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January 1 to 5, 2007
Colleen told J.T. that she thought it would be best if she moved out because she was not ready for a serious relationship. Amber continued to make a play for Professor Korbel, while Colleen became more and more jealous. Sheila vowed that if she ever became free, she would seek revenge on those around her. Brad began to fear that someone was following him after he learned that Nick had told Phyllis everything about Brad. Brad later confessed to Victor that he had killed two men. Ashley decided to take matters into her own hands when she caught Jack telling Abby a lie. Katherine asked Amber to help her unravel her past, including the possibility that Katherine might have kidnapped Jill's son and switched him with another baby.
January 8 to 12, 2007
Jill was in complete disbelief over the news that Katherine might have given Jill's infant son away to another woman. Phyllis and Nick celebrated Cassie's birthday with Noah, while Jack and Sharon also celebrated the day in their own way. Phyllis and Michael planned an intervention for Lauren, who was suffering panic attacks. David Chow, Carmen's boyfriend, showed up in town and blamed Dru for Carmen's death. Katherine and Jill hired J.T. to find out what he could about the baby Katherine might have switched. Ashley announced that she was taking Jack's offer and leaving town. Victor and Brad joined forces to locate the mysterious reliquary. Paul finally got a date with Detective Maggie Sullivan. David became Dru's new neighbor.
January 15 to 19, 2007
Gloria learned from Will that he was reopening the investigation of the Jabot product-tampering case. Kevin discovered that three days of surveillance footage that could be vital to Carmen's murder case were missing from the coffeehouse. Victor, Brad, and Victoria had a meeting with a dealer about the Grugeon collection, but none of them knew that there was a bug in the Carlton living room at the time. When Sheila's refusal to eat did not work, she embarked on a much more dangerous plan, which ended up with her shoving a shank into her abdomen. Needing medical attention, Sheila drew Paul and Michael into her game, as she had to rely on them to help her treat her wound. J.T. learned that Colleen had slept with Adrian, and he broke up with her. Katherine and Jill wanted Will to exhume the body of Katherine's grandson, Phillip. Brad and Victor prepared to leave for their trip while trying to keep their loved ones at bay, so their families couldn't ask a lot of questions.
January 22 to 26, 2007
Colleen moved back home with Victoria after her breakup with J.T., but she continued to see Adrian, even though she had promised Victoria that she wouldn't. Dru believed that she was receiving crank calls from David, and she imagined that Carmen appeared before her. Victor and Brad were held captive at gunpoint and then released after making an agreement with the owner of the Grugeon reliquary. Maggie and Paul made love. Michael told an unsuspecting Lauren that Sheila was alive but locked up. Lauren saw Sheila and vowed that Michael and Paul would never set Sheila free. Jana called Gloria to let her know that Jill was at Indigo with Will, and soon after, Gloria arrived on the arm of Ji Min. Victoria counseled a drunk J.T., while Colleen went back for another lovemaking session with Adrian. Maggie reluctantly had Paul's cell phone number tracked.
January 29 to February 2, 2007
Brad found out about the affair between Adrian and Colleen, and Brad confronted them. Adrian admitted it had been wrong to become involved with his student, and he promised that his relationship with Colleen was over. Later, an increasingly suspicious Brad hired J.T. to keep an eye on Colleen, believing she might be in danger. Sheila overtook Maggie, shooting Maggie with her own gun and trapping her in the cage with Paul. Sheila later showed up at the Newman tack house, where a bound and gagged Phyllis watched and listened in horror as Sheila called Lauren and Fen over for a visit. Kevin confessed to Jana that he had once tried to kill Colleen, and he promised Jana that he was a reformed person. Later, Adrian confronted Jana and berated her for digging into his past, specifically the situation with a student who had committed suicide. When Jana disappeared shortly afterward, Kevin worried that his confession had scared her off for good. Jack convinced Victor to let him use some unsavory information about Senator Bodi in their bid to obtain zoning for the spa. Maggie's condition took a serious turn, and Paul worried when she slipped into unconsciousness. When Michael tried to call Paul and did not get a response, he rushed to the warehouse, where he found the trapped pair and realized that Sheila was on the loose. Sheila, meanwhile, had managed to convince Lauren to visit the ranch with baby Fen. While hanging up her coat, Lauren was shocked to find the real Phyllis bound and gagged in the closet. A gun-wielding Sheila then tied up Lauren before kidnapping Phyllis and running away with both babies.
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February 5 to 9, 2007
Nick arrived at the tack house and found a bound Lauren, who told him that Sheila had taken off with Phyllis, Summer, and Fen. Meanwhile, Sheila, who was decked out in a wig and sunglasses, had checked herself, Phyllis, and the babies into a motel room. Kevin continued to search for a missing Jana, to no avail, and he asked Will to aid in his search. Will refused to get involved, despite Kevin's insistence that Jana's disappearance could be related to Carmen's murder. Colleen told Victoria and Brad that she knew what the inscription on the reliquary meant. Brad wondered how Colleen could possibly have translated the phrase from Latin, a language she had never studied, and Colleen admitted that Adrian had translated the phrase. Brad argued with Colleen about the danger she could be in, but she insisted that she hadn't given Adrian any information about the reliquary. Later, she ended up at Adrian's apartment, where the two made love once again. Brad argued with Victoria, who thought he was being too harsh on Colleen. During their argument, Victoria's notebook fell behind the accent table and, when he reached down to retrieve it, Brad was shocked to find a bug planted on the piece of furniture. Paul, Michael, and Victor discovered where Sheila was holding Phyllis and the babies hostage, and a gun-toting Lauren headed for the motel. After trying to determine which of the look-alikes was Phyllis, Lauren finally shot and killed Sheila. Dru noticed some of her belongings had been mysteriously moved around her apartment, and she thought Carmen was behind it. Amber considered marrying Cane so that he could stay in the country. Maggie's surgery was successful and, when she awoke, investigators questioned her about what had transpired at the warehouse.
February 12 to 16, 2007
At Adrian's apartment, Colleen panicked when she found a lock of Jana's red hair extension hidden alongside Carmen's driver's license. Colleen ran out of the apartment and down to the parking garage, but she was knocked unconscious by an unseen figure, and she woke up in a locked storage room with the missing Jana. Jana convinced Colleen to tell her what she knew about the inscription on the reliquary, and Jana then used the information to convince the guard to set her free. After finding a hidden city name in the inscription, Victoria and Brad headed to Kutna Hora, a town in the Czech Republic. Katherine finally remembered that Violet's last name was Montgomery. Amber suggested to Cane that they marry so that he could stay in the country. After discussing politics with David, Jack considered running for office. Dru awakened from a nightmare and insisted to Neil that she had seen Carmen in the apartment.
February 19 to 23, 2007
Dru believed that Carmen and David were stalking her, and she bought a security camera to prove her suspicions. Jill and Katherine discovered that Cane might be Jill's son. Jill went to confront Cane, but she changed her mind when she learned that he and Amber had gotten married. Kevin and Colleen found out Jana had killed Carmen and that Jana's great-grandfather had etched the inscription on the reliquary. Trapped together in a room, Kevin and Colleen feared they would die together as Jana set fire to the building. J.T. and Adrian rescued Kevin and Colleen, who were unconscious. J.T. was suspicious of Kevin's innocence. Nick angered Phyllis when he gave a gift to Sharon on what would have been their eleventh wedding anniversary, but he made it up to Phyllis by asking her to marry him again.
February 26 to March 2, 2007
Phyllis realized Michael and Lauren had known that Sheila had been alive, and she was furious with them for putting her family in danger. Jill told Cane that she was his mother. Jack decided to run for office. Kevin was formally charged with Carmen's murder. Michael asked J.T. to track down Jana. After watching a surveillance videotape from the coffeehouse, J.T. was convinced that Kevin had been responsible for Carmen's murder and, in a moment of rage, he knocked Kevin unconscious. Colleen awakened and confirmed Kevin's innocence, explaining to the police how Jana had tricked and used him. J.T. was later arrested for assaulting Kevin. Victoria grew increasingly concerned about Brad's relationship with Sharon. Neil saw a dead ringer for Carmen in his apartment building, but she ran off before he could stop her. Neil tried to check Dru out of the psychiatric ward, and he was told she couldn't leave. Later, Devon and Neil caught David giving money to a woman who looked exactly like Carmen.
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MARCH 2007
March 5 to 9, 2007
An unknown person reported Adrian and Colleen's relationship to the dean. Katherine told Cane that she had stolen him from Jill as an infant. Phyllis and Nick sided together in favor of Jack's plans for NVP, while Brad and Victoria were against it. Cane and Jill anxiously awaited the results of the DNA test. Amber thanked Daniel for his help with Cane by sending him some nude photos of herself. After Ines Vargas, Carmen's cousin, showed up at the competency hearing, Dru was declared sane, and she was released from the psychiatric ward. Phyllis overheard Brad and Sharon talking about the night they had spent together in New York.
March 12 to 16, 2007
Phyllis used what she knew about Brad and Sharon to secure Brad's vote in favor of Jack's project. Sharon discussed her past with David Chow and wondered how it would affect Jack's campaign. Phyllis overheard Sharon telling David how Phyllis had stolen Nick from her. Victoria announced to Brad that she was pregnant. Jill and Cane received the results of the DNA test and discovered they were not mother and son. J.T. told Colleen he wanted to give their relationship another shot, but Colleen turned him down. Adrian and Colleen continued to see one another. Brad told Sharon that Phyllis knew what had happened between them in New York.
March 19 to 23, 2007
Neil won the seat on the board of directors after Victor and Brad voted in his favor. Nikki and Victoria fumed over their husbands' betrayal. Later, Brad found Victoria in J.T.'s arms. Amber admitted to Cane that she had tricked him into marrying her. Jill and Katherine found proof that Cane really was Jill's son. Colleen and Adrian continued to see each other secretly. The D.A. dropped the assault charges against J.T. Jack demanded that Ji Min put a stop to Gloria's appearance on Extreme Catwalk. Later, Jack surprised Sharon by asking her to marry him.
March 26 to 30, 2007
Gloria was angry that she couldn't be a part of Extreme Catwalk because Ji Min had scheduled her for a business trip to Holland in accordance with Jack's orders. Nikki announced that she would run against Jack for the senate seat vacated by Senator Bodi. A second DNA test proved that Cane was indeed Jill's son. Phyllis and Lauren were forced to be cordial toward each other when Jack insisted that they work together on the Clear Springs project. Daniel became more obsessed with porn sites, and he began to cover up his tracks regarding the sites he had visited. Daniel also rearranged the furniture so that Lily would not accidentally discover him looking at them. Colleen plotted to have Kevin ask her on a date in front of J.T., knowing that J.T. would become infuriated and wonder if perhaps Colleen and Adrian were really through. Will told Katherine that he had to open a criminal investigation of Cane's kidnapping from when Cane was a baby.
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APRIL 2007
April 2 to 6, 2007
Nikki announced her candidacy for state senate, while Jack instructed his campaign manager to start digging up dirt on her. Suspicious about what Brad might be hiding, Victoria asked J.T. to investigate Brad's life. Brad discovered Colleen's relationship with Adrian and forbade her to see him. Victor agreed to be Jack's best man, and Brad tried to talk Sharon out of marrying Jack. At the photo shoot, Phyllis and Sharon argued, and Dru grabbed Phyllis' phone, causing them both to lose their balance. Sharon and Dru fell off the cliff.
April 9 to 13, 2007
A vigil was held for Dru near the cliff where she had fallen. Neil learned about Phyllis' blackmail attempt. Phyllis confided in Michael about her feelings of guilt over Sharon and Dru's fall. Later, Phyllis promised Sharon that she would not reveal what had happened between Sharon and Brad. Lily found porn on Daniel's phone and laptop. Neil turned to alcohol. Brad admitted to Sharon that he loved her. Jack began to suspect that there was something more than friendship between Sharon and Brad. Gloria and Kevin spied on Jack and Ji Min with the hope of finding proof that the two were working together.
April 16 to 20, 2007
Jill and Ji Min became amorous in the boardroom after Gloria and Kevin spiked their coffee with a sexual enhancement drug. Will walked in on them, and he broke up with Jill. Sharon and Neil reminisced about their feelings for Dru. Someone posted photos of Dru and Sharon's fall from the cliff online, despite an injunction prohibiting the release of the photos. The photos made it look like Sharon had pulled Dru off with her. Lily discovered Daniel's porn addiction, but Amber talked Cane into covering for Daniel. Jack discovered that Brad had bought property at Clear Springs, using insider information. Adrian received an offer for a job in France, and he and Colleen decided to leave together. Victoria was not surprised when J.T. told her the results of his investigation of Brad and Sharon's relationship.
April 23 to 27, 2007
Jack proposed to Sharon, and she accepted. The two were married in Sharon's home with Noah present. Victoria proceeded to unload on Brad after she learned of his affair with Sharon in New York. Amber plotted to make Cane think about moving to a nicer place to live. Victor learned from Sharon that she and Jack had wed, and Jack told Nikki that he had married Sharon. After learning about Sharon and Brad's affair, Nick was shocked to find out that Phyllis had been blackmailing Brad, and he doubted whether they should proceed with their own wedding plans. Nick admonished Brad for what he had done to Victoria, while Victoria sought comfort in J.T.'s arms. . Adrian and Colleen prepared for their new life in France, until Brad secretly made a phone call to have Adrian's new job offer rescinded. Gloria used a sexual enhancement drug to make Will more amenable to her advances. Michael and Lauren became Nick and Phyllis' attendants for their wedding. Victoria and Nikki announced that they wanted no part of it because of Phyllis' blackmail. Neil shared some of Dru's special belongings with Devon, Daniel, Lily, and Sharon. David learned of Jack and Sharon's marriage and was not too happy about what the publicity could do to Jack's campaign. Nikki told Victor about Brad's affair with Sharon, and Victor punched Brad.
April 30 to May 4, 2007
Nikki's campaign received a blow when David exposed a copy of her porn flick, Hot Hips, on the Internet to overshadow news of Jack's marriage to Sharon. When Jack found out, he fired David. Nikki retaliated by hiring David to run her own campaign. Nick and Phyllis were married, but the police showed up at the end of the wedding and arrested Phyllis for extortion. After Brad tipped off Sharon that Phyllis had been arrested and that their secret would be going public, Sharon told Jack of her and Brad's affair, and Jack was livid. Gloria managed to steal the Jabot case file from Will. She got Michael to look at it, and he told her that she would be first on the list for a DNA test. Victoria discovered that Nikki and David had bribed Brad to turn Phyllis in so they could use the bribery scandal to hurt Jack's campaign. Katherine convinced Cane to accept the job as the Clear Springs construction manager for Chancellor Industries. Lauren and Michael bugged the Jabot conference room and reported to Victor that they had heard a conversation between Jack and Ji Min that proved that Jack was the true owner of Jabot. Victor approached Ji Min, told him what he knew, and said that Ji Min was going to help him take Jack down. Using the boardroom bug, Lauren caught Gloria admitting that she had been the one who had tainted the face cream.
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MAY 2007
May 7 to 11, 2007
Kevin and Michael did their best to keep Gloria from pursuing Will. As Daniel's porn habits became more and more frequent, Lily put into effect a plan of her own to find out just how much she could believe what her husband was telling her. After making a deal with Ji Min to expose the true ownership of Jabot, Victor confronted Jack and told him that Victor would take Jack down. Jack hired Jeff Hollister as his new campaign manager. Victoria lost her baby and sought comfort with J.T. Gloria proposed marriage to Will. When Lily exposed Daniel with his "email girlfriend," who was really Lily herself, Daniel walked out and stayed at Kevin's. While aboard the Newman jet on the way to a photo shoot at Clear Springs, Sharon and Nick talked about the mistakes they had made in the past, and they forgave each other. Amber, Colleen, and Cane decided to run interference for Lily and Daniel. Victor told Nikki that he had regained control of Jabot and, while she was thrilled, she did not want to know how it had happened. Victor received shocking news that the Newman jet had gone down.
May 14 to 18, 2007
Nick and Sharon were reported to have been on the Newman jet when it had crashed, and authorities found no survivors. Brad joined Victoria at the Newman ranch, where they awaited further word. Everyone was shocked when Sharon walked in, and Victoria noticed that Brad looked a little too relieved. Sharon explained that she had taken a commercial fight, and she went home and shocked Jack by revealing that she was alive and well. Phyllis was distraught when Michael told her the news of Nick's presumed death. Sharon and Jack broke the news to Noah. Victoria chose to spend the night allowing J.T. to comfort her rather than Brad. The Newmans made all the decisions for Nick's memorial service, cutting Phyllis out. Katherine told Michael that she had purchased Jabot from Jack.
May 21 to 25, 2007
The Newman family grieved for Nick, as each family member remembered their own experiences with him. Victoria continued to have difficulties with Brad regarding his feelings about Sharon. Jack promised to be a better husband to Sharon. Michael and Lauren agreed to be Summer's legal guardians should Phyllis be sent to jail. Gloria used her friendship with Evan to make Will jealous. Kevin learned that Paul and Maggie were working together to find information on Jana's whereabouts. Will informed Michael that his department was going ahead with plans to reconvene the grand jury in Phyllis' case. Katherine told Michael that she had made an offer to Jack to buy back Jabot after she'd learned that Jack was the real owner of Jabot. Lauren and Michael conversed over the paperwork he had promised to draw up for Katherine, but he knew that he could be caught in his own web of deceit if Victor found out. Phyllis found herself on the outside as Victoria and Nikki planned Nick's memorial service. Victor informed Brad that he would be answering to Victoria and Neil, who would be running Newman Enterprises. Phyllis found herself alone with Summer after the memorial service, telling her daughter that Nick would always be there with them.
May 28 to June 1, 2007
Jill decided to make Ji Min the new CEO of Jabot. Kevin helped Gloria to fake a DNA test so that Will would not discover that she was the one who had tampered with the Jabot Cosmetics line. Gloria and Will's wedding went off without a hitch. After receiving help from Evan, Gloria learned that he expected to be paid handsomely for his efforts in helping her get Will to marry her. Extreme Catwalk was the hit of the day as Jill and Gloria put on a show, and Amber showed off her new design. Chaos erupted when a video aired of Amber in a catfight with Lily. Amber was forced to give up her winning title from Extreme Catwalk in exchange for the network to pull its scathing video about Amber and Lily fighting. Lily ousted Daniel from their apartment, while Daniel headed out to stay at Kevin's place. Sharon and Jack did some fancy talking to get Noah to agree to move into the Abbott mansion. Phyllis began to have nightmares of Nick returning to her and blaming her for his death as payback for what she had done to cause Dru's demise. Lily celebrated her birthday without Daniel, while Neil, Devon, Colleen, and Adrian did their best to make it a happy day for her.
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JUNE 2007
June 4 to 8, 2007
Phyllis faked a fall and made herself a guest at Sharon and Jack's home. Victoria told J.T. and Nikki that she was divorcing Brad; they approved of the decision. Amber had a visit from someone from her past. Daniel couldn't make any headway with Lily as she continued to confront him about his porn addiction, and she told him that he needed to see a therapist. Victoria learned that she was pregnant, but she kept it a secret from everyone until J.T. found a bottle of prenatal vitamins in her purse. The political battle between Jack and Nikki started to turn ugly as each fought to lead the other in the polls. Jack broke the news to Sharon and Phyllis that the Newman jet had been found. Gloria finally vacated her room at Michael and Lauren's and moved in with Will. Brad sold his real estate properties to Jack, and he agreed to testify against Phyllis. Will received the DNA sample results and confronted Gloria with the fact that she had been the one responsible for the Jabot cosmetics tampering. Gloria told Will that it had been an accident, and she explained why she had done it, but Will still had to turn her in. Will suddenly collapsed, and Gloria panicked. Michael announced that Will had suffered a stroke.
June 11 to 15, 2007
Kevin sought revenge after getting a message from Jana. An old acquaintance of Amber's tried to blackmail her, but he ended up dead. Will attempted to find a way to communicate. Sharon tried to catch Phyllis in a lie. Nick was revealed to be alive.
June 18 to 22, 2007
Brad and Victoria continued to squabble over their divorce. Amber, Kevin, and Daniel buried a body, hid the loot that they found, and pretended to go on with life, as crazy as it was. Gloria found out that William's assets were not as she had envisioned them to be, due to a mountain of debt left to him. Kevin was more determined than ever to locate Jana, especially after she had continued to send him instant messages on his computer. Sharon and Phyllis managed to get incriminating evidence on Nikki, as they had taped her kissing David Chow, and they then exploited Nikki by putting the footage all over the Internet. Jack was against using the tactic originally, but he gave in when he discovered that he had suddenly gone ahead in the polls. Daniel and Lily started to grow close again, and Victoria kept company with J.T. as she continued to have morning sickness. Victor viewed the video of his wife and David kissing.
June 25 to 29, 2007
Will and Gloria became Michael and Lauren's guests as Will began his rehabilitation. Paul and Maggie worked with Kevin to try to locate Jana. Nick and Logan were rescued, and Nick was transferred to the hospital in Genoa City. Colleen offered to help Kevin, but Adrian was adamant about her not doing so. Jack won the election, and David decided to remain in town to see what developed between him and Nikki. Victor returned home. Nick could only remember being married to Sharon and not Phyllis. Noah was thrilled to have his dad back, but Nick didn't remember Summer or the fact that Cassie had passed away. Brad found out that Victoria was pregnant, and he was determined to know who had fathered the child. Phyllis lamented to Jack that she felt like she was losing Nick for a second time. Sharon told Nick that she lived with Cassie's memory every day and that the sadness never disappeared.
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JULY 2007
July 2 to 6, 2007
Kevin spent all of his time, figuring out a way to get Jana back home to Genoa City so that he could get his revenge. It was discovered that the Newman plane had been sabotaged, and the possible intended victims were Nikki, Sharon, and Jack. Phyllis tried to jog Nick's memory about how they had fallen in love, gotten married, and even shared a child together. Daniel continued to lie to Lily about his addiction and the trouble that he was in, while his therapist suggested that he confess to everything. Cane uncovered Amber's past. Jana continued to keep in touch with Kevin, but she sent him over the edge in his quest to find her. Will was able to scribble words, and Maggie and Gloria saw when he wrote "murderer." After leaving the hospital to spend time recuperating at the ranch house, Nick learned that Phyllis faced a court date and Sharon had shared a relationship with Brad. Michael became livid when he discovered that Gloria had delivered a gun to Kevin at the hospital. Kevin left the hospital on his own after he communicated with Jana.
July 9 to 13, 2007
Gloria became more and more concerned as Will gained back his powers of communication, and she wondered how long it would be before he revealed her secret. Victor hired Karen, Nikki's campaign manager. Cane became more suspicious of Amber, and he began to do some background-checking on her. Lily told Devon that Daniel was going to live with them. Noah ran away and wound up living with Phyllis. Katherine became angry at the thought of Jill and Ji Min possibly tying the knot. Kevin finally met up with Jana, handcuffed her, and pulled out a gun. He later gave up the gun without incident, and Colleen took him to the hospital, where Jana was later admitted after she had suffered a seizure in the police squad car. Paul was reunited with Heather. Cane gave Amber a copy of their forged marriage certificate. Michael informed Phyllis that her trial was going to resume, since a new assistant D.A. had taken over Will's cases.
July 16 to 20, 2007
Amber found out that someone was looking for Plum. Brad was less than happy about Colleen's involvement with Kevin, and Adrian feared for her safety because Jana was involved. Daniel sought help from his therapist about his problem with pornography, while Devon, Neil, and Lily discovered what he had been doing. While Nick tried to arrange something to get closer to Sharon, Neil reminded him that he already had a wife and should concentrate on his marriage. Nikki talked Victor into selling her NVP shares, but she found out that he had only done so to take down Jack. Will died, and Gloria learned that he had left her $50 million. Maggie told Paul that he should tell Heather that Heather was his daughter. Katherine bought Nikki's stock in Jabot, which enabled Nikki to become the sole owner of NVP. After Victor learned that Ji Min had also sold his stock to Katherine, he berated Nikki for not telling him. Nikki left Victor. Later, Nikki hired David to help her with her company, while Victor demanded that she fire David. Kevin learned that Jana could be found unfit to stand trial if she really had a brain tumor. Victor vowed to take down Nikki and NVP and to leave her with nothing.
July 23 to 27, 2007
Kevin struggled with doing what he could to have Jana put away. Meanwhile, Jana continued to blame her actions on a potentially fatal brain tumor. Cane learned the complete truth about Amber. Daniel told Lily everything. Devon was knocked out during a break-in. Cane agreed to help Kevin and Daniel look for Amber after Cane received a note saying that she had been kidnapped. Jill accepted Ji Min's marriage proposal. Nikki and Victor separated once again. Sharon flirted with Nick, while Phyllis told Jack that Nick wanted Sharon back. Brad and Logan shared an intimate time while they were stuck in the elevator at Newman Enterprises. Victoria and Brad signed their divorce papers. Michael insisted that Nick be at Phyllis' trial in order to give her support. Phyllis told Nick to stay away from the trial, because she knew that he didn't remember ever having loved her.
July 30 to August 3, 2007
A new man turned up in town, claiming to be a representative of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and Kevin didn't believe his story, but it was later verified. Lily told Neil about Daniel's involvement with Amber and the money. Colleen returned home to make up with Adrian. Lily wanted things to be as they once had been. Michael picked up Daniel, Kevin, and Amber as new clients. Phyllis learned about Daniel's problems, and the judge ordered that the trial go forward. Kevin discovered a ransom note that had been left at the coffeehouse, instructing that money be delivered to a designated spot. Victor told Nikki that he'd learned that David had been married numerous times before to wealthy women. David barged into Victor's office and accused Victor of trying to kill him.
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August 6 to 10, 2007
Daniel finally admitted to Michael that he was a porn addict. Neil was forced to fire Daniel when he learned that Daniel had been responsible for a security breach caused by his Internet porn use. Kevin visited Jana in her hospital room and learned that her surgery was no longer an option, because she had stabilized. Amber tried to make up with Cane, but he dumped her after a session of lovemaking. Karen and Neil found some common ground on which to build a possible relationship. At Will's memorial, Gloria passed out when she looked up and saw the spitting image of her dead husband. Gloria was sure that Jeffrey, Will's twin brother, had arrived in town to claim her inheritance.
August 13 to 17, 2007
Devon did his best to talk Lily out of getting involved in a rebound relationship. While Nick and Sharon were waiting to be rescued from a bank vault, they discussed how their marriage had begun to crumble after Cassie's death. Nick told Sharon that he loved her and always would. Kevin did not accept any of the offers that he received for the coffeehouse; he blackmailed Gloria into loaning him the money for Jana's surgery by threatening to tell the police that Gloria had been responsible for the Jabot cosmetics-tampering case. Phyllis turned up in court in time to hear the verdict reached by the jury. Cane got Amber to sign an affidavit admitting that they had never been legally married, so she was entitled to none of his family's assets. After Brad and Victoria decided to keep the sex of their baby unknown to the two of them, Brad discovered that the baby was a boy, and he announced it to Victoria. The jury found Phyllis guilty, but the judge let her stay out of jail until her sentencing. Jana granted Kevin her power of attorney, and Michael drew up the paperwork, but he was not happy that Kevin was standing by Jana.
August 20 to 24, 2007
Adrian returned to town and told Colleen that he had lost the job in Paris because of Brad. Jana informed Adrian that Brad had an assumed identity. Phyllis' bail was revoked when evidence indicated that she had attempted to skip town. Jack tried to be the perfect husband to Sharon, but she was preoccupied with thoughts of being in love with Nick. Kevin remained at Jana's side as she headed to surgery. Katherine did her best to keep Jill and Ji Min from getting together by putting doubts about him in Jill's mind, and Jill put an end to her relationship with Ji Min. Fearing the worst, Phyllis turned over full custody of Summer to Nick and told him to divorce her. While Nikki, Neil, Victoria, and Brad admonished Phyllis, Phyllis scored some points by apologizing to all those she had hurt. Noah surprised everyone by being a witness for Phyllis and telling everyone what a wonderful stepmother she was to him. The judge retired to his chambers to mull sentencing.
August 27 to 31, 2007
Jana made it through her surgery. Phyllis received a six-year sentence. Summer began to have symptoms of being ill. Ji Min decided to go public with the news of who really owned Jabot, making a lot of people nervous. Katherine tried to get Jill to talk Ji Min out of making the announcement by offering to put Jill back in her will. Amber learned that Ji Min could have seen where the missing money had been buried. Phyllis locked herself in the bathroom so that she would not have to leave Summer. Ji Min decided to back off on his public announcement after Jill asked him not to do it.
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September 3 to 7, 2007
Phyllis was arrested at the hospital. Jill discovered Amber standing over the lifeless body of Ji Min. The people of Genoa City found it odd that Ji Min had been found dead right before he had been about to host his tell-all news conference. At the hospital, Summer was diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus, but Lauren was happy to learn that Fen was okay. A guard permitted Phyllis to make a phone call to the hospital to check on Summer, but Phyllis wasn't able to learn anything. Later, she tried to sneak another phone call, but the warden caught her. Maggie reported to Jill that Ji Min's windpipe had been crushed, proving that his death had not been an accident. Kevin and Jana received good news about the results of her surgery. Colleen told Jana and Kevin about Ji Min's death.
September 10 to 14, 2007
Nick was banished from the jail after he pretended to be Phyllis' attorney. After Ji Min's death, residents of Genoa City tried to find ways to hold on to the Clear Springs project. Jill vowed to release the tape that proved Jack was the owner of Jabot Cosmetics, but she didn't know who had the tape. A newscast exposed that Jack owned Jabot, and Sharon became disenchanted with Jack for keeping the truth from her. Daniel and Lily signed their final divorce papers. Cane hired J.T. to investigate who had been stealing copper from the Clear Springs site. Amber found the missing money and devised a plan to keep it all for herself. Nikki used the key card to David's room, and the two ended up making love for the first time. Amber saved Jill from the steam room when the door was stuck. David and Nikki raced downstairs just as Victor, Nick, and Victoria were walking by, and their affair was made public.
September 17 to 21, 2007
Jill told an unbelieving Cane that Amber was the one who had saved her life after Jill had been trapped in the steam room at the club. Paul reminded J.T. that even though things were going well with Victoria, J.T. should consider the future, knowing that Victoria was accustomed to the finer things in life and having ample money, while J.T. was just an average man with an average paycheck. Jana refused to talk with Kevin about a future of any kind. Daniel and Amber caught their exes in a more than friendly kiss at the divorce party. Karen and Neil got closer, as did Devon and his date, Roxanne. The missing money was found in Ji Min's room, letting a thankful Daniel, Kevin, and Amber off the hook. Phyllis received visits from Daniel, Jack, and Victor, and Nick was allowed to see her, too. Gloria gave the tape of Jack's wrongdoing to Victor to do with as he pleased. Jack decided to confess about Jabot after talking with Sharon and Phyllis, who both agreed that the public would forgive him. Brad told Sharon that she didn't belong with Nick or Jack; she belonged with him because they shared a true love. Brad later apologized to Victor, Sharon, and Colleen, claiming to be a new man on the first night of Yom Kippur.
September 24 to 28, 2007
Jana was transferred to the state prison, where she became Phyllis' cellmate. Jeffrey arrived back in town with a parcel containing mementos of Will's life, including a container of what appeared to be some sort of cream, which immediately piqued Gloria's curiosity. Jack learned of the kiss Sharon and Nick had shared. Jack confronted Sharon about her lies.
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October 1 to 5, 2007
Sharon faced off with Jack, and Nick told Phyllis about his and Sharon's kiss, leaving both Phyllis and Jack feeling betrayed. Jack ordered Nick not to visit his house again, and Phyllis put Sharon in her place at the prison. Colleen invited Brad to have a homemade dinner with her and Adrian. Cane and Lily were obviously attracted to each other, but their age difference kept getting in the way. Brad and Abby told Victoria about Ashley's engagement to Ridge Forrester, but Brad and Victoria decided not to tell Abby about the baby that Victoria was carrying until the child was born and they could confirm the identity of the father. Victor took great pride in taunting Jack as more was revealed about Jack's ownership of Jabot and his new career as a public official. Brad called a newspaper and informed someone that another man was wooing Sharon. Kevin refused to help Gloria plot to regain the cream that Jeffrey had in his possession. Victor began to have his property drilled near the Clear Springs project, putting Nikki's company at risk. Victor and Nikki agreed to divorce. J.T. planned a very special evening for Victoria, and he proposed.
October 8 to 12, 2007
Paul and Maggie continued to discuss the possible suspects in the Ji Min murder case. Victoria told her parents and Nick about her engagement to J.T. Victor and Nikki told close friends and family that they were divorcing. The story of Nick and Sharon's kiss in the bank vault leaked out and caused more problems for Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis' appeal was shot down. J.T. and Victoria saw David have a conversation with someone at the Clear Springs construction site, and J.T. was suspicious. Lily and Devon behaved badly in front of Karen, and Neil threatened to force them to move out if they did not change their ways. Adrian accepted another teaching post at Genoa City University. Heather discovered some unsettling news while visiting with Adrian and Colleen at their apartment. Kevin told Jana that he was going on the Internet to explain her case to the public. Gloria wondered what Jeffrey really wanted from her. Michael had Nikki, Victor, Jack, and Nick all work together to get Phyllis out of jail and into a work release program that would allow for her to work on the Clear Springs project.
October 15 to 19, 2007
Phyllis decided to try to get into the work release program. Jack became the top suspect on Maggie's list of who could possibly have killed Ji Min. John paid a ghostly visit to Jack, complimenting him on his choice of a wife. John said that he was on Jack's side, but he said it wouldn't be a bad idea if Jack discovered Ji Min's actual killer. Michael warned Gloria that Jeffrey might just want her money, and Jeffrey could try to put her behind bars. Cane received word from J.T. that someone in Clear Springs had sold substandard materials to the foreman. Nick decided to go back to work, leaving everyone wondering what would happen to Neil. J.T. found out some information about the foreman, but he didn't have enough proof to accuse anyone of wrongdoing at Clear Springs. Phyllis learned that she had been approved to be a part of the work release program, and she couldn't wait to work with Nick again. Victor made a decision about who would run Newman Enterprises, and he made Neil, Nick, and Victoria a triumvirate, meaning that all three would be in charge of different parts of the company. Nikki told Katherine that she and Victor were getting a divorce. Various people showed up at Clear Springs for different reasons, and the parking garage started to collapse.
October 22 to 26, 2007
The Clear Springs parking garage was reduced to a pile of rubble when the substandard building material used in the project gave way. Many residents of Genoa City were trapped and trying to escape amidst the falling debris. Outside the garage, others waited for news about their loved ones. Phyllis panicked at the thought of losing Nick and was concerned about Noah and Jack, who were also trapped in the debris. Sharon and Nick emerged from the garage, while Jack remained trapped after helping them get out. Noah, Paul, Maggie, and Lauren were all rescued. Noah suffered broken ribs and a ruptured spleen, which had to be removed. Amber was trapped in her car, but she managed to break a window and crawl out. She found Katherine and stayed with her as they both suffered from lack of oxygen. Cane and J.T. made it out safely, but they returned with help for Katherine and Amber. Kevin set up a website to keep everyone informed about the people who had been found and rescued. Victoria, who was one of the last people to be found, was with Adrian as they waited for the rescue team to find them. Rubble fell on Victoria, knocking her out and putting her into a coma. A doctor assured the Newmans that the baby was okay, but Victoria's condition was dire. Brad suffered from eye abrasions due to the explosion, but he told everyone that he was all right. Victor rescued Jack from the debris.
October 29 to November 2, 2007
Everyone kept watch over Victoria as she lay comatose in the hospital. Noah recuperated slowly from his cracked ribs and surgery to remove his spleen. Phyllis was released from jail so that she could take part in the work release program. Cane and Katherine both felt guilty about what had happened at Clear Springs. Jack was named a prime suspect in the murder of Ji Min. Cane and Heather bonded further over their similar childhood memories. Jeffrey invited Gloria out to dinner, and Kevin tagged along, hoping that he could keep his mother from saying anything that she shouldn't. Paul debated whether or not he should tell Heather that he was her father. Lauren continued to have panic attacks as she relived her ordeal at Clear Springs. While Jeffrey and Gloria wooed one another, Kevin was afraid that she was becoming enamored with Jeffrey. Kevin was relieved when he learned that Gloria was entirely aware of what Jeffrey was trying to do and that she was no fool.
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November 5 to 9, 2007
Several high-profile Genoa City residents were cleared of responsibility in the Clear Springs accident. The drilling that Victor had ordered was revealed to be the cause of the explosion, but it was ruled an accident. Jack took a sample of Zapato's hair to Maggie so that it could be tested against some pet hair found in Ji Min's room, but Maggie couldn't accept it as evidence because the sample was not obtained by the authorities. Karen and Neil made love. Lily became disenchanted when Cane dated Heather, and but she perked up when she realized that Cane had called her after he'd dropped off Heather at home. Lauren suffered another panic attack in the presence of Michael, Paul, and Maggie. Heather overheard Michael, Lauren, and Paul talking about Sheila and the fact that Paul had vowed to make sure that she never escaped. Victoria's family waited at the hospital for news about Victoria and the baby. While in prison, Jana found out about John's s close friend, and she relayed the news to Kevin and Gloria, hoping they would be able to find out why John had left Gloria out of his will. Paul told Heather that he was her father.
November 12 to 16, 2007
Brad was furious when he was not informed about Victoria's condition. The Newmans learned that Victoria's baby was not capable of living outside the womb. Lauren tried to convince Heather to forgive Paul. Neil invited Karen to Thanksgiving dinner. Nick saw Nikki and David in an embrace. A judge confiscated Daniel's cell phone. Jeffrey tested the Jabot cream.
November 19 to 23, 2007
Emotions began to flare as Victoria's blood pressure continued to go up. Victor and Nikki couldn't agree on the best solution to help Victoria. Karen attended the Thanksgiving dinner at Neil's house, along with Cane, Jack, and Sharon. Phyllis learned that she had won her appeal, and she would be free to return home immediately. Lauren and Michael opted for a take-out Thanksgiving meal from Gina's. Kevin announced that he wouldn't be able to make the dinner due to a previous appointment, which would include proposing marriage to Jana. Amber and Daniel spent Thanksgiving Day together, knowing that their friendship was very dear to both of them.
November 26 to 30, 2007
Jack was called before the Senate Ethics Committee after Gloria launched an email campaign using various aliases to send in complaints. Jack and Ben plotted to throw suspicion for Ji Min's death onto Victor to divert attention from Jack. With Victoria still in a coma, her family became divided as they took sides about whether to deliver her baby early to save her or to allow the baby to develop to save him. They ended up in court, but before the judge made his decision, Victoria's condition took a turn for the worse, and everyone agreed to allow the C-section. Surgical complications put Victoria in critical condition. Jill came up with an idea for a contest to choose the new Fresh Face of Jabot, and she and Cane encouraged Lily to enter. After being turned away from the contest, Amber decided to enter in disguise.
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December 3 to 7, 2007
Jack was called before the ethics committee to explain his questionable acquisition of Jabot. Gloria received what appeared to be a letter from John, stating that she was the love of his life and was entitled to half of what he had owned upon his death. Victoria was taken home to recover in familiar surroundings. Gloria was permitted to speak before the committee, and she read the letter from John, proving that Jack had "done [her] wrong." Jack called it a fake and vowed to get to the bottom of why it had suddenly appeared. Gloria's face turned ashen as she wondered just how much Jeffrey knew about her little secret.
December 10 to 14, 2007
Sharon ended up at Victor's place after she became disillusioned with Jack, and Victor suggested that she spend time at the ranch. Victor told Neil that he needed to call in Nikki's loan. John paid Jack a visit to talk to him about Sharon. Jeffrey announced to Gloria that he knew the truth about the Jabot tampering, but he promised to keep her secret if she married him. Jack resigned his Senate seat but vowed to get Sharon back. A DNA test was done to determine the father of Victoria's baby. Brad vowed to do everything he could to keep Victor away from the baby if Brad was found to be the father. Sharon gave Nikki permission to stay at her home instead of living under Victor's roof. Victor and Nikki shared a civil moment as they talked about Christmas plans, but their truce ended when Victor caught her and David kissing. Daniel ran into Heather's car. Lily and Cane almost shared a kiss.
December 17 to 21, 2007
Sharon and Jack's relationship worsened, and Sharon announced that she and Noah would move out of the Abbott mansion and into the ranch house. Sharon turned to Brad for comfort, and Jack turned to Phyllis for help with his failing marriage. Phyllis convinced Michael to represent Jana in her murder trial. Gloria also sought out Michael's legal counsel to sue Jack for the Abbott mansion. As Gloria plotted her revenge on Jack, she got Kevin to help her stall her marriage to Jeffrey. Victor told Nikki that he was calling in her loan. Nikki retaliated by suing Victor for causing the explosion in Clear Springs. Nikki's side strengthened when Katherine and Jack joined her lawsuit. Maggie divulged that she had found Ji Min's blood in Victor's gym bag. Victor vowed to take on anyone who opposed him. J.T. was the father of Victoria's baby. J.T. named his son Reed, in honor of Nikki's maiden name. Brad was heartbroken, so J.T. told Brad that he could visit Reed whenever he wanted. Paul asked Heather to join him for Christmas, and she accepted. With the blessing of Devon and Lily, Neil invited Karen to spend Christmas with them. Lily continued to pursue Cane, but she was disappointed when he rejected her because of their age difference. Amber admitted to Katherine that she still loved Cane, but Katherine kindly urged her to move on. Amber then partook in retail therapy, and Daniel became suspicious of Amber's sudden excess of cash.
December 24 to 28, 2007
Reed's condition continued to improve. Victor learned of the lawsuit Nikki had filed against him, and he decided to file a countersuit and hired J.T. to investigate David. Victor turned to Michael for legal help with the Ji Min murder investigation. As Victor worked on damage control, David proposed to Nikki. Nikki admitted her love for David, but she could not give him an immediate answer. David received a mysterious phone call during which he obscurely stated that he did not have the money yet. Victor and Nikki were forced to stay in the same house when a storm prevented Nikki from returning to her own place. Nick was worn out from his family's feuding, so Phyllis cheered him up with a romantic evening. Jack's family situation worsened when Gloria announced that John's letter had been authenticated. Sharon, who was still intent on moving out of the Abbott mansion, urged Jack to honor John's wishes by giving Gloria half of the estate. Noah learned about Sharon and Jack's deteriorating relationship, and he fled to Nick's home. Sharon went to pick up Noah and had to stay due to the storm. Ashley surprised Jack with a visit. Jeffrey continued to pressure Gloria into making their engagement public. Daniel caught Amber making an audition tape for the Fresh Face of Jabot contest in her "Marina" disguise. Heather spent Christmas with Paul and Maggie, but she found it hard to get over Paul's abandonment. The Winterses enjoyed a happy holiday. Neil grew closer to Karen as he listened to her sing at Indigo. Neil was so impressed with Karen's vocal abilities that he offered her a gig at the club.
December 31, 2007 to January 4, 2008
Victor offered to forgive Nikki's loan if she dumped David. Nikki refused, and Victor proceeded with his countersuit against Chancellor Industries. Victor was arrested for the murder of Ji Min, thanks to evidence that proved Victor had been the last person to see Ji Min alive. Jack admitted to Ashley that he had tampered with their father's will. Both John's ghost and Ashley urged Jack to give Gloria her money. Jeffrey continued to blackmail Gloria into giving him $50,000 and a public marriage proposal. Gloria agreed, but she secretly called on Kevin to get her out of the mess. Brad attempted to forge an unlikely alliance with Phyllis when he proposed that they break up Sharon and Jack. Brad's plan was thwarted when Phyllis turned him down, and Sharon decided to remain married. Lily and Cane rang in the New Year by exchanging longing glances and flirty compliments. Finally, the two agreed to "hang out" because they could no longer deny their attraction. Devon sensed that Lily was still stuck on Cane, so he devised a plan to distract Lily by setting her up with another guy.
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