General Hospital's Michael Easton has a very special message to his daughter

Posted Tuesday, April 16, 2024 9:52:50 AM
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Soap vet Michael Easton can draw from real life as he plays a girl dad on General Hospital.

Hamilton Finn navigates through his life as the single father of a young daughter on General Hospital every day. Off-screen, the father of two celebrated a very special day with his daughter as she marked a milestone birthday.

Lilah Bell Easton just turned 13 years old. As she entered her teenage years, her dad took to Instagram to share photographic moments of her life, as well as a beautiful message to the light of his life.

"Thirteen years ago today my daughter, Lilah Bell was born in New York City," Easton wrote. "She is kind and soulful and has a beautiful heart. She represents the best thing I've ever done with my life and I am so blessed to be her dad. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart."

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The reason Lilah was born in New York City was because Easton was playing John McBain on One Life to Live at the time. OLTL was the last soap to tape in New York, but the actor moved himself and his family to Los Angeles when he brought McBain to Port Charles and GH. Since then, Easton has created two other Port Charles characters -- the late Silas Clay, as well as Hamilton Finn, who he still brings to life today. Easton started his daytime career on Days of our Lives, where he played Tanner Scofield from 1991 to 1992.

Easton shares one other child with his wife Ginevra Arabia, a son named Jack, who will turn 11 in September. He recently joined Instagram to share more of his life and other work with his fans, with his first post coming on April 1.

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