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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on DAYS
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Belle sat on the fire escape of her bedroom at the loft, wondering if she made a mistake sleeping with Philip. Mimi came along just in time to hear her. A confused Belle said she didn't love Philip but Mimi says she must have to have slept with him. A tearful Belle admits she loves Philip as a friend and hopes to love him someday but that she can't get over Shawn.

Rex watched the football game with Shawn as Jan eavesdropped from the back hallway of the apartment. Matchmaker Rex insisted on talking about Belle, setting the story straight. Shawn was ready to apologize to Belle but at the last minute, insisted he would never apologize as long as Philip was in her life.

Back on Salem Island, Bo, Hope, and Billie were stuck in another cell after an earthquake jammed the doorway. Billie hopped into the air shaft as a henchman burst in, guns blazing. Bo knocked out their would-be captive and told Billie to crawl out to the jungle and warn the New Salem inhabitants to get off the island. Bo and Hope went back into the compound to find the others.

Jack, Jennifer, and Victor found a break in the force field and followed a henchman through the jungle with the baby. Bringing up the rear was a gun toting Bart to ensure they fell into Tony's trap. Victor split from Jack and Jen and went on ahead. Jack and Jennifer stumbled into the compound hallways to find Bo and Hope. Just after the reunion, Patrick showed up and Hope broke the news to Jennifer about his Tony dealings. Just as the group was to split up, Bart appeared to force the group at gun point into a visit to Tony and Stefano.

John, Marlena, Roman, Abe, Nicole, and Brady confronted Tony as a nearby leather chair emanated puffs of Cuban cigar smoke. Tony referred to the unseen chair dweller as "Father" but the group grew suspicious of Stefano's new found muteness. Tony explained to the group that the whole plan was to both make his father proud and to hurt John as much as possible. As Marlena turned her shrink abilities up to high, Nicole and Brady snuck out of the room.

As Brady wandered the hallways looking for Nicole, Nicole sat down in a cell to rest. In the doorway, the hulking figure of a very angry Victor confronted her. Nicole tried to bargain with Victor for a draw but he demanded vengeance. Seething with rage, Victor grabbed Nicole by the neck and began to strangle her.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

At the apartment, Shawn is sleeping on the couch dreaming about Philip and Belle getting married. Philip tells Shawn that Belle belongs to him, Belle adds that it's too late; he's stuck with Jan now that he's made his choice. Jan comes in and tells Shawn that now they're together forever and he notices a ball and chain on his ankle. Shawn wakes up and Rex comes in to see if he's alright; he says it sounds like he's having a nightmare. Rex wants Shawn to admit that he's still in love with Belle. Jan, who's eavesdropping, says to herself that she'll do whatever it takes to make him forget about Belle, and make sure he never finds out what she's done. Rex continues and says that ever since his surgery his head has been screwed up and he's not remembering things. He says that deep down he knows that he wants and needs to be with Belle. Shawn tells him it's not that easy, he can't forget that Belle is with Philip and he's with Jan now. Shawn says he has a headache and leaves and Jan comes in. Jan tells Rex that she and Shawn are together now and Rex tells her she needs to get a clue. He says that Belle and Shawn are in love and they'll eventually end up together. Jan thinks to herself that she has to make sure they stay apart and says she has a brilliant plan.

Outside on the fire escape, Mimi is telling Belle that she wished she had waited to sleep with Rex and that she hadn't gotten pregnant. She says she still loves Rex more every day and maybe that will happen with Belle and Philip. Belle tells her she always thought her first time would be with Shawn on their wedding night and doesn't know what she'll do. Mimi tells Belle she has to make a decision, Belle wonders what decision she's talking about. She says she doesn't think Jan would give up on Shawn even if he did remember everything. Mimi asks why she should let Jan get away with it even if she will do whatever it takes to keep Shawn? Mimi thinks about Jan blackmailing her and tells Belle not to let Jan know that they were talking. Belle asks her what's wrong and says she thinks she knows what's going on. She says that she thinks Mimi is scared that Jan will go nuts. Mimi tells her that Jan is obsessed with Shawn; who knows what she's capable of. She tells Belle to go talk to Shawn and try to work everything out.

Meanwhile, while Philip lies dreaming about making love with Belle, Jan comes in with a pair of scissors and starts stabbing. (We later find out that she was cutting his uniform up). Philip continues to dream about Shawn trying to take Belle away from them after finding them in bed together. He wakes up and sees that his uniform has been shredded.

Outside the loft, Mimi meets up with Rex; he says he went to get her some ice cream and makes a comment about strange cravings. She tells him if he's implying she's pregnant, she's not, and she won't make that mistake again. He says "what?" and she tells him to kiss her again. They talk about how they couldn't get through to either Belle or Shawn and say they have to hope things work themselves out.

Back at the loft, Belle goes to see Shawn, who wakes up wondering if he's having another dream. She says no, and says she wanted to apologize for their fight earlier. She tells him she knows that he's not himself and tells him he doesn't look good. Shawn tells her he had a headache but that it was going away. Belle asks him what he meant about his comment of dreaming again and asks if he dreamt about her. Shawn tells her he still dreams about her and the dreams are good ones until Philip shows up. He asks her what it was about Philip that she went for, if it's the whole officer and a gentleman thing. Belle tells him that Philip is a kind and loving person, and that he's everything she wants in a man, and everything she thought he had had. She goes on to tell him that he's changed since he's been with Jan and he's not the man she had fallen in love with - and that she'd do anything to have that man back again. Jan shows up and tells her to forget it and to go back to bed with Philip. Mimi and Rex come in as Belle and Shawn start fighting again. Philip comes in and accuses Shawn of shredding his uniform. Shawn says he didn't do it and he and Belle continue to fight about it. While they argue, Mimi drags Jan outside and pulls a piece of fabric out of her hair. She tells her she knows what she's up to and that she's going to tell them what she's done.

On the island, Victor is strangling Nicole saying that he told her to stay away from Brady and she didn't listen. Nicole screams for Brady and he comes in and rescues her. Victor tells him he'll regret saving her and they hug. Victor tells him he's proud of him for coming to the island to try to rescue them. He goes on to say that Nicole is a killer and Brady says she's not because Colin is alive, but that Nicole is still his wife and that changes things. Victor and Nicole ask what he means and Brady says they can put all of this behind them; they'd made wedding vows to each other. Victor says he's sure his wife has already broken those vows and Brady says that everyone thought he was dead and she put her life at risk to come help rescue them. Victor says Nicole is far from innocent and has done unspeakable things. Brady tells him if he tries to hurt Nicole he'll have to stop him. Victor says they're lovers; Brady says that Nicole was there for him when he needed her. Victor asks them if they're just friends and Brady tells him that he does have feelings for Nicole. He goes on to say that he will bow out, Nicole is his wife. He says that Victor is wrong though, Nicole isn't a killer, and they loved each other once and they can have that again. Nicole says she won't go back to Victor. Brady says it's her choice but he has to do what is right. Victor says that it's an honorable thing to do but he can prove that Nicole is a money hungry whore and says it's time he learned the truth.

Meanwhile, Patrick is telling everyone they have to get off the island before it blows up. Bo tells Jennifer that Patrick has been working for Tony and she's shocked. Patrick says there's no time to explain. Hope says they need to get out now; then Bart shows up and says they're not leaving until they say goodbye to Tony and Stefano.

Elsewhere, John is asking Tony why he and Stefano aren't worried about their own safety. Tony tells him they've made arrangements to get away, but Stefano doesn't need it - they don't call him the Phoenix for nothing. John lunges at Tony but Roman holds him back. Tony tells John that he didn't have to die; he could have stayed safe in Salem. John says that thinking of everybody dead and Marlena being the serial killer would be worse than death. Bart comes in with the others and they find out about Stefano being there. Bo asks if this is all part of Stefano's plan. Tony says it was all his doing, that he's in charge and that Stefano has nothing to do with it. Bo asks him if he did it to gain his father's approval. John says yes, and to get revenge. Roman says Tony wanted to prove himself as being the ultimate soldier and wanted world domination. Hope says he's deranged and that even Stefano wouldn't have gone this far. Abe asks him how he can do this to Lexie and Tony tells him that his sister is better off without him. Bo asks Tony how many people have to die and how many lives he has to ruin before he's happy. Tony says even more than in his worst nightmares. The others start talking and discuss the situation. Marlena doesn't think Stefano would go this far; Hope doesn't think he'd hurt Lexie or Theo this way; John says it's all revenge against him. Bo says it doesn't matter and they have to get away. Jack tells Jennifer he'll protect her and Patrick says that he'll help them. Bo tells them to keep an eye on Patrick because they have a plan. Hope fakes an anxiety attack and while she does they make a rush for the door to get out but Tony stops them by closing and locking the doors. Patrick says he can help them get out the doors; Bo doesn't want to trust him but Jen convinces him and Patrick starts working.

Meanwhile, Hope and Marlena have convinced John to let Marlena try to talk to Stefano because he's always been in love with her, maybe he'll listen to her. Roman and John don't like the idea but Bo says it might work. Hope tells Marlena that Stefano loves her and respects her as a doctor, and she should tell him that there's something very wrong with Tony. Marlena agrees it might be the only chance they have. John questions it because he's afraid of what Stefano might want in exchange from Marlena. She says if there's a chance she could stop it but didn't try she'd never forgive herself. She approaches the desk and tells Stefano that it's Marlena and that she needs to talk to him. When there's no response she reaches for the chair and turns it around and screams! Sitting in the chair is Stefano's very dead body!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It looks like John and Marlena, Bo and Hope, and all the innocent people on the island will be killed by the rumbling underground volcano now programmed to erupt. Bo reluctantly allows Patrick to help them in what looks like a futile attempt to break down the titanium-sealed doors. Jack tries to work on an increasingly nervous Bart but the DiMera minion cannot be disloyal. Tony reveals the depth of his anger at a father who made him feel second best. When Tony was suffering from an incurable blood disease he killed his own father and used his blood to cure himself. Tony is committed to his plan to kill them all. Bo and our heroes finally manage to pry the doors open but Tony vows they won't get away. Tony reveals an emergency detonator and as Tony pulls the switch, the volcano starts to blow, and it looks like all is lost... the island is about to be destroyed!

An intense underground tremor keeps Victor from telling Brady that Nicole hired Jan to kill Victor. They need to find the others and get off this island before they all perish. When they get to the study, Victor and Brady find the doors are sealed but they work feverishly to help Bo and the others trapped inside. Just as they're about to pry the door open, a tremor hits and a ceiling beam falls on Victor and he is knocked out cold; Brady can't find a pulse. Brady urges Nicole to help him save Victor's life but Nicole hesitates (knowing if Victor dies she'll be in the clear).

Sami keeps having visions of Brandon so she calls back the Tele-psychic to try to figure out what to do. Lucas hears her on the phone and wonders what's wrong. Sami has a Brandon-induced meltdown. Lucas has to take her to the hospital after she falls and hits her head. Lexie reluctantly tends to her least favorite person in the ER. Sami catches Eugenia skulking around the hospital and wonders what she is up to.

Brandon meets with Kate in a Chicago hotel bar where she shows him her proposal to fund his outreach program for needy children. Kate's secret goal is to get Brandon to return to Salem to break up Sami and Lucas. Brandon calls Kate on what she is doing but Kate scrambles to cover. Brandon is looking forward to Lexie bringing Theo to Chicago for a reunion. Eugenia sneaks into the hospital personnel room and makes sure Lexie is scheduled to work on the roster. Lexie calls Brandon with the bad news and he is very disappointed, maybe he'll come to Salem to visit Lexie and Theo. Kate and Eugenia are pleased.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

by Joan

On Halloween night in Salem, Lexie still wondered about the possibility of Abe being alive. Leaving another unanswered message for Tek, she found Celeste perplexed by a Tarot card reading. "One journey is about to end, but another is about to begin." Lexie was unable to answer her mother when Celeste asked what she would do if both Abe and Tek returned.

At the Loft, Shawn was confused at Belle's insistence that she didn't sleep with Philip until she thought he had moved on. Shawn questioned his recollections of seeing them together more than once. Lying to explain it, Jan said she had sent Shawn to talk with Belle. Mimi was determined to expose Jan now, even if it meant losing Rex, but lost her courage and said it was a burglar.

Eager to get Brandon back in Salem, Kate made sure that Basic Black's generous offer to his Outreach Program would be difficult to turn down. Brandon was advised by an associate to take the offer and return to Salem. With other intentions, Brandon drove to Salem and was reminded of his past with Sami as he listened to the car radio. At home, Sami listened to the same tune haunted by memories of Brandon. Determined to not ruin her relationship with Lucas, she burned all mementos of Brandon.

On Melaswen Island, the explosion rigged by Tony left Abe alone in the Study with Stefano's corpse. With the doors blown open, Tek arrived announcing that the others had made it to Brady's Pub. Preparing their escape from the Island some were searching for Billie. But Tek's warnings about the volcanic tremors and heat couldn't convince a now-vindictive Abe. "I'm not leaving. Not without DiMera. I want him dead or alive." Seeing the Phoenix ring on Stefano's hand, Abe wanted proof that DiMera was dead.

In the corridor, without concern for Victor, Nicole revived an unconscious Brady under the rubble. Thinking his grandfather was dead, Brady struggled to get a pulse from Victor. Worried about Victor's weak heart, Brady left Nicole with him to get help. Grabbing a cement block, Nicole watched Victor coughing for air. "Well, Victor, I'm holding your future in the palm of my hand." Preparing to kill him, Nicole spoke of being with Brady, when Victor's hand reached up, choking her. But as a weakened Victor lost consciousness again, Nicole realized killing him would haunt her forever. Desperately giving him CPR, Nicole cried, "Don't you die, Victor. You can't die. ... You're living proof that I didn't kill you the first time. Don't make me go through this again."

Finding Abe in the Study, Brady asked Abe to help Victor. Constant tremors downed shook beams trapping Tek in the Study. As Tek cried, "who's there", a figure in black walked around the room silently removing the Phoenix ring from Stefano's finger.

And in Salem, Halloween was at its peak at trick-or-treaters made their rounds. Lexie had just told Celeste she didn't want Brandon in Salem because of Sami when someone at the door shocked her. Kate contemplated her plot with Eugenia. "Wish me luck, Eugenia. The witching hour is upon us." And with candy for trick-or-treaters, Sami found Brandon at the door dressed in a black hood and cape.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Sami is in her apartment burning the things she still had from her time with Brandon. She says she loves Lucas now and has to get over him. The doorbell rings and she goes to answer it, thinking its trick-or-treaters but faints when she sees Brandon standing there. Later we find out that it was Kate in a mask that Eugenia had had made at Salem Place to look just like Brandon. Kate sees the fireplace burning and wonders why Sami is making a fire when it's not very cold out. She pokes around in the fire with fireplace poker and sees that Sami was burning her mementos of Brandon. Lucas walks in and sees Sami passed out on the floor, and Kate standing in the room holding the fireplace poker! Lucas asks Kate what she's done and she says she didn't do anything; she came over to see Will's costume and found Sami on the floor. Sami regains consciousness and calls out for Brandon. Lucas tells her it's not Brandon, its Lucas and asks her what happened. She tells him that she went to answer the door, thinking that there were trick-or-treaters; then she sees Kate and says she did this to her. Lucas wants to take Sami back to the hospital but she says no. Sami says that Brandon was at the door but Lucas tells her that that's not possible. Kate says that the smoke from the fire might have made her dizzy. Lucas asks Sami what she was burning and wondered if it was Will's. She says that she just didn't want it anymore. She tells him that they were mementos of her time with Brandon and she'd read an article about cleansing rituals and how it could be therapeutic. Sami goes on to tell Lucas that she was getting rid of the stuff to make room for their life together and tells him she loves him. Lucas says he loves her too. Kate thinks to herself that she'll make sure that Sami and Brandon get back together again.

At her house, Lexie is looking through her calendar and saying that maybe she and Theo will go visit Brandon in London when she has some time off of work. Her doorbell rings and she goes to answer it; she gasps out loud when she sees someone wearing a hockey mask with a knife. She soon finds out that it is Brandon and explains to him that it was the mask that the Salem Stalker had worn. He apologizes saying he got it from the kids in his program and he didn't know. They hug and Lexie offers to let him stay in her extra bedroom when he tells her that he was going to stay on his mom's couch. Brandon asks her how she's doing since Abe died, and if she was seeing anybody. Lexie tells him about Tek and says he didn't know him, but Abe did, and liked him. Brandon asks her how that is going and she says it's not and explains to him about the people who have disappeared in planes over the Caribbean. Brandon tells her that she should have let him know, that they're family and that he's there for her. Lexie tells him that that's not all - there's more and that Abe may still be alive. She explains everything to him and about Celeste's premonitions and says she doesn't know what she believes. Brandon tells her that he never got to know Abe as his father, that now they might have another chance. He asks Lexie what her heart says about Abe being alive and she says she doesn't know, she just knows that it's good to see him again. Brandon tells her that he might be moving back to Salem and Lexie says no. He explains to her about the lack of funding for his program and tells her about Kate's offer to fund it. Lexie tells him that Kate is using him to break Sami and Lucas up. Brandon doesn't think Kate would spend that kind of money just to keep Lucas and Sami apart; that aside, she wants Lucas to be happy. Lexie tells him he doesn't know any mother who would think their child would be happy with Sami.

Meanwhile, on the Island Bo and Hope are wandering in the jungle looking for Billie; who unbeknownst to them has been knocked out by a tree that fell on her. Hope is telling Bo that Tony is out of his mind and that they could all die. Bo tells her not to worry because they'll get off the island. There is a tremor and Billie comes to and calls out to Bo. Bo and Hope find her and try to get the tree off of her before the river of lava reaches her. Billie is bleeding from a gash on her head and Hope tells Bo about the plant that Tony used to stop Jennifer's bleeding. Bo goes off in search of the plant after he succeeds in getting the fallen tree off of Billie. While he's gone the molten lava surrounds Billie and Hope.

At the Brady Pub, Roman is telling Caroline that they'll get back to Salem when Jennifer shows up. She tells them that Jack is working on the rafts to get them off the island and Maggie is watching the baby. John and Marlena enter to see if anybody has heard from or seen Victor, Nicole or Brady. Caroline says they haven't and she's getting worried. John tells her that Brady will get Victor back safely. Roman adds that Abe and Tek are also there. Caroline leaves to pray for their safe return. Jennifer goes over to talk to Alice and asks her if she's packed and ready to go. Alice tells her she's not taking anything from the house despite Jennifer's protest that she'll need things on the raft.

Meanwhile, Marlena and Roman are talking about Caroline. Roman tells her that Caroline will refuse to leave until Victor is safe. Marlena tells him that they have a son together and it's a strong bond; she doesn't know what she'd do if anything happened to their children. John is listening in and later tells Marlena that he saw her talking to Roman. Marlena assures him that she loves him and John promises to get her back home.

Back at the compound, Nicole has revived Victor and he whispers to her that she should have killed him when she had a chance. Abe tells Nicole and Brady to get him to Marlena so he can be checked out; meanwhile he'll go back for Tek.

In Tony's study, a man dressed in black (who we'll find out is Bart) takes Stefano's ring off his finger and leaves again. Tek calls out for him for help but he leaves anyway. Bart looks at the ring and says it's the Count's last hope. Flash to Tony unconscious on the floor and bloodied. Abe enters the room and Tek tells him that someone was in the room but he doesn't know who it was and that they'd left. Abe notices that Stefano's ring is gone and says DiMera. He works to get the beam off of Tek and Tek tells him that Lexie always said he was cool under pressure. Abe expresses his surprise that Lexie hasn't dated anybody. Tek admits that they'd gone out together. Abe is able to get Tek free and thanks him for keeping an eye on his family; the two of them work together to get out.

Bart has since put Stefano's ring on Tony's finger and recalls Tony having told him that the power of the phoenix was in the ring; and that if anything ever happened to Stefano, it would be Bart's job to bring him the ring. A flame inside the ring lights up but Tony remains unconscious. Bart works on Tony's computer to get the files off of it and says he'll have to let the others know that Stefano is dead. Tony's eyes then open!

Brady and Nicole return to the pub with Victor and Caroline thanks God that he's safe. Marlena takes Victor to be examined and Brady tells him that Nicole saved him. Meanwhile, Caroline tells Nicole that she knows everything and she'll go to the police if anything happens to Victor.

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