Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on GL

JB went forward with his sick plan and seduced and made love to Tammy as the ultimate revenge to hurt Reva. Holly and Michelle were witnesses to Sebastian's rage and instability as they continued on their cruise to nowhere as part of Roger's final wishes. A suspicious Gus interrogated Ruth, who was really Harley -- and whose identity was almost revealed -- but the suspense was worthwhile as she and Bill discovered some damaging evidence against Phillip. Dinah played Edmund like a 'violin' in her attempt to right the wrongs in her life and get back at Cassie and Jeffrey. Jonathan, also known as JB, and Sandy faced off, as did Reva and Jonathan, as mother and son during a very emotionally charged confrontation. Josh told Sandy that his actions were despicable and if he had any feelings for Reva or the family, he would leave town immediately. Cassie had the painful task of explaining to Tammy that JB was her cousin, and that he had made love to her to get his revenge on their entire family. Tammy set off in a rage to confront Sandy.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on GL
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Jeffrey and Dinah are kissing on the balcony at Towers when Cassie arrives and rips Dinah from Jeffrey's arms. Edmund appears in time to hear Cassie tell Dinah to 'stay away from him!' Cassie warns Jeffrey about the dangers of finding himself in close encounters with Dinah. Jeffrey shocks Cassie by telling her it was he who kissed Dinah.

At the lighthouse, Tony and Michelle are about to make love when a chauffeur arrives to escort Michelle to the airport. Michelle is relieved that she and Tony were interrupted saying the timing isn't right for them. Tony disagrees and tries to persuade Michelle not to travel with Sebastian whom he doesn't trust. Michelle is determined and leaves for the airport.

At the airport, Holly discovers Sebastian is planning to take her (along with Blake and Michelle) to Santo Domingo where Roger kidnapped her years ago. Sebastian explains Roger wanted his story to come full circle and finally end. Holly receives a call from Ross saying Blake will not be going with them. Holly tells Sebastian she doesn't want to go without Blake. She is shocked when Sebastian screams they 'have to go now!' Michelle arrives with a suitcase and asks if she can have a window seat. Holly relents and departs with Michelle to board the plane as Sebastian makes a call to someone and says there can be no mistakes now. He's worked too hard. Tony, who followed Michelle, is listening from a doorway. When Sebastian follows Holly and Michelle, Tony asks a ticket agent about a direct flight to Miami.

In Edmund's suite at Towers, Tammy and JB are about to make love for the first time. Tammy stalls to light candles and tells JB she needs a little more time and wants things to go slower. JB responds he will wait a little longer - but that's it. 'Tonight's the night.' They begin to kiss again. As they're undressing Dinah walks in. Tammy grabs a fireplace poker and accuses Dinah of stalking her. Dinah assures Tammy she is there to pick up something she left behind earlier. Tammy wants to know if Dinah is going to blab to everyone about how she found Cassie's daughter. Dinah says the secret is safe with her and leaves. In the hallway, Cassie arrives as Dinah is leaving the suite. Instead of going inside, Cassie wants a confrontation with Dinah. Dinah tries to tell Cassie about Tammy but is interrupted when Cassie tells her not to mention her daughter's name. Cassie warns Dinah to stay away from the people she cares about - and that includes Jeffrey O'Neill! When the coast clears JB and Tammy resume their passion.

At the Lewis house, Reva tells Josh that Sandy is not her son and that he may have killed Jonathan. Josh is enraged that Sandy infiltrated his family and agrees to go to the hospital with Reva to confront the imposter. Once they arrive Jeffrey O'Neill is there and tells Josh that Reva's suspicions may be true. It's possible Sandy murdered Jonathan. Reva enters Sandy's hospital room to find his bed empty. She returns with a nurse as Sandy stumbles from the bathroom. Reva and the nurse manage to get Sandy back in bed. Sandy stammers out the words 'Tammy' and 'trouble.' Reva is confused. Sandy points to his computer. Reva brings it to him and Sandy displays a photo of Jonathan. Reva tells Sandy that's a picture of Tammy's new boyfriend. Sandy shakes his head and says 'Jonathan.' Reva becomes hysterical as Sandy tells her Jonathan is with Tammy to hurt her. Reva wants to find Tammy as Sandy struggles from bed insisting he is going with her.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tammy's welfare is at stake as Reva and Sandy race toward Towers, hoping to prevent Jonathan from seducing his cousin and taking his revenge. However, eager to shed her "good girl" label, Tammy gives herself to Jonathan with abandon. Meanwhile, Josh has discovered that Sandy and Reva have left the hospital and based on what Jeffrey told him, he fears his wife may be in the hands of a killer.

While the seduction of Tammy takes place, there is a party for Bill and Olivia, the newlyweds. Billy's guilty conscience prompts him to want to make nice with his son and new daughter-in-law, but when Dinah shows up, Billy finds humor in watching the two women together.

Phillip arrives at the party not only to have his own devilish fun at his ex-wife's expense, but to let Billy know that he's on to his secret about his role in Olivia's deportation. Phillip has every intention of using that knowledge against Billy, when the time is right.

Ruth/Harley searches Phillip's office trying to find proof that he's the one who had Olivia deported. Her efforts lead her to find his scale model of Springfield but just as Gus arrives at the door, her wig gets caught in the paper shredder. Ruth/Harley summons Bill for help but she must keep Gus at bay until Bill arrives. When Bill does arrive he tells Harley he has a big surprise for her.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Harley and Bill react to the stunning discovery of a junked car on Spaulding property which matches the description of the car which hit Sandy. Harley is anxious to investigate the crime scene but is waylaid by Gus, who has some questions for Ruth. With some help from Bill, Harley receives confirmation it was Phillip's car involved in Sandy's hit-and-run.

Lizzie freaks out when she mistakenly assumes Coop and Buzz know she's responsible for the hit and run. Phillip arrives before Lizzie incriminates herself. He uses the opportunity to dole out Coop's punishment for bulldozing his gate: a humiliating job as Lizzie's driver.

Michelle is shocked to discover Tony hidden aboard Sebastian's yacht. However, all are shocked when Sebastian finds Tony and pulls a gun on him. Holly is horrified by his outburst so Sebastian covers and welcomes Tony. Later, while Michelle and Tony argue about his decision to follow her, Danny calls. He mistakenly assumes Michelle and Tony have taken off on a romantic getaway.

Blake lashes out at Ross for making her miss the trip to collect Roger's legacy. Later, Sebastian makes her promise not to tell anyone in Springfield where he and the others are headed. However, frustrated off her fight with Ross, Blake slips up and lets Danny know Michelle has left town.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Tammy admits to Cassie that she and JB slept together. Cassie's shock turns to horror when Reva tells Cassie that JB is Jonathan, Tammy's cousin.

Later, Josh goes to see Jeffrey, determined to find a way to get rid of Sandy and Jonathan. Meanwhile, Jonathan comes to see Sandy and a heated discussion of their past ensues. Sandy threatens Jonathan with a scalpel but Jonathan gets the better of him, telling Sandy that he intends to inflict more pain on others. Back at the farm, a furious Cassie lashes out at Reva. Cassie doesn't want Tammy to know about Jonathan but Reva helps her see they have to come clean. Later as Cassie struggles to tell Tammy the truth, Josh confronts Sandy and Jonathan comes to see Reva.

Dinah comes to Jeffrey's suite, determined to get him out. She turns the heat on and when he leaves, she plants a picture of Cassie and Richard in Jeffrey's safe. She then arranges to have Edmund come to the suite and find the picture. He is furious when he sees it but covers his anger when Jeffrey returns. Later, Edmund confronts Dinah about her motives and she breaks down in his arms, telling him that when she and Jeffrey are together, he likes to call her Cassie.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Michelle and Holly are on the dock of the boat discussing what they'll find on trip. Holly states that she just wants to get it over with so she can get on with her life. Meanwhile, Tony overhears Sebastian chartering a water taxi. When he asks why, Sebastian tells him that he's planning ahead; their boat is too big to fit into the port. Tony doesn't seem to buy that. Afterwards the men go onto the deck. Sebastian offers everyone a before dinner glass of wine (Holly gets sparkling water since she doesn't drink. When asked what they should drink to, Sebastian states "Roger, adventure, and that everyone gets what they're hoping for on this trip." After dinner, Tony and Michelle are very sleepy and by the time Holly leaves to go back to her room, they're passed out. It turns out, the wine was drugged by Sebastian. Later Holly returns to the deck to thank Sebastian for convincing her to go on this trip. Suddenly, he tells her that Roger's plans weren't the same for everyone--he had something special in mind for Holly. He tells her they need to leave now. Later, a very groggy Tony and Michelle wake up to find a note from Sebastian---he has Holly and she'll be returned when they produce Ed Bauer.

Cassie is at the farm trying to tell Tammy why she can't see JB any more. Tammy is growing defensive and tells Cassie that she might be in love with JB, a fact that seems to horrify Cassie. When prompted by Tammy why she can't have anything to do with JB, Cassie blurts out that he's her cousin. That news leaves Tammy speechless and totally confused. Cassie then explains that JB, not Sandy, is Jonathan. A very shaken Tammy refuses to believe it, she thinks Cassie's lying, things like this don't happen. Finally, she breaks down sobbing. Tammy still seems to be in denial about it and again accuses Cassie of making it up to keep her away from JB. Sobbing, she says she doesn't want to be this stupid and for her first time to be like this. She starts to wonder if perhaps he didn't know, but Cassie informs her that he did--he did it to get revenge on Reva. In tears, Tammy laments that she feels stupid, and Cassie takes her in her arms are assures her that this wasn't her fault. She calls Tammy a sweet angel, but Tammy says she's not anymore. Tammy starts to blame herself for what happened and tells Cassie that she will never love, be with, or believe anyone ever again. Cassie promises that she will find love but Tammy is skeptical and goes off to her room. Later, Cassie learns Tammy slipped out.

Josh is in Sandy's room at the hospital untying him. He asks Sandy if he thought he could get away with this forever. Sandy tries to apologize, but Josh won't hear it. Sandy tries to tell Josh that they need to find Jonathan in order to protect Reva, but Josh maintains that he will do that--he wants Sandy to leave town. Sandy seems shocked by the suggestion, but Josh says he shouldn't be. Sandy tries to explain that he didn't mean for things to end up this way, but Josh is unforgiving. He calls Sandy a liar and tells him he's not going to get away with it. Sandy tells him he doesn't care--what matters is protecting Reva from Jonathan. Josh is unmoved though and lays a lot of the blame on what is happening on Sandy. Jonathan is here now because Sandy stole his life. Sandy tells Josh that he loves Reva, but Josh doesn't want to hear that and angrily shoves Sandy against the wall. Josh asks how is it possible that he could devastate the lives of people he claims to love? Josh is angry at Sandy's deception and think that if he were him, he'd ride out of town in shame. He tells Sandy that if he really loved Reva, he'd leave town. After Josh leaves, Sandy appears to have taken Josh's words to heart and is packing to leave town for good. As he's packing, an angry Tammy bursts in and slaps him.

Jonathan enters the Lewis home and makes himself at home. When Reva tries to grab a photo album from him, he asks her if she'll think he'll defile it, like he did Tammy? Reva tells him she's surprised he admitted it, but he seems rather boastful about it. Reva seems disgusted with his attitude and he states that it's she who is offensive--he knows about the things in her past. Reva wonders what happened to that sweet little boy she met years ago to make him change? Jonathan's not forthcoming, he simply says that he wants to hurt her more than she hurt him. He then snidely asks her how he's doing. Reva tells him he did hurt her and she can barely contain the urge to slap him right now. That remark seems to amuse Jonathan and he taunts her about whether she has no sympathy, no guilt? Reva admits that she's filed with guilt, but he's the monster now. Suddenly, Jonathan announces that he can't wrap his brain around the fact that she instantly believed that Sandy was her son. Reva tells Jonathan that she thinks he's jealous of Sandy--that he wants what Sandy took from him, Reva. At that Jonathan gets angry and says that he doesn't want anything from her and he menacingly states that he's just gotten started hurting her. But Reva's not afraid. Not backing down, she asks him what's next? A mocking Jonathan states that he doesn't want open up his heart and cry in mommy's apron. Knowing that Jonathan is playing with her, Reva demands to know why he's still here. She won't let him hurt her other kids so what is next? The question seems to rattle Jonathan; it's as if he has no idea. While he's speechless, Reva says if he doesn't want her to love him, she won't. Jonathan tells her he hasn't decided what he wants, Reva tells him she doesn't think he can. Standing up to him, she says her guilt is her problem. She reaches out to him and tells him she's glad he's alive and wants she can fix what he's become. With that comment, Jonathan's hackles go up and he comments how arrogant she is to think she could fix him. He tells her not to give her sympathy; it won't work. Reva states that his anger is preventing him for seeing what's in his heart. She tells him that it broke her heart to give him away. She states that they can fix this; she's not the awful person that he thinks she is, and she knows he cannot be this evil. With that, Jonathan suddenly lunges at Reva and starts strangling her!

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