One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on OLTL

Jen managed to take the Rex and Lindsay sex tape from a passed-out Paul. Antonio learned that Manuel Santi had implicated Tico in his death. Asa advised Nora that he wanted her to remarry Bo before he died. Paul blackmailed Kelly. Dorian was arrested for using marked money. Tico told an uneasy Sonia how proud he was of her secret agent status.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Antonio catches Dorian in his room opening the box from the safe. Dorian discovers money and takes it. Before leaving Antonio, Dorian warns him to stop following in Manuel's footsteps or else he will end up with the same fate. Antonio finds two disks from the box and opens them on his computer. Antonio sees a list of the most powerful people in the world Harrison Brooks being one of them. Antonio assumes that El Tiberon wants to get close to these people. Antonio returns to Llanview and spends sometime with Jamie.

Natalie finds Dorian's jewelry in the garbage and returns it to John. Natalie hears John invite Evangeline to stay at his house for as long as she needs. Natalie asks Kevin what Paul is holding over him. Jen drugs Paul's drink and steals the tape. Riley sees Jen leaving Paul's hotel room. Riley assumes the worst and hears Paul call for Jen to come back to bed. Jen did not get a chance to tell what really happened.

David and Kelly decide not to ruin their friendship. They reminisce on old times. Kelly gets something caught in her eye. David tries to get it out. Dorian arrives in time to see them close together. Dorian is suspicious.

Todd tries to take Starr home from school but the teacher would not let him because Blair has a restraining order for him to stay away from Starr. Todd looses his cool and embarrasses Starr. Starr is not sure any one would want to come to her party. Blair explains that she forgot to remove the order. Todd suggests they elope immediately.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jessica promises Tico that soon she will be ready for them to make love. She also tells Tico that being at Lion's Heart brings back so many horrible memories and suggests that they go away to an Inn or somewhere to consummate their marriage. Tico tells Jessica that he has waited a long time to get what he wanted and it was always worth it. Tico tells Jessica that they will soon have a family. Antonio and Sonia crack the code on one of the disks with dirt on many powerful people. Antonio reads the letter he found in the safe deposit box. Manuel Santi wrote that Tico wanted to take over the family business but he believed Tico to be weak and without heart. Manuel also wrote that he wanted his son Manuel II to take over. Manuel knew about Antonio and believed he would best serve the family. Antonio concludes that Tico was responsible for Manuel's death. Tico shows up at Antonio's apartment and Sonia answers the door.

Antonio goes to Lion's Heart.

Dorian takes Kelly shopping with her newfound money. Upon trying to use a one hundred dollar bill Dorian is arrested. Dorian's new money is marked. Dorian calls David to come get her from the station. Kelly decides to move out.

Natalie tells John why she believes she mixed herself up with Paul. Natalie still has strong feelings for John and is jealous of his new relationship with Evangeline.

Jen tries to explain to Riley why she was at Paul's hotel. Riley feels Jen is returning to her old self-destructive habits. Nora explains to Bo that they must try not to get stuck together again. Bo invites Nora to a work dinner but Nora has plans with Daniel. Riley tells Daniel and Daniel cancels his date with Nora in order to be with him. Shannon tells Rex she has a present for him and leaves to get it. Jen goes to UV. Rex tries to comfort Jen. Shannon sees Rex with his arms around Jen and leaves UV.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A photographer follows an "astonished" Kevin as he and Ace make a surprise visit to Kelly. He wants pictures of the happy family, the photog announces. When Kevin escorts him outside, he pays him and reminds him to have the pictures printed in numerous newspapers. Kelly informs Kevin that she's moving and he's impressed. He thanks her for not talking to Todd but she acknowledges that she knows he has to look good. He advises her that he'll take care of Paul. He receives an important call and reluctantly agrees to leave Ace in Kelly's care but tells the caller to send someone immediately to keep watch. He also demands to have Paul located.

R.J. stops Jamie from choking Paul to death at Ultraviolet as Babe takes off before she can become involved. R.J. wants his debt repaid before anyone else tries to kill him, he whispers to Paul as he injures Cramer's wrist. Paul informs him of an upcoming job. Lindsay arrives looking for Jen and is informed that she was in earlier but was having a problem with Riley. She vows to kill Paul herself if he harms Jen in any way; R.J. tells her to get in line. Paul taunts Lindsay with his current relationship with Jen and alludes to the fact that he has "something" on her. Kevin is next to locate and threaten Paul, who is icing his wrist. He wants to know why Paul is still around when he gave him money to leave town but Paul has decided that it's not enough. Hanging the origins of Ace over him, Paul demands 5 times the money that he was given before. Kevin will have to get back to him. R.J. and Lindsay try to figure out what Paul is holding over her head. R.J. offers to take care of Paul and also gives her the suggestion that she shoot him if possible, in self-defense of course, if he dares to come near her.

Todd finds Blair and Starr at the diner where he plunges papers down on the table. It's an application for a marriage license and he wants to do the deed in an hour in front of the justice of the peace. Blair eventually signs but quickly shoots down his idea of a hasty wedding; she wants the biggest wedding the town has ever seen. Todd returns the papers but comes back disappointed. They can't get married right away anyhow as Todd Manning no longer exists. When he became Walker Laurence he had everything destroyed but not to worry, he'll fix it all.

Sonia answers the door of the loft to find Tico who asks for a kiss hello and asks why she never confided the fact that she's a federal agent. He's very proud of her nonetheless, he states. An obviously uneasy Sonia asks how he found out, quickly divulging that she was recruited when she was eighteen and has been protecting him ever since. He learned when the alleged El Tiburon, Calderas, was killed, he admits.

Antonio calls on Jessica, informing her that he needs to get her to a place of safety quickly as she's in danger. Instead, she berates him for deserting his family and her and declines his offer, even after he explains that Tico is El Tiburon, is in charge of the Santi organization and is responsible for killing both of his parents. When Antonio shows her the letter, written by Manuel Santi stating that Tico is weak and untrustworthy, she asks Antonio to leave, that the letter proves nothing. When Tico arrives home, Jess tells him of what she learned from Antonio. He swears that it's all false, claiming that he hated his father and all that he represented. His father only turned to Antonio because Tico rejected him, he continues. Jess is confused but when Tico asks her to trust him, she tells him she does. She will always love him, she states, looking troubled when they hug. Tico on the other hand appears to be arrogantly pleased with himself.

Antonio gets home to a disturbed Sonia who mentions Tico's visit and how proud he was of her, but was obviously fishing for information. She knows that neither of them believed the other and she needs to build the case against him. After she goes out, Antonio falls asleep and "sees" Isabella who warns him that Tico must be stopped, no matter what it takes to do it. Antonio must be the one to take over the family. A shaken Sonia returns; she's learned the truth about Tico as his arrival in Puerto Rico the day before his father's death was caught on tape.

Paul shows up to collect money from Kelly, admitting to her that Ace was actually stolen, though a troubled Kelly has difficulty accepting it. He threatens to call the real mother if she doesn't pay up.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Paul sends Kelly into a panic when he reveals that he stole Ace from his real mother and that the baby was not unwanted. He demands she fork over some money or he will notify Ace's real mother of the truth. Dorian pulls a gun on Paul and promises Kelly she'll make sure on way or another that Paul keeps his mouth shut.

Asa is not happy to find out that Bo has been dating Paige. Asa tells Nora that his dying wish is to see her and Bo get married again. John fears that Natalie is out of control when he is forced to break up a fight between her and Jen.

Jen feels unworthy of Riley's love, but he tries to convince her that she is wrong. Although Jen is in a delicate mood, he decides he needs to follow through with his plans to leave Llanview for a few days. When Jen returns home, she is met with a threatening Paul, who grabs her.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Paul's attempt to force himself on Jen is thwarted by Marcie's arrival. Natalie is horrified to learn right from the horse's mouth that Paul stole a baby for Kelly.

David fills in Kevin on Paul's claim that he stole Ace for Kelly.

Claiming that Adriana needs to be protected from Manuel's associates, Dorian asks Antonio to find her a gun that can't be traced. She then goes into detail about the cruel way Manuel threatened her, which sickens Antonio. They agree that Jessica is in danger by living with Tico.

Antonio destroys the information-loaded disc in front of Tico, who is unaware that Antonio has another copy. At Lion's Heart, Jessica finds a huge sum of cash laying around. When Tico arrives, she refuses to make love with him, which sets him off.

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