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January 7 to 11, 2013
Phyllis escorted Jack to his family cabin for his rehab. Jack was forced to go cold turkey when the doctor was delayed, and Jack hallucinated that Phyllis was Stephanie. Victoria and Billy teamed up to ensure that Jack wouldn't lose Jabot, and Billy started work as co-CEO of Newman Enterprises. Victor plotted to expose Jack and Adam's involvement in Stephanie's death to the press, and he revealed his suspicions to Congressman Marcus Wheeler, Stephanie's father. Sharon accepted Adam's job offer. Adam and Chelsea decided to move to Paris, but Adam called it off at the last minute. Chelsea sadly realized that Adam would never be ready to leave Genoa City. Victor and Adam tried to outsmart one another. Neil and Cane clashed over leadership of Jabot. Leslie struggled to keep her relationship with Neil professional. Tyler planned to make inroads with Lily at the opening of the Underground. Noah told Adriana that the money was gone, but he agreed to stand by her. Alex confronted Adriana about the missing money. Alex suspected that Chloe and Kevin had the money, but he had no proof. With Chelsea's help, Chloe brainstormed a way for her and Kevin to use the stolen money to keep their house. Sharon, Nick, Noah, and Faith celebrated Cassie's birthday by making cookies. After a series of mishaps, Nick's plans to open the Underground remained on schedule, thanks to Avery. Dylan McAvoy bought a ticket to Genoa City.
January 14 to 18, 2013
The power went out during the opening of the Underground. Tyler offered his marketing services to Nick, and Avery later accepted on Nick's behalf. Phyllis returned from the cabin to care for an ill Summer, and Nick informed her that their divorce was final. Jack caught Victor's investigator snooping at the cabin, and the investigator divulged Victor's plan. Jack told Phyllis about Stephanie. Jack returned home and turned himself in to Michael for his role in Stephanie's death. Mason offered to get more information for Victor in exchange for a job once Victor took the company back. Sarge advised Mason to trust Jack. Victor held a press conference, but Nikki stopped him from revealing Jack's secrets. Victor threatened to expose Jack unless Jack reinstated him at Newman Enterprises. Leslie and Tyler worried that their pasts would haunt them. Neil and Leslie tried to balance their personal and professional lives. Lily arranged a romantic excursion for Cane. Jamie returned, and Fen set it up to appear as if Jamie had stolen from the Baldwins. Jamie took off when Lauren and Michael confronted him. Fen followed Jamie, and they fought. Paul found an unconscious Jamie and took him to the hospital. Paul and Michael suspected that Fen had been involved, but Lauren adamantly defended Fen. Tucker offered Devon a plum job, but Devon opted to stay at Jabot. Tucker performed the Heimlich maneuver to save Murphy's life. Tucker and Katherine became closer after he agreed to sell Victor some of his Newman shares.
January 21 to 25, 2013
Adam chose to stay at Newman Enterprises rather than go to Paris with Chelsea. Chelsea decided to get everything she could in their divorce settlement to fund her new fashion design company. Adam asked Sharon to stand by his side at Newman, and Sharon had a romantic fantasy about him. Adam held a secret board meeting. The board appointed Adam sole CEO and ousted Billy from the company. Nick prepared for the reopening of the Underground, but he was disappointed that Avery had to go out of town for work. Marcus and Jack agreed not to go public with Jack's involvement in Stephanie's death. Michael decided not to press charges against Jack. Phyllis and Jack kissed, but she hesitated to become involved. Jack stepped down at Newman and returned to Jabot, but he asked Neil to stay and run a new fashion division. Leslie revealed that her mother had passed away, but she remained tight-lipped when Neil asked about the rest of her family. Tyler covered after he accidentally gave Lily conflicting details about his childhood. Devon contemplated Tucker's job offer. Cane was dismayed when Lily's work obligations interfered with their plans. Chloe suggested that Chelsea have revenge sex with Cane. Jamie briefly woke up and said Fen's name. Lauren and Michael found the photo Fen had taken of Jamie. Christine resolved to pursue a civil suit against Phyllis. Noah told Alex the truth about the money. Victor vowed to take down Adam, and Nikki worried that Victor's obsession with Newman Enterprises would ruin their lives together. Victor instructed Mason to get details about Sharon's medication.
January 28 to February 1, 2013
Nikki kept a mysterious secret from Victor, and she wanted to postpone the wedding. Adam tried to extend an olive branch to Victor, but each man vowed to take the other down. Victor realized that Sharon would be the key to Adam's downfall. Marcus threatened to expose Victor's affiliation with Stephanie unless Victor got Avery to drop her case with the Innocence Foundation. Avery refused to back down, and Victor kept tabs on Marcus' involvement in the case. Leslie feared that Marcus would recognize her and Tyler. Leslie confided in Neil about her abusive father. Neil accepted Jack's offer to stay on at Jabot to run the new fashion division. Tyler revealed that he was claustrophobic while he was trapped in an elevator with Lily. Adam gave Chelsea the cash to start her design firm, and he suggested that they still had a chance, but she was ready to move on. Cane and Chelsea discussed doing business together. Billy returned to Jabot. Jack resolved to reunite the Abbott family. Nick hired Mac -- who was really Avery's ex, Dylan -- at the Underground. Mac kept a journal, which he accidentally left behind at the club after he spotted Nick and Avery kissing. Sharon met Mac at Crimson Lights. Adriana stole back the money from Kevin and Chloe, and she planned to leave town with Noah, who contemplated whether to turn her in to Alex. Tucker decided to leave Genoa City, and he shared an emotional farewell with Katherine. Katherine seemed to become more forgetful. Jamie decided to press charges against Fen, and Lauren accused Jamie of lying.
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February 4 to 8, 2013
The Underground successfully reopened. Dylan flashed back to Avery giving him a rock as a lucky charm. He left the rock on the bar and planned to leave, but Avery found the rock and confronted him. Avery told Nick about her history with Dylan. Nick realized that Dylan was still deeply in love with Avery. Sharon advised Avery to take time to decide which man she loved, and Avery planned a business trip. Marcus and Leslie separately tried to get Avery to provide information about her case. Marcus ran into Leslie and called her "Valerie." Adam invited Sharon to dinner to celebrate an acquisition deal, and they kissed. Victor paid Mason to replace Sharon's medication with placebos, but Mason couldn't follow through with the plan. Neil nixed Cane's idea to make Chelsea part of Jabot's new fashion line. Adriana handcuffed Alex to a railing and fled with the money. Alex admitted to Noah that Adriana was Alex's sister. Nikki returned from a mysterious trip to Chicago. She asked Victor to wait to get married until their new house was ready. Victor answered a call from Nikki's doctor. Chloe disapproved of Kevin's scheme to burn down Crimson Lights for the insurance money. Jack's dealer dropped off a pill sample, but Phyllis confiscated it. Jack asked Neil to be his sponsor. Katherine forgot about an important meeting, and she purchased pills to help improve her memory. Michael took Jamie's statement that Fen had pushed Jamie off the roof. Fen realized that Jamie might have jumped because Fen had bullied him. Lauren blamed Michael for Fen's arrest.
February 11 to 15, 2013
A major snowstorm hit Genoa City on Valentine's Day. Nikki received test results from her doctor and confided to Jack that she had multiple sclerosis, but she withheld the news from Victor. Victor overheard Marcus refer to Leslie as "Valerie." Neil wanted a more serious relationship with Leslie, but she was hesitant. Phyllis and Summer bonded after Summer admitted that she'd sent mean messages to Jamie. Jack prepared an elaborate Valentine's Day dinner for Phyllis, but she insisted upon staying just friends. Fen planned to run away with Summer. Paul talked Jamie down from the roof ledge, and Jamie confessed that he'd lied about Fen pushing him. The charges against Fen were dropped, but Michael remained at odds with both Fen and Lauren. Paul continued to hold Fen and Summer responsible for bullying Jamie. Abby returned to town, and Carmine informed her that he'd moved on. Lauren sought comfort over drinks with Carmine, who surprised her with a passionate kiss. Lily was upset by Cane's adamant support of Chelsea's designs, and Cane was irritated with Tyler's obvious interest in Lily. Tyler and Lily got stranded in the storm together after her car went off the road. Nick prepared to tell Avery how he felt about her. Dylan and Nick both declared their intent not to give up on Avery. Avery and Dylan reminisced about their past. Sharon waited out the storm at Adam's house, and the two shared a kiss. Chelsea's pregnancy test was positive.
February 18 to 22, 2013
Avery and Dylan kissed, but she chose Nick. Nick and Avery declared their love. Adam and Sharon stopped short of making love. Chelsea decided not to tell Adam about her pregnancy after she found Adam and Sharon together, and she gave back her wedding ring. Chelsea devised a con to ensure that Adam never learned that he had fathered her baby. Dylan and Sharon's cars collided during the snowstorm. Sharon later hired Dylan to fix her roof. Dylan had a nightmare about his army buddy, Sullivan. Adam fired Mason. Adriana gave Katherine a ride home during the storm, and Katherine later hired Adriana, to Jill and Kevin's chagrin. Kevin and Chloe planned to temporarily move into the Chancellor mansion. Alex flirted with Abby. Carmine suggested that he and Lauren get a room, but she declined. Lauren and Fen remained at odds with Michael, and Lauren moved out. Jamie prepared to join Ronan in Washington, DC, and he made amends with the Baldwins and Summer. Kyle and Summer developed a friendship. Cane was hurt that Lily had slept with Daniel during the Ashbys' estrangement, but Cane and Lily made up and celebrated their anniversary. Lily told Tyler to back off. Marcus pressured Leslie to speak to the judge to ensure her father remained in prison. Jack told Victor that Nikki had MS, and Nikki blasted Jack for breaking her confidence. Nikki informed her children of her diagnosis. Billy asked Victoria to marry him again. Victor refused to allow Nikki to delay their wedding. Jack pursued a hesitant Phyllis.
February 25 to March 1, 2013
Dylan recognized Phyllis, who realized that he was the man Avery had cheated with. Phyllis blasted Avery for being a hypocrite. Jack found a stash of pills, but he crushed them. Jack and Phyllis made love. Dylan and Sharon opened up to one another, but Dylan froze when she mentioned Sullivan. Sharon accepted Adam's invitation to move in during her kitchen renovations. During a hike, Faith went missing, but Dylan rescued her. Someone tampered with the brakes of Avery's car, but she refused to back down from the Innocence Foundation case. Avery became suspicious of Leslie's interest in the case. Leslie confided to Neil that she'd testified against her father after she'd found her dad standing over her mother's body. Neil warned Marcus to stay away from Leslie. Neil granted Chelsea the job as Jabot's new designer. Chelsea considered leaving town to keep Adam from learning about her pregnancy, but Chloe and Cane talked her out of it. Lily resented Cane's support of Chelsea, and she lashed out by spending more time working with Tyler. Michael resigned as district attorney and turned the job over to Christine. Fen made amends with Michael. Lauren and Carmine had sex. The new Newman ranch was completed, and Victor invited his family over to celebrate. Noah was upset when Adriana crashed the event. Abby warned Kyle that Summer had a crush on him. Jill accused Adriana of stealing a watch, but Katherine had forgetfully misplaced it. Kevin realized that Adriana could easily steal from Katherine.
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MARCH 2013
March 4 to 8, 2013
Lauren regretted sleeping with Carmine, but she later had sex with him again. Fen encouraged Lauren to reach out to Michael. Kevin schemed to trick Lauren into returning home, and she and Michael reunited. Lauren sent a text message to Carmine to end their affair. Summer flirted with Kyle, who insisted that they were just friends. Jack granted Summer's request for an internship at Jabot. Summer overheard Phyllis and Kyle discussing her, and she had a romantic fantasy about Kyle. Mason told Sarge that he wished he had followed Victor's orders. Lily and Cane made up. Adriana covered up Katherine's memory lapses, but she encouraged Katherine to see a doctor. Katherine looked over a brochure about Alzheimer's. Avery figured out that Leslie and Tyler were Gus's children. Leslie reconsidered whether Gus might be innocent. Avery determined that someone was following her. Dylan decided to move his ill father to Genoa City. Phyllis was disappointed when Jack ordered a glass of wine. Sharon decided to move out of Adam's house and to leave her job to seek her own independence. Chelsea attempted to tell Adam about the baby, but she changed her mind after he treated her coldly. Adam crashed Nikki and Victor's rehearsal dinner, but he only dropped off a gift and wished them well. Nikki collapsed, and her doctor advised her to postpone the wedding. Nikki worried that her MS would prevent her from marrying Victor, but Victor planned to marry Nikki every day until she was strong enough to walk down the aisle. Abby presided over Victor and Nikki's "wedding" in the hospital.
March 11 to 15, 2013
Avery's apartment was ransacked, and Avery found an American flag pin that the thief had left behind. Marcus hired a henchman to take out his enemies at the Newman wedding. Dylan's father passed away. Dylan sought solace from Avery, but Nick interrupted. Cane and Lily agreed to stop working with Chelsea and Tyler, respectively. Anita realized that Chelsea was pregnant. Dylan and Chelsea became fast friends and later comforted one another by having sex. Dylan decided to return to Chicago. Victor and Nikki were "married" by Katherine, Clarice Collins, and a yogi. Adam told Sharon about his role in Stephanie's death. Adam spotted Victor and Marcus in a heated confrontation, and he sent Victor a framed article about Stephanie's death as a wedding gift. Victor threatened to use evidence against Adam after the wedding. An investigator confirmed to Adam that Victor had a witness who'd seen Adam dump Stephanie's body. Jack told Phyllis that he was falling back in love with her. Despite her doubts, Phyllis decided that she wanted Jack in her life, and they made plans to vacation in Istanbul. Carmine swore that he'd always be there for Lauren, but she moved home. Lauren refused marriage counseling and had problems accepting Michael's repeated apologies. Alex and Chloe agreed to a fresh start. Paul accepted a position as chief of police, and he hired Alex. Abby invited Alex to Victor and Nikki's wedding. Gus called Leslie. Leslie had an emotional visit with Gus and realized that he was innocent.
March 18 to 22, 2013
Ashley returned to Genoa City and objected to Phyllis and Jack's relationship. Phyllis blasted Ashley for not being there for Jack in his time of need. Adam warned Jack about Victor's threats. Phyllis cautioned Kyle not to encourage Summer's crush on him. Summer schemed to have Kyle find her half-undressed, and Phyllis walked in on them in an awkward situation. Leslie tried to convince Tyler and Marcus that Gus was innocent. Tyler visited Gus, but he vowed that Gus would stay behind bars. Tyler opened up to a sympathetic Lily. Leslie suspected that her mother had had an affair with Marcus. Dylan told Sharon about his bond with a young girl in Afghanistan. Carmine slipped Lauren his room key, and she later joined him there. Victoria and Abby presented Nikki with a diamond eternity bracelet before the wedding. Billy surprised Victor by showing up at the ceremony with Reed. Eric Forrester was a guest at the wedding. Marcus' henchman, Bob, posed as a caterer. Victor and Nikki became husband and wife again. Noah and Alex exchanged heated words about Adriana. Avery caught the bouquet, and she and Nick discussed the possibility of marriage. Adam crashed the reception and toasted the happy couple, and he questioned whether Victor loved Nikki or Newman Enterprises more. Katherine left a message to apologize to Nikki for missing the wedding. Bob set up a bomb in the basement of the Newman ranch, and Marcus ordered the hit. Bob pulled out a gun at the reception and fired a shot.
March 25 to 29, 2013
Bob shot Adam, who had leaped in front of the gun to protect Victor. Billy dismantled the bomb in the Newman basement, and the rest of the wedding guests escaped unscathed. After he had surgery, Adam asked Sharon to run Newman Enterprises, and he slipped into a coma. Chelsea told an unconscious Adam about her pregnancy, and Victoria overheard. Victoria prepared to undergo fertility treatment so she could have Billy's baby. Alex and Paul suspected that Marcus had been involved in the violence at the ranch. Alex identified Marcus' daughter as a prostitute who had spent New Year's Eve with Jack. Victor and Jack teamed up to confront Marcus. Katherine told Cane that she had Alzheimer's, and he talked her into seeing a doctor. Leslie testified on Gus's behalf at the hearing, while Tyler took the stand for the prosecution. Cane flew into a rage when he walked in on a sympathetic hug between Tyler and Lily. Phyllis lectured Summer about sex. Dylan and Avery decided that they couldn't be friends, and they shared a heartfelt goodbye. Dylan left town and got into a bar fight in Chicago. Nick arranged an intimate dinner to propose to Avery, but news of Dylan's arrest interrupted the moment. Chloe stole trinkets from the Chancellor estate to help resolve her and Kevin's financial problems. Lauren tried to end her affair with Carmine, but he requested one last night together. Michael filed for a legal separation.
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APRIL 2013
April 1 to 5, 2013
Chelsea worried that Victoria had overheard her admission to an unconscious Adam that Chelsea was pregnant with his baby. Chelsea turned Adam's medical decisions over to Sharon. Chelsea experienced abdominal pains, but she and the baby were fine. Adam and Chelsea talked about second chances, but Victor interrupted them. Victor acknowledged Adam as his son, and the men agreed to end their war. Cane and Tyler fought over Lily. A doctor ran a battery of tests on Katherine, who remained convinced that she had Alzheimer's. Jill suspected that Adriana had stolen Katherine's charitable donation, while Kevin sold the goods. Avery bailed out Dylan, who had to remain in Genoa City until his hearing. Nick offered Dylan a job so Dylan could repay Avery and then leave town. Dylan contemplated staying in Genoa City after his hearing. Nick proposed to Avery. The judge denied Gus's appeal. Victor and Jack joined forces to set up Marcus. Paul and Alex obtained DNA proof that Marcus had killed Belinda. Marcus vowed to take down Jack and Victor. Leslie and Tyler argued about how to support Gus once he was released from prison. Phyllis moved Summer to the fashion division at Jabot to put distance between Summer and Kyle. Summer showed up naked in Kyle's bed. Noah decided to get an apartment of his own. Lauren spent one last night making love to Carmine, but he continued to pursue her. Lauren and Michael tried to put their marriage back together.
April 8 to 12, 2013
Chelsea discovered that Dylan had returned to town. Victoria told Nikki that she and Billy were trying to have a baby, but she asked that Nikki not tell Victor. Victoria and Billy celebrated Johnny's first birthday. Chloe and Kevin contemplated continuing to steal from the rich. Kyle told Summer that he was interested in someone else, and Abby urged him to make his fake girlfriend real. Summer adopted a more sophisticated look to get Kyle's attention. Nick warned Kyle to stay away from Summer. After much thought and a talk with Dylan, Avery accepted Nick's proposal. Avery became uncomfortable when Nick mentioned his desire to have more children. Avery asked Dylan if he still thought about their baby. Adam and Victor decided to work together at Newman Enterprises, and Victor agreed to sell Adam the penthouse. Jill accused Adriana of stealing again, and Adriana quit her job. Adriana suddenly disappeared, and Noah questioned whether she had ever had feelings for him. Katherine learned that she had a tumor pressing on her brain. Tyler reacted badly to Gus's release from prison, and Leslie invited Gus to live with her. Tyler got drunk and kissed Lily. Michael and Lauren remained distant, and Paul became suspicious of Lauren's friendship with Carmine. Carmine continued to pursue Lauren. Marcus was stunned when he was arrested for Belinda's murder. Marcus was released on bail, but he was arrested again when his henchman turned on him. Victor warned Jack that he intended to make Jack pay for stealing his company.
April 15 to 19, 2013
Chloe was upset when Kevin continued to steal, but he thought the thrill was the only thing holding their marriage together. Lily tried to downplay her kiss with Tyler, but she was clearly jealous to learn that he was dating Lola. Gus and Leslie had problems adjusting to living together. Gus suffered an apparent heart attack. Despite Cane's pleas, Katherine refused to tell her family about her brain tumor. The Newmans celebrated Nikki's birthday. Victoria returned to Newman Enterprises over Billy's objections. Adam goaded Billy into a poker game, and Billy won On the Boulevard from Barry. Victoria was furious when Billy told her that he'd "bought" the restaurant. Phyllis accepted Jack's invitation to move in with him. Michael and Lauren drifted further apart, and Fen blamed himself for their estrangement. Lauren resisted Carmine's advances, and Carmine extended his friendship to Fen. Avery and Dylan discussed the baby they'd lost, and he realized that she hadn't told Nick everything about her past. Dylan asked Avery to marry him, but she remained with Nick. Dylan sold Avery's ring to repay the bail money, and he planned to leave town. Faith reacted badly to Avery's attempt to bond. Chloe discovered that Dylan had been Chelsea's one-night stand, and she attempted to push Chelsea and Dylan together. Adam unsuccessfully tried to reach out to Chelsea. Sharon had a romantic fantasy about Adam. Sharon discovered that Chelsea was pregnant, and she told Adam. Adam confronted Chelsea about her pregnancy in front of Dylan.
April 22 to 26, 2013
Chelsea claimed that Dylan was the father of her baby, shocking both Adam and Dylan. Dylan decided to stay in town to be there for Chelsea and the baby. Nick questioned Avery's reasons for accepting his proposal. Adam presented Chelsea with a baby blanket and their final divorce papers. Adam and Sharon agreed to have meaningless sex, but she was bothered by his cold treatment of her afterward. Nick worried when Sharon forgot to pick up Faith from school. Adam let Victor have the CEO's office at Newman Enterprises. Phyllis reacted badly to the news of Nick and Avery's engagement. Phyllis and Summer moved in with Jack. Billy struggled to keep Victoria from finding out that he'd gambled. Leslie felt guilty about Gus's heart attack. Gus called Leslie by the name "Rose" and later denied doing so. Leslie opened Gus's secret box and found a stack of letters, but she didn't read them. Gus's condition deteriorated. Jabot held a casting session for the new fashion line, and Tyler was impressed with Summer's look. Lily was jealous when Tyler dated other women. Michael decided to move out. Lauren accepted Carmine's invitation to go on vacation together. Fen unsuccessfully tried to get romantic with Summer, and he was livid when he learned that she was interested in Kyle. Katherine asked Cane to run Chancellor Industries if anything happened to her. Katherine's family found out about her brain tumor, and they were by her side when she went into surgery.
April 29 to May 3, 2013
Noah caught Summer sneaking into the Underground. Nick was furious to learn that Summer had moved in with Jack and Phyllis. Kyle noticed Summer during her photo session with Mason. Jack worried about Phyllis' preoccupation with Nick and Avery's relationship. Avery returned Nick's engagement ring. Dylan and Chelsea grew closer, but she felt guilty about her lies. Dylan invited Avery to join him at his family's cottage, but she opted to try to win Nick back with a love letter. Chloe and Kevin tried to spice up their marriage. Someone ransacked Neil's apartment, and the police questioned Chloe and Kevin. Neil was alarmed when he discovered that a flash drive with sensitive Jabot information was missing. Leslie read the letters Rose had written to Gus, but Gus denied that he'd had an affair. Tyler convinced Leslie to give Gus another chance. Katherine's tumor was benign, and she began her recovery at home. Friends and family helped to celebrate Katherine and Murphy's anniversary. Sharon and Adam had sex at Newman Enterprises. Victoria and Adam clashed at the office, and she and Billy argued about her job. Victoria received a mysterious message from J.T., who wanted Reed to live with her. Billy struggled with his gambling addiction. Lauren abruptly returned home from her vacation with Carmine. Fen was arrested, but Paul got the charges dropped. Paul warned Carmine to stay away from Lauren. Michael found the playing cards that Carmine had given Lauren, and he suspected that she was having an affair.
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MAY 2013
May 6 to 10, 2013
Adam suggested to Victor that they turn Newman Enterprises back into a private company. Victor wanted his other children to use the money they'd won in their settlement to buy back Newman shares. Victoria plotted to take over the company and throw Adam out, but Nick and Abby wanted nothing to do with the corporate battles. Adam obtained the funding to enable him and Victor to reclaim the company. Victoria hired a private investigator to dig up the bombshell that Adam had intended to reveal at Victor and Nikki's wedding. Chelsea planned to tell Dylan the truth about her baby's paternity, but she chickened out after she learned that Dylan had mourned the loss of his baby with Avery. Dylan and Chelsea bonded over his sketch of a baby cradle, and they shared a kiss. Avery returned Dylan's dog tags. After some harsh words from Dylan, Nick reunited with Avery. While trying to explain his connection with Rose to Leslie, Gus died from another heart attack. A mysterious blogger posted excerpts about Leslie from Neil's private diary. Tyler ignored Lily's calls. Traci's arrival interrupted Jack's plans for a surprise romantic dinner for Phyllis. Traci objected to Jack and Phyllis' relationship, and Jack ordered Traci to move out, but Phyllis insisted that Traci stay. Summer suggested that she and Kyle pretend to date to discourage Fen's possessive behavior toward her. Paul demanded that Lauren tell Michael about her affair. Michael put the pieces together himself, and he confronted Lauren about sleeping with Carmine.
May 13 to 17, 2013
Alex arrested Chloe when he caught her with stolen merchandise that Kevin had hidden at Crimson Lights. Kevin allowed Chloe to spend the night in jail, but he confessed the next day. Michael obtained a work release for Kevin, but Chloe couldn't forgive her husband. Lauren confessed her affair with Carmine to Michael. Michael agreed to try to fix their marriage, but he was haunted by thoughts of Lauren and Carmine together. Lily convinced Tyler to attend Gus's funeral. Leslie noted the similarities between Lily and Mariah, the love of Tyler's life. Dylan planned to turn a warehouse space into a baby-friendly home. Chelsea decided to keep her baby's paternity secret forever. Billy lost money in a poker game, and Victor caught Billy lying to Victoria about his whereabouts. Billy and Victoria tried to conceive a baby. Victor agreed to approve of Adam's source of funding to buy back Newman Enterprises, but only if Adam cut Sharon out of his life. Sharon was devastated when Adam abruptly ended their relationship. Devon reconsidered Tucker's job offer. Traci's presence caused tension between Phyllis and Jack, and Phyllis moved out. Summer agreed to go to prom with Fen, but instead of going to the dance, she threw a party at Phyllis' penthouse. Summer schemed to make Kyle think that she was in danger. Nick became increasingly bothered by Summer's crush on Kyle. Nick considered repeating Summer's DNA test, because he had concealed that the original one had been inconclusive.
May 20 to 24, 2013
Kyle and Fen scuffled after Kyle discovered Fen kissing Summer. Phyllis interrupted Summer's prom party. Kyle and Summer went out to dinner together, and they shared an innocent kiss. Jack sided with Phyllis over Traci. Chloe considered selling Crimson Lights. Carmine befriended Fen. Michael wanted a divorce from Lauren, but he agreed to hold off after some classmates beat Fen. Adam suspected that he was the father of Chelsea's baby. Victoria revealed to Chelsea that she knew that Adam had fathered Chelsea's child, and the women agreed to work together. Billy continued to hide his gambling activities from Victoria. Billy and Victoria's baby-making efforts were derailed by Victoria's preoccupation with her competition with Adam for Victor's affections. Avery realized that Dylan was falling for Chelsea, and she offered to help Dylan defend Chelsea and her baby from Adam. Tyler quit his job at Jabot. Lily inadvertently revealed that she had feelings for Tyler. Another blog post with an excerpt from Neil's journal appeared online. Kevin used his hacking skills to determine that the IP address traced back to a company Neil owned. Someone secretly snapped photos of Leslie and Tyler. Jill advised Cane to be tougher in business. Cane asked Jill to head a biotech division of Chancellor Industries. Sharon confided to Dr. Watkins that she felt lost since Adam had broken off their relationship. Nick ordered another paternity test. At Cassie's grave, Sharon overheard Nick confess that he might not be Summer's biological father.
May 27 to 31, 2013
Victoria quit her job at Newman Enterprises. Avery proposed that she and Leslie start their own law firm. Chloe considered selling Crimson Lights to Dylan. Kevin contemplated stealing again. Chloe was horrified when she discovered that Delia had swiped her friend's doll. Madame Miranda warned Chelsea not to ignore reality. Phyllis, Nick, and Sharon had a discussion with Summer about Cassie's death to help Summer see that actions had lasting consequences. Sharon wondered how different her life would have been if Nick hadn't been Summer's father. Adam unsuccessfully tried to bribe Chelsea's new doctor. Adam declined Sharon's offer of friendship. Adam confided to Jack that he still loved Chelsea. Dylan and Chelsea saw the baby on an ultrasound. Anita thought Chelsea was falling for Dylan. Lily stepped away from the fashion campaign so Tyler could continue working at Jabot. Devon pondered a job offer from Tucker, but he decided to stay in town and take Lily's place on the campaign. Cane pretended that he had to go to Chicago on business, but he secretly arranged a surprise birthday party for Lily instead. Lily joined Tyler for farewell drinks, and she showed up drunk with Tyler at her party. Lauren apologized to Traci for bullying her in their younger days. Lauren begged Phyllis to talk to Michael on her behalf. Carmine manipulated Fen into telling Michael and Lauren not to stay together for his sake. Michael intended to file for divorce, but Lauren asked him to give her 30 days to change his mind.
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JUNE 2013
June 3 to 7, 2013
Chelsea realized that Adam had paid off Madame Miranda. When she confronted Adam, Chelsea suffered abdominal pains, and he rushed her to the hospital. Chelsea and the baby were fine, and Adam agreed to back off. Chloe and Kevin sold Crimson Lights to Dylan. Kevin stole again. Chelsea and Dylan discussed baby names, and their relationship became more passionate. Lily saw a blog post with Neil's words about her tendency to stray, and another post appeared about Neil's drinking. After a heart-to-heart talk with Nick, Phyllis decided to return to Jack. Traci moved in with Abby. Avery told Nick about her past miscarriage. Michael agreed to Lauren's plea that they wait 30 days to file for divorce, and he moved back in. Carmine continued to pursue Lauren and befriend Fen. Billy took money from On the Boulevard's cash register to join a poker game, and he later gambled online. Victoria became suspicious of Billy's behavior. Summer anticipated having sex with Kyle after her graduation. Devon tried to drive a wedge between Tyler and Lily. Noah and Tyler moved into their new apartment. Dr. Watkins worried that Sharon was doing everything she could to avoid being alone. Adam kissed Sharon to prove that he had no problem moving on from Chelsea. Victor encouraged Adam to start a family. At Victor's suggestion, Adam hosted a family gathering, at which Victor declared that the Newmans had regained ownership of Newman Enterprises. Nick announced that he and Avery were getting married.
June 10 to 14, 2013
Phyllis found Summer's birth control pills and warned her daughter against making a mistake. Kyle planned a special evening to celebrate Summer's graduation, and Summer suggested that they get a hotel room, but she eventually opted to spend the evening with her friends. Phyllis decided to move back in with Jack. Nick was devastated to learn that his DNA was not a match with Summer's, and Phyllis blasted him for playing God. Fen partied with fellow "losers" after graduation. Michael and Lauren started marriage counseling. Victor presented Nikki with a honeymoon trip to Italy, and he set up a test for Adam in his absence. Adam informed someone that Victor would be out of town. Chelsea was horrified when she blurted that she loved Dylan, but she was thrilled when he later returned the sentiment. Anita threatened to tell Adam the truth about Chelsea's baby's paternity. Avery and Leslie started their own law firm. Leslie sought access to Gus's safe deposit box. An excerpt about Devon from Neil's journal appeared online. Cane hired Hilary Curtis as his new assistant. Noah and Sharon commiserated over not knowing what to do with their lives. Sharon turned to a stranger at a bar for attention. Chloe realized that Kevin had stolen again, and she left him. Victoria suspected that Billy was having an affair, and she caught Billy and Chloe in an innocent hug.
June 17 to 21, 2013
Victoria accused Billy of having an affair with Chloe. Billy confessed the truth about his gambling problem, but Victoria didn't believe him. Leslie opened Gus's safe deposit box and learned that Gus had left half of his estate to Rose. Leslie thought the blogger was connected to Rose. Neil posted a message with a reference to a rose in an effort to draw the blogger out. Dylan proposed to Chelsea, and she happily accepted. Fen learned about Lauren's affair with Carmine. Michael and Lauren refused to let Carmine ruin their attempt at a "first date." Michael warned Carmine to stay away from his family. Kevin returned the stolen merchandise to save his marriage to Chloe, but Alex remained suspicious of Kevin. Kevin overheard Abby confront Chloe about having an affair with Billy. Abby was jealous of Alex's rapport with Sheryl, and Alex caught Abby having a drink with Tyler. Tyler and Devon clashed over the fashion campaign, and Chloe called Lily to intervene. Neil advised Lily not to cross the line with Tyler. Traci confided to Jack that she and Steve were having problems. Nick prepared to tell Jack and Summer the truth about her paternity, but he backed out. Nick and Phyllis agreed to keep it a secret until they felt that Summer could handle the news. Phyllis invited Kyle on a business trip to keep him away from Summer. Nick and Avery planned an August wedding.
June 24 to June 28, 2013
Chloe asked Kevin for a divorce, and they broke the news to Delia. Kevin stole the keys to the evidence room at the police station. Victoria kicked Billy out, and she later realized that she might be pregnant. Billy struggled with his addiction, and Chloe offered her support. Adam had sex with Melanie, and he eavesdropped on her reporting to Victor. Tyler and Devon continued to clash, and Neil fired Tyler. Lily admitted to Cane that she'd left the fashion line because of Tyler's feelings for her. The Ashbys celebrated the twins' birthday with a family party. Leslie went to Chicago to search for Rose. Jill tried to bribe Hilary, but Hilary relayed Jill's proposal to Cane instead. Avery postponed the wedding when Nick wouldn't confide in her. At Cassie's grave, Sharon reminisced about the family she should have had. Abby was miffed when Alex didn't make her a priority, and she and Tyler bonded. Michael and Lauren edged closer. Carmine tried to badmouth Michael to Fen, but Fen rejected Carmine's overtures of friendship. Fen bought drugs. Anita gave Chelsea and Dylan her blessing. Chelsea accepted Dylan's invitation to move into his loft, but she worried that he would figure out the truth. Stitch, Dylan's military buddy, arrived in Genoa City. While on a business trip with Kyle, Phyllis schemed to drive a wedge between him and Summer. Phyllis planned a surprise birthday party for Jack. Abby walked in on Phyllis and Kyle kissing.
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JULY 2013
July 1 to 5, 2013
Carmine slept with a woman who resembled Lauren, and he later watched a video of him and Lauren having sex. Michael and Lauren shared a romantic evening, but he still had problems with intimacy. Kyle ended his relationship with Summer. Adam baited Melanie with information about an acquisition, and he forced her to turn the tables on Victor. Dylan's nightmares resumed after a visit with Stitch. Nick confessed the truth about Summer's paternity to Avery, infuriating Phyllis. Phyllis almost told Jack that he was Summer's father, but Kyle interrupted with the news that Summer was gone. Noah learned from Courtney that Summer was in Chicago. Billy found Victoria's pregnancy test kit, but she informed him that she wasn't pregnant, and she left town with Johnny to visit Reed. Mason learned that Devon intended to focus the Jabot fashion campaign solely on Summer. Abby and Alex broke up. Leslie informed Tyler and Neil that Rose had died, but she wanted to continue to search for Rose's daughter, Anne. The blogger posted again. Cane confronted Jill about trying to bribe Hilary. Kevin helped Alex to solve a case, and Alex offered him a job at the police station. Delia was hospitalized with a fever, and Chloe and Billy were relieved when tests indicated that there were no signs of leukemia. Kevin was upset that Chloe didn't contact him about Delia's condition. After Victoria hung up on Billy, he was tempted to join a card game.
July 8 to 12, 2013
Carmine refused to help Fen score drugs. Later, Carmine found Fen unconscious in the alley, and he called an ambulance. Michael and Lauren reunited and were about to make love when Carmine called with news about Fen. When Fen awakened, he accused Carmine of giving him drugs. Paul agreed to open an investigation. Summer was devastated when Nick told her that he wasn't her biological father. Kyle planned a romantic evening for Summer, and he was crushed when she informed him that they were siblings. Jack overheard Kyle and Abby discussing Phyllis and Kyle's kiss. Jack confronted Phyllis, and she told him that he was Summer's father. Jack was livid that Phyllis had withheld the truth to protect Nick, and he struggled against the urge to drink. Sharon plotted to get closer to Nick by offering her support and understanding. Sharon had a vision of Cassie. Abby and Tyler kissed, but she hesitated to rush into another relationship. Victor arranged for Victoria to witness a man pay Billy his gambling winnings. During a pep talk, Chloe kissed Billy, but they both wrote it off as a friendly gesture. Chelsea asked Avery for advice about Dylan, while Stitch encouraged Dylan to talk about what had happened during the war. Dylan confided to Chelsea that people had died trying to help him in Afghanistan, and he had been unable to save Aura, a little girl he'd bonded with. Neil had flashbacks of being drunk at the Evanston Pub.
July 15 to 19, 2013
Summer and Jack comforted one another. Jack and Phyllis vowed to get through things together, and Jack planned to propose. Abby encouraged Kyle to be there for Summer. Sharon fantasized about being back together with Nick. Avery promised to stand by Nick. Summer refused to tell Faith that they weren't sisters. Phyllis overheard Sharon tell Cassie that Sharon had changed the DNA test results. Chloe spotted Billy talking with his sponsor, and she encouraged Victoria to take Billy back. Victoria agreed to let Billy spend time with Johnny. Victoria threatened to spill the truth about Chelsea's baby unless Chelsea got Chloe to back off of Billy. Chelsea paid off Jeffrey to keep quiet about her baby's paternity. Chelsea was concerned when Dylan became increasingly distant. Tyler and Abby dated. Cane was upset by Lily's reaction upon seeing Tyler and Abby together. Hilary spied on Cane and Lily. Nikki prepared for her charity gala. Victor demanded that Billy stay away from the fundraiser, while Nikki pushed Victoria to forgive Billy. Billy suggested that he and Melanie help one another. Victor and Adam conspired against each other. Carmine posted the sex video of him and Lauren online, and he sent it to Fen. Kevin used his hacking skills to take down the video, but not before many people had seen it. Michael threatened Carmine at gunpoint, and Paul arrested Michael for aggravated assault. Carmine offered to drop the charges in exchange for another night with Lauren.
July 22 to 26, 2013
Nikki and Victor raised money for multiple sclerosis research at their charity fundraiser. Victoria was disappointed when Billy didn't attend the gala. After Phyllis overheard Sharon admit that she'd changed Summer's DNA test results, Sharon chased Phyllis to the benefit. During a struggle over Phyllis' phone, Phyllis fell down a flight of stairs and needed brain surgery. Sharon fled the scene, but she didn't realize that her lipstick had fallen out of her purse. Paul found the lipstick on the stairs, and Summer was surprised to later find the lipstick among Phyllis' belongings from the accident scene. Phyllis awakened after surgery, and Jack proposed. Phyllis was unable to say anything other than Nick's name. Noah noticed Sharon's extreme reaction when he told her about Phyllis' fall. At Cassie's urging, Sharon prepared to confess to Nick, but she clammed up when she realized that Phyllis hadn't revealed Sharon's secret. Billy convinced Melanie to sue Adam for sexual harassment. Billy fired Carmine. Raven and Fen got high together. Carmine used Fen's lost phone to lure Lauren to a remote cabin. Kevin created a distraction so Michael could escape police custody. Lauren tried to get away after she stabbed Carmine, but Carmine tied her to the bed. Michael arrived to rescue Lauren. The blogger posted that Cane had boarded a plane with a beautiful woman, and Lily learned that Hilary had joined Cane on his business trip. Neil and Leslie plotted to uncover the blogger's identity. Neil remembered that he had met Rose.
July 29 to August 2, 2013
Leslie and Neil went to Evanston to investigate his connection to Rose, and a bartender recognized Neil. Hilary offered to quit her job to avoid more scandalous blog posts, but Cane and Lily insisted that Hilary stay on board. Hilary continued to monitor Cane and Lily. Tyler told Abby about his and Lily's attraction, and Tyler and Abby grew closer. Michael rescued Lauren from Carmine, but Carmine escaped. Carmine vowed never to give up on Lauren. Kevin covertly erased the evidence against Michael, and the charges against Michael were dismissed. Michael and Lauren made love. Fen was arrested for stealing drugs. Phyllis went into convulsions while trying to tell Jack about Sharon and the paternity test, and Phyllis lapsed into a coma. Phyllis' family clashed over whether or not to send Phyllis to an experimental treatment facility in Georgia, but eventually everyone agreed that it was the best thing for Phyllis. Jack slipped the engagement ring on Phyllis' finger and promised to wait for her. Nick and Avery postponed their wedding. Sharon struggled with her guilt. Noah suspected that Sharon had gone off her medication. Billy moved in with Jack, and he suggested that Victoria and Johnny move back into their home. Billy hired Dylan to recreate Victoria's childhood bookcase, and Chelsea objected to Dylan taking the job. Chelsea went into labor. Melanie was disappointed with Adam's glib reaction to her sexual harassment claim. Melanie told Paul that Adam had raped her, and Adam was arrested.
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August 5 to 9, 2013
Neil underwent hypnotherapy and realized that he'd been with Rose on the night she'd died. Hilary continued to insinuate herself into Cane's life, and Jill was suspicious of Hilary. Lily denied her jealousy about Tyler and Abby's growing relationship. Devon asked Tyler to return to the Jabot campaign, but Tyler declined the offer. Fen agreed to go to rehab. Jack and Avery accompanied Phyllis to the medical facility in Georgia. Noah expressed his concerns about Sharon's behavior to Nick. Sharon schemed to spend more time with Nick. Summer told Nick and Sharon about the lipstick that had been found on the stairwell. Victor and Nikki tried to assure Summer that they were still family, but the plan backfired when Victor badmouthed Jack. Upon Kyle's urging, Jack decided to return home to support Summer. Nikki tried to convince Victoria to reconcile with Billy. Adam was released on bail, and Billy recorded Adam attempting to bribe Melanie to drop the rape charges. Victor worried about how the charges would affect the Newmans' reputation, but he stood behind Adam. Billy tried to blackmail Victor with the recording. Adam hoped that Chelsea would serve as a character witness on his behalf. Chelsea experienced contractions, but the doctor managed to stop Chelsea from going into labor. Chelsea grappled with whether or not to tell Dylan the truth, but Chloe talked her into keeping mum. Dylan surprised Chelsea with an impromptu wedding, and they got married in front of family and friends. Chelsea went into labor after the ceremony.
August 12 to 16, 2013
Victor refused to give in to Billy's bribery attempt, and he publicly declared his support of Adam. Melanie vowed not to back off until Adam's life was ruined. Victoria and Billy reunited. Chelsea gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Connor. Victoria agreed to stop threatening to tell the truth about Connor's paternity. Chelsea ordered Anita out of her life. Lily and Devon were suspicious of Hilary's true motives. The blogger's posts caused tension in Cane and Lily's marriage. Neil offered to meet the blogger in person to explain his role in Rose's death, but the blogger declined. Neil suspected that the blogger was Rose's daughter, Anne. Hilary had a photo of Rose on her computer, and she spied on Neil. Sharon faked a sprained ankle to spend time with Nick. Sharon received a speeding ticket from the night of the gala. Sharon turned down Adam's request to be a character witness. Avery returned home and found Sharon, Nick, and Faith in a cozy situation. Jack fought the urge to call his dealer. Summer opened up to Jack. Summer was upset when she saw Kyle on a date. Katherine's family and friends received postcards from various places around the world. Katherine summoned her loved ones to her home for a homecoming party, but the guests were concerned when Katherine and Murphy didn't show up. As a storm raged outside, Murphy called to inform Jill that he'd be late, and everyone wondered what had happened to Katherine.
August 19 to 23, 2013
Murphy announced that Katherine had died peacefully in her sleep after she'd completed her travels. The citizens of Genoa City grieved Katherine's death. Murphy presented final letters from Katherine to Katherine's closest loved ones. Jill and Nikki planned Katherine's memorial. Noah became suspicious of Sharon's behavior when he found her traffic citation, and he conveyed his concerns to Nick. Nick and Avery decided to proceed with their wedding plans, and Faith acted out. Sharon plotted to stop the wedding. Avery warned Sharon to back off of Nick. Summer was torn between the Abbotts and the Newmans, but she reached out to Jack. Summer agreed to be Avery's maid of honor, but she later contemplated how to get out of it. Carmine stalked Lauren, but the police were unable to track Carmine down. Michael threatened Carmine's life. Adam was affected when he held Connor. Dylan ordered Adam to stay away from Chelsea and Connor. Chelsea turned down Adam's request to be a character witness. Adam attempted to make peace with Melanie, but she made a public scene. Victor objected to Victoria's reunion with Billy. Adam suggested that he and Victor take over Chancellor Industries, but Victor refused to dishonor Katherine's memory. Tyler agreed to return to Jabot, and he hired Noah as a photographer. Hilary confided in Cane about her mother's death, and they hugged. Lily's jealousy of Hilary grew. Kevin traced calls from Anne to a phone registered to Newman Enterprises. Hilary secretly conspired with Mason.
August 26 to 30, 2013
Hilary posted an online photo of herself with a shirtless Cane. Lily and Cane plotted to work together to uncover Hilary's true intentions. Neil quizzed Mason about Anne Turner, and he suspected that Mason was hiding something. Abby hired Courtney as an intern at Jabot. Tyler set up Noah with Courtney. Chelsea talked Melanie into dropping the rape charges against Adam. Dylan and Chelsea learned that Connor might have a degenerative eye disease. Avery and Victoria encountered obstacles while trying to plan Avery and Nick's wedding. Victoria decided that she no longer needed Newman Enterprises to be happy. Sharon talked to Faith about accepting that Nick was with Avery. Jill found a sketch of Katherine in the Chancellor safe, and she began to piece together clues about what Katherine had meant in her letter. Nikki enlisted Paul's help to investigate a phone number that Katherine had given her, but she hid her quest from Victor. Nikki urged Summer not to shut out the people who loved Summer. Summer remained conflicted about her families, but she agreed to join Jack on a trip to visit Phyllis. Adam told Victor that their investors were Adam's old college buddies, but when Adam realized that Victor would never respect him, he sought to take down Victor with the real investor -- Jack. Carmine posed as a maintenance worker and turned on the gas in the Baldwins' home, intending to die with Lauren. Michael talked Lauren out of shooting Carmine. Carmine was arrested.
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September 2 to 6, 2013
Nina, Brock, Danny, Amber, and Gina returned to Genoa City for Katherine's memorial service. Nina forgave Paul for choosing Christine over her. Father Todd presided over the service, which was held at a beautiful spot in the park. The guests shared laughter and tears as they recounted their cherished memories of Katherine. Murphy delivered a letter from Katherine to Paul during the service. Nikki and Jill wondered if Katherine had deliberately arranged for them to work together to plan the memorial. Murphy announced that Katherine's last gift was the park itself, and he revealed a placard that named it Chancellor Park. Nick and Avery decided to have their wedding in the park. Paul read Katherine's letter, which implored him to marry Christine right away, and he proposed. The guests arranged an impromptu wedding, and Father Todd pronounced Paul and Christine husband and wife. Adam and Victor clashed when Adam discovered that Victor had bugged Adam's office. Adam vowed to be the last man standing. Victoria rallied Abby and Noah to help if Adam tried to take the company away from Victor. Noah contemplated what to do with his life. Victor learned that Jack was Adam's secret investor, and he confronted Jack. Dylan blamed himself for Connor's possible eye disorder, and he wanted to research his family's genetics. Anita and Chelsea reconciled, and they plotted to keep Adam from finding out about Connor's condition. Adam overheard Dylan tell Billy that Connor might have a degenerative eye disease and could go blind.
September 9 to 13, 2013
Lily and Cane staged a fight for Hilary's benefit. Hilary comforted Cane with a kiss, and Mason posted a photo of the buss online. Hilary ordered Mason to get closer to Devon. Lily realized that Hilary was really Anne Turner. Katherine's will was read, and Devon inherited the bulk of her fortune. Jill was perplexed by the mystery surrounding the music box Katherine had left her. Nikki confided to Paul that she had given up a baby years before, and she instructed him to proceed with trying to find her adult child. Abby and Tyler both balked at making their relationship exclusive. Victor told Victoria that he planned to oust Adam from Newman Enterprises, and he asked her to return to the company. Adam confronted Chelsea about Connor being his son, and she ultimately admitted it was true. Adam threatened to sue for custody, but Avery refused to help him. Dylan was devastated to learn that he wasn't Connor's biological father, and he left Chelsea. Faith initially refused to attend Nick and Avery's wedding, but Sharon talked her into making an appearance. Jack talked Summer into going to the wedding for Avery's sake. Nick and his family gathered in the park for the ceremony, but Avery was late because she was consoling a despondent Dylan. Nick called off the wedding. As Sharon was hugging Nick, Avery arrived and hoped that it wasn't too late. Noah realized that Sharon had gone off her medication.
September 16 to 20, 2013
Nick broke off his relationship with Avery after he realized that she was still in love with Dylan. Victor confronted Adam about his alliance with Jack. Dylan announced that he was moving out, but he suffered a posttraumatic flashback during a thunderstorm, and he took off with Connor. Avery tracked down Dylan at his father's cabin, where he believed that he was in Afghanistan with Aura. Avery talked Dylan into handing Connor over, and she comforted Dylan over the many losses he'd experienced. Adam threatened to take Connor from Chelsea. Sharon fibbed to Noah that she was still taking her medication and going to therapy. Dr. Watkins advised Sharon that it was critical to continue treatment, but Sharon insisted that she was fine on her own. Jack tried to bribe Victor into walking away from Summer if Jack gave up his interest in Newman Enterprises, and Summer was upset when she overheard. Victor schemed to take down Newman. Nikki and Paul found the church where she'd given birth to her first-born child, and a nun confirmed that Nikki had borne a son. Michael discovered that the music box that Katherine had given Jill had been made in Geneva, Switzerland. Hilary drugged Cane's champagne, and she arranged for Mason to take photos of her and Cane in a compromising position and post them online. Cane later revealed to Lily that he'd only pretended to pass out and that he'd recorded Hilary and Mason's conversation.
September 23 to 27, 2013
Nikki and Paul learned that her son had drowned at the age of seven. Paul retrieved the boy's adoption file and was shocked by its contents. Nikki continued to withhold the truth about her first-born from Victor. Sharon was devastated when Nick rebuffed her attempts to spend more time with him. Avery and Sharon argued. Dylan refused Avery's help after he realized that he'd caused problems in her relationship with Nick. Stitch accepted a job at Memorial Hospital and found a therapist for Dylan. Adam forced Chelsea and Connor to move in with him. Chelsea informed Adam that she had told him that he was Connor's father when Adam had been in a coma, but Adam had awakened and asked for Sharon. The eye specialist determined that Connor's condition had been caused by a traumatic birth, not a genetic disorder. Tyler denied his growing feelings for Abby. Victor asked Noah to work with Victor and Victoria. Summer contemplated moving to Los Angeles. Jack and Adam discovered that Victor had sabotaged Newman Enterprises, and Victor announced that Katherine had left him Chancellor Industries. Kevin wondered how to compete when Billy bought Delia a puppy. Carmine escaped from police custody and prepared to attend a banquet in Lauren's honor. Neil told Hilary about the night her mother had died, and Hilary went to the press with the allegation that Neil had been responsible for Rose's death.
September 30 to October 4, 2013
Dylan punched Nick during an argument about Avery. Dylan decided to stay in Genoa City, but he insisted that his marriage to Chelsea was over. Leslie realized that Avery was still in love with Dylan. After an emotional visit from Avery, Phyllis moved her finger. Hilary unsuccessfully attempted to trick Neil into drinking alcohol. Devon offered Hilary a million dollars to leave town. Mason walked out on Hilary. Victoria and Billy agreed to resume trying to make a baby. Victor offered to buy Newman Enterprises from Jack and Adam, and he planned to merge Newman with Chancellor Industries. Noah contemplated working for Victor. Nikki defended Chelsea when Victor accused Chelsea of being an unfit mother. Chelsea and Adam rushed a feverish Connor to the hospital. Cane quit his job at Chancellor Industries. Paul learned that he and Nikki had tracked down the wrong adoptive mother. Victor overheard Nikki leaving a message for Paul about her son. During the Businesswoman of the Year banquet, the Baldwins were horrified when Carmine switched Lauren's tribute video with their sex tape. Kevin and Chloe grew closer as they searched for a missing Fen. Carmine lured Lauren to the alley, where she found Carmine had been shot dead. Michael found what he believed was Fen's sobriety chip near Carmine's body, and he rearranged the crime scene to appear as if Michael had killed Carmine. Michael confessed to Carmine's murder.
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October 7 to 11, 2013
Paul found the bullet that Michael had fired in the alley, but Michael maintained his story that he'd killed Carmine. Fen showed up in Lauren's hotel suite with no memory of what had happened on the night of Carmine's murder. Paul told Alex to close the case against Michael, but Alex was suspicious. Paul informed Nikki that her son was alive and in Genoa City. Nikki acted strangely when she ran into Dylan and Stitch. Victor warned Dylan to stay away from the Newman family. Tyler admitted that he had feelings for Abby. Noah decided to work for Victor. Jack felt Phyllis squeeze his hand, but the doctor thought the reaction was involuntary. Sharon confessed her desire to reunite with Nick, and she fell apart when he rejected the idea. Adam sold his Newman shares to Victor. A DNA test proved that Connor was Adam's son. Adam promised not to cut Chelsea out of Connor's life. Connor was diagnosed with Peter's anomaly, and he needed a corneal transplant within a few weeks, or he would be blind for life. Kevin and Chloe went on a "first date" to Delia's school play. Adam swerved to avoid hitting Dash with his car, and he unknowingly hit Delia instead. Billy found an injured Delia on the side of the road. As Billy waited for the ambulance, he imagined future moments in Delia's life. The paramedics said that they were losing Delia.
October 14 to 18, 2013
The paramedics rushed Delia to the hospital, but a doctor informed Billy that Delia hadn't made it. Word of Delia's death devastated the citizens of Genoa City. Alex found skid marks and a piece of plastic at the accident scene, and the police searched for the hit-and-run driver. A witness told Alex that she'd seen a black SUV swerve off the road outside the market. Adam was surprised to discover that his car had a broken exterior light cover, and he was wracked with guilt when he found fabric from Delia's costume caught in the bottom of his vehicle. Adam hid the scrap of cloth and pledged to focus on Connor. Adam paid off a thug to obtain corneas on the black market. Billy blamed himself for leaving Delia alone in the car, and Chloe refused to forgive Billy for his part in Delia's death. Chloe was furious when the hospital's transplant coordinator wanted to discuss donating Delia's organs, but she later struggled with the decision about whether to do so. Sharon confessed to Nick that she had gone off her medication and had hoped to reconcile with him. Sharon vowed to resume treatment, but she continued to have visions of Cassie. Courtney received a mysterious text message from someone named Zach. Avery returned Nick's engagement ring, and Nick removed Avery's plaque at the Underground.
October 21 to 25, 2013
Adam was tortured with guilt over Delia's death. Adam obtained corneas on the black market, but the doctor determined that they weren't viable. Billy and Chloe learned that Connor would go blind without a transplant, and they decided to donate Delia's corneas to Connor. Adam burned the piece of Delia's costume in his fireplace. Chloe realized that Delia's scarf was missing. Devon offered one million dollars for information that would lead to the arrest of the hit-and-run driver, and the police were bombarded with leads. Nikki's vehicle was caught on a security tape, but Paul ruled her out as a suspect. Billy rejected support from family and friends, and he threatened to find the driver himself. The Abbotts rallied to help Billy, and Ashley returned to town. Nick had a heart-to-heart talk with Billy about losing a child. Nikki hired Avery to change her will, and she revealed to Avery that Dylan was Nikki's son. Dylan received a notice of termination of his parental rights concerning Connor. The judge sentenced Michael to ten years in prison for killing Carmine, but Fen burst in and confessed to the crime. Paul and Christine were skeptical about both Michael and Fen's stories. Paul received a solid lead in the hit-and-run.
October 28 to November 1, 2013
Family and friends gathered to say goodbye to Delia at her funeral. Esther hosted a whimsical tea party in Delia's honor after the service, but Billy refused to attend. Dash found his way home, but Billy couldn't bear the sight of the dog. Billy continued to reject help from his loved ones. Victoria asked Dylan to reach out to Billy. Avery was resentful that Nikki had forced her to keep the secret that Dylan was Nikki's son, but she eventually provided Nikki with some details about Dylan. Devon lamented that his million-dollar reward had resulted in numerous phony leads. Devon asked Victor for advice about how to handle his wealth. Jack turned to Neil for support to ensure he didn't start using drugs again. Adam and Chelsea learned that Connor's corneal transplant had been successful, and Chloe was relieved that a part of Delia would live on through Connor. Adam was haunted by dreams of Delia. Dylan hired Leslie as his divorce attorney. Leslie gave Hilary the letters that Rose had written to Gus. Hilary apologized to Neil after she read the letters, and Neil offered her a job. Cane ordered Hilary to leave town. Michael was beaten up in prison. Fen intentionally got arrested for drug possession with intent to sell, and he was taken to the same prison where Michael was being held.
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November 4 to 8, 2013
Billy vowed to find and punish Delia's killer himself. Victoria confided to Victor that Billy had shut her and everyone else out. Billy implored Victoria to return to work. Chelsea worried about Adam's odd behavior. A police officer examined Adam's SUV but found no damage. Chelsea suggested that Adam use his contacts to help find the hit-and-run driver. Chelsea and Dylan signed divorce papers. Adam made a video confession about the hit-and-run accident, and he gave the camera to Avery for safekeeping. Jack stopped Hilary from leaving town by offering her a job. Jill and Jack plotted to steal Chancellor Industries from Victor. Sharon and Nick accidentally got locked in the Underground's freezer, but Noah rescued them before Sharon could confess to switching the paternity test results. Victor vowed to keep Sharon away from his family. Over Victor's objections, Nikki wanted to honor Dylan at a Veterans Day charity event, but Dylan declined. Leslie urged Nikki to tell Dylan the truth. Abby was miffed when she learned that Tyler hadn't told her that he'd once been engaged to Mariah. Courtney received more cryptic text messages, and Summer and Noah realized that they knew very little about Courtney. Michael gave Fen advice about how to survive in prison. Fen refused to allow Lauren to visit him. A convict offered Fen his protection, and an enraged Michael was thrown into solitary confinement.
November 11 to 15, 2013
Nikki hosted a Veterans Day charity benefit at the Underground. Stitch and Avery convinced Dylan to attend, and Dylan made an impromptu speech about not being ashamed to accept help. Avery and Dylan shared a kiss after the benefit. Sharon made a donation in Sully's honor, and Dylan planned to build Faith a dollhouse to return the favor. Chelsea informed Dylan that she and Adam intended to continue living together to raise Connor. Billy acquired a gun and practiced shooting at the firing range. Billy admitted that he needed help, and he and Victoria attended a group therapy session. A guilt-ridden Adam anonymously replied to Billy's online post about seeking justice for Delia's death. Devon refused to be Jill and Jack's mole at Newman-Chancellor. Unbeknownst to Jack, Kyle asked Victor for a job. Tyler celebrated Abby's birthday by making homemade cobbler, gifting her with a star, and telling Mariah to stop calling him. Victor offered Abby a role as vice president at his company, but she declined. Victor's investigator found a witness who had caught a glimpse of the license plate of the SUV that had hit Delia. Summer visited Fen in prison and learned that Courtney was into drugs, but Courtney later denied it. Michael offered to become an informant in exchange for a reduced sentence for Fen, but the warden realized that Fen had a better chance of getting information from Womack.
November 18 to 22, 2013
Devon accused Roxy of being with him for his money, and she broke up with him. Mason schemed to befriend Devon. Cane escorted Lily to an abandoned building and suggested that they build their dreams in it, but they encountered a homeless woman living there. Billy rebuffed Victoria's attempts to make love. Paul supported Kevin's idea to try to find the hit-and-run driver online. Kevin and Chelsea worried about Chloe being around Connor, but Chloe insisted that it helped her feel close to Delia. Victor offered Kyle a job, but he suspected that Kyle had an ulterior motive. Noah was irked that Victor had hired Kyle, and he vowed to prove himself to Victor. Victor's investigator compiled a list of vehicle owners, including Adam, who might have hit Delia. Jack and Summer planned to spend Thanksgiving with Phyllis. Dylan decided to build Faith a dollhouse, but Nick found out and warned Dylan to stay away from his family. Nikki coordinated a special dinner to inform her family about Dylan. Nick became livid when he spied Avery and Dylan on a date, and the men exchanged punches. During the scuffle, Nikki blurted out that Dylan was her son. Fen made a deal with the warden to get information from Womack, but he later agreed to Michael's plea not to go through with it. Womack offered to get drugs for Fen. Christine and Paul attempted to get Michael released while they reopened Carmine's case, but Michael wanted to remain in prison to protect Fen.
November 25 to 29, 2013
Sharon stood up for Summer during an abusive photo shoot. Noah arranged a romantic date for Courtney at the Underground for their "first time." Billy bonded with Kelly, a woman from his grief support group. Mariah continued to try to reach Tyler, but he made it clear that he loved only Abby. Neil invited Leslie to spend Thanksgiving as part of the Winters family. Ashley returned home for the holiday. Summer and Jack returned from Georgia in time to join the Abbotts for Thanksgiving. Nikki explained the circumstances behind Dylan's birth to Dylan and her family. Nick refused to accept Dylan as a brother, while Victoria reached out to Dylan. Victor was disappointed when both Victoria and Nick opted not to spend Thanksgiving at the ranch. Nick shared Thanksgiving with Sharon and their children. Sharon empathized with Nikki and urged Nick to give his mother a break. Dylan demanded a DNA test from Nikki, but he wanted nothing more to do with her. Victor and Nikki argued about Dylan's role in their lives, but Victor assured Nikki that he still loved her. Jill, Chloe, Kevin, and Esther remembered Delia and Katherine as they celebrated Thanksgiving with Chinese food. The judge overturned Michael's conviction and reopened Carmine's murder case, and Lauren was stunned when Michael joined her for the holiday. Chelsea excitedly prepared for Connor's first Thanksgiving, and she and Adam edged closer when they admitted that they were thankful for one another.
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December 2 to 6, 2013
Ashley and Stitch flirted. Billy asked Victoria to let him attend group therapy alone. Alex monitored Billy's online activity. Billy and Kelly shared coffee and memories of their deceased children. Abby urged Noah and Kyle not to let their family feud carry on into the next generation. Tyler and Lily cleared the air, and Tyler made plans for a special weekend with Abby. Neil told Lily that he wanted to ask Leslie to move in with him, while Leslie confided to Avery that she wasn't sure if she was ready for children in her life. Lily and Cane celebrated her final cancer checkup, but her doctor called with a request to see her. Neil offered Sharon a job as an advisor to Jabot's young models. Sharon felt uncomfortable when Nick encouraged her to become a maternal figure to Summer. Summer was suspicious when she saw a text message from Zach to Courtney. Womack rescued Fen from a prison beating, but he warned that Fen owed him. Lauren received multiple hang-up calls. Victor was livid when he found out that Nikki had reached out to Paul to help her find her first-born child. Avery told Dylan that she loved him. The DNA test results confirmed that Dylan was Nikki's son. Adam and Chelsea kissed passionately, but they agreed to take things slowly. Adam vowed to find a way to repent for Delia's death. Chelsea left Chloe alone with Connor, and she returned and found both of them gone.
December 9 to 13, 2013
Dylan rebuffed Nikki's attempt to reach out to him. Summer empathized with Dylan and encouraged him to give his new family a chance. Avery presented Dylan with a file on Ian Ward. After a lackluster photo shoot, Esmerelda provided Summer with a contact to obtain energy pills. Courtney bought drugs from Raven. Chelsea was relieved when Chloe returned with Connor after going for an innocent drive. Chloe was irritated by everyone's concern about her mental state. Adam anonymously set up a memorial foundation in Delia's name. Adam and Chelsea made love. Jack suggested that Devon take a sabbatical to find himself. Devon disregarded Hilary's warning about Mason, who pretended to be Devon to score a club invitation. Michael and Lauren celebrated their wedding anniversary. Fen was released from prison, but he remained terrified that Womack would make Fen repay his debt. Fen contemplated going on the run. Cassie urged Sharon to tell Nick the truth about the paternity test. Victoria was unnerved by Billy and Kelly's growing bond. Billy couldn't face celebrating Christmas without Delia and avoided going home. Lily's MRI was clean, but she worried about her follow-up tests, and she hid her concern from Neil. Neil prepared to propose to Leslie on Christmas. Cane implored Victor to continue to fund Bonaventure Industries' cancer research. Jill and Jack plotted to take down Victor by causing bad press for Bonaventure. Jill sold her music box online, but it was mysteriously shipped back to her.
December 16 to 20, 2013
Nick and Jack worried about Billy's growing closeness to Kelly. Billy tried to figure out who had set up the foundation in Delia's name, but Kelly refused to tell him. Victoria and Stitch bonded when he treated Johnny's allergic reaction. Chelsea and Adam professed their love. Nick and Jack worked together to throw a birthday party for Summer, who was overwhelmed by the attention. Summer swallowed an "energy pill" that Esmerelda had given her. Nick kissed Sharon, but they agreed that they were just friends. Upon Faith's insistence, Nick and Sharon decided to spend Christmas together. Noah caught Kyle searching through Victor's desk. Victor assigned both Kyle and Noah to research Bonaventure Industries. Dylan regretted being related to Ian Ward. Victor revised Nikki's will to exclude Dylan, but Nikki presented Dylan with the addendum that named him as an heir. Michael and Fen provided Paul with conflicting stories about how Michael had obtained Fen's sobriety chip. Paul linked Fen's suit to Carmine's murder, and he obtained a warrant for Fen's arrest. Fen told Summer about his plans to leave town. Abby and Tyler decided to take another trip to Los Angeles. Jill found proof that Esther had purchased Katherine's music box online. Neil asked for Avery's help with his plans to propose to Leslie. Devon was arrested for trashing a Las Vegas hotel room, and Hilary declared her belief in his innocence.
December 23 to 27, 2013
Leslie accepted Neil's marriage proposal. A tattooed woman broke into Abby and Tyler's hotel room. Devon confronted Mason about stealing Devon's identity. Michael and Lauren enlisted Summer's help to lure Fen to the police station. Fen was arrested for Carmine's murder, but he was allowed to go home with an ankle monitor. Courtney opened up to Noah about once being close with her older sister. Courtney met with Zach, who turned out to be Alex. Noah and Kyle vied for Victor's approval at Newman-Chancellor. Nick and Sharon bonded when they spent Christmas with Faith. The citizens of Genoa City gathered for a candle-lighting ceremony in Chancellor Park in memory of Katherine. Kevin was concerned when he found Connor's outfit in Chloe's purse. Chloe agreed to be Connor's godmother. Jill was peeved to find her discarded music box under the Christmas tree, and Chloe later admitted to placing it there to prevent Jill from having regrets. Chelsea received her final divorce papers from Dylan, and she and Adam happily made plans for the future. Victor discovered his investigator's report, which implicated Adam in Delia's accident. Billy's interest was piqued by the similarity between an anonymous online post and Adam's remark about balancing the karmic scales. Billy tried to put on a brave front over the holidays with his family. Kelly and Billy comforted one another, and they shared a kiss.
December 30 to January 3, 2014
Abby and Tyler decided to move in together, but the tattooed woman continued to follow them. Someone anonymously sent a cake bearing the phrase "forget me not" to the Baldwins, and Fen believed that it was a message from Womack. Billy and Kelly shared a passionate encounter, and a guilty Billy resolved to make things up to Victoria. Victoria innocently invited Kelly to dinner. Kelly and Stitch had a mysterious past connection and expressed disdain toward one another. Chloe didn't correct a stranger who assumed that Connor was Chloe's baby. Noah found prescription drugs in Courtney's purse. Dylan went to Idaho to learn more about Ian Ward. Neil threw an engagement party for Leslie on New Year's Eve, but she seemed hesitant to make wedding plans. Victor disapproved when he saw Sharon and Nick kissing. Traci and Ashley surprised Jack with a visit on New Year's Eve. Adam swore that Victor would never be part of Connor's life. Jack agreed to become Connor's godfather and ultimately the boy's guardian if something happened to Adam. Adam asked Avery to return the video confession he'd given her for safekeeping. Adam and Chelsea both admitted that they wanted to remarry. Alex questioned an ex-convict who was a possible eyewitness to Delia's accident, but the witness wanted a deal in exchange for information. Victor's investigator found evidence that Adam had purchased a new replacement turn light, and Victor concluded that Adam had killed Delia.
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