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January 2 to 6, 2006
Brad gave Victoria an engagement ring after she accepted his proposal. Scott suggested a way to lure Sheila out of hiding. Mac suggested to Kevin that she may have made a mistake in moving in with J.T.. Brad and Ashley prepared Abby for what people would say about her and "Terrible Tom's" death. Lauren and Sheila were forced to work together to set themselves free. Michael told Christine that he would take over Ashley's defense. Sharon ended up with a different opinion of Brad, after talking with him. Devon refused to go along with Neil and Dru's plan, to tell Daniel that Lily wrote him a "Dear John" letter. Phyllis and Nicholas realized they were being drawn together, and knowing the damage it could cause, vowed to stay away from each other. As Gloria talked with Ashley, she realized, that as she suspected, Ashley was not telling her the truth about what happened, on the night of "Terrible Tom's" shooting. Daniel refused to believe that his "Dear John" letter, given to him by Neil, was written by Lily. Michael fell apart with grief before Lauren's memorial service, as he sat alone talking to her picture. He was compelled to turn around toward the doorway, and saw his beloved Lauren standing there.
January 9 to 13, 2006
Lauren and Michael were reunited after her ordeal. J.T. changed his mind to make Mac happy, and asked Kevin and Scott to stay at the loft with them. Gloria told Ashley that she realized she was taking the blame for John, in the shooting of "Terrible Tom." Lauren revealed to Michael that both "Terrible Tom" and Sheila were responsible for saving her life. Scott opened the door to find "Sheila" standing there, and after allowing her to come in, ended up getting stabbed. Dru, Neil and Yolanda argued over what was best for Devon, when they learned he received a full scholarship from the University of Boston. Michael told Scott some good news about his Mother. Daniel received a "Dear John" letter that Lily supposedly wrote to him. Lauren and Michael went down to the police station to see Sheila one more time, and while there, Lauren made a startling discovery. Scott informed J.T., Mac and Kevin that Lauren was still alive, and that "Terrible Tom" was responsible for saving Lauren's life. Kevin was forced to face "Terrible Tom" one more time at the morgue. Nicholas discovered Daniel trying to return to his old habits and brought him home to his house. Jack played nice with Phyllis, and then went behind her back trying to sabotage her wellness spa idea.
January 16 to 20, 2006
John was released and returned home from his hospital stay. Nicholas and Sharon celebrated Cassie's birthday with their own private ceremony. Jack thought he had Phyllis under control about the wellness spa centers until she discovered some evidence proving that his intentions were less than honorable with her and Nikki. Sharon offered her apologizes to Daniel after realizing that his intentions were always pure and simple when it came to Cassie and Noah. Ashley was forced to confess to the shooting of "Terrible Tom," as the District Attorney came closer to realizing that someone other than her could have shot him. Colleen returned to town to offer her support to Ashley and her Grandfather. Phyllis quit her job at Jabot. Colleen offered her help to Daniel where Lily was concerned. J.T. and Colleen met by accident while both were at the coffeehouse. Michael told Kevin, that perhaps he should not give up his dream of being with Mac, yet. Gloria and Jack were headed for a battle when it came to what she believed was, Jack not being entirely truthful with his father about the wellness spa business plan. Jack spent the evening in Daniel's company, while waiting for Phyllis to return home, so he could make things right between the two of them. Neil got an "eyeful" of Yolanda, after returning from dinner. Nicholas and Phyllis spent some time in the "hay."
January 23 to 27, 2006
Phyllis and Nick spent time in the "hay" in the stables. Colleen arrived back in town. Yolanda left town after trying to seduce Neil. Kevin and Colleen came face to face with each other, and while he tried to tell Colleen that he had changed his life around, she wanted no part of listening to his story. Jack and Phyllis argued as Jack was trying to make up for his mistakes. Daniel apologized to Devon for harassing him about Lily, and told him that it was time for him to admit that he and Lily were through. Michael told Ashley that he knew she was lying about the night that "Terrible Tom" was shot. Mac wanted J.T. to help her convince Colleen that Kevin had changed. John offered to help Kevin find a place to bury his Father, if that was what he wanted. Kevin gave J.T. the safety deposit key that he had been given, that belonged to his Father. Later, J.T. told Kevin that he had information on the location of the safety deposit box. Nicholas met up with Phyllis in a hotel room. John remembered that he was the reason that "Terrible Tom" was dead.
January 30 to February 3, 2006
Michael told John to keep quiet about the fact that he remembered killing "Terrible Tom." Phyllis told Jack to move on with his life, because she didn't know whether or not she would be able to forgive him for sabotaging her and Nikki's wellness spa plans. Victoria and Brad had words over how to handle Abby. The "gang" all got together to cheer up Daniel, but he ended up telling them all to leave when, Colleen was rude to Kevin and he and Devon had words over Lily. Victoria scored a point for her side by proving that Abby could handle herself at school amongst her friends instead of having to be hidden away at home. Colleen told J.T. that Kevin could revert back to his old self, and if he did, everyone would be sorry that they didn't listen to her. Kevin carried around the remains of "Terrible Tom" Fisher, looking for someplace to deposit him for good. J.T. kept the truth about a visit to Mac a secret but when Colleen spilled the beans, Mac accused J.T. of not keeping their relationship honest. When Jack, Ashley and Gloria arrived at John's hospital room, the DA told them that John confessed to the shooting of "Terrible Tom" Fisher, but he believed it was a desperate act of a Father trying to save his daughter, and didn't believe a word that he said. After Phyllis told Nicholas that she wanted him to be "hungry," not "tense", Nicholas locked the office door and the two of them started to make love to each other.
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February 6 to 10, 2006
Lauren wanted to know what Michael and Ashley were involved in regarding "Terrible Tom." The D.A. found Ashley's fingerprints on the drugs that had been used to set up Terrible Tom. Colleen told Jack that members of the Fisher family had caused all of their family problems. John hired Paul to prove him guilty of the death of Terrible Tom. After telling Ashley about their engagement, Brad and Victoria decided that they would go public about their relationship. Victor informed a skeptical Phyllis that he was a partner in their wellness spa project. Lily returned home. Leanna Love all but destroyed Ashley in an interview. Sharon arrived home early from her business trip due to a snowstorm, forcing Nick and Phyllis to postpone their clandestine meeting. Michael told Lauren the truth about Ashley and him being involved in a plot to set up Terrible Tom. Brad told Ashley that there would be no divorce, and then Brad told Victoria the same thing. Victoria returned Brad's engagement ring. Ashley went with John, at his request, to the D.A.'s office. Michael went to the D.A. to tell him the truth. Daniel and Lily resumed their secret relationship.
February 13 to 17, 2006
Daniel and Lily agreed to keep their relationship a secret from the rest of the world except Colleen. John and Ashley went to the DA, where John asked for a polygraph test and Ashley recanted her confession that she previously had made. Phyllis received roses from Jack, while Nicholas stood by and the jealously in him began to surface. Gloria was determined to protect John at all costs. Gina ran interference for Daniel and Lily, so that they could meet. Kevin tended to Mac while she was sick, and as she told him that she didn't know where her relationship with J.T. was headed, that things might have been different for the two of them, in another time and place. Mac let Katherine in on the fact that she was pregnant. Gloria announced to John that she had done something that would secure his safety from the shooting. After all the parties were gathered, the DA arrested John and Ashley. Nicholas told Phyllis that he had fallen for her.
February 20 to 24, 2006
Kevin warned his mother to start worrying about her own future if John had to spend anytime in jail and advised her not to trust Jack. Victor told Ashley that Victoria and Brad had called off their engagement. Mac told Kevin that she was pregnant. J.T. is made to believe that there is a stalker after Colleen. John resigned as CEO of Jabot Cosmetics. Devon admitted to Neil that he had feelings for Lily. John agreed to a certain plea, in exchange for all charges against Ashley being dropped. Phyllis spent the night with Jack, comforting him, but when she returned to work the next day, she found that her scheduled trip with Nikki was a bust. Nicholas called Sharon to tell her that he and Phyllis were caught in a snowstorm and had not yet reached their destination. Sharon is disappointed because it is their anniversary and she had planned a special dinner to celebrate. Mac was still reluctant to tell J.T. the truth about her pregnancy. All of John Abbott's friends appeared in the courtroom to speak on his behalf, including Victor, hoping that it would help the judge to make a decision in John's favor. Phyllis and Nicholas, forced together by a snowstorm, make love in a hotel room on his anniversary to Sharon. The judge tells John and everyone in the courtroom, that no matter the reason, everyone must suffer the consequences for their actions and sentences John to seven years in the Wisconsin State Prison.
February 27 to March 3, 2006
When they are told that John has no other option, than to serve his prison sentence, Ashley and Jack decided to use their "Plan B." Nicholas arrived home in time to have an anniversary dinner with Sharon, but while romance was on her mind, Nicholas planned to tell her something else. John refused to go along with Jack and Ashley's request and insisted that he had to stand up and take his punishment for what he did. Kevin immediately rushed Mac to the hospital when she experienced some pain. Tracie arrived just in time to say good-bye to her dad. John said "good-bye" to his family and friends and left for prison. Noah was taken to the hospital with a "mild concussion." At the hospital, Mac lost her baby. Jack learned that his father gave Gloria his "proxy" before he left. Daniel told his mother that he and Lily did not break up, they are still together. In the process of arguing, Lily overheard Phyllis tell Dru that she knew that Malcolm, not Neil, was Lily's real father. Mac told J.T. that she was pregnant, but lost their baby. J.T. was more than hurt after Mac told him that Kevin was with her, not only when she had to go to the hospital, but he knew that she was pregnant also. Phyllis, hurting over the breakup with Nicholas, goes to Jack for solace and ends up in bed, while Nicholas fought the urge to get in touch with Phyllis, telling himself that their "fling" had to be over. J.T. and Victoria grieved over their losses and shared "shots of something" while they toasted to "nothing." Phyllis cried and regretted once more, her actions. Lily confronted her mother about her father -- her "real" father! Victoria and J.T. shared an "I'm in need of feeling wanted and loved, passionate kind of kiss."
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MARCH 2006
March 6 to 10, 2006
Lily told her Mother to help her convince her father to let her stay in Genoa City and be with Daniel, or she would tell him her Mother's little secret. Jack and Ashley prepared to pull out all the stops to keep Gloria from becoming a board member at Jabot. Mac and Kevin held onto their friendship, while J.T. found a new friend of his own. Lily told her father the truth about her relationship with Daniel. Gloria went to Katherine after Jack cancelled a board meeting and kept her from becoming involved in the Abbott business. Neil and Dru continued to argue over what to do with Lily now, that they know that she is still seeing Daniel. Colleen told her father that she wanted to stay in Genoa City and it wasn't because of Daniel. Dru tried to dissuade Neil from following through on his intentions to send Lily back to boarding school. Gloria was allowed to state her case for becoming a board member, in John's absence, to Jack, Ashley and Katherine, then was unanimously turned down by them, feeling humiliated, she turned to Michael for help. After having given Victoria his resignation, Victoria told him that she wanted to give their relationship another try, without the engagement, for now. Nicholas went through the old photo albums, hoping to find validity for keeping his marriage together before he lost it forever. J.T. told Victoria that he and Mac had split up. Katherine offered a solution to Jack and Ashley to keep Gloria in the loop, so that she wouldn't cause any problems. Kevin told Mac that now that things are different between her and J.T., J.T. should either move out of the loft or they should. Victoria, mistakenly mentioned to her mother that she slept with J.T., just as Brad was about to enter her office.
March 13 to 17, 2006
Mac and J.T. broke up. Wanting their new relationship to be based on total honesty, Victoria told Brad, that in a bad attempt to forget him, she slept with another man. Gloria was pleased when Ashley gave her a project at work, until she found out that it was "busy work" and vowed to get even. Victor told his daughter that he would never support her relationship with Brad. Phyllis and Nick had one "last hurrah," but then were discovered by Daniel as all hell broke loose. Brad told Sharon that Victoria told him the truth about sleeping with someone else, but Sharon blurted out who that "someone" was. Victor told Gloria that he was the one who suggested to John that he give her his proxy in his absence. Neil and Dru continued to fuss over what to do with Lily, until Neil decided on taking a drastic measure himself. Christine told Neil that the judge would decide whether or not to send Lily back to the boarding school or to juvenile detention.
March 20 to 24, 2006
Phyllis told Daniel that because of her mistake, she would try to find a way to help him and Lily, but not to say anything about what he knew, to Jack and Sharon. Jack worried what kind of damage Gloria and Victor could do, having become so "chummy." Now that Gloria knows she had been given "busy work" to keep her out of Jack and Ashley's way, she planned her strategy on just how to get even. Sharon questioned Nicholas about his recent "strange" credit card purchases. Sharon began to find inconsistencies in Nicholas and Phyllis' stories. After listening to Jill, Ashley and Jack avoid questions about John, with an interviewer, Gloria stood up to speak, sending shivers all the way through Jill, Ashley and Jack. Gloria seemingly redeemed herself in everyone's eyes, after delivering a very poignant statement about John, Jabot and the family. Brad and Victoria decided to "kiss and make-up." Gloria made a secret call to her "mentor" telling him, everything went well at the interview and the speech she gave, was like it was personally written just for her. Phyllis and Nicholas broke off their relationship because too many people were getting hurt. Daniel and Lily got married in Las Vegas. Sharon planted "evidence" on Nicholas. Jack and Ashley released the new product early hoping that it would be a huge success and help Jabot.
March 27 to 31, 2006
Lily and Daniel arrived back in Genoa City and announced their marriage. Colleen used a ploy to get Kevin out of the loft and herself into it, hoping to spend the evening alone with J.T.. Victoria learned that Colleen still had feelings for J.T., but asked her not to reveal them to her Dad, since he recently changed his feelings about liking J.T.. Brad told Victoria that his 6 month wait for his divorce to become final was waived, and they could go ahead and plan their wedding. Nikki announced at the "Launch Party" that the first NVP wellness spa would be right there at the G.C.A.C. Nicholas and Phyllis began to realize that Sharon might suspect them of some sort of dalliance. Gloria set herself up as a victim, to be able to cause problems for Jack and Ashley. Jack noticed a strange "rash" on Gloria's forehead and was forced to take her to the hospital when she complained that is burned and that she was in a lot of pain. Jack refused to believe that Gloria's "rash" was caused by Ashley's new product, but had second thoughts, when Abby was brought into the hospital with the same symptoms. Father, Victor and daughter, Victoria, butted heads about her upcoming wedding to Brad. Sharon planned an "extra-special" evening for Nicholas. Mac and Kevin finally kiss, but then, lo and behold, she told Kevin that before she was ready for another relationship, she needed time for her heart to heal. Jack started to do damage control on the new product, but then learned that a client's wife was put into the hospital suffering from the same symptoms. Phyllis connected "all the dots" and realized that Sharon knew the whole truth about her and Nicholas, but when she tried to reach him, she only reached an unanswered cell phone. Sharon confronted Nicholas in the same hotel room that he and Phyllis were together in, by telling him incident by incident the times that they were together. Gloria admitted to Kevin that she was responsible for the problems at Jabot.
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APRIL 2006
April 3 to 7, 2006
Gloria rushed to the hospital to be the first to tell John about the contaminated cream. One of Jabot's clients had used the cream and she was on a respirator. Gloria later received the news that the client died. Kevin found out that Gloria was responsible for the contaminated cream. Mac confided in Kevin that she will be leaving Genoa City for a couple of weeks. Sharon took Nick to the same Genoa City hotel room that Nick and Phyllis shared. Sharon told Nick to leave home. Dru convinced Lauren to hire Lily at the Boutique. Victor tried to intervene in Brad and Victoria's relationship by hiring J.T. and Brad threatened to call off the wedding. Victor hired J.T. instead to investigate Brad.
April 10 to 14, 2006
A client that tried the Jabot moisturizing cream died, and Kevin admitted to Michael that it was Gloria who contaminated the cream. A detective began to gather evidence about the case, and Ashley offered to take a lie-detector test. Daniel got an internship at Newman, and Lily got a job at the Boutique. Sharon insisted on getting rid of Phyllis, and Nick tried to move the NVP office. Daniel angrily shouted that he should have never have seen Phyllis and Nick together and Victor overheard. Victor saw Phyllis in the elevator and said it was good she is leaving, and asked where he should send her things.
April 17 to 21, 2006
Michael kept his knowledge of Gloria's deception from Lauren. Gloria and Kevin found out about Lauren's pregnancy. Nikki tried to keep Phyllis at NVP, but Victor cut off their funds and Phyllis quit and moved to Jabot. Victor put his funds back in NVP, but then suggested to Ashley that Jabot and NVP merge to help Jabot's weak position. Nikki was infuriated. Sharon took Noah to Paris and Nick called Phyllis for support. Brad told Abby that he proposed to Victoria and Brad stole Neil's project. Neil considered quitting Newman and taking a new position. Colleen confessed her love for J.T., but J.T. told her that he wanted to take it slow.
April 24 to 28, 2006
As the one-year anniversary of Cassie's death approached, Sharon had second thoughts about divorcing Nick. Nick and Sharon made love. Victor dropped a bomb on Nick and Victoria and announced that he will take over Newman again. Nick, Victoria and Brad hashed out a plan to take over control of Newman, and after Victor proposed to carry Jabot products at NVP, Nikki decided to join them. Daniel overheard that J.T. slept with Victoria, and Lily told Colleen the truth. Colleen told Brad that if he married Victoria she wouldn't be at the wedding. J.T. tried to get Colleen to forgive him. Andrew Gibson refused Jack's initial settlement offer, and Katherine and Jill questioned their confidence in Jack. Paul found out Emma Gibson initially had food poisoning, and Jack and Michael decided to propose another offer.
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MAY 2006
May 1 to 5, 2006
Nikki decided to go against Victor and assist her children in a corporate takeover. Nikki got mugged and shot in the back and Victor saved her life. Phyllis and Colleen went to Victoria's shower and Sharon was so upset she told Nick that she wanted a separation. Colleen made a speech and told everyone that Victoria was sleeping around. J.T. gave Colleen an offer to move in with him, but wasn't happy with Colleen about her speech. Colleen talked with Ashley and changed her mind about going to the wedding. Dru and Lily got into a fight and Lily accidentally sent an email meant for Daniel to Neil. Neil read the email which mentioned Drucilla's lies to Neil about Malcolm. Gloria asked Kevin to help her get Jabot and Kevin recorded Jack's words during a private meeting and displayed them all over the Internet. Jack spilled his thoughts to a reporter, indicating that he felt that Andrew Gibson was an alcoholic and therefore, responsible for his wife's death.
May 8 to 12, 2006
Nikki had a speedy recovery, and Victor decided to give the company back to Nick and Victoria. Sharon asked Brad if he wanted to be with her, but Brad decided to marry Victoria. Victoria asked Sharon to be her maid of honor. Neil found out the truth about Malcolm being Lily's father, and Neil was disgusted with Drucilla. Katherine hired a public relations specialist, who told Jack to step down from his position for awhile. Phyllis found out that she is pregnant. Mac came back to Genoa City, only to announce that she is going to New Orleans to work with her father.
May 15 to 19, 2006
Victoria and Brad returned from their honeymoon and were pleased to see that Nikki was recovering quickly. Nick admitted to Victoria that he'd had an affair with Phyllis. Victor wanted to appoint Brad to the board of directors, and Neil wasn't happy about it. Gloria convinced Andrew Gibson to go after Jack, and Katherine tried to get Jack to resign of his own free will. Sharon told Brad about Nick's affair with Phyllis, and Brad went off to fight with Nick. Noah continued having trouble coping with his parents' separation. Jack found out that Phyllis had had an affair with Nick. Neil refused to forgive Drucilla.
May 22 to 26, 2006
Jack couldn't stop thinking about the affair between Phyllis and Nick, and Ashley tried to comfort him. Jack went to Nick for details about the affair, but when he found out that Nick was in love with Phyllis, he couldn't bear it. Jack went to Jabot and harassed Phyllis and Ashley fired Phyllis. Nick had a dream about Cassie, and Cassie showed him his potential for making amends. Nick tried to move back in with Sharon, and upset Sharon to the point of demanding an ugly divorce. Sharon confided in Brad, and asked that Brad go with her on a business trip. Brad said he couldn't because he doesn't trust himself. Victor worried that Nikki was working herself too hard, and asked Jack if he would work for NVP. Jack flatly refused, so Victor asked Phyllis to come back. Phyllis asked Nick if he could deal with her coming back to NVP and Nick told her not to. Gloria worried when John confused her with Dina, and asked that Michael, Ashley and Jack help get John out of jail.
May 29 to June 2, 2006
Jack, Gloria and Ashley worked together to help John. John continued to have memory problems, and a doctor suggested changing John's medication. Jewel sang at Cassie's benefit, and Daniel delivered a compelling speech. Victor hired Phyllis back at NVP. Devon worried about his parents when Drucilla decided to go on a business trip. Lily found out that she won't graduate high school.
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JUNE 2006
June 5 to 9, 2006
After Sharon and Brad made love, he sent up a cart with all of her favorite catered foods. When Sharon received flowers at the door, she thanked Brad, but he told her that they were not from him, they were from Nick. Ashley turned down Gloria's idea for a sporty Jabot discount line. Kevin asked a new girl out, but Colleen ruined his chances. Michael and Lauren worried about their baby's health. Jack decided to work for NVP. Victor told Ashley that he only wants to deal with Jack from now on. Phyllis started spotting and called Michael for help. Although Nick tried to stop Brad from becoming a board member at Newman, Victor made sure that Brad got the spot. J.T. continued investigating Brad. Colleen got upset when J.T. wouldn't let her use his lap top. Dru and Neil were upset that Lily did not graduate. Jack showed up to Daniel's graduation to show his support.
June 12 to 16, 2006
Michael and Lauren received news that their baby will be fine. Gloria tried to get Kevin a web site job at Jabot. Kevin brought Tom Fisher's ashes to Michael's house and poured them down the sink. Jack and Carmen grew closer, and Jack purposefully flirted with Carmen in front of Phyllis. Jack began interfering with the cash flow and projects at NVP, and Phyllis began to lose control of her emotions. Michael and Lauren comforted Phyllis in her time of need. Sharon decided not to go through with the divorce because of Noah. Victor's strange behavior progressed, and Jack and Abby noticed Victor's memory loss. Victor brought home a puppy for Nikki. Colleen stole J.T.'s password and found out that J.T. is investigating Brad. Although Colleen deleted Brad's information on his computer, J.T. used a device to get the information back.
June 19 to 23, 2006
J.T. and Colleen continued to try to find out the truth about Brad's past. With Gloria's help, Kevin tried to get a job at Jabot. Lily and Daniel got in a fight but quickly made-up. Victor convinced Nikki to step back from NVP. Jack continued to take advantage of Victor's memory problems, and convinced Victor to sign away NVP. Noah's rebellious behavior drew Nick and Sharon back together. Phyllis and Nick were surprised to find themselves boarding alone on the Newman jet.
June 26 to 30, 2006
Victor told Nikki that he sold his shares of NVP to Jack, but Victor's family disapproved. Jack asked Sharon to be spokesperson for NVP. Jill asked Kevin to be Jabot's webmaster. Neil and Carmen shared time together. Victor became lightheaded and collapsed. He was taken to the hospital where doctors said he was dehydrated. Phyllis daydreamed about telling Nick about her pregnancy. Victoria's home was ransacked.
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JULY 2006
July 3 to 7, 2006
Victor collapsed again but refused to take it seriously. Victor became agitated when Nikki worried. When Victor was alone with Nick, he broke down and admitted he was worried about his health. Sharon planned a special evening for Nick and revealed her desire to try for a baby. Phyllis tried to get Nick to go for DNA testing, and devised a plan to divert Sharon. When Phyllis and Sharon took a trip to a latex manufacturer, Phyllis purposely got them lost. Phyllis and Sharon argued over directions, and Sharon took her eyes off the road. Neil refused to complete a project for Brad on a short deadline. Neil began to spend a lot of time with Carmen. Brad searched financial records in worry that he was getting set up. Kevin started his first day at Jabot, and Ashley tried to sabotage him.
July 10 to 14, 2006
Brad became suspicious when he learned that Paul was looking into his background. Sharon had an automobile accident when she ran off the road, carrying Phyllis is a passenger. Upon arrival at the hospital, Sharon becomes aware that Phyllis is pregnant and the father could be Nicholas or Jack. Victor tells his son that he is afraid of what is happening to him, and that he doesn't want Nikki to know. Colleen and Lily enjoy each other's company before discovering a note left for Colleen in her belongings. Sharon, beginning to think that this is just another obstacle to get over, wonders if it is worth it all to continue on with her marriage. After the baby's health is found to be all right, a number of people learn of Phyllis' pregnancy, including Jack, who is surprised to hear the news. Neil is pleased when Dru remains out of town to complete another assignment. Jack approaches Nicholas to let him know how the results of his DNA test went. J.T. asks Lily and Daniel to watch over Colleen while he is out of town. Phyllis learned that Nicholas received the DNA test results but he was nowhere to be found. Sharon and Phyllis were both sent emails from Nicholas, saying that he would be in touch with them in a few days.
July 17 to 21, 2006
Nick returned to Genoa City and told everyone that he is the father of Phyllis's baby. Nick told Phyllis that even though he is still in love with her, he decided to stay with Sharon and be a father to Noah. Sharon told Nick she would stick by him, but upon hearing that Nick was the father, ran to Brad's arms for comfort. Nick saw Sharon and Brad kissing. Victoria took Victor to the doctor when his behavior continued to be of concern, and found out that he has epilepsy. Victor told Jack that he never felt better in his whole life. Phyllis told Jack that she wanted to be a single mother to her baby. Neil and Carmen kissed, but when Neil went home to change, Drucilla showed up to surprise him. J.T. found out the truth behind Brad's secrets.
July 24 to 28, 2006
Lauren gave Michael a ticket to New Orleans so that he could go and find out more about his family. Paul and Colleen became concerned when they could not locate J.T.. J.T. was bound a gagged by a mysterious stranger. Dru observed some changes in Neil and later blasted Phyllis for carrying a married man's child. Colleen threatened to go to the police if her dad didn't come clean with the truth about his past. Nicholas and Sharon told Noah about their divorce. Daniel panicked when he realized that his secret could destroy his marriage. Victoria fired Sharon from Newman.
July 31 to August 4, 2006
Michael went to New Orleans but found only abandoned houses. Among the rubble, Michael found his grandmother's locked diary and Lauren convinced Michael to open it. Jack convinced Victor to get out of town, and Victor went to Hope looking for answers. Hope told Victor that his idea to go on a journey alone was the wrong thing to do. Hope tried to figure out what Victor was hiding, and Victor had a serious epileptic attack. Phyllis told Daniel to tell Lily the truth about Alex. Lily told Neil that Alex was back in town and Neil called the police. Jana helped stage Alex raping her and Kevin got rid of Alex. Brad told Victoria that his real name is George Kaplan. The man looking for Brad kidnapped Sharon, thinking that Sharon was Brad's wife. The kidnapper demanded that Brad deliver a reliquary that only Brad's mother would know the location of. Brad, Nick and Victoria struggled to find the reliquary.
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August 7 to 11, 2006
The kidnapper returned J.T. in one piece, but Sharon remained a victim. Nick didn't trust Brad and tried to take things into his own hands. When Nick's plan failed, Nick and Brad agreed to set aside their differences for Sharon's sake. Michael told the Abbotts that John may be released soon. John had trouble seeing out of his eye, and was rushed to the hospital. The Abbotts visited John in the hospital and John began to feel overheated again. Daniel worried that he had ruined everything with Lily, and Kevin had a special date. Dru became jealous of Carmen, and the Winters' relationship seriously began to fall apart. Victor came out of his seizure and was still convinced that he needed to go on a long journey.
August 14 to 18, 2006
Paul and J.T. rushed to Cleveland to aid Nick while he met the kidnapper at the church. The trio was nearly blown up, thanks to a seemingly innocuous call from Victoria. The kidnappers were killed, and Nick rescued Sharon and returned her safely home. Drucilla tried several times to make amends with Neil, but she found reasons to doubt the things he was telling her. John's condition worsened, and a doctor revealed that he was being kept alive by machines. Gloria learned that John had a "do not resuscitate" order. Jack threatened to take Gloria to court if she did not allow his father to die with dignity. Gloria relented, and John was allowed to die.
August 21 to 25, 2006
Gloria gave in to John's wishes and decided to let him go. Jack lied to Gloria about the time of John's funeral and Gloria, Michael, Lauren and Kevin showed up after John's service. Jack found out that John left half of the estate to Gloria. Victor returned home and admitted to the family that he wasn't taking his meds. Noah started acting out in front of his parents. Phyllis found out that her baby was a girl. Brad told Victoria that he was committed to the relationship and wants to have children. Drucilla grew more and more suspicious of Neil and Carmen, and spied on them kissing.
August 28 to September 1, 2006
Sharon flipped when Noah innocently put a pair of Chinese handcuffs on her fingers because it brought back memories for her of being held captive. Nicholas asked Noah to go easy on Sharon, but also told him that he and Phyllis were going to get married and have a baby. Daniel asked Lily for another date and when she accepted he surprised her with a moonlight picnic. The two later made love. Katherine asked Billy to reconsider his plans to leave town. At the probate hearing, Gloria and Michael learned that another hand-written Will was to be introduced into evidence; the Will would have left Gloria nothing. The Will was later analyzed and determined to be legitimate. Jack changed the locks on the Abbott mansion and refused to let Gloria or Kevin inside. Lauren and Michael agreed to take in Gloria and Kevin. Later, Jack began to "see" his late father everywhere as he was starting to feel guilty about what he had done to Gloria. The judge eventually ruled that the new Will was valid and Gloria was left with nothing.
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September 4 to 8, 2006
After going to Jill, Gloria was given a new job title and a raise at Jabot. Gloria made Jack feel guilty about John's death as she made him question if they had explored every option before John's death. Nicholas and Sharon ultimately agreed on a divorce settlement, thereby ending Noah's once-happy family. Nicholas decided to move back to tack house with Phyllis so that he could be closer to Noah. Jack and Sharon shared an embrace and several kisses. Dru told Daniel that everyone deserved a second chance and that she had decided to give him one. Phyllis told Daniel that he was going to have a baby sister. Devon and Neil both learned that Lily planned to move back in with Daniel. Victor started to suspect that his loved ones were keeping secrets from him.
September 11 to 15, 2006
Victor held a gun to Nikki's head when he thought she was intruder, a result of the medication Victor was taking. Nikki calmly talked Victor down and called 911. At the hospital, Victor decided to have surgery in order to stop taking the medications. Sharon and Jack grew closer, and Sharon spent the night with Jack. Brad warned Sharon about Brad. Victoria became upset when she saw Brad worrying about Sharon. Jack hatched a plan to buy Jabot. When Jack was able to get Victor to give Jack a loan, Jack took his offer to Katherine. Katherine has previously discussed selling Jabot with Michael, and Michael convinced Katherine not to sell Jabot to Jack. Carmen had Drucilla arrested for breaking into her apartment and destroying her clothes. Gloria flirted with Will Bardwell after hearing he came into a lot of money. Ashley tried to get Gloria to go to China on a business trip.
September 18 to 22, 2006
Michael and Kevin found a way to hack into Jack's computer files. Victor's surgery went well and afterwards the judge granted him permission to leave the hospital and return home. Jack and Billy thought that if Jabot was sold to a third party, no laws would be broken and Jack could purchase the company outright from that third party. Nicholas warned Victoria that Brad could have more secrets that he was keeping from her and urged her to consider divorcing him. Nikki faced off with Jack when she learned that Victor loaned Jack the money to try to acquire Jabot. Jack met with a business associate who was going to act as the "third party." Neil questioned Nicholas about how to know the proper timing for ending a marriage. Neil decided, after receiving Victor's blessing, that he would move forward with his plans for his jazz club. Sharon went on a business trip with Jack to open another retreat in Antigua. Gloria came home from her Asian business trip with wonderful results and was given the go ahead from both Jill and Katherine to complete the project that she started. Victor and Nikki met Rebecca, Brad's mother. J.T., Colleen, Victoria, Brad and Rebecca celebrated the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Jack set up his hidden business as Raaz Cosmetics. Neil, who accompanied Dru to her therapy session, admitted that he saw no hope for their future. Gloria learned that Kevin had access to Jack's email and called it a fabulous idea as they began to read something about Raaz Cosmetics. Katherine told Jill that a certain company has shown interest in Jabot Cosmetics and wants to meet with them.
September 25 to 29, 2006
Sharon told Victor that she is dating Jack. Devon went into cardiac arrest and Neil realized that his place is with his family. Jack schemed to get Jabot through the help of Raaz cosmetics. Michael, Kevin and Katherine tried to figure out if Jack is behind Raaz cosmetics. Billy tried to convince Kay to sell Jabot to him. Gloria tried to get Will Bardwell to notice her, and Will covered Jill's office in flowers for her birthday. Victor asked for his loan back from Jack.
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October 2 to 6, 2006
The Winters family was stunned to learn that Devon might lose his hearing and need to communicate with sign language and a teletype device. As he was about to celebrate Yom Kippur, the Jewish New Yeark, Brad asked Victoria to forgive him for his past. Billy believed that Jack was somehow connected to Raaz Cosmetics, which was planning to purchase Jabot. Michael told Katherine that they had found a connection between Jack and Raaz Cosmetics. Thinking that they had pulled one over on Jack, Kevin and Gloria were happy to learn that Katherine turned down the offer from Raaz Cosmetics. Ashley was forced to concede that Gloria's idea for the use of Jabot products with her bracelet was a good one. Colleen and Professor Korbel had a slight run in when Colleen told him to fire her because she couldn't attend a conference call. Dru told Sharon that she was going home to be with her son during his difficult time. Katherine ended up selling Jabot to the House of Kim. Offering Ashley a glass of champagne, Jack proudly announced that he was the new CEO of the House of Kim. Michael learned that his grandmother was a casualty of Hurricane Katrina. Jack was visited by the ghost of his father, who told his son that he would have to do plenty to redeem himself in his father's eyes. Paul told Lauren, that it was he, not Sheila, who sent the baby gift to her without an enclosed card.
October 9 to 13, 2006
Noah and Phyllis put together a video recording for Nicholas' birthday surprise party. Gloria's bracelet idea was given the go-ahead by Jack, much to Gloria's surprise. Dru and Carmen had another altercation, resulting in Carmen having Dru arrested for violating the restraining order. Paul told Lauren that Sheila was in residence in Argentina so there was no reason for her to worry about her baby. Lauren discovered the emails from Jack to Raaz Cosmetics, while both Gloria and Michael lied to her as to how they ended up in Michael's briefcase. Nicholas and Phyllis' request for a waiver, so they didn't have to wait the customary six months before they could marry, was turned down. Dru was set free until her trial date so that she could be at home with her son. Michael arrived at the engagement party to smooth things over with Lauren, but instead found her livid as she started to experience premature labor pains. The doctor told Lauren that since her water had broken, the baby would have to be delivered now. Brad heard that Victoria was still looking for the reliquary. Lauren began hemorrhaging after giving birth to a baby boy, who was rushed away to be resuscitated after he stopped breathing. Carmen had Dru fired from Newman Enterprises. Neil's opinion of Carmen took a dramatic turn.
October 16 to 20, 2006
Victoria's car was broken into, and Brad convinced Victoria to stop her search of the Grugeon reliquary. Carmen continued to pursue getting Drucilla fired and behind bars, and Neil began to dislike Carmen. Mr. Kim had food poisoning, and when Jack took him to the hospital, Victor began to wonder why the two were so chummy. Michael worried about Lauren and the baby, and Lauren feared Sheila would take their baby. Michael and Lauren decided to name their baby Fenmore. Nick opted not to tell Sharon that he and Phyllis planned to elope. Billy took Jana on a tour of the Chancellor house. Devon struggled with his hearing loss.
October 23 to 27, 2006
Nick and Phyllis got married in New Mexico. Michael and Lauren found out that before Sheila had died, she'd had plastic surgery to look like Phyllis. Victor admitted to Nikki that he had trusted Jack too much. Professor Korbel continually interrupted Colleen and J.T., claiming to need Colleen's help with work. Billy and Kevin fought over Jana. Drucilla worried that she might go to jail. Michael found out that Carmen had had affairs with married men. When Carmen discovered Jack's secret about owning Jabot, Jack schemed to get her out of town. Brad worried that Carmen's case would reveal the secret about his identity. Aaron Neville appeared for the opening of Neil's new club, Indigo. Neil found Carmen lying dead by a Dumpster near his club.
October 30 to November 3, 2006
Neil, Dru, Daniel, Devon and Lily discovered the dead body of Carmen Mesta behind Neil's club, Indigo. Lily, Daniel and Devon read the contents of Carmen's envelope, that Devon was unable to deliver to her. Lily thought it best for them to hide the envelope. Mr. Kim informed Jack that they had made another acquisition and beat out Newman Enterprises in doing so. Nikki agreed with Victor to remain quiet about Victor's checking into what Jack had been up to recently. Michael warned Neil and Dru not to say anything to the police regarding Carmen's death. Michael and Lauren were finally allowed to take their new baby boy home. Colleen kissed her professor, and then was both sorry and apologetic for doing so. Kevin and Jana became intimate with each other and later decided to move in together. Katherine told Jill that her accountant had informed her of the many charges that Billy was making to her account. Billy tried to talk Jack into getting some of his father's inheritance along with wanting to buy a condo. Lauren sent Gloria back to work so that she could get some rest and have some quiet time. Gloria learned that Mr. Kim had stopped the production on her perfume bracelet line. Will and Det. Sullivan looked again at the hotel surveillance video of Devon and discovered that there was someone else in the background also waiting to see Carmen. Further analysis showed that the person was Brad Carlton.
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November 6 to 10, 2006
Billy stole and pawned some of Katherine's antiques and Jack offered to pay Billy's debt if he left town. Everyone in Genoa City speculated who murdered Carmen. Colleen questioned whether or not to continue taking Professor Korbel's classes. Brad asked J.T. to investigate Professor Korbel. Victor found out that the House of Kim is really owned by Jack.
November 13 to 17, 2006
Victor and Michael joined forces to bring down Jack. J.T. told Brad about his findings on Professor Korbel. Paul managed to get Jana's fingerprints on a glass to find out about her background. Jack and Sharon admitted that they still had feelings towards their ex-loves. Dru, Neil and Devon were forbidden to leave the city and the judge declared Devon could receive the same fine treatment in Genoa City. Neil's alibi was a bust when a red-light camera filmed him at the same time he said that he was home with Dru. Jill continued to blame Katherine for Billy leaving town. Jana helped Gloria get a new look to impress Will Bardwell. J.T. and Colleen made up after J.T. was forced to keep secrets from her again, because of his job. Phyllis began to have labor pains and headed for the hospital. Will and Jill shared a cozy dinner, then Jill invited him to spend more time with her upstairs in her hotel room. Katherine kept having more and more dreams about a crying child. Brad faced off with his daughter, Colleen, when he learned that she had told Professor Korbel about her grandmother, Rebecca. Will gave Neil and Dru a warrant citing they were being arrested for committing perjury to the Grand jury. At the hospital Phyllis learned that she had not gone into labor. Jack came down on Phyllis for not dealing with a denied zoning permit for a new NVP location. Talking with a senator, Victor was told there was no way around the denied zoning permit. Victor suggested that Jack run for office. Michael told Neil and Dru that Devon was now the DA's number one suspect in the Carmen Mesta case.
November 20 to 24, 2006
Katherine sought Paul's help in discovering what her mysterious dreams about a baby crying meant. When Gloria realized that Will had been with Jill intimately and that Jill had received flowers, she saw to it that Jill found out that Gloria had also spent time with him and had received flowers. Nikki and Victor "play acted" to push Jack toward running for office. Devon was arrested for Carmen's murder, and he waited for the judge to grant permission for him to get his implants. Jack and Ji Min faked an argument to make it look as though they were not as close as some people thought. Jana told Lauren that she would be able to help her out as "nanny" as often as possible. Michael and Kevin plotted to keep ahead of Jack in an attempt to take him down. A Thanksgiving dinner was held at Crimson Lights for the needy to attend. Dru, Neil, and Lily tried to give Devon a special Thanksgiving, as he returned home from the hospital after his operation. The Baldwin family felt blessed at Thanksgiving with the birth of their son. Will Bardwell joined Gloria and her family for the holiday dinner, and Kevin and Jana joined them. The Carltons joined the Newman family for dinner but ended up with take-out when Zapato decided to gobble up the turkey by himself.
November 27 to December 1, 2006
Michael insisted that Devon was innocent of Carmen Mesta's murder, while Will Bardwell felt he had enough evidence to prove his guilt. Jack and JiMin broke off their partnership, an act which they hoped would convince everyone that they had no secrets to hide regarding Carmen and Jack's dealings with her. While Neil and Dru fretted over the re-opening of Indigo, a new face appeared in town - that of Amber Moore. Esther tried to help Katherine solve her mysterious dreams to no avail. Daniel stood up for Devon at school, by giving a bloody nose to someone who accused Devon of murder. Will asked Neil and Dru to testify against Devon, which they promptly turned down. Devon told the Winters family that he had been trying to locate his mother.
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December 4 to 8, 2006
Ashley turned down a chance to be a guest judge on the fashion-reality show, "Supreme Catwalk," but Gloria was more than happy to accept the position herself. Neil and Dru had to tell Devon that his mother, Yolanda, was once again doing drugs. After going before a judge, Michael and Will were told that the new evidence presented by Michael would be examined. A worried Brad feared that his past would be exposed when his fingerprints were discovered on the evidence. Jana and Kevin moved into their new apartment together, several floors down from Michael and Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren hired Amber Moore to work at the boutique. Abby accidentally overheard Jack tell Ashley that he was the owner of Jabot and later repeated the information to Nikki and Victor while talking with them. Brad tried to make amends for keeping his past a secret from Ashley by inviting her over to spend Christmas Eve with him and his mother. The Winters family legally adopted Devon as their son and Devon started to regain his hearing. Paul resigned from Michael's investigation into the Carmen Mesta case, so that he would not have to answer for trying to protect Brad. Victor arranged for Jack and himself to take a "flower-arranging" class to throw Jack off his guard. Will told Michael that he wanted to prosecute Neil and Dru for perjury as soon as possible. Phyllis learned that she might have to have a C-section. Gloria received the news that she could no longer use the Abbott name. Jill was given the "Extreme Catwalk" judges position as Gloria was told her invitation to do it had been withdrawn. Gloria promised to get even with Jack and Ashley while Katherine and Jill were about to learn the results of their DNA exam.
December 11 to 15, 2006
The test results confirmed that Katherine and Jill are truly were mother and daughter. Dru and Neil became a married couple "again" when they were able to forgive each other and Dru slipped back on her wedding ring. Will Bardwell and Det. Maggie Sullivan arrived to search Newman, and while the list of suspects grew larger for Michael, Will contended that he had the guilty party: Devon. Colleen grew increasingly upset with J.T. because he continued to keep secrets from her about his job and became even more jealous of Amber Moore for her growing interest in Professor Korbel. Gloria, along with Kevin and Michael went before the judge in an attempt to keep her rightful name as Mrs. John Abbott. Jack and Ashley were determined to prove that because she and their father were never legally married, she was committing fraud by using the Abbott name. As an invisible party, but visible to Jack, John witnessed the whole court scene and was ashamed of what his son was doing. The judge ruled that Gloria did have the right to keep John Abbott's name. Phyllis learned she would have to have a c-section because the baby was in the breech position. As a series of events unfolded, the people in Genoa City became more involved in their complicated lives with those around them. The art benefit was cancelled due to a sudden ice storm and blackouts. Lauren had a visit from her mother, Joanna, and Esther talked Katherine into finally contacting Sylvia Browne, the psychic, to find out what her dreams meant.
December 18 to 22, 2006
While the power remained out throughout Genoa City, Phyllis had to rely on Jack, who was stuck in the elevator with her, to help deliver her baby. Sharon and Brad remembered the past, but vowed to keep their distance from each other in spite of still being in love. Colleen gave in to her feelings and made love with Professor Korbel. Daniel and Lily were rescued by Nicholas, after their car slipped off the road. At the hospital, Daniel was found to be okay and was introduced to his "baby sister." Katherine, Amber and Esther continued to wonder what Katherine's dreams were a sign of and what they could possibly mean. Lauren's mother arrived in town and the two mothers-in-law clashed right from the get-go. Sharon took Noah to meet his new baby sister. Jana and Kevin had their own Christmas celebration as they spent time together before joining the Baldwin party upstairs. Jack and Ashley join Victor and Nikki at the ranch to celebrate Christmas with the Newman families.
December 25 to 29, 2006
Colleen broke off her relationship with Professor Korbel to try to make things work with J.T.. Devon found a parking receipt in Dru's car making him wonder if Dru had something more to do with Carmen Mesta's murder than first thought. Victor learned the truth about Brad's past from Rebecca, Victoria and Brad himself. Ashley covered for Jack one last time, then told him that she couldn't do it anymore. Brad told Paul, Nick, Sharon and Victoria that he had told Victor the truth about himself, excluding the part of where he killed the two men involved with Sharon's kidnapping. Victor retold Brad's story to Nikki. Nicholas told a disappointed Phyllis the story of Sharon's kidnapping. Michael tailed Paul from Crimson Lights after the two of them argued but lost him during a change of a traffic light. Paul visited someone locked in a cage, someone that looked like Phyllis, but was really Sheila. Michael, Lauren, Nicholas and Phyllis celebrated the beginning of a new year together with their new babies. The kidnapped Sheila/Phyllis stayed behind her cell doors having been put there by Paul, vowing to get even first with Lauren and then Phyllis. At the stroke of midnight, Katherine suddenly remembered what it was that had happened years ago, that involved a crying baby.
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