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January 3 to 7, 2022
Adam gently rebuffed Chelsea's attempt to reconcile. Chelsea later discovered Adam and Sally spending a platonic New Year's Eve together. Chloe warned Adam to steer clear of both Chelsea and Sally. A jealous Chelsea contemplated firing Sally. Lily became increasingly irked by Victoria inserting herself into Billy's plan to trap Adam. Traci voiced her objection to Billy's scheme and confronted Victoria about using Billy. Troubled by Lily and Jack's cautionary words, Billy outed Sally when he caught her spying on him again. Billy confessed to Adam that he'd feigned his downward spiral to take Adam down, but he'd reconsidered because he'd realized Adam wasn't worth it. Adam seemed unnerved by Billy's contention that Adam would always be a failure. Billy told Victoria about his change of heart and accused her of caring more about her business than about him. Billy accepted Lily's offer to work at Chancellor. Upset at the prospect of Chelsea selling the penthouse, Connor insisted that she move into the ranch with him and Adam. Abby and Chance declined Devon's request to amend their legal agreement, citing concerns about not wanting to cause any confusion for Dominic. Devon enlisted Amanda's help to pursue legal rights to be with Dominic. Chance stifled his excitement about rejoining the police force after seeing Abby's reaction to the idea, and he decided to remain on indefinite leave. Nate was shocked when the hospital board reprimanded him for dating Elena. Nick implored Noah to work for him.
January 10 to 14, 2022
Chance's feelings of inadequacy intensified after he failed to respond to Dominic's cries while flashing back to the explosion in Spain. Rey was disappointed when Chance announced his plan to remain on indefinite leave from the police force. Abby lashed out at Devon when he informed her and Chance that he had filed for joint custody of Dominic. Mariah was unnerved when she found out about Devon's interest in sharing custody. Jill elected to sell ChancComm to Newman Locke. Victoria tattled to Victor about how Billy's scheme had nearly duped Adam. Victor declined Victoria's request to sell Newman Media to her, but he intended to take a more active role in the company. Victor sensed that there would be a major shift in the Newman family. Sally tried to prove to Chelsea that she was a team player. Chelsea opted to send Sally to New York on a business trip while Chelsea attempted to make inroads with Adam. Adam rejected Sally's suggestion that he accompany her to New York. After Chelsea again appealed to Adam to give their relationship another chance, he warned that they wouldn't be able to work together unless she accepted that things were over between them. Chelsea was devastated when she overheard Adam tell Chance that he had no old love left for her, but her tears later evolved into fury. Nick's loved ones threw him a surprise belated birthday party. Michael decided to retire.
January 17 to 21, 2022
Abby vehemently opposed Devon's decision to fight for shared custody of Dominic, and both sides prepared to do battle. Abby was irked when she discovered Chance and Devon meeting privately to try to work something out. Chance eventually convinced Abby that Devon's presence in Dominic's life would be the best thing for the baby, especially while Chance was still recovering from his trauma. In addition to granting Devon visitation with Dominic, Abby and Chance agreed to add "Winters" to the baby's long moniker. Nikki became suspicious of Ashland's motives at Newman Locke, but Victoria dismissed her mother's concerns. Victor confided in Michael about his plans to unify the Newman factions and his distrust of Ashland. Victoria and Ashland plotted to take over Newman Media. Michael agreed to provide legal advice to Victor, provided the job didn't interfere with his personal life. Chloe implored Chelsea to break her addiction to Adam. Chelsea demanded that Newman Fashion be relocated to distance herself from Adam. Noah decided to work with Nick at New Hope. Sharon sensed that Noah was in love with Tessa. Mariah accepted Tessa's romantic marriage proposal. Phyllis contemplated how to fill her time to avoid spiraling out of control. Summer called Phyllis with a job offer at Marchetti.
January 24 to 28, 2022
Victoria sued Newman Media for the use of the Newman name. Sally was disappointed when Adam agreed to let Chelsea relocate Newman Fashion. Adam warned Sally against going to war with Chelsea. A frustrated Chloe gave up on trying to help Chelsea. Adam was surprised to learn Victor had hired Michael. Victor accepted Victoria's offer to buy Newman Media, under the condition that Adam remain on board. Ashland disapproved of Victoria finalizing the deal without his input, noting that he would have outlined the terms of Adam's employment. Victoria objected to Ashland making business plans without her knowledge. Victoria threw the Newman Media deal in Adam's face before Victor had a chance to tell him. Amanda and Michael tried to dissuade Phyllis from taking a job with Marchetti in Milan. Phyllis decided to take an exploratory trip to Italy to find out more about the opportunity. Phyllis was dismayed when Jack didn't attempt to talk her out of leaving town. Abby, Chance, and Devon reached a formal agreement to share custody of Dominic. Devon was thrilled when Abby and Chance allowed Dominic to spend the night with him. Abby struggled with being separated from her son. Chance read a letter from the wife of one of his colleagues who'd perished in Spain, imploring him not to blame himself. Noah was crushed when he walked in on Mariah giving Tessa an engagement ring. Tessa later found Noah drowning his sorrows in alcohol, and he alluded to his feelings for her.
January 31 to February 4, 2022
Victoria rubbed her acquisition of Newman Media in Adam's face. Victor gave Adam the choice to either run Newman Media for Newman Locke or walk away. Victoria was stunned when Adam opted to stay on. Victoria was miffed when she learned Ashland had offered Nate a position at Newman Locke without consulting her first. Victor rejected Ashland's attempts to discuss business without Victoria present. Victoria decided to scrap Newman Fashion. Sally was livid when she realized Chloe and Chelsea planned to start a new fashion platform without her. Adam hired Sally to work with him at Newman Locke. Chloe and Chelsea pitched an idea to work with Lauren. Michael reported to Victor that there were inconsistencies with Ashland's cancer treatment, and he later learned that Ashland had secretly funded the Peruvian clinic where it had taken place. Victor sent Michael to Peru to further investigate. Chance brushed off Abby's attempts to get him to seek therapy. Abby stifled her concerns when Chance decided to rejoin the police force. Abby briefly reconsidered signing the custody agreement, but she, Chance, and Devon ultimately made it official. Abby feared that something was wrong with Dominic's health. Faith considered going to business school. Noah was irked when he found out Tessa had told Mariah about his admission of his feelings for Tessa. Noah gave a touching speech at Tessa and Mariah's engagement party, but he clearly still pined for Tessa. Phyllis fantasized about Jack stopping her from moving to Milan.
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February 7 to 11, 2022
Adam made Sally the COO of Newman Media. Adam admitted that he felt romantic chemistry with Sally, but they agreed not to explore their feelings until their professional relationship was established. Adam and Sally shared a Valentine's Day toast. Ashland confessed to Victor that he'd funded the Peruvian clinic where he'd received his cancer treatment. Victoria was disappointed to find out that Ashland had kept yet another secret from her. Ashland learned that someone was asking questions about him in Peru, and he instructed an unseen cohort to stick to their plan. Chance missed his first day back at work to take Dominic to the doctor. Abby, Chance, and Devon learned that Dominic's red blood cell count was low and that the baby needed a bone marrow aspiration. Rey confided to Sharon that he sometimes felt that he'd missed out on the parenting experience. Chance joined Rey on a stakeout but panicked when he heard a shot fired. Battling loneliness after leaving the penthouse and moving into the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea dreamed about kissing Rey. Lily and Jack worried about Billy's insomnia. Billy attempted to figure out the source of his restlessness by recording his self-reflective thoughts. Lily proposed that she and Devon engage in a joint venture to create inspirational podcasts, and she put Billy in charge of the project. Noah had a passionate dream about Tessa. The couples of Genoa City celebrated Valentine's Day.
February 14 to 18, 2022
Adam and Sally set aside their resolution to keep their relationship professional and had sex in his office. Victor asked Adam to keep an eye on Ashland. Victoria and Ashland plotted to make sure Adam failed as CEO. Victoria was surprised when Victor supported Adam's decision to make Sally his second in command. Victor instructed Michael to pay off a Peruvian doctor to find out the truth about Ashland's treatment. Devon learned that he was a perfect match to be a bone marrow donor for Dominic. Abby overheard Chance apologizing to Rey for letting Rey down. Abby quizzed Rey about what had happened at the stakeout, but Rey refused to betray Chance's confidence. Rey convinced Chance to open up to Abby about how he'd frozen in the field. Phyllis returned from Milan and announced her intent to stay in Genoa City. Jack received mysterious text messages that tried to lure him to Los Angeles. Billy continued to work when he couldn't sleep at night and considered hosting a podcast of his own. Amanda and Imani abandoned their new law practice to work for Lily and Billy at Chancellor. Lauren agreed to strike a deal with Chloe and Chelsea. Nate contemplated leaving the hospital to work for Newman Locke. Faith and Moses separately grappled with what to get each other for Valentine's Day, and they ended up giving one another the same concert tickets. Noah presented Mariah and Tessa with a portrait he'd painted of them.
February 21 to 25, 2022
Phyllis discovered that the address in the mysterious text messages Jack had received belonged to someone with the same name as Luan's deceased father. Phyllis theorized that Keemo had sent the messages, but Jack sadly revealed that he and Keemo had been estranged for years. Jack was devastated when Phyllis found Keemo's obituary online. Phyllis turned down the job offer in Milan, though she claimed Jack had nothing to do with her decision. Abby, Chance, Devon, and Amanda sat vigil after Dominic's bone marrow transplant. Nate announced that Dominic's health had greatly improved after the procedure. Chance made an appointment with a therapist. Nate became suspicious about Victor and Michael's questions about Ashland. Nate solicited Lily's advice about whether to accept Ashland's job offer, and she suggested Nate work with her at Chancellor instead. Nate later announced his decision to leave medicine to work for Ashland. Victoria sensed that Adam and Sally's relationship was more than professional. Adam refused to spy on Ashland for Victor but later agreed to do it. Michael presented Victor with a video of a Peruvian doctor who claimed Ashland had paid a bundle to falsify his medical records. Billy warned Victoria that Ashland couldn't be trusted. Ashland convinced Victoria to make him co-CEO of Newman Locke. Mariah and Tessa brainstormed ideas for their wedding. Faith considered going to college in Genoa City to stay close to Moses, but she worried about her family's reaction.
February 28 to March 4, 2022
Nikki stalled Victoria from making Ashland co-CEO of Newman Locke by imploring her to tell Victor about the change before it happened. Victor told Nick and Adam that Ashland had faked his cancer diagnosis. Victor ordered Ashland to feign a relapse and cut all ties to Victoria. Victor urged Victoria not to make Ashland co-CEO, but she defiantly signed the contract, anyway. As Ashland was about to sign, he pretended to suffer shortness of breath. Nick nearly revealed the truth about Ashland to Victoria, but he managed to cover with a fib. Sharon stopped Nick from confronting Ashland. Ashland received a text message from someone who reported that Michael and the two doctors who'd exposed Ashland had been taken care of. Adam and Sally contemplated who would run Newman Locke if Victoria and Ashland split. Jack declined Billy and Traci's offers to accompany him to L.A., and he invited Phyllis to go with him instead. In L.A., Jack and Phyllis found Keemo's house abandoned, but a stack of unmailed letters Keemo had written to Jack had been left behind. Jack read the letters and discovered that Keemo had forgiven him. Billy struggled with recording his first podcast. Lily was disappointed when Devon balked at her proposal to merge their companies. Lily's idea to form a family company left Billy feeling like an outsider. Chance encouraged Abby to let Dominic spend time with Devon. Chance attended his first therapy session.
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MARCH 2022
March 7 to 11, 2022
Ashland told Victoria about Victor's accusation that Ashland had falsified his medical records. Victoria believed Ashland's claim that someone was trying to set him up. At Victoria's urging, Ashland signed the document that named him co-CEO of Newman Locke. Adam hoped the rift between Victor and Victoria would work in Adam's favor. Victor learned that Michael and the two Peruvian doctors who'd implicated Ashland had disappeared. Lauren became increasingly worried when she was unable to reach Michael. Kevin offered to dig into Michael's disappearance. Victor and Nick sought Nate's help to expose Ashland's lies. Nate began to have doubts about Ashland. Jack and Phyllis went through a box of Keemo's mementos in L.A. Later, someone left a photo of a young woman at Keemo's house, with a name and phone number written on the back. Jack summoned the woman, Allie, to the house, and she seemed taken aback when he revealed that he was Keemo's father. Traci advised Billy to try meditation. Devon agreed to keep an open mind about Lily's idea of merging their companies. Lily reassured Billy when he voiced his concerns about where he would fit in if the merger took place. Chance pushed through a therapy session where he relived the trauma he'd experienced in Spain, and he later snapped at Abby. Sharon and Rey had trouble finding time alone. Faith quizzed Mariah and Tessa about love. Sharon was pleased when Noah began dating again.
March 14 to 18, 2022
Victor received bank statements Michael had sent before his disappearance, proving that a shell company owned by Ashland had deposited large sums of cash into the account of the Peruvian doctor who'd claimed he'd been paid to falsify Ashland's medical records. Victor showed the statements to Victoria, whose faith in Ashland began to waffle. Victor appealed to Nick to try to make Victoria see reason. Adam was appalled that Nick was Victor's strategy to combat Ashland, and he asserted that Victoria was the one who'd failed their family. Victoria started to voice her doubts to Nick, but Ashland interrupted. Nate confronted Ashland with medical evidence that Ashland had faked his cancer diagnosis. Ashland threatened to have Nate's medical license revoked and claimed he could prove his innocence. Nate went to Victor and Adam and announced he had the smoking gun they'd been looking for. Sally sought Sharon's advice about Adam. Lauren's worry about Michael's absence escalated when Sally blabbed that Victor was having his people search for Michael in Peru. Chelsea and Sally declared a tentative truce. Jack learned that Allie was Keemo's daughter and that Keemo had claimed he'd never met his father. A shell-shocked Allie told Jack that she wasn't interested in getting to know him, but she later gifted him with a figurine that Keemo had treasured. Jack decided to return to Genoa City without figuring out who'd sent the mysterious text messages that had lured him to L.A.
March 21 to 25, 2022
The Newmans devised a plan to get Victoria alone to confront her with the mounting evidence of Ashland's duplicity. Ashland interrupted the intervention and declared that while he loved Victoria, he couldn't take her family's interference anymore. After Ashland walked out, a devastated Victoria realized the accusations against him were true. Victoria opened up to Billy, who offered his unconditional support. Adam suggested that Victoria be released from her duties as CEO. Adam tried to strike a deal with Ashland, but Ashland refused to give up on Victoria. Adam and Sally plotted to make themselves invaluable during the fallout at Newman Locke. Victor promised Lauren he'd find Michael. Jack continued to receive anonymous text messages urging him not to give up on Allie and offering to help. Phyllis convinced Jack to take a business trip to L.A. and meet with Allie over coffee, but Allie hesitated to accept Jack's invitation. The buyer of Keemo's house insisted on meeting Allie before completing the sale. The buyer, a woman who claimed her name was Taylor, was the spitting image of Diane Jenkins. After a heartfelt talk with Taylor about the importance of family, Allie called Jack and agreed to see him again. Nate blamed himself for falling for Ashland's ruse. Devon and Lily moved forward with plans to merge Chancellor and Hamilton-Winters into one family company. Nate accepted Devon's offer to become COO. Nate and Elena decided to reclaim his inheritance by moving into Chelsea's penthouse. Billy's first podcast was a hit.
March 28 to April 1, 2022
Nick and Billy were stunned when they witnessed Victoria in Ashland's arms after she'd learned of her husband's deception. Victoria tried to convince her family to let her handle Ashland by telling him she still loved him and believed in him. Victor vowed to remove Ashland from the family and the company by any means necessary. Victoria suggested that she and Ashland get away from her clan by spending time at their Tuscan villa. Victor appointed Adam as temporary CEO of Newman Locke. Ashland fumed when he learned Michael had escaped. A shaken Michael returned home and reunited with his family. Animosity toward Ashland grew as word of his cancer ruse spread. Lauren objected to Michael continuing to work for Victor. Nick encouraged Billy to try to get through to Victoria. Ashley was suspicious when she heard Jack had a long-lost granddaughter. Jack and Allie got to know one another. "Taylor" manipulated Allie into luring Jack to Keemo's former home, where Jack was floored to face Diane. Diane apologized for faking her death with Deacon Sharpe's help. Diane swore she'd become a new person, but Jack blasted her for the pain she'd caused. Jack refused to help Diane reconnect with Kyle. Chance told Abby that his therapist had recommended he return to work. Abby worried that Chance hadn't yet healed from his trauma, but she agreed to support the decision. Rey welcomed Chance back to the police force. Sharon was concerned about Noah's constant partying.
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APRIL 2022
April 4 to 8, 2022
Billy voiced concern for Victoria's safety, but she refused to tell him more about her plan to deal with Ashland. Victor delayed Victoria and Ashland's trip to Tuscany by having the pilot lie about incoming storms. Victoria theorized to Ashland that Adam was likely the one who'd made up the false accusations against Ashland, and Ashland opted to stay in town to investigate. Adam intended to prove that he was more capable than Victoria of running Newman Locke. Victor cautioned Adam against making any significant changes during his temporary CEO stint. Victoria told the Newmans about her plot to throw suspicion on Adam. Adam insisted on remaining interim CEO if he went along with the scheme. Ashland broke into Adam's office and logged onto Adam's computer, unaware that Adam had knowingly granted him access. Ashland denied being responsible for Michael's incarceration in Peru. Michael found a clause that would allow the Newmans to oust Ashland from the company. Billy assured Lily that his concern for Victoria wasn't romantic. Rey offered to take Connor to a hockey game when Chelsea was called away for work. Rey and Chance commiserated about feeling second best as father figures. Phyllis joined Jack in L.A. and was shocked to learn that Diane was still alive. Jack took Phyllis' advice and agreed to tell Kyle about Diane to keep Diane from blindsiding their son. Kyle planned a visit to Genoa City. The Abbotts decided to follow Jack's lead about how Allie would fit into their family.
April 11 to 15, 2022
Ashland suggested that he plant evidence to frame Adam, but he claimed he didn't want Victoria involved. Ashland proposed that he and Victoria leave Genoa City to start a new venture. Adam offered Ashland $500 million to walk away from Victoria and Newman Locke, fibbing that he was acting on behalf of the Newman family. Victor covered when Ashland confronted him about Adam's offer, but he later admonished Adam for taking the situation into his own hands. Victor ultimately agreed to provide the funds if Ashland accepted the deal. Victoria and Adam clashed over whose plan to follow. Ashland balked when Adam required that Ashland annul his marriage to Victoria. Ashland continued to insist that his love for Victoria was real. After Victoria agreed to leave everything behind to start over with Ashland, he accepted Adam's deal. Jack invited Allie to Genoa City to meet the rest of the Abbott family. Allie insisted that Diane have the chance to make amends with Kyle. Jack warned Diane to stay away from Allie. Diane checked into the Grand Phoenix under a fake name. Billy decided to start a second podcast under a pseudonym to go after bad people without affecting his loved ones. Mariah and Tessa decided on a "'70s glam" theme for their wedding and set a date of Friday the 13th of May. After Chelsea's business trip was canceled, she decided to join Rey and Connor at the hockey game in Chicago.
April 18 to 22, 2022
Sharon covered her discomfort as Rey prepared to take Chelsea and Connor to a hockey game in Chicago. Rey realized he'd left the hockey tickets at home and left Crimson Lights to retrieve them. After Ashland relinquished his rights at Newman Locke and agreed to annul his marriage to Victoria, Victoria told him their relationship was over. Ashland finally confessed that he'd lied about having cancer but swore that he'd honestly fallen in love with Victoria. A distraught Victoria got behind the wheel and swerved off the road to avoid a car, crashing into a tree. Ashland, who'd been following Victoria, suffered injuries while rescuing her from her burning vehicle and carrying her to safety. Ashland informed Victoria that Rey had been the driver of the other car and hadn't made it. Ashland claimed that Rey had drifted into Victoria's lane and ultimately struck Ashland's car. The Newmans were relieved to find Victoria alive. Victoria was conflicted about her feelings for Ashland. Victoria bristled at Victor's suggestion that Adam remain CEO of Newman Locke while she healed. Sally admitted that she was falling in love with Adam. Victor demanded that Ashland leave town, but Ashland refused. Nick gently broke the news of Rey's death to a devastated Sharon. Sharon's family rallied to support her. Sharon objected to Mariah and Tessa delaying their nuptials. Sharon considered Celeste's request that Rey be buried in Miami. Adam and Chelsea comforted a heartbroken Connor.
April 25 to 29, 2022
Jack told Nikki that Diane was alive. Nikki excoriated Diane for the pain she'd caused. Kyle and Harrison returned to Genoa City. Kyle reeled when Jack broke the news that Diane had faked her death. After a heartfelt chat with Traci, Kyle decided to hear his mother out. Jack granted Diane's request to let her meet with Kyle at the Abbott mansion. Kyle and Diane faced one another for the first time in decades. Sharon agreed to have Rey buried in Miami. Sharon continued to put up a brave front for her family and friends. Mariah and Tessa honored Sharon's wishes by not postponing their wedding. Tessa asked Sharon to walk her down the aisle, and Nick happily accepted Mariah's request that he do the same for her. Adam defied Victor's orders by visiting Sharon to express his condolences. Sharon broke down in Adam's arms. An autopsy revealed that Rey hadn't died because of the car accident -- he'd suffered a massive heart attack. The Newmans were furious when Ashland refused to leave town. Ashland remained determined to win Victoria back. Sally confessed to Adam that she'd faked a terminal illness and was shocked when he revealed that he'd also once pretended to have a serious ailment. Adam told Sally he was falling in love with her. Devon and Lily had very different ideas about how to promote their new company.
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MAY 2022
May 2 to 6, 2022
Kyle confronted Diane about abandoning him as a child. Diane begged for Kyle's forgiveness. Jack contemplated whether Diane had truly changed. Diane found Victor waiting for her in her hotel room, and he ordered her to leave town. After talking things out with Mariah, Kyle decided to give Diane a chance to prove herself. The Abbotts rallied around Kyle to put Diane to the test. Lily scolded Billy for interfering in Victoria's life. Billy hosted an anonymous podcast to complain about an unnamed Ashland, but Lily was afraid people would know who Billy was talking about. Victoria found out that Rey had died of a heart attack and was relieved the car accident hadn't taken his life. Victoria refused Victor's request to keep Adam on as co-CEO of Newman Locke and appointed Nikki to the position instead. Sally pledged to stand by Adam if he walked away from the Newman fold. Ashland vowed to do everything in his power to keep Harrison in his life. Ashland offered to donate $250 million to New Hope in Rey's name, and Victoria urged Nick to accept the funds. Tessa was thrilled that Crystal would be able to serve as her maid of honor. Tessa revealed that Rey had worked to arrest Zack and have the charges against Crystal dropped. Sharon decided to host a memorial service for Rey before taking his body to be buried in Miami. Chloe suspected that Chelsea had harbored romantic feelings for Rey.
May 9 to 13, 2022
May 9 to 13, 2022
After Diane willingly faced the Abbott family's interrogation, Billy encouraged Kyle to give her another chance, while Ashley vehemently opposed the idea. Kyle told Diane he was going back to Milan to talk through his feelings with Summer before making a decision about Diane. Kyle later decided to stay in town to officiate Mariah and Tessa's wedding and have Summer join him there instead. Phyllis disapproved when she saw Michael and Diane having a friendly drink. Victor enlisted Michael's help to get Ashland out of town. Jack was thrilled when Allie made a surprise trip to Genoa City, and the Abbott clan warmly welcomed her. An emotional Allie opened up to Jack about her troubled relationship with her mother. Victoria confronted Billy about being the host of "The Grinning Soul" podcast. Victor had Victoria's portrait restored. Adam and Sally plotted to reunite Victoria and Ashland, hoping it would pave the way to Adam taking over Newman Enterprises. Sharon invited Chelsea to attend Rey's memorial service. Rey's loved ones exchanged fond memories of him. Crystal returned to town and helped Tessa prepare for her wedding. Though Nick offered to escort Sharon to Miami for Rey's burial, she opted to go alone. At Sharon's urging, Nick accepted Ashland's $250 million donation to New Hope on the condition it remained anonymous. Devon agreed to throw a splashy launch party for Chancellor-Winters. Devon and Nate sensed Billy was uncomfortable working for their family company.
May 16 to 20, 2022
Mariah and Tessa happily prepared for their wedding. Tessa worried when her wedding gown didn't show up, but Kevin and Chloe delivered it in time. Phyllis accepted Jack's invitation to attend the wedding as his date. Noah basked in compliments for his 1970s-themed transformation of Top of the Tower. Nick and Sharon walked Tessa and Mariah down the aisle. With Kyle presiding over the ceremony, Mariah and Tessa joyfully exchanged heartfelt vows. Summer returned to town and convinced Allie to attend the wedding reception with her. Kyle was livid when Diane showed up uninvited at the wedding, but he relented when she begged to say hello to Summer. Nick assured Sharon that Rey and Cassie were there with them. Jack caught the bouquet. After an awkward first meeting at Crimson Lights, Noah and Allie got to know one another better. Nick and Sharon surprised Mariah and Tessa with a honeymoon trip to Paris. Jack and Phyllis made love. Phyllis and Ashley agreed to join forces to get Diane out of town. Summer told Kyle about Marchetti's financial troubles and suggested that Jabot acquire the fashion house, which would enable them to move back to Genoa City. After Jack told Kyle and Summer that Ashland had faked his cancer, Kyle refused to let Ashland spend time with Harrison. Chloe helped Esther set up a profile on a dating app for seniors.
May 23 to 27, 2022
Michael threatened to take legal action against Ashland. Lauren was irritated when she realized Michael intended to keep working for Victor. Victor and Michael suspected that Harrison was Ashland's Achilles heel. Adam brainstormed a way to distract his father to take Victor's focus off Ashland. Kyle introduced Harrison to Diane but did not mention that she was the boy's grandmother. Diane and Ashland commiserated over their similar situations. Phyllis denied that she'd reunited with Jack because of Diane. Jack suggested that Ashland get a court order if he wanted to see Harrison. Kyle asked Diane to stay in town and offered to pay for her to stay at the Athletic Club. Victoria broke up a fight between Nikki and Diane. Nikki and Victoria went on a getaway to a spa in Switzerland. Summer fished for details about Chelsea's fashion line. Jack had reservations about Jabot acquiring Marchetti. Chelsea seemed to be on edge after Rey's death. Nick made playful efforts to lift Sharon's spirits. Amanda and Imani worried about Naya's continued heart problems, even though Nate assured them the condition was treatable. Elena saw Nate consoling Imani and warned him that Imani was after him. Billy wrestled with feeling like an outsider at Chancellor-Winters. Lily was irked when Billy talked about his feelings of insecurity on his podcast rather than confiding in her. Esther met a man named Dwight through a dating app, and they bonded over their shared interest in cleaning supplies.
May 30 to June 3, 2022
Michael filed a civil suit against Ashland for fraud. Victor enlisted Summer's help to convince Kyle to keep Ashland out of Harrison's life. Ashland seemed shaken when Sharon blasted him for lying about his cancer. Diane inadvertently tipped Ashland off about the possibility of Kyle and Summer moving back to Genoa City. Kyle had Ashland served with a restraining order. Diane was empathetic to Ashland's situation but refused to risk her chances with Kyle by attempting to plead Ashland's case. After a confrontation with Victor, Ashland considered leaving town. Jack became wary of Phyllis' motives when she repeatedly flaunted their relationship in front of Diane. Jack walked in on Phyllis admitting to Diane that she'd been marking Jack as her territory. Amanda encouraged Phyllis to take responsibility for what she'd done. Kyle and Summer were elated when Jack decided to proceed with Jabot's acquisition of Marchetti. Adam worried that the restraining order would throw a wrench in his plan to reunite Ashland and Victoria. Amanda became increasingly irritated when Imani continued to show interest in Nate. Elena had nightmares about Nate and Imani getting together. Nate assured Elena that she was the only woman for him. Devon and Nate treaded trod carefully as they navigated their professional relationship. Sharon was unable to face the anniversary of Cassie's death, but Nick helped her through it. Chance pledged to close all of Rey's open cases as a tribute to his partner. Noah and Allie bonded over Billy's podcasts.
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JUNE 2022
June 6 to 10, 2022
Victoria was livid when she learned Victor had arranged for the restraining order to keep Ashland from seeing Harrison. Victoria stopped Ashland from leaving town and agreed to give him a second chance. Victoria decided to start a new life with Ashland away from Genoa City. Victoria's family objected when she declared her independence from the Newmans, but she stood her ground. Nick feared losing contact with Victoria and accepted that it was her choice to make. Billy threatened to fight for custody of Johnny and Katie. Lily demanded that Billy let Victoria go. Victor plotted to have Adam take Victoria's place as co-CEO of Newman to lure her back to the company. Jack ended his relationship with Phyllis. Phyllis left town to visit Daniel in Savannah. Kyle and Summer celebrated when the Jabot board approved the acquisition of Marchetti. Allie was impressed when Ashley gave her a tour of the Jabot lab. Jack realized Allie had a crush on Noah. Kyle interrupted a tense moment between Adam and Chelsea. Summer and Chelsea looked forward to the possibility of working together. Amanda frowned upon Imani's attempts to make Elena feel insecure in her relationship with Nate. Elena was dismayed when she was called into work on the night of Chancellor-Winters' launch party. Nate became increasingly frustrated when Devon and Lily continued to reject his ideas.
June 13 to 17, 2022
The press and business community gathered for Chancellor-Winters' launch gala. Devon overheard Nate talking to a reporter about the accident that had ended his medical career. Lily and Devon delivered heartfelt speeches about the importance of family and stuck to their plan of being vague about their new company's plans. With Imani's encouragement, Nate went rogue and revealed details about the podcasts Chancellor-Winters would be rolling out. Lily later admitted that Nate's approach had paid off. Amanda warned Imani to keep her distance from Nate, and Imani ordered Amanda to stop trying to run her life. Jack intervened when Nikki tried to throw an uninvited Diane out of the party. Victor officially named Adam as CEO of Newman Enterprises and agreed to let Sally take over running Newman Media. Adam and Sally celebrated by taking down Victoria's portrait and having sex in his new office. Ashland and Victoria reveled in their new life in New York and envisioned building a new company to compete with Newman. Victor vowed to destroy Ashland once and for all. Chance prioritized closing all of Rey's open cases. Jill sensed that Diane wanted to reconcile with Jack, and Diane confided that she wouldn't say no if he wanted to give a relationship another chance. Summer suggested that Kyle take over as CEO of Marchetti. Ashley and Traci arranged a special evening for Allie to get to know them better, and the Abbott sisters ended up sharing memories of key moments in their lives.
June 20 to 24, 2022
Jill worried that Billy would return to his self-sabotaging ways. Lily was pleased when she overheard Billy leaving a message to tell Victoria that he wouldn't fight their custody arrangement. Diane asked Kyle to help her find a job in Genoa City. Michael agreed to Nikki's request that he investigate Diane's activities in Los Angeles, although he hoped to prove that Diane had changed. Phyllis secretly returned to town and eavesdropped as Jack told Diane he had no interest in reuniting with Phyllis. At Summer's urging, Phyllis reluctantly declared a truce with Diane. Chelsea and Chloe clashed as they approached the deadline for launching Chelsea's new line. Summer considered hiring Chelsea as lead designer of Marchetti. Kyle decided to vacate his role at Jabot and take over as Marchetti's CEO. Jack offered Allie an internship at Jabot. Adam suspected that Victor had only appointed him as Newman's CEO to lure Victoria back into the fold, but he intended to prove himself to be the best person for the job. Victor enlisted Michael's help to thwart Victoria and Ashland's plans to start a new business venture. After Naya suffered a stroke, Amanda grappled with whether to leave town to care for her mother. Elena was invited to speak at a medical convention in Hawaii, but Nate opted to stay in town to focus on his job. Imani overheard Elena mention that Nate wouldn't be making the trip with her.
June 27 to July 1, 2022
Victor dissuaded investors from funding Victoria and Ashland's new venture. Nick worried that he'd failed Victoria's loyalty test by relaying information about her plans to Victor. Adam worried that Victor would cast him aside if Victoria decided to return to Newman Enterprises. Victoria convinced Ashland to use their own money to finance their new company, and he transferred his remaining $250 million into a corporate account. Victoria drained the bank account and walked out on Ashland after rubbing it in his face that she'd outsmarted him. Adam was livid when he discovered that he'd been bumped from using the Newman jet because Victor had approved sending it to fly Victoria home. Nick considered increasing his involvement at Newman. Tessa saw a doctor about her persistent sore throat and learned she might need to have surgery to remove nodules from her vocal cords. Devon berated Nate for publicly overpromising the number of podcasts Chancellor-Winters would be launching. Elena pitched an idea to host a medical podcast. Chelsea offered constructive criticism to Billy about his podcast being too dark. Chelsea was thrilled when Summer invited her to design for Marchetti. Chelsea lashed out when Chloe objected that Chelsea was taking on too much. Chloe told Chelsea their collaboration was no longer working. Adam supported Sally's plan to hire Chloe as Newman Media's COO. Phyllis attempted to express remorse to Jack, but he maintained that their relationship was over. Phyllis seethed when she found out Kyle and Summer had offered Diane a job at Marchetti.
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JULY 2022
July 4 to 8, 2022
Victoria returned to Genoa City and reclaimed the throne at Newman Enterprises after telling her family about how she'd scammed Ashland. Victoria encouraged Nick to return to the family business. After turning to Sharon for advice, Nick decided to rejoin Newman. Ashland hired a goon named Stannis to keep him updated about the actions of Victor, Adam, and especially Victoria. Stannis eavesdropped as Billy taunted Adam about losing the Newman CEO position and Victor's respect. Ashland approached Adam and implied that they should work together to get revenge on the Newmans. Adam vowed that Victoria would crash and burn. Sally offered Chloe the COO position at Newman Media. Chelsea realized she wasn't emotionally prepared to launch her design business, and she ended her collaboration with Chloe. Chelsea offered to help Billy with his podcast. Victoria asked Billy to use the "Grinning Soul" to expose Ashland's misdeeds. After Elena left for a medical convention in Hawaii, Imani schemed to spend time alone with Nate. Lily considered opening a hotel to compete with the Grand Phoenix. Tensions flared between Phyllis and Diane, and Kyle and Summer worried that the conflict between their mothers would get worse. Chance arranged a surprise picnic for Abby, but their romantic day was cut short when he was summoned to work again. Allie accepted Jack's offer to become an intern at Jabot. Allie and Noah almost kissed while listening to an old radio mystery show. Tessa postponed her tour due to her vocal cord problems.
July 11 to 15, 2022
Nick accepted Victoria's offer to become COO of Newman Enterprises. Adam refused to oust Sally as CEO of Newman Media and walked away from the family company altogether. Adam told Victoria he planned to dump Sally, hoping it would lead his sister to keep Sally on board. Despite Lily's misgivings, Billy exposed Ashland's cancer fraud on his "Grinning Soul" podcast. Ashland asked Diane to let him spend time with Harrison, but she declined to avoid risking her relationship with Kyle. Phyllis and Nikki teamed up to get Diane out of town. After going through a box of mementos that stirred up memories of his life with Victoria, Ashland trashed his hotel room in a fit of rage. Diane turned down Michael's request that she lure Ashland into violating the restraining order against him, but she later notified Michael when she left Harrison with Ashland in the park. Allie bristled when both Phyllis and Diane tried to use her to fish for information about Jack. Noah agreed to take over New Hope from Nick but later admitted to Allie that it wasn't his passion. Noah decided to wait to leave New Hope until Nick was settled in at Newman. Noah and Allie went on their first official date. Chelsea announced that she was taking a break from designing. Billy proposed that he and Chelsea host a podcast together. Imani played on Nate's sympathies to spend time alone with him while Elena was out of town.
July 18 to 22, 2022
Ashland was arrested for violating the restraining order. Adam devastated Sally by abruptly ending their relationship, claiming she was a liability to him. Sally correctly surmised that Adam was distancing himself from her to save her job, but he maintained that things were over. After Sally made a passionate appeal to highlight her achievements and vision, Victoria and Nick changed their minds about firing her and decided to keep Sally on as Newman Mediaís CEO on a trial basis. Chloe accepted the job as Sallyís COO. Chelsea bristled when she learned Sally and Chloe were working together. Ashland declined Adamís suggestion that they become allies, but he implied that he would go after Victoria to seek revenge on Victor. Adam continued to refuse to return to Newman, but he warned his family that Ashland was out for blood. Ashland stalked Victoria, and she later found him creepily hovering outside her house. Ashland became increasingly infuriated when Victoria tried to get him to leave. Ashley implored Jack to forgive Phyllis. Nikki, Phyllis, and Ashley conspired to get Diane out of town. Phyllis rejected Lilyís offer to buy the Grand Phoenix. After talking things through with Allie, Noah decided he wanted to turn Top of the Tower into a nightclub. Noah and Allie shared their first kiss. Noah was nervous about telling his father he was leaving New Hope, but Nick was happy to see Noah excited about something again. Tessa prepared to have surgery on her vocal cords.
July 25 to 29, 2022
Ashland became increasingly unhinged as he ranted about Victoria's cruelty. Nick burst in and intervened when Ashland lunged at Victoria. Nick punched Ashland, causing Ashland to fall and hit his head on the brick hearth of the fireplace. Unable to find a pulse, Nick believed he had killed Ashland. Victoria and Nick stepped outside to get some air, and when they returned inside, Ashland was gone. Victor suddenly showed up, claiming his security detail had alerted him. Nick later found Ashland's signet ring on the floor by the French doors, and he turned the ring over to Chance. Chance reported that Ashland had been found dead in his car at the bottom of a ravine. Nick was suspicious about the role Victor might have played in Ashland's death. Sally overheard Adam confide to Sharon that he'd broken up with Sally to avoid holding her back. Sally tried to convince Adam to give up the charade and even pulled him into a kiss, but he maintained that things were over between them. Sharon advised Sally to prove that Adam meant more than her job at Newman Media. Sally attempted to quit her job, but Nick urged her to reconsider. After a pep talk from Chloe, Sally decided to stay on. Kyle and Summer struggled with telling Harrison about Ashland's death, but Diane took over and gently explained the situation to the boy. A grateful Kyle thanked Diane by telling his son that Diane was Harrison's grandmother.
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August 1 to 5, 2022
Kevin sidled up to the medical examiner and learned that the car crash hadn't necessarily caused the blow to the head that had killed Ashland. Chance and Kevin later realized that the video footage from the gas station where Ashland's rental car had been spotted had been erased. Chloe told Sally about how Nick had punched Ashland. Nick trusted Sally to treat the story about Ashland's death as she saw fit, and she decided to wait to publish anything about Nick's involvement until she knew more. Nick sensed that Victor was lying about what had happened at Victoria's house on the night of Ashland's death. Victor admitted that his security team had found Ashland dead inside the house, and he'd had them stage the car accident to protect Nick from being investigated. Nick confided in Sharon about how he'd been responsible for Ashland's death. Victor turned down Noah's pitch to turn Top of the Tower into a nightclub. The rift between Jack and Phyllis widened when he walked in on her berating Diane in the park with Harrison nearby. Phyllis pushed Summer to give her a job at Marchetti. Devon and Nate continued to have issues working together. Nate was irritated when Elena blamed Imani for fueling the tension between Devon and Nate. Amanda was devastated when Naya lapsed into a coma. Devon encouraged Amanda to be by Naya's side. Tessa faced putting her career on hold while recovering from surgery on her vocal cords.
August 8 to 12, 2022
Victoria and Nick met Chance's continued questions about the night of Ashland's death with indignance. Victor urged Chance to accept that Ashland had died in a car crash, but Chance refused to give up until he made sense of the night in question. Victoria told Nikki that Victor had arranged to have Ashland's accident staged. Sally offered to tell Adam what she knew about Ashland's death if Adam admitted he still loved her, but Chloe interrupted. Abby reluctantly formed an alliance with Adam to figure out what the rest of their family was hiding. Chance confided to Abby that he suspected Victor had covered up the true cause of Ashland's death. Adam offered to help Chance with his investigation. Kyle agreed to hire Phyllis at Marchetti, but Kyle and Summer warned their moms that there would be a zero-tolerance policy for bad behavior. Diane was certain that Phyllis had accepted the job to sabotage her. Jack invited Adam to work with him at Jabot, and Adam promised to consider the offer. Mariah appealed to Kyle to offer Tessa a job modeling at Marchetti to take Tessa's mind off putting her singing career on hold. Nate made Sally a lucrative offer to buy Elena out of her Newman Media contract. After Sally revealed that she'd never scheduled a business dinner with Nate and Imani, Elena realized that Imani had manipulated the situation to spend time alone with Nate. Chelsea implored Billy to tell Johnny that she was his biological mother.
August 15 to 19, 2022
Kevin uncovered evidence that a member of Victor's security team had been driving Ashland's rental car and that a bloody fingerprint from someone other than Ashland had been on the car. Victoria told Abby about her ominous encounter with Ashland, hoping Abby would appeal to Chance to drop the investigation. After Sally opened up to Chance about how Adam had been pressuring her for information about Ashland's death, Chance ordered Adam to stay out of it. Abby complained that Chance's work schedule was making him miss milestones in Dominic's life. Nick was pleasantly surprised when Sally opted not to publish what Nick had told her about the night Ashland had died. Chance decided not to further investigate Victor's involvement in the cover-up of Ashland's death, but he later seemed deeply conflicted. Lily's attempts to defuse the tension between Devon and Nate only made the men clash more. Elena confided to Devon that she and Nate seemed to be drifting apart. Lily groused that Billy's podcasts were interfering with his COO duties. Billy considered quitting the podcast, but Chelsea insisted that "Podcast Billy" was the real him. Billy confirmed Chelsea's suspicion that he was the "Grinning Soul." Victoria considered telling Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother. Phyllis began working at Marchetti. Phyllis and Nikki encouraged an investigative reporter to run a story about Diane's resurrection. Diane fantasized about kissing Jack. Tessa feared that she might never be able to sing again.
August 22 to 26, 2022
Victoria told Billy the truth about Ashland's death. Victoria unveiled an aggressive acquisition plan for Newman Enterprises. Chance informed Abby that even though he'd closed Ashland's case, he believed Victor had orchestrated a cover-up. Chance warned Victor that he wouldn't allow Victor to cross the line again. Adam overheard Chance and Kevin discussing Victor's involvement in Ashland's case. Adam hired a thug to steal Kevin's laptop and break into the police department's system. Adam found the original police report and concluded that Victor had staged Ashland's car accident to protect Nick. Adam appealed to Sally to publish the true story, but she refused and sadly realized that revenge would always be his biggest priority. Victoria was intrigued when Sally mentioned that Adam had pushed her to write a story about Ashland's death. Adam confronted Chance about covering up Victor's crime, but Chance stood by his decision to close the case. Adam turned down Jack's job offer at Jabot. Billy opted to quit his podcast to devote himself to his role as Lily's COO. Chelsea was crushed by Billy's decision and declined his offer for her to host it solo. Chloe sensed Chelsea was developing feelings for Billy. Billy gently rebuffed Chelsea's kiss. Kyle was disturbed when he walked in on Diane flirting with Jack. Summer suspected Phyllis was hoping to get Talia to write an exposť about Diane, but Phyllis claimed she'd only been trying to protect Summer and Kyle from scandal. Phyllis sold the Grand Phoenix to Chancellor-Winters.
August 29 to September 2, 2022
Chelsea and Adam commiserated over the jobs they'd loved and lost. Chelsea urged Adam to give up his quest for revenge against Victor and reconsider Jack's job offer. Sally saw Adam and Chelsea embracing. Chelsea's emotional state became increasingly fragile. Adam warned Nick that suppressing the memory of killing A.J. Montalvo had turned Adam into the man he'd become. Adam accepted the role as Jabot's co-CEO. Chloe realized Sally was holding out hope for a reunion with Adam. Chloe begged Adam to tell Sally things were over between them for good, but instead, Adam asked Sally for forgiveness for not trusting that they could get through things together. Phyllis told Talia about the dirt in Diane's past. Diane introduced herself to Talia, who claimed she was writing a story about Ashland. Diane opened up to Talia about her connection to Ashland and was later blindsided when Talia published a story about Diane's return from the dead. Noah and Allie celebrated his securing space for his new club by making love. Chance struggled with not having anyone to vent to about his conflicted feelings over covering up Victor's crime. After Chance left Dominic's first birthday party to meet an informant, Abby confided in Devon about her husband's preoccupation with work at the expense of their family. Faith prepared to leave for college. Mariah and Tessa were crushed when an adoption attorney turned down their case because of their criminal records. Kyle planned to throw a surprise wedding for Summer.
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September 5 to 9, 2022
Nikki and Phyllis were dismayed when Talia's editor suddenly canceled the series of articles about Diane. Diane received a mysterious text message, stating that she owed someone for killing the articles. Nikki decided to track down Deacon in L.A. to get more dirt on Diane. Victor and Adam clashed over Adam's new role at Jabot. Victor announced that he wanted to fire Sally and have Nick take her place. Adam and Sally appeared to be on the brink of reconciliation, but she was called away to deal with a work issue. Imani encouraged Nate to make a bold move while Devon was out of town. Elena confronted Imani about egging Nate on. Despite Elena's objections, Nate moved forward with his plans for Chancellor-Winters to host a music festival. Devon objected to Jill's suggestion that they take the company public, prompting Nate to walk out. After Adam refused to let Chelsea take Connor to visit Anita, Chelsea had a minor meltdown in front of Abby, who enlisted Chance's help to escort Chelsea home. Sensing Chelsea was on shaky emotional ground, Billy invited her and Connor to spend time with Johnny. Nick considered seeing a therapist after both Adam and Sharon suggested the idea. Faith shared an emotional goodbye with her family before leaving for college. Mariah and Tessa considered asking Christine to advocate for them as adoptive parents. Tessa's first photo shoot for Marchetti got off to a rocky start but turned out to be a success.
September 12 to 16, 2022
Chloe was forced to cover when Sally missed an important marketing meeting while talking to Adam. Victoria wanted to fire Sally, but Nick insisted on giving Sally another chance. After a heart-to-heart talk, Nick and Sally had sex in her office. Adam created an awkward situation when he invited himself to join Nick and Sally for dinner. Sally later rejected Adam's attempt to reconcile. Nick and Sally surprised themselves when they ended up making love again in her hotel room. Adam was suspicious when he found Nick in Sally's room. Victor warned Jack that hiring Adam had been a huge mistake. Jack sensed that both Victor and Adam were in pain over their father-son rift. Victoria reveled in closing a series of acquisitions. Despite Lily's attempts to smooth things over between Devon and Nate, Nate quit his job at Chancellor-Winters. Nate and Elena bickered over his plan to prove to his family how capable he was. Nate blabbed to Victoria about Jill's interest in taking Chancellor-Winters public, and he offered to be Victoria's inside man to ensure Newman garnered a majority stake -- if she put him in control of his family's company. Diane accused Phyllis of planting a file on her computer to set her up, but Summer considered whether Diane had created the file to implicate Phyllis. Over Victoria's objections, Nikki flew to L.A. to quiz Deacon about Diane's past. Chance and Chelsea bonded over their mutual restlessness. Abby's fears about the state of her marriage grew.
September 19 to 23, 2022
Nick objected to Victoria's plot to take over Chancellor-Winters by using inside information from Nate, but Victor supported the idea. Victoria agreed to make Nate CEO of Chancellor-Winters if the takeover was successful. Nate reclaimed his position at his family's company with the intent of securing enough shares to give Newman a controlling interest. Nate fumed when Elena had misgivings about his business dealings. Sally firmly told Adam she was moving on with her life. Summer was elated when Kyle proposed again. Kyle and Summer put Phyllis and Diane on notice that both women would be fired if there was another altercation between them. Jack later walked in on a heated confrontation between Phyllis and Diane. Diane resigned, and Kyle and Summer fired Phyllis. Noah threw a surprise pre-ceremony party for Kyle and Summer at Noah's new nightclub, planning for Phyllis and Diane to attend at different times. Phyllis arrived at the party early and was hurt that she'd been excluded. Kyle and Summer offered to give their mothers another chance at Marchetti. Nikki tracked down Deacon in L.A. and requested his help to get dirt on Diane. Deacon revealed that he'd seen Diane in a luxury car with another man, and he invited Nikki to meet him at his workplace, where he'd provide a key piece of information. Diane was unnerved when she received an anonymous text message about someone being on their way to Genoa City. Victoria reluctantly agreed to tell Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother.
September 26 to 30, 2022
Victoria and Billy told Johnny that Chelsea was his biological mother. Johnny reacted badly to the news and shut his parents out. Chelsea pushed to become part of Johnny's life, but Victoria and Billy warned her to back off. Adam confronted Nick about sleeping with Sally, but Nick refused to confirm or deny it. Sally confided to Chloe that her relationship with Nick had taken an intimate turn. Sally finally admitted to Adam that something was going on between her and Nick, but she maintained that she didn't owe Adam an explanation. Devon and Lily agreed to take Chancellor-Winters public. Nate befriended Audra, an advisor Jill had hired to help with the IPO. Elena decided she needed time apart from Nate, and she moved into the Grand Phoenix. Devon learned about Nate and Elena's estrangement and became suspicious about the time Nate had been spending with Audra. Diane panicked when she received a text message about someone from her past being in town. After Jack granted Diane a clean slate, she impulsively kissed him, but he made it clear that she'd misread the situation. Diane later found a man in her hotel suite, and he referred to a connection he had to the Abbotts. The man intended to make his presence known at Kyle and Summer's vow-renewal ceremony, but Diane cautioned him against it. Nikki revealed a photo Deacon had given her of Diane in a Bentley. Kyle and Summer prepared to renew their wedding vows.
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October 3 to 7, 2022
Kyle and Summer renewed their vows. Tucker crashed the ceremony by flying in on a helicopter. Nikki's suspicions about Diane and Tucker's connection heightened when Tucker attempted to gift Kyle and Summer with a vintage Bentley. Nikki attempted to tie Tucker to Wild Beauty, the company that owned the Bentley that Diane had been photographed in. Tucker agreed to let Diane stop spying on the Abbotts once she told him when Ashley would be returning from Paris. Abby warned Tucker to stay away from Ashley and Dominic. Abby griped about Chance not making their family his biggest priority. Tucker reconnected with Devon. Victoria pressed Nate to find out if Tucker's return was related to the Chancellor-Winters IPO. Nate and Elena remained at odds. Elena struggled to keep Nate's secret when Devon blamed himself for the couple's rift. Devon hired Esther as a receptionist. Connor was upset when Chelsea told him she was Johnny's birth mother. Adam blasted Chelsea for sharing the news with Connor without Adam present. Chelsea took Billy's advice and dealt with her frustration by screaming from the top of the Grand Phoenix. Chelsea sought Johnny out and unraveled after he rejected her. Noah told Allie he loved her. Noah bristled when Audra showed up at the opening of his new club. Noah later explained to Allie that he'd been involved with Audra in London. Noah informed Nikki that Audra had worked for Wild Beauty. Nick and Sally decided to not define their relationship and to just enjoy it.
October 10 to 14, 2022
Ashley rejected Tucker's attempt to make amends. Phyllis suggested that Ashley leave the door open with Tucker in the hope of getting him to let his guard down. Nikki pressed Audra for information about Wild Beauty, and Audra claimed not to know Tucker. Audra later met secretly with Tucker to update him about Chancellor-Winters' IPO. Billy discovered that Tucker had recently divested some of his holdings to amass cash. Nate pushed to accelerate the timing of the IPO. Billy admitted that his role at Chancellor-Winters wasn't the right fit for him. Billy chided Chelsea for ambushing Johnny. Elena told Nate she was leaving Genoa City. Nate had second thoughts and confessed his duplicity to Lily, Devon, Billy, and Audra, though he made no mention of Victoria's involvement. Devon fired Nate. Nate hoped his change of heart would lead to a reconciliation with Elena, but she moved out and left for a job interview in Baltimore. Devon accused Tucker of conspiring with Nate to take over Chancellor-Winters, but Tucker denied it. Lily and Devon postponed the IPO. After Nick and Sally discussed spending more time together, she received a romantic invitation to a rooftop dinner. Sally bristled when she learned that Adam had lured her to the rooftop, but she eventually agreed to stay for dinner. Adam and Sally enjoyed a pleasant evening, but it quickly soured when he questioned her feelings for Nick. Allie refused to let Audra intimidate her.
October 17 to 21, 2022
Diane and Tucker both continued to deny having a connection in Los Angeles. Tucker suspected Victoria was the CEO looking to take over Chancellor-Winters. Talia revealed that someone with money and clout had arranged to kill the stories about Diane. Nikki lured Tucker to an interview with Talia, but he dodged the reporter's questions. Diane tearfully confessed to Jack that in L.A., she'd fallen hard for a wealthy businessman named Jeremy, who'd used her as a mule to transport money abroad without her knowledge. Diane also revealed that Tucker had blackmailed her into feeding him information about the Abbotts. Nate informed Victoria that he'd told his family about his duplicity but that he'd kept her name out of it. Victoria offered to find Nate a role at Newman, but Nick objected to her plan to replace Sally with Nate at Newman Media. Jill intended to move forward with the Chancellor-Winters IPO, while Devon was adamant about squashing the deal. Sally demanded that Adam stay away from her. Nick and Sally reluctantly decided to end things romantically because the situation was too complicated. Sally continued to struggle with her conflicted feelings about Adam. Summer saw Nick and Sally embracing and later confronted them separately to voice her disapproval. Noah dismissed Audra's attempt to deal with their unresolved feelings for one another. Mariah and Tessa were thrilled when a pregnant woman responded to their adoption profile. Kyle and Summer enjoyed their honeymoon in Costa Rica.
October 24 to 28, 2022
Devon contemplated whether there was any truth to Nate's accusation that Devon wasn't over Neil's death. Chance surprised Abby with a night out, but he was called away to work. Chance seemed irritated when he returned and found Abby comforting Devon. Devon confided to Tucker that Nate had been the mole at Chancellor-Winters. Devon and Nate attempted to talk things out, but tensions mounted again when Nate continued to refuse to name the CEO he'd been conspiring with. Tucker was livid when he learned about Diane's confession to Jack, and he threatened to make her life difficult if she'd ruined his chance to reunite with Ashley. Ashley demanded that Tucker tell her everything about his connection with Diane in L.A. Victoria offered Nate the CEO position at Newman Media and forced Nick to fire Sally and Chloe. Lily informed Devon that Billy intended to leave Chancellor-Winters. Devon admitted that things had become strained between him and Amanda. Johnny and Connor bonded over the awkwardness of finding out Chelsea was Johnny's birth mother. Chelsea's friends and family became increasingly worried that something seemed off with her. Chelsea's feelings of anxiety and depression escalated, and she was tormented by critical voices in her head. On the roof of the Grand Phoenix, Chelsea looked to the ground below and considered ending her pain.
October 31 to November 4, 2022
Billy found a despondent Chelsea about to jump from the Grand Phoenix rooftop and physically restrained her from leaping to her death. Chelsea continued to insist that her pain had to end, and Billy summoned Sharon for help. Chelsea reluctantly agreed to check into a mental health facility to receive treatment. Billy vowed to be there for Chelsea, but Lily objected to Billy's mission to save every woman in his life. Adam became increasingly concerned when he couldn't get in touch with Chelsea, but Billy and Sharon kept Chelsea's situation confidential. Connor realized that he'd overreacted to the news that Chelsea was Johnny's biological mother. Kyle learned about Diane's lies and doubted he'd ever be able to trust his mother again. Summer confronted Phyllis about continuing to dig for dirt on Diane, but she agreed that Diane needed to go. Phyllis and Jack clashed over his giving Diane the benefit of the doubt. Tucker suspected Ashley was trying to lure him in and pledged to prove himself. Victoria ultimately convinced Nate to accept the CEO position at Newman Media. Devon witnessed Nate and Victoria celebrating Nate's new job and surmised that they had conspired to take over Chancellor-Winters. Nate was thrilled when Elena returned home after turning down the job in Baltimore, but the rift between them widened when she learned he'd taken a job at Newman. Abby and Chance argued when he attempted to address the resentment that had been building between them. Devon consoled Abby.
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November 7 to 11, 2022
Amanda returned to town and confronted Nate about betraying his family. Abby and Devon confided in one another about their troubles, and they comforted one another by having passionate sex. Amanda and Chance walked in on Abby and Devon's tryst. Amanda blasted Devon for cheating on her a second time, and she decided to leave Genoa City permanently. Chance was convinced he could never make Abby happy, and he requested time and space to figure things out. Elena agreed to give Nate another chance. Jill was infuriated when Lily informed her that Billy had resigned from Chancellor-Winters. Chelsea began therapy. Chelsea insisted on being the one to tell Adam what had happened on the rooftop. Billy and Sharon told Adam that Chelsea was seeking help in a mental health facility. Adam visited Chelsea and offered his support. Nick and Sally admitted they missed one another. Touched by the bond Harrison had developed with Diane, Kyle forgave his mother for her lies. Michael discovered the connection between Tucker and Audra. Tucker tried to win points with Ashley by giving her details about Diane's affiliation with Jeremy Stark. Ashley was irritated when Jack continued to defend Diane. Noah rebuffed Audra's attempts to talk about what had gone wrong in their relationship. Noah was floored when Audra revealed that she'd learned she'd been pregnant after he'd walked out on her, and she'd later suffered a miscarriage. Allie found Noah and Audra in one another's arms.
November 14 to 18, 2022
Chance told Abby their marriage was over, but he pledged to stay in Dominic's life. Ashley advised Abby to change her relationship with Devon if she wanted to save her marriage. Lily was blindsided when she received a resignation email from Amanda, but Devon balked at telling his sister what had really happened. Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis attempted to get Diane to leave town by threatening to reveal her whereabouts to Jeremy Stark, who was about to be released from prison. Diane refused to abandon her son again. Kyle vowed to protect Diane. Diane confessed to Jack that Tucker had pushed her to get him financial information about Jabot. Jack blasted Ashley for letting Tucker exploit her hatred of Diane. Audra doubted that Tucker's plan to take control of both Chancellor-Winters and Jabot would work. After being released from the mental health facility, Chelsea accepted Sharon's offer to move into the apartment above Crimson Lights. With Adam's reluctant support, Chelsea gently explained her depression and suicide attempt to Connor. Billy shared the whole story about Chelsea's breakdown with Lily, who commended him for saving Chelsea's life. Sally declined Nick's offer to lend her money to start her own fashion house. Nick and Sally decided to see where their relationship led, and they made love. Sally brainstormed an idea for a new business model. Allie comforted Noah when he told her about Audra's miscarriage. Audra stormed off when she saw Noah and Allie kissing.
November 21 to 25, 2022
Sally was stunned when a tipsy Adam pulled her away from a date with Nick and proposed to her. Nick intervened when he saw Adam grab Sally's arm. Adam later visited Sally and attempted to convince her they belonged together. Nate wondered why Victoria had hired him when Sally had clearly been doing a good job. Victoria offered Nate an unlimited budget to implement his ideas. Elena was dismayed when Nate blew off their dinner plans to work late. Daniel returned to Genoa City for Thanksgiving and had a heartfelt reunion with Lily. Daniel admitted to Phyllis that his relationship with Heather had hit a snag. Jack confronted Tucker about Tucker's plan to use Ashley to go after Jabot. Diane warned that Ashley stood to put the entire Abbott family at risk if she put a target on Diane's back by contacting Jeremy Stark. Diane urged Jack and Ashley to use her as an ally to help stop Tucker. Diane's presence at the Abbotts' Thanksgiving dinner created tension. Volunteers gathered at Crimson Lights to serve Thanksgiving dinner to the needy. Lily became increasingly concerned about Billy's preoccupation with helping Chelsea. Chelsea was touched when Johnny apologized for how he'd treated her, and they agreed to be friends. Noah confided in Sharon about Audra's miscarriage. Abby told Victor and Nikki that there were problems in her marriage. Mariah and Tessa sadly divulged that the birth mother who had expressed interest in them had decided to give her baby to her cousin.
November 28 to December 2, 2022
Nikki and Phyllis told Talia about Diane's association with Jeremy Stark, but Talia refused to publish anything based on hearsay. Jack assured Diane that he would protect her. Jack warned Ashley that if she went to war with Diane, Ashley would also be going to war with him. Jack invited Diane to dinner. Nikki and Ashley reconsidered contacting Stark, worried that it might put their families in danger. Phyllis anonymously disclosed Diane's whereabouts to Stark, who showed up at the Abbott mansion to see Diane. Chloe accepted Sally's offer to start a new business venture together. Sally admitted to Adam that she still had feelings for him, and they succumbed to a kiss. Victor told Nick that his investigators had discovered that Sally had faked a terminal illness to hold onto a man, but Nick continued to defend Sally. Chelsea opened up to Chloe about her mental health issues. Daniel pitched an idea to Lily and Devon about launching an interactive gaming platform. Billy and Lily argued about his continued preoccupation with supporting Chelsea. After Lily encouraged Chelsea to rely on a network of people and not just Billy, Chelsea ignored Billy's calls. Connor started a fight at school when a classmate called Chelsea crazy. Nate pledged to win back Nick's trust. Nate urged Elena to take her podcast back to Newman Media. Abby and Devon almost kissed, but Dominic's cries interrupted them. Chance told Abby he wanted to move forward with a divorce. Devon introduced Tucker to Dominic.
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December 5 to 9, 2022
Diane reeled when Jeremy made ominous references to her family, but Jack interrupted their conversation. Kyle demanded that Jeremy leave Diane alone. Diane confessed to Jack that she'd kept some of Jeremy's money and used it to rebuild her life. Diane refused Jack's offer to repay the debt on her behalf. Jack invited Diane to spend the night in a guest room. Jack threatened to throw Phyllis out of Jabot. Jeremy demanded his money back from Diane, but she worried he was out for revenge. Jack and Diane plotted to have her stay at the Abbott cabin and make Jeremy believe she'd fled town. After making love one last time, Sally sadly told Adam that it was time for them to move on. Nick arrived at Sally's room as Adam was leaving and correctly assumed the two had slept together. Sally assured Nick that she and Adam were over and gave Nick time to consider whether he still wanted to see her. Adam and Chance commiserated over their broken relationships. Chance moved out of the Chancellor mansion but vowed to remain part of Dominic's life. Daniel admitted to Lily that he couldn't see her and Billy as a long-term couple. Billy sensed Chelsea was avoiding him, and she informed him about Lily's advice to rely on a network and not just Billy. Lily and Billy clashed over her conversation with Chelsea. After Noah rejected Audra's advances, Audra sought out Tucker, and they had sex.
December 12 to 16, 2022
Chelsea reached out to make amends to the people she'd hurt, including Sharon, Adam, Billy, and Victoria. Lily opened up to Daniel about her frustration with Billy's fixation on helping Chelsea. Billy agreed to Lily's request that they seek couples counseling. Kyle covertly whisked Diane off to the Abbott cabin to make it appear like she'd fled Genoa City. Nikki, Ashley, and Phyllis were thrilled that Diane had seemingly left town. Kyle and Summer struggled to explain Diane's absence to Harrison. Phyllis admitted that she'd told Jeremy where to find Diane. With Jack's encouragement, Summer fired Phyllis. Jack and Kyle tried to convince Jeremy that there was no reason for him to stay in town, but Jeremy later made plans to stick around. Over Jack and Summer's objections, Kyle considered returning to the cabin to spend Christmas Eve with Diane. Lily and Devon hired Daniel to start a gaming platform for Chancellor-Winters. Daniel invited Phyllis to work with him. Johnny and Connor continued to bond. Chance turned to Sharon for advice about how to deal with his failed marriage. Nate became suspicious about the cause of Devon and Amanda's breakup. Devon ordered Nate to stay out of his life. Tucker urged Ashley to leave Jabot and let him help her build her own empire. Nick was impressed with Sally's business plan to start an interior design company. Allie was unnerved when Noah confessed that Audra had kissed him.
December 19 to 23, 2022
Nick and Sally dated with the expectation that they would take things slowly, but they ended up making love. Sally opened up to Nick about her troubled childhood. Victor reluctantly agreed to Adam's request that Chelsea join the Newmans for Christmas. Victoria was unnerved when Johnny enthusiastically agreed to exchange holiday gifts with Chelsea. Tensions mounted between Jack and Ashley when she voiced her suspicion that he had faked Diane's disappearance. Tucker advised Ashley to distance herself from Jack. Jack distracted Stark by pretending to lead him to Diane while Kyle, Summer, and Harrison secretly spent Christmas Eve with Diane at the Abbott cabin. Stark refused Jack's offer to repay double the amount of Diane's debt, but he reconsidered when Jack increased the payoff to one million dollars. Danny surprised Daniel with a holiday visit. Elena told Nate that she didn't trust Audra. Ashley nearly caught Tucker and Audra having sex. Noah assured Allie he only had eyes for her. After Faith decided to spend Christmas in Switzerland, Sharon's family rallied around her to ensure she didn't feel alone over the holidays. Tessa arranged a romantic Christmas Eve for Mariah by booking a suite at the Grand Phoenix. Mariah and Tessa simultaneously dreamed about a young, pregnant woman giving birth at Crimson Lights on Christmas Day and later deciding to keep her baby. On Christmas, Mariah and Tessa were overjoyed when a prospective birth mother reached out to them with a sonogram photo and expressed interest in meeting them.
December 26 to 30, 2022
Summer berated Diane for asking Kyle to lie to his wife about Diane's role in Stark's arrest. After Jack voiced doubt that Stark would leave town after taking Jack's payoff, Diane decided to return to Genoa City. Jack eavesdropped as Diane tried to convince Stark that she missed their risky lifestyle. Jack and Diane shared a New Year's Eve kiss. Daniel confided to Phyllis and Danny that he'd become estranged from Heather and Lucy after his painting career had hit a snag. Phyllis accepted Daniel's job offer, while Danny agreed to score Daniel's new video game. Lily was skeptical of Phyllis' involvement but allowed Daniel to take the lead. Christine wistfully reflected on both happy and troubled times with Danny. Nate suspected something was going on between Devon and Abby. Devon and Nate put their differences aside when Abby and Elena made plans to spend some holiday time as a foursome. Devon, Abby, and Chance struggled to manage their discomfort while co-parenting Dominic together. Billy and Chelsea grew closer as they worked on Connor's school project together. Lily told Billy she thought they should take some time apart. After Adam rejected Victor's offer for Adam to return to Newman and the family, Victor taunted that Adam had nothing. Nick and Adam commiserated over Victor's need to manipulate his children. Sally panicked when she realized she might be pregnant. Sally confided to Chloe that the baby could be Nick's or Adam's.
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