General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 9, 2013 on GH

Dante and Lulu named their daughter. Sonny secretly stopped taking his medication. Monica was fired as chief of staff. Several people noticed that Britt's son didn't look like Brad. Anna and Duke bumped into Julian.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 9, 2013 on GH
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Monday, September 9, 2013

At General Hospital, Dante was in a rush to see Lulu and his new daughter, but Brad said that he needed a word. Dante was impatient to be on his way after he found out that Brad could provide no new information about Britt's mother, the evil Dr. Leisl Westbourne, a.k.a. Dr. Obrecht. Brad hemmed and hawed and finally said that Patrick had punched Brad after finding out that Patrick was not the father of Britt's baby.

Michael and Morgan returned to Sonny's home and found Kiki, who was still stunned by Olivia's odd behavior. Kiki explained that she had returned from the kitchen and Olivia had accused Kiki of wearing Connie's dress. Olivia had then said that she knew where Sonny was and had frantically rushed out of the house. Michael explained that Olivia had been having psychic visions ever since Heather Webber had injected Olivia with a massive dose of LSD.

Michael asked Kiki a few more questions and realized that Olivia had seen Kiki in Connie's wedding dress. Michael concluded that Sonny had gone to the Haunted Star. Michael called Dante to tell him that Sonny was on the Haunted Star. Dante brushed Brad off and told him to file his report at the police station. Morgan asked Kiki to wait at Sonny's home, and she agreed. They exchanged the words, "I love you," as Michael waited near the door. The brothers left together.

Elsewhere in GH, Maxie and Spinelli looked on as Lulu continued to bond with the child she believed to be hers and Dante's, who was actually the biological child of Maxie and Spinelli. Maxie and Spinelli agreed that they had to have difficult conversations with both Ellie and Lulu. As Spinelli went off to find Ellie, Maxie opened the door to the nursery and heard Lulu reassuring her child.

When Lulu looked up and saw Maxie, Lulu told Maxie not to get closer, Maxie said that she would wait outside but that she had to speak with Lulu. Lulu followed Maxie to the hall. Lulu implored Maxie not to make Lulu call security. Maxie told Lulu that she could stop worrying because Maxie no longer had the delusion that Lulu's baby belonged to Maxie.

Maxie said that the meds and the surgery had messed her up and since the meds were out of her system, she was back to reality. Lulu pointed out that Maxie had been getting possessive of the baby before it was born. Maxie said that she was handling that. Maxie said that Mac had made an appointment for Maxie with Kevin Collins and that surprisingly, what Maxie was experiencing was within the range of normal for surrogates.

Maxie said that she was very sorry for scaring Lulu and begged Lulu's forgiveness. Lulu said that she was also sorry. They both agreed that their friendship with each other was very important. Maxie said that she did not regret carrying a baby for Lulu and that Maxie knew that the baby belonged Lulu. Maxie told Lulu that being a surrogate had helped her focus and put her attention somewhere other than on her painful breakup with Spinelli.

Maxie insisted that she loved Lulu and would do anything for her. Lulu reciprocated Maxie's feelings. She brushed a tear from her eye and told Maxie to get better so that Lulu's little girl could love Maxie as much as Lulu did. Maxie and Lulu discussed Connie's shocking demise and Dante's search for Sonny.

Lulu retrieved a present that she had been saving for Maxie. Before Maxie could open it, the baby started crying. Maxie insisted that present opening wait while Lulu tended to the baby. Maxie watched with longing as Lulu picked up her baby. Lulu told the child that a large weight had been lifted from her heart because Maxie had finally realized that the baby belonged to Lulu and Dante.

Spinelli found Ellie in the lab, shortly after a court bailiff had returned Franco's brain tumor to the lab. Spinelli told Ellie that after observing Dante and Lulu with his child, Spinelli had not had the heart to tell them that the child they were bonding with was not theirs.

Spinelli said that he was in agreement with Maxie that it would be unbelievably cruel to tell the truth since Lulu and Dante had bonded with the baby. Spinelli asked for Ellie's agreement to keep silent. She asked Spinelli if he was sure that he wanted to give up his child to Dante and Lulu. Spinelli said that the choice was either to break his heart or his friends' hearts. Spinelli blamed his choice on Ellie for not telling the truth much sooner. Ellie agreed to keep silent.

As Spinelli was about to leave the lab, Ellie suggested that it was a good time for Spinelli to get his things from her apartment. Spinelli seemed confused, as Ellie explained that since Spinelli had been so cold, brusque, and distant, she had assumed that they were over. Spinelli said that he really had not been thinking about their relationship at all and needed some time.

Ellie took that as encouraging and told Spinelli that she loved him. Spinelli admitted that he also loved Ellie, but at the same time, he was furious with her and did not know which emotion would win out. Spinelli suggested that instead of breaking up, they take a break while he sorted out his feelings. Ellie said it was more than she had expected. Spinelli left the lab after telling Ellie that he would see her around.

Spinelli and Maxie met in the lobby near the stairs leading to the mezzanine. Maxie said that she had done her part and admitted to Lulu that Maxie's attachment to the baby had been wrong and that the baby was Lulu's not Maxie's. Spinelli said that he had secured Ellie's agreement to keep the secret that Dante and Lulu's baby really belonged to Spinelli and Maxie. As Spinelli told Maxie that no one would ever know, Brad stood above them on the stairs, eavesdropping on their conversation.

Nikolas burst through the doors of his castle and found Britt in labor and Sabrina trying to help. Nikolas sent for the launch, but Britt's labor pains were close and the baby's birth was imminent. Britt screamed that she did not want Sabrina's help because Sabrina might use it as an opportunity for payback. Sabrina said that that was Britt's style, not Sabrina's, and then cited some of Britt's mean-spirited acts.

Britt called Sabrina "a phony little twit who stole Patrick from me," but eventually, Nikolas and Sabrina convinced Britt that Sabrina was up to the task. After a short labor, Britt's baby was born. Sabrina handed Britt her baby. Britt was surprisingly tender. Nikolas told Sabrina that she had been amazing. Sabrina said that Britt had done all the work. Suddenly Britt shouted that something was wrong with her baby.

Olivia reached Sonny on the Haunted Star just as Sonny was about to pull the trigger. Sonny told Olivia to leave, but she refused. Olivia told Sonny to put the gun down. Sonny said that he could not do that because A.J. was still alive. Sonny said that he had spared A.J. for Michael's sake, but he had to end his own life. Olivia said that Michael would not want Sonny to spare A.J. and then take his own life.

Sonny was grief-stricken as he told Olivia about Connie appearing to him in her wedding dress and about their imaginary marriage before Connie had faded away after saying that she would love him forever. Sonny insisted that he had to be with Connie. Olivia said that Sonny was being selfish. Olivia said that lots of people needed Sonny. Olivia said that she needed Sonny to help her mourn for Connie and also to remember all the good times with Connie.

Olivia pointed out all the people who would mourn Sonny, but Sonny said that he was a liability. Sonny told Olivia that he had bodyguards, bulletproof windows, and bulletproof vests, but no matter how hard Sonny tried to protect the ones he loved, it was always Sonny's loved ones who got hurt. Sonny said that he was doing his loved ones a favor by ending his life.

Sonny trashed the bottles on the bar and then broke down in tears. Sonny said that it should have been him, not Connie, who was shot. Sonny remembered that he and Connie had been in a good place and that they were finally going to get a life together. Olivia gently reminded Sonny that Connie had known what she was getting into and had chosen to be with Sonny and take the risk.

Sonny was inconsolable as he told Olivia to get out immediately. Olivia refused and said that Sonny would have to shoot himself in front of her. Morgan, Michael, and Dante arrived as Olivia asked if Sonny intended for his sons to watch him pull the trigger also. Sonny told the boys to leave, but they refused. Morgan told Sonny that they could work it out. Dante implored Sonny not to take the coward's way out and to stick around for Dante's daughter's sake, and for Dante's.

Michael told Sonny that Sonny was the heart and soul of their family and that concern for Sonny had caused Morgan and Michael to get over their differences and reunite. Olivia advised Sonny to listen to his sons who were begging Sonny to stay in their lives. Dante told Sonny that all he had to do was trust his sons, and it would all work out. Sonny was convinced and laid down his gun.

Dante picked up Sonny's gun. Michael told Sonny that he had made the right decision. Dante said that they needed to get Sonny home. Olivia and the brothers left the Haunted Star with a subdued, but still grieving, SonnyRecap --->

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Kiki was looking at a picture of Michael and Morgan when Carly walked in. "Trying to figure out which one you want?" Carly asked. Kiki looked up, but didn't reply. "Here's a hint; it should be the one you're married to," Carly added. Kiki ignored the remark as she put the picture down and asked why Carly was there. Carly revealed that the judge had made a decision about Franco's case, so Carly wanted to share the news with Sonny. Surprised, Kiki wondered what Franco's fate was.

Carly explained that Franco was a free man because the judge had agreed that the tumor had been responsible for Franco's criminal behavior. Kiki feared that Sonny might go after Franco, but Carly doubted it. Carly started to go to Sonny's bedroom, but Kiki revealed that Sonny was not at home. Kiki handed Carly the letter that Sonny had written before he had disappeared and filled Carly in on the search for Sonny.

Moments later, Sonny arrived home with Olivia on his arm and Michael and Morgan trailing behind them. Carly became concerned when she noticed Sonny's disheveled appearance, but he assured Carly that he was okay. Olivia continued to hover and fuss over Sonny until he told Olivia that he didn't need her taking care of him. Carly suggested that Sonny get some rest, so Olivia agreed and asked Sonny to give her an opportunity to take care of him the way that he had taken care of her following the shooting. Sonny reluctantly agreed and allowed Olivia to help him to his bedroom.

After Sonny and Olivia left, Michael and Morgan told their mother about the state that they had found Sonny in at the Haunted Star. Carly was glad that both of her sons had been there for their father. Morgan remained concerned about Sonny, so Michael assured his brother that Sonny would be okay.

Michael shifted gears by asking why Carly was there, so she told Michael and Morgan the news about Franco and suggested that they wait until the following day to tell Sonny. Kiki wanted to check on Franco, so she asked Carly if Franco was at the Quartermaine mansion. Carly pointed out that she wasn't Franco's keeper, so she had no idea where Franco was, but then apologized when Michael suggested that Carly had taken Kiki's question the wrong way.

Kiki decided to head to the mansion when her call to Franco went to voicemail. Morgan didn't want to leave his father's side, so he surprised Michael by asking Michael to drive Kiki to the Quartermaine estate. Michael worried that it would cause problems, but Morgan assured his brother that the evening's events had reminded him that they were family. Morgan kissed Kiki and then went to Sonny's bedroom. Carly announced that she would go with Michael and Kiki to the mansion, so the three left together.

In Sonny's bedroom, Sonny sat on the bed as Olivia leaned down to turn on the lamp. Sonny barked at her to leave it off, so Olivia dropped her hand. She suggested that Sonny take his medication, but Sonny snidely asked her if she was a nurse. Olivia insisted that she couldn't lose another person that she loved, so if she had to follow him around like a jailer then she would. Sonny backed down and told Olivia where his medication was. She quickly fetched the prescription bottle and handed it to him.

Moments later, Morgan entered the room. Olivia decided to make some tea, so she left. Morgan sat down next to his father on the bed and admitted that he had been frightened by Sonny's behavior at the Haunted Star. Sonny looked shamefaced as he admitted that Morgan was not supposed to have seen that. Morgan assured his father that he knew that, but Morgan was deeply sorry for what had happened to Connie.

Sonny was shocked when Morgan blamed himself for Connie's death. Morgan realized that it had been wrong of him to ask Sonny to keep a secret that had caused problems for Sonny and Connie. Morgan was certain that the story wouldn't have been newsworthy if Morgan had told Kiki the truth from the onset. Sonny refused to let Morgan take responsibility for Connie's death and admitted that he was grateful that Morgan had turned to him for help because it had bridged the distance that had been between Sonny and Morgan.

Sonny pointed out that Morgan had also ended up with a girl who had wanted Morgan despite knowing that she wasn't related to Michael. Morgan confessed that it wasn't true because Kiki believed that Morgan had learned the truth about her paternity at the same time that she had. Morgan was certain that Kiki would leave him if she ever learned that Morgan had known that Franco wasn't her father prior to the wedding. Sonny vowed to stand by Morgan, so Morgan assured Sonny that he believed him. Morgan insisted that he needed Sonny to remain a part of his life because he loved Sonny and didn't want to lose his father.

Later, Olivia returned to the bedroom with the tea. She set the tray on Sonny's bed and told him that she would be in the guest room if he needed her. She instructed him to take his medication and promised him that he would feel better soon. After Olivia left, Sonny picked up the pills and crushed them. "I don't want to feel better," Sonny quietly said as he leaned back on his bed and looked up at the ceiling.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ava was watching a television show that featured a segment about the construction of Deception. Tracy couldn't believe that Ava gave the "tabloid trash" program any credence, but Ava insisted that it was important to stay on top of pop culture. Ava and Tracy perked up when the program's host announced that they would return from the commercial break with an update about Franco's trial.

Ava refused to wait, so she decided to check her "Twitter feed." As if on cue, Franco strolled in. "Hey, look who's trending -- 'hashtag Franco's a free man'," Franco announced with a broad grin. Tracy was shocked that the murder, kidnapping, and rape charges against Franco had been dropped, so Franco quickly clarified that he hadn't raped anyone. Tracy ignored the remark as she expressed disbelief that Diane had managed to keep Franco out of jail.

Moments later, the news program returned from the commercial break. Tracy and Ava were horrified when the tumor in a jar was shown. The ladies jumped when Franco popped the cork off of a bottle of champagne behind them. "Take it easy, girls," Franco said with a chuckle as he poured the champagne. He assured them that guns had always been a last resort for him.

Franco offered Tracy a glass of champagne as he invited her to celebrate his victory. Ava seemed disappointed that he hadn't offered her a flute, so he admitted that he wouldn't give Ava a glass of water if she were dying of thirst in the desert. Tracy didn't bother to hide her smile as she accepted the glass and took a sip of champagne.

Ava was stunned when Franco informed her that it was time for her to leave. "Excuse me?" Ava asked. "You heard me. Pack your bags and get your poser ass out of my house," Franco said. Ava reminded Franco that the mansion belonged to Monica, so Franco and Tracy countered that Alan had given Monica the mansion. Franco explained that he was Alan's heir, so Franco believed that he had every right to evict Ava.

Ava pulled Franco aside to remind him that he still had a little "felony" secret that she was certain he would not want anyone to know about. Franco pulled the rug out from under Ava by informing Tracy that he had tampered with both A.J. and Tracy's relishes prior to their appearance on the daytime cooking talk show months earlier.

Meanwhile, Carly, Michael, and Kiki arrived at the mansion. Michael wanted to have a private word with Kiki, so Carly entered the house. Kiki was curious what Michael wanted to talk about, so Michael answered, "Morgan." Kiki tensed and warned Michael that she didn't want to argue about whether or not Morgan had known that she and Michael weren't related prior to the wedding. Michael admitted that it didn't really matter because he knew that Morgan truly loved Kiki.

Michael conceded that he had behaved badly by looking for reasons not to trust Morgan. He regretted how he had treated his brother, because they were family. Kiki had no idea what to say, so Michael suggested that she promise to be good to Morgan and to love Morgan as much as Morgan loved her.

Moments later, Morgan walked up. Michael asked how their father was doing, so Morgan assured his brother that Sonny would be fine soon. Morgan thanked Michael for everything and praised his brother for talking Sonny down. Michael insisted that all three of the brothers had worked together and then reminded Morgan that Sonny loved and needed each of them. Morgan nodded then hugged his brother.

In the parlor, Tracy demanded to know why Franco had poisoned the relishes, so Franco admitted that he had no idea, but it was in the past, and he no longer gave a "damn" about being denied his birthright or making his family pay. "And I don't give a damn about you," Franco added as he looked at Ava. Franco confessed that he had never cared about Ava then admitted that his heart belonged to someone else.

Franco smiled when he turned and saw Carly standing in the doorway. Tracy burst out laughing because she wasn't surprised that Franco was drawn to Carly. According to Tracy, Franco fit Carly's profile of men because Carly loved murderers like Sonny, A.J., and Jason. Carly glared at Tracy and made it clear that she and Franco had never been nor would they ever be a couple.

After Carly dragged Franco out of the parlor for a private word, Tracy suggested that Carly had protested just a tad too much. Tracy was gratified to know that Carly would soon get her comeuppance for the years of misery that Carly had visited upon the Quartermaines. Ava was more concerned about her living arrangements, so she asked if Tracy intended to let Franco toss Ava out of the mansion.

Ava reminded Tracy that they were friends, but Tracy made it clear that she had merely used Ava to regain control of ELQ. Ava was stunned when Tracy added that she didn't have any use for Ava at ELQ because Franco was no longer wrapped around Ava's finger. Ava begged Tracy to change her mind, but Tracy thought that ELQ and the Quartermaines were better off without Ava in their lives.

In the hallway, Carly confronted Franco about his claim that he had feelings for her. She doubted that he was capable of feeling anything, but Franco disagreed. He reminded Carly that she had stood at his side and had talked him down from the ledge twice. Carly claimed that she had done it because it was what Jason would have wanted. According to Carly, it would be a "cold day in hell" before she felt anything for Franco, especially since she had no idea if he was really a changed man. Franco vowed to prove it and then walked away.

At Kelly's, T.J. was surprised when Taylor entered the diner. Taylor explained that she had just returned from a visit with her parents and that they had grilled her about her summer in Port Charles. T.J. hoped that she hadn't told them everything, so she assured T.J. that she hadn't mentioned having sex with a guy who had later rejected her. T.J. sagged with relief and thanked her, but Taylor made it clear that she hadn't kept quiet for him. Taylor was certain that her parents would have "freaked" if they had known about the prom night tryst.

Taylor changed the subject by asking how things were with T.J. and Molly. T.J. admitted that Molly had agreed to think about his request to give their relationship another try, but he hadn't seen Molly since. Taylor was delighted because she believed that Molly had been the only thing keeping T.J. and Taylor apart. T.J. quickly clarified that he hadn't talked to Molly because she had been focusing on Danny, but Taylor was certain that Molly had still managed to make time for Rafe.

T.J. objected to Taylor trash-talking Molly, so Taylor quickly apologized. She agreed to change the subject if he fetched her a glass of water. T.J. picked up a glass of water from the table and handed it to Taylor, but she was horrified at the idea of drinking "used" water. T.J. pointed out that he had just poured the water, but Taylor wasn't satisfied. The two bickered about the water until it suddenly ended up all over the front of Taylor's shirt. Taylor screeched and accused T.J. of intentionally dumping the water on her, but he denied it as he tried to blot her shirt dry with a dishtowel.

Seconds later, Molly and Rafe entered the diner. T.J. rushed to assure Molly that things were not as they appeared, but Molly appeared skeptical, so T.J. asked to speak to her outside. Molly reluctantly allowed T.J. to lead her outside, where he apologized and then explained that he had kept his distance from her because he knew that she had been busy with Danny. He asked how Danny was doing, so Molly admitted that they were hoping that the bone marrow transplant had worked.

Relieved, T.J. changed the subject to remind Molly that she had agreed to think about whether or not she would give him another chance. He was curious if she had made a decision, so she admitted that she had. "Yes," Molly told T.J. and then hugged him.

Inside, Taylor and Rafe watched as T.J. and Molly hugged and then kissed. Taylor was curious if Rafe was enjoying the happy reunion. "Not really," Rafe grumbled. Taylor pointed out that they had a mutual problem, so she wondered what they should do about it.

At Wyndemere, Britt held her newborn son as Nikolas looked on and Sabrina cleaned up. Britt's joy turned to concern when she realized that something was wrong with the baby. Concerned, Nikolas and Sabrina asked Britt why she thought that the baby was in crisis. Britt explained that the infant's breathing was labored and shallow, so she turned accusing eyes to Sabrina as she demanded to know what Sabrina had done to the baby. Sabrina asked to take a look at the baby, but Britt refused because she didn't trust Sabrina.

Nikolas quickly defended Sabrina and asked what was causing the infant's breathing problems. Britt listened carefully and determined that the baby had fluid in his lungs, so he needed to get to the hospital. Nikolas sprang into action and called to check on the launch. The launch was ready to leave, so Britt stood up, intending to carry her son to the launch, but she immediately began to sway on her feet and was forced to sit back down. Sabrina offered to take the baby to the hospital, but Britt rejected the idea.

Sabrina insisted that there wasn't time for an argument and promised that she would never let the differences between them keep her from doing everything possible to save the baby. "She's right," Nikolas chimed in as he promised Britt that everything would be okay. Britt reluctantly handed her newborn son over to Sabrina. Sabrina assured Britt that the baby would be well taken care of; Sabrina left.

Later, Britt was filled with trepidation because she had allowed Sabrina to take the baby to the hospital. Britt insisted that Sabrina was clueless and untrustworthy. Nikolas reminded Britt that Sabrina had guided him so he could help Britt during the delivery, so he was certain that Sabrina would do everything in her power to save the baby. Britt feared that it would not be enough because Sabrina wouldn't be able to get the baby to the hospital in time.

Britt became increasingly agitated, so Nikolas tried to calm Britt by asking her if she had encountered similar situations when she had delivered babies. Britt admitted that she had, prompting Nikolas to ask her to walk him through what the procedure would be to help the baby. Britt told him how the crisis would be handled at the hospital and conceded that the infant would usually be okay after the treatment. Later, the launch returned for Britt, so Nikolas carried her to the boat.

At the nurses' station, Brad couldn't believe that he had overheard Maxie and Spinelli admit that they were the biological parents of the Falconeri baby. He was startled when Felix suddenly walked up and demanded to know why Brad refused to take responsibility for the child that Brad and Britt had created. Brad was annoyed when he realized that his conversation with Nikolas had been overheard, but he explained that he and Britt had had an agreement.

Felix wasn't satisfied with Brad's answer and warned Brad that whatever happened to Britt's baby would be on Brad. Brad insisted that the plan had been for Britt to raise the baby, but Felix disagreed because Britt had intended to raise the baby with Patrick until Patrick had learned the truth about the baby's paternity. Brad pointed out that Britt made good money, so there wasn't any reason that she couldn't raise the baby as a single mother. Felix argued that Britt was homeless, so she needed a place to stay.

Felix admitted that he was tempted to invite Britt to move back in for the sake of the baby, even though Felix wasn't connected in any way to the baby. "Damn it, Felix, I don't have any connection to this baby either," Brad blurted out in frustration. "You mind telling me why that is?" Felix asked. Brad explained that he had only been a sperm donor. The conversation was cut short when Sabrina ran up with the baby in her arms and explained that she needed help.

Felix called pediatrics to alert them that Sabrina was on her way. After the call, Felix turned to Brad. "You coming?" Felix asked.

Silas stood at the nurses' station in the pediatrics ward as he looked at a copy of Kiki's birth certificate. Sam walked up to let Silas know that Danny was resting comfortably after the transplant, but then she noticed Silas' troubled expression. She asked him if he was okay, so he was curious why she was asking. "Because you're thinking about your daughter," Sam said as she glanced at the birth certificate that Silas had been looking at.

Sam realized that she and Silas hadn't had a chance to talk about Kiki because of everything that had been going on with Danny. Silas insisted that there hadn't been anything to discuss because Kiki had asked Silas to give her some space, so he had no idea if his daughter was interested in having a relationship with him or not. Sam was curious what Silas wanted, so Silas admitted that it would be nice for Rafe to have a cousin. Sam agreed, but she pointed out that they had been talking about what Silas wanted, not what Rafe might like.

Silas promised to let Sam know when Kiki made a decision. Sam appreciated that Kiki had a lot to process because even Sam had been shocked to learn that Silas had had a daughter with Ava. Silas wondered why, so Sam pointed out that Ava was the same woman who had wanted to reconcile with Franco. Silas confided that Ava had always enjoyed living dangerously. Silas wasn't surprised when Sam admitted that she knew what that was like.

Sam was curious if being in a relationship with Silas had been living dangerously. "At the time, absolutely," Silas replied. Sam wondered what had made Silas dangerous, so Silas asked why she wanted to know. He reminded Sam about her request for them to keep things professional between them. Sam explained that she couldn't entertain anything beyond friendship until Danny was better. Silas pointed out that it could happen the following day. "What then?" Silas wondered.

Sam was spared from having to answer when Sabrina ran up requesting help for Britt's baby. Silas whisked the newborn infant to a nearby examination room to treat the baby. Sam followed behind and watched through the window as Silas worked to save the baby's life. Felix and Brad soon joined her.

Later, Britt and Nikolas arrived at the hospital. She was desperate for news about the baby, so Silas assured her that the infant's breathing troubles had been resolved. Britt wanted to see the baby, so Nikolas pushed her wheelchair into the nursery.

Silas noticed Sam smiling, so he asked her about it. Sam admitted that she had been smiling because of him. She had no idea why he thought that he was a dangerous person given how he had saved Britt's baby's life.

Brad hovered outside of the nursery, watching as Britt cooed to the baby. Nearby, Felix admitted that Sabrina deserved a medal for delivering Britt's baby. Sabrina reminded Felix that she was a nurse, so it had been her job. However, she was relieved that she could put Britt and the baby behind her. "Is it just me, or does that baby look nothing like Brad at all?" Felix asked Sabrina.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monica paid A.J. a visit in jail and showed him the latest edition of the Port Charles Press that featured a front-page story about his plea of not guilty. She begged A.J. to tell her that it was true, but he was forced to admit that he had no idea if he had killed Connie because he had blacked out after a drinking binge. A.J. apologized for letting his mother down, but Monica was furious because she had risked everything for him, including her marriage and her career.

Monica reminded A.J. that she had allowed his father, Alan, to grieve for A.J. so that A.J. would have a second chance at life. Monica congratulated A.J. for throwing that opportunity away. A.J. insisted that Connie's story had ruined his life, but Monica argued that A.J. had made the choice to drink. A.J. conceded that he had screwed up, so Monica was curious if he had considered how his actions would impact her or Michael. Monica worried about Michael and wondered what her grandson would do about A.J.'s arrest.

"I'm going to stand by my dad, that's what I'm going to do," Michael answered as he walked up. Monica greeted Michael but admitted that it was too difficult to see her son behind bars, so she couldn't stay.

After Monica left, Michael asked how A.J. was holding up. A.J. admitted that he had been better, so Michael insisted that there had to be a way to get A.J. out of jail. A.J. decided to tell Michael about Diane's decision to cast reasonable doubt by suggesting that Sonny had murdered Connie. Outraged, Michael immediately objected, but A.J. pointed out that Sonny had a propensity for violence, had been arguing with Connie, had called 9-1-1, and had fled the scene before the police had arrived.

Michael explained that Sonny had left because Sonny had wanted to find A.J., so A.J. reminded Michael that Sonny had intended to kill A.J. Michael was furious that Diane would use Sonny as a scapegoat, but A.J. argued that Sonny was a big boy. A.J. was shocked when Michael told him about Sonny's suicide attempt. A.J. quietly admitted that he'd had no idea, so Michael explained that it had been a family matter.

A.J. reminded Michael that he was Michael's family, too, so Michael implored A.J. to order Diane to leave Sonny alone. A.J. was curious if Michael wanted A.J. to go to jail. "No, of course not," Michael replied without hesitation. However, Michael was certain that there had to be another way to defend A.J. A.J. wondered what would happen if there wasn't another option.

At the hospital, Monica was asked to meet with one of the hospital's board of directors. Everett explained that the board of directors had had an emergency meeting to discuss A.J.'s arrest. Monica reminded Everett that a person was presumed innocent until proven guilty, but Everett argued that A.J.'s arrest reflected on Monica and tarnished the hospital's reputation, so the board had unanimously voted for Monica to be removed as the hospital's chief of staff. Everett wanted to extend Monica the opportunity to step down of her own free will.

At Greystone Manor, Olivia spoke to Dante, who had called his mother to check on Sonny. Olivia assured Dante that Sonny was resting, but she was concerned about how to break the news to Sonny that A.J. had pleaded not guilty to Connie's murder. She accused A.J. of being a "lying, cowardly son of a bitch" as Sonny walked up. Sonny asked what she was talking about, so Olivia quickly ended the call and opted to lie.

Olivia claimed that she had been talking about a baseball player who was involved in a scandal and then changed the subject by asking how Sonny felt. "Like I'm waking up to nothing," Sonny replied. Olivia assured Sonny that she missed Connie, too, and then tried to distract Sonny by offering him breakfast. Sonny told her that he wasn't hungry, but Olivia insisted that he would feel better after he ate something and took his medicine. She dashed to the kitchen to fetch him toast and an omelet, so Sonny seized the opportunity to slide one of his prescription pills into his pocket.

Olivia returned with the breakfast, but Sonny refused to eat it. Olivia tearfully explained that she needed Sonny to get better because he had frightened her the previous evening. Sonny immediately expressed regret for putting Olivia and his sons through the scare, so she reminded him that they loved him and didn't want to lose him. Sonny promised her that it wouldn't happen again, but Olivia remained uneasy, so Sonny reluctantly took a bite of his breakfast. Pleased, Olivia shifted gears to remind Sonny that they needed to discuss Connie's funeral plans.

Later, Sonny left his home but was immediately bombarded by reporters who had been crowded on his doorstep. The reporters wanted to know what Sonny thought about A.J.'s not guilty plea. Sonny ignored the questions until one of the reporters told him about Diane's suggestion that Sonny had murdered Connie. Sonny turned violent when one of the reporters kept pushing for a response. Olivia managed to pull Sonny off of the man and drag Sonny back into the house.

In the foyer, Sonny started smashing things as he explained that he had refrained from killing A.J. because of Michael. However, Sonny refused to let A.J. get away with accusing Sonny of killing the woman that Sonny had loved.

At the hospital, Patrick caught up with Sabrina at the nurses' station. He was curious where she had been, so she told him that things had gotten crazy the previous evening. "Hot date?" Patrick jokingly wondered. Sabrina smiled and then revealed that she had delivered Britt's baby. Patrick listened with stunned disbelief as Sabrina recounted the events at Wyndemere.

Patrick wondered if the baby was okay, so Sabrina assured him that Dr. Clay had managed to treat Britt's son. Patrick was curious where Brad had been during the crisis, so Sabrina admitted that Brad had been on hand when she had first arrived at the hospital but had left after the baby had been stabilized. "Are you kidding me?" Patrick asked. Sabrina nodded, but revealed Nikolas hadn't left Britt's side.

Sabrina thought perhaps Nikolas and Britt's relationship would blossom into more than friendship, so Nikolas might end up raising the baby with Britt. Patrick was reminded of what he had lost, so Sabrina suggested that Patrick focus on what he had. She pointed out that with Britt no longer an issue, they could finally be free to enjoy their relationship without any complications. She also reminded Patrick that he had Emma.

Meanwhile, Anna knocked on the door of Maxie's hospital room as Maxie looked at the unwrapped "push present" that Lulu had given to Maxie. Maxie glanced up and smiled when she saw Anna. Anna asked about the gift, so Maxie explained what it was. Anna was curious why Maxie hadn't opened it, so Maxie admitted that she couldn't because it would make everything real and force her to say goodbye to the baby.

Anna admitted that Felicia had told her about Maxie's struggles since the birth of the baby. Maxie wondered if her mother had mentioned that Maxie had needed to talk to Kevin, so Anna confided that she wished that she'd had someone to talk to after Robin's birth. Anna conceded that their situations weren't exactly alike, but Anna hadn't been able to be with Robin when Robin had been little because it would have endangered Robin. Anna had been forced to leave Robin with a caretaker who had been wonderful to Robin, but it had been unbearable for Anna to walk away from her child.

Anna appreciated that Maxie cared about the baby because the baby had been a part of Maxie for a long time. Maxie began to cry as she confessed that she missed the little girl and that Lulu had rightfully been afraid of Maxie. Maxie wished that she could have been more like her cousin, Robin. Anna admitted that Robin had been smart and strong, but that hadn't saved Robin from struggling with postpartum depression. Anna reminded Maxie that Robin had gotten through the illness with the support of her family and friends, so Anna assured Maxie that Maxie would too.

Maxie thanked Anna for listening, so Anna insisted that it was what godmothers did. Anna regretted that she couldn't stay longer, but she had to get back to work. Maxie was surprised when Anna mentioned that she had hoped to check in on Patrick because he had been dealing with his own loss. Anna told Maxie about Britt's confession, so Maxie wondered why Britt had decided to tell Patrick the truth. Anna suggested that perhaps motherhood had made Britt want to be a better person.

In the nursery, Lulu gazed at her infant daughter, and she wondered where the Spencer eyes, the Corinthos dimples, and Laura's smile were. Lulu realized that perhaps she was being unfair. "Maybe you're just you," Lulu decided as she smiled at the baby.

Dante entered the nursery, so Lulu asked how Sonny was doing. Dante picked up his daughter as he told Lulu that Sonny had been resting. Dante changed the subject by asking when they could take their daughter home. Lulu revealed that the hospital would not discharge the baby until she and Dante picked a name for their daughter. Dante suspected that they might have avoided a problem with Maxie if they had selected a name for their daughter sooner, so Lulu filled him on her recent talk with Maxie.

Later, Anna spotted Dante and Lulu leaving the nursery with their daughter, so she called out to them. They exchanged greetings and then Dante introduced Anna to his daughter. Anna smiled at the baby then handed Lulu a present. Lulu took the infant carrier from Dante and stepped aside to open Anna's present.

Dante and Anna seized the opportunity to discuss A.J.'s plea. Anna conceded that A.J. could claim that he wasn't guilty, but that didn't make A.J. innocent because the evidence told another story. Dante was stunned when Anna warned him that A.J. intended to accuse Sonny of the fatal shooting, but Anna assured Dante that she had released a statement clearing Sonny of any wrongdoing.

Moments later, Lulu returned to thank Anna for the blanket. Lulu raved about how soft the blanket was, so Anna revealed that she had given one to Robin after Emma's birth and that Emma still slept with it. Anna announced that she had to get back to work, so she told Dante and Lulu to enjoy their time with the baby and urged them to pick a name for the infant. After Anna left, Dante and Lulu each admitted that they had an idea for the baby's name.

In Britt's hospital room, Britt had a troubling dream about Patrick demanding to know the name of the baby's father. She woke up with tears in her eyes as Nikolas appeared in the doorway, holding her newborn son. Nikolas became concerned when he saw the tears, so he asked if Britt was okay. She admitted that she'd had a bad dream, but she assured him that she was fine.

Relieved, Nikolas entered the room as he reminded Britt that both she and her son were healthy. Britt thanked Nikolas for everything that he had done for her because she doubted that she would have been able to get through the delivery or the baby's breathing crisis without him. Nikolas smiled and asked her if she was ready to hold the baby. He was surprised when she refused.

Nikolas tried to entice Britt to take the baby by suggesting that she breastfeed the infant, but Britt would have none of it. She realized that breastfeeding was best for a newborn and that it was a way for mother and child to bond, but she wasn't interested in doing it. Nikolas was curious why Britt didn't want to bond with her baby, so Britt explained that she would be a terrible mother just like her own mother had been.

Nikolas disagreed and pointed out that his father had been diabolical and ruthless, but he hadn't followed in his father's footsteps. Britt refused to change her mind, so Nikolas agreed to return the infant to the nursery.

In the hallway, Nikolas ran into Patrick. Patrick looked at the newborn in Nikolas' arms and asked if the baby was Britt's son. Nikolas confirmed that the newborn was Britt's child, so Patrick asked how the baby was doing. Nikolas assured Patrick that the baby was fine, prompting Patrick to remark that the baby didn't look anything like Brad. Nikolas feared that Patrick believed that the infant was Patrick's son, but Patrick quickly eased Nikolas' concerns by revealing that a second paternity test had confirmed that Patrick was not the baby's father.

Nikolas admitted that he had been in Patrick's shoes with Aiden, so Patrick was curious how Nikolas had gotten past the pain of losing Aiden. Nikolas revealed that he had focused on his son, Spencer, rather than on what he had lost.

Meanwhile, Britt heard someone enter her hospital room, so she assumed that Nikolas had returned with the baby. She was startled when Maxie spoke up, demanding Britt's silence. Maxie approached Britt's bed, asking how Britt could have told Patrick that the baby wasn't his. Britt pointed out that at least she had told Patrick the truth, unlike Maxie who continued to lie to Spinelli.

Britt was surprised when Maxie admitted that Spinelli knew the truth about his daughter, but Dante and Lulu did not, so Maxie wanted it to stay that way. Britt was shocked that Maxie was willing to give up her own daughter. Maxie explained that there hadn't been a choice because the truth would kill Dante and Lulu. Maxie wanted Britt to keep quiet, so Britt conceded that she wasn't in a position to "rat" Maxie out.

Maxie revealed that Anna had suggested that motherhood had made Britt want to be a better person, but Britt confessed that the only reason she had told Patrick the truth was because he had threatened to sue for full custody. Britt admitted that she hadn't realized that she had loved her baby until she thought that she might lose him. Maxie was curious where Britt's son was, so Britt admitted that she had sent him back to the nursery.

Maxie was surprised because she wouldn't have wanted to be parted from her daughter if she had been able to keep the baby. Britt wondered if Maxie had considered how things might have been if she and Maxie had told Dante and Lulu the truth from the beginning. "Like every five seconds," Maxie admitted. However, Maxie insisted that she couldn't go back, so it didn't matter.

Maxie started to leave, so Britt admitted that she was sorry. Britt realized that they both knew what it was like to lose someone, but Maxie argued that they weren't even close to being in the same boat. Maxie conceded that Britt wasn't with Patrick, but she still had her son. Maxie had been forced to give up her daughter because she knew that the loss of the child would be far worse for Dante and Lulu. "What would happen to them if they lost her?" Maxie wondered aloud.

At the nurses' station, Dante signed the discharge papers as Lulu looked on with a smile. Sabrina assured the new parents that they had chosen the perfect name for their daughter.

Maxie stopped in the doorway of Britt's hospital room when she saw Dante and Lulu at the elevator with the baby as they prepared to go home. "Goodbye," Maxie whispered as she watched the happy family leave.

Maxie returned to her hospital room and picked up the present that Lulu had given her. She opened the gift and read the enclosed handwritten note. The note thanked Maxie for giving Dante and Lulu the gift of a little girl. Maxie put the note aside and looked at the framed photograph of her daughter.

At the nurses' station, Patrick walked up behind Sabrina and wrapped his arms around her. He apologized and admitted that she had been right to urge him to focus on what he had rather than on what he had lost. Patrick was grateful that he still had Sabrina, so he told her that he loved her and then kissed her.

Meanwhile, Nikolas returned to Britt's hospital room with the baby. Britt thanked him for fetching the baby, so he was curious what had changed her mind about holding the baby. "An old patient," Britt cryptically replied as she reached for her son. She smiled down at the baby as she told him that she was his mother.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny was resting on the sofa when Olivia entered the parlor with Dante, Lulu, and the baby in tow. Olivia tearfully announced that their son had stopped by with their granddaughter, so Lulu invited Sonny to hold the baby.

Dante pulled his mother aside to ask Olivia how Sonny was holding up. She told Dante about Sonny's reaction to the reporters that had been camped out in front of the house and then thanked Dante for stopping by with the baby because she believed that it would do Sonny some good.

Meanwhile, Sonny held his granddaughter for the first time. He smiled down at the infant as an emotional Olivia joined him to gaze at their granddaughter. Olivia was curious if Dante and Lulu had named the baby, so Dante revealed that the baby's name was Connie.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

At the Quartermaine mansion, Franco looked at a picture of Jason and A.J. as teenagers to wish his twin a happy birthday. Franco hoped that Jason was celebrating the special day wherever Jason was.

Unbeknownst to Franco, someone lurked outside of the library, spying on Franco.

Moments later, Monica entered the library and immediately blasted Franco for being in her home. She took the picture out of Franco's hands as she made it clear that he didn't have a right to be there. Franco reminded Monica that it was Jason's birthday, so Monica assured him that she knew that it was her son's birthday. Franco pointed out that it was his birthday, too, since he was Jason's twin. Monica conceded that Franco and Jason had shared DNA, but she insisted that was where their similarity had ended because Franco was a "violent freak of nature."

Franco argued that Jason had been a killer, too, and then shifted gears to admit that he had expected more compassion from Monica because of A.J.'s recent arrest. Franco was curious if it had been worse for Monica that her firstborn had killed a woman in cold blood or that the woman had lived long enough to identify A.J. Monica slapped Franco across the face and ordered him out of her home.

Franco claimed that she couldn't throw him out because he was a Quartermaine and the house had belonged to his father, Alan. Monica reminded Franco that Alan had given her the house, so she was free to do as she pleased. Franco argued that Alan had intended for Monica to allow Alan's children and family to live in the mansion, but Monica clarified that it had always been up to her who lived under her roof. Monica threatened to fetch Alice if Franco didn't leave, so Franco admitted that he had always wondered what it would be like to "go man-to-man" with Alice. However, he refused to stay where he wasn't wanted.

"Good luck on the moon," Monica said as she marched to the patio door and opened it. Franco assured Monica that he wouldn't have a problem finding "swankier" accommodations than the "rundown shack" that Monica called home. Monica wished him luck and then waited for him to leave. Franco suggested that Monica hadn't thought things through because she would be left alone with only Tracy for company. Monica assured him that anyone was better than Franco.

Later, the mystery person continued to skulk outside as Monica set the framed photograph of Jason and A.J. on the mantel alongside other pictures of Monica's loved ones. Tracy entered the library to announce that she had witnessed something wonderful. Monica suspected that Tracy had seen Franco leaving for the last time. "You knew?" Tracy asked. Monica admitted that she had tossed Franco out of the mansion. Tracy was pleased but disappointed that she had missed Monica's confrontation with Franco.

Monica revealed that she hadn't thrown Franco out for Tracy's sake, but Tracy didn't care because Franco's departure was the "cherry" on Tracy's sundae that had started with Tracy regaining control of ELQ and included Ava's eviction. Tracy suggested that all that was left for Monica to do was to order the "two libidinous" kids out of the boathouse. Monica assured Tracy that it was next on her list.

Tracy admitted that she was proud of Monica, especially since Monica had taken A.J.'s fall from grace in stride. Monica didn't want to talk about it, but Tracy reminded Monica that everyone had warned Monica that A.J. was weak and had been hardwired to self-destruct. Tracy continued to rant about all of A.J.'s failings until Monica burst out in tears.

Tracy gentled her tone as she admitted that she didn't blame Monica for being upset, but Tracy thought that A.J. should have remained in exile. However, Tracy pointed out that Diane was a great attorney and had already taken steps to suggest that Sonny had killed Connie. Tracy was confident that A.J. wouldn't be convicted because Sonny was a great "patsy." Monica explained that she was also upset because it was Jason's birthday.

"I'm sorry," Tracy quietly replied. Monica added that the cherry on her sundae was that she had been fired as chief of staff. Tracy was outraged when Monica told her about the unanimous vote because Tracy hadn't been told about the meeting even though Tracy was on the board of directors. Monica suggested that perhaps they hadn't wanted Tracy to know, even though Monica thought it was unlikely that Tracy would have tried to save Monica's job. Tracy argued that she and Monica were family, so Tracy marched to the phone to make a call.

Monica listened as Tracy bellowed at someone on the phone and then threatened to pull the funding for the new pediatric wing if Monica wasn't reinstated. After Tracy abruptly ended the call, Monica noted that it had been quite a tirade. Tracy was certain that Alan would have wanted Tracy to defend Monica in his absence. Monica looked at the pictures on the mantel as tears filled her eyes.

Monica explained that her work had given her a reason to get up in the morning after Alan's death, so she had no idea what she would do without her job. Tracy wrapped a comforting arm across Monica's shoulder. "We have not yet begun to fight, sister," Tracy quietly told Monica.

On the waterfront, Carly stood on the pier where Jason had been murdered. She was surprised when Elizabeth walked up, so she asked why Elizabeth was there. Elizabeth suspected that they were there for the same reason. "Thinking about Jason," Elizabeth added. Carly admitted that she thought about Jason every day, but that day was particularly difficult. Elizabeth nodded. "Today is his birthday," Elizabeth softly said.

Carly hadn't expected Elizabeth to remember because Elizabeth was a busy single mother, but Elizabeth insisted that it was a date that she would never forget. Elizabeth couldn't believe that they would never see Jason again, so Carly admitted that she couldn't understand how Jason could have died after everything that he had endured. Carly confessed that she wanted to believe that Jason had somehow managed to survive the shooting and would return one day, so Elizabeth admitted that she felt the same way.

Elizabeth recalled that the previous year she'd had the idea to throw Jason a birthday party. Carly chuckled, so Elizabeth smiled and conceded that it had been a stupid impulse because Jason had hated being the center of attention. Carly told Elizabeth that Carly and Michael had once thrown Jason a surprise birthday party when Michael had been a little boy. Carly recalled that Jason had been perfectly content to let Michael be the center of attention because Jason had loved to share. Elizabeth doubted that Jason would have enjoyed sharing his birthday with Franco.

Carly agreed but then quietly wondered what Franco was doing for his birthday. "Who cares?" Elizabeth replied, but she became concerned when Carly didn't agree. "Right?" Elizabeth prodded. "Yeah," Carly answered, but Elizabeth sensed that something was going on. Elizabeth remembered that Carly had been one of the first people to lead the charge against Franco when he had returned, so she was curious why Carly no longer wished to "lynch" Franco.

Carly recalled her conversation with Franco the previous evening when she had challenged him about his feelings for her and she had insisted that she had only helped him because it was what Jason would have wanted. Carly returned to the present when Elizabeth repeated the question. Carly reminded Elizabeth that Franco had had a brain tumor that Patrick had claimed had been responsible for every evil thing that Franco had done. Elizabeth was surprised by Carly's eagerness to embrace the idea that Franco had been ruled by the brain tumor.

Carly argued that there was room for reasonable doubt, but Elizabeth insisted that it was equally likely that Franco had used the brain tumor as an excuse to avoid going to prison. Carly deflected by pointing out that Elizabeth had gone to A.J.'s arraignment, but A.J. didn't have a brain tumor. Elizabeth explained that she had felt that she had owed it to A.J. to go to the arraignment because Elizabeth had been in a relationship with A.J.

Carly insisted that Elizabeth didn't owe A.J. anything and suggested that Elizabeth was free to look across the harbor. "Excuse me?" Elizabeth asked. "Spoon Island," Carly clarified. Carly was confident that it wouldn't take long for Elizabeth to rekindle a romance with Nikolas. Elizabeth was offended by the suggestion, but Carly assured her that Carly hadn't been judging Elizabeth. According to Carly, Nikolas would be a big improvement over A.J. Disgusted, Elizabeth walked away.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the parlor and saw a breakfast tray on his desk along with a note from Olivia that explained that she was running errands. Sonny tossed the note into the garbage and then looked at the breakfast. He ignored it as he picked up the prescription bottle, but instead of taking a pill, he glanced at his credenza that had a framed photograph of Sonny and Connie on it as well as another picture of Jason and Sonny.

Moments later, Shawn entered the parlor, carrying a basket of flowers with a condolence card. Sonny put the prescription bottle down as Shawn revealed that Derek Wells had sent the flowers. Sonny recalled his encounter with Derek when Derek had admitted that he had printed the story about Kiki despite Connie's requests to pull it. "Son of a bitch," Sonny growled as he slammed his fist down.

Sonny ordered Shawn to get rid of the flowers because Derek had pressured Connie to run the story and had put the events into motion that had ultimately led to Connie's death. Shawn quietly pointed out that Derek had donated his bone marrow to save Sam's son. "And Jason's son," Sonny reminded Shawn.

Shawn decided to leave, but he told Sonny that he needed to talk to Sonny about another matter when Sonny was ready. Sonny demanded to know what Shawn wanted to talk about, so Shawn revealed that the men who had lured Morgan to gamble online had reorganized and were looking to expand in Port Charles, so they should pay the men a visit. Sonny rejected the idea because Sonny was expecting a big shipment in a few days, so he wanted to focus on that rather than the "chump change" that Shawn was concerned about.

Shawn was taken aback when Sonny referred to Shawn as Jason during the rant, so Shawn pointed it out to Sonny. Sonny denied it and then stormed out of the room.

On the piers, a mystery person watched Carly as she gazed out at the water. She heard a noise, so she called out, thinking that it might be Jason. However, Sonny rounded the corner. Carly was surprised to see Sonny because she had assumed that he would be busy with Connie's memorial, but Sonny grumbled that he'd had other things on his mind. "So, this is where it happened?" Sonny asked as he looked at the murky water.

Carly suggested that perhaps Sonny shouldn't be there, but Sonny insisted that he had wanted to remind himself that Jason had died because of him. Carly argued that Sonny wasn't responsible for Jason's death, prompting Sonny to remind her that Jason had been killed by Sonny's enemies.

Sonny recalled when he had first hired Jason to be a runner. Sonny had thought that he could protect Jason from the dangers, but he had failed. Carly resented Sonny rewriting history and insisted that Jason had made his own choices. Sonny argued that Jason should be enjoying his life with Sam and Danny. Carly agreed, but she insisted that they needed to be strong for Jason's family. She urged Sonny not to allow himself to be swallowed up by the depression because Jason wouldn't have wanted that.

Sonny didn't want to hear it, so he tried to leave. However, Carly refused to let him walk away alone, so she insisted that he walk her to her car. Meanwhile, the mystery person watched Sonny and Carly.

At Metro Court, Derek/Julian stood in the lobby as he spoke to Alexis on the phone. Derek wanted to know how Danny was doing, so Alexis revealed that they were waiting for the latest test results to see if the bone marrow transplant had been a success. Derek saw Ava approach him, so he told Alexis that he would like to stop by the hospital to check on Danny and Sam. Alexis assured Derek that it would be fine, so Derek told her that he had to take care of something minor and then would head to the hospital.

After Derek ended the call, Ava reminded him that wiping Sonny off of the face of the earth was not a minor thing. Derek was curious why his sister was there, so she revealed that the hotel was her new home. Derek wasn't surprised that she had been tossed out of the Quartermaine mansion, but Ava didn't want to talk about it. She wanted to focus on their plans for Sonny. Derek assured her that he had been working on it.

Derek told her that he had sent Sonny a delivery of flowers to offer his condolences. Ava was disappointed, but Derek explained that it was part of his plan to keep Sonny on the downward spiral that Connie's death had started. Ava insisted that they needed to make their move before Sonny had time to recover, but Derek argued that they needed to remain cautious. Ava accused Derek of losing sight of the prize because he was busy mooning over his long-lost family.

Derek suggested that Ava was misguided, but Ava argued that she had heard Derek on the phone. Derek explained that he had been checking on his grandson, but Ava wasn't satisfied because she believed that she and Kiki were Derek's family, not Alexis' daughter and grandson. Derek tensed and pulled Ava close to warn his sister that they couldn't afford for anyone to find out what they were up to.

"Well, I'm not just anyone, so why don't you just tell me what you're up to," Franco said as he walked up. Derek took a step away from Ava, so Franco invited Ava to get a room with Franco to indulge in some pillow talk. Ava warned Franco that she would smother him with the pillow. Franco ignored the threat and shifted gears to ask who Derek was. Derek introduced himself, so Ava explained that Derek was a client, but Franco appeared skeptical.

Derek announced that he had an appointment to get to and started to leave. Ava insisted that she and Derek hadn't finished their conversation, so Derek advised her to follow his instructions.

After Derek left, Franco demanded to know what was really going on between Ava and Derek. Ava made it clear that it was none of Franco's business then reminded him that he was on her turf. Franco announced that he had decided to stay at the hotel. Ava realized that Franco had been tossed out of the mansion, so she smiled and started to leave. However, she stopped to wish Franco a happy birthday.

Franco was surprised that Ava had remembered his birthday. Ava assured him that she had, but she could tell by Franco's expression that no one else had. "Another birthday, another year all alone," Ava said and then walked away.

Franco went to the front desk to rent a room, but the desk clerk informed Franco that Franco's credit card had been declined. Franco explained that he didn't have a limit on the card, so he instructed the clerk to run the credit card again. The credit card was declined a second time, so Franco handed the man another credit card. Franco was stunned when that card was also declined. Franco insisted that he was a rich man, so he wanted a room.

The clerk explained that he didn't have the authority to give Franco a room without payment, so Franco demanded to talk to someone who could. "Will I do?" Carly asked as she walked up.

At Greystone Manor, Sonny entered the parlor, but stopped short when he saw a woman standing by the patio door with her back to him. "Connie?" Sonny asked. Ava turned to look at Sonny.

At the hospital, Danny played in his crib as Sam watched him through a window from the hallway. She tapped on the window to get her son's attention and assured her little boy that they wouldn't be separated much longer. Sam held up the dragon and phoenix figurines for Danny to see as she promised that she and Jason were watching over him.

Moments later, Alexis walked up and handed Sam a cup of coffee. Sam confessed that she was eager for the quarantine to be over because she ached to hold Danny. Alexis assured Sam that the wait would be over soon because Silas would have good news. Alexis credited Sam's determination and Derek's generous donation for saving Danny's life.

Sam admitted that she was grateful for everything that Derek had done, so she had no idea how to repay him. Alexis confessed that from what she knew of Derek, all Sam had to do was thank him. Sam smiled as she wondered how much Alexis knew about Derek. Alexis became flustered as she assured Sam that she only knew that Derek was a formidable businessman with a ruthless streak, but he also had a kinder side because he had donated his bone marrow to save Danny's life.

Alexis tried to shift the focus off of her by revealing that Derek intended to stop by for a visit to check on Danny. Sam admitted that she looked forward to it, but she was curious if Alexis was interested in Derek romantically. Alexis seemed outraged by the suggestion, but Sam pointed out that Alexis had mentioned how good Derek had looked in his underwear. Sam pointed out that Alexis was available, so she urged her mother to "get back on the horse" with Derek.

Alexis was relieved when Elizabeth walked up to check on Danny. Alexis decided to find out if the test results were in, while Sam talked to Elizabeth. After Sam assured Elizabeth that Danny was doing great, Elizabeth's eyes landed on the figurines perched on the window's ledge. Elizabeth admitted that she had a feeling that it would be a very auspicious day for Danny. Sam smiled as she agreed that it would be wonderful if Danny were to get better on Jason's birthday.

Elizabeth revealed that Jason had been on her mind and that she had gone to the pier to remember him, but she hadn't been the only person there. Elizabeth and Sam chatted for a few minutes more before Elizabeth announced that it was time for her to start her shift. Elizabeth promised to stop by the lab to push Brad to get the test results completed and then walked away.

Meanwhile, Alexis bumped into Derek. He asked how Danny and Sam were, so Alexis admitted that it had been a difficult day for her daughter because it was Danny's father's birthday.

Later, Alexis and Derek walked up to Sam and invited Sam to take a break while they stayed with Danny. Sam admitted that there was something that she needed to do, so she accepted their offer. Alexis and Derek decided to walk Sam out, so Sam went to the window, told her son goodbye, and then left.

Meanwhile, a mystery person lurked around the corner and watched Sam, Alexis, and Derek walk away. Afterwards, the mystery person approached Danny's window. Danny smiled as the person looked down at the dragon figurine that Sam had left on the ledge.

A short time later, Alexis and Derek returned. Derek saw the figurine, so he asked Alexis about its significance. Alexis told Derek about Jason and Sam's wedding ceremony and revealed that the dragon represented Jason and the phoenix represented Sam.

On the pier, Sam approached the area where Jason had been killed. She clutched the phoenix figurine in her hand, but was startled when she heard a noise. "Jason?" Sam called out.

Friday, September 13, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Sonny demanded to know who Ava was and why she was in his home. Ava apologized then explained that she was there to offer him her condolences. Sonny wanted to know how she had gotten in, so she revealed that Max had let her in when she had explained that she was a member of Sonny's family. Sonny growled that he didn't know her, so Ava told him that she was Kiki's mother.

"I'm Ava Jerome," Ava said and then apologized for not reaching out to Sonny when they'd had something to celebrate. Sonny realized that he should have recognized her from her picture. Ava was surprised to learn that Sonny had a file on her, so she was curious why he had it. Sonny assured her that it hadn't been personal; he investigated everyone who associated with his family because one couldn't be too careful.

Ava didn't know whether to be insulted or flattered, but Sonny didn't care. Ava wondered if Sonny thought that she was a threat to his coffee business or if he suspected that she was a part of the Jerome crime family. "Are you?" Sonny asked. Ava thought that Sonny should know the answer to that question because he had looked into her background. Sonny ignored the remark, so Ava told him that she would have changed her name if she had been related to the infamous Jeromes.

Ava admitted that she hadn't been in town long when Duke Lavery had questioned her about her possible connection to the mob family. Sonny explained that the Jeromes had made Duke's life a "living hell," but Ava countered that Duke himself had been involved in organized crime. Sonny decided that it was time for Ava to leave because he had grown weary of the conversation.

Ava quickly assured Sonny that she was not related to the Jerome crime family, but she confessed that she did have blood on her hands. 'Whose?" Sonny quietly asked. "Connie's," Ava carefully answered. Sonny demanded to know what she was talking about, so Ava revealed that she had encountered A.J. at the Floating Rib on the night of Connie's murder and that A.J. had been drunk and distraught, but she hadn't realized how serious the situation had been, so she had left A.J. at the bar without warning anyone.

Ava asked for Sonny's forgiveness, but Sonny insisted that A.J. was responsible for Connie's murder. According to Sonny, A.J. had wanted to kill Connie, so no one could have stopped him. Sonny accused A.J. of hunting Connie like an animal and killing her, so Ava confided that she would have put a bullet in A.J.'s head if she had been in Sonny's shoes. Sonny admitted that he had been tempted, but he had backed off because Michael had asked Sonny to spare A.J.'s life.

Sonny's temper flared as he began to rant that A.J. wanted to blame Sonny for Connie's murder. Ava feigned outrage on Sonny's behalf and claimed that she couldn't imagine anything worse than being falsely accused of killing a loved one. Sonny was curious if Ava had told the police about her encounter with A.J. "No," Ava answered, so Sonny asked her to give a statement. "Yes, I'd be happy to tell the police, but I'll need you to do something for me in return," Ava said.

At Kelly's, Shawn explained that he had called Max because Shawn was concerned about Sonny. Max assured Shawn that there was nothing to worry about because Sonny was back at home. Shawn feared that Max had left Sonny alone, but Max revealed that Morgan's new mother-in-law had stopped by to pay her respects to Sonny. Shawn doubted that Sonny was up for the visit.

Shawn revealed that Sonny had mistaken him for Jason, but Max was certain that Sonny had merely been distracted. Shawn disagreed then told Max about the conversation that Shawn had had with Sonny. Shawn explained that Sonny hadn't been concerned about the gambling ring, so it was up to Shawn and Max to take care of it for Sonny because Sonny was "crazy with grief" and not thinking clearly.

Max was curious what Shawn wanted him to do, so Shawn suggested that they pay Vince, the thug who had threatened Connie and Olivia months earlier, a visit because they needed to find out who Vince reported to.

Later, Max flipped the open sign in the window to closed. Shawn held a gun to Vince's head as he marched the thug into the kitchen. Max followed the pair and helped secure Vince to a chair. Shawn wanted to know why Vince was in town, so Vince claimed that he was there on family business. Shawn and Max didn't believe Vince's lie because they knew that Vince's boss had reorganized with plans to expand into Port Charles.

Shawn warned Vince that Vince had been lucky to walk away after terrorizing the "Falconeri girls," so Vince admitted that he had been sorry to hear that the "blonde" had been "popped" because she had been a "nice-looking piece of tail." Shawn punched Vince in the jaw. "Mind your manners," Shawn snarled. Vince assured Shawn that he had been trying to pay a compliment, but Shawn didn't care because he wanted to know who Vince was working for.

On the pier, a mystery person spied on Sam as she wished Jason a happy birthday. Sam jumped when she heard a noise. "Jason? Is that you?" she asked as she turned to investigate the noise. She was startled when Silas suddenly rounded the corner. He immediately apologized for frightening her then asked if she visited the waterfront often. Sam admitted that she had been thinking about Jason, so she had decided to go to the piers.

Silas was surprised when Sam confided that there had been a moment when she had thought that he was Jason. Silas tried to discuss it in further detail, but Sam changed the subject by asking if Silas had the results of Danny's tests. Silas confessed that he didn't, but he appreciated that the wait was difficult on everyone including him. He admitted that he had snapped at three interns earlier that day, so he had decided to take a walk.

Sam was curious if Silas usually went to the piers for his walks, so he admitted that he occasionally did because it helped to clear his head. Sam revealed that it was Jason's birthday, so Silas wondered if it was a good idea for her to be on the piers. Silas confided that his brother, Stephen, had murdered Rafe's mother, Alison, near where they were standing. Sam admitted that Jason had been killed there, too, and that Jason's body had been dumped into the water. She told him that Jason's body had never been recovered, so he realized that was the reason that she had expected to encounter Jason.

Sam explained that everyone had tried to get her to accept that Jason was dead, but she had refused. Silas was curious what had changed her mind, so she credited a male friend for convincing her that she had been stuck in limbo by holding out hope that Jason had survived the shooting and being dumped into the water. Sam admitted that special days like Jason's birthday were especially difficult because they reminded her of what she had lost and how she hadn't had a chance to say goodbye to Jason.

Sam explained that Jason had simply left, so she had never had closure. Silas told Sam that it happened sometimes, so it was up to her to close the door and then move forward. Sam wondered if he was trying to suggest that she forget about Jason so she could move on with Silas. Silas was offended by the suggestion that he would take advantage of her like that, so Sam apologized.

Sam explained that she had spent nearly a year grieving for her husband and then had to spend months worrying about Danny, so she was tired of all of the drama. Silas' cell phone beeped, so he looked at the text message then announced that Danny's test results were ready.

At the hospital, Alexis and Derek stood outside of Danny's isolation room and talked about Sam's relationship with Jason. Alexis explained that Jason had been the love of Sam's life, so Alexis feared that her daughter would never get over Jason. Alexis confessed that she'd had reservations about Jason, which had caused a strain in her relationship with Sam for a while. Derek was curious why she had objected to Jason, so she clarified that she had liked Jason for the most part, but Jason had been an unusual man who had been quiet to a fault, had never explained himself, and had rarely taken advice.

However, Alexis conceded that Jason had also been very brave and loyal. Derek wondered what Alexis' concern had been, so she revealed that she hadn't approved of Jason's work because he had been a hit man for the mob. Derek was surprised, but sensed that there was more.

Alexis admitted that she hadn't been in a position to judge Jason because she worked for a mobster. Derek was shocked when she revealed that Sonny Corinthos was her middle daughter's father. Derek wondered if Alexis and Sonny were involved, so she quickly explained that she'd had a one-night stand with Sonny, but their relationship had been complicated. According to Alexis, she would pretend to be morally superior, while Sonny would try to knock her off her pedestal by seducing her.

Derek realized that he had more in common with Sonny than he had realized because he could relate to the kind of relationship that Alexis had had with Sonny.

Moments later, Derek's phone rang, so he stepped aside to take the call. Derek was stunned when he was told that someone had taken Vince. Derek quickly ended the call then announced that he had to leave to take care of something. He asked Alexis to keep him updated about Danny's recovery and then left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Duke grumbled about his checkup, but Anna insisted that it was necessary because he had almost died from propofol poisoning. As they made their way to the examination room, Anna confided that she had initially suspected Ava Jerome of trying to kill Duke. Duke agreed that it had been a plausible theory because he suspected that Ava had been lying about not being connected to the Jerome crime family. Duke was certain that he could prove that Ava was one of the infamous Jeromes by identifying her silent partner.

Later, Duke had changed into a hospital gown as he and Anna discussed Ava. Duke was certain that they could figure out who the silent partner was by investigating Ava's contacts. Anna agreed, but she didn't want Duke looking into it because she thought that Duke should continue to rest until he was fully recovered. Duke argued that he had nothing to fill his days since Tracy had taken over ELQ.

Anna confessed that she'd always had misgivings about Duke going to work for the Quartermaines because the family was unstable and always at war. "Well, now I have a real war to fight," Duke countered. Duke appreciated that Anna didn't have the manpower to look into Ava's background, so he thought that Anna should take advantage of Duke's determination to find out if any "stray" Jeromes were still around.

Duke reminded Anna that Sonny had mentioned that someone had been nosing around the Corinthos organization, so Anna acquiesced because she wanted to know if the Jeromes were behind it.

Later, Duke was pleased that he had been given a clean bill of health.

Meanwhile, Derek was on the phone with an associate as he warned the person on the other end of the phone that Vince had better not talk because Derek couldn't afford to be exposed. Derek ended the call then tensed when Duke and Anna walked up.

At Metro Court, Carly decided to let Franco stay in one of her suites. He thanked her and promised to pay as soon as he straightened things out with the bank. Franco smelled a rat, so he was certain that someone had frozen his funds deliberately. Carly was curious who would do such a thing. "The rodent is a blonde named Ava," Franco answered.

Carly questioned Ava's motive, so Franco suggested revenge for throwing Ava out of the Quartermaine mansion, which he conceded had been payback for her lying to him about Kiki. Carly wondered how Ava had managed to gain access to his accounts, let alone freeze them, so Franco explained that there wasn't anything that Ava couldn't do if she put her "crafty little mind" to it.

Franco revealed that he had seen Ava and Derek huddled together in the lobby, so he was certain that Ava and Derek were in cahoots. Carly was skeptical because she couldn't imagine why a powerful businessman like Derek would work with Ava. Franco shared the details of what he had overheard Derek say to Ava, but Carly argued that Franco might have misheard. Carly admitted that she had asked Spinelli to check into Ava's background, but it hadn't yielded much.

Franco wasn't surprised because Ava had been hiding the truth about Kiki's paternity. He confessed that Ava had taken something precious from him and that the loss was particularly keen on his birthday. He invited Carly to celebrate his birthday with him, but Carly didn't think that it was a good idea.

Franco assured Carly that he knew that she didn't return his feelings. However, he was certain that she had been thinking about Jason because it was Jason's birthday too. Franco was surprised when she admitted that she had gone to the pier where Jason had been killed. "I'm sorry," Franco quietly said. Carly admitted that she had loved spending Jason's birthdays with Jason, but Jason had refused to let her throw a party. Franco confessed that he wouldn't mind a small celebration.

Later, Carly held a small chocolate cake with two lit candles as Franco smiled. She wished him a happy birthday then invited him to make a wish and blow out the candles. Franco blew out the candles then offered to tell her what he had wished. Carly warned him not to because it wouldn't come true. Franco wanted the wish very much, so he decided to keep quiet.

Carly's back straightened with resolve as she handed Franco the cake and then marched to the door. Franco made a sarcastic remark about her not going into sugar shock, so Carly assured him that she had a high tolerance for sugar and all junk food. "If something's bad for me, I love it," Carly admitted. She suddenly realized what she had revealed, so she opened the door. Franco quietly thanked her for everything. Carly wished him happy birthday and then left.

Meanwhile, a mystery person lurked in the hotel's hallway and watched Carly leave. Moments later, the person knocked on Franco's door. Franco opened the door, but his smile died when he saw who was on his doorstep. "Oh, my God," Franco said.

At the hospital, Sam and Alexis anxiously waited for Silas to share the results of Danny's battery of tests.

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