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Bo saved Billie's life as well as the key to some of the information regarding Tony's master plan. Nicole proved that Colin was alive and well, much to the surprise of John and Roman. Patrick activated the doomsday computer program to destroy the island; meanwhile, his loyalties between good and bad were challenged. Sami couldn't get Brandon off her mind, while Kate and Eugenia had their own plan to use Brandon as the means to break up Lucas and Sami. Shawn's dark side and anger towards Belle intensified -- actions that eventually pushed her into finally committing to and making love with Philip. Jan used Belle's situation to convince Shawn to forget about Belle and make love to her for the first time but let Shawn believe it was one of many times in their loving relationship.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, October 18, 2004

At the Homeless Charity dance, Shawn and Belle continued to dance with one another as Rex put on their song. A peeved Jan threatened to expose Mimi and fearing losing Rex, Mimi cut off the music. Shawn continued to grit his teeth at Belle who insisted she only lied once. When Shawn got angrier, it was Philip to the rescue. A smirking Shawn asked, "What was it like to do a virgin?" To which Philip responded with fisticuffs.

Kate met with Eugenia to discuss how to bring about Sami's downfall. In Kate's little bag of tricks she pulled out a large file on all of Sami's misdeeds. Not satisfied with anything less than total annihilation, Kate looked for the tape of Sami admitting to perjury. Instead Kate found a note from Lucas apologizing for taking the tape to prevent Kate from using it against the woman he loved. Wheels turning, Eugenia came up with a plan to use Austin as bait to tempt Sami out of her engagement to Lucas. Fearful of the consequences, Kate said no way. But instead, Kate gave Brandon Walker a call.

Sami lay in bed next to Lucas and thought of Austin. Unnerved, she unfortunately admitted out loud what had just happened. A not so sleepy Lucas heard her and was angry. A tearful Sami explained that she thought it was because she was trying to make peace with the past. Sami confessed that with Lucas, for the first time there was real magic in her love life and that he was the only one for her. Touched, Lucas made love to her. Afterward, as Lucas slept, Sami heard Brandon's voice on the fire escape. Clad in her nightgown, Sami climbed out to find Brandon with a rose. "Don't you know I'm the only man for you?" he asked as he gave her a long, seductive kiss.

Billie got the drop on her captor henchman and stole his outfit. Newly clothed in DiMera's finest grunt wear, Billie made her way down the darkened Island compound hallways.

A raving Nicole crawled through the air vents of the Island underground compound insisting to Brady that Colin Murphy was not only alive, but that he was the one screaming bloody murder in the building.

Bo and John heard someone screaming in the hallways of the underground Island compound. When they got to the cell door of the victim, they were chased off by three DiMera henchmen. One henchman scampered off down the corridor toward the control room and Bo followed. John stayed behind and snuck into the air vents again.

Hope paced in her cell as Patrick entered to check on her. Hope got the jump on him but he shook off her punches. Patrick warned her that neither of them would ever return to Salem and that he could not help her. As he turned to leave, Hope strangled him into unconsciousness. With Patrick out cold, Hope was relieved to find John Black saying hello from the air vent. With a couple of quick turns of the screw, John pulled Hope into the air shaft with him. Hope was just beginning to tell John that the clock was ticking down to the island explosion when they ran into Nicole and Brady. Startled, the foursome heard the screaming start up again. A determined Nicole explained that is was Colin Murphy.

Meanwhile, back in the Island compound control room, Bo snuck up on a henchman. The henchman's taser conveniently left near the doorway, Bo scooped it up and applied it directly to the heart area of the henchman. With a flick of the wrist, Bo unmasked Billie as she crumpled to the floor.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Mimi turns off the music at Alice's and Rex asks her what she's doing. She tells him it's for the best. Belle and Shawn are arguing and Philip goes over to try to stop it. Shawn tells Philip that he can have her. Belle says that she wants to set things straight with him, and she's not his to give away. She goes on to say that if she'd known that he'd come over that night that she would have come down to talk to him. Shawn says she made her decision and tells Philip that he can have her, and then asks him what it was like to do a virgin. Philip punches Shawn and they end up having a big fight. Rex jumps in and pulls them apart saying that Shawn just had surgery. Philip says that Shawn is wrong, and tries to remind him how much he hates Jan and what a slut she is. Shawn defends Jan and says that she knows how to please a man. Belle asks him if he gave up his purity ring to have sex Jan. Shawn says she gave up hers to be with Philip. Philip tells him that they didn't make love because Belle wasn't over him. Philip and Belle move to leave and Shawn makes a remark about how he has to rush off to war. Philip tells him not to insult the marines because people are dying in the war. Shawn tries to start another fight and Rex jumps in again. Mimi asks Jan what is wrong with Shawn, what did she do to him? Jan tells her that Shawn knows a good thing when he sees it. Mimi is in disbelief and tells Jan she can't mean her. Jan tells her that Shawn is hers now and Mimi doesn't stop harassing her about it she's going to tell Rex everything. Meanwhile, Shawn/Philip/Belle are still arguing. Shawn persists saying that he's in love with someone who doesn't lie or cheat on him. Belle reminds him that Jan lied about losing the baby and then tried to put the blame on her. Shawn says maybe she wasn't lying and maybe Belle is to blame. Jan comes over and tells Shawn they should leave. As they're leaving Jan thanks him for defending her. Back inside, Rex is telling Mimi that he was afraid something like this would happen. Mimi says that it's all her fault. Rex tells her it's not her fault and goes on to say that he always thought Belle and Shawn were perfect for each other until one lie got in the way. He asks Mimi to always be truthful with him and she remembers talking to Belle about the abortion, but she promises him that she will be.

At the loft, Philip tells Belle he's sorry about how the night turned out and asks if he can do anything. She asks him to hold her. He does and tells her he loves her and respects her. She tells him she knows he does and apologizes for continuing to do this to him. Philip is confused as to why she keeps letting Shawn do these things to her. She says she just needed closure, to understand why everything happened, and to make sure Shawn was ok. They start to kiss, Belle pulls away saying that she can't do this and leaves. Philip starts working out and thinking about Belle, he tells himself that this has to stop. Belle shows up in some lingerie and Philip tells her that he's going to go to the gym if she is going to walk around like that. Belle tells him the only thing he's working out tonight is her! Meanwhile, Rex and Mimi return to their loft. Rex wants to make love to Mimi but she's still thinking about Jan blackmailing her about the abortion. She runs into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. Rex asks her if she's ok and she tells him she's fine.

At Kate's, Kate tells Eugenia that she's going to call Brandon. She goes on to say that Brandon works on Sami like Kryptonite does on Superman - he makes her weak. Eugenia isn't sure the plan will work seeing as Sami ruined Brandon's life. Kate gets on the computer and does a bit of research about Brandon to see what he's up to. The information she finds says he works for an organization for needy children based in London. She sees that the program needs funding and says she'll bail him out, but he'll have to do something for her then.

Meanwhile, on Sami's balcony, Brandon is telling Sami that he's the only man who can love her and kisses her. She responds to the kiss but then pushes him away and says she can't do this. Brandon asks her if she really thought he'd leave her if he'd been the father of Lexie's baby. Sami tells him she doesn't know but she'd been desperate. She goes on to say that her life is falling in place, she's happy with Lucas and Will is happy that they're getting married finally. Brandon thinks she's "settling" and asks her if she could choose any man on earth if it would be Lucas. She says she loves Lucas and they're happy. She asks him why he's doing this to her, she tried to talk to him for months but he ignored her. He tells her he made a mistake. She asks him if he's coming back to her, he asks if she wants him to. She starts crying and they kiss again; then Brandon disappears. Lucas comes out and finds her crying and asks her what's wrong. She tells him she can't stop thinking about their wedding and how happy they are.

In his office in London, Brandon is looking at a newspaper clipping of Sami and Lucas's engagement notice. His phone rings, he picks up to find Kate on the other end. She tells him about her proposal and he asks her what the catch is. Kate says that he knows her so well. She tells him that she'll fund his program, if he'll come back to Salem and make a presentation to the board of directors. He asks if that's it. She asks him if Sami will be a problem. Brandon says that he can deal with Sami. Kate says they'll keep his visit quiet, that Sami won't even know he's there and asks him if it's a deal.

On the island, Patrick wakes up in the cell and sees that Hope is gone. A bit later one of the guards finds him and tells him that Tony wants him to start the countdown. Patrick says ok.

Meanwhile, up in the air ducts, Brady and Nicole come upon Hope and John. Nicole tells them that the person they're hearing is Colin Murphy. Hope tells her that Bo said that Nicole killed Colin and Nicole says that Bo is wrong. Nicole is determined to find Colin to prove he's alive, Brady tells her he believes her. Hope and John talk about the island blowing up and John says that they should keep it to themselves for the time being. John tells Brady that they need to disable the power and get everybody together to get them off the island. The four synchronize their watches and say they'll meet up in an hour at the same spot. Brady and Nicole leave and Hope and John talk about their kids; how Hope is worried about Shawn and John about Belle. John tells Hope that if Stefano is alive they have to destroy him or none of them will have any peace. A bit later they start discussing Billie. Hope tells John that if the circumstances were different they might have been friends. They hear a scream and John says that it sounded like Nicole. They look around and find Brady and Nicole. Brady tells them that Nicole fell, Nicole adds - not that anybody cares. Hope tells her that Victor might because he's alive and on the island.

In the control room, Bo stuns the masked guard and is shocked to find that it's Billie! He starts CPR on her; while she dreams about kissing Bo. She comes to and asks him what happened. He tells her that he had to give her CPR and she remembers him stunning her. Billie tells him that they have to get out of there but Bo refuses until she's regained her strength. He asks her why she's dressed as a guard and what she's doing in the control room. She tells him how she got the clothes but says she doesn't know what happened to Hope. She goes on to tell him that she found out that Tony was planning to blow up the island and everybody on it. Suddenly a guard starts banging on the door, they hide and Bo stuns the guard. Billie removes her CD from the computer and Bo asks her what she was looking for. She tells him "nothing." He tells her that he's done his duty and made sure she's alright, now she's on her own. She stops him and tells him she hadn't found anything, she didn't get a chance to look at the files on the computer. She tells him to go find Hope and get off the island and back to his family. They talk a bit about the daughter that they lost and Bo tells her that he wishes he could have been there for her, she tells him she wish he could have been too. They leave to "kick some DiMera ass." Patrick enters the control room and starts typing at the computer. He says "god forgive me, tick tick BOOM."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

At the loft, Belle pulls away from Philip as they kiss and tells him she didn't mean to come on so strongly. Philip says he doesn't want to hurt her and she says he never would. They start kissing again and Philip asks her if she's ok; she says she's fine and tells him not to stop. They go back to their making out and Philip tells her that if she wants him to stop then she should tell him. She tells him that she's accepted that she and Shawn are over and she wants this. She goes on to say that she's afraid that she's using him and doesn't want to end up hurting him. Philip tells her that what happened with Shawn wasn't her fault. She's not sure - she said she loved Shawn and he still left and maybe she doesn't know how love is supposed to be. They talk a bit more and Philip tells her that he wants to help her and love her like she should be loved. Belle tells him that she doesn't want to disappoint him and that she's nervous because it's her first time. He tells her he understands but he won't be able to hold her and comfort her if she is going to sit around moping about Shawn because it's too hard on him. Belle tells him that she's down with Shawn, that this is about them now and she's sure she wants this, and wants him to make love to her. Philip picks her up and carries her to the bed and asks her again if she's sure. She says the only thing that matters now is him and that he loves her. Philip gets up to light some candles and turns on some music. Belle says, "You've done this before..." Philip tells her he's been with other people but never someone like her. They start kissing again and Philip tells her that she'll be safe; she thanks him for taking care of her.

Meanwhile, Jan asks Shawn if he's ready. Shawn says no, while she was changing in the other room he remembers being in bed with her, but not having made love to her. He says that maybe Belle is right and Jan was lying to him. Jan tells him she's not a liar and he's blaming it on her because Belle wants him to believe Jan is the liar. Shawn says that none of it makes sense, that he and Belle waited to be together and she jumped in bed with Philip. He goes on to say that he can't figure out why they were together all summer and why he doesn't want to see Belle. Jan tells him if he goes back to Belle he's stupid. Shawn says he wants to find out what's going on and Jan tells him he can't. When he tells her not to tell him what to do she says she's just trying to protect him. Shawn says that Belle can't hurt him any more than she already has. Jan says that Belle is trying to come between them; that Belle has done everything since he came back as revenge for leaving her. Shawn tries to tell her that Belle doesn't care about revenge but Jan says that Belle is a rich, spoiled bitch who gets everything, and she couldn't have him. Shawn still doesn't think that Belle and Philip slept together and says the only way to know is to talk to Belle. They go out on the fire escape and look into the loft and see Belle and Philip in bed. They go back to Shawn's and get into bed themselves.

In the control room on the island, Patrick remains working on the computer. Bart asks him if they'll have time to get off the island before it blows up. Patrick says he doesn't know but he hopes so. Bart continues rambling and babbling and Patrick finally tells him to shut up or he'll screw up his calculations. Patrick tells Bart to leave and after he does says "that wasn't suppose to happen" and the island starts to shake.

Back in the air ducts, Nicole is shocked to find out that Victor is alive and on the island. John tells her she looks unhappy about it; that she might have beaten the murder charge but eventually Victor will talk about what happened to him. Nicole tells him that she was with Brady all night and she was the one who performed CPR on Victor. Brady wonders how Victor got to the island if he wasn't one of the people killed by the serial killer. Hope says that Marlena didn't kill anyone either but she was there too. Brady keeps up his defense of Nicole by saying that Victor died at the hands of the DiMeras. Hope tells the others to go shut down the power so she can go find Bo and Patrick, but John says that Patrick is a traitor and they should stick together. They finally decide to split up and John tells her to find Bo and meet them at the pub, if they're not there by the meeting time they're leaving without them. They go their separate ways and Nicole separates from the others to go find Colin. The island starts shaking and Brady notices that Nicole is gone and thinks she's gone to find Colin. John tells him to forget about Nicole, they have to shut down the power. The two of them jump some guards and take their keys and let themselves into the room with the generators.

Meanwhile, Nicole is in the air duct above the control room and sees Patrick below her. Patrick hears her and asks who's there. Nicole jumps down through the vent and asks him who he is. They introduce themselves and Patrick goes back to his work on the computer. Nicole asks him what he's doing and he tells her it's not her business. She asks him for his help finding Colin and Patrick asks her why. She finally tells him that she was accused of killing him and she wants to clear her name. He tells her he can't help her, he has work to do. She asks him again what he's doing and he tells her that he's programming to erupt the volcano on the island.

Elsewhere in the air ducts Billie is telling Bo that they're sitting on top of a volcano. Billie falls down a shaft and Bo yells after her. Billie is hanging over molten lava! Bo tries to get to her to pull her up but Billie tells him to save them. She tries to give the CD of information to him and tells him he has to get it to the ISA in case she dies. Bo tells her she won't die, if she wants the information to get the ISA she's going to have to do it herself. He tells her he's coming after her when Hope shows up and tells him not to. Bo tells her that he can't let Billie die and asks her if she hates her that much. Hope says no but she loves him that much, and that there isn't any way to save Billie. Billie tells Bo that Hope is right and he'll die if he tries to get to her. Hope reminds Bo that he promised not to risk his life for Billie again and he says he doesn't have any choice. Billie says he does and she'll make it easy for him. She tells him to get the others and go home, then she lets go!

Thursday, October 21, 2004

by Joan

Angry after seeing Belle with Philip at the Loft, Shawn turned to Jan. Her comment that he was worth waiting for made Shawn question if she had lied. But convinced that his memory was blurred from the accident, Shawn connected small bits of recollection from as thinking their relationship was consensual. But he began to remember the handcuffs. Imagining Belle's face on Jan, Shawn was unaware that next door, Belle still had second thoughts before going all the way with Philip. Shocking Jan, Shawn said, "I love you, Belle", and fell asleep.

At the DiMera Compound, Tony was unshaken at Bart's report that John, Billie, Bo and Hope were not in their cells. But Bart was not reassured when Tony said, "no one is going to get out of here before the volcano erupts." Patrick warned a panicked Nicole to get out since the programmed eruption could not be stopped. But as tremors began, Nicole rushed out to find Colin. Tremors continued as Hope watched Bo leave to save Billie now slipping down towards the lava. Finding some rope, Hope was able to save them both.

Bart questioned the familiar aroma of cigar smoke coming from the Compound study. A smiling Count asked, "You can't take a guess?" Bart's disbelief that Stefano could be on the doomed island was met by Tony's explanation. "Bart, this whole scenario is about the destruction of all of Stefano's enemies. I just didn't want my father to miss out on all the excitement."

John and Brady realized they nearly ventured into a room that was a trap, covered not just by laser beams but an electrification system. A DiMera Operative held them at gunpoint momentarily. Overcoming him, John and Brady used his gun to blast out all laser beam connections, shutting off the generators. Freed when the generators died, Roman found John and Brady. As John argued with Brady about Nicole, she arrived with Patrick. Nicole was quick to answer Brady when he asked who Patrick was carrying. "That's Colin Murphy. And if John and Roman would like to check his pulse, you will see he is not dead."

And in the study, an excited Tony approached a desk as smoke rose behind it. "Well, Father, I'm so glad you're here. Just in time to see the culmination of all my efforts. Everything is going according to plan. And all your enemies! They're going to be HERE to SEE you!

Friday, October 22, 2004

by Joan

On the Loft roof, Belle was in tears reliving her night with Philip, when Shawn arrived. The two traded insults as Shawn told Belle, "There is no us anymore." Wondering where Shawn had gone, Jan went to Belle's room finding Philip alone. Waking up to think she was Belle, Philip was shocked that had kissed Jan. Recalling the roof was Shawn and Belle's favorite place, the two rushed up. Arriving as Shawn called Belle a liar, Philip ran to console Belle and Jan to Shawn.

From her apartment, Kate invited Brandon to Salem to work on a corporate program that would benefit his humanitarian work. While Brandon was confident that Sami was not an issue for him, Kate planned to keep him Salem long enough to "torpedo" Sami's marriage to Lucas. Hearing Kate's eagerness to meet him, when he wouldn't come, Brandon sensed there was something more behind her invitation. But falling for Kate's story about paying back his mother, Faye's, kindness to her, Brandon agreed to meet her in Chicago. Meanwhile, Sami was being kissed by Lucas, but seeing Brandon tell her she'd rather be with him. Unable to sleep, Sami called a TV psychic. As a hoodwinked Sami gave away her past love life, the fraudulent psychic predicted not much of a future at all with Lucas.

At the DiMera Compound, Patrick told John he could not re-program the volcanic eruption, insisting they should save themselves. As they revived Colin began to answer John and Roman's questions. "I'll tell you everything." Colin woke up on Melaswen during New Salem's construction. The Island Plot had been devised by Tony years before his return to Salem "to destroy the person he hated the most." At that, John felt confident that he was Tony's target, after his relationship with Kristen.

After doing work for Stefano in Ireland, Colin's knowledge in blood disorders had him treating Tony. Thinking Tony was his friend, Colin was later blackmailed by the Count. Colin refused Tony's five million dollars to work from University Hospital, thereby declaring the living victims of the Salem Stalker dead. While other doctors accepted Tony's bribes, Lexie was unable to detect the scam. Colin spoke of another "get rich quick." As Nicole hysterically realized she had been swindled Colin replied, "From what I see, you bounced back." When Nicole cried, "But I was accused of killing you", Colin sarcastically replied, "You wish, Princess." With that, Nicole began to strangle him. Roman persisted questioning. Speaking of "dirty cops" in the Salem PD, Colin said, "Get me out of this prison, and I'll give you all the names you want. Tony had a lot of help."

In the Study, Tony spoke to his father showing him photos of DiMera's enemies before they met their Maker. Placing a drink before the chair, Tony sipped his drink and took one of Stefano's cigars. "May I? You're a man of few words, father. But I understand. I hope you don't mind if I join you in savoring one of your prize Fidels. After all, I think I've earned it. A little ritual to mark the transfer or power. You're ready to retire, aren't you?" Shaken by a volcanic tremor, Tony apologized to his father. I didn't mean to upset you ... Why don't I just round up the usual suspects and present them to you?"

The escapees ran into Tony unexpectedly. Giving orders to take Colin away, he confirmed with Patrick that the countdown was started. John's request to let the others go was met by Tony saying he'd already sent for their friends. "In the meantime, there is someone who wants to see you." The curious captives walked into the DiMera Study but the chair was turned away. Smelling the familiar cigar aroma, John whispered, "Stefano."

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