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January 5 to 9, 1998
Nikki visited Diane in the hospital, and they got into a big fight. Diane told Nikki about Victor's vasectomy. Jack and Victoria learned of Cole's 90-day plan regarding his marriage. Grace finally told Sharon that Cassie was Sharon's first child. Diane returned home from the hospital and found a lavish arrangement of flowers from Nikki, who had told Jack that she was changing her tactics where Diane was concerned. Dru visited the dance studio for some therapeutic dancing. Phyllis, Christine, and Danny flew to New York on separate flights to retrieve the manuscript that Sasha had sent to Peter Garrett. Phyllis got the manuscript first, but Danny took it from her and fled from the room.
January 12 to 16, 1998
Sharon couldn't tell Nick her good news for the time being, but she let Doris know that she had found her daughter. Dru went to see the fertility specialist about in vitro fertilization, but she wondered if Neil would go along with it. When she went to him, he rejected her again. Cole informed Victoria that he was going to see a lot more of Ashley. Victoria hit on Ryan; they went to a special dinner, and Cole and Ashley were there. Veronica overheard Josh tell Nick that Josh's first wife was dead. Veronica finished her medication but was unable to get it refilled. She decided she didn't need it and tossed away the bottle. Later, while lurking in the hallway, Veronica overheard Josh ask Nikki to have his baby. Plans were in the works for a surprise 22nd birthday party for Victoria.
January 19 to 23, 1998
When Victoria thought everyone had forgotten her birthday, she made plans with Tony. She was totally surprised when everyone showed up in the boardroom, and Victor wished her a happy birthday by making her president of Brash & Sassy and giving her a seat on the board of directors of Newman Enterprises. Diane was excluded from a family hug, and she went to her office to think. Jack followed her there and was trying to comfort her when Victor arrived. Victor was angry at Diane, and he demanded to know what was going on. Finally, Diane told him her true feelings about his vasectomy. Danny called Christine twice to request that she stop by to help with Daniel. Christine failed to tell Paul about either visit. Paul told Christine it was time for them to have a baby.
January 26 to 30, 1998
Grace and Tony secretly planned to run away with Cassie, but Sharon pleaded with them to work with her on a plan to make the transition easier for Cassie. Sharon promised that Grace would still be a part of Cassie's life. Nikki became suspicious of "Sarah" after Nikki's favorite wedding photo went missing. Victoria received a new office befitting the president of the company. Cole arranged a celebration at the tack house. Victoria plied him with alcohol, and he awakened the next day and learned that they'd had sex. Phyllis found out that Joanie was contemplating working for Danny. Danny visited Christine and pleaded with her to remember what they had shared together.
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February 2 to 6, 1998
Sharon approached Christine and Paul about possibly having Grace watched. Dru called Sid and told him she was ready for the month-long tour he had planned. However, when she returned home, she found Neil waiting to talk about putting their marriage back together. After Dru called Sid and canceled the tour, Neil and Dru got back together. Nina heard from the publisher of a national magazine that they were going to publish her short story. Nikki searched "Sarah's" room and found a satchel with three padlocks in place. "Sarah" first refused to open it, but she eventually took it downstairs and unlocked it in front of Nikki. Back upstairs, she later replaced some incriminating objects. After hearing that Cole and Victoria had slept together, Ashley told Cole she was through with him. Victoria decided to move back in with Cole, but he asked her for a divorce. Victor accused Sharon of seeing another man.
February 9 to 13, 1998
Michael offered to work pro bono for Legal Aid, but Christine threw him out. Phyllis visited Paul and told him that Christine and Danny had been spending a lot of time together. Victor had a talk with both Tony and Grace regarding Sharon. To Grace's delight, Victor told Grace not to send Cassie to the ranch anymore. Danny threw a birthday party for Daniel and only invited Christine. He was angry and disappointed when Paul showed up with her. Katherine advised Danny to continue going after Christine -- the love of his life. Sharon and Grace argued over Cassie. Cassie's adoptive mother, Alice, returned to her home. When Alice couldn't find Cassie, she called the police and reported that her daughter had been kidnapped.
February 16 to 20, 1998
Neil moved back in with Dru and Lily, leaving Ryan free to find another roommate. Ryan had to do some fast-talking to convince Tricia that she shouldn't move in with him. Nina was paid for her story. Unexpectedly, Miguel kissed "Sarah," and she slapped him. After Ashley rebuffed Cole for the second time, he asked Victoria -- who had expected him to be ready for a reconciliation -- to talk to Ashley and explain that things were really over for him and Victoria. Victoria angrily told Ashley that it was the hardest thing she had ever done, but she thought that Ashley was an idiot to refuse Cole, since he loved Ashley and not Victoria. Diane presented Victor with a surprise portrait, much to Nikki's chagrin. Sharon told Christine the entire story about Cassie and how everyone had conspired to keep Sharon and Cassie apart. Tony was on the verge of leaving town, but Sharon convinced him to return to Grace.
February 23 to 27, 1998
Thanks to Victoria's intervention, Cole and Ashley got back together. Victor accepted that his daughter and Cole were divorcing when he saw Cole receive divorce papers. Diane saw Victor down in the dumps about his children, and she planned a "mile-high" surprise for him. Phillip paid a visit to Ryan at his office and was surprised when his dad shed tears of joy upon getting another chance with him. Sharon learned that both Nick and Victor had told Grace not to take Cassie to the ranch anymore. She went to Christine and Paul and told them about Cassie. Christine warned Sharon that neither she nor Grace had a legal right to Cassie and that if Sharon continued to push it, Cassie could end up in a foster home. Cassie became confused because of both Grace and Sharon's behavior. Tony and Grace finally made love. Danny continued to tell Christine that they belonged together. Jack confused Jill by both complimenting and flirting with her. "Sarah" devised a plan to get Josh alone -- she faked a "female illness" and went to the hospital. Neil discovered that he was impotent.
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MARCH 1998
March 2 to 6, 1998
Keith asked Jill to marry him. Victor and Nikki had a terrible argument when he found out she was contemplating having a baby with Josh. "Sarah" pretended to be sick so she could be alone with Josh. Christine told Paul that she had feelings for Danny. Michael went to Christine and begged for her help with getting his license back. Dru and Neil had problems in the bedroom. Jack flirted with Jill. Victor and Diane planned the next phase of their honeymoon -- a trip around the world. Grace picked up Cassie from the ranch, and they headed out of town.
March 9 to 13, 1998
Grace concocted an elaborate ruse to get Sharon out of the house so Grace could take Cassie. However, the authorities stopped Grace at the airport just as she was about to get on the plane to leave the country. Nikki barged into Victor's private birthday party and announced that she was having a baby with Josh. That night, unaware that Veronica was listening in, Nikki told Josh that she was ready to have his baby. Paul confronted Danny, which only confirmed Danny's suspicion that Christine was still in love with Danny. Neil continued to have problems in the bedroom. Dru was heartbroken, and she contemplated giving Neil his freedom. Sid called Dru with a job offer.
March 16 to 20, 1998
Sharon and Grace tried to explain to Cassie that she was Sharon's daughter, but Cassie didn't want a new mommy. When Nick returned home and found Cassie there yet again, he stormed out of the house. Josh and Nikki spent hours "making a baby," not knowing that Veronica had bugged their bedroom and was listening to every word they said. When Paul and Christine stopped by Gina's to unwind, Danny sang a song directly to Christine, who was mesmerized. Paul left the restaurant in disgust. Danny kissed Christine. Later, Paul told Christine to move out of the apartment that night. Jack called Nikki and told her that Nick needed her. Veronica revealed herself to Josh. When Josh rejected her, she shot him. When Nikki returned home and found "Sarah" acting weird and insolent, Nikki ordered her out of the house. Instead, Veronica shot her, also.
March 23 to 27, 1998
Jack found Nikki unconscious after she'd been shot four times. The family gathered at her bedside after surgery to stand vigil, and the doctors didn't give her much hope of surviving. Victor interrupted his honeymoon to return to Nikki's bedside. In a motel room, Veronica said goodbye to her "Sarah" persona, and she said that it was time to let the people of Genoa City get to know Veronica. Sharon took the kids to her mother's house because there was too much tension at the ranch between her and Nick; she remained unaware that Nikki had been shot. Ryan and Nina's divorce was granted, but he told Keith that he had to wait six months to remarry. Ryan and Tricia moved in together. He prepared a romantic evening for her first night there. However, Tricia's untimely arrival interrupted a visit between Phillip and his dad. Neil overheard a conversation between Dru and Olivia. He demanded to know what Dru had meant when she had said there was something Neil was better off not knowing.
March 30 to April 3, 1998
Neil told Dru he was tired of her deception. Dru told him just because she wanted a career didn't make her a terrible person. She decided to take the extended modeling job and left, taking Lily with her. Christine confided to John Silva that she was thinking of helping Michael get his law license back. Phyllis told Michael that Christine would never forgive and forget what he had done to her. The vigil for Nikki at the hospital continued, as Victor vowed to find Sara and punish her for what she had done. Victor remembered the good times he had once shared with Nikki and the idyllic family life they'd had. He called Diane from the hospital to tell her he was heading home -- he had something important to discuss with her. At the apartment, he told her that Nikki would most certainly die, and he wanted to reunite the family before she did by remarrying her. He needed Diane's cooperation to do so. Diane reluctantly agreed, and Victor headed to the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce. Back at the hospital, Nikki started to wake up, asking where Joshua was. Shortly after learning of his death, Nikki went into cardiac arrest, and she had a near-death experience. When she got "back," Victor was there, and he told her he wanted them to be a family again. He asked Nikki if she would be his wife again, and Nikki said it was all she had ever wanted and that she felt at peace. "Yes," she said, "Yes, I do." Victor gently kissed her.
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APRIL 1998
April 6 to 10, 1998
After Victor married Nikki so that she could die in peace, Nikki turned the corner and was taken off life support. Jack asked Victor what Victor intended regarding Nikki and Diane. Victor accused Jack of spending too much time with Diane. Sharon decided to take Doris and the children on a vacation. Grace asked Tony to forgive her; she wanted things back the way they had been. Miguel and Veronica had coffee and talked. Neil and Victoria got close. Nick arrived at Doris' and demanded that if Sharon had anything to say to him, she had to say it immediately -- or he was out of there.
April 13 to 17, 1998
Nick learned the truth about Cassie, and he didn't take the news well. Phyllis went to see Christine on Michael's behalf . Victoria and Nick learned that Victor planned to remarry Diane. Grace heard that Sharon planned to leave Genoa City. Jill told Keith that she didn't love him enough to marry him. Cole asked Ashley to marry him. Katherine invited Jill to stay with her, but she was surprised when Jill accepted. Nikki asked Diane to stop by the hospital, and Diane took the invitation in stride.
April 20 to 24, 1998
Victor told Diane that he wanted to stay married to Nikki. A brokenhearted Diane cried on Jack's shoulder. Danny and Paul insisted that Christine choose between them. Malcolm and Olivia were shocked when Neil showed up at their home with a dinner date: Victoria Newman. Sharon rejected Christine's legal advice concerning Cassie. Nikki returned home from the hospital to the ranch. Doris strongly encouraged Sharon to be there for Nikki's homecoming.
April 27 to May 1, 1998
Nick left town on business to get away from the Cassie situation. Grace offered to go with him. Neil and Victoria attended the symphony with Victor's tickets. Jill finally persuaded Malcolm to do a photo shoot -- on the other side of the camera. A devastated Diane called an attorney. Christine appeared to be ready to make up her mind between Paul and Danny, but she got news that caused her to rush to the hospital. Phyllis and Joanie had a confrontation, and the police had to settle matters. Tricia moved out of Ryan's apartment; Phillip moved in. Cole and Ashley ran into Miguel at the Coyote Bar, and Miguel introduced them to Veronica.
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MAY 1998
May 4 to 8, 1998
Danny's kidneys shut down; he was doomed to a lifetime of dialysis until he could get a kidney transplant. Victor took notice of the growing relationship between Neil and Victoria; he called Neil in and confronted him. Jack told Jill that she had been in his dreams for years. Sharon and Tony went out on a dinner date, but they only talked about their respective mates. Veronica went to the ranch and met Nikki. Phillip begged his dad to make them a family again. Phyllis moved into Danny's place to be with Daniel, much to Joanie's dismay. By the end of the week, Danny received a kidney from an anonymous live donor, and Christine, who was determined to find the person and thank him, learned that Michael was the donor.
May 11 to 15, 1998
Nikki learned that Nick and Sharon's marriage was in trouble. Miguel asked Veronica to marry him. Later, Miguel asked Victor to hire Veronica as the new maid at the ranch. Victoria told Neil that she was falling in love with him; later, he told her that he was falling in love with her, also. Ashley and Cole continued to make plans for their future together. Christine learned that Michael was the anonymous kidney donor. She told Michael that she couldn't help him get his law license back, but she wouldn't stand in his way, either. Jill remembered the love she had shared with Phillip Chancellor Sr. Jack reminded Jill of the night they had spent in a cozy cabin during a blizzard. Phillip told Tricia that Ryan would never marry her. Alice found a picture of Victor Newman in a newspaper and taped it to her mirror.
May 18 to 22, 1998
Ryan heard about Phillip's latest attack on Tricia. Tricia told Ryan of her desire to become officially engaged. Michael got his law license back, but he was on probation for one year. Christine was assigned as Michael's probation officer. Diane hired Michael as her attorney. Victoria learned she was pregnant, but she demanded that the test be repeated. Olivia believed that Neil was the baby's father. Miguel wanted Veronica to have the job as Cole's research assistant. Nick and Sharon had a date at their home so that they could talk. Nick said that he had married too young. Nikki pushed Sharon too far and learned that Cassie was Sharon's daughter.
May 25 to 29, 1998
Sharon and Nick reunited. Christine chose Paul over Danny. Nikki gave Nick a piece of her mind. Neil accused Malcolm of messing up Neil's romance with Victoria. Katherine flashed back to a sad time with Phillip Chancellor Sr., and she clashed with Jill. Jill and Katherine lashed out at each other about the past. Neil learned that Victoria was pregnant. Jack got Victor to admit on tape that Victor was staying with Nikki and would never go back to Diane. Carl Williams was alive -- but there was someone with him.
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JUNE 1998
June 1 to 5, 1998
Diane learned that Victor planned to stay married to Nikki. Michael continued to build a case against Victor. Cole and Victoria appeared in divorce court; their divorce was granted after Victoria testified that there had been no marital relations since their separation. Neil asked Victoria to let him be a father to her baby. However, he also urged Victoria to tell Cole. When she refused, Neil went to Cole with the news, and Ashley overheard their conversation. Sharon, Noah, and Cassie moved back to the ranch. Cassie charmed Victor. Tricia and Ryan became engaged. Katherine and Jill had a confrontation about the past.
June 8 to 12, 1998
Victor visited Legal Aid and asked Christine to begin the process to have Sharon get legal custody of Cassie. While talking to Mildred, Christine discovered that Alice was back. Even though Cole was convinced that Victoria was not pregnant, Ashley was sure that she was. Victoria pleaded with Neil not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Later, she said that the decision might be taken out of her hands; she was spotting. Christine and Paul had a romantic evening, but Mary interrupted with gifts and an apology. Victor visited Diane and offered her a generous settlement. Ryan became concerned about Phillip. Tony and Grace became engaged again.
June 15 to 19, 1998
Jill accused Katherine of killing Phillip. Jill searched the attic, but Katherine stopped her and said that the rest of the house was off-limits to her. Tony told Sharon and Cassie about his engagement to Grace, while Grace announced the news to Nick. Sharon became furious when Grace deliberately interrupted a family dinner. Mary held a memorial service for Carl. Cole found Victoria in the hospital; she lied that she had just lost the baby. Victor went to Christine for information on Michael. Nikki paid Diane a visit and advised her to take Victor's generous settlement. When Diane refused, Nikki accused her of only being interested in Victor for the money.
June 22 to 26, 1998
Katherine gave Jill 28 days to pack her things and move out. Victoria decided to keep the baby. Neil wanted her to move into his apartment, and she considered doing so. Nikki noticed that Victoria had gained weight. After hearing that Grace had been given a promotion, Sharon arrived at Newman Enterprises with three glasses and a bottle of champagne. When they were alone, Sharon informed Grace that any fantasies Grace had about Nick would never happen. Paul and Christine arranged for Mary to "accidentally" meet an old friend at lunch. John Silva advised Victor to "up the ante" and give Diane a larger settlement. When Victor presented Diane with the new check, she was tempted, but instead of accepting it, she tore it into small pieces. After Victor paid Diane a surprise visit without his attorney and called her names, Diane paid Nikki a visit and offered to tell her something more stunning than anything Nikki had ever heard.
June 29 to July 3, 1998
Nikki was stunned by Diane's announcement that Diane and Victor were still married. Victor sent Nikki to visit Casey to shield Nikki from bad publicity. John Silva gave Victor some unwelcome news. Ryan left Nina and decided to move in with Tricia. He arrived at his apartment and stopped Tricia from leaving in the nick of time. Just as Jill found something in the attic with her name on it, Katherine arrived. Katherine called Jill a whore, and the two got into a fight, which ended with police intervention. Jill was thrown out of the Chancellor mansion, only to find out later that the mansion could very well be hers. Victor summoned Jack to his office and threatened him. Later, an angry Jack placed a call to someone in Rome. In order to show Grace how close Sharon and Nick were, Sharon threw an impromptu pool party. Unaware of the party in progress, Victor invited Ashley and Cole to have steaks with him at home. Michael encouraged Christine to accept a prestigious job offer in Romania. Jack suggested that Diane needed a personal assistant.
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JULY 1998
July 6 to 10, 1998
Ryan made a decision about marrying Tricia and asked Nina to allow Phillip to go along with him. Tricia and Megan had words, and Megan walked out. There was a stunning article in the newspaper, and Victor blamed Jack for planting the story. Jack and Michael argued -- again. Grace told Nick how she really felt about him; later, she worried that she had made a very big mistake. A chance meeting in a bar provided Grace with the answer to her dilemma. Sharon and Tony continued the campaign to convince Grace that she didn't stand a chance with Nick. Ashley got confirmation of her suspicions about Victoria's pregnancy, but when she went to Cole with the information, he gave her a surprise instead. Victor arranged a dinner in the private dining room with Diane. Jill ignored the advice of her attorney.
July 13 to 17, 1998
Sharon ordered Grace to give up on Nick. Diane had a private luncheon with Victor; Victor sweetened the pot by offering her real estate anywhere in the world. Ryan and Tricia were married at City Hall, and Phillip was a surprise witness. Ashley finally told Cole of her suspicions regarding Victoria's pregnancy. Victoria finally got permission to go to Los Angeles, but before she could get out of town, Cole confronted her. Grace had a hot fantasy. Jill continued to ignore John Silva's advice; she hired an architect and a designer to renovate the Chancellor mansion. Carl asked Ruth to marry him. Victor demanded that Jack talk Diane into accepting his latest offer. Jack made another call to Brad Carlton, but he chickened out once again. Nikki returned to town and learned that Victoria was pregnant. Keith was hurt when he learned that Tricia had married without him being present. Tony and Megan hit the dance floor.
July 20 to 24, 1998
Diane was all set to settle with Victor when Nikki walked in and shot off her mouth. Diane then told Michael to go after Victor with everything he had; she wanted to see Nikki bleed. Victoria finally admitted to Cole that she was still pregnant; he convinced her to postpone her Los Angeles trip. Neil told Victoria that he was ready to divorce Dru. During a summer storm, Grace did her best to seduce Nick, but he went home to Sharon instead. Cole hired Veronica. During the thunderstorm, Nikki had a flashback to the night she had been shot. A copy of the tabloid with an article about Victor's alleged bigamy was delivered to someone in Rome. Victor threatened Michael. Malcolm kept seeing a familiar face in the crowds around him. Ryan orchestrated a reunion between Keith and Tricia.
July 27 to 31, 1998
Michael went to Diane and admitted his past mistakes. Victor confronted Diane with what he had learned of Michael's past. Victor was shocked when Diane refused to fire Michael. Cole told Victoria that he wanted to be a father to the baby, but he was still going to marry Ashley. Malcolm confronted Callie, the girl from his past who had been following him, and she told him that she was in trouble. Victor guessed that Victoria was pregnant, and he confronted Neil about being the father. Veronica and Nikki met face-to-face in the tack room. Christine and Carl crossed paths in the Norfolk airport, but she didn't recognize him as Paul's father. Ryan lost his temper with Nina when she told him that Phillip couldn't go on a vacation with him and Tricia. Alice developed a plan to find Cassie. Grace devised a scheme to get Nick alone with her for the night. Jill wrote a large check to Beatrice. Brad returned to Genoa City.
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August 3 to 7, 1998
John Silva gave Jill a warning about giving a check to Beatrice. Victoria showed up at Cole and Ashley's wedding. Esther became smitten with Chuck. Victor told Diane to draft a wish list so that they could settle out of court. Nikki met the new man in Victoria's life. Alice searched for the files that would lead her to Cassie's birth mother. Nick and Grace attended the Smashing Pumpkins concert. Megan spied Nick and Grace at the coffeehouse.
August 10 to 14, 1998
Nick and Cassie shared a close moment. Grace met with Michael and got his opinion on her campaign to get Nick. Tony and Sharon threw a surprise party and put the fear of God into Nick and Grace. Diane rehired Michael, who contacted The Leanna Love Show about Diane appearing as a guest. Christine remembered the man she'd seen in the Norfolk airport. Ashley left for an emergency business trip to Europe. Diane presented Victor with her list of demands, and Victor was outraged. He threw her out of his office. After he showed Victoria his divorce papers, Neil once again asked her to move in with him. Cole informed Veronica that he was going to write a fictionalized account of the shooting at the ranch. Veronica had her picture taken for her engagement announcement. Veronica began to fall apart and declared that Nikki had to die. Christine urged Nina to start dating, but Nina was happy with her life without a man. Ryan returned home and found out that Tricia had gone to Nina about Phillip; he was very angry at Tricia, but she didn't understand why.
August 17 to 21, 1998
Leanna Love taped a show with her interview with Diane. Christine and Paul had a party that went all wrong. Neil showed Victoria the divorce papers that he'd had served to Dru. Victoria promised an answer to Neil's proposal within a week. Megan broke up with Alec. Tricia and Ryan had a big fight. Ryan encouraged Nina to go out and start rebuilding her life. Jill learned about Katherine's party. John got Jill's permission to take Billy to New York to live with him. Malcolm went to hear Callie sing. Cole and Malcolm proved that Veronica had masqueraded as "Sarah." Victor saved Nikki from a gun-wielding Veronica. Veronica died after she landed on a bale hook during a struggle with Victor.
August 24 to 28, 1998
Diane's interview on The Leanna Love Show aired. Christine watched with Victor. Later, Christine blasted Michael for his part in the interview, and she told him that he was skirting the edge of unethical behavior. Dru called Olivia and said she was heading to Genoa City the following week. Victoria accepted Neil's proposal. Later, while celebrating at the Crow's Nest, they ran into Malcolm, who had returned to hear Callie sing. Cassie's slumber party interrupted Nick and Sharon's "night of love." Jack told Grace that he thought that she should go on the road with Nick. Jack and Brad had a secret meeting in the park.
August 31 to September 4, 1998
Diane decided to redecorate the apartment. Jack suggested that Nick take Grace along on the business trip, and she planned a few days of rest and relaxation in Colorado in between obligations. Sharon got advice from Nikki; Sharon planned a romantic holiday for just her and Nick after the business trip. Phyllis told Christine and Diane that she was engaged to Michael. Dru was unable to leave Paris, but she sent Lily home to Neil. Victoria's pregnancy began to show. Ashley returned home from her business trip. John Silva suggested that Victor move out of the ranch, but Victor adamantly refused. Katherine asked Nina and Phillip to her party and was disappointed when Nina refused to go.
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September 7 to 11, 1998
Victor asked Christine to help him get Michael disbarred. Grace bought sexy lingerie for her trip, and Ryan caught her modeling it. Nick devised a plan to have Sharon join him on his free days in Colorado and remain with him when he gave his big speech at the convention. Phyllis caught Michael with Grace and cautioned him not to play games. Olivia walked in on Malcolm and Callie's conversation. Megan and Tony decided to take in a movie. Just after Katherine gave a speech to her guests about how important her home was to her, Jill served her with eviction papers. Victor summoned Leanna Love to his office. Nina arranged a date through an online dating service.
September 14 to 18, 1998
Katherine was devastated when Jill humiliated her at the party. Ryan and Jack carried Jill out. Katherine learned from Mitchell that Jill's claim might be valid. Victor bought the production company that produced The Leanna Love Show and fired Leanna; next, he swore vengeance on Michael. Victoria enjoyed telling Ashley that she was engaged, knowing that Cole hadn't told her himself. Victoria and Neil planned a night out with Victor and Nikki to share the good news. Olivia confronted Malcolm with her doubts about Callie. Callie was surprised when Trey showed up at the Crow's Nest. Tricia tried to spoil Nina's night out with her date. Grace watched as Tony flirted, then left, with a young girl. Nick invited himself to the parent-teacher night at Cassie's school, much to Cassie's delight. Alice continued to search for her daughter. Michael was kidnapped.
September 21 to 25, 1998
Dru arrived in Genoa City and surprised Neil and Victoria. Dru was stunned to learn that Neil and Victoria planned to marry. Dru and Neil reached an amicable agreement, but Victor was not happy when he spied them in a comforting hug. The judge ruled that Jill's claim to the Chancellor estate was valid. Tony broke off his engagement to Grace and walked out. Diane found that Michael had gone missing, but Phyllis wasn't concerned. Paul asked Charlie what his intentions were concerning Mary. Mary visited the beauty shop and had a makeover. Christine made plans to go to Norfolk to investigate the mystery man she had seen there, but she told Paul she was going on legal business. Before leaving for Norfolk, Christine accepted Victor's offer to work for him. After Nikki asked for Jack's help in the Diane mess, Jack thought the time was right for him to get serious about his plan. When Brad wouldn't talk to him on the phone, Jack made reservations for a flight to Rome.
September 28 to October 2, 1998
Tony and Grace renewed their engagement after Grace promised to marry him within two weeks after the business trip. After telling Tricia to stay out of her love life, Megan overheard Tony talking about getting married. Christine had very little luck in Norfolk, but at the airport, she just missed seeing Carl. The counterman at a restaurant recognized Carl but denied knowing him. Christine left her name and phone number, but the man intentionally lost it. Carl discovered that someone had his picture and was looking for him. Upon returning to Genoa City, Christine learned that Victor planned to fire John Silva and use her on the divorce case; she talked him into keeping John, but Victor demanded that Christine be the chief counsel. Michael was about to escape when his captors regained control of him and dropped him off near his apartment. He thought that Victor had been responsible, but his captors warned that he had better have proof before he made an accusation. Phyllis left for a visit with her folks in New York. Callie lost her job at the Crow's Nest and her room there. Olivia paid a visit to Callie. Nick left for his business trip. Noah had some fretful nights; Sharon got very little sleep. Esther was so worried about the possibility of losing her only home that she inadvertently started a fire in the kitchen.
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October 5 to 9, 1998
Victor moved back in with Diane, but she was terrified of him and went to Michael's place for the night. Phyllis returned home, threw Diane out of her apartment, and then admitted to Michael that she was the one who had kidnapped him. Nick worked overtime to be finished with all his business so that he would have time to spend with Sharon when she arrived. Back at the ranch, Sharon was on her way out the door when Lisa told her that Noah had a temperature of 103 degrees. Ashley went to Neil with her insecurities concerning Cole's imminent fatherhood. Neil went straight to Victoria with the things that Ashley had told him. Victoria and Cole shared an intimate moment, feeling the baby move. Nikki dressed up as a cleaning woman to get some time alone with her husband. Brad arrived in Genoa City and met secretly with Jack. Later, he made an unscheduled visit to Victor's office. Jill wanted Katherine arrested for arson. Olivia demanded that Malcolm confess about his past relationship with Callie, and she didn't like what she heard. Callie moved into the spare room above Gina's. Olivia hired Paul to investigate Callie. Pete found the paper with Christine's name and phone number and gave it to Ruth.
October 12 to 16, 1998
Victor and Diane continued their charade. Nina was invited to an important symposium in Iowa. Ryan agreed to keep Phillip while Nina was away. Christine questioned the strength of Carl and Mary's marriage, and she pushed Paul too far. Ruth called Christine but hung up without saying a word. Noah was ill, and Sharon couldn't leave him. Grace seduced Nick. Back at the ranch, Noah's fever broke, and Sharon headed for a happy reunion with her husband in Denver.
October 19 to 23, 1998
After Sharon and Nick had a wonderful night together, Sharon overheard Grace and Nick talking about making love before Sharon had arrived in Denver. While walking the streets in shock, Sharon was hit by a car and ended up in the emergency room. The next day, she checked herself out of the hospital and flew back to Genoa City without telling Nick. Callie told Malcolm that she had stopped seeing him years before because her father had threatened to have Malcolm arrested for statutory rape. Malcolm went out of town for a while. Callie began to work as a singing waitress at Gina's, but Trey found out that she was singing again, and he paid her a visit. Ryan was called away on an emergency business trip to Denver, leaving Tricia alone with Phillip. Jill got an emergency hearing called concerning the fire. Victor and Diane agreed to end their marriage, and Victor returned to the ranch. Victoria made plans to redecorate Neil's bedroom before she moved in with him. Christine learned who had called her from Virginia.
October 26 to 30, 1998
Sharon told Tony about Nick and Grace's affair. Nick had his day in the spotlight at the convention without Victor present. Later, he moved into a different room. He accused Grace of telling Sharon about their night together. Nikki learned that Sharon had been in an auto accident and had plans to leave Nick. Nikki called Victor home, and he was able to convince Sharon not to leave just yet. Katherine was forced to vacate the Chancellor mansion. Katherine hired Michael to represent her, and she fired Mitchell. Nina returned and learned that Ryan had been gone the entire time Phillip had been at his house. Victoria was admitted to the hospital, but she only called Neil. Brad met Diane and offered his support to her.
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November 2 to 6, 1998
Alice learned the identity of Cassie's birth mother. Nikki and Victor had an idea of what had happened in Denver. Sharon asked Cassie if she would like to move in with Doris for a while; Cassie begged Sharon not to make her leave another home. Nick returned home. Malcolm returned to Genoa City, and he and Olivia fought about Callie. Christine went to Norfolk and questioned Ruth about "Jim." Victor and Nikki learned that Victoria was in the hospital. Later, Neil called Cole. Victoria needed emergency surgery. Jack told Victor that Victor's personal problems were affecting business around the world. He suggested that Victor step aside for a while and let Jack take over. Brad and Ashley kissed. Diane asked for Jack's advice about the settlement.
November 9 to 13, 1998
Sharon told Nick that she was leaving him. Nick offered to leave instead. Tony asked for an explanation from Grace, who finally admitted that she had slept with Nick in Denver. Tony walked out on Grace. Grace went to her office and found it empty. Jill, John, and Jack learned that Katherine had hired a new attorney. Victoria delivered a critically ill child by Caesarian section. Victor offered Brad a position at Newman Enterprises.
November 16 to 20, 1998
Jack was able to save the company from a lawsuit when he learned that Nick had fired Grace. Jack told Grace that it was a lateral move within the company. Nikki learned the reason Sharon and Nick had separated, and she didn't like it one bit. Jack learned that Victor had hired Brad. Brad celebrated with Diane. Jack got a surprise visit from Phyllis. Paul followed Christine to Norfolk and walked in on a meeting between Christine, "Jim," and Ruth. Paul recognized his father, but "Jim" didn't know who Paul was. Victoria, Neil, and Cole grieved the loss of Eve. Malcolm went to Detroit to see Trey and to get Callie's contract, but Trey would only hand it over to Callie in person. Ryan went to Crimson Lights to see Nina, and he found her with her date, Kyle.
November 23 to 27, 1998
Grace thought that she had been fired when she found her office cleared out with nothing left but a telephone. Victor hired Brad but told him that he had to keep his eye on Jack because Jack was up to something. Phyllis paid Jack a long visit. The Newmans had a memorial service for Eve. Nikki and Grace had a confrontation. Nick and Sharon shared coffee at Gina's. Alice visited Sharon's old high school. Paul couldn't believe his father really had amnesia. Phyllis attempted to seduce Michael. Brad and Diane shared a passionate kiss. Gina hosted her annual party for the homeless with the help of many of Genoa City's residents.
November 30 to December 4, 1998
Victor continued to put off the announcement that Brad and Jack were in charge of Newman Enterprises. Victor wanted to fire Grace, but Jack said that he could not. Sharon told Nikki that Nick was just like his father, and if she had known that, she never would have married him. Paul told "Jim" that he was Paul's father. Victoria went home to the ranch. Grace got a new job and a new boss. Grace had another confrontation with Sharon. Michael arranged for Katherine to visit her home. When Jill heard about it, she crashed the party. Tricia was unhappy when she learned that Ryan had gone to Nina for comfort. Phillip had definite ideas about how he wanted to spend Christmas. Jill's case against Katherine began. Tony and Nick fought. Beatrice disappeared.
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December 7 to 11, 1998
Katherine and Jill both testified at the hearing. Callie pleaded with Malcolm not to go see Trey again. Victor questioned Brad about his relationship with Diane. Phyllis went to Diane and asked for her help to get Michael back, but Diane passed. "Jim" and Ruth got an offer on their home. Trey arrived in Genoa City with a terrific offer for Callie: opening for Aretha Franklin in 28 cities. Phillip refused to go on the ski trip with Ryan and Tricia. Ashley received a call from a mysterious man in Paris. Later, she told Cole that she had to go to Paris but would try to return home before Christmas. Alice met Grace's mother.
December 14 to 18, 1998
Beatrice turned up and took the stand, and Michael forced her to admit that she had received money from Jill in exchange for her testimony. Megan continued to swoon over Tony. Jack nosed around other companies and gathered support for the possible takeover of Newman Enterprises. Victoria returned to work. Christine and Paul went to Mary's home to secretly borrow some of Carl's belongings in the hope of jogging Carl's memory. Paul tried in vain to help Carl remember who he was, without success. Charlie proposed to Mary. Trey told Callie that he wanted her back, but she told him that their relationship had ended long before. Malcolm told Olivia he didn't trust Trey. Olivia angrily reminded him that he had a family. Michael advised Grace to tough it out at Newman Enterprises and to keep a record of the treatment she received there. An excited Alice tracked down Grace in Genoa City and gave her a call. Later, she showed up on Grace's doorstep, just as Grace was thinking about what she could do to get back at the Newmans. Alice told Grace that she was looking for someone and that she believed Grace could help her.
December 21 to 25, 1998
The judge ruled that Katherine and Jill would share the Chancellor estate equally. Victoria invited Cole for Christmas Eve, but he refused. Neil and Victoria drifted apart. Carl decided that he had to go to Genoa City. Victor finally made his announcement, and Nikki was furious. She paid a brief visit to Diane. Jack went to Los Angeles to see Brooke Logan at Forrester Creations. Tricia devised a plan to compete with Phillip.
December 28, 1998 to January 1, 1999
It wasn't a merry Christmas at the ranch. Sharon finally called Nick, but he was out. Nick's gift to Sharon was the picture Cassie had drawn of her family; Nick had gotten it framed. Michael gave Grace advice concerning Alice. Nick spent New Year's Eve with Sharon and the children, and he and Sharon kissed. Jack and Brad disagreed about the Forrester deal. Genoa City residents rang in the new year at the Colonnade Room.
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