Michael Easton says General Hospital is "all-in" for Finn and Elizabeth to have a happily-ever-after

Posted Friday, October 27, 2023 9:45:04 PM
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General Hospital's Michael Easton reveals that it's time for his character Hamilton Finn to put all his chips in during Finn's romantic getaway with Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) in Vermont. Easton also opens up about the impact of losing both his parents and playing the son of a terminally ill father.

On Friday, October 27, General Hospital's Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Nurse Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) drove to Vermont for a romantic getaway. After their jaunt through the woods, tapping trees and collecting sap, they returned to their rustic cabin and quickly decided to skip dinner and go straight to dessert. It was a big step for the couple, who've had plenty of ups and downs during their turbulent relationship. Michael Easton talked to Soap Opera Digest about what the trip means for his character and Finn's future with Elizabeth.

"I think at some point, he's gotta stop playing around, right?" Easton asked. It was a rhetorical question because Easton insisted that it was time for Finn to push all his chips in and see where they fall. He explained that he approached things from the perspective that both Finn and Elizabeth are damaged people because each had lost a spouse, but they couldn't remain in limbo indefinitely. Easton believed that it was more interesting to see someone move forward and get back out there, even if things ended in heartbreak.

"I don't know what's going to happen with them [Finn and Elizabeth], I really don't. I thought it was done and then they re-engaged it," Easton said. He was confident that the powers that be intend to go all-in and see what happens. The actor acknowledged that it's been an uphill battle for the couple because the relationship went through ebbs and flows, and some of the momentum was lost. However, Easton has faith in the writers and tremendous respect for Herbst as a performer. "Hopefully, I'll be nearly as good, and maybe we'll make it good to watch!" he said.

When the topic of Gregory Chase's (Gregory Harrison) ALS diagnosis was raised, Easton sang the actor's praises. "He's a lovely human being, he's a lovely spirit of a man, and then on top of that, he's an amazing actor," Easton said. Despite easily connecting with Harrison, it was a strange year for Easton. The actor lost his mother to cancer at the same age that Easton is now. Easton also lost his father to cancer, and he recalled the slow decline of both his parents.

Surprisingly, Easton admitted that he hadn't pulled from his personal experience for his scenes with Harrison, but rather the close relationship that he shared with Harrison and the notion that Harrison would one day no longer be on the show. "I enjoy working with him so much, and he is so talented, and I think he brings so much," Easton said. When asked if the dynamic between Gregory, Finn, and Chase had shifted since the revelations of Gregory's diagnosis, Easton suggested that it was true to life that one's own ego quickly took a back seat to the pain and suffering of a terminally ill loved one.

Easton pointed out that Finn, Gregory, and Chase had been distanced for most of their lives, but they were reconnecting. The actor revealed that he has had people approach him -- mostly in supermarkets -- to tell him that what Finn was going through with his father and brother mirrored what they had experienced with their own loved ones. "I think it's very relatable," he explained.

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