The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on Y&R

J.T. admitted to Mac that he loved Brittany. Paul presented a report on Arthur to Katherine. Ashley told Brad that she was still in love with Victor. Damon set Dominic free. Phyllis overheard Dominic talking to someone and realized that she'd been had.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 25, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, October 25, 2004

John confronts Kevin wondering what he's doing in his home. Kevin says that he wanted to talk to John about what it feels like having everyone hate him. He says that he's changed. Gloria mentions that Kevin must have been the boy who rescued that girl from a teen boy who had given her a date rape drug. John says that even if Kevin saved someone, that doesn't change the fact that he once tried to murder his granddaughter. John says that it's too late and tells Kevin that he would like him to leave now.

Damon asks Chris if she can take care of Daniel for awhile. He says that he and Phyllis have been going through some things and Damon is worried that Daniel may be in danger. Chris wonders if Daniel is in danger because of something on his own account. Damon says no, it's strictly something personal with him and Phyllis, but Daniel is taking the situation hard. Chris understands how Daniel must be feeling and says yes, she will watch Daniel for as long as it takes. Damon thanks her and apologizes, but says he is expecting someone and it might not go to well so she better leave.

Phyllis talks to Dominic Hughes and tries to persuade him to not go see Damon. She tries to explain to Dominic that by going to Damon he would only be compounding what he has already done and furthermore destroying another life. She suggests having Dominic write Damon a letter and she'll serve as a go between for them. Dominic says no, he has to go see him in person. Phyllis says that she will take Dominic to Daniel, but she has to go with him. Phyllis calls Damon and tells him that she is coming over with Damon. Damon picks up his sword and looks at it. The doorbell rings. It's Phyllis and Dominic. Anger flashes across Damon's face.

Ashley tells Brad that she doesn't feel the same about him anymore. Brad is extremely upset. He says that he should have known that he never had a chance with her. Ever since the first time they tried to get married and Victor stole her away, how long it had taken them to find each other again. How Ashley had stolen Victor's sperm just to have a baby with him, how she must have known someday Victor would find out. Her love would always be for Victor and only Victor. Ashley says that's not true and if it was, she didn't know it. Brad is sickened and says he has to leave right away. He will call about Abby but they are over forever. Ashley tries to stop Brad. He pulls away from her and slams the door behind him.

Brittany is upset that her father won't accept her marriage with Bobby. She tells Bobby that she wonders why she even tried to convince him. She says that everything is going wrong with her marriage. Bobby tries to cheer her up, and says that it doesn't matter who comes to the wedding, as long as the love of his life will be there. Brittany smiles and kisses him on the cheek.

J.T. tries to convince Mac that he and Brittany may have chemistry but they are only friends. Mac wonders why J.T. looks at Brittany the way he does. J.T. gets tired of trying to convince her and goes away for awhile. When he comes back, Mac apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She says that he can talk to her about anything, but she will stop prying. J.T. says it's true; he is in love with Brittany. Brittany comes in and interrupts them. She can tell they were having a serious talk. Brittany mentions that she tried to get her parents to come again, to no avail. But Bobby made her feel better about it. She tells them that she's so happy to be marrying the man of her dreams. J.T. turns to Mac and says if Brittany's happy, that's the way it should be.

Devon comes into the Rec Center and realizes that Nikki and Victor spent the night there. He says that he didn't realize people their age had sleepovers. Nikki laughs and when they are alone Victor tells her that he is happy to see her feeling good again. They decide to call it a new beginning for the both of them. She agrees and thinks they should do something like this again soon.

Lily comes to see Devon and asks him how things are with Victor. Devon says that Victor is a pretty cool guy. Lily inquires about Devon's father and finds out that the man lives here in Genoa City. Devon says that he saw him a couple of years ago smoking somewhere. But Devon doesn't want to have anything to do with the man. Devon says the man is a deadbeat.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Dominic pleads with Damon to listen to how he has changed. He shows him a tattoo of Elias' name and, overcome with fury, Damon unveils his samurai sword.

Kevin tells Michael and Lauren he had stayed in the Abbott pool house for two days.

Kevin asks Daniel to help him plot revenge on Michael for 'stealing his girlfriend.'

J.T. decides not to reveal his true feelings for Brittany because she isn't in love with him.

Kay has a nightmare about Arthur killing her. Later she runs into Paul, who says he's found out something interesting about Arthur.

Bobby surprises Brittany by throwing her a bridal shower with all her friends. Lauren gives her a wedding dress and she feels like she is on cloud nine.

Dru rushes over to Damon's apartment and drags Phyllis away since she isn't going to call the police.

Bobby pays Frederick a visit and tries to show him he is being selfish in not supporting his daughter's decision to get married.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Jack and Jill talked in the athletic club restaurant about her recent ordeal with Elliott. Katherine had helped her recuperate by sending her away to a spa. Jack said he knew a broken heart wasn't so easily mended, but Jill looked none the worse for her experience. Jill thanked him for all that he'd done and left for work.

Jack spotted Nick coming through the door and motioned him over. Upon hearing that Neil hadn't cooperated with Nick's hope of getting Sharon a job at Newman, Jack suggested that he follow up on some possibilities at Jabot. Nick was grateful that Jack wanted to help.

After cooking all of Cassie's favorite foods, Sharon was disappointed that Cassie had to leave for a study date, leaving Sharon without any family at all for the evening. She did get a visitor, however, Drucilla. The two exchanged heated words, with Sharon saying that Dru had come to gloat after sabotaging Sharon's chance at a Newman job. Dru insisted that she'd tried to talk Neil into hiring her, but Sharon wasn't buying it. Insulted, Dru left, saying she'd still put in a word with Neil when the time was right. Left alone, Sharon picked up a plate of food from the table and smashed it to the floor.

At Jabot, Jill was surprised by a visit from Harrison Bartlett. When he introduced himself as Arthur's stepson, Jill smiled welcomingly and said they were almost related. Harrison disagreed. He didn't consider himself related to Arthur, who was a cold-blooded killer. Jill listened in shocked silence to Harrison's accusations about her father. According to Harrison he was away when his mother was killed by Arthur, and by the time he got back and put everything together, his mother had been cremated. Jill was stunned to hear that Katherine already knew about all this and was having Arthur investigated.

Paul had some distressing news for Katherine. Some of Harrison's accusations were accurate. There had been a scandal about Arthur's wife's death under mysterious circumstances, but there hadn't been enough evidence to take Arthur to trial. Katherine didn't know much more than she already had. She either had to believe in Arthur's innocence, or she had to protect herself from him. She told Paul to let her know if he heard any other damning information, but for now, she had to follow her gut. After Paul left, she shoved all the newspaper clippings into a drawer and steadfastly vowed that she believed none of it.

Michael bumped into Gloria at the athletic club and noted that she was still putting her purchases on his tab, which he wanted to stop. She might as well be letting John pay her way now, since according to Kevin, Gloria and John were getting along great. Gloria said that she hadn't realized how much John despised Kevin until she saw them together. But once they took their cruise, John would be more in love with her than ever, and eventually he wouldn't care who her sons were. Michael thought she was being overly optimistic and warned her that when John kicked her out, she wasn't to come running back to him.

Daniel went to see Kevin to complain about the way his mother had been acting, but all Kevin wanted to do was rage at Michael and Lauren. When he started making threats and asking Daniel to help him get revenge, Daniel managed to calm him down. He said that the best thing for Kevin to do was to confront his brother head on, beating him up if necessary, rather than doing anything else crazy. After all, he'd just started turning his reputation around in Genoa City. Did he really want to lose the progress he'd made?

Phyllis was begging God to look over Damon and not let him make the wrong decision. When Christine showed up, Phyllis was annoyed at the idea that Daniel should stay at Chris's place until this crisis had passed. But when she found out it was Damon's idea, she agreed maybe it was a good one. Chris stayed there to talk to Daniel while Phyllis returned to Damon's apartment.

Dominic pleaded for his life after Damon told him that he was going to kill him. Dominic pointed out that any good he could do in Elias's name would end with his death. And Damon himself would not only go to prison, but he still wouldn't get the satisfaction he wanted. It might help for a little while, to know that Dominic was dead, but the pain would always come back. Damon shot down every one of Dominic's points and reached for his sword.

Phyllis arrived at Damon's apartment, but no one answered the door. She finally let herself in and found Damon sitting alone on the floor. He looked up at her, crying, and said he couldn't do it. He wasn't able to kill Dominic, and he was full of shame.

A man with a lion tattoo went into the rec center and began looking around. He finally put on some boxing gloves and started hitting the punching bag. The noise awoke Devon, who crawled out of his sleeping bag and demanded to know what was going on. The man turned around, his dark eyes gleaming at Devon.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Brittany is just waking up when Bobby calls her on the morning of their wedding day. He tells her that he loves her. He can't wait for them to spend the rest of their lives together. Meanwhile, J.T. is on the phone trying to work things out with the caterers. Lauren drops by with Brittany's dress and can tell that J.T. is stressed out. J.T. says that he doesn't want anything to get in the way of Brittany's happiness today. Brittany comes out and asks Lauren and J.T. if everything is okay. Lauren says the alterations went fine and Brittany's dress is all ready. Brittany goes to take a shower Lauren asks J.T. if he ever wonders what could have been with him and Brittany. She can tell the answer by looking into his eyes. When Brittany comes out and is trying to get everything ready, J.T. says that he will bring her dress over for her. Brittany thanks him and goes off to Katherine's. Mac comes home and tells J.T. that he has to tell Brittany the way he feels before it's too late.

Katherine is looking at the paperwork she got from Paul and shaking her head. Jill appears and wants to know why Katherine has not yet told her about Harrison Bartlett. Katherine says that she didn't want it to worry Jill. Harrison is just some lunatic trying to destroy Jill's relationship with her father. Jill wonders why Katherine went to Paul for more information. Jill demands to see the report and finds it hidden under the papers on the table. She asks Katherine how she can say Harrison is a lunatic when the papers say everything he has claimed.

Nikki tries to discuss work with Brad but can tell he is somewhere else. Brad tells Nikki that it's over between him and Ashley. He says that he's seen it coming for a long time. Nikki is shocked. She wonders why Brad isn't going back to try to salvage the relationship. Brad finally gives in and tells Nikki that Ashley admitted to him that she is still in love with Victor. They wonder what this will mean for everyone involved.

Ashley is thinking about her words with Brad when Abby comes downstairs. Abby wonders where her father is. Ashley says she doesn't know but Abby needs to go get ready for school now. Abby wonders why her mother looks sad. Ashley wipes her tears away and says she's not feeling well. Victor calls and tells Ashley that he wants to see Abby again soon. Ashley says it will be soon, but he should let Abby get used to the idea again. She tells him that she will be in touch. Jack comes to the door and tells Ashley that their father has taken off on vacation with Gloria without a word to anyone. Ashley says that's all she needs; more wonderful news. Jack wonders what's wrong with Ashley. He says that he thought she would be in better spirits after the conversation he recently had with Brad. Ashley tells Jack to mind his own business. Jack finally gets Ashley to admit what happened between her and Brad. She tells Jack that it's over. Brad knows that she's still in love with Victor.

When Victor hangs up the phone with Ashley, Victor sees Noah and tells him how proud he is to be his grandfather. Noah thanks him and leaves to go get ready for school.

Sharon is upset again when the children run off for school without eating the huge breakfast she made for everyone. Nick says he will eat it all for them. Sharon says she's upset because she feels like her life is passing her by. Nick tells Sharon about a potential position working for Jabot. Sharon thanks him for trying to get her the job, but says maybe it's just not in the cards. Nick tries to make her feel better by telling her and showing her how much he loves her.

Victor and Neil discuss business and Neil says that everything is going well despite Victor's absence. Victor says that Neil is doing a good job and that he approves with Neil's decision about not hiring Sharon. Victor reminds Neil that the position is only temporary. Neil says he is and will always be externally grateful for this opportunity. When Neil inquires about the Rec Center, Victor says things are going well over there. Neil says that anything Victor tries will turn out for the best.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Before Ashley could leave to run errands, Olivia dropped by to check on Abby. Ashley admitted that she and Brad had separated because of Ashley's continuing feelings for Victor. Olivia wondered if Ashley thought they were just going to ride off into the sunset and warned her to be careful what she wished for. After Olivia left, Ashley went to the ranch to tell Victor the news. She said that Brad simply wasn't willing to compromise and she could no longer bear the constant battles. Victor expressed his guilt over adding to their tension, but Ashley assured him that he wasn't to blame. She said that she wanted Abby and Brad to maintain their relationship, and she hadn't yet decided how to tell Abby the news. While Victor was speaking to her, Ashley slipped into a daydream in which Victor expressed his years of love for her. After she regained her senses, she left the ranch, asking him to call her.

Nikki was alone in the conference room when Bobby came in, warning her not to miss his wedding. Nikki teased him about having wedding jitters, and he said it was overwhelming to realize that this was his last day as a free man. Nikki rolled her eyes and said marriage wasn't a prison sentence. She gave him one last friendly kiss, told him to take a few days off and she'd take care of the club, then sent him on his way.

Mac continued to hound J.T. about telling Brittany the truth. The worst that could happen if he declared his love was that Brittany wouldn't return his feelings. But Mac thought she did, and if J.T. wasn't honest, he might spend the rest of his life regretting not taking a chance. J.T. finally agreed with her, grabbed Brit's wedding dress, and headed for the Chancellor house.

Anita showed up at the Chancellor house to try one last time to persuade Brittany to call off the wedding. She said if Brit had only the smallest doubt about spending the rest of her life with Bobby, she could at least postpone the wedding. No one would blame her. Brittany told her mother to take a walk around the grounds and asked if she thought there was any way to get her father there. When Anita shook her head, Brittany went upstairs. Later, the florist congratulated her on getting a wonderful man who was so much in love with her. Brittany realized she was talking about J.T., not Bobby. Later, as she daydreamed about marrying Bobby, it was J.T.'s face that showed up. She shook it off and answered J.T.'s knock on the door. When she tried to take her dress and be alone, J.T. said no. She couldn't put on that dress until she heard what he had to say.

Outside the Chancellor house, Jill and Katherine speculated about the truth of Harrison's accusations against Arthur. Jill rose to her father's defense just as Arthur joined them. When he asked what they were talking about, Jill and Katherine finally confessed that they'd both been approached by Harrison. Furthermore, Katherine had had him investigated. Arthur lost his temper, saying that his life had been ruined by the ravings of his wife's drug-addicted son. He'd been forced into retirement by all the suspicion. He was not going through that a second time. He raged out of there, and Jill asked Katherine if she'd ever seen him lose his temper like that. Was Arthur the man they knew and loved, or could he be a murderous stranger?

Phyllis talked to Damon about the control he'd shown in not ruining his life to get vengeance against Dominic. Damon told her about Dominic's tattoo of Elias's name under a broken heart with a single teardrop. Was the broken heart Dominic's or Damon's? Did Phyllis really believe that Dominic had changed? Phyllis said he had. When Damon offered to take money for Dominic's travel expenses to his room, Phyllis refused to give him the address, saying she'd take it for him. When she got to the seedy motel, she overheard Dominic gloating to someone else about the game he'd been playing. He'd even fooled Damon Porter. They agreed to meet later for "the job," and Dominic went into his room to get a gun while Phyllis opened her cell phone. When Dominic opened the door after Phyllis knocked, she let him know that she was aware of what he was up to. Dominic grabbed her and pulled her into the room.

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