General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 29, 2013 on GH

A.J. and Carly slept together. Nikolas declared his feelings for Elizabeth. Ellie learned that Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's baby. Johnny revealed that Morgan was in danger. Britt manipulated Patrick into promising to help her raise the baby.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 29, 2013 on GH
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Monday, April 29, 2013

Connie went to see Johnny at Pentonville and demanded to know why he had sent for her. Johnny said that he had learned that Carly's son was in danger, and although he had tried to talk to Carly, she had refused his calls. At first, Connie thought that Johnny was talking about Michael, but Johnny explained that one of the scams run from inside prison was online betting. Cons hooked rich kids attending private schools on gambling and then forced the parents to pay when their kids got in too deep. Recently Johnny had seen a list of big debtors with the name "Morgan Benson," the pseudonym of Morgan Corinthos, on it.

Johnny feared that because Morgan owed so much money, his relationship as Sonny's son, the very thing Carly had been trying to hide, would soon be discovered, and Morgan would be in mortal danger. Connie said that she was finally a whole person, and dealing with Sonny would be difficult for her. Johnny encouraged Connie to talk to Carly. After more discussion, Connie agreed to approach Carly.

Johnny apologized for hurting Connie. Connie said that even though she had blackmailed Johnny into marriage, which she added was in the process of being terminated, she had never wanted Johnny to end up in Pentonville. Johnny said he was where he belonged. Johnnie and Connie wished each other well before Connie departed for Port Charles.

Carly and A.J. argued about Brenda and Michael in the Metro Court dining room. A.J. insisted that Michael was fine, but Carly believed that Michael had been deeply hurt by Brenda, despite the fact that apparently Brenda and Michael had not slept together. Carly said that Brenda had made Michael feel guilty about betraying Sonny and that would hurt Michael more than anything else could. A.J. told Carly that Michael was an adult and whom he slept with was not her business.

Carly said that the hotel was her business and just like she had kicked Brenda out, she could kick A.J. out. A.J. quickly changed his tune and apologized for ruffling Carly's feathers. A.J. then asked for a favor. He wanted a table for two that evening. When Carly realized that it was for a dinner with Elizabeth, Carly said that she had seen A.J. with Elizabeth at the Nurses Ball and she was surprised that A.J. had not already screwed the relationship up. The look on A.J.'s face told Carly that she had hit the mark.

A.J. said that he had not screwed things up but that Nikolas was on the scene and had interfered. Carly was delighted at A.J.'s discomfort. She added to it by refusing him a table. Voices were raised as A.J. questioned Carly's decision and begged Carly to be a human being for once in her life.

Sonny and Olivia met in the Metro Court lobby. Olivia brought Sonny up to speed on the search for Lulu. Sonny said he would get Max and Milo to start looking, but Olivia said that Dante had already recruited the brothers to help. Olivia invited Sonny to dinner. He demurred, but Olivia said that she knew that it was Sonny's birthday, and she did not intend to allow him to celebrate it alone.

Sonny said that his last birthday had been a surprise party that Connie had planned and then ruined in spectacular fashion. Olivia promised that on this occasion, it would just be the two of them. Olivia and Sonny heard raised voices in the dining room. Once inside, Sonny saw that A.J. and Carly were arguing and that A.J. was holding tightly to Carly's wrist. Sonny grabbed A.J. and forced him to let go. Olivia tried to lighten the mood by announcing that she was treating Sonny to a birthday dinner.

Carly wished Sonny a happy birthday, but A.J. taunted Sonny about Michael and Brenda, implying that Brenda had lied when she denied having sex with Michael. Sonny punched A.J. in the face, and he went down on his butt. As A.J. sat on the floor, he continued to spew venom at Sonny. Both Carly and Olivia told A.J. to get out, but before he could be escorted to the door, A.J. had a panic attack. Carly thought it was a heart attack, but A.J. stopped her and said that what he really needed was air. Reluctantly, Carly helped A.J. out of the restaurant.

Sonny and Olivia remained and had dinner. Sonny's mood was much lighter by the time the cake arrived. Olivia told Sonny to close his eyes, make a wish, and blow out the candles. Connie arrived and asked to see Carly, who had left earlier with A.J. As Connie scanned the restaurant, Sonny blew out the candles, looked up, and locked eyes with her.

At the penthouse, Sam held Danny and asked Rafe if there was anything that he wanted to talk about. Rafe said that there was nothing in particular. When the doorbell rang, Rafe wanted to know if he should get it. Sam told him yes because it was Rafe's home, too. Rafe had a big smile on his face when he opened the door and found Molly and Alexis there.

When Molly asked how Rafe was doing, he said that it was the first time in his life that he had ever had a room of his own. Sam told Molly and Alexis that Rafe was a wonderful cook and took great care of Danny, so she thought that everything was working out very well for all three of them. When Molly said that she was on her way to Kelly's to meet T.J., Sam encouraged Rafe to tag along.

Before the teens could set out, Alexis subtly cued Sam to ask Rafe if he needed money and to set a curfew. Once the kids were gone, Alexis wanted to know why Sam had wanted to talk to her alone. Sam was immediately forthcoming. She was worried about Rafe, who seemed distracted by something. When Alexis suggested counseling, Sam said that she had gone to the foster care system, but they felt that since Rafe had a home, unlike so many others, he did not need any additional help.

Sam feared that Rafe was still traumatized by the knowledge that a man who had been revealed as Rafe's biological father had also been revealed as his mother's murderer. Alexis thought that Rafe was a strong young man. Alexis reminded Sam that caring about someone created both joy and heartache. Sam had a lot of sympathy for Rafe because she remembered being in similar circumstances. Sam had survived it because she had gotten the help that she had needed. Alexis said that it would take Rafe time to adjust, but that the good news was that Rafe had a lot of support, just like Sam had had when she needed it.

At Kelly's, Shawn was impressed by T.J.'s upbeat attitude. T.J. said that everything was back on track with Molly, and he thanked Shawn for talking him down before T.J. had done anything to jeopardize his relationship with Molly. T.J. said that he had tickets for the prom and needed $500 to rent a tux and limo, and to pay for the incidentals. Shawn understood the importance of the prom but told T.J. that while he would give T.J. some of the money, T.J. would have to work extra hours at Kelly's to earn the rest. T.J. was very happy and readily agreed.

Molly and Rafe paused outside Kelly's. He remembered that he had eaten chili with Molly at Kelly's on the day that his mother had been killed. Molly offered to go somewhere else, but Rafe wanted Molly to know how much it had meant to him that Molly had talked to him like a friend who mattered. Molly smiled when she said that Rafe did matter to her. Rafe kissed Molly. Molly stopped Rafe and asked what he was doing. Rafe told Molly that he liked her.

Molly said that she was T.J.'s girl. Molly told Rafe that she thought he was an amazing person and that he meant a lot to her as a friend, but T.J. was her boyfriend. Rafe did not take her rejection easily, Rafe said that he had to go and then told Molly to have fun with T.J. before walking away. Molly went into Kelly's and T.J. greeted her with a kiss. He asked why she had been late. Without mentioning that she had been with Rafe, Molly told T.J. that her mother had taken her to Sam's to check on Rafe and that she had walked from there.

T.J. thought that Molly was downbeat because it was not working out between Sam and Rafe, but Molly assured T.J. that everything was terrific between the two. Rafe dragged himself back to the penthouse and asked if he could go to his room. Sam said yes and then indicated to Alexis that was what she had meant about Rafe seeming troubled. Alexis said that teenagers were moody. When Sam asked how long it lasted, Alexis jokingly told Sam that it lasted until the teen was eighteen. Alexis left shortly after, but Sam still seemed thoughtful.

At the clinic, Britt thanked Patrick for being with her. When Britt's named was called, she asked Patrick to see the doctor with her because, Britt said, she was nervous and needed a friend. Patrick went along. Once in the examining room, the doctor asked if Britt was making the decision to terminate her pregnancy of her own free will or if Britt felt that she was being pressured to do so. Britt said that the child's father had made his choice, so she had no other choice.

Patrick immediately wanted to know if Britt had made her decision because of him. The doctor left them alone. Patrick said that he had never intended for Britt to think that he would not care for the baby or share the responsibility of it. Patrick said that if Britt had thought that he would abandon his child, she had thought wrong. Patrick assured Britt that he would support her choice one hundred percent, but insisted that the final choice was up to Britt.

Patrick said that if Britt decided to have the baby, he would take care of his responsibilities. Patrick added that while he could not promise to be there for Britt, he would always be there for his child. Patrick reiterated that the choice was Britt's, and he would support whatever decision Britt made.

Sabrina went to see Felix while he babysat for Emma. Felix said that Patrick had been unhappy about canceling his date with Sabrina. Sabrina said that even though Britt was a bitch, she was in need, so Patrick had needed to help her. Emma joined them and wanted to know why Sabrina was not out on a date with her daddy.

Felix and Sabrina tried to explain that Patrick was with a patient, but Emma kept trying to pin them down and get the name of the patient. Felix, laughing, told Emma that she would make a good lawyer. All attempts at distraction failed. Felix and Sabrina finally told Emma about doctor-patient confidentiality and said that medical professionals were not allowed to tell names. Emma accepted that answer and dropped the subject.

After Emma was asleep, Felix admitted that babysitting could be a very tiring task. When he got a call from another nurse who asked him to cover a shift, Sabrina told him to go because she could stay with Emma until Patrick got home. Sabrina was asleep on the couch with one of Emma's tiaras on her head when Patrick arrived home. Patrick kissed her.

Sabrina awoke and said that she guessed that a kiss was what happened to people who fell asleep with a tiara on their head. Patrick said that he was certainly no Prince Charming, but Sabrina looked like she disagreed. Sabrina told Patrick that Felix had been called back to the hospital, and she asked if Patrick was okay. Patrick said he was fine. When Sabrina asked about Britt, Patrick announced that Britt had decided to keep the baby.

At the clinic, the receptionist asked if Britt wanted to make another appointment. She cautioned Britt that the procedure would only be viable for a short time. Britt told the receptionist that she did not intend to have the procedure. Britt smiled smugly when she confided that she had never intended to have the procedure.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

At the apartment, Ellie was about to open Maxie's medical file on the laptop when Maxie entered the living room. Ellie immediately slammed the laptop closed, prompting Maxie to wonder what Ellie had been hiding. Ellie claimed that she had been working on something personal, but Maxie was skeptical. Ellie assured Maxie that she hadn't been snooping into Maxie's medical records because it would have been foolish to risk discovery.

Ellie explained that she had decided to work in the living room because it was roomier and she had thought that Maxie was asleep. Maxie revealed that she had been trying to catch up on some Crimson work that she had missed because of Ellie's antics at the hospital. Maxie had suddenly had a craving for relish and marshmallows, so she had decided to take a break. Maxie turned to the kitchen to fetch something to eat as she invited Ellie to continue with what Ellie had been working on. Maxie was horrified when Ellie claimed that she had been "Skyping" with Spinelli, who had been in the nude.

Maxie informed Ellie that engaging in cybersex in the living room was grounds for eviction, so Ellie quickly clarified that Spinelli had been showing her his "Magic Milo" routine. Maxie wasn't appeased, but she appreciated that at least Ellie hadn't been digging into Maxie's medical files. After Maxie returned to her bedroom with a tray of food, Ellie opened her laptop. She briefly debated whether or not to look at the file, but decided that the baby's health outweighed any concern for Maxie's privacy. Ellie was shocked when she scanned Maxie's medical file. It stated that it had been confirmed that Maxie had been pregnant on December 24, 2012, had miscarried on January 2, 2013, and had been confirmed pregnant again on January 18, 2013. Ellie realized that Maxie couldn't be pregnant with Dante and Lulu's baby.

At the Metro Court Restaurant, Sonny and Olivia wondered if Connie was there to join them for Sonny's birthday celebration. Connie revealed that she was there to find out if Sonny knew where Morgan was. Sonny's brow furrowed in confusion, so Connie told Sonny about Johnny's phone call, her visit to Pentonville, and Johnny's claim that Morgan had incurred a substantial debt with a gambling ring operating in Pentonville that targeted rich students at Morgan's private school. Connie explained that Johnny was concerned that Morgan could end up in serious trouble if anyone found out that he was Sonny's son.

Olivia worried that it was some kind of setup designed to get to Sonny, but Sonny refused to take a chance with his son's life. He called Morgan, but the call when straight to voicemail. Sonny decided to deal with the situation, so he thanked Connie then left. Connie joined her cousin at the table. They talked about Johnny and how different things were since the previous spring. Olivia admitted that she had felt bad for Sonny, so she had hoped that the dinner would give him some peace. However, Olivia had forgotten that when one disaster cleared with Sonny, another appeared on the horizon.

Dante approached Max at Pozzulo's to find out if Max had any idea where Lulu was. Max urged Dante to relax because Lulu had called, but Dante explained that he was worried about who Lulu was with. Dante knew that Max and Milo had contacts who might be more helpful, so he wanted Max and Milo to ask around about Lulu. Max confessed that Milo might provide them with a lead. Frustrated, Dante wondered why Max hadn't said anything sooner, so Max explained that Milo might know something without realizing it.

At Milo's apartment, Lulu rubbed out a kink in Milo's back after he worked out. Milo thanked Lulu as he gingerly made his way to the bed to sit down. Lulu confided that she feared that she had messed things up by calling Dante. Milo assured Lulu that he enjoyed having her there, but he pointed out that she would have to go back to Dante eventually. Lulu argued that she couldn't because she felt pressured by Dante to remember her past. She asked Milo to imagine waking up one morning to learn that he was married to her and was expected to return her love.

Milo carefully hid how much the idea appealed to him, but Lulu's troubled thoughts were elsewhere. She felt terrible for Dante because she could tell how much he had loved his wife. Milo gently reminded Lulu that she couldn't stay with Milo forever. "Why not?" Lulu wondered. Milo pointed out that it was a studio apartment with one bed. Lulu suggested that they could share the bed because it was roomy, but Milo was forced to admit that it wouldn't be appropriate because he had feelings for her.

Lulu was surprised when Milo confessed that he'd had a crush on her for years, but she had been interested in Johnny then Dante. Lulu thought that Milo was a kind person, so she couldn't understand why she hadn't noticed him. Milo pointed out that she had been looking for something else at the time. Milo and Lulu became lost in each other's eyes, so they didn't hear Max enter. Max immediately picked up on the chemistry between his brother and Lulu, so he demanded to know what was going on.

Milo assured Max that everything was fine, while Lulu insisted that she and Milo had just been talking. Max suggested that Lulu change out of her workout clothes, so that she wouldn't look like she had just stepped out of a sauna when she talked to Dante. Lulu made it clear that she didn't have any intention of seeing Dante, but Max insisted that she had to because Dante was going crazy. Max also warned Milo that the boss would bury Milo if Sonny found out what Milo had done.

Lulu refused to talk to Dante because Dante was a complete stranger to her. Max argued that most husbands and wives started out as strangers, so Lulu should give Dante a chance. Lulu admitted that it might help if Dante would stop trying to force her to remember and gave her time to get to know Dante. Max offered to talk to Dante, but Lulu didn't like the idea of forcing Dante to do something that he didn't want to do.

Max warned Lulu that the longer that she stayed with Milo, the longer Milo would have a target on his back. Lulu didn't want Milo to be in danger because of her, so she offered to leave. However, she made it clear that she wouldn't go to Dante. Milo refused to let Lulu go because he had promised her that she could stay with him. Lulu smiled in gratitude, but Max warned them that they were making a big mistake. Milo and Lulu didn't care, so Max revealed that he intended to let Dante know where Lulu was.

After Max left, Milo confessed that he was hurt that Max had turned against him because Max had always looked out for his younger brother. Lulu promised Milo that she would never forget everything that he had done for her. She vowed to stop anyone who tried to punish Milo for helping her. Milo assured Lulu that he could take care of himself, but he was concerned about her. Lulu promised him that she was fine. Milo and Lulu stared at each other for a long moment then kissed.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Sonny told Dante that Lulu might not be the only person in the family who was missing. Dante was shocked when Sonny revealed the details about Morgan's gambling debt and Johnny's warning that Morgan was in grave danger if anyone learned that Morgan was Sonny's son. Dante insisted that it didn't make any sense for Morgan to gamble because Morgan hadn't been exposed to Sonny's lifestyle.

Sonny blamed Carly for contributing to Morgan's dilemma because she had isolated Morgan from Sonny, so Sonny hadn't been able to guide and teach Morgan what to watch out for. Dante suggested that Sonny call Carly and Jax. Sonny explained that he had left Carly several messages and that Jax hadn't heard from Morgan, so it was up to Sonny to deal with the situation. Dante offered to help, but Sonny ordered Dante to focus on finding Lulu.

Sonny advised Dante to give Lulu some space and not to push her, or Dante might lose Lulu the way that Sonny had lost Connie. Dante agreed, but he was concerned about Sonny handling things alone. Sonny assured Dante that he would have Shawn for backup, so that Max and Milo could help Dante search for Lulu. Moments later, Max entered the office, so Sonny gave Max a few quick instructions and then left. Dante was curious if Milo had revealed anything useful.

Max admitted that Milo knew where Lulu was. Shocked, Dante demanded to know where his wife had been staying. Max confessed that Lulu was at Milo's apartment.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly overheard A.J. as he left Elizabeth a voicemail message apologizing for leaving several other voicemail messages. However, he wanted Elizabeth to know that he was sorry for acting like a "jealous, possessive jerk." A.J. asked Elizabeth to give him a second chance because he thought that they had been on the verge of something really great that he didn't want to throw away before it had a chance to begin. After A.J. ended the call, Carly made her presence known by handing him an ice pack for his tender jaw.

A.J. and Carly began to bicker as she suggested that A.J. had wanted Sonny to punch him because A.J. wanted to be punished for botching things up with Elizabeth. A.J. denied it, but Carly accused A.J. of being a self-destructive masochist who hadn't had the courage to punch a wall or pick up a stranger in a bar. The argument took a nasty turn when A.J. made a snide comment about how Carly had been in bed. Carly retaliated by throwing A.J.'s alcoholism in his face, prompting A.J. to make an unflattering remark about Carly's failed relationships.

"There's the A.J. I know," Carly said as she slowly clapped. A.J. glared at Carly, so she switched gears by asking A.J. about his strange reaction after Sonny had punched him. A.J. realized that it was pointless to hide it, so he admitted that he suffered from panic attacks. Carly started to laugh until she realized that A.J. was serious, so she asked him what he was afraid of. Carly didn't want Michael to have to deal with A.J.'s problems, so she offered to help him figure out what triggered the anxiety attacks. A.J. didn't trust Carly enough to open up to her, but he assured her that the attacks were under control thanks to Elizabeth.

Carly pointed out that Elizabeth was no longer in the picture because she had figured out that A.J. was a "jealous, possessive jerk." Carly added that Elizabeth had obviously moved on with Nikolas, so A.J. should move on too. A.J. refused to lose the best thing that had happened to him since Michael had agreed to let A.J. into his life. A.J. whipped out his cell phone then called Elizabeth, but Nikolas answered the phone.

At Wyndemere, Elizabeth had reservations about Nikolas recuperating in the old dusty castle. She thought that he'd be better off on the mainland, so she invited him to stay with her. Nikolas doubted that A.J. would approve and admitted that Wyndemere would feel more like home once Spencer arrived. Elizabeth was surprised that Nikolas had sent for his son, so Nikolas explained that he would not be leaving Port Charles until he was certain that his sister was okay. Moments later, Elizabeth's phone chimed, so she checked it.

Elizabeth saw that she had a message from A.J., so she excused herself to listen to it. She returned a few minutes later and started to talk about dinner, but Nikolas was curious what A.J. had said. Elizabeth was reluctant to tell Nikolas, but he pushed for an answer. She admitted that A.J. wanted a second chance, but Nikolas insisted that A.J. hadn't changed, so A.J. didn't deserve it.

Elizabeth assured Nikolas that she remembered what A.J. had been like before A.J. had "died," but she argued that A.J. was a changed man. Elizabeth confessed that she felt compassion for A.J., so Nikolas offered to have the launch readied so Elizabeth could go to A.J. Elizabeth suspected that it was an attempt at reverse psychology, but she declined the offer anyway. She thought that it was best for whatever had been between her and A.J. to burn out quickly.

Nikolas thought that A.J. had done Elizabeth a favor by giving her a glimpse of the real A.J. Elizabeth argued that A.J. wasn't a bad person then quickly changed the subject by offering to check the kitchen for something to eat. After Elizabeth left the room, her phone rang. Nikolas saw that A.J. was calling, so he answered the phone. Through gritted teeth A.J. asked why Nikolas was answering Elizabeth's phone. Elizabeth returned to the room as Nikolas assured A.J. that things were not as they seemed.

Elizabeth snatched the phone out of Nikolas' hand, but it was too late. A.J. was livid because he had assumed that Elizabeth was "playing house" with Nikolas less than a day after ending things with A.J. Elizabeth tried to explain, but A.J. assured her that he had received her message loud and clear then ended the call. Elizabeth was furious that A.J. had practically called her a "slut." Nikolas admitted that it wasn't entirely A.J.'s fault because A.J. had gotten the wrong impression when Nikolas had answered the phone.

Elizabeth was curious why Nikolas had answered her phone. Nikolas claimed that it was because he had hoped to clear the air with A.J. Elizabeth suspected that Nikolas had wanted A.J. to jump to the worst possible conclusion by giving A.J. the impression that Nikolas and Elizabeth were back together. "That's the worst possible conclusion?" Nikolas asked. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that everyone knew that they were over.

"Do you know that? Because I don't know that. Not at all," Nikolas admitted. Nikolas confessed that even though he had left Port Charles, he had never stopped thinking about Elizabeth. Nikolas told her that he had never gotten over her and never wanted to. "Not ever," Nikolas added as he passionately kissed her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. threw the cell phone across the room then reached for a decanter of alcohol. Carly demanded to know what A.J. was doing. "Having a drink," A.J. replied. Carly was not amused, so she grabbed the decanter out of his hand. A.J. couldn't understand why Carly wanted to stop him from drinking since, she would get what she wanted without having to lift a finger or to drug him then dump him in an alley as she had once done. Annoyed, Carly handed him the decanter of alcohol.

"Fine, make my day," Carly said as she proceeded to goad A.J. to take a drink. She offered to have a drink with him, so she filled two glasses then handed one to A.J. Enraged, A.J. knocked the drink out of her hand with such force that the glass flew across the room and shattered. Carly could see the anger in A.J.'s eyes. "Hit me, I dare you," Carly shouted. A.J. surprised Carly by kissing her.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In upstate New York, Spinelli introduced himself to Betsy Frank when she answered his knock. He explained that he wanted to talk to her about her son's connection to the Quartermaines. Betsy informed Spinelli that "Bobby's" only connection to the Quartermaines had been Jason, the man who had had killed her son. Spinelli revealed that he knew that Alan Quartermaine had been Franco's biological father and that Franco had a daughter, who stood to inherit a portion of the Quartermaine estate.

Betsy insisted that her son hadn't had any children, but Spinelli revealed that he had talked to Heather Webber. Betsy was surprised that Heather had told Spinelli about Franco's daughter, but she stopped denying the existence of her granddaughter. Betsy told Spinelli that her son had been brokenhearted because Franco hadn't been allowed to have a relationship with his daughter. Spinelli empathized because he had grown up not knowing his own parents.

Betsy accused her granddaughter's mother of treating Franco's daughter like a possession. She complained that the woman had even prohibited Betsy from spending time with Lauren. Betsy thought that Lauren's mother deserved to feel the same kind of pain that Franco had felt, so Spinelli suggested that perhaps he could help. He explained that his client was Lauren's uncle, A.J. Quartermaine. According to Spinelli, A.J. wanted to make certain that Lauren received her share of the Quartermaine estate, which would provide Lauren with financial independence.

Spinelli thought that Lauren would, in time, decide to get to know her father's mother. Betsy seemed pleased with the idea, but confessed that the only address that she had for her granddaughter was several years old. Spinelli assured her that it would be a good place to start, so Betsy quickly scribbled it down on a piece of paper then handed it to Spinelli. She hoped that Spinelli never suffered the same cruel fate as her son had by being denied an opportunity to know his own offspring.

After Spinelli left, Betsy called out to someone who had been lurking out of sight. "That nosey Quartermaine P.I. is gone," Betsy announced. "You can come out now," she told the mystery person.

In Maxie and Ellie's apartment, Ellie stared in shock at her laptop's screen as she read Maxie's medical file. She realized that Maxie had suffered a miscarriage on January 2, 2013, which meant that Maxie couldn't be pregnant with Dante and Lulu's child. Moments later, Maxie passed through the living room. She was stunned when Ellie accused her of having miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby. Maxie immediately denied it, but Ellie explained that she had read Maxie's medical file.

Maxie was furious that Ellie had looked at the medical file, but Ellie argued that she had been worried about the baby. Ellie accused Maxie of faking the pregnancy, but Maxie assured Ellie that the baby growing inside of Maxie's womb was real and that there were sonograms to prove it. Ellie suspected that Maxie had persuaded Britt to implant one of the two unused embryos that Dante and Lulu had stored at the lab. Maxie denied it, but Ellie was determined to prove Maxie wrong by going to the lab.

Maxie confessed that Ellie would find the two embryos. Ellie was shocked when Maxie admitted she wasn't pregnant with Dante and Lulu's baby. Maxie revealed that she had intended to tell Dante and Lulu about the miscarriage, but they had been called away to Turkey to rescue Luke. Maxie admitted that she had gone to Britt with the intention of having one of the embryos implanted, but a blood test had confirmed that Maxie had already been pregnant. Ellie quickly put the pieces together as she realized that Maxie was pregnant with Spinelli's baby.

Maxie admitted that she had hoped to keep her secret from everyone. Ellie thought that everyone, including Spinelli, had a right to know the truth, but Maxie disagreed. Ellie warned Maxie that she intended to tell Spinelli about the baby, since it was clear that Maxie wouldn't. Maxie was horrified when Ellie called Spinelli. Spinelli answered the phone, so Ellie confessed that she had something important to tell him.

In Milo's apartment, Lulu kissed Milo. Milo returned the kiss for several heartbeats then gently pushed Lulu away. He explained that it was wrong for them to kiss, but Lulu disagreed. She confessed that the kiss had felt right because she didn't have any memory of her past, and she knew that Milo had had feelings for her. Milo was startled when she kissed him again, so he once again ended the kiss and told her that they had to stop because she was married to his boss's son and her husband was a police officer and a friend.

Lulu argued that Dante had too many expectations of her, but she was drawn to Milo because he accepted her for who she was. According to Lulu, kissing Milo had made her feel less lonely. Milo appreciated that she felt better when she was around him, but he refused to let things go further than they already had. Lulu resented that she wasn't allowed to live her own life, but Milo was certain that Lulu's memories would return and that she would be grateful that he had stopped her from making a mistake that she would regret.

Lulu shifted gears by wondering if Max would tell Dante where she was. As if on cue, Dante banged on the front door, demanding entrance. Lulu refused to let Milo become a target, so she went to the door to deal with Dante. Dante sighed with relief when he saw Lulu, but Lulu made it clear that she didn't want to talk to him. She tried to close the door, but Dante blocked the attempt then pushed his way into the apartment.

Dante implored Lulu to go home with him, but Lulu refused because she felt more comfortable at Milo's place. Dante was curious why Milo hadn't alerted Dante immediately that Lulu had been found. Milo tried to explain the events as they had transpired, but Dante's temper flared when he realized that Lulu had spent the night in Milo's apartment. Lulu was shocked when Dante suddenly punched Milo, knocking Milo to the ground. Lulu rushed to Milo's side as she threatened to call the police on Dante.

Dante reminded Lulu that he was the police, so Lulu informed Dante that she preferred Milo's company because Milo accepted her for who she was, unlike Dante who constantly made demands on her. Lulu insisted that Dante had been wrong to punch Milo, so she expected Dante to apologize. Dante was stunned but recognized the determination in her expression. He grudgingly apologized for his violent outburst, but blamed it on his feeling hurt that his wife preferred another man's company and Milo's deception.

Lulu suggested that Dante quit while he was ahead. Dante pleaded with Lulu to return to the loft with him, and he promised to give her plenty of space to rest and relax. Dante assured her that he wouldn't pressure her to remember, but he wanted the opportunity to take care of her the way that Milo had. Lulu explained that she wasn't ready to go somewhere that she didn't recognize, so Dante suggested that perhaps returning to the loft with him would spark a memory.

Lulu insisted that she had tried to remember the past by searching the Internet about herself, but it hadn't worked. She felt most at ease with Milo, so she refused to leave his apartment. Dante announced that he would move in with Lulu and Milo until Lulu was ready to return home.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas confessed that he had never gotten over Elizabeth. Elizabeth was startled when Nikolas suddenly embraced her then passionately kissed her. She briefly returned the heated kiss but then pulled away. Elizabeth explained that they couldn't get involved with each other again, but Nikolas argued that nothing was standing in their way. Elizabeth reminded Nikolas that Lucky would find out and feel betrayed.

Elizabeth explained that she would always be tethered to Lucky because Lucky was Cam and Aiden's father. She refused to jeopardize the peace that she and Lucky had forged by getting involved with Nikolas again. Nikolas insisted that Lucky wasn't in a position to dictate what they could and couldn't do, but Elizabeth was adamant that it wouldn't be right. She pointed out that Nikolas had deeply regretted almost losing his brother, so she refused to put him through that again.

Nikolas argued that the strong feelings that they had once shared were still there because he had felt it in their kiss. He was certain that Elizabeth had felt it too. Nikolas was eager to explore a relationship with Elizabeth without having to hide in the shadows. He confessed that the only reason that he had walked away from her and had left town was because he had wanted to give Lucky and Elizabeth a chance to work things out. Nikolas admitted that he had never stopped missing her and that he had felt empty without her.

According to Nikolas, he had fought his way back from the brink of death because of the strength that Elizabeth had given him. Elizabeth conceded that she had always felt a special connection to him, but she couldn't be with him. Nikolas was curious if A.J. had anything to do with her reluctance to give their relationship a chance. Elizabeth admitted that she had thought about what A.J. had said to her. She confessed that she had overreacted and that she had never intended to break things off with A.J.

Nikolas accused A.J. of manipulating Elizabeth by making her doubt her own feelings. Elizabeth argued that she had been hurt, so her decision to stop seeing A.J. had been more about that than anything that A.J. had said. Nikolas didn't think it gave A.J. the right to treat Elizabeth as if she were A.J.'s personal property. Elizabeth pointed out that Nikolas had feelings for her, so A.J.'s concerns had been valid.

Nikolas thought that Elizabeth was too generous with A.J., so he advised Elizabeth against giving A.J. a second chance. Nikolas reminded her that A.J. had done a lot of damage too many people over the years. Frustrated, Elizabeth pointed out that she knew about A.J.'s checkered history. Nikolas feared that A.J. would inevitably make another monumental mistake and that she would end up caught in the crossfire. Elizabeth refused to leave things with A.J. as they were because A.J. had been there for her during difficult times.

Elizabeth believed that she owed it to A.J. to hear him out. Nikolas vowed not to give up on her because he was certain that he was meant to have a life with her. Nikolas tried to kiss her again, but Elizabeth turned away with unshed tears glistening in her eyes. After Elizabeth left, Nikolas looked around as he recalled making love to her in the room during their brief affair.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Carly offered A.J. a drink as she goaded him to take it. A.J. knocked the drink out of her hand with enough force that the glass flew across the room and shattered. Carly saw the rage in A.J.'s eyes, so she dared him to hit her. A.J. surprised Carly by kissing her instead. Lust quickly flared between A.J. and Carly as they stumbled against the wall. They stopped kissing long enough to race to A.J.'s bedroom, where they promptly picked up where they had left off.

A.J. and Carly tore each other's clothes off as they fell onto the bed and had sex. Afterwards, A.J. and Carly struggled to catch their breath as regrets immediately sank in. Carly attributed her lapse in judgment to temporary insanity, while A.J. confessed that he had only wanted to forget that he had ruined things with Elizabeth. Carly glared at A.J. as she assured him that she hated him. A.J. promised her that the feeling was mutual.

A.J. and Carly agreed that they would never tell anyone what they had done or speak of it again. They both jumped when Monica suddenly knocked on the door and asked if A.J. was okay. Carly dove under the covers to hide as A.J. went to deal with his mother. He carefully slipped into the hallway, pulling the door closed behind him as he assured his mother that he was fine. Monica explained that she had heard a loud crash in his room, so A.J. admitted that he had knocked over the lamp.

Monica became concerned when she noticed that A.J. looked flushed. She reached for his wrist to take his pulse. She became alarmed when she realized that his pulse was racing. A.J. was forced to admit that his symptoms were not a result of a panic attack, but rather because he had company in his bedroom. Monica smiled knowingly as she confided that she was happy that A.J. and Elizabeth had grown closer. Monica was pleased that he had someone in his life that she approved of because she had never been impressed with the types of women that he had associated with during his drinking days.

In the bedroom, Carly bristled when she overheard Monica's remarks about the women that A.J. had dated in the past. "I've got to get out of here," Carly declared when A.J. returned to the bedroom. She demanded that he help her find her clothes then grumbled about Monica's assumption that Elizabeth had been sharing A.J.'s bed. She chuckled at the thought of Monica's reaction if Monica were to discover the truth.

Meanwhile, Monica looked at the some pictures taken of A.J. and Elizabeth on the red carpet during the Nurses Ball. The doorbell rang, so Monica went to the door to answer it. She was shocked when she saw Elizabeth standing on the doorstep.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

At the apartment, Ellie confessed to Spinelli that she had something important to tell him. Maxie panicked and tried to snatch the cell phone away from Ellie before Ellie could tell Spinelli the truth about Maxie's pregnancy. Spinelli heard the commotion over the phone, but he couldn't make out what Ellie and Maxie were saying. Desperate, Maxie reminded Ellie of the miscarriage then suggested that the struggle might trigger another one. Ellie immediately relinquished her hold on the cell phone.

Maxie took a calming breath then told Spinelli that Ellie had stepped out of the apartment. Spinelli was skeptical because Ellie had intended to tell him something important. He wondered if it had anything to do with Dante and Lulu's baby. Maxie carefully asked him to explain what he had meant by that. Spinelli admitted that Ellie had been worried that something had been amiss with the baby and that Maxie had neglected to tell Dante and Lulu.

Maxie claimed that Ellie had intended to confess that Ellie had hacked into the hospital's computer system to access Maxie's medical records. Maxie accused Ellie of being a sneak and a thief. "And?" Spinelli asked. He didn't condone Ellie's methods, but he was curious if Ellie's search had been fruitful. Maxie assured Spinelli that the baby was fine and that Ellie had confessed when she had seen the error of her ways. Maxie added that she had forgiven Ellie for the transgression.

Spinelli was relieved that Maxie and Ellie had settled their differences, but he wanted Ellie to call him back when she returned. After Maxie ended the call, Ellie warned Maxie that Maxie had only delayed the inevitable because Ellie intended to tell Spinelli about the baby when he returned from his trip. Moments later, Spinelli called Ellie back, but Maxie sent the call to voicemail, so she could explain her side of things. Maxie insisted that Dante and Lulu hadn't deserved to lose their child, because they had gone through a lot of have a baby.

Ellie pointed out that Dante and Lulu had lost their child when Maxie had miscarried. Maxie explained that sleeping with Spinelli had been a terrible mistake, but the pregnancy had been an opportunity to spare Dante and Lulu unnecessary heartache by giving them the child that they had longed for. Maxie firmly believed that it was for the best that Dante and Lulu raise the baby, but Ellie argued that it was unfair to keep the truth from Spinelli because he was the baby's father. Ellie also pointed out that Dante and Lulu had a right to know that the child that they would be raising wasn't their biological offspring.

Ellie appreciated that Maxie's intentions had been well-meaning, but Ellie insisted that sometimes the right choices were the toughest ones to make. Ellie believed that Dante and Lulu had had a right to know about the miscarriage from the beginning because they could have used one of the remaining embryos with another surrogate, which could have resulted in a pregnancy of their own biological child. Maxie warned Ellie that Ellie might lose Spinelli if he learned that he was the father of Maxie's baby.

Ellie stood firm in her convictions despite the possibility that it might cost her a relationship with Spinelli. Maxie suddenly jumped, prompting Ellie to wonder if everything was okay. Maxie smiled as she confessed that she had felt the baby move. Ellie was startled when Maxie offered to let Ellie feel the baby. Ellie tentatively put her hand on Maxie's belly then smiled when she, too, felt the baby move. Maxie confessed that she wasn't ready to raise a child, and she doubted that Spinelli would be happy to learn that he had fathered a child with Maxie.

Maxie reminded Ellie that Dante and Lulu were Spinelli's friends, too, so he might not object to Dante and Lulu raising the baby. Ellie wavered, so Maxie assured Ellie that keeping quiet would be best for everyone. Moments later, Ellie's phone rang. It was Spinelli. Ellie sent the call to voicemail then ran out of the apartment.

In Spinelli's motel room, Spinelli left Ellie a voicemail message admitting that he knew that she had hacked into the hospital's mainframe. He was curious if she had planned to access Maxie's medical records when she had asked him for his help. Spinelli confessed that he was miffed at the idea that Ellie had misled him.

In Milo's apartment, Dante announced that he intended to stay in the apartment with Milo and Lulu until Lulu was ready to return to the loft. Lulu couldn't believe that Dante was serious, but he made it clear that Milo would need reinforcements to remove Dante from the apartment. As if on cue, Max arrived. Milo felt betrayed by his brother, but Max explained that it had been in everyone's best interest for Dante to know where Lulu was.

Lulu invited Dante to have fun with his "testosterone fest" because she planned to leave. Dante begged Lulu to give him a chance, but Lulu ignored him. She pointedly thanked Milo for being patient and understanding with her because it had been exactly what she had needed. Milo tried to persuade Lulu to reconsider, but Lulu left. Milo started to follow her until Dante barked at him to stop. Dante announced that he would handle things, but Milo argued that Lulu didn't want to talk to Dante.

Furious, Dante insisted that Milo had no idea what Lulu wanted. Milo watched helplessly as Dante followed Lulu. Max made it clear that he would not let Milo leave, so Milo tried to distract himself with push-ups. However, Milo remained concerned about Lulu. Max assured Milo that Dante would find Lulu because Lulu was Dante's wife. Later, Max went to the bathroom, so Milo seized the opportunity to slip out of the apartment.

At the Floating Rib, Dante asked Coleman if Coleman had seen Lulu. Coleman pointed to the jukebox where Lulu perused the selection of songs. Relieved, Dante quietly approached Lulu then offered her a quarter for the jukebox. Lulu declined and asked him if he had planted a GPS on her. Dante explained that it was his job to find things, but Lulu resented being referred to as a "thing." Dante assured her that he hadn't meant the remark the way that she had taken it.

Lulu resumed studying the song titles, so Dante revealed that she had been doing the very same thing when he had met her four years before. Lulu was dubious, but Dante promised that Coleman could corroborate his story. He explained that he had been sitting at the bar, talking to Coleman, when Lulu had breezed into the bar. Dante recalled that Lulu had asked Coleman to arrange a special karaoke night for Spinelli because Spinelli had decided to ask Maxie to marry him even though Maxie wasn't ready. Lulu had hoped to distract Spinelli with the karaoke.

Dante told Lulu that she had been standing at the jukebox when a creepy guy had tried to pick her up. Dante had been forced to step in, which had eventually led to Dante and Lulu shooting a game of pool. Dante handed Lulu a pool stick. She hesitated to accept it, but he assured her that she was a natural. Lulu grabbed the pool stick and took a shot. She smiled with satisfaction when she realized that she was good. Meanwhile, Dante continued to talk about their first meeting when her brother, Ethan, had joined them.

Lulu grimaced when Dante told her about his cheesy pickup line. A moment later, she had a sudden flash of memory about their first encounter. Dante instantly noticed the change in Lulu, so he asked if she had remembered something. Lulu looked around frantically until Milo ran up. Dante desperately tried to get Lulu to tell him what she had remembered, but Lulu insisted that she needed to leave. Dante watched in helpless frustration as Lulu left with Milo.

Laura went to Wyndemere to check on her son. She was relieved that Nikolas looked well because she had been concerned when she had heard that he had checked out of the hospital. Nikolas was eager for news about his sister, so Laura explained that Lulu had called to assure everyone that she was safe, but Lulu had refused to reveal where she was or with whom. Laura hoped that Dante would be able to get through to Lulu when he found her.

Laura looked around as she asked if Nikolas was alone. Laura admitted that she had expected Elizabeth to have returned to Wyndemere with him. Nikolas revealed that Elizabeth had been there, but she had left to talk to A.J. after Nikolas had kissed her. Laura was surprised about the kiss because she had thought that Nikolas' affair with Elizabeth had been over. "What changed?" Laura wondered. Nikolas explained that nothing had changed; his feelings for Elizabeth had never gone away.

Laura had been under the impression that Elizabeth was dating A.J. Nikolas was curious how Laura had known that when she had been halfway around the world until recently. Laura admitted that she kept tabs on the people she cared about, including the mother of two of her grandchildren. Nikolas admitted that he and Elizabeth had grown closer during his recuperation, prompting a visit from A.J., who had shown up in a jealous rage, beating his chest and warning Nikolas to stay away from "his woman."

Nikolas explained that Elizabeth had broken things off with A.J. when Nikolas had told her about the encounter. Nikolas claimed that A.J.'s paranoia about Nikolas stealing Elizabeth away had driven Elizabeth away. Laura doubted that A.J.'s concerns had been baseless, but Nikolas assured his mother that he hadn't pursued Elizabeth at that point. Laura thought that it was a bad idea for Nikolas to rekindle things with Elizabeth because it had nearly destroyed his relationship with Lucky the first time around.

Nikolas insisted that Lucky wasn't in a position to judge because Lucky had been gone for over a year. Laura argued that it didn't mean that Lucky was indifferent to Elizabeth. She conceded that Elizabeth had a right to move on with her life, but she feared that Lucky might not understand Elizabeth doing so with Nikolas. Nikolas pointed out that Lucky was in Ireland and that A.J. was a far worse prospect than Nikolas.

Laura reminded Nikolas that Elizabeth had decided to work things out with A.J., so Nikolas was once again putting himself into a position of a home wrecker if he continued down the same path. Nikolas reminded Laura that A.J. and Elizabeth were only dating and that A.J. was half the man that Lucky had been. Laura argued that disliking A.J. didn't justify Nikolas pursuing Elizabeth.

Dejected, Nikolas admitted that he had no idea what was fair and what wasn't. Laura assured him that he didn't have to figure everything out right away, but she reminded him that it was up to Elizabeth to decide if she wanted a relationship with A.J, so Nikolas should stay out of it. "What if I can't?" Nikolas asked.

Monica was surprised when she saw Elizabeth standing on the doorstep. Elizabeth explained that she was there to talk to A.J. Monica glanced in the direction of her son's room where he had been entertaining a woman that Monica had assumed was Elizabeth. "You can't," Monica blurted out in an effort to keep Elizabeth from discovering that A.J. was not alone. Elizabeth was taken aback by Monica's strong objection, so Monica carefully explained that A.J. might be asleep.

Elizabeth admitted that she had something important to discuss with A.J., so she wanted to go to his room to see if he was awake. Elizabeth promised to leave quietly if A.J. was asleep. Elizabeth assured Monica that it wouldn't take long.

In A.J.'s bedroom, A.J. made it clear that no one could know that he and Carly had slept together. Carly assured A.J. that she agreed, but she chuckled at the idea of Monica's reaction to discovering Carly, not Elizabeth, in A.J.'s bed. Carly's smile evaporated when her cell phone rang. She quickly answered the call to apologize to Mercedes for being late. "Something came up," Carly explained. She noticed A.J.'s smirk, so she added "Something that will never ever come up around me again."

After Carly ended the call, she scrambled to find her clothes. A.J. told her to see herself out, but Carly reminded him that Monica might mention something to Elizabeth. A.J. dismissed the possibility because it would be odd. Carly warned A.J. to keep quiet about their tryst then slipped into the hallway. However, Carly quickly returned to warn A.J. that Elizabeth was on her way up.

A.J. ordered Carly to remain in his bedroom and to stay out of sight. Moments later, A.J. met Elizabeth on the staircase, claiming that he had heard some voices while he had been reading in bed. A.J. ushered Elizabeth into the library for privacy, leaving Monica behind in the foyer. Monica didn't waste any time marching to A.J.'s bedroom to find out who had been in his bed.

Monica searched A.J.'s bedroom as she loudly explained that A.J. had finally found someone who was good for him, so she refused to let anyone ruin that. Monica threw open the closet door to discover Carly hiding behind a rack of suits. Carly assured Monica that things were not as they appeared, but Monica doubted it, since the bedroom looked like A.J. and Carly had had wild sex. Carly stepped out of the closet as Monica made it clear that she would not allow Carly to worm her way back into A.J.'s life again.

Carly promised that she wanted nothing to do with A.J., but Monica didn't believe Carly. Carly insisted that the thought of A.J. made her sick. "Then why did you have sex with him?" Monica countered. Carly claimed that it had been the worst mistake of her life and that she would need an exorcism or lobotomy to get the memory out of her head. Monica vowed to make Carly pay if Carly in any way ruined what A.J. and Elizabeth had.

Carly was curious if Monica had any compassion for the hell that Elizabeth had suffered. Carly insisted that Elizabeth didn't deserve a walking disaster like A.J. Monica ignored the remark as she assured Carly that A.J. and Carly's secret was safe because she didn't want Carly near A.J. Later, Monica quietly led Carly to the front door. Monica warned Carly never to touch A.J. again, so Carly assured her that it was a promise that Carly could keep.

In the library, A.J. confessed that he was surprised that Elizabeth had stopped by. Elizabeth hoped that it wasn't too late for them to fix things because she hated the way that things had ended. She hadn't approved of the way that A.J. had dealt with things, but she realized that she had overreacted to the situation. A.J. apologized for acting like a "Neanderthal" and then "going postal" when Nikolas had answered her phone. Elizabeth assured A.J. that she understood then revealed that his concerns hadn't been unfounded.

Elizabeth revealed that she and Nikolas had kissed after Nikolas had confessed that he still had strong feelings for her. However, she assured A.J. that things hadn't gone further than kissing. A.J. was curious why, so Elizabeth admitted that it had been partly because of Lucky and her feelings of guilt over what had happened during her affair with Nikolas, and partly because of A.J. A.J. smiled when Elizabeth confessed that she wanted to explore a relationship with him.

A.J. assured Elizabeth that he wanted the same thing. He realized that it hadn't been easy for her to stop by, but she insisted that they couldn't hide things from each other if they hoped to make things work. Elizabeth quickly shifted gears by noting that it was late, so she had to leave. A.J. walked her to the door as he confessed that it meant a lot to him that she had thought that their relationship was important enough to fight for. Elizabeth was relieved that they had a second chance.

A.J. vowed to pretend that the last twenty-four hours had never happened. Elizabeth smiled as he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. After Elizabeth left, A.J. discovered his mother lurking around corner, lying in wait for him. Monica demanded to know what A.J. had been thinking when he had slept with Carly. She warned A.J. that he would lose Elizabeth for good if Elizabeth ever found out.

Friday, May 3, 2013

At Metro Court's reception desk, Carly thought about her sexual encounter with A.J. She returned to the present when she heard her phone ring. Carly's brow furrowed when she saw that it was Elizabeth calling. A.J. suddenly appeared and ordered Carly not to answer the phone. The call went to voicemail as A.J. explained that she had picked up the wrong cell phone when she had left his bedroom the previous night. Carly suspected that she hadn't been paying attention to things because she had been repulsed by A.J.

A.J. reminded Carly that she had been all over him in bed, but Carly argued that A.J. had been "slobbering" all over her. A.J. dared Carly to deny that he had rocked her world, prompting Carly to point out that he had promised never to mention their escapade again. A.J. assured her that it wouldn't be a problem, especially since Elizabeth had given him a second chance. Carly thought that Elizabeth had a gift for making bad relationship choices, but A.J. insisted that Carly wasn't in any position to judge.

Carly claimed that what had happened between A.J. and Carly had been a "vile mistake," but Elizabeth had repeatedly cheated on her relationships and had dated dysfunctional men like Zander, Ewen, and A.J. A.J. was disgusted that Carly would talk like that about a woman who had saved Carly's daughter's life. Carly explained that Elizabeth's generous gift was exactly why Carly felt obligated to offer Elizabeth a general caution about A.J.

A.J. insisted that Elizabeth was sweet and honest, so he deeply regretted that he had played mattress tag with Carly. Carly assured A.J. that she intended to take the secret to her grave. "The sooner the better," A.J. replied. After A.J. left, Carly checked her phone and saw that she had missed eleven calls from Sonny. Carly listened to the voicemail message then called Sonny when she realized that Morgan was in trouble.

In Nashville, Tennessee, Sonny and Shawn approached Morgan's dorm room door with the school's dean trailing behind them. The dean strongly objected to Sonny's visit, but Sonny made it clear that he would not leave without checking on Morgan. The dean denied that there had been a gambling problem at the school, but Sonny ignored him as he knocked on Morgan's door. No one answered, so Sonny ordered the school's dean to open the door. The dean reminded Sonny that Morgan had been enrolled as Morgan Benson, so steps had been taken to keep Morgan's true identity a secret.

Sonny refused to leave until he had seen his son, so the dean opened the door. Sonny, Shawn, and the dean froze when they saw Morgan's roommate aiming a gun at them. Travis assumed that Sonny and Shawn were the men that Travis and Morgan owed money to, but Sonny explained that he was Morgan's father. Shawn drew a gun and aimed it at Travis as Sonny calmly persuaded Travis to hand over the weapon. Everyone relaxed when Travis' gun turned out to be toy gun that had been used as a prop by the school's drama department.

The dean decided to call the police because Shawn had been wielding a real gun. Sonny focused on Travis to find out where Morgan was. Travis explained that he and Morgan had gotten involved in online gambling. Sonny wanted to know the name of the website, but Travis revealed that it was a "shareware program" that required people to search online for the code on posting boards and open-source bins. Travis admitted that he and Morgan had gotten into debt to the tune of $50,000.00, so the bookies had threatened to show up to collect it.

According to Travis, Morgan had taken off. Moments later, Carly called Sonny. Sonny told Carly that their son was in trouble and had disappeared. Carly was determined to help Sonny search for Morgan, but Sonny advised her to stay in Port Charles in case Morgan made his way home. Carly agreed, but she demanded that Sonny keep her updated.

After Sonny ended the call with Carly, the school's dean warned Sonny that Morgan's status as an undergraduate was in jeopardy. Sonny wasn't concerned because he intended to withdraw Morgan from the school, since the school's administration couldn't ensure the safety of the students. Sonny instructed Shawn to get a copy of Morgan's cell phone records to track down the phone numbers that Morgan had called. Travis revealed that he might know where Morgan was.

Olivia paid Johnny a visit at Pentonville. Johnny assumed that she was there about Morgan, so Olivia revealed that Sonny and Shawn had gone to Morgan's school when they had failed to reach Morgan by phone. Johnny assured Olivia that he had no idea that there had been a gambling ring operating from inside the prison, but he promised her that he would do everything in his power to keep Morgan safe. Olivia wanted Johnny's assurance that Sonny wasn't walking into a trap.

Johnny was hurt that Olivia would ask him something like that, but Olivia pointed out that he had used Connie when she had been vulnerable and mentally unstable. Johnny promised Olivia that he hadn't lied about Morgan's situation, so Olivia asked him to swear on what they had once shared that he had told the truth. She was relieved when he did because she didn't want to see Sonny hurt. Johnny was surprised that she felt so protective of Sonny.

Olivia explained that she was there for Morgan and for Sonny, but Johnny didn't believe her. Olivia reminded Johnny that she shared a child with Sonny, so she and Sonny would always have a bond, even though their son was grown. Johnny hadn't recalled Olivia's feelings for Sonny being so "intense" in the past. Olivia immediately became defensive, which only confirmed Johnny's suspicion that Olivia's feelings for Sonny had grown stronger.

Olivia was adamant that she and Sonny were just friends. "Whatever you say," Johnny replied. Johnny didn't care if Olivia continued to lie to herself, but he didn't want to see her hurt. Frustrated, Olivia decided to leave. Johnny asked her to keep him updated about Morgan. Olivia agreed and then apologized for thinking the worst of him. She admitted that she knew that he was a good man.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica was pleasantly surprised when Michael stopped by for a visit. Michael explained that he had tried to reach A.J. all evening, but the calls had gone to voicemail. Michael wondered if Monica knew why his father hadn't answered any of Michael's phone calls. Monica claimed that she had no idea, so Michael was curious if A.J. had had a big date. Startled, Monica asked Michael to explain himself.

Michael told his grandmother that A.J. had been determined to win Elizabeth back. Monica admitted that Elizabeth had stopped by after dinner and that A.J. and Elizabeth had seemed to be in a good place when A.J. had walked Elizabeth to the door later that evening. Michael was happy for A.J. because he thought that A.J. deserved someone great. "Anyone but your mother," Monica muttered under her breath.

Monica immediately apologized when she realized that Michael had heard her. Michael assured Monica that he understood why she disliked Carly, but he admitted that he loved his mother. However, he assured Monica that A.J. and Carly despised each other, so they would never go down "that" path again.

Later, A.J. returned home. Monica quickly announced that she had explained to Michael that A.J. had turned off his phone the previous evening when Elizabeth had stopped by. A.J. clarified that his phone had been on vibrate then changed the subject by revealing that he had received the message from Duke about the guest appearance on The Chew to promote Pickle-Lila. Michael was confident that the relish would be trending by the time the show aired.

Monica smiled with pride as she listened to A.J. and Michael discuss business. Meanwhile, A.J. wondered when the show was scheduled to tape. A.J. was stunned when Michael revealed that A.J. had to be in New York City on Monday. A.J. realized that they had a lot to do before the television appearance, so A.J. and Michael agreed to take care of a few things then meet later. After Michael left, Monica advised A.J. to call Elizabeth to take advantage of the romantic setting of New York City. Monica was certain that A.J. and Elizabeth could make things work if A.J. made an effort.

Michael went to Metro Court to let his mother know about his travel plans. Carly nervously asked if he had heard from Morgan. He sensed that something was wrong, so Carly admitted that she had something to tell him.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas was lost in thoughts about his kiss with Elizabeth when Tracy interrupted his musings by accusing him of not listening. Nikolas gave her his undivided attention as she explained that her spies at ELQ had revealed that A.J. had managed to book a spot on The Chew to promote Pickle-Lila relish. Nikolas had never heard of the show, so Tracy described it as a "fusion culinary chat show." Tracy feared their relish was doomed if A.J. unveiled Pickle-Lila on television.

Nikolas wondered what Tracy expected him to do. Tracy confessed that she wanted Nikolas to pull some strings to make certain that A.J.'s spot was canceled. Nikolas decided to take it a step further by arranging to replace A.J. as a guest. Tracy fully endorsed Nikolas' idea until he pointed out that they needed a new name for the relish. Tracy was disappointed that market research had confirmed that Pickle-Tracy wasn't a marketable brand name. However, she had figured out a name that could compete with Lila in the loveable department.

"Pickle-Eddie," Tracy announced as she showed Nikolas a jar with the new label, featuring Edward Quartermaine's image in the logo. A short time later, Nikolas wrapped up a phone call. He explained that he hadn't been able to cancel A.J.'s spot, but he had arranged for them to make a surprise appearance for a taste-off. Tracy was pleased because she was certain that her recipe would beat A.J.'s recipe.

At the hospital, Elizabeth left a voicemail message for A.J. She was happy that they had worked things out and hoped that he would return her call soon.

At the nurses' station, Patrick noticed Britt wince and clutch her stomach. He asked her if she was okay, so she confessed that she didn't think so. Elizabeth walked over to check on Britt, prompting Patrick to suggest that Britt had morning sickness. Elizabeth was surprised. Britt conceded that it was rare for women to have morning sickness well into their second trimester, but then she dashed off to the bathroom.

Elizabeth asked Patrick about Britt's abortion, so Patrick explained that Britt had changed her mind. He assured Elizabeth that he had every intention of being a part of his child's life because he didn't want to be like his father, Noah, had been to Matt. Elizabeth decided to check on Britt, so she went to the bathroom. Moments later, Elizabeth returned to fetch Patrick.

In an examination room, Felix was curious how Patrick had been after Britt's abortion. Sabrina revealed that Britt had changed her mind. Felix was curious why, so Sabrina explained Britt's reasons for deciding to terminate the pregnancy and Patrick's assurance that he would be there for Britt and the baby. Felix suspected that Britt had never planned to have the procedure; it had been a ploy to manipulate Patrick.

Sabrina was skeptical, but Felix insisted that it made sense because Britt wouldn't hesitate to use the baby to sink her claws into Patrick. Felix reminded Sabrina that Britt had paraded around the locker room in her underwear, framed Sabrina for cheating, tried to get Sabrina fired, ambushed Patrick in the shower, and had made a spectacle of the announcement. Sabrina realized that Felix was right.

Seconds later, Patrick and Elizabeth helped a teary-eyed and whimpering Britt to the examination table. Elizabeth explained that she had found Britt collapsed in the bathroom. Patrick asked Sabrina to fetch some water because he suspected that Britt was dehydrated. Patrick then ordered Felix and Elizabeth to draw Britt's blood for a round of tests. Felix pulled Elizabeth into a hallway for a moment to ask her about Britt's collapse. Felix wasn't surprised when Elizabeth revealed that she hadn't seen Britt get physically ill.

In the examination room, Britt wept pitifully as she nervously wondered if her baby was going to be okay. Patrick assured Britt that everything would be fine and promised to stay with her. Patrick was certain that Britt was merely dehydrated from the morning sickness. Britt suspected that her weakness stemmed from all the stress that she had been under. Patrick assured Britt that he would do everything in his power to make certain that she remained calm. Britt asked Patrick to notify her obstetrician about the incident in the bathroom, so Patrick agreed and left the room.

In the hallway, Felix told Sabrina that Elizabeth hadn't seen any evidence that Britt had gotten sick in the bathroom. Felix was certain that Britt intended to use the pregnancy to tie Patrick in knots. Sabrina refused to let Britt get away with it. Patrick walked up in time to hear Sabrina's comments, so he was curious what she had been talking about. Felix lied, so Sabrina went along with it. Patrick appreciated that Sabrina didn't like Britt, but he asked her to keep an eye on Britt while he called Britt's OB.

In the examination room, Elizabeth finished drawing blood from Britt. Britt continued to play the victim as she asked if Elizabeth had any advice to offer a first-time mother. Elizabeth suggested that Britt sign up for the hospital's parenting classes. Britt made a snide remark about expecting something more personal from a woman who had been pregnant as many times as Elizabeth had been.

Elizabeth ignored the remark and finished up her work in silence. "Was it something I said?" Britt sarcastically asked. Sabrina entered the room as Elizabeth left with the vials of blood. Sabrina carefully closed the door behind Elizabeth as Britt thanked Sabrina for her help. Britt confessed that being pregnant was difficult, but Sabrina told Britt to save it because Sabrina knew that Britt was faking.

Sabrina acknowledged that the baby was real, but everything else about the pregnancy wasn't. Sabrina accused Britt of planning everything from the shocking announcement to the offer to terminate the pregnancy to Britt's sudden bout of morning sickness in an effort to lure Patrick back into Britt's arms. Sabrina pointed out that Britt was an OB/GYN, so Britt was uniquely qualified to know exactly what to expect from pregnancies and what women went through.

Sabrina accused Britt of playing Patrick, who was falling for it "hook, line, and sinker." Britt looked past Sabrina's shoulder with a smile. "Patrick," Britt said as Patrick appeared in the doorway. Sabrina turned to face Patrick.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth smiled when A.J. walked up. She confessed that her shift had ended, so she invited him to join her for lunch. Elizabeth was surprised when A.J. invited her to accompany him on a short trip to New York City.

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