A familiar foe: Is General Hospital preparing for a big twist by bringing back Lorenzo Alcazar?

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2023 11:37:06 AM
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Eagle-eyed General Hospital viewers are certain that the mystery man who called Michael to spill the beans on who tipped off the SEC about Carly and Drew is none other than Lorenzo Alcazar!

Who is Michael Corinthos' (Chad Duell) mystery contact at the SEC? Viewers were given a glimpse of the man on Friday, October 13, when he called Michael moments after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) and Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) tied the knot on Sonny's private island. Viewers only saw the back of the man's head, but that was enough for some eagle-eyed fans to suspect that it's none other than Lorenzo Alcazar (Ted King).

Could Lorenzo Alcazar be back? If so, that would certainly be a huge twist because the last time that we saw Sonny's archnemesis, it was May 23, 2007, and Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) had -- with the help of his adoptive sister Skye Quartermaine (Robin Christopher) -- slipped into Alcazar's home with orders to kill the infamous arms dealer. However, viewers never saw what transpired between Jason and Alcazar. Instead, the camera stayed on Skye, who began to sing a lullaby to her infant daughter with Alcazar once she heard a loud thump from the room where Jason had confronted Alcazar.

Adding to the mystery was a curious phone call Jerry Jacks made (Sebastian Roché) in August of 2007 to a man who sounded identical to Alcazar. At the time, Jerry claimed that the man on the phone was an operative hired to impersonate Alcazar in order to fool a banking official to release Alcazar's considerable fortune to Alcazar's ex-wife Carly Spencer (Laura Wright). Additionally, Jerry was the one who had provided photographic evidence that Alcazar was alive to clear Jason of murder charges in the disappearance of Alcazar. Jerry would later claim that the photograph had been doctored.

The fate of Alcazar was revisited in 2012 when Skye and Carly saw a photograph of Blair Cramer (Kassie DePaiva) and her fiancé Tomás Delgado (played by King) in a newspaper. Both women were shocked that Tomás looked exactly like Alcazar, prompting Skye and Carly to travel to Llanview to see Tomás for themselves, only to discover that Tomás had vanished. It was later revealed that he had been called back to active duty by the CIA.

Has Alcazar been alive this whole time? It would certainly explain Sonny's recent trouble with an enemy in the shadows who has already sent two black ops assassins to take out Sonny. Could Pikeman really be Alcazar? Alcazar was an arms dealer, but there has also been a recent changing of the guard at the WSB. As viewers will recall, the sniper's rifle used in the shooting at Metro Court's pool had been traced back to the WSB.

If Alcazar is back, could Jerry Jacks be close behind?

Meanwhile, there is talk about another of Ted King's characters making the rounds on social media. The stage seems to be set for some sort of return for King's Jack Finnegan on The Bold and the Beautiful. While nothing is set in stone -- and the CBS soap is characteristically tight-lipped -- there is speculation that Jack might have fathered another child by an affair. You can get all the gossip on that in Welcome to Finnland, the Two Scoops column for The Bold and the Beautiful for the week of October 16, 2023.

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