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During his visit with Massimo, Ridge apologized and placed his family ring back on his finger. Ridge was encouraged when he saw signs of consciousness. Stephanie took Amber to the doctor for a pregnancy test. While there, Amber and Thomas learned she was wrong about her inability to get pregnant. Stephanie offered a place for Amber to live. Felicia overheard Brooke discussing Forrester Creations' superiority over Spectra Couture. In an effort to sway Nick to order from Forrester for Jackie M, Brooke was uncomplimentary about Felicia's ability to design. After going to Thorne's office to 'put an end to this,' Eric heard what Thorne had really been saying all along.
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The Bold and the Beautiful Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on B&B
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Stephanie talks with Massimo. Massimo is crying out from the inside that he needs help, but no one can hear him. In the room, Deacon stands along side her. For every good sign that she thinks she sees from Massimo, Deacon tells her that it is just a reflex action that is causing it. The doorbell rings and when Deacon goes to answer it, he finds Ridge on the other side. Ridge and Stephanie exchange some small talk about Massimo and she prepares to leave, but not before she tells Massimo that she will be back soon to visit with him. Alone in the room now are Deacon and Massimo. Small talk is exchanged, but not much in the way of pleasantries. Deacon is called away by a phone call, leaving Ridge the opportunity to talk with his father alone. Ridge picks up the Marone ring that he once returned to his Dad, and tells Massimo that he was wrong in doing that. After he says that, he takes the ring and places it back on his finger, signifying that he again acknowledges Massimo as his birth Father. Massimo is touched by this, and his eyes blink for a second and he sheds a tear. When Deacon returns from his phone call, Ridge tells him what happened, but cannot get Massimo to blink again, although Massimo is trying. Ridge leaves and Deacon sits to have a talk with the great man himself. Deacon, tells Massimo that he is living his life for him. He asks Massimo, if he is watching what is going on? Deacon has come to be somewhat cocky now, knowing that Massimo is not in a position to say or do anything. However, underneath his stiff exterior, Massimo is screaming out to Deacon, that he will get him.

Thorne and Darla talk while having lunch. Thorne is feeling pretty good now that he is calling all the shots. He says that they need to come out with something that will completely set them apart from anyone in the fashion industry.

Thomas comes into Amber's office and sees her busy designing. He is proud of her and is convinced that she will do well. While they are talking, someone comes in to let Amber know that Stephanie Forrester is on her way up to see her. Amber starts to freak out, but Thomas settles her down and tells her that there is nothing to be concerned about. She wants him to leave so that she can handle the situation. Stephanie comes in and tells Amber that she still does not approve of the relationship, but she would like to mend some fences. Amber is reluctant, but happy about what she has said. She tells Amber that she has missed her. Stephanie says that once you found her way into her heart, she just can't let go. During the conversation, Amber is aware that Stephanie wants her to give up Thomas. She tells Stephanie, that she loves Thomas and they share something special. During the conversation, Amber grabs at herself in pain and almost vomits. Stephanie asks her what is wrong.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

At Spectra, Amber told Stephanie that she was nauseous. Amber blamed her sickness on stress caused by everyone's disapproval of her relationship with Thomas. Stephanie advised that she approves of Amber and Thomas being friends only. Amber advised that she and Thomas had a sexual relationship and they could not go back to being just friends anymore. Stephanie drove Amber to the doctor's office for a pregnancy test.

Brooke visited Nick at Marone Industries. She told Nick that Ridge has been updating her on Massimo's condition. Brooke assumed that she and Nick are still friends. Nick confirmed that they are friends. Brooke offered Nick assistance with his company Jackie M. Unbeknownst to Nick and Brooke, Felicia was just outside the office and could hear their conversation. Felicia heard Brooke tell Nick that Felicia's working at Spectra Couture is a mistake and not to give Spectra Couture a second thought. Brooke also told Nick that although Felicia is talented, she was a rebel. When Brooke left the office, Felicia confronted her.

At a local restaurant, Caitlin saw Thomas. Caitlin was surprised that the restraining order was invalid and that Thomas and Amber are moving so quickly in their relationship. Thomas told Caitlin that his sexual relationship with Amber has matured him. While they were talking, Amber called Thomas. Stephanie got on the phone and told Thomas that Amber was having a pregnancy test. Thomas rushed to the doctor's office. At the doctor's office, Amber told the doctor that she could not possibly be pregnant. Thomas arrived in time to obtain the results of the pregnancy test. Stephanie preached to Thomas that if Amber is pregnant, it will change his life. She added that he wanted to be a man, now he would have all the responsibilities of a man. The doctor came back into the office with Amber's pregnancy test results.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Felicia tries to convince Nick that Spectra Couture is a whole new fashion house and invites him to take a factory tour, only to find that Sally and Clarke have gone way over the top to try to impress Nick. However, Nick is ultimately pleased with Spectra's designs.

Brooke informs Ridge that she used her past relationship with Nick as an opportunity to talk up Forrester Creations.

Ridge shows Brooke that he is wearing the Marone Ring again, and hopes that someday he can make up for lost time between him and Massimo.

At the hospital, the doctor explains to Stephanie, Amber and Thomas, that while it may be dangerous for Amber to carry a baby, it is not impossible. This shocks Amber who thought she was unable to conceive a child at all after her prior miscarriages.

Just before the doctor reveals the test results, Thomas comforts Amber and states that he will stand by her no matter what.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

The doctor reveals to Stephanie, Amber, and Thomas that Amber is not pregnant, but there is no reason that she couldn't become pregnant in the future. Amber apologizes to Thomas, and tells him that she never though it was possible to get pregnant.

Stephanie returns and states that their relationship will end here and now. Thomas stands up to Stephanie and announces that unless all these ultimatums end, he will flee L.A. with Amber.

Thorne reviews the new sketches from his design team at Spectra and tells the group that they need to do better.

Felicia visits Eric who warns Felicia that Spectra is in for a rude awakening. Felicia then informs Eric that Nick toured Spectra earlier and was very impressed. This infuriates Eric and he goes over to Spectra to tell Thorne just how little he truly understands about the fashion industry.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Thomas demands to know if Stephanie will finally accept his relationship with Amber. Stephanie says that she wants to come to a compromise and that Amber can live with her in the guest house.

Amber and Thomas are excited they can finally be a normal couple.

Stephanie then calls Ridge and tells him to come over to discuss the situation. Stephanie then fills Ridge in regarding the days events, and admits the she will use every opportunity to prove Amber and Thomas just how wrong they are for one another.

Eric accuses Thorne of trying to divide the family and admits to Thorne that he doesn't stand a chance of succeeding in the fashion industry.

Thorne tells Eric that his tired of standing on the sidelines and that he could never understand why Ridge received all the attention in the family. This hits Eric hard, who breaks down with tears in his eyes, and apologizes to Thorne.

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