The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on Y&R

Phyllis visited Dominic in jail. Brad told Nikki that he was not Charles Casson. Frederick refused to attend Brittany's wedding. Mac told J.T. that Brittany was in love with him. Phyllis received a call from Dominic, who was in Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Drucilla finds Damon drinking at a bar and tries to talk to him, but he becomes infuriated with her. She realizes he is bottling something up inside. Damon calms down and says that he knows Drucilla is a good friend, but she should go home and be with her family now.

Phyllis begs Dominic not to go to Genoa City to find Damon. She says that Damon will want to kill him. Dominic says that all he wants to do is to stop others from doing what he did. Phyllis says that she believes him, but Damon doesn't need to know he's doing that. When Phyllis returns to Genoa City she learns from Christine that Damon found out she went to Georgia. Phyllis calls Damon and begs for him to talk to her but he hangs up.

Michael informs Kevin that he knows that Kevin found out that he and Lauren have been dating. Kevin shouts at Michael and says he feels like an idiot for trusting his brother. Michael says that he and Lauren will be there for Kevin but Kevin storms off angrily.

Kay comes home to find Jack and Jill discussing Elliot. Jill admits that she found out the truth about Elliot. Jack has good news for them; two weeks ago he had called the bureau and had Elliot's offshore accounts frozen. Katherine says now Chancellor Industries needs a new CEO. Jack thanks her for the offer but refuses.

At Crimson Lights a stranger gets into an argument with Sharon and Nick has to come to her rescue. Nick tries to talk to Sharon about her being bored. Sharon says that she's not bored with their relationship; she just needs to have something for her own. She promises Nick that she won't do anything crazy.

Nick talks to Nikki about Sharon. Nikki tells Nick that Victor wants her to keep a secret from Brad because he's afraid he might lose Abby in the process. Nick says that all Victor cares about is himself and his own well being.

Victor and Ashley talk about Abby and Ashley wonders if Victor meant what he said about being happy they have a child together. Victor says they once loved each other and believes that they were once meant to have a child. Ashley says she will do whatever she can to keep Victor in Abby's life.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Phyllis is home from her trip and questions Daniel about what he was doing while she was gone. She's clearly in a bad mood and he's annoyed she won't say anything about it to him. Damon shows up, furious that she went to speak to the man who killed his son. She saw that D was in trouble and wanted to help. She begs him not to go to the hearing. She's worried the outcome would destroy him. He wonders what she knows. She reveals that in all probability Dominick will be released, no matter what Damon says. She tells him she met Dominick and believes he's penitent and will be released. Damon vows that if he is released he won't be breathing free air for long.

Brittany works J.T. hard over wedding details. J.T. puts up a stink over helping anymore with the planning. She needs his help and appreciates him. They play around until Mac shows up, breaking the jocularity. She thinks J.T. is great for supporting Brittany even though he's against the wedding.

Bobby and Angelo talk about the wedding. Bobby asks him to be his Best man and he agrees. Angelo isn't comfortable with the elaborate wedding and suggests Vegas. Bobby doesn't want to do it in secret, he wants Britt to be proud of her wedding. Bobby heads to Brittany' and they talk about the wedding vows. Neither has started writing them yet. Rev. Palmer stops by to see them. They can't have their wedding at the church as promised. Brittany figures her mother is behind this but it wasn't her. It's Bobby's reputation and the church's elders don't care for the negative publicity.

Jack invites himself to breakfast with Victor at the Athletic Club. Jack mentions Abby's accident and Victor throws barbs back. Jack pegs Vic as a failed parent grasping at one last chance. He asks about Victoria but 'remembers' that she isn't speaking to him anymore. He's doing everything to tie Abby to him and it isn't working. All the money won't buy a daughter's love.

Nick is surprised to see Sharon working away early at the coffee house. He wants to help her with her restlessness. They talk about her stripping idea but feels it's showing off. She is proud of her body but doesn't want to model. She does have an idea: she is thinking of working in the cosmetics division at Newman in sales or marketing or promotion. Nick loves the idea and will ask Neil about it. Sharon's nervous about the nepotism but Nick points out that it worked for Victoria but then again she worked really hard.

Brad stops by the Ranch to see Nikki. Her work is slipping and he's concerned about her. She toys with telling him her secret but decides against it. He tells her he is always there for her but she tells him he is the last person on Earth who can help and yells at him to leave her alone. She snaps and asks him point blank if he is Charlie Kasdan.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Nick approached Neil at the athletic club and asked him how things were going at Newman. When Neil wondered if Nick was missing the company and thinking of coming back to his old job, Nick said no. He actually wanted to talk to Neil about a possible position for Sharon. Neil warned Nick that Drucilla's modeling job had ended their first marriage. Nick said he wasn't worried about that. Sharon was a beautiful woman who was smart and enthusiastic. Neil said maybe Sharon should go back to school or look for a job at a company without the name "Newman" on it. Nick was annoyed; he hadn't wanted to go to his father, but Neil was leaving him no choice. Victor was very fond of Sharon; was this really the decision Neil wanted to make? Neil told Nick to do what he had to do.

Sharon invited Drucilla to the coffee shop to discuss her idea of working at Newman. Drucilla got defensive, warning Sharon that great jobs didn't just appear. Dru had worked very hard to get where she was, learning a lot along the way. Confused, Sharon said that she would do the same thing. She wasn't looking for favors; she wanted to learn and do a good job. She'd hoped that Drucilla would be someone who'd teach her. Dru said that would last until Sharon thought it was time to put old Dru out to pasture. There was no place for Sharon at Newman. Sharon asked Drucilla if she was threatened and tried to assure her there was no reason to be. Dru told her if she managed to land a job there, it was every woman for herself. As Dru walked out, Sharon said it didn't have to be.

At the rec center, Victor had a talk with Devon about taking care of his responsibilities around the center and not forcing other people to clean up after him. He then tried to have a heart to heart with Devon, asking about his father. At first Devon said his father was dead, then he said he didn't know where he was. He couldn't even remember him. Victor talked about growing up in an orphanage, which was probably even harder than what Devon had endured. As Devon left the office, he ran into Dru. She tried to talk to him, but he pushed past her. Victor assured her that Devon was just a boy who took a lot of patience. Drucilla then turned to the reason for her visit. Did Victor know that Sharon wanted a job at Newman? Victor said he hadn't known, but that was Neil's responsibility now.

Jack and Ashley were having lunch at the athletic club restaurant with Kyle and Abby. As Abby told her uncle and cousin about her accident on Starfire, Ashley daydreamed about her recent conversation with Victor. She then told Abby that what happened wasn't Victor's fault; it was an accident. Abby thought Victor should have been taking better care of her. When the kids went to the playroom, Jack confronted Ashley about the lecture she'd given Abby. Ashley said it wasn't a lecture; she didn't want Abby to blame Victor. She went on to say that as hard as all of this had been on Brad, he wasn't making things any easier in the situation with Abby and Victor. Jack questioned what was going on in Ashley's marriage. She told him it was none of his business and left to check on the kids.

Bobby told Angelo about the church's refusal to let him and Brittany have their wedding there. Angelo said they'd just have to find another place. Bobby was struck with an idea and left the club, going to the Chancellor house. When Katherine told him Jill wasn't there, he said he was actually there to see Katherine. He explained the problem with the wedding and asked Katherine if he and Brittany could have their wedding there. Katherine agreed that it was a lovely place for a wedding, but she asked what was in it for her. Bobby said she'd be helping a new couple get a good start. Katherine smiled, saying that was a good answer, and agreed that they could have their wedding in her home.

Mac and J.T. were talking at the loft when Brittany burst in demanding to know if Bobby had called. J.T. scolded her for interrupting them, and Brittany said she had a lot on her mind. After she told them about the church's decision, Mac wondered if maybe she should postpone the wedding. Brittany turned on Mac, telling her if she wanted her opinion, she'd ask for it. She was tired of everyone being so negative about her wedding. J.T. tried to get her to back off of Mac. Their argument was interrupted by Bobby's arrival. He had great news for Brittany. He'd found the perfect spot for their wedding. Both Brittany and Mac looked unpleasantly stunned when Bobby said they were getting married on the Chancellor estate.

Brad was furious to hear that Nikki had asked Paul to investigate his past. She had no right to open up old wounds; it was a complete violation of his privacy. Nikki tearfully told him the story of shooting Joshua, apologizing for being part of his family's pain. But at least now, he could know what had happened to his older brother. Brad told her that it was a very sad story, but it hadn't nothing to do with him. He wasn't Charles Robert Casein and never had been. All she'd managed to do was remind him of his past at a time when he was already dealing with all the problems he could handle. As he turned to walk out, Nikki begged him to come back, but Brad left while Nikki sat down and cried.

Phyllis told Damon about her visit to Georgia. Not only was she sure that Dominic would be released, but the path Damon was going down was going to cost him his own life. Dominic had changed; he wanted to move on with his life, help kids stay out of gangs, and apologize to Damon for Elias's death. Damon insisted that Dominic was just telling that story to get parole. He could never atone for Damon's son's death. It was up to Damon to see that justice was done. Phyllis warned him of what his vengeance would cost him: his freedom and their relationship. Damon said that they had no relationship. His only purpose in life was to avenge his son's death. Phyllis looked stricken as he walked out of the tack house.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Jack wants to talk to Brad about Ashley's infatuation with Victor. Brad says that's not news to him, he has known about it for a long time. Jack wonders what Brad will do about it. Brad doesn't think there's much more he can do. Jack says that only Brad can stop it.

Ashley sits at the Athletic Club bar alone thinking about Victor. She's unhappy with herself that she can only think about Victor when she has a loving husband at home. Bobby comes and sits down by Ashley. He recognizes her from he newspapers and introduces himself. Ashley says she's heard of him too. Doesn't he own a gentleman's club? Bobby says he does and talks about getting married. Ashley wonders about Nikki's involvement at Marsino's. Bobby says that Nikki is a great gal, and it's too bad her uptight husband doesn't understand her. Bobby wonders if Ashley knows Victor Newman. She mentions that everyone knows about him, but doesn't let on her history with the man.

Sharon is all dressed up when Nick comes home with bad news. He says that he has talked to Neil about the position and was turned down. Sharon thinks that Drucilla had something to do with it. When Nick leaves to go see an old friend Sharon goes to see Victor. In Victor's office, Sharon tries to sell her idea of working for Newman Enterprises. Victor says that any company would benefit having her, but she has her family to think of first. Working in the cosmetic department requires being able to take off at any time on business trips, and putting in 60 hours a week if necessary. Sharon is disappointed, and asks that Victor not say anything to Nick about her coming to see him about the position.

Drucilla mentions to Neil about Sharon's desire to work in the Cosmetics Department at Newman. Neil tells her not to worry about it, he has already told her no. Drucilla is proud of Neil for being a true businessman, but knows that Nick and Sharon will soon try to go over his head anyway. Neil isn't so sure about that. Drucilla tells him that she found out from Victor that Devon's father may still be alive. They suggest to Lily that maybe they try to find the man. Lily thinks that might be a good thing for Devon.

Nikki comes by to see Victor and tells him that she brought Devon some dinner. Victor says he is a nice boy and deserves to be treated well. When Victor says he is too busy to come home, Nikki suggests they have a sleepover at the Rec Center.

Brittany is unsure about getting married at the Chancellor Estate, but when Bobby mentions it in front of Mac and J.T., she gives in. Mac tells her to just get it over with and J.T. says the date is around the corner and they haven't found anywhere else. Brittany tells Bobby the location is fine and asks him if he can take her to Fenmore's before they close. When they leave, Mac says that she thinks Brittany is trying to prove something by marring Bobby.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Brittany and Bobby were having breakfast at the athletic club and talking about their upcoming wedding when Bobby spotted Frederick. Brittany went to talk to her father and see if she could change his mind about coming to her wedding. Frederick said that wasn't going to happen. He'd known Brittany all her life and knew Bobby wasn't the right man for her. If she needed to get this out of her system, Frederick was willing to pay for an apartment so they could live together, but he really didn't want her to get married so young and to the wrong man. Brittany said that Bobby was her choice and watched sadly as Frederick left.

Mac told J.T. that she'd figured out why Brittany was acting so strangely about her wedding. It was because deep down, she didn't really want to marry Bobby. J.T. said that was crazy. Just because Brittany didn't act like other brides, that proved nothing. Brittany had never been like other girls. Mac disagreed, saying that the real reason was because Brittany was in love with J.T. Furthermore, she thought that J.T. was also in love with Brittany. Even when they were fighting, they had a bond that was obvious to anyone else. J.T. denied it, and Mac told him to look her in the eye and tell her that he didn't love Brittany.

When Bobby saw Mrs. Chancellor sitting alone at the athletic club, he went to thank her again for offering her home for his wedding. He said that she didn't have to be so kind to someone who was practically a stranger to her. Katherine said he wasn't a stranger; he was not only a friend of Jill's, but her oldest and dearest friend Nikki had nothing but good things to say about him. Bobby said that Nikki was one of a kind; it was too bad she was married to Victor. Katherine said that Victor and Nikki had a long, dramatic relationship, but they always found their way back to each other.

Nikki and Victor woke up in each other's arms at the rec center after spending the night there in sleeping bags. They reminisced about their relationship and promised to never let anything drive them apart again. Nikki didn't spoil the mood by talking about her conversation with Brad.

Brad suggested to Ashley that the two of them go away together to bridge the gulf that had grown between them. Ashley said it wouldn't be possible, considering all the things that were going on. Brad said that nothing was more important than their relationship. Ashley said she was no longer sure she felt the same way.

After returning from a business trip to California, Lauren went directly to Michael's apartment. He said he hadn't seen Kevin for a couple of nights and explained that Gloria had spilled the beans about their relationship before Michael ever had a chance to talk to Kevin. Although he was worried about Kevin, he wasn't sure why he'd allowed Gloria and his brother to worm their way back into his life. Lauren suggested that maybe having his apartment to himself might not be such a bad thing. Michael agreed and began kissing her.

John and Gloria talked about their upcoming trip while they ate breakfast. When she spotted Kevin outside, she asked John to run her a bath while she cleaned up their breakfast dishes. After John left, she chastised Kevin for showing up there and risking being seen by John. Kevin confessed that he'd been sleeping in the pool house the past two nights. But it seemed to him that he wouldn't have to do that much longer. Soon Gloria would be married to John, and Kevin could come and go as he pleased as John's stepson. Gloria confessed her ruse of hiring two men to pretend to be her sons. She urged a shocked Kevin to leave immediately and while she was getting money for him, John came back into the kitchen and demanded to know why Kevin was there.

Daniel went to see Damon. He was tired of getting his head bitten off by his mother, who was acting a little crazy lately. He knew it had something to do with Damon, and he wondered if whatever was going on would be over soon or if Phyllis was going to be sucked into Damon's melodrama forever. Damon assured him that it would be over soon and that his mother loved him. Daniel said things were so bad that he'd been considering asking to crash at Damon's. Damon told him that wouldn't be possible, and Daniel left in a huff.

Drucilla came in and sat next to Phyllis at the bar in the athletic club. After Dru questioned her about her mood, Phyllis admitted that it was because of Damon, who was going through something really bad. At first Drucilla didn't buy it, but when she took Phyllis seriously, she offered to let Daniel stay at her place until the situation worked itself out. Phyllis declined the offer. Their conversation was interrupted by a call on her cell phone from Dominic. Phyllis asked Dru to give her some privacy. She then found out from Dominic that he was in a motel in Genoa City and wasn't leaving until he saw Damon.

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