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January 3 to 7, 2000
Paul warned Nick that Larry Warton might not be the man sending the fan letters to Victoria. Tony pulled away from Tricia's kiss, and Tricia tried to keep herself from breaking down. Billy started drinking when he assumed Mac and Raul were together. Nikki called from Venice, but she hung up when Victoria said that Victor hadn't returned. Later, Victor called from New Mexico, trying to reach Nikki. Malcolm was puzzled by Callie's reluctance to pick a wedding date. Ryan learned that Tricia had lied about seeing her therapist.
January 10 to 14, 2000
Victor bought the land that was so important to Ramona. Tony and Megan planned to get married; Nina was to be the matron of honor and Cassie the flower girl. Nikki and Brad returned from Venice. Ramona and Victor slept together after a night of drinking tea. Jack asked Ashley how her cruise had been and if she had met anyone on the trip. Jill thought she should do a background check on Mac to prove whether Mac was Brock's real daughter or not. Larry talked to his parole officer because the officer wanted to know if he was Victoria's harasser. Gary threw a sales pitch to Victoria for the Brash & Sassy ads. Ross was not impressed and wanted Gary out of the picture. Tricia got a phone message from Megan about Megan's wedding plans. As Tricia tried to stop the wedding, she hit Tony on his motorcycle. Tony fought for his life in the hospital.
January 17 to 21, 2000
Nikki intended to leave Victor. They both felt their marriage had fallen apart. Tony's final wish was to make Megan his wife. Tony thought Tricia had hit him on purpose because she had wanted to break him and Megan up for good. Christine felt that she should reassess her career with Legal Aid. Jill took a sudden trip to St. Louis, Missouri, to find Mac's mother. Billy and Raul realized that they had grown apart in many ways, and Raul felt that Billy was not the same person he had once known. Cassie found out about Tony's death and was totally devastated. Victoria did her photo shoot for Brash & Sassy and wanted Gary present for the shoot. Not long after, she was shocked to receive flowers from her biggest fan. Brittany and Billy planned for spring break. Sam got news of Callie's pending divorce from Trey and decided to keep it under wraps. Brad resigned from Newman Enterprises. Jack was surprised, and he wondered why. Dr. Reese was worried about Olivia's stress level on the job, especially after Tony's death.
January 24 to 28, 2000
Megan found out that Tricia had hit Tony on his motorcycle. Nick vowed to Victoria that they would catch her stalker very soon. Nikki revealed that she had gone away with Brad during the holidays. Diane regretted that Michael and Brad knew that she had stolen Victor's sperm sample. Sharon felt nothing but love for Tony, since he had returned Cassie to her. Tricia asked Sharon to keep Tricia's misbehavior under wraps. Paul went to the flower shop and tried to track down who had sent the roses to Victoria. Victoria invited Gary to dinner at Gina's. Katherine and Brock wanted to throw Mac a surprise birthday party, since they had missed it on December 30. Jill tried to track down Mac's mother, Amanda Browning, in St. Louis. Neil worried about Olivia after Tony's death and funeral. Olivia scheduled a bone marrow biopsy. Billy asked John if he could go away with Brittany on a spring break vacation in Aspen, Colorado.
January 31 to February 4, 2000
Nikki resisted Brad's attempt to convince her to go away with him by telling him that she finally needed to find herself before she committed to another man. Jill's detective in St. Louis tracked down Mac's mother, Amanda, but he was unable to find any record of Mac's birth. Brock and Katherine planned a sweet 16 party for Mac. Although Crimson Lights was a big success, Sharon and Nick considered selling it to get Victor off their backs. Diane was under the delusion that Victor wanted her back again. Meanwhile, Victor and Ramona parted ways, but he was unable to forgive Nikki and take her back. Nikki discovered that Victor's sperm sample had been delivered to the Newman Towers penthouse; she located it there, and she swiped it.
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February 7 to 11, 2000
Diane offered to sell Victor her apartment, as long as she could remain Victor's guest until she found a more suitable apartment for herself. Diane found out that Nikki had taken the sperm sample. Callie told Malcolm that she was married to Trey and that Sam had been the one who had beaten Malcolm up severely months earlier. Olivia went to see Michael to see if she could remove Malcolm's visitation rights with Nate. Victoria went to see Larry and tried to bargain with him. Victoria offered to pay Larry $500 per week if she stopped receiving fan letters. Ross felt Victoria was too important to him and would not let her shut him out of her life. Ashley met her mystery man, Christian, in Genoa City. Mac sought advice as to why she was going crazy over Billy. John and Jill called off Billy's Aspen ski trip because of Billy's lies.
February 14 to 18, 2000
Malcolm vowed to do everything in his power to protect Nate from Sam and Trey. Ashley met Christian for dinner and spent the night with him at the lodge. Jack walked in to spy on his sister and Christian. Ashley claimed that Christian was not her mystery man from the cruise, because her mystery man had been married with three kids. Christian played along with the little charade. Nick and Sharon thought about expanding Crimson Lights. Malcolm told Olivia about Callie's marriage to Trey. Olivia talked to Callie and made her realize that Callie had destroyed a marriage and had traumatized little Nate by breaking up his family. Callie decided to leave town. Michael talked to Christine about joining him on his legal team at Desmond Industries. Ross went over to Larry's place of work and roughed him up. The police found another letter in Larry's jacket. Victoria was not impressed that Ross had tried to save the day. Ryan was happy that his physical relationship with Tricia was back on track, but Tricia seemed to think otherwise.
February 21 to 25, 2000
Ashley thought she might be pregnant. Billy went to Mac's party as a way to get out of the house, since his father had grounded him. Billy got drunk and went outside for fresh air. Billy then passed out in the snow. Raul found Billy unconscious and not breathing. At the hospital, Billy went into cardiac arrest. Katherine tried to get Nikki and Victor together at Mac's party. Nick had had enough of Victor's leadership, and he decided to expand his Crimson Lights franchise. Dru tried to change Olivia's mind about removing Malcolm's parental rights to Nate. Victor joined Ashley for dinner. Tomas and Nina made progress in their friendship. Christine told Nina about her job offer and the fact that Michael might be her new boss.
February 28 to March 3, 2000
Ashley was pregnant. Diane told Michael that she had moved in with Victor. Dru expected answers as to why Olivia had been under a lot of stress recently. Ramona said her final goodbyes to Victor after a run-in with Diane at the Newman penthouse. Ashley told Christian that she would raise the child on her own, and she wanted Christian to pretend that he was the father of the baby. Victoria told Rick, her bodyguard, to take the rest of the week off while Larry was still in jail. Mac successfully encouraged Billy to regain consciousness. Jack realized that Billy and Mac had feelings that neither one was willing to admit. Megan felt Tricia was still having problems with intimacy, but Tricia would not see a shrink about it. Christine considered Michael's offer to work for Desmond Industries. Paul looked at the security tapes at Larry's workplace, and he realized Ross had planted the letter, implicating Ross as the stalker. Diane hired a private investigator to get the sperm sample back from Nikki. Raul was relieved to find out Billy was all right.
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MARCH 2000
March 6 to 10, 2000
Billy emerged from his alcoholic coma and told Mac that her voice had coaxed him back to consciousness. Nina told Ryan that his tense situation with Tricia could affect Phillip. Nikki learned of Ramona's most recent visit to Genoa City. Victor rejected Brad's deal to be released from his contract. Paul, Christine, and Lynne watched the videotape and realized that Ross might be Victoria's stalker. Meanwhile, Ross told Victoria that he had planted the letter in Larry's jacket to keep him in jail. Sharon realized that Tony's death had not been an accident.
March 13 to 17, 2000
Jack suggested that Nikki join him at Jabot, and they could get back at Victor and Brad. Meanwhile, Ashley offered Brad a job at Jabot. Megan was furious with Sharon for suggesting that Tricia had had anything to do with Tony's accident. John told Billy of Raul's role in saving Billy's life. Victor's sperm sample was returned to the lab, where a careless technician placed it on a shelf near Jack's recent deposit.
March 20 to 24, 2000
Tricia could not get Tony's accident out of her mind. Christine agreed to become partners with Michael in their own firm. Drucilla went back to Paris for a fashion show, leaving Lily in Genoa City to spend some time with her dad. Nina told Meg she thought Tricia needed professional counseling. Jack wanted to make sure Christian was well aware of Ashley's pregnancy and wondered what he was going to do about it. Jack thought that with time, Christian and Ashley could love each other and raise the child together. Brock was concerned about Mac's confusion over her feelings for Billy. Brock had no idea how to be supportive of his daughter without stepping over the boundaries. Brittany told Billy what had happened the night of the party, but she neglected to tell Billy one important thing. Jill and John had their talk with Billy about the trouble Billy had caused while he had been drunk. Jill would do whatever she could to prevent Billy from dying very young like Phillip had. Diane would do whatever she could to hold on to her tie with Victor, even if it meant getting pregnant. Gary and Victoria became friendlier every day. Ross wanted to get out of prison as soon as he possibly could.
March 27 to 31, 2000
Over Paul and Nina's objections and her own reservations, Christine agreed to form a law partnership with Michael. Convinced that Ross was Victoria's stalker, Victor ordered a judge to issue a search warrant for Ross's apartment. Meanwhile, Victoria flirted with the real stalker, Gary, in hopes that he would ask her to dinner. Diane plotted to use Victor's stolen sperm sample to become pregnant, rather than to let Nikki get her hands on it. Nick and Sharon made plans to establish a Crimson Lights branch in Milwaukee. John and Jill confronted Billy about his continual irresponsibility and grounded him. Ashley informed Brad that she was pregnant with another man's baby. Sharon accused Tricia of murdering Tony. Olivia tried to keep Dru from finding out about her illness.
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APRIL 2000
April 3 to 7, 2000
A detective showed up at the McNeil residence to question Tricia about her motives the night Tony had been killed. Frank Applegate told Jack that the Jabot expansion was a bad move. Mac and Raul tried to persuade John to lessen Billy's grounding punishment by allowing friends to visit him, since Billy could not leave the house after he returned home from school. Brittany was impressed by Mac's actions. Brad gave Nikki a lesson on the Internet to show her how it could help her succeed in the fashion world. Diane was inseminated with Victor's sperm via in vitro fertilization. Victor and Ashley shared a passionate kiss. Keith paid Tricia a visit. Nick revealed to Cassie that it was her last visit with Mr. Morgenstern. Nick and Sharon could finally legally adopt Cassie. Victoria admitted to Gary that she had feelings for him that were more than friendship.
April 10 to 14, 2000
Gary shredded the cashier's check for Ross's bail money. Gary realized that he had the real thing in front of him and that he should stop obsessing about Victoria. Tricia was very relieved that Keith was in town. Megan went to visit Grace in New York City. Grace hid the fact that Tricia had been involved in a plot to break up Megan and Tony. Grace went to Genoa City to tell Megan more information about Tony, and she ran into Sharon, who told Grace that Tricia had hit Tony on his motorcycle. Grace admitted to Megan that Tricia had caused trouble for Tony and Megan, and she thought Tricia had been responsible for killing Tony. Ashley told Victor she was pregnant with another man's baby. Neil and Dru shared some special moments at home until they had a little too much to drink, and they spent the night together. John and Jill agreed to lighten Billy's sentence a bit and allow Raul and Mac to visit every once in a while.
April 17 to 21, 2000
Neil and Dru shared a wonderful night of passion, but they wondered if it was a one-night stand or if they were reconnecting with their feelings for one another. Victor supported the idea of Ashley being pregnant and kissed her. Nikki took off to a fashion seminar in SoHo, while Victoria planned an intimate dinner with Gary at the Newman ranch. Frank told Jack the loan had been sold, and the new loan officer expected the full balloon payment for Jabot in May. Paul felt that the stalker was working for the ad agency. Billy was going crazy because his parents refused to let him see Brittany. He still couldn't sort out his feelings for Mac.
April 24 to 28, 2000
Dru returned to Paris. Victor assured Neil that Victor's plan to recover Jabot would destroy Jack but not hurt Ashley or John. Diane was overjoyed that she had become pregnant after she had been inseminated with Victor's sperm sample.
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MAY 2000
May 1 to 5, 2000
The Newmans celebrated Cassie's adoption with a pool party at the ranch. Nikki informed Jack that she and Brad had arranged to make an investment to save Jabot, but Jack refused it. Jack went to Katherine for a loan instead. Pregnant Ashley began dating Victor, who was still married to Nikki. After the landlord let Victoria in to Gary's apartment, she was shocked to find a collage of photos of her and the stationery the stalker had used. Megan told Tricia that she blamed Tricia for Tony's death, no matter what the circumstances had been, and Megan left town.
May 8 to 12, 2000
Gary caught Victoria inside his apartment. Meanwhile, Paul became suspicious that Gary was Victoria's stalker, and he tried to track her down. Victoria screamed and accused Gary of being her stalker. Gary claimed that it was not true, but he grabbed Victoria when she tried to escape, and he attempted to muffle her screams. Victoria's bodyguard and Paul arrived and kicked in Gary's door, but by then Gary had escaped with Victoria to the tree house on the ranch. Katherine refused to grant Jack a loan to save Jabot after Nikki had talked her out of it. Meanwhile, Victor continued to scheme with Forsythe to make sure that Jack could not make the loan payment in time.
May 15 to 19, 2000
Gary kept seeing Victoria morph into Gabrielle, his ex-girlfriend, who taunted him about how pathetic he was. Gary lunged at Victoria, who hit him with a lantern. Victoria pulled the tape from her ankles and tried to escape while Gary was unconscious, but he awoke in time to stop her and tape her up again. Nick put things together and realized that Victoria and Gary had to be in the tree house. Gary had a knife at Victoria's neck as Paul and Nick broke in. When Gary backed up, holding Victoria, he nearly fell out of the tree house. Nick took the opportunity to grab Victoria, and Paul grabbed Gary and turned him over to the police outside on the ground. Victor told Ashley that he loved her. Diane shocked Ashley by revealing that she was pregnant, and she allowed Ashley to assume it was Victor's baby. While in Victor's office, Ashley discovered that Victor had conspired with Forsythe to trick the Abbotts into defaulting on their loan. Ashley and Jack tried to accept Nikki and Brad's offer to save Jabot, but Brad told them he no longer wanted to invest.
May 22 to 26, 2000
Ashley still couldn't get out of her mind the fact that Victor had used her to get back at Jack. Victoria felt the need to go back to work, but Nikki and Victor felt that she needed to recuperate at home after the whole ordeal with Gary. Dru got tested to see if she was a positive match for Olivia's bone marrow transplant. Ashley found out that Victor had bought the Abbotts' loan from Shiam Partners, and she learned that all their other loans had been purchased, too. Jack was positive that Victor had been behind all of it. Billy and Mac agreed that they would be best friends, no matter who they were each involved with. On Memorial Day, Mac, Raul, and Brittany were at the Abbotts' place for a swim. Billy hid his wallet from Brittany because Mac's picture was inside. Nina finally shaved off Tomas' moustache, and he was quite handsome without it. Ryan called Victor and warned him that Victoria might need more support from her family than she was actually willing to admit.
May 29 to June 2, 2000
Jack was unable to tell John about Jabot's new investment partners. Mac confided in Brock that she had feelings for Billy, but she was sure that with Brittany for competition, Billy would never feel the same for Mac. Ashley remained at odds with Victor. Jack confirmed to Ashley that all of their loans had been bought by one entity, and he had proof that Victor had been responsible. Ashley confronted Victor about his machinations against Jabot; she accused him of using her, and she broke off all ties with him. Olivia was concerned that she might not survive her illness, so she had papers drawn up to give Neil custody of Nate. Because Ashley was beginning to show, she made a formal announcement of her pregnancy to the board. Brittany made plans to go to the prom with Billy, and she was certain that they would be named king and queen.
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JUNE 2000
June 5 to 9, 2000
Diane revealed to Victor she was pregnant; Victor allowed her to live in the apartment for a little while longer. Michael acted as a mediator between Jack and Brad regarding Brad's contract with Newman Enterprises. Cassie was very excited for her adoption party with her family and friends. Dru was a close match for Olivia's bone marrow transplant. Nate went to see Olivia in the hospital. Olivia said that she loved him very much and that she hoped she could see him grow up to be a smart and wonderful young man. Mac picked out a gown for her prom. Katherine said she would call an old friend of hers to fly in for a fitting. That person was Lauren. Mac's friends thought she should run for prom queen and "kick Brittany's ass." Victor was genuinely in love with Ashley and wanted to rekindle what they had lost in their relationship due to Victor's betrayal. Victor found out that Brad was one of the new investors in Jabot. Nikki found out that Ashley was the other woman in Victor's life.
June 12 to 16, 2000
Brock asked Ned to switch Mac and Billy's responsibilities at the shelter. Cassie was anxious for her adoption. Larry was out for revenge against Nick. Nick's old enemy, Matt Clark, was back, and he wanted to cause some damage to the "little rich boy." Olivia questioned where her relationship with Neil might lead. Nina went over to Tomas' apartment. Tomas was a little surprised, but he still didn't feel ready to reveal his entire past to Nina. Cassie had her adoption party. Alice gave Cassie a photo album of pictures from when Cassie was a baby. Lauren was back in town to help Katherine out, and they found the perfect prom dress for Mac. Brittany was jealous, so she and Jill went to Los Angeles and looked for a new dress. Victoria paid Ryan a visit in Seattle. He told Victoria that Tricia had left him and might never return.
June 19 to 23, 2000
The Abbotts shot the commercial for Glo by Jabot. Mac was nervous about the prom. Olivia prepared to undergo her bone marrow transplant. Victor was still furious about Nick's expansion of Crimson Lights. One day, Victor wanted his kids to take over his empire, and he felt that what Nick was doing with the coffeehouse was outrageous. Victor even canceled a meeting with Nick. Nick decided to quit Newman Enterprises as an act of rebellion against his father. Nina's new novel was about the child that had been stolen from her many years before. She was nervous to show Tomas her outline, and Tomas thought it needed some improvement. His reaction confused Nina a bit. Thanks to J.T.'s manipulations, Billy and Mac were crowned prom king and queen. Mac looked stunning in her gown, which upset Brittany. Brittany was jealous and was a sore loser when Mac was crowned queen. When Mac and Raul returned home, Billy stopped over at the Chancellor estate and admitted he was in love with Mac. She felt the connection between them, and they embraced.
June 26 to 30, 2000
Trina went to Genoa City to talk to Nick about the new Crimson Lights opening in Milwaukee. Victor learned of the news and was still not impressed with Nick. Nick cut back his responsibilities at Newman Enterprises. He was sincere about putting his family back together, since everyone was upset at each other. Victoria moved in with Victor at the Newman penthouse. Diane was not thrilled with the news. Mac did not want her face in the spotlight for the Jabot commercial. She thought Brittany should be the one. Paul and Chris talked about in vitro fertilization in order to help Christine get pregnant. Paul wanted it more than anything else in the world. Madame Laray paid Drucilla a visit and helped Drucilla dance in order to relieve the stress from the crisis with Olivia. Olivia's temperature was rising; her transplant might have been failing all.
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JULY 2000
July 3 to 7, 2000
Since Mac had been crowned prom queen, Jabot decided to use her instead of Brittany as the campaign lead. Mac feared that Jill would arrange to have her sent back to live with her mother if Jill discovered that Mac and Billy were involved, so Jack agreed to reshoot the prom footage featuring Brittany as queen to keep their secret. Olivia received a bone marrow transplant from Dru in hopes that it would save Olivia's life. Victoria moved into the penthouse with Victor, putting a monkey wrench in Diane's plans to get him to allow her to stay. Malcolm and Dru were kissing when they got news that Olivia was in crisis, and they left for the hospital together.
July 10 to 14, 2000
Olivia's fever spiked, and she dreamed of Nathan, who told her that she was not ready to leave the world yet. Olivia flatlined, but the emergency crew revived her. Paul suggested that he and Christine go to a fertility clinic. She agreed but still had doubts about getting pregnant right away. Victor was more than ready to take action against Brad. Victor talked to John Silva about a plan to get back at Brad. Nikki was shocked to find out Diane was still living with Victor. Larry and Matt were anxious to get even with Nick. Nick's coffeehouse opened in Milwaukee. Billy's grounding officially ended. Dru and Malcolm's relationship turned romantic. Jabot's new producer for the website was Phyllis Romalotti. She returned to Genoa City to pay Jack a visit and hopefully heal old wounds. Raul thought he had blown his entire relationship with Mac. He wanted to move on to the next level, but Mac was not ready. Mac and Billy fell in love, despite the fact that they were both seeing other people.
July 17 to 21, 2000
Brad filled in as the Lamaze coach for Ashley's baby. Diane ended up in the hospital with severe cramping, but the baby was all right. Victoria was curious to find out who the father of Diane's baby was. The Jabot shoot finally began, and the kids were excited. Paul and Christine went to the fertility clinic to get the results of Christine's tests. John still resented Phyllis for spying on Jack for Victor. Ryan felt his marriage with Tricia was over. Victoria went over to see Ryan for some personal advice. Victor wanted Ryan to help Victoria to focus on Brash & Sassy. Phyllis was shocked to find out that Christine and Michael had started their own law firm. Michael was displeased with Christine for taking time away from her job. Nina asked Tomas if she could read his novel in an effort to help him make his deadlines. Malcolm and Dru spent the night together. Malcolm had feelings for Dru, but Dru was reluctant to admit how she felt.
July 24 to 28, 2000
Victor wanted to sue Brad at any expense. Michael thought Victor didn't have a case, since Brad had not violated his contract with Victor. Brittany was surprised to learn that Billy had intended to ask someone else to the spring dance before he'd asked Brittany. Christine told Michael that she and Paul were starting a family. Michael wondered if motherhood would keep Christine from her responsibilities at the firm. Victoria had a flashback of Gary while she had dinner with Ryan. Victoria admitted she needed professional help, and Ryan said he would be by her side. Olivia was finally ready to leave the hospital. Nikki was shocked to learn that Diane was pregnant. Nikki remembered that Diane had stolen Victor's sperm sample from the lab. "Carter" and Nick met, but Nick didn't seem to remember his old enemy. The Jabot kids went ahead with the website production. Billy wanted to learn if Jill had any skeletons in her closet, because he was willing to use the information to blackmail her if she tried to destroy Mac.
July 31 to August 4, 2000
Malcolm and Dru shared a night of passion that quickly turned sour. Both Neil and Olivia disapproved of Dru and Malcolm's involvement. Olivia arrived home from the hospital. She felt good but still needed to recover after her ordeal. Olivia still hoped for a future with Neil. Victor offered to drop the lawsuit against Jabot and only go after Brad, if Ashley dropped Brad like a dead fly. Ashley refused the deal, since Brad had risked a lot of money to bail Jabot out. Both Victoria and Nikki thought Diane had an agenda with her pregnancy. Victoria turned to Ryan for comfort after she had a vision about Gary. Brittany had doubts about Billy's commitment to their relationship. Brittany had a feeling Billy was interested in another girl, but she didn't suspect that the girl was Mac. Mac disapproved when the Jabot website showed her on-camera. Jill called the mailroom to find out who had signed for the express letter she had not received. She blamed Katherine but had no idea Mac had been involved. Billy and Mac continued to show their feelings but tried to keep their attraction as discreet as possible.
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August 7 to 11, 2000
Lily felt confused as to why her parents could not live under the same roof. Neil was upset that Malcolm and Dru were involved. Neil admitted he still had feelings for Dru and had high hopes that they would get back together for their daughter's sake. J.T. comforted Brittany about Billy's wandering eye. She ended up getting drunk, and she and J.T. had sex. Jill found out that Mac had signed for the missing Express Mail letter. Katherine wondered if Jill was out to destroy Mac by finding Mac's mother. Jill booked a flight to St. Louis. Michael and Phyllis rekindled the wild romance they had once shared. Christine began to reassess her position in the firm, since Michael had taken on Brad as his new client against Victor. Victoria received another letter from Gary, who wanted to make amends with Victoria. Victor created a signed document to prove to Ashley that he would not go after Jabot if the Abbotts let Brad go.
August 14 to 18, 2000
Diane told Victor he was the father of her baby. Diane revealed that she had used his sperm to get pregnant. Victor was furious and declared revenge upon Diane. Jack, Brad, and the rest of the Jabot crew thought Ashley should take a leave of absence while she was pregnant. Victor gave Ashley a letter that stated that if Ashley left Jabot for a leave of absence, he would drop all charges against Brad and Jabot. Katherine and Brock went see Paul because they thought Jill was out to destroy Mac. Jill admitted to Katherine that she had gone to St. Louis to find out about Mac's paternity, and Mac's birth records were valid. Brittany caught Mac and Billy kissing, and she felt that she had lost her boyfriend for good. Olivia still clung to the fact that she and Neil could develop a wonderful romance, but Neil still had feelings for Dru.
August 21 to 25, 2000
Billy surprised Mac with a ring. Brock confronted Jill about her vendetta against Mac. When Dru feared her career was over, Malcolm helped console her by asking her to pose for some photos. Victoria admitted that she was considering meeting with Gary in an attempt to move on with her life. Ashley was crushed when Victor nixed any chance they had at reconciliation.
August 28 to September 1, 2000
Victor left town for a while, and Neil was in charge of Newman Enterprises. Ashley was devastated that Diane was pregnant with Victor's child. Nikki was stunned to find out about the paternity of Diane's child. Christine prepared to take a pregnancy test. Mac told Katherine the truth about her relationship with Billy and how Jill was still meddling in her life. Brittany had big plans to get even with Mac and Billy. Ryan let Victoria be his roommate for a while, but Tricia knocked on his door.
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September 4 to 8, 2000
Tricia showed up at Ryan's apartment, but she was too late to save her marriage. Ryan felt all love had been lost, and he wanted to file for a legal separation. Brittany took advantage of Billy by slipping him some sleeping pills to make him pass out. As Mac walked through the door, she caught Brittany and Billy in a compromising position, and she was brokenhearted. Nikki wondered if her relationship with Victor was over. Nikki reached out to Victoria for support with Victor gone and Diane making trouble. Nick and Sharon went on vacation with the kids, and they returned while "Carter" was still working late at night. Matt put his plan into action. Matt and Larry plotted to plant drugs at the coffeehouse in order to send Nick back to prison. Raul and Rianna shared a passionate kiss as a celebration of their summer together. Brad wanted to help Ashley raise her child as if it were his own, since he hadn't had much of a role while his own child, Colleen, had been young.
September 11 to 15, 2000
Mac wanted nothing more to do with Billy ever again. Rianna and Raul's relationship blossomed. On Paul's birthday, Christine told him that she was finally pregnant. Michael was furious that Christine no longer wanted to work full-time with the firm. Nina asked Tomas for his critique of her novel, and she ended up spilling to Tomas that she was the main character in the story. Malcolm gave Dru a jumpstart on getting back into modeling. Neil wondered what Dru and Malcolm's plans were for the future and whether or not Dru would stay in Genoa City. Victoria made Phyllis an offer she couldn't refuse if she joined Brash & Sassy.
September 18 to 22, 2000
Nina told Tomas that she had started having nightmares about her baby being kidnapped when she had started writing her book. Christine felt that she wasn't ready for motherhood yet, and she surprised Paul by saying that she wanted another pregnancy test. Katherine urged Mac to find out what had really happened between Billy and Brittany at the pool house. Victor received a letter from the fertility clinic advising him of irregularities in the handling of his sperm sample. Nikki later found out that Victor had started an investigation.
September 25 to 29, 2000
Phyllis took the bait and signed on with Brash & Sassy as its Internet developer of sales and marketing. Dru and Lily left for Paris. Christine told Paul she wouldn't be ready to get pregnant for another two years. Paul took off for a business trip and only left Christine a note saying he needed time to think about the situation and reassess their marriage. Tomas' book was pulled off the shelves for the holiday season. Mac ran away, but Raul stopped her at the bus station and convinced her that her family was there in Genoa City. Matt Clark -- a.k.a. Carter -- met Doris Collins. Doris couldn't help but seem to remember seeing Carter somewhere before. Leanna Love made another pit stop at the Newman penthouse, but she found that Victor had returned. Diane made a pact with the devil to get her revenge on Victor, but Victor had other plans in store for Diane.
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October 2 to 6, 2000
Raul found out that Billy and Mac had been together since the prom. Raul felt totally betrayed by his best friend, and he hit Billy as a sign of his frustration. Tricia admitted to Ryan what had led to her obsession with Tony. Tricia wanted to get things back on track with her husband and their marriage. Victoria admitted to Ryan that she had more than feelings of friendship for him. Phyllis started her new job at Newman Enterprises. Victor wanted Phyllis as far away from him as possible. Paul and Christine talked about having a family. Christine was terrified of losing Paul, but she felt it was absolutely not the time for her to get pregnant. Tomas felt he had lost his writer's touch, and he couldn't get back into writing. Malcolm booked a flight to go and see Dru in Paris. Brad told Ashley the only way to be free of Victor was to marry Brad. Ashley was not sure whether it was a wise decision or not.
October 9 to 13, 2000
Brad proposed to Ashley. Jack warned Ashley not to jump into anything too serious yet. A mysterious bump appeared on Cassie's arm. Sharon and Nick took Cassie to the doctor and feared it could be an early sign of tuberculosis. Jill found out from J.T. that Billy had been seeing Mac all summer long. Jill continued to threaten to contact Mac's mother. Tomas went on a drinking binge because he felt that he had lost his writer's spark. Christine loved Paul, but she felt her career was more important than starting a family at that moment. Tricia went to "Carter" for comfort. Victoria still didn't like Tricia, and she felt Ryan was better off without Tricia. Justin from Robertson Labs went to see Victor to find out how Victor's sperm sample had been transferred from the lab to impregnate Diane. Tricia worried that she was losing Ryan to Victoria.
October 16 to 20, 2000
Nick told Victor that Cassie might be seriously ill with tuberculosis. Cassie asked Nick and Sharon what the possible symptoms were, and coughing was one of them. Cassie worried more about others than she did about herself. Victoria still thought that Tricia was a threat to everyone. Tricia met "Carter" at his apartment, and he unexpectedly kissed her. Mary stopped by Michael's office and blamed him for Christine not wanting to be pregnant. Even when the chips were down, Victor was still there for his family. Brad thought Ashley should ask the baby's father for sole custody of the child. Ashley told him to stay out of it, since it was a personal matter to her. Billy gave Jill an ultimatum. If Jill continued to threaten Mac, Billy would no longer accept Jill as his mother.
October 23 to 27, 2000
Victor and Ashley chatted, and Victor wondered if Ashley marrying Brad was a wise decision. Tomas continued his drinking binge. He went to see his editor in New York, leaving Nina frightened she had lost him. Tomas returned and told Nina that his editor was reading her novel. Victor and Nikki had a discreet and private rendezvous at the Newman penthouse. Victoria returned home during the day and heard Victor and his mystery woman. Victoria warned Nikki that another woman could be in Victor's life. J.T. told Billy all about his little affair with Brittany in the pool house. Billy still didn't believe Brittany or her lies. Mac had a huge daydream about her courtship with Billy and what the summer had meant to her. Diane was shocked to run into Ashley at a baby store and to find out that she was pregnant, as well. Christian stopped in Genoa City to offer his congratulations to Ashley and Brad. Cassie was frightened about her cough and called Millie in Madison for advice.
October 30 to November 3, 2000
Neil found out that Nikki had been the other investor who had saved Jabot from defaulting on its debt. Matt asked Larry to rent some storage space in Milwaukee. Malcolm returned home from his visit with Dru. Phyllis and Michael agreed to spend the holidays together. Christine thought she and Paul should move to Hong Kong in order to put their marriage back on track. Tomas admitted to Nina that he had fallen deeply in love with her. Mac vowed to move on with her life and gave Billy back the ring he had given Mac as a symbol of his love for her. Jack wondered if Billy's feelings for Mac were real. Christine kissed Michael on the cheek to thank him for being a good listener.
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November 6 to 10, 2000
Ashley had her baby on the day of her wedding. It was a girl, and the nurse thought Victor was the father. Jill explained to Jack that she had only threatened Mac to protect Billy. Billy still wanted to be friends with Mac, but she was not sure she could forgive him. Ryan decided to live with Tricia for a bit longer, and if things didn't work out, then he would move out on his own. Matt continued to seek his revenge against Nick. Phyllis went to Ashley and Brad's wedding as Jack's date. Christine wanted to take Paul on a cruise in order to put their relationship on track, without interference from Mary. The movie producer sent Nina's manuscript, as well as Tomas' novel, to the production company for review.
November 13 to 17, 2000
Cassie's tests for tuberculosis were negative, but she still needed to take antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Nina learned that her novel would be published. Matt took Nick's ATM card and made arrangements for Larry to use the card to frame Nick for soliciting sex. Tomas was going to have Thanksgiving dinner at his place, and he invited Paul, Christine, Mary, Ryan, Phillip, and Tricia. "Carter" thought Tricia should get even with Victoria. Neil gave Victoria 24 hours to tell Victor about Nikki's investment in Jabot, or he would. Nikki thought Diane was using her child as a weapon against Victor. Diane knew that it was Victor's baby and that he would be involved in the baby's life, whether Victor liked it or not. Tricia sneaked out of "Carter's" apartment via the fire escape while Nick paid "Carter" a visit before they left for Milwaukee. Brad vowed to get revenge on Victor for ruining his wedding day. Mary stopped by Nina's place and suggested that family and friends get involved in changing Christine's mind about having a baby.
November 20 to 24, 2000
Victoria discovered that Nikki had partnered with Brad to bail out Jabot. Afraid that the news would prevent her parents' reconciliation, Victoria confronted Nikki about it. Larry and Matt set it up to make it look as though Nick had bought drugs in Milwaukee to sell at Crimson Lights. Christine and Paul had a disagreement over his mother being his priority over his wife. Christine pursued a long-term job opportunity in Hong Kong, and she told Michael that Paul would go there with her.
November 27 to December 1, 2000
Christine was crushed when Paul indicated his reluctance to join her on a cruise, and they decided to stay in Genoa City for the holidays. Billy accused Jill of causing his breakup with Mac. Victor exploded at Neil for not telling him sooner about Nikki's secret investment in Jabot. Victor later told Victoria that he found it hard to live with what Nikki had done.
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December 4 to 8, 2000
Raul reluctantly agreed to rejoin the Glo by Jabot team. Nina was concerned about Christine's plan to save her marriage to Paul. Nikki was upset when Victor rejected her attempt to explain her investment in Jabot. Brad urged Ashley to let him adopt her baby. Unaware that Nick, not Victoria, was Matt's real target, Tricia gave him Ryan's laptop so that he could access the Newman mainframe computer.
December 11 to 15, 2000
Raul, Billy, Brittany, and Rianna were the Glo by Jabot kids once again, just in time for the Christmas promotion. The winner of their contest would spend New Year's Eve with the kids at a huge party. Christine got the job in Hong Kong and told Paul the news. Tomas had a journalist meet Nina about her book. Nina admitted her book was autobiographical. The journalist asked Nina to confirm that Tomas had lost his muse and wouldn't publish again. Nina refused to believe that. Tomas prepared to ask Nina to marry him by purchasing a ring. Leanna and Diane cooked up a plot to get Hope back into the picture in order to draw some attention to Victor's past, particularly the other Newman children. Phyllis went on a date with Jack. Tricia made a scene at Crimson Lights, and Victoria took "Carter" to meet Ryan and confirm that Tricia was a loose cannon. Sharon confided in "Carter" about a man from her past, Matt Clark. Victor warned Nick that one bad employee could ruin everything Nick had worked hard for. Katherine wanted to spend some quality time with Mac over the Christmas holidays, and she planned the birthday party of the century.
December 18 to 22, 2000
Ashley told Victor that she had named her baby Abby. Tomas overheard a reporter call Tomas a washed-up writer during an interview with Nina, but Nina defended Tomas. Tomas got drunk and later presented Nina with an engagement ring. Nina was unable to give him an answer. Matt put the plan into motion for Nick to be caught selling drugs. Jack told Victor to stay away from Ashley, and he thanked Victor for taking Diane off his hands. Brad made plans to legally adopt Abby and to work on having a baby of his own with Ashley. Raul appeared to be getting sick, and Jack gave Raul his doctor's phone number.
December 25 to 29, 2000
Matt swiped a glass that had Nick's fingerprints on it. Tomas begged Nina to marry him. Christine was stunned when Paul refused to accompany her to Hong Kong. Tricia found the ecstasy pills that Matt had secretly hidden in a coffee bag. Victor had Paul install surveillance equipment to track Diane's activities. Diane met with Hope, who revealed that Victor had never rejected her and their son.
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