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January 6 to 10, 2020
Tessa told Mariah that she'd never been in love with Tanner, but they'd impulsively gotten married in a drunken ceremony. Mariah struggled with the lie of omission, but she eventually encouraged Tessa to go on tour with Tanner. Mariah was touched to receive Tessa's journal as a birthday gift. Mariah and Tessa shared a heartfelt goodbye when Tessa left to go on tour. Sharon underwent a mammogram and ultrasound, and the radiologist recommended that she get a biopsy. Rey worried about Sharon's distracted behavior, but she continued to hide her medical concerns from him. Sharon and Nick remembered Cassie on her birthday. Connor was moved to tears when he learned that Chelsea was moving in with Adam permanently. Chelsea and Adam reunited and made love. Chloe became incensed when she learned of Chelsea's reconciliation with Adam. Victor agreed to Adam's request that Adam and Chelsea be included in Newman family events. Devon and Nick decided to pursue Elena's idea of opening a free medical clinic, and they enlisted Nate's help. Devon hired Chance to investigate Amanda. Billy tried to define his relationship with Amanda, but she preferred not to overanalyze it. Billy became uncomfortable when Sharon spotted him having coffee with Amanda. Amanda confided in Billy about her controlling ex-fiancé. Phyllis schemed to spend time alone with Chance. Lola planned a private birthday celebration for Kyle.
January 13 to 17, 2020
Victoria worried when Billy informed her that he'd stopped seeing his therapist. Victoria found a bar receipt in Billy's pocket, and Billy fibbed that he'd met a client for drinks. Lily returned to town for a visit and announced that she was dating again. After a heart-to-heart with Lily, Billy confided to Amanda that he'd fibbed to Victoria, and Amanda urged him to tell the truth. Victoria walked out on Billy when she learned that he'd been talking to Amanda instead of her. Mariah struggled with missing Tessa. Sharon secretly underwent a biopsy. Sharon finally opened up to Rey about her health crisis. Faith discovered a note about Sharon's appointment at the breast cancer center and turned to Nick with her suspicions. Sharon learned she had stage II cancer, and her doctor recommended chemotherapy and surgery. Sharon told Nick she had cancer. With Rey and Nick's support, Sharon informed Mariah and Faith about her diagnosis, and Sharon's loved ones rallied around her. Chelsea and Adam convinced Connor to return to the Grand Phoenix for the first time since the hostage crisis, and Chance helped to assuage the boy's fears. Adam planned to resurrect Dark Horse. Phyllis pitched the idea of her assisting with Chance's security business. Abby became suspicious of Phyllis' intentions toward Chance. Chance accepted Nick's job offer to install security systems for New Hope. Kyle and Lola argued about Theo. Summer enlisted Mariah's help to talk sense into Kyle.
January 20 to 24, 2020
Abby and Chance's date led to a nightcap in his hotel room, but Phyllis interrupted their evening by pulling the fire alarm. Chance finally agreed to a dinner date with Phyllis. Jill warned Jack that Theo was trouble. Tensions escalated between Kyle and Theo at the party, resulting in Kyle punching Theo. Kyle and Lola fought about Theo, and Kyle walked out. Kyle sought out Lola before he left on a business trip, but things remained cool between them. Jack separately lectured Kyle and Theo about respecting one another. Phyllis urged Summer to never settle for second best. Tessa made a surprise visit home to see Mariah for a few hours, but Mariah opted not to tell her about Sharon's cancer diagnosis. Nikki made plans to throw a bash for Newman Enterprises' 50th anniversary. Amanda sensed that there was more between Nate and Elena than friendship. Billy appealed to Victoria to give him the same level of acceptance that she'd granted her father. Victoria demanded that Billy get help if he wanted to save their relationship. Chance informed Adam that "she" was missing, but Adam insisted that there was nothing to worry about because she'd been cashing his monthly payments. Fen passed on the chance to go on tour again and instead decided to move to Nashville. Adam learned that Chloe had saved his life, and they formed a tentative truce. This week had preemptions due to the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.
January 27 to 31, 2020
Kyle and Summer celebrated their business coup in San Francisco, ultimately leading to a heartfelt talk and a kiss. Theo later overheard Kyle and Summer agreeing to forget what had happened in San Francisco. Kyle put off talking to Lola when they learned Celeste had been in a car accident. Kyle admitted to Jack that his marriage might be in trouble. Amanda distanced herself from Billy. An investigator informed Victor about Billy's involvement with Amanda. Billy and Victoria sadly realized that their relationship had reached an impasse, and he moved out. Billy initiated a bar brawl, and Amanda bailed him out of jail. Nikki became curious about the time Nick was spending with Sharon. Sharon's loved ones struggled to find a balance between lending a hand and letting her maintain her independence. Sharon began chemotherapy. Mariah's insecurities flared when Tanner responded to a text message she'd sent to Tessa. Nick suggested that Chelsea and Adam leave town. Chelsea became concerned when she overheard mysterious conversations between Adam and Chance. Phyllis and Chance had a good time on their date, but she cut the evening short when Summer reached out to talk. Chance decided he wanted to be with Abby. Summer told Phyllis that she was still in love with Kyle and that she planned to pursue their connection. Phyllis became suspicious of Sharon's behavior and later spotted a bandage on Sharon's chest. Phyllis reeled from the realization that Sharon was facing a major health crisis.
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February 3 to 7, 2020
Amanda assured Victoria that she had no romantic interest in Billy. Victor fueled Victoria's suspicions by claiming he had proof that Billy and Amanda had frequented a motel together. Victoria angrily confronted Billy and Amanda, who denied the accusation. Victoria and Billy clashed over how to handle arrangements with the kids. Amanda was unnerved when she discovered her controlling ex-fiancé, Ripley, in her hotel room. Billy interrupted Ripley's attempt to remind Amanda of the happier times they'd shared. Amanda called the police to have Ripley arrested for violating the restraining order against him. Billy innocently spent the night in a chair in Amanda's room. Kyle told Lola about the kiss he'd shared with Summer and admitted that Summer was still in his heart. Kyle and Lola tearfully decided to end their marriage. Theo and Mariah consoled Lola. Summer comforted Kyle, and they had sex. Jack warned Theo not to insert himself into Kyle and Lola's problems. Devon decided to shut down Power Communications, leaving Mariah unemployed. Mariah confided in Lindsay, a bartender at Society. Tanner insisted that he wasn't hoping to reconnect with Tessa romantically. Abby and Chance made love. Sharon revealed her breast cancer diagnosis to Phyllis, assuming Phyllis had already known. Phyllis promised to honor Sharon's wishes by keeping quiet. The night before starting chemotherapy, Sharon dreamed about Cassie and finally accepted help from her loved ones.
February 10 to 14, 2020
Sharon began chemotherapy. Word spread about Kyle and Lola's breakup. Rey blasted Kyle for his treatment of Lola. Theo informed Lola that Kyle had already moved on with Summer. Lola kissed Theo, but he pulled away, knowing she'd have regrets if things went any further. Adam and Chelsea opted not to move to Paris. Riza reported to Adam that "she" had started talking to the cops. Phyllis planned to follow Adam and Chance to Las Vegas, but she later decided to have a waitress bug their conversation instead. Phyllis heard Adam and Chance discussing an incident where Adam had saved Chance after Chance's cover had been blown. Adam made plans to keep himself out of prison by paying off a woman to stop asking questions about her husband's disappearance. Victoria and Billy broke the news of their breakup to Johnny and Katie. Victoria demanded that Billy keep the kids away from Amanda. Amanda had Ripley arrested for violating the restraining order against him. Amanda threatened to send Ripley to jail unless he left town. Billy purchased a new sportscar, which he promptly crashed into a tree. Nate and Amanda worried that Billy was addicted to thrill seeking. Ashley returned in anticipation of Victor's anniversary celebration. Chloe was irritated when she learned Kevin had learned the sex of their baby after they'd agreed to be surprised, but she was overjoyed when he announced that they were having a boy. Kevin worried that he would pass on Terrible Tom's legacy to his own son.
February 17 to 21, 2020
Phyllis blackmailed Chelsea out of her shares of the Grand Phoenix by threatening to reveal Adam's secret. Abby vowed to find a way out of her equal partnership with Phyllis. Phyllis implied to Chance that she intended to take over the entire hotel, but Abby refused to sell her stake. Nikki offered words of support when Sharon revealed that she had breast cancer. Noah, Matt, and Julia returned to town for the Newman Enterprises 50th anniversary celebration. Victor reflected back on his life as his friends and family made touching speeches at the gala. Nikki unveiled an art collection centered around Victor that Noah had put together. Phyllis kissed Nick. Adam proposed to Chelsea, who happily accepted. Someone watched Amanda as she followed a drunken Billy, who intended to crash the Newman party. Ripley later seethed as he eyed Billy and Amanda at the gala together. In the dim art gallery, Ripley stabbed Victoria, who was wearing an outfit similar to Amanda's. Amanda ran into Ripley as he left the party and reeled when she realized he'd intended to kill her. Victoria was rushed to the hospital with liver and lung damage, underwent surgery, and was placed in a medically induced coma. Billy and Phyllis lent Amanda their support. Summer and Kyle went public with their reunion. Lola decided to open a restaurant in Miami, though she'd divide her time between there and Society.
February 24 to 28
Victoria woke up from her medically induced coma and became agitated when she saw Billy at her bedside. Victoria remembered arguing with Billy at the party but had no memory of the stabbing. The Newmans ordered Billy to stay away from Victoria. Victor agreed to consider Adam's offer to run Newman while Victoria was recovering. Jack advised Adam to let Victor make the next move. Adam and Chelsea planned to get married at Hope's farm. Phyllis schemed for the Grand Phoenix to be served with multiple lawsuits. Abby agreed to sell her shares to Phyllis then announced that she'd purchased the property across the street to build a competing hotel. Devon regretted assuming the worst about Amanda. Devon received a cryptic text message from Colin, and Kevin determined that it led to an offshore bank account. Devon discovered that Colin had returned Devon's inheritance. Chance hired Kevin to destroy the incriminating audio file that Phyllis had illegally recorded. Nate convinced Amanda to stay in Genoa City. Billy declined Jill's job offer to head a division of Chancellor Industries. Mariah's insecurities flared when she saw a cozy photo of Tanner and Tessa online. Upon seeing a shirtless Tanner over video chat with Tessa, Mariah abruptly hung up and went out for drinks with Lindsay. Jack sadly shared that Dina's health was in rapid decline. Kyle and Summer fought their attraction while trying to work. Theo nervously asked Lola out. Noah returned to London.
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MARCH 2020
March 2 to 8, 2020
Mariah and Lindsay had sex. Tessa walked out on Mariah after finding Mariah and Lindsay together. Rey informed Amanda that Ripley had been apprehended, but she remained a nervous wreck. Reed returned to town to visit Victoria. An ice storm hit Genoa City. Faith and Mariah worried when Sharon's health took a turn for the worse. Devon, Elena, and Nate took shelter inside the site of their new clinic, where they took in an injured young man who became their first patient. Adam and Chelsea were trapped at the Newman ranch because of a fallen tree. Adam and Chelsea appealed to Victor to put Adam in charge of Newman, but Victor grappled with whether he could trust Adam. While stranded at Nick's house, Phyllis and Nick agreed that they were better off as friends, but they later gave in to their attraction. Abby and Chance searched Phyllis' room, found a hidden thumb drive, and trashed Phyllis' laptop before having sex in Phyllis' shower. Chloe thought she was going into labor, but it was a false alarm. Ashley returned from Paris because of Dina's deteriorating health. Jack and Ashley had visions of Dina. Amanda realized that she'd been taking out her frustration about Ripley on Billy, and she asked for Billy's forgiveness. Billy platonically joined Amanda in bed to comfort her after she had a nightmare. Things became tense when Kyle and Summer waited out the storm at Society with Lola and Theo. Lola and Theo shared their first real kiss.
March 9 to 13, 2020
Phyllis convinced Nick to step up as Newman's interim CEO while Victoria recovered. Adam seethed when Victor revealed that Nick had been appointed to the position. Nick and Phyllis considered going back to being just friends after their hookup, but they ended up having sex on his desk at Newman. Lola slowed things down with Theo, and he agreed to wait. Billy and Amanda kissed and later agreed to maintain their friendship. Abby posed as Phyllis to access Phyllis' safe deposit box and retrieve another copy of the incriminating conversation between Adam and Chance. Chelsea, Adam, and Connor traveled to Kansas, where Adam was dismayed to find Hope's farm run down. Chelsea vowed to help Adam take over as Newman's CEO. Jared rejected help from Devon and Nate after his grandfather died. Amanda connected with Jared by revealing that she'd also been in the foster care system, stunning Devon and Nate. Sharon was dismayed when her ailing health forced her to skip a chemo session. Nikki implored Sharon to fight cancer the way she'd always fought Nikki. Kyle implored Mariah to find Tessa and beg for forgiveness. Victoria struggled to cope emotionally, and Nikki reached out to Sharon for help. Billy planned to accept Jill's job offer to head Chancellor's media division, but she informed him that he'd be equal partners with Lily. Billy and Lily grappled with their vastly different management styles, but they eventually agreed to work together. Nick asked for Rey's help with a problem concerning Faith.
March 16 to 20, 2020
In Kansas, Adam reunited with a childhood friend, a reporter named Alyssa. Adam became suspicious when he learned that Hope hadn't attended the funeral of A.J., Alyssa's dad. Adam theorized that loan shark A.J. had loaned Cliff money and had caused Cliff's car wreck when he hadn't repaid the debt. Victoria admitted that she needed help to recover emotionally from the stabbing. Mariah tracked down Tessa, apologized, and finally spilled about Sharon's cancer. Tessa sympathized but was unable to forgive Mariah. Tanner arranged for Mariah to make a heartfelt plea to Tessa during a concert, but Tessa left Mariah standing on the stage alone. Mariah considered taking a job in Chicago. Chance was determined to prove that Colin had laundered Devon's money before returning it. The Abbotts prepared to have Dina return home for whatever time she had left. Billy and Lily bantered and bonded over their mutual enthusiasm for starting Chancellor Media. Chloe resigned from the Grand Phoenix, and she and Chelsea worked on plans to resurrect Chelsea's fashion line. Summer and Kyle realized Summer's parents were sleeping together. Jack worried about Theo's resentment toward Kyle. Rey disciplined Faith for skipping school by having her work at Society, where Faith confided her frustrations to Lola.
March 23 to 27, 2020
Adam and Chelsea worked together to manipulate Alyssa into investigating Victor's possible role in A.J.'s death. Victor examined old newspaper articles he'd kept about Cliff and A.J.'s tragic accidents. After having some second thoughts, Adam decided to continue with his plot to end his war with Victor. Sharon counseled Victoria. Victoria suffered chest pains and was rushed to the hospital. Kyle envisioned his future with Summer. Mariah made one last emotional appeal to Tessa, and the duo reunited. After getting Sharon's blessing, Mariah decided to go on tour with Tessa for a while. Theo and Lola spent more time together, but she maintained that she wasn't ready for anything serious. Theo pressed Kendra for information as part of his plan to take over at Jabot. Jack, Ashley, and Traci struggled with having Dina return home. The Abbott siblings were driven to tears when they read Dina's end-of-life documentation, which included Dina expressing her regrets in an essay about what she wanted her loved ones to know. Jack turned to Jill when he needed a friend. Nick and Phyllis danced around their obvious attraction while both maintained that they were just friends. Jared was jailed after a fight with his landlord, but Nate and Amanda bailed Jared out and got the charges dropped. Jared accepted Elena's job offer at the clinic. Lily assured Billy that she didn't consider it inevitable that he'd screw up again. Nick was livid to learn that Billy was his new tenant.
March 30 to April 3, 2020
Victoria learned that angina had caused her chest pains. Victoria summoned Billy and made it clear they would be nothing more than co-parents. A rejuvenated Victoria returned to Newman and took back the reins from Nick. Theo pressured Kendra to dig up something he could use against Kyle. Summer turned down Kyle's suggestion that they move in together, noting that he was still married. Kyle and Lola met to discuss moving forward with their divorce. Lola offered her support to Rey after he revealed Sharon's cancer diagnosis. Theo was disappointed when Lola postponed their trip to New York. After another romp, Phyllis and Nick agreed to give their relationship another shot. Summer and Nikki objected to Phyllis and Nick's reunion. Dina had a brief moment of clarity during a visit from Theo. Alyssa handed over evidence to Adam that proved A.J. hadn't died from a fall and implicated Victor in A.J.'s death. Adam presented Victor with Alyssa's news story outing Victor as a murderer and wondered what Victor was willing to do to stop it from being published. Mariah returned home to be there when Sharon found out whether the chemotherapy had worked, but Sharon opted to attend the appointment alone. Sharon was devastated when she learned that the chemo hadn't shrunk the tumor as much as the doctors had hoped, and she worried that she would lose her breast. Elena and Nate began seeing patients at the free clinic. Amanda asked Nate out on a date.
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APRIL 2020
April 6 to 10, 2020
Victoria defended Victor against Adam's claims that Victor had been responsible for A.J.'s death. Victor handed over Newman Enterprises to Adam. Victor professed his innocence to Nikki, but she was livid when he refused to explain what had happened. Victoria packed up her desk and moved into the tack house. Victoria lashed out at Billy when he urged her to seek payback against Victor and Adam. Alyssa confronted Adam about not publishing her story, but he placated her by claiming he was attempting to get coverage on a larger platform. Victoria warned Alyssa that Adam and Chelsea weren't Alyssa's friends. Summer learned about Sharon's cancer diagnosis and lent her support to Faith. Sharon was relieved when her doctor recommended a lumpectomy rather than a mastectomy. Tessa returned home after her tour ended. Phyllis was irritated when Abby began construction on her new hotel. Phyllis called in a favor and arranged for the new construction to be halted due to work permit issues. Jill swore off romance. Jack admonished Kyle and Theo when their bickering agitated Dina. Jack assigned Kyle and Theo to each devise their own rebranding plan for Jabot, stressing that only one of them would end up on top. Summer considered herself to be Kyle's secret weapon, while Lola offered Theo words of encouragement. Traci agreed to consider Billy and Lily's job offer at Chancellor Media. Devon asked Amanda to be his legal counsel for New Hope. Nate and Amanda went on their first date.
April 13 to 17, 2020
Victoria told Alyssa that Adam had used Alyssa's story to blackmail Victor into making him CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam demanded that Victor sign a contract to prevent Victor from firing him. Billy was unnerved to see Amanda on a date with Nate, and Amanda later avoided Billy when she saw him talking to Victoria. Amanda and Nate's date ended with a kiss. Phyllis and Nick committed to a long-term relationship. Nick was blindsided when Adam publicly announced his appointment as CEO. Phyllis tried to retrieve her flash drive to give it to Nick as leverage against Adam, but she discovered that her safe deposit box had been robbed. Phyllis confronted Abby and Chance about destroying the evidence that could have taken Adam down. Abby distanced herself from Chance after he turned down her suggestion that he draw Adam into another recorded conversation. Amanda balked at Lily's offer to work for Chancellor Media. Rey whisked Sharon off to the Grand Phoenix for a romantic evening before her surgery. Summer suspected that Kendra was spying for Theo. Kyle and Summer planted false documents online and baited Kendra into giving the information to Theo. Mariah and Tessa flatly turned down Theo's offer to monetize their relationship. After repeatedly refusing to tell his family the truth about what had happened in Kansas, Victor finally confessed everything to Nikki, who was stunned to hear the horrible secret he'd been carrying.
April 20 to 24, 2020
Theo presented his pitch to rebrand Jabot, unaware that Kyle and Summer had set him up. Jack was livid when Theo attempted to pass off one of Jack's old ideas as his own. Jack supported Kyle's decision to fire Theo. Kyle later had mixed feelings about firing his former friend. Amanda accepted Lily's job offer. Mariah agreed to be named the primary decisionmaker in Sharon's healthcare proxy. Mariah and Theo had a surprising heart-to-heart about caring for an ill parent. Theo eavesdropped on Billy, Lily, and Amanda's conversation about their plans for Chancellor's media division. Nikki blabbed the truth about A.J.'s death to Victoria. Victoria baited Adam into confronting Victor, who revealed that an eleven-year-old Adam had killed A.J. to protect Hope. Adam had no memory of the incident and blasted Victor for twisting the facts to save himself. Victoria appealed to Alyssa to publish the true story, but Alyssa refused to have anything to do with the Newmans and left town. Victor removed Adam as CEO. Victor lashed out at Nikki for violating his confidence by disclosing his secret to Victoria. Victor reinstated Victoria at Newman but told her that she'd lost his respect. Victoria flatly informed Victor that she could live with that, leaving him devastated. Chelsea threw a baby shower for Chloe. Chelsea happily accepted Chloe's request that Chelsea be the baby's godmother.
April 27 to May 1, 2020
A week of episodes devoted to Katherine Chancellor. The episodes included Katherine squaring off with Marge in 1990, Katherine's 2004 intervention, Katherine and Jill's epic cake fight, and Katherine and Murphy's wedding in 2009.
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MAY 2020
May 4 to 8, 2020
A special week of episodes devoted to telling Victor and Nikki Newman's love story. The episodes included Nikki's first visit to the Newman Ranch in 1981; an August 1987 dream in which Nikki fantasized about being with Victor; June 1, 1990's episode of Nikki taking center stage at the Colonnade Room; Victor and Nikki trying to deny their attraction in April 1998; and Victor and Nikki's September 2002 wedding ceremony.
May 11 to 15, 2020
A special week of episodes that focused on some of The Young and the Restless' most notorious rivalries. The episodes included the epic June 30, 1998, Katherine versus Jill battle; Victor's October 1, 1993, back-from-the-dead shocker; a June 15, 2012, tack house rumble between Sharon and Nikki; Victor squaring off against Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton for control of Newman Enterprises on June 21, 1999; and a clash between Lily Winters and Hilary Curtis that aired on May 22, 2014.
May 18 to 22, 2020
A special week of episodes celebrating one of The Young and the Restless' iconic families: the Winters family. The episodes featured Kristoff St. John's first appearance as Neil Winters on February 13, 1991; Shemar Moore's May 6, 1994, debut; the February 9, 2005, episode that saw Devon coming face to face with a cute-but-scary lion; June 29, 2005's search for Lily Winters and Daniel Romalotti; and Neil and Drucilla formally adopting Devon in the December 7, 2006, episode.
May 25 to 29, 2020
A week of episodes that looked back at some of Genoa City's naughtiest residents. This week of The Young and the Restless classic episodes, titled "Villains Week" featured the October 7, 1991, end of David Kimble's reign of terror; the October 7, 1991, episode that saw Isabella Braña try to drown Christine Williams; Kevin Fisher's anger-induced revenge plot from October 10, 2003; an explosive December 15, 2005, appearance by Sheila Carter during Michael and Lauren's honeymoon; and the April 27, 2010, episode that featured a Lauren Fenmore look-alike.
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JUNE 2020
June 1 to 5, 2020
A special week of classic episodes celebrating the Abbott family. The week included the November 11, 1991 nuptials of Brad Carlton and Traci Abbott; Jack's September 17, 1999 declaration that he had regained control of Jabot for the Abbott family; a September 10, 2001 proposal where Phyllis Summers' reaction wasn't quite what Jack expected; the August 24, 2006 celebration of John Abbott's life and a showdown between Jack and Gloria Fisher; and the December 24, 2019 episode that saw the Abbotts being reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.
June 8 to 12, 2020
A week of specially curated episodes highlighting some of The Young and the Restless' most romantic moments. The week included Victor romancing Ashley in a July 18, 1986, episode where he also gifted her a yacht; the June 7, 2001, episode where Nick transported Sharon to a faraway land; Michael's casino proposal to Lauren from May 16, 2005; Chloe declaring her love to Kevin on May 16, 2005; and Lily and Cane's French wedding on February 13, 2012.
June 15 to 19, 2020
A week of specially curated episodes highlighting some of The Young and the Restless' most memorable weddings. The week included Nick Newman and Sharon Collins' wedding on February 19, 1996; Cricket and Danny's Hawaiian wedding on November 16, 1990; the July 11, 1997, wedding of Malcolm and Olivia; Phyllis and Nick's wedding in a bar onOctober 24, 2006; and Victor and Nikki's March 18, 2013, ceremony -- with a hidden bomb.
June 22 to 26, 2020
A week of episodes that helped The Young and the Restless performers win Daytime Emmys. The performers were highlighted in Peter Bergman's 1991 episode involving Jack's realization that his marriage to Nikki was failing; a March 1997 episode in which Eric Braeden's Victor pledged to start anew with Hope and Victor Jr.; the 2006 confrontation between Carmen Mesta and Bryton James's Devon; the July 1999 episode that featured Sharon and Nick being awarded custody of Cassie, played by Camryn Grimes; and a riveting 1984 episode where Traci nearly took her own life -- an episode that made Beth Maitland Y&R's first performer to win a Daytime Emmy.
June 29 to July 3, 2020
A week of episodes that told the love story of Paul Williams and Christine Blair. The episodes included Paul proposing to Christine on September 21, 1994; Mary Williams' surprise appearance at Christine's bridal shower on December 14, 1994; Christine and Paul being mowed down by a hit-and-run driver on December 29, 1994; Christine and Paul finally making it down the aisle on August 7, 1996; and Paul saving Christine from a crazed Isabella on August 15, 2003.
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JULY 2020
July 6 to 10, 2020
A week of sizzling summer fun in Genoa City. The classic episodes shown included a Newman celebration of Cassie's adoption on July 27, 1999; a July 4, 2005, Abbott family barbecue; Phyllis and Michael making waves on August 3, 2000; Nick whisking Sharon away to a faraway land on July 3, 2019; and a Genoa City carnival from July 3, 2019.
July 13 to 17, 2020
A special week of classic episodes celebrating the Fisher/Baldwin family. The week included the November 26, 2003, episode where Michael learned about Kevin's scheme; Gloria telling John the truth about Kevin and Michael on March 31, 2005; a surprise guest's appearance at Kevin and Jana's wedding on August 18, 2008; the April 14, 2006, revelation that Gloria was involved in the death of a client; and Gloria's festive December 21, 2016, return to Genoa City.
July 20 to 24, 2020
A week of episodes that fans said they wanted to see again. The episodes included the first two episodes of The Young and the Restless originally broadcast in March 1973; Katherine Chancellor seeing the results of her facelift on March 28, 1984; Newlyweds Neil and Dru celebrating their union with family and friends on March 12, 1993; a June 2, 2008, appearance by pop star Katy Perry; and Devon and Hilary's almost-wedding on August 14, 2015.
July 27 to 31, 2020
A special week of episodes celebrating one of The Young and the Restless' iconic families: the Newman family. The episodes included Victor using boxing as a lesson for Nick on August 30, 1994; the April 2, 2004, episode where a pint-sized Abby told Victor he was her father; the death of Cassie on May 24, 2005; J.T. and Victoria's February 7, 2008, wedding; and Victor reuniting with his father on November 21, 2003.
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August 3 to 7, 2020
A week of episodes featuring some of the most shocking OMG moments in The Young and the Restless history. The episodes featured included a nude centerfold that created quite the buzz in Genoa City on December 4, 1996; the May 15, 1992, episode where Sheila tried to kill Lauren -- but things got unexpectedly more heated; Nikki and Sharon's descent into a rat-infested sewer on April 16, 2004; Lily confronting Drucilla and Malcolm on March 1, 2005, after finding the results of a paternity test; and the truly explosive 11,000th episode of Y&R that aired September 1, 2016
August 10 to 14, 2020
Lily interviewed Genoa City residents on the anniversary of the dedication of Chancellor Park. Sharon recovered from surgery as she awaited the results of her pathology report. Mariah lent support as Sharon struggled with how her cancer had permanently changed her. Sharon was taken aback by the news of Phyllis and Nick's reunion. Nick offered to give one of his buildings to Abby to renovate if she stopped construction across from the Grand Phoenix, but she declined. Phyllis halted the construction by planting dinosaur bones on Abby's hotel site. Phyllis was touched when she learned about Nick's generous offer. Lily worried about Billy seeming deferential to Amanda, but he insisted that they could all work together. Lily and Billy disagreed over whether to hire Theo. Chelsea realized that Victor was telling the truth about Adam killing A.J. Adam was forced to face the fact that he killed a man when George confirmed Victor's story. Victor vowed to stand by Adam over the Newman family's protests. Adam turned to Sharon for help and reeled when Nick informed him that she had cancer. Sharon later reached out to Adam and asked how she could help. Kevin and Esther commiserated about their shortfalls and reassured one another that they were good parents. Jack and Ashley worried that Dina's mention of a "Bixley" meant they had another long-lost sibling, but Traci figured out that their mother was referring to their family's home movies. Devon and Amanda bonded as they set up a scholarship fund.
August 17 to 21, 2020
Sharon offered to help Adam recover the memories he'd blocked from his childhood. Rey reluctantly supported Sharon's decision. Chelsea objected to the arrangement, and Adam agreed to abide by her wishes. After a talk with Sharon, Chelsea encouraged Adam to pursue therapy with Sharon. Adam was disappointed when his first session didn't result in any progress. Lola confided to Theo that her plans to open a Miami restaurant had fallen through, but she looked forward to focusing on new dreams in Genoa City. Amanda assuaged Billy's doubts about hiring Theo, and Billy extended a job offer to Theo. Lola and Theo scrapped their trip to New York in favor of a simple date. Kyle assured Nick that Summer was the only woman in his heart. Nick set up a perfect day for Phyllis to rest and relax, which inspired her idea to start an "escape club" for women at the Grand Phoenix. Victoria publicly announced her intention to divest certain Newman properties, including selling Newman Cosmetics to Jabot and Newman's media division to Chancellor Communications. Nikki accepted Victoria's offer to become Newman's COO. Victor warned Nikki that she'd eventually have to choose sides. The Abbotts were touched when they watched a heartwarming home movie of John telling Dina and baby Jack that family was all that mattered.
August 24 to 28, 2020
Katie suffered an allergic reaction to a bee sting. Victoria let go of her anger toward Billy. Adam had memory flashes of Hope and A.J. arguing. Sharon helped Adam remember that he'd confronted A.J., but he bolted from the session. Victor provided Sharon with the Newman jet so she could track down Adam. In Kansas, Sharon comforted Adam when he recalled killing A.J. and not feeling any remorse. Chelsea was livid when she learned Victor and Sharon knew where Adam was but hadn't told her. Chelsea arrived at the farmhouse and berated Sharon. Victoria leaked the story of A.J.'s death and the cover-up to Billy. Lily insisted on getting proof to back up the story, and she warned Billy not to post it before she signed off on it. Phyllis tested her Escape Club idea by offering a free trial to the women of Genoa City, and she was thrilled when the concept was a hit. Elena and Amanda bonded during their Escape Club experience. Lola and Theo went on a date to celebrate his new job at Chancellor Communications. Lola talked Theo into going back to his place, where she spent the night. Lola insisted to Mariah that having casual sex had been her call. Kyle agreed to move in with Summer. Lola became upset when she overheard Summer mention the couple's house-hunting plans, and she gave Theo the cold shoulder. Jack resolved to find what was missing in his life.
August 31 to September 4, 2020
Sharon and Rey argued over her involvement with Adam. Mariah and Noah voiced concern about Sharon putting Adam's needs over her own. Adam remembered Victor and Hope discussing their concerns that Adam had seemed calm after killing A.J. Adam blamed Victor for hiding the truth instead of getting him help after the traumatic incident. Adam remained convinced that Chelsea and Connor were better off without him, but Sharon convinced him not to leave town. Adam moved into a hotel. Chelsea threatened to keep Connor from seeing Victor and Nikki. Summer and Kyle informed Nick and Phyllis that they were moving in together. Nick had reservations about the arrangement, but he eventually offered the couple the house he'd intended to give them when they'd first gotten married. Lola and Theo exchanged apologies. Dan warned Victoria that she'd made a mistake by selling off some of Newman's divisions, but she stood her ground. Amanda learned that she had the same rare blood type as Hilary and that her estimated birthdate was close to Hilary's. Amanda reeled when she learned Hilary had been pregnant when she'd died. Devon grappled with whether to provide Hilary's DNA to determine whether Amanda and Hilary were related. Lily sensed an attraction between Billy and Amanda, but he insisted they were just friends. Chance considered joining the police force. Alyssa sought Chance out, asking questions about what had happened in Las Vegas. Phyllis became suspicious when she saw Chance and Abby's reaction to Alyssa's inquiries.
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September 7 to 11, 2020
Sharon insisted on receiving her pathology results alone. Rey found an envelope with Sharon's test results, and she confided that she would need a more invasive surgical procedure because her cancer had spread. Chance tracked Adam to a seedy motel and confronted him about Alyssa's investigation. When Sharon showed up at Adam's motel room, Chance assumed they were having an affair. Sharon reached her breaking point and walked out on Adam, but she later agreed to continue helping him. Sharon admitted to Rey that she'd lied about her whereabouts to secretly counsel Adam. Rey blasted Sharon for not considering his feelings. Chelsea told Chance the truth about Adam. Chance convinced Adam to talk to Chelsea. Sharon fell asleep in Adam's room and hid when Chelsea showed up to see Adam. Adam told Chelsea they could never be together again. Lola lashed out at Theo when he blew off their plans to impress Billy at work. Elena hid her discomfort when Devon decided to provide Hilary's DNA for Amanda to test against her own. Phyllis raised the funds to buy Abby out of her share of the Grand Phoenix. Chance expected to be caught in the crossfire between Alyssa and Adam and attempted to break up with Abby to protect her, but she refused to walk away. Billy reached out to Alyssa and suggested that they work together to take Adam down.
September 14 to 18, 2020
Sharon dreamed about Adam. Sharon told Adam that she could no longer treat him. Sharon promised Rey that she wouldn't let Adam get between them. Chelsea offered to marry Adam to prove her devotion to him. Adam suggested that they wait to wed until after they worked together to take Victor down. Nate presented Amanda with the DNA test results. Amanda informed Devon that she was Hilary's twin sister. Amanda begged Devon to tell her more about Hilary, and Elena walked in as Devon professed his love for his dead wife. Elena demanded that Amanda leave Devon alone. An overwhelmed Amanda accepted Billy's offer of friendship. Chelsea planted a bug at Chancellor Communications. Chelsea overheard Alyssa tell Billy that the wife of the missing man in Las Vegas had agreed to speak with her. Chelsea spotted a text message from Sharon on Adam's phone, alluding to crossing the line. Chelsea ordered Sharon to stay away from Adam. Adam learned that the working title of Alyssa's article about him was "The Making of a Monster." Chance refused to allow Adam to jeopardize Chance's new job on the police force. Kyle and Summer decided to secretly consider themselves engaged. The rift between Lola and Theo widened when she saw him flirting with Chelsea. After a talk with Phyllis, Jack had doubts about whether Dina's message had truly been about finding love. Jack and Traci watched their family's home movie again and noticed something familiar about the necklace Dina had worn in the video. Nick and Phyllis pledged their love.
September 21 to 26, 2020
Adam and Victor clashed over Victor spending time with Connor. Adam and Chelsea decided to send Connor to boarding school. Adam and Chelsea listened as Victoria told Billy that the pharmacist who'd helped Adam tamper with Victor's medication had agreed to talk. Billy was concerned when he found Alyssa's hotel suite empty, and he confronted Adam. Billy vowed to expose what Adam and Victor had done. Victoria overheard Adam admitting to Chance that he'd hired a fixer to provide Alyssa a false lead, giving Adam time to convince the missing man's widow not to go public with the story of her husband's death. Nikki heard Victoria and Billy plotting. Nikki appealed to Lily to stop Billy's revenge plan. Devon presented Amanda with Hilary's birth certificate. Amanda wondered why she had been left as a baby at a Wisconsin fire station when Hilary had been born in Illinois. Amanda turned to Billy for support. Nate made Devon realize that he truly wanted to help Amanda. Elena continued to struggle with Devon and Amanda's connection. Sharon and Rey smoothed things over. Sharon and her loved ones prepared for her second surgery. Lola reeled after witnessing Kyle and Summer's simultaneous proposals to one another. Lola broke up with Theo. Phyllis flipped out when she learned about Summer and Kyle's engagement, but Summer suspected Phyllis was projecting her own insecurities about her relationship with Nick. Summer was hurt when Nick refused to embrace her engagement. Abby was unnerved when Chance envisioned settling down.
September 28 to October 2, 2020
Mariah, Jack, and Phyllis shared their memories of Hilary with Amanda. Elena's insecurities about Amanda and Devon grew. After saving a patient's life, Nate and Elena ended up in a passionate kiss. Summer was irritated when Kyle checked up on Lola after their divorce became final. Lola became livid at Theo's suggestion that she take Kyle back from Summer. Kyle and Summer decided to elope, but she seemed to have reservations about the plan. Victor requested Victoria's help to stop Billy, but he later learned that Victoria and Billy had been working together to take Adam down. Nick relished the idea of Adam getting what he deserved. Lily and Amanda warned Billy not to publish "The Making of a Monster" until it was fully vetted. After a confrontation with Victor, an infuriated Billy released the article. Lily was angry at first but later placated when the post went viral. Faith was humiliated when details about Adam switching her at birth were made public. Adam threatened to sue Billy. Rey interrogated Victor about the role he'd played in A.J.'s homicide. Lily was stunned to learn that Hilary and Amanda were twins. Amanda theorized that Rose hadn't been her biological mother. Traci discovered that Dina's emerald necklace had been stolen from an Indian princess, and Jack learned from Victor that John had purchased it on the black market. Abby was unnerved when Chance broached the topic of having kids. Phyllis had unforeseen cash flow problems.
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October 5 to 9, 2020
Nate and Elena had sex at the clinic. Elena immediately regretted her actions and made Nate promise never to speak of it again. Nick ran into a distraught Elena as she raced out of the clinic, and he discovered a shirtless Nate inside. Devon sensed something was wrong with Elena. A guilty Elena made love with Devon. Chloe gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Rey accepted Sharon's invitation to move back in with her. Sharon underwent a second surgery. The Newmans' lawsuit against Chancellor Communications was dismissed. Chelsea learned that advertisers had backed out of the launch of her fashion line because of the article. Adam staged an electrical outage at ChancComm to give himself a chance to search Billy's hotel suite, but he didn't find anything. Chelsea slipped and was knocked unconscious when she tried to get out of the ChancComm elevator during the blackout. Chelsea suggested that she and Adam leave town. Jack discovered that Lauren's father had purchased Dina's emerald necklace, and Lauren agreed to search for it in the jewelry collection she'd inherited. Phyllis hid her financial issues from Nick. Victoria found out that Phyllis had put up 75 percent of the Grand Phoenix as collateral on her loan, and she purchased the debt. Victoria rejected Victor's attempt to make amends. Kyle and Summer informed their families via email that they were eloping. Chance and Abby professed their love and started planning a future.
October 12 to 16, 2020
Dina's health rapidly declined. Lauren recovered the Teardrop of Love for Jack. Dina had a moment of clarity when Jack presented her with the necklace. Dina made loving statements to her family before succumbing to her illness. After an argument with Chelsea, Adam appealed to Sharon to give their relationship another chance. Sharon turned Adam down and prompted Rey to ask her to marry him. Adam overheard Rey ask Nick to be his best man. Adam hired someone to tail Rey. Sharon was thrilled to find out her surgery had been successful. Nick blasted Victoria for going after Phyllis. Adam declined Phyllis' proposal that they join forces against Victoria. Victor realized that Adam was lost to him. Kyle revealed that Summer had left him a goodbye note on what should have been their wedding day. Summer secretly spied on Kyle to find out whether he still had feelings for Lola. Elena and Nate grappled with whether to tell Devon about their sexual encounter. Nate broke things off with Amanda. Devon supported Amanda's decision to hire an investigator to look into the details of her birth. Devon learned he was being named Business Person of the Year. Lily shot down Billy's plans to proceed with a second article about Adam. Billy refused to let Chelsea spend time with Johnny. Kevin and Chloe named their son Miles. Abby and Chance decided to have a family. Paul put Chance's job offer on hold, pending an inquiry into Chance's actions in Las Vegas.
October 19 to 23, 2020
Sharon informed her family that she was on her way to being cancer-free. Faith sneaked out of the house to meet Jordan. Billy told Mariah that he'd seen Faith in the park at night. Nick tracked Faith down but agreed not to tell Sharon about the teen's antics. Chelsea overheard Adam bragging to Rey that Adam and Sharon belonged together. Chelsea walked out on Adam. Rey and Sharon planned to wed on New Year's Eve. The Abbotts grappled with losing Dina. Jack and Lauren agreed to dismantle the Teardrop of Love, and he presented his family members with custom-made jewelry containing stones from the necklace. Summer jumped to the wrong conclusions when she saw Lola comforting Kyle. Summer confronted Kyle, who denied having feelings for his ex and vowed to prove his love to Summer. Theo was livid when he learned the Abbotts hadn't included him in Dina's final moments. Gloria returned to Genoa City, and her family suspected that she was in trouble. Gloria hid something in a porcelain jar at the Chancellor mansion. Devon gave credit to Elena and Nate in his acceptance speech for a business award. Overwhelmed with guilt, Elena confessed to Devon that she'd slept with Nate. Devon publicly slugged Nate, injuring the surgeon's hand in a fall. Devon threw Elena out. Elena accepted Lola's invitation to become roommates. Elena decided to stop volunteering at the clinic. Amanda's private investigator turned up evidence that Rose had never been pregnant.
October 26 to 30, 2020
Adam denied breaking into Victoria's home. Adam announced that he was severing his ties to the Newmans and changing his name back to Adam Wilson. Chelsea experienced headaches and collapsed, but a CT scan showed nothing wrong. Chelsea accepted Chloe's invitation to move into the Chancellor mansion. Lily and Billy admitted their mutual attraction but agreed to keep things professional. After a heartfelt conversation over dinner, Lily moved in seductively close to Billy on the hotel elevator. Gloria stashed a thumb drive at the Chancellor mansion before returning to L.A. Kyle arranged a romantic walk down memory lane for Summer, but she became incensed when he mentioned Lola's name. Summer returned Kyle's engagement ring. Billy rejected Phyllis' request to obtain information about Victoria's shell company. Phyllis refused to let Nick buy out Victoria's stake in the Grand Phoenix. Faith introduced Nick and Sharon to her older friend Jordan. Jordan coached Faith on how to manipulate her parents. Chance accepted Paul's job offer on the police force, subject to a probationary period. Abby started to have second thoughts about Chance becoming a cop. Amanda's investigator turned up evidence that Rose hadn't given birth, and she decided to meet with Rose's former neighbor Nadine. Theo was hurt when he realized he hadn't been included in the family distribution of the jewelry made from the Teardrop of Love. Nate confided to Nick that his hand injury was worse than he'd let on. Devon refused to forgive Elena.
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November 2 to 6, 2020
Theo livened up Dina's memorial reception by playing an upbeat song Dina had loved, and Kyle stormed out. Theo became increasingly incensed about being excluded from the Abbott family when he learned Dina had bequeathed him nothing but a pen in her will. Victor requested Chelsea's help with finding out what Adam was up to; in turn, Chelsea asked that Victor convince Victoria to let her see Johnny. Chelsea snooped on Adam's computer and was horrified by what he was planning. Someone abducted Chelsea and stashed her in a dingy room, where she was drugged and suffered from hallucinations. Adam had visions of a younger version of himself as he grappled with his conscience. Adam received a package with a mysterious metal container. Chloe implored Chance to look into Chelsea's disappearance. Victor insisted on staging an intervention for Adam. Victoria plotted to ambush Adam with a document that forfeited his rights to the Newman fortune. Nick forced Victoria and Phyllis to find a way to work together to make the Grand Phoenix a success. Summer was suspicious of Jordan and Faith's friendship. Faith sneaked out to attend a party with some older kids, but she was devastated when a classmate called her a loser. Faith blew up upon finding Adam with Sharon. Sally Spectra arrived in Genoa City and begrudgingly agreed to become Lauren's assistant. Billy and Lily struggled to keep things professional after their kiss in the elevator.
November 9 to 13, 2020
Abby happily accepted Chance's marriage proposal. Adam prepared to set off explosives at Newman Tower. Adam learned Chelsea had escaped, and Chance tailed him to the building where she'd been held hostage. Chance spotted someone pointing a gun at Adam and was shot as he pushed Adam out of the way. Adam fled the scene after calling for an ambulance. Adam called off his plans to detonate the explosives. Chance croaked Adam's name before being rushed into surgery. Chance survived but battled an infection. Chelsea resurfaced at the Chancellor mansion and told Rey about the schematics she'd discovered on Adam's computer. Chelsea was appalled when she learned she was a suspect in the shooting. Adam begged Chelsea for another chance. Adam was sure that Billy had been the shooter. Abby asked Mariah to be her maid of honor, and Devon agreed to preside over the wedding ceremony. Nate agreed to stay in town if Elena returned to work at the clinic. Elena admitted that she had feelings for Nate. Devon invited Amanda out to dinner. Phyllis realized that Faith was hungover, but Faith pleaded with her not to tell Nick that Faith had been drinking. Theo met with Brittany to contest Dina's will. Sally angled to run Jabot Collective for Fenmore's, but Lauren had someone else in mind for the job. Summer and Kyle shared that they still loved one another, and he offered to give her time before taking the next step.
November 16 to 20, 2020
Victor gave his blessing for Chance to marry Abby. Victoria presented Adam with a document forfeiting his right to the Newman fortune, but he refused to sign it and tore it up. Victor became angry when he found out what Victoria had done, and he vowed to stand by a deeply damaged Adam. Chelsea considered Adam's pleas for forgiveness. Chloe told Chelsea their friendship would be over if Chelsea reunited with Adam. Victor convinced Sharon to support his petition to the court to have Adam committed for psychological evaluation. As Chelsea arrived at the penthouse to talk things out with Adam, Adam awakened in a mental facility. Evidence started to point to Billy as Adam's shooter. Amanda offered to be Billy's personal attorney. A torn Lily asked Billy to leave ChancComm while the investigation was ongoing. Nick learned about Faith's drinking and was livid that Phyllis hadn't told him earlier. Victoria threatened to fire Phyllis. Sally was disappointed when Jack dismissed her pitch to head JCV. Theo and Sally agreed to feed one other information to help achieve their individual goals. After encouragement from Jack and Kyle, Summer accepted Lauren's offer to become president of JCV. Devon and Amanda scrapped their fancy dinner plans in favor of takeout and friendly conversation. Elena's dreams prompted her to find out whether there really was something between her and Nate. Devon remained unapologetic, even after learning that Nate might never be able to perform surgery again.
November 23 to 27, 2020
Adam continued to resist therapy. Chelsea was furious when she learned that Victor and Sharon had had Adam committed. Victor refused to divulge Adam's whereabouts to Chelsea. Sally found out from Kyle that Summer was Lauren's top pick to head up JCV, and she was irritated that Theo hadn't already relayed the information as part of their deal. The Abbotts learned that Theo was suing for Dina's entire estate. Sally agreed to provide intel to Theo about the Abbotts' reaction to his lawsuit, but she instead told Jack about Theo's request and offered to pass along false information. Mariah accepted Kyle's offer to take over Summer's marketing position at Jabot. Ballistics proved that Billy's gun had fired the bullet that had struck Chance. Lily and Victoria vehemently defended Billy. Rey became suspicious when Victoria avoided his questions about whether Billy had confronted Adam after the break-in at her house. Billy invited Lily on a romantic date. Devon became ordained as a minister so he could preside over Chance and Abby's wedding. Amanda showed up at Elena's apartment on Thanksgiving so Elena wouldn't have to be alone. Devon and Nate caved in to Lily's request that they spend the holiday as a family, but the men weren't ready to reconcile. Sharon blew up at Nick after Phyllis, unaware that Nick hadn't told Sharon, mentioned Faith's drinking. Summer showed up in Kyle's room after he slipped her his room key during the Abbotts' Thanksgiving dinner.
November 30 to December 4, 2020
Abby experienced pre-wedding jitters when she was flooded with memories of her failed romances. Chance and Abby's wedding guests reminisced about past weddings, watching their children grow up, and other life events. Chance eased Abby's fears, and Devon presided over the happy couple's wedding ceremony. The Newmans, Abbotts, and Chancellors reveled in their families joining together. Victoria and Nina agreed to a truce. Nina led the guests in writing touching words of advice and support to the newlyweds. Abby and Chance made the best of their honeymoon after learning they'd been duped into staying in a shabby cabin rather than a five-star suite. Christine tried to convince Nina to move back to Genoa City. Sally introduced herself to Billy. Billy and Lily spent the night together. Billy continued to believe that Adam had set him up. Victoria warned that she would never forgive Victor if he'd framed Billy. Adam was released from the psychiatric hospital. Chelsea agreed to give Adam another chance, and they prepared to leave town together. Adam agreed to sign the papers relinquishing his rights to the Newman fortune under the condition that Connor would receive his inheritance. Chelsea's headaches became more intense. Rey arrested Billy for attempted murder. Summer and Kyle reunited.
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December 7 to 11, 2020
Adam found Chelsea unconscious on the penthouse stairs. Chelsea remained focused on leaving town, but Adam answered a call from her doctor and learned that she had a brain aneurysm. Adam and Chelsea decided to stay in town while she sought treatment. The police claimed to have an eyewitness that could place Billy at the scene of the Chance's shooting. Amanda was livid when Billy confirmed that he'd lied to the police about his whereabouts at the time of the incident. Amanda advised Billy to accept Michael's deal and plead guilty, and Billy fired her as his attorney. Rey had doubts about Billy's guilt. Billy and Lily discovered that the eyewitness was staying under the name Celeste Rosales at the Grand Phoenix. Lily prepared to confront the witness. Theo declined the Abbotts' offer to settle his lawsuit by giving him a profitable boutique in Paris. Jack warned that Theo would be left with nothing. Theo suggested that Sally use Summer's insecurity over her relationship with Kyle to throw Summer off her game. Theo was heartened when Summer recounted that Nick, Victoria, and Abby had won their lawsuit against Victor. Chance and Abby decided to live at the Chancellor mansion. Devon spotted Nate and Elena out on a date. Victoria invoked a clause in Ponte Vecchio's contract and planned to oust Phyllis from the Grand Phoenix due to negligence. Phyllis begrudgingly accepted money from Nick to buy out Victoria instead, but she grappled with feeling like a failure.
December 14 to 18, 2020
Lily discovered that Alyssa was the mystery witness in Billy's case. Billy confronted Alyssa and was hauled back to jail for violating his bail. Billy agreed to Amanda's terms if she resumed being his attorney. Lily sneaked into Alyssa's room and found a pair of shooting gloves. Lily later learned that Alyssa was an expert markswoman. Lily tipped Rey off about the potential evidence implicating Alyssa, and he retrieved the gloves. Billy experienced a nightmare while locked up, including a visit from Delia and a glimpse into a troubled Johnny's future. Billy was released when forensics proved that Alyssa had fired the gun that had been used to shoot Chance. Victoria's jealousy flared when Billy credited Lily for standing by him. Theo took Summer's advice about his lawsuit to heart and warned her about Sally. Theo accepted the Abbotts' offer in Paris and agreed to drop the lawsuit. Summer and Sally clashed at the office. Summer told Kyle to steer clear of Sally. Lauren encouraged Sally to work her way up the ladder at Fenmore's. Nina presented Abby and Chance with a Christmas angel that Katherine had given Chance when he'd been a young boy. Phyllis regretted that she hadn't been as ruthless as Victoria. Faith's classmates continued to torment her. Lola and Faith bonded. Elena cheered Nate up after he learned he'd likely never perform surgery again.
December 21 to 25, 2020
Billy planned to whisk Lily away for a romantic evening in New Orleans, but Lily insisted that they stay in town after Victoria claimed that Johnny was upset that his father might not be back for Christmas. Billy instead arranged for an elaborate private dinner at Society to thank Lily for everything she'd done to help exonerate him. Victoria seemed uneasy when Billy and Lily took their relationship public. Jordan pressured Faith to steal a bottle of liquor from Society, but Faith was unable to do it. Jack reflected back on his Christmas memories with Dina. Phyllis and Jack worked together to make sure Kyle and Summer's surprise gifts for one another were ready in time for Christmas. Jack learned Sally was spending the holidays alone and invited her to the Abbott mansion for Christmas Eve. Abby was disappointed when she found out she wasn't pregnant. Kevin and Chloe found the thumb drive that Gloria had hidden, and they discovered that someone was embezzling money from Newman Enterprises. Amanda's private investigator relayed that her birth mother was Rose's cousin Naya, who had given birth while in college. Devon accompanied Amanda to an affluent area of a Chicago suburb, where she hoped to connect with Naya. Amanda became bitter when she saw a young woman greet Naya as "Mom." Elena agreed to consider Nate's suggestion that they go out of town for a few days together. Victor caved in to Nikki's pleas that they go to London for New Year's Eve.
December 28, 2020 to January 1, 2021
Chelsea prepared to undergo brain surgery. Phyllis overheard Kevin talking about a situation involving Victoria, Gloria, and Newman Enterprises and tried to renew her bond with him to fish for details. Tessa suffered from writer's block, but Mariah inspired her to pen a beautiful wedding song for Sharon and Rey. Jordan shunned Faith, who responded by swiping alcohol to impress her friend. Arturo returned to town to preside over Sharon and Rey's nuptials. Phyllis caught Adam lurking outside Society as Sharon and Rey wed, confirming Phyllis' suspicion that Chelsea was Adam's consolation prize. While waiting for Adam at home, Chelsea's aneurysm ruptured, but she managed to dial 9-1-1. Adam was wracked with guilt when he returned home and found Chelsea unconscious on the floor. Chelsea was rushed into surgery. Devon encouraged Amanda to seek answers from her birth family, but she clammed up and was unable to speak when Naya answered her call. Amanda and Devon grew closer as they spent a friendly New Year's Eve together. Devon dreamed about kissing Elena, but his partner morphed into Amanda. Jack overheard Sally discussing her rough childhood and later offered to try to smooth things over between her and Summer. Elena and Nate got a hotel room together, but she realized that she wasn't ready to spend the night with him. Billy pitched an idea to run a story about heroes, including Chance, Rey, and Lily. Billy and Lily agreed that neither of them wanted any more kids.
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