General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on GH

Laura returned to town. Caleb claimed two more lives. John realized that Caleb was a real person. Sam had an encounter with Caleb on the pier.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 11, 2013 on GH
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Monday, February 11, 2013

At the ELQ offices, Duke told Michael and A.J. that the best solution to the company's financial woes was to remarket Pickle-Lila Relish. At the Quartermaine mansion, the same thought occurred to Tracy as she talked to Luke and spread relish from the last remaining jar of Pickle-Lila on a cracker.

Simultaneously, Duke told A.J. and Michael, and Tracy told Luke, how successful Pickle-Lila had been in the 1980s after ELQ had been in a decline and Monica had forced the Quartermaine family out of the mansion and into a small apartment above Kelly's. Duke insisted that the product could be very successful with the current generation of consumers who were looking for traditional homemade foods fresh from the farm. He recalled that the recipe had been a closely guarded family secret, which would also make it highly marketable.

Tracy was on the same page. She realized that Edward had anticipated the company's problems and that he had left her the jar of relish, not because he did not love her, but to remind her that the company could rise from the ashes if she was resourceful and worked hard. Luke asked what he could do to help.

Tracy told Luke to find the potential heir, Franco's daughter, Lauren, so that Tracy could get the majority share advantage. Tracy said that she would search for the recipe. Tracy turned on the television to check ELQ stock prices but got a news story that Lucy Coe had held Anna hostage. She quickly turned off the television set, but Luke wanted to know more. He left to seek out Anna.

Tracy called out for Alice, who bustled in. When Tracy asked about the relish, Alice said that Pickle-Lila had been before her time, but perhaps their recently deceased cook might have had the recipe. Tracy went to the kitchen to look for it. A.J. told Duke, who said he had limited computer skills after many years in a Turkish prison, to search the Internet for references to Pickle-Lila or the recipe, while he and Michael searched the mansion.

Alice was cleaning up when Michael and A.J. arrived. She quickly apologized for giving her vote to Tracy with the excuse that Luke had asked her to vote for Tracy, and she could not refuse him. A.J. said it was okay and asked about the relish recipe. Alice told him that Tracy had asked her the same thing. After searching the kitchen, Tracy returned and found A.J. holding the relish jar. She told him to "step away from the relish."

Caleb sat on the docks next to Officer Carlson's body, holding the weapon that he had used to stab both Alison Barrington and Carlson. As he savored the smell of the blood, Sabrina arrived on the scene and asked what had happened. Caleb, whom Sabrina assumed to be John McBain, pretended ignorance of the crime. Sabrina noticed that Carlson was still alive and rushed to him. She tried to stop the blood flow with her scarf and started CPR.

When she turned to ask for help, Caleb was gone. Sabrina called 9-1-1 and told Carlson to hang on because help was on the way.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Dante, Anna, and a female officer replayed recorded footage of the cell area, which showed Caleb, whom they also assumed to be John McBain, and Carlson escort Rafe out of the cell. Anna could not understand why the officers had not followed procedure. Dante said that when he had last seen John, McBain had said that he was following up on a clue.

Anna was concerned because she had not been able to reach McBain by telephone. Dante received a call notifying him that Carlson had been stabbed and was being transported to General Hospital. Anna sent Dante to GH, and she went to the crime scene. When Anna arrived at the scene, she was amazed to find that the same weapon that had killed Alison Barrington had been used on Carlson.

Anna knew it was the same weapon because she also found the evidence bag that it had been stored in nearby. She wondered how the weapon had gotten out of the evidence room. Luke found Anna and inquired about her scuffle with Lucy. Anna said that it had not been a problem and that Lucy was back in custody. Anna told Luke that he did not have to check on her, but Luke said that he did because he had meant what he had said when he had told her that she was important to him, and he was ready to fight for their relationship.

At GH, Maxie got off the elevator and ignored a call from "Dad." Dr. Westbourne, Britt, was waiting for her and threatened to reveal that Maxie's baby did not belong to Lulu and Dante unless Maxie helped Britt destroy Sabrina's career and chances of ever becoming a medical professional. Patrick appeared and wanted to know what Britt was saying about Sabrina.

Britt covered, but Patrick was cold to her and warned Maxie that Britt had done something to Emma. He stopped short of telling what had happened, but offered to find another doctor for Maxie. After Patrick walked away, Maxie was reluctant to continue the intrigue with Britt, but Britt swore that she liked Emma and that it was Sabrina and her machinations that had turned both Emma and Patrick against Britt.

Britt told Maxie that she would reveal all unless Maxie helped her destroy Sabrina and ruin any chance that Sabrina had to earn a degree or have a career in medicine. When Sabrina arrived with Officer Carlson, Britt told Maxie that it was her opportunity and told Maxie what to do. Maxie was reluctant because Dante had also arrived, but Britt was insistent as she walked away. Maxie mumbled that Dr. Evil had made everything worse.

Patrick and Sabrina worked to save Officer Carlson. Patrick ordered Sabrina to inject medications into the I.V. solution while Dante tried to get information from Carlson. Dante asked if Rafe had attacked him, but Carlson vehemently shook his head, indicating that it had not been Rafe. Before he could tell Dante who had stabbed him, Carlson passed away.

While Dante questioned Sabrina about what she had seen on the docks, Maxie slipped into the treatment bay with Carlson's body and followed Britt's orders. Sabrina told Dante that she had found McBain next to the body and that McBain had disappeared without calling 9-1-1. Dante called Anna and reported what he had found out, including that Carlson had denied that Rafe had stabbed him.

Anna questioned herself and her judgment. She could not believe that McBain was a murderer, but she told Luke that she had been wrong to believe in the faux Duke who had turned out to be Faison and now, no matter how much of a friend McBain had been through the years, she had to consider him a suspect.

Anna's phone rang. When she saw that it was Duke, Luke told her not to answer it. When Anna did not answer, Duke left a message saying that he had heard about Lucy and that he was worried about her. Anna told Luke that she wondered if her instincts were off because she did not know who to trust anymore. Luke told Anna to trust him and kissed her. A few feet away, Laura Spencer, Luke's former wife, watched them.

Maxie told Britt that she had done as Britt had asked. As the duplicitous duo watched, Patrick and Sabrina commiserated over losing a patient, whom both thought should not have died. As Sabrina cleaned up the area, she found a used medication vial and cried, "Oh, no." Patrick looked at it and said that Sabrina had administered the wrong medication to Carlson.

Back at the police station, Dante and a female officer looked over footage of officers entering the evidence room where the weapon that killed Alison Barrington had been stored. Dante paused the footage on a shot of Caleb entering the room. The real McBain arrived at the precinct and asked what Dante and the officer were doing.

At the lake house, T.J. arrived to talk to Molly. Molly would not let him in the house because Kristina was sleeping, but she agreed to talk on the porch. T.J. asked if Molly was mad at him. Molly said that she had not liked it that T.J. had tattled on her and turned her in. Molly pointed out that she had given T.J. the benefit of the doubt when he had been new in town and no one else had trusted him.

Molly said that she had given T.J. a chance when no one else had because she knew that there was more to him than other people had seen. She asked if perhaps the same was true of Rafe. T.J. wanted to know why Molly cared so much about Rafe and admitted that as Molly's boyfriend, he was jealous. Molly said that her sense of fair play had nothing to do with T.J., who had no reason to be jealous.

T.J. cautioned Molly about Rafe. T.J. said that he had taken a few joyrides, but that he was not a murderer. T.J. said that Rafe's story that John McBain was a murderer was ridiculous because both he and Molly knew John, and John was not a murderer.

Unbeknownst to Molly and T.J., Rafe was hiding close enough to overhear their conversation. Rafe flashed back to Caleb, whom he thought was McBain, and remembered Caleb stabbing Officer Carlson. T.J. insisted that Molly get Rafe out of her head because he was dangerous. Molly agreed to think about it.

T.J. got a call from Shawn and had to leave. Molly thanked him for caring about her. After T.J. and Molly parted company, Rafe emerged from hiding. When Molly asked why he was not in jail, he told her what had transpired with Caleb, a.k.a. McBain, and Officer Carlson. He called McBain a "psycho" and said that McBain had remarked that he was Rafe's dad, and that was the reason for his actions. Rafe added that even if Molly did not believe him, he was innocent until proven guilty.

Rafe said that Molly was the only person he knew and the only person that he could trust. He begged her to hide him because he had nowhere safe to go. She agreed reluctantly, but cautioned Rafe not to make her regret it as she took him inside the house. Outside, Caleb, who had tracked Rafe there, leaned against a wall and smiled.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In lockup, Johnny thanked Starr for agreeing to meet with him before his transfer to Pentonville. Starr wasn't interested in small talk, so she demanded to know what he wanted. Johnny conceded that there wasn't anything that he could say to ease her suffering, but he was happy that she had Michael. Starr credited Michael with pulling her out of the darkness and grief, but she often wondered what her life would have been like if she had spent it with her first great love. Johnny insisted that Starr was an incredible person, so he wanted to give her something.

Johnny handed Starr an envelope as he acknowledged that he couldn't return what he had taken from her. Starr opened the envelope and read the documents inside. She looked up and asked him if he thought that he could buy her forgiveness. Johnny insisted that it wasn't his intention. He had simply hoped that she could use what he had given her to do some good. Shortly after Starr left, Johnny was taken to Pentonville.

At the Haunted Star, Mac entered as Lulu read an article in the Sun about Johnny's twenty-year prison sentence. Mac thought that Johnny had been given a light sentence for someone who had killed two people during the commission of a felony. According to Mac, Johnny could have easily ended up with two consecutive life sentences. Lulu agreed that Johnny deserved to be punished for what he had done, but she confessed that she was going to miss him because he had been a good partner. Mac was confident that Lulu would do a fine job of running the nightclub on her own because it was in her blood.

Mac looked around at the Valentine's Day decorations and assured Lulu that the Haunted Star looked great. Lulu thanked him, so Mac confessed that he was there to pick up two tickets for the nightclub's Valentine's Day celebration because he wanted to dazzle Felicia with romance. He confided that he was concerned about Frisco. Lulu was surprised about Frisco's return because Maxie hadn't mentioned it. Mac revealed that Felicia had reached out to Frisco to let Frisco know about Maxie's pregnancy. Mac suspected that Frisco had returned to woo Felicia under the guise of checking up on Maxie.

Lulu doubted that Felicia would fall for Frisco's charms because Felicia was wiser and would be able to recognize the difference between the trappings of romance and the value of building a life with someone like Mac. Lulu reminded Mac that Mac had been the one to raise Felicia's daughters and that he had made Felicia happy, while Frisco had let Felicia down more times than Felicia could count. According to Lulu, Frisco was a flame that would eventually burn out, while Mac was a rock that would last forever. Mac thanked Lulu for the reality check, bought his tickets, and left.

At the Floating Rib, Felicia tried to reach for a glass on the top shelf behind the bar when a man's hand suddenly grabbed the glass and handed it to her. Felicia assumed that it had been Mac, so she thanked him. "Wrong husband," Frisco replied with a charming smile. Felicia ignored Frisco's flirting as she asked him if he had talked to Maxie. Frisco's smile fell when he admitted that Maxie refused to return any of his phone calls.

Felicia admitted that it had taken Maxie a long time to warm to Felicia because Maxie had been very angry. Felicia reminded Frisco that their daughter had every right to feel that way because they had both been terrible parents who hadn't been there for either of their daughters. Felicia advised Frisco to own up to his mistakes and to keep trying. Frisco was curious what else he could do, so Felicia pointed out that Maxie didn't have any reason to trust a father who had repeatedly let his daughters down. Frisco pointed out that he was there at that moment, but Felicia warned Frisco that it wasn't enough.

Frisco insisted that he had finally realized what was important. He stepped close to Felicia, but she quickly put some distance between them as she urged him to make an effort to show Maxie that he was sincere in his desire to make things right. She also advised Frisco to not give up if Maxie pushed him away. Felicia was confident that Frisco could prove his love to Maxie by being patient. Frisco wondered if that was what Felicia had done. Felicia admitted that it hadn't happened fast enough, but eventually she and Maxie had patched things up, and they were closer than they had ever been.

Frisco was encouraged, but he confessed that Maxie wasn't the only reason that he had returned to Port Charles. "I came back for you too," Frisco revealed. Felicia was surprised, so Frisco explained that he had always loved her. Felicia reminded him of all of the times that she had chased after him and he had dumped her in various "godforsaken spots" to embark on another adventure. Frisco admitted that he had been an idiot who had been lost. Felicia argued that he had been doing his job, which had been important because it had saved lives, but it hadn't given Frisco any room in his life for a family.

Felicia was curious why Frisco was suddenly trying to change the rules. According to Frisco, he had realized that life was about more than just a job; everything he had ever wanted was in Port Charles. Felicia reminded him that she had heard it before from him. Frisco realized that he had let Felicia and their daughters down, but he insisted that he was back and eager to start over with Felicia and Maxie. Frisco was certain that Felicia wanted the same thing because she still loved him. Felicia accused Frisco of having an inflated ego, but Frisco argued that it wasn't an answer.

Felicia made it clear that she wasn't available, but Frisco was curious if what she had with Mac was better than what she'd had with Frisco. Felicia insisted that it wasn't a fair question, but Frisco disagreed. Frisco conceded that Mac was a decent guy, but they both knew that Felicia was settling with Mac. Felicia was outraged, so Frisco assured her that he respected Mac and thought that Mac was a good man; however, what Felicia and Frisco had shared had been special. Felicia argued that she and Frisco were in the past and that three quarters of their relationship had been an illusion.

Frisco doubted that Felicia believed that because they were meant to be together. Moments later, Mac walked up. Felicia explained that she and Frisco had been talking about Maxie and how Frisco thought that he could just show up and expect everyone to forget about the past. Mac reminded Frisco that Mac had been the one to raise Frisco's daughters and make Frisco's absence okay for them, but there had always been an underlying hurt in Maxie and Georgie because of their father's abandonment. Mac warned Frisco that some people might not be inclined to forgive when they had been hurt that deeply.

Frisco conceded that Mac had made a good point about forgiveness, so all Frisco could do was ask Felicia and Maxie to give Frisco another chance. Frisco invited Felicia and Maxie to join him for dinner, but Mac announced that Felicia had plans to spend Valentine's Day with him on the Haunted Star. Felicia smiled brightly when Mac showed her the tickets that he had hoped to surprise her with. Frisco watched as Felicia hugged and kissed Mac. Frisco confessed that he had never been a Valentine's Day guy because one day couldn't compare to a lifetime if a person was in love.

Mac smiled indulgently as he explained that Valentine's Day was about taking a moment to show a loved one that they were appreciated and to remind them that they were a priority. Felicia confessed that she loved champagne and chocolate, so she was grateful for Valentine's Day. Frisco asked Felicia to talk to Maxie about dinner as he pulled on his jacket. "Happy Valentine," Frisco told Felicia and left. Felicia asked Mac to ignore Frisco and then kissed Mac.

Nearby, Shawn and T.J. played pool, but Shawn sensed that something was troubling T.J. T.J. confessed that Molly had a new boyfriend. Shawn was surprised that T.J. and Molly had broken up, so T.J. quickly clarified that the guy he had been referring to wasn't Molly's real boyfriend. However, Molly had befriended Rafe. Shawn knew who T.J. was referring to, so T.J. admitted that he was grateful that Rafe was in lockup, but it hadn't stopped Molly from going to visit Rafe in jail.

Shawn realized that that was what T.J. and Molly had been arguing about at the courthouse. T.J. explained that Molly was such a good person that she didn't have it in her to tell a convincing lie. "At least not up until now," T.J. added. T.J. and Shawn discussed Alison's murder and the possibility that someone other than Rafe had killed her. Shawn insisted that John McBain wasn't the type to murder a woman in cold blood, so he didn't believe Rafe's accusation that John had killed Alison. T.J. insisted that the only alternative was that Rafe had been the murderer, which meant that T.J. didn't want Rafe anywhere near Molly.

T.J. decided to call to check on Molly, but became distracted when he saw the article on his phone about Rafe's escape. Shawn took the phone to read the rest of the article, which asked anyone who had seen Rafe to contact the police.

At the lake house, Rafe thanked Molly for hiding him out in her bedroom. Molly softly closed the door as she warned Rafe to keep his voice down because her sister was at home. Rafe promised to stay out of sight and admitted that he appreciated that Molly trusted him. Molly confessed that if she were in Rafe's situation, then she'd want someone to trust her too. Rafe wondered if she really believed that he hadn't killed his mother. Molly explained that she didn't know what was going on because she had a difficult time believing that John had killed Rafe's mother.

Molly decided to fetch Rafe something to eat. Rafe looked around Molly's bedroom and saw pictures of T.J. and Molly, taken in a photo booth, and then spotted the book A Streetcar Named Desire. Moments later, Kristina knocked on Molly's door. In the hallway, Molly returned from the kitchen with a tray of food and two drinks. Kristina explained that she had hoped to talk to Molly, so Molly suggested that they go to Kristina's room. Kristina ignored the suggestion as she opened Molly's bedroom door.

Rafe had managed to duck under Molly's bed before Molly and Kristina entered the bedroom. Kristina admitted that she hadn't been able to sleep and then noticed the tray of food. Kristina was curious how Molly had known that Kristina was hungry. "Wishful thinking," Molly nervously answered. Kristina didn't seem to notice anything amiss, so she picked up a sandwich as she admitted that she couldn't stop thinking about how she had been willing to kill Connie. Kristina realized that anyone was capable of murder if they were pushed hard enough.

Molly squirmed nervously, while Rafe appeared solemn in his hiding place. Molly assured her sister that thinking about killing someone wasn't the same as acting on it. Molly promised Kristina that Kristina wasn't a hardened criminal like Johnny. Kristina insisted that Johnny had always been decent towards Kristina. Molly conceded that she had liked Johnny and had thought that he could never hurt someone, but she had been wrong. "Don't say that," Kristina replied.

Molly reminded Kristina that Johnny had been sentenced to twenty years in Pentonville because he had confessed. Kristina revealed that she would be going to Pentonville as a part of her community service. Molly was stunned and suspected that that had been the real reason that Kristina had been restless. Kristina changed the subject by announcing that she was sleepy. After Kristina left, Rafe slid out from under the bed and confessed that he didn't want to get Molly and her family in trouble, so he intended to leave as soon as he finished eating.

Molly insisted that it wasn't necessary because she wasn't afraid of the police. Moments later, Molly's phone rang. It was T.J. calling to warn her that Rafe had escaped. Molly admitted that she knew about Rafe, so T.J. offered to stop by and check on Molly. Molly explained that Kristina was home and that Molly wasn't allowed to have anyone over, so she would catch up with T.J. in the morning. After Molly ended the phone call, Rafe confessed that he felt bad that Molly had lied to her boyfriend for him because she was not that kind of person.

Molly was curious how Rafe could know that, so Rafe explained that it was clear from how neat and orderly her bedroom was. According to Rafe, Molly was perfect. Molly thought that Rafe was nice, but Rafe disagreed because he had put her in danger. Molly insisted that it felt right to help Rafe, so she was going to do it.

At the police station, Dante and a female police officer watched the surveillance footage of John, unaware that it was really Caleb. John suddenly walked up to the front desk and asked Dante what was going on. Dante was curious where John had been, so John explained that he had been following up on a lead in Alison's murder. Dante wondered if John had taken Rafe with him. John had no idea what Dante was talking about, so Dante questioned John about what John and Rafe had talked about in lockup the second time that John had visited Rafe.

John insisted that he had only visited Rafe once in lockup, so Dante showed John the footage of John leaving lockup with Rafe and Officer Carlson. John was shocked and admitted that he had no idea what was going on, so he wanted to talk to Officer Carlson. Dante revealed that the police officer had been stabbed with a weapon that looked like a cross between a knife and arrow. John realized that it had been the same kind of weapon that had been used to kill Alison, so Dante clarified that it had been the same weapon. John argued that it was impossible, since the murder weapon used to slay Alison was in the evidence room. Dante showed John the surveillance footage of what appeared to be John entering the evidence room to remove the weapon.

On pier 52, Anna was upset because the evidence against John pointed to John as a killer and the person who had helped Rafe to escape. Anna explained to Luke that she had considered John a friend and had trusted him, so she didn't know who she could count on anymore. "Me," Luke assured her and then kissed her. Nearby, Laura stood in the alley and watched Luke and Anna.

Anna pulled away from Luke. "What is this between us?" Anna asked. "This is me loving you, Slim," Luke replied and then kissed her again. Laura appeared dismayed as Luke confessed to Anna that he and Anna belonged together. Anna argued that she was in the middle of an investigation and couldn't get involved in a relationship. In the alley, Laura accidentally kicked something that made a loud noise.

Luke and Anna were immediately on the alert and began to look around, so Laura fled. Anna called for a police officer and ordered him to check the alley. She then started to leave, but Luke was determined to have his say. He explained that he had never meant to fall in love with Anna, but he had. He realized that they were both independent people, but he wondered why they should be alone. Anna admitted that she had lost faith in her own judgment, so she wasn't in the right frame of mind to make decisions.

Luke was determined to fight for Anna, but only if he knew that there was something to fight for. He wondered if he had already lost the battle, but Anna refused to discuss it. Luke confessed that it sounded like she had decided to break up with him. Anna reminded Luke that they hadn't been together in a long time, so Luke wondered if it had anything to do with Duke. Anna admitted that seeing Duke had reminded her of what it had been like when she and Duke had first been in love. Luke argued that she and Duke had been in love a long time before.

Anna conceded that Luke was right, but she wanted to feel that once-in-a-lifetime love she'd had with Duke if she could. Anna pointed out that Luke had had it with Laura, but Luke insisted that Laura's life was in Paris and that he and Laura had been over for a long time. Anna was curious if he had ever felt what he'd had with Laura with anyone else. Luke's silence told her that he hadn't, but Luke argued that his relationship with Laura had been during a remarkable time in his life that was over. According to Luke, the worst possible thing was to try to recapture the past because it poisoned the present and twisted a person's memories until they were unrecognizable.

Luke explained that life moved in one direction: forward. He appreciated his past, but he had let it go and had moved on. Anna thought that she and Luke had different expectations for their lives, so it was better that they realized it sooner rather than later. "So, this is goodbye," Luke said. Anna assured him that she would always be grateful for what he had done for her after Robin had died. Luke admitted that he had been happy to have been there for her and admitted that she was an amazing woman.

Anna hoped that she and Luke could remain friends, so he agreed. Anna gave him a peck goodbye and left. Luke spotted a glove on the ground, so he picked it up and studied it.

Later, Anna arrived at the police station and reviewed the footage of John in the evidence room and lockup. John denied that it had been him, but Anna explained that she couldn't ignore the evidence against him. John appeared resigned when Anna told him that she had to place him under arrest.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu wrapped up a phone call with a vendor when someone startled her by gently touching her shoulder. Lulu turned and was surprised when she realized that it was her mother. Lulu happily greeted Laura with a warm hug. Laura promised that she had passed all of the doctors' tests, so she was healthy. Lulu relaxed and wondered why Laura was in Port Charles.

Laura explained that she had hopped on the first plane when she had learned about Lulu's impending motherhood. Lulu was curious if her mother had heard from Lucky, so Laura revealed that Lucky sent Laura post cards every month or so, but rarely kept in touch by phone. However, Laura had seen Lucky in Ireland about a year before when she had tracked her son down to a churchyard. Lulu wondered how Laura had found Lucky in a churchyard, so Laura credited good detective skills and maternal instincts. Laura confessed that that she and Lucky had spent time catching up and had even traveled to a small town that Luke, Laura, and Lucky had spent time in when Lucky had been a child.

Lulu confessed that she felt as if she had won the lottery because both of her parents were in town. Laura seized the opportunity to ask about Luke, so Lulu told her mother about Luke's recent adventure in Turkey and, with some prodding from Laura, about Luke's relationship with Anna. Moments later, Starr entered and asked to talk to Lulu. Lulu explained that it wasn't a good time because Lulu was catching up with Laura. Starr was excited to meet Laura because Starr's late fiancé had told Starr about the history of Port Charles, including the story about the star-crossed lovers, Luke and Laura.

Laura smiled as Starr gushed that Laura was a legend. Lulu was eager to spend some time with her mother, so she asked Starr to return later. Laura explained that she had to unpack and get some rest, so Laura decided to head to Metro Court. Lulu promised to call her mother in the morning and gave her mother a goodbye hug. Afterwards, Starr revealed that Johnny had asked to talk to Starr before he had been transferred to Pentonville. Laura was shocked when Starr explained that Johnny had given Starr his share of the Haunted Star, so Lulu and Starr were partners.

Meanwhile, Laura returned to pier 52, but stayed out of sight until Luke had left. Once Luke was gone, Laura stepped out of the shadows and pulled out her cell phone. She called someone to report that she was in Port Charles. She then told the person that she had seen Luke, so she thought that they should go ahead with their plans.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Britt stood on the second-floor landing and watched Sabrina and Patrick at the nurses' station. Sabrina was distraught when she read the newspaper about John McBain's arrest for killing Officer Carlson because she had been the one who had made an error with the medication that had led to the police officer's death. Sabrina insisted that she had read the label on the medication three times, so she had no idea how the mix-up had occurred. Meanwhile, Britt received a text message from Maxie that read, "I hate what you made me do to Sabrina. We both know it wasn't her fault!" Britt smiled with satisfaction and turned her attention back to Sabrina and Patrick as Patrick advised Sabrina to talk to Steve about what had happened.

Sabrina was reluctant, but Patrick reminded her that it was protocol. Sabrina feared that Steve would fire her, but Patrick argued that Steve was a good guy who wouldn't judge her. Patrick offered to accompany Sabrina to explain things to Steve, so Sabrina agreed.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Steve assured Olivia that he wouldn't let Heather get near Olivia. Olivia confessed that Heather wasn't the only thing that she had been concerned about. She insisted that she trusted Steve, but feared that if her vision about Heather had been true, then her vision about Steve and Sabrina in the shower might also happen. Steve promised Olivia that he wasn't interested in Sabrina, but Olivia reminded him that all of her visions had been accurate. Moments later, Patrick and Sabrina walked up. Olivia wasn't thrilled but stepped away so that Steve could talk to Patrick and Sabrina privately.

Patrick and Sabrina told Steve about the mistake with the medications, so Steve advised Sabrina not to jump to conclusions until the autopsy report confirmed whether or not Officer Carlson had received the wrong medication. Steve explained that he had put a rush on the autopsy, so he expected the report shortly. Patrick was certain that the autopsy report would clear Sabrina of any wrongdoing.

At the nurses' station, a lab tech asked Britt where Steve was because the lab tech had the results of an autopsy that Steve had requested. Britt flirted with the lab tech and ascertained that he was new. She persuaded Brad to let her take a peek at the results, so he reluctantly handed them to her. Britt took the folder and walked away with them under the guise of reading them. Moments later, she returned to the nurses' station, handed the autopsy results to Brad, and then pointed to Steve, who was in deep conversation with Patrick and Sabrina.

Britt smiled as she watched Brad hand Steve the autopsy results. Steve quickly scanned report and then softly told Sabrina, "I'm sorry." Sabrina began to cry as Steve revealed that Sabrina had given the patient the wrong medication. Sabrina took off in tears as Patrick asked Steve to give Sabrina a break. According to Patrick, the patient had been almost dead by the time the medication had been administered. Patrick reminded Steve that Sabrina was only a student nurse, so the error could ruin her career.

Steve explained that he had to write Sabrina up and left. Moments later, Britt approached Patrick. She pretended to surmise, based on Sabrina's emotional outburst and Patrick's solemn expression, that the rumors that Sabrina had killed Patrick's patient were true. "It's horrible for everyone involved," Britt clucked, but Patrick glared at her and walked away. Despite Patrick's reaction, Britt smiled with satisfaction.

At the nurses' station, Olivia realized that Steve had had a bad day. Steve felt terrible for Sabrina because she was an excellent nurse. "How excellent?" Olivia asked defensively. She immediately apologized for the catty remark. Steve started to assure Olivia that he was committed to and in love with Olivia, but Olivia cut him off when she spotted Heather lurking in a corner dressed as a nurse. "She's here. Your mother is here," Olivia warned Steve.

Steve looked to where Olivia had pointed and gently clarified that it was Dr. Westbourne. Olivia took a second look and realized that it had been a vision. However, she was adamant that Heather was in Port Charles and disguised as a nurse.

Elsewhere, Sabrina apologized to Patrick for having run off earlier. Patrick felt bad for Sabrina, so he tried to ease her concerns by confessing that getting written up was kind of a right of passage. Sabrina feared that the fatality on her record would end her nursing career before it had started. She then realized how selfish that had sounded because a man had died. Patrick insisted that Sabrina had done everything possible to help Officer Carlson, but the police officer had been bleeding out, so medication would not have made a difference. Sabrina argued that they would never know that for certain.

On pier 52, Caleb dipped his pinky in a pool of Officer Carlson's blood and then licked it off of his finger. Moments later, Heather rounded a corner. She was startled when Caleb grabbed her arm as she passed by. "Going so soon?" Caleb asked. Heather assumed that Caleb was John, so she broke free of his grip and ran. Heather slipped into a hiding place, but discovered that she was not alone; Todd had been hunkered down in the dark corner of the pier.

Todd ordered Heather to leave, but Heather warned Todd to remain quiet because John McBain was on the pier. Todd explained that it was impossible because John had been arrested for killing a police officer. Heather insisted that John had escaped because John had held her close enough to kiss. "Ew," Todd replied with disgust. Heather tried to demonstrate how close she had been to John, but Todd ordered her to let him go because he was waiting for someone. "Who?" Heather asked.

Todd revealed that he had chartered a boat to take him anywhere, no questions asked. "Just ask for Quint?" Heather asked. Todd's eyes narrowed as he questioned how she had known. Heather admitted that she had read the same advertisement and that she had hired the boat captain too. "We're going to need a bigger boat," Todd replied. He wondered what he had done to deserve his bad luck, but Heather ignored him as she explained that the boat wouldn't arrive for another hour, so she needed to do something.

Todd suspected that Heather intended to pay her son a visit, so he hoped that it went better than her last visit with Steve. Heather was disappointed by Todd's sarcastic remark, which she thought had been in bad taste. However, she conceded that it was likely that Steve was still mad at her. Todd was certain of it.

Todd and Heather continued to bicker as Todd accused Heather of taking advantage of him during a weak moment after Téa's baby had died. Heather denied it, but Todd insisted that Heather had lied to him about Sam's intentions towards the baby. Heather wondered when Todd would stop whining about the baby switch, so Todd agreed to stop talking about it when he put Port Charles behind him. Heather decided that they shouldn't delay their departure, so she promised to return within the hour. Todd couldn't understand what was so important that Heather would risk capture. Frustrated, Heather reminded him that she intended to visit her son.

Later, Todd stepped onto the pier to look for the boat that he had chartered. Todd realized that he had several options. Option "A" was to hop on a boat with a "peg-leg" captain and Heather Webber playing the role of an "animated tiger." Option "B" was to stand trial and risk being sentenced to Pentonville, where Carly and Starr would likely not visit him. Option "C" was to get on the boat and leave Heather behind. Todd decided that sailors loved the sea, so he chose option "C."

In Molly's bedroom, a shirtless Rafe was asleep on the floor when Molly gently shook his shoulder. Rafe was startled awake and grabbed her wrist. He apologized and explained that he had nightmares about his mother's murder. Molly felt bad for him, but she admitted that she didn't think that John was a killer. They were both surprised when Alexis suddenly knocked and demanded to know why the door was locked. Molly stalled her mother as Rafe dove under the bed with his things.

The moment Molly opened her door, Alexis marched into the room to look around and questioned her daughter about the locked door. Molly suggested that she had accidentally locked it and quickly changed the subject by asking why her mother had wanted to talk to her. Alexis explained that Sam had dropped off Danny, but Alexis had to leave, so she wanted Molly to watch Danny, who was napping in the other room. Molly assured Alexis that it wouldn't be a problem because Molly didn't have school. Alexis was relived because Kristina had started her community service. Molly tried to hustle her mother out of the bedroom, but Alexis wanted to chat because she wasn't in a rush to get to the police station.

Alexis explained that she had two clients waiting for her, including John who had been arrested for killing a cop and taking Rafe out of jail. Under the bed, Rafe stiffened as Alexis mentioned that everyone had been searching for him. Molly's eyes rounded when she spotted Rafe's sock on the floor. Molly nervously tried to distract her mother by asking what would happen to John as Rafe pulled the sock under the bed with him. Alexis admitted that the evidence against John was compelling, but she didn't think that John was guilty.

Molly was curious if Alexis could prove that John was innocent. Alexis confessed that it would help if Rafe were found because Rafe had been the only eyewitness to the murders. Molly suggested that it probably had been traumatic for Rafe. Alexis agreed, but she believed that Rafe could offer insight that might lead them to the real killer. Alexis rose and apologized for questioning the locked door, but she reminded her daughter that Molly and Kristina had given Alexis plenty of reason to be paranoid.

After Alexis left, Rafe crawled out from under Molly's bed. He hated that he had put Molly in a position of lying to her mother. However, he insisted that Alexis had been wrong about John. Molly confessed that it was hard to believe that John had killed anyone, but Rafe reminded her that John had been arrested and was in jail. Molly pointed out that Rafe had been in jail, even though he had been innocent. Molly urged Rafe to consider turning himself in to the police.

Rafe doubted that the police would believe him over one of their own, but Molly argued that the police clearly didn't believe John because John was behind bars. Rafe suddenly realized that he had begun to sound like his mother, who had always been distrustful and paranoid. He had hated when his mother had been like that, so perhaps he should stop running. Molly seemed reluctant to let him leave right away, so she suggested that he first take a shower and clear his head. Rafe agreed, so she dashed off to fetch a towel for him.

Later, Molly entered the bedroom, pushing Danny's stroller. She was startled when she saw that Rafe had been drying off after his shower. Rafe quickly wrapped the towel around his waist as Molly turned her back, so that he could get dressed. Rafe reached for his clothes as he confessed that he had decided that his mother deserved justice. After Rafe was dressed, Molly tempted him with the offer of toast with peanut butter for breakfast. Rafe accepted, so Molly asked him to watch Danny and left.

Rafe picked up Danny and talked about Alison. He confided that Alison had always told him that a baby's smile could make everything better, no matter how rotten a person felt. Rafe admitted that he missed his mother and recalled that she had always stopped in her tracks whenever she had seen a baby, even when she had been terrified that Caleb would get to them. Rafe tensed when Heather, dressed as a nurse, suddenly appeared in the doorway and warmly greeted Rafe. She explained that she was there for the baby.

In lockup, John called out for Officer Taylor because John wanted to know if Alexis had arrived. Moments later, Sam appeared. She quietly explained that Officer Taylor was upstairs, so they didn't have much time. "For what?" John wondered. "To get you out of here," Sam answered. Sam revealed that Alexis had been awake all night, working on his case. Sam was curious if it was true that the police had irrefutable evidence against him.

John nodded as he admitted that he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself. John told her about the surveillance footage and Sabrina's damaging statement. Sam refused to believe that John had killed Alison or Bud Carlson. However, she couldn't understand why both Lucy and Alison had accused John of being a vampire named Caleb Morley. John suggested that perhaps Caleb was real and had been in the police station impersonating John.

Sam warned John that it didn't look good for John, especially since John hadn't answered his phone the previous night when Anna had tried to reach John. John revealed that he had been at the Port Charles University to talk to Professor Jay Mosser about the signet ring that Rafe had recalled seeing on Alison's killer. John explained that Professor Mosser was an expert in the occult and had showed John pictures of rings that supposed vampires had worn through the ages. Sam was curious why no one had been able to reach John, so John admitted that he hadn't gotten service at the PCU. John hadn't given it any thought until he had seen all the missed calls and messages when he had left Professor Mosser's office.

Sam wondered if John believed in the existence of vampires. "No," John answered. However, he was willing to go along with anything if it cleared his name. Sam decided to talk to Professor Mosser, since the professor could provide John with a sufficient alibi. Sam promised that between her and Alexis, John would get out of jail. John hoped that it happened before Caleb claimed another life.

At the police station, Lucy apologized for aiming a gun at Anna. Anna appreciated Lucy's remorse but suggested that Lucy also apologize to the police officer whose gun Lucy had taken. Lucy promised that she would. Anna led Lucy into the interrogation room as she explained that Lucy had a visitor. Lucy smiled brightly when she saw Kevin until she realized that he wore a neck brace and was scowling at her. Lucy insisted that it had meant the world to her that Kevin had returned to Ferncliff and had sworn to stand by her side.

"And look at the thanks I got," Kevin grumbled. He reminded Lucy that one of her cohorts had clobbered him over the head. Anna revealed that Kevin had suspected Todd of the assault, so Kevin pointed out that only a man could have had that kind of strength. Lucy suggested that he not count out "that Fruit Loop" Heather. Anna conceded that it was possible, because Heather was capable of anything.

Kevin blasted Lucy for leaving him for dead during the escape. Lucy assured him that she had checked his pulse before she had been forced to flee, but Kevin wasn't satisfied. Lucy explained that Rafe had been in danger, so she had needed to get to Alison's son before Caleb had tracked the boy down. Lucy was horrified when she suddenly realized that Rafe was defenseless somewhere in Port Charles, while Caleb was on the loose. Lucy desperately pleaded with Anna for help because Caleb had been impersonating a police officer.

Anna revealed that John had been apprehended and was in a jail cell, so John wasn't a threat to anyone. Lucy argued that nothing could stop Caleb from going after Rafe and that even Alison had known it. Kevin insisted that Alison had merely shared Lucy's delusion, but Lucy explained that Caleb had seduced Alison and was Rafe's father. Anna assured Lucy that John couldn't get to Rafe, but Lucy begged to be released from custody.

Kevin snapped with impatience that Lucy wouldn't be going anywhere because she was a danger to herself and others. He explained that she had once been the most brilliant and inspiring woman that he had known, but she had dismantled her life with her ranting about vampires. "Do you think I asked for this?" Lucy cried. Lucy assured Kevin that she hadn't wanted to be a slayer and the only person who saw evil standing in a room. Lucy was relieved when Alexis suddenly entered the room, but Alexis explained that she had to talk to John first.

Kevin decided that Alexis could deal with Lucy and started to leave. Lucy was crushed by Kevin's abandonment, so Kevin admitted that he had an appointment with a neurologist to rule out a possible brain bleed from the injury that Kevin had sustained at Ferncliff. Lucy tearfully apologized, but Kevin left.

Alexis warned Lucy that Lucy might not be able to return to Ferncliff because of everything that Lucy had done. Lucy announced that she would rather be sent to lockup. Anna led Alexis and Lucy into the squad room as Alexis urged Lucy to stop talking about vampires. Anna made it clear that Lucy wouldn't get near John, but just then a police officer escorted a handcuffed John into the squad room.

At PCU, Jay Mosser, a professor in the Archeology Department, assumed that Caleb was John when he invited Caleb into his office. The professor admitted that he had intended to call the detective. Caleb smiled and invited the professor to call him John. Caleb deftly tucked the signet ring out of sight as the professor wondered if John's inquiry about the ring had something do to with the deranged woman who had attacked someone that she had claimed had been a vampire. Caleb claimed that he wasn't at liberty to discuss it, so the professor revealed that there hadn't been a vampire sighting in years.

The professor picked up a book as he revealed that the ring had been common, but the crest had been rare. The professor suspected that the crest had belonged to a minor clan, the Julii, who were descendants of Remus. Caleb recalled that Remus had been the twin of Romulus and that their parents had abandoned the children, so the twins had suckled from a wolf. The professor revealed that the Julii had been wiped out thousands of years before, but some vampire scholars believed that a few had survived by fleeing to a remote area of the Transylvanian Alps in Romania. Professor Mosser added that the remaining Julii were believed to have lived in seclusion for generations.

According to the professor, the last vague record of the clan had been a century before, which had them going by the name of Morley. The professor realized that it probably sounded preposterous. "Not at all," Caleb smoothly replied. Professor Mosser warned "John" that the bearer of the ring embodied enormous power and would likely want revenge. The professor searched his desk because he had a dissertation that had been written long before the age of computers, which might interest John.

Professor Mosser suddenly stopped talking when he saw the front page of the Sun, featuring a story about John's arrest. Later, Professor Mosser's dead body slumped on his desk as blood dripped from a puncture wound on the side of his neck. Caleb expressed regret over the killing because of the professor's impressive knowledge. However, Caleb hadn't had a choice. Caleb's head snapped up when Sam suddenly knocked on the door, asking to speak to the professor. Caleb smiled as he stared at the door.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carly went to the Haunted Star to talk to Starr. Carly realized that the rumors about Starr owning part of the nightclub were true. Starr confirmed that Johnny had given Starr his shares of the nightclub but confessed that she had no idea what she was doing. Starr was curious why Carly was there, so Carly admitted that she had wanted to check on Starr since Todd was out of the picture. Starr admitted that her father might have left town, but he was running from the law, not out of Starr's life.

Carly admitted that she had talked to Todd in his office and that they had said their goodbyes. Carly confessed that she had been tempted to call the police, but then he had asked Carly to run away with him. Starr suspected that a part of Carly wished that she had taken Todd up on the offer. Carly revealed that she couldn't give up her sons, the Metro Court, and everything else for a life on the run in cheap motels with Josslyn and Todd, trying to stay one step ahead of the law. Starr didn't blame Carly and confided that Blair had eventually walked away from Todd too. Carly acknowledged that she wasn't an angel, so Starr assured Carly that Blair wasn't one either. Starr thought that Carly and Blair should spend more time together because they were quite a bit alike.

Carly explained that Carly and Todd had a unique understanding of each other because they both knew what it was like to do horrible things and be an outcast. Starr wondered why Carly hadn't been able to forgive Todd, so Carly revealed that Todd's lack of honesty had been the problem. Carly confessed that she would have stood by Todd if he had told her the truth. According to Carly, she had needed complete honesty from Todd because she couldn't be with another liar like Johnny. "And now you won't have to," Starr replied.

Starr put two glasses on the bar and then poured some whiskey into each glass. Starr realized that it was early, but Carly confessed that a drink sounded good. Carly suggested that they toast to Todd, so they each lifted their glass and admitted that they would miss Todd. They both hoped the best for Todd and prayed that he stayed away from other people's babies.

Rafe was startled when Heather entered Molly's bedroom, greeted him, and informed him that she was there for the baby. "What do you mean you're here for the baby?" Rafe asked. Heather closed the door as she pointed out that it had been a brief sentence. She was curious what part he hadn't understood. Rafe refused to hand her the baby, but Heather argued that Danny was hers. Rafe clutched Danny closer and moved away from Heather. Rafe knew that Sam, not the woman before him, was Danny's mother.

Heather conceded that she wasn't Danny's mother, but she could be. Rafe tensed, but Heather ignored him as she explained that she was Danny's nanny. Rafe remained leery of Heather because Molly had put him in charge of the baby's care and hadn't mentioned a nanny. Heather countered that "Miss Molly" hadn't said anything about an "oily, sullen, teenage boy loitering around her bedroom waiting for a little over-the-clothes action." Rafe recoiled and denied that anything of the sort had been going on. Heather shrugged and threatened to call Alexis, so Rafe suggested that they simply call Molly into the room.

Kristina entered the lake house as Molly passed through the living room with a breakfast tray for Rafe. Kristina smiled knowingly because she suspected that the food was for T.J. Molly sputtered with embarrassment as Kristina advised Molly to use protection and to make certain that T.J. was the right guy. Mortified, Molly denied that she and T.J. were sexually active.

In the bedroom, Heather put her door to the ear and informed Rafe that Molly was talking to Kristina. Heather offered to fetch both sisters, but Rafe objected. Heather turned up the heat by threatening to call the police, so Rafe finally relented and handed Danny over to Heather. Heather smiled with satisfaction as she told Danny that she had missed him.

On pier 52, Todd tried to rush Quint, the captain of the boat that Todd and Heather had chartered. Todd was eager to leave and suggested that they depart immediately. Quint suspected that no one would miss Todd. "Boxer briefs," Todd replied. "I was twelve. I was at sleep-away camp and I'm totally up for it, as long as I'm in a committed relationship with an open-minded, adventurous woman. Anything else you want to know?" Todd asked. Quint assured Todd that he was just trying to make a point that they each mind their own business.

Todd made it clear that he wanted to be taken to a country that didn't extradite. Quint questioned if Todd could handle the sea because Todd was a "city boy." Todd bragged that he had once built a raft and then had sailed it from an unchartered island in the Pacific to Guam. Quint laughed at the idea, so Todd gruffly ordered "Barnacle Bill" to get the boat ready. Later, Todd once again tried to pressure Quint to set sail without the second passenger, but Quint refused. Quint was certain that Todd would get along with the second passenger and showed him the front page of the Sun that had featured a story about Todd, Heather, and Lucy's escape from Ferncliff.

Todd realized that Quint knew who he was, so Todd warned Quint that Heather would be a horrible passenger. Quint confessed that he was attracted to Heather. Frustrated, Todd argued that Heather was a killer and unstable, so Quint decided that leave Todd and Heather to their own devices and left.

At the Port Charles University, Sam knocked on Professor Mosser's door and explained that she was there to talk to him about John McBain. Caleb stood inside the office. The professor's dead body was slumped on the desk, but Caleb ignored it as he waited for Sam to enter. Sam turned the doorknob, but the door had been locked, so Caleb stepped forward to unlock it. However, in the hallway a young woman called out to Sam to ask if she could help Sam. Sam revealed that she needed to speak with the professor about a private matter, so the young woman introduced herself at Professor Mosser's teaching assistant, Jennifer.

Jennifer confirmed that the professor should be in his office, but she admitted that he had a tendency to fall asleep at his desk. Jennifer offered to unlock the door, so Sam stepped aside. Jennifer screamed when she opened the door and saw the professor. Sam rushed forward to check the professor's pulse, but the man was dead. Sam and Jennifer spotted the two puncture wounds on the side of the doctor's neck, so Sam looked around for a clue as to what had happened.

Sam saw the open window, so she asked Jennifer about it. Jennifer didn't recall the professor ever opening the window in the middle of winter, so Sam called Anna.

In the squad room, Alexis and Anna decided that it would be best to keep John and Lucy separated. John assured everyone that he and Lucy could get along. Lucy agreed. "Once you're dead," Lucy added. Lucy demanded to know what "Caleb" had done with Rafe, but John denied that he was Caleb. Alexis and Anna realized that it was useless, but John insisted that the sooner that Lucy agreed to work with him and help Anna, the faster they would find Rafe. Lucy refused to trust John, so John assured Lucy that he could prove that he was who he claimed to be.

John admitted that he believed that Caleb was real. Alexis pulled John aside to explain Lucy's fragile mental state. Lucy warned Alexis that she could hear Alexis and John talking about her and suggested that it was a conflict of interest for Alexis to represent Lucy and John. Anna ordered Lucy to stop talking because Alexis was Lucy's best chance at freedom.

Alexis warned John that any interaction between him and Lucy would end badly, but John insisted that he was more concerned about Rafe. John conceded that it had been unsettling to watch the tape of Caleb, Officer Carlson, and Rafe because Carlson had been killed, Rafe was missing, and everyone was in danger from the man who could easily pass himself off as John. John was certain that Lucy was the key to stopping Caleb. Alexis agreed to try to slow down the arraignment to buy John some time to straighten things out, but she urged him to make it count.

Meanwhile, Anna stepped away to take a phone call. Alexis warned Lucy that Lucy's escape had guaranteed Lucy a long stay at Pentonville or a permanent stay at Ferncliff, so it was in Lucy's best interest to cooperate with the police and to listen to what John had to say. Lucy pointedly looked at John and vowed to destroy Caleb. Alexis advised Lucy to focus on finding Rafe because Lucy might be the only person who could get through to Rafe. Moments later, Anna returned and explained that she had to leave because Sam had called to report that John's alibi had been murdered.

After Anna and Alexis left, John and Lucy were led to the interrogation room. A police officer stood guard over the handcuffed prisoners as John tried to talk to Lucy about Caleb. Lucy was certain that John was Caleb and accused him of killing the professor. John pointed out that he had been in lockup at the time, but Lucy remained distrustful because she suspected that "Caleb" had mesmerized the entire town. John argued that he would have had to mesmerize Llanview, too, and the FBI. Lucy thought it was possible, so John asked what Caleb stood to gain being locked up in jail.

Lucy suggested that it might be one of Caleb's games to give mortals hope, only to ruthlessly take it away. John reminded Lucy that all of the people that she claimed Caleb wanted to hurt were on the outside. John suggested that it made more sense for Caleb to frame John, so that Caleb would be free to do as he pleased on the outside without fear of anyone looking for him. For the first time, Lucy appeared to consider the idea that John might not be Caleb.

Molly entered her bedroom and apologized to Rafe for the delay. She set the tray of food down and then looked around for her nephew. "Where's Danny?" Molly asked when she didn't see the baby. Rafe revealed that the nanny had taken him. Molly's eyes rounded with concern as she explained that Danny didn't have a nanny. Molly demanded to know what the nanny had looked like and what her name had been. Rafe described Heather. Molly was horrified when Rafe admitted that the nanny had introduced herself as Susan Moore.

Alexis arrived home and was surprised when she saw Kristina in the living room. Alexis had thought that Kristina had been working on her community service. Kristina explained that she had taken care of all of the paperwork, so she was expected to report at Pentonville later that day. Alexis groaned and wondered how much time they had to run to the store to buy a Taser gun. Kristina assured her mother that it would be fine because there were quite a few female volunteers at the prison. Kristina was confident that she could handle doing her community service at the prison, so she suggested that Alexis worry about Molly.

Alexis sat down as she asked Kristina what Molly had done. Kristina decided not to tell her mother about the earlier incident, but she advised Alexis to have a talk with Molly about dating a teenage boy. Alexis confessed that Molly knew more about sex than Alexis did. Kristina smiled, grabbed her jacket, and left.

Seconds later, Molly raced into the living room to tell her mother that Heather had taken Danny. Alexis ordered Molly to call the police, while Alexis called Sam. After the phone calls were made, Alexis demanded to know exactly what had happened. Rafe hovered in the hallway eavesdropping as Molly floundered to tell Alexis about the abduction without mentioning his name. Alexis grew increasingly frustrated by Molly's vague answers, so Rafe stepped forward and revealed that Heather had taken Danny from him.

Anna arrived at PCU and entered Professor Mosser's office as Sam and Jennifer trailed behind. Sam promised that she had only touched the professor's wrist to feel for a pulse. Anna examined the two puncture wounds as Sam suggested that it appeared as if the professor had been bitten. Anna wondered what could have made such a mark. "A vampire?" Jennifer offered. Anna looked around and spotted a pair off scissors on the floor.

Anna handed the scissors to a police officer to bag because she suspected that they had been the murder weapon. Anna was curious if Sam or Jennifer had seen anyone, but both ladies shook their heads. Anna questioned why Sam was there, so Sam explained that the professor had been John's alibi. The police officer thought that it was convenient for John that John's alibi was no longer alive to dispute John's claim. Anna informed the officer that the professor appeared to have been dead for less than an hour, which meant that the professor had been murdered while John had been in police custody.

Sam followed Anna into the hallway to ask if John would be released from custody. Anna explained that it wasn't that simple because the evidence against him was seemingly irrefutable. Moments later, Alexis called Sam to tell Sam that Heather had kidnapped Danny. Anna received a call from the police station about the kidnapping, so Anna dispatched a detective and crime scene unit to Alexis' house. Sam was frantic to get to the lake house, but Anna received another call to report that Todd and Heather had tried to charter a boat.

Anna sent all units to the pier and made it clear that the Coast Guard was to block anything from leaving the harbor.

Heather arrived on pier 52, pushing Danny's stroller. She looked around and noticed that Todd and the boat were not there as she had expected. She decided that she would have to find another way out of town, but only managed to take one step when Caleb suddenly appeared and asked her where she was going. "We meet again," Heather replied with false bravado.

Caleb demanded to know how Heather had gotten the baby. Heather insisted that the child was hers, but Caleb informed her that he knew better. Heather assumed that Caleb was John as she reminded "John" that he and "Commissioner Slim" had taken Danny from her once before. Caleb told Heather that the baby didn't belong with her, but Heather disagreed. "No!" Caleb shouted. "He belongs with his mother," Caleb added in a calmer tone after he reigned in his temper.

Heather vowed that she wouldn't let anyone take Danny from her, so Caleb wrapped his hand tightly around Heather's throat and shoved her up against a wall. Heather struggled to breathe. "You're killing me," Heather managed to say. Caleb smiled wickedly as he admitted, "That's the point."

Todd lurked nearby, watching the scene unfold. Caleb thanked Heather for handing him the child because it would make it easier to force the boy's mother to leave with him. Caleb tossed Heather into the harbor and then spit in the water. Caleb grabbed the stroller, intent on leaving, when Todd suddenly stepped forward and warned "John" to hand the baby over. Caleb promised that he wouldn't hurt the child, but Todd didn't believe him because Todd had seen "John" toss Heather into the water.

Caleb dropped all pretense of civility as he warned Todd to back off. Todd refused because Todd believed that Sam had been through enough and shouldn't be separated from her son again. Caleb reminded Todd that Todd was on the run, but Todd stood firm and ordered "John" to step away from the stroller. Caleb ignored Todd and started to walk away, but Todd grabbed the stroller and forced Caleb to a stop. Caleb threatened Todd, but Todd didn't back down.

Moments later, Caleb heard the sounds of police sirens closing in. Todd took his eyes off of Caleb to glance at the alley. Caleb used the opportunity to slip away. Todd quickly bent down to scoop Danny out of the stroller, and Anna and Sam suddenly emerged from the alley. Todd froze when he noticed that Anna had a gun aimed at him.

Friday, February 15, 2013

At Pentonville, Johnny was led to the visitors' room and secured to a table. After the guard left, Kristina entered the room. Johnny was surprised that his first visitor was Kristina, so Kristina explained that she was there to do her community service. Johnny was impressed that she had only gotten community service. Kristina revealed that Connie had recanted. "What would make her want to do something like that?" Johnny wondered.

Kristina suspected that Connie's change of heart had something to do with Sonny, but Johnny dismissed the suggestion because Connie and Sonny despised each other. Kristina revealed that something had changed between Connie and Sonny. Johnny changed the subject by wondering why Kristina had been assigned to Pentonville. Kristina assured him that it wasn't that bad because Johnny was there. Johnny reminded Kristina that he deserved to be in Pentonville because he had killed three people.

Kristina was surprised when Johnny mentioned that he had given Starr his shares of the Haunted Star. She commended him for the kind and generous gesture. Johnny conceded that sometimes bad guys were capable to doing good things. Later, a guard entered the room to fetch Kristina. The guard was surprised that Kristina had been left in a room with a dangerous criminal, but Kristina assured the guard that everything was fine. Kristina smiled when Johnny confessed that he looked forward to seeing her again.

At Kelly's, Sonny was eager to discuss his plans to seize control of Zacchara holdings, but a phone call delayed the conversation with Shawn. Shawn went to the counter to talk to T.J. while Sonny took the call. Sonny looked up when he noticed Connie enter the dinner. "Sonny," Connie said by way of greeting. "Connie," Sonny returned with a flirtatious smile. Connie was determined to ignore Sonny, so she sat down at another table. Moments later, Diane arrived and joined Connie.

Meanwhile, at the counter, Shawn noticed that T.J. was dressed up. T.J. revealed that he had plans with Molly to celebrate Valentine's Day and admitted that he had several surprises in store for his girlfriend. T.J. suspected that Molly had a surprise for him too. After T.J. left, Shawn returned to Sonny's table as Sonny wrapped up the phone call. Sonny explained that he intended to seize control of the Zacchara empire. Shawn reminded Sonny that Johnny had legitimate assets that Sonny might be interested in too.

Sonny insisted that marital assets were separate from the mob, so Connie was off-limits. Sonny ordered Shawn to find out if anyone else had similar plans, so Shawn promised to get in touch with Sonny the following day. Sonny wanted an update sooner, but Shawn made it clear that nothing would stop Shawn from spending time with his lady on Valentine's Day.

At Connie's table, Diane listed the charges against Connie and suggested that Connie blame Kate for the crimes. Connie explained that admitting that Kate was responsible for the crimes would be tantamount to conceding that Connie hadn't been properly integrated. Connie refused to risk a trip to Shadybrook, so she shot down Diane's idea. Diane warned Connie that a different strategy would require more work, which meant more billable hours. Connie assured Diane that money wasn't an issue because Johnny's assets were community property. Diane smiled and asked to be notified when Connie could pay.

Connie was disappointed when Diane stood to leave. Diane explained that she had three golden rules for work: guard her clients' privacy, avoid making moral or value judgments about her clients, and expect timely payments. Connie promised to get the money to Diane. After Diane left, Connie called the accountant to find out how to access Johnny's money. The accountant warned Connie that it wouldn't be easy, but Connie made it clear that she expected results.

Connie ended the call as Sonny walked up and asked if he could join her. Connie nodded, so Sonny sat down. Sonny explained that he had wanted to let her know that Kristina had started her community service and that he appreciated what Connie had done for his daughter. Connie hoped that her own trial would have similar results, so Sonny assured her that Diane was the best attorney. Connie confided that Diane had hoped to blame everything on Kate, but Connie had rejected the idea because Connie didn't want to end up in Shadybrook.

Connie quickly changed the subject by offering Sonny a Valentine's Day cookie. She noticed that Sonny seemed distracted, so he admitted that he had been thinking about the previous Valentine's Day when he and Kate had reconnected. He confessed that he had known, on some level, that something had been off with Kate, but he had made excuses for her strange behavior. Sonny realized that Connie had been a part of what had grown between Sonny and Kate, even though Connie had hated him. "What a difference a year makes, huh?" Connie asked.

The mood lightened when Sonny and Connie reminisced about a Valentine's Day in Bensonhurst when Connie had made Sonny a batch of cookies. Sonny chuckled as he confessed that they had been the worst cookies that he'd ever had, so Connie blamed it on the canisters in her mother's kitchen, which hadn't been labeled. Sonny laughed then announced that he had to leave. Connie handed him another cookie for the road and told him goodbye.

On pier 52, Caleb slipped away as the police closed in. Todd leaned down to scoop Danny out of the stroller as Anna and Sam rounded the corner. Anna aimed her gun at Todd and ordered him to step away from Danny. Todd raised his hands as he explained that it wasn't what it looked like. Sam ran forward, grabbed her son, then put some distance between herself and Todd. Moments later, Carly walked up and asked what was going on.

Sam accused Todd of trying to kidnap Danny for a second time, but Todd insisted that John McBain had been the one to take the baby. Anna and Sam were taken aback by the remark, so Anna demanded to know exactly what had transpired on the pier. Todd revealed that he had witnessed John throw Heather into the harbor. Todd had stepped forward when John had made some strange remarks about Danny and then had started to leave with the baby. Todd explained that Sam had been through enough the first time that Danny had been taken, so he refused to let her suffer like that again. Anna informed Todd that John had been in police custody, so she placed Todd under arrest.

Todd insisted that John had been on the pier, but Anna remained unconvinced. Todd pleaded with Carly to believe him, but Carly didn't know what to think. After Anne led Todd away, Carly confessed that she couldn't understand why Todd would try to kidnap Danny. Sam surprised Carly by suggesting that Todd hadn't lied about what had happened. Sam told Carly about John's arrest and John's theory that someone who looked like John had killed Alison. According to Sam, Todd's story supported the theory.

Carly wanted to believe Todd, but decided that it didn't matter because Todd was no longer a part of her life. Carly announced plans to go home to Josslyn to celebrate Valentine's Day and then patted Danny on the back as she wished him a happy Valentine's Day. Carly thought that Danny was as handsome as his father, Jason. Sam agreed. The two ladies exchanged well wishes for Valentine's Day and then parted. Sam decided to get her son home, but stopped short when she spotted a familiar face on the pier.

"John, you scared me," Sam said as she held Danny in her arms. Caleb smiled and slowly approached Sam as she asked him what he was doing there. Posing as John, Caleb explained that the police had released him because they had seen the error of their ways. Caleb expressed concern for Danny, so he asked to hold Danny. Sam dropped all pretense of civility as she informed Caleb that she knew exactly who he was. "Caleb," Sam confirmed.

Caleb wasn't surprised, since Sam had known Caleb for centuries. Sam accused him of being crazy, but Caleb ignored her remarks as he trapped her and Danny against the wall.

At the lake house, Rafe stepped forward to explain that Heather had taken Danny from him, not Molly. "Who is this boy, and why is he in my house?" Alexis demanded of her daughter. Molly tried to answer, but couldn't find the words. "Oh, I see," Alexis said in a deceptively calm tone. "You didn't have a boyfriend in your room, you had an accused murderer," Alexis stated.

Rafe insisted that it wasn't Molly's fault because he had taken advantage of Molly and had begged her for a place to stay. Alexis was furious that Molly had allowed Rafe to watch Danny, but Rafe assured Alexis that he would never have harmed the baby. Rafe explained that Heather had claimed to be the nanny, so Rafe hadn't had any reason to question her. Alexis conceded that she didn't blame Rafe for Danny's abduction because Heather was a skilled liar. However, Alexis was determined to alert the police.

Molly implored her mother not to notify the authorities, but Alexis reminded Molly that Alexis was obligated as an officer of the court, which Molly might have considered before Molly had given a fugitive refuge in Alexis' home. Moments later, Sam called Alexis to let her mother know that Danny had been found and was safe. Sam promised to call Alexis back with the details and then ended the call. Molly and Rafe were relieved that Danny was safe and sound. Alexis started to call the police, but Molly begged her mother to reconsider.

Molly insisted that Rafe shouldn't have been arrested to start with because he couldn't have killed his mother. Alexis argued that sometimes people behaved in an irrational way, but Molly continued to defend Rafe. Molly was shocked when Rafe stepped forward and agreed with Alexis' decision to turn Rafe over to the police. Molly begged Alexis to represent him, but Alexis pointed out that it would be a conflict of interest because Alexis represented John, the man that Rafe had accused of murdering Alison. Molly argued that John had money, so John could hire another attorney.

Rafe assured Molly that he didn't need an attorney because he was innocent, so he was confident that the police would let him go. Molly had less faith in the legal system, so she pleaded with her mother to help Rafe. Alexis ordered Rafe to grab a coat and follow her. Molly was determined to go to the police station with Alexis and Rafe until Alexis opened the door. T.J. stood on the doorstep and smiled until he spotted Rafe. Alexis ordered Molly to stay put and left with Rafe. T.J. asked if Molly was okay, so Molly promised that she was fine.

T.J. was upset because he had known that Rafe would go after Molly. Molly reluctantly explained that Rafe had turned to her for help. T.J. realized that Molly had lied when he had called to warn her that Rafe was on the loose. Molly explained that Rafe had been in trouble because Rafe had witnessed another murder. It suddenly occurred to T.J. that Rafe had spent the night in Molly's bedroom.

Molly assured T.J. that nothing had happened and promised T.J. that he could trust her, but T.J. disagreed because she had already lied to him. T.J. resented that Molly made him feel like the bad guy. Molly told T.J. that she didn't want to argue. T.J. confessed that he didn't either, so he handed her a Valentine's Day gift and left. Afterwards, Molly opened the present. Inside the box were a special heart-shaped silver necklace and a book to help with her writing.

In the interrogation room, Dante informed John that Lucy had been safely returned to a holding cell. John wondered if anything that John had said had had an impact on Lucy. Dante admitted that he didn't blame Lucy for having trouble believing John. "It's hard making someone believe you are two different people," Dante suggested. John wondered if Dante seriously thought that John was a vampire. "No," Dante admitted.

"Just a serial killer who thinks he's a vampire. That's so much better," John replied. Dante confessed that he didn't know what to believe because the evidence against John was damaging. John insisted that the person responsible for everything that had happened was a look-alike, prompting Dante to wonder if John had a twin that John had neglected to mention. John insisted that the only thing he knew was that the man's name was Caleb, and they needed to find him.

John feared for Rafe's safety. Dante suspected that John knew something, but John would only reveal that Rafe was the key to the whole mystery. John reminded Dante that Dante was his partner, so Dante knew John. Dante argued that they hadn't worked together for long, but John pointed out that John had stood by Dante when Ronnie Dimestico had framed Dante for the attacks on the dancers. John wanted the same chance, so he begged Dante to let him go because John could be of more use on the outside. Dante gave it some consideration.

"Let's go," Dante said after several heartbeats. John followed Dante into the squad room as Anna and Todd arrived. Todd glared at John as he accused John of killing Heather and trying to kidnap Danny. John had no idea what Todd was talking about, so Anna invited Todd to repeat his story. Todd insisted that it wasn't a story; he had gone to the pier, expecting to be taken by boat to a country without extradition, but had seen John toss Heather into the water and then go after Danny.

Alarmed, John wondered if Danny was okay. "Yes, because I saved him from you," Todd angrily replied. John reminded everyone that he had been in police custody the entire day. John hoped that Anna finally believed that there was someone who looked like John committing crimes. Todd advised Anna to drag the harbor for Heather's body because it would prove that Todd had told the truth.

Anna explained that there was an APB for Heather and that the Coast Guard had been notified. Todd doubted that the Coast Guard would be any help because the man that Todd had seen hadn't left by boat. Anna was curious how the man that Todd had encountered on the pier had left. "That's the weird part," Todd replied. "And by that, I mean that's the really weird part," Todd clarified. According to Todd, the man had simply vanished.

Later, Carly entered the squad room. Todd smiled as Carly admitted that she had stopped by to let him know that she believed that he had told the truth about trying to rescue Danny. However, she made it clear that it didn't mean that she trusted him. Todd wondered if they were friends again. Carly told him no, but Todd asked her to stay with him as a gesture of how much she trusted him. Carly wished him luck, advised him not to say anything without an attorney present, and left. Todd continued to smile despite Carly's answer.

Meanwhile, John was returned to the interrogation room. He insisted that Todd's story proved that John hadn't been lying. Anna remained skeptical. John warned Anna that Caleb was a serial killer who was fixated on Rafe and Sam. John was eager to get out of jail because he feared that Sam and Danny were in danger.

Nearby, Alexis spotted Diane in the hallway, so she called out to her friend. Diane revealed that she didn't have time because she had to meet with a client, so Alexis explained that she had a new client for Diane. Diane stopped and turned to Alexis. "Who's the felon?" Diane wondered. "Him," Alexis replied as she shoved Rafe in front of her. "This is my potential client? The penniless urchin who allegedly killed his mother and then pinned the whole thing on John McBain?" Diane asked.

Alexis insisted that she couldn't represent Rafe because it was a conflict of interest. Diane claimed that her plate was full, but Alexis revealed that Rafe's mother had been a Barrington, which meant that Rafe probably had several hefty trust funds waiting. Diane had an immediate change of heart and agreed to take on Rafe's case. After Alexis left, Rafe was handcuffed and taken to lockup. Diane vowed to sue the police department if Rafe's rights were violated in any way.

Outside of Kelly's, Sonny bumped into Dante, who had stopped by to pick up some Valentine's Day cookies for Lulu. Dante told Sonny about the Valentine's Day party on the Haunted Star, but Sonny confessed that all of the flowers and decorations reminded him of happier times in the past. "With Kate?" Dante wondered. "Not entirely," Sonny replied.

Inside the diner, Connie made another call to the accountant to find out the status of the money that she had requested. She was surprised by what the accountant had to say.

Nearby, Shawn warmly greeted Alexis. However, he became concerned when he saw T.J. run past him and head to their apartment. Alexis admitted that she had an idea what might be troubling T.J.

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