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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on GL
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Monday, October 25, 2004

At Towers, Bill and Harley discuss their plans to prove that Phillip's car was involved in Sandy's accident. An INS agent appears and mistakenly assumes Harley is Olivia - the new Mrs. Bill Lewis. Once he discovers Bill is enjoying a beer with a friend the agent hints that Bill's marriage was a sham to save Olivia from deportation. Bill denies this and assures the man his blushing bride is working and he will be with her later. The agent departs but not before telling Bill to expect a visit from INS soon as they intend to investigate the marriage.

At the hospital, Tammy storms into Sandy's room and slaps him. Sandy tries to apologize but Tammy won't hear it and cries while telling him if not for his lies JB would never have gotten to her. Josh walks in and embraces Tammy. Josh berates Sandy for lying to his entire family about his true identity. Sandy tries to defend himself by saying he loves the Lewis family, but Josh won't allow it and tells Sandy it's his fault Tammy was seduced by the monster JB. He advises Sandy to leave town immediately so the Lewis family can begin to repair the damage caused by Sandy and JB. Josh leaves to find Reva. Sandy is considering Josh's words when he turns and finds Lizzie in his room. Lizzie says she needs to tell him something about the night of his accident. Sandy doesn't wait to hear her confession but rushes to tell her she is quite possibly the only friend he has left in Springfield. Lizzie is confused by Sandy's remarks until he comments everything could have been different if not for 'the freak' that hit him and left him to die. Noticing Lizzie's agitation Sandy admits he is not Reva's long lost son, Jonathan. Lizzie stares in disbelief as Sandy tells her the real Jonathan has been living in Springfield and going by the name JB. Though shaken, Lizzie remarks she wants to talk about the accident just as Harley appears in the doorway. 'What about the accident, Lizzie?' she asks. Lizzie makes an excuse and hurries to leave. Harley is puzzled at Lizzie's behavior at the mention of Sandy's accident.

At the farmhouse, Cassie and Edmund are calling everyone they know to try to locate Tammy. Cassie is afraid that because she told Tammy she lost her virginity to her own cousin it will lead her daughter to even more danger. Edmund and Cassie decide to go to Farley's Bar to look for Tammy. Once at the bar, they see Danny and Dinah getting cozy on the dance floor. Cassie is upset to see Dinah with her hooks in a friend of hers and warns Danny to stay away from Dinah - who can only bring trouble for him. Danny tells Cassie he is a big boy and can take care of himself. Cassie and Edmund leave to continue their search for Tammy. Danny ignores Cassie's advice and asks Dinah if she wants to leave with him. Dinah agrees but disappears as Danny pays the bill.

At the Lewis house, JB is clutching Reva by the throat as he recounts the beatings he endured as a child. Reva dares her deranged son to do it - 'finish the job!' JB relents and releases his mother. Reva tells him she knew he couldn't hurt her because 'you're my son!' Reva begs JB to believe she had no other choice but to leave him when he was a baby in order to keep him safe. JB becomes emotional as Reva describes his treatment of Tammy as despicable. She grabs his hands and puts them around her throat again and challenges him to hurt her - not more innocent people. Josh walks in to find JB standing over his wife and screaming at her. In a rage, Josh flings JB across the room, jerks him around like a doll and tells him if he ever sees JB with another member of his family he will rot in prison for the rest of his life. JB tells Josh his beef is with Reva and warns Josh against making an enemy of him. Josh is unfazed and tells JB to get out of his house.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Tammy and Jonathan have come face to face. At first, he tries to reel her back in but when she lashes out at him, he turns on her. He calls her stupid and says he only did what she wanted him to do. Meanwhile, back at the farm, Sandy comes to see Cassie and when she goes off on him about what he's done, Edmund pulls her back and Sandy leaves. Tammy comes home and when Edmund tries to comfort her, she attacks him, blames him for setting all of this in motion and Cassie asks him to go. Cassie then tries to comfort an inconsolable Tammy who feels dirty and used. Meanwhile, having thrown Jonathan out, Josh assumes Reva wants nothing more to do with him but she says she must own up to the fact that Jonathan is the way he is because of her. Josh doesn't back down and tells her he wants her to stay away from Sandy and Jonathan. Sandy then arrives and surprises them both when he agrees. Sandy informs Reva he will be leaving town and warns her that she can't trust Jonathan. Reva then realizes that Josh asked him to go and explodes on Josh. Later, when Sandy leaves, Reva warns Josh not to get between her and Jonathan because she will never abandon him again. Later, Edmund sees Jonathan and hits him hard but is shaken by Jonathan's taunts.

Sebastian takes Holly to the same hotel where Roger kidnapped her. Holly is freaked and screams when she sees a waiter that looks like Roger. Sebastian calms her, persuades her not to be afraid of her past and reads her a message from Roger that affects her. Back on the yacht, Michelle and Tony are at each other's throats as they wait for the captain to return so they can decide their next move. They agree to follow Sebastian to Santo Domingo and rescue Holly but get caught up in a storm. They try to ride it out but their anchor gets pulled up and Tony and Michelle find themselves adrift in a terrible storm.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Harley, suspecting that Lizzie knows something about the accident, dons the disguise of Ruth and pressures Lizzie to give up information about Phillip, who Harley believes to be the driver. But when Lizzie shares her fears with her father, Phillip once again promises to take care of everything. Later, Phillip exerts his hold over Billy with more threats of blackmail, leaving Billy both panicked and enraged. Later, Buzz and Billy find themselves united in their hatred of the Spauldings. Meanwhile, Coop begins his driving duties for Lizzie and their contentious relationship only intensifies.

Olivia and Bill have their hands full when the INS decides to pay a visit in order to check on the validity of their marriage, at the same time that Jonathan does. Jonathan surprisingly comes to the couple's rescue but admits he is looking to have his back scratched in return by getting a room at the Beacon. Later, Olivia is more determined than ever to build a family with Bill.

Dinah ambushes a shocked Jeffrey, Blake and Ross with an impromptu dinner so that Ross and Blake could get better acquainted with the man in her life. But, Blake gets the upper hand when she snags a restraining order against Dinah. Later, when Blake gives Ross an ultimatum to choose between her and Dinah, Ross chooses Dinah and Blake is crushed. Meanwhile, Dinah and Jeffrey spar over which one of them is more obsessed with Cassie.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Michelle and Tony have survived the storm but are still adrift. Fearful that in this hurricane season another storm is imminent, Tony tries to repair the ship, while Michelle has a reassuring memory of her mother teaching her to be brave in the ocean. Michelle's mood brightens and as she draws closer to Tony, neither are aware that the ship is taking on water. When they do finally realize they are sinking, the second storm hits and they are thrown apart. Tony washes up on a beach and Michelle is no where in sight.

Sebastian brings Holly through the caves to Roger's last retreat, a bunker-like Spanish villa on a deserted island. At first she is fearful and even wonders if Roger is still alive. But, fear gives way to a much needed sense of closure as Holly is able to feel close to Roger and equally able to bury his evil spirit at last. But , Sebastian's mood continues to darken and just when Holly is ready to retrieve Roger's treasure and leave, she discovers that Sebastian has his own agenda and she's not going anywhere.

Danny tries to drown his sorrows but cousin Ray encourages him to keep hoping that Michelle will return. Danny is drawn to the lighthouse where he stumbles upon Blake, who is nursing her own emotional wounds. The two unlikely soul mates share a bottle of wine and comfort each other.

While Phillip tries to schmooze Frank in an effort to keep control of the investigation into the hit and run, Harley continues to try to pressure Phillip to confess to Ruth. She's nearly caught in Bill's apartment by Gus but gets out of it. She presses Phillip for that confession, but gets answers she doesn't believe. Later, Harley returns to Spaulding to search for more clues, while Phillip begins to implement his own plan for Ruth.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Josh is trying to convince Reva that Jonathan is dangerous. Reva tries to ease his fears by lying that she put his hands on her throat—she proclaims that she knew he was making an empty threat. Josh doesn't seem to be buying it though and reiterates that she should forget all about her son. Just then, there's a knock at the door--it's Sandy. He asks for 5 minutes to talk to Reva before he leaves town. He tries to tell Reva that Jonathan wants to hurt her. Just then, there's another knock at the door--it's Jonathan. Although Josh tries to throw him out, he reminds Josh that Reva invited him. Jonathan then tells Reva he only came to tell her to back off and stop harassing him. He then urns to leave, but Reva asks him to stay, leading a disgusted Josh to leave the house. Sandy wants to stay in the room with Jonathan and Reva, but she's able to convince him to go upstairs so she and Jonathan can be alone. When alone, she asks Jonathan why he's so determined to fight her. He brushes her off and tells her he's not, he could care less about her; he just wants his trust fund. Reva tries to tell him that she wants to make up for everything he went through, but Jonathan is less than moved. When some trick-or-treaters knock at the back door, Reva leaves the room. While Jonathan's alone, Sandy comes down the stairs and tells him to leave Reva alone.

Meanwhile, Josh has arranged a meeting with Edmund to talk about the Jonathan problem. He wants ideas on how to get rid of Jonathan. Edmund asks Josh how he thinks Reva would feel about that. Josh doesn't care, all that matters is protecting Reva.

Tammy sees a Lizzie outside and accuses her of setting her up with JB, her own cousin. The revelation amuses Lizzie more than anything else and her ridicule causes Tammy to slap her. Soon the pair is arguing, with Lizzie telling Tammy she's desperate to be trashy like her mom and Tammy calling Lizzie sick and alone like her father.

Jeffrey meets Cassie at the farm. She wants to talk to him about taking legal action against Jonathan. Jeffrey informs her though that nothing can be done since the sex was consensual. He does tell her that his office will keep a very close eye on Jonathan. A frustrated Cassie then tells Jeffrey that Dinah could have stopped it since she had the opportunity to tell Cassie about Tammy and JB. She then brings up the picture of her and Richard that Dinah and Edmund found in his safe. Jeffrey brushes it off by explaining that that picture was a part of his old investigation into the drug scheme in San Cristobel. Cassie can't understand why Jeffrey would be interested in a troublemaker like Dinah; he tells her he has a thing for danger and leaves.

Dinah sees Tammy who is visibly upset. Dinah has just learned from Cassie about Tammy's situation (since Cassie laid all the blame on Dinah for not telling her anything). Dinah shows concern for Tammy, asking if she's okay. She tells Tammy she's sorry about what happened that night and tells the teen that if she had known who JB was, she would have kicked him out herself. She tells Tammy that she wants to help, to make

up for things. She suggests helping Tammy get revenge on Jonathan, but Tammy isn't interested. Dinah then suggests that Tammy needs to go for a long drive to clear her head and offers Tammy her car keys. Tammy accepts the offer and later calls Cassie, telling her she has to get out for a while and not to look for her.

Later, Cassie gets a call from the manager of the strip joint she used to work in Chicago. The person on the other line says she needs to verify her daughter's age since she's looking for a job there. Unbeknownst to a horrified Cassie, the person on the other line is Dinah.

Soon after, Jeffrey finds Dinah at Towers and confronts her about the picture she placed in his safe. After they trade barbs, Dinah informs him that Tammy's in Chicago. He thinks she's lying, but she assures him she's not.

At Towers, Phillip's on the phone telling someone to take care of Ruth. Right after his phone call, a concerned Beth and Alan arrive for their dinner. Beth tries to talk to Phillip alone about her concerns regarding Lizzie. She knows Lizzie is upset about something and she asks Phillip what it is since she knows Lizzie has been confiding in her father. Phillip tries to tell Beth that it's nothing, but Beth is unconvinced and keeps telling Phillip she wants to know. He tells her it's better that she not know and assures her he has it under control. Later, Alan talks to Phillip on the balcony where Phillip makes a comment about Lizzie and feeling guilty. Alan then wonders if Lizzie has done something. Phillip tells him she has but he's going to handle it on his own. Alan tries to convince Phillip to let him help, but Phillip insists he can handle it himself. Soon after, Phillip meets with an ominous-looking man.

Harley, dressed as Ruth, is looking on the Spaulding grounds for Phillip's car but there's no trace of it now. Suddenly, Gus catches her snooping. He tells her he's on to her and tells her to stop playing games. "Ruth" suggests that he must know why she's there---to gather as much information on Mr. Spaulding to use against him. She then asks Gus point blank, what would he do if he found out Phillip had done something terrible life-threatening? Would he turn him in or protect. He doesn't answer her, but he does give her a warning that she's playing with fire But "Ruth" assures him that she can handle herself. Suddenly, Phillip calls "Ruth" and tells her to pick up Lizzie at Pharley's bar. She agrees and then tells Gus not to follow her.

Hot off her run-in with Tammy, Lizzie arrives at Towers and starts talking to Alan and Beth about her past. She mentions Carl and suggests that her getting sick was punishment for what she did. They both try to reassure Lizzie that there was no connection between her leukemia and shooting Carl. Lizzie then goes on to say that she's done bad things. Seeing that Lizzie is upset about something, Beth tells her she can tell them anything, that nothing bad will happen to her. Suddenly Lizzie states she's worried about Phillip and asks what's going to happen to him? But before she can say anything, Phillip approaches her. She hugs him hello and he tells her he had to take care of some things. He tells her there's nothing he wouldn't do or risk to protect his little girl.

Gus meets with Phillip at Towers and asks him if he knows where Ruth is. Phillip tells him he has no idea. Gus suggests that perhaps Ruth is the mole. Phillip doesn't act too concerned, in fact he flat out tells Gus he thinks he's mistaken about Ruth and tells him he has the utmost trust in her. Nonetheless, he does give Gus permission to keep investigating her.

Harley is at Pharley's waiting for Lizzie but no one's there. Suddenly a car comes speeding toward her!

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