General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on GH

Jason was arrested for shooting Durant but was later released when suspicion turned to Alcazar. Heather and Edward got married. Luke called in an anonymous tip that Jax knew of Skye's whereabouts. Luke and Skye tried to convince Faith to work with them in their plan to get Skye exonerated from Ross's murder. Helena tried to kill Emily in the hospital chapel, but Alexis quickly challenged her until Ric was able to wrestle the knife from her. Alexis found out that Kristina had aplastic anemia and needed a bone marrow transplant. The extended Corinthos clan celebrated Morgan's first birthday. Michael thought that Jason might have feelings for Sam.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 18, 2004 on GH
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Monday, October 18, 2004

Nikolas kisses Emily in what they hope is the Garden of Aphrodite, and their love for each other causes them to initially miss the bevy of blooming flowers that appears all around them. They break from their kiss, and Emily immediately begins to feel better. Knowing that they did find the right place, and that they kissed there on a moonless night, the couple realizes that the spell cast by Helena has been broken. They retreat back toward the water, where Nikolas tells Emily of his love for the beach as a child in Greece. He explains where the Cassadine island is located, but when she asks if they should go there, Nikolas quickly tells her that he will never return to the place where he was raised. He remembers all of the evil that surrounds his family, and vows to not be like them. He can't help but express concern over their continued detriment to his relationships, and he continues to worry for Emily and any children they might have one day.

John calls Carly to the podium during his press conference, and a livid Carly finds herself with no choice but to oblige her father's wishes and pretend to be enjoying the situation. She heads toward him and he pulls her into an embrace. As he releases and she steps back, shots ring out and everyone falls to the ground. Lana, Alcazar's hired hitwoman, successfully shoots John in the chest and immediately disposes of her gun in Jason's coat pocket. Jason, meanwhile has rushed to help Carly, but finds that she is unhurt in the melee. Alcazar, stunned that Carly came into the line of fire, also attempts to help her, but she runs to her father and is devastated to see that he's barely clinging to life. She begs her dad to hold on, and they rush him to GH. Jason prepares to follow her, but first grabs his jacket and realizes that a gun has been planted in it. At the same moment, Lucky and the PCPD grab him. They take the gun from him and place him under arrest. Jason's escorted to the station, but Lucky hangs back to question Alcazar. Lorenzo declares his innocence, but Lucky doesn't buy it and predicts that Alcazar is the real man behind the shooting. Lois overhears the conversation and later reprimands Alcazar for insinuating that the shooting was Sonny's doing. Alcazar maintains his own innocence, but Lois is further suspicious when she sees him paying a large sum of money to Lana.

At the police station, Jason is hauled toward an interrogation room, but Sam's unexpected arrival and tumble to the ground in the mad crush of people causes Jason to run to her aid. Mac allows Jason to help Sam and make sure that she's ok, but he then has him throw into the interrogation room. Justus arrives, and after convincing Jason to allow him to serve as legal counsel, he warns Mac that there is no evidence to hold Jason. While Sam sits with Jason, Justus manages to get him released based on the fact that the gun seems to likely be planted. Sam and Jason share a warm moment together and he thanks her for staying with him and caring.

Back at the hospital, Michael is shocked to see his mother in a shooting on television. Sonny blocks Michaels view from the TV while he frantically searches the screen for Carly. Seeing her get up from the ground, he realizes that she's ok. She later calls Sonny, and he reports to Michael that his mom is fine. Alexis sees the press conference events as well, and immediately accuses Sonny of trying to murder Ric. Michael eavesdrops on their conversation, and later shows apparent happiness at Durant's shooting. Sonny leaves the room to find Carly, but returns later and expresses anger at Michael's disobedience. Michael offers his dad congratulations on a successful job, and Sonny is stunned to realize his son thinks that he put out the hit on John Durant.

Carly accompanies her father to the hospital, where a concerned Steven meets them and preps John for surgery. Carly is allowed a few private moments with her father, and he awakens long enough to tell her how happy he is to have her in his life. Carly cries as she demands that her dad pull through so that they can get to know each other and have a life together. John tells her that he loves her, and then Steven comes into the room to wheel him away. As she watches her father leave for surgery, Carly whispers to him that she loves him as well. She later breaks down in Sonny's arms, and he tries to be there for her despite his conflicting feelings. And when Ric confronts him over the shooting, Carly angrily defends Sonny. It's Ric's announcement about the gun being found in Jason's coat that stuns Carly, however, and when Jason arrives at GH she tearfully confronts him about shooting her father.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Jax and Courtney begin their date aboard Jax's plane, bound for a romantic dinner in the Bahamas. Before the plane can take off, Mac comes on board with a police officer and puts a halt to the evening's plans. He tells Jax that with Skye still on the loose, Jax is a possible accomplice, and the plane needs to be searched. Jax is annoyed at the delay, but allows the police to look over the plane. When they come up with nothing, Mac still insists on hauling Jax back to the police station for questioning. As they sit in the interrogation room, Courtney is irritated at the police tactics, and demands that Jax call his lawyer. Ric chooses that moment to arrive and tell Jax that he'll be spending the night in jail.

Alcazar prepares to pay off Lana for shooting John when Lois arrives and demands to know why he's giving money to Lana. The hitwoman leaves, and Alcazar admits to Lois that he pays Lana to sleep with him. Lois is disgusted with Lorenzo's admission, and tells him she wants nothing more to do with him. Brooke witnesses her mother's conversation with Alcazar and mistakes it for a continuation of their relationship. She later enlists Diego to be her fake boyfriend in order to upset Lois and give her a taste of her own medicine. Lois doesn't buy her daughter's ploy, however, and turns the tables back on Brooke when she pretends to care for Lorenzo. She kisses him deeply outside of Kelly's, making sure that Brooke takes notice. Alcazar questions her sudden change of heart, but Lois assures him that once she teaches her daughter a lesson, she has no desire to be associated with him.

Sonny is devastated at the effects his lifestyle is having on Michael, and he gently tries to explain to Michael that he didn't try to have John killed. Unable to find a way to explain his business to his son without lying, Sonny goes to the chapel and prays for God's assistance. Ric overhears his brother's prayers and tells Sonny that he must lie to Michael to protect him from the type of man that Sonny is. Sonny tells Ric that he doesn't care about his opinion, but Ric reminds Sonny that he's a murderer, and admitting that to Michael would ruin the boy's life. Visibly upset, Sonny returns to Michael's room and harshly explains to the boy that killing is wrong, and that Michael will never kill someone.

Steven worries for John's well being after surgery to remove the bullet is complete. Liz tries to help her brother, but he tells her that John is like another father to him, his mentor in many ways. In the hospital lobby, Carly confronts Jason on shooting her father, but Jason is stunned that she would believe such a thing. He reminds her that he would never put her in danger, and he explains that he was setup. Carly apologizes to him, and tells him she knows he'd never hurt her. Steven has Carly sent back to John's room once he's in recovery, and goes to confront Jason himself. He warns Jason that he'll be doing forensics on the case, and will happily lock him away if the evidence proves he shot John. Jason denies any wrongdoing, and Sam enters the hospital in time to lay into Steven and tell him to leave Jason alone or they'll sue. Steven laughs her off and leaves. Jason again implores Sam to stop following him and coming to his defense, but she refuses to stop worrying about him.

Carly goes into John's recovery room, and sits with him while he remains unconscious. She quietly begs him to recover so that they can make memories together, and the sound of her voice awakens him. He is thankful that his daughter is there with him, and Carly promises that although his job makes things difficult, she wants to take advantage of their second chance at a relationship. John is thrilled to feel his daughter's love, and he later tells Steven how happy it makes him. Steven asks him what will happen next, and while John clearly is happy at his newfound closeness with Carly, he still has every intention of taking down Sonny.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

As Ric arrives at the Hospital with some treats for Alexis and Kristina, Ric stops to ask Steven if any of Kristina's tests suggest there might be anything seriously wrong with the little girl and Alexis overhears part of their conversation. Steven rushes to reassure Alexis that Kristina's physicians have no reason to believe that any evidence of a serious situation will develop in Kristina's case. After Steven leaves, Ric tempts Alexis with breakfast goodies and Alexis falteringly admits that she has come to care about Ric and invites Ric to share breakfast with Alexis and her daughter.

Nikolas and Emily summon Lucky to the Hospital to fill him in on the details of the action they took to break Helena's curse. Tracy overhears the happy trio planning Nikolas and Emily's wedding and immediately places a call to Helena to warn Helena that Emily and Nikolas have rendered Helena's curse powerless. Meanwhile, Ric finds Nikolas and informs Nikolas that Kristina is in the Hospital and Alexis is in dire need of some family support. When Nikolas and Emily visit Kristina's room, Alexis is happy to learn that Nikolas and Emily have succeeded in neutralizing Helena's curse, but Alexis reminds the happy couple of the way that Helena murdered Alexis's mother years ago. However, Nikolas remains confident that he will be able to protect Emily from Helena.

Elsewhere in the Hospital, Edward informs Heather that his doctor has given him a clean bill of health and immediately surprises Heather with the news that he wants to fly to France for a romantic wedding. However, Heather worries that Edward's family will believe they are sneaking off to do something illicit and suggests that, instead, they be married on the grounds of the Quartermaine mansion. Edward confides that the family home has too many memories for him and suggests that, instead, they be married at the Quartermaine family cabin on the edge of town. Later, Heather returns to the Quartermaine attic and tells a comatose Laura that Heather plans to marry Edward, bump Edward off, inherit the Quartermaine fortune, then be in a position to give Luke the biggest score that Luke has ever had. Heather is startled when Edward suddenly arrives in the attic. However, Heather quickly distracts Edward by pointing out a picture of Lila in her younger days and suggests to Edward that finding the old photograph in the attic is a sign that Lila is wishing them well. Later, as Heather and Edward marry in the garden of the Quartermaine cabin, Heather keeps visualizing Luke standing beside her. However, Heather panics when Edward suddenly balks at completing the ceremony. Talking fast, Heather convinces Edward that Lila would WANT Edward to be happy -- with Heather. Later, Alan and Monica almost come across Laura as they search the attic for items that have suddenly turned up missing from the mansion. However, before they discover Laura, Tracy distracts them by arriving with the news that Edward and Heather just got married, and shows Alan and Monica a copy of the marriage license which Tracy discovered in the fax machine. At the same time, in their bridal suite, Heather discovers that Edward is distracted by memories of Lila, although Heather does her best to hurry Edward into a consummation of their vows. Later, as Edward sleeps, he has a dream about Young Lila visiting him and warning him about the intentions of his new bride. Heather is alarmed when Edward suddenly wakes up, calling for Lila.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Courtney tries to convince Jax that he needs to contact a lawyer to fight the bogus charge that Jax has been assisting ex-wife Skye in her escape. Meanwhile, in hiding, Skye is appalled when she discovers that Luke phoned an anonymous tip to the police about Jax aiding Skye's escape. However, Luke is surprised when Skye suddenly begins making plans to turn herself in so she will be able to get Jax off the hook. Meanwhile, Jax is surprised when Courtney leaps to Jax's defense in the middle of Mac's recitation of the forensic evidence the police have uncovered that PROVES that Skye spent a considerable amount of time at Jax's apartment after Skye escaped from prison. When Mac continues to refuse to release Jax, Courtney decides it is time to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Luke convinces Skye that LUKE needs Skye to pull off a daring scheme that will clear Skye's name. Dillon soon arrives with a bag of clothes and Luke quickly disguises himself as a stuffy psychiatrist and Skye as his able but dowdy assistant. Skye is again appalled when Luke reveals that he plans to masquerade as a professor interested in researching the criminally insane in order to get inside the prison and offer a deal to Faith that would convince the mob princess to take the rap for Duncan's murder, thereby freeing Skye. Later, a disguised Skye and Luke arrive at the prison and, posing as researchers, ask for an interview with Faith. When Faith arrives, Luke immediately reveals his true identity to Faith. However, before Luke can outline his proposition, Faith recognizes Skye and threatens to pull the Assistance Alarm bell unless Luke has a VERY good proposal. At the same time, at the PCPD, Ric tries to convince Jax that Skye's life is in danger from any trigger-happy rookie on the beat so long as Skye is on the loose. Ric argues that Jax should cooperate with Ric in getting Skye off the streets and safely into custody if Jax truly cares about his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Courtney contacts Alexis and asks Alexis for help in getting Jax released. After Alexis leaves the Hospital, Nikolas and Emily leave Kristina with the nurse while they go to the gift shop to find a stuffed animal for Kristina. However, Helena suddenly confronts Nikolas and Emily and warns them that she has more plans to get rid of Emily unless Emily becomes wise enough to leave Nikolas. After Helena boasts that she will murder Emily the same way that Helena murdered Alexis's mother, Lucky suddenly steps out of the shadows and arrests Helena for threatening Emily's life and admitting that Helena had murdered Kristen Nilsson, Alexis's mother. Later, Mac is surprised to see Lucky booking Helena but Helena warns Mac that there will be hell to pay if Helena is NOT released immediately. At the same time, in Kristina's Hospital room, Nikolas announces that he plans to go to PCPD to make sure that Helena's arrest is processed through. Emily confides that she plans to take Kristina to visit the chapel.

Ric is surprised when Alexis arrives at PCPD with Courtney in tow to argue that Jax should be released. Alexis gets Ric in a private conference and reminds Ric that not even Ric believes that Skye is guilty. When Ric reminds Alexis that that makes NO difference, since the police can prove that Skye spent a considerable amount of time in Jax's apartment. Ric is pleasantly surprised when Alexis actually agrees with him. However, Alexis goes on to remind Ric that Alexis's ex-husband has a noble desire to protect damsels in distress. Then Alexis further shocks Ric when she observes that Ric may be more like Jax than even Ric realizes. Ric suddenly gives in and agrees to release Jax. Later, as Ric is processing the papers for Jax's release, Courtney approaches Ric and asks if the district attorney's office has considered any suspects other than Jason in the attempt on Federal Prosecutor John Durant's life. At that moment, Jax arrives and overhears Courtney's questions. After Ric leaves, Jax observes that, no matter how close Courtney and Jax become, Courtney ALWAYS seems to direct her life right back to Jason's doorstep. Later, when Nikolas arrives at the Port Charles Police Department, Nikolas is shocked when Lucky advises his brother that the police had to release Helena because of a technicality. At the same time, as Emily and Kristina sit in the chapel and Emily happily fills Kristina in on the details of Emily's upcoming wedding, Helena approaches Emily and Kristina with a knife in her hand. At that moment, Alexis arrives at the door of the chapel and sees Helena poised behind Emily and Kristina.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Luke and Skye talk to Faith at Pentonville. Luke tells her about their plan to have her confess to killing the cop, Duncan. They promise to help her escape from prison by posing as psychiatrist and assistant who want Faith to be part of their "research" project. They plan to help her escape when they get the warden to allow them to transfer her to a mental hospital for the criminally insane. Faith agrees to the plan but demands they give her $1 million in an offshore account, a fake passport and identity, and plane trip to a tropical island if they want her to cooperate. Luke and Skye realize they can't really meet her demands and agree to stay in Port Charles and prove her innocence another way.

Sonny visits John Durant at G.H. Durant asks him if he came alone because he plans to finish what Jason started. Sonny denies he ordered Jason to kill him because he loves his wife and wouldn't want to see her hurt, mourning her father. Durant seems to believe him and tells Carly when she shows up that he thinks Sonny really loves her. Sonny leaves them alone to talk. Meanwhile, Jason is brought back into police custody after a maid at Durant's hotel overheard him threatening to kill Durant after Durant threatened to ruin Courtney's reputation and foundation if Jason didn't back off. Ric questions Jason about what the maid told them she overheard. Jason refuses to speak to Ric without his lawyer present. Courtney overhears their conversation while she is waiting for Jax to be released himself. Courtney approaches Jason in the interrogation room about how he threatened Durant to protect her. Jason tells her he would have shot Durant to protect her but he didn't do it. Courtney feels responsible somehow because he is in trouble for trying to protect her. Jason asks her to stay out of it and return to her new life. Jax watches her talking to Jason and gets jealous. He confronts her about being still hung up on Jason. Courtney ends up meeting him on the docks later but tells him she isn't so sure it is a good time to go back to Bermuda with him since Jason is in trouble. Courtney tells him she has to go take care of something before she can meet with him later on the plane. Jax has his pilot take off when Courtney doesn't show up later. Courtney goes to see Carly. Carly introduces her to Durant and informs him that Courtney is her best friend as well as her sister-in-law. Courtney speaks to her alone outside his room. She tells her about Jason's arrest and what the maid at the hotel overheard. Carly has a hard time believing Durant would threaten to ruin Courtney to pressure Jason to back off. Courtney suggests that Carly use her influence over her father to get him to clear Jason of the attempted murder charges. The real hitwoman, Lana, shows up to meet with Alcazar, who orders her to tighten up loose ends if she wants the rest of her money. Lana goes to see Durant. Durant notices how uncomfortable she looks when he mentions how he isn't so sure Jason shot him anymore and that Alcazar had a strong motive for having him killed as well. Carly finds Steven and asks him about whether Durant is capable of threatening to ruin an innocent woman to pressure someone to back off. Steven tells her Durant would do that if he could get an arrest. Carly asks Steven to look over the forensic evidence to see if he finds more evidence. Steven sees Durant later in his room. Durant tells him about his suspicions that Alcazar hired the reporter woman, Lana to kill him not Jason. Steven wants to bring this information to the police since he just found a different fingerprint on the gun that shot Durant that didn't belong to Jason. Durant asks him to hold that information for awhile so he can play hero later to Carly by helping to clear Jason later on. Sonny finds Sam drilling Jason with questions about the day of the shooting. Jason asks Sam to wait outside while he discusses business with Sonny. Sonny and Jason discuss the shooting. Sonny suspects Alcazar is behind the shooting. Jason remembers seeing a woman talking to Alcazar and that the same woman was there at the press conference. They realize she probably was hired by Alcazar to shoot and kill Durant and frame them for murder but that he almost stepped in when he saw Carly come up to the podium but it was too late to stop the shooting. Sonny returns to G.H. Carly suggests asking Durant to do her favor and help clear Jason of attempted murder charges. Sonny refuses to go along with that plan and tells her he has his own plan to clear Jason without owing Durant any favors.

Helena pulls a dagger out of her sleeve, gearing up to kill Emily in the G.H. chapel while she is sitting with Kristina. Alexis thwarts her plans by showing up just in time to stop her. Helena pulls the dagger on Alexis when Nikolas shows up to stop her. She holds the knife to her throat and threatens to kill her if Nikolas doesn't back off and let them go. Nikolas follows them to the elevators. One of the elevators opens and Ric is inside it. Ric sees what Helena is doing and freezes in panic. Helena orders him to back off the elevator to let her on with Alexis or else she will slit her throat. Ric waits for the right moment when Helena is the most vulnerable and knocks Helena and the dagger down on the floor. Alexis jumps off the elevator but it closes with Helena inside alone with the dagger. Nikolas runs down the stairs to catch her. Ric orders an APB out on Helena. Emily and Nikolas talk later about postponing their wedding right now. Alexis won't allow them to cancel their wedding plans because of her. Ric tells them all he thinks that Helena killed Mary Bishop and tried to frame Emily and that she killed the nurse she paid off too. Helena hides on the docks and calls one of her men to get the plane ready for her to leave the country on. She tells the pilot that she needs to finish some business first before she heads out.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Ric, Emily and Nikolas caught Tracy at Wyndemere trying to steal back the Book of Curses. They questioned her to see if she knew of Helena's current whereabouts, but Tracy said she did not. Ric announced that Emily was no longer under suspicion for Mary's death, assuming Helena responsible instead. Ric also learned that Helena's plane was over the Atlantic, with no flight plan filed with the airport. Later, Nikolas and Emily celebrated by making love. Emily fell asleep afterward and woke up alone. Her search for Nikolas led her outside, where she encountered Helena. Helena had earlier waited for Alexis at Alexis' apartment, but her plans to commit that murder had been thwarted when Ric showed up. Helena was ready this time, though, knife in hand. She attacked Emily. Nikolas arrived on the scene, grabbed his grandmother and eventually got the knife away from her. Helena tried to attack again with her bare hands. Nikolas grabbed her and threw her over the cliff, telling her to join his father in Hell!

Bobbie visited Durant and was visibly disturbed when he told her that anything they may have had in the past was definitely over. She told him that any thoughts she had of them being together romantically had disappeared long ago. Bobbie later attended Morgan's birthday party, along with Carly, Sonny, Courtney, and Michael. A package arrived for Morgan, a stuffed animal from Durant. Carly wanted to take Morgan to the hospital to visit Durant and thank him personally. Sonny decided he would go with her. Durant granted Carly the favor of saying that he did not see Jason with a gun at the press conference and used Steven's forensic evidence of the latent print on the gun in order to grow closer to his daughter. Jason was released from custody.

Alcazar had a nightmare, remembering helping Carly give birth to Morgan and subsequently being shot. He awoke from the nightmare in bed with Lana. Later, he encountered Justus at the PCPD. Justus was more than happy to warn Alcazar that he may be the next suspect in the shooting of Durant and swore revenge because Alcazar had helped sell Faith out to Sonny.

Courtney visited Sam to let her know that she was definitely moving on with her life and was no longer on the fence about getting back with Jason. Sam insisted that her own feelings for Jason were not at all romantic in nature. When Michael suggested to Courtney that she should get back with Jason, Courtney hinted to him that Jason and Sam might be able to be happy together. Jason returned to his apartment to find Sam and Michael together. Sam overheard Michael tell Jason that it would be okay if Jason fell in love with her.

Ned visited Alexis at the hospital and told her that he would have returned from his business trip earlier if she had let him know about Kristina. She insisted that Kristina was getting better and about to be released and that there was nothing he could have done. When she took Kristina home, Ric came to visit, and they noticed bruises on Kristina's arms. Alarmed, they rushed her back to the hospital. Steven performed additional tests and came to a conclusion about the little girl's illness. As he told Alexis and Ric, Sonny was standing nearby, hearing that Kristina was in need of a bone marrow transplant!

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