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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Jennifer wakes Mike to tell him that they need to shoot an ad for Vogue magazine to publicize Straight Jeans. Jennifer begs Mike to sign a one-year contract to model for her new company, and Mike agrees to do "a couple of pictures." Immediately, Jennifer opens Mike's door and ushers the photographers into Mike's house, where they start on his make-up, to his mortification. The photo shoot begins awkwardly, but Jennifer begins teasing Mike, and the two throw water at each other, as flashbulbs pop. Elated by the successful shoot, Mike goes into the dressing room to put his regular clothes on, and Jennifer, still wet, reaches to turn off a lamp. Jennifer is thrown to the ground by a severe shock.

Alison is taking on the role of Aaron's fight manager, having educated herself by watching all the "Rocky" films. After initially making fun of Alison's educational technique, Aaron becomes aware that Alison has a real instinct for the job, and the two start training in earnest, although Aaron is beginning to have a difficult time hiding his feelings for Alison. At the Athletic Club, Dominic berates Rafael Ortega for cutting his hand while changing Lucy's tire after their picnic, since the cut will keep him from training properly for his fight with Aaron. As Rafael leaves the club, Craig finds him and gives him a photograph of Rafael and Lucy as children. Rafael takes the picture to metro, where he finds Lucy talking to Dusty, and Lucy and Rafael leave for the gym. Craig enters metro and tries to make Dusty jealous of Rafael. As Lucy leaves Rafael at the gym, Rafael suggests that she apologize to Dusty for getting in the way of Rafael's training. Lucy seems reluctant to leave Rafael and go back to Dusty, but she heads that direction. Craig arrives at the gym and warns Rafael that Dusty is extremely jealous, trying to sow more seeds of discontent. Lucy returns to metro and makes up with Dusty, as a disgusted Dominic watches from the doorway.

Jessica tells Carly that she has filed the paperwork to have Jack declared incompetent, and that she has arranged for witnesses to come from St. Genevieve, but Jessica must go talk to Ben to get him to testify as a neurosurgeon about Jack's mental state. Jessica meets Ben at the Athletic Club, where Ben continues to insists that Jessica has accused him unfairly of taking prescription painkillers, but as soon as Jessica walks off, Ben pops more pills. In their motel room, Jack tells Julia that he plans to tell Carly that their life together is over, although he intends to uphold his obligations to the children. Julia's pleasure in his decision is interrupted by a process server, who informs them of the competency hearing. Julia tries to talk Jack into running away again, but Jack refuses. Julia insists on accompanying him to court, and, as they arrive, Jack sees Carly and says, "You say I mean everything to you, and this is what you do. What kind of woman are you?" Carly tries to show Jack photos of their happy family, but Jack waves a folder containing documentation of Carly's past in her face. Inside the hearing room, Carly insists that she will never give up on her family. Outside the door, Ben arrives, sits on the bench with aching and shaking hands, but stops himself before he takes another pill. Inside the courtroom, the judge officially terminates Jack and Julia's marriage.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Rick will not give Barbara the keys she needs to get out of the hospital. As they speak, the Doctor comes in to speak with both of them. Barbara tells the Doctor that finding someone like Rick, in a place like this, has made it more than bearable for her. She has something to look forward to each time she sees him. The Doctor tells them, that after conferring with his colleagues they have decided to let the two of them continue to see each other, but only on a limited basis. It will be for one half hour, twice a day. Barbara thinks it is wonderful, but Rick is chattering in the background as Barbara speaks. Barbara tells the Doctor that there will be no problems. Rick, who seemingly is the most looney of the two, cannot bear to be apart from Barbara for even a moment. She has told him that the two of them will be together on a island living the good life, and she even teases him with thoughts of herself on a nude beach, which in itself, sends poor Rick off into a land of ecstasy. She wants it to be immediate, and not to wait any longer. It will be just the three of them. She, Rick and of course her son, Will. Barbara is pleased when a nurse comes in and tells her that she has a visitor. It is her son, Paul. She tells Rick that he should leave, so that Paul doesn't link the two of them together. Paul enters and tells Barbara, that he is not there for a social visit but for business. He needs her to sign over BRO to him, so that he and Jennifer can have the company. She refuses, saying that she will never give it up. Paul tries to make her understand that by turning it over, she will make it possible for Will to have a future savings. He tells her that Will hates her, and that everyday he has to tell him that Barbara will remain locked away. When he sees that Barbara will not relent, he tells her never mind, he will find another way. After leaving Barbara, Paul makes a visit to Jordan. He wants to know if Jordan will back "Street Jeans", Jennifer's new company. He tells Jordan that with his Mother in the hospital, he is unable to sell the company. Barbara wants to escape now. She tells Rick to give her the keys and he says that he can't. He tells her that she is just like the other woman, using him. Barbara tries to convince him otherwise, and with his feelings for her, he tells her to prove it.

Jennifer is found fine after the explosion. Mike has saved her life. She thanks everyone there, especially the ambulance drivers, but says that she doesn't want to go to the hospital. Since they can't make her, they have done all they can and leave. She tells Mike that she needs to get back to work, but as she tries to walk, she almost falls. Mike tells her that if she has to work, he will take her to his place, and she can work from there. When they arrive, Jennifer is in wet clothes and Mike tries to assist her in changing garments. They look as though they are getting closer to each other, but nothing happens. A kiss perhaps, is what is on their minds, but the doorbell rings, and distracts them. When Mike goes to the door, he finds Jordan on the other side.

The Judge, looking over paperwork before him, tells everyone in his chambers that Jack and Julia are not legally married. The Judge wants to send Jack back to the state where he was found, to face the other charges, but Carly speaks up. She asks the Judge, if under the circumstances, she could take Jack to the hospital here, in his hometown, and have all the proper tests done that he needs. Carly tells the Judge, that Jack was treated at a small country hospital, where they didn't know about him, only that he was a stranger that was brought in because he was found. The Judge agrees with Carly, that what she is saying rings true. Jack needs to learn about his past. Jessica questions several of the people that will help Carly win her case to get Jack back and get him help. First, there is Hal, who knew Jack well. They were best friends, and Hal was Jack's boss on the police force. He tells the Judge, that Jack is not responding like the Jack that he knows. He would not be so hesitant to stay away from Carly or his family. Jack was very much in love with Carly and she, him. Next comes Greta Williams, the social worker who tried to find out more about him, but seemed to hit roadblock after roadblock. There were lies told to her, that proved he had not yet recovered. She tells the Judge, that Julia lied about his getting his memory back. Next, is Ben Harris. Ben claims that Jack did not get the best medical care, although it was adequate, it wasn't thorough enough. Jack asks the Judge, if he could talk now. He has sat quietly and listened to everyone else, and now he wants his say. He tells the Judge, that when he was lost, it was Julia that nursed him back to health. She cared about him and tried to help him. When he thought that he might never remember his past, he looked to the future, a future with Julia. He claims that he is not a dead-beat Dad, he knows that he has responsibilities to his children and he will care for them. The Judge tells Jack, that he will not let him forget about his past, for the Judge witnessed Jack in his courtroom many times, because he was a police officer. He tells him that in 30 days, he will again review the case, but for now, he is releasing Jack to Carly. Jack says he will refuse to go, and the Judge tells him, that it will be that or the state mental hospital. Ben shows signs of confusion as Jessica is aware of his behavior. The Judge asks Ben to take charge of Jack's tests and treatment and Ben agrees. Hal will go with Carly to pick Jack up from Julia's place. Afterwards, Jessica tries to have a few words with Ben, regarding a plan for Jack. He puts her off, because he needs to take more medication for his pain. Back at Carly's place, she paces. Hal tries to calm her down but to no avail. She wants to go and pick Jack up. At Julia's, Jack tells them that he will be back. Carly arrives to pick him up, and Julia has to contain JJ, as they leave. Carly looks back to see JJ. When they arrive at Jack and Carly's place, the two of them have a short conversation. Jack tells her that he is not in love with her now. She tells him that what they had was beautiful and that they were planning on having another baby. He tells her that he knows she slept with another man the night before they married, and Carly says that was in the past, and he forgave her. She explains, that is why they are where they are now, because he would never say anything like that to her again.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Dom talks to Craig. He doesn't like the idea of Craig's daughter putting her little nose where it doesn't belong. He wants something done about it. Craig calls Lily. He needs her to come down to the weigh-in tomorrow. He also needs her to be Rose, and not Lily. He says there is a good possibility that they are all in danger. Lily comes on down, pretending to be Rose. They talk. She flirts with him to get information and then wants to be left alone. He tells her that he has to leave, and "Rose," wants to know why he doesn't have the time for her Later, Lily tells Craig that he was right. Dom told her that he knew for sure his fighter would win.

Jordan arrives at Mike's door. He has news for her. Paul paid him a visit and told him that he wants World Wide to buy Jennifer's new business. Now, he has become Jennifer's boss. He tells her that they made a good team. He tells Jennifer, that for business purposes, they need to drop Mike from the line and get somebody professional. Jennifer bulks at the idea, and tells Jordan that Mike stays or she goes. Jordan says that he will keep Mike for now. He leaves. Mike comes back in the room and tells Jennifer, that he will back out, if she wants him too.

Rick tells Barbara that he has needs too. He's a man and she keeps putting him off. He says it's about the plan, always about the plan. She feigns a look that tells him to get lost, if she can't trust him and him her. She tells him that maybe he only sees her as a sex object, and nothing more. He denies that is true. He forgives her for acting like she did, and they go over their plan. She daydreams when Rick leaves about being free. She sees one of the guards and calls him over. She wants to make him aware that Rick is doing strange things. He is talking about a plan to do something.

JJ tells Julia, that Dad's leave and they never come back. Julia tells him that Jack isn't like that. He's not like his real Father.

Carly tells Holden that things are not going well. Jack is mad for taking him away from Julia and JJ. Carly tells him that she had Jack declared incompetent so that she could get him home to her and away from Julia. Holden tells Carly, not to compete with Julia. Just let time take its course and he will remember and fall in love with her all over again. After saying hello to Jack, who is his cousin, he leaves. parker comes downstairs and tells Jack that they were on chapter 7 in the book, when he disappeared. Jack says they should start at the beginning again. Outside the door, Holden grabs Julia, who has come to see Jack. Julia tells Holden that she is here in Oakdale because of her child's needs. Holden asks her to give them time. He will deliver something from her to JJ, and will tell Jack to call her back. Julia leaves and goes back to her room. She tells Liza, that she needs some help if she's ever going to get things done. She needs a job if they are going to stay.

Carly comes downstairs and sees Jack asleep on the couch. She places another blanket, over him. She tells him that no matter what happens , she is so thankful that he is at last home and safe. She tells him that she loves him and kisses him lightly. She goes back upstairs. Jack, who was feigning sleep, opens his eyes.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Everyone prepares for the big boxing weigh-in. Dom, Bud, and Rafi enter and Dom teases Aaron, telling him he doesn't have the rage it takes to be a champion boxer. Alison gives Aaron words of encouragement but Aaron wants time alone. Meanwhile, Dusty finds Lucy has made Metro all ready for the press reception after the weigh-in. She tells Dusty she doesn't want to go to the gym because she doesn't want to make any more trouble for Dusty. When Craig enters, Dusty gallantly tells Lucy he wants her by his side and a charmed Lucy accepts. During the weigh-in, everyone is watching as the press asks Rafi and Aaron to spar. They both agree and after more taunting from Dom, Aaron winds up knocking Rafi down, to everyone's shock.

The Halloween party at the Mental Ward has begun and nervous Barbara still can't get Otis, the orderly, to take her seriously about Rick's escape plans. Unbeknownst to her, Rick is onto her and is watching her every move. When the time comes to make their escape, Rick confronts Barbara and pulls out another syringe, threatening to use it on her if she doesn't cooperate. Frightened Barbara has no choice but to go along with their original plan. After causing a distraction, a threatening Rick pulls Barbara to the door. While reaching for the keys, Barbara grabs the syringe and plunges it into Rick's neck!

Lily and Holden attempt an evening out to catch each other up on everything. Craig interrupts with a call to Lily asking her to play Rose once more at the weigh-in, but Lily tells Craig she can't help him this time and hangs up. She confesses to Holden that Craig needed a favor and Holden is pleased she turned him down. Dom enters the dining room, spots Lily and thinking she's Rose, he approaches. Lily is busted and Dom finds out that Lily has been playing him. Putting it together, he issues a threat to Craig and leaves. Holden is furious and later at the house, says he is giving up on their marriage.

Ben takes a urine test in order to regain his job. Later, Jessica encounters Bob and when he tells Jessica to back off Ben, she argues that she just wants to help him if he has a problem. Ben comes into this and Bob happily tells him that he passed his tox report and he will reinstate Ben immediately. Jessica tries to apologize, but Ben tells her to stay out of his life and sign the divorce papers. Later and alone, Ben fights his pill popping demons, and in a flashback, Ben reveals that he had Curtis take the urine test for him. Vowing to do better, a guilty Ben throws his pill bottle away.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Jack holds Sage. He has a doctor's appointment today, and Carly tells him that hopefully he will get a good report. She tells him that Hal is on his way over and he thinks he is getting a police escort. Carly reassures him that Hal is coming over only as his friend. He tells her that he wants to get in touch with another friend, Julia. Carly tells Jack that the point of his being there, is so he can learn to remember them. He says he will be in the hospital overnight and does she have any idea what that will do to JJ? She says yes, because Parker didn't know for months where Jack was. Hal tells Carly that Jack is reacting like he's in prison. Hal tells her he could remember everything and still hate her, and then she's just made another big mistake.

Rosanna, Will, Paul and Jennifer enter the restaurant. Will backs off a bit, but Paul is there to remind him that he can get through anything. After all, he survived Barbara Ryan, so anything is possible now. Will agrees with him. Jennifer talks with Paul. She tells him that if she hurts her brother again, she will have to punch her lights out. Paul tells her that, it was very sweet. Will meets a girl at the restaurant who seems interested in him. He talks to Rosanna about what to do, and then agrees to meet her later. She, in the meantime, talks to her friends, and is told that he was in the looney bin. Wonder what she will do now?

At the gym, Aaron lands a lucky punch and downs his opponent as they are sparring. Dusty tells his partner in crime, that Aaron knows that in the 3rd round, he is to go down and stay down. Aaron is thrilled and tells Dusty that he knows he can take this guy down. Dusty says no way. Dusty and Lucy just want to be by themselves, but so many things happen to them. Craig is trying to keep her safe, but discovers that the fight is not on the up and up. Poor Lucy is concerned that Aaron really thinks that he can win. She thinks that the lucky punch he landed is going to cost Aaron. Alison is all gun-ho on knowing and believing in Aaron, and Aaron is finally coming into his own. Craig oversees the weighted gloves being given.

Julia, who is now working in the hospital, happens upon Jack's room. They are very happy to see each other. In the meantime, Carly is trying to place a call to Julia so that they can visit. She is told that Julia is working at the hospital, and rushes over there.

Rick and Barbara have almost escaped. Their plans are foiled when Rick finds out what Barbara is trying to do. He takes her, almost as a hostage, and makes her dig her own grave. After all, she did stick him with a hypodermic needle intending to disable him so she could escape by herself. He faked her out though, and in return took her with him, struggling to get free. She once again, tries to seduce Rick. After all, she doesn't want to die, she wants to get to Will. He gives in to her again, and this time she tries to hit him with a shovel. Well, the man has just had enough, and as he has her in a grip, trying to choke her, Will happens upon the scene. He opens the door to discover Rick about to put an end to Barbara Ryan.

Hal, at the restaurant, receives a call, as Emily, Rosanna and Paul are standing there. He is told that Rick Decker has escaped along with Barbara Ryan.


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