As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on ATWT

Lucy discovered that Aaron's boxing opponent was her childhood friend Rafi. Mike agreed to be Jennifer's model for her new jeans line. Jordan convinced Lucinda to buy BRO. Jack returned home with mixed feelings. Paul and Rosanna made love. Lisa filled Julia in on Carly's past. Julia went to visit Mike. Alison and Chris talked. Ben refused to take a drug test. Holden was upset when he found out that Aaron was boxing. Doctors wanted to separate Barbara and Rick.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, October 18, 2004

At the gym, Dusty and Dominic tell Aaron that he needs to get ready for a press conference with his boxing opponent, Rafael Ortega. Lucy and Alison see an article in the paper about the press conference, and they head for the gym, despite all that Dusty has done to keep Lucy from knowing about the press conference. Dusty tells Aaron that his role is to keep in the background and make Ortega look good. When Lucy arrives, Dusty tries to get her to leave, but Lucy is so hurt that Dusty lets her stay in spite of Dominic's objections. The press conference starts, and, as planned, all the attention goes to Rafael Ortega, until he and Lucy see each other. Lucy , obviously recognizing him from Montega, runs to him and exclaims, "Jose'!" The two hug as flashbulbs pop.

At lunch, Ben insists to Bob Hughes and Jessica that he has been taking Ibuprofen, rather than prescription painkillers. Ben then accuses Jessica of trying to ruin his career as payback for his serving her with divorce papers. Bob tells Ben that, since a complaint has been lodged against a staff member, Bob is obligated to investigate the complaint. Bob calmly tells Ben that he merely has to take a urine test, but Ben angrily refuses and storms out of the restaurant.

At Carly's house, where Rosanna is watching Carly's children, Paul and Rosanna find that they can discuss happy memories of Cabot, their first step in finding their way back to one another. Rosanna tearfully asks Paul to give her a second chance, telling the delighted Paul that love is precious, a terrible thing to waste.

In the parking lot of the Louisville motel, Jack tells Carly that he has promised to take care of Julia and J. J., but Carly begs him to come home to her and the children. Jack asks Carly to go back to Oakdale and wait while he talks to Julia and J. J. When Carly calls Jack, "G-man," he admits that he has dreamed of someone calling him, "G-man," and he remembers calling Carly from the rest stop. Carly agrees to go home without him, and Jack promises to come home the next day at the latest. Carly gives him her address and phone numbers, as well as a credit card for his plane ticket. Then she kisses him and goes home. When she arrives at her front door, Paul leaves so that the sisters can talk. Paul goes directly to the diner and tells Will about his reunion with Rosanna. Carly takes Rosanna out on to the porch, so that Parker will not overhear, and tells Rosanna that Jack cannot remember his Oakdale family, and that Jack has married Julia. Parker comes out on to the porch and sees Carly and demands, "Where's Jack?" When Carly tells Parker that Jack has promised to come home the next day, Parker declares, "Jack never breaks a promise."

Inside the motel room, Jack confronts Julia about her deception, but asks her and Parker to come to Oakdale with him. He promises not to leave them, so Julia tells J. J. that all three of them are going to Oakdale "to find out all about Jack."

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Nikki arrives at Jennifer and Mike's request. Jennifer tells her that Mike might possibly be working for her, helping with the new line of jeans that her company will be putting out. Nikki tells her, whatever she wants. Jennifer wants her to understand why they will be spending more time together.

At BRO, Jordan and Jennifer run into each other. He wishes her luck with her company and tells her that if she needs any help, he will be there for her. Her comment back to him is that it will be a cold day in hell before he will ever be her boss. This however, may be happening as Worldwide (Lucinda's company) wants to join forces with BRO, as it turns out to be a solid business venture. Jennifer asks Mike, once again, if he will work for her and be the model for the "Street Jeans" line.

Jack goes to Al's diner for a cup of coffee. The waitress turns around to wait on him and discovers that he is Jack Snyder, Carly's husband. The waitress turns out to be Alison. She knows him and tells him that his marriage to Carly was one of those storybook romances, it was like a legend. It's like what came after, happily ever after. They were very much in love and everyone knew it and could see it when they saw the two of them together. Jack waits for his order, while Alison goes to wait on a shady looking customer.

At the gym, Lucy admits to Dusty that she screwed up again. She told the wrong people, the wrong things about the fight. He takes her aside and instead of yelling at her, he kisses her passionately, and tells her that he is doing his best to get them out of Oakdale so they can get on with the rest of their lives. After the guy Aaron is supposed to fight learns that something funny is going on, he approaches Aaron, and tells him that until the day of the scheduled fight, he will work with him everyday, so that when they do fight, it will be the best man won. Aaron agrees.

Jack's order is ready, and he picks it up and prepares to leave. Outside the door, he sees that the shady looking guy has drawn a gun on the patrons and is holding the place up. Jack reacts like the policeman, we all know him to be, and re-enters the restaurant, trying to talk the guy out of the gun he is holding. Jack is very calm, and performing like Jack Snyder, the cop, would do.

Julia and JJ have dinner together. Julia tries to explain to JJ, that Jack has another family that loves him also. He has come back to town to learn about them, because something happened, and he doesn't have any memory.

At Carly's home, a group of family and friends have gathered, to welcome Jack back and to help him make the transition about his past life, an easy one. Carly asks each of them to tell Jack what he used to do with them, how they knew him and how they felt about him. Carly says, they have to help Jack, want to come home. Carly tells them all that Julia and JJ have come back with Jack also, so that they can hold onto him too. She needs all their help. Rosanna steps out on the porch to chat with Carly, as she watches Parker at the end of the road waiting for Jack. Rosanna says that Jack will be there soon. Carly is worried; it seems to have been so long a wait until now. Rosanna says that in ten minutes, if he isn't here, maybe Hal and some of the guys, can go and help bring Jack back. Carly agrees to wait ten minutes. Rosanna goes back inside. She tells everyone there what she has told Carly. Outside, Carly, being our loveable Carly, decides that she cannot wait any longer, and takes off to find him herself. Rosanna steps out on thee porch to get her, and finds that she has taken off again.

At the restaurant, Jack is still trying to get the guy with the gun to give himself up before anything further happens. The guy ends up getting past Jack and running out of the restaurant. Jack takes off in pursuit and then lunges to tackle him.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Jennifer tells Paul that Mike will be the new face of "Street Jeans." She later tells Paul that she is not creating the new line for Jordan, so that he can become even more involved in the goings on at BRO and Worldwide. Paul tells her that it might be a good thing.

Jack, in the middle of a scuffle at Al's diner, finally subdues his perpetrator. He has reacted like a cop would.

Jordan talks with Nikki. They are talking about Worldwide buying BRO, which would give Jordan even closer contact with Jennifer. Nikki tells him that he should go over and congratulate her and tell her that he likes her choice in Mike being the face behind the line.

Parker comes downstairs and wants to know where Jack is. Hal and Rosanna, and Holden, Tom and Margo await his arrival. The phone rings and Hal is alerted that Jack just made a bust and interrupted a robbery taking place. They all think that the Jack they know has returned. Jack has told Alison that even though he reacted like a cop, he still doesn't remember anything.

The doorbell rings at Carly's and when Rosanna answers it, the person they have all been waiting for is standing there. It is Jack. He enters and each of the people in the room have a few words to say to him. When they are all done, he still doesn't remember anything. He tells everyone, that it is hard to stand there, and face everyone not knowing them. Rosanna suggests that things lying around the house may help him recall his past. She calls Carly, and tells her that Jack is home. Carly, who is standing with Julia at the moment, says that she is on her way home, now. An argument in the hotel restaurant, between Carly and Julia has erupted, and JJ overheard the things that Carly had to say. Carly tells Julia that Jack will come back to her and Parker and Sage because it is where he belongs. She leaves. A woman, who has had some contact with Carly talks with Julia, as Julia learns the past history of Jack and Carly. She has learned that not everyone was in love with Carly as the fantasy relationship between the two of them continues.

Paul sets up a romantic evening with Rosanna. When she comes through the door, she is surprised at what Paul has done, but most appreciative. They have more or less agreed that the past is the past and they would still like each other to be around.

Jack and Carly talk. Jack finds out that Carly was at Julia's place. He warns Carly to stay away from his wife and son.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

In an attempt to remind Jack that she is his wife, and not Julia, Carly suggests medical treatment for Jack, but the two end at an impasse.

Meanwhile, Julia continues to think about what she has learned about Carly's past and gets a hold of Mike's address from Lisa. She goes to see Mike and is direct, asking if he and Carly have reconnected but, Mike makes it clear that hasn't happened and that Jack and Carly have an ideal marriage. A defeated Julia leaves, only to run into Carly who accuses her of trying to dig up old dirt.

While Holden confronts Aaron about his boxing plans, Alison is surprised to run into Chris. Holden comes to realize that Aaron is, in part, doing this for Alison but still remains opposed to his son's decision. Meanwhile, Craig surprises and charms Rafi, but Lucy is aware of what he is really doing and calls him on it. Later, Alison and Lucy see Rafi blasting away at the punching bag, and, to their sudden horror, realize that Aaron is going to get killed in the ring.

Paul tells Rosanna he doesn't want to leave her tonight and Rosanna tells him to stay. They are on the verge of making love when they are interrupted by Will. Later, Paul pushes any worries aside and he and Rosanna reunite and make love.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Barbara sits and remembers Will telling her that she will be in the hospital for a very long time. Rick Decker appears and Barbara tells him that they have to get out of there, so that she can get to her son. He reminds her that it will only be a little while longer. They have the keys and they all work. The Dr. and guards figure that Barbara and Rick need to be separated. At this point, Barbara goes into her act, claiming that she will kill herself if Rick is taken from her. He has helped her so much. Rick talks his Doctor into letting him calm down Barbara and he takes the syringe away from her, that she was going to use on herself. The Doctor asks for it back and he returns it. The Doctor tells Barbara and Rick that he didn't realize they had such a close bond, and would let them know the next day whether or not they could continue to see each other.

Paul has a nightmare, that Will is giving Rosanna some kind of drug. Rosanna says she and Will have this kind of bond between them. They need to spend more time together.

Dusty tells his new partner in crime that as soon as this is over, he and his girl are "gonna blow this town."

Alison and Lucy watch the fighter readying himself for Aaron. Alison asks Lucy for a favor. She says to take the fighter, out on a picnic, or for lunch somewhere. She figures that Aaron needs the practice more than she does and it might help. After the picnic is over, a flat tire is also discovered, and the poor fighter is fixing it.

Carly and Julia argue. Julia tells her she has enough evidence and gossip on her to write a mini series. She tells Carly, that is she were Jack, she wouldn't want to remember her either. Mike hears the commotion going on and comes out on his porch to see what is happening. Julia is antagonizing Carly and she is fighting back. Jack comes up however, and yells at Carly, telling her to stay away from his wife, Julia. They leave. Carly is becoming unglued. Mike tells her that maybe now is the time for her to get some legal advice. Carly calls Jessica. Carly is willing to take this to court. Jessica tells her that perhaps, Jack is incapacitated, having lost his memory, and needs someone to be his guardian. His wife.

In the meantime, Julia does her very best to tell Jack all the gossip about Carly. She tells him that Carly cannot be trusted. She tells him to lean on her and she will help him find his way.


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