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January 5 to 9, 2009
Kevin and Jana stole their money back from Eden and Noah. Kevin gave the money to Murphy to help Katherine get out of jail and prove her true identity. Michael decided to take Katherine's case pro bono. Gloria purposely botched her arraignment hearing so she could spend more time with Katherine in prison; however, she was furious when she realized that Katherine had been released. Katherine's memoirs hit the bookstores, and Katherine used the book to help recall her life. Amber accused Kevin of murdering Katherine. Jack admitted to Sharon that he had fabricated a sex addiction to cover up his scheme to frame Victor, and Sharon demanded a divorce. Sharon asked Michael to be her divorce lawyer. Phyllis was worried when Nick and Sharon went on a business trip to New York together. Daniel graced the cover of Restless Style, wearing one of Amber's designs. Jill and Cane found out that Lily and Billy were dating. Jill warned Lily that Billy would hurt her. Cane and Billy got into a fistfight.
January 12 to 16, 2009
Chloe set Esther up on a date with Roger, a new accountant at Chancellor Industries. Roger was secretly working with Clint to infiltrate the company. Noah was concerned when Abby and Eden's personalities clashed. Victor bought Abby a million-dollar horse. Victor approved of the D.A.'s plea bargain for Adam. Adam took the D.A.'s deal and agreed to serve 18 months in prison. Amber went to see Katherine at the diner and believed that she was really Katherine. Joe Jr. wanted to fire Katherine, but she talked him out of it. Paul decided not to help Michael with Katherine's case because it upset Nikki. Brad confessed that he and Phyllis were in cahoots to break up Sharon and Jack. Nick was furious with Phyllis, but he forgave her. Phyllis warned Brad that she would seek revenge. Jack found out about Phyllis' secret plans with Brad and threatened to ruin her relationship with Nick. Karen told Neil that she wanted to adopt Ana. River posed as a priest so he could scam people for money.
January 19 to 23, 2009
Amber and Katherine realized that, if they retrieved Katherine's emerald ring from the pawn shop, they could prove to everyone that Katherine was not a fraud. Kevin, Amber, Jana, and Daniel hatched a scheme to steal Katherine's ring from the pawnshop. Paul decided to investigate Katherine's case, even though it upset Nikki. Nikki thought that Katherine was a con artist, but Paul disagreed. Jack proposed that he become CEO of Jabot, but Ashley refused. Jack promised Noah that he would always love Noah like a son, even though Jack and Sharon were getting a divorce. Phyllis and Sharon fought over Nick. Sharon wanted time alone to clear her head, so she took a trip to Jack's cabin in the woods. Nick caught Phyllis trying to manipulate Brad and Sharon into a relationship -- again. Jack, Jill, Jeffrey, and Victor all separately tried to make deals with Gloria to buy her Jabot stock. Brad felt threatened by Victor's growing relationship with Abby, so Brad filed for sole custody of Abby. Victor asked J.T. and Victoria to find a way to remove Brad from Newman's board of directors. Adam was transferred to the state penitentiary. Heather vowed to prove that Victor had killed Walter. Tyra kissed Neil and felt embarrassed afterward.
January 26 to 30, 2009
Nikki found out that her sister, Casey, had been diagnosed with cancer. Brad and Victor fought over Abby. Both Brad and Jack professed their love to Sharon, but she rejected them. Sharon wrote a note to Nick that said she still loved him, but she decided not to give it to him. Noah and Eden lied and said that they were going to a charity function for school; instead, they went into the woods to go ice-skating. While Noah skated, the ice cracked, and he fell into the water. Eden went to get help, and Brad heard Noah call for help and pulled him out of the ice. Noah made a full recovery at the hospital, but he could not remember who had saved him; meanwhile, Brad was missing. Amber and Kevin broke into the pawnshop and found out who had bought Katherine's emerald ring. Amber left her phone in the shop, and the police were suspicious of Amber. Michael arranged for Katherine to borrow the ring so she could convince the judge to grant her a DNA test. After being fired from Chancellor Industries, Roger proposed to Esther, and she said yes. Ashley asked Colleen to be the Fresh Face of Jabot, and Colleen accepted the offer. Gloria secretly sold her Jabot stock to Victor.
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February 2 to 6, 2009
Michael and Katherine got the pawn dealer to admit that he had bought the emerald ring from Katherine. As Noah recovered in the hospital, he remembered that Brad had saved him from the ice. Colleen, J.T., Abby, Ashley, and Victoria frantically looked for Brad. J.T. and Colleen discovered Brad's frozen body beneath the ice. Abby blamed Eden for her father's death. A Jewish funeral was held in Brad's honor. Everyone in Genoa City hailed Brad a hero for sacrificing his own life to save Noah's. Victor informed Neil that he wanted Ashley to replace Brad on the Newman Board of Directors. Nick and Sharon spent the night together in a cabin due to a terrible storm. Nick and Sharon admitted that they still had feelings for each other, and they made love. Nick confessed to Phyllis that he had slept with Sharon. Phyllis was hurt, but she wanted to stay married to Nick and work through their problems. Sharon told Jack that she had slept with Nick, but Jack was not surprised.
February 9 to 13, 2009
The residents of Genoa City mourned Brad's death. Colleen and Abby were upset with Victor because they knew he had hated Brad. Victor gave Jill the Jabot stock that he had bought from Gloria, and Jill regained control of Jabot. As per Victor's request, Jill appointed Billy as the CEO of Jabot. Billy admitted to Lily that Chloe's baby was his. Lily chastised Billy and Chloe for hurting her and Cane. While Lily yelled at Billy and Chloe, Chloe went into labor. Roger asked Esther to elope, but she turned him down because she wanted to learn the results of Jill and Katherine's DNA test. Jill hired Paul to investigate Roger. Roger told Clint about his inability to marry Esther. Clint kidnapped Katherine to make sure she would no longer thwart his scheme to steal the Chancellor fortune. Meanwhile, Jill received the DNA results, which showed that Jill and Katherine's DNA was not a match. Nick discovered that Noah and Eden had taken liquor to the lake. Nick was furious and told Noah that he was not allowed to see Eden. Phyllis felt that trying to keep Noah and Eden apart would only bond them closer together. Nick agreed with Phyllis, and he decided to allow the teenagers to see each other. Noah and Eden professed their love to each other. Nick informed Sharon that he wanted to fix his marriage to Phyllis, and Sharon resigned from Newman Enterprises. Phyllis was elated to hear that Nick wanted to be with her, not Sharon.
February 16 to 20, 2009
Esther and Roger were about to elope when Jill stopped them and announced that Chloe had gone into labor. Chloe went to the hospital to be treated for septicemia. At first, Chloe did not respond to antibiotics, but she eventually made a full recovery. Cane bonded with the baby and named her Cordelia. Chloe and Billy told Cane that Cordelia was not his child, but Cane refused to accept the news. In an attempt to forget their problems, Billy and Sharon got very drunk and slept together. Clint kidnapped Katherine, assuming she was Marge; however, he realized who she really was when she recalled an incident from their past. Brad's will was read, and Brad had split his estate between Colleen and Abby. Brad put Colleen in charge of Abby's trust, instead of Ashley. Ashley accepted Victor's offer for the Newman board seat; however, Colleen claimed the seat because she had inherited it in Brad's will. Karen secretly saw Neil and Tyra kiss. Tyra ran away with Ana because she feared that Neil and Karen would adopt the girl.
February 23 to 27, 2009
Even though Cordelia was not his biological daughter, Cane wanted to be a father to the baby. Cane threatened to take Cordelia away from Chloe if she did not divorce him and give him shared custody of the baby. Cane asked Lily to marry him and to raise Cordelia with him. After wavering, Billy decided to pursue custody of Cordelia. Chloe was shocked when Billy suggested that they get married. An emotionally unstable Sharon shoplifted books while buying textbooks for Noah. Eden was then falsely accused of shoplifting the books and was arrested. Sharon told Noah that he was not allowed to see Eden anymore. With Jack's help, Colleen claimed Brad's seat on the Newman Board of Directors, aggravating Victor. Neil covered for Tyra so that she would not get into trouble for kidnapping Ana. Karen revealed to Neil that she had seen him kissing Tyra. Karen told Neil to get serious about their marriage, or she would end it. After Esther married Roger, she and Jill discovered that Roger was a con man with many wives. Clint and Roger took Katherine and Esther hostage. All of the charges against Gloria were dropped, and she was set free, thanks to Michael and Paul. Gloria wanted to reunite with Jeffrey, but he chose Jill over her.
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MARCH 2009
March 2 to 6, 2009
Even though Billy proposed to Chloe, he still wanted to live like a bachelor. Jack encouraged Billy to be a good father and husband. Jack persuaded Chloe to move into his pool house with Billy, angering Cane. Cane was happy to learn that Lily wanted to raise Cordelia with him. Cane planned to sue for full custody of Cordelia. Billy rebelled against the restraints of being a husband and father by sleeping with Sharon again. Sharon grew more unstable and continued to steal random items. Nick went to Sharon's hotel room, and they shared a passionate kiss. Ashley informed Victor that she was pregnant, and he was delighted. Victor bought Noah a new car for his 16th birthday. Gloria signed divorce papers and kicked Jeffrey in the groin. Kevin figured out where Clint had stashed Katherine and Esther. Clint planned to blow up Katherine and Esther with a bomb and to blame Kevin for the disaster. Amber and Gloria found Katherine and Esther as the bomb went off. Heather tried to reach out to Adam in prison, but he refused her help.
March 9 to 13, 2009
Jack and Sharon were about to make love when she called out for Nick. Nick swore to Phyllis that she was the only woman he wanted. Heather realized that Adam was having trouble with his eyesight, and she informed Victor. Victor visited Adam and had him examined by a doctor. The doctor said that Adam might be going blind, like his mother. Esther, Gloria, Amber, and Katherine were not badly injured by the bomb Clint had set off. Katherine had a slight concussion and could not remember the last few months of her life. Murphy was disappointed that Katherine did not recall the time they had shared. Katherine vowed to get her life back. Katherine convinced Nikki that she was the real Katherine Chancellor, but Jill refused to believe that Katherine was alive. Clint took Kevin hostage and locked him in a closet. Kevin reverted back to his childhood, when his father had abused him. Clint took advantage of Kevin's vulnerability and made Kevin rob a bank. Neil and Tyra made love, and Devon saw them.
March 16 to 20, 2009
Nikki felt guilty for wearing Katherine's ring and returned it. Nikki and Katherine were determined to prove to Jill that Katherine was still alive. Nikki stole a piece of Jill's hair and had a second DNA test conducted. Nikki and Katherine were shocked to learn that Katherine and Jill's DNA did not match. Katherine decided that she did not belong in Genoa City anymore, so she sold her ring and left. As per Clint's demands, Kevin robbed several banks while disguised as a college mascot called the Silver Chipmunk. Amber went to look for Kevin on her own. Phyllis caught Sharon and Billy having an affair, and she threatened to tell Jack. Sharon moved back into Jack's home. Cane filed a lawsuit for full custody of Cordelia, and Jill offered to help him win the case. Victor had Adam released from prison due to his failing eyesight. Adam was put under house arrest and was not allowed to leave Victor's ranch. Billy hired Mary Jane to revamp public relations at Jabot; however, Mary Jane was secretly working with Victor to ruin Jack. Devon told Neil that he was very disappointed in Neil for having an affair with Tyra.
March 23 to 27, 2009
Amber begged Kevin to go home, but he wanted to drive to Canada instead. Michael and Daniel found Clint's dead body. Jana was rushed to the hospital because she had severe headaches. Jeffrey hired a bounty hunter to search for Kevin. Cane proposed to Lily, but she turned him down because she did not agree with his quest to obtain full custody of Cordelia. Jill fired Billy, Ashley, Jack, and Mary Jane from Jabot and appointed Cane CEO of the company. In order to prove that Katherine was alive, Nikki and Katherine asked Jill to exhume Marge's body and conduct a DNA test. Initially, Jill refused, but she eventually said yes when Victor offered to give her his Jabot stock in exchange for a third DNA test. The DNA test proved that Jill was not related to Katherine or Marge. Katherine told Jill that Jill was not her daughter.
March 30 to April 3, 2009
Sharon moved out of Jack's house again, and she moved into the Athletic Club. Chloe and Billy decided to get married at the Chancellor mansion. Chloe asked Sharon to be her matron of honor, and Sharon unenthusiastically said yes. Billy and Sharon got drunk the night before the wedding and slept together. Billy and Chloe were pronounced husband and wife, just as Mac entered the ceremony. Nikki presented DNA results that proved that Katherine and Brock were related. Jill, hurt and angry because she was not Katherine's daughter, lashed out at everyone. Katherine had had enough of Jill's antics and threw wedding cake at her, resulting in a huge food fight. Katherine discovered that her memory loss was a symptom of Lyme disease. Phyllis barged into Sharon's hotel room and demanded to know why Sharon had been stealing. Sharon claimed that she had stolen nothing, and she had security remove Phyllis from her room. Phyllis told Nick that Sharon and Billy were having an affair. Kevin was seriously hurt from a gunshot wound, and Amber tried to keep him alive.
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APRIL 2009
April 6 to 10, 2009
Neil admitted to Karen that he had slept with Tyra. Karen was distraught, but she still wanted to move forward with Ana's adoption. Neil told Tyra that he wanted her, not him or Karen, to raise Ana. After his wedding night, Billy secretly gave Mackenzie his phone number. Mackenzie claimed she was not interested in rekindling her relationship with Billy, but she decided to stay in Genoa City anyway. Cane moved forward with his custody battle, even though Lily urged him not to. Kay promised to hire the Abbotts at Jabot once she regained control of the company. Jack asked Mary Jane to work for him at Jabot. Kay had her death certificate reversed so she could regain her assets. Amber and Kevin turned themselves in to the police. Kevin was deranged, so Michael planned to get him a psychiatric evaluation from the court. Ashley was spooked because she felt Sabrina's presence in her home. Jack encouraged Nick to make a resolute decision between Phyllis and Sharon.
April 13 to 17, 2009
Billy was happy that Mac had decided to stay in Genoa City, and he kissed her. Chloe warned Mac to stay away from Billy. Without telling Karen, Neil helped Tyra get a lawyer so she could attempt to adopt Ana. The judge ruled in Neil and Karen's favor and stated that they could adopt Ana, since they were more stable than Tyra. Katherine's lawyer had Jill removed as the CEO of Chancellor Industries. Katherine offered Cane the position, but he declined the offer. Jill asked Victor for a job at Newman, but he refused. Victor was determined to get Colleen off of the Newman Board of Directors, and he told J.T. to find dirt on Colleen. Nick and Sharon made love again. Nick then left Phyllis. In a fit of rage, Phyllis destroyed Sharon's hotel room in order to make Sharon look crazy. Phyllis discovered that Sharon had stolen numerous items, and she reported Sharon to the police. Sharon was arrested for theft. Nick and Phyllis walked in on Noah and Eden having sex. Kevin was put in a padded cell, and he became very paranoid and delusional.
April 20 to 24, 2009
After the judge announced that Neil and Karen could adopt Ana, Neil told the judge that Tyra should have custody of Ana instead. The judge changed her decision based on Neil's request, and she allowed Tyra to adopt Ana. Karen felt shocked and betrayed by Neil's actions, and she left him. Cane dropped his lawsuit for custody of Cordelia, and Chloe and Billy were relieved. Cane and Lily got engaged and set a wedding date. Cane decided to leave the business world, and he bought a bar. Kevin became more deranged, and he gave himself a concussion when he banged his head against the wall. As Kevin was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, he jumped out of the moving vehicle to escape. Victor hosted a birthday party for Adam. At the party, Adam revealed that he planned to publish his memoirs. Heather and Adam called a truce and became friendly again. Katherine asked Nikki to be her maid of honor and asked Amber and Chloe to be her bridesmaids. Jill felt snubbed because Katherine did not ask her to be in the wedding party. Lauren pressed charges against Sharon for stealing from her boutique. Phyllis asked Nick to move back home, but he refused.
April 27 to May 1, 2009
Neil resigned from Newman because he wanted to "spread his wings." Neil showed interest in Chancellor Industries, so Katherine hired him to be the company's CEO. Colleen shot down Victoria's ideas at a Newman board meeting, frustrating the Newman family. Mac applied for a job at Cane's bar, and he happily hired her. Phyllis and Eden convinced Lauren to drop the shoplifting charges against Sharon. Sharon discovered that Phyllis had vandalized her hotel room, and she had Phyllis arrested. Nick talked Sharon into dropping the charges against Phyllis. Nick moved back in with Phyllis. Sharon took a pregnancy test, and it was positive. Paul found Annie and Roger in Canada. Thanks to Annie and Roger's confessions, Michael was able to get Kevin released on bail. Jack and Mary Jane made love. Victor and Olivia feared that Ashley was mentally unstable, especially after Ashley put on the dress that Sabrina had worn on the night she had died. Adam and Heather reconciled and then slept together.
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MAY 2009
May 4 to 8, 2009
Jack, Billy, and Ashley took Gloria to civil court, and the judge decided in the Abbotts' favor. Ashley was unnerved to find Sabrina's personal belongings all over the ranch. Ashley suspected Estella had planted the items, so Victor sent Estella to work at Newman Enterprises. Ashley was put on bed rest due to the stress. Adam was reluctant to see the eye specialist that Victor had hired. Jill showed up to Katherine and Murphy's wedding very intoxicated, and she insulted the happy couple. Billy kissed Mac, and she slapped him; meanwhile, Chloe witnessed the whole thing. Chloe warned Mac to stay away from Billy. Jill moved back into the mansion. Katherine invited the governor to dinner to convince him to pardon Kevin and Amber; however, Jill crashed the dinner to sabotage Katherine's plan. Jill, Gloria, and Jeffrey formed an alliance to take down Victor. Sharon told Jack that she was pregnant, and he offered to raise the baby with her, regardless of who the father was. Billy freaked out when he learned that Sharon was pregnant, because he feared he was the father. Jack decided to share the role of Jabot CEO with Billy.
May 11 to 15, 2009
Cane and Lily got married. After the wedding, Cane felt guilty because he was hiding a big secret from Lily. Neil and Karen signed divorce papers. Nina offered to turn Katherine's memoirs into a movie. Katherine agreed to a movie deal, as long as Amber co-wrote the screenplay with Nina. Thanks to Murphy's charm, the governor granted Amber and Kevin amnesty. Daniel was excited when a mysterious man bought all of his sketches at an art show; however, the man was an FBI agent who needed Daniel's help. The agent asked Daniel to forge a painting to help him catch art thieves. Jill lost all of her money because her bank in the Cayman Islands crashed. Gloria and Jeffrey had also had their money in the failed bank, but they were able to safeguard their funds. Ashley accused Estella of gaslighting her, but Adam was really the culprit. Adam framed Estella for his misdeeds, and Victor fired Estella. Meanwhile, Adam continued his devious plot to unnerve Ashley. Phyllis gave her blessing for Nick to leave Restless Style to work full-time at Newman Enterprises. Paul proposed to Nikki and, after some hesitation, Nikki said yes.
May 18 to 22, 2009
Billy was stunned to learn that Mac had dated his best friend, Raul, while she had lived in Darfur. It was the four-year anniversary of Cassie's death. Nick realized that he had not properly supported Sharon after Cassie had died, and he felt very guilty. Nick and Sharon mourned Cassie's death at the cemetery. Sharon admitted that she was pregnant and that Nick could be the father; meanwhile, Phyllis overheard the admission and looked worried. Cane and Lily enjoyed their honeymoon. Devon's Aunt Virginia arrived in town and revealed that Devon and Tyra were not related. Virginia explained that Devon's grandmother had cared for Tyra after Tyra's parents had died. Devon was annoyed that Tyra had let him think that they were related. Virginia also divulged that Devon's father had not known that he'd had a son, because Yolanda had never told him. Neil and Tyra made love. Paul became suspicious of Mary Jane, and he ran a background check on her. Adam continued to torture Ashley when he sent her a fake voicemail from Sabrina. Nina and Amber disagreed on the creative direction for the screenplay they were writing about Katherine's life. Amber caught Lily's bouquet and wanted to get married, but Daniel stated that he was not ready.
May 25 to 29, 2009
Nick kissed Sharon and told her that he planned to leave Phyllis. Phyllis inadvertently told Jack that Billy could be the father of Sharon's baby. Jack confronted Billy, and Billy admitted that he had slept with Sharon multiple times. Jack said that he would never forgive Billy; however, Jack forgave Sharon. Raul proposed to Mac, and she said yes. Billy was depressed over their engagement. Frustrated with Billy's obsession over Mac, Chloe left Billy and moved into the Chancellor estate. Lily surprised Cane with plane tickets to Australia, but Cane did not want to go. Ashley went to the hospital for fear that her baby was in danger, but the baby was fine. Victor and Olivia wanted Ashley to see a psychiatrist, but she refused. Jeffrey and Gloria's bank accounts were frozen. Jill, Gloria, and Jeffrey made a pact not to tell anyone they had lost their money in the Cayman Islands. Jeffrey and Gloria rented Phyllis' penthouse. Devon was upset when Neil and Tyra started dating.
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JUNE 2009
June 1 to 5, 2009
Someone broke into Daniel and Amber's apartment, and Daniel's forged painting was stolen. Daniel and Jana discovered that the FBI agent who had asked Daniel to make the counterfeit painting was not who he had said he was. Kevin and Amber got advice from Tommy Lasorda on his radio show. Billy admitted to Chloe that he had slept with Sharon and that he might be the father of Sharon's baby. Billy tried to make amends with Jack, and Jack stated that Billy needed to earn everyone's respect by becoming a good employee, father, and husband. Jack proposed to Sharon, but she rejected the offer. Nick left Phyllis for Sharon. Nick told Sharon that he wanted to be with her, and they made love. Phyllis and Jack slept together. Mary Jane cried as she secretly watched Jack and Phyllis kissing. Victor sincerely congratulated Nikki on her engagement to Paul. Jill, Jeffrey, and Gloria continued to plot against Victor. Adam dressed up like Sabrina to try to scare Ashley, and Ashley fell down the stairs.
June 8 to 12, 2009
As Mary Jane grew more obsessed with Jack, Paul became more suspicious of Mary Jane. Fearful that Paul would discover her true identity, Mary Jane obtained a restraining order against Paul. Mary Jane created a scrapbook of her enemies, including Phyllis, Sharon, and Victor. Sharon and Nick reconciled. Sharon moved out of Jack's home, and Nick asked Phyllis for a divorce. Noah was upset by his parents' erratic behavior and planned to emancipate himself. Daniel was framed for the murder of the man who had tricked him into forging a famous painting. Mac admitted to Billy that she still had feelings for him, and they kissed. After Ashley fell down the stairs, Adam placed her back into bed as if nothing had happened. Ashley awoke and worried that she had been hurt, but Adam claimed that she was fine and that she'd simply had a nightmare. Adam blackmailed a doctor that he'd known at Harvard to examine Ashley and convince her that she was healthy, even though she had suffered a miscarriage. Nikki grew suspicious of Adam and warned Victor that something was not right between Adam and Ashley. Nina grilled Cane about his past, but he refused to give her information. Cane called the real Phillip, who was posing as a bartender named Langley in Australia, to alert him about Nina's snooping.
June 15 to 19, 2009
Estella and Rafe pleaded her innocence to Ashley and Victor. Ashley started to believe that Estella had not gaslighted her. Victor caught Adam listening to a recording of Sabrina's voice on his computer. Victor grew suspicious that Adam was the person messing with Ashley. Nikki warned Victor and Ashley that Adam was untrustworthy. Adam anonymously mailed Ashley a statue of a baby's head. Victor gave Mary Jane a second chance to win Jack over. Jack slept with Mary Jane, but he had no intention of starting a relationship with her. Mary Jane grew more jealous of Phyllis. Sharon and Nick wanted to take Summer house hunting, but Phyllis objected. Daniel and Jana were arrested for murder. After kissing Billy, Mac broke off her engagement to Raul. Desperate for a job and money, Jill secretly got a gig as a manicurist in a sleazy salon. Nina was determined to expose that Cane was not a Chancellor. Paul learned that Cane's story had holes in it and that Cane might be a con man. Nina revealed that her son, Phillip IV, might have Huntington's disease, so she ordered an autopsy on her dead husband to determine if he had carried the gene for the disease. Nina and Paul were shocked to discover that Phillip's casket was empty.
June 22 to 26, 2009
Victor purchased a company that conducted stem cell research so that Adam could be one of its test subjects. A doctor discovered that Adam had puncture wounds in his eye. Adam assumed he would be caught for faking his illness, but the doctor revealed that Adam was truly going blind. The doctor also advised that Adam could not be a test subject due to the damage the puncture wounds had caused. Nikki warned Rafe that Adam could be the person tormenting Ashley. Rafe confronted Adam, and Adam tried to prevent Rafe from finding out the truth by pretending he had romantic feelings for Rafe. Victor asked Victoria to take charge of his art collection in honor of Sabrina. Daniel was released on bail, but Jana remained in custody due to her prior run-ins with the law. Kevin gave a motivational speech at a high school about his Silver Chipmunk experience. Kevin's speech was a huge hit, and he received requests to make more speeches. Noah told Sharon and Nick that he wanted to emancipate himself from them. Sharon was relieved to learn that Nick was the father of her unborn baby. Mary Jane knew that Summer was allergic to peanuts, and she intentionally put peanut butter on her lips and kissed the girl. Summer went into anaphylactic shock. Just as Billy and Mac were about to make love, Chloe interrupted them and announced that Billy had slept with Sharon.
June 29 to July 3, 2009
Adam slept with and pretended that he had romantic feelings for Rafe. Mary Jane's true identity was revealed as Patty Williams. Summer fell into a coma due to an allergic reaction to peanuts, which Mary Jane had given her. Mary Jane secretly told Heather that Phyllis had intentionally given Summer peanuts in an attempt to get Nick's attention. Heather disallowed Phyllis and Nick to see their daughter while the allegation of abuse was investigated. Victor and Nikki were granted temporary guardianship of Summer. Cane faked a DNA test with a sample of Phillip's blood. Cane thought that he was in the clear until Paul and Nina discovered that he had faked the test. Phillip arrived at the Chancellor mansion and revealed himself to his family. Devon warned Tyra that Neil would never love her like he had loved Dru. Tyra suggested to Neil that they move in together, but he was not ready to make a serious commitment to her. Michael got Jana released from prison on bail, but he was not able to get the charges against Jana and Daniel dropped. Kevin stole evidence from the Feds to try to find information that would exonerate Jana and Daniel. Mac and Billy reunited, but they did not tell anyone that they were a couple. Although Sharon learned that Nick was the father of her baby, she told everyone that Jack was the father.
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JULY 2009
July 6 to 10, 2009
Victor realized that Mary Jane was unhinged, and he ordered her to leave town, but she did not comply. Adam offered to help Mary Jane and let her hide out at Victor's ranch. Nick, Phyllis, and Nikki found a picture of Summer in Mary Jane's room and suspected that Mary Jane had framed Phyllis for child abuse. Heather suspended the investigation of Nick and Phyllis so that they could see their daughter again. Summer woke up from her coma. Nikki inadvertently saw Adam and Rafe kissing, and she wondered if she should tell Victor. Amber discovered that a former fling, Deacon Sharpe, had been responsible for Daniel's problems in the art world. Deacon charmed Victoria and offered to sell her a famous painting for her art foundation. Lily left Cane after discovering that he had lied about his identity. Billy punched Cane after learning of Cane's deceit. Cane begged Jill and Katherine for forgiveness, but they refused. Phillip explained to Nina, Jill, and Katherine that he had faked his death because he could not handle the pressure of being a Chancellor. Phillip revealed to Nina that he was gay.
July 13 to 17, 2009
Mary Jane stole Victor's wallet and placed it in Sharon's suite. The police found the wallet and accused Sharon of theft, but Victor refused to press charges. Summer incurred partial brain damage due to her coma, and she lost most of her language skills. Nick decided to stay with Phyllis due to Summer's condition. Victor proposed to Ashley, and they had a spur-of-the-moment wedding. Adam told Mary Jane to wear Sabrina's dress to the wedding to spook Ashley. Ashley saw Mary Jane outside the window and fainted, thinking she saw Sabrina. Dr. Taylor was fed up with Adam's blackmail, and the doctor secretly suggested to Victor that Adam be placed in a halfway house, so Ashley could have a stress-free environment. Adam was furious with Victor when he learned that he would be sent away. Victor hired Gloria and Jeffrey to ruin Colleen's reputation, so he could oust her from the Newman Board of Directors. Gloria and Jeffrey recorded and uploaded a video of Colleen drunk and stripping at a bar. Lily thought that she was pregnant, but instead, she discovered that she might have a malignant mass on her ovaries. Neil refused to tell Cane that Lily might be sick. Cane announced that he planned to leave Genoa City for good. Phillip IV returned from Iraq and asked to be called Chance, short for Chancellor. Chance was cordial when he met his father, Phillip III, for the first time.
July 20 to 24, 2009
Nikki informed Victor that she had seen Adam and Rafe kissing. Victor revealed to Adam that he knew about the affair with Rafe. Victor affirmed that he accepted Adam's homosexuality and that Adam would always be his son. Victor offered a million-dollar reward for the capture of Mary Jane. Mary Jane, homeless and alone, went Dumpster-diving for food. Mac found Mary Jane and offered to help her. Lily was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Lily wanted to harvest her eggs before having surgery that could make her infertile, but Olivia advised Lily against it. Lily escaped from the hospital, but Cane found her and convinced her to have the surgery. The surgeon discovered that Lily's cancer had spread, so he had to remove her ovaries. Chloe gave Chance the ins and outs of Genoa City. After Chance admitted that he was a virgin, Chloe kissed him. Chance told Phillip that he had no interest in getting to know him. Deacon planted a forged painting in Daniel's apartment, and Daniel was arrested. Deacon told Amber that he would give her evidence to exonerate Daniel if she slept with Deacon. Amber reluctantly went to bed with Deacon, but she did not know that Deacon made sure Daniel found out about it. Nick and Phyllis took Summer home from the hospital. Phyllis allowed Nick to move back in. Victor fired Colleen from the Newman Board of Directors after a video of her stripping at a bar surfaced on the Web.
July 27 to 31, 2009
Sharon was going to tell Nick the truth about her baby's paternity, but she stopped when she saw Nick and Phyllis reciting their vows. Lily learned that, although her reproductive organs had needed to be removed due to her cancer, the doctor had been able to harvest two of her eggs. Billy was irritated when Jill and Katherine forgave Cane. Billy learned that Jill had never wanted to appoint him CEO of Jabot, but she had done so because Victor had forced her. Billy also discovered that Victor had ordered Jill to fire Ashley from Jabot. Billy revealed Victor's schemes to Ashley, just as she was about to accept a seat on the Newman Board of Directors. A distraught and confused Ashley began to hallucinate. J.T. quit working at Newman because he was tired of Victor's manipulations. Daniel was released on bail. Deacon informed Daniel of Amber's sordid past in Los Angeles. Daniel told Amber to move out of his apartment. Nina admitted to Chance that Phillip had been the love of her life, regardless of his homosexuality. Mac assumed that Mary Jane was an abused woman in need of help, so she offered Mary Jane a place to stay.
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August 3 to 7, 2009
Neil and Tyra broke up. Cane comforted Lily after she was released from the hospital. Jill was outraged when Katherine confessed that Phillip Chancellor had not been the love of her life. Katherine urged Billy to let go of his resentment toward Jill. Mary Jane drugged Jack and pretended that she was Sharon, so he would make love to her. Mary Jane was distraught when she discovered that Victor's dog, Zapato, had eaten her stuffed cat, Mr. Kitty. Mary Jane poisoned Zapato, and he died. Sharon was arrested for stealing an engagement ring that looked exactly like the one Nick had given to Phyllis. Heather was furious when she learned that Adam had had an affair with Rafe. Adam swore that he was not gay, but Heather dumped him anyway. The night before the wedding, Nikki called off her engagement to Paul. Nikki announced that she planned to leave Genoa City. Nikki admitted to Victor that he was the only man she had ever loved with all of her soul. While alone in a church, Victor divulged that he still loved Nikki, despite his marriage to Ashley. Ashley's sanity dwindled as she imagined Sabrina haunting her. During a thunderstorm, Ashley drove her car recklessly and hit Nikki, thinking that Nikki was Sabrina.
August 10 to 14, 2009
Adam tried to convince Ashley that Sabrina was alive and that Ashley had hit Sabrina with her car. Because Ashley had taken sedatives, she did not remember that she had really hit Nikki. Nikki was nowhere to be found. Abby found the bugs that Adam had planted around the ranch, and everyone assumed that Estella or Mary Jane had planted them. Rafe vowed to prove that Adam, not Estella, was gaslighting Ashley. Mary Jane left J.T. a note, insinuating that Victor was keeping secrets. Mary Jane went to confession, not realizing that the priest was her brother, Todd. Todd warned Paul that their sister was in town and possibly in trouble. As part of a plea bargain, Sharon committed herself to a mental hospital in order to avoid jail time for stealing an expensive ring. Devon and Tyra slept together. Roxy walked in on them and dumped Devon. Devon admitted to Neil that he had slept with Tyra. Lily announced that she wanted to move back in with Cane. Mac informed Chloe that she was dating Billy. Chloe was devastated and agreed to divorce Billy. Chance asked Chloe out on a date, and she accepted.
August 17 to 21, 2009
Jack and Billy noticed that Ashley's mental health was poor. Jack filed a petition with the court to have Ashley institutionalized. Colleen kissed J.T., but he stopped her because he loved Victoria. Unbeknown to J.T., Victor had been spying on him, and the kiss had been photographed. Victoria confronted Colleen about the photo, and Colleen admitted that she wanted J.T. Meanwhile, Victoria had a secret -- she had cheated on J.T. with Deacon. Deacon promised to get the charges against Daniel dropped if Amber married Deacon. Amber agreed to marry Deacon, but she refused to have sex with him until after the wedding. Ryder, Deacon's partner in crime, admitted to the murder that Daniel had been charged with, so Daniel was exonerated. Ryder convinced Kevin that Ryder had also been a victim of Tom Fisher's abuse. Deacon and Ryder revealed that they were really in town to find an expensive painting that Tom had hidden in Genoa City. Paul found Mary Jane, but he was distraught to learn that she was his sister, Patty. Lily shaved her head so she did not have to deal with losing her hair during chemotherapy. Lily started her first round of treatment. Tyra left Genoa City.
August 24 to 28, 2009
After Paul discovered that Mary Jane was his sister, Patty, he took her to a church to receive sanctuary from the law. The police wanted to arrest Mary Jane, but Paul urged them to wait. Jack found out that Mary Jane was his ex-wife, and he tried to talk her into surrendering. Mary Jane claimed that she was pregnant, and she wanted to marry Jack. Victor offered Jeffrey a huge reward to deliver Mary Jane to Victor. Jeffrey cut the lights in the church so Gloria could get to Mary Jane. Summer was accepted into a rehabilitation clinic in Switzerland, so Phyllis and Summer planned to move to Europe temporarily. Sharon admitted to her mother that Nick was the father of her baby, and Nick overheard. Noah and Eden both asked to transfer from public school to private school. Chloe and Billy went to the court to sign divorce papers, but Billy refused to sign. Jack got a court order to have Ashley evaluated by a psychiatrist. Adam helped Ashley deceive the doctor into thinking she was stable.
August 31 to September 3, 2009
Paul accused Victor of manipulating Mary Jane, but Victor feigned innocence. Jeffrey and Gloria sedated Mary Jane, tied her up, and left her at the Abbott cabin. Jeffrey attempted to make separate deals with Victor and Jack for the capture of Mary Jane in an effort to swindle both of them out of the reward money. Colleen went to the Abbott cabin to get away from her troubles in Genoa City and found Mary Jane. Ashley feared that she had hit Nikki with her car. Traci visited Ashley and worried that her sister was on the verge of a mental breakdown. Billy barged into the Newman ranch when Victor was not home, and he took Ashley with him. Ryder and Kevin took a DNA test and learned that they were brothers. Daniel urged Amber to marry him instead of Deacon. Lily had a bad reaction to her chemotherapy, and Cane helped her get better. Nick and Sharon allowed Noah to transfer to private school. Sharon admitted to Nick that he was the father of her baby. Nick realized that Sharon had kept the truth from him so he could focus on Summer. Nick did not tell Phyllis about the baby before she left for Switzerland with Summer. Chloe hatched a scheme to make Billy jealous by dating Chance. Nina warned Chloe to stay away from Chance.
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September 7 to 11, 2009
Colleen found Mary Jane at the Abbott cabin. Mary Jane took Colleen hostage. Paul, J.T., and Jack feared for Colleen's life when they discovered her predicament. Gloria and Jeffrey received reward money for Mary Jane's capture from Jack and Victor, but they were shocked when the money was destroyed by an ink booby trap. Katherine and Victoria feared that Nikki was in trouble because they had not heard from her. Billy and Traci made Ashley see a psychiatrist. Ashley resented her siblings for forcing her to see a doctor and wanted nothing to do with them. Adam was released from house arrest. Adam planned to leave town, but Ashley convinced him to stay. Ryder revealed to Kevin that he and Deacon were in Genoa City to find an expensive painting that Tom had stolen. Kevin was determined to help Ryder find the painting and to get Ryder out of jail. As Amber was about to marry Deacon, Daniel interrupted the ceremony. Sharon urged Nick not to tell Phyllis that he was the father of Sharon's baby. Nick felt that he owed it to Phyllis to tell her the truth.
September 14 to 18, 2009
Mary Jane was bitten by a spider and became ill. Colleen left in a rowboat to get help, but the boat capsized, and she hit her head. As Colleen sank deeper into the water, she saw visions of those she loved, including her father and grandfather. Meanwhile, Jack figured out where Mary Jane and Colleen were. Jack pulled Colleen out of the water, but she was barely breathing. Mary Jane held Jack at gunpoint and would not let him call an ambulance for Colleen. Victor found Mary Jane, Jack, and Colleen. Mary Jane blamed Victor and Jack for her dire situation and threatened to kill both of them. Victoria admitted to J.T. that she had cheated on him with Deacon. Daniel made a deal with Deacon -- Daniel would find an expensive painting for Deacon if Deacon called off his wedding to Amber. Deacon agreed. Daniel proposed to Amber, and she said yes. Kevin realized that Ryder was conning him.
September 21 to 26, 2009
Patty shot Victor three times, and she fled. Paul found Patty and convinced her to turn herself in to the authorities. Victor and Colleen were rushed to the hospital. Colleen was declared brain dead, and the doctors encouraged Traci to take her daughter off the ventilators. Meanwhile, Victor survived heart surgery, but his heart was weak. The doctors determined that Victor needed a heart transplant. Ashley told Victor that she was leaving him. Jack convinced Ashley to commit herself to a mental hospital. Victor admitted to Victoria that he loved Nikki. Nikki returned to Genoa City when she heard that Victor had been hurt. Nick turned to Sharon for support when his father became ill. Sharon told Nick to lean on Phyllis instead of her. Gloria, Kevin, Jana, Amber, and Daniel retrieved the stolen painting from Tom's safe deposit box. They all fought over what they should do with the painting. Katherine discovered that Jill was broke, and she gave Jill money.
September 28 to October 2, 2009
Sharon went into labor at the mental hospital, and Dr. Taylor delivered the baby. Meanwhile, Ashley was also in the mental hospital. Ashley thought that she was going into labor, so Adam gave her a sedative, and she fell asleep. When Ashley awoke, Adam gave her Sharon's baby. Dr. Taylor told Sharon that her baby had been malformed and had died at birth. Both Sharon and Nick were devastated to learn that their baby had died. As Ashley arrived in Victor's room to inform him about the baby, she overheard Victor telling Nikki that Nikki was the love of his life. Katherine and Jill grew closer as Jill helped Katherine deal with Victor's illness. Nikki begged the Abbotts to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Billy was adamantly against giving the heart to Victor, but Traci had Colleen's heart tested to see if it was compatible with Victor. Tests determined that Colleen's heart was a good match for Victor. Traci struggled over whether or not she should donate her daughter's heart to the man who had been responsible for Colleen's death.
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October 5 to 9, 2009
Traci agreed to donate Colleen's heart to Victor. Jack accepted Traci's decision, but Billy was furious. The heart transplant worked, but Victor suffered a massive seizure. The Abbotts decided to honor Colleen with a celebratory memorial service instead of a traditional funeral. Everyone who had loved Colleen wore bright colors and shared their favorite memories of her. Lily was distraught because she could not attend the service due to her illness. Billy resigned from Jabot, while Ashley wished to return to work. Ashley decided to name her baby Faith, the same name that Sharon had planned to name her baby. Adam stole ashes from a funeral home and sent them to Sharon, so she would think that her baby truly was dead. Nick admitted to Phyllis that he had been the father of Sharon's baby. Phyllis realized that Sharon hadn't told Nick that he was the father because Sharon had wanted him to focus on Summer's recovery. Phyllis reached out to Sharon and offered her gratitude and condolences. Chloe and Chance went on a date and kissed. Gloria stole the Terroni painting from Kevin..
October 12 to 16, 2009
Nick and Sharon scattered what they thought were their baby's ashes. Abby inherited Colleen and Brad's house and needed to rent it out. Jack asked Sharon to move into the house, and she happily agreed. Adam drew up a contract for Newman, even though he no longer worked for the company. Victoria and Nick were furious, but Victor decided to give Adam a second chance. Adam was hired as a junior vice president and was to report directly to Nick and Victoria. Adam secretly called the SEC to report Nick and Victoria on infractions. J.T. was offered a job interview in New York. Victoria refused to leave Genoa City, but J.T. took the interview, anyway. Chloe informed Billy, Chance, and Mac that she had not signed her divorce papers. Billy learned that Chance was a virgin and ridiculed him. Daniel, with the help of Victoria, conned Deacon out of the Terroni painting and returned it to the museum. Daniel gave his reward money to Kevin, so Kevin could bail Ryder out of jail. Deacon admitted to Amber that he was working for someone and that he was in big trouble for not selling the Terroni.
October 19 to 23, 2009
Ashley lent Billy a large sum of money to buy Restless Style from Nick and Phyllis. As Billy's first order of business, he decided to write an article on Victor. Nick offered Phyllis a job at Newman, and she accepted. Chance was frustrated over Chloe's obsession with Billy, and he refused to date her. J.T. and Victoria's marriage became extremely strained when J.T. traveled to New York for a job interview. Victor left the hospital early so he could attend Faith's christening. Traci and Adam were named Faith's godparents. Ashley asked for the ranch in the divorce settlement, and Victor agreed to give it to her. Sharon and Adam became friends. Adam admitted to Sharon that he had seduced Rafe. Dr. Peterson, Patty's former psychiatrist, arrived in Genoa City. Paul was shocked to see the doctor because Patty and Dr. Peterson looked like twins; it was apparent that Patty had modeled her new face after Dr. Peterson's. Jack was aggravated when Katherine appointed Jill and Jack as co-leaders of Jabot. Kevin bailed Ryder out of jail, and Michael agreed to represent Ryder. Ryder gave Deacon his next assignment, which pertained to Michael and Lauren.
October 26 to 30, 2009
Sharon asked Billy for a job at Restless Style, and he happily hired her. Billy published a damaging article on Victor, upsetting the Abbotts and the Newmans. Sharon second-guessed her decision to work at the magazine after reading the article. Mac scolded Billy for the article, but Chloe defended Billy. The SEC continued to investigate Victoria. Victoria claimed that she had not misled stockholders when she had told them that Victor had been in good health. Deacon surprised Victoria and vouched for her integrity. J.T. saw Deacon with Victoria and punched him. J.T. decided to take the job in New York. A photographer sold pictures of J.T. and Deacon's fight to Billy, and Billy published them online. Victor planned to go to a specialized transplant clinic in Belgium. Victor asked Nikki to go with him, and she agreed. Victor made a DVD that chronicled his life for Faith. Victor decided to give Adam more responsibilities at Newman, despite Victoria, Nick, and Michael's reservations. Victor swore revenge on Jack and Billy after reading the article in Restless Style. Abby, distraught over her parents' divorce and her sister's death, sneaked into a bar on Halloween. Jeffrey and Gloria informed Michael that they wanted to sue Victor. Sharon and Adam's friendship grew stronger.
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November 2 to 6, 2009
Billy got drunk and kissed Chloe, and Chance witnessed the buss. Chloe rejected Billy, and Chloe and Billy then signed their divorce papers. Billy did not tell Mac about the kiss he had shared with Chloe. Chance informed his father that he did not want a relationship with him. Chance was stabbed during a robbery at Crimson Lights. Katherine decided to take Chancellor Industries public; however, she did not tell anyone other than Neil and Jill. Jack and Ashley caught wind of Katherine's plan and schemed to buy Chancellor stock. Jill hired Paul to find Katherine's biological daughter. Cane and Lily renewed their wedding vows. Lily fell ill, but she recuperated. Lily's illness made her realize that she wanted to have a child. Mac offered to be Lily's surrogate. Dr. Peterson took a job in Genoa City, to Jack's delight. Nick was upset by Sharon and Adam's friendship, and he warned Adam to stay away from Sharon.
November 9 to 13, 2009
Ryder had a solid alibi that proved he had not murdered the faux FBI agent. On the night of the murder, a camera had caught Ryder and a mysterious person running a red light in Chicago. Michael warned that Daniel would be a murder suspect again, once Ryder was officially cleared. Daniel and Amber planned a small, impromptu wedding ceremony on their rooftop, and Katherine officiated. Phyllis found out about the wedding and tried to talk Daniel out of it, but she eventually let up and watched her son marry Amber. Billy was vehemently against Mac acting as a surrogate for Cane and Lily. Mac realized how different her values were from Billy's, and she broke up with him. Chance's surgery was a success. Chloe admitted that Chance got under her skin, and they decided to try their hand at a relationship. Despite Nick's efforts to evict Billy from the Restless Style building, Billy was able to keep the office after he filed a lawsuit against Nick. Nick offered to help Adam get a high-powered job at another company, but Adam vowed to stay at Newman, no matter how badly Nick treated him. Ashley discovered that Abby was in danger of failing out of school. Abby rebelled against Ashley by cutting class, ignoring curfew, and flirting with Ryder. Phyllis warned Dr. Peterson and Patty to stay away from her family after Patty had sent an apologetic letter to Summer.
November 16 to 20, 2009
Someone sent Lauren a gift box, which contained a live rat. Lauren and Michael suspected that Ryder had sent the gruesome present, but Kevin strongly disagreed. Michael informed Daniel that the D.A. considered Daniel a murder suspect again. Phyllis realized that Patty had poisoned Summer after Patty had witnessed Phyllis and Jack having sex. Phyllis blamed herself for Summer's condition. Katherine refused to let Jack purchase Chancellor stock. Jack asked Nick to secretly buy stock for him. Nick considered Jack's request, until Phyllis admitted that she had slept with Jack during their separation. Ashley told Katherine and Neil that she wanted to invest in Chancellor without Jack. Ashley informed Jack that she did not want to do business with him. Mac moved forward with her plans to be a surrogate for Lily and Cane. Jack went on a date with Emily. When Paul visited Patty, she remembered trying to hurt Jack, and she threatened to do it again. Patty secretly plotted to get Jack back into her life. Phillip discovered that dangerous cattle rustlers in Australia were still after Cane. Phillip decided to go back to Australia to make sure that Cane was not in danger. Philip's family was sad, but they understood why he had to go.
November 23 to 27, 2009
Phyllis tried to cook Thanksgiving dinner, but the turkey was ruined when Summer's crayons were accidentally baked into the stuffing. Victoria and J.T. surprised Nick and Phyllis on Thanksgiving and announced that they were moving back to Genoa City. Phyllis sensed that Nick was very upset over the loss of his baby, so she took him to the Abbott cabin to help him grieve. Kevin refused to spend the holiday with his family unless Ryder was invited. Lauren and Michael invited Ryder, so the entire family could be together. Lauren also invited Daisy, a new employee at the boutique. At dinner, Ryder and Daisy secretly discussed the fact that they knew each other. Daniel was served a subpoena to appear before the grand jury. The Abbott family fought during their Thanksgiving dinner, but they bonded after they volunteered together. The Winters family turned Indigo into a soup kitchen. Sharon and Adam spent Thanksgiving together. Jack went to visit Sharon and was shocked to see Sharon and Adam kissing at the front door.
November 30 to December 4, 2009
Daniel, Victoria, Ryder, and Deacon were called to testify before the grand jury. Michael encouraged Daniel to plead the Fifth, but Daniel could not keep his mouth shut when Heather interrogated him. Meanwhile, Ryder and Deacon refused to answer any questions and avoided incriminating themselves. After everyone testified, Daniel was arrested for murder. Jack asked Katherine to let him in on the Chancellor IPO as a favor to his late father, John. Katherine agreed to let Jack purchase stock. J.T.'s new boss, Tucker, wanted in on the Chancellor IPO. Nick and Victoria considered buying Chancellor stock. Jack saw Sharon and Adam kissing and urged Sharon to stay away from Adam. Despite Jack's warning, Sharon continued her relationship with Adam. Nick walked in on Sharon and Adam in bed together. Phyllis helped Nick grieve the loss of his baby by putting up a memorial plaque at the Abbott cabin. Nick was touched by the gesture. Paul asked Emily to stop dating Jack because it would hurt Patty, but Emily refused. Chance received a commendation from the police force. Mac, Lily, and Cane signed a surrogacy contract, which stated that Mac had no parental rights to the baby.
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December 7 to 11, 2009
Katherine, Neil, and Jill met with Tucker, a billionaire that wanted in on the Chancellor IPO. Tucker said that he wanted to buy 25 percent of the stock, or he didn't want any at all. Katherine seriously considered the offer. Jill and Tucker started a secret affair. Cane, Lily, and Mac were overjoyed to learn that Mac was pregnant with Lily and Cane's baby. Billy paid a juror for the details of Victoria's grand jury testimony and published them in his magazine. Billy was thrown in jail when he refused to reveal the identity of the juror that had leaked the testimony. Daniel was injured in jail when a weight-lifting machine malfunctioned. Daniel suspected that Deacon was trying to hurt him. Nick punched Adam after he found Adam and Sharon in bed together. Adam wanted to sue Nick for assault, but Victor talked Adam out of it. Instead, Victor suggested that Adam become co-CEO of Newman with Nick. Lauren was spooked when someone placed a rat in her boutique.
December 14 to 18, 2009
Michael got a restraining order that prevented Ryder from going near the Baldwin family. An unidentified woman stalked Michael and Lauren. Phyllis, Michael, Lauren, Eden, Noah, Jack, Katherine, Murphy, Kevin, Jana, and Abby searched though a landfill to find evidence to exonerate Daniel. Eden found a gym bag with evidence that proved Daniel should not be the only suspect in the murder investigation. Phyllis found a phone that implicated Deacon in the murder. Daniel was released from prison on bail. Daniel, Amber, and Phyllis worked together to set Deacon up and get him arrested. Phyllis scolded Sharon for dating Adam. Nick was frustrated with Phyllis' lies and games. Phyllis accused Nick of being jealous of Adam's relationship with Sharon. Katherine agreed to Tucker's offer and allowed him to buy 25 percent of Chancellor Industries. Jill continued her secret affair with Tucker. Billy continued to refuse to reveal the identity of the juror that had leaked Victoria's grand jury testimony, so the judge would not release him from jail. Chloe told the judge who the juror had been, and Billy was set free. Billy was furious with Chloe, and he fired her. Jack romanced Emily with ice-skating and Christmas decorating.
December 21 to 25, 2009
Paul and Nina were successful in their pursuit to find information on Katherine's biological daughter. Jill revealed to Katherine that Paul and Nina had found Katherine's daughter. Billy showed up drunk on Christmas and announced to his family that Mac was pregnant. Lily and Cane told Neil that he was going to be a grandfather. Lily felt ill and asked Cane to take her to the hospital. Nick admitted to Phyllis that he did not want Sharon to get over him, so Phyllis slapped him. Adam spontaneously proposed to Sharon. Initially, Sharon refused the proposal, but she eventually accepted. Amber desperately wanted to find Deacon's son, Little D. Eden's suspicions of Daisy were confirmed when she witnessed Daisy and Ryder embrace. Gloria and Jeffrey made a lot of money in the stock market and flaunted their wealth to Genoa City. Emily told Jack that she loved him. Patty secretly obsessed over Jack in the mental hospital. Traci returned to Genoa City to spend Christmas with her family and friends.
December 28, 2009 to January 1, 2010
Sharon and Adam eloped in Utah. On the way back, their plane crashed. Before the crash, Adam admitted that Sharon's baby was alive, but Sharon did not remember due to a concussion from the incident. Nick rushed to Sharon's side after the crash, but she did not wish to see him. Adam and Sharon told Nick about their sudden marriage, which horrified Nick. Nick begged Sharon to annul the marriage, but she refused. Phyllis was very upset and frustrated because Nick could not get over Sharon. Victoria informed J.T. that she would leave Reed in Genoa City while she worked in Dubai. Jack proposed to Emily on New Year's Eve, and she accepted. Katherine decided to try to find her biological daughter. Katherine assured Jill that she still considered Jill to be her daughter, even if the biological daughter was found. Malcolm returned to Genoa City after he learned of Lily's illness. Neil implored Malcolm to leave, but Malcolm wanted to stay to support Lily. John returned to Genoa City as "Father Time" in order to show Billy his future. John revealed that Billy was on a path that would eventually lead to disaster. Billy saw that he would hurt his family, especially his daughter. Billy also saw that he would die in a car crash after driving drunk. After he witnessed his grim future, Billy promised to change his self-destructive ways.
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