General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on GH

Julian realized that he might be Sam's father. A.J. got drunk and confronted Connie with a gun. Sonny found Connie on the office floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Ellie told Spinelli that he was the father of Maxie's newborn daughter.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 19, 2013 on GH
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Monday, August 19, 2013

At the Floating Rib, Maxie's water broke as the reception after Mac and Felicia's wedding began to wind down. Everyone was excited, including Spinelli who was ready to head to the hospital with Mac, Felicia, Maxie, and Lulu before Ellie reminded him that there was no reason to go to the hospital because the baby had nothing to do with them. Spinelli recognized that Ellie was correct and wished Maxie good luck before she left the Floating Rib.

Ellie remembered her conversation with Maxie and her agreement that Ellie would not tell Spinelli that he was the father of Maxie's baby. Spinelli was very upbeat but noticed that Ellie was not. He assumed that Ellie was worried about the baby and quickly assured Ellie that she was right and that Maxie's baby had nothing to do with Spinelli. Ellie asked Spinelli how he would feel if the baby was his. Spinelli said that since it was not, he could not speculate.

Ellie said that hypothetically, she thought that Spinelli would be as happy as Lulu had been because Spinelli really wanted children of his own. Spinelli replied that Ellie had made a very generous offer when she had said that she would carry a child for Spinelli, but Spinelli said that he could not allow Ellie to compromise her beliefs for him. Ellie burst out that she had to give Spinelli a child, or she would never forgive herself.

Spinelli assured Ellie that he would never pressure her. Ellie was on the verge of telling Spinelli all, but Brad phoned Ellie and demanded that she return to the lab. Ellie asked Spinelli to go to the hospital with her. Ellie told Spinelli to check on Maxie. She added that Spinelli was one of Maxie's oldest and dearest friends, and he should be there for her just like Dante and Lulu. Spinelli agreed to go along. Spinelli told Ellie that she was remarkably unselfish.

Anna and Dante escorted Britt into the interrogation room of the Port Charles police station and handcuffed her to the table. Britt asked if they had to do that and complained that the situation was stressful for the baby. Anna said that Britt should have thought about that before she lied about her mother, Liesl Obrecht, a.k.a. Liesl Westbourne. Britt denied knowing anything.

Dante asked Britt if she expected them to believe that she had no knowledge of what her mother was up to. Britt did admit that she had seen her mother briefly. She taunted Dante about secrets, but he did not understand her reference. Dante got a call from Lulu, who told him that Maxie had gone into labor. Anna told Dante to go.

At Sonny's restaurant, Connie overheard Olivia tell Sonny that Olivia should have fought for Sonny when she had the chance. Connie made a noise and was discovered before Sonny replied. Connie went on the offensive and asked Sonny if her loyal cousin was correct. Connie asked Sonny point-blank if he would rather be with Olivia than with Connie. Sonny deflected and told Connie that she did not have the right to listen in on his private conversation with Olivia. Sonny said that he wanted to continue his conversation with Olivia privately.

Connie did not give up. She asked if Olivia had kicked herself for giving up on Sonny but changed her mind and thought that Connie's betrayal of Sonny made Connie unworthy of him. Sonny told Connie that she had only heard part of the conversation. Connie said that she was there to work things out. Sonny told Connie that what was wrong between them had nothing to do with Olivia. Sonny said that he had to talk to Olivia.

Connie begged Sonny to go somewhere with her and talk privately. Dante called Olivia to tell her the news about Maxie's labor. Olivia quickly grabbed her things and headed to the hospital. Sonny followed closely behind her.

Tracy arrived with two burly security guards when she confronted A.J. at ELQ. Tracy gloated and taunted A.J. as she explained how much she was enjoying A.J.'s last moments of defeat and her triumph over him. Tracy was jubilant as she explained how much she thanked her good friend Connie, who had published the article that had led to A.J.'s ouster.

Tracy hung a framed copy of the article on the wall. A.J. plucked it off the wall and smashed it to the floor. Tracy ordered the guards to escort A.J. out but not before telling A.J. what a failure he was and how she could not possibly mess up ELQ any worse than A.J. had done.

Alone, Tracy sat at Edward's desk and talked to him. Tracy said that she knew she had done what Edward had intended for her to do, which was to overcome the will and take back the company. Tracy vowed to make Edward proud and get ELQ back on its feet so that Edward could stop spinning in his grave and rest comfortably beside Lila. Besides Tracy added, she had nothing else to occupy her time since Luke had left and very probably would not be returning alive.

Dante was on hand when Lulu; Felicia, still in her wedding gown; and Mac, in his tuxedo, arrived at General Hospital with Maxie. She was shown to a room, and Maxie's labor intensified. Lulu called Laura and left a message for her. Dante and Lulu helped Maxie with her breathing and tried to keep Maxie calm. When a hard pain struck, Maxie called for Spinelli. When Lulu questioned Maxie, Maxie said that she was tired and confused.

The doctor arrived and wanted to examine Maxie. Mac and Felicia went outside and discussed the events of their wedding night. Felicia said that it was perfect, and she could not imagine a better way to commemorate their second run at wedded bliss than the birth of a baby. Both agreed that they would not have missed that night for the world.

Lulu offered an uncomfortable Maxie some ice chips, but Maxie refused and sniped that they were like snow cones without a purpose. The doctor interrupted and said that there was a problem.

Elsewhere in GH, Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for getting tested for Danny. They commiserated that no donor had yet been found. Nikolas asked about A.J.'s ouster from ELQ. Elizabeth said that A.J. had been completely blindsided. Elizabeth explained that A.J. had been so angry that he had gone after Connie, whom he blamed for everything. Elizabeth told Nikolas that Sonny had pistol-whipped A.J. after A.J. attacked Connie.

Elizabeth said that neither she not Michael was happy with A.J. after he had told Connie that if he'd had a gun he would have killed her. Nikolas said that it sounded like A.J. was off the deep end. He advised Elizabeth to stay away from A.J., but Elizabeth replied that A.J. would never hurt her. Elizabeth said that A.J. had been on top of the world but that he was hurting, and she just wanted to help him.

Nikolas and Elizabeth shared a familial hug, just as A.J. appeared on the floor. He got the wrong impression and stormed out. Nikolas tried to stop Elizabeth from following A.J., but Elizabeth said that she could not stay away when someone she loved was suffering.

Once Dante was gone, Britt tried again to get sympathy from Anna, but Anna was implacable. When Britt mentioned Patrick and the baby, Anna said that what she found interesting was that the woman who was carrying Patrick's baby was the daughter of the woman who had put Robert in a coma, and that the same woman, Britt's mother, was a lieutenant of Cesar Faison who had been tormenting Anna's family for many years. Britt said that there did seem to be a lot of coincidences, but that Britt knew nothing.

Anna did not budge. Britt asked how long she would be held. Anna said that she intended to hang on to Britt for as long as it took to flush Dr. Obrecht out, even if Anna had to deliver Britt's baby. Britt said that Anna's plan would not work because Britt's mother did not care enough about Britt to make an effort to get to her.

Anna scoffed and told Britt not to underestimate a mother's or a grandmother's love. Britt asked if she had to stay handcuffed. Anna said that she would release the cuffs when Britt was moved to a cell. Anna said that if the woman who had tormented her granddaughter, Emma, had to cool her heels in a cell for a while, so be it. Anna allowed Britt to make a call.

Some time later, Nikolas entered the interrogation room. Britt thanked him for visiting and said that she had no one else to call.

Elizabeth barged in on Tracy who asked if Elizabeth was looking for her deadbeat boyfriend. Cold-hearted Tracy said that her guess was that A.J. was out drowning his sorrows. A.J. walked into the Floating Rib and ordered a double vodka.

Holly held a gun on Dr. Obrecht while Luke searched the basement of an abandoned house in Corinth. Holly blamed Dr. Obrecht for Robert's coma. Dr. Obrecht said that Robert had found out too much about "her." Holly wanted to know what Dr. Obrecht meant, but Dr. Obrecht said that she would only tell on one condition.

Dr. Obrecht said that she had put Robert in a coma, and she could release him from the coma if Holly would only let her go, and then Robert could tell Holly everything himself. Holly retorted that Swiss doctors had been trying to get Robert to wake up for months. Dr. Obrecht sniffed that those doctors were not her.

Luke found Laura tied up in the basement. When Laura told Luke that she had been searching for him because she knew about his illness, Luke assumed that Tracy had spilled the beans, but Laura assured him that she had other sources and had found out on her own. Luke said that Laura was risking her life on a wild goose chase. Laura said that she meant to see that Luke kept his promise to Lulu and returned for the birth of his grandchild.

Luke wanted to know what Scott had thought. Laura said that they could talk about it on the way home, but in the meantime, they needed to get the cure and get going. Luke said there was no cure because Jerry was dead. Laura said that Jerry was not dead because he was the one who had tied her up. Laura said that she had decided that to find Luke, she had to find the cure. Laura said that she had gone to Australia, and eventually Jerry's mother had told Laura where to find him.

Laura said that Jerry had been very surprised when Laura had shown up at his door. Laura was very sure that Jerry had been concealing someone in the room where Luke had found Laura. Both suddenly realized that they were in a laboratory and that, most likely, Dr. Obrecht had synthesized a cure for Jerry. Luke told Laura that Holly was holding Dr. Obrecht upstairs.

Holly was unconscious when Luke found her. Holly said that she had momentarily considered Dr. Obrecht's offer to revive Robert and lost focus. Dr. Obrecht had quickly overpowered Holly, knocked her out, and had taken Holly's gun. Holly asked if Luke had found Jerry in the basement. Laura piped up that Luke had found her. When Holly asked why Laura was there, Laura said that, just like Holly, she was helping the father of her children.

Luke told Holly that Laura had seen Jerry very recently, and it looked like Dr. Obrecht had found a cure. Laura got Lulu's message that the baby was being born. Holly said that Dr. Obrecht was probably going after Jerry and that the trail was still fresh. Holly said that she had a score to settle with Dr. Obrecht, so she would find Jerry and the good doctor while Luke and Laura went to Lulu. Luke agreed and then added that he had a promise to keep to Lulu.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In Maxie's hospital room, Dr. Chu announced that there was a problem with the baby. Dante and Lulu hovered nervously over Maxie as Dr. Chu did an ultrasound and then explained that the baby's heart rate had dropped. "She got that from me," Maxie cried between painful contractions. Lulu immediately assured Maxie that Maxie wasn't to blame because the baby wasn't Maxie's biological child. Maxie turned to the doctor to ask if the baby had a bad heart, so Dr. Chu assured Maxie that the baby's heart was fine but revealed that the baby's umbilical cord was wrapped around its neck.

In the waiting area, Sonny and Olivia were eager for news about Maxie, so Felicia explained that Maxie was definitely in labor. Mac added that the baby's lungs were fully developed, so the doctor didn't anticipate any complications. Olivia confessed that she had been praying for Maxie and that she would be forever grateful to Maxie for giving Olivia and Sonny a grandchild. Olivia suddenly realized that Felicia was wearing a wedding dress, prompting Felicia to smile and reveal that the baby had waited until Mac and Felicia had been married before making her way into the world.

Sonny congratulated the happy couple, prompting Mac to mention the newlywed couple in the Corinthos family. Confused, Sonny asked what Mac was talking about, so Mac and Felicia explained that they had bumped into Morgan at the courthouse. Sonny was stunned when Mac and Felicia told him about their encounter with Morgan and Morgan's decision to marry Kiki before Kiki learned about the shocking newspaper article. Felicia confessed that it had been sweet of Morgan to try to make everything easier for Kiki.

Olivia sensed the tension in Sonny, so she pulled Sonny aside to urge him to go to Morgan. Sonny was reluctant to leave the hospital because of the baby, but Olivia assured Sonny that it would be hours before the baby was born.

Meanwhile, Spinelli approached Mac and Felicia to get an update on Maxie and the baby. Mac and Felicia assured Spinelli that Maxie and the baby were fine.

Moments later, Dante and Dr. Chu walked up to tell everyone about the complication. Dr. Chu assured everyone that it was actually quite common, but Sonny wanted to know what would happen if the umbilical cord remained wrapped around the baby's neck. Dr. Chu promised Sonny that there were several options, so there was nothing to worry about.

Felicia and Mac were eager to see their daughter, so Spinelli asked if he could accompany them. Spinelli admitted that he felt as if he had been a part of the pregnancy from the beginning. After Mac, Felicia, and Spinelli followed Dr. Chu to Maxie's hospital room, Sonny and Olivia offered Dante a few words of encouragement.

In Maxie's hospital room, Maxie remained concerned about the baby, so Lulu tried to calm Maxie's fears and lighten the mood. She invited Maxie to curse at Dante and Lulu for knocking Maxie up and then confided that she hoped that the baby looked like Dante.

A short time later, Mac, Felicia, and Spinelli entered the room. Lulu greeted Spinelli and confessed that Maxie had been asking for him. Surprised, Spinelli approached the bed to check on Maxie. Maxie worried that Ellie would be upset that Spinelli was there, so Spinelli promised Maxie that it had been Ellie's idea for him to be there. Dante entered the room as the alarms on the machines suddenly went off. Dr. Chu rushed over to check the monitors and then announced that the baby needed to be delivered right away.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Kiki stopped short when she stepped out onto the patio. Morgan had transformed the area into a tropical getaway to celebrate their wedding. Morgan immediately picked up on Kiki's tension, so she asked him if he had known before their wedding that she and Michael weren't cousins. Morgan swore on their wedding vows that he hadn't known that Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine, but he was curious if it would have changed anything if she had known.

Kiki smiled awkwardly and tried to evade the question, but Morgan pushed for an answer. Kiki didn't know what Morgan expected her to say, so he explained that he needed assurance that it didn't matter that Michael wasn't her cousin because she had promised to love Morgan forever. Kiki told Morgan what he wanted to hear, so Morgan relaxed until he noticed that Kiki still seemed troubled.

Kiki pointed out that she'd had a lot to deal with lately, and she wasn't even sure if Franco knew the truth about her yet. Morgan was confident that Ava would tell Franco, but Kiki doubted it, so she decided to go to the hospital to break the news to Franco herself. Morgan offered to go with Kiki, but Kiki thought that it would be best for her to talk to Franco alone.

At the nurses' station, Silas was looking at a copy of Kiki's birth certificate when a nurse approached him to tell him that Franco was agitated and had asked for Silas.

Moments later, Silas entered Franco's hospital room. Franco was worried about Danny, so he wanted to know why they hadn't made arrangements for Franco to donate his bone marrow to Danny. Silas was forced to explain that they had found a few cancerous cells in the mass removed from Franco's brain, so Franco would need further treatment. Silas rushed to assure Franco that Franco was expected to make a full recovery, but Franco was more concerned about not being able to help Danny.

Franco confessed that donating his bone marrow had not only been an opportunity to save his nephew's life, but also to prove himself worthy of being a father to Kiki. Silas looked uncomfortable as Franco talked about all of the things that Franco had missed out on because Ava had lied to Franco about Kiki's paternity. Silas confessed that Ava had lied to both of them, prompting Franco to wonder what Ava had misled Silas about.

Silas realized that no one had told Franco the truth about Kiki, so Silas decided to break the news to Franco. However, Kiki appeared in the doorway before Silas could tell Franco that Kiki wasn't Franco's daughter. Kiki and Silas exchanged a meaningful glance as she entered the room, but Franco didn't pick up on it. Franco revealed that he wouldn't be able to donate his bone marrow to save Danny's life and then talked about how important it had been to him. Franco became alarmed when Kiki called him by name rather than Dad, as she had before the surgery.

Franco assured Kiki that she didn't have to call him Dad if she wasn't comfortable, but he vowed to be worthy of the title one day. Kiki quietly asked Silas to leave, so Silas nodded and then suggested that he and Kiki talk later. After Silas left, Kiki broke the news to Franco that Ava had lied to both of them because Franco was not Kiki's biological father.

At ELQ, Tracy announced that Elizabeth's "deadbeat" boyfriend had left and was likely drowning his sorrows somewhere. Elizabeth noticed the broken glass strewn about the floor, so Tracy confirmed that A.J. had caused the destruction and then gloated that A.J. had needed to be escorted out of the building. Worried, Elizabeth called A.J., but the call went to voicemail. After Elizabeth left A.J. a message, Tracy conceded that Elizabeth had good reason to be concerned about A.J.

Elizabeth realized that Tracy delighted in A.J.'s plight. Tracy refused to apologize because A.J. had stolen ELQ. Elizabeth conceded that A.J. might have lost ELQ to Tracy, but he still had people in his life who loved him. "Can you say the same?" Elizabeth asked. After Elizabeth left, Tracy picked up a jar of pickle relish and then set it on the desk by a framed photograph of Edward. "Don't look at me like that, Daddy," Tracy grumbled. "A.J. did it to himself," she insisted.

Later, Connie stopped by as Tracy dumped the newspaper article about Kiki and the broken picture frame into the trash. Connie confessed that the article belonged in the trash, but Tracy disagreed because the article had returned Tracy to power at ELQ. Connie congratulated Tracy, so Tracy pointed out that Connie also had reason to celebrate, because Connie had saved Crimson.

Connie explained that the victory had been at the expense of her relationship with Sonny. Tracy suggested that Connie remind Sonny that it had been a business decision, but Connie complained that she couldn't talk to Sonny because Olivia always seemed to get in the way. Connie confided that Olivia and Sonny had always shared a special connection, but Olivia had had selflessly stepped aside when Connie had asked Sonny for another chance. Connie had felt terrible for her cousin, so Connie had found a way to undo things.

Connie revealed that she had gone to talk to Sonny, but Olivia had been with Sonny, expressing regret over giving up on him. "Ah, so not so selfless after all," Tracy pointed out. Tracy was curious how Sonny had reacted to Connie's apology, so Connie explained that Maxie had gone into labor before Sonny and Connie could settle things. Connie groused that Sonny and Olivia were likely settled in for a long night, waiting for their grandbaby, which would deepen Sonny and Olivia's bond. Connie wanted to fight for Sonny, but she had no idea how to compete against a baby.

At the apartment, Michael's thoughts were on Kiki as he furiously pounded on a punching bag. Michael kept up the brutal workout until he heard someone banging on the door. Michael opened the door to his mother, whose eyes zeroed in on the punching bag. Carly admitted that she had expected to find Michael in a better mood, given the news about Kiki. Michael realized that Carly didn't know about Morgan and Kiki's wedding, so he told his mother that Morgan had managed to trap Kiki into marriage before Kiki learned the truth about Franco.

Carly refused to believe it, but Michael assured her that it was true. She immediately apologized to Michael because she knew that he was hurt. Michael appreciated his mother's understanding, but he warned her that Morgan wasn't the least bit sorry. Michael explained that Morgan had gloated and had acted like a child who had beaten his brother at checkers.

Carly realized that it was karma for all the mistakes that she had made over the years. She feared that things would only get worse for Morgan, so she decided to have a talk with her youngest son and left.

Later, Elizabeth stopped by Michael's apartment, looking for A.J. She explained that she had gone to ELQ to check on A.J., but Tracy had informed her that A.J. had left. Elizabeth filled Michael in on what Tracy had said and then admitted that she was worried about A.J. Michael reminded Elizabeth that Tracy had a tendency to think the worst of A.J., so Tracy couldn't be trusted. Michael insisted that A.J.'s sobriety meant too much to his father for A.J. to risk throwing it away, so Elizabeth confided that A.J. had almost relapsed when A.J. had suspected Elizabeth of sleeping with Nikolas.

Surprised, Michael conceded that perhaps Elizabeth had good reason to be concerned, so he agreed to help her search for A.J. After Michael changed, he and Elizabeth left.

Morgan was sitting on the patio when he heard someone approach. He assumed that his was his "blushing bride," but Carly quickly dispelled him of that notion by informing him that it was his angry mother. Morgan nervously asked what his mother was doing there, but Carly wanted to know why Morgan had rushed Kiki to the altar. Morgan became defensive as he entered the parlor, claiming that he hadn't told Carly about the wedding because he had known that she would storm the courthouse.

Carly was curious if that had been the only reason that Morgan hadn't told her about the wedding, so Morgan wondered what other possible reason he could have. Carly suggested that perhaps Morgan had been afraid that Kiki would find out that Michael wasn't Kiki's cousin. Offended, Morgan sarcastically remarked that he couldn't have possibly married Kiki because he loved her. Carly warned Morgan that his marriage wouldn't last if it was built on a lie. She urged him to tell her the truth, so she could help him fix things.

Morgan refused to admit that had manipulated Kiki into marriage out of fear of losing her to Michael, but Carly implored Morgan to be honest because his lie would only cause more pain for everyone. Carly refused to stand by and watch that happen, so she pleaded with him to tell the truth. Moments later, Michael entered the parlor.

At the Floating Rib, A.J. ordered a double-shot of vodka. The bartender poured it and then set it in front of A.J. A.J. contemplated the drink, but before he could reach for it, someone picked it up. Ava downed the contents of A.J.'s drink and then confessed that she had needed it. A.J. pointed out that the vote had gone in Ava's favor at ELQ, so he didn't know why she was upset.

Ava explained that every other area of her life had fallen apart because of Connie's article, so A.J. wondered why Ava had lied to Kiki about Franco being Kiki's father. Ava reminded A.J. that Franco was a genius, but A.J. argued that Franco was a serial killer. She insisted that she'd had her reasons, but A.J. wasn't satisfied. He revealed that Carly had stolen the first year of Michael's life from A.J. and had enlisted Jason's help to perpetuate the lie.

A.J. added that Carly had then forced A.J. to sign over his rights to Michael, so Sonny could raise Michael and poison the child against A.J. A.J. was curious if any of that sounded familiar to Ava, but Ava insisted that their situations had been different. She felt bad for what A.J. had been put through, but A.J. didn't care because it didn't help him.

A.J. lamented that all of the progress that he had made with Michael had been undone by Connie's article. He insisted that Connie had destroyed his life and then took a drink. Ava recalled that A.J. was recovering alcoholic, prompting her to wonder if it was a good idea for him to drink. A.J. wasn't interested in hearing a lecture, so Ava backed down and reminded him that she had her own problems to deal with because of Connie.

A.J. handed Ava a drink. "Welcome to my world," A.J. said as he lifted his glass. A.J. and Ava quickly polished off their shots and then ordered another round. Ava hoped that someone would destroy Connie's world the way that Connie had destroyed theirs. "Maybe someone will," A.J. replied as he finished another shot.

A.J. continued to rant about Connie and vowed to take action against her. Ava decided to do the same, so she left. A.J. ordered another drink, prompting the bartender to suggest that A.J. slow down. A.J. wanted one good reason why he shouldn't drink himself into oblivion. As if on cue, Elizabeth appeared next to A.J. and put her hand over the top of the glass.

At the nurses' station, the nurse noticed that Silas had managed to calm Franco down, but she also spotted a woman in Franco's hospital room. The nurse was curious if the young woman with Franco was Silas' daughter, Kiki. Silas scowled as he suggested that the nurse focus on her work.

After the shamefaced nurse walked away, Ava approached Silas. "Oh, the hits keep coming," Silas muttered. Ava saw Kiki in Franco's hospital room, so she asked Silas what was going on. Silas warned Ava that Kiki had likely broken the news to Franco that Franco was not Kiki's father. "Damn it, no," Ava growled with frustration. Disgusted, Silas walked away.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

At ELQ, Tracy confessed that she wasn't one to offer advice because she had a history of falling for the wrong guy. Connie chuckled and admitted that she had been surprised that Tracy had been involved with Joe Scully. Tracy clarified that she had been talking about Luke, which surprised Connie because Tracy and Luke had seemed to be joined at the hip.

Tracy conceded that Luke had been there for her when things had been rough, but he was undependable because he disappeared for months at a time. Tracy explained that she wanted more than Luke could give her, so Connie suggested that Tracy kick Luke to the curb because Tracy deserved better. Tracy confessed that the choice might be out her hands because Luke was sick with an illness that was almost always fatal.

Tracy admitted that she had tried to help Luke, but Luke had decided to leave Tracy behind to search for the cure. Connie wasn't surprised, given Luke's nature, but Tracy grumbled that it hadn't stopped Laura from going after Luke. Tracy conceded that she had known that Luke was a liar, a cheat, and a thief when she had married him, but Tracy had believed that he had been capable of a lasting commitment.

Tracy admitted that she loved Luke despite all of his faults, so Connie confessed to feeling the same way about Sonny. Tracy urged Connie to talk to Sonny, but Connie feared that it might be too late. "You don't get it. You are the Laura in this piece," Tracy argued. Tracy insisted that Connie was Sonny's first love, while Olivia was a "sidekick" like Tracy.

Connie thanked Tracy and started to leave, but Tracy called out to her friend. Tracy wished Connie luck but warned Connie to stay away from A.J. because A.J. was very angry. Tracy explained that her nephew liked to blame people for his problems, so he blamed Connie for losing ELQ. Connie assured Tracy that she didn't plan to cross paths with A.J. "Watch your back," Tracy cautioned Connie as Connie left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael was surprised when he saw Carly talking to Morgan in the parlor. Morgan explained that their mother was upset about the elopement, so Michael admitted that he didn't blame Carly. Morgan snidely informed Michael that Kiki was at the hospital, visiting Franco, whom Morgan made a point of referring to as Kiki's father before pretending to catch his mistake. Michael made it clear that he didn't have time for Morgan's games because Michael needed to find A.J.

Michael explained that there had been trouble at ELQ, so Michael and Elizabeth had reason to fear that A.J. had relapsed. Carly and Morgan told Michael that they hadn't seen A.J., so Michael decided to enlist Alice's help to search the mansion. After Michael left, Morgan admitted that he was glad that his father wasn't a drunk.

Carly warned Morgan to knock it off, but Morgan argued that Carly didn't even like A.J. Carly admitted that he was right, but she explained that she was worried about Michael because it would be hard on Michael if A.J. were to end up facedown in the gutter. Morgan wondered if there had ever been a time when she hadn't been concerned about Michael, prompting Carly to assure Morgan that she also worried about her youngest son. She picked up the newspaper with the article about Kiki to illustrate her point.

"There's still time to make it right," Carly told Morgan. She urged him to admit that he had known that Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine because Carly knew firsthand that lies never turned out the way that they were intended. Carly warned Morgan that his secret had the potential to destroy everything.

Morgan tensed when Michael returned to report that he hadn't found A.J. Morgan seized the opportunity to flee by claiming that he needed to get to the hospital to check on his wife. Carly was not pleased, but Morgan ignored her. He told Michael that he hoped that everything turned out okay with A.J. because Morgan loved his brother despite how things seemed.

After Morgan left, Michael decided to check the local bars for A.J. Carly decided to accompany Michael.

In Franco's hospital room, Kiki told Franco that he was not her father. Franco assumed that Kiki simply wasn't ready to have that kind of relationship with him, so Kiki clarified that Franco was not her biological father. Franco rejected the suggestion because Ava had told him about the pregnancy from the beginning. Kiki's eyes filled with tears as she explained that Ava had lied to both of them. Franco remained in denial until Ava entered the room and admitted that Kiki was right; he was not Kiki's biological father.

Furious, Franco demanded to know why Ava had lied to him. Kiki insisted that her mother was a manipulative and sadistic person who was only interested in money. Ava denied it, but Kiki didn't believe her.

Ava insisted that everything that she had done had been to protect her family, but Kiki accused Ava being greedy and throwing anyone who got in the way under the bus. "But not you, Kiki," Ava cried. Ava reminded her daughter that it had always been the two of them against the world because they were family, but Kiki argued that Ava didn't know the meaning of the word.

Kiki made it clear that she wanted Ava to stay away from her. Kiki explained that she and Morgan were married, so Morgan was Kiki's family, not Ava. Stunned, Ava demanded to know when Kiki and Morgan had gotten married. Kiki admitted that she and Morgan had decided to get married when they had picked up the marriage license. Ava recalled Morgan telling her that he needed to marry Kiki before everything hit the fan, so Ava realized that it had been Morgan's idea. Kiki was curious why it mattered.

Franco spoke up before Ava could reply. He congratulated Kiki and told her that he wished her and Morgan well. Kiki thanked Franco then reminded Ava to stay away from her.

After Kiki left, Ava waited for Franco to say something. Franco reminded Ava that he had always believed that Kiki was his daughter, so a part of him still believed it. "She must have been mine in another life," Franco quietly speculated. Ava's eyes filled with tears as she assured Franco that she was deeply sorry for what she had done, but she hoped that they could remain civil. Franco reached up to gently stroke Ava's hair, but then grabbed a fistful of her locks in a tight grip.

Ava winced as she warned Franco that he was hurting her. Franco made it clear that it had been his intention to cause her pain and then suggested that she pray that the doctors were right about him being a changed man. "Because if they were wrong or if I relapse, guess who I'm going to take my crazy out on?" Franco growled.

In the hallway, Kiki ran into Morgan's arms when she saw him. Morgan held Kiki as she cried and explained that she was upset about her mother. Moments later, Ava called out to her daughter. Kiki stiffened as Ava acknowledged Kiki's anger, but gently assured her daughter that she loved Kiki. Ava asked Morgan to look after Kiki and then left.

Shaken, Kiki admitted that she felt worse for Franco than she did for herself because Franco had spent years believing that she was his daughter and loving her. Kiki confided that Franco had hoped to gain redemption through her, but Ava had ripped that away from him. Morgan quietly suggested that Kiki talk to Franco, so she smiled and thanked him.

Kiki returned to Franco's hospital room, but then cried out in alarm. Moments later, Kiki appeared in the hospital room's doorway to reveal that Franco was gone. She explained that Franco had slipped out through the window.

At the Floating Rib, the bartender advised A.J. to slow down, but A.J. wanted one good reason why he shouldn't drink himself into oblivion. "How about me?" Elizabeth quietly asked before A.J. could take a drink. A.J. drunkenly asked what Elizabeth was doing there, so she explained that she had been looking for him. She asked how many drinks A.J. had had, so he sullenly replied, "Not enough."

Elizabeth tried to get A.J. to stop drinking, but A.J. ignored her because he wanted to drown his sorrows after losing everything. Elizabeth reminded A.J. that he hadn't lost her, but A.J. argued that it hadn't appeared that way when he had seen her with Nikolas at the hospital. A.J. explained that he had gone to the hospital to talk to her, but instead he had found her in Nikolas' arm.

Elizabeth assured A.J. that it had been an innocent hug, but A.J. snidely suggested that Elizabeth enjoyed the attention. Elizabeth's temper flared as she pointed out that she had been in need of a friend because she had been worried sick about A.J. A.J. was certain that "Prince Nikolas" had loved having her cry about what a failure A.J. was, prompting Elizabeth to clarify that Nikolas had been concerned about A.J.

A.J. made a few more caustic remarks about Nikolas, prompting Elizabeth to shift gears by reminding A.J. that it wasn't too late to stop drinking. She begged him to put the drink down and let her take him home. Elizabeth insisted that she had chosen A.J., so it was important that he choose her. "Can you do that?" Elizabeth quietly asked.

A.J. insisted that Elizabeth deserved better than a failure like him, but she argued that his job and his money didn't matter to her. A.J. cried that he couldn't take care of Elizabeth. "Right now, I want to take care of you," Elizabeth told him. "Yeah? Like you took care of Jake?" A.J. callously asked.

Elizabeth was taken aback by the hurtful question. A.J. pointed out that she was the reason that the bar's name had been changed. Elizabeth warned A.J. to stop, but A.J. ignored her as he ruthlessly forged ahead by reminding her that Luke had changed the name of the bar because Luke hadn't been able to look at the flashing neon sign with the name of the little boy that Luke had mowed down. Elizabeth's eyes brimmed with tears as A.J. recalled Elizabeth once confiding that the tragedy wouldn't have happened if she had watched her son.

Elizabeth slapped A.J. across the face, prompting A.J. to suggest that her true feelings were showing. Elizabeth accused A.J. of being cruel, but A.J. was unapologetic. She conceded that she had turned her back on Jake that fateful night, which was completely on her. "This," Elizabeth said gesturing to his glass of vodka, "is all on you." Elizabeth warned him that he could blame Tracy, Connie, and even Nikolas for everything, but A.J. was responsible for what happened next, so it was up to him to decide what he would do about it.

Elizabeth retrieved A.J.'s car keys from his jacket and ordered him to call a cab. "No one's getting mowed down tonight," Elizabeth added and then left.

Later, A.J. stumbled into the parlor with a bottle of vodka. He looked at the picture of his grandfather and admitted that Edward had been right about him. A.J.'s eyes then landed on the newspaper article about Kiki, so he picked it up and looked at it. After several heartbeats, A.J. walked over to a painting on the wall and took it down to reveal a hidden safe. A.J. opened the safe and then pulled out a gun.

At the hospital, Sonny and Olivia greeted Luke and Laura. Luke and Laura feared that they had missed the arrival of their grandchild, so Sonny and Olivia updated them on Maxie's labor.

In Maxie's hospital room, Dr. Chu decided that Maxie needed an emergency Cesarean section because the baby was in crisis. Maxie panicked, but Mac and Felicia assured her that everything would be okay. Maxie insisted that she needed to tell Spinelli something, but Dr. Chu argued that it would have to wait until after the baby's delivery. Dante and Lulu wanted to go into the operating room with Maxie, but Dr. Chu explained that only one person could be with Maxie, so Dante decided that Lulu should go with Maxie while he watched from the observation room.

In the waiting area, Laura left Scott a voicemail message to let him know that she was at the hospital because Maxie was in labor. After the call, Laura noticed that Luke looked unwell. Luke assured Laura that it was just a minor setback, but he admitted that he would need to find the cure soon. Laura promised him that they would find the cure together, so Luke changed the subject by pointing out that at least he had been able to keep his promise to Lulu by being present for the birth of his granddaughter.

Later, Sonny handed Luke a cup of coffee. Sonny chuckled when Luke complained that it wasn't an alcoholic beverage. Sonny's smile faded as he noticed that Luke looked gaunt and pale, so he asked if Luke was okay. Luke reminded Sonny that their granddaughter would be born with a lot of enemies because of Luke and Sonny, so he wanted Sonny to protect Lulu and the baby when Luke was gone. Sonny was curious what Luke meant by gone, so Luke told his friend about Helena's attempt to kill Luke and Luke's desperate search for the cure.

Sonny offered to help Luke, but Luke wanted Sonny to promise to watch over Lulu and the baby. Sonny vowed that as long as Sonny ran the town, no harm would ever befall Lulu or their granddaughter. Satisfied, Luke thanked Sonny.

Meanwhile, Olivia asked Laura about Luke's obvious ill health, but Laura insisted that Luke would be fine.

Moments later, Mac and Felicia returned with Spinelli to update Sonny, Olivia, Luke, and Laura about Maxie's emergency C-section. Mac realized that they would all be connected to each other through the baby, so he suggested that they all learn to get along with each other. Laura appeared concerned when she noticed Luke away from the others.

In the operating room, Lulu offered Maxie words of encouragement as Dr. Chu delivered the baby. Maxie kept apologizing to Lulu, but Lulu argued that Maxie had nothing to be sorry for.

Meanwhile, Dante watched Maxie and Lulu from the observation room. He was startled when Spinelli joined him. Spinelli apologized for the intrusion, but Spinelli had been concerned about Maxie. Dante admitted that he was nervous, so he didn't mind Spinelli's company. Dante talked about how real everything seemed and how terrified he was of becoming a father. Spinelli was confident that Dante would be a wonderful father.

Maxie smiled when she glanced up and saw Spinelli standing next to Dante. Moments later, Dr. Chu delivered a healthy baby girl. Lulu's eyes filled with tears of joy as Maxie's expression clouded with sadness that she tried to hide behind a brave smile. Dr. Chu invited Lulu to cut the umbilical cord, so Maxie assured Lulu that it was fine.

"I'm a dad," Dante said with wonder as he watched Lulu follow the baby out of the operating room. Spinelli congratulated Dante and then urged Dante to go to the baby. After Dante left, Spinelli smiled down at Maxie as she looked up. Moments later, Spinelli whispered to Maxie that he would see her on the other side and then left the observation room.

Dante stopped off in the waiting area to let everyone know that Maxie had delivered a healthy baby girl. Everyone smiled with joy and congratulated Dante. Dante left to join his wife and newborn daughter as the grandparents celebrated.

Lulu held the baby as she confessed that she and Dante hadn't picked a name for their daughter, but Lulu assured the baby that she was her mother. Moments later, Dante walked up. Lulu handed the baby to Dante, who confessed that the infant had already stolen his heart.

Meanwhile, Maxie suddenly lost consciousness as the alarms on the monitors went off.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

In the hospital's waiting area, Mac chuckled at the idea that Sonny was a grandfather. Olivia smiled and admitted that it was strange to think of herself as a grandmother. Laura assured Olivia that Olivia wouldn't mind the title once Olivia held their granddaughter.

Sonny, Olivia, Luke, and Laura went to check on their granddaughter, Alexis and Sam arrived. Alexis was surprised to see Felicia in the wedding dress, so Mac and Felicia explained that Maxie had gone into labor. Felicia admitted that there had been a few tense moments, but Maxie had delivered a healthy baby girl.

Felicia was curious how Danny was doing, so Sam assured Felicia that Danny was stable. Alexis explained that they were still waiting for the results of the bone marrow drive. Felicia nodded in understanding because Felicia had gone through the same process when Maxie had needed a heart transplant. Alexis admitted that she had been surprised by the number of people who had stepped forward to be tested, including Derek Wells. Felicia recognized the name, but couldn't place who Derek was, so Alexis explained that he owned Crimson and the Port Charles Press.

Felicia noticed the time and realized that Maxie had been in the operating room for a long time. Mac decided to get an update, so Sam asked Felicia to give Maxie a hug for them. Felicia assured Sam that she would and then left with Mac.

In the operating room, Maxie lost consciousness following the birth of her daughter. Dr. Chu raced to stop the hemorrhaging as Maxie's life slowly slipped away.

Maxie's spirit appeared in the operating room as the surgical team worked frantically to save her life. Confused, Maxie tried to find out what was going on, but no one noticed her. Maxie's frustration mounted until she realized that her body was on the operating room table. She panicked and ran to the door to call for Dante and Lulu to help. No one responded, so Maxie returned to the operating room and barked at someone in scrubs to help save her life.

Maxie was startled when the person in scrubs was revealed to be her beloved sister, Georgie. Maxie feared the worst, but Georgie assured Maxie that Maxie was still alive. However, Georgie warned Maxie that Maxie was very close to death, so Maxie needed to fight. Maxie admitted that it might not be worth it because Maxie was tried of all the lies and pretending to be happy when she wasn't. Maxie also pointed out that if she were to die then her secret would die with her, but Georgie disagreed.

In the hallway, Ellie was surprised when she spotted Spinelli. Spinelli confessed that he had been in the viewing room during Maxie's emergency Cesarean delivery. Ellie was immediately concerned about Maxie and the baby, so Spinelli assured her that Maxie and the baby were fine. Ellie tensed when Spinelli mentioned that Maxie had been desperate to tell him something before the C-section, but she hadn't had the chance. Ellie confessed that she knew what Maxie had wanted to tell him.

Nearby, Georgie and Maxie watched as Spinelli wondered how Ellie could possibly know what Maxie had wanted to tell him. Ellie admitted that she knew something "big" about Maxie.

Meanwhile, Georgie pointed out that Ellie knew Maxie's secret, so the truth would not die with Maxie. Worried, Maxie desperately tried to get Ellie to stop talking, but Ellie and Spinelli were unaware of Maxie's presence. Georgie explained that Ellie had found the courage to do what Maxie hadn't been able to. Maxie screamed at Ellie to keep quiet and then warned Ellie that Ellie would lose Spinelli if Ellie told him about the baby.

Georgie calmly told Maxie that Ellie was willing to take the risk, so Maxie pleaded with Georgie to stop Ellie. Georgie admitted that her hands were tied, but Maxie had the power to make things right by fighting to live.

Maxie watched in horror as Ellie told Spinelli that Maxie had been lying to him about the baby. Spinelli assumed that Ellie had been referring to the miscarriage, so he reminded her that he knew that Maxie had been implanted with one of Dante and Lulu's other frozen embryos. Ellie's eyes clouded with sadness as she confessed that was not what had happened.

Before Ellie could continue her confession, she received a text message from Brad asking Ellie to return to the lab because the results of the bone marrow drive for Danny were back. Ellie wanted to finish her conversation with Spinelli, but he insisted that Danny's health was more important.

After Spinelli and Ellie walked away, Maxie suggested that the universe wanted the truth about the baby to remain hidden. Georgie warned Maxie that it would destroy Spinelli to lose Maxie, but Maxie was confident that Spinelli would survive. "What about them?" Georgie asked as Mac and Felicia walked up.

Felicia was worried because Maxie was still in surgery, so Mac assured his new bride that their daughter was fine.

Nearby, Georgie reminded Maxie that it was Mac and Felicia's wedding day, so their parents should be overjoyed, not worrying about Maxie. Maxie was certain that Mac and Felicia would be fine without her because they wouldn't have to worry about their "screw-up" daughter. Georgie insisted that it was a lie, and Maxie knew it.

Felicia tearfully told Mac that she couldn't lose Maxie after having lost Georgie. Mac promised Felicia that everything would be fine because Maxie had always been a fighter and would never stop.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Alexis and Sam spotted Ellie, so they called out to her to ask if the results of the bone marrow drive were in. Ellie suggested that they wait to talk to the doctor, but Sam was desperate to know if they had found a match for Danny. Ellie smiled as she confirmed that one had been found.

Dante and Lulu followed their newborn daughter to NICU. The nurse explained that the baby girl had been born a little underweight, so they wanted to keep an eye on her. Dante and Lulu were eager to bond with the baby, but the nurse warned them that they would have competition. Dante and Lulu followed the nurse's gaze and saw their parents standing on the other side of the nursery's window, trying to get a look at the baby.

Dante and Lulu joined Sonny, Olivia, Luke, and Laura in the hallway. Luke and Sonny were curious what Dante and Lulu had named the baby, so Dante confessed that they still hadn't picked out a name. Olivia assured Dante and Lulu that it didn't matter because the baby was still beautiful.

Sonny and Luke began to talk about their plans for their granddaughter, each determined to be the favorite grandfather. Lulu chuckled and assured both men that the baby would love them equally. Olivia and Laura were eager to hear about the birth, so Lulu confessed that it had been amazing. Sonny and Luke were surprised when Dante mentioned that Spinelli had been in the viewing room during the delivery because Spinelli had been worried about Maxie. Dante assured everyone that he hadn't minded because the delivery had been intense, so Dante had needed the support.

Olivia joked that she was thankful that the baby hadn't been born a dog. Luke and Laura appeared confused, so Olivia told them about her visions of the wolf puppy.

Later, Lulu confessed that she was happy that Luke had made it in time for the baby's birth, but he had cut it close. Lulu was curious if Laura had told Luke that she and Laura had feared that Luke was sick and that Tracy had been covering for him. Luke hoped that Lulu and Laura hadn't been too hard on Tracy, so Lulu assured him that Tracy had taken it like a champ. Lulu wondered where her father had been, so Luke carefully replied that he had been with Holly.

Lulu assumed that Luke had gone to Switzerland to visit his friend, Robert Scorpio, so she asked how Robert was. "No better, no worse," Luke told Lulu. Luke squirmed when Lulu confessed that she wouldn't wish the pain of losing a loved one on anyone.

Nearby, Sonny and Olivia gushed over their granddaughter as they watched the baby through the window. Olivia thought that the universe worked in mysterious ways because there had been a time that she couldn't have imagined that she and Sonny would be gazing at their newborn granddaughter. Sonny smiled, prompting Olivia to suggest that Sonny share the news with Connie because he and Connie had a lot to discuss.

Later, Sonny, Olivia, Luke, and Laura hugged their children goodbye. Lulu snatched a cigar out of Luke's mouth as she made it clear that she wanted her father to live a long time. Luke and Laura looked at each other but didn't say anything.

Later, Luke explained that he had to resume his search for the cure. Laura promised to run interference with their daughter, so she wished Luke luck and invited him to call her if he needed help.

After Sonny and Olivia left, Spinelli bumped into Dante and Lulu. Spinelli explained that he had been looking for Maxie, so Lulu suggested that Maxie had been taken to recovery. Spinelli revealed that Maxie wasn't there, so he decided to find a nurse. Dante and Lulu invited Spinelli to see the baby before he left, so Spinelli followed the happy parents into the nursery. Spinelli was at a loss for words when they handed him the baby.

Nearby, Georgie and Maxie watched as Spinelli gazed at his daughter for the first time. He admitted that, as strange as it might seem, the baby resembled Maxie. Spinelli decided to track down Maxie, so he handed the baby to Lulu. Lulu asked Spinelli to let Maxie know that they would be by to check on her soon.

After Spinelli left, Lulu suggested that they name the baby "Jackalyn."

Meanwhile, Ellie spotted Spinelli leaving the nursery, so she called out to him. Spinelli explained that he was on his way to check on Maxie, but Ellie insisted that they continue their earlier conversation. Ellie revealed that the baby was not Dante and Lulu's daughter. "She's yours," Ellie quietly confessed.

Georgie returned to the operating room with Maxie as Dr. Chu continued to work to save Maxie's life. Georgie tearfully begged Maxie not to abandon their parents and then faded away.

In the waiting are, Georgie leaned down to kiss Mac and Felicia on the cheek. Felicia smiled with wonder as she turned to Mac to ask if he had felt what she had. Mac had the same expression of amazement on his face, but before he could reply, Dr. Chu walked out of the operating room and approached them.

At Elizabeth's house, Elizabeth picked up a picture of her son, Jake, as A.J.'s cruel words about Elizabeth being responsible for Jake's death replayed in her mind. Cam entered the living room, so Elizabeth put the picture down and asked her eldest child why he was still awake. Cam noticed the tears in his mother's eyes, so Elizabeth attributed them to allergies. Cam snuggled with Elizabeth on the sofa as he confessed that he hoped that she felt better the following day.

Elizabeth assured Cam that she wouldn't miss their movie date, so Cam reminded his mother that he was too young to date. Besides, he told her, she would be A.J.'s date. Elizabeth warned Cam that A.J. might not be able to join them. Cam was disappointed because he and Aiden liked A.J., in part because A.J. made Elizabeth smile.

Later, Michael stopped by to find out if Elizabeth had heard from A.J., so she told him that she had found A.J. at the bottom of a glass of vodka. Michael was surprised that Elizabeth had left A.J. at the bar, so Elizabeth assured Michael that she had confiscated A.J.'s keys. Elizabeth apologized for not calling Michael, but she had been upset after A.J. had said some cruel things to her about Jake.

Michael apologized to Elizabeth, but she assured Michael that it wasn't his fault. Michael decided to call the Floating Rib to find out if A.J. was still there, but the bartender revealed that A.J. had left in a cab. Michael called the taxi company and was told that A.J. had been dropped off at the mansion, so Michael decided to head to the Quartermaines'. Elizabeth regretted that she hadn't stayed with A.J., but Michael insisted that she'd had every right to leave after A.J. had mentioned Jake.

However, Michael knew that A.J. cared about Elizabeth, so he was certain that his father would regret the cruel words when A.J. sobered up. Michael hoped that Elizabeth would be willing to accept A.J.'s apology. After Michael left, Elizabeth looked at the picture of Jake and then the movie tickets for the following day. She set the picture down and then leaned back on the sofa with a troubled expression.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. stumbled around the parlor with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a gun in the other. He was startled when Michael suddenly appeared in the doorway. Michael's eyes zeroed in on the gun and bottle of booze. He asked what A.J. was doing with the gun, so A.J. drunkenly explained that the gun was a family heirloom. Michael wanted A.J. to hand over the gun, but A.J. refused because he insisted that he needed it.

Michael suggested that A.J. open his mouth, place the gun in it, and then pull the trigger to end A.J.'s miserable life. Shocked, A.J. asked why Michael would say that, so Michael began to berate A.J. Michael insisted that everyone had been right when they had told Michael that Michael would have been better off if A.J. had died. Michael urged A.J. to put both of them out of their misery by ending A.J.'s worthless life.

A.J. was certain that Michael hadn't meant it, but Michael accused A.J. of breaking his promise. Michael wanted nothing to do with A.J., so A.J. reminded Michael that Michael was his son. "Actually, he's my son," Sonny said from behind A.J. A.J. glared at Sonny and angrily accused Sonny of forcing A.J. to sign over all rights to Michael by threatening to kill A.J. A.J. ordered Sonny to leave, but Sonny ignored A.J.

A.J. became increasingly agitated as Sonny and Michael continued to fling insults at A.J. A.J. vowed to regain control of ELQ, but Connie suddenly appeared and laughed at A.J. A.J. insisted that he had lost ELQ because of Connie's newspaper article. Sonny, Michael, and Connie continued to taunt A.J. until, in a fit of rage, A.J. pointed the gun at Connie. Connie invited A.J. to pull the trigger, but he didn't.

Connie laughed as she confessed that she hadn't expected A.J. to carry out the threat because he was a "spineless wonder." Moments later, Connie, Sonny, and Michael left together, laughing over A.J.'s downfall.

Later, Michael entered the parlor, but A.J. was nowhere in sight.

At Crimson, Julian had his back to the door as he left Ava a voicemail message asking her to return his call. Connie appeared in the doorway in time to hear Derek refer to himself as Julian, so she waited until he ended the call to make her presence known and ask him who Julian was. Derek/Julian covered his tracks by claiming that his call to Ava had been about a rising artist named Julian. Connie appeared to believe the lie, so Derek/Julian quickly shifted gears to find out why she was there.

Connie explained that Derek's decision to run the article about Kiki had caused problems for her relationship with Sonny, so Connie wanted Derek to assure Sonny that she had made every effort to have the newspaper article pulled. Derek agreed, so Connie told him that Sonny was at the hospital.

At the hospital, Sonny admitted that he was concerned because he hadn't been able to reach Michael to tell Michael about the birth of Dante's daughter.

Moments later, Derek exited the elevator. Derek extended his hand to Sonny as Olivia made the introductions, but Sonny ignored Derek's extended hand. Derek smiled politely as he admitted that he was glad to have encountered Sonny because Derek wanted Sonny to know that Connie had begged to have the article pulled, but Derek had refused the request. Sonny didn't respond, so Derek suggested that Sonny hold onto Connie because Connie would do anything for Sonny.

After Derek left, Sonny and Olivia entered the elevator. Sonny confessed that something seemed off about Derek. Olivia agreed. Sonny was startled when Olivia suddenly cried out "Oh, God." Concerned, Sonny asked Olivia what was wrong. Olivia pointed to a flyer that had been taped to the wall. The flyer was of the wolf puppy and had a caption that read, "I want my mommy."

Meanwhile, Derek saw Alexis and Sam as the two women hugged. He wondered if they had received good news, so Alexis revealed that they had found a bone marrow match for Danny. Derek was curious when the transplant would take place, so Alexis explained that it was up to Derek. Derek was shocked when Alexis revealed that he was the match for Danny.

Friday, August 23, 2013

At the hospital, Dr. Chu approached Mac and Felicia to reveal that there had been a complication following Maxie's Cesarean section. Mac and Felicia feared the worst, but Dr. Chu assured them that she had managed to stop Maxie's hemorrhaging, so Maxie was stable and resting. Dr. Chu told them that Maxie was "one hell of a fighter" who had done an amazing thing by carrying a baby for Dante and Lulu. Felicia insisted that all the credit went to Mac for raising Maxie, so Mac happily agreed.

Later, Mac and Felicia were at Maxie's side when Maxie slowly regained consciousness. Maxie groggily asked where Georgie was and then explained that her sister had been with her in the operating room. Felicia explained that there had been a problem with the delivery, so Mac suspected that Maxie was confused because of the painkillers that she had been given. Maxie argued that she had fought her way back from death for the sake of her daughter, so she wanted to know where her baby was.

Concerned, Mac and Felicia gently explained that the baby that Maxie had given birth to was Dante and Lulu's biological child. Maxie became increasingly agitated as she confessed that the baby was her child with Spinelli. Mac and Felicia decided to fetch the doctor. Moments later, Dr. Chu entered Maxie's hospital room and sedated Maxie as Maxie continued to cry for her daughter.

In the hallway, Ellie confessed to Spinelli that the baby in the nursery was not Dante and Lulu's daughter. "She's yours and Maxie's," Ellie quietly revealed. Spinelli conceded that he had become a little too deeply involved with Maxie's pregnancy by attending birthing class with Maxie, but he assured Ellie that he knew that the baby wasn't his biological child. Ellie clarified that she hadn't meant it metaphorically; she had meant it literally.

Ellie explained that Maxie had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby, but Spinelli argued that Ellie had told him that Maxie had conspired with Dr. Westbourne to implant one of Dante and Lulu's other frozen embryos. Ellie admitted that had been the plan, but Dr. Westbourne had determined that Maxie had already been pregnant. Spinelli realized that Maxie had gotten pregnant when they'd had sex on New Year's Eve, so the baby was indeed his daughter.

Spinelli returned to the nursery window to look at his daughter. Dante and Lulu were hovering over the baby, so they glanced up and waved at Spinelli. Spinelli turned to look at Ellie with an expression of wonder and joy. His happiness turned to confusion as he tried to understand why Maxie hadn't told him about the baby. Ellie quietly explained that Maxie had been determined that Spinelli would never know about the baby, so only Maxie and Dr. Westbourne had known the truth.

"And apparently you," Spinelli pointed out. Ellie explained that she had been afraid that something had been wrong with the baby, so she had started asking questions and had even enlisted Spinelli's help to hack into the hospital records to access Maxie's medical files. Ellie admitted that she had even confronted Maxie with her suspicions, but Maxie had denied that Spinelli was the baby's father, so Ellie had continued to dig until she had found proof that Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's baby.

Spinelli felt betrayed by Ellie and demanded to know how Ellie could have lied to him. Ellie explained that Maxie had begged Ellie to keep quiet because Maxie had felt terrible about the miscarriage and was terrified of hurting Dante and Lulu. Spinelli pointed out that Ellie was supposed to love him, so he wanted a reason that he could understand. Ellie tearfully admitted that she had been afraid of losing Spinelli to Maxie because he had slept with Maxie on New Year's Eve.

Spinelli suddenly realized why Ellie had changed her mind about having a baby. He was hurt that she had made the offer out of guilt, not love. Ellie desperately reached for Spinelli as he started to walk away, prompting him to order her not to touch him.

In the nursery, Lulu suggested that they name the baby "Jackalyn." Dante rejected the idea because the name reminded him of Spinelli's nickname, the Jackal. Dante didn't want to be reminded of Spinelli every time he looked at his daughter. Lulu conceded that he had a point, so she reminded Dante that they could name the baby Georgie. However, Lulu was uneasy about the name because it should be reserved for Maxie's daughter.

Dante wondered if Lulu still had concerns about Maxie's attachment to the baby, so Lulu confessed that she hoped that Maxie would be able to let go, since Maxie was no longer carrying the baby. Moments later, they heard Spinelli order Ellie not to touch him. Concerned, Dante and Lulu went to the hallway to find out what was going on. Spinelli revealed that he and Ellie had been arguing about the baby.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Derek/Julian noticed Alexis and Sam hugging each other, so he hoped that they had received some good news. Sam revealed that a bone marrow match had been found for Danny, so Derek wondered when the transplant would take place. Alexis surprised him by explaining that it was up to him; Derek was the match. Derek was shocked, so Alexis wondered if he still intended to go through with the transplant. Derek assured Alexis and Sam that he wouldn't have been tested if he hadn't planned on donating his bone marrow.

Relieved, Alexis and Sam thanked Derek. Alexis hugged Derek in her enthusiasm, but then pulled away and apologized. Derek confessed that it was flattering to be hugged by a beautiful woman. Derek then warned Sam that Danny might grow up to enjoy Derek's love for fast cars and single-barrel bourbon. Sam chuckled and admitted that she didn't care as long as Danny had the chance to grow up.

After Sam left to share the good news with Silas, Alexis revealed that there had been a lot of ups and downs in the battle to save Danny's life. Derek was surprised when Alexis confided that they had tested everyone in the family except for Sam's father. He wondered why Sam's father had refused to be tested, so Alexis explained that Sam had been conceived during a one-night stand when Alexis had been at boarding school in New Hampshire. He asked which one. "Briarton-Griggs," Alexis answered.

Derek became rattled when Alexis told him what she had remembered during hypnosis about her encounter with Sam's father. Derek nervously asked her what Sam's father's first name was, so Alexis revealed that it was Julian. Alexis noticed Derek's odd expression, so she asked if he was okay.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael looked at the empty bottle of vodka that he had found on the floor in the parlor. Next, his eyes landed on the newspaper featuring the story about Kiki.

Moments later, Kiki entered the parlor and stopped short when she saw Michael. Michael quickly filled the awkward silence by explaining that A.J. was missing. Kiki revealed that her father was also missing, but then clarified that she had been referring to Franco. Kiki told Michael that Franco had slipped out of the hospital then disappeared, so Morgan had gone to the police station, while Kiki had decided to check the mansion. Kiki confided that she was worried that Franco might hurt himself or others.

Michael admitted that he felt the same way about A.J. He told Kiki about A.J.'s battle with alcohol and Elizabeth's encounter with A.J. at the Floating Rib. Michael explained that the cab company had dropped A.J. off at the mansion, but Michael had no idea where A.J. had gone after that. Kiki felt responsible for A.J.'s troubles, but Michael assured her that she was not to blame.

Michael insisted that A.J. had simply been outmaneuvered, but he acknowledged that A.J. wouldn't have been as devastated if it had been another company or business. However, ELQ had been A.J.'s chance to prove to everyone that A.J. was as good as the rest of the Quartermaines, even though Michael didn't think that they were that great. Kiki smiled as she softly argued that some Quartermaines were. Michael became distracted when he noticed that someone had opened the safe. He looked inside, but he couldn't figure out what had been taken.

Kiki suggested that perhaps A.J. had been looking for something that would help A.J. reclaim ELQ. Michael conceded that it was a possibility, but he was worried about A.J. wandering around thinking that he had lost everything. Kiki pointed out that Franco was in the same situation because Franco had in effect lost a child. Michael tried to comfort Kiki by reaching for her hands when she confessed that she was scared for Franco. Michael and Kiki shared a close moment as they started to lean in for a kiss.

Moments later, Kiki's phone rang, so Kiki pulled away to answer a call from Morgan. After Kiki wrapped up the call with Morgan, Michael asked if Kiki believed Morgan's claim that Morgan hadn't known the truth about Kiki's paternity before the wedding. Kiki admitted that she had asked Morgan, and he had denied that he had known. Michael wondered if Kiki believed Morgan, so Kiki pointed out that she had to because Morgan was her husband. Kiki insisted that Morgan was a good husband and had been there for her when she had needed him.

In the hospital's elevator, Olivia became upset when she saw a poster on the wall of a wolf puppy with a caption that read, "I want my mommy." Olivia began yelling at the poster, demanding to know why she was seeing the wolf puppy again. Sonny had no idea what Olivia was talking about, so she told him about the vision. Olivia was certain that the vision was connected to their granddaughter, but she had no idea what it meant. Determined to get to their granddaughter, Olivia began pressing the buttons on the panel until the elevator suddenly lurched to a stop.

Olivia stumbled backwards, so Sonny reached out to steady her. Moments later, Sonny received a call from Connie, but he didn't hear anything on her end. Sonny told Connie that he had been on his way to see her, but the elevator had become stuck. The call dropped, so Sonny growled with frustration. He became increasingly anxious as his claustrophobia set in. Olivia reminded Sonny that they were in a hospital, so someone would notice that the elevator was stuck.

Sonny continued to panic, so Olivia grabbed Sonny to get him to focus on her. She promised him that he could trust her and then assured him that everything would be okay. Eventually, Sonny began to regain control of his breathing and anxiety. Sonny hugged Olivia to thank her for her help. They shared a close moment until Sonny backed away.

Olivia assured Sonny that it was okay because she knew that Connie was in his heart. Sonny smiled as he confessed that Olivia was "one hell of a woman." Moments later, the elevator door opened. Sonny and Olivia exited the elevator, so Sonny announced that he would use the stairs. Olivia wanted to check on their granddaughter, so she decided to take her chances with the next elevator.

After Sonny left, Olivia entered the elevator. She stepped back in terror when she suddenly noticed blood seeping in from under the door.

At Crimson, Connie realized that Derek Wells was Julian Jerome, so she decided to call Sonny. A.J. appeared in the doorway, wielding a gun, before she could make the call. Startled, Connie threw her hands up in the air and tearfully asked A.J. to put down the gun. A.J. drunkenly staggered into the office as he began to rant at Connie for destroying his life. A.J. insisted that everything had started with Connie, so he was determined that it would end with her.

Connie managed to call Sonny and put the call on speakerphone while A.J.'s back was turned, but her plan backfired when A.J. heard Sonny's voice on the phone. Sonny called out to Connie and explained that he was stuck in an elevator. Furious that Connie had tried to trick him, A.J. snatched the cell phone off of the desk then threw it across the room. A.J. taunted Connie that Sonny wouldn't be arriving for her rescue.

Connie beseeched A.J. to think of Michael because Michael loved his father. A.J. disagreed because he believed that Michael saw Sonny as his father. A.J. railed that everyone had warned Michael that A.J. was a loser. He accused Connie of proving it by destroying everything that A.J. had worked for. Connie promised A.J. that she had never intended to hurt A.J., so she assured him that they could fix it if A.J. gave her a chance. A.J. didn't believe her because she had accused him of not having the courage to exact payback.

Connie had no idea what A.J. was talking about because she didn't think like that. A.J. ignored her. "Guess what, bitch, it's payback time," A.J. growled as he aimed the gun at her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael left A.J. a voicemail message asking A.J. to call because Michael was worried. Moments later, A.J. stumbled into the parlor from the patio.

At Crimson, Sonny called out to Connie, but she didn't reply. He knocked on her office door, but didn't get an answer, so he entered the office. Sonny was shocked when he saw Connie on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

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