All My Children Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on AMC

Zach admitted that he was Alexander Cambias, Jr., but he claimed that Ethan was not his son. Edmund told Maria that their marriage was over. Babe wrote Bianca a letter that explained the truth about the babies. Ryan found Kendall in bed with Ethan. Ethan was charged with attempted murder.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, October 25, 2004

At Pine Valley High, the hot girls dissed Lily's conservative fashion sense and tried to get her to change. Reggie and Dani walked up. Reggie talked tough with the hot girls. He hinted some of the gang members from his old neighborhood might like to hear of the nice cars the girls have in the school parking lot. Dani chimed in with how busy the Police Chief is with other issues besides stolen cars. Serious name calling ensued, like "skank triplets" and "bitchlets." The girls decided they'd been challenged and put a plan into action. Dani and Reggie went outside to study and ended up kissing. The hot girls approached Lily with a "friendship" milkshake and she happily drank it.

Zach continued to address the gathering at Ryan's penthouse, who were stunned to hear him admit he is Alexander Cambias, Jr. Jack yelled at him for getting close to Bianca. Erica accused him of perversion for what he did. Ethan demanded to know if he is Alex's son. Alex reminded Ethan he was right - how they all treat him with contempt as a Cambias, even though no one believes he is one. Alex accused Ryan of stealing an empire. The drama continued and Alex informed Ethan that he is not his son. Alex said he never slept with the maid Hannah, but knew Edith, the woman who raised Ethan, but he didn't know her in that way. Ethan was suspicious of Alex and still believed the story Edith told him on her deathbed. Alex said he'd run a paternity test on his champagne glass used at the casino, proving Ethan is not his son. Erica and others suggested Alex and Ethan both leave town. Kendall suggested another test. Alex agreed, but everyone wanted to know why he stayed in town after realizing how evil Michael had become. Bianca finally understood Zach's interest in Miranda's charity, as her uncle. His original plan to come to town to understand Michael did not include Ethan and he had to stay to get Ethan to let go. Ryan asked if Alex planned to claim the Cambias fortune as his very own. Alex explained the Cambias curse and how it had destroyed Michael and nearly destroyed him and said he wanted no part of the money. Alex said he had his own money and power and hadn't had to con an old man in the desert. He offered Ethan another job, now that he is free of ties to evil men. Ethan stormed out and Alex said he was leaving Pine Valley. He said the only person he'd miss is Bianca and he hoped her dreams come true. Ryan was certain they haven't seen the last of Alex Cambias, Jr. Kendall went to see Ethan at the Pine Cone and asked if he was really giving up.

Babe told Jamie she was shocked by his plan to disappear. Krystal found Jamie and Babe in the little chapel in the woods and was extremely worried about what they were planning to do. Krystal was upset to hear Jamie knows everything, but pleased to hear he understood and will support them. He left to put their secret plan into action. Babe sang Jamie's praises to Krystal and wished she'd listened to her inner voice that warned her she was heading for a trainwreck by coming to Pine Valley. Krystal was worried and suspected another secret, but Babe said Jamie is a man of his word and she's falling in love with him. Krystal only got more worried, especially when Babe admitted talking to Paul Cramer and being threatened by him again. Krystal also asked if she took the $10K from Adam's safe. Babe said no and tried to calm her down by saying she's put her faith in God and she left. Krystal stayed behind to pray.

Jamie was at home, trying to get into Tad's computer when Aidan walked in, alerted by the newly installed security and wondering what Jamie was up to. Jamie asked Aidan for help in getting new identification paperwork to be able to disappear to help Liza and Colby stay hidden. Aidan gave him a contact to see and promised to not tell Tad, at least not for awhile. Babe showed up and she and Jamie discussed fake names and decided on Brad and Kate Anderson (after Jamie's great-grandmother). They agreed they'd have to be married to pull it off and think of Ace as their son. Babe admitted she's falling in love with him and he agreed with her suggestion that they start telling everyone before they leave so people understand why they left.

Tuesday, October 26

Ethan wonders if his mother could have, possibly, lied to him about being a Cambias and, if she did, what her motive would be. He admits to an understanding Kendall that compassion and tenderness were never his mother's strong suits. As Kendall is about to leave, she gives Ethan a good-bye kiss that leads them into the bedroom!

Maria and Zach share a difficult parting when she tells him that she belongs with her husband, Edmund. At the same time, Erica spills the truth to Edmund that Zach is really Alexander Cambias, Jr. Realizing that Maria has lied to him all along, an angry and disillusioned Edmund tells her that their marriage is over.

After learning of Greenlee's peculiar behavior of late, Ryan does a little research and concludes that she might be pregnant. Jack worries for Lily when he puts two and two together and concludes that the girls at school gave her alcohol. When the principal at school refuses to intercede, Jack asks Derek to get involved.

Wednesday, October 27

While Zach reminisces about his past with Maria in their desert cabin, Maria arrives home and is confronted by Edmund who has her bags packed and waiting for her. Shocked, Maria stands there as Edmund tells her that he not only knows the truth about Zach, that's he's really Alexander Cambias Jr., but that he's also aware that she's been keeping the secret from him for quite some time. Maria does her best to convince Edmund that she hasn't betrayed him and that she's only known Zach's true identity since the night of Ryan's shooting. She goes on to tell Edmund that she loves him and is committed to their marriage. Edmund is unmoved, even after Maria assures him that she hasn't been intimate with Zach. As far as Edmund is concerned Maria's deceptions are tantamount to having slept with Zach and he tells her so. Maria refuses to give up without a fight. She tries to get Edmund to realize that they've overcome greater obstacles than Zach. The time Edmund drugged her, Brooke, and his paralysis but to no avail. Edmund is too deeply hurt by what he sees as Maria's betrayal. He tells her to take her bags and leave. He also informs her that he and the children will be fine without her which outrages Maria. She has no intention of leaving without Sam and Maddie and tells Edmund so in no uncertain terms. Edmund isn't impressed. He tells her that she's done it before and that he refuses to let her place the children behind Zach. Maria is flabbergasted. She reminds him that she never abandoned her children nor would she ever put Zach ahead of them. More words are exchanged before Edmund tells her that he won't be swayed. Their marriage is over and he expects her to be out of his home immediately.

At David's cabin, David is upset after learning from Krystal that Babe has revealed everything to Jamie regarding the baby switch. He turns his back on Krystal and reaches for a box, secretly pulling out a gun and stashing it in his pocket, all the while vowing that he won't let Jamie mess things up for Babe nor let Paul be the cause of sending his daughter to the penitentiary. Krystal, sensing that David took more than some papers from the box grabs his arm and reaches in his jacket pocket before he can stop her. She pulls out the gun and is stunned to realize that David may be plotting to kill Paul. They argue back and forth, then David leaves, intent on confronting Paul. Krystal stays behind at the cabin.

Seaside, Jamie approaches Babe and hands her the new identification he procured for her, thanks to Aidan, just as she finishes to a letter to Bianca. Babe looks at the forged driver's license with the name, Kate Anderson, then tells Jamie she is ready head to Llanview and get Ace. Jamie cautions her about running off without a clear plan. He suggests they wait till election night when Kevin will be too busy to be near Ace and they can drug the nanny with sleeping pills. Babe realizes that Jamie is right and reluctantly agrees. A little while later, Jamie leaves telling Babe to trust him, that he needs to take care of some things. Babe assures him she does and decides to go to David's cabin where her mother is.

While Babe and Krystal discuss the heroes they are surrounded by, how lucky they are and how much they love each other, David is confronting Paul in a dark alley. He twists his arm, literally, in an effort to get Paul to sign a confession but is interrupted by Jamie which provides Paul with the opportunity to get away. Angered David leaves as well while Jamie stays behind and promises out loud not to let David screw things up.

At their apartment, Greenlee is reeling from the revelation that her strange symptoms indicate she might be pregnant. Ryan tries to calm her fears and reassure her that he's ready for a baby. Jonathan overhears them talking about it and has a less than enthusiastic reaction. He tries to play it off as though he is happy for them but both Greenlee and Ryan sense he isn't, especially after he questions the timing of the pregnancy. After he leaves the room to get a beer and glass of milk (for Greenlee) to celebrate the blessed event, Ryan suggests that maybe Jonathan's reaction has something to do with their childhood and abusive father. Jonathan returns, hands them their drinks then quickly leaves with reassurances that he's happy for them. Greenlee tries to remind him that she isn't even certain she is pregnant. That they still hadn't taken any tests to confirm their suspicions. Greenlee then realizes that Ryan is a bit shaken at the possibility that maybe he wouldn't be a fit father given his role model growing up which prompts Greenlee to reassure him that he would be a wonderful father.

Thursday, October 28

At the hospital, Greenlee stares at the babies through the nursery window. Anita finds her there, and comments on how great she thinks Greenlee looks. Anita thinks it may be Fusion products, but Greenlee is oblivious. She asks Anita to do her a favor and tell her that she is pregnant.

Greenlee confesses to Anita that she has been doing strange things lately, and she's hoping that they can be attributed to pregnancy hormones. She goes on to tell her that if she isn't pregnant, she is not sure what she is going to do - because she will then be at a loss for a reason for her behavior. Anita tries to reassure her that everything will be all right, and they go to take a pregnancy test - hoping to have good news for Ryan by the time he gets to the hospital.

A little while later, Greenlee is back in front of the nursery window. Babe shows up and before realizing who she was talking to, asks which baby is hers. Greenlee turns around, looks at her and Babe realizes the error of her ways. She asks if she and Ryan are pregnant and Greenlee tells her they are waiting to find out .

In the interim, they talk about motherhood in general, and Greenlee expresses her fears about being a mom. She tells Babe that she didn't have a great role model, and she is worried that she doesn't have what it takes. Babe assures her that a good role model isn't necessary - and that having a baby changes you to the core (including the way you think about everything), and you begin to realize how much you can be to a baby.

Greenlee appreciates all that Babe is saying to assuage her fears - and returns the favor by apologizing to her for how everyone treated her at the christening (with thinking that Bess was Miranda). Babe tries to stop her, appearing very unsettled by what Greenlee has to say.

Greenlee, still terrified at the prospect of being a mom, tells Babe that she can't count the ways that she could screw up being a mom. Babe responds by telling her that she is not even in the running - because there is no way that Greenlee can screw up being a mom more that Babe already has.

Greenlee thinks that Babe is being too hard on herself but Babe thinks that she needs to judge herself more harshly. She then tells Greenlee about being kicked out of the house and how JR is refusing to let Babe see her baby. Greenlee wonders aloud if that is legal, and Babe tells her that they way he set it up, it is legal.

Babe tells her that she needs to go - but before she does, she wishes her luck, regardless of the results of the test. After she leaves, Greenlee goes back to staring at the babies in the nursery.

At the Pine Cone, there is banging at a hotel room door. Ethan opens it to find Ryan on the other side. He tells Ryan that he is unwelcome. Before Ryan can say anything, Kendall calls out to Ethan, asking who it is. It's then that Ryan realizes that they were in bed together.

Ryan apologizes for the intrusion but says that they have some unfinished business. Ethan can't imagine what it is, especially after Zach's admission the day before. Ryan points out that Zach is a proven liar, and that Ethan only has Zach's word that they are not related. Ryan urges Ethan to take his own DNA test to prove once and for all if Ethan is Zach's son.

Kendall tries to convince Ethan that getting another DNA test done is a good idea. While Ethan considers this, Kendall invites Ryan into the room so that their conversation won't be heard by everyone in the immediate area. After he agrees and comes into the room, Ethan apologizes for the mess, stating that this is probably not the kind of hotel room that Ryan is used to. Ryan counters by telling Ethan that he actually lived in that very room with Kendall for a time.

Ryan then finds out that Ethan has made plans to leave town. Kendall, in another effort to get Ethan to stay, tells him that Ryan is really one of the good guys (despite what she may have said before). She assures Ethan that Ryan is a man of his word - and that because he promised to hand over the Cambias fortunes should there be a grandchild, Ethan can be assured that Ryan would live up to that promise. Ethan tells the duo that what they don't realize is that this endeavor is over for him. He doesn't believe that Zach has any reason to lie to him - but Ryan doesn't think he can be too sure about that. Ethan is not swayed - and as a parting gift, he tells Ryan that he is not the one who fired the shot. He tells Ryan that he should try to focus on who else hated him enough to pull the trigger.

Ryan, finally realizing that he can't make Ethan stay, tries to give him a sizable monetary gift to help him start his new life. Ethan initially thinks that Ryan is doing so to ease his guilty conscience. Ryan tells him that he simply wants to help, as Ethan got a lot of grief from a lot of people in town - for nothing. Ethan eases up and admits that he made the lives of some Pine Valley folks very unhappy for the 3 months that he'd been in town - so he'd like to just call it even. He doesn't want to have to owe anyone anything. Ryan leaves, check in hand, and Kendall shows Ethan how much she will miss him with a kiss.

At the Chandler house, Adam tells someone on the phone that the entire mansion is locked down. He tells the mystery person that the originals of the DVD are locked up in a safety deposit box, and they are the only two that have access to it. He firmly believes that all he has to do is have Jamie handcuffed and Tad will spill what he knows on the whereabouts of Liza and Colby. He thinks that Jamie and Babe have nowhere to hide.

After wrapping up his phone call, Adam tells the head security guard that he is going to be gone for the day and that he is to allow only the people on the provided list access to the house. As he walks out into the foyer in preparation to leave, there is a security guard bent over by the door. Adam acknowledges him long enough to tell him to stay alert, and then leaves. When the door closes, Tad stands up and straightens out his guard clothing.

A few moments later, the head guard comes out to the foyer and asks where "Halliday" is. Tad tells him that particular guard is up in the nursery. The head guard then tells Tad that he needs to do a perimeter check. Tad assures him that he has got everything covered, and the head guard leaves.

As soon as the front door closes behind him, Tad goes into the living room. He starts rifling through a box on the table but he soon hears the front door open and close again. He dives to the floor in an effort to hide. The doors from the foyer open, and initially we just see a pair of shoes. They walk purposefully over to the couch, and stop.

A moment passes, and then Stuart's voice asks why Tad is on the floor. Relieved that his cover hasn't been completely blown, he stands up and notices that Stuart is dressed in a suit very much like the ones Adam wears. Stuart tells him that Miriam called an early meeting that required him to dress up. Tad thinks that this could work to his advantage.

Stuart offers to help in any way that he can, so Tad tells him his plan: he wants to find Adam's key for his safety deposit box so that he can get the original copies of the DVD that he and JR doctored to set up Jamie and Babe. In a great stroke of luck, Stuart tells Tad immediately that he knows where the key is. He also says that he thinks it is awful the way they are keeping a mother and child apart, and he is up to the challenge of impersonating Adam.

Tad is wrapping up one final pep talk with Stuart as Alfred, the man from the bank who was summoned to bring the safety deposit box over, arrives at the mansion. Tad ducks outside to the patio and listens to what transpires.

Alfred enters the living room humbly and presents the box to "Adam." "Adam" insists that he open it immediately. Unfortunately, to do this requires a signature on a card from the bank. This throws Stuart a little off his game but he eventually manages to recover. He rants on about how a mere peon is standing in the way of a man and what is rightfully his. Although Alfred is intimidated, he tells "Adam" that while it was merely a formality, he would be derelict in his duties if he did not obtain the signature.

"Adam" interrupts and grabs the card and signs it quickly. Alfred notices the difference and says there is a problem. Stuart quickly points out the error, and says that an error that minute should not keep the box from being opened. Alfred finally caves and does just that. "Adam" demands that he and the guard leave the room for 20 minutes while he attends to his business.

Back at the hospital, Babe finds Jamie, who is there to try to get sleeping pills. She asks him about Paul, and Jamie assures her that Paul won't be a problem anymore. He tells her that she doesn't need to be there, or people might get suspicious. Just then, Dr. Joe walks out of the elevator, and so he doesn't connect anything, Jamie kisses Babe just long enough for Joe to see them.

Joe walks over to them, and Jamie quickly breaks off the kiss. Jamie says that he needs to talk to his grandfather, and Babe makes some excuse to make a fast get away. After she is gone, Joe says that perhaps he is old fashioned, but he was concerned with the fact that Jamie was kissing his brother's wife. Jamie says that although Babe and JR are still technically married, they are separated. He admits that JR probably wants everyone to believe that Jamie is the reason for the break up, but he quickly assures his grandfather that the stories aren't true.

Then, Jamie says that he was hoping that he could get something prescribed that could help him fall asleep and stay asleep. Joe immediately understands the need, what with everything that has been going on and the stress Jamie has been under. They go to his office to discuss things further.

They emerge from Joe's office a short time later, and Joe reminds him to take the pills as described. Jamie tells him that with him as a grandfather, he understood dosage information before he learned how to ride a bike. Something in the way he said that reminds Joe of a time when Tad was pulling the wool over his eyes. He asks Jamie directly if there is anything he wants to confess to, but Jamie denies that there is anything going on - insisting that he is not as bad as his father was at his age.

Meanwhile, a gentleman approaches the reception desk in the middle of the hospital floor. Aidan is watching him from behind a newspaper. When Anita walks by, he jumps up and grabs her. He asks if she knows who the man is. She tells him that he's the detail guy from Generatrix. Appearing confused as to what that actually is, Anita explains that he sells supplies to the staff.

He shows her a picture of Rod, the man who was hired by Adam to help set up Babe and Jamie. He explains that he thinks the two men are one and the same - and that the payoff for his part in the setup was his cushy new a corporation newly acquired by the Chandlers. He asks Anita to try to get a good look at him to determine if they are the same guy. She sidles over to the desk, pretends to look at a file, and then hurries back over to Aidan.

Certain that the detail guy is his man, Aidan asks Anita to figure out a way to get him out of the hospital. It's too public a place for him to question the guy. Initially hesitant, as she already landed in hot water once for bending the rules, she finally has an idea that will work. Aidan wants to know what it is, but she says that she needs to keep some secrets to herself. With an upcoming 30 minute lunch break, she thinks that she will have just enough time to take care of his problem.

A few minutes later, Anita returns to the floor, dressed in street clothes and talking loudly on a cell phone near the detail guy. She is yelling that the person on the other end needs to help her find her dog. Upon being denied, she hangs up the phone, upset. Rod inquires as to how he can help - so she tells him that her Shih Tzu, named after a drug for stamina, is lost and she is distraught over it. She tells him that she would show him a picture but she doesn't have her purse with her. Assuring her that he knows that that type of dog looks like, he starts to lead her out of the hospital. She promises him that she is already thinking of ways to thank him.

Up at the nursery, Greenlee is staring through the window again, this time not seeing, as she is lost in a daydream. She pictures herself holding a newborn and both she and Ryan staring in awe. Ryan, having just arrived at the hospital, interrupts her reverie. He asks about the test results but she tells him they aren't back yet - and that she's glad he got here before they were delivered.

She asks about the visit to see Ethan and he tells her that it was a bust. He tells her that Ethan wouldn't even take money for pain and suffering, which he didn't understand. Shortly thereafter, a nurse walks up, and after ascertaining that she had the right couple, tells Greenlee that Anita had to leave for a while, but asked her to deliver an envelope.

When the nurse is gone, Greenlee hands the envelope to Ryan for him to open. He does so, and reads the contents. His face falls, and he puts the letter away and wraps Greenlee in a hug. He tells her that it's not their time to be pregnant but that they would be all right and they would try again. Greenlee is a little sad because of that - but what is upsetting her more is that they are now back to square one of trying to figure out what's going on with her. Ryan tells her that they will find a specialist while they are at the hospital and they will find out what's going on.

Downstairs, Babe and Jamie meet up again, and he tells her that he was successful in getting the sleeping pills. She then asks what his grandfather thought of their little makeout session. He tells her that he created a story and his grandfather bought it, so there is no need to worry. Then, Ryan and Greenlee walk out of the elevator - and Babe thinks that it's time for the next show and pulls Jamie into another kiss.

Ryan and Greenlee, oblivious, talk quietly between them. She insists that she is fine and that she doesn't need to see any more doctors. She thinks it must be some weird combination of B12 and stress or something like that. After confirming that she really is fine, they start to leave. He gets a call on his cell phone and after speaking to someone for a few minutes, he hangs up and tells her he has to go back to the office. He tells her that he wants her to go home and rest. Later that afternoon, once he gets home, he promises that they will work on really trying to get her pregnant.

In the park, Rod and Anita call for the dog a little, and then she sits on the bench - upset that they haven't had any success yet. Rod sits beside her, and tells her that he knows of a way to make her feel better. At that point, Aidan approaches them and interrupts the moves Rod is trying to lay down. Rod protests but Aidan lets him know that he's wise to his plans. He tells Rod to say good night to the lady, which confuses Rod because it's morning. Aidan tells him that time flies when he's unconscious, and stealthily injects him with something that knocks him out.

Anita checks Rod out to make sure he's still alive, and Aidan assures her that he will regain consciousness in about 14 minutes. He tells her that he needs to make a call to a friend to set up a meeting with Rod.

Back at the Chandler mansion, Alfred and the guard leave "Adam" alone with the safety deposit box. Tad comes back in to the living room and gathers all of the discs. Just then, his cell phone rings and it's Aidan. Tad tells Aidan that he has the discs and Aidan tells Tad that he has their guy. They agree to meet up at the cabin as soon as possible, Tad hangs up and thanks Stuart for his help. He warns him that Adam will find out sooner rather than later that the discs are gone and he will know what happened. He will rip into Alfred for letting it happen and Alfred will rat Stuart out. Stuart isn't worried though - he knows that Adam won't hurt him, and he knows that he did the right thing.

Tad goes to take his leave just as Alfred walks back in the room. Knowing that seeing him would clue Alfred in sooner, thus letting Adam in on what happened sooner, Tad keeps his head down and breezes by him. Alfred does get a glimpse, and asks "Adam" if that was indeed Tad Martin. Stuart puffs up like his brother again and assures Alfred that there is no way Tad would be in his house.

A short time later, Adam returns to the house and finds Stuart in the living room, in different clothes, acting slightly smug. Adam inquires as to what is going on, but Stuart assures him that when he is gone, nothing ever happens - especially with all of the guards in place. Taking the bait, Adam insists that he is doing what is best, and that he's not backing down. He thinks that Stuart will thank him one day, and then he leaves the house again. After he is gone, Stuart muses aloud that he hopes Adam gives it his best shot.

At the hospital, a few minutes after Ryan leaves, Anita comes back from her excursion to the park. She expresses her regret to Greenlee about the negative test results, but Greenlee insists that she will be fine. After all, it would have been a lot worse if she was pregnant with Anita's husband's baby. Shocked and confused, Anita asks Greenlee what she means by that. Flippantly, Greenlee tells her about how Kendall paid Bobby to sleep with her, and how he failed.

Tad meets up with Aidan at David's cabin and drag a semi-conscious Rod inside for questioning.

At the Pine Cone, after another torrid lovemaking session, Ethan is staring at Kendall. He tells her that he wants to take a mental picture of her so that he doesn't ever forget these times he spent with her. He is interrupted by more knocking at the door, and they both assume it's Ryan again. Ethan throws on a shirt, and goes to open the door to confront him. What he finds instead is a group of police officers with a warrant for his arrest for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery. He insists that he didn't do it, and Kendall yells (from the bed) that he was cleared of any suspicion. Unmoved by their pleas, Ethan gets handcuffed and read his rights.

Friday, October 29

Jamie and Babe try to make JR see that they're in love and then ask JR for a loan to leave town. Unable to talk Jamie out of throwing his life away on Babe, JR acquiesces and gives them money.

Tad, Aidan and David held JR's lackey prisoner and threatened to test David's new chemical castration potion on him. Fearful for his manhood, the man revealed that he had been hired by JR to set up Babe and that he'd been promised even more cash to testify against Babe. The three men convinced him to leave town, but he mentioned that the $10,000 JR had offered him would help him get far away. Aidan slipped the man a $20 bill and urged him to fill up the tank of his car and get as far away as possible. Later, Tad and David overhear Jamie and Babe talking about what their next move should be.

Derek tells Ethan and Kendall that they found the rifle that was used to shoot Ryan in Ethan's locker. Kendall tells Ethan not to say a word until she secures him an attorney. She then confronts Zach, demanding he help Ethan.

Bobby tracked down Zach to find out if he was still "good" for the money he'd promised to give him. Realizing that his word choice was not appropriate, Bobby asked if the offer for the loan was still good. Zach, who had still been daydreaming about what life would be like with Maria, stunned Bobby by announcing that he was leaving Pine Valley and outing him in charge of all the East Coast casinos to him.

Greenlee's erratic behavior continued and she blurted out to Anita that Bobby had tried to seduce her. Later when an ecstatic Bobby showed up at the hospital to tell his wife the news about his sudden windfall, Anita turned a cold shoulder to him. She tricked Bobby into confirming that he had tried to seduce Greenlee and then said she wanted nothing more to do with him. Anita later fell to her knees in tears in a hospital supply closet. Aidan found her there and took her in his arms as Anita sobbed that her marriage was more than likely over. Bobby confronted Greenlee about her decision to tell Anita what had happened between them. Greenlee insisted that she didn't mean to tell Anita anything. She then had Maria run some tests on her to find out exactly what was wrong with her.



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