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Passions Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on PS
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Tossing and turning in her sleep, Gwen continues to dream about losing both of her babies due to Theresa's selfishness. Though Ivy pesters her son's new girlfriend for the truth, Fox assures his mother that Whitney is far too honest to deceive anyone. Peering into their magic bowl, Tabitha and Endora enjoy watching the antics of their troubled neighbors all over Harmony. Ignoring Ethan's repeated denials, Theresa vehemently insists that he be true to his heart and come back to her. Katherine explains to Sheridan how often her mother suffered cruelty at Alistair's hands during their turbulent marriage. Meanwhile, "Mr. Wheeler" tells Luis that his father is still alive, then reveals how Alistair ran Martin out of town years ago. Theresa reminds an exasperated Ethan how God will protect their unborn twins because they were meant to be a family. Still keeping her identity a secret, Katherine shares for a delighted Sheridan some happier memories of their early years together. Martin struggles with a flood of mixed emotions as an agitated Luis wonders aloud how his father could stay away for so many years without even trying to contact Pilar or their children.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Gwen flies into a rage after hearing Ethan telling Theresa he'll leave it to her to decide what action she'll take regarding the unborn twins. Katherine decides to come clean with her daughter at long last but Sam interrupts to announce that all the charges against "Mrs. Wheeler" have been dropped. Meanwhile, Martin brings Luis to the Crane gazebo to help his son understand the choices he made years ago. Though Ethan tries to mollify her, Gwen furiously declares that she hates him for putting Theresa first yet again. Katherine wonders what new trouble Alistair is plotting. When Ethan refuses to force Theresa into sacrificing one fetus to save the other, a seething Gwen informs him she's done with their marriage. After mulling over her options, Theresa tearfully elects to undergo the surgical procedure which will give one twin the chance to live. Alistair gloats to Martin and Luis after they discover how he's had the gazebo torn down in the middle of the night. Thrilled to hear of Theresa's decision, Gwen hastens to assure Ethan she didn't mean what she said during her hysterical outburst earlier in the evening. Later, Ethan offers Theresa his heartfelt gratitude for the difficult choice she's made.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Drenched in guilt, Whitney considers coming clean with Fox about the child she's carrying. Meanwhile, an embittered Chad ponders his bleak future without the woman he loves. Luis demands to know why the head of the Crane clan moved to raze the gazebo so quickly. When Alistair remains mum, Luis turns to "Mr. Wheeler" for answers about his father's connection to the mystery. After Chad unburdens himself to her, Paloma suggests that they leave Harmony together. Though Pilar reminds her daughter of the church's teachings, Theresa explains why she's elected to sacrifice one of her unborn twins. Fox inadvertently makes it even more difficult for Whitney when he again praises her for her utter lack of duplicity. When Sheridan and Katherine arrive to join Luis and Martin, Alistair gleefully prods the "Wheelers" to give the young people news of their long-lost parents. Theresa tells a disapproving Pilar how she plans to use her baby to win Ethan back once and for all. Chad advises Paloma that running away won't solve any of her issues with her family.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Pilar tries again to dissuade Theresa from going through with the procedure to end one twin's life. Martin tells Katherine they must leave Harmony before Alistair systematically destroys everyone they love. Meanwhile, Luis suggests to Sheridan that they learn everything they can about the Wheelers' mysterious connection to their parents. Ethan nervously hides from Gwen the truth about his latest conversation with Theresa. Appalled by her daughter's newest scheme, Pilar reminds Theresa she'll be no better than a lowlife like Alistair Crane if she sacrifices another woman's child to lure that woman's husband to her side. Undeterred, Theresa asks a startled Eve to run a DNA test to determine which fetus actually belongs to her. Luis decides to have the Wheelers' fingerprints screened through the FBI's database. Rebecca warns an irked Gwen that Theresa's seemingly generous sacrifice is just a cover for her usual self-serving behavior. Katherine and Martin mull over the potential consequences if they take it on the lam once again.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Alistair warns Katherine and Martin there'll be hell to pay if they reveal their true identities. Meanwhile, at the station house, Luis explains to Sam why he and Sheridan suspect that the Wheelers cannot be who they say they are. As Rebecca continues to urge her daughter not to place any trust in Theresa, Gwen questions the surrogate's motives in agreeing to the surgical procedure. Alistair advises Martin and Katherine to hit the bricks or else watch everyone they love go down in flames. Theresa manages to again snow Gwen, who then brushes off her mother's dire warnings. Later, Pilar quietly cautions Theresa that her enemies will bury her if they get wind of her latest harebrained scheme. Paloma is crushed to learn that her beloved godparents intend to leave Harmony. Sam hits upon a way to ferret out the Wheelers' true identities by checking the employee records at Crane Industries. Paloma tearfully begs Katherine and Martin not to abandon her in a strange new place. Though Eve attempts to dissuade her, Theresa insists on having her unborn twins' DNA tested before one of them is sacrificed.

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