One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on OLTL

Nora and Bo agreed to play a joke on Asa. Evangeline and John argued about Natalie. Michael accused Marcie of not being there for him. Paul tried to rape Natalie. Adriana kissed Duke. Paul had the sex tape put on the Internet, but Rex managed to get it shut down. Antonio offered Todd an exclusive on the Santi family. Someone shot Paul.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, October 25, 2004

Evangeline and John argue about Natalie. Evangeline wants John to admit that there is something between he and Natalie, but John refuses to admit it. John tells Evangeline that when he sees Natalie, he feels guilty and responsible for Cristian's death. He tells her that Natalie is his friend. John tells Evangeline that she is the woman he wants to be with yesterday, today and tomorrow. John and Evangeline kiss and make up.

Michael tells Marcie that she has not been there for him. Marcie denies the accusation. Michael refreshes Marcie's memory about how much he has been focused on her and her issues be they her father, brother, her book or her school problems. Michael tells Marcie that he is having problems of his own, like his medical board test coming up. Marcie gets upset and leave. As soon as she leaves, her birthday cake, with the engagement ring beside it, is brought to the table.

Kevin stops Paul from hurting Natalie. Kevin tells Paul to leave town. Kevin tells Viki that Paul will not bother them again since he is leaving town in the morning. Duke and Kevin get into it when Duke accuses him of paying off Judge Hernandez. Adriana finds David with a gun. David tells her that Dorian got the gun to protect her from Manuel's people, but now that it's all over they won't need the gun in the house and he is disposing of it. Adriana and Duke arrange a meeting.

Viki goes to visit Jessica and ask her to leave her marriage with Tico if she feels she has made a mistake. Jessica doesn't want to leave Tico. Dawes and Tico agree that there can't be any upset before the election. Dawes specifically ask for no trouble from Jessica.

Natalie goes to visit Paul in his hotel room.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Natalie holds a gun on Paul while he packs. Paul suggests that he and Natalie have one last roll in the hay. Natalie is disgusted by his proposal. Paul asks for one last phone call. Paul calls Jen to let her know that Lindsay and Rex's sex video is on the internet. Paul knocks the gun from Natalie's hand and tries to rape her. She scratches his face and tries to get away, but Paul slaps her unconscious and leaves for the airport.

Paul gets a call that brings him back to Llanview.

Lindsay attacks Rex because she thinks he is responsible for the tape on the internet. Jen vouches for him since she also accused him and he told her that he had nothing to gain because he is also on the tape. Lindsay, R.J., Rex and Jen all vow to make Paul pay.

Duke tells Kevin that he is going to Texas to be with his mother. Dorian and Kevin have a conversation about Paul. Dorian wants Paul to keep his mouth shut about Ace's mother. Kevin tells Dorian that he wrote Paul a check that can only be cashed in San Francisco, therefore Paul will definitely go to San Francisco to cash it. Dorian thinks Paul will return to bleed them of more money. Kevin is angry because this may shed a bad light on his campaign. Tico will not let Duke's absence stop Kevin's victory and as soon as Kevin becomes Lt. Governor, then he will be promoted to Governor. Adriana meets Duke at the airport to make sure he was ok about his conversation with Kevin. Adriana kisses Duke.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Marcie thinks that she and Michael broke up because he's as selfish as he was when they first met. Jen believes that some people never change, like herself. Marcie tries to persuade Jen to accept calls from Riley but is unsuccessful with Rex arriving. He announces that he had the web site featuring Lindsay shut down but Jen is still not very happy. She thinks that Paul still wants something from her. Marcie wants her to call John but Rex declares that he'd be very happy to take care of Paul himself. Both he and Nat vow to cause Paul some harm.

Antonio meets Evangeline at Rodi's for legal help but when John shows up he refuses to say anything and takes off. The man who assaulted Van has been arrested and John urges her to view a lineup. Nat's boss advises John that Nat seems to have disappeared, having missed a couple of her shifts. Daniel gives Riley advice on his situation with Jen. He rushes off to see her but she refuses to talk and rushes out herself, in search of Paul. Rex follows closely behind as Marcie tries to stop them.

Decked out in Halloween costumes, Nora and Matthew show up at the police station where Bo advises Nora that their plot against Asa is on. As Van goes off to the lineup, John complains to Bo that he seems unable to get through to Nat and wonders if he should stop caring. Bo asks if he can but does agree to talk with Nat. Van identifies her attacker and thanks John for helping so quickly. He mentions that she was at the top of his list which causes her to ask if Nat would now move to the top of his job list. John admits that Nat has to be kept safe. Van decides that she wants John to come home with her. Before leaving, John peruses the police blotter but Bo verifies that there's nothing on Nat.

A disappointed Todd confirms that all of his records, like his birth certificate are missing, probably stolen by Asa or Kevin. He's further saddened when a costumed Jack tells him that his prisoner outfit is just like daddy, which causes an awkward moment. Blair is apologetic as Todd considers that it might be a better idea not to be Todd as there's too much of a past. At least "Todd" can't be sued if he doesn't exist, Blair decides. She leaves for trick or treating with her son.

Kelly looks longingly at a Halloween costume purchased for Ace previously. She informs David that she can't stop thinking about Ace's real mother and has decided to give him back; she can totally empathize with the unknown woman. David thinks of everything possible to dissuade her, firmly believing that Paul has made the entire story up. Blair walks in on David's comforting hug and when Kelly goes to answer the door, proceeds to insinuate that he and Kelly appear to be awfully close, even though David attempts to explain. He commends Blair on her witch costume and also establishes that Dorian's whereabouts are unknown. Blair orders him not to screw up with her aunt. He confirms his love for her and later leaves Dorian a concerned voice mail, trying to learn where she is. He hopes she's not doing something rash.

Paul agrees to meet someone at the park where Kevin will be giving a speech to the local citizens. Tico and an accomplice are nearby to spur Kevin on and to make sure he's following their prescribed path to success. Kevin is concerned that people will believe the Sun article about him that accuses him of being backed by the dirty Santi money. Tico assures him that he will stand by him. Out of Kev's reach, he tells his sidekick that Kevin will do as he's told once in office. Paul continues to hide nearby. Todd shows up with questions for Kevin, designed to stir things up. He wants dirt on how Kevin feels about the untimely death of the judge who gave him custody of Ace. Kevin manages to dodge the bullet and neatly answers the questions, much to Tico's relief. He praises him highly. Paul stops Todd as he leaves and offers to give him the name of Ace's real mother in return for a payment. Todd informs him that he already knows all of the details and prefers not to hurt Kelly. He gives Paul a friendly warning. Kelly shows up unexpectedly and pulling Kevin aside, informs him of her decision. He is dead set against it and orders her home. She won't take orders from him, she retorts. He only cares about his election and his appearance. He asks her to wait until the election is over, but she's not sure. He threatens to go after Paul, as Tico listens nearby. As Kevin leaves for a party, Tico and the other man decide that Kevin is hiding something.

Antonio calls upon Todd and offers him an exclusive on the Santi organization and what he learned regarding some pretty powerful people. What he wants in return is for Tico to be exposed as El Tiburon and for Jess to be saved from his evilness. Todd returns the favor, mentioning that he has information taken from Tico's desk. As Blair returns, he warns her that Paul is about to spill his guts and that someone needs to shut him up.

Nora heads to Jen's with Matthew where she learns from Marcie that Jen is not good, that she has her mind set to do something.

Paul waits in the park for his party to show up, hearing noises and the rustling of leaves. Finally, the anticipated person shows up but shoots him.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

John gets a call from a bloodied, gun-carrying Natalie, who swiftly hangs up when he answers. Natalie drops the gun outside the cottage and then is found wandering the graveyard by a concerned John. John's preoccupation with Natalie starts to wear thin on Evangeline, who tries to not let it get to her.

A disheveled Jen goes to the police and asks Bo and Nora if Paul can be arrested for pulling the stunt he did on Lindsay. She later reconciles with Riley, who can tell that something is really bothering her. In Paul's room, Kevin flies off the handle when Kelly says she wants to return Ace to his biological mother.

Rex cryptically tells Roxy that Paul can never hurt Jen or Natalie again. He then heads outside and finds the gun Natalie dropped. Lindsay, meanwhile, tells R.J. that the gun he got for her has vanished.

Friday, October 29, 2004

John takes an obviously shaken Natalie back to Llanfair. Tico demands that Jessica leave town with him to attend a political event, but she refuses, which does NOT please him. She and Natalie reach out to each other for support and understanding.

When Kevin threatens her, Kelly lies and tells him she will wait until after the election before she pursues tracking down Ace's real mother. Dorian returns home and puts her gun back in the safe as a curious David watches. When he reveals that he had her other gun, they grow increasingly suspicious of each other's actions.

Viki pleads with Antonio not to completely pull away from all the people who love him. Hoping to drive her point home, she illustrates the similarities between his life and Ben's. Later, Jessica arrives home at the loft and finds Antonio waiting there for her.

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