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January 1 to 5, 2018
Before leaving town, Jill appointed Billy as co-CEO of Chancellor. Cane offered J.T. a job. Cane and Lily continued to believe that the other didn't want to reunite. Phyllis and Billy pushed Lily and Cane to admit that they still loved one another. After agreeing to put their divorce on hold, Cane and Lily succumbed to a passionate kiss. Nick confronted Abby about her kiss with Scott. Nick told Sharon about the kiss, but he left Abby's name out of it. Mariah informed Sharon that Faith had also seen Scott and Abby kissing. Sharon revealed to Scott that she knew about the kiss, and he confessed to having sex with Abby in the storage locker. Sharon excoriated Scott for his betrayal. Sharon and Abby got into a catfight at the Athletic Club. During the fight, Christian disappeared on Chelsea's watch. Nick blamed Chelsea for Christian's disappearance but later regretted his harsh words. Ashley and Jack discovered that Dina had taken Christian, believing the boy was a young Jack. Jack and Ashley agreed to arbitration to avoid damaging their family by dragging things out. The Abbotts considered putting Dina into a memory care facility. Graham returned to town and threatened to take Dina away. Abby arranged a business trip to Paris to avoid working with Scott. Sharon threw Scott out and found an engagement ring among his belongings, but it didn't change her decision to end their relationship.
January 8 to 12, 2018
Mac served J.T. with divorce papers. Sharon threw a party to prove to her loved ones that she was fine after her breakup with Scott. Sharon accepted Abby's apology for sleeping with Scott. Sharon invited a homeless woman, Kathy, and her children to stay with her. Lily grappled with whether to go on an extended business trip to Paris that might risk her future with Cane. Lily and Cane got their wires crossed and missed finding one another before she left for France. With Billy's encouragement, Cane decided to go and get Lily back. Graham legally took Dina from the Abbotts, citing his medical power of attorney. The Abbotts challenged Graham in court, hoping a recently found copy of Dina's memoirs would help their case, but Graham revealed that he and Dina had gotten married in Florida months earlier. Ashley and Jack decided to put their arbitration on hold, but she declared that it was back on when Jack tried to distract her with a new lab. Graham secretly broke into the lab and swiped some toxic chemicals. Mattie spoke on Reed's behalf at his parole hearing, but the judge doled out a harsher sentence after seeing Reed's immature reaction. Mattie rejected Reed's suggestion that they try to work things out. Reed left home after hearing Victoria talk about sending him to boarding school. Nikki tracked Reed down and dragged him to the ranch, where she and Victor laid down strict ground rules. After a heated argument, Victoria and J.T. kissed passionately and began to have sex.
January 15 to 19, 2018
Inspired by Sharon's generosity toward Kathy and her family, Nikki and Nick decided to purchase Kathy's former building and fix it up for low-income renters. Victor walked in on Victoria and J.T. having sex. Victoria pushed J.T. to define their relationship, and they agreed that it might turn into something serious. Victoria invited J.T. to move in with her. After a series of misses, Cane and Lily connected in France and decided to get back together. Upon returning home, Lily struggled with accepting Sam as part of her family. Scott flew to Paris to apologize to Abby. Abby talked Victor into selling Hashtag to Scott on the condition that Scott run the magazine from another city. Hilary decided that she wanted to have a baby. Graham lied about being diabetic and tricked Ashley into handing him a syringe. Graham attempted to use the same syringe to inject Dina with the formaldehyde he'd stolen from Ashley's lab, but in an ensuing struggle, Dina injected him with the toxic substance. Paul suspected Ashley had been involved after finding her fingerprints on the syringe. After a doctor determined that Graham wouldn't recover, Dina asserted her rights as Graham's wife to take him off life support. Mariah filled a journal with personal thoughts. Determined to make his label successful, Devon pressured Tessa to write a hit song. After Tessa suffered from writer's block, she swiped Mariah's journal and used Mariah's words to write lyrics to a song. During a live television performance of Tessa's new song, Mariah angrily accused Tessa of stealing the words from Mariah's journal to write the song.
January 22 to 26, 2018
J.T. moved in with Victoria and secretly popped pills. After Nikki spotted him at the hospital, J.T. confessed to Victoria that he had a heart condition as a result of being electrocuted years earlier. Reed moved back home after his parents told him about their reunion. Mariah threatened to sue Devon for plagiarism if he released Tessa's song. After reading Mariah's journal, Devon cut Tessa from his label but agreed to keep her on as an assistant. Noah also read the journal and was stunned to learn about Mariah and Tessa's kiss. Noah ended his relationship with Tessa. Dina joined Abby in Paris. Phyllis set Hilary and Ravi up on a blind date, but Billy thwarted the coupling when he spilled that Hilary was looking to have a baby right away. Hilary visited a doctor to learn about her options to get pregnant. Devon caught Hilary looking at sperm donors on a website. Hilary sought to sell GC Buzz to ensure financial stability for herself and her child. Lily continued to struggle with accepting Sam, but she received surprising support from Hilary. Ashley and Jack butted heads in arbitration. The arbitrator ruled in Jack's favor. Jack took Michael's advice to reach out to Ashley, but Ashley announced her resignation and the end of her relationship with Jack. Ashley decided to start a new venture to compete with Jabot. Victor offered to create a new position for Ashley at Newman.
January 29 to February 2, 2018
Hilary sold GC Buzz to Hamilton-Winters. Mariah and Tessa agreed to find a way to work together. Tessa secretly slept at Hamilton-Winters after Noah kicked her out. Mariah discovered a stash of Tessa's personal belongings in Devon's office. Cane caught Lily in a lie about being overloaded at work, and they openly discussed her conflicted feelings about Sam. Cane recreated Paris in the Ashby living room and asked Lily to marry him again, and she said yes. Ashley accepted Victor's job offer and recruited Lily to be part of her team. Victoria seethed when she learned that Ashley would be overseeing Brash & Sassy. Jack and Ashley faced off over her defection to the enemy. Ashley was shocked when Nikki suggested that Ashley and Victor reunite. Phyllis gave J.T. a pep talk about his relationships with Victoria and Reed. J.T. and Reed bonded over playing the guitar. Phyllis hired J.T. to investigate a spoof site that had been selling Chelsea's designs online. Nick discovered wads of cash hidden in an air duct in the penthouse bathroom and assumed that Adam had left it there. Chelsea placed the cash inside Adam's crypt but fibbed to Nick that she'd put it in the bank. J.T. traced the bogus site to Alexandra West and discovered a bank account in Alexandra's name. Posing as Alexandra, a disguised Chelsea closed the bank account. Phyllis reeled when she saw Nikki and Arturo, Nick's contractor, heading up to a room at the Athletic Club.
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February 5 to 9, 2018
Cane reprimanded J.T. upon learning that J.T. was moonlighting for Fenmore's. J.T. quit after deciding to accept Victoria's offer to make him Newman's head of security. Ashley and Victoria clashed when Ashley made it clear that she intended to become Victor's successor at Newman. Lily worried about being caught in the crossfire between Ashley and Victoria. Cane and Lily agreed to renew their vows on Valentine's Day. J.T. implied that he'd like to remarry Victoria, but she turned down his hypothetical proposal. Traci broke down when Dina no longer recognized her. Ashley was touched when Jack offered to repeal the amendment requiring Jabot's CEO to be a blood Abbott, but she decided to stay at Newman. Mariah convinced Nick to offer Tessa an apartment in his low-income housing project. Noah lashed out over his breakup with Tessa by taking a drunken swing at Devon. Hilary anxiously waited to see if her artificial insemination had worked. Phyllis became suspicious when Chelsea objected to going public about the illegal spoof site, and she accused Chelsea of stealing from her own company. Nick's doubts about Chelsea's innocence grew when he caught her in lie after lie. Chelsea received anonymous text messages about Christian's real father. Chelsea panicked when she discovered that the money that she'd placed in Adam's crypt was gone. Chelsea turned to Victor, who presented her with the stolen cash.
February 12 to 16, 2018
J.T. and Traci commiserated on Colleen's birthday. Cane and Lily renewed their wedding vows on Valentine's Day. Billy and Phyllis had a moment of panic when they each thought the other was about to propose. Jack hired a high-profile chemist to replace Ashley. Victoria bristled when Ashley managed to snag an acquisition target that had previously turned Victoria down. Jack and Victoria conspired to make it look like Ashley was spying on Newman for Jabot. J.T. flipped out when he saw Victoria dancing with Billy, but he and Victoria later made up. Noah announced that he was leaving Genoa City to take a job at Newman in Mumbai. Hilary was disappointed when Devon informed her that he was seeing Simone. Hilary met a man that she recognized as a donor on the sperm bank site and was unnerved when the guy turned out to be a jerk. Devon found a recording of Juliet telling Hilary that Cane had never taken advantage of her. Chelsea fibbed that Jordan had been behind the fake website, and Nick declared his belief in her. Nick accepted Chelsea's marriage proposal. Victor returned Fenmore's stolen money to Lauren under the condition that she not ask any questions. Phyllis found evidence proving that the cash Victor had given to Lauren had the same serial numbers as the money Nick had found inside Chelsea's wall. When Phyllis confronted Chelsea with the proof, Chelsea revealed that Adam was really Christian's father and that it would be on Phyllis if Nick found out.
February 19 to 20, 2018
Hilary was distraught to learn that she wasn't pregnant. Jack convinced Hilary to approach Devon about being her sperm donor. Devon gave Cane and Lily the video that proved Hilary had known that Juliet's sexual harassment claims had been a lie. Devon, Lily, Cane, Mariah, and Victoria blasted Hilary for her deceit. Hilary publicly apologized on her television show, but Devon admonished her for making the show about herself. Hilary was crushed to see that Devon had moved on with Simone. J.T. reflected back on agreeing to work undercover for Paul and Christine to find evidence to nail Victor. Nick and Chelsea compromised by waiting to get married but proceeding with their sons' adoptions right away. Phyllis enlisted Sharon's help to get evidence to disprove Chelsea's claim that Adam was Christian's father, but the women ended up getting proof that Adam had fathered the tot. After overhearing Sharon tell Nick over the phone that she had something important to tell him, Chelsea clocked Sharon over the head, rendering her unconscious. Mariah realized how much Sharon meant to her. As Nick stood by Sharon's side at the hospital, Chelsea fled town with Connor and Christian. Nick was devastated to read a letter from Chelsea, confessing to her misdeeds and informing him that she was leaving town with the kids. Chelsea had a change of heart when she reflected back on how happy Nick was to be Christian's father, and she anonymously dropped Christian off outside Victoria's home.
February 26 to March 2, 2018
Over Phyllis' objections, Sharon blurted out the truth to Nick about Adam being Christian's biological father. Nick was devastated when a DNA test confirmed that he wasn't the boy's dad, but he vowed to raise Christian as his son. Nikki learned that Victor had covered up Chelsea's crime. Anita solicited $25,000 from Nick in exchange for a video Chelsea had made for Christian on his 18th birthday, but she agreed to take Chelsea's engagement ring instead. In the video, Chelsea had professed her love for Nick and Christian and admitted that Adam had changed the results of Christian's paternity test. Nick and Victor agreed to keep things civil for Christian's sake. Nick accepted Sharon's invitation to move in with her at the ranch. Hilary threatened to quit at GC Buzz, but Devon refused to allow her out of her contract. Mariah successfully filled in when Hilary suddenly bailed on a live performance, and Devon accepted Hilary's resignation. Devon reinstated Hilary when a young woman named Shauna claimed that Hilary was a mentor who had supported her when her brother had overdosed, but he maintained that getting back together wasn't an option. J.T. learned that Mac was suing for full custody. Paul pressured J.T. to deliver evidence against Victor. J.T. belittled Victoria when she tried to help him by calling Mac. Jack and Victoria prepared to put their plan in motion to oust Ashley from Newman. Jack and Ashley panicked when Dina went missing in Paris.
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MARCH 2018
March 5 to 9, 2018
Nick moved in with Sharon over objections from his family and Phyllis. After a heart-to-heart with Nick, Billy had a serious conversation with Phyllis about her obsession with protecting Nick. Devon turned down Hilary's request that he father her child. Hilary learned that Shauna hadn't been going to school and vowed not to turn her back on the teen. Cane objected when Charlie announced that he wasn't going to college. Dina was found safe in London, and Jack flew overseas to escort her home. Dina's condition continued to deteriorate, and she lashed out at Ashley. Jack and Victoria plotted for J.T. to find Ashley's watermarked documents in Jack's desk. J.T. was irked when Victor removed him from the investigation. Victoria confided to Nikki that she was keeping something from J.T. Victoria was taken aback to find negative comments about her on the anonymous employee feedback site. Victoria made a lame attempt to smooth things over with her employees, but the situation got worse when Ashley confronted Victoria during a staff meeting. Fed up with Victoria's criticism and demands, Lily resigned from Newman and decided to start her own modeling agency as part of Hamilton-Winters. Abby returned from Europe and informed Victoria that Victor had approved her return to company headquarters. Victor fired Ashley, who threatened to sue for wrongful termination. Abby presented Victor with evidence that Victoria and Jack had set Ashley up.
March 12 to 16, 2018
Victor confronted Victoria with evidence that she'd conspired with Jack to frame Ashley for corporate espionage. Ashley, Traci, and Abby played along when a delusional Dina believed she was preparing for John to pick her up for a school dance. Victor showed his soft side when he pretended to take John's place to escort Dina to the dance, whisking her off to Top of the Tower and presenting her with a corsage. Ashley agreed to return to Newman if Victor fired Victoria. Victor forced Victoria to apologize to Ashley, but Ashley refused to budge with her demand. Abby pledged not to give up her role at Newman. Ashley decided to sue Victor and Jack. Victor offered Victoria the choice of being demoted or leaving Newman. J.T. was humiliated when Victor and Abby told him about Victoria's deceit. J.T. considered leaving Victoria. Devon secretly arranged for Hilary to spend time with Sam. Devon changed his mind and decided to co-parent a child with Hilary, but he was adamant that they weren't getting back together. Lily was appalled when she learned about Devon and Hilary's plans, and she vowed to stop Hilary. Sharon was stricken when the police informed her that her crisis center card had been found on the body of a dead girl. Sharon suggested to Nick that they start a nonprofit. Nick spotted Nikki and Arturo in a passionate embrace.
March 19 to 23, 2018
Nikki informed Nick about her open relationship with Victor. Sharon asked Nick to move out after he failed to include her in a meeting about the housing project she'd inspired, and Mariah helped Nick realize that he'd been short-sighted. Nick and Sharon kissed. Ashley told Jack that she was suing him for defamation of character. Jack's hatred toward Victor escalated. Jack got drunk, and Ashley called to warn Victor that an angry Jack might confront him. Abby taped interviews with Dina telling her life story. Dina revealed that Jack wasn't John's son. Lily secretly canceled Hilary's artificial insemination appointment, but Hilary managed to reschedule. Devon and Hilary signed a co-parenting contract. Facing pressure from Paul to get dirt on Victor, J.T. urged Victoria to accept a demotion rather than leave Newman, and he suggested that they spend more time with Victor. J.T. broke into a safe in Victor's study and discovered a key, unaware that Victor had planted a hidden camera inside the safe. Nikki became increasingly wary of J.T.'s controlling demeanor toward Victoria. J.T. received notice of a custody hearing for Dylan and Becca. J.T. picked a fight with Victoria and verbally abused her before pinning her by the throat up against the wall. J.T. later smoothed things over with romantic words and a proposal, which Victoria ultimately accepted. Victor caught J.T. breaking into the Newman ranch and confronted him with video footage of J.T.'s altercation with Victoria. During a violent fight, J.T. pushed Victor down the stairs, rendering Victor unconscious.
March 26 to 30, 2018
Nick and Sharon stopped themselves before making love. After J.T. pushed Victor down the stairs, he swiped some documents and left the scene. Jack arrived at the ranch and pocketed Victor's hard drive before calling for help. Jack discovered that Victor and Kyle had been exchanging emails to plot against him. Leslie and Lorie Brooks returned for the Walnut Grove centennial celebration and exchanged barbs with Jill. A happily married Brittany and Raul also returned for the reunion, and Mac made a surprise appearance. Traci endowed a scholarship in Colleen's name. Mac told Billy and Victoria that J.T. had been emotionally abusive, and she urged Victoria not to marry J.T. Cane and Lily conspired for Hilary to miss her insemination appointment by locking her inside the office. Devon and Hilary agreed to have sex to make a baby the old-fashioned way. Ashley and Abby ran a DNA test to compare Jack and Traci's hair samples to confirm whether Dina's claim that John wasn't Jack's father was true. J.T. was livid when Paul informed him that the Newman documents he'd obtained were useless, so the investigation was over. Victor awakened briefly from a coma and indicated to Ashley that he had to tell Victoria something. Victor underwent surgery for a brain bleed. Ashley stepped in as acting CEO of Newman, but Victoria insisted that Victor would want her in charge, denying that her father had demoted her. Jack was arrested for attempted murder and denied bail. Kyle returned to town with a grudge against Jack.
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APRIL 2018
April 2 to 6, 2018
Lily attempted to play matchmaker with Devon and Simone. Kyle kissed Hilary to help her make Devon jealous. Hilary informed Simone that she and Devon were planning to co-parent a child and insinuated that they'd slept together. DNA test results indicated that Jack was not a blood Abbott, but Ashley and Abby decided not to tell Jack while he was in jail. Kyle showed a tender side when he met Dina. Kyle fired Gloria. Kyle thwarted Ashley's attempt to have the board appoint Billy as CEO. J.T. agreed to give Mac full custody of their children if she signed the divorce papers right away. After Mac shared with Sharon that J.T. had been emotionally abusive, Sharon encouraged a defiant Victoria to seek help. Victoria told J.T. that she couldn't marry him yet, and she insisted on getting counseling. Victoria opened up in therapy, but J.T. was against having another session. Victoria decided to end things with J.T. after a private meeting with the therapist, but she changed her mind when J.T. was sweet and understanding. J.T. contended that Victor was the emotional abuser that Victoria needed to eliminate from her life. Nikki and Jill clashed at the dedication in the park in Katherine's honor. Blood from a man other than Jack or Victor was found at the Newman ranch. A mysterious brunette woman visited Victor in his hospital room. The Newmans were devastated to learn that Victor was septic but relieved when he finally showed a reaction to the antibiotics. J.T. turned off Victor's life support.
April 9 to 13, 2018
Devon called off his baby-making deal with Hilary unless she was already pregnant. Dina mentioned her affair with a man from the country club to Kyle. Kyle enlisted Lauren's help to push through a vote to take Jabot public. Lauren expected Phyllis to vote in favor of the IPO. Sharon went on a date to get a reaction out of Nick, who could only thinly disguise his jealousy. Nick confronted Helen, the brunette woman who'd been visiting Victor; she revealed that she was Victor's mistress. Victor woke up from his coma but was unable to move or speak. Victor managed to scrawl J.T.'s name, but no one understood that he was trying to name J.T. as his attacker. J.T. leaked Victor's memo about Victoria's demotion to the press. J.T. convinced a humiliated Victoria to go on vacation to Hawaii. J.T. attempted to isolate Victoria by locking her phone away. J.T. became irate when Victoria rejected his suggestion that they permanently leave Genoa City. Victoria discovered messages from Paul on J.T.'s phone and learned that J.T. had been working undercover to get evidence against Victor. Victoria guessed that J.T. had leaked the memo. Victoria broke off her engagement to J.T. Sharon threw a girls-only party to cheer Victoria up. Victoria confided to a supportive Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis that J.T. had abused her. J.T. broke into Victoria's house, and she realized during their ensuing argument that he had left Victor to die and had turned off her father's ventilator. J.T. became violent, and Nikki whacked him with a fireplace poker to protect Victoria.
April 16 to 20, 2018
Victor named J.T. as his attacker. Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis were horrified to realize that J.T. was dead. The women evaded inquiries from Mariah, Paul, and Nick before hauling J.T.'s body to Chancellor Park, where they buried him in the garden. Phyllis disposed of the fireplace poker and J.T.'s phone, while Nikki incinerated the rug they'd used to move the body. The police's search for J.T. turned up no leads, and Sharon and Phyllis tried to convince Nick not to go after J.T. himself. An oblivious Nick decided to plant a public vegetable garden in the spot where J.T. was buried. Nikki took over Newman Enterprises on Victor's behalf. Hilary nearly fainted while confronting Devon during his date with Simone, and Devon accused Hilary of faking it. Neil returned to town and admonished Devon for potentially tying himself to Hilary for life, but he eventually offered his support if Hilary was already pregnant. Neil threatened to fire Hilary if she hurt his family again. Jack was released from jail just in time to stop Kyle from passing a board vote to take Jabot public. Kyle threw a party in honor of Jack's return and pledged his loyalty to Jabot. Jack rehired Billy at Jabot. Jack convinced Ashley to let Kyle move into the Abbott mansion. Jack vowed to destroy Victor if Victor went after Kyle. Ashley and Abby threw the memory card with Dina's admission about Jack's paternity into a fire, but Kyle retrieved it.
April 23 to 27, 2018
Nikki resumed her relationship with Arturo but was miffed when she spotted him having drinks with Abby. Arturo convinced Nikki to take things day by day. Victor sensed Nikki and Arturo's closeness and warned that there would be problems if she didn't fire Arturo. Reed became angry when Victor told him that J.T. had only reconnected with Victoria to get dirt on Victor. Hilary presented Devon with a positive pregnancy test. Devon wanted to keep the news between them, but Hilary announced her pregnancy on live television. Hilary was later devastated to learn that a chemical pregnancy had rendered a false positive. Jack rehired Gloria at Jabot. Billy returned to work for Jabot, but Jack made it clear that he was the boss. Kyle enlisted Ravi's help to restore the data on the charred memory card. Kyle watched Dina's admission that John wasn't Jack's father. Kyle spent time with Dina under the pretense of getting to know his grandmother while hoping to get her to reveal her lover's identity. Victor gave Paul access to the footage proving that J.T. had abused Victoria. Nick learned about the abuse and was determined to track down J.T. Consumed by guilt, Sharon grappled with whether to go to the police with the truth. Nick became concerned about Sharon's increasingly odd behavior. Victoria reluctantly supported Reed's decision to go to boarding school, and she threw him a going-away party.
April 30 to May 4, 2018
Victor pushed himself toward recovery, and despite a fall, he made progress. Nikki and Victor agreed to stop seeing other people. Hilary confided to Phyllis that she wasn't really pregnant, and Phyllis suggested that Hilary use Devon's sperm sample to inseminate herself. Hilary struggled with guilt when Devon showed up at what he thought was a routine doctor's appointment to offer his support. Paul learned that J.T.'s cell phone had been near Victoria's house after J.T. had returned from Hawaii. Paul quizzed Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis, and Nikki about the night J.T. disappeared, and the women later worried about the discrepancies in their stories. Sharon started to unravel from carrying the secret of J.T.'s demise, and Victoria prepared to confess to killing J.T. Phyllis and Nikki were surprised when Sharon resolved to deal with it and delivered an inspiring speech about how they had to stick together. Phyllis whisked Victoria off to a conference to give her time to recover privately. Nick battled his attraction to Sharon. Nick went on live television to ask for the public's help in finding J.T., and it prompted Mariah to recall hearing a man's voice during the girls' night. Nick demanded to know whether Sharon knew J.T.'s whereabouts. Kyle appealed to Billy to join forces to do away with the blood Abbott clause at Jabot, but Jack refused to reverse it. Kyle struck a deal with Victor to provide damaging information about Jack in exchange for a top position at Newman.
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MAY 2018
May 7 to 11, 2018
Nick pressed Sharon to tell him what she was hiding, and she claimed that it was her attraction to him. Nick and Sharon had sex and agreed to keep their "friends with benefits" status under wraps. Devon learned that Hilary had planned to use his sperm sample to impregnate herself, but he agreed to proceed with the procedure. Neil urged Devon to honor his commitment to Hilary and their child. Devon broke up with Simone. Victor demanded proof of Dina's claim about Jack's paternity before making a deal with Kyle. The Abbotts arranged for an extravagant theater premiere of Dina's film. Victor showed up uninvited at the premiere, and Dina insisted that he stay. During the showing, the audience was stunned when footage of Dina's admission that Jack wasn't John's son appeared in the film. Ravi told Ashley that Kyle had asked him to retrieve files from a charred memory card. Kyle admitted to taking the card but denied tampering with Dina's film. Jack was livid that Ashley and Abby had kept the information from him, and he ordered a test to compare his DNA to Billy's. Jack lashed out at Dina but later realized that he didn't want to take his one remaining parent for granted. Traci was touched when Dina remembered who she was in a brief moment of lucidity. Lily pledged to love Sam as her own.
May 14 to 18, 2018
Jack reeled after a DNA test confirmed that he and Billy weren't half-siblings. Abby blasted Victor for doctoring the footage in Dina's film, and Victor accused Kyle of the same thing. Jack rejected his family's attempts to reach out and began drinking heavily. Abby and Arturo fought their attraction while searching for Jack at the Abbott cabin, where they'd just missed him. After wrecking his car, Jack returned to the deserted cabin and called his former dealer for pills. Instead of giving in to temptation, Jack turned to Neil for help, but he continued to struggle with his addiction. Nikki was jealous of Abby and Arturo's closeness, but Arturo assured Nikki that he wasn't interested in Abby. Nick and Phyllis heard over a police scanner app that J.T.'s cell phone signal had been detected. The police recovered J.T.'s phone from a homeless man. After Paul discovered J.T.'s text messages to Victoria on the phone, Victoria confessed that she'd seen J.T. on the night he'd disappeared and claimed that she'd given him money to flee. Paul suspected that Victoria was lying. Hilary and Devon grew closer as they envisioned a future with their baby. Billy reluctantly agreed to assume the CEO position at Jabot but intended to revoke the blood Abbott clause as soon as possible. Kyle blabbed to Victor that Billy had taken over at Jabot and that Ashley was helping him. Nick and Sharon realized that being friends with benefits wasn't enough, and they reunited.
May 21 to 25, 2018
Mariah learned about Nick and Sharon's reunion after she walked in on them having sex. Nikki was dismayed to hear that Nick and Sharon were back together. Nick was stunned when Victor not only supported Nick's reconciliation with Sharon but also invited Nick to return to Newman Enterprises. Nick, Sharon, and Mariah commemorated the anniversary of Cassie's death. Despite Sharon and Phyllis' objections, Nick decided to accept Victor's offer. The Abbotts were surprised when Jack returned home after his bender, acting as though nothing had happened. Jack was thrown to find out that Billy had been named Jabot's CEO. Jack and Ashley bristled at the changes Billy made at the company. Billy blocked Jack's efforts to overturn the blood Abbott clause and threw out Ashley's business plan, opting to make his own decisions. Jack resigned from Jabot, but Kyle decided to stay on board. Kyle showed interest in Tessa. Devon and Hilary worked together to arrange for Charlie to make a "promposal" to Shauna on live television. Touched by Hilary's efforts to make Shauna's prom night special, Devon presented Hilary with a tiara to make her own prom fantasies a reality. After a friend bailed on vacation plans, Abby invited Arturo to join her on a trip to Miami, and he accepted.
May 28 to June 1, 2018
Faith was wary about her parents' reunion and preferred that Nick and Sharon just be friends. Victor named Nick COO of Newman Enterprises under the pretense that Victoria accepted the situation. Victoria flipped out when Sharon told her the news, and Nick realized that Victor was up to his old games. Nick refused to return to Newman. Victor revealed that Nick wasn't Christian's biological father and was stunned to learn that Nick had already known. Victor threatened to sue for custody of Christian. Nick considered a job offer in San Diego to get away from Victor and asked Sharon to go with him. Devon arranged for a romantic afternoon of pampering for Hilary, and they agreed to start a brand-new relationship. Hilary and Devon were overjoyed to find out that she really was pregnant. Kyle encouraged Mariah not to give up on Tessa. Charlie and Shauna shared a kiss. Shauna ran away from home and secretly slept in Charlie's room. After Dina failed to recognize Jack, he moved out of the Abbott mansion. Jack struggled to find an investor for his new business, and Ashley rejected his invitation to become equal partners. Abby and Arturo drew closer after their trip to Miami. Nikki spotted Abby and Arturo kissing, and she informed Abby about her own affair with Arturo. Kyle was humiliated when, during a demonstration of Jabot's new sunscreen, he accidentally lost his swim trunks on live television.
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JUNE 2018
June 4 to 8, 2018
Hilary, Neil, and Jack placed competing bids to buy Chelsea's penthouse, and Neil was named the new owner. Devon asked Hilary to move in with him. Lily freaked out when she found Shauna in Charlie's bed. Cane and Lily offered Shauna a place to stay, but Hilary insisted that Shauna stay with her and Devon. After initial reservations, Devon welcomed Shauna into their home. Hilary was dismayed when Devon made arrangements for her and Shauna to share a room. Dina told Jack about the connection she'd shared with his father, but she continued to struggle to remember the man's name. Jabot sunscreen sales spiked after Kyle's nude display on live television. Abby confronted Arturo about his affair with Nikki. Arturo swore that he wasn't after Abby's money and invited her to meet him at a rooftop party. Summer returned to town unexpectedly and caught Phyllis and Billy in a compromising position. At the rooftop party, Summer clashed with Kyle and Mariah. Abby saw Arturo and Summer dancing and doused Arturo with a drink. Summer was arrested for felony auto theft. Summer claimed that the car had been a gift from her ex-boyfriend, a married man. Sharon agreed to move to San Diego with Nick. Victor sued for full custody of Christian to stop Nick from taking Christian out of state, and the parties agreed to go to arbitration. Sharon threatened to expose Nikki's role in J.T.'s death if Nikki wouldn't convince Victor to drop the lawsuit.
June 11 to 15, 2018
Hilary became exasperated when Shauna's constant presence made it impossible to spend time alone with Devon. After Hilary opened up to Shauna about her feelings, Shauna and Charlie staged a romantic dinner for Hilary and Devon. Devon and Hilary made love and later announced their reunion to his family, who was surprisingly supportive. Summer flounced around in skimpy underwear and teased Billy for being attracted to her, but he denied it. Billy pressed Phyllis to find their own place, but Phyllis insisted on staying to keep an eye on Summer. After Billy declined Summer's request for a job, Summer accepted a position with Fenmore's, where she'd be working down the hall from Billy. A string of unlucky incidences plagued Arturo, and Abby suspected that Victor had been behind them. Abby decided to give Arturo another chance. Nikki unsuccessfully tried to get Victor to drop the custody suit, but she vowed that she would never leave him. During the arbitration, Michael trashed Sharon, and Nick lost his temper. The arbitrator awarded temporary custody of Christian to Victor. Nick vowed to change so that he'd never lose again. Nick publicly excoriated Victor for ripping a little boy away from the only constant he'd ever known. Nick and Sharon were heartbroken when they had to hand Christian over to Victor. Nick declared war and threatened to take away everything that mattered to Victor. Jack discovered pages missing from Dina's journal that might have identified his biological father. Kyle insisted on joining the search for Jack's father.
June 18 to 22, 2018
Brittany advised Nick to break up with Sharon to improve his odds of getting Christian back. Sharon was shocked when Nick proposed. After grappling with the pros and cons, Sharon agreed to marry Nick. Victor crashed Nick and Sharon's engagement party and taunted that their marriage would ensure that Victor got permanent custody of Christian. Summer schemed to work with Billy, but he assigned her to work with Kyle instead. Summer set up a poker game to tempt Billy, who joined in but later regretted it. Summer suggested that Billy was in control of his urges and invited him to another poker game. Jack found a photo of Dina with Katherine and Phillip Chancellor in Dina's safe deposit box, dated nine months before Jack had been born. Cane flatly declined Jack's request to exhume Phillip's body to determine whether Phillip was Jack's biological father. Devon supported Hilary through her morning sickness and later whisked her off on an impromptu vacation. Shauna pushed to spend time alone with Charlie, but he became uncomfortable when she inquired about his relationship history. Abby and Arturo grew closer, but she bolted without explanation when she found a bra in his couch cushions. Victoria received a mysterious audio file warning that her secrets weren't safe, and boxes of confidential Newman documents were later delivered. Mac reported that there had been activity on J.T.'s credit card. Victoria learned that the shipments had originated in the same place where J.T.'s card had last been used.
June 25 to 29, 2018
Abby and Arturo made up after he explained that the bra she'd found was his younger sister's. Hilary and Lily worked together to reunite Charlie and Shauna. Devon told Hilary that he loved her. Nick and Sharon decided to have a fall wedding. Dina confirmed that Phillip Chancellor was Jack's father. Jack's request to have Phillip's body exhumed was denied. Cane accused Jack of conning his way into the Chancellor family. J.T.'s credit card activity made it appear that J.T. was headed back to Genoa City. Someone leaked Victor's medical records to the press and made untrue accusations about wage discrimination at Newman. When confidence in Newman plummeted, Victor insisted on going on live television to set the record straight, but his erratic behavior alarmed his family and friends. Nikki and Victoria were shocked when Newman's security footage showed a blurry image of J.T.'s face. Summer upstaged Kyle while he was making a work proposal, and they realized that they were better off working together. Kyle struggled against his attraction to Summer when she lured him into going skinny dipping. Phyllis reacted to Summer's implication that she was boring by having outdoor sex with Billy. Summer begged Billy for help when she lost big in a poker game, and he stepped in to win back her losses. Summer confessed that she'd blown through her entire trust fund. Billy and Summer continued to keep their gambling secret from Phyllis.
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JULY 2018
July 2 to 6, 2018
Nick planted seeds of doubt in the social worker's mind about Victor's health. Tessa, Abby, and the Winters family jumped in to save Hilary's Fourth of July show when the mayor was a no-show. Tessa continued to receive cryptic text messages. Abby and Arturo had sex. Nikki revealed that she, not Victor, had been harassing Arturo. Nate Hastings returned to town and secretly became Victor's private physician. Hilary and Nate clashed, and she sensed there was more to his arrival in town than visiting family. Hilary felt terrible when Neil revealed that the love of Nate's life had died one year earlier. Over Jack's objections, Billy handed out bonuses and granted employees extra time off in anticipation of Jabot's future profits. Summer confessed to Phyllis that she'd blown through her trust fund. Billy lost Jaboat in a poker game, and Summer helped him hide the truth from Phyllis. Scott published an article implicating Victor in J.T.'s disappearance. Ashley quit Newman, and Billy begrudgingly welcomed her back as Jabot's COO. Jack planned to sue Jill for the right to exhume Phillip's body, using Dina as a star witness. Jack dropped the lawsuit when he realized that it would put too much stress on Dina to testify. A drunken Kyle dug up Phillip's grave. Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis discovered that Jill had erected a modern art sculpture at J.T.'s burial site. Nikki and Sharon screamed when they spotted J.T. outside the cottage.
July 9 to 13, 2018
Hilary turned to Nate for medical advice when she experienced cramping. Hilary was fine, but she and Nate continued to verbally spar. Sharon confided the truth about J.T.'s fate to Mariah. Kyle was arrested for desecrating Phillip's grave. Kyle revealed to Jack that he'd found a bone fragment, and Jack decided to have a DNA test performed. Jack convinced Jill to forgive Kyle for disturbing the grave, but she became incensed when she learned about the DNA test. Kyle and Devon conspired to set Mariah and Tessa up on a date. Billy entered another poker game to try to win back Jaboat, but he ended up losing even more. Summer helped to cover Billy's tracks. Billy submitted a fake expense reimbursement to Jabot to get funds to continue to play poker. Ashley became suspicious of Billy's financial activities. Phyllis caught Billy in a lie about where he'd been after he'd stayed out all night, and she hired someone to investigate him. Ashley provided Neil with an insider tip that allowed him to score a coup for Hamilton-Winters, but it was questionable whether it was at Newman's expense. Feeling betrayed by Neil, Victor severed ties with Power Communications. Victor disregarded medical advice because of his preoccupation with his personal and professional problems. Neil cooked dinner to thank Ashley, and their evening turned romantic. The arbitrator awarded permanent custody of Christian to Nick. Victor received a text message from an anonymous sender claiming to be J.T. Over Victoria's objections, Victor went alone to meet J.T.
July 16 to 20, 2018
Ashley and Neil decided not to risk their friendship by making love. Tessa and Mariah kissed and agreed to give their relationship a shot. Mariah later found Tessa embracing another woman. A DNA test proved that Jack wasn't Phillip's son. Ashley enlisted Kyle's help to keep tabs on Billy while she was out of the country. Nick revealed that he'd masqueraded as J.T. Nick announced that he'd started a new company, Dark Horse, and he invited his family to work with him. Noah and Abby joined Nick, but Nikki and Victoria admonished Nick for his actions. Victoria decided to stay at Newman, under the condition that Victor made her COO and his ultimate successor as CEO. Sharon claimed that she didn't know Nick anymore, and he discovered that she'd taken off her engagement ring. Phyllis caught Billy gambling, and Summer spilled all the details about how she'd covered for him. Phyllis threw Billy out. Phyllis and Nick's attraction was reignited when they commiserated over their problems, and they had sex. Hilary covertly met with an attractive man and turned down an enticing offer. Lily caught Charlie and Shauna having sex. Lily, Hilary, and Charlie were in a horrible car accident while looking for Shauna. Lily and Charlie were fine, but Hilary suffered severe injuries. Nate insisted on taking over Hilary's care, but he couldn't save the baby. Charlie admitted to Cane that Lily had run a red light, causing the accident, but Cane convinced him to keep quiet.
July 23 to 27, 2018
Nick and Phyllis agreed to keep their night of passion a secret. Kyle discovered that Phyllis had had a male overnight companion, and she asked that he keep quiet. Phyllis invited Billy to move back in, but he needed time to think. Nick and Sharon made up. Nick and Billy exchanged punches. Nikki accepted a permanent position at Newman. Gloria found discrepancies in Billy's expense receipts. Mariah learned that the woman Tessa had been hugging had tracked down Crystal. Tessa realized that leaving town was the only way she could be with her sister, and Mariah agreed to go with her. Charlie and Shauna both admitted that they knew that Lily had run the red light. Lily remained unaware that she had caused the accident, but she still struggled with her guilt. Nate informed Devon that Hilary wouldn't make it, and Devon decided to keep the news from her so she'd continue to fight. Devon proposed to Hilary. Hilary figured out that she was dying, but she kept mum to protect Devon. Hilary's loved ones were devastated when word of her impending death spread. Hilary made amends with Lily, Cane, and Neil and asked Mariah to keep the show going. Mariah opted to stay in town rather than leave with Tessa. Devon and Hilary had a beautiful wedding at the hospital, surrounded by family and friends. Hilary implored Devon to move on then she died in his arms.
July 30 to August 3, 2018
Hilary's friends and family grieved her death. Sharon panicked when she found a one-way train ticket inside Mariah's bag, but Mariah assured her mother that she was sticking around. Mariah hosted a touching tribute show as a gift to Hilary's fans. Tessa decided not to choose between her sister and Mariah, and she promised Mariah that she'd be back. At Hilary's memorial, Phyllis read final words that Hilary had penned in the hospital. Mark revealed that Hilary had declined his offer to become a national talk show host in favor of raising a family with Devon. Shauna blurted out that Lily had caused Hilary's death by running the red light. Devon lashed out at Lily for killing his wife and unborn child. Lily was livid that Cane had asked Charlie and Shauna to hide the truth. Devon assured Shauna that he wanted her to continue staying with him. Devon vehemently objected when Neil wanted to sell GC Buzz. Devon threatened to turn Lily in to the police. Billy rejected Summer's attempt to seduce him. Phyllis turned to Jack for support when Billy failed to be there for her. Summer manipulated Kyle into telling her that Phyllis had spent the night with another man. Phyllis and Nick struggled to maintain their connection while not crossing the line again. Nick pushed forward with his wedding plans with Sharon and suggested that they move off the ranch. Phyllis and Billy reconciled. Paul suspected that Victor had been behind J.T.'s latest disappearance.
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August 6 to 10, 2018
Sharon was conflicted about Nick's sudden desire to move off the ranch. Mariah became alarmed when a call from Tessa ended abruptly. Devon tried to fire Lily, but Neil assured her that she would always have a place at Hamilton-Winters. Over Cane's objections, Lily confessed to the police that she'd run the red light, causing Hilary's death. Lily and Cane were horrified when she was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide. Devon planned to push for the maximum 20-year sentence at Lily's hearing. Cane obtained fake passports and made arrangements for five one-way plane tickets to Australia. Billy announced his plans to divert funding from product development to launch Jaboutique, a chain of retail stores. Lauren vowed to extricate Fenmore's from Jabot. Ashley appealed to Jack to have Dark Horse acquire the company that was leasing Jabot its retail space to tank the Jaboutique project before it started. Summer snooped on Phyllis' phone and concluded that Jack had been the man her mother had slept with. Summer manipulated Jack and Phyllis into spending time together, hoping to catch another tryst on camera. Encouraged by Summer, Jack attempted to kiss Phyllis, who informed him that she and Billy were solid. Phyllis was stunned when Jack admitted that he still had feelings for her. Summer planted a kiss on Billy, who rejected her advances. Summer bet Kyle that she could bed Billy by the end of the month.
August 13 to 17, 2018
Victoria and Abby agreed to be bridesmaids at Sharon and Nick's wedding. After learning that Nick and Sharon had spent a night apart, Summer realized that Phyllis had slept with Nick. Summer confronted Phyllis about her infidelity. Phyllis was unable to dissuade Summer from telling Billy, but Nick bribed Summer into keeping quiet. Summer decided that she wanted more than just a fling with Billy. Billy continued to rebuff Summer's advances. Phyllis suspected that Summer wanted Billy for herself. Michael warned Phyllis that Fenmore's would pursue legal action against Jabot if Billy proceeded with his Jaboutique project. Lily was livid when she found out that Cane had plotted for their family to flee to Australia. Charlie and Mattie planned to appeal to Devon to ask the judge for leniency, but Nate talked them out of it. Lily prepared herself personally and professionally in case she was sentenced to a lengthy prison term. Phyllis offered words of encouragement to Lily. The Ashbys pledged to stick together and face whatever happened as a family. Victoria was skeptical about Nate treating Nikki, since he might learn that the source of Nikki's stress was J.T.'s death. Victoria and Nate clashed when he sensed that she was carrying an emotional burden. A mysterious man named Rey arrived in town and began investigating people who were linked to J.T. Neil and Ashley got passionate.
August 20 to 24, 2018
Ashley avoided Neil after they spent the night together. Billy decided to go to a trade show in Philadelphia to promote the new Jaboutiques. Summer manipulated Lauren into letting her attend the trade show, but she was disappointed when Lauren opted to attend the event herself -- solo. Summer was encouraged when Billy reluctantly admitted that he would be attracted to her if Phyllis wasn't in his life. Phyllis walked in on a compromising situation after Billy accidentally spilled coffee on Summer. Billy proposed that he and Phyllis get their own place. Kyle tipped Phyllis off about Summer's scheme to go to Philadelphia on her own to seduce Billy. Phyllis confronted Summer after finding a plane ticket to Philadelphia in her luggage. During the ensuing argument, Phyllis slapped Summer. Phyllis thwarted Summer's plan by sending her a fake text message from Billy to lure her to Jaboat. Kyle was stunned to learn that Billy had once lost the company yacht in a poker game. Dark Horse acquired the company that held the leases for the Jaboutique chain, but Nick refused Jack's request to cancel the leases. Billy was livid when Nick hiked the rents. Kyle offered to pay for a private investigator to find Tessa. Nate suspected that Victoria suffered from posttraumatic stress disorder, but she rejected his attempts to help. Victor plotted to acquire Dark Horse to force Nick back into the Newman fold. Rey insinuated himself into the lives of those who knew J.T. Arturo was less than pleased to see Rey -- his older brother.
August 27 to 31, 2018
Rey pumped Abby for information, and she revealed that J.T. hadn't been the one who'd hacked into Newman. Victoria became suspicious about why Rey had insinuated himself into everyone's lives. Nikki worried after she discovered that Victoria had been sleeping during the day and lying about seeing her therapist. Rey revealed to Sharon that he was a collector who was in town to investigate J.T.'s credit card debt. Sharon was alarmed when she learned that Rey carried a gun. After an encounter with Rey, Victoria suffered a panic attack and called Nate for help. Mariah stressed out over Tessa's lack of communication. Security called Sharon about an intruder on her grounds, but the culprit turned out to be Tessa. Tessa confided to Mariah that she owed some bad people a lot of money for helping Crystal start a new life in Canada. Phyllis told Billy about Summer's plot to seduce him. Billy and Phyllis moved into the Abbott mansion. Jack was distraught when he realized how rapidly Dina had been deteriorating. Jack resolved to resume his search for his biological father. Billy planned for a grand opening of the Jaboutiques. Ashley objected to Kyle's idea that they lure Billy into gambling to oust him from Jabot. Kyle secretly enlisted Sinead's help to provoke Billy into betting big and going deep into debt. Cane gave Lily a romantic night to remember before her sentencing. Devon rejected the attempts of friends and family to get him to reconsider speaking against Lily at the hearing. Shauna and Charlie reunited.
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September 3 to 7, 2018
At Lily's sentencing, Devon blasted Lily and requested the maximum penalty. As the judge prepared to announce his decision, Devon interrupted to revoke his initial statement and deliver a moving speech about how Lily's guilt should be punishment enough. The judge sentenced Lily to a year in prison. Lily confided to Cane that she was a target in prison because of her modeling success. Sharon refused to let Tessa stay at the cottage but agreed to give her a job at Crimson Lights. Tessa tried to hit Devon up for money to repay her debt, but he refused and later voiced to Mariah his skepticism about Tessa's intentions. Abby suspected that Arturo had extended his business trip to avoid Rey. Sharon told Nick that Rey was in town to investigate J.T.'s debt. Summer returned and confronted Phyllis about stranding her on a cruise. Dina went missing while under Phyllis' care, but Kyle found Dina by using a tracker he'd planted in her purse. Jack moved back into the Abbott mansion and renewed his search for his father. Sinead manipulated Billy into entering a high-roller poker tournament in Las Vegas. Billy initially lied about his travel plans, but he eventually told Phyllis about the tournament. Phyllis joined Billy in Vegas under the guise of supporting him, but she clearly had concerns about his gambling. Phyllis became suspicious of Sinead's intentions. Billy won the first round of the tournament and vowed to go all in for the whole thing.
September 10 to 14, 2018
Victor showed up at Dark Horse's launch party at Nick's invitation. Arturo accepted a full-time job with Nick, but he became uncomfortable with the media attention. Rey interrupted the festivities and placed Nick under arrest. After securing an immunity deal, Nick confessed to impersonating J.T. Devon surprised Lily by showing up at the prison to forgive her. Jack and Lauren were relieved to rule out the possibility that Neil Fenmore was his father. Abby arranged for Mariah to post a photo of a mystery man who could be Jack's father on GC Buzz. Victor admitted to Nikki that the man was his father, Albert, but he refused to tell Jack. Victor's brother, Matt, confirmed that the man was Albert. Jack reeled when Abby blabbed that Victor might be his half-brother. Phyllis continued to hide her concerns about Billy's gambling as his reckless behavior escalated. Mariah worried that Tessa had only returned to town because she needed money, but Mariah was appeased when Tessa said she loved Mariah. Sharon was skeptical about Tessa's claim that she'd been attacked at Crimson Lights until Sharon spotted Tessa's bruises. Sharon's doubts returned when Tessa revealed that she'd erased the security footage of the incident. Kyle was unnerved when Summer treated settling their bet as meaningless sex, and he pretended to be asleep to avoid collecting. Kyle later admitted he still had feelings for Summer and was crushed when she told him she loved him like a brother. Kyle was intrigued when he met Lola.
September 17 to 21, 2018
Victor refused to consider the possibility that Jack could be his brother. Jack turned to Matt Miller for help, but Matt refused to betray Victor. Matt convinced Victor to submit to a DNA test. Billy bristled when Victoria and Phyllis voiced concern about his gambling. Kyle deliberately tempted Billy by having a friend send Billy an invitation to an elite gambling syndicate. Billy embezzled six figures from Jabot to buy into the syndicate. Kyle presented Ashley with evidence of Billy's gambling and embezzlement. Ashley met with a mysterious man named Andrew. Ashley reassured Neil about their relationship by having sex with him. Ashley appealed to Traci to take over at Jabot to revoke the blood Abbott clause, but Traci suggested that they stage an intervention for Billy instead. Summer apologized to Kyle for hurting him, but he continued to distance himself from her. Summer admitted that she'd tried to seduce Billy to hurt her mother. Kyle and Lola made plans to go on a date. Lola tried to reunite Rey and Arturo, but Arturo walked out. Mariah talked Nick into giving Tessa a job. Sharon graduated from college and delivered the student address at the graduation ceremony. Rey offered Sharon a job as a victim liaison with the police force in order to find out more about J.T.'s case. With Victoria's encouragement, Sharon accepted Rey's job offer to gain insight into the information the police had about J.T. Devon threw a surprise 18th birthday party for Shauna and gifted her with a college scholarship in Hilary's name.
September 24 to 28, 2018
Mattie was arrested for protesting Lily's incarceration, but no charges were filed. A DNA test proved that Jack and Victor weren't related. Traci staged an intervention for Billy, and Phyllis convinced Billy to listen to what his loved ones had to say. Billy considered the intervention to be a trap to oust him from Jabot, and he ordered his family to leave him alone. Sharon and Rey bonded while working together, and she offered to let him stay in an apartment above Crimson Lights. Nick surprised Sharon with a new house as a pre-wedding gift, but she had mixed feelings about leaving the cottage. Mariah threw Sharon a bachelorette party, while Jack hosted a bachelor party dinner for Nick. Devon briefly attended Nick's event but struggled to move on with his life after Hilary's death. Sharon decided that she had to tell Nick the truth about J.T.'s death before they wed, while Nick prepared to tell Sharon about his fling with Phyllis. As Nick and Sharon were about to share their secrets, Phyllis pulled a fire alarm to stop them. Both Nick and Sharon backed away from telling the truth. Mariah overheard Summer talking about Nick and Phyllis' one-night stand and contemplated whether to stop the wedding. Billy was arrested for starting a fight after being cut off at a bar. Billy confessed to Phyllis that he'd lost the $500,000 he'd put into the gambling syndicate and that he'd stolen the money from Jabot.
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October 1 to 5, 2018
Jack offered to help repay Billy's gambling debt, unaware that Billy had stolen funds from Jabot. Ashley called for a vote of no confidence against Billy. The Jabot board seemed swayed by Billy's plan to go to rehab, but they voted against him when Ashley revealed that he'd embezzled from the company to finance his gambling habit. Traci stepped in as interim CEO. Mariah grappled with whether to tell Sharon about Nick and Phyllis' fling, and she spilled the truth hours before Nick and Sharon's wedding. Sharon decided to go through with the ceremony and requested time alone beforehand. Noah made a surprise appearance at the wedding and took over from Jack as best man. Noah was stunned to learn that Mariah and Tessa were a couple, but he later wished Mariah the best. Billy proposed to Phyllis, but she hesitated to provide an answer. Sharon appeared to be a no-show at the wedding, but she appeared at the last minute. Nick recited beautiful vows to Sharon. Phyllis accepted Billy's proposal during the exchange of vows. Sharon stopped partway through her vows and confronted Nick about his tryst with Phyllis. A humiliated Billy threw Phyllis out and turned to Summer for sex. Sharon ended things with Nick after blasting him for his infidelity and his condescending attitude toward her. Phyllis vowed to get Billy back, and Nick pledged not to give up on Sharon.
October 8 to 12, 2018
Billy checked into rehab. The Jabot board of directors voted to remove the blood Abbott clause and appointed Ashley as CEO. Kyle was livid when Ashley opted not to make him COO. Andrew demanded more money from Ashley in exchange for his silence about what they'd really worked on together. Ashley refused, and Andrew insinuated to Kyle that he had information that could be damaging to Ashley and Jabot. Phyllis recognized Andrew from when they'd worked at a DNA lab together years earlier. Ashley wouldn't answer questions about Jabot's payments to Type A Consulting, so Jack and Kyle arranged for a board meeting to force her to tell the truth. After Ashley's attempts at a cover story failed, she confessed that Andrew was a DNA expert who had handled Jack's paternity test -- and she revealed that John had been Jack's father all along. Nick interrupted a playful whipped cream fight between Sharon, Rey, and Lola. Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis all received ominous notes from someone claiming to know what they'd done and vowing to make them pay. Victoria and Phyllis each received a second note with the digit of a number. Summer witnessed Kyle and Lola kissing after their first date. Summer informed Kyle that she and Billy had had sex. Summer and Lola clashed. Lola was thrilled when she was invited to share her food at a harvest festival. Rey and Arturo objected to Lola seeing Kyle.
October 15 to 19, 2018
Ashley and Jack bitterly argued about the horrible things they'd done to one another, resulting in Jack throwing the CEO's chair through an office window. Ashley admitted to manipulating Dina into saying that Jack wasn't John's son. Ashley showed no remorse for what she'd done. The Abbott clan voted to oust Ashley as CEO. Billy returned from rehab and learned that Kyle had intentionally tempted him into gambling. Billy threw in Phyllis and Summer's faces that he'd only slept with Summer to get revenge on Phyllis and Nick. Lola was miffed when Kyle abandoned their date to comfort Summer. Dina was upset by the tension in her family. Ashley decided to move out of the Abbott mansion. After a confrontation with Ashley, Dina remembered stashing some important documents in a safe to protect Ashley. Dina led Kyle to a secret safe hidden behind a wall at Jabot and provided him with the correct combination. Sharon and Rey grew closer. Nick enlisted Abby's help to press Arturo for details about why there was bad blood between Arturo and Rey. Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis decided not to pay the blackmailer, over Sharon's objections, but Nikki later reconsidered and wired one dollar. The blackmailer emailed a demand for the remaining money and included a photo of the modern artwork that stood above J.T.'s grave. Nate admonished Cane for not showing up to visit Lily.
October 22 to 26, 2018
Kyle discovered a document that gave Ashley the patent rights to all the Jabot products she'd created. Jack convinced Dina to let them shred the contract. Tipped off by Dina's ramblings, Traci found the shredded document and pieced it back together. Traci forced Jack and Kyle to confess what they'd done. Ashley was floored by the proof that her mother had really loved her all along. A series of flashbacks showed how Jack and Ashley's rivalry had developed in their youth. Ashley demanded that she be reinstated as CEO in exchange for the patents, but her family refused. Jack offered to buy the patents from Ashley, but she opted to keep them and leave town. After Mariah began receiving creepy calls, Sharon convinced Nikki to pay the blackmailer. Sharon was livid when she learned that Nick had ordered Rey to stay away from her. Rey clammed up when Abby inquired about his wife. Lily was targeted in prison after defending a fellow inmate. Cane was told that he couldn't see Lily because she was in solitary confinement. The warden decided to move Lily to another facility to keep her safe, but Lily was devastated when she found out she'd be transferred hundreds of miles away.
October 29 to November 2, 2018
After an emotional goodbye with Jack, Ashley left Genoa City to move to Paris and start her own cosmetics company. Devon appealed to Sharon to help get Lily transferred to a closer prison, and Sharon was disappointed when her efforts proved fruitless. Jack appealed to his family to show a united front while Jabot was in turmoil. Jack, Billy, and Phyllis threw their hats in the ring to become Jabot's next CEO. The Abbotts split their vote between Jack and Billy, and Phyllis was named the new CEO. Phyllis appointed Lauren as her COO and hired Kerry, a top lead chemist. Billy and Kyle put their differences aside to work together to get control of the company back. Lola overheard Kyle telling Summer that he was done with her, and Lola and Kyle reconciled. Mariah found a creative way to express her love to Tessa. Nick hoped to win Sharon back by spending a family Halloween together, but she became livid by his manipulations and flatly told him they were over. Abby encouraged Nick to give Sharon space. Rey pressed for details about Sharon's charity work. Nikki freaked out when a broken water pipe necessitated digging up the area in Chancellor Park where J.T. had been buried. Nikki arranged for Arturo to complete the repairs to allow enough time for her, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis to dig up J.T.'s grave, but they found it empty. Sharon confided in Rey about her shattered relationship with Nick.
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November 5 to 9, 2018
Phyllis and Nick had sex in his office. Jack found Phyllis' identification badge on Nick's couch. Billy and Sharon commiserated over Phyllis and Nick's cheating ways. Sharon blew up when she spotted Nick and Phyllis at Crimson Lights together, and Rey comforted Sharon. Rey and Sharon almost kissed, but they pulled back before crossing the line. Phyllis was impressed by Kerry's ideas to revamp Jabot's product lines. After getting off on the wrong foot with Kerry, Jack invited her to attend the Jaboutique launch party with him. Arturo discovered a watch in the park with the inscription, "Love, Mac." Sharon was relieved when Rey informed her that the commission was about to shut down his investigation into J.T.'s disappearance. Arturo told Rey about the watch, and Rey linked it to J.T. after questioning Mac. Rey held a press conference to declare J.T.'s case a murder investigation. Sharon attempted to resign from her job. Sharon and Rey admitted to having feelings for one another, but they agreed that it was wrong to act on them. Rey convinced Sharon to stay on at the police station. Kyle and Lola grew closer, but she declined his offer to invest in her business. Mariah and Tessa decided to move in together. Tessa secretly stashed a bag of cash in her closet. Cane considered moving his family to be closer to Lily, but Devon talked him out of it.
November 12 to 16, 2018
Rey interrogated Nick, Nikki, and Victoria about J.T.'s disappearance. Rey suspected that Victoria knew more than she was saying. Sharon confronted Rey about the mixed signals he'd been giving her, and he kissed her passionately. Sharon and Rey agreed to meet to discuss their relationship, but Mia's arrival in town thwarted their plans. Mia warned Sharon to back off because Rey was hers. Rey evaded Mia's attempts to seduce him. Tessa freaked out when she learned that Mariah had disposed of her old mattress. Mariah caught Tessa retrieving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the mattress in the Dumpster. Tessa eventually confessed that she'd blackmailed Nikki, Sharon, Victoria, and Phyllis because she had evidence that they'd murdered J.T. Mariah walked out on Tessa. Nick agreed to co-sponsor the Jaboutique launch party. Kyle recommended Lola as a last-minute replacement to cater the event, and her food was a hit. Billy and Sharon attended the party together to irritate Nick and Phyllis. Billy was surprised when Phyllis gave him credit for the Jaboutique idea. Sharon gently rebuffed Billy's attempt to kiss her goodnight. Mia publicly blamed Rey for being the reason she'd had an affair with Arturo. Abby grappled with Arturo keeping the truth from her, but he swore that she was the only woman he wanted. Summer threw herself at Kyle, who flatly turned her down. Kyle arranged a romantic post-party dance with Lola. Nick asked Phyllis to move in with him.
November 19 to 23, 2018
Mariah confronted Sharon about what Sharon, Nikki, Victoria, and Phyllis had done to J.T. Mariah revealed that Tessa had been the one who'd blackmailed the four women. The foursome convinced a reluctant Mariah to reunite with Tessa to keep Tessa from using the evidence against them. In an effort to win back Mariah's trust, Tessa handed over a thumb drive with the incriminating footage and offered to donate the money she'd extorted. Victoria destroyed the thumb drive. Tessa secretly stashed the cash and another thumb drive inside a teddy bear, which she mailed to herself, disguised as a gift from Crystal. Tessa lied that she'd given the money away while hiding it in plain sight. Tessa arrived home and found Victoria in her apartment, demanding that they talk. Mia openly flirted with Arturo, and Abby warned her to back off. Rey confided to Sharon that he still loved Mia. Sharon learned that Rey had evidence that J.T. had been buried in Chancellor Park but had later been moved. Devon blew off a road trip with the Ashbys when they visited Lily for Thanksgiving. Nate caught Devon throwing a party and blasted him for bailing on their family. Devon admitted that he was having a hard time dealing with missing Hilary. Phyllis agreed to move in with Nick. Kerry accepted Jack's invitation to his family's Thanksgiving dinner. Ashley opted not to return home for the holiday and sent Jack a copy of a press release, announcing the spring launch of her new company. Lola balked at going on a weekend getaway with Kyle.
November 26 to 30, 2018
Rey and Mia worked to repair their marriage but hesitated to share a bed. Sharon learned that Nick and Phyllis were living together. Sharon arranged for Rey and Mia to go out on a romantic date. Victoria revealed that she'd planted hidden cameras in Tessa's apartment, and she retrieved the cash and thumb drive that Tessa had stashed in the teddy bear. Victoria believed Tessa's claim that she hadn't moved J.T.'s body. Mariah was livid when she learned that Tessa had lied yet again, and she struggled with whether they could have a future. Jack and Kerry exchanged childhood stories over a bottle of wine, but she slipped out and later sent a text message with an excuse about work. Over Nick and Phyllis' objections, Summer left Genoa City to accept a job offer from Victor in Dubai. Lola admitted to Kyle that she was a virgin, and he agreed to move at her pace. Cane and Nate became increasingly concerned when Devon began staying out all night and partying with strangers. Ana returned to town to help Devon, and he gave her a job and a place to stay. Ana found drugs in Devon's couch, but he denied that they were his. Shauna confided that she didn't feel safe living with Devon. After a confrontation with Cane, Devon panted for breath and nearly collapsed. Nick declined Abby's pitch for Dark Horse to purchase a mixed-use building, so she made a personal investment in the property.
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December 3 to 7, 2018
Fen returned home and announced his decision to quit law school to pursue a music career. Fen openly hit on Lola and was dismayed when he learned she was with Kyle. Devon threw himself into work and partying to forget his problems. Devon was livid when Cane arranged for Shauna to move to Colorado to be with her family. During a tearful goodbye, Shauna encouraged Devon not to shut his family out. Devon experienced panic attacks. Ana convinced Devon to see a therapist and take antianxiety medication. A fire broke out in the Newman stables. The Newmans worried when Victor went missing. While investigating the fire, Rey discovered a shirt with J.T.'s blood and Victor's gun. Rey named Victor as the prime suspect in J.T.'s murder. Mariah enlisted Kyle's help to sort through her relationship with Tessa, and she eventually accepted that they couldn't have a future without trust. As Mariah prepared to break up with Tessa, someone abducted Tessa outside her apartment. Phyllis and Billy worked together to pitch a partnership deal to cosmetics mogul Rebekah Barlow. When Rebekah showed interest in Nick, Phyllis appealed to him to use his charms to close the deal. Billy spotted Nick and Rebekah heading up to her hotel suite and told Phyllis that Nick was cheating. Rebekah attempted to seduce Nick as Phyllis hovered outside the hotel room door.
December 10 to 14, 2018
Nikki, Victoria, and Sharon kidnapped Tessa and threatened her into answering their questions. The women left Tessa alone in the woods. Mariah prepared to break up with Tessa, but she instead rushed to the rescue when Tessa called her for help. Mariah opted to stay with Tessa, over Sharon's objections. Phyllis interrupted Rebekah's attempt to seduce Nick. Rebekah was humiliated, but she still agreed to ink a deal with the Jaboutiques. Billy hoped Phyllis would give him another chance, but she only wanted to maintain a working relationship. Nikki found the outfit J.T. had been buried in next to her in bed. Nikki secretly continued drinking. Nikki befriended Mia in an effort to sway Rey's opinion about Victor. Mia offered to leave if Rey would be happier without her, and they ended up making love. Rey warned that Nikki was only using Mia. Reed returned to town and vowed to find his father's killer. Abby decided to open a new restaurant, and she convinced Devon to partner with her and to hire Lola as their chef. Jack was miffed when Kerry stood him up, but she asked him for another chance. Jack and Kerry decorated the Abbott Christmas tree and kissed. Lauren encouraged Fen to pursue his dreams but refused to support him financially. Mattie and Cane clashed when he refused to accept her friendship with Reed. Cane had trouble getting into the holiday spirit, but he had a change of heart after a talk with Victoria.
December 17 to 21, 2018
Rey accused Nikki of attempting to influence a police investigation. Victoria and Billy attended the Jabot Christmas party together. Nikki secretly consumed alcohol at the party. Charlie dealt with his breakup with Shauna by drinking beer. Reed invited Charlie to a party but insisted on driving because Charlie had been drinking. Reed hit something while driving in the snow, not knowing it was Nikki. Charlie and Reed arranged to have the car repaired at a shop outside of town. Nikki's loved ones learned that Nikki was in the hospital with serious injuries. Phyllis, Victoria, and Sharon worried that someone was targeting them. Victoria and Nick found out that Nikki had been drinking. Victoria was touched when Billy stepped up to help in her time of need. Reed realized that he'd hit Nikki and grappled with whether to confess. Nate told the Newman family to expect the worst and implored them to find Victor. Kerry hesitated to accept Jack's invitation to Bora Bora, but she eventually did, and they made love. Devon initially rejected Fen, but Ana agreed to produce a track for Fen. Devon was livid when he stumbled upon their secret recording session, but he ultimately agreed to sign Fen. Ana was disappointed when Devon assigned her office tasks instead of letting her produce with him. Kyle arranged a romantic surprise for Lola.
December 24 to 28, 2018
Devon, Nate, and Ana spent Christmas together and shared memories of their loved ones. Mariah hosted a special holiday episode of GC Buzz. Kyle and Lola happily exchanged Christmas gifts, but she later became incensed when she learned the handbag he'd given her was worth thousands of dollars. Ana admitted to Fen that she'd written the song he'd recorded, but she wanted to keep it a secret from Devon because she'd had her work stolen before. The Newmans wondered where Victor was as Nikki hovered between life and death. A comatose Nikki dreamed about Victor. Noah returned to town to support his family. Sharon agreed to be civil to Tessa for Mariah's sake. Nikki's loved ones gathered at a candlelight vigil to ask for a miracle. Charlie stopped Reed from confessing to Rey that he'd been the driver who'd hit Nikki. Victor secretly sneaked into Nikki's room to visit her, and she woke up shortly thereafter. Victor appealed to Nate to help him protect Nikki. The Newmans panicked when Nikki went missing from her hospital room. Victoria prepared to confess to J.T.'s murder over Phyllis' protests. Nick discovered that Nate had whisked Nikki out of the hospital at Victor's request.
December 31, 2018 to January 4, 2019
Cane got drunk and passed out on New Year's Eve. Abby attempted to reunite Kyle and Lola, but Kyle stormed out when Lola kissed Fen at midnight. Fen was later disappointed when he walked in on Kyle and Lola kissing and making up. Mia was thrilled when Rey bailed on work to spend New Year's Eve with her, but she insisted that he go to the scene when he learned that Victor had been found. Rey stopped the Newmans' flight from taking off and arrested Victor. Nikki derailed Christine's attempt to pin kidnapping charges on Victor by claiming she'd begged Victor to whisk her out of the country. Rey convinced Christine to charge Victor with J.T.'s murder. Abby verbally attacked Mariah for reporting Victor's arrest, and Mariah grappled with knowing that Victor was innocent. Victoria talked Nikki out of confessing. Reed told Victoria that he'd been driving the car that had hit Nikki, and Victoria confronted Cane about Charlie's involvement. Victoria and Cane's argument ended in a passionate kiss that they both immediately regretted, and they agreed to never discuss it again. Jill returned to town and advised Cane not to tell Lily about the kiss. Kerry reeled when she learned that Jill was yet another of Jack's exes. Victoria and Cane forced Reed and Charlie to tell Nikki the truth about the hit-and-run accident. Nikki accepted responsibility for the role her drinking had played in the incident and insisted that they not involve the police. Nikki checked herself out of the hospital and prepared to visit Victor.
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