General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 8, 2013 on GH

Stavros Cassadine was revealed to be alive and behind Lulu's abduction. Luke, Laura, and Dante rescued Lulu, but might have been too late. Carly found Michael in bed with Brenda. A.J. wasn't pleased when he witnessed a close moment between Nikolas and Elizabeth.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 8, 2013 on GH
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Monday, April 8, 2013

Britt and her mother, Dr. Obrecht, discussed the plot they were hatching while they watched the Nurses Ball on the television set in their Metro Court hotel room. Britt was reluctant to continue with the plan when she saw how happy Sabrina, Patrick, and Emma were, but Dr. Obrecht insisted. She told Britt that what she saw was just an illusion that would be shattered once their bombshell hit.

Britt wondered if revenge was enough. Dr. Obrecht told Britt that she was weak and reminded Britt of all that Sabrina had taken from her. Britt remembered steamy sex with Patrick as well as his coldness after it was revealed that Britt had been mean to both Emma and Sabrina. Britt told her mother she was ready to go on with the plan. Dr. Obrecht told Britt to pull herself together and get dressed. She said that after that night, all of Port Charles would be talking about Britt and the surprise that she had unleashed.

At the ball, Frisco finished his song and made an impassioned plea to Felecia as he proposed to her in front of the crowd. Felicia told Frisco that she loved him and always would, but their time together had passed, and she could not accept his ring because he was no longer the man of her heart. That honor, she said, belonged to Mac and always would. Frisco was devastated as he left the ballroom.

Backstage, as Lucy picked out her next dress, Richard Simmons, who had been hiding in the closet, appeared and started insulting Lucy. They squabbled. Richard bound and gagged Lucy and threw her in the closet as he prepared to go out and do a number of his own.

Maxie caught up with Frisco and asked where he was going. He told her anywhere but Port Charles. Frisco said that it had been a mistake to return to Port Charles because there was nothing there for him. Maxie pointed out that she was there. She asked if everything Frisco had said to her was a lie. She begged Frisco to stay for her. Frisco told Maxie that she would be fine.

Maxie said that if Frisco had not stepped in when he did, the truth would be out about her pregnancy. Frisco replied that Maxie no longer had to worry about Britt. Maxie said that she was not worried about the psycho doctor but about losing Frisco again, which she could see was about to happen. Maxie asked Frisco where he was going. Frisco said he did not know. He hugged Maxie and told her that he would get in touch as soon as he knew. Frisco hugged Maxie again before leaving. Ellie overheard their conversation.

Mac told Felecia that he was glad that she had chosen him, but he wished that he could trust that she really meant it. Felicia told Mac that it had always been him. Felicia admitted that she had made mistakes in the past but that she knew what she wanted, and what she wanted was Mac, because he made her happy. Felicia asked Mac to marry her. Mac said yes.

Elizabeth took over emcee duties when Lucy went missing. She introduced the tango number. Since Lucy was unavailable, Anna took her place. She and Duke rekindled the magic of their previous relationship and wiped away the stain that Faison had put on it. After it was over, Duke asked her if she had thought of anyone else while they were dancing. Anna said she had not.

Duke said that it was time to create new memories. Anna said that they were on opposite sides of the law. Duke said that was an excuse. He said that Anna was afraid. Duke admitted that he was also afraid, not of losing her, but of getting her back. Duke said that even though they were scared, they should take the chance they were being offered, and they should do it together. Anna agreed. They kissed passionately.

Next, Elizabeth introduced "Magic Milo," who did a song and dance number with Michael, Spinelli, Ivan the choreographer, Max, and Felix. The boys eventually stripped down to their underwear. As the crowd called for them to strip completely, the rumble between Lucy and Richard Simmons erupted onstage, and Lucy, once again, was spotlighted in her underwear.

The men in the crowd started clapping while Lucy tried to explain how Richard had come out of the closet and attacked her. Richard had to be restrained as he screamed that he wanted to kill Lucy. The six hunks unceremoniously carried Richard off-stage.

Sabrina sat with Patrick and Emma, who asked if Milo was still Sabrina's boyfriend. When Sabrina said, "No," Emma asked if Patrick could be Sabrina's boyfriend. Both Sabrina and Patrick looked very happy. Emma noticed Duke and Anna and asked if Anna had a boyfriend, too. After Sabrina took Emma away to get dressed for their number together, Anna gave her blessing to Patrick and Sabrina.

Lucy was back in charge as she announced that Dr. Noah Drake had arranged for Rick Springfield to appear at the ball and sing his hit, "Jesse's Girl," which elicited a standing ovation from the house. Even Dr. Obrecht approved that performance, as she helped Britt get dressed. She told Britt that she would turn heads and that "mutter" would be watching her every step of the way as they unveiled their plot.

Back at the ball, Bobbi told Noah that she had not realized how much he looked like Rick Springfield. Felix told Spinelli that it was a good thing that Max and Milo were trained bodyguards because Richard Simmons had put up quite a fight before being hauled off.

Lucy introduced Emma and Sabrina, who did a cute song and dance number together to the song "Call Me Maybe." Patrick was entranced with his "pretty in pink" girls.

Lucy got serious as she said that the ball was held in Robin's honor, and she introduced Patrick. Patrick talked about the AIDS epidemic. He said that it was not over and that Robin had devoted her life to helping fight it. He told Robin's story. Patrick called Emma on-stage and said that they were grateful for the love that everyone had show Robin. He added that Robin's legacy lived on, thanks to each and every person who had contributed to making Robin's dream a reality.

Britt walked up to the stage. Patrick asked what she was doing. Britt merely said that she wanted to add a few words of her own. Back in the hotel room, Dr. Obrecht watched Britt and looked at a photograph. She told the photograph that he would be a proud papa. A closeup revealed that the man in the photo was Faison.

At the ball, Ellie walked up to Maxie, who was crying, and asked if she could help. Maxie said that it was hormones, but Ellie said that it seemed to be more than hormones. Maxie said that her dad had just left and that she should be used to it. Ellie told Maxie that she could talk to her about anything. Maxie said, "Like what?" Ellie replied, "Like the baby you are carrying."

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In the ballroom, Patrick warily asked Britt what she was doing on stage. Britt claimed that his speech had inspired her, so she had wanted to add a few words of her own. Sabrina stood protectively close to Emma as Patrick quietly reminded Britt that the night was intended to honor Robin. He asked Britt not to make a scene, but Britt was confident that everyone would want to hear what she had to say. Sabrina tried to intervene, but Britt warned Sabrina that it didn't concern Sabrina. Sabrina disagreed, so Britt announced that she had great news.

An audible gasp reverberated through the room as Britt shrugged out of her coat to proudly reveal that she was pregnant with a baby that she claimed Patrick had fathered. Nearby, Anna watched intently as Patrick tried to handle the situation. Britt innocently explained that she had been caught up in the joy of the evening, so she had wanted to share her surprise with everyone and celebrate the wonderful news with Patrick. Patrick tried to contain his fury as Britt's eyes zeroed in on Emma. Britt insisted that the baby would be as beautiful as Emma then asked the frightened little girl if Emma looked forward to welcoming a little sister or brother.

Anna dashed to the stage, while Patrick warned Britt not to talk to Emma. Anna ushered Emma off stage as Britt boldly announced that Britt and Patrick were a family now. Sabrina accused Britt of lying, but Britt stroked her slightly rounded belly as she assured Sabrina that the pregnancy was very real. Patrick decided to continue his discussion with Britt in private, so he escorted Britt off of the stage. Distraught, Sabrina ran in the opposite direction.

Lucy quickly stepped on stage and jokingly referred to the shocking incident as an "Act Three surprise." She then introduced Olivia, the "Bensonhurst Medium" and Olivia's sidekick, Max. Olivia and Max promptly lightened the mood with their comedy skit.

Anna and Duke took Emma to a dressing room. Duke tried to cheer the little girl up with a dessert that he had stolen, but Emma was concerned about Britt's startling news. Anna confessed that she didn't know if what Britt had said was true, so Emma wondered if it was because Britt was a mean person who lied. Anna struggled to find the right words. "Yes, that's why we don't know," Duke answered for Anna.

Anna quickly assured her granddaughter that Emma would be a wonderful big sister whenever she became one. Emma confessed that she didn't want a brother or sister if it meant that Britt had to be her mother too.

Backstage, Felix and Elizabeth checked on Sabrina who wept in anger and frustration about the drama that had unfolded on stage. Sabrina confessed that she had always known that her happiness with Patrick wouldn't last, but she hadn't expected it to end so soon or that "the Britch" would claim to be pregnant with Patrick's baby. Elizabeth confessed that she had her doubts about the baby, so Sabrina pointed out that they had all seen the baby bump. Felix clarified that it wasn't the pregnancy that they questioned, but rather the child's paternity.

Felix agreed with Elizabeth because they had no way of knowing what Britt had been up to during the months since Patrick had dumped Britt. Sabrina conceded that Felix and Elizabeth had a point, so she decided to confront Britt. Felix and Elizabeth strongly advised Sabrina against it, but Sabrina ignored them.

In the lobby, Patrick demanded to know what Britt was up to. Britt assured him that she was pregnant, but he denied that the baby was his because they'd only had sex one time. Britt chuckled as she reminded Patrick that it only required one time. She confessed that she hadn't been on the birth control pill when they'd had sex in the shower, and she recalled that he hadn't used a condom. Britt thought that she was lucky that she had gotten pregnant instead of picking up a disease.

Patrick bristled when Britt suggested that Patrick, more than most, should appreciate how diseases were spread. "What did you just say?" Patrick asked. He wondered if the dig had been directed at Robin. "Of course not," Britt replied, stunned that he would suggest it. Patrick didn't believe her, but he decided that he didn't care because Britt disgusted him.

Hurt, Britt reminded Patrick that he hadn't been disgusted when he had slammed her up against the tiles in the shower. Patrick explained that it was because he hadn't known the real Britt then. He suspected that she had intended to hurt as many people as possible by making the announcement as she had. Britt insisted that Patrick hadn't given her any choice because he had abandoned her. Patrick made it clear that he had ended things with Britt because he had caught her mistreating his daughter.

Britt insisted that it had been an isolated mistake. She tried to garner sympathy by claiming that she'd had no one to turn to when she had found out about her pregnancy, but Patrick pointed out that it was because Britt was a horrible person and no one liked her. Britt ignored the insult as she assured Patrick that she had tried to tell him about the baby sooner, but he had looked at her with such contempt that she hadn't been able to find the words. Patrick had no idea what Britt was trying to prove, but he promised her that they would not be getting back together. "Child or not," Patrick added.

Sabrina walked up as Britt asked if Patrick was prepared to turn his back on his child. Britt spotted Sabrina, so she offered to let Patrick and Sabrina talk. Britt smiled vindictively as she explained that the baby wasn't due for another six months, so Patrick and Britt would have plenty of time to get down to the business of raising the baby. After Britt sauntered away, Patrick began to apologize to Sabrina. Sabrina suggested that perhaps Patrick wasn't the baby's father. Patrick agreed, so he intended to get a paternity test.

Sabrina was certain that Britt had hoped that the pregnancy would ruin things between Patrick and Sabrina as well as the Nurses Ball. Patrick refused to let Britt take away from the special night, so he suggested that they return to the ballroom. Sabrina was curious if Patrick thought that they could simply forget what had happened. "No," Patrick admitted, but he thought that they could move past it. Sabrina melted into Patrick's arms as he leaned down to kiss her.

In the ballroom, Sam and Spinelli talked about Britt's unexpected announcement. Sam was surprised when Spinelli expressed a bit of jealousy over Patrick's predicament. Olivia's skit ended, so Spinelli decided to look for Ellie, since she hadn't returned. Sam wanted to know when Spinelli had become interested in starting a family.

Spinelli explained that he had been referring to a future family and then told Sam about Ellie's decision not to have children, despite his deep desire to be a father one day. Sam was disappointed because she believed that Spinelli and Ellie were great together. Spinelli was touched by the support and conceded that the discussion of children had been shelved for a while.

On the red carpet, Ellie offered to listen if Maxie wanted to talk about anything. "Like what?" Maxie asked. "The baby you're carrying," Ellie answered. Maxie was taken aback and wondered what Ellie knew. Maxie was furious when Ellie admitted that she had overheard part of Maxie's conversation with Frisco.

Ellie explained that she had been passing by when she had heard Maxie credit Frisco with keeping the truth about the baby from getting out. Maxie dismissed what Ellie had overheard as unimportant, but Ellie revealed that she had also heard something about a "psycho" doctor. Ellie urged Maxie to confide in a friend if Maxie or the baby were in jeopardy. Ellie pointed out that she had medical knowledge, so she wanted to help Maxie. "What truth is so dangerous?" Ellie asked.

Maxie's temper flared as she informed Ellie that Ellie had eavesdropped on a private conversation between Maxie and her father. Maxie's eyes filled with angry tears as she reminded Ellie that Frisco had abandoned Maxie most of Maxie's childhood and had once again walked out on Maxie earlier that evening, so Ellie had stuck her nose in where it hadn't belonged.

Moments later, Spinelli walked up. He immediately sensed the tension between Ellie and Maxie, so Maxie told him that Ellie had listened in on a conversation that hadn't been any of Ellie's business. Maxie thanked Ellie for making Maxie's evening worse than it had been and then returned to the ballroom. "Dare I ask?" Spinelli wondered as he watched Maxie walk away. Ellie revealed what she had overheard.

Spinelli and Ellie realized that the "psycho" doctor had likely been Britt Westbourne, so Spinelli told Ellie about Britt's announcement. Spinelli suspected that Maxie had been referring to Britt's pregnancy, not her own, but Ellie couldn't imagine why Frisco would get involved. Spinelli reminded Ellie that Maxie was close to Patrick and Emma, so it made sense that Maxie would turn to her father for help if Maxie feared that Britt would use the pregnancy to hurt Patrick and Emma.

Ellie remained unconvinced, but Spinelli changed the subject by reminding her that they were in the lobby rather than in the ballroom where everyone was enjoying the entertainment. Ellie agreed to return to the ballroom with Spinelli because she realized that Maxie could reach out to them if Maxie wanted or needed help.

In the ballroom, Lucy introduced Molly Lansing-Davis and T.J. Ashford, who had written a song together about mean girls at a private school. Molly wowed the crowd with her singing, while T.J. impressed everyone with his skill on the keyboard.

Meanwhile, Felix approached Monica and Tracy at their table to enlist them to perform in one of the acts. Tracy flatly refused. Monica thought that perhaps it was for the best, since Tracy was "getting on in years." Monica smiled when Tracy stood up and followed Felix.

Backstage, A.J. and Elizabeth took a moment after their performance to catch their breath. Elizabeth smiled victoriously as she insisted that they had nailed their dance number. A.J. returned her smile as he confided that a part of him had expected Tracy to toss marbles onto the stage. Elizabeth assured A.J. that they had rocked their dance number, which would never have happened with the old A.J. "You mean A.J. the screw-up?" A.J. asked.

Elizabeth argued that A.J. wasn't that man anymore, so A.J. was curious who Elizabeth thought he was. She explained that the old A.J. had died, so he had gotten an upgrade when he had returned. "A.J. 2.0," Elizabeth clarified. A.J. confessed that he'd had no idea that Elizabeth had had that kind of confidence in him, so she admitted that it had crept up on her because of all of the nice things that he'd done and the promises that he'd kept.

A.J. revealed that he had made himself one promise for the evening. Elizabeth smiled as A.J. slipped his hand behind her head then kissed her. Moments later, Felix warned everyone "performers coming through" and then added a "You go girl" when he spotted A.J. and Elizabeth in a liplock. A.J. and Elizabeth jumped apart, but their embarrassment turned to confusion when they realized that Monica and Tracy had been with Felix.

Later, Lucy introduced Epiphany and "The Revelations," who were Monica and Tracy. Epiphany sang "Jump" as everyone began to dance. Tracy and Monica dragged several people to the stage where a Conga line was formed. Michael excused himself when Starr called him. In the hallway, he apologized for the noise then told Starr about his performance with Magic Milo.

Michael offered to give Starr a private performance when she returned to Port Charles, but Starr informed him that she didn't intend to return. Michael was stunned when Starr abruptly ended the call.

In the ballroom, the crowd roared with applause as Epiphany's rendition of "Jump" ended. Lucy returned to the stage to announce that Epiphany's act had been the perfect way to close the 2013 Nurses Ball. She thanked everyone for their generous donations as Felix joined her on stage with a large bouquet of flowers, which he presented to Lucy in appreciation for all the work that she had done as their host. Lucy was moved to tears, but she insisted that the Nurses Ball wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Sabrina.

Everyone applauded as Lucy invited Sabrina to the stage. Sabrina reluctantly went with encouragement from Patrick. However, Sabrina insisted that Emma had been the true driving force behind the Nurses Ball. Patrick carried his daughter on stage, so that Emma could thank everyone. Emma then wondered if Patrick thought that her mother was looking down on them.

"I think she's always watching," Patrick admitted. Sabrina suddenly sang a touching song assuring Emma that Emma was not alone. Patrick joined in as the guests gathered around the stage and softly swayed to the heartwarming song.

In Dr. Obrecht's hotel suite, Dr. Obrecht looked at a picture of Faison as she confessed that she wished that he could have been there to see their daughter. "Britta would make you a very proud papa," Dr. Obrecht said. She then turned her attention to the television as Britt announced the pregnancy. Dr. Obrecht was disappointed that she couldn't tell Patrick that Robin was alive, but that was Jerry Jacks's surprise, not hers, so she had to wait.

Later, Britt returned to her mother's hotel suite as Dr. Obrecht enthusiastically danced to Epiphany's song. Dr. Obrecht quickly sobered when she spotted Britt. Mother and daughter hugged as Dr. Obrecht congratulated Britt's "performance." Britt wondered if her mother had seen the expressions on Patrick and Sabrina's faces. Dr. Obrecht was confident that Britt's "coup de grāce" would tear Patrick and Sabrina apart, but Britt explained that just because she was having the baby didn't mean that she would get Patrick back.

Britt had no idea how everything had gone so terribly wrong, but her mother advised her to have patience because it took time for a master plan to unfold. Britt argued that Patrick didn't want Britt or the baby, so he'd never love Britt. Dr. Obrecht was curious if love was all that Britt wanted. Britt admitted that it had been lacking in her childhood, so Britt wanted to be loved by Patrick. Britt feared that she would end up alone like her mother had when Dr. Obrecht had tried to ensnare Faison by getting pregnant.

Dr. Obrecht explained that her situation with Faison had been different than things between Britt and Patrick, so she advised Britt to persevere. Britt started to leave, but her mother surprised her by inviting Britt to stay and offering Britt a glass of milk. Dr. Obrecht promised her daughter that everything would work out in the end.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In Nikolas' hospital room, Alexis was surprised when she saw Scott sitting in a chair at the foot of Nikolas' bed. She realized that Scott had spent the night at the hospital when she noticed his rumpled clothing, so she urged Scott to return to the hotel to get some rest. Scott insisted that he wasn't leaving until he heard from Laura, but Alexis was adamant.

A short time later, Bobbie bumped into Scott as he was leaving Nikolas' hospital room. She asked how Nikolas was doing, so Scott revealed that Nikolas was still unconscious. However, Scott was more concerned about Laura because he hadn't heard from her. He regretted that he had let Laura talk him out of joining the search for Lulu because he didn't like the idea of Laura dropping out of sight with Luke. Bobbie assured Scott that he didn't have anything to worry about because Luke and Laura were looking for Lulu, not shacked up somewhere.

Scott argued that they had no idea where Luke and Laura were or even if they were alive. Bobbie ordered Scott to stop torturing himself, so she decided to take him to the hotel so he could get some rest and they could wait for an update. Scott smiled and thanked Bobbie for her support.

At Metro Court, Carly spotted one of her employees about to deliver a breakfast trolley to Brenda's room. Carly was curious why there were two servings, so the employee explained that Brenda had ordered breakfast for two. Carly knew that Jax wasn't with Brenda because Jax had checked out of the hotel the previous day, so she quickly dismissed her employee then let herself into Brenda's room with the master key. Carly pushed the trolley into the room as a startled Brenda jumped up from the bed.

Brenda demanded to know what Carly was doing in the room, but Carly's eyes had landed on a pair of men's slacks that had been discarded on the floor. Carly accused Brenda of picking up a stranger on the same night that Jax had dumped Brenda. Brenda secured her robe with a belt as she admitted that the man in the bed wasn't a stranger. Carly assumed that Sonny had spent the night with Brenda, so Carly ripped the covers off of the bed with the intention of blasting Sonny for sleeping with Brenda. However, it was Michael who groggily looked up as Carly stared in disbelief at her son.

Brenda assured Carly that things were not as they appeared, but Carly was too furious to listen. Carly sputtered with outrage as she demanded to know what Michael was doing in Brenda's bed. Michael tried to get his bearings as Carly turned her wrath on Brenda. Michael assured his mother that everything was fine, but Carly ordered him to get dressed. Brenda suggested that Carly listen to her son, who was an adult, not a child. Michael asked his mother to leave, but Carly refused to leave without Michael.

Michael pulled on his slacks, while Carly accused Brenda of being an "evil predator" who had gone after Michael to punish Carly for being instrumental in Brenda and Jax's broken engagement. Brenda laughed at the suggestion, which only fueled Carly's rage. Michael made it clear that he wanted to talk to Brenda alone, so he ordered his mother to leave. Carly refused, but Michael stood his ground. Brenda wasn't intimidated when Carly vowed that things were far from over between Carly and Brenda.

Carly's temper flared, so she picked up a glass then threw it at Brenda. Brenda ducked then taunted Carly for missing her target. Carly growled that Brenda was a "vile, pathetic, filthy whore" then stormed out of the room. Brenda calmly walked over to lock the door, while Michael finished getting dressed. Michael apologized for the cruel things that his mother had said to Brenda, but Brenda insisted that Carly's words were not his responsibility.

However, Brenda reminded Michael that he was an adult, so Carly had been out of line barging into the room. Michael changed the subject by confessing that his memory of the previous night was a bit hazy, so he wondered how much he'd had to drink. "More than a few, less than ten," Brenda answered as she invited him to have some breakfast. Michael grimaced at the thought of food, so Brenda handed him two tablets for his headache and some coffee.

Michael thanked Brenda then apologized for taking advantage of her. Brenda assured Michael that it wasn't necessary because they hadn't done anything to be ashamed of. Michael realized that he had missed a meeting with his father. Brenda assumed that he had meant Sonny, but Michael quickly clarified that he had been referring to A.J. Michael once again tried to apologize for causing trouble between Brenda and Carly, so Brenda promised him that she could handle Carly. Michael confessed that he had had no idea what had happened between him and Brenda, but he was certain that she hadn't hurt him.

Michael made his way to the door and confessed that he hoped to avoid his mother in the lobby. Brenda promised to keep her fingers crossed. After Michael left, Brenda looked at the bed then smiled.

Carly marched up to the front desk to instruct the manager to call security and have Brenda tossed out of the hotel. Carly ordered the manager to call the police if Brenda tried to return. Bobbie and Scott entered the lobby as Carly ranted about "that slut." Stunned, Bobbie asked her daughter what was going on, so Carly explained that she had found Brenda in bed with Michael. According to Carly, Brenda had seduced Michael to get back at Carly.

Carly was certain that Brenda had drugged Michael because he hadn't seemed very coherent. Bobbie was curious why Brenda would do such a thing, so Carly told Bobbie about Brenda's visit with Sonny and about Jax's reaction when Carly had told him about it. Carly suddenly realized that Sonny had no idea that Brenda had taken advantage of Michael sexually, so she decided to call him. Carly was confident that Sonny would kill Brenda when he learned about what Brenda had done, but Bobbie quickly snatched the cell phone out of Carly's hand.

Bobbie was curious if Carly was prepared for what would happen to Sonny and Michael if Sonny were to actually kill Brenda. Carly insisted that she wanted "the bitch" to stay away from Carly's child, so Scott stepped forward to reason with Carly. Scott pointed out that Michael was not a child and that most men Michael's age would think that they had hit pay dirt by waking up next to a supermodel. Carly reminded Scott that Brenda had once been Michael's stepmother, so Scott conceded that that aspect of it had been a bit "sketchy."

Meanwhile, Michael exited the elevator and stopped when he spotted his mother. Scott noticed Michael hovering near the elevator, so Scott kept Carly's attention focused on Scott by cautioning her not to act rashly because she might alienate her son. Michael slipped out of the hotel, unnoticed, as Bobbie reminded Carly that Jason had always advised Carly not to act rashly. Carly started to calm down as she conceded that Bobbie and Scott each had made a point.

Bobbie reached for Scott's hand and squeezed it in silent gratitude for his help. Scott smiled then announced that he was headed to his suite to focus on his own problems, but Bobbie ordered him to get some rest. After Scott left, Bobbie decided to return to the hospital because she hadn't had a chance to check on Nikolas. However, she advised Carly to let things settle down and not to do anything that Carly couldn't take back.

Later, Carly was looking at some pictures of Michael on her cell phone when Brenda walked up to dangle Michael's bowtie in front of Carly. Brenda cheerily asked Carly to return it to Michael because he had left it behind in Brenda's bed. Carly tried to calm down by closing her eyes and taking a deep breath.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. was on the phone with Elizabeth, talking about the Nurses Ball. A.J. confessed that Elizabeth had worked a miracle by getting him to dance on stage. Elizabeth assured A.J. that he had done great, but A.J. insisted that all that mattered to him was that he had made Elizabeth smile. He admitted that he could talk to her all day, but he knew that she had her hands full, taking care of Nikolas. Elizabeth appreciated A.J.'s support, so he reminded her that all she had to do was call him if she needed him.

"And let me know if you're willing to take a chance on a second date with me," A.J. added. Elizabeth smiled as she promised him that she would.

Later, A.J. left a message for Michael to remind his son of their scheduled meeting with Duke to discuss the status of ELQ. After A.J. ended the call, A.J. asked if Duke knew whether or not the Securities and Exchange Commission would release ELQ's funds. Duke revealed that he had made an effort to get the SEC to work with them, but Duke wanted to wait until Michael arrived to discuss the details. Duke appreciated that it had been a late night for everyone, so he was willing to wait.

A.J. recalled that he had last seen Michael in the ballroom after Epiphany, Tracy, and Monica's entertaining performance of "Jump." Duke admitted that it had been a good performance, but Duke had also enjoyed A.J.'s dance with Elizabeth. A.J. credited Elizabeth for making him look good, but conceded that they hadn't compared to Duke and Anna's flawless tango. Duke admitted that some things were instinctive, so the synchronization that Duke and Anna had enjoyed in the past had returned as soon as they had started the tango. A.J. was curious if Duke and Anna were back together.

"I honestly don't know," Duke admitted as he confided that he and Anna had gotten closer. "Who knew that all it would take was a tango?" A.J. asked. Duke was hopeful that he had a future with Anna, even though he had no idea how to get there. A.J. suggested that the most important step had been to reconnect because Duke and Anna could build from there. A.J. believed that half the battle was to keep a positive attitude and the other half was to have the determination to follow through.

Duke wondered if A.J. spoke from personal experience. A.J. started to talk about his hopes for ELQ's success, but Duke quickly clarified that he had been referring to A.J.'s relationship with Elizabeth. A.J. smiled as he confessed that things were going well with Elizabeth and that the Nurses Ball had been their first official date. Duke was curious when A.J. planned to take Elizabeth out for a second date, so A.J. explained that Elizabeth was busy taking care of Nikolas, so the date would have to wait until Nikolas was on the mend.

Later, Michael arrived and apologized to his father for missing the meeting with Duke. A.J. noticed that Michael hadn't changed clothes since the previous evening, so he was curious what was going on. A.J. smiled when Michael revealed that he had spent the night with someone. "Really? Who?" A.J. asked. "Brenda Barrett," Michael answered.

Anna wrapped up a call with the World Security Bureau as Mac and Felicia entered Anna's office. Mac and Felicia were curious if there had been any news about Lulu's abduction. Anna revealed that Dante, Lulu, Luke, and Laura were all unaccounted for, so Anna had no idea what to tell their families. Anna confided that she had been forced to hold all calls from the families until Anna had an update. Mac and Felicia offered to help with the search, since Mac was the ex-police commissioner and Felicia had been a private investigator, but Anna explained that the WSB was in charge of things.

Anna changed the subject by discussing the events at the Nurses Ball, including Frisco's unexpected proposal of marriage. Felicia confessed that she was relieved that everything had been resolved. Anna was pleasantly surprised when Mac revealed that Felicia had proposed to him and he had agreed to marry her. However, Felicia quickly added that Mac had to buy the engagement ring.

Anna's smile wavered when Felicia congratulated Anna on getting back together with Duke. Anna conceded that it had been a struggle because of all of the duplicitous things that Faison had done. Felicia admitted that it hadn't appeared like Anna had been thinking about Faison during the tango with Duke, so Anna confided that she and Duke had kissed. Delighted, Felicia enthusiastically hugged her friend.

Anna explained that things were complicated with Duke, so nothing had been resolved between them. Mac confessed that he knew that Duke wanted to be with Anna, so Anna assured her friends that she and Duke had made some progress. However, Anna wasn't certain that she was ready to jump back into a relationship with Duke, so she had no idea where she and Duke were headed after their kiss.

Later, Anna received an update from the WSB. After the call, Anna told Mac and Felicia that Frisco was back on the case and that progress had been made. Mac and Felicia wanted more details, but Anna explained that the WSB never revealed too much information. Anna then reminded the newly engaged couple that they had a ring to buy for Felicia. Mac and Felicia smiled as they said their goodbyes then went ring shopping.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Elizabeth and Alexis told Nikolas about the Nurses Ball even though he remained unconscious. Elizabeth wondered if perhaps Nikolas had donated the money to sponsor the ball. Alexis thought that it was possible, but she wasn't certain. Elizabeth felt responsible for Nikolas leaving Port Charles, so Alexis reminded Elizabeth that Nikolas had tried to do the right thing for both Lucky and Elizabeth. Elizabeth was determined to take care of Nikolas because he always took care of others.

Elizabeth gently stroked Nikolas' face as she assured him that she loved and missed him. Elizabeth was startled when Nikolas squeezed her hand. Alexis rushed to Nikolas' bedside as Nikolas opened his eyes and looked at Elizabeth. Elizabeth smiled with joy as Nikolas assured her that he could hear her and knew who she and Alexis were.

Later, a doctor examined Nikolas and determined that he was on the road to recovery. Elizabeth vowed to keep a close eye on Nikolas until she was satisfied that he was out of the woods. Nikolas was concerned about his son, so Alexis assured Nikolas that Spencer was safe with Lesley and that Alexis had talked to Spencer daily. However, Alexis revealed that they hadn't told Spencer about Nikolas' shooting, so Nikolas should wait until he was stronger to talk to his son. Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas recalled what had happened prior to the shooting.

Nikolas couldn't remember anything about the moments before being shot, which Elizabeth assured Nikolas was common for people who had suffered a traumatic injury. Elizabeth explained that Nikolas had been trying to tell Laura something about Lulu. "She's in danger," Nikolas suddenly recalled. "Lulu's in danger," Nikolas clarified. Alexis told Nikolas about Lulu's disappearance, which they suspected had actually been an abduction. Elizabeth added that Dante, Luke, and Laura had gone to rescue Lulu from Helena, but Nikolas shocked them by revealing that Helena hadn't kidnapped Lulu.

Elizabeth and Alexis believed that Nikolas was mistaken, but he insisted that his grandmother hadn't had any reason to kidnap Lulu. Nikolas insisted that someone else had taken his sister, and he knew who it was. Elizabeth and Alexis were shocked when Nikolas revealed the identity of the Lulu's abductor.

Luke woke up from a dream about the moments prior to the arrival of Helena's reinforcements. He looked around an unfamiliar bedroom until his eyes landed on Laura, who was asleep in the bed next to him. Luke gently shook Laura awake. Confused, Laura asked where they were, but Luke had no idea or how long they had been unconscious. Luke and Laura talked about the events that had transpired after the Cassadine reinforcements had boarded the Haunted Star. They recalled holding the men off and then making their way to a stateroom.

However the stateroom hadn't been safe, so Luke had gone to the door to wait for an opportunity to escape, but someone had knocked him out. Luke checked the bedroom door and discovered that it had been locked as he had suspected. He was certain that they were being watched, but he continued to search the room for a possible escape route. Laura made her way to the window as she confessed that it was hard to believe that Helena was dead. Luke regretted that it had taken him thirty years to kill the homicidal Cassadine matriarch, but he wondered if perhaps they had been taken as some kind of retribution for the killing.

Laura hoped that Ethan had managed to escape. Luke was confident that his son had gotten away on the launch, but he admitted that he was concerned about Dante's fate. Laura confessed that she was worried about their daughter, so Luke confided that he suspected that whoever had taken them had also kidnapped Lulu. Laura realized that her phone had been taken, which meant that she couldn't check on Nikolas, who might have taken a turn for the worse.

Luke reminded Laura that Helena had confirmed that Nikolas had been stable and recovering when they had last checked in with him, so he suggested that Laura focus on getting out of the room and finding Lulu. Laura looked out the window again and realized that she recognized where they were. She admitted that the area had changed a bit over the years, but she was certain that they were on Cassadine Island. Luke wondered if she recalled a secret passage that would provide them with an escape, but Laura shook her head.

Laura revealed that they were in the bedroom that she had shared with Stavros and that she had given birth to Nikolas in the bed, so she had spent hours searching every inch of the room. "Who the hell would bring us back into this room?" Laura asked in frustration. Luke listed the usual suspects, including Mikkos, Helena, Stavros, and Stefan, but they were all dead, so there was no one left.

Eventually, Luke discovered a closet with an invitation pinned to a suit. Luke and Laura read the simple invitation, which requested their presence in the dining room. "Dress black tie," Luke read. Luke wasn't surprised that a couture gown had been included for Laura, although he was a bit unsettled that the clothes were in their sizes. Luke and Laura changed into the clothes that had been provided for them. Afterwards, Luke called out to their captor that they were ready.

The door to the bedroom suddenly opened. Luke and Laura cautiously entered the hallway then made their way to the dining room to wait for their host. Laura was stunned when Stavros Cassadine suddenly appeared in the doorway.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Metro Court's lobby, Brenda appeared to take delight in tormenting Carly by asking Carly to return the bowtie that Michael had left behind in Brenda's bed. Carly offered to wrap the tie around Brenda's "bony throat" and strangle Brenda with it, but Brenda declined. Carly's thinly veiled civility crumbled as she accused Brenda of being "disgusting and sick" for going after Michael to get back at Carly. Brenda reminded Carly that Michael was a grown man who could make his own choices about who he spent the night with. Brenda suggested that Carly try to respect Michael's independence.

Carly demanded to know if Brenda had drugged Michael because Carly refused to believe that her son would sleep with Brenda when he was in love with his girlfriend. Brenda informed Carly that Starr had ended things with Michael, prompting Carly to accuse Brenda of taking advantage of Michael's broken heart. Brenda conceded that she had consoled Michael and that things had started out innocent, but then one thing had led to another. The reins on Carly's temper snapped as she lunged at Brenda.

Carly and Brenda screeched and flung insults as they shoved and pulled each other's hair. Eventually, two security guards pulled them apart. Carly quickly regained control of herself to call off the security guards. After the men left, Carly reminded Brenda that Carly had told Jax the truth about what Brenda had done, which had been Carly's right because Jax was Josslyn's father, which meant that Brenda would have been Josslyn's stepmother if Jax had married Brenda.

Brenda thought that Carly should consider therapy for Carly's "over-attachment issues" stemming from Carly's belief that Michael was a child. Carly accused Brenda of having found the perfect way to devastate Carly, but Carly was curious if Brenda had considered how Sonny would feel when he found out that Brenda had slept with Michael. Carly insisted that Sonny deserved to know because parents had a right to protect their kids. "Their kids. Their kids. Your son is not a kid anymore, you freak," Brenda shouted at Carly.

Carly reminded Brenda that Sonny saw women two ways. "Whores and angels," Carly explained. According to Carly, Brenda had spent her entire relationship with Sonny climbing out of one category and into another, so Carly wondered how Sonny would react when he learned that Brenda had spread her wings for Michael. Carly decided to call Sonny to find out, but Brenda quietly asked her not to. Carly agreed, but not because Brenda had asked.

Carly revealed that Dante and Lulu had disappeared, so Sonny had enough to deal with. "I had no idea," Brenda replied, shocked. Carly doubted that it would have mattered if Brenda had known. Carly also wanted to give Michael some time to realize that Brenda had used him. Carly invited Brenda to savor the moment, but Brenda admitted that Carly had made things unnecessarily ugly.

Carly coldly accused Brenda of being "pathologically selfish." Carly was certain that Sonny would learn the truth, so Carly was curious how Brenda planned to handle things. However, Carly didn't wait for an answer. "Get the hell out of my hotel," Carly growled as she walked away.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. took a drink of water as he waited for Michael to reveal who Michael had spent the night with. Water sprayed out of A.J.'s mouth when Michael confessed that he'd had sex with Brenda. "You slept with Brenda Barrett?" A.J. asked in stunned disbelief. A.J. was curious what had happened to Michael's girlfriend, so Michael told A.J. about the breakup. A.J. smiled as he pointed out that at least Michael hadn't cheated on anyone.

However, A.J. realized that Jax and Brenda were another issue. Michael quickly explained that Jax had broken off the engagement and had left town prior to Michael's encounter with Brenda in the bar. Satisfied, A.J. pointed out that Michael and Brenda had been free to spend the night together without regrets, which A.J. believed was a great way to get over a painful breakup. A.J. suddenly realized that Michael's guilt stemmed from not having told Sonny. "What the hell are you waiting for?" A.J. asked.

Michael admitted that he wasn't eager to hurt Sonny, but A.J. relished the idea of Sonny getting some payback. Michael assured A.J. that he intended to tell Sonny about the night with Brenda, but not for the reasons that A.J. wanted him to. A.J. warned Michael that Sonny would be angry because Sonny was a vain and selfish man who believed that Sonny was the sole reason for Brenda's existence.

"How am I going to tell my father that I slept with the love of his life?" Michael despaired. A.J. was curious how Michael had ended up in bed with Brenda, so Michael revealed that he had gone to the bar for a drink after Starr's phone call. Michael explained that he'd bumped into Brenda, who had been in the bar for similar reasons. According to Michael, they had made their way to Brenda's room after leaving the bar. "I guess we had sex," Michael added.

A.J. was confused about Michael's strange remark, so Michael admitted that the night had been a blank from the time that Michael had entered Brenda's room until the next morning. A.J. wondered how Michael could be certain that Michael and Brenda had had sex, prompting Michael to confess that Carly had walked in on Michael naked in bed with Brenda. A.J.'s eyes rounded with surprise as he realized that Carly had caught Michael in bed with Brenda.

"This is priceless," A.J. admitted with glee. A.J. felt like he had hit a trifecta. Michael sarcastically claimed that he was glad that A.J. was amused, so A.J. confessed that what he felt went far beyond amusement. A.J. explained that Sonny and Jax had loved Brenda far more than they had ever loved Carly, so A.J. imagined that Carly's head had exploded when she had caught her son in bed with Brenda. A.J. quickly apologized for his reaction because he knew how Michael felt about Carly.

A.J. confessed that he loved the idea that his son had slept with a supermodel, but he was concerned that Michael had gotten drunk enough to black out. A.J. reminded Michael that alcoholism ran in the family, so Michael had to be careful about drinking. Michael assured A.J. that the thought of getting drunk again didn't appeal to him, but A.J. argued that things might change when Michael's hangover wore off. Michael appreciated his father's concern, so he promised not to drink heavily in the future.

Olivia was shocked when she and Sonny entered their son's loft and she saw Dante standing in the living room. Dante explained that he had failed Lulu, so he hadn't been able to save her. Olivia rushed to wrap her arms around Dante to comfort him. Moments later, a police officer cleared his throat. "Excuse me, ma'am?" the police officer asked as Olivia held him tightly. Olivia quickly jumped back and apologized when she realized that she'd been hugging the police officer, not her son.

After the police officer left, Sonny asked Olivia about the vision. She quickly filled him in then admitted that she was worried that something terrible had happened to Lulu. Sonny cautioned her not to jump to conclusions, so Olivia asked him to distract her by explaining why Carly and Brenda had been arguing during the Nurses Ball. Sonny told Olivia about Carly's reaction to Jax and Brenda's engagement and Brenda's visit to Greystone Manor to find out if Sonny and Brenda could salvage their relationship.

Olivia was curious if she should worry on her cousin's behalf, but Sonny assured Olivia that he was committed to Connie and Kate. Their conversation then returned to the topic of their son. Sonny hated waiting, so Olivia suggested that they check in with Anna. Sonny claimed that he had a better idea. Moments later, Sonny and Olivia left the loft.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas insisted that Helena hadn't had any reason to abduct Lulu. Elizabeth and Alexis were stunned when Nikolas claimed that the kidnapper was his father. Confused, Elizabeth asked who Nikolas was talking about. "He's talking about Stavros," Alexis explained. Elizabeth and Alexis suspected that Nikolas was confused, but Nikolas assured them that he wasn't. He revealed that he had returned to Port Charles to warn Lulu about Stavros.

Nikolas reminded Elizabeth and Alexis that he had helped Robert by luring Helena to Port Charles in an effort to glean the truth about Faison. Nikolas explained that Helena had felt betrayed by Nikolas, so they'd had a confrontation in Greece after they had left Port Charles. Nikolas believed that he had done the people of Port Charles a service because Faison had been a criminal who had been posing as someone else. Helena had argued that loyalty was everything. "More so now than ever," Helena had added.

Nikolas had realized that Helena had been hiding something when she had refused to elaborate on the remark, so he had decided to regain his grandmother's trust in order to uncover her secret. Eventually, Nikolas had succeeded in convincing Helena that he was on her side, which had granted him access to a secret bunker. Nikolas had been shocked when he had discovered that Helena had hidden Stavros in the modern fortified bunker.

Nikolas had demanded answers from Helena about how Stavros had survived the fall down the shaft. Helena had revealed that Stavros had been barely alive when she had managed to reach her son, so she had quickly whisked him out of town to nurse Stavros back to health. However, Stavros' recovery hadn't been smooth because Stavros had remained alert but uncommunicative during the decade since the tragedy.

Alexis refused to believe that Stavros was alive because she recalled that Luke had seen Stavros fall into the "pit of nothing" that no one could have survived. Nikolas argued that Cassadines were hard to kill. Alexis was curious why Stavros would want to kidnap Lulu when Stavros had always been obsessed with Laura. Nikolas recalled walking in on Stavros as Stavros had stared intently at a picture. "My princess," Stavros had whispered, prompting Nikolas to look at the picture that his father had been holding.

Nikolas revealed that the picture had been of Lulu. Nikolas had discussed the situation with Helena, who had admitted that she had worked hard to pull Stavros out of his near catatonic state by revealing that he was a grandfather to Spencer. Stavros hadn't reacted to the news, so Helena had tried to give Stavros a new heir to look forward to. Nikolas had finally understood why Helena had changed Aiden's paternity tests.

Nikolas explained that Helena had flown Stavros to a clinic in Switzerland, where a charming German woman had tried to help Stavros, to no avail. Helena had decided to return to Greece with Stavros, but their plane had been forced to make a weather-related landing in Istanbul. Helena had discovered too late that Dante and Lulu had also been in Istanbul to rescue Luke from a Turkish prison. According to Nikolas, Helena had revealed that Stavros had spoken his first words in a decade when he had caught a glimpse of Lulu at the airport.

Nikolas explained that Stavros had mistaken Lulu for Laura. Nikolas had tried to reason with Stavros, but Stavros had hit Nikolas from behind, rendering Nikolas unconscious, and then had fled the island. Nikolas had realized that Stavros was a threat to Lulu, so Nikolas had called Lucky, but Helena had walked in. Furious over the betrayal, Helena had imprisoned Nikolas then had flown to Ireland. Nikolas had managed to escape his grandmother's clutches to make his way to Port Charles to warn everyone about Stavros.

Alexis revealed that Helena hadn't mentioned Dante when she had called to check on Nikolas' recovery. Nikolas wondered if Dante was also missing. "He could be," Alexis conceded. Nikolas warned Alexis that Stavros believed himself to be in love with Lulu, which made Dante a rival. Alexis knew her brother well enough to realize that Stavros didn't tolerate rivals. "No, he doesn't. He eliminates them," Nikolas replied. Elizabeth couldn't understand what kind of man would put a hit out on his own son. Nikolas feared what Stavros would do to Lulu if Stavros had been willing to kill Nikolas.

On Cassadine Island, Luke and Laura were shocked when Stavros appeared in the doorway of the dining room. Stavros warmly greeted Luke and Laura, but Laura refused to believe her eyes. She insisted that Stavros was dead. "And yet, here I am, back and better than ever," Stavros replied with a smile. Terrified, Laura cowered behind Luke, so Stavros tried to reassure Laura that he wouldn't hurt her. Luke pointed out that Laura had good reason to fear Stavros because Stavros had returned from the dead several times.

Stavros once again assured Luke and Laura that he was very much alive, so Luke grabbed a knife from the table then held it against Stavros' throat. Laura quickly reminded Luke that Stavros was the only person who knew where their daughter was. Stavros smiled with satisfaction as Luke lowered the knife. Stavros offered to answer their questions after dinner, so Luke and Laura sat down at the table.

Stavros was disappointed when he noticed that Luke had Laura hadn't touched their food. Stavros assured them that poisoning wasn't his style because Cassadines preferred to look their victims in the eye as their life's blood drained away. Laura remained unsettled by Stavros' presence, so Stavros assured her that he wouldn't harm her. Stavros' temper exploded when Laura refused to believe him. Laura screamed in terror as Stavros yelled at her, reminding her that they were family.

Laura suddenly calmed down as it dawned on her that Stavros might want her back. She willingly offered to remain with Stavros if he released Lulu, but Stavros admitted that he had given up on a future with Laura. Confused, Laura wondered what Stavros had meant by that. Stavros said he had missed what he and Laura had shared before Luke had tainted her feelings for Stavros. Luke argued that Laura had escaped to reunite with the man that she had truly had loved. Laura cautioned Luke to choose his words carefully, but Stavros assured Laura that it was okay because Stavros had found someone new.

"Lulu," Laura realized with dread. Stavros confirmed Laura's suspicions by bragging that there was nothing to stop Stavros and Lulu from being together because Dante was no longer in the way. Laura feared for Dante, so Stavros admitted that he suspected that Helena had fed Dante to the sharks.

According to Stavros, Lulu was everything that Laura had once been. Luke and Laura were shocked when Stavros admitted that he'd been courting Lulu since he had sent her the replica of the Ice Princess. The pieces quickly fell into place for Luke and Laura as they realized that Stavros had abducted Lulu and had been responsible for Nikolas' shooting. Stavros confessed that he had no regrets because Nikolas hadn't been a loyal Cassadine.

Stavros explained that he had set sail with Lulu on the Haunted Star until Helena had arrived with Ethan. Helena had hoped to use Ethan as a diversion, while Stavros spirited Lulu to Cassadine Island. Luke tried to push Stavros' buttons by gloating about killing Helena. Stavros assured Luke and Laura that he was fully aware of what had happened to Helena, so Stavros had taken care of his mother the same way that Helena had taken care of Stavros. Luke and Laura exchanged worried glances.

"What are you saying? You put the old bitch on ice?" Luke asked. "Just like I did to my new princess," Stavros replied. "My Ice Princess," Stavros clarified.

Meanwhile, Dante made his way into the fortified Cassadine bunker and quickly disabled three guards. He gained access to the room where Stavros had been kept while under Helena's care. However, Dane stopped short when he spotted a body covered with a sheet on a metal table. He tentatively approached the body, took a deep breath, and then lifted the sheet to look at the person's face. "What is this?" Dante asked as he stared at Helena's dead eyes. Dante quickly dropped the sheet as he stumbled a few steps back.

Dante turned when he realized that he had bumped into a door. He looked through a small window in the door that had been frosted over with ice. He saw what appeared to be a person inside the freezer unit. "Lulu?" Dante asked as he tried to make out the figure.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Sonny and Olivia entered Anna's office as Anna wrapped up a phone call from the World Security Bureau. Sonny wondered if Anna had an update, so Anna asked Dante's parents to sit. Anna revealed that the WSB had been monitoring the situation on the Haunted Star via satellite. According to Anna, three bodies had been tossed overboard, once of which matched the height and build of Dante. Anna explained that nothing had been confirmed, but she needed Sonny and Olivia to be prepared for the distinct possibility that one of the bodies was Dante.

Olivia began to cry as Sonny tried to find out exactly what Anna had been told. Anna revealed that there had been reports of shots fired on the Haunted Star during a gunfight and that bodies had been tossed into the water after the smoke had cleared. Olivia recalled the vision that she'd had of Dante when Dante had told her that he hadn't been able to save Lulu. Olivia feared that it had been a sign that Dante had perished before he could rescue Lulu. Sonny reminded Olivia that nothing had been confirmed, so there was still hope.

Anna stepped out of the office to give Sonny and Olivia some privacy. Olivia was distraught as she ranted about the Cassadines and admitted that she just wanted her son back. Sonny urged Olivia not to torture herself until they had more information. Olivia threw herself into Sonny's arms and cried on his shoulder. Sonny reminded her that their son was resourceful and a fighter who had once survived being shot point-blank in the chest. Olivia confessed that she was happy that Sonny and Dante had had an opportunity to build a true father/son relationship.

Sonny made it clear that he wasn't about to lose his son then reiterated that their son was a survivor. Olivia recalled a time when Dante had been a young boy at camp. She admitted that the boys had teased Dante relentlessly about not having a father, so Dante had taken off. They had searched for Dante when Dante hadn't returned. Olivia had been out of her mind with worry until Dante had strolled back into the camp without a single scratch on him.

"He found his way back to me," Olivia tearfully explained. "Our son is on his way back to you now," Sonny promised.

At the Floating Rib, Maxie complained that she hadn't seen Mac since the Nurses Ball. She realized that it had only been a day, but she was used to him checking up on her frequently, so she was there for his "daily dose of support." Maxie began to ramble about something else, but Mac ordered her to stop because he knew that she was there because she was worried about Dante and Lulu. Mac admitted that he and Felicia had volunteered to help with the search, but Anna had declined because the WSB and Frisco were on the case.

Maxie snorted at the mention of her father's name. She admitted that she finally understood that Frisco had not been cut out to be a father. Mac felt bad for Maxie, but she assured him that it wasn't necessary. "You're my real father. You always have been," Maxie explained. She reminded Mac that he had been there for all of the important milestones in her life.

Mac confided that he had never known that he had wanted to be a father until he'd had the privilege of raising three extraordinary girls, so he was proud to be Maxie's dad. Maxie was delighted when Mac revealed that it was about to become official because Felicia had proposed marriage to him, and he had accepted. Maxie hugged Mac and revealed that her sister, Georgie, had always believed that Mac and Felicia would get back together, so she suspected that Georgie and Robin were doing cartwheels in heaven.

Maxie was eager to plan the wedding and help pick out Mac and Felicia's rings. She decided to set up an appointment with her favorite jeweler in New York City when Dante and Lulu returned home. Mac was confident that Dante and Lulu would be home soon. Maxie admitted that she was worried about the baby if anything were to happen to Dante and Lulu. Mac assured Maxie that it was natural to be concerned, but he assured her that the baby would be fine because the baby's grandparents would decide who would get custody of the baby.

"Good luck with that," Maxie grumbled. Mac was certain that Luke, Laura, Sonny, and Olivia would do what was best for their grandchild. Maxie wondered if she could be considered the baby's next of kin, so Mac explained that she didn't have a connection to the baby. "But I do," Maxie blurted out. Mac assumed that she had been referring to the bond between surrogate and baby, so he clarified that she didn't have a biological claim on the baby. Maxie assured Mac that she had been prepared to give the baby away, but to Dante and Lulu.

Later, Mac's phone rang as he served Maxie something healthy to eat. It was Anna calling to report that Luke, Laura, and Dante had been tracked to Cassadine Island. Mac shared the news with Maxie, who was relieved because she knew that the first step in rescuing someone was accurate intelligence. Mac assumed that Maxie had learned that from Frisco, but she revealed that Mac had taught her that valuable lesson. Mac smiled then once again assured Maxie that Dante and Lulu would be home to claim their baby.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica handed A.J. her computer tablet and instructed him to look at the pictures online that had been taken on the red carpet prior to the Nurses Ball. A.J. smiled when he spotted a picture of him and Elizabeth. Monica confessed that it was her favorite picture of the night. A.J. looked at the picture as he conceded that he and Elizabeth cleaned up well. Monica agreed.

A.J. admitted that he and Elizabeth had enjoyed spending time with each other, so Monica wondered if A.J. and Elizabeth were a couple. "Define couple," A.J. asked. "Is Elizabeth Webber going to be my new daughter-in-law?" Monica asked. A.J. reminded his mother that he and Elizabeth had only had one date, so it was too soon to answer that question. Monica confessed that she had seen A.J. and Elizabeth kissing. A.J. explained that he and Elizabeth liked each other, but he didn't want to rush things.

Monica suggested that A.J. talk to Elizabeth about his feelings if he cared for Elizabeth. "The sooner the better," Monica advised. A.J. was curious why, so Monica explained that Elizabeth hadn't left Nikolas' side since Nikolas had been admitted to the hospital. A.J. explained that he knew about Elizabeth's brief affair with Nikolas, but it was over. Monica argued that Nikolas and Elizabeth had a lot of history, but A.J. remained unconcerned. Monica warned him that it was a mistake.

Monica assured A.J. that she wasn't trying to interfere. "No," A.J. sarcastically agreed. Monica insisted that she simply wanted to pass along some helpful hints because she wanted A.J.'s relationship with Elizabeth to continue. She thought that Elizabeth grounded A.J. and made him happy in a genuine and uncomplicated way. A.J. assured his mother that he and Elizabeth liked each other and enjoyed each other's company, so he definitely wanted their relationship to continue.

In Nikolas' hospital room, Nikolas warned Elizabeth and Alexis that Stavros had virtually unlimited resources at his disposal and that Helena wouldn't hesitate to back Stavros until the end. He explained that his father was fixated on Lulu, so he had no idea what Stavros would do to Lulu. Alexis decided to head to the police station to share Nikolas' news with Anna and alert the WSB that Stavros was alive. Nikolas revealed that Helena had a laboratory under the main house on Cassadine Island.

Alexis wasn't surprised about the lab because Helena was predictable. Nikolas made it clear that he would talk to Anna if Anna had any questions. Alexis appreciated Nikolas' desire to help, but she urged him to get some rest.

After Alexis left, Elizabeth instructed Nikolas to remain calm because he wouldn't be of much help if his heart stopped again. Nikolas assured her that his heart was just fine, so Elizabeth suggested that he keep it that way. Elizabeth was confident that everything would be fine since the WSB and the police were working on the case. "It may never be, and that's my fault," Nikolas argued.

Frustrated, Elizabeth scolded Nikolas for always taking responsibility for things that weren't his fault. Nikolas ignored her as he expressed regret for not going to the authorities as soon as he had discovered that Stavros was alive. Elizabeth argued that Helena would have killed Nikolas, but he disagreed. Nikolas explained that Helena loved him, in her own twisted way, so he had never been in any danger from his grandmother. Elizabeth reminded him that others had not been as fortunate.

Nikolas realized that Elizabeth had been referring to Lucky. Nikolas regretted what he had done to Elizabeth and Lucky, but she argued that they had both hurt Lucky. Elizabeth was surprised when Nikolas revealed that he had visited Lucky in Ireland, but conceded that the topic of Elizabeth and the children had not been raised because Nikolas and Lucky had been afraid to broach the subject. Elizabeth conceded that she and Nikolas had made a terrible mistake, so they were both paying for it.

Nikolas confessed that it had felt different to be around Lucky, so he was curious if Elizabeth had had a similar experience. She reminded him that it had been over a year since Lucky had left. She knew that her lies had been a major part of why Lucky had left, but she suspected that there had been more to it. However, she conceded that she honestly believed that she and Lucky could never have found their way back to the love that they were supposed to have had. Nikolas suspected that Lucky and Elizabeth might have, if it hadn't been for Nikolas.

Elizabeth insisted that Lucky was in charge of his own life, but she was certain that Lucky would be grateful for everything that Nikolas had done for Lulu. Nikolas argued that he had been too late.

At the police station, Anna was shocked when Alexis revealed that Stavros was alive. Anna recalled that Stavros had been presumed killed in 2001 when Stavros had fallen down a deep shaft. Alexis pointed out that Stavros' body hadn't been recovered because Helena had gotten to Stavros first. Anna was stunned when Alexis explained that Helena had spirited Stavros out of town to nurse the diabolical Cassadine back to health. "And now he's even more deranged than ever," Alexis warned.

Alexis explained that Stavros had become fixated on Lulu and had been responsible for Lulu's abduction. Alexis added that Helena would do whatever was necessary to make certain that Helena's "little boy" had everything that he wanted, which made for a dangerous combination, since Stavros had a penchant for extreme violence and Helena was his enabler. Anna couldn't understand why Nikolas hadn't said anything sooner, so Alexis revealed that Nikolas had tried to gather information by staying close to Stavros and Helena. However, Nikolas was the only Cassadine in generations who had a soul and conscience, so Nikolas' deception had been discovered.

Anna reminded Alexis that Alexis and Alexis' daughters were Cassadines with souls and consciences. Alexis argued that she didn't count because Alexis was an illegitimate Cassadine. Alexis insisted that they get to Lulu quickly because Nikolas would never forgive himself if Stavros harmed Lulu.

Later, Anna received an update from the WSB. After the call, Anna revealed that an enhanced satellite image of the bodies on the deck of the Haunted Star suggested that Helena had been among the casualties. Alexis refused to believe it. "A nuclear bomb couldn't take that woman out. She's too evil to die," Alexis insisted. Alexis pointed out that Helena always managed to cheat death, so Alexis would have to see Helena's "cold, lifeless, shriveled-up body" with her own eyes, and even then Alexis might not believe it.

Anna moved on to the other news that the WSB had reported. According to Anna, Ethan had managed to escape from the Haunted Star and had been picked up by a ship. Anna revealed that the WSB intended to question Ethan, but Luke, Laura, and Dante's "RFID" signals had been picked up on Cassadine Island, so the trio had not been killed during the exchange of gunfire on the ship. Alexis decided to return to the hospital to share the news with Nikolas.

Moments later, Sonny and Olivia approached Anna for an update. Anna revealed that she had good news for them then told them about what the WSB had reported. Olivia was overjoyed that her son was on Cassadine Island instead of floating in the Atlantic Ocean. Anna warned Sonny and Olivia that there had been a complication. Sonny and Olivia were shocked when Anna revealed that Stavros was alive and had kidnapped Lulu. "What is it with these people? Why can't they just die?" Sonny asked. "Sometimes they do," Anna replied as she led Sonny and Olivia into her office.

Anna explained that it appeared that Helena had been killed, but Olivia didn't care. Olivia hoped that everything would be over when Luke, Laura, and Dante rescued Lulu. "One can only hope," Anna said. Anna confessed that she was happy that Dante was alive because she valued him as a friend and a police officer. Sonny and Olivia thanked Anna then left. Olivia decided to go to church to light some candles and give thanks.

Alexis returned to the hospital to share the news with Nikolas. Nikolas was relieved that Luke, Laura, and Dante had made it to Cassadine Island, but he was curious about his sister's fate. Alexis didn't have any answers, but she promised to return when she received another update. Alexis also offered to pick up a cupcake from Kelly's for Nikolas, provided that Nikolas' nurse looked the other way. Elizabeth smiled as she pretended that she hadn't heard anything about a cupcake.

After Alexis left, Elizabeth wondered if Nikolas felt better. She was confident that Luke, Laura, and Dante had rescued Lulu and had stopped Stavros, so Nikolas had nothing to worry about. Nikolas thanked Elizabeth for staying with him throughout the ordeal. "Where else would I be?" Elizabeth asked. Nikolas reached up to pull Elizabeth down for a hug. A.J. suddenly appeared in the doorway; his expression turned troubled as he watched the close moment between Nikolas and Elizabeth. After several seconds, A.J. walked away.

In the dining room of the Cassadine estate in Greece, Luke and Laura demanded to know what Stavros had done to Lulu. Stavros assured Lulu's parents that Lulu was safe, but he refused to elaborate. Luke feared that Stavros had frozen Lulu the way that Helena had frozen Stavros during Stavros' recuperation prior to the fall down the shaft. Stavros insisted that Stavros was Lulu's prince and that Lulu was Stavros' "Ice Princess."

Luke and Laura weren't satisfied with Stavros' answer, so Stavros explained that Lulu had stubbornly refused to submit to the life that Stavros had envisioned for them. "A life like we once had," Stavros told Laura. Laura assured Stavros that she remembered, but she wanted to know where her daughter was. Stavros claimed that Lulu was stubborn like Laura had been when Laura had been in love with Stavros. "Before you abandoned me and our son," Stavros added in an accusatory tone.

Luke doubted that Stavros cared about Nikolas, since Stavros had had Nikolas shot. Stavros conceded that Nikolas had been tainted, but Lulu was pure. Laura begged Stavros to tell them where Lulu was, so Stavros cryptically revealed that he had decided to cool Lulu's hot-blooded nature down. Stavros explained that thanks to modern science, his Ice Princess was forever preserved, untouched, unspoiled, and forever serene. Disgusted, Luke threatened to kill Stavros, but Laura made another attempt to get through to Stavros.

Laura pleaded with Stavros to reunite her with Lulu if Stavros had ever loved Laura. Stavros appeared to waver until alarms suddenly went off. "My Ice Princess," Stavros cried as he raced out of the dining room.

In the underground laboratory, Dante looked through the small window of the door to the cryogenic chamber. He realized that the woman inside the chamber was Lulu, so he desperately tried to gain access to it. Inside, Lulu had been strapped to a table and appeared to be unconscious as plumes of frigid air drifted through the chamber. Dante dragged one of the dead guards into the room in an effort to use the man's fingerprint on the panel to the cryo-chamber door. However, the dead guard's fingerprint didn't open the chamber.

Dante grabbed a canister to bash it against the door of the chamber, which set off the alarms. Moments later, Stavros appeared in the doorway. "You, the husband, stay away from her," Stavros ordered Dante. Dante demanded to know what Stavros had done to Lulu, so Stavros explained that he had preserved Lulu the way that she had been meant to be. Dante argued that something in the cryo-chamber had malfunctioned because Lulu was in crisis.

Seconds later, Luke bashed Stavros over the head. Stavros crumbled to the ground unconscious as Luke and Laura ran to the door to the cryo-chamber to look at their daughter. Eventually, Dante dragged Stavros over to the panel to use Stavros' fingerprint to open the chamber's door. The door unlocked, so Luke, Laura, and Dante ran to Lulu. They worked together to remove her from the contraption that she had been strapped to.

Stavros regained consciousness, so he demanded that Luke, Laura, and Dante get away from Lulu. Luke aimed a gun at Stavros while Dante carried Lulu out of the chamber. Afterwards, Luke locked Stavros in the cryo-chamber. Meanwhile, Dante and Laura desperately tried to warm Lulu and begged her to wake up, but Lulu remained unresponsive. Laura tearfully realized that her daughter was dead, so she ran to the cryo-chamber door to accuse Stavros of being a bastard. Luke was about to smash the panel to the cryo-chamber when Laura ordered Luke to stop.

Luke watched as Laura punched the panel. Within seconds, the cryo-chamber's temperature rapidly dropped. Stavros cried out as he collapsed to the ground. Dante remained oblivious to everything except Lulu, whom he cradled in his arms.

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