General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on GH

Todd, Heather, and Lucy escaped from Ferncliff. Frisco returned. Carly revealed that the missing Quartermaine heir might be Franco's daughter, Lauren Frank. Caleb secured Rafe's release from jail and claimed a second victim.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 4, 2013 on GH
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Monday, February 4, 2013

At General Hospital, Patrick sought confirmation from Sabrina that Britt's accusations, that Sabrina wanted Patrick for herself, were silly and out of line. Before Sabrina could answer, Elizabeth interrupted. Sabrina quickly switched the subject to the Nurses Ball and wanted to know if Elizabeth had been successful at getting Tracy's check unfrozen. Both Patrick and Sabrina were disappointed when Elizabeth said that she had not.

Neither Elizabeth not Patrick was discouraged. Both expressed confidence that Sabrina would find a way to save the day, and Sabrina exuded confidence in her ability to do so. When Patrick was called away for a phone consult, Sabrina told Elizabeth that Patrick had dumped Dr. Westbourne after hearing Britt call Patrick's daughter Emma a "spoiled brat." Both were laughing. Sabrina was worried because Britt had told Patrick that Sabrina wanted Patrick for herself. Elizabeth encouraged Sabrina to take the opportunity to let Patrick know that she did have feelings for him, but Sabrina was unsure.

Sabrina said that just because Patrick had broken up with Britt did not mean that he would be interested in her. Elizabeth replied that Sabrina would never know until she tried. Patrick finished his phone call and confirmed the breakup. He said that it was probably the time when Elizabeth should say, "I told you so." Elizabeth responded that she would not say that, but that Sabrina did have something to say to him.

Britt threw a temper tantrum in one of the examining rooms. She tossed a chair, just as Maxie and Lulu walked in. In a fit of pique, she told Lulu that Maxie had been lying to her. Britt disclosed that Maxie had slept with Spinelli. Lulu said that she already knew that, and Maxie covered up that she had miscarried the baby she had been carrying for Dante and Lulu and instead was pregnant by Spinelli. After some talk about patient confidentiality, Britt confirmed that the fetus that Maxie was carrying was 100% healthy.

Lulu got a call and had to leave to take care of an emergency at the Haunted Star. After she was gone, Maxie berated Britt for almost spilling her secret. Britt blamed everything on Sabrina but cautioned Maxie that secrets were always eventually exposed. Maxie said that she would do anything for Britt if Britt would keep her mouth shut about the paternity of Maxie's baby. Maxie offered to get Patrick back for Britt, but Britt said that there was no chance of that happening.

As Maxie was leaving, Britt realized that there was something that Maxie could do for her. When Maxie asked what it was, Britt said that Maxie could help Britt destroy Sabrina Santiago.

At the Floating Rib, Mac and Felicia discussed Maxie's pregnancy. Felicia mentioned the pet names that Frisco had called her when Felicia had been pregnant. Mac let his jealousy show, but they shared a kiss and made up. Kevin entered the bar, and both Mac and Felicia were glad to see him. Kevin said that he had gone to see Lucy, but she had not loosened her grip on the vampire delusions. Kevin said that he loved Lucy, but it had been her insistence that she was a vampire slayer that had caused their breakup.

Kevin said that once Lucy had gained success with her cosmetics company, the vampire fantasies had seemed to recede. Felicia wondered if the company's financial difficulties had somehow caused the fantasies to reemerge. Kevin thought that it might be a possible explanation but pointed out that Lucy seemed very focused on John McBain. He said that he had been to Ferncliff to see Lucy and had told her that he loved her, all the while begging her to accept that vampires were not real.

Felecia said that perhaps they were to Lucy, because Lucy had been genuinely terrified when John had entered the courtroom. Felecia and Mac both told Kevin not to give up on Lucy so easily, because Kevin still loved her, Lucy was still his wife, and she needed him. Kevin acknowledged that Mac and Felicia had been through some rough times but had managed to find their way back to each other. Felicia said that she knew that Mac would always be there for her.

Before taking his leave, Kevin said that he was happy for both Mac and Felicia but added that they did not have a vampire between them. Mac jokingly said that they had Frisco. After Kevin was gone, Mac and Felicia hugged and told each other that nothing would get in their way. Mac went to the back room to check on supplies. While he was gone, Frisco walked into the bar. Felicia was stunned to see him.

At Ferncliff, Todd overheard Lucy praying to her cousin Rafe, imploring him to protect Alison and her child from the vampire, Caleb. Todd made a sarcastic comment, but Lucy said that despite his joking around, they both had a common interest, which was to get out of Ferncliff.

Lucy asked how Todd's evaluation had gone. Todd said that he had been judged sane because he could not fake crazy with Starr looking on and prepared to tell all. Todd said he was headed back to Port Charles and a trial. Todd added that without an insanity defense, he was screwed. Lucy said that no one was safe with Caleb on the loose. Lucy wondered why Starr had been opposed to Todd faking being crazy. Todd said he did not know what drove Starr's moral outrage because Starr certainly had not inherited it from either him or Blair.

Heather joined the twosome and asked what she had missed. Todd replied that he did not want to be around Heather, whom he claimed had nuked his life. Heather said that she had not forced Todd to switch the babies. Todd wanted to know why Heather was allowed to be with the ordinary crazies and not locked up with the seriously disturbed. Todd claimed that he was in hell and added that he was going to prison because of Heather. He said that he was looking forward to it because it would mean that he did not have to be around Heather any longer.

Heather said that she had a plan to escape, but Todd said that he wanted no part of it and advised Lucy to steer clear of Heather. Lucy said that she had to get out because lives depended on her. Todd said he did not want to hear Heather's crazy scheme and sat at a nearby table. Lucy changed her mind and said that after what Heather had done to Edward, she was not sure that she wanted to listen to Heather either.

Heather told Lucy to get over it and reminded Lucy that Port Charles was in imminent danger from vampires. That made Lucy reconsider, and she agreed to listen to Heather's plan. Heather asked Lucy to go to an area where they would not be overheard. Lucy gave in, but before she left the lounge, Lucy told Todd that she thought that he'd had good intentions when he had helped in the baby switch. Todd was touched and told Heather that she could count him in because he did not intend to go back to prison.

Heather said okay, but insisted that she was the boss. Lucy readily agreed, but Todd mumbled unintelligibly. Heather then unveiled her plan. Heather said that she had befriended the underlings at Ferncliff and convinced then that they were underpaid and underappreciated. Heather said that she had fomented a rebellion; the staff was set to walk off the job and out of Ferncliff later that evening; and she, Lucy, and Todd would walk out with them.

A little while later, staff members carrying picket signs exited Ferncliff, followed closely by Todd, Heather, and Lucy dressed as police. Todd voiced doubt, but Heather told him to keep moving. As they emerged from the building, they ran directly into Kevin, who had just arrived at Ferncliff to see Lucy.

Molly and T.J. took Danny out for a walk on the docks and happened on the crime scene where Alison Barrington had been stabbed. Molly asked what had happened, and the officer on duty told her that a boy had stabbed his mother. Molly acknowledged that she had met Rafe in that location. T.J. insisted that they go to the police station so that Molly could tell what she knew. Molly agreed.

At the Port Charles Police Station, Anna questioned a mute Rafe, while John McBain talked with Sam. Sam explained that she had visited with Lucy at Ferncliff to determine what Lucy knew about Alison Barrington. Sam said that Lucy had insisted that Alison and her son Rafe were in grave danger. John explained that Alison was dead and that he had found her son sitting beside her, holding the weapon. John hoped that they would be able to find Rafe's father, but Sam said that Lucy had insisted that John, who she called Caleb, was Rafe's father.

Anna kept questioning Rafe and asking him who had killed his mother. Rafe finally pointed through the glass of the interrogation room and indicated John McBain. Anna was shocked but did not believe him. Rafe insisted that he had seen John do the crime. Rafe told Anna about meeting Molly, going to have a meal at Kelly's, and returning to see his mother stabbed to death.

Rafe said his hands had been bloody and that he had been holding the weapon because he had been trying to save his mother. In flashback, as Rafe told his story, a man in a black coat, who looked exactly like John but had longer hair, stabbed Alison as she fought with him. Anna did not believe Rafe's story.

Molly and T.J. arrived at the police station. Molly told Sam and John about meeting Rafe and taking him to lunch because Rafe had been so hungry that he had asked her for the stale bread that she had been feeding to the ducks. T.J., who was jealous, was convinced that Molly had fed a murderer, but Molly was not convinced, though she did tell Sam and John that she had seen Rafe with the murder weapon.

John went into the interrogation room to consult with Anna. Rafe attacked him and accused John of killing his mother. Rafe was quickly subdued and handcuffed. As Anna escorted him to a cell, Rafe called out to Molly that he was innocent and had not killed his mother. Sam tried to console John, but John was puzzled by Rafe's insistence that John was the murderer.

Back at the crime scene, a tall man with long hair, sporting a large gold ring on his right hand and wearing a long black leather coat, was seen from behind as he peered down at the spot where the murder had taken place.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Michael was intrigued when he noticed flower petals scattered on the ground in the hallway leading to his apartment door. He opened the door and saw Starr wearing a sexy dress and lighting candles. Starr smiled sweetly as she welcomed him home with a passionate kiss. She then poured two glasses of wine and handed one to him. They each took a sip of wine as Starr asked Michael about his day. Michael confessed that things were bad at ELQ because of Sonny.

Starr pointed out that Michael didn't have any proof that Sonny had been responsible for the damaging article in the Sun. Michael didn't want to discuss it, so he changed the subject by asking about Starr's day. Starr admitted that she had made certain that her father would go to prison. She explained that Todd had intended to use dissociative identity disorder as a defense to avoid jail, so she had threatened to give the police a tape of Todd confessing that he had faked DID in the past. Starr revealed that she had sat in on Todd's evaluation to ensure that her father hadn't pulled any stunts.

Michael felt bad for Starr, but she didn't have any regrets because her father had a history of getting into trouble and then expecting Starr to bail him out. However, it was clear that she felt guilty, so Michael reminded her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Starr explained that her youngest brother, Sam, worshipped Todd, so her actions had guaranteed that Todd would be out of all of their lives for good once he went to jail. She decided to shake off the morose thoughts by showing off the sundae bar that she had set up for Michael.

Michael was impressed with the different flavors of ice cream and various toppings. Starr sprayed some whipped cream onto her finger and offered Michael a taste. Michael devoured it and then grabbed the can off whipped cream. Starr squeaked and ran when she realized Michael's intent. Starr grabbed her own can of whipped cream to defend herself with until they fell to the sofa, covered in whipped cream, and kissed. Michael then carried Starr into the bedroom and made love to her.

At Ferncliff, Todd, Heather, and Lucy were each dressed as police officers and poised to escape when Kevin suddenly appeared. "Doc," Lucy said when she saw Kevin. "Lucy," Kevin replied as he eyed her cohorts suspiciously. Kevin was curious why Lucy was dressed as a police officer, so she rambled about how she had been sworn in as an honorary police officer. Kevin looked to Todd and Heather for an explanation, so they claimed that they had been about to join the picket line. Kevin pointed out that it was unwise to leave the inmates unattended and then informed them that Lucy was a patient.

Todd and Heather feigned surprise, but Lucy refused to play along. Lucy revealed that Todd and Heather were also inmates. Kevin refused to let any of them leave, but Lucy pleaded with Kevin to reconsider because she needed his help to save Port Charles from Caleb. Kevin assured Lucy that he loved her, but he insisted that she needed help before she could leave Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Heather picked up a flowerpot, sneaked up behind Kevin, and smashed it over his head. Kevin dropped to the ground unconscious, as Todd and Heather exchanged high-fives and then started to leave.

Outraged, Lucy demanded that they take Kevin with them. Heather pointed out that there wasn't a wheelbarrow handy to cart Kevin's body around in. Lucy looked to Todd for help, but he refused to carry Kevin. Lucy pointed out that they would need a means of escape and then quickly secured Kevin's car keys when Heather suggested that they use Kevin's car. Todd managed to snatch the keys out of Lucy's hand and took off for the car, so Lucy apologized to Kevin, told him that she loved him, and then followed Todd and Heather.

At the Floating Rib, Mac kissed Felicia then headed to the stockroom to work. Felicia heard someone enter the bar, so she turned to tell the person that the bar was closed. Felicia was stunned when she saw Frisco standing at the bar. "It's good to see you," Frisco told Felicia. Felicia wondered what Frisco was doing in Port Charles, so he explained that he had received her message. Felicia argued that she had left the message with his handler two months earlier.

Frisco promised her that he had been given the message as soon as he had resurfaced. Moments later, Mac returned from the stockroom and stopped in his tracks when he saw Frisco. Frisco held out his hand to Mac, but Mac didn't make a move to shake Frisco's hand until Frisco commented that his arm was getting tired. Mac reluctantly shook Frisco's hand and noted that Frisco looked tired. Frisco wasn't surprised because it had been a long trip, and a life of covert operations and dodging bullets had probably taken its toll.

Mac sarcastically wondered what had dragged Frisco away from the adventures long enough to grace them with Frisco's presence. "My daughter's pregnant," Frisco answered. Frisco thought that it was time to pay Maxie a visit, even though she was carrying someone else's baby. Mac was curious why Frisco hadn't bothered to visit when Maxie had been on trial for her life or when Georgie had been killed. "I was in the field," Frisco replied defensively, but Mac thought that Frisco's absence had been a testament to Frisco's priorities.

However, Mac wondered how Frisco had found out about Maxie's pregnancy. "From my wife," Frisco answered. Felicia smiled nervously as Mac reminded Frisco that Frisco and Felicia were no longer married. Felicia admitted that she had reached out to Frisco because she had been worried about Maxie. Frisco appreciated that Mac and Felicia had history, but Frisco was curious why any of it was Mac's business. Mac reminded Frisco that Mac, not Frisco, had raised Maxie and Georgie.

Mac then informed Frisco that Mac and Felicia were back together. Frisco congratulated them and offered to buy them a drink, but the bartender had obviously left. Mac explained that he was the bartender. Frisco made a remark about Mac returning to his roots and then asked Mac to fix a gin martini with a twist and no olives, while Frisco freshened up. After Frisco left, Mac demanded to know why Felicia hadn't mentioned that she had contacted Frisco or hadn't let Frisco know that she was back with Mac.

Felicia admitted that it had never occurred to her to discuss her love life. Mac feared that she was embarrassed to be dating a bartender because it wasn't as exciting as what Frisco did for a living. Felicia insisted that it didn't matter to her because she felt lucky to be with a man like Mac. Felicia explained that she hadn't told Frisco about their relationship because it hadn't been any of Frisco's business. Felicia insisted that her connection with Frisco started and ended with Maxie.

Felicia promised that she was with Mac, and nothing could change that. Mac relaxed and kissed Felicia. Moments later, Frisco returned.

At the loft, Lulu was flipping through various menus, trying to decide what to order for dinner, when Dante arrived home. She asked him what he wanted to eat, but he left it to her to decide. Dante then asked about Lulu's day, so she told him about her encounter with Dr. Westbourne, who hadn't been "in the best of moods." Lulu explained that Britt had made a big production of revealing that Maxie and Spinelli had slept together, which had bothered Lulu because Britt had initially withheld the information from Lulu.

Dante reminded Lulu that Britt might have been bound by doctor/patient confidentiality, but Lulu argued that Maxie was carrying Lulu and Dante's baby, so they had a right to know everything that might affect their child. Dante agreed, but he wondered if Lulu intended to stop hovering over Maxie. Lulu assured him that Maxie understood Lulu's need to be involved in every step of the pregnancy. Dante was curious how the rest of the checkup had been, so Lulu admitted that she'd been called away to deal with a small crisis at the Haunted Star.

Dante suggested that Lulu consider hiring someone to help her out, since Johnny was no longer around. Moments later, Britt called to cryptically offer Lulu new information about the baby. Lulu's brow furrowed until Britt explained that she had wanted to assure Lulu that the rest of Maxie's prenatal visit had been fine. Lulu thanked Britt for the update and ended the call. After Lulu shared the news with Dante, she asked him about his day.

Dante confided that he had spent the majority of his shift on a stakeout, so John had been assigned to investigate the murder of a woman on Pier 52. Lulu remarked that crime had increased significantly in that area and wondered if the killer had been caught. Dante told her about Rafe's arrest and the accusation that John had killed Alison. Lulu refused to believe that John would have killed a woman in cold blood. Dante agreed, but decided to change the subject because he wanted to enjoy time with his wife, not talk about work. Dante kissed Lulu then carried her to the bedroom to make love.

At the hospital, Britt threatened to call Lulu and Dante to let the unwitting couple know that Maxie was carrying Spinelli's baby. Maxie reluctantly agreed to help Britt if Britt promised to keep quiet about Maxie's secret. Britt smiled with satisfaction as she explained that she expected Maxie to help destroy Sabrina. Maxie thought that she had misheard, so Britt clarified, "Destroy. Demolish. Annihilate." Britt vowed that nothing would be left of Sabrina except for the "rat's nest" that Sabrina called hair.

Maxie couldn't understand why Britt would go after the young nurse, so Britt accused Sabrina of being a "conniving bitch" who had filled Emma's head with lies about Britt. Britt insisted that Sabrina had used Emma to get to Patrick, but Maxie looked skeptical. Britt called Sabrina a "manipulative social climber" and claimed that Sabrina had made a habit of latching onto the nearest doctor in the hopes of finding a man to financially support Sabrina. According to Britt, Sabrina had initially been fixated on Steve.

Maxie argued that everyone knew that Steve and Olivia were an item. "Exactly," Britt replied and added that it hadn't stopped Sabrina. Britt continued to make outrageous accusations about Sabrina until Maxie finally began to believe the lies. Maxie hoped that Britt opened Patrick's eyes to Sabrina's evil ways, but Britt made it clear that she expected Maxie to do the dirty work. Maxie objected, so Britt called Lulu and offered to tell Lulu something about the baby. Maxie panicked and agreed to help Britt, so Britt assured Lulu that Maxie's exam had been fine and ended the call.

"So, we understand each other?" Britt asked Maxie. "Yes," Maxie quietly replied. Britt promised to get in touch with Maxie when Britt devised the perfect plan. However, she warned Maxie not to talk to anyone about their arrangement. Maxie left the hospital and went to the Floating Rib. Maxie entered the bar, grumbled that she'd had a terrible day, but didn't pay attention to who was standing at the bar as she dropped her things on a chair.

Maxie was stunned when she turned to the bar and saw her father gazing back at her. "I'd like to hear all about your day," Frisco confessed. "Dad," Maxie whispered in shocked disbelief.

Olivia smiled when she entered the hospital's locker room because she had heard Steve singing in the shower. Her smile quickly disappeared when she rounded the corner and saw Steve serenading Sabrina in the shower. Olivia accused Sabrina of being a "mousey little skank" and stormed out. Confused, Steve grabbed a towel and called out to Olivia, but she ignored him.

Patrick joined Elizabeth and Sabrina at the nurses' station. He assumed that Sabrina had filled Elizabeth in on what had happened with Britt. Patrick was certain that news of his and Britt's breakup would travel quickly through the hospital. Patrick waited for Elizabeth to tell him, "I told you so," but Elizabeth surprised him by announcing that Sabrina had something to tell him.

Sabrina's eyes rounded with embarrassment as Patrick looked at her expectantly. Moments later, Olivia walked up and ordered Sabrina to stay away from Steve because he was engaged. Sabrina had no idea what Olivia was talking about, so Olivia explained that she had seen Sabrina and Steve "getting up close and personal" in the shower. Elizabeth wondered when Olivia had seen the encounter. "Just now," Olivia answered.

Elizabeth gently suggested that it had been a vision because Sabrina had been on duty for hours. Olivia had known that it had been a vision; however, her visions had never been wrong, which meant that it could happen. Olivia noticed Elizabeth and Patrick exchange a knowing look, so she demanded to know what was going on. Moments later, Steve arrived and asked why Olivia had rushed off. Olivia told him about her vision, which prompted another exchange of guilty glances between Elizabeth, Patrick, and Steve.

Olivia wanted answers, so Steve admitted that months earlier, Britt had revealed that Sabrina had had a crush on him. Sabrina assured Olivia that it had long since passed when Sabrina had realized that Steve was in love with Olivia. Olivia seemed satisfied with the answer, so she and Steve left. Later, Steve confessed that he loved that Olivia was territorial about him, but he hoped that next time, she'd take things down a notch before confronting someone about a vision. Olivia smiled as she watched Steve walk to his locker.

Olivia tensed when Heather suddenly emerged from the shower with her hair secured with a towel and another towel wrapped around Heather's body. "Spick-and-span," Heather announced. "They don't have water pressure like that at Ferncliff," Heather added as she sauntered off. Olivia realized that it had been a vision, so she walked up to Steve, tapped him on the shoulder, and told him about her vision. Steve assured Olivia that Heather was safely locked up in Ferncliff, but Olivia remained uneasy.

At the nurses' station, Patrick felt bad for Sabrina. He regretted that he hadn't noticed how badly Britt had treated her. Patrick thought that Sabrina had been a better friend to him than he had been to her, but he appreciated how wonderful Sabrina had been to him and Emma. Patrick realized, thanks to Britt, that he wasn't ready date and shouldn't look for that special someone at work. He then asked what Sabrina had been about to tell him before Olivia had interrupted.

Sabrina claimed that she had regretted not being around for Emma, so she had changed her mind about babysitting. Patrick argued that it had been his responsibility to protect his daughter and declined using Sabrina as a babysitter. He considered Sabrina a friend, so he'd rather schedule outings for Sabrina, Emma, and him. Sabrina smiled and accepted. After Patrick walked away, Elizabeth tried to cheer her friend up because it was clear that Patrick wasn't interested in romance with anyone. Sabrina assured Elizabeth that friendship was enough.

Britt caught up with Patrick at the elevator and quickly apologized for the way that she had reacted when he had ended their relationship. She assured him that she had accepted his decision and promised not to let things get tense or difficult between them. "Okay," Patrick said as the elevator door opened. After Patrick left, Britt glared at Sabrina and smiled with malicious intent.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Todd, Heather, and Lucy arrived at Wyndemere. Heather believed that it was the perfect hideout because no one would suspect that they would hide in plain sight. The trio entered the unoccupied castle and made their way to the library. Heather expected Todd and Lucy to be grateful to her, but Lucy was too hungry to appreciate Heather's efforts. Todd, who had briefly disappeared, returned munching on a snack.

Lucy immediately snatched the snack out of Todd's hand and devoured what was left of it. Todd decided to read the newspaper that he had found, but instantly regretted it. The cover of the Sun featured an unflattering picture of Todd, Heather, and Lucy with the caption "The Three Stooges ESCAPE!!!" Todd was outraged that Connie had insulted him in his own newspaper, but Heather argued that Todd had lost everything when Johnny had "ratted" Todd out to the police.

Later, Todd returned to the parlor, dressed in a new outfit. Heather and Lucy wondered where he had found the clothes, so he revealed that he had discovered a complete wardrobe in one of the bedrooms. Lucy suspected that the clothes had belonged to Nikolas. Todd shrugged and announced that he intended to leave. Heather wanted to know where Todd was going, but he refused to tell her.

Heather warned Todd not to mess things up for her because she planned to visit her son. Todd chuckled, certain that Steve would love that. Todd wished Lucy luck with slaying John and then left. Lucy picked up the newspaper and became distraught when she read the article about Alison's murder. Lucy was certain that Caleb had killed her friend, which meant that Rafe was in danger from his father. Heather was confused because she didn't think that vampires could sire children.

Lucy started to explain that Caleb hadn't been wearing a special ring when he had slept with Alison, which only confused Heather further. Lucy was frustrated because Livvie hadn't heeded Lucy's warnings about Alison and Rafe. Heather argued that Caleb was unlikely to harm his own son, but Lucy disagreed. Heather pointed out that if John were Caleb, then John would be too busy with Rafe to concern himself about their escape, which might give Heather and Lucy the upper hand if they worked together.

Lucy decided that it was imperative for her to get to Rafe because Rafe's very soul might be in danger. Heather reminded Lucy that Lucy would be caught because Rafe was in jail. Lucy wondered why Heather cared, so Heather admitted that she was afraid that Lucy might reveal the location of the hideout and jeopardize Heather's reunion with Steven. Lucy agreed to work with Heather to devise a plan of action because Lucy was desperate to save everyone from Caleb's diabolical machinations.

Later, Lucy returned to the parlor, sporting a change of clothes that Lucy suspected had once belonged to Emily. Heather grumbled, so Lucy promised that they would find something for Heather to wear. Lucy was relieved that there had been an abundance of religious crucifixes scattered throughout the castle because it might deter Caleb. Lucy had one of the crucifixes clutched in her hand as she sat on the sofa and yawned.

Heather waited until Lucy curled up on the sofa and fell asleep with the crucifix gripped tightly in Lucy's hand. After Heather quietly tiptoed out of the room and closed the door, Caleb stepped out of the shadows. Within a blink of an eye, Caleb stood over Lucy. Lucy's eyes snapped open, so Caleb slowly lifted his index finger to his lips to warn her to remain silent.

At the apartment, Michael emerged from the shower. Starr confessed that she had enjoyed their whipped cream food fight because it had allowed her to forget about her father for a while. Starr feared that her father was on his way to a holding cell, but Michael showed her the headline when he picked up the newspaper. Starr couldn't believe that her father had teamed up with Heather and escaped from Ferncliff. Michael doubted that Todd would get far, since Todd didn't have any resources.

"Unless..." Michael added. Starr realized that Michael was concerned that Starr would help her father, so she reminded him that she had been the one who had stopped Todd from using the insanity defense. Michael pointed out that, before their "sundae bar sex," Starr had felt guilty for what she had done to Todd. Starr changed the subject by commenting that the escape had pushed the ELQ scandal off of the front page.

Michael insisted that the damage had been done to ELQ, so it didn't matter. Later, Michael prepared to leave for Kristina's arraignment. He and Starr agreed to meet up after Starr left Johnny's sentencing. After Michael left, Starr was startled when Todd appeared on her doorstep. He asked her not to call the police because he had just stopped by to say goodbye to her.

Starr warned Todd that he would be captured, but he insisted that he couldn't handle being locked up again. He explained that the thought of Starr, Jack, and Blair had been the only thing that had gotten him through the eight years of captivity when his mother had abducted him. Starr demanded to know why Todd hadn't told her about what Johnny had done, so Todd admitted that Johnny had blackmailed him.

Starr accused Todd of being more concerned about himself than her, but Todd argued that Starr had never been in danger. Starr disagreed because her heart and dignity had been shattered. Todd didn't have one of his trademark sarcastic comebacks for that, so Starr wondered what his plans were. Starr's eyes welled up with tears when he confessed that he had to disappear. Starr confessed that she needed her dad, so he promised her that they would see each other again.

Starr hugged her father. "I love you, Shorty," Todd told her. "I love you, Dad," Starr replied. Todd kissed her on the forehead and then left.

Olivia paid Connie a visit at Manning Enterprises. Connie proudly showed Olivia the front page of the newspaper, but Olivia didn't comment on it. Connie held up the mock cover of the other headline that she had considered printing. The headline featured a picture of John McBain, Rafe, and Alison with the caption that the son of a murdered woman had accused a cop of the murder. Olivia thought that it was a horrible story, but Connie argued that "horrible" sold newspapers.

Connie was confident that she had made the right choice because she was certain that Todd, Heather, and Lucy would be captured and thrown back into jail like Kristina. Olivia tried to seize the opportunity to discuss Kristina's situation, but Connie quickly changed the subject by offering to share excerpts of Love In Maine before it hit the stands in March. Connie assured Olivia that the book would be a hit, so Olivia remarked that she would be sure to congratulate Molly Davis. Connie glared at Olivia, so Olivia admitted that she was there to ask Connie to drop the charges against Kristina. Connie wondered if Sonny had sent Olivia, but Olivia assured Connie that she was there on her own.

Connie accused Kristina of trying to kill her, but Olivia argued that Kristina had been out of her mind with grief over losing Trey. Olivia suggested that perhaps Connie was trying to punish Sonny for being in love with Kate, not Connie. Connie ordered Olivia to leave, but Olivia refused because she loved her cousin and wanted Connie to see the bigger picture. Olivia insisted that Connie and Kristina were both hurting over the loss of Trey and that Connie was angry at herself, not Kristina. Olivia warned Connie that sending Kristina to jail wouldn't change anything; Trey would still be dead.

Olivia was certain that Sonny would never forgive Connie if Connie ruined Kristina's life by sending Kristina to jail. "What am I supposed to do?" Connie tearfully asked. Olivia urged Connie to be the bigger person. Connie seemed uncertain, so Olivia wondered if Connie was afraid of what Connie felt for Sonny or that Kate might return. "Both, I guess," Connie quietly replied. Olivia believed that the strong person that Connie had been in Bensonhurst, before Joe had tried to destroy her, still lurked inside of Connie.

Olivia implored Connie not throw Kristina to the wolves. "Be you. Be my fierce, courageous cousin," Olivia implored.

Later, Todd slipped into his office. He was relieved that no one was there, so he went to the safe and opened it, but the safe was empty.

In the interrogation room, John briefed the police officers on duty about the escape from Ferncliff. John showed a picture of each of the three escaped inmates as he offered background information about them. John explained that Todd had resources that would allow Todd to easily slip out of the country and that Heather had a son in town who had been notified of her escape. He then revealed that Todd and Heather had been involved in the kidnapping of Sam Morgan's son, so they were considered to be extremely dangerous.

Next, John focused on Lucy. An officer snickered when John explained that Lucy had been sent to Ferncliff because she believed that she was a vampire slayer. John was certain that Lucy would try to get to Rafe when she learned about Alison Barrington's murder. John ordered the officers to call for backup before attempting to apprehend any of the suspects. He showed them a picture of Kevin's car and then gave them crucial details about the vehicle for identification purposes.

Alexis, Sam, and Molly waited for Kristina to arrive from lockup. They quickly surrounded Kristina and greeted her with warm hugs when she entered the squad room. Molly wondered how Kristina had fared during the two nights in jail, so Kristina tried to make light of the situation by grumbling about the beds. Alexis confessed that she had no idea why Kristina's arraignment had been delayed, but she intended to find out. Kristina hoped that the extra time had given Sonny the opportunity to persuade Connie to drop the charges.

Kristina was crushed when Alexis revealed that Connie hadn't changed her mind. Alexis and Kristina left for the courthouse, while Sam and Molly remained behind. Molly slipped away unnoticed when Sam spotted John and approached him to get an update on the escape. John was curious where Danny was, so Sam assured him that her son was safe with Monica at the Quartermaine mansion, surrounded by guards, including Alice who had overpowered Heather in the past.

John couldn't understand how Heather kept managing to escape from Ferncliff. He was furious that Todd had also slipped through his fingers. John admitted that he had planned to transfer Todd to lockup the previous day, but John had become sidetracked with another case. Sam reminded him that it hadn't been just any case; a woman had been murdered by her own son, who had accused John of the brutal slaying.

Sam was baffled why Rafe had accused John of the killing when they all knew that it had been Caleb who had committed the crime. John pointed out that he had found Rafe kneeling over Alison's body with the murder weapon in Rafe's hand. Later, John received a print analysis on the arrow that had been used to murder Alison. He revealed that Rafe and Alison's fingerprints had been on the arrow as well as a partial print of a third person. "Who is it?" Sam asked. "That would be me," John answered.

In lockup, Johnny quietly asked Rafe if Rafe had killed his own mother. Rafe insisted that John had slain Alison. Johnny suggested that Rafe might have a good chance for a light sentence if it was Rafe's first offense, so he advised Rafe to hire a good attorney to work out a plea bargain. Moments later, a police officer arrived to transfer Johnny to court. The police officer informed Rafe that Johnny was scheduled to be sentenced, so Johnny would likely die in prison. "So will you," the police officer taunted Rafe.

A short time later, Molly suddenly quietly approached Rafe's cell. Molly had wanted to make certain that he was okay. She felt terrible when he reminded her that his mother was dead. Molly offered him her condolences, but assured him that John wasn't capable of murder. Rafe insisted that he had witnessed the crime, so he had no doubt about the killer's identity.

Rafe realized that a part of Molly suspected that he might have killed his mother, so he assured Molly that he could never harm his own mother. He begged her to believe him. Seconds later, a police officer appeared and demanded to know what Molly was doing there. Molly claimed that she had been looking for her sister, Kristina, so the police officer told her that Kristina had already been moved to the courthouse. He ushered Molly away as Rafe repeatedly proclaimed his innocence.

At the courthouse, Sonny and Shawn talked about Kristina's impending arraignment. Shawn offered to make Connie disappear until after the trial, but Sonny insisted that it wasn't an option. Sonny pointed out that it would be unwise for Connie to disappear twice and that it wouldn't be right to prey on a woman who was struggling with a mental illness. Shawn accused Sonny of going soft.

Nearby, Alexis and Kristina arrived for the arraignment. T.J. soon joined them and wondered where Molly was. Alexis explained that Molly had decided to catch a ride with Sam from the police station. T.J. offered to fetch Molly and left. Alexis had some last-minute preparations to take care of, but she was reluctant to leave Kristina in the hallway with the police officers for company. Kristina assured her mother that she would be fine, so Alexis left.

Moments later, Johnny arrived for his sentencing. He was surprised when he spotted Kristina, so she revealed that she was there for her arraignment on attempted murder charges. Johnny was shocked when she admitted that she had tried to kill Connie. Johnny doubted that Kristina would have followed through with the threat, but Kristina explained that, unlike Johnny who had unintentionally killed Hope and Cole, she had wanted to kill Connie. Alexis returned to fetch her daughter for the arraignment, so Johnny wished Kristina luck.

Michael arrived at the courthouse after Kristina entered the courtroom. He stopped to ask Johnny if Johnny had given Sonny a copy of the documents that had incriminated Tracy in illegal activity. Johnny made it clear that he would never help Sonny under any circumstances.

In the courtroom, Alexis warned Sonny and Shawn that things looked bleak for Kristina. Moments later, Kristina was led in. Sonny hugged his daughter, while Michael offered his sister some words of encouragement and then sat down next to Sonny. Sonny was glad that Michael was there, so Michael made it clear that he was there to support his sister. Their conversation then turned to ELQ when Michael informed Sonny that ELQ had been hemorrhaging money since the damaging article had hit the newsstands.

Sonny denied any involvement. Moments later, the judge entered the courtroom and ordered Kristina Adela Corinthos Davis to rise. Kristina stood up as the judge listed the charges against her and asked for her plea. "Not guilty," Connie shouted from the doorway as she entered the courtroom.

In the hallway, Starr approached Johnny. Johnny tried to talk to her, but she argued that it was pointless, since there was nothing that he could say that would return Hope and Cole to her. However, she wanted the satisfaction of knowing that he would spend the rest of his life in jail.

At the police station, John explained to Sam that both Lucy and Alison had mistaken him for Caleb, so perhaps Caleb was real. Sam wondered if he were suggesting that he believed in vampires, so he assured her that he didn't. John didn't have an opportunity to elaborate on his theory because his phone rang.

Sam stepped out of the room to give John some privacy when T.J. waked up and asked her where Molly was. Sam had assumed that Molly had gone to the courthouse with her mother, so T.J. revealed that he had been at the courthouse, and Alexis had told him that Molly was with Sam. Sam became distracted when John suddenly emerged from the interrogation room to inform her that Kevin's car had been found abandoned on a road near the Quartermaine mansion.

After Sam left to check on her son, T.J. spotted Molly. He was curious where she had been, so she claimed that she had been with Sam. T.J. called her out on the lie and asked if she had visited Rafe. Molly admitted that she had.

In lockup, John asked Rafe if Rafe had a minute. Rafe refused to talk to the man who had killed Rafe's mother, so John denied any involvement in Alison's murder. John suggested that they work together to figure out who had been responsible for Alison's death.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The judge listed the charges against Kristina and then asked for her plea. Connie suddenly appeared in the doorway and announced, "She pleads not guilty." All heads turned to look at Connie as the judge explained that only the defendant was permitted to speak. Connie insisted that she was the "alleged victim," so she should be allowed to clarify that Kristina had not tried to kill her. The judge agreed to hear from Connie and had her sworn in.

Connie explained the incident had been a big misunderstanding, but Assistant District Attorney Campbell pointed out that her office had sustained substantial damage. According to Connie the destruction had been a result of Kristina trying out for the corporate softball team. Campbell didn't believe Connie and turned up the pressure by demanding to know how Kristina's handprints had ended up on Connie's neck. Connie wove a touching tale about how Kristina had agreed to let Connie try on Connie's recently deceased son's necklace that he had always worn.

Connie claimed that the clasp had gotten tangled in Connie's hair, so Kristina had tried to take off the necklace without breaking it. According to Connie, Connie and Kristina had gotten emotional as they had tried to yank the precious memento off of Connie. Campbell demanded to know why Connie had filed charges against Kristina, so Connie quietly admitted that she had chosen the wrong way to express her feelings over her son's tragic death. Connie insisted that she had been grieving, hurt, and angry, so she had lashed out at Kristina instead of dealing with the feelings of loss and regret.

Alexis declined to question Connie when Campbell sat down, so the judge excused Connie. Alexis asked for the judge to dismiss the charges against Kristina, but Campbell objected because he believed that he had enough evidence to proceed with a trial. Alexis pointed out that it would be difficult to prosecute someone without cooperation from the primary witness. The judge agreed that the evidence indicated that an assault had taken place, but he conceded that it would be difficult to prove without Connie. The judge wondered if Campbell would accept a guilty plea for a second-degree assault charge. Kristina would have to serve community service in exchange for a suspended sentence.

Alexis was satisfied with the judge's plea bargain, so Campbell grudgingly agreed because he realized that Alexis had the judge's support. After the court proceedings ended, everyone exchanged hugs and smiles. Kristina was curious why Connie had changed her mind, so Connie explained that it had been the right thing to do because she knew that Kristina had been hurting. "Proud of you, cuz," Olivia told Connie and then hugged her. Everyone filed out until only Sonny, Michael, and Connie remained in the courtroom. Sonny thanked Connie and then asked her to make things right with Michael by clarifying that Sonny hadn't had any involvement in the damaging article about ELQ.

Connie confessed that she had lied about Sonny's involvement, but Michael remained skeptical because Connie had just lied under oath. Connie explained that she had made the false accusation against Sonny out of spite, but Michael wasn't satisfied; he wanted to know who had leaked the story to Connie. Connie refused to disclose the name of her source, but she assured Michael that it hadn't been Sonny. After Connie left, Sonny hoped that Michael finally believed that Sonny hadn't given Connie the ammunition to destroy ELQ.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy thanked Luke for stopping by when she had asked. She was desperate to know what Luke had gleaned from Carly about the missing Quartermaine heir. "Nothing," Luke confessed. Luke explained that Carly hadn't returned any of his calls, so he suspected that his niece wanted to avoid him. Tracy insisted that it was imperative to find out what Carly knew because it was the only hope to save ELQ. Luke realized that part of Tracy's desperation stemmed from her role in ELQ's downfall, so she wanted to salvage the family's empire before anyone realized that she had been the one to provide Connie with the damaging information.

However, Luke reminded Tracy that Connie had pointed the finger at Sonny, so Tracy's secret was safe. Tracy had been shocked that Connie had covered for her, but Tracy pointed out that everyone knew that Tracy had used mob money to keep ELQ afloat. Tracy confessed that she was surprised that federal agents hadn't banged down the door, but she refused to dwell on that because she was determined to save her father's legacy. Luke was curious why Lucy couldn't help Tracy, so Tracy reminded him that Lucy was not only mentally incompetent but also on the run with Todd and Heather.

Luke had no idea what Tracy was talking about, so she showed him the newspaper article. Luke feared that Heather would go after Anna, but Tracy assured him that Anna was an ex-spy and perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Luke ignored Tracy and called Anna. Anna appreciated the call and promised him that she was fine. After Luke ended the call, Tracy suggested that they get back to business. Luke had no idea what Carly could possibly know about a missing Quartermaine heir, since Carly despised the Quartermaines. Tracy argued that Carly had incentive to keep quiet about a possible heir because it gave Michael a bigger slice of the pie.

After Luke left, Tracy answered a knock at the door. Two federal agents entered the mansion, flashed their badges, then informed Tracy that she was under arrest.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd looked at the empty safe and wondered where his "stuff" had gone. Carly entered the office and held up a passport. "Looking for this?" Carly asked. Carly suspected that Todd had planned to slip out of town for quite some time, but Todd assured her that things were not as they appeared. Carly looked at the passport and asked who David Vickers was, but Todd argued that it wasn't important. Carly let the matter drop as she confirmed that she had emptied Todd's safe, along with the money that he had stashed in it.

Carly decided to call John, but Todd doubted that she would actually turn Todd in. Anna answered the phone at the police station, so Carly asked where John was because she needed to talk to John about Todd. Anna explained that John had stepped away, so she offered to help Carly. Meanwhile, Todd conceded that he had screwed up and pleaded with Carly to end the call. He begged her to hear him out and promised not to stop her if she decided to call John afterwards.

Anna suspected that Carly had information about Todd, but Carly quickly explained that she had only been calling for an update and then ended the call. Todd thanked her, but Carly warned him that he had better tell her the truth because she would know if he was lying. Carly was startled when Todd asked her to run away with him. He assured her that they could start over somewhere far away from Port Charles. Carly was curious why she should consider it, so Todd reminded her that they had a strong connection.

Carly argued that Todd always ended up lying to her whenever she started to believe that he was different from Johnny. Todd was curious if Johnny had ever asked her to run away with him. Carly confessed that Johnny had wanted to whisk her way the night before Sonny's fiasco of a wedding on the Haunted Star. Carly explained that Johnny had hoped to keep her from finding out that he had married Connie. Todd reminded her that she knew every one of his ugly secrets, so he wasn't hiding anything from her.

Carly accused Todd and Johnny of being weasels. Todd insisted that Carly didn't love "that weasel." "You love this weasel," Todd said. "And I love you," he solemnly admitted. Carly was speechless, prompting Todd to assure her that he wouldn't have made the declaration if he hadn't meant it. Carly reminded him that he'd had his chance in court, but he had opted to claim insanity.

Todd insisted that he was crazy and ruined all of his relationships. However, he had been honest with Carly by warning her repeatedly that he lied and screwed everything up, but he vowed that she could trust him. Carly appeared to waver. Moments later, Luke knocked on the office door. "Caroline, you in there?" Luke asked.

At Wyndemere, Caleb stepped out of the shadows and watched Lucy sleep as she tightly clutched a crucifix in her hands. In the blink of an eye, he stood over her. Lucy's eyes snapped open, so Caleb warned her to be quiet and then softly said, "Lucy, I'm home." Lucy stared in horror as he conceded that it had been a long time since they had last seen each other. Lucy scooted to the end of the sofa as she reminded him of their last encounter at Kelly's. "Days, weeks, eternity, what's the difference?" Caleb asked as he casually flopped down on the sofa next to her.

Lucy scrambled away from Caleb, taking note that he had healed from when she had staked him. She regretted that her aim hadn't been true, but Caleb merely shrugged. Lucy was curious why he hadn't insisted that his name was John, so Caleb claimed that he didn't care what she called him. "This is nice, just the two of us. The vampire and the slayer together at last," Caleb remarked with a smile. Lucy accused him of murdering Alison, so Caleb clarified that Alison had tried to kill him first.

Lucy explained that Alison had been trying to protect Rafe. Caleb's smile vanished as he stood up and closed in on Lucy. Lucy held up the crucifix, but Caleb ignored it as he told her that he would never hurt his son. Caleb claimed that he was finally in a position to show Rafe things that Rafe couldn't begin to imagine. Lucy warned Caleb to stay away from Rafe, but Caleb shouted that Rafe was his son. Lucy argued that her cousin, Rafe, was Rafe's father, but Caleb insisted that it had been a cute little story that Alison had concocted.

Caleb reminded Lucy that she and he knew better and then pointed out that her cousin hadn't stuck around to raise the baby. Lucy explained that Rafe had died trying to stop Caleb, which had left Rafe and Alison's son an orphan. Caleb's temper flared as he reminded her that he was Rafe's father. Caleb decided that it was time for Rafe to know the whole truth "about how a stolen wish brought him into existence." "Not my wish. Not my doing, but he's mine, and I will claim him as my own," Caleb angrily added.

Lucy vowed to stop Caleb if Caleb tried to get near Rafe, but Caleb wasn't intimidated. He backed Lucy into a corner and pinned her against the wall, while he pointed out that everyone believed that she was crazy, so no one would help her. Lucy squeezed her eyes shut as Caleb whispered in a menacing tone that she had always been in a losing battle. Seconds later, Lucy woke up from the nightmare. She tried to catch her breath, but tensed when she noticed the curtains drift into the room from the open patio doors.

In the squad room, Anna reviewed Rafe's file as a police officer walked by. She asked the police officer if he had seen John, so he suggested that John might be headed to Canada. The police officer explained that John's fingerprint had been found on the weapon that had killed Alison Barrington. Anna immediately reviewed the report and clarified that it had only been a partial print and match, which meant that the print could have belonged to a relative of John's. The police officer argued that the murder victim's son had accused John of the slaying.

Nearby, T.J. demanded to know if Molly had visited Rafe. T.J. was not pleased when Molly admitted that she had. He reminded her that Rafe was trouble, not a lost puppy. Molly became defensive as she argued that everyone was presumed innocent. She refused to believe that Rafe was capable of murdering his own mother, even if Rafe had been found with the murder weapon in his hand. Anna heard the teens arguing in the hallway, so she asked them if everything was okay.

Molly assured Anna that things were fine, but T.J. asked Anna to explain that Molly wasn't allowed to go to lockup. Anna was livid when she realized what Molly had done, so she marched the teens into the interrogation room and lectured Molly about the rules. Afterwards, Anna sent T.J. and Molly on their way. A short time later, the bickering teens arrived at the courthouse. Shawn overheard them, so he asked if there was a problem.

Molly claimed that she and T.J. had been discussing a project about the book Crime and Punishment. Shawn didn't get a chance to respond because Alexis and Kristina exited the courtroom. Molly was eager to know about Kristina's hearing, so Kristina filled her sister in. Alexis was curious why Molly had missed the arraignment. Everyone except T.J. smiled when Shawn joked that Molly had probably stopped to help a stray.

In lockup, Rafe refused to help the man who had murdered Rafe's mother. John denied that he had killed Alison, but Rafe argued that he had witnessed the crime, so he knew the identity of the killer. John suggested that they work together to figure out who had really killed Rafe's mother. John wanted to know what had transpired the day of the murder, but Rafe remained stubbornly silent. John revealed that he knew that Rafe had been at the diner with Molly, so he invited Rafe to tell the rest of the story.

Rafe regretted that he hadn't heeded his mother's warning. John realized that Rafe had been referring to Caleb, so John admitted that both Alison and Lucy had mistaken John for Caleb. However, John was clear that his name was John McBain and pulled out his badge and identification. Rafe argued that John could have changed his name, but John insisted that he had a lifetime of paperwork to prove that he was who he claimed to be. Eventually, Rafe opened up about what had transpired on the pier.

According to Rafe, he had walked up during a struggle between his mother and "John." Rafe recalled that his mother had been terrified, but "John" had smiled at Rafe and then murdered Alison. John insisted that he hadn't gotten to the pier until after Alison had died. John surmised that the only way for Rafe to have told the truth was if the man who had killed Alison had looked like John. Rafe appeared unconvinced, but John asked for description of what the murderer had been wearing.

Rafe admitted that the man had worn all black, like John. John kept pressing for details until Rafe suddenly noticed that John wasn't wearing the ring that the man in the alley had worn. John's interest was piqued. Rafe described a gold signet ring with an emblem of a bat. John started to walk away, determined to track the lead, but Rafe called out to him. Rafe made it clear that he didn't trust John and that he wasn't convinced that John hadn't killed Alison.

Later, Rafe sat in his jail cell, thinking about Molly's visit and how he had tried to assure her that he hadn't murdered his own mother. "Someone has to believe me," Rafe quietly said in despair.

Meanwhile, Lucy slipped into the police station, sporting a trench coat and a long wool scarf wrapped around her neck and lower face. She started to make her way to lockup, but a police officer recognized her. Lucy went on the attack. Anna heard the commotion and went to investigate. Anna was shocked when she saw a police officer on the ground with Lucy hovering over him and wielding his gun. Anna quickly raised her hands when Lucy aimed the gun at Anna.

In lockup, Rafe looked up when he heard footsteps. "Back already?" Rafe asked. Rafe was unaware that the man standing before him was Caleb, not John.

Friday, February 8, 2013

On the piers, Shawn assured Sonny that the shipment had been secured and admitted that it had felt good to do something that had played into Shawn's skills. Sonny promised to keep that in mind. Their conversation then drifted to Connie's surprise recantation at Kristina's arraignment. Shawn suspected that Connie had done it for Sonny, but Sonny insisted that all that mattered was that Kristina wouldn't have to go to jail and that Connie had told Michael that Sonny hadn't leaked the article about ELQ. However, Sonny was frustrated that Michael hadn't believed Connie.

Sonny and Shawn agreed that the only way to clear Sonny's name was to find out who had given Connie the story. Shawn was curious if Sonny had an idea about who it might have been. Sonny admitted that he suspected Tracy because it wasn't in Tracy's nature to go down without a fight. Shawn realized that Tracy might have been in the mindset that if she couldn't have ELQ, then no one would. Sonny admitted that he would have done the same thing.

At Manning Enterprises, Todd conceded that he lied and screwed up all of the time, but he promised that Carly could trust him. Luke knocked on the office door and asked to talk to Carly. Todd and Carly tried to ignore Luke, but Luke refused to go away. Luke revealed that Carly's assistant had told him that Carly was in the office, so he threatened to break down the door if necessary. Todd took refuge under the credenza, while Carly opened the door. Luke was curious what had taken his niece so long to open the door, so she told her uncle that she had been naked.

Luke saw through the lie, but ignored it as he scanned the office. Carly demanded to know what Luke wanted, so he claimed that he had hoped to lay eyes on her "lovely visage," but instead, he had found her "pretend-naked" in Todd's old office, pining over her latest disaster. Carly explained that the cops had asked if she had seen Todd, so she had decided to check Todd's office. However, she assured Luke that Todd wouldn't have been foolish enough to return. Carly tried to hustle Luke out of the office, but Luke revealed that he had stopped by to talk to her about the missing Quartermaine heir.

Carly insisted that she had no idea what Luke was talking about, but Luke told her that Ned had overheard Carly and A.J.'s conversation about Heather's claim that Edward's will had an "Easter egg" that could shift the balance of power at ELQ. Carly was curious why she should tell Luke anything, so Luke played the family card. Carly realized that Luke hoped to use the information to regain access to Tracy's bank account because he had screwed Tracy over for Anna. Luke admitted that he wanted to help Tracy, but Carly wasn't interested in doing anything for "that battleaxe." Carly also refused to cause any trouble for Michael.

Luke banged his fist on the credenza in frustration, which startled Todd. Luke immediately reached down, grabbed Todd's ear, and forced Todd to stand up. Luke threatened to call the police and turn Carly in for aiding and abetting unless Carly agreed to reveal what she knew about the missing Quartermaine heir. Carly reluctantly told Luke about an encounter that she'd had with Franco in a Christmas tree lot when Franco had told her about his daughter, Lauren. Carly confided that Franco had mentioned that the girl's mother had refused to let Franco see the little girl.

However, Carly warned Luke that it could have been one of Franco's mind games designed to get closer to Carly and Josslyn, so Lauren might not exist. Luke thanked Carly for the intriguing information and left. Afterwards, Todd reminded Carly that he had to leave too. He once again asked her to run away with him, but she refused. Carly explained that she was through settling, so she'd rather be alone if she couldn't have the man and the life that she wanted. Todd tenderly kissed Carly, but Carly pulled away. Todd admitted that he hadn't sensed any hatred in their kiss and then left.

At the Quartermaine mansion, two federal agents arrived to take Tracy into custody. Tracy sputtered with outrage as she demanded to know what she was being charged with. One of the agents wondered if Tracy wanted the charges listed in alphabetical order or descending order based on the maximum sentence. His partner explained that Tracy faced a variety of charges from fraud to racketeering stemming from her decision to turn ELQ into a giant money laundering operation. The agents slapped a pair of handcuffs on Tracy as Connie appeared in the doorway. Connie informed them that she was the publisher of the Sun and a friend of Tracy's, so she wanted to know what was going on.

The agents told Connie that Tracy had been placed under arrest because of an investigation that had resulted from the article about ELQ in the Sun. The agents warned Connie that she would be expected to turn over all documents relating to the article, but Connie refused. The agents threatened to throw Connie in jail with her friend Tracy if Connie ignored the federal warrant, but Connie was unconcerned. Connie hypothetically suggested that her partner and her partner's "toadies" had planted a bogus story in the newspaper to discredit her and then had shredded the documents when Connie had threatened to sue them all for libel. Tracy smiled with satisfaction as Connie pointed out that there weren't any documents incriminating Tracy, so they couldn't arrest Tracy.

The agents were forced to remove the handcuffs from Tracy and left. Afterwards, Tracy fetched snacks and wine to thank Connie and to celebrate Tracy's freedom. Tracy was curious why Connie had helped her, but Connie couldn't explain her sudden good deeds, which she confessed made her feel strange. Tracy smiled and offered Connie some of Lila's pickle relish. Connie raved about it as Tracy confessed that it was the only thing that Edward had left Tracy in the will. At the mention of ELQ, Connie revealed that she had told Michael that Sonny hadn't been responsible for the damaging article about ELQ.

Tracy was devastated because she feared that the Quartermaines would never forgive Tracy for destroying ELQ. Connie assured Tracy that Tracy's secret was still safe because Connie had only cleared Sonny's name. Tracy was relieved that Michael didn't know that Tracy had leaked the story to Connie. Unfortunately for Tracy, Sonny and Shawn strolled into the parlor in time to hear Tracy's unwitting confession.

Tracy haughtily ordered Sonny to leave, so he agreed, since he had proof that Tracy had leaked the story. Tracy jumped up to implore Sonny not to tell Michael about what she had done because Ned would never forgive her. Sonny argued that it was Tracy's problem and then turned to Connie to thank her for what she had done for him earlier that day. After Sonny left, Tracy realized that all hope was lost, but Connie promised to take care of it for Tracy. Tracy lit up with hope and thanked Connie as Connie ran after Sonny.

In the courtyard, Connie called out to Sonny. Shawn offered to fetch Sonny's car to give Sonny and Connie privacy. Connie asked Sonny not to tell Michael that Tracy had leaked the story. Sonny explained that he had to because he didn't want to risk losing his son. Connie pointed out that Sonny and Tracy were in the same boat, so Sonny should appreciate Tracy's position. Connie became suspicious when Sonny suddenly agreed to keep quiet about Tracy's secret.

Sonny assured Connie that he would continue to try to convince Michael of his innocence, but he wouldn't mention Tracy's name because he wanted to repay Connie for all that she had done for Kristina and for Michael. Connie smiled, so Sonny offered to walk her to her car. Sonny smiled when Connie agreed.

Meanwhile, Luke returned from his meeting with Carly to tell Tracy what he had learned about the missing Quartermaine heir. Tracy was shocked when he revealed that Franco might have a daughter named Lauren Frank. Luke suspected that Heather knew how to find Lauren, since Heather had known who had raised Franco. Tracy feared that Lauren might be a psychopath like Franco, have a "weird Electra complex" and fall for A.J.'s "oily charms," or try to use the shares as leverage for personal gain.

Luke suggested that Tracy take it one step at a time. Tracy explained that seizing control of ELQ would only be half the battle because she would still need to return the company to its former glory. Tracy had no idea how to undo the damage, but she blamed Edward for the predicament because he hadn't trusted Tracy to run ELQ. Tracy suddenly appeared deep in thought as she looked at the jar of her mother's pickle relish.

At ELQ, A.J. was on the phone in an attempt to secure a one-time cash infusion for the company that he promised would be repaid quickly. A.J. was disappointed when the person on the phone turned him down. After A.J. ended the call, Michael entered the office. A.J. greeted Michael as Michael explained that he had been detained by Kristina's arraignment. A.J. was curious how everything had gone, so Michael filled him in on the twists and turns that had transpired at the courthouse, including Connie's confession that Sonny hadn't leaked the story about ELQ.

A.J. was skeptical and questioned if Connie's new story could be trusted. Michael explained that Connie had accused Sonny out of spite, so Michael was certain that Connie had told the truth at the courthouse. A.J. didn't want to debate it because they had more important matters to discuss. As if on cue, Duke entered the office. A.J. introduced Duke to Michael. Duke was surprised when he learned that Sonny Corinthos had adopted A.J.'s son, but decided not to comment on it.

A.J. hoped that Duke had some good news for them, but Duke confessed that the meeting with A.J.'s attorneys and the Justice Department to have ELQ's funds unfrozen had been in vain. Duke had also been unsuccessful in persuading ELQ's creditors to issue an extension. Michael was curious what that meant, so A.J. revealed that they wouldn't be able to pay their bills or their employees. Duke regretted that he hadn't been able to help A.J., but A.J. assured Duke that it wasn't Duke's fault. A.J. apologized for not being able to provide Duke with the second chance that Duke had hoped for.

Michael suggested that perhaps ELQ should be reinvented. Michael pointed out that ELQ had never been involved in a scandal before and that the multi-national conglomerate had done a lot of good around the world. Michael thought that their investors should be reminded of that. A.J. was impressed with Michael's idea, so Duke decided to look to the past in an effort to figure out a strategy for recovery. Later, Duke returned to A.J.'s office to announce that the solution to their problems was in Lila's Pickle-Lila Relish.

In lockup, Rafe was unaware that the man before him was Caleb, not John. Rafe remained leery of "John" because he was certain that John had been responsible for Alison's murder. Caleb carefully twisted his signet ring on his finger, so that Rafe wouldn't notice the bat emblem, and explained that he wanted to take Rafe to the crime scene to review Rafe's story and perhaps spark a memory. Rafe refused to leave with "John," so Caleb invited the guard to join them on the outing.

The police officer appeared reluctant to agree, but Caleb assured the man that Anna had approved of the plan. The police officer relented, so he unlocked the jail cell and assured Rafe that there was nothing to worry about because the police officer would stay with Rafe the entire time.

Meanwhile, Anna was stunned when she saw Lucy crouched over an unconscious police officer, aiming the officer's gun at Anna. Anna raised her hands to assure Lucy that she didn't mean Lucy any harm. Anna implored Lucy to put the gun down, but Lucy insisted that it was imperative for Lucy to save Rafe before Caleb found him. Lucy ordered Anna to go to lockup and release Rafe from his jail cell. Anna reluctantly complied because none of the police officers in the squad room had appeared to notice the commotion in the hallway.

Lucy was horrified when she and Anna discovered that Rafe's jail cell was empty. Lucy became agitated when she realized that Caleb had gotten to Rafe. Anna pretended to search the jail cell for clues that might lead them to Rafe. Anna called Lucy over to look at something that Anna had found on the ground. Lucy leaned down to take a closer look, which allowed Anna to gain the upper hand by quickly handcuffing Lucy's wrist to the jail cell then snatching the gun out of Lucy's hand.

Lucy screamed for Anna to let her go, but Anna locked the door and left lockup. A short time later, Anna reviewed the security footage from lockup to figure out what had happened to Rafe. She was stunned when she saw a man that she believed was John lead Rafe and another police officer out of lockup.

On pier 52, Caleb, passing himself off as John, asked Rafe to walk him through what had transpired when Rafe's mother had been murdered. The police officer became uneasy when Caleb pulled the murder weapon out of the evidence bag. Caleb assured the police officer that it was fine because the lab had already tested the weapon. Rafe argued that John already knew how Alison had died, since John had killed Alison. Caleb pushed for Rafe to cooperate, so Rafe described what he had seen. Caleb enlisted the police officer to reenact the crime with the police officer standing in for Alison.

Rafe was shocked when Caleb suddenly plunged the arrow into the police officer. Caleb smiled wickedly as the police officer dropped to the ground. Rafe recovered from the shock, but not before Caleb had stepped within reach. Caleb assured Rafe that Rafe was safe because Caleb would never kill his own son. Rafe insisted that his father was Rafe Kovich and accused "John" of killing Alison. Caleb assured Rafe that Alison was at peace and then announced that he planned to raise Rafe to be the man that Rafe was meant to be.

Caleb vowed that Rafe would be the spitting image of his father and then pointed to a boat in the water that would take them far away from Port Charles. Rafe managed to slip out of Caleb's grasp and flee. Caleb assured his retreating son that Rafe wouldn't be able to hide from him. Caleb then walked over to the police officer, removed the arrow from the man's stomach, sat down next to the body, and licked the blood off of the dripping weapon.

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