General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 18, 2013 on GH

Todd, Starr, and John left town for various reasons. Elizabeth gave A.J. a second chance when he agreed to perform with her at the Nurses Ball. Lulu disappeared. Bobbie Spencer and Nikolas Cassadine returned to Port Charles. Someone from Britt's past arrived.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 18, 2013 on GH
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Monday, March 18, 2013

In John's motel room, Sam, Molly, Rafe, and John discussed Rafe's future. Rafe had been ecstatic when John said that Rafe could hang with him. Rafe told John that he did not have to do it, but John said that it would give him an incentive to get a real home, so Rafe would be doing John a favor. Molly was happy for Rafe and took him aside to talk. Sam played devil's advocate for John.

Sam asked if John was sure that he could handle a teenager. John said that he had been in limbo hell for far too long. John added that helping Rafe would give him incentive to get a life of his own instead of pouring all his energy into work. Alexis arrived with bad news. Child Services would not approve John as a foster parent for Rafe.

John and Rafe were devastated. Molly called the agency "unfair." Alexis said that she would keep trying, but meanwhile, Rafe had to return to the group home. John apologized for letting Rafe down. Rafe thanked John for trying to help him. Rafe left with Alexis and a still-protesting Molly. John shut the door behind them then angrily swept all the items off his desk.

Sam tried to comfort him, but John blamed himself for screwing up. John was upset because he had gotten Rafe's hopes up then failed to deliver. John said that he had messed up Sam's life as well as his own. Sam forced John to look at her. She told him to stop blaming himself for the past because he was a good man. They looked deeply into one another's eyes, drew closer, and kissed with meaning.

In her suite, Laura looked at an old photo album. When Scotty noticed, he wondered why she was going down memory lane. Laura explained that she was going over to Lulu's for a sonogram viewing and was looking for baby pictures of Lulu. Scott wanted to tag along, but Laura said that she wanted some alone time with Lulu. Scott wondered if Luke would be there, but Laura said that she did not know. Scott made Laura promise not to tell Luke that she had seen Anna kissing Duke. Laura agreed.

Scott said that he had one more question. He got down on his knees and proposed to Laura, who said that she had already agreed to marry him. Scott pulled out a jewelry box with an enormous diamond ring in it. Scott said that the ring made it official. Laura put on the ring.

Dante arrived at Olivia's to pick her up but found Olivia still in her robe and weeping. Olivia said that Steve was being sentenced that day, so she needed to stay home to answer the phone in case Steve's lawyer called. Dante said that she had her cell phone and did not need to stay home. He insisted that Olivia attend the party that he and Lulu were hosting. Dante said that Olivia could not miss seeing the first sonogram of her expected grandchild. Olivia got dressed.

At the loft, Lulu greeted Luke, who was the first to arrive for the party. Luke asked if Lulu had received any more strange gifts. Lulu said that she had not. Luke shared his suspicions about Scott Baldwin. Lulu said that she understood, but was trying to keep an open mind. Lulu said that Luke had his own relationship with Anna to work on. Luke replied that he and Anna had broken up. Lulu asked if Laura knew.

Before Luke could answer, Laura, Olivia, and Dante strolled in. Luke and Laura were awkward with each other at first, but it passed quickly. Everyone hugged and congratulated each other on the coming grandchild as they looked at the sonogram. When Olivia left to retrieve something from the car, Luke took Dante aside while Laura and Lulu looked at the photo album that Laura had taken to show Lulu.

Dante told Luke that it meant a lot that Luke had shown up at the party. Luke said that he was still chasing down leads, trying to determine if Helena had sent the weird "Ice Princess" present to Lulu. Luke recommended that Dante also check out Scott as a potential sender.

As they looked at the photos, Lulu told Laura that it was weird watching someone else carry her baby. Laura told Lulu to look at things in perspective. Laura said that pregnancy lasted only nine months, but parenthood lasted a lifetime. Laura could not keep her knowledge about Anna to herself and told Lulu that Anna was cheating on Luke. Lulu told Laura that Luke and Anna had broken up. Lulu asked Laura if that made a difference to her.

At that moment, Olivia returned carrying a large gift bag with a tag that indicated that it was from "Aunt Bobbi." Luke was suspicious of the package.

At the Floating Rib, Todd gloated as he used his laptop to view an argument between Carly and A.J. They were unaware that Todd was spying on them with a hidden camera that was installed in a giant bunny, which Todd had sent to Josslyn using a ruse to make Carly believe that the bunny and accompanying Easter basket were a gift from Jax. Lucy interrupted him.

Todd pretended not to know Lucy, but Lucy sat down in Todd's booth and persisted in reminiscing. Eventually Todd gave in, and they discussed the irony of both being at Ferncliff, both being released from jail, and how they were both getting back to their real lives. Lucy said that she had to get back to planning the Nurses Ball. She tried to get Todd to buy a table, but Todd said it sounded boring. Lucy replied that Todd could not spoil her mood because she was about to get back the man she loved.

Todd opened up and said that he was about to get Carly back also. Todd told Lucy what he had done with the camera in order to get proof that Carly and A.J. were not a couple. Lucy told Todd that even if he knew that Carly and A.J. were faking it, there was no guarantee that Carly would take Todd back. Lucy said that some lies could never be taken back, but she added that if Todd truly loved Carly, he would keep trying because true love never gave up.

Carly and A.J. bickered about their relationship. Carly wanted A.J.'s help, but A.J. said it was Carly's plot and Carly's boyfriend. Carly demanded A.J.'s help to put Todd's suspicions to rest, but A.J. said no dice and told Carly that the game was over. Carly reminded A.J. about the missing Quartermaine heir and added that she had already told Luke, who had a head start on locating the heir for Tracy. A.J. accused Carly of blackmail. Carly said they were being mutually helpful. A.J. said that he had hurt Elizabeth, and he did not want to lose his chance with her. Carly told A.J. to think about Michael and ELQ.

Todd walked in on Carly and A.J. Todd told Carly that he loved her and could only give her up if she demonstrated her love for A.J. while Todd watched. Carly was grossed out. Todd then revealed that, using the bunny cam, he had overheard and recorded the entire conversation between Carly and A.J., which proved that Carly and A.J.'s love connection was phony. Carly pretended that she and A.J. had known about the camera all along and had been faking their argument, but A.J. refused to play along. Instead A.J. said, "So long," as he hurriedly left Carly home alone to fend Todd off on her own.

After A.J. left, Todd told Carly that he loved her and that the more Carly pushed him away, the more it showed how much she cared for him. Todd said that he had never before had a friend like Carly. Todd said that their friendship had not been lost after they had slept together as he had feared, but had gotten better. Todd said that he needed Carly in his life and that Carly needed Todd, too. Carly turned to Todd, put her arms around his neck, and kissed him with great passion.

Scott ran into Lucy in the Floating Rib. He told her that he was engaged to Laura. When Lucy questioned him, Scott tried to lie and make it sound like fate, but Lucy made Scott admit that he had been on Laura's plane to Paris and had stuck with Laura since, eventually eroding her doubts. Scott said that when he had first proposed, Laura had told him that she needed to find out if there was anything left with Luke. Scott said that he had encouraged Laura to return to Port Charles and find out.

Scott told Lucy that Laura had accepted his proposal after seeing Luke and Anna kissing each other. Scott admitted that he had not told Laura that Luke and Anna had broken up for fear that Laura would run back into Luke's arms. Scott asked if that was the point where Lucy advised him to tell the truth to Laura. Lucy said no. She told Scott that based on recent experiences, when she had tried to tell the truth, she had learned that sometimes it was better to lie.

Lucy asked Scott if he loved Laura. Scott said that he had been in love with Laura since the age of 17. Lucy advised Scott to marry Laura quickly, before she could find out the truth about Luke and Anna.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In John's motel room, John apologized for messing up Sam's life. Sam suggested that perhaps she had been the one to mess up his life, so he should stop acting like everything had been his fault. Sam ordered John to look at her when he refused to make eye contact with her. John turned to face her, prompting Sam to assure him that he was a good man. Passion quickly flared as they gazed into each other's eyes and then kissed.

The kiss deepened as John and Sam made their way to his bed. John stopped kissing Sam long enough to make certain that she was ready to make love. Sam suddenly tensed as uncertainty crept in. Sam didn't know if it was the room that Danny had been born in or something else.

John and Sam talked about the night of Danny's birth. She admitted that she could have been anywhere that night, but she had chosen to be with John because she had felt more than mere friendship for him. John realized that they would always have the guilt between them of knowing that they had wanted each other when they hadn't been free to explore those feelings. He conceded that she had been right to stop things when she had because she deserved better.

John wished that things could have been different for them. "Me too," Sam tearfully admitted as John held her. John explained that he didn't want Sam to look at him and feel guilt or regret, so Sam confessed that she felt the same way about him. Sam realized that John intended to disappear from her life when he assured her that she had done the right thing. Sam warned John that they had shared more than a few kisses because he had saved her life twice and had delivered her son.

Sam credited John with teaching her how to trust again and to have faith because he had never failed her. John gently cupped her chin and promised that he would never fail her. He confessed that it had been a difficult year, except for Sam and Danny, so he would always carry them with him in his heart. Sam walked to the door but stopped. They struggled to find the words to say goodbye, so Sam tearfully reminded him that they had never figured out the mysterious connection that they had felt when they had first met.

"Maybe we did. Different time, different place," John answered. Sam added that it should be a place where they could be happy without hurting anyone. John suggested that perhaps it would be next time. "Maybe," Sam quietly replied. John asked Sam to cherish every moment that she had with Danny, so Sam agreed. "Goodbye Sam," John softly said. They shared a brief bittersweet kiss and Sam left.

In Carly's living room, Todd implored Carly to stop fighting herself, so Carly kissed him. After several minutes, Todd pulled back and wondered if it was real. Carly ordered him to "shut up" and kiss her, so Todd indulged in another steamy kiss with Carly. Todd bragged that her emotionless kiss with A.J. couldn't compare to the passion that she felt with Todd. He reminded her that she didn't have to pretend with him and that he was there and wanted her.

Carly pushed Todd away and told him to go. Confused, Todd demanded to know what was going on. Carly confessed that he terrified her, so he wondered if she would feel at ease if he could put all of her fears to rest. Carly argued that she didn't trust Todd. Todd conceded that he couldn't blame her because he had lied to her. However, Todd insisted that he had nothing left to hide from Carly.

"Until next time," Carly pointed out. Todd admitted that another catastrophe was inevitable, but he assured Carly that he intended to be honest with her because he knew that she would remain at his side and bail him out. "No, I won't," Carly told him. Carly explained that she and Todd would end up destroying each other because they were both afraid to love and be vulnerable. According to Carly, they drove the people that they cared about away by constantly testing and pushing their loved ones past their breaking point, so they were bound to do the same to each other one day.

Carly feared that she and Todd would end up hating each other, but Todd couldn't imagine ever feeling that way about her. Carly insisted that they couldn't make things work because of who they were, so whatever they'd had was over. Todd wondered if they could have remained friends if they hadn't slept with each other, but Carly argued that their intimacy had been destined. Todd agreed, but he refused to regret it. Carly confessed that she felt the same way.

Todd lovingly stroked Carly's face as he promised her that he had meant what he had said about wanting to see her face every day. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she begged him to go. Todd admitted that he didn't want to and kissed her again. Moments later, he left.

At the loft, Lulu and Laura spoke privately in the bedroom. Laura was stunned when Lulu revealed that Luke and Anna had ended their relationship. Laura wondered if Lulu were certain, so Lulu confessed that she and Luke had been talking about it when Laura had arrived. Laura stood up and looked into the living room, where Luke and Dante were seated. Lulu noticed her mother's troubled expression, so she asked if it mattered. Laura was spared from having to answer when Olivia entered the loft with a large gift bag.

Olivia explained that the present had been left in the hallway, so Lulu checked until she found a card. "It's from Aunt Bobbie," Lulu announced when she read the card. Lulu was about to check in the bag when Luke loudly cautioned everyone to step away from the gift. Luke feared that it was a trick because he doubted that his sister had sent the present. Lulu showed her father the card, but Luke remained on high alert. Olivia was curious who would want to harm Lulu, so Luke admitted that there were two suspects: Helena or Scott.

"Leave Scotty out of this, please," Laura warned Luke. Laura assured everyone that Scott wouldn't harm Lulu. Olivia tensed when she heard the package ticking. Dante immediately decided to call the bomb squad, so he attempted to herd everyone out of the apartment. However, Lulu answered her phone when she heard it ring. Seconds later, everyone was shocked when Lulu marched up to the bag and began to pull the tissue paper out of it until she discovered a teddy bear with a clock inside to help the baby sleep. Lulu revealed that Bobbie had just called to let her know about the gift.

Everyone relaxed until Olivia began to sway on her feet. Luke and Dante reached out to catch Olivia before she collapsed. Olivia assured everyone that she was fine, but she became dizzy again. Dante decided to take his mother to the hospital to be checked out, so he left with Olivia. Lulu seized the opportunity to address what was going on between her parents by asking Luke why he hadn't told Laura that he was single. Embarrassed, Laura glared at Lulu, but Lulu was unapologetic.

Luke hadn't realized that anyone had been interested in his love life, so Laura confessed that she had seen Luke and Anna kissing on the piers a few weeks earlier. Luke explained that he and Anna had broken off their relationship that night then he admitted that he had a question for Laura. However, Laura's phone rang before he could ask it.

Later, Luke expressed concern about Laura because Scott had her on a short leash. Luke couldn't understand why Laura had left so quickly when Scott had called. Lulu was shocked that Luke hadn't figured out what was really going on. Luke had no idea what Lulu was talking about, so Lulu explained that Laura had returned to Port Charles for Luke but had decided to accept Scott's proposal of marriage only after it had appeared that Luke had been off the market.

At the Floating Rib, Scott reminded Lucy that he had been in love with Laura since he had been seventeen years old. Lucy advised Scott to marry Laura without delay, but Scott argued that Laura might not want a quickie wedding. He recalled Laura's lavish wedding to "that string bean." Lucy argued that it had been 1981 and everyone had been younger and had had more hair. She insisted that Laura might be inclined to elope because Laura had already had the big wedding. Scott remained skeptical, but Lucy knew that Scott was concerned that Laura might change her mind about marrying him.

Lucy warned Scott that it was only a matter before Laura discovered that Luke was available, so Scott had to get Laura to the altar quickly. Scott agreed, but he didn't have a marriage license. Lucy offered to help Scott obtain one right away.

A.J. approached two nurses at the nurses' station to ask if they knew where to find Elizabeth. One of the nurses explained that Elizabeth's shift had ended, but she spotted Elizabeth and Felix near the elevator. A.J. turned and called out to Elizabeth, but she ignored him as she entered the elevator with Felix. A.J. dashed after them to explain that he needed to talk to Elizabeth. Elizabeth refused to acknowledge A.J. as Felix advised A.J. to take the next elevator because theirs was full.

At the apartment, Starr and Michael were delighted that they had the chemical compound of the relish's secret ingredient. Michael had never imagined that a relish would be ELQ's salvation. Starr was happy that they had been able to get the information out of Ellie. "All thanks to Lucy Coe," Michael added and kissed Starr. Starr was curious why Michael had given Lucy credit, so Michael explained that Kevin had been in town because of Lucy. Starr thought that it was a bit of a stretch, but was happy for Michael. Michael insisted that A.J. would be happiest of all, so he called his father.

At the hospital, A.J. hoped that four messages to Elizabeth since she had left would count for something. Seconds later, Michael called to give A.J. the news about the relish recipe. "That's great," A.J. told Michael, but Michael sensed his father's lack of enthusiasm. A.J. assured Michael that he was eager to celebrate with Michael and Starr and then quickly ended the call when A.J. spotted the nurses that he had talked to earlier.

At the apartment, Starr was curious how A.J. had reacted to the news. Michael admitted that his father had seemed distracted. Starr wondered what could have possibly taken A.J.'s mind off of the family business, so Michael suggested that it was either Carly or Elizabeth.

Later, Starr and Michael made love. Afterwards, Michael thanked Starr for everything that she had done and for being a part of his life. "I love you," he told Starr as her phone suddenly rang. It was her friend, Langston. Michael noticed Starr's tension as she spoke to Langston. After the call ended, Michael asked if everything was okay. Starr announced that she had to leave Port Charles.

At the hospital, A.J. asked the two nurses if they knew where Elizabeth had been headed. The nurses were curious why they should tell A.J. because he might be a stalker. A.J. assured them that he was not, but they argued that a stalker would say that. One of the nurses pointed out that Elizabeth had seemed eager to get away from him, so A.J. explained that he and Elizabeth had had a misunderstanding because Elizabeth thought that he didn't want her.

A.J. assured the two nurses that he wanted Elizabeth very much, so he asked the nurses what it would take to get their help. The nurses revealed that they were selling tickets to the Nurses Ball, so A.J. pulled out some cash to buy tickets.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Felix arrived at the Floating Rib just as Lucy and Scott were leaving. Lucy was surprised that Elizabeth and Felix were there instead of working on plans for the Nurses Ball. Felix assured Lucy that he and Elizabeth could multitask, so Lucy relaxed. "Carry on. Good luck. Thank you. See you soon," Lucy said with a salute and then left with Scott. Elizabeth and Felix smiled as they made their way to a table and ordered a drink.

A short time later, Lucy and Scott arrived at the courthouse, but the clerk in charge of marriage licenses informed them that the office was closed. Lucy and Scott pleaded with the man to make an exception and issue Scott a marriage license, but the clerk refused. Lucy spotted Mayor Lomax, so she called out to the mayor. After a brief greeting, Lucy explained Scott's situation. They mayor refused to help, so Lucy resorted to blackmail by reminding the mayor that one of the people who had escaped from Ferncliff with Lucy had been the owner of the Sun.

Lucy explained that Todd was a good friend and could easily be persuaded to run a scathing article about how the police commissioner and the mayor had botched the Stephen Clay investigation and had then lied about Lucy, Rafe, and John working undercover. Later, Laura arrived at the courthouse where Scott was waiting. She was curious why he had asked her to meet him. "So we can get married, right now," Scott answered.

At the Floating Rib, Elizabeth thanked Felix for running interference with A.J. at the hospital. She confessed that she hadn't been in the mood to deal with A.J. or his lies. Felix changed the subject by revealing that he wanted to ask "Magic Milo" to perform with him. He was disappointed when Elizabeth warned him that Milo couldn't sing. She then grumbled about why A.J. had hooked up with the woman who had ruined A.J.'s life. Elizabeth also couldn't understand why A.J. continued to pursue her if he wanted to be with Carly.

Felix suggested that perhaps A.J. had ditched Carly because A.J. had realized that A.J. wanted Elizabeth. Felix then returned to the topic of Milo. Felix thought perhaps Milo could lip-sync shirtless, so that the audience wouldn't notice. Elizabeth's ignored Felix as she confided that A.J. had a better chance being Sonny's best man at the wedding than getting near Elizabeth again. Seconds later, Felix spotted A.J. entering the bar.

Elizabeth turned and looked up into A.J.'s smiling face. She tried to ignore A.J. by discussing plans for the Nurses Ball with Felix. Desperate to talk to Elizabeth, A.J. boldly offered to perform a skit. Felix quickly recovered from the surprise and invited Elizabeth to continue their discussion in private. Elizabeth collected her things, but A.J. vowed that he was not going to give up on her. Elizabeth advised A.J. to reconsider and suggested that he return to his "bed-buddy."

A.J. insisted that he didn't want Carly and had never had, but Elizabeth reminded him that she had seen A.J. and Carly kissing. A.J. explained that Carly had been desperate to prove to Todd that Carly had moved on, so she had kissed A.J. Elizabeth conceded that it sounded like something that Carly would do, but she couldn't understand why A.J. would go along with it. A.J. admitted that Carly had offered to give him something that he had needed. Felix snickered, so A.J. quickly clarified that Carly had information that could have secured A.J.'s position with ELQ. However, A.J. had decided not to play Carly's game when he had realized that it would cost him Elizabeth.

A.J. deeply regretted that he had hurt Elizabeth. He realized that if he had kept lying then he would have been the same "scheming lowlife," "disappointment," and "punch line" that he had always been. A.J. assured Elizabeth that he hadn't wanted to jeopardize their friendship, even for ELQ, because Elizabeth meant that much to him. A.J. promised that he wasn't asking her for a second chance because he had been greedy and stupid, but A.J. but hoped that the next guy who gathered the courage to ask her out would be smarter than A.J. had been.

Felix cleared his throat and confessed that A.J.'s speech had been the most romantic thing that he had ever heard and that it killed him that it hadn't been said to him. Felix excused himself and dashed off in tears. A.J. smiled awkwardly and decided to leave, but Elizabeth called out to him. She admitted that it went against her better judgment, but she had decided to go out with him one more time under one condition.

Moments later, Felix returned, apologized for making a scene, and asked what he had missed. Elizabeth revealed that she had agreed to go out with A.J., but she had one condition. Felix was relieved that A.J.'s "beautiful" speech had changed Elizabeth's mind. He conceded that A.J. had earned the second chance, but A.J. still had to prove that it had been deserved. Elizabeth revealed that she wanted A.J. to promise to perform a skit with her at the Nurses Ball. A.J. let out a pent-up breath.

"Done," A.J. agreed without hesitation. "Really?" Elizabeth asked, surprised. She had expected A.J. to ask for some time to think about it. A.J. insisted that there wasn't anything to think about. Felix hoped that A.J. knew what he was getting himself into. "Oh, I know," A.J. answered as he smiled at Elizabeth. Elizabeth shyly returned the smile.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

At the apartment, Starr packed for her trip to Los Angeles. Michael couldn't understand why Starr had to leave right away, so Starr explained that Langston had been vague about what was going on but had assured Starr that everything would make sense once Starr arrived in Los Angeles. Michael decided to fly to California with Starr, but Starr immediately objected. Moments later, Todd knocked on the door and demanded to talk to his daughter.

"How could you? How could both of you?" Todd asked when Starr opened the door. Todd began to rant about how he had warned Carly that he was a rotten human being, but he conceded that he only had himself to blame for Carly dumping him. Starr agreed that Carly had made the right decision because Todd didn't trust anyone to love him, so he tested everyone by lying and doing terrible things until he drove everyone away. "Did I finally push you away for good?" Todd nervously asked.

Todd quickly apologized for keeping quiet about Johnny's role in the accident that had killed Hope and Cole. Todd explained that Starr was the one person in the world that he had never wanted to see unhappy. He realized that he had screwed up and had dug a hole for himself, but he insisted that he couldn't lose Starr on top of everything else. Starr couldn't deal with her father because she had to leave. Todd wondered where Starr was headed, so she told him about Langston's phone call.

Michael admitted that he wanted to go with Starr, but Starr insisted that Michael had to stay to help A.J. with ELQ. Todd reminded Starr that he had a private jet, so he offered to take Starr to Los Angeles. Michael wholly supported the idea, but Starr refused to consider it. Todd explained that he had planned to go to Llanview to check on her sister, Dani, but Starr was determined to fly commercial. Todd growled that he'd had a terrible day and was upset, so Starr should just let him be the rich father that he was.

Michael quietly suggested that perhaps Todd needed Starr, so Starr reluctantly agreed to join her father on the private jet. Satisfied, Todd collected her bag and walked to the door to wait for her. Starr demanded some time alone with Michael, so Todd asked Michael to let Carly know that Todd had left town for good and that Todd thought that Carly had a great smile and a beautiful face. After Todd carried the bag to the car, Starr assured Michael that she would return soon. Seconds later, Todd impatiently honked the car's horn.

At the Floating Rib, Carly and Sam each held up a shot glass filled with tequila. "To the end of me and Todd," Carly said. "To the end of me and John," Sam replied. They both emptied their glasses and then went to a booth to drink and talk. Sam explained that she and John had decided not to pursue a relationship because they feared that their guilt would eventually tear them apart. However, Sam insisted that John was a good guy.

Carly admitted that Todd was not a good guy, so she had tried to push Todd away by pretending that she had rekindled things with A.J. However, Todd had hidden a camera in her house to ferret out the truth. Carly confessed that she had been tempted to take Todd back, but it would have been a mistake. Carly suddenly realized that Sam might not want to hear about Todd, but Sam assured Carly that it was fine because Carly had been Jason's friend and Jason had cared about Carly.

Sam thought that Carly deserved better than Todd, so Carly insisted that Jason wouldn't have wanted Sam to give up John to remain faithful to Jason's memory. Carly believed that Jason would have wanted Sam and Danny to find love again. Sam offered Carly a weak smile, so Carly changed the subject by announcing that she was going to mark the date on the calendar because it had been the first time that Carly had made a conscious decision not to destroy her life. Sam congratulated Carly.

Carly admitted that it hadn't been easy, but she was proud that she hadn't let things get ugly. Sam suggested that the next time that Carly became involved with a guy it not be someone who screamed that he was screwed up. Carly chuckled then shifted gears by asking what qualities Sam was looking for in a man. Sam confessed that she had no idea because she couldn't stop thinking about how much she missed John.

Later, Carly conceded that she was glad that she had bumped into Sam. Sam returned the sentiment, so Carly jokingly warned Sam that they would have to stop bonding, or people might mistake them for friends. Sam laughed and followed Carly out of the bar.

At the Rendezvous Motel, John was surprised when Anna showed up on his doorstep. Anna explained that she was there on official business and requested that he hand in his badge. John assumed that it had something to do with his recent escape, but Anna revealed that the FBI had called John back to active duty for a top-secret case. John was stunned when Anna told him that the FBI had sent a jet to take John to Quantico.

John wondered how long he would be gone. Anna revealed that she had been instructed to fill John's vacant position at the police station, so she suspected that it would be a lengthy investigation. John realized that he should be furious, but he confessed that the timing was perfect because he had no ties to anyone. Anna disagreed, but John welcomed the opportunity to make some changes and turn his life around. John quickly gathered his things while Anna tearfully watched him pack. She was curious if there was anyone in Port Charles that he wanted to say goodbye to.

John asked Anna to keep an eye on Rafe. "Anyone else?" Anna carefully asked. John knew that she had been referring to Sam, so he conceded that he had feelings for Sam. Anna gently reminded John that Jason had died, but John explained that what he'd had with Sam had been tainted by the way that things had started. A short time later, John signed off on some paperwork. Anna wiped away a tear as John confessed that she had been a great boss and friend.

John held up a nearly empty bottle of whiskey and invited Anna to finish it off with him. Anna agreed, so John poured them each a tumbler of the amber liquid. Anna toasted to John's assignment. "To you," John said and took a drink. Afterwards, John picked up his bag and walked to the door. He thanked her for everything. Anna watched him leave then finished her drink.

At the hospital, Dante told Patrick that Olivia had passed out, but Olivia insisted that she'd merely been dizzy, which she suspected had stemmed from not eating. Olivia thought that she was wasting Patrick's time but Patrick asked her a series of questions about the dizzy spells. Patrick was startled when Olivia confessed that she had been looking at a bear prior to almost passing out. Dante quickly clarified that it had been a stuffed bear.

Olivia and Dante told Patrick about the gift that Lulu had received and Luke's concern, which Olivia insisted had been unfounded. Dante feared that Olivia's fainting spell might have been a result of the LSD overdose, so Patrick promised to run some tests and scans. Patrick congratulated Dante on the baby and left. Moments later, Dante's phone rang, so he stepped into the hallway to take the call. Olivia became alarmed when she heard a loud ticking noise in the room.

Olivia looked around until she spotted the stuffed bear that Bobbie had sent to Lulu. The clock in the stuffed bear's belly showed that it was seven o'clock. Olivia's anxiety mounted as she called out to Dante. Olivia stumbled to the door as Dante entered the room. Olivia told him about her vision. "Why the hell would I see that bear?" Olivia asked.

Dante reminded Olivia that she'd had a stressful day, but Olivia argued that the ticking sound had been ominous. She urged Dante to return to the loft to check on things, but Dante was confident that everything was okay. A short time later, Patrick returned to report his findings. Patrick blamed Olivia's dizzy spells on low blood sugar and dehydration. Dante decided to take his mother to get something to eat, but Olivia wanted him to return to the loft to get rid of the bear.

At the Floating Rib, Lucy caught up with Kevin. She showed him a bouquet of flowers and explained that it was for a wedding later that evening. Kevin was shocked when Lucy revealed that she needed him to be the best man. Kevin was curious who the groom was, so Lucy reluctantly admitted that it was Scott. Kevin made it clear that he would rather be bitten by one of Lucy's vampires than stand up for her ex-husband.

Lucy insisted that Scott needed to get married right away but Kevin was unmoved. However, he was curious how Lucy knew about Scott's wedding plans. Lucy admitted that she had bumped into Scott and they had talked. Kevin couldn't understand the concept of exes being friends, so he marched to the bar and ordered a drink from Mac. Lucy followed Kevin as she confided that Scott didn't have anyone. Kevin explained that it was because no one liked Scott.

Lucy resorted to begging. Kevin sensed that there was more to the wedding and confessed that it smelled like a "vintage Lucy Coe scheme." Kevin turned to Mac for help, but Mac refused to get involved. Lucy assured Kevin that she loved Kevin and only Kevin. To Lucy's delight, Kevin reluctantly agreed go to the courthouse with her.

After Kevin and Lucy left, Mac called Felicia to ask her to return his call because they needed to talk about what was going on with her and Frisco.

At the courthouse, Laura was stunned when Scott told her that he wanted to marry her right away and showed her the marriage license that he had obtained. Laura wondered what the rush was, so Scott thought about his talk with Lucy when Lucy had warned him that Laura would eventually find out that Luke and Anna had ended things. Scott explained that he didn't want to wait, so Laura made excuses for why they couldn't get married that night.

Scott had an answer for each objection that Laura raised and showed her the wedding rings that he had picked up, but Laura made it clear that she refused to get married without her daughter at her side. Scott quickly called Lulu, told her about their plans to get married, and ordered Lulu to get to the courthouse to serve as Laura's maid of honor. "Anything else?" Scott asked as he ended the call. Laura remained reluctant, so Scott wondered where her sense of adventure was.

Laura confessed that she had wanted to plan her wedding. Scott assured Laura that he loved her, but he was curious if her hesitation had something to do with Luke. Laura was hurt by the question, prompting Scott to remind her that she hadn't agreed to marry him until she had found out about Luke and Anna. Laura clarified that she had unofficially accepted his proposal before her trip to Port Charles. Scott wasn't surprised when Laura admitted that Lulu had told her that Luke and Anna had ended things.

Laura wished that Scott hadn't persuaded her not to talk to Luke. Laura's eyes narrowed when she noticed Scott's guilty expression, so the asked him if he had been trying to keep her from finding out the truth about Luke and Anna. "Is that the reason for the warp speed wedding?" Laura asked. Scott admitted that he had found out about Luke and Anna's breakup weeks before.

Laura was curious why Scott had lied to her, so he confessed that he had been afraid of losing her. Scott apologized and asked if she still wanted to be his wife. Lucy and Kevin arrived before Laura could reply. Lucy bragged that she had assembled everything to ensure that Laura would have a perfect wedding. Scott was relieved when Laura smiled and agreed to get married.

At the loft, Lulu told her father that Laura had only agreed to marry Scott because Laura had thought that Luke had been off the market. Luke scoffed and explained that he had talked to Laura about the engagement and that Laura had claimed to love Scott, but Lulu insisted that Laura was in love with Luke. Luke warned Lulu that Laura and Luke would not get back together because they had both moved on with their lives and had gone in different directions.

Lulu admitted that she wouldn't be surprised if Laura had left to call off the engagement to Scott. As if on cue, Scott called to ask Lulu to meet him and Laura at the courthouse because Laura wanted Lulu to be the maid of honor when Laura married Scott. Luke noticed Lulu's tension when she ended the call, so Lulu told him about Laura and Scott's wedding plans. Luke decided that the matter of who Laura loved had been settled, but Lulu disagreed.

Lulu suspected that her mother hadn't known how to handle the news that Luke was unattached. Luke insisted that Laura had made her choice, but Lulu argued that Laura hadn't known that Luke had been an option. Luke made it clear that he wasn't an option. Lulu ignored him and urged him to go to the courthouse to stop the wedding. Luke warned Lulu that her fantasy about Luke and Laura getting back together was not going to happen. Lulu feared that Scott would hurt Laura, so Luke reminded his daughter that Laura was a grown woman.

Lulu was certain that Scott had manipulated Laura. However, it was up to Luke to decide if he wanted to do anything about it. Lulu marched to the bedroom to find a suitable dress to wear for her mother's wedding.

At the courthouse, Laura returned to Scott's side, wearing a beautiful white dress. "Wow," Scott said when he saw Laura. Laura's smile brightened when Lucy and Kevin chimed in with their own compliments for the bride. Lucy was about to call Mayor Lomax to officiate the wedding, but Laura reminded everyone that they had to wait for Lulu. Seconds later, Scott heard a door close, so he assumed that Lulu had arrived. Everyone was surprised when Luke rounded the corner.

Lulu slipped into a flattering red dress and returned to the living room. She stopped short when she realized that Luke had left. She smiled because she suspected that Luke had decided to stop Laura and Scott's wedding. "This I gotta see," Lulu said as the alarm on the bear's clock suddenly went off at seven o'clock. A few minutes later, Lulu was unconscious on the floor.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spinelli dropped by the lab with coffee and invited Ellie to take a break with him. He tried to entice her with a game of gin, but Ellie passed. Spinelli noticed that Ellie seemed troubled, so she confessed that she had something on her mind. "Do you want to have a baby?" Ellie suddenly blurted out. Spinelli sputtered in surprise, so Ellie went back to work.

A short time later, Ellie poured some liquid into a glass beaker and then announced that they had to wait, so they should resume their discussion about the baby. Spinelli confessed that he hadn't thought about it, since they had only been dating for a short time. Ellie quickly clarified that she hadn't been asking if he wanted to start a family with her, but she was curious if he saw children in his future. Spinelli admitted that he would like to have a little "Jackal" one day. Ellie was disappointed because she didn't intend to ever have children.

Spinelli was stunned because Ellie had been a natural with children. Ellie explained that it was unfair to have a child when she would leave her son or daughter behind on a planet with diminishing resources. Ellie made it clear that children were off the table for her, so she hoped that it wouldn't be a deal breaker for them. Spinelli thought that a scientist like Ellie could appreciate that the world was ever-changing and that people evolved, so he was hopeful that she would one day change her mind.

Ellie suggested that perhaps Spinelli would change his mind. "I doubt it," Spinelli quietly admitted. Ellie tried to hide her upset by announcing that it was time to leave.

Frisco showed up on Maxie's doorstep with a pizza from his favorite place that he had discovered was still open. Maxie sensed that there was another reason for her father's visit, so Frisco admitted that he wanted to talk to her about her friend, Spinelli. Maxie quickly grabbed a piece of pizza in the hopes of changing the subject, but Frisco asked how she had been feeling. Maxie admitted that she had felt fine other than strong cravings for pastrami. She wondered if Frisco had mentioned Spinelli because Frisco had wanted to ask about the baby.

Frisco suggested that perhaps Maxie shouldn't pass the baby off as Dante and Lulu's child. Maxie reminded her father that he had promised to keep her secret. She worried that Frisco had changed his mind, but Frisco assured her that he hadn't. However, Frisco wanted Maxie to consider that she would be giving a piece of herself away when she handed the baby over to Dante and Lulu. Maxie argued that it had been her decision to become a surrogate, but Frisco pointed out that she wasn't a surrogate because the baby was Maxie's child, not Dante and Lulu's baby.

Maxie insisted that she wasn't ready to be a mother and doubted that she would ever be because she had been raised in an unstable family. Maxie explained that she wasn't the nurturing type and reminded Frisco that Spinelli had moved on. Frisco argued that Maxie didn't need Spinelli to raise the baby. Maxie admitted that it was more than that; Dante and Lulu believed that the baby was theirs, so Maxie refused to take that joy away from them. Frisco pointed out that Maxie would not be giving Dante and Lulu their child because Maxie was the baby's mother and Frisco the child's grandfather.

Maxie was baffled by Frisco's sudden attachment to the baby given that he had been an absent father. She appreciated his recent attempt to make amends, but she confessed that she'd only had a few memories of Frisco growing up, while her sister, Georgie, had only known their father through pictures. Frisco conceded that he had made some poor choices, so Maxie quickly assured him that she had let go of the anger. Frisco admitted that he wanted to make up for lost time.

Maxie was skeptical because fatherhood had never been Frisco's priority, so she wanted to know the real reason that he had returned to Port Charles. Frisco explained that he had once believed that being away from his family had been for the greater good because of his work for the government. He had told himself that he would always have time to make things up to Maxie and Georgie. However, he hadn't realized then that when time was gone, it was gone for good. Maxie wished that Frisco had known Georgie because Georgie had been smart about people, as well as kind and forgiving.

Maxie confided that Georgie had always been on Maxie's side, no matter how badly Maxie had screwed up. Maxie missed that and admitted that she continued to have difficulty accepting that her sister was gone, even though it had been years since Georgie's murder. Frisco's eyes filled with tears as Maxie cried on his shoulder. Afterwards, Frisco revealed that he wanted another chance with Maxie and Felicia.

Maxie was startled by the confession, so Frisco conceded that Maxie had a right to have questions. He admitted that he'd had dinner with Felicia and that Felicia had made a show of wanting him to leave town. Maxie warned her father that it hadn't been a show, but Frisco disagreed because the love that Frisco and Felicia had shared had been real. Maxie reminded her father that Felicia was with Mac and that they were happy together. Frisco assured Maxie that he would always be grateful to Mac for taking care of Maxie and Georgie, but it didn't mean that Felicia belonged with Mac. Frisco apologized for dumping everything on Maxie, but Maxie waved away his concern to suggest that sometimes relationships were beyond repair.

Frisco argued that he believed in fighting for love. After Frisco left, Maxie sat down and picked up a slice of pizza. She thought about her father's words as Ellie arrived home with Spinelli in tow. Maxie offered them pizza, but Ellie declined and made her way to the bedroom. Maxie wondered if everything was okay, so Spinelli assured her that it was fine. "Or will be," Spinelli amended as he followed Ellie to the bedroom.

In Anna's office, Felicia's phone rang, so Felicia let the call go to voicemail. Anna suspected that the call had been from Mac, so Anna was curious why Felicia had been avoiding Mac. Felicia confessed that she had no idea what to say to Mac. Felicia revealed that Frisco had told her that he wanted her back, so Felicia had secretly met Frisco for dinner to tell him that she wasn't interested. However, it had been Georgie's birthday, so Felicia and Frisco had been vulnerable and had reminisced about their younger days when they had been in love and life had been an adventure.

Anna smiled and confessed that being young had been like falling in love for the first time. "I always feel that the bond that you make at that time kind of never goes away," Anna admitted. Felicia agreed and decided to show Anna something. Felicia dug through her purse and pulled out a picture. Anna looked at the picture of Felicia and Frisco on their wedding day, which Anna recalled with fondness.

Felicia reminded Anna that Felicia was with Mac and that Felicia and Mac had shared history too. Felicia pointed out that Mac had been her friend at times and her lover at others, but through it all, he had been her rock and he had never failed her. Felicia regretted that she had left Mac to raise her daughters, while she had chased after Frisco. Felicia admitted that often Frisco had failed to show at their prearranged meeting places, so Felicia had never been a priority.

Felicia had no idea why she continued to hold onto the wedding picture, so Anna quickly pulled out a picture of Anna and Duke on their wedding day. "Join the club," Anna said. Anna confessed that she had ended things with Duke for good after a recent disastrous date when Duke had paid for the bill with counterfeit money. Anna explained that the incident had reminded Anna that Duke would always cut corners to get what he wanted, even if it meant skirting the law. Anna pointed out that she worked on the opposite side of the law, so it would never have worked out with Duke.

Anna also questioned if it were even practical to rekindle a relationship that had ended 20 years earlier. Felicia admitted that as much as she cherished her memories with Frisco, they were not the same people. "It's over between us," Felicia admitted. Felicia flipped her wedding picture over, so that it was facedown. Anna did the same with her own wedding picture.

At the Floating Rib, Duke sat down at the bar as Mac left a message for Felicia. Duke was curious what was going on with Mac and Felicia, but Mac claimed that he didn't want to talk about it. Duke respected Mac's privacy, so he placed an order for food. Mac served the food and grumbled about Frisco wanting Felicia back just when Mac thought that Mac and Felicia had a future together. Mac feared that Felicia would fall for Frisco again because the signs were there. Mac revealed that Felicia had lied to cover up having dinner with Frisco.

Mac tried to drop the subject but he was frustrated that he had been left waiting for Felicia to return his phone messages. Duke realized that Mac needed to vent, so he invited Mac to keep talking. Mac confessed that he was tortured by thoughts of what was going on between Felicia and Frisco. Duke advised Mac not to go down that road because it was a short trip between jealousy and outright paranoia. Mac continued to rant because he was worried that Felicia and Frisco had slept together. Duke ordered Mac to get a grip because Felicia would never do that to Mac.

Duke insisted that Felicia was in love with Mac, but Mac argued that Frisco was Felicia's first love, so Mac couldn't compete with the memories and feelings that Felicia and Frisco had shared. Duke warned Mac not to be so sure about that because Duke and Anna had shared many wonderful memories, and that hadn't turned out well for Duke. Duke told Mac about his attempt to treat Anna to a special evening out when everything had fallen apart because Duke had inadvertently paid in counterfeit money from Tracy. Mac thought that Duke could salvage things with Anna, but Duke doubted that Anna could be swayed to give Duke another chance.

Duke realized that he had been wrong to think that nothing could get in his and Anna's way once he and Anna had put Faison's "ridiculous masquerade" behind them. Mac reminded Duke that Anna had her own colorful background, so Mac suspected that Anna had used the excuse of Duke and Anna being on opposite sides of the law to avoid her real feelings for Duke. Mac urged Duke not to give up on Anna. Duke spotted Felicia at the entrance, so he quickly paid his bill, exchanged greetings with Felicia, and then left. Felicia admitted that she had gotten Mac's messages and agreed that they needed to talk about Frisco.

Felicia confessed that she had met Frisco for dinner, so Mac revealed that he had already known. Felicia explained that Frisco had wanted her back, prompting Mac to wonder how Felicia felt about that. Felicia didn't have an opportunity to reply because Frisco strolled into the bar. Mac was glad that Frisco was there, so Frisco asked why. Without warning, Mac punched Frisco. Felicia was shocked and demanded to know what Mac had been thinking.

At the loft, Lulu was unconscious on the floor as the alarm clock in the stuffed bear rang. In the hallway, Dante arrived home and saw a package waiting on the doorstep. He picked it up and read the label that revealed that Bobbie had sent it. Concerned, Dante called out to Lulu and opened the door. Dante's fears were realized when he spotted Lulu on the living room floor.

Dante ran over to check on his wife. Seconds later, someone knocked him out. Dante remained unconscious long enough for someone to abduct Lulu.

At the courthouse, everyone was surprised when Luke, not Lulu, rounded the corner. Scott glared at his rival as Laura asked where Lulu was. Luke assured Laura that Lulu was on her way, so Scott suggested that Luke explain why Luke was there. Scott was certain that Luke intended to cause trouble, but Luke ignored Scott to greet Lucy and Kevin. Scott remained hostile towards Luke and tried to toss Luke out.

Luke pointed out that it was a public place, but Laura decided to find out why Luke was there. Scott suspected that Luke intended to persuade Laura not to marry Scott. Luke assured Laura that she could marry whom she wanted to, but he thought that she could do better than Scott. Tempers flared when Luke accused Scott of sending the Ice Princess replica to Lulu and Scott denied it. Kevin reminded Scott and Luke that it wasn't the time or place.

Laura appreciated Kevin's help, but she wanted to know if Luke was there to stop her from marrying Scott. Luke admitted that he was there to prevent the "stupid" wedding from happening because Laura deserved better than a "pathological loser." Luke insisted that Scott wasn't the right man for Laura. "All right then, who is?" Laura asked. Luke didn't know, but he was certain that it wasn't Scott.

Moments later, Dante called to tell Luke about Lulu's disappearance. Luke quickly ended the call and told Laura what had happened. Laura was eager to get to the loft, so Scott decided to go with her. Luke warned Scott to stay away from the loft and vowed to kill Scott if it turned out that Scott had had anything to do with Lulu's disappearance. Luke dragged Laura away. Afterwards, Lucy fetched coffee for herself, Kevin, and Scott.

Lucy asked how Scott was holding up as she handed him a cup of coffee. Scott confessed that he had never envisioned the night ending the way that it had. Scott resented being accused of targeting Lulu, but Lucy assured Scott that no one had questioned Scott's innocence. She turned to Kevin for confirmation. "I don't know, Lucy, do we?" Kevin asked her.

At the loft, Anna arrived with a crime scene investigation team. Dante nursed a bump on the back of his head, so Anna suggested that he get it checked out. Dante refused to go anywhere until they found his wife. Anna asked Dante about the events leading to Lulu's disappearance, so Dante walked her through the day and told her about the two packages that had arrived that day for Lulu. Dante was certain that the stuffed bear from the first package had somehow been responsible for Lulu's unconsciousness.

Anna had the stuffed bear bagged and asked that the lab put a rush on the tests. Moments later, Luke and Laura arrived. Dante confided to Luke that Lulu had been targeted. Laura became upset and prayed that nothing happened to her daughter.

Friday, March 22, 2013

In the park, Scott and Lucy handed out flyers with Lulu's picture and asked people to call with any information on the missing young mother. Dante suddenly marched up and grabbed Scott by the collar. Lucy tried to pull Dante off of Scott, but Dante demanded to know where Lulu was. Lucy insisted that Scott hadn't taken Lulu because Scott had been at the courthouse in front of several witnesses at the time of Lulu's disappearance. Dante argued that Scott could have hired someone to abduct Lulu.

Lucy explained that Scott had been at the courthouse to marry Laura, while Scott assured Dante that he'd had nothing to do with Lulu's disappearance. Dante vowed to kill Scott if Dante found out that Scott had had anything to do with Lulu's abduction or Scott had harmed Lulu in any way. After Dante stormed off, Lucy relaxed. Scott thanked Lucy for her support then decided to check on Laura.

Lucy advised Scott to be the better man by not getting into an argument with Luke. Scott promised not to trade words with Luke unless Luke initiated it. After Scott left, Lucy continued to hand out flyers until she spotted a woman dressed in black. Lucy called out as she approached the woman. "Can I help you?" Dr. Obrecht asked as she turned to Lucy.

Lucy handed the diabolical doctor the flyer of Lulu and explained what had happened. Dr. Obrecht feigned outrage and concern, wondering who would do such a terrible thing to the young woman. Lucy was certain that the person had to be insane but Dr. Obrecht disagreed. Dr. Obrecht explained that sometimes people did evil things because they were simply evil. Lucy admitted that she'd had personal experience with evil, which was why it was imperative that they find Lulu.

Police officers swarmed the loft as Luke spoke to Anna on the phone. Nearby, Laura flipped through a photo album filled with pictures of Lulu as a child. After Luke ended the call, he checked on Laura. Laura was worried about their daughter, so Luke reminded Laura that Lulu was resourceful. Laura smiled because she believed that Lulu had inherited the trait from Luke. Moments later, a police officer informed Luke that the phones had been tapped and that the police would clear out of the apartment. Someone knocked on the door, so Luke answered it.

Luke was delighted when he saw his sister, Bobbie, on the doorstep. Bobbie hugged her brother and confessed that she had taken the first flight from Seattle when she had heard the news. Luke invited Bobbie into the loft while the police officers left. Laura was glad that Bobbie was there. Bobbie couldn't believe that someone had been watching them closely enough to have known about the gift that Bobbie had bought for Lulu's baby.

Luke shared his theory that Scott was behind Lulu's disappearance. Bobbie was outraged by the suggestion and reminded Luke that Scott lived on another continent. Luke realized that Bobbie hadn't heard the news about Laura and Scott's engagement, so he invited Laura to tell Bobbie. Luke revealed that Laura and Scott had intended to get married the previous evening, so Scott had been in the thick of things. Moments later, Scott was ushered into the loft. Luke objected to Scott's presence, but Bobbie ignored her brother and greeted Scott.

Scott explained that he had wanted to check on Laura. Laura was curious how things had gone at the park, so Scott assured her that he and Lucy had passed out flyers. Laura thanked Scott for his efforts to help find Lulu. Luke growled that it was a family matter, which Scott was not a part of. Luke and Scott immediately began to bicker until Laura loudly reminded the men that arguing wouldn't help locate Lulu. Bobbie decided to take Scott for a walk, so she pulled him aside to remind him that Luke and Laura needed to handle things because Lulu was their daughter. Scott told Laura that he loved her then left with Bobbie.

Laura was curious if Luke would rather fight with Scott or find their daughter. Laura made it clear that Scott had not been responsible for Lulu's disappearance, so Luke needed to drop his vendetta because it upset Laura and distracted Luke. Laura ordered Luke to think back to when he had first seen the Ice Princess replica. She wondered who his first suspect had been. "Helena," Luke admitted.

Laura suggested that they start by finding out where the Cassadines were because it might lead to Lulu. A police officer announced another visitor. Laura was thrilled when her son, Nikolas, entered the loft. Nikolas hugged his mother as she thanked him for being there.

At the hospital, Spinelli handed Epiphany an envelope that contained "quite conclusive" evidence of his findings.

At the apartment, Maxie woke up from a nap when someone knocked on the door. It was Lulu. "How could you lie to me about the baby?" Lulu demanded as she entered the apartment. Maxie tried to deny that she had lied, but Lulu angrily informed Maxie that Dr. Westbourne had told Lulu everything. Lulu's temper flared when Maxie insisted that it had been an accident and that she had only intended to give Lulu the baby that Lulu had wanted.

"I wanted my baby," Lulu shouted, "not your baby." Lulu regretted that she had trusted Maxie to carry Lulu's child. Maxie fought back her own tears as she explained that she had wanted Lulu to be happy. Lulu angrily accused Maxie of being too selfish to care about anyone's happiness then pointed out that Maxie had been prepared to give away Spinelli's baby. Maxie insisted that she and Spinelli didn't want a baby.

Maxie's eyes suddenly snapped open then landed on Spinelli, who stood at the end of the sofa. Maxie quickly realized that it had been a dream, but Spinelli admitted that it had sounded more like a nightmare. Maxie nervously wondered why he thought that, so Spinelli confessed that he had heard Maxie cry out about him and the baby. Maxie was curious what she had said. "I don't want the baby and neither does Spinelli," Spinelli repeated.

Spinelli inadvertently explained away the revealing statement by suggesting that perhaps Maxie had overheard his argument with Ellie the previous night. Maxie was surprised when Spinelli confided that Ellie didn't want children, while he wanted them, especially after he had seen Maxie's sonogram. However, Spinelli feared that he was not destined for fatherhood.

"No, that's not true," Maxie blurted out. She tried to cover the slip by pointing out that Spinelli could find someone new or Ellie might change her mind. Spinelli hoped that Maxie was right about Ellie because he had a strong desire to procreate due to his unconventional upbringing. Spinelli assured Maxie that his grandmother had done her best to raise Spinelli, but he hadn't known his parents, so he had missed the dynamics of a traditional family with parents and children. Maxie recalled that she and Spinelli had talked about having children before their "non-wedding."

Spinelli smiled wistfully as he told Maxie that there could have been little "Spixies" running around if things had worked out differently. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Maxie immediately sensed that Dante was troubled, so he reluctantly told her about Lulu's abduction. Dante hadn't wanted to upset Maxie, but he was curious if Maxie had noticed anything amiss in recent days. Maxie felt bad that she couldn't help Dante, so he asked her to keep the baby safe. Spinelli promised to do what he could to help find Lulu.

In the hallway, Dante called Lulu's cell phone. Her voicemail picked up, so Dante's eyes filled with tears as his listened to his wife's voice. Dante assured Lulu that he was looking for her and vowed to find her.

Patrick paced his living room floor as he mulled over the invitation from Sabrina to attend her graduation ceremony. Patrick put the invitation down when Elizabeth arrived to pick up Emma. Patrick called out for his daughter, who appeared in the living room, wearing her pajamas. Patrick was curious why Emma wasn't dressed for the graduation ceremony, so Emma asked why Patrick wasn't in his suit. Patrick reminded his daughter that he couldn't attend the graduation ceremony because he had work to do.

Emma wanted Patrick to go with her, but Patrick explained that he couldn't put his work off. Emma reluctantly went to the bedroom to change into the dress that they had picked out earlier. "Really?" Elizabeth asked, making it clear that she hadn't bought Patrick's feeble excuse about work. Patrick stuck to his story, so Elizabeth accused him to trying to avoid Sabrina. Patrick denied it, but Elizabeth didn't believe him.

Elizabeth reminded Patrick that Sabrina had finally worked up the courage to open up to him about her feelings, and he had repaid Sabrina by blowing her off. Elizabeth suspected that Patrick was afraid of taking a chance, but Patrick claimed that things had changed between him and Sabrina. Elizabeth confessed that she had been the one to push Sabrina to talk to Patrick because the secret had weighed heavily on Sabrina. Elizabeth had also believed that Patrick should know "just in case."

"In case of what?" Patrick asked. "Just in case it stirred something inside of you, which clearly it didn't," Elizabeth replied. Patrick suddenly realized that he had hurt Sabrina, even though he hadn't actually denied liking Sabrina. Patrick revealed that he had simply told Sabrina that he hadn't felt "that" way about Sabrina. Elizabeth accused Patrick of lying because Patrick had almost kissed Sabrina on New Year's Eve. Patrick was stunned that Elizabeth had known about the incident, but he conceded that he had initiated the near-kiss.

Patrick was shocked when Elizabeth filled him in on what Britt had told Sabrina about New Year's Eve. Elizabeth urged Patrick to be honest with himself about his feelings. Patrick explained that he wasn't ready to get romantically involved, so Elizabeth confided that Robin's greatest fear hadn't been dying but rather leaving Patrick and Emma alone. Patrick admitted that Robin had said the same thing in the DVD that he had found.

Elizabeth thought that Patrick owed it to himself to find out if Sabrina was the right woman for him. Patrick was certain that Robin would have approved of Sabrina. Elizabeth agreed. Moments later, Emma returned to the living room, wearing a pretty dress and sporting a set of fairy wings that Sabrina and Emma had made. According to Emma, Sabrina had promised Emma that if Emma followed her dreams then the fairy wings would fly Emma as high as the sky.

Elizabeth thought that the wings were fitting because Sabrina had worked hard to achieve her dreams. Elizabeth offered Patrick another opportunity to attend the graduation ceremony with them, but he insisted that he needed to work. Elizabeth took Emma's hand and left. Afterwards, Patrick picked up the invitation to Sabrina's graduation ceremony and then looked at a family portrait of Patrick, Robin, and Emma.

At the hospital, Sabrina was excited that her graduation day had arrived. Felix grinned as he picked up his cap and gown. Britt hobbled into the room on crutches and was shocked to discover that Sabrina was among the graduates. Felix explained that Sabrina had been "shoddily" framed, so she had been given an opportunity to retake the final exam to prove that she could answer all of the questions correctly. "Game over. She wins, you lose," Felix gloated. Britt feigned innocence, while Epiphany entered the room and asked to speak to Britt.

After Britt and Epiphany left, Felix noticed that something was troubling Sabrina. Sabrina assured him that she was fine, but Felix realized that she hoped for Patrick to attend her graduation. Sabrina doubted that Patrick would, even though she had invited him. Felix revealed that he had invited Milo to the graduation ceremony. Sabrina was a bit confused because she thought that Milo was straight. Felix insisted that Milo was either deep in the closet or extremely comfortable around gay people because Milo spent a lot of time with Felix in the gym.

Felix was hopeful that Milo might have a change of heart, but Sabrina warned Felix that he was reaching. Felix didn't care. "Things could change. They changed for Elizabeth," Felix explained. Felix noticed Sabrina checking her phone, so he reminded her that Patrick couldn't text if he was driving to the hospital. Sabrina doubted that Patrick would show because he had made his feelings for her clear. Felix reminded Sabrina of her near-kiss with Patrick on New Year's Eve, but Sabrina argued that it had been a reflex on a night when many strangers kissed to ring in the New Year.

Meanwhile, Britt followed Epiphany to a quiet corner in the hallway. Epiphany handed the report to Brit then explained that it was proof that Britt had framed Sabrina for cheating. Britt insisted that Epiphany was mistaken, so Epiphany revealed that Britt's fingerprints had been found on Sabrina's locker, the padlock, the copy of the exam that had been found in Sabrina's locker, and the cabinet where the exams had been locked up. "In case you can't tell, doctor, you made a big mistake," Epiphany said with satisfaction.

Britt reminded Epiphany that Epiphany was just a nurse, while Britt was a board certified doctor. Epiphany refused to be intimidated by Britt and promised to hand over the findings to the chief of staff. Britt quickly changed tactics by apologizing for the outburst then reminding Epiphany that everything had worked out for Sabrina. Britt asked Epiphany to let it go. "You shouldn't have messed with my nurses, doctor," Epiphany replied. Epiphany doubted that Britt would be around long.

Britt spotted Felix and Sabrina in their caps and gowns, so she made her way to them on her crutches. Britt warned Sabrina that it wasn't over then vowed that Sabrina would pay. Felix ushered Sabrina away from Britt. Sabrina was curious if Britt had actually threatened her, so Felix confirmed that Sabrina had heard correctly. Moments later, Epiphany approached them and filled them in on Spinelli's investigation.

Sabrina was grateful that her name had been cleared, so she thanked Epiphany. Epiphany quickly clarified that Patrick had been the one to hire Spinelli. After Epiphany left, Felix insisted that Patrick's actions proved that Patrick had feelings for Sabrina. Sabrina remained skeptical, but Felix was certain that Patrick would arrive soon to declare his love for Sabrina. Seconds later, Elizabeth and Emma exited the elevator. Emma ran into Sabrina's arms, while Sabrina looked up and silently asked Elizabeth if Patrick was with them. Elizabeth shook her head.

At the park, Dr. Obrecht wadded up the flyer that Lucy had given her then tossed it on the ground. "You know, you can get fined for that," Britt said as she hobbled up. "Britta," Dr. Obrecht greeted Britt with a smile. "Hello, Mother," Britt replied.

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