General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on GH

Sam learned that Franco was a perfect bone marrow match for Danny. Laura left to search for Luke. Kiki accepted Morgan's marriage proposal. Dr. Obrecht returned to Port Charles. A.J. managed to keep control of ELQ.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of July 22, 2013 on GH
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Lesley met Laura at Kelly's to give her Luke's medical records. After Laura read the file, Lesley said that someone had poisoned Luke on purpose. Lesley said that Laura needed to be prepared because available treatment was experimental at best and Luke had refused even that. Laura realized that Luke had gone off to die alone.

Lesley said that she wished that she had some answers for Laura. Laura replied that she knew who did. Laura responded that Tracy knew what was going on, or she would not have covered for Luke when Laura and Lulu had run into Tracy and Luke at the hospital. Lesley questioned whether or not Laura should be chasing after Luke when Laura had just settled down with Scotty.

Lesley suggested that Laura give Luke what he wanted and let Luke go. Laura said there was letting go and there was leaving Luke to die alone. Laura said that letting Luke die alone was not an option for her children or her grandchildren. Lesley said that she understood and gave Laura her blessing. Laura said that she loved Lesley as Laura left Kelly's

Kiki was stunned by Morgan's marriage proposal in the boathouse. She asked if Morgan was proposing because of the kiss that she had shared with Michael. Morgan said that he had been angry because Kiki had kissed Michael and because she had lied about it. Morgan said that he had been afraid of losing Kiki. Morgan added that the real reason that he wanted to wed was because Kiki meant so much to him and he had never felt a connection like that before. Morgan added that he was in it with Kiki for the long haul.

Morgan said that the kiss had happened before Michael and Kiki had realized that they were cousins, so it was in the past. Kiki thought about the conversation that she had just had with A.J. about clarifying her relationship to Morgan. Kiki told Morgan that they had not finished college and did not have jobs or money. Morgan said that those things did not matter if they were together. He asked Kiki for an answer.

In the Quartermaine foyer, Monica tried to warn Tracy that Lesley, and soon Laura, would know about Luke's illness, but Tracy was too busy tossing off one-liners to listen. Monica finally got her attention, but before Monica could do more than say she needed to warn Tracy, Monica's pager went off, and Monica hastily left home without saying any more. Tracy's captured curiosity remained unsatisfied.

In the Quartermaine drawing room, Ava told A.J. that Franco was suffering from a brain tumor. Ava tried to distract A.J. by describing the comfort that she was getting from a drink, but A.J. shot back that Franco's death would play havoc with Ava's agenda to help Franco take over ELQ. A.J. said that was the only reason he could think of that Ava could have for getting back with Franco and convincing Carly to let Morgan stay with Kiki.

A.J. was just pointing out that the move was designed to get in Kiki's good graces so that Ava could convince Kiki to pool her shares of ELQ with Franco's. Tracy walked in as A.J. accused Ava of sucking up to Kiki. When Tracy tried to defend Ava, A.J. asked Tracy if she realized that Ava was working with Franco to take ELQ away from both of them and that together, Franco and Kiki controlled 15% of the stock.

Tracy turned to Ava for an answer, but Morgan burst into the room with Kiki and announced that they were engaged. Tracy's first thought was that Kiki was pregnant. Morgan was quick to deny it but said that some day they would have a bunch of kids, but all he wanted for the moment was a kiss. Morgan planted a long, wet one on Kiki. Tracy said she needed a drink.

Morgan said, "Break out the bubbly." Tracy quipped that there were juice boxes in the kitchen. Tracy left to get drinks, but not before telling Ava that later she wanted an answer to A.J.'s question about a takeover. Ava took Morgan aside while A.J. questioned Kiki. Kiki said that Morgan's proposal had been out of the blue, but she had accepted because of the conversation that she had had with A.J. about figuring out what she wanted and getting over Michael. Ava wanted to know why Morgan had moved so fast. Morgan said that he wanted to be married before the truth about Silas being Kiki's real dad was revealed. Ava said that she had that covered, but Morgan told Ava that the truth always got told. Kiki joined them and wanted to know what they were talking about. Ava said that she was congratulating her soon-to-be son-in-law. Tracy answered the door in the foyer. Laura was waiting on the threshold.

Michael played pool at the Floating Rib and chatted with Penny, whom he had just met. As Penny spoke, Michael saw Kiki instead. When his vision cleared, Michael walked over to Penny and gave her a long, slow kiss. Penny immediately invited Michael to go someplace more private, but Michael said that his father was a tyrant and he had to go to work early the next morning. Penny playfully told Michael that he was not a good liar and apologized for moving too fast. She said that she understood that he was not over the girl he had mentioned earlier.

Penny said that there were no hard feelings and went off to find her girlfriend. Michael's phone rang. When he answered it, A.J. told Michael that Morgan and Kiki had gotten engaged. A.J. said that he suspected that Kiki had done it to get over Michael, and maybe Michael needed to do the same thing. Michael ended the call and approached Penny. Michael said that he no longer had to go to work early and wondered if Penny's invitation still stood.

Silas and Carly went to Sam's place and found her passed out on the floor. Sam had fallen and hit her head as she struggled with Franco over a gun. Silas wanted to take Sam to the hospital, but she said that she had to find Danny. Dante and the cops arrived and checked the apartment. Sam told Dante that Franco was pretending to be Jason, but Silas said that Franco had a brain tumor that might be causing his odd behavior. Dante and Carly convinced Sam, who could barely stand after getting her head cracked, to go to the hospital. Carly promised to find Danny.

Carly was talking to Jason's photo, trying to get insight into what Franco would do, when Dante approached. Carly said that to find Franco, they had to think like Jason because Franco thought he was Jason. Dante did not buy it and refused to heed Carly's suggestions. He told Carly not to interfere because he could either provide a squad car to take her home or arrest her. Carly was silent, and Dante walked away. When Dante returned to the living room, Carly had left.

Franco/Jason went to the bridge with Danny. He sat down and told Danny that Sam was not herself and that somehow, Franco had gotten to Sam. He told Danny that there was no one that he could trust. From the other end of the bridge, Elizabeth asked if she could be trusted. Franco/Jason said that he often thought about what might have been between them.

Suddenly, a hooded Franco appeared and grabbed Elizabeth. He held a knife to her throat, and Franco/Jason pulled out his gun. The hooded Franco said that he was just like Jason, that they were both killers. Franco/Jason said that he was nothing like Franco and that he would not let Franco hurt Elizabeth. When Franco moved the knife at Elizabeth's throat and a shot rang out, Elizabeth fell bleeding on the bridge.

Franco taunted Franco/Jason as he said that he never thought that he would see the day when Jason would miss a target. Franco added that Elizabeth had been dead since the day she had first laid eyes on Jason. Franco said that Jason had killed an innocent woman and asked what should be done. Without waiting for an answer, hooded Franco picked up Elizabeth's body and threw it over the bridge into the water below. As he did so, he told Franco/Jason that he knew the rules, which demanded that a killer dispose of the evidence.

At General Hospital, both Monica and Elizabeth treated Sam. Sam told Monica that Franco was pretending to be Jason, but Elizabeth told them that the brain tumor was real and that there was a good chance that Franco was delusional and truly believed that he was Jason. Monica said that as long as Franco thought that he was Jason, he would not hurt Danny.

Back at the bridge, hooded Franco told Franco/Jason not to mourn for Elizabeth because Franco intended to take everything away from Jason, and, in fact, that was the reason for Franco's existence. Franco said that everything had started the day they were born because Jason had had it all, and Franco had been given away.

Franco said that Jason had been showered with praise, opportunity, and presents while Franco's mother had worked three jobs and Franco had been left with television as his babysitter. Franco told Jason that his obsession had begun when he had found a video of himself wearing a hospital ID that said "Baby Moore" on it. His mother had finally explained that he had a twin. Franco said that was when he had started finding out everything that he could about Jason and Jason's life. Franco had been astonished to find out that Jason had walked away from his life as a Quartermaine to become a cold-blooded killer.

Franco told Jason that everything was down to them, just as it was meant to be. Franco said that he and Jason were alike. Franco said that they were both killers and that he had watched Jason in awe. Franco said that he had shown the killer inside himself through his art, which had taken off. Eventually, the thrill had gone, and Franco had realized that he had to create art in the same way that Jason had, by killing in real life. Franco said that everything that he destroyed was Jason's fault because Jason had created him.

Franco/Jason said that he had not made Franco. Franco said that as an adult, he could have made better choices, but he again blamed Jason for the onset of his madness. Franco told Franco/Jason to face the truth: that the madness was in their blood, and their offspring would be tainted. Franco said that Jason had been lucky to lose Jake before Jake could grow into his tainted heritage like Danny would do.

Franco urged Franco/Jason to end the cycle of misery before more people died. Franco/Jason said that he loved Danny. Franco said that was why it was called "sacrifice." Franco prepared to leap off the bridge. He said that he was going to take everything away from Franco/Jason. Franco demanded that Franco/Jason end Danny's turmoil and join Franco, who then leaped off the bridge.

Franco/Jason told Danny that he hated everything about Franco, but he said that Franco had been correct to say that there was a sickness inside both of them. Franco/Jason said that he loved Danny but did not want to pass on his sickness to him. As Franco/Jason prepared to toss Danny over the bridge, Carly appeared on the bridge and spoke to Franco/Jason as if she really believed that he was Jason.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

At the Quartermaine mansion, Laura confronted Tracy with Luke's medical file and the results of Luke's recent tests. Tracy feigned shock as she looked over the medical files, but Laura didn't buy it. Laura knew that Tracy had been covering for Luke because Laura had done it herself countless times. Laura wanted answers, so she ordered Tracy to stop pretending that Tracy didn't know that Luke was dying.

Tracy realized that it was useless to keep pretending, so she told Laura that Luke had been deliberately poisoned. Stunned, Laura wondered who would do such a thing. Tracy suggested that Laura ask herself who had hated Luke that much. Laura quickly realized that Helena had been responsible for Luke's radiation poisoning. Tracy confirmed Laura's suspicions and then told Laura how Helena had introduced the deadly substance into Luke's system.

Laura was stunned that Helena had switched out Luke's diamond earring with a tainted one. Tracy assured Laura that there was still hope because Helena had revealed in a recorded message that there was a cure if Luke was smart enough to figure it out. Tracy confided that Luke suspected that Jerry Jacks was the key to the cure. Tracy explained that Jerry had poisoned the town's water supply to raise money to buy a cure for the same illness that was killing Luke.

Laura reminded Tracy that Jerry had died in an explosion on the pier, so Tracy explained that Jerry's body had never been recovered. According to Tracy, Luke was certain that Jerry had survived the blast and had absconded with the ransom money, which had been used to purchase the cure. Laura couldn't understand why Tracy had allowed Luke to go on his quest alone, so Tracy reminded Laura that Luke had always done as he had pleased.

Tracy admitted that she had intended to join Luke, but Luke had tricked Tracy by slipping out of town while Tracy had been packing. Tracy confessed that Luke had left a note for Tracy, insisting that he needed to find the cure on his own, but Laura wasn't satisfied. Laura insisted that Luke needed her, so Laura was determined to track him down. Tracy reminded Laura that Scott might not approve, but Laura argued that Scott wasn't Tracy's concern.

At the lake house, Rafe greeted Molly and asked how Danny was doing. Molly confessed that the news wasn't good. Molly joined Rafe on the front porch as she filled him in on what had transpired at the hospital and Sam's desire to know more about Sam's birth father. Molly told Rafe about the night that Alexis had slipped out of boarding school, gone to a bar, and picked up a stranger with whom Alexis had had sex. Weeks later, Alexis had discovered that she had been pregnant with Sam.

Rafe was curious if there was a possibility that Sam's father's name could start with a "J," but Molly confessed that she didn't know. Molly explained that Alexis couldn't recall the stranger's name and that Alexis had never seen the man again. Rafe suggested that perhaps Alexis had seen the man again without realizing it, so he offered to put together a list of Alexis' acquaintances whose names started with a "J."

The first name to pop into Molly's head was Jerry Jacks, but Molly doubted that Jerry was Sam's father. Molly explained that Alexis had dated Jerry, so Molly was certain that Alexis would have remembered sleeping with Jerry as a teenager. Molly decided that they were wasting their time, but Rafe urged Molly not to give up. Molly agreed to keep working on the list, but Rafe was hungry, so he suggested that they grab something to eat first. Molly agreed, provided that they didn't go to Kelly's because she wasn't in the mood to run into T.J.

At the Floating Rib, Taylor was hurt when T.J. confessed that he just wanted to be friends with her. Taylor realized that she should have known that he was still hung up on the "little Miss Stephanie Meyer wannabe." Confused, T.J. asked what Taylor was talking about, so Taylor reminded T.J. that Molly had a "thing" for "vampire-boy." T.J. warned Taylor that reminding him of what Molly might or might not have done with Rafe wouldn't change anything.

Taylor decided to get drunk because T.J. still wanted Molly. T.J. pointed out that she was underage, so he was curious if she had a fake ID. Taylor bragged that she didn't need one and then made her way to a guy at the bar. Taylor smiled flirtatiously as she invited the guy to buy her a drink. T.J. became concerned when the older man readily agreed, so T.J. stepped forward to inform the man that Taylor was with T.J.

Taylor denied that she was with T.J., so the man suggested that he and Taylor leave. Taylor's satisfaction was short-lived because T.J. warned the man that Taylor was only sixteen. Taylor denied it, but the man decided to leave without her. She started to yell at T.J., but he cut her off by asking her if she had really intended to have sex with a random stranger simply because T.J. had told her that he wanted to be friends with her. Taylor insisted that he didn't care about her, so it was none of his business.

T.J. assured Taylor that he liked her and really did want to be friends with her, but Taylor was frustrated that he didn't like her "enough." T.J. promised her that he liked her a lot and then hugged her, unaware that Rafe and Molly had entered he bar. Molly looked at T.J. and Taylor for several heartbeats and then told Rafe that she didn't want to stay. Rafe quietly followed Molly out.

In an examination room, Dante told Sam, Silas, Monica, and Elizabeth that Carly was searching for Danny. Monica grumbled that Carly's involvement was a bad idea, but Sam wanted to know exactly what was going on.

Dante explained that Carly had slipped away after he had expressly told her not to get involved with the search. Dante feared that Carly would make things worse because Franco could end up with two hostages rather than one. Silas warned Dante to alert the police that Franco's behavior would become increasingly erratic because of the brain tumor. Dante was shocked that Franco had a brain tumor, but Sam tried to focus on the positive by assuring Dante that Carly had known Jason better than anyone.

Sam pointed out that Franco had obsessively studied Jason, so Franco was likely to react like Jason. Sam was confident that Carly would be able to track Franco down because of that. Elizabeth decided to call Carly to find out if Carly had found Franco.

On the Blackstone Canyon footbridge, Franco remained convinced that he was his twin brother, Jason. He paced back and forth as he gripped a gun and held Danny in his arms, while quietly muttering that he had a sickness inside of him. Moments later, Carly approached the bridge. She spoke softly as she talked to Franco as if he were Jason. Franco was tense and distrustful, but Carly calmly assured Franco that no one could turn her against him because she would always be loyal to "Jason."

Carly softly explained that Danny had leukemia, so they needed to get the little boy to the hospital. She kept uttering reassurances until Franco slowly handed Danny to her. Moments later, Carly's cell phone rang. It was Elizabeth. Carly revealed that she had Danny but abruptly ended the call when Franco called out to Carly. Carly was shocked when Franco told her goodbye as he slowly turned the gun on himself.

Carly referred to Franco as Jason as she asked him what he was doing. Franco recalled his hallucination of his confrontation with "Franco" that had led to Elizabeth's death. His eyes filled with tears as he explained that he was just like his brother, Franco, and confessed that he had killed Elizabeth. Filled with despair, Franco decided that he needed to join his brother in death by following "Franco" over the bridge. Carly revealed that she had just spoken to Elizabeth, so Elizabeth was alive and well.

Despondent, Franco complained that his head hurt because he had evil inside of him. Franco asked for Carly's forgiveness as he aimed the gun at his chest. Carly realized that Franco intended to follow through with the threat of suicide, so she quickly explained that his head hurt because he had a brain tumor. She insisted that he was a good man who deserved to live and assured him that she, Sam, and Danny needed him. Carly told Franco that she loved him and repeatedly asked him to put the gun down.

At the hospital, Elizabeth told Sam, Silas, Monica, and Dante that Carly had Danny. Everyone was relieved until Elizabeth admitted that the call had dropped, so she had no idea where Carly was. Dante asked to use Elizabeth's phone because he was certain that he could locate Carly if Carly's phone was still on.

A short time later, Dante returned with Elizabeth's phone. He revealed that they had been able to narrow down where Carly was and shared the general location with everyone. Elizabeth realized that Carly had followed Franco to the Blackstone Canyon footbridge, so Sam and Silas decided to go with Dante.

In Danny's hospital room, Alexis became concerned when she and Nikolas discovered that Danny's crib was empty and Sam wasn't in the room. Alexis feared that something had happened, but Nikolas cautioned her not to overreact. Alexis conceded that Sam liked to take Danny for walks when he was fussy.

Nikolas and Alexis sat down to wait and began to talk about their cursed family and Danny's cancer. Alexis admitted that it had been wrong of Mikkos to force her to give Sam up for adoption. She also blamed herself for going along with Mikkos' edict. Alexis realized that the real curse of the Cassadine family was that the sins of the parents were visited upon their children. Nikolas acknowledged that Helena had been powerful, but he doubted that Helena had been capable of cursing Danny.

Alexis explained that she had been referring to her own inability to recall Sam's father's name. Nikolas argued that it was easy to assign blame, but it wouldn't help Danny. However, he was curious if Molly's suggestion that Sam's father's name began with a "J" had any merit. Alexis scoffed at the idea of relying on a Ouija board for answers, but Nikolas pointed out that Mikkos had once built a machine to control the weather, and Stavros had survived a fall into a bottomless pit, so they should be open to the idea that the Ouija board had provided a clue.

Alexis conceded that even death and taxes weren't a certainty with the Cassadines. Nikolas thought that they should consider every possibility if it might help Danny. Alexis agreed, but the Ouija board clue hadn't sparked a memory. Alexis recalled that Sam's father had arrived at the bar with friends, but she didn't remember any names.

Moments later, Monica and Elizabeth entered the room to ask if there had been any news. Nikolas and Alexis appeared confused, so Monica explained that she and Elizabeth had wanted to get everything ready for when the police arrived with Danny. Alarmed, Alexis demanded to know what Monica was talking about. Monica realized that Alexis and Nikolas hadn't heard about Danny's abduction.

On the footbridge, Franco began to lower his gun until Dante, Sam, Silas, and several police officers appeared. Dante ordered Franco to lower his gun, prompting Franco to tense. Sam ran up to Carly to snatch Danny out of Carly's arms and then returned to safety with the little boy. Silas quickly examined Danny as Dante continued to bark orders at Franco.

Carly stood in front of Franco as she assured Dante that "Jason" wouldn't shoot. Dante ignored her as he continued to order "Franco" to put down the gun. Carly changed tactics by reasoning with Franco. She calmly promised Franco that everything would be okay and that he could trust her. "Always," she added. Eventually, Franco lowered the gun and then crumbled to the ground in tears. Carly knelt down and held Franco as he wept inconsolably.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

In Scott and Laura's hotel suite, Scott called out to Laura to let her know that the coffee was ready. Laura emerged from the bedroom, dressed and carrying a suitcase, prompting Scott to wonder where she was headed. Laura explained that she had a plane to catch because she needed to track down Luke, who was dying.

Laura handed Luke's medical file to Scott as she told him how Helena had poisoned Luke with deadly polonium. Laura explained that Helena had given Luke a ray of hope by revealing that there was a cure available, provided that Luke was clever enough to find it. She quickly filled Scott in on Luke's theory that Jerry Jacks had managed to find the cure, so Luke was determined to track Jerry down. Scott pointed out that Jerry had been killed in an explosion, but Laura argued that they had never recovered Jerry's body or the eighty-eight million dollars that Jerry had extorted from the town's wealthiest citizens.

Scott wondered what Luke's dilemma had to do with Laura, so she reminded Scott that Luke would die. "So?" Scott asked. Stunned, Laura explained that Luke had promised to return for the birth of Lulu's child, but Scott pointed out that it wouldn't be the first time that Luke had broken a promise. Laura feared that Lulu would be heartbroken if Luke were to die without Lulu saying goodbye, so Laura would never forgive herself if she didn't do everything in her power to spare her daughter that pain.

Scott didn't want his wife to chase after Luke, so Laura invited Scott to join her in the search. She was eager for him to agree, but Scott declined. He reminded Laura that he was running for district attorney because he wanted to build a life in Port Charles. He was frustrated because he had thought that Laura had wanted the same thing, which was why she had gone into business with Lucy to launch Deception.

Laura argued that her trip was a matter of life or death, so the spa could wait. Scott warned Laura that her search for Luke would be the death of their marriage, prompting Laura to wonder if that was an ultimatum. Scott reminded Laura that her last adventure with Luke hadn't ended so well for Scott. Laura assured Scott that she wanted him and that her marriage was important to her, but her children deserved to have closure with their father. She promised to devote the rest of her life to Scott and their marriage, but she needed his assurance that he would be waiting for her when she returned.

Eventually, Scott reluctantly gave Laura his blessing. Laura smiled with relief as she kissed him. Moments later, Laura left with promises that she would call Scott when she landed. After the door closed, Scott vented his frustration by picking up a heavy chair and tipping it over.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Morgan entered the study, looking for Kiki. Ava confessed that she had had assumed that Kiki had slept in because Kiki hadn't answered Ava's call earlier. Morgan had no idea where Kiki was because she had been gone when he woke up, and none of the staff had seen Kiki. Ava nervously wondered if Kiki might have gone to the hospital, so Morgan conceded that it was a possibility. Ava feared that Silas might ask Kiki questions and determine that he, not Franco, was Kiki's father.

Morgan wondered what had happened to Ava's assurance that she would take care of Silas. Ava explained that it would take time, so Morgan decided to marry Kiki before Kiki learned the truth about Silas. Ava agreed that it would be for the best, prompting Morgan to grab his computer tablet to show Ava an expensive engagement ring that he had picked out for Kiki. He was certain that the ring would keep Kiki away from Michael, so Ava agreed to charge the ring on her credit card.

At Michael's apartment, Michael answered a knock at his door. Kiki entered his apartment and announced that she and Morgan were engaged to be married. She was stunned when Michael admitted that A.J. had already shared the news with him. Michael congratulated her, but Kiki was hurt. "Why are you being like this?" she asked him.

Michael was curious what Kiki expected him to say, so she reminded him that they couldn't be together. Michael admitted that he was surprised that her solution had been to ask Morgan to get married, but she quickly clarified that Morgan had proposed marriage to her. Kiki explained that she had intended to talk to Morgan about the kiss, but Morgan had asked her to marry him instead. Kiki claimed that marrying Morgan was for the best because she and Michael couldn't keep having feelings for each other.

Kiki insisted that she and Michael needed to move on. Seconds later, the young woman from the bar emerged from Michael's bedroom to ask if he intended to return to bed. "Oh, you've got company," the young woman said. Kiki glared accusingly at Michael as Michael rushed to explain that Kiki was his cousin. Relieved, Penny confessed that she had feared that Kiki had been the girl that Michael wanted to get over.

Kiki was too upset to engage in small talk, so she fled. Michael followed Kiki into the hallway to talk to her, but Kiki angrily barked that he was clearly too busy. Michael insisted that he was trying to move forward, but Kiki stormed off.

At the Drake residence, Patrick was deep in thought when Sabrina woke up. She asked what was troubling him, so he revealed that he had been thinking about Franco's surgery. Sabrina had assumed that Franco's seizure had been the result of the attack, so Patrick explained that the beating might have exacerbated the situation, but the seizure was the symptom of a brain tumor on Franco's frontal lobe.

Sabrina knew that Franco had done some terrible things, but she confessed that no one deserved to suffer like that. Patrick conceded that the tumor, which had been undiagnosed for years, might have caused Franco's violent behavior. Sabrina wondered if Franco would be normal once the tumor was removed, so Patrick explained that it was possible. However, Patrick confided that it was a difficult operation that could result in brain damage.

Sabrina insisted that Franco would be in the best of hands because Patrick would do everything humanly possible to save Franco's life. Patrick admitted that Sabrina's unwavering support meant everything to him. He felt lucky to have her in his life. Sabrina smiled as he leaned down to kiss her.

At the hospital, Felix warned Brad that the party was over because he knew what Brad had done. Brad appeared unconcerned as he invited Felix to be more specific. Felix revealed that he knew that Brad had tried to blackmail a straight guy into bed. Brad shrugged as he explained that he didn't see people as straight or gay; they were simply people. Disgusted, Felix accused Brad of conspiring with Britt.

Felix was certain that Brad and Britt had found a way to tamper with the paternity test that revealed that Patrick was the father of Britt's unborn baby. Felix threatened to tell Monica about Brad's attempt to force Michael to have sex with Brad if Brad didn't fess up about Britt. Brad smiled smugly as he vowed to tell Monica that Michael had been "banging" his own cousin, Kiki.

Morgan stepped out of the elevator in time to hear Brad's claim, so he immediately confronted Brad. Brad conceded that "banging" had been too strong of a word, but he had caught Morgan's "pervy" brother kissing Kiki. Morgan demanded to know where the illicit kiss had happened, prompting Brad to wonder what difference that made. Morgan agreed that it didn't matter because Morgan and Kiki were engaged to be married.

Brad sarcastically congratulated Morgan, but Morgan walked away. Felix shoved Brad up against the wall as he angrily asked if Brad enjoyed making everyone miserable. Sabrina ran up to pull Felix away from Brad. She insisted that Brad wasn't worth getting in trouble over, so Felix backed down. Brad fled before Felix changed his mind.

Felix explained that he had been furious because Brad had tried to blackmail "kissing cousins." Felix filled Sabrina in on Brad's attempt to force Michael to have sex with Brad and Michael's discovery that Brad and Britt had been conspiring against someone. Sabrina was horrified by what Brad had done, so she was relieved that Michael had managed to force Brad to back off. However, she confessed that was wanted to know what Brad and Britt had been talking about.

At Michael's apartment, Penny prepared to leave. She confessed that she had felt as if she had walked in on something between Michael and Kiki. Michael claimed that Kiki had been upset because Kiki's father was in the hospital.

Felix was about to knock on Michael's door when the door opened. Felix was surprised when he saw his co-worker, Penny. She exchanged brief pleasantries with Felix and left, so Felix followed Michael into the apartment. Michael ignored Felix's attempt to give Michael a high-five and grumpily asked what Felix wanted. Felix questioned Michael's surly mood, so Michael apologized for snapping at Felix. Felix confessed that he needed a favor from Michael.

At the hospital, Diane approached Franco's room, but a police officer stopped her from entering. He explained that Franco was under guard because Franco had kidnapped a child the previous evening and had tried to kill himself. Shocked, Diane informed the police officer that she was Franco's attorney, so she had a right to meet with her client. The police officer reluctantly stepped aside.

Inside Franco's hospital room, Franco recalled the hallucination that he'd had on the footbridge with "Franco." He also remembered Carly promising that she would never give up on him and assuring him that he could trust her because she loved him. Franco cried out for Carly.

Moments later, Diane entered the room. She immediately lectured him about the kidnapping and warned him that the new charges wouldn't help his defense. Franco repeatedly demanded to talk to Carly until Diane agreed to see what she could do.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Carly approached Silas and Sam to find out how Danny was doing. Sam explained that her son was as well, given the circumstances, and then thanked Carly for saving both Danny and Franco's lives. Silas revealed that Franco might be Danny's only chance for a bone marrow transplant because none of the other family members had been a match.

Sam was curious why Carly had stayed on the footbridge to talk Franco out of killing himself instead of fleeing when she had the chance. Diane walked up before Carly could answer Sam's question. Diane revealed that Franco had been asking for Carly, so Diane implored Carly to go to Franco's room to calm him down. Carly agreed and left.

Silas wondered if Diane was still defending Franco, so Diane asked if Silas and Sam were talking. Diane was pleased when Silas revealed that he was Danny's doctor because it meant that Silas and Sam had let "bygones be bygones." Diane hoped that they could do the same for Franco.

Diane tried to defend the recent kidnapping on Franco snapping from the stress of the impeding trial and the trauma of the assault, but Silas revealed that it was likely because Franco had a brain tumor. Diane was delighted because she realized that the brain tumor could work to her advantage. "Great," Sam replied, clearly not meaning it.

After Diane left, Sam and Silas talked about Danny. Sam was relieved that Silas had been able to stabilize Danny for the bone marrow transplant. Silas assured her that he would do everything in his power to make certain that Danny remained stable. Ava rounded the corner as Sam reached for Silas' hand and held it. After several heartbeats, Ava approached Silas to ask to speak with him.

Silas insisted that he was busy, but Sam decided to excuse herself because she picked up on the tension between Silas and Ava. After Sam left, Ava explained that she had wanted to make certain that Silas was clear that Kiki was Franco's daughter. Silas thought that it was odd that Ava had gone out of her way to tell him that. Ava insisted that she was there to visit Franco, but she had decided to clear things up with Silas when she had seen Silas.

Silas revealed that Franco was scheduled for surgery, so he advised Ava hurry to Franco's room. Concerned, Ava asked why Franco needed an operation. Silas was surprised that Ava hadn't been around to hear about the kidnapping and Franco's suicide attempt. Ava became defensive as she informed him that she wasn't the clingy type, but Silas saw through the lie. He warned her that he didn't believe anything that she had said about Franco or Kiki.

A short time later, Silas entered Danny's hospital room to check on his patient. Danny was asleep, so Sam asked Silas about Ava. She confessed that she had noticed how surprised Silas had been to learn that Ava had a daughter. Silas started to tell her about Ava, but Brad entered the room to reveal that Franco's screening was complete. Sam was overjoyed when Brad told them that Franco was a perfect bone marrow match for Danny.

Carly entered Franco's hospital room as Franco muttered to himself that he needed to protect Danny and that he could trust "her." Franco asked Carly about what had transpired on the footbridge. He was desperate to know if he had hurt Danny, so Carly assured him that Danny was safe and in the hospital. He wondered if he had truly tried to kill himself, so Carly quietly admitted that he had.

Franco recalled that Carly had told him that she loved him, so he wanted to know why she had said that. Carly explained that she had been talking to Jason because Franco had believed that he was Jason. Franco wondered what was wrong with him. Patrick entered the room before Carly could answer the question, so she invited Patrick to explain everything to Franco.

Patrick told Franco about the brain tumor and revealed that Franco would die without an operation. However, Patrick warned Franco that the surgery wasn't without risk. Patrick revealed that the surgery could kill Franco, but Franco realized that it was his only hope. Carly watched as Franco signed the consent form authorizing the operation.

In the hallway, the police officer stopped Morgan from entering Franco's room. Morgan explained that he was engaged to Franco's daughter, but the police officer refused to budge. Morgan revealed that he just wanted to check on Kiki, so the police officer told him that Franco's daughter was not in the room. "I should have known," Morgan grumbled.

"Should have known what?" Kiki asked as she walked up. Morgan smiled with relief as he greeted Kiki. Moments later, Franco was wheeled out of his room. Kiki became concerned when she saw Patrick and Carly flanking Franco. Franco explained that he needed surgery, prompting Kiki to ask why. "So that I can be your dad," Franco cryptically answered. "Okay, Dad," Kiki told him as her eyes welled up with tears.

"Wow, just like that you make it worth it," Franco said with a smile. After Patrick and Franco left, Kiki asked Carly if Franco would die. Carly conceded that the surgery was risky, but Patrick was the best. Morgan held Kiki and promised that he would always take care of her. "Now that I'm your fiancé," Morgan added. "What did you say?" Carly asked. Morgan announced that he and Kiki had decided to get married.

Elsewhere, Sabrina gave Patrick her mother's stethoscope for luck. Nearby, Ava approached Franco to have a few last words with him before the surgery. Franco admitted that he might not make it through surgery, so Ava produced a proxy for Franco to sign. She assured him that she would use the votes to do what was best for their daughter, so he signed the proxy.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

At the hospital, T.J. greeted Molly and Rafe. Molly was curious why T.J. was at the hospital, so he confessed that he had wanted to talk to her. Molly informed him that she and Rafe had been on their way to Danny's room, so they were busy. Rafe decided to take the box of toys to Danny's room, so Molly and T.J. could talk.

After Rafe left, T.J. asked Molly about Danny, so she gave him an update. Eventually, T.J. broached the reason for his visit. He admitted that he couldn't stop thinking about Molly. Molly didn't believe him because she had seen him hugging Taylor the previous evening. T.J. explained that he had told Taylor that he just wanted to be friends, but Molly remained skeptical. T.J. insisted that things weren't always as they seemed and then reminded her of all the times that he had jumped to the wrong conclusion when he had seen Rafe and Molly together.

Molly argued that there was a difference; T.J. had slept with Taylor. T.J. admitted that it had been a mistake that he would take back if he could. He regretted that he had broken his promise to Molly because Molly was the only one he wanted. T.J. wondered if things between them were beyond repair. Molly explained that she needed time to think things through, so T.J. promised not to pressure her.

In Danny's hospital room, Silas and Sam were relieved when Brad revealed that Franco was a perfect bone marrow match for Danny. Sam was delighted that her son would survive. "As long as Franco doesn't die on the operating table," Brad cautioned her. Silas was stunned that Franco had been taken to surgery already. Brad quickly fled as Sam asked Silas what was going on.

Silas explained that Franco could die before Franco donated bone marrow. Stunned, Sam decided to stop the operation, but Silas warned her that she didn't have the authority. He quickly made a phone call to the operating room but was told that Franco was in surgery. Sam pleaded with Silas to stop the procedure, but Silas told her that it was too late because Franco would most certainly die if they stopped the operation.

Sam began to cry as she realized that her son would die if Franco didn't survive the surgery. Silas held Sam as Rafe appeared in the doorway. Rafe knew that something had happened, so he asked them what was wrong. Silas and Sam told Rafe that Franco was a bone marrow match for Danny, but Franco might not survive the operation to remove a brain tumor.

Silas reminded Sam that Patrick had successfully performed the same operation on Jason years before, so Franco was in good hands. Rafe agreed that they had every reason to be optimistic. Sam relaxed, so Silas and Rafe decided to give Sam some time alone with Danny.

In the hallway, Rafe asked Silas if Silas thought that Franco would make it through surgery. Silas confessed that he didn't know, but he didn't want Sam to worry. Rafe appreciated Silas watching over Sam because Sam needed it. Silas hoped that Rafe realized that Silas wasn't that bad. Rafe jokingly suggested that they not get ahead of themselves and then left to find Molly.

Rafe rounded the corner as T.J. asked Molly if there was a chance that she would forgive T.J. "Yes," Molly admitted. "That's all I needed to hear," T.J. said with a smile as he left. Rafe stepped forward and asked Molly if Molly and T.J. were getting back together. "No," Molly answered. She explained that she had promised to think about it, but it wasn't the time because Sam needed her. Rafe revealed that he needed to tell her something.

In Danny's hospital room, Sam talked to Jason. She admitted that she didn't pray to him often because it made her feel as if she were losing him all over again. However, Sam needed to know that Jason was with her because Franco was the only person who could save Danny. Sam begged Jason to watch over Franco for the night and begged for a sign that Jason had heard her. She fell to her knees in tears as Silas appeared in the doorway.

Silas quietly walked over to Sam and held her. Eventually, Sam pulled herself together, so Silas helped her to her feet. Silas and Sam appeared to share a close moment as they looked deep into each other's eyes.

At Michael's apartment, Felix asked Michael for help with Brad. Felix was certain that Brad had helped Britt to fake an illness to garner Patrick's sympathy and found a way to tamper with a paternity test that Ellie had worked on. Felix also warned Michael that Brad hadn't held up his end of the bargain because Brad had talked about Michael's kiss with Kiki.

Felix insisted that the only way to stop Brad was to take Brad out for good. Michael was reluctant to get involved, but Felix eventually persuaded Michael to help. Michael balked when Felix suggested that Michael romance the truth out of Brad. Michael made it clear that there were some lines that he would not cross. "So, you're willing to mack on your cousin, but not on another dude?" Felix asked. Felix immediately apologized and clarified that he simply wanted Michael to make it appear that things might go further than flirting.

Michael was curious why exposing Brad and Britt was so important to Felix. Felix confessed that he wanted to help his friend because Britt was trying to drive a wedge between Patrick and Sabrina. Felix also objected to Britt allowing Patrick to bond with a baby that wasn't really Patrick's child. Felix insisted that Brad didn't have any business working in the lab at the hospital because Brad made everyone miserable. Michael relented, so he called the number that Felix handed to him.

At the fourth floor nurses' station, Elizabeth told Nikolas that she needed to talk to him about his relationship with Britt. Nikolas confessed that he hadn't been aware that he had a relationship with Britt, so Elizabeth conceded that perhaps she had used the wrong word, but she knew that Nikolas had attended a birthing class with Britt. Elizabeth realized that it wasn't her place, but she urged Nikolas to stay away from Britt because Britt was trouble.

Nikolas agreed that it wasn't Elizabeth's place to comment on whom he should or shouldn't see, so he started to leave. Elizabeth called out to Nikolas as she rushed to catch up with him. She begged him to hear her out, so he agreed.

Elizabeth asked how much Nikolas knew about what Britt had done to Patrick. Nikolas admitted that it was his understanding that Patrick had been the one to hurt Britt by leaving her for someone else, even though Britt had been pregnant with Patrick's child. Elizabeth clarified that Patrick had ended things with Britt before Patrick had known about the pregnancy and after Britt had scared the life out of Emma.

Elizabeth filled Nikolas in on what Britt had said to Emma and confessed that she had reservations about Britt being around Spencer. Nikolas was curious why Elizabeth cared who Nikolas was involved with when she was dating A.J. He reminded her that she had made it clear that they were just friends, so he needed to accept her decisions. Nikolas thought that it was hypocritical of Elizabeth to question him about Britt given A.J.'s history.

Elizabeth argued that A.J. and Britt were nothing alike because A.J.'s transgressions had happened long before, while Britt's had been recent. She insisted that A.J. had changed and was a good man, but Nikolas wasn't swayed. Elizabeth revealed that Britt had stormed the stage during the tribute to Robin at the Nurses Ball to tell Patrick about the pregnancy. Elizabeth insisted that Britt had shown her true colors by stealing the spotlight from Robin.

Nikolas refused to discuss it further, so he decided to leave. "If I didn't know better, I'd say you were jealous," Nikolas told Elizabeth as the elevator door closed. Elizabeth thought about Nikolas' parting words as she returned to the nurses' station. She picked up her cell phone and called A.J. to ask to see him.

At Kelly's, Britt quickly surmised that Taylor had wanted to eat at the diner because Taylor had hoped to see T.J. Taylor didn't deny it, but she was disappointed that it had been in vain because T.J. wasn't there. Taylor opened up to Britt about T.J.'s decision to just be friends with Taylor and how Taylor had lashed out by agreeing to leave the bar with a stranger. Britt wondered if Taylor had intended to sleep with a stranger, so Taylor confessed that she had wanted T.J. to swoop in, rescue her, and assure her that Taylor was the only girl in the world for him.

"Two out of three ain't bad," Taylor quietly added. Britt warned Taylor that a knight in shining armor didn't exist. Britt knew what it felt like to have feelings for someone who didn't return those feelings, so she appreciated that there wasn't anything that could be done to change things. Taylor regretted that she hadn't heeded Britt's advice not to have sex with T.J. because Taylor had turned out to be a "friend with benefits."

Britt suggested that having a friend wasn't a bad thing. Britt muttered that she could use a few friends of her own, but Taylor refused to believe that Britt didn't have a lot of friends. Taylor was certain that Britt had been wildly popular in high school. Britt smiled and pointed out that high school was a long time before. Britt appreciated Taylor's friendship, but Britt wanted an adult friend who didn't judge her. Moments later, Brad entered the diner and waved at her.

Brad approached the table to discuss some lab results with Britt. Britt glared at Brad as she chastised him for not respecting doctor/patient privacy. Britt asked Taylor to step away, so Britt could talk to Brad privately. After Taylor went to the counter, Britt scolded Brad for not being more circumspect. She reminded Brad that his refusal to be careful had allowed Michael to gain the upper hand.

As if on cue, Michael called Brad to invite Brad to hang out. Brad readily accepted and ended the call. Britt smacked Brad upside the head as she asked if someone had dropped him on his head when he was a baby. She warned Brad that it was a trap. Brad agreed, but he was surprised when Britt urged him to meet Michael. Britt hoped that Brad would be able to turn the tables on Michael by finding out who had asked Michael to dig for information.

After Brad left, Nikolas entered the diner. Britt smiled as she greeted him, but Nikolas ignored her. Taylor witnessed the snub, so she returned to the table to check on Britt. Britt appeared hurt because she had thought that Nikolas was a friend.

A short time later, Taylor spotted T.J. She noticed that he was in a good mood, so she approached him to find out why. T.J. seemed reluctant to tell Taylor, but she reminded him that they were supposed to be friends. T.J. smiled as he revealed that he might be getting back together with Molly.

At the apartment, Felix helped Michael to get ready for Brad. Felix assured Michael that he would be in the next room if Michael needed help. Moments later, Brad knocked, so Felix ducked out of sight. Michael opened the door to Brad. Brad casually leaned against the doorframe, sprayed breath freshener into his mouth, and then grinned knowingly at Michael.

At the hospital, Carly was shocked when Morgan referred to himself as Kiki's fiancé, so she demanded to know what was going on. Morgan revealed that Kiki had agreed to marry him when he had proposed the previous evening. Morgan wanted Carly's blessing, but Carly refused. "Over my dead body," Carly warned her son. Morgan was offended by Carly's poor choice of words because Kiki was worried about Franco. Carly apologized to Kiki, but Kiki assured Carly that she understood.

Kiki confessed that she was stressed out because a lot had been going on, so Carly wondered if it was possible that Kiki had accepted Morgan's marriage proposal for the wrong reasons. Morgan resented the question, but Kiki promised that she had been thinking clearly when she had agreed to marry Morgan. Carly was curious how Ava had reacted to the news.

Morgan and Kiki assured Carly that Ava had been happy about the wedding announcement. Surprised, Carly wondered why Ava would want Kiki to marry so young. Morgan recalled his conversation with Ava about him marrying Kiki before Kiki learned that Silas was Kiki's father. He turned to his mother to claim that Ava respected that Morgan and Kiki were adults. Carly made it clear that she would not let Morgan and Kiki get married, but Morgan argued that Carly couldn't stop them. "Watch me," Carly said and then stormed off.

Kiki conceded that perhaps Carly had had a point about why Kiki had accepted Morgan's proposal. Morgan anxiously asked if Kiki wanted to marry him. Kiki remembered her talk with Michael when she had told Michael about the engagement and had insisted that they each needed to move forward. She looked up at Morgan and smiled as she assured him that she wanted to marry him.

Relieved, Morgan promised that he would be there for Kiki for the rest of her life. He hugged her as he assured her that everything would work out. According to Morgan, finding her had been the most amazing thing to ever happen to him. He asked her not to worry about Franco because everything would be okay, and they would live happily ever after.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was on the phone, discussing her fears that Franco and his "bombshell baby-mama" planned a coup. Ava entered the study, certain that Tracy had been referring to her. Tracy quickly ended the call and warned Ava that Franco and Kiki's combined shares of fifteen percent weren't enough to make a difference because both A.J. and Tracy's votes had been locked in. Tracy threatened to toss Ava out of the mansion, but Ava cautioned Tracy not to be too hasty.

Ava acknowledged that her original plan had failed, but she had devised a new one. Tracy wasn't interested in hearing about it until Ava revealed that Franco was in surgery to remove a brain tumor, so he had signed a proxy giving Ava authority to vote with his shares. Tracy pointed out that the proxy would be worthless if Franco died, but Ava argued that she could vote A.J. out as long as Franco remained alive.

Tracy wanted to know what Ava hoped to gain by siding with Tracy to oust A.J., but Ava didn't have a chance to reply because Carly marched in demanding to talk to Ava about Morgan and Kiki's engagement. Carly was furious that Ava had supported Morgan and Kiki's decision to get married, so she accused Ava of loving Kiki's stock certificates, not Kiki. Ava denied that she had an ulterior motive for giving Morgan and Kiki her blessing, but Carly didn't believe Ava.

Carly pointed out that Ava hadn't even bothered to stay with Kiki while Kiki's father battled for his life. Carly was curious where Ava had been when Franco had taken off the previous evening. Ava tried to explain, but Carly accused Ava of not caring if Franco lived or died. "Whether Franco lives or dies means everything to me," Ava assured Carly.

Carly was certain that Ava was hiding a big secret, so Carly was determined to find out what it was. After Carly marched out, Ava asked Tracy if they had a deal. Tracy was reluctant to agree until she knew what Ava's price was.

Friday, July 26, 2013

At Greystone Manor, Sonny looked at the front page of the Port Charles Press, as he noted that the newspaper had taken a nosedive since Connie had stepped aside to focus on Crimson. Connie conceded that the newspaper's circulation was down, but she was confident that a good editor could turn things around while Connie concentrated on rebuilding Crimson.

Moments later, Carly stormed in demanding to talk to Sonny about a wedding that he had to stop. Sonny calmly invited Carly to sit and say hello to Connie, prompting Carly to wonder what Connie was doing there. Connie happily revealed that she and Sonny were back together. Carly offered to throw Sonny and Connie a party right after Sonny stopped the wedding.

Sonny assumed that Carly had been referring to Jax and Brenda, so Carly clarified that she had been talking about Sonny's son. Confused, Sonny wondered who Michael was marrying, so Carly quickly informed him that she had been referring to Morgan and Kiki. "No," Sonny said in denial. Carly assured him that it was true, so she wanted to know what Sonny planned to do to stop the wedding.

Sonny wanted to know how Morgan and Kiki had ended up engaged, prompting Carly to assure him that it wasn't her fault because she had been against Kiki from the beginning. Connie suggested that perhaps that was why Morgan had proposed marriage. Carly was curious who had asked for Connie's input. Connie backed off and left the room to take a phone call.

Sonny urged Carly to calm down. He was confident that Morgan wouldn't actually get married because Morgan was too young. Carly reminded Sonny that Kristina had married young, too, but Sonny pointed out that Kristina had had an ax to grind. Sonny promised to take care of it, but Carly was leery because Franco had ended up half beaten to death the last time that Sonny had said that. "Was it you?" she asked.

Sonny explained that he had simply wanted to send Franco a message, but Carly argued that Franco could die. Sonny wondered why she cared, since she had been the one to want Franco dead. He reminded Carly that Franco had abducted Danny, so she admitted that she had been on the footbridge with Franco.

Carly told Sonny about the brain tumor and warned him that the tumor could have been responsible for all of the horrible things that Franco had done. Sonny was skeptical, but Carly explained that Patrick was operating on Franco at that very moment. Carly assured Sonny that they would soon know if Franco had changed, provided that Franco survived the surgery, but Sonny didn't care. However, he promised to talk to Morgan, so Carly advised him not to yell at Morgan because it hadn't worked for her.

After Carly left, Connie told Sonny that her boss, Derek Wells, had called to warn her that she might lose Crimson if things didn't turn around for the Port Charles Press. According to Connie, Derek held Connie responsible for the drop in circulation, even though Connie had taken a medical leave of absence, so Derek had ordered Connie to find a good story to run in the floundering newspaper. Sonny was confident in Connie's abilities, prompting her to share that there was serious trouble brewing at ELQ.

At Kelly's, Britt sent Brad a text message to ask him how things were going with Michael. Brad didn't respond, so Britt glanced up at Nikolas as Nikolas turned away from the counter to leave. She smiled at him, prompting him to offer her a polite greeting. Britt was curious if Nikolas had seen her wave to him earlier, so he admitted that he had. However, he explained that he had been pressed for time because he needed to get back to the hospital.

Britt was curious what she had done to earn a cold shoulder from Nikolas, but Nikolas insisted that he had simply been concerned for Danny. Britt asked if a donor had been found. Nikolas was surprised that she cared, so Britt pointed out that she was having a child of her own. "With Patrick," Nikolas replied as he shifted gears to ask how Britt got along with Patrick's other child, Emma.

Britt realized that Nikolas had been talking to Elizabeth. Nikolas didn't confirm Britt's suspicions, but Britt knew that she was right because Elizabeth had confronted Britt about Nikolas after the birthing class. According to Britt, Elizabeth had taken great pleasure in informing Britt that Nikolas and Elizabeth had known each other for years and had a close bond. Britt revealed that Elizabeth had warned Britt to stay away from Nikolas.

Britt conceded that Elizabeth had been very protective and had vowed not to let "the evil Britch" near Nikolas. Britt imagined that Elizabeth had told Nikolas about all of the evil things that Britt had done. Nikolas admitted that it was difficult to reconcile the Britt that he had recently gotten to know to the one who'd had a problem with Emma. Nikolas hoped that Britt would tell him that it had been a misunderstanding, but Britt confessed that it was true.

Britt reminded Nikolas that she had fallen in love with Patrick, but Patrick hadn't reciprocated those feelings, so rather than accept that she and Patrick hadn't been on the same page, Britt had doubled her efforts to win Patrick and Emma over. Britt admitted that Emma had never liked her, but Britt had realized that Patrick and Emma were a package deal, so Britt had tried very hard to change Emma's mind. Britt confessed that she had lost her temper when all of her attempts had failed. Britt assured Nikolas that she had regretted her actions with Emma.

Nikolas confessed that he knew about Britt's pregnancy announcement at the Nurses Ball. Britt readily agreed that it had been calculated move on her part because she had been lonely and hurt. Britt warned Nikolas that she wasn't perfect, so she suggested that he stick with Elizabeth if he wanted to spend time with perfect people only. Nikolas smiled as he assured Britt that Elizabeth would be the first to say that she was as imperfect as Britt.

Nikolas confided that he was worse than Britt and Elizabeth combined because he was selfish and arrogant and had a tendency to pursue women who weren't available, like the mother of his son and the love of his brother's life. Nikolas insisted that he needed as many friends as he could get, so he wanted Britt to be one of them. Britt smiled as she shook Nikolas' extended hand. "To hell with what everyone else thinks, right?" Nikolas asked.

Britt followed Nikolas out of the diner as she told him that Danny would be in her thoughts. Nikolas softly confessed to Britt that she would be in his. "Friend," he added and then walked away.

"Wipe that smile off of your face," Dr. Obrecht growled from a nearby table. "Your life is about to go up in smoke," Britt's mother added as Britt tensed.

In Michael's apartment, Felix assured Michael that Brad was a lightweight, so one drink should suffice to get Brad to open up. Felix promised to be in the next room if Michael needed help. Felix ducked out of sight while Michael answered the knock at the door. Brad lounged against the doorframe, sprayed some breath freshener into his mouth, and then sauntered into the apartment with a sly grin.

Michael nervously cleared his throat and offered Brad a drink. Brad accepted, but asked why Michael had invited him over. Michael handed Brad the drink as he suggested that they had gotten off on the wrong foot. Brad agreed that things had gone downhill after Brad had walked in on Michael and Kiki kissing. Michael reminded Brad that Brad had tried to blackmail Michael, so Brad countered by pointing out that Michael had turned the tables on Brad.

Brad assured Michael that there weren't any hard feelings on Brad's part, so Michael forged ahead by claiming that he had decided to move forward because Kiki had agreed to marry Morgan. Brad wondered if Michael was gay, so Michael explained that it wasn't that simple. Brad realized that it wasn't easy for a gay person to "come out," but Brad needed an answer.

Michael nervously suggested that everyone was "a little bit" gay, but Brad disagreed. Brad explained that he had practically tap-danced out of the womb. Michael explained that it wasn't like that for him; he was conflicted because he'd had bad luck with relationships. Brad assured Michael that life was better when a person stopped lying to themselves, but Michael argued that his family would freak.

Michael told Brad that he couldn't trust Brad with the truth unless Brad shared a secret of his own. Brad denied that he had any, so Michael reminded Brad about Britt. Brad recalled Britt's warning that Michael was setting a trap, so Brad carefully explained that he had been burned in the past. According to Brad, guys told him all the right things but then disappeared.

Michael promised that he wasn't like that, but Brad feared that Michael wanted information to get Brad fired. Michael insisted that Brad was expecting him to put everything on the line, so Michael needed a symbol of faith from Brad. Brad offered to tell Michael everything after Michael kissed him. Michael stalled, but Brad managed to back Michael up against the wall.

Michael was relieved when his phone rang. He quickly checked, but it was a text message from Felix urging Michael to kiss Brad. Brad suggested that it wasn't the right the time for texting, so Michael quickly explained that he had been expecting a call. Brad realized that Michael wasn't serious about wanting to spend time with Brad, so he invited Michael to call when Michael was ready.

Brad made it to the door when Michael called out to him. Brad smiled as he returned to stand in front of Michael. Michael appeared to brace himself for the kiss, but his phone rang. It was A.J. A.J. revealed that Tracy was on the warpath, so Michael was needed at ELQ right away. Michael quickly ended the call and then explained that he had to leave. Michael told Brad to see himself out and left.

Frustrated, Brad asked, "What the hell was that?" Felix stepped out of the shadows as he informed Brad that Michael had opted to chicken out rather than go "lip to lip" with Brad. However, Felix wasn't a shrinking violet, so he vowed that Brad would go down. Felix couldn't believe that Brad had thought that Michael had been interested, but Brad insisted that Felix' behavior had been shameful because Felix had "pimped out" a straight guy.

Felix argued that Michael had been trying to help Sabrina, who didn't want Patrick to fall in love with a baby that wasn't Patrick's. According to Felix, Brad only cared about "getting laid." Brad insisted that Felix had never bothered to get to know Brad, so Felix didn't know the first thing about him. Felix countered by accusing Brad of being a "sleaze."

Felix was shocked when Brad demanded to know how else he could have gotten Felix's attention. "I like you, Felix, okay?" Brad confessed. Brad's voice filled with emotion as he admitted that he had tried everything to be noticed by Felix, but Felix had never given Brad the time of day. Brad insisted that Felix was like every other guy who either looked at him or through him. Brad admitted that no one had ever wanted Brad for more than sex.

Felix confessed that he was tempted to revise his opinion of Brad because Brad had almost sounded human. "Almost," Brad replied in a hurt tone. Felix admitted that he needed proof of Brad's sincerity, so he urged Brad to tell the truth about the paternity of Britt's baby. Brad explained that he couldn't because Britt would kill him and he'd lose his job. Brad made his way to the door as he admitted that he wanted to help.

"Then do it," Felix implored Brad. Brad stopped at the door. "If you really want to know what's up with Britt and her baby, ask her mother," Brad advised Felix.

At ELQ, Tracy looked at the company sign as she talked to her father. Tracy assured Edward that ELQ would soon be safe and sound in her hands. "Counting your chickens?" Ava asked as she walked up. Tracy pointed out that she had the votes needed to oust A.J. as CEO, so Ava warned Tracy that they were allies provided that Tracy held up her end of the deal. Tracy promised that her word was her bond, prompting Ava to advise Tracy to move quickly because Ava's proxy would be worthless if Franco died.

Tracy was tried of Ava's pessimism. Tracy insisted that her fortunes were on the upswing, while A.J.'s were plummeting. Tracy instructed Ava to fetch Kiki because all of the shareholders needed to vote, even though Kiki's votes weren't needed for Tracy to secure control of ELQ.

At the hospital, Kiki paced the floor as she worried about Franco. Morgan reminded her that Patrick was the best. Kiki hoped that Morgan was right because she admitted that it would "suck" to get a father only to lose him a few weeks later. Silas descended the staircase and approached Kiki. Morgan gruffly asked Silas what Silas wanted. Silas was disappointed by Morgan's unwarranted rude behavior, but Morgan refused to apologize.

Silas asked to have a private word with Kiki, so Morgan demanded to know why Silas wanted to talk to her. "Who are you?" Silas asked Morgan. Silas was surprised when Morgan revealed that he was Kiki's fiancé. "What are you, fifteen? Silas asked. "You've got to be kidding me. You're not going to marry my...," Silas added. "Your what?" Morgan asked.

Silas claimed that he had been about to say patient, but Morgan argued that Kiki had only had a test to determine if she was a bone marrow match for Danny, so she wasn't Silas' patient. Silas insisted that Morgan was wrong and guided Kiki to the nurses' station. Morgan started to follow, but Silas reminded Morgan that Morgan wasn't a family member yet.

Alice arrived with a food basket as Morgan watched Kiki and Silas. Alice explained that she and "Cook II" had put the basket together for Morgan and Kiki, so they'd have some nourishment while they waited. Alice noticed that Morgan seemed distracted, so she asked if something was wrong. "I hope not," Morgan said as he continued to watch Kiki and Silas.

At the nurses' station, Silas explained to Kiki that there had been a mix-up with her paperwork, so he needed her to answer some basic questions, starting with the date of her birth. Ava overheard Silas as she exited the elevator, so she dashed over to keep Kiki from answering the question. Ava feigned concern for Franco as she asked Kiki if there had been any news.

Kiki admitted that she hadn't heard anything, so Ava scolded Silas for bothering Kiki with "bureaucratic nonsense" during their trying time. Ava dragged Kiki away and then revealed that Kiki was needed at ELQ because a shareholder meeting had been called. Ava explained that she intended to vote for Tracy because Ava was determined to secure Kiki's future.

Kiki saw through her mother, so Kiki announced that she would vote for A.J. Ava smiled indulgently as she assured her daughter that she wanted Kiki to vote with her heart.

Meanwhile, Silas approached Morgan to ask when Morgan and Kiki planned to marry. "Soon," Morgan assured Silas. Silas wondered if Morgan and Kiki were of legal age, so Morgan informed Silas that he and Kiki were both nineteen. Alice promptly reminded Morgan that Kiki was twenty-one. Frustrated, Morgan suggested that Alice was mistaken, but Alice insisted that she was right because Kiki had had cocktails at the mansion. Morgan offered a saccharine smile as he claimed that he liked Alice's wholesomeness because she thought that underage drinking never happened.

Kiki walked up to let Morgan know that she had to go to ELQ. Morgan offered to go with her, but Kiki wanted him to stay in case there was news about Franco. After Kiki, Ava, and Alice left, Silas once again broached the subject of Kiki's age. Annoyed, Morgan wondered what difference Kiki's age made. Silas explained that the difference would determine whether Silas or Franco was Kiki's father.

Silas believed that Morgan would want Kiki to know the truth if Morgan truly loved her. Morgan insisted that Ava had told the truth, but Silas argued that Ava had a problem with the truth. Silas urged Morgan to be a man and to honor Kiki by not letting someone manipulate her with lies. Morgan appeared to waver for a moment, but then walked away when he spotted Carly.

Morgan greeted his mother, who had stopped by to check on Franco. "Oh, God," Carly cried as she looked past Morgan's shoulder. Morgan turned around and saw Patrick standing at the bottom of the staircase, looking somber.

In A.J.'s office, A.J. wrapped up a business call while Elizabeth watched. A.J. was pleased to have closed a deal that was important to ELQ. He then shifted gears to ask why Elizabeth had been anxious to see him. Elizabeth told him that Franco was in surgery, but A.J. confessed that he didn't really care. A.J. conceded that Franco had ten percent of ELQ's shares, but A.J. didn't consider Franco his brother.

Elizabeth thought that ten percent was a lot. A.J. agreed, but only if Franco combined the votes with Kiki. However, A.J. confided that he and Tracy had decided to work together to keep Franco from using the combined shares to wrest control of ELQ from A.J. Elizabeth wondered if Tracy could be trusted.

As if on cue, Tracy entered the office with an air of supreme satisfaction. Tracy promptly informed A.J. that she had called a shareholder's meeting because she intended to unseat A.J. as CEO. Stunned, A.J. reminded Tracy of their agreement to keep Franco and Ava from taking over the company, so Tracy admitted that her plans had changed because Ava had agreed to back Tracy.

Tracy showed the signed proxy to A.J. as she bragged that she had secured 52.5% of the votes, which was enough to oust A.J. "Cue the panic attack," Tracy added with delight.

Michael arrived, so A.J. quickly filled him in on what Tracy had done. Nearby, Diane had her laptop open as she announced that the other shareholders were ready to vote online when the rest of the shareholders arrived.

A short time later, Ava, Kiki, and Alice filed in. Tracy reminded Alice that she expected Alice to vote for her. Nearby, Kiki was upset that the Quartermaines were squabbling while her father was in surgery. A.J. apologized and promised Kiki that he'd had nothing to do with the meeting. Kiki assured him that she was aware that Tracy, with an assist from Ava, had called the meeting, so Kiki intended to cast her votes for A.J. A.J. appreciated Kiki's support, but he warned her that it would not be enough to stop Tracy from unseating him as CEO.

Tracy called the meeting to order, so Ava second the motion. Tracy tossed a slew of insults at A.J. as she gloated about her victory. Diane tallied the votes, so Tracy invited Diane to make the announcement. "52.5% to 47.5% in favor of A.J.," Diane revealed. Both A.J. and Tracy gaped in shock at Diane.

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