelsea and Chloe clashed over the situation with Sharon. Chloe accepted Kevin's invitation for her and Bella to move in with him. Travis quit his job at Newman, and Jill refused to hire him at Brash & Sassy. Cane returned to work prematurely after his surgery, and Billy observed that Cane was clearly in pain. Billy reluctantly informed Victoria that Travis had cheated on her, and she threw Travis out of her house. Jack considered returning to the Abbott-Winters Foundation.
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December 5 to 9, 2016
Christian recovered after an allergic reaction to strawberries. At Faith's urging, Nick allowed Dylan and Sharon to spend time with Christian at the hospital. Michael suggested that Dylan and Sharon use the incident at the hospital against Nick in court, but they refused. Sharon and Dylan were devastated when they were denied visitation with Christian. Nick doubted his abilities as a single parent. Devon fired Hilary after she aired Dylan's doctored interview. Hilary was livid when she spotted Dylan coaching Mariah to take her place. Chloe became incensed when she discovered Kevin packing her things to move to his house, and she later was relieved to find that he hadn't found a particular shoebox. Cane and Lily bickered about him pushing himself too hard to recover from surgery. Cane confided to his physical therapist that he had been taking painkillers for weeks. Travis showered Victoria with gifts in an attempt to reconcile, but she maintained that they were over, and he left town. Victoria swore off men. Abby and Stitch removed their wedding bands. Traci vowed to patch things up between Jack and Billy over the holidays. Michael and Lauren celebrated their anniversary. Lauren confided in Paul about Fenmore's financial problems. Jack kissed Phyllis goodbye and urged her to move on so they could both find a way to be happy.
December 12 to 16, 2016
Mariah was mortified when she tripped on the red carpet during her first attempt at hosting a live broadcast of GC Buzz. Hilary assumed that Devon would rehire her to host the show, but everyone was stunned when Mariah developed a huge online following. Mariah agreed to continue to host the show through the holidays. Mariah flashed back to seeing Hilary smirking down at her after her fall. Chelsea feared that her clothing line would become a laughingstock because of the publicity. Jack introduced Hilary to an agent, and Hilary duped Devon into believing that she'd already received other offers. Hilary was miffed when Devon bought Nick and Sage's old penthouse without consulting her, but she later warmed to the idea of living there. Lily was impressed with the progress Cane had made with his physical therapy. Ashley hired Ravi, a computer programmer who clearly had a crush on her. Phyllis overheard Jack tell Ashley about his plan to take over Fenmore's. Phyllis developed an idea to expand Fenmore's Internet presence. Phyllis decided to make some changes in her life, and she started by dyeing her hair blonde. Jack served Brash & Sassy with an eviction notice. Ashley worried that Jack was becoming ruthless. Billy adamantly refused to temporarily take office space from Newman. Victor offered to step down from Newman Enterprises if Nick took over, but Nick declined. Dylan confided to Sharon that he felt left out because he wasn't a Newman. Nick and Phyllis threw Summer a surprise birthday party.
December 19 to 23, 2016
Jill threatened to sue Jack for evicting Brash & Sassy. Paul insisted to Christine that Dylan was ready to take on a dangerous undercover assignment. Faith became upset by her parents' constant fighting and ran away. Victor found Faith, who announced that she wanted to stay at the ranch with Victor and Nikki. Lauren remained troubled by Fenmore's lackluster sales. Phyllis told Jack that she was ready to move on from Jabot, and she accepted a job with Lauren to revamp Fenmore's online presence. Devon agreed to reinstate Hilary at GC Buzz, including giving her complete control over stories. Lily got Barry to admit that he hadn't lined up any jobs for Hilary and that Hilary had just used him to manipulate Devon. Devon confronted Hilary about her lies, and they discussed their trust issues. Esther agreed to return to the Chancellor mansion to live and work. Gloria popped out of a Christmas gift as a surprise for Lauren and Michael, and she intended to stay with them indefinitely. Gloria objected to Kevin and Chloe's reunion. Billy's wish for a Christmas miracle was for Jill to stay out of his relationship with Victoria, and Jill promised she would. Ashley and Traci were crushed when Jack refused to allow Billy to stay for Christmas Eve dinner. The Newmans celebrated Christmas Eve with holiday traditions. Dylan and Sharon glumly prepared to get through Christmas without Faith or Sully, but Nick stunned them with a visit from Christian.
December 26 to 30, 2016
Dylan was crushed when Nick told him that the surprise Christmas Eve visit with Christian had been a one-time deal. Dylan accepted a dangerous undercover assignment to get Christian out of his mind. Phyllis told Jack that she was leaving Jabot. Abby struggled with memories of her New Year's Eve wedding. Chelsea and Nick kissed, but they agreed that it would never happen again because they valued their friendship. After the venue for the foundation's benefit fell through, Ashley appealed to Victor to host the event at Top of the Tower. Victor offered the charity the use of his restaurant as long as Jack didn't evict Brash & Sassy. Jack reluctantly agreed to Victor's terms. Hilary returned to GC Buzz as host and executive producer. Hilary asked Mariah for her help at the foundation's benefit. Mariah realized that Hilary had deliberately set her up to trip and fall on live television. Mariah tricked Hilary into publicly confessing to causing Mariah's fall. After a bitter argument with Hilary, Devon took off in his new racecar and crashed. Victoria and Billy almost kissed on New Year's Eve, but Reed's arrival with a police officer interrupted the moment.
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