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January 7 to 11, 2008
Neil and Karen could no longer resist their physical attraction, and they made love. Lily and Cane kissed and planned to go on an official date. Daniel openly displayed his interest in Heather, but Heather was too distracted to fully reciprocate. Heather's mother, April, returned to town, spitting venom at Paul for revealing that he was April's father. An unrelenting Brad attempted to woo Sharon with a kiss. When he failed, Brad made arrangements to go with Sharon on her business trip to Chicago. Jeffrey finally made his engagement to Gloria public when they told Michael and Lauren at a family dinner. However, Gloria made Jeffrey's blackmail known to Michael and Lauren, as well. Amber brainstormed a devious idea to give her career a jump-start by having Kevin fix the Jabot contest in favor of her alias, "Marina." Nikki made a surprising business move when she cordially invited Phyllis back to NVP. After talking it over with Nick, Phyllis accepted. Victor's bad luck continued when Nikki found out that he had hired J.T. to spy on David. Victor then fired J.T. after J.T. admitted feelings of guilt over deceiving Nikki. Jack decided his next career move would be creating a charity, the Abbott Foundation. Jack asked Sharon to run the organization, but he had the ulterior motive of keeping her away from Brad.
January 14 to 18, 2008
Gloria told her family that she was going away on a business trip, but she really went to Las Vegas for a quickie wedding with Jeffrey. Victor filed a countersuit against Nikki that would strip her of everything, including her jewelry and couture dresses. Nick was appalled by Victor's plan, and he urged his father to reconsider. Victor took Nick's stance as disloyalty, and he fired Nick from Newman Enterprises. Unbeknownst to Nikki, David was hiding a massive amount of debt from her. Brad refused to give up on Sharon, but Sharon declared that they could no longer be friends. Sharon returned from the trip with a heavy heart, but she was cheered up when Jack surprised her with a luxurious getaway to the Bahamas. Jana was given another chance at life when she was suddenly released from prison. Kevin immediately offered Jana her old job back and asked her to move in with him again. Jana eagerly accepted. The Fresh Face of Jabot contest heated up as Lily and "Marina" learned that they were semi-finalists. Paul had a tough reunion with April, and she warned him to stay away from Heather. However, Paul seemed determined to make amends with his daughter. J.T.'s spirits were lifted when he received the good news that Reed was finally able to breathe on his own.
January 21 to 25, 2008
Gloria finally returned home and announced that she and Jeffrey had eloped. Gloria and Kevin hatched a plan to frame Jeffrey for attempting to poison Gloria. Gloria was delighted to hear that a judge had awarded her the Abbott mansion. Victor fired Michael, but after Michael found an alibi for Victor and discovered that the D.A.'s witness had been bribed to testify against Victor, Victor rehired him. Brad made a power play at Newman Enterprises when he informed Neil that he would look for employment elsewhere if Brad was not given Nick's former position. The Fresh Face of Jabot contest turned into a media circus when Cane ripped off "Marina's" wig and revealed that she was really Amber. Afterward, Katherine suddenly fainted as she comforted Amber. Nikki and Victor went to court for their divorce hearing. Nikki was awarded a generous alimony settlement, while Victor was given ownership of NVP. Meanwhile, David met with a mysterious man and promised to pay back the money he owed in two weeks. Neil offered Karen a key to his apartment. The Newman family rejoiced as they took Reed home from the hospital to meet his mother.
January 28 to February 1, 2008
All charges were dropped against Victor in the Ji Min murder case. However, soon after, Victor lost the Clear Springs lawsuit and was ordered to pay $75 million in damages. Victoria suddenly awoke from her coma. The Newman family rejoiced as Victoria and J.T. announced their plans to get married in Victor's home as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Katherine learned that she'd had a minor stroke. The news prompted Katherine to retire from Chancellor, so she could relax and write a memoir. As a result, Jill would run Chancellor and Nikki would run Jabot. Phyllis, Nick, Jack, and Sharon made new business plans as they entertained the idea of starting a fashion magazine together. Gloria and Kevin were still intent on framing Gloria's troublesome husband, Jeff, so they purchased poison with his credit card. Finally, after much deliberation, Neil supported Lily's decision to pursue modeling.
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February 4 to 8, 2008
Heather was depressed because of her unceremonious dismissal from the Ji Min murder case. Daniel tried to cheer Heather up by throwing a party at his apartment. At the party, Daniel and Colleen looked bothered as they watched Heather and Adrian talk about their many common interests. Meanwhile, Amber and Daniel got very drunk at the party, and they hooked up. Lily admitted that she was falling for Cane. Nick, Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon moved forward with their plans to start a magazine together. After learning about Nick and Jack's new venture, Victor promoted Neil to Nick's former position at Newman. Nikki offered David a job as co-CEO of Jabot. Jack and Sharon were displeased when Gloria and Jeffrey moved into the Abbott mansion. The police searched the mansion for evidence in the Ji Min murder case, and Jack was once again the prime suspect. The Newman family attended J.T. and Victoria's wedding. Victor seemed distracted, so Katherine confronted him. Victor divulged that Hope was dying of pancreatic cancer. Victor left to see Hope immediately after the wedding.
February 11 to 15, 2008
Nikki took the reins at Jabot. Her first act as CEO was stealing Brad from Newman. Jill was sad to leave Jabot, especially when she found out that David would be co-CEO. Lily officially entered the world of high fashion when she met her stylist, Chloe. Chloe made Lily feel self-conscious when she commented that the novice model needed to lose weight. Lily's spirits were lifted when she spent Valentine's Day making love to Cane. After the romantic night, Cane tried to win Neil's approval by admitting his love for Lily. A judge ruled that the Abbotts and the Bardwells had to share the mansion equally. Jeffrey planted a camera in the living room to spy on Gloria. Meanwhile, Gloria enacted her plan to frame Jeffrey for murder by ingesting small doses of poison. Daniel and Amber vowed not to let their drunken hookup ruin their friendship, but their plan failed when they got into a huge fight. Jana observed the spat and decided to play Cupid by sending Amber a valentine from Daniel. Phyllis offered Daniel an entry-level position at her new magazine. At the Newman ranch, Victoria and J.T. prepared to move back into J.T.'s loft. Victoria inquired about the events that had occurred while she had been in a coma. She was upset when Nick divulged that the family had been forced to choose between her life and Reed's life while she had been sick. Victor visited Hope on her deathbed. After much reflection, Hope felt it was time to tell Victor Jr., who was called Vic, that Victor was his biological father. Vic was shocked and hurt by the truth, and he refused to accept Victor as his father. Rock legend Pat Benatar and her husband, Spider, arrived in Genoa City after Neil hired them to help Karen with her stage fright.
February 18 to 22, 2008
On her deathbed, Hope begged Vic to accept Victor as his father. After Hope died, Victor offered Vic a job at Newman Enterprises. At first, Vic refused, but he changed his mind and moved to Genoa City. Vic asked to be called by his middle name, Adam, and he claimed that his move to Newman was due to business ambitions, not personal feelings. J.T. also started working at Newman as head of security. Victor offered to sell J.T. and Victoria the ranch house that Nick and Sharon had once lived in, and they accepted. Nick moved forward with his creative business venture by purchasing a warehouse for the magazine's offices. Nick, Phyllis, Jack, and Sharon decided on a name for the magazine -- Restless Style. However, they faced a setback when Victor refused to advertise any Newman products in the magazine. Brad finalized his move from Newman to Jabot. David and Phyllis warned Nikki to be cautious of Brad, but Nikki insisted that she trusted him. Unbeknownst to Gloria and Kevin, Jeffrey discovered their plan to frame him for murder. Jeffrey replaced Gloria's poison with water, so when she went to the hospital, no toxins were found in her system. Jeffrey then confronted Gloria, and they declared war on each other. Meanwhile, Jack and Sharon were growing tired of their undesirable roommates, so Jack made Jeffrey a generous offer to buy the mansion. Jeffrey wanted to take the offer, but Gloria resisted. Heather was distraught when she could not prosecute Jack in the Ji Min murder case due to lack of evidence. Heather's spirits were soon lifted when Daniel took her out on a dinner date. Amber was disappointed to see Daniel's growing interest in Heather, but she found distraction in assisting Katherine with her memoir-writing.
February 25 to 29, 2008
At Newman Enterprises, Victor wanted Adam and Victoria to work on the Beauty by Nature campaign together because of its poor sales. At first, Victoria was hesitant to work with Adam, but J.T. urged her to give Adam a chance. Nick gave Adam a cold reception. Restless Style had numerous difficulties getting off the ground. Nick had to take out multiple loans from his trust fund to supply his half of the start-up capital. Jack and Sharon went to Los Angeles to meet with Eric Forrester. Eric rejected their business proposal after Victor advised him not to advertise with the magazine. Still, the magazine moved forward as Daniel was hired as an assistant, and Amber joined the venture as a receptionist. At Jabot, Chloe continued to sternly critique Lily's modeling skills. Chloe had criticism for Cane, as well, when she scolded him for dating one of the models. At the Abbott mansion, Gloria was horrified to discover that Jeffrey had loosened the handrail on the stairs. Jeffrey used the scare tactic to pressure Gloria into consummating their marriage. Gloria and Kevin fought back by arranging for Jeffrey's Korean girlfriend to visit Genoa City. David and Nikki's relationship was strained when he finally admitted to his gambling addiction and related debt. Reed had a staph infection, which worried Victoria and J.T. However, Victoria's spirits were lifted when her friend from Europe, Sabrina, made a surprise visit.
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MARCH 2008
March 3 to 7, 2008
however, their sibling rivalry grew fiercely competitive as they worked together. Nick resolved to make his magazine work, and he continued to pump his own money into the project. As Nick attempted to welcome Adam into the family, Adam shamelessly flirted with Phyllis. Jack and Sharon hid a camera in their living room. Jack made another generous offer to buy Jeffrey and Gloria out of the house. Jeffrey affirmed that he would make Gloria sell the house, even if he had to trick her into it. Jeffrey then claimed that he wanted a divorce and told Gloria that he would send her the papers. Nikki wavered on whether or not she could trust David after she discovered his gambling debt. She decided to stay with David, and she paid off his debt, but she postponed their wedding. Daniel helped Amber move into Phyllis' penthouse, and he became irate when he found a huge stash of cash in her possession. Amber admitted that she'd stolen Plum's money, but she persuaded Daniel to keep her secret by seducing him.
March 10 to 14, 2008
Restless Style hit a bump in the road when the bank turned down Nick's loan application. Nick accused Victor of sabotaging the magazine. Phyllis met with Patrick, the party planner for Restless Style's launch party. Patrick urged Phyllis to have a celebrity at the party, so Phyllis hesitantly said that she would ask Danny Romalotti. Adam had dinner with Nick, Phyllis, Victoria, J.T., Nikki, and David. After the dinner, Adam told Phyllis that he did not care if the Newmans liked him. Jeffrey's blackmail finally worked as Gloria claimed that she would give their marriage a go. Meanwhile, Jack, Sharon, and Jeffrey joined forces and devised an elaborate plan to have Gloria sell the mansion by making her think that John was haunting it. Amber and Daniel continued to fight over Plum's stolen money as Daniel informed Kevin that Amber had secretly kept it. Kevin was adamant that they destroy the money, but Amber refused. Daniel and Amber decided to start a clothing line, and Katherine agreed to invest in it. At Jabot, Jill worried that Nikki might not be a good CEO; however, Katherine was pleased with Nikki's performance. Lily and Cane both made plans to move out of their parents' homes.
March 17 to 21, 2008
The Restless Style launch party was a big hit. At the event, Felicia Forrester announced that Forrester Creations would work with the magazine. Danny performed his new single and also mended his relationship with Daniel. Nick and Phyllis enthusiastically mingled with guests until Victor arrived with Sabrina on his arm. Nick accused Victor of being unsupportive, but Victor claimed that he wished Nick great success. Chloe had Lily working very hard at the gala. As a result, Lily did not eat, and she fainted in front of Devon. During the party, J.T. found out that someone had hacked into the Newman computer system. Victoria accused Adam, but J.T. discovered that Brad had been behind it. Meanwhile, Brad took the stolen Newman information to Nikki and David, but David refused to use it. Brad, knowing that David had a gambling addiction, maliciously invited David over to his house for a poker game. Sharon, Jack, and Jeffrey's plan of scaring Gloria with John's ghost was working, until Alistair got drunk and developed a crush on Gloria. Alistair attempted to meet Gloria, but Gloria, Lauren, and Michael spotted him. Michael accused Jack of hiring an impersonator and threatened him with a lawsuit. Katherine continued to write her memoirs, even though Jill was adamantly against it. The writing process made Katherine admit to Jill that she had suffered a minor stroke and that she was considering returning to work.
March 24 to 28, 2008
Most of Genoa City and the fashion world were excited to attend the gala, except for Victor, who threw his invitation in the garbage. Jack, Sharon, and Jeffrey continued with their plan to trick Gloria into thinking that John's ghost was haunting her. First, they left out John's beloved book of poetry, which had supposedly been buried with him. Then they planted one of John's old coats in the living room. Finally, Jack and Sharon hired Alistair Wallingford, an actor that looked exactly like John, to portray John's ghost. Meanwhile, Gloria was falling for the scheme, and Michael could tell that something was awry. Michael and Lauren manufactured a huge fight so that Lauren had an excuse to live in the mansion in order to spy on Gloria. Kevin demanded that Amber and Daniel burn the stolen money, and they complied. Daniel and Amber even videotaped the burning so Kevin would have evidence that they had done it. Amber was depressed over the expensive bonfire, but she was cheered up when Katherine gave her a hefty check to start her new clothing line. Daniel was unpleasantly surprised to see that Danny was in town, and he wanted nothing to do with his father. Paul secretly tried to assuage Heather's career woes when he asked Nikki to hire his daughter at Jabot. Nikki interviewed Heather and seemed impressed with the young lawyer.
March 31 to April 4, 2008
Jack and Sharon finally admitted to the Fisher clan that they had hired Alistair to portray John's ghost. Michael was enraged, and he threatened to sue the Abbotts. A frustrated Jack decided to focus on his family, and he gave the mansion to Gloria. Gloria admitted that she was falling in love with Jeffrey. Meanwhile, Katherine, and Jill discovered Alistair. The two women were intrigued by Alistair's instant love for Gloria, and they decided to hire him to find out the truth behind Gloria and Jeffrey's marriage. At Newman Enterprises, Adam and Victor bonded over a heart-to-heart talk on Hope's birthday. Victor promised that Adam had not been the reason behind Victor and Hope's split. Victoria butted heads with Adam and asked J.T. to run a background check on the newest Newman. Adam also unnerved Phyllis, who suspected that he had a crush on her. Sabrina invited Victor to an art show in Los Angeles. During their excursion, they shared a passionate kiss. David secretly indulged his gambling addiction by playing poker with Brad. At Jabot, Jill continued to doubt Nikki's competency as CEO. Despite Cane's disapproval, Chloe relentlessly worked Lily to the point of exhaustion.
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APRIL 2008
April 7 to 11, 2008
Neil and Karen officially moved in together. Lily discovered that she was pregnant. Lily was conflicted over the news, and her situation became even more complex after Forrester Creations offered her a modeling job. Nick confronted Adam about flirting with Phyllis and demanded that his half-brother conduct business with him, not his wife. Adam and Victoria continued to butt heads, so Victor removed a furious Victoria from the Beauty of Nature campaign. Victor and Sabrina made love. Victor offered Sabrina a position as his personal art consultant, and she accepted. The Fisher clan and the Abbott family continued to feud as Michael filed a lawsuit against Jack for two million dollars. Jack immediately filed a countersuit. Meanwhile, Jeffrey's Korean girlfriend arrived in town to win him back. The girlfriend locked Gloria in the wine cellar and told Jeffrey that Gloria had left him. The girlfriend then tried to seduce Jeffrey, but Alastair saved Gloria, and Gloria walked in on the ex-lovers kissing. Gloria kicked Jeffrey out of the house, but she realized that her feelings for him were growing stronger. Brad had a bookie call David to entice David to gamble. David took the bait and placed a bet.
April 14 to 18, 2008
Lily made a decision to have her baby, so Lily and Cane told their friends and family that Lily was pregnant. Neil wanted Lily to move back home, and he offered to help raise the baby. Jill and Katherine invited Lily and Cane to move into the Chancellor estate. Meanwhile, Cane proposed to Lily. Lily felt overwhelmed by all of her options. Gloria tried to make amends with her family by returning the Abbott mansion to Jack. Gloria proceeded to ask Michael and Kevin if she could live with them, but both sons refused her request. Jack and Sharon happily moved back into the mansion, but Jack felt that John's presence was no longer there. Victoria found out that her best friend, Sabrina, was dating Victor. Victoria was appalled by the news and felt betrayed. Nick discovered that Victor owned the mortgage for the Restless Style building.
April 21 to 25, 2008
Victor and Sabrina's feelings grew stronger, and they admitted that they were in love. Victoria continued to harbor resentment towards Sabrina, so she recanted her offer for Sabrina to be Reed's godmother. Felicia Forrester arrived in town for business and flirted with Nick every opportunity she had. Michael dropped his lawsuit against Jack because he did not want to follow in Gloria's footsteps. Jack was distraught because his father's ghost was no longer visiting him. Gloria and Jeffrey decided to get a divorce, but they finally gave in to their desire and made love. Jana taught Gloria about karma, so Gloria did charity work and even made plans to adopt a baby. Jill was furious over a change that Nikki and David had instated at Jabot. Karen moved out of Neil's apartment because she did not want be a surrogate grandma to Lily's baby. Lily turned down Cane's marriage proposal because she felt that he had only proposed due to the pregnancy. Amber and Daniel went out on an official date.
April 28 to May 2, 2008
Reed was christened, but Victoria, J.T., and Nikki were outraged when they saw that Victor had invited Sabrina as his guest to the event. During her first ultrasound, Lily found out that she had lost her baby. David played in a secret poker game at Brad's house. Nikki admitted to Paul that she was worried that David was gambling again, and Paul began to investigate David. Adam's ex-girlfriend, Skye, arrived in town. Skye was an avid poker player, but she pretended to be a novice in order to receive an invitation into Brad's game. Jill decided to micromanage Nikki at Jabot until she could trust Nikki's judgment. Sharon and Phyllis strongly disagreed on the creative direction of Restless Style. Phyllis and Nick celebrated their one-year anniversary with a private concert from Trace Adkins. Gloria and Jeffrey's relationship deteriorated, and Jeffrey filed for divorce and moved in with Jill.
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MAY 2008
May 5 to 9, 2008
Colleen realized that Adrian's book would be detrimental to her family, so she secretly gave Brad an advance copy of the book. Brad hired Michael to stop the book's release, which infuriated Adrian. Victoria, frustrated with Victor and Adam, quit her job at Newman and started working at Jabot. Jack felt that Restless Style needed a professional's expertise, so he hired a famous fashion editor to consult for the magazine. Sabrina hired Jana to be her assistant at Victor's new art museum. David fell more into debt as Brad coaxed him to play poker again. Meanwhile, romance was bountiful in Genoa City. Victor proposed to Sabrina. Daniel and Amber moved in together. Nikki and David set a wedding date. Lily and Cane decided to reconnect and continue to date after grieving the loss of their baby.
May 12 to 16, 2008
Sabrina accepted Victor's marriage proposal, which disturbed the Newman siblings. David and Nikki went to Mexico and eloped. Gloria gave away half of her fortune to charity. Jeffrey demanded a divorce from Gloria as well as the remainder of her assets. Gloria drowned her sorrows in a drunken affair with Alistair. Tensions rose between Nick, Phyllis, Sharon, and Jack as Restless Style was about to launch; however, the magazine was well received on its first day in circulation. Adrian learned that his book deal had been rebuked permanently. Colleen announced that she was moving to Shanghai. Cane asked Lily to move in with him, but she refused because she wanted to take things slowly. An intoxicated Chloe kissed Cane. Karen left Genoa City for a job in New York.
May 19 to 23, 2008
J.T. and Paul investigated David's past by contacting David's ex-wife, Elizabeth. Brad blackmailed David with his gambling debt in order to get ahead at Jabot. Gloria regretted her tryst with Alistair after her family walked in on them in bed. Jill rehired Alistair to spy on Gloria after she learned of their affair. After donating half of her fortune to charity, Gloria wanted to sell her secret diamond stash to replenish her bank account. A modeling agency made an offer to represent Lily. Adam acquired a new company, Natural Glow; however, Neil discovered that the company had a pending lawsuit with Jabot. Victor was furious over Adam's blunder. Danny offered Daniel a job on his music tour. Amber and Daniel admitted that they loved each other. Sharon mourned Cassie on the anniversary of her death, while Nick became frustrated because he could not recall the day that Cassie had died. Nick got into a car accident.
May 26 to 30, 2008
Jack consoled Noah on the anniversary of Cassie's death, and he took the boy to the cemetery. Nick regained his memory after he had been in a car accident. Nick told Sharon that he remembered Cassie's death, and they went to the cemetery together. Jill fired Gloria from Jabot after Gloria handed in a subpar business proposal. Jeffrey took all of Gloria's money in their divorce settlement. Michael reluctantly allowed Gloria to stay in his home until she got back on her feet. Daniel left town to go on tour with his father, leaving Amber distraught. On the anniversary of Phillip's death, Jill and Katherine fought, infuriating Cane. Jill demanded that Nikki settle the lawsuit between Jabot and Newman Enterprises, but Nikki refused. Victor also refused to settle. Adam and Heather were wildly attracted to each other and started sleeping together, despite their conflict of interest in the Jabot vs. Newman lawsuit. David continued to gamble and hid it from Nikki. Paul spoke with numerous women from David's past who claimed that David was a murderer.
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JUNE 2008
June 2 to 6, 2008
The lawsuit between Jabot and Newman Enterprises was presented to a judge to determine if it needed to go to trial. Heather and Nikki felt confident that they would win; meanwhile, Victor worried that he would lose, and he blamed Adam and Michael. Paul became even more suspicious of David when he saw David and Walter, a loan shark, hanging out. In a fit of jealousy, Gloria spiked Jeffrey's coffee with hot sauce, not knowing that he was allergic. Gloria assumed that Jeffrey had told Jill about the tainted face cream in order to get revenge, even though he had not divulged the secret. Gloria informed Michael that she wished to confess her crime before Jeffrey or Jill went to the police. Jack realized that Gloria had donated all of her money to charity, including payments to Cassie's Foundation and the Abbotts' charitable organizations, so he invited her to live in his pool house. Sabrina asked Victoria to be her maid of honor, but Victoria coldly rejected the request. Victor asked Adam, not Nick, to be his best man. Jack and Nick had a power struggle at Restless Style because Jack wanted to run a story on Sabrina, but Nick did not. Lily decided that she wanted to focus on school instead of modeling.
June 9 to 13, 2008
David informed Nikki that his first two wives had died and that Paul had accused him of murdering them. Although Nikki was shaken up by the news, she believed in David's innocence and asked Paul to stop his investigation. After Michael convinced Gloria not to confess to tainting the face cream, she tried to get her life back on track with a new job at Lauren's boutique. Katy Perry visited Genoa City to be on the cover of Restless Style, and Nick and Jack fought over the creative direction of the magazine. Devon worried that Chloe was trying to steal Cane from Lily, but when he confronted her, Chloe kissed him to deflect suspicion. Devon and Lily noticed that Neil was lonely, so they encouraged him to pursue Karen. Victor and Adam mended their relationship after Newman won the lawsuit against Jabot. Victor's relationship with Nick and Victoria remained strained, and Victor declined an invitation to spend Father's Day with them. Sabrina surprised Victor by revealing that she was pregnant. Michael began reading his grandmother's diary to find out more about his father, and he asked Gloria for more information. Gloria admitted that she and his father had never been married and that Michael's father had moved to Canada to dodge the Vietnam War.
June 16 to 20, 2008
Victor and Sabrina made plans for their upcoming wedding. Sabrina asked Jana to be her maid of honor. Sabrina and Adam bonded over being the newest additions to the Newman family. Victoria wavered as to whether or not she would attend the wedding. Both Nikki and Nick advised Victoria that she should go. Adam asked Heather if she would be willing to take their relationship public and be his date for the wedding. Heather accepted. Sabrina's estranged mother, Zara, arrived in Genoa City. Ashley and Abby returned to town to visit. Ashley was shocked to see that Jack had invited Gloria to live in the pool house. Gloria accidentally started a fire in Lauren's boutique when she left an iron on. Lauren fired Gloria, so Gloria begged Katherine to rehire her at Jabot. Katherine convinced Jill to hire Gloria as a receptionist. Cane informed Lily that Chloe had kissed him. Lily kicked Chloe out of her house. Neil proposed to Karen. Karen refused the marriage proposal, but she agreed to move back to Wisconsin so they could work on their relationship. Brad was happy because Colleen returned home from China after she'd broken up with Adrian.
June 23 to 27, 2008
Sabrina and Victor got married. Zara started trouble for the Newmans when she tried to sell pictures of the wedding to the tabloids. Victoria and Adam worked together to thwart Zara's schemes. Adam and Heather went public with their relationship at the wedding, and their coworkers at Jabot and Newman Enterprises disapproved. At Restless Style, Sharon brainstormed an idea to have an avatar based on Amber for the webzine, but Phyllis was reluctant to work with Sharon and Amber on the project. Michael found out that his biological father was wanted for murder. Cane, Devon, and Colleen threw a surprise party for Lily's 21st birthday and did not invite Chloe, but Chloe showed up anyway. David asked for a divorce from Nikki, but he quickly changed his mind. David admitted that he was gambling and promised to stop; however, he made plans to meet his loan shark in Las Vegas. Jeffrey asked Gloria to marry him "for his money," and she gladly accepted.
June 30 to July 4, 2008
Little Richard performed a wedding for Gloria and Jeffrey in Las Vegas. Gloria and Jeffrey ran into David, who was losing big at the casino. Gloria returned to Genoa City and divulged to Nikki that she had seen David gambling. Walter told David that he could pay off his debt another way, and David flashed back to killing Ji Min. David returned home and stated that he wanted a divorce, for Nikki's sake. Chloe manipulated Jill into making Lily the only Fresh Face of Jabot and having Cane supervise the campaign. Devon's long-lost aunt, Tyra, arrived in town with her daughter, Ana. At first, Tyra lied that she had a job, but soon she admitted that she had lost her job and needed help. Neil reluctantly invited Tyra and Ana to stay at his apartment. Phyllis made sure that Amber saw a picture of Daniel with a girl in Europe. Amber was hurt by the photo, and she drowned her sorrows in liquor and a hook-up with Adrian. Sabrina and Nikki were supposed to cochair a charity event, but Nikki backed out, so Victoria took her place. Heather explained to Adam that she had tried to convict Victor of murder. Victor was furious with Adam when he invited Heather to their Fourth of July party. Heather enlisted Paul to help her start a private investigation of Ji Min's murder.
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JULY 2008
July 7 to 11, 2008
Gloria wanted to regain an executive position at Jabot, so Jeffrey suggested that they buy stock in Chancellor Industries. Skye returned to Genoa City for another one of Brad's poker games. Once again, David lost all of his money to Skye. Nick and Jack began feuding over the stylistic direction of Restless Style. They bickered over a cover model, but they eventually agreed on Victoria. Jack changed the content in Adrian's article on Sabrina to sling dirt about Sabrina's relationship with Philippe, an artist that she had dated before marrying Victor. Philippe arrived in town and ran into Victoria and Sabrina. Victoria told Victor about Philippe, and Sabrina and Victoria fought. Daniel and Kevin returned home from Europe. Amber confessed that she had seen the picture of Daniel with a groupie on Phyllis' computer and that she had cheated on him. Daniel was furious with both Amber and Phyllis. Chloe discovered that she was pregnant, so she hatched a dubious plan to break up Lily and Cane. Chloe got Cane drunk and pretended that they'd had sex, and then she told Lily. Neil hired Tyra to work at Indigo.
July 14 to 18, 2008
Gloria and Jeffrey asked Michael to set up a dummy corporation for them, so they could secretly buy Jabot stock. In return, Michael asked Jeffrey to give him the tainted face cream that could prove Gloria was guilty. Jeffrey agreed, but realized that his ex-girlfriend had stolen the cream. Chloe decided to stay in Genoa City, even though no one wanted her there, and she got a job at Restless Style as a stylist. Jack altered Adrian's article on Sabrina to make it seem like she cheated on Victor with her ex-lover, Philippe. Sales skyrocketed for the magazine, but Nick was disgusted with Jack. Nick and Jack each planned to take over the magazine for himself. Meanwhile, Victor vowed to end the magazine. Victor's fury spread as he told Adam to leak David's gambling problem to the media. Victor also took Victoria and Nick out of his will. Jill was frustrated that Katherine continued to meddle in Jabot business, so she enlisted Brad to help her take Katherine down. Jana became convinced that she and Kevin were headed for disaster after an encounter with a Ouija board. Karen grew jealous of Tyra and Ana's living arrangement with Neil.
July 21 to 25, 2008
Cane asked Lily to move in with him after he bought a house. Cane then asked for Neil's permission to propose to Lily, and Neil gave his blessing. Just as Cane was about to pop the question, Chloe interrupted and announced that she was pregnant with Cane's baby. Lily refused to believe the lie. Victoria and Sabrina agreed to let Ana sing at the charity gala they were co-hosting. Ana was nervous about performing at such a big event, so she asked Devon to sing with her. Jeffrey still had the tainted face cream, even though he had claimed that his ex-girlfriend had stolen it. Amber and Daniel separately called in to the radio show Lovelines to vent about their dysfunctional relationship. Jack admitted to Sabrina that he had rewritten the article about her. Philippe told Victor that he had spoken with Jack, not Nick, about the article. Jill and Brad planned to use David's gambling problem as a way to gain complete control over Jabot and Chancellor Industries. J.T. and Paul uncovered that David and Walter had ties with the mob in New Jersey. They also discovered that David's real name was Angelo. Paul informed Nikki and Victor of David's shady past. Meanwhile, David planned to murder Nikki. After David put poison into Nikki's drink, he left the gala. As he went to his limousine, Sabrina asked for a ride home. They both got into the car, not knowing that the chauffeur was about to crash the car on purpose. Paul realized that David had killed Ji Min, and he feared that Nikki would be David's next victim. J.T. found Nikki and made sure that she was safe.
July 28 to August 1, 2008
David and Sabrina's car accident was fatal. David died at the scene of the crash. Meanwhile, Sabrina lost her baby, and the doctor warned that she did not have much time left. Nick and Victoria felt terrible about Sabrina's accident, especially once they learned that she had been pregnant. Victoria and Sabrina reconciled in the hospital. Nick swallowed his pride and stayed by Victor's side to console him. Sabrina died. Jack bought photos of the car accident from the paparazzi, so no one could publish the distasteful pictures. Nikki resigned from Jabot, and Jill announced that she was the CEO, which upset Brad. Daniel and Amber made love, but they decided to remain friends instead of becoming a romantic couple. Heather informed Jill that David had killed Ji Min. Heather regained her old job as the assistant D.A., since she had solved the Ji Min murder case. Adam decided to use his birth name and to call himself a Newman.
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August 4 to 8, 2008
Colleen asked Daniel out on a date when she saw Amber and Adrian hugging. Lily demanded that Chloe get a DNA test done to prove that Cane was her baby's father. Cane proposed to Lily, and she said yes. Michael discovered that his father, Lowell, had stolen another man's identity and was living under the alias "Richard." Adam's fears were confirmed when Skye was found gruesomely murdered by David. Victor was distraught over Sabrina's death and lashed out at his family. Everyone arrived at Sabrina's funeral, but they were shocked to learn that Victor had held a private burial at which he was the only attendee. Victor then left town and did not tell anyone where he had gone. Jack thought that Restless Style could benefit from the drama David had caused, and he decided to write an article about it, which infuriated Nick and Nikki. Brad wanted revenge on Jill when he realized that she was going to appoint Cane as CEO of Jabot, so Brad went to Jack and Sharon to give them dirt on Jill for an exposť in their magazine.
August 11 to 15, 2008
Adam and Nick fought over how to handle Victor's disappearance. Adam held a press conference, which made it seem like he was at the helm of Newman Enterprises. Nick offered a large reward for news on Victor's whereabouts. Adam informed Nikki that Brad and Jill had known about David's gambling problem for a long time and had used it to their advantage. Victoria resigned from Jabot, and the Newman board appointed her to be the interim CEO in Victor's absence. Victor went to Mexico to mourn Sabrina and to find Walter, David's mob associate. The DNA results from Chloe's test stated that Cane could possibly be the father of her child. Cane and Lily broke up, and Cane proposed to Chloe. Jana and Kevin were to be married by a guru in an unusual ceremony, but Gloria was shocked to see that the guru was Michael's biological father. Gloria and Jeffrey asked Jack to join forces with them and plan a hostile takeover of Jabot.
August 18 to 22, 2008
Kevin and Jana got married. Amber saw Daniel and Colleen having sex. Victoria and Nick continued to feud with Adam. Victoria evicted Adam from the Newman ranch and undermined him at work. Heather fainted. Chloe moved in with Cane as Jill planned a grand engagement party for them in order to avoid bad publicity for Jabot. Tyra admitted that Yolanda was really Ana's mother. When Ana discovered the truth about her mother, she turned to Devon and Lily for comfort. Nick was alarmed to find a 15-year-old Noah hanging out with some friends who were partaking in underage drinking. Nikki and Paul found out that Victor was in Mexico, so they went there to find him. Nikki was horrified to learn that Victor had taken Walter out on a fishing boat in a bad storm, and the boat had sunk.
August 25 to 29, 2008
Victor was pronounced dead by the Mexican police after his fishing boat washed ashore in pieces. Nikki was distraught and started drinking again. Adam inherited Newman Enterprises and made himself chairman of the board. Adam fired Victoria and Neil and hired Brad as Newman's CEO. Cane and Chloe eloped. Cane asked Lily to wait for him, but she felt that his place was with Chloe. Phyllis printed a nasty exposť on Jack and Sharon in Restless Style, making tensions at the magazine even worse. Ana left for boarding school in New Hampshire. Heather spent a night in the hospital due to an unknown illness.
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September 1 to 5, 2008
Chloe went to the Chancellor mansion with Cane, and Esther recognized Chloe as her daughter, Kate. Esther was elated to be reunited with her daughter, but Cane and Jill were irate over Chloe's deceit. Nikki discovered that Victor was alive and well in Mexico. Nikki feared that Victor had killed Walter. Victor returned to Genoa City and was disturbed to learn that Adam had fired Neil and Victoria. Victor proceeded to reinstate Neil, and then he fired Adam and kicked him out of the Newman ranch. Noah asked to attend public school instead of private school, and Sharon and Nick hesitantly agreed to their son's request. The feud between Nick and Jack at Restless Style grew stronger when Jack planned to write an exposť on Victor, Adam, and Newman Enterprises.
September 8 to 12, 2008
Victor returned to Genoa City and issued a public statement asking everyone, including his friends and family, to leave him alone. Victoria accepted an executive position at Newman. Nick bought Restless Style from Jack after Victor gave Nick an unlimited line of credit. Jack and Adam decided to join forces to get revenge on Victor. The SEC began an investigation of Jill and her involvement with David. In an attempt to save herself, Jill gave the FBI proof that Brad had secretly covered David's gambling debts. Consequently, Brad was arrested. Amber asked Daniel if he would take her back, and he kissed her. Colleen was determined to make Daniel her boyfriend, regardless of his feelings for Amber. Chloe moved into the Chancellor mansion because she was upset over Cane's undying devotion to Lily. Chloe tried to make Cane jealous by dating another man. River arrived in town to visit his son, Michael. Gloria and Jeffrey tried to rally Jack to help them take over Jabot.
September 15 to 19, 2008
Daniel was annoyed with Amber because he thought she'd created a fake boyfriend, Liam, to make him jealous. Daniel took Colleen as his date to his art show at a gallery in New York. Daniel was shocked to see Amber show up with Liam, who was really Billy Abbott. Nick and Phyllis were very understaffed at Restless Style, so they hired Nikki as their interim editor-in-chief. Sharon wrote a heartfelt letter to Nick, but Jack found it and showed it to Phyllis. Both Jack and Phyllis worried that Sharon still had feelings for Nick. Sharon admitted to Jack that Victor had lent Nick money to buy Restless Style because of her. Jack and Adam planned a trip Mexico to find out the real reason Victor had gone there. Brad was arrested for his involvement with David, and he swore that he would get revenge on Jill for ratting him out. Cane and Chloe made a decision to remain married, even though Cane was still in love with Lily. Jeffrey was enraged when Lowell and Gloria got drunk and reminisced about the history they shared. The FBI searched Michael's home because they suspected he was harboring a fugitive -- Lowell. Michael warned his father that the authorities were looking for him.
September 22 to 26, 2008
Victor collapsed and was rushed to the hospital for dehydration and malnutrition after he'd had hallucinations of Sabrina. Nick and Victoria wanted to have Victor committed for psychiatric treatment, but Victor sneaked out of the hospital before he could be taken away. Jack and Adam went to Mexico, where they found a notebook Victor had written in and a picture of Walter. Jack and Adam were determined to get revenge on Victor. Heather was diagnosed with mononucleosis. Chloe paid an ultrasound technician at the hospital to alter her baby's due date. Colleen asked Billy to keep Amber preoccupied so Amber would stay away from Daniel. Lowell was arrested by the FBI after Jeffrey turned him in. After Lowell was behind bars, he told Michael about Michael's younger sister, Eden. Michael decided to help Lowell by taking on his case and becoming Eden's legal guardian.
September 29 to October 3, 2008
Eden and Noah went to a party with alcohol and no adult supervision. Nick and Sharon were very upset, and they grounded Noah. Michael and Lauren tried to punish Eden, but Eden refused to follow their rules. Victor mysteriously left town again. Adam and Jack planned to forge Victor's diary to make it seem like Victor had gone crazy; however, Adam had second thoughts and decided not to seek revenge on Victor. Jack asked Ashley, Traci, and Billy to give him their Jabot proxies, so the Abbotts could regain their family's company. Traci and Billy agreed, but Ashley refused to help Jack until he divulged his entire plan for the takeover. Billy was annoyed that Jill had appointed his brother, Cane, as CEO of Jabot. As a result, Billy moved back to Genoa City to be Jack's inside man at Jabot. When Billy met Chloe, it was apparent that the two had shared a sordid past, so Chloe made Billy pretend that he did not know her. Lily quit her job as the Fresh Face of Jabot. Cane hired Colleen for the position, against Jill's wishes. Gloria witnessed Katherine having a "senior moment" and planned to use the incident to gain Katherine's Jabot stock. Karen moved back into Neil's home.
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October 6 to 10, 2008
Phyllis secretly wrote an editor's note in Restless Style that slandered Sharon and Jack, and Nick and Nikki were upset. Newman Enterprises' sales were in a slump because of Victor's disappearance, so Neil and Victoria begged Nick to return. Nick agreed to resume work at Newman, and he asked Phyllis and Nikki to run the magazine in his absence. Nick rehired Sharon as the spokesperson for Beauty of Nature. Adam could not find a job, so he decided to team up with Jack again to forge Victor's diary. Heather was determined to find out if Victor had committed murder after she discovered that Walter had been on the fishing boat with Victor in Mexico. Gloria involved Kevin in her plan to swindle Jabot stock from Katherine. Michael found a witness to prove Lowell's innocence at Lowell's murder trial. However, Lowell got antsy in prison and, with Eden's help, enacted an escape plan. Billy confronted Chloe about who her baby's father was. Chloe refused to admit that Billy was really the father, not Cane. Cane and Lily were stuck in an elevator together, and they kissed.
October 13 to 17, 2008
Jack and Adam moved forward with their plan to forge Victor's diary. Jack dictated an entry that made Victor look guilty of Walter's murder. Katherine fell off the wagon and had a drink. Jill worried about her mother's "senior moments." Daniel admitted on Loveline that he was still in love with Amber, and Daniel and Amber reunited. With the help of Paul and J.T., Nikki tricked the Feds into thinking that Victor was hiding in Brazil. Michael found Lowell after Lowell escaped. Michael convinced his father to turn himself in, because Michael could prove his innocence. Tyra and Ana returned to Genoa City. Lily tried online dating and unknowingly began to talk with Billy, who was using the alias "Sonny Crawford."
October 20 to 24, 2008
Lowell and Gloria admitted to Michael the true story behind Lowell's arrest. Gloria had been with Lowell on the day that the bomb had gone off, but she had never told the cops that he was innocent. Eden and Noah both signed up for a school field trip to France. Billy informed Chloe that he was romantically interested in Lily. Jill was very concerned about Katherine's health after she stopped Katherine from signing over her Jabot stock to Gloria. Amber and Daniel moved into a humble apartment together. Phyllis was upset over Amber and Daniel's reunion. Olivia Winters returned to Genoa City. Olivia was surprised to see that Neil was dating Karen, who had been a patient of hers in New York. Jack and Adam gave a publisher Victor's forged diary, which made Victor look guilty of murdering Walter. Nick discovered that the police had bugged all of the Newman homes. Nick and Nikki enacted a plan to trick the authorities into thinking that Victor was in Buenos Aires. Nikki received word that Victor's chateau in France had burned down.
October 27 to 31, 2008
Karen explained to Neil that her mother had died of ovarian cancer, so Karen had had a hysterectomy to make sure that she would not get sick. Billy hosted a Halloween party in an attempt to attract Lily, but his plan failed when she left the party early due to a run-in with Cane. A publisher was very interested in Katherine's manuscript of her memoirs, which worried Jill. Marge, Katherine's look-alike, returned to Genoa City. Marge was struggling with her addiction to alcohol, so Katherine offered to help. Eden kissed Noah. The charges against Brad in the Jabot stock tampering case were dropped. On Halloween, Sabrina's ghost haunted Victoria. Victor spent time with a priest at a church in France. The priest feared for Victor's welfare, so he called Nick to let him know where Victor was. Nikki felt that Ashley might be the only person capable of helping Victor, so she went to visit Ashley in London. Jack set it up to appear that Adam had been fully responsible for the forgery of Victor's diary. Heather received a copy of Victor's forged diary and thought it was authentic. She issued an international warrant for Victor's arrest.
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November 3 to 7, 2008
Ashley promised Nikki that she would try to find Victor, and she searched all over France until she found him. Adam proposed to Heather, and she said yes. Adam was nervous because the Feds wanted to question him about Victor's diary. Sharon was furious when she discovered that Jack had been involved in publishing Victor's diary. Neil still wanted to be with Karen even though she could not have kids. Ana wished that Tyra and Neil would get married, so they could be a "real family." Jill warned Katherine that she had to see a doctor, or Katherine would be voted out of Chancellor Industries. Katherine skipped out of her doctor's appointment so she could help Marge quit drinking. Katherine and Marge got into a car accident as they drove to rehab. Kevin found Katherine's purse, which contained thousands of dollars in cash. Michael discovered that Gloria had testified against Lowell under the alias of "Tanya." "
November 10 to 14, 2008
Neil and Karen got engaged. Ashley helped Victor overcome his depression, and they made love. Nick and Sharon shared a kiss in Paris, while Phyllis secretly watched. Noah got into a fight and was arrested after he and Eden left their school group to tour Paris on their own. Jill and Nikki found Kay's car demolished in a river. Jill and Nikki saw Marge's dead body and assumed that it was Kay; however, Kay was still alive, and she floated down the river. Jill felt guilty about mistreating Kay before her death. Kay's lawyer informed Jill that Kay had made recent changes to her will, which made Jill nervous. Everyone in Genoa City mourned Kay's death at her funeral, even Victor, who returned to honor his old friend. Marge's ghost was at the funeral and realized that everyone thought Kay was dead, so she vowed to help Kay return to her life.
November 17 to 21, 2008
Murphy found Katherine and assumed that she was Marge. Katherine couldn't remember who she was, and Murphy promised to take care of her. Katherine's will was read. Esther received half of Katherine's estate, and Amber inherited a sizable trust and sole rights to Katherine's memoirs. Nikki received all of Katherine's jewelry, and Katherine's grandchildren received substantial trusts. Gloria got five percent of Katherine's Jabot stock, and Jill received all of Katherine's remaining assets, including Chancellor Industries. Jill was furious over Katherine's will. Jack convinced Ashley to give him her Jabot proxy, so they could launch a takeover of Jabot, thanks to Gloria's new stock. Victor was arrested for Walter's murder. Victor vowed to crush Adam for framing him. Phyllis suspected that Jack had been Adam's partner in framing Victor for murder.
November 24 to 28, 2008
Yolanda reported Ana as a missing child, so the police took Ana away from Tyra. Olivia urged Neil not to marry Karen because she thought that Tyra was a better fit for him. Sharon gave Jack one last chance to save their marriage. Phyllis and Brad formed an alliance to ensure that Sharon would end up with Brad, not Nick, if Sharon decided to divorce Jack. Chloe announced that she was having a girl. Esther told Jill that she would no longer serve her, since Esther owned half of the house. Katherine worked at Marge's job at the diner. The Newman family discovered that Jack had been involved in the publishing of Victor's diary. Victor accused Nikki of helping Adam forge the diary, and she adamantly denied it. Nikki moved in with Paul, and they made love.
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December 1 to 5, 2008
The Abbotts and the Bardwells announced their hostile takeover of Jabot during a stockholder meeting. Jill and Cane were shocked and hurt that Billy had participated in the takeover. Ashley announced that she would be CEO of Jabot, even though Gloria and Jeffrey both wanted the job. Jack planned to use Billy as his puppet, so he could pass his agenda at the company. Billy asked his good friend, a well-known family law attorney, to represent Tyra in Ana's custody case. Lily was impressed by Billy's compassion, until she realized that he had betrayed Cane. Katherine removed her emerald ring while cleaning at the diner, and her coworker, Pearl, stole it. Nikki realized that Katherine's emerald ring was missing from the jewelry collection she had inherited, so she reported it stolen. Amber and Daniel decided to quit their jobs at Restless Style to pursue their artistic dreams, since Amber had inherited a monetary trust from Katherine. Nick, Sharon, Michael, and Lauren disallowed Noah and Eden from hanging out, but the teenagers refused to obey. Victor met Frank, the forger, in prison, and he discovered that Jack and Adam had been behind the fake diary. Phyllis secretly sent Sharon a copy of Jack's credit card statement, which had charges from an escort service and a cheap motel. Jack explained the charges by claiming that he was a sex addict. Sharon was disgusted, and she kicked Jack out of their house. Brad comforted Sharon.
December 8 to 12, 2008
As Chloe stood on a ladder and painted her nursery, Lily and Chloe fought over Cane. Chloe fell off the ladder and was rushed to the hospital. The baby was fine, but Chloe was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Billy realized that he was really the father of Chloe's baby, but he decided to let Cane raise the child, because Cane would be a better father. Sharon and Jack explained to Noah that they were breaking up. Ashley believed that Jack was behind the forged diary and vowed to keep Jack out of all Jabot business. Victor asked Adam to turn on Jack, but Adam refused. Victor told Heather about Frank's confession and Adam's involvement in the forgery. Pearl confessed to stealing Katherine's ring, and she claimed that she had wanted to get it appraised. Pearl revealed that the ring was very expensive, and Katherine began to feel like she did not belong at the diner. Phyllis admitted to Nick that she had seen him kiss Sharon in Paris. Nick promised Phyllis that he only loved her. Gloria testified on Lowell's behalf, so the judge released Lowell into Michael's custody. Jeffrey was mad at Gloria for helping Lowell, and he had her arrested for the tainted face cream.
December 15 to 19, 2008
Neil and Karen applied to be Ana's foster parents so the little girl could return home. Katherine pawned her emerald ring and gave the cash to Murphy as a Christmas present. Kevin was furious with Jana for giving Lowell the cash that Katherine had accidentally left in Crimson Lights. Michael had Heather issue a warrant for Lowell's arrest. Lowell planned to flee, but Eden found his cash and hid it at Noah's house, preventing Lowell from leaving Genoa City. Jack and Ashley visited Gloria in jail and vowed to keep her imprisoned for tampering with the Jabot face cream. Jeffrey urged Gloria to sign divorce papers, so Jabot could not take their fortune in a civil suit. Heather was determined to prosecute Adam, and she had him arrested after Paul found evidence against him in Mexico. Sharon was shocked when Nick revealed that Phyllis had witnessed their kiss in Paris. Jill asked Billy to quit his job at Jabot and work with her at Chancellor Industries. Billy refused Jill's offer because he resented her for favoring Cane.
December 22 to 26, 2008
Katherine slipped on some ice and hit her head. After the fall, she remembered that her real name was Katherine Chancellor. Billy and Jill reconciled, and he spent Christmas Eve with her. Billy revealed to Lily that he was her online love interest. Lily was glad, and she kissed Billy. Adam begged Victor for help with getting out of jail, but Victor refused. Michael got the charges against Victor dropped, and Victor was released from prison. Victor asked Ashley to move in with him, and she agreed. Victor recalled leaving Walter to die on the fishing boat in Mexico. Ana was allowed to spend Christmas with her family. Michael was depressed, and he wished that he were never born, so he envisioned what the world would have been like if he hadn't existed. Michael realized that he was important to many people, and he appreciated his life once more.
December 29, 2008 to January 2, 2009
Olivia encouraged Tyra to stop Neil and Karen from getting married. Tyra refused to carry out Olivia's wish, so Neil and Karen tied the knot. Ana was put into Neil and Karen's custody, but Tyra could only see Ana during supervised visits. Katherine broke into the Chancellor mansion to help jog her memory. Jill found Katherine and assumed that Katherine was an imposter. Katherine was arrested and put in jail with Gloria. Gloria told Katherine about her life, but with her own spin. Abby returned to Genoa City, to Victor's delight. Sharon and Noah moved out of the Abbott home. Kevin and Jana discovered that Noah and Eden had hidden their money in Noah's home. Kevin and Jana planned to break into Noah's house to retrieve the money. Victor returned to work at Newman Enterprises. Jack returned to work at Jabot. Victor teamed up with Jill to get revenge on Jack.
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