General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 4, 2013 on GH

Sonny realized that Morgan had betrayed him. Faison gained the upper hand over Duke. Robin managed to avoid detection at the hospital. Heather revealed that Franco was her son with Scott.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 4, 2013 on GH
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Luke and Tracy returned to Port Charles and found that Carly had downgraded Luke's accommodations. Luke groused and picked up his phone to call Anna, but Tracy stopped him with a tirade that focused on the fact that Tracy, not "Slim," had saved Luke's life. Luke said that he was only calling Anna to alert her to the fact that Jerry Jacks was on Cassadine Island.

Tracy said he could not do that because Jerry and the doctor needed to stay alive and well until Tracy and Luke were sure that the cure had worked. Tracy insisted that they go to the hospital immediately, but Luke said there were more important things to do first. When Tracy wanted to know what was more important than his health, Luke told Tracy that he had something to give her. Tray assumed it was a tacky airport trinket. She was stunned speechless when Luke said that he wanted to give her the "whole enchilada."

Tracy said that she thought that Luke had forgotten what he had said to her while he was dying and barely conscious, but Luke said that he had meant it then and he meant it still. Tracy was not convinced and reminded him that she had given him ample opportunities to tell her on the plane. Luke explained that he had still been weak and not sure that he was cured, but after the previous few days, he was convinced that his health had returned, and he wanted to tell Tracy that he loved her -- that he wanted to be her friend, partner, and lover.

Luke said that he wanted to share everything with Tracy and no longer have one foot out the door. When Tracy almost pulled back, Luke said that he wanted to give Tracy all of himself. Luke told Tracy it would be the two of them together, and while he could not promise that he would never hurt her, he could promise that he would do everything in his power to make her happy. When Luke asked for an answer, Tracy told him that he knew the answer and had always known the answer.

Luke laughed and told Tracy that he liked her even more because she would not say it out loud. Tracy moved closer to Luke and told him that she liked her enchilada spicy. Luke moved closer and whispered that the enchilada would be as spicy as he could make it. They kissed.

At Wyndemere, Duke, who was fooled by Dr. Obrecht's rubber mask and her pretense to be Anna, explored the tunnels, and Faison confronted him. After a struggle, Duke wrestled the gun away from Faison and took Faison captive. Duke marched Faison back to the great room where fake Anna was waiting. Fake Anna tried to get the gun from Duke by guile, but he questioned why she was unarmed and had not gotten in touch with him. He asked why she had gone after notorious criminals without a weapon.

In her attempt to convince Duke that she was Anna, Dr. Obrecht slipped up and her accent became apparent. Duke forced Dr. Obrecht to take off the mask, but when she taunted him about Anna, Duke turned his back on Faison who immediately jumped him, and they struggled.

At General Hospital, Sabrina tried to answer Emma's questions about the sad lady in the blue costume and mask who had helped her. Britt and Nikolas realized that Robin was in the costume and feared the consequences. Nikolas took off quickly to find Robin and get her back to Wyndemere. Elizabeth noticed Nikolas running away and asked Britt if there was trouble in paradise.

Britt wondered why Elizabeth had jumped to that conclusion. Elizabeth threw Britt's past in her face, and Britt responded in kind. Eventually, Britt said that she did not want to get in a catfight. She pointed out that Elizabeth had rejected Nikolas several times and no longer had the right to decide whom Nikolas would befriend. Elizabeth was chastened and admitted that Britt was right.

After telling Britt to tell Nikolas that Elizabeth was taking Spencer with her, Elizabeth could not resist mentioning that Lesley thought that she had seen Faison at Wyndemere. Britt deflected, and then she and Elizabeth hurried off in different directions.

Patrick knocked on the door of the room where Robin had fled. Robin replaced her mask as Patrick opened it a crack and tried to thank Robin for helping Emma. Before Patrick could open the door further, Nikolas stopped him and said that the woman who had helped Emma was Ruta, the nanny he had hired to help out with Spencer and Ben. Patrick accepted the explanation that Nikolas gave him and left Nikolas to speak with Ruta.

Nikolas warned Robin that she had taken a very risky action. Robin said it had been worth it to hear Patrick's voice and to see him and Emma. Robin noted how sad Patrick looked, and Nikolas said that Patrick had mourned Robin and still mourned her. Nikolas assured Robin that she had to think about her parents, but Robin pointed out that Anna and Robert might already have escaped from Jerry. Nikolas finally convinced Robin to wait a little longer, and she agreed to remain hidden. He hurried her toward the elevator.

Emma and Sabrina caught up with Patrick, who still had some questions after Emma told him that the sad woman in blue had spoken to her in English. Patrick, with Sabrina and Emma in tow, stopped Ruta and Nikolas at the elevator. When Patrick asked about the English, Nikolas explained that he had taught that phrase to Ruta so that she could comfort Spencer. Sabrina was satisfied, but Patrick was not.

Patrick was about to grill Nikolas and Ruta further when Britt arrived with Ben. She told Nikolas that Ben was tired and needed to go home. Nikolas hurried his group to the elevator. Before Ruta boarded, she gave Emma a long hug. Patrick separated them, and Nikolas guided Robin onto the elevator.

As they left, Patrick wondered why Nikolas would lie. Sabrina questioned why it mattered to Patrick. Patrick agreed that it should not, and they all held hands and returned to the party.

When Robin, Nikolas, and Britt returned to Wyndemere, Faison and Dr. Obrecht were out of the costumes that they had worn earlier and were sitting on the couch. They threatened to call Jerry and advise him that Robin had broken his rules, but Robin assured them that she had worn the costume that Dr. Obrecht had given her earlier and that Robin had not been recognized.

Robin told them to stop worrying and to stop threatening. Faison agreed that he did not want to hurt anyone. Meanwhile, Duke was supine in the tunnels, either dead or unconscious.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

At Metro Court hotel, Carly spotted workmen carrying covered canvases down the hall, so she asked what they were doing. One of the workmen explained that they were moving Franco's paintings, so Carly decided to go to Franco's suite to find out what was going on.

In Franco's suite, Diane supervised the transfer of the paintings to the gallery as Franco emerged from the bedroom. Franco demanded to know how Diane had gotten into his suite. "Magic," Diane answered. Franco ignored the remark as he held up his running shoes and explained that he had been on his way out. Diane reminded him that the gallery needed the paintings and then quietly added that no one had better find out that they weren't Franco's works of art.

Diane's back was to the door as she warned Franco that they had better be on the same page because there would be consequences if the true nature of their relationship were discovered. Franco looked up as Carly appeared in the doorway, so he cleared his throat to warn Diane that they had company. Carly assured Diane that she knew all about Diane and Franco's intimate relationship. Franco reminded Carly that he and Diane were not sleeping together, so Carly made a snide remark about Diane's appeal.

Diane bristled and reminded both Carly and Franco that plenty of men wanted Diane. Franco assured Diane that he believed her, but he insisted that he wasn't one of them because he was drawn to Carly. Satisfied, Diane decided to catch up with the workmen and left. Carly started to leave, too, but Franco reached for her hand to stop her. However, he was at a loss for words, so Carly suggested that there was nothing left to say, and she left.

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava was on the phone, making final preparations for Franco's art opening, when Sam walked in. Sam asked to have a chat with Ava, but Ava insisted that she didn't have time to talk. "Not even for my father?" Sam asked. Startled, Ava feigned confusion because she had heard that Sam and Alexis had no idea who Sam's father was. Sam admitted that things had changed and then revealed that Sam's father had been Ava's brother.

Ava denied that she had a brother, so Sam asked if Ava was familiar with the name Julian Jerome. Ava carefully hid her surprise as she accused Sam of jumping to the same erroneous conclusions that others had. Sam confessed that she had talked to Ava's mother, Delia. Ava's smile instantly vanished as she accused Delia of being a "money-grubbing" liar.

"Maybe, but she is telling the truth, isn't she, Ava?" Sam countered. Ava reluctantly admitted that she was the "bastard daughter" of Victor Jerome, but she was curious why it concerned Sam. Sam explained that Sam, like Ava, had grown up not knowing that she had been adopted and that her mother hadn't known much about the man who had fathered Sam. However, Sam had recently discovered that her father was Julian Jerome.

Sam was desperate to know what kind of man her father had been, so Ava softened. Ava claimed that Julian had been a strong, vital man who would have been a devoted father. However, Ava's time with her brother had been cut short because the Jeromes' power had been on the decline, and then the family had been wiped out completely. Sam pointed that not all of the Jeromes had died because Ava was still around.

Ava made it clear that she and Sam might share blood, but they were not family. Ava claimed that she hadn't meant to sound unkind, but she believed that people put too much importance on family bonds. However, Ava cared enough about Sam to advise Sam to put Sam's sleuthing skills to work to uncover Silas' secrets before Sam became too involved with the doctor. Sam decided to take the warning with a grain of salt because Ava had an axe to grind with Silas.

Ava conceded that she and Silas were over, but she denied having an ulterior motive for accusing Silas of having secrets. Sam suggested that Ava simply tell Sam what Ava wanted Sam to know, but Diane's arrival quickly diverted Ava's attention. After Ava left to oversee the hanging of Franco's paintings, Diane struck up a conversation with Sam by asking if Sam intended to attend Franco's art opening. Sam admitted that there wasn't enough money in the world to tempt her, so Diane revealed that ten percent of the proceeds would be donated to pediatric leukemia research. Diane suggested that it would send a positive message if the mother of a child who had recently undergone successful treatment for the deadly cancer attended the opening.

Meanwhile, Ava called Julian to let him know that she needed to talk to him about his daughter. After Ava left to meet up with her brother, Diane walked up as two workmen studied one of the paintings. One of the workmen couldn't understand what made the painting a work of art, so Diane suggested that it wasn't for them to wonder why but merely to collect the fee.

At the nurses' station, Kiki welcomed Silas back to town and asked how his trip to the city had been. Silas confessed that it had been nice, but he hadn't realized until he had returned to town that Port Charles had become his home. Kiki hoped that Silas had called her because he had good news about a job, so Silas shook his head but assured her that he was working on it.

Silas explained that he and Sam had discovered that Ava's brother was Julian Jerome, the son off an infamous kingpin for a mob family. Kiki was stunned when Silas told her about Victor Jerome and then revealed that her grandmother, Delia, was alive and eager to meet Kiki. Kiki wasn't surprised when Silas confirmed that Ava had never told Delia about Kiki.

Kiki couldn't believe that she'd had a family out there that she hadn't known anything about. Kiki was shocked when Silas revealed that Sam was Julian Jerome's daughter, so Sam and Kiki were cousins. Kiki joked that her life was as confusing as picking up the show Game of Thrones in the beginning of the third season, but she was furious that her mother hadn't given her any clue that Sam and Danny were her cousins. She couldn't understand why her mother had tried to hide her family from Kiki.

Silas suspected that Ava had been trying to hide her connection to Julian because it was likely Ava had become involved with organized crime. Silas felt bad that he hadn't been able to give Kiki better news, but Kiki assured him that it wasn't necessary because he had given her the truth, which was more than her mother had done.

A short time later, Sam greeted Silas at the nurses' station. She was disappointed when Silas told her that she had just missed Kiki, so she asked how Kiki had taken the news about Julian and Sam. Silas assured Sam that Kiki had seemed happy to learn that Sam and Danny were her cousins, but Kiki still had to process everything else. Sam nodded in understanding and then told Silas about her talk with Ava. Sam confessed that Ava had not been thrilled when she had realized that Sam had had a chat with Delia.

Silas wondered if Ava had said anything about Julian, so Sam admitted that Ava hadn't said much because Ava had been more interested in making certain that Sam knew that Silas had secrets. Sam quickly assured Silas that she didn't intend to snoop because she appreciated that everyone had a right to their privacy.

Silas was shocked when Sam changed the subject by announcing her decision to attend Franco's art opening. She explained that part of the proceeds would be donated to pediatric leukemia research, so Silas decided to tag along because he felt professionally obligated to be a part of the event. Sam and Silas agreed that Franco had likely been behind the decision to make the generous donation, but they were leery of Franco's motives.

Elsewhere at the hospital, Scott saw Lucy defacing one of Benjamin Lazaro's campaign posters, so he quickly grabbed the magic marker out of Lucy's hand and scolded her for adding a sinister beard and horns to Lazaro's image. Lucy was unapologetic because she thought that the voters had a right to know Lazaro's true nature. Scott pointed out that Lucy's actions could be construed as a voting violation, which Scott would be held accountable for.

Lucy immediately apologized because her intention had been to help Scott. Scott softened and suggested that Lucy could help by voting for him. After Scott and Lucy walked away, Heather appeared from around the corner and watched them. Heather was dressed in scrubs and wore a surgical mask to conceal most of her face.

Scott and Lucy entered an area of the hospital that had been set up for the election. Lucy became irate when a poll worker didn't recognize Scott, so she launched into a rambling speech about Scott's virtues and qualifications for the job. The poll worker warned Lucy that candidates and their supporters were not permitted to campaign at the polls, so Scott quickly guided Lucy to a booth to vote before she got him into trouble.

Moments later, Scott slipped into a booth to cast his ballot. However, he was interrupted when Heather suddenly entered the booth to join him. Stunned, Scott quickly closed the curtain and demanded to know why Heather was there. Heather thought it was obvious, so Scott reminded her that felons were not permitted to vote. Heather pointed out that she wasn't allowed out of Miscavige Institute either, yet there she was. Heather snatched the ballot out of Scott's hand as Scott stared at her in disbelief and then insisted that she leave because he couldn't risk being seen with her. Heather refused to budge until she delivered her message.

Meanwhile, Lucy wanted to ask Scott a question about one of the candidates, so she approached his booth and called out to him. Lucy's eyes narrowed when she noticed two sets of feet behind the curtain. Scott poked his head out to find out what Lucy wanted, but she shoved her way into the booth. Lucy was shocked when she realized that Heather was in the booth with Scott, so she quickly closed the curtain and demanded to know why Heather was there.

Heather explained that she wanted to deliver an invitation to Franco's art opening to Scott. Lucy informed Heather that Lucy and Scott weren't fans of contemporary art, so Heather pointed out that Lucy hadn't been invited. Heather gushed about Franco to Scott and then admitted that she would consider it a personal favor if Scott attended the opening. Lucy wanted to know why it was so important to Heather, but Heather ignored the question to warn Scott that she would make trouble for him if he didn't comply. Scott agreed to go to the opening, so Heather smiled and instructed Scott not to be late.

In Sonny's office at Pozzulo's, Michael tried to talk to his father about the restaurant, but Sonny was distracted and stared at the clock that Morgan had returned. Moments later, Max entered the office to announce that Sonny had a visitor. Michael looked up as D.A. Lazaro appeared in the doorway. Sonny asked Michael to excuse them, so Michael left.

After the door closed, Lazaro explained that he needed Sonny to return the file on Julian Jerome because it had to be returned to storage. According to Lazaro, the police department intended to digitalize all of the records, so the file was slated to be scanned. Lazaro feared that it would be traced back to him and then Sonny if anyone realized that the file was missing. Sonny handed the file to Lazaro, so Lazaro offered to wait while Sonny had someone copy it. Sonny assured Lazaro that it wasn't necessary.

Sonny revealed that Julian Jerome had received helped from the World Security Bureau to start a new life as Derek Wells. Lazaro was curious how Sonny intended to deal with Derek, but Sonny wanted Lazaro to have plausible deniability, so the less Lazaro knew the better.

In Julian's suite, Julian emerged from the shower as someone knocked on the door. Julian hesitated but then opened the door without grabbing a shirt. Morgan looked pointedly at Julian's bare chest as he asked if Julian had been expecting someone else. Julian smiled as he confessed that he had hoped that his visitor would be Morgan's mother.

Morgan ignored the remark as he entered the suite and opened the laptop to connect to the listening device that he had planted in Sonny's office. Moments later, the listening device began to transmit a feed. Julian and Morgan listened as Lazaro entered Sonny's office and requested the file on Julian Jerome. Julian raised an eyebrow when he heard Sonny reveal that Julian and Derek were one and the same.

After Lazaro left Sonny's office, Julian turned off the feed to take everything in. Julian expressed a grudging respect for Sonny because Sonny had played things close to the vest when Sonny and Julian had met. Morgan assured Julian that he hadn't told Sonny that Julian was Derek, so Julian assured Morgan that he believed him. Morgan wondered why Sonny hadn't gone after Julian right away, so Julian explained that Sonny would wait until he knew more about Julian. Morgan was curious what Julian intended to do, but a knock on the door interrupted them.

Morgan quickly ducked out of sight when Carly called out to Derek and explained that she needed to ask him something. Julian smiled pleasantly as he greeted Carly, so she returned the smile and asked if he would meet her at Franco's art opening. Julian readily agreed and offered to pick her up, but Carly wanted him to meet her at the gallery.

After Carly left, Julian informed Morgan that he had a job for Morgan. Morgan wondered if it had anything to do with taking Sonny down. "You know it does," Julian cryptically replied. A short time later, Julian handed Morgan a flash drive with instructions to deliver a message.

Moments later, Ava called to let Julian know that she was on her way over because she needed to talk to him about his daughter. After Julian ended the call, he followed Morgan into the hallway to remind Morgan that they needed to be discreet because no one could find out about their relationship. They were unaware that Franco stood nearby and had overheard Julian's parting remarks to Morgan.

A short time later, Ava arrived. She was agitated as she explained that Sam had figured out that Julian was her father and that Ava was Victor's daughter, so it was only a matter of time before Sam put all of the pieces together. Julian revealed that he had bigger concerns because Sonny had discovered his true identity. Ava panicked, so Julian told her about the listening device.

Meanwhile, Carly returned to Franco's suite to let Franco know that she would be attending the art opening with Derek. Franco warned Carly that he knew something about Derek that she didn't.

At the hospital, Lazaro arrived to vote, so the poll worker pointed him to a nearby booth that she claimed was empty. Lazaro was startled when Heather, her face obscured by the mask, marched out of the booth. Seconds later, Lucy exited the booth. Lazaro's eyes narrowed when Scott whisked the curtain open, so he immediately accused Scott of voting impropriety and threatened to report Scott. Lucy tried to defend Scott by insisting that Scott had been helping her, but Lazaro didn't believe her because there had been another woman in the booth with Scott and Lucy.

After Lazaro entered the booth to cast his ballot, Morgan approached Scott. He handed Scott the flash drive with a promise that it would help Scott.

At the Jerome Gallery, Heather, sporting a fashionable black suit, dark sunglasses, and a hat, stopped short when she realized that her paintings were displayed on the walls for the art opening.

At Pozzulo's, Michael asked Max to try an assortment of desserts to help Michael narrow down the options for the restaurant, but Max refused because he couldn't afford the calories. He suggested that Michael enlist Morgan's help, but Michael shook his head and explained that Morgan wanted nothing to do with Michael because of what had happened with Kiki. Max was confident that Michael and Morgan would work things out because Michael had been a wonderful big brother to Morgan, and Morgan knew that Michael loved Morgan. Michael wasn't so certain, so Max suggested that Michael could always knock some sense into Morgan's head.

"The way you do Milo?" Michael asked as he chuckled. Max argued that Max and Milo were a perfect example because Max and Milo had gone through a rough patch when Milo had quit the organization. However, the Giambetti brothers had eventually worked things out.

Michael thought about his argument with Morgan in Sonny's office when Morgan had demanded an apology from Michael for taking Kiki away from Morgan and for stealing their parents' love and everything else that Morgan felt entitled to. Michael shook off the unpleasant memory as Sonny stepped out of the office with Lazaro and asked Max to make certain that the district attorney wasn't seen leaving.

After Max and Lazaro left, Michael reminded Sonny that Lazaro was prosecuting A.J. for murder. Michael appreciated that Sonny hated A.J., but Michael insisted that A.J. was entitled to a fair trial. Sonny assured Michael that the conversation wasn't necessary. Michael let the matter drop when Kiki entered the restaurant.

After Sonny and Kiki exchanged greetings, Max returned, so Sonny instructed Max to follow him to the office.

Kiki quickly filled Michael in about her visit with Silas and the news that Ava's brother had been Julian Jerome. Michael decided to tell Kiki about Sonny's recent business "difficulties," so Kiki wondered if Michael suspected that Ava had been behind the attacks. Michael didn't know, but he admitted that it wasn't a good idea to become one of Sonny's enemies.

In Sonny's office, Sonny told Max that Julian Jerome was alive and living in Port Charles as Derek Wells. Sonny wanted Max to attend Franco's art gallery opening because Sonny intended to take Derek Wells "out."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

At the hospital, Sam and Silas discussed the possible reasons for Franco's decision to donate a portion of the proceeds from his art sales to pediatric leukemia research. Sam suggested that Franco liked to do the unexpected, so perhaps he had made the generous offer to surprise everyone. Silas was curious if Sam really wanted to attend Franco's art opening, so she admitted that she did because she wanted to keep an eye on Franco.

Silas knew Sam well enough to suspect that she had another reason for wanting to be at the art opening. Sam conceded that she hoped to catch Ava in a talkative mood and find out if Ava had followed in their family's footsteps by getting involved with the mob. Silas cautioned Sam to be careful because Ava fought dirty, so Sam explained that it was just a hunch.

Silas had learned to trust Sam's hunches, so he let the matter drop. Sam was surprised because she had expected him to try to stop her. Silas explained that he was just happy to be able to spend time with her, so he wasn't about to argue. Sam smiled with gratitude and decided to head home to change for the art opening. Silas arranged to pick up Sam later that evening, so Sam warned him that it would be an interesting evening with Ava and Franco as the hosts.

At Metro Court, Carly was stunned when Franco told her that Derek was sleeping with her son. Carly demanded that he explain himself, but Franco insisted on continuing their discussion in private. Carly reluctantly entered his suite and waited for an answer, so Franco reiterated that Derek was sleeping with her son. "Michael?" Carly asked. Franco was surprised that she had assumed Michael, but he quickly clarified that he had been referring to Morgan.

Carly immediately dismissed the possibility because Morgan was not homosexual. She also reminded Franco that Morgan was sleeping with Ava. Franco suggested that perhaps both Derek and Ava were sleeping with Morgan, but Carly argued that Morgan was not bisexual. Carly was offended by Franco's continued insistence that Derek was sexually involved with Morgan, so she tried to leave, but Franco assured her that he hadn't been mistaken; he had seen Derek and Morgan in a compromising position.

Carly was curious what Franco had seen and heard, so he told her that Derek had been standing in the hallway, wearing a robe, and had reminded Morgan that no one could know about Derek and Morgan's relationship. Carly was certain that there had been an innocent explanation for what Franco had witnessed, so she advised Franco to focus on selling his paintings because he was in danger of ending up in the poorhouse.

Frustrated, Franco grumbled that he had given people what they had wanted. Carly sensed that something besides Derek was troubling Franco, so she asked Franco what was going on. Franco appeared on the verge of confessing his secret, but then changed his mind. "Derek is making your son his inside spoon," Franco said instead. Disgusted, Carly left to get ready for her date with Derek.

At the Jerome Gallery, Heather, dressed in a black suit, dark sunglasses, and matching black hat, stared at her paintings. Franco's friend, Sebastian Leeds, approached Heather to strike up a conversation about Franco's creations. "The real Franco returns," Sebastian said with a broad grin as they looked at one of the paintings. Sebastian explained that Franco's latest paintings were a departure from his earlier works, which had been "fluid and immediate" because they had been closely tied to Franco's street art.

According to Sebastian, Franco's newest works of art were more controlled and regimented with a sense of chaos bursting to break through. "Genius, aren't they?" Sebastian asked. Heather agreed and then announced that they were her paintings. Sebastian laughed with glee because he assumed that Heather intended to buy the paintings. He assured her that they could work something out once the show opened.

Sebastian spotted Diane, so he called out to Diane to let her know about the possible buyer. Heather quickly slid her sunglasses into place and slipped away while Sebastian approached Diane. Sebastian turned to introduce Diane to Heather but frowned when he realized that Heather had disappeared. He was certain that the mystery woman was somewhere in the gallery because she had claimed to be Franco's number one fan. "How Stephen King of her," Diane muttered as her eyes narrowed.

Sebastian enlisted Diane's help to search for the mystery woman and seized the opportunity to ask if she had known Franco prior to the surgery to remove the brain tumor. Diane admitted that she had known Franco briefly, so Sebastian confided that Franco seemed "less disturbed" since the surgery. Diane smiled as she explained that Franco was more grounded and anchored in reality than he had been when he had suffered from a brain tumor. Sebastian agreed, but he wished that Franco had been more consistent in his work.

Nearby, Heather eavesdropped on Sebastian and Diane's conversation until Diane decided to leave to get ready for the art show later that evening.

At the hospital, Morgan handed Scott the flash drive that Julian had ordered Morgan to pass along. Morgan explained that the information on the flash drive would help Scott to win the election, but Scott wanted to know what was on the flash drive. Morgan claimed that a friend had given Morgan the flash drive, but he promised that it would help Scott. Morgan pointed out that Scott needed the help because the exit polls weren't in Scott's favor. Lucy demanded that Morgan state his source for the exit poll information, but Morgan ignored her and walked away.

Scott couldn't remember Morgan's name, so Lucy revealed that Morgan was Sonny and Carly's son. Scott didn't know if Morgan could be trusted because of who Morgan's parents were, but Lucy was more concerned about why Heather had been in the voting booth with Scott. Scott admitted that he didn't know, so he suggested that perhaps Heather had developed another crush for him.

Scott was eager to find out what was on the flash drive because he feared that he might lose the election to Lazaro, so Scott and Lucy made their way to an examination room. Scott slid the flash drive into the computer and then waited. They were stunned when they realized that it was a voice recording of Sonny and Lazaro discussing the election and a file that Lazaro had removed from the police department at Sonny's request. Scott realized that he had what he needed to win the election, so he and Lucy celebrated with a hug.

Scott and Lucy's smiles faded as they shared a close moment, but they quickly pulled apart and pretended that it hadn't happened. Scott was eager to confront Lazaro with the recording, but Lucy was concerned why Morgan had given Scott incriminating evidence against Sonny. Scott wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so he marched to the elevator, where he bumped into Lazaro.

Lazaro announced that he was on his way to report Scott to the voting commission, so Scott returned Lazaro's smile and revealed that he was on his way to do the same because Scott had learned that Lazaro was in bed with Port Charles's mob boss.

Nearby, Olivia asked Morgan why Morgan had been talking to Scott Baldwin. Morgan resented Olivia questioning him, so Olivia warned Morgan that Scott could not be trusted. Morgan made a snide remark about Sonny influencing Olivia's vote for Lazaro and then started to walk away, but Olivia wanted to clear the air.

Olivia explained that she had merely wanted to talk to Morgan about Sonny because Sonny hadn't meant to hurt Morgan. Morgan bristled as he reminded Olivia that Sonny had made his choice by breaking his promise to Morgan. Morgan complained that Sonny always chose Michael over Morgan, but Olivia disagreed. She insisted that Sonny had saved Morgan from a world of hurt by revealing Morgan's secret.

Morgan disagreed, so Olivia wondered if he had enjoyed lying to Kiki every time he had looked at his wife. Olivia appreciated that Morgan had loved Kiki, but Olivia pointed out that Kiki hadn't loved Morgan the way that he had deserved to be loved. Olivia reminded Morgan that Sonny had been off of his medications when he had revealed Morgan's secret, but Morgan didn't care because Morgan was certain that Sonny would have found another way to choose Michael over Morgan.

Olivia was curious if Morgan was angry with himself for allowing the lie to get as far as it had. She was certain that he had to have known, deep down inside, that his marriage had been doomed because of the lie. Morgan explained that he hadn't wanted to lose Kiki, so Olivia admitted that she knew what it was like to lose a first love. However, she insisted that Sonny wasn't entirely to blame for Morgan's failed marriage. Olivia pointed out that both Sonny and Morgan could have handled things better, but it wasn't too late to make things right.

Morgan thought about Julian's order for Morgan to give Scott the flash drive. "That's where you're wrong, Olivia. It's already too late," Morgan sadly replied.

In Julian's suite, Ava and Julian listened as Sonny ordered Max to attend Franco's art opening. "Julian Jerome dies tonight," Sonny vowed and then revealed that Shawn would be in position outside of the gallery. "That doesn't sound good," Ava whispered to Julian.

Ava was shocked when Julian calmly pulled on his jacket and then loaded his gun. She reminded her brother that Sonny intended to kill Julian, but Julian was confident that Sonny wouldn't make a move against Julian in a room filled with people. Ava argued that Julian would have a target on his back all night, but Julian refused to back down. He conceded that Sonny had been right about one thing. "This ends tonight," Julian added.

In Sonny's office, Sonny warned Max not to make any mistakes because Sonny didn't want any civilian casualties.

In Pozzulo's restaurant, Michael told Kiki about Sonny's recent business "difficulties," so Kiki wondered if Michael suspected that Ava had been behind the attacks. Michael didn't have an answer, but he thought that Sonny should know that Ava was Julian Jerome's sister. Kiki begged Michael to wait because they didn't have any proof that Ava was involved in mob activity. She reminded him that her mother was an art gallery owner, so they should proceed with caution because Kiki knew how Sonny dealt with his enemies.

Later, Sonny and Max exited the office. Sonny was surprised when he saw Kiki and Michael, so Michael explained that he needed to talk to his father about something important. Kiki beseeched Michael with her eyes not to say anything about Ava, so Michael reluctantly agreed. Michael claimed that he had wanted to make certain that Max kept a close eye on Sonny because it was clear that someone was after Sonny.

Kiki saw how Michael had struggled with the decision to keep her secret, so she confessed that Michael hadn't told Sonny everything. Kiki apologized to Michael for putting him in an impossible position and then revealed to Sonny that her mother was Julian Jerome's sister.

Meanwhile, Diane arrived at Franco's suite to pick him up for the art show, but Franco refused to attend the event.

At the Jerome Gallery, Sebastian spotted Heather at the bar, sipping champagne, so he approached her to let her know that he hadn't forgotten about her. He invited her to drink up and have a good time.

Nearby, Sam and Silas arrived for the art opening. Silas confessed that he was not impressed with Franco's artwork. Sam agreed that it appeared minimalistic compared to Franco's earlier work. She studied one of the paintings and then confided that she was rather hungry.

Moments later, Sam spotted Derek, so she greeted him. Derek was curious if Alexis would be attending, so Sam admitted that she didn't know. She suspected that her mother had had plans because Alexis hadn't insisted on babysitting Danny. Derek chuckled and mentioned that Alexis had recently stopped by for a visit with Danny. Sam confided that she had decided to attend the art opening because she had heard about Franco's generous offer to donate a percentage of the proceeds to children's cancer research.

Derek started to explain that it hadn't been Franco's idea, but Carly arrived. Sam was surprised when she realized that Carly was Derek's date, so she asked Carly if Carly and Derek were seeing each other. Carly smiled pleasantly as she revealed that Franco had claimed that Derek was seeing Morgan.

Sam quietly reminded Silas that she had warned him that it would be an interesting evening. Meanwhile, Derek recovered from his shock and denied that he had a sexual relationship with Morgan. Carly relayed what Franco had told her, so she wanted to know what kind of relationship Derek and Morgan had if Morgan was not allowed to discuss it. "Looks like the jig is up," Ava replied as she approached the group.

Julian looked nervous when Ava announced that it was time for Derek to tell everyone the truth.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

In Franco's suite, Diane was stunned when Franco decided not to attend the art show. He explained that it wasn't really his comeback because his artwork wasn't on the gallery's walls, and he had no desire to see Carly on a date with Derek. Diane patiently explained that Franco's attendance was mandatory to ensure the success of the show, which would earn them both a lot of money. Franco didn't care about the money, so Diane ordered him to stop acting like a lovelorn teenager. She affectionately kissed the top of his head and assured him that she loved him, but she demanded that he get his "ass" into the shower because he needed the money more than she did. Franco grudgingly complied.

At the hospital, Olivia reminded Morgan that it wasn't too late to fix things with Sonny, but Morgan disagreed. Olivia wanted to know why, prompting Morgan to recall his agreement to help Julian to take down Sonny. Morgan looked pained as he muttered that it was too late; he tried to leave, but Olivia reached out to stop him because she feared that Morgan had gotten into some gambling trouble. Morgan shrugged off Olivia's grip as he assured her that his problems had nothing to do with gambling and then left.

At the elevator, Scott revealed that he had proof that Lazaro was in bed with the mob boss of Port Charles, Sonny Corinthos. Lazaro denied it, so Scott and Lucy invited Lazaro to follow them to an examination room to listen to the recording.

A short time later, Lazaro demanded to know where Scott had obtained the recording. Scott pointed out that that it didn't matter because he expected Lazaro to bow out of the race for district attorney. Lazaro sputtered with outrage because he had no idea what to tell his supporters. Scott suggested that Lazaro follow the lead of other politicians who had been caught with their pants down by claiming to want to focus on his family. Scott promised that the recording would not see the light of day if Lazaro stepped down within the hour.

Near the voting area at the hospital, T.J. waited impatiently as Shawn read up on the candidates and issues before voting. T.J. was anxious to get to Molly's house, but Shawn refused to be rushed. Moments later, Shawn received a text message from Max alerting Shawn to be on standby. T.J. was curious who the message was from, so Shawn explained that it was work-related. T.J. tactfully changed the subject by asking who Shawn intended to vote for.

"Lazaro," Shawn answered and then explained that Scott Baldwin had a long, sordid history and bad reputation. T.J. argued that Lazaro didn't have a high conviction rate, but Shawn countered that it wasn't the worst either.

A short time later, Shawn returned from voting. T.J. noted that it had taken Shawn longer to read up on the candidates and issues than it had to vote. Shawn chuckled but then quickly sobered when Max called to pass along Sonny's orders for Shawn to kill Julian Jerome. Shawn recalled how Carly had lied to him about the hit on Franco, so he asked if Sonny had issued the order. Max offered to get Sonny on the phone. Satisfied, Shawn ended the call and told T.J. that they needed to leave because Shawn had to work.

Shawn was surprised when T.J. suddenly expressed concern about Shawn's safety. T.J. conceded that he had told Shawn that he was okay with Shawn working for Sonny because Shawn had assured T.J. that Shawn went after the bad guys. However, T.J. realized that some of those bad guys could go after Shawn and that T.J. would be left alone if anything happened to Shawn. Shawn reminded T.J. that T.J. had a mother who loved her son, but T.J. disagreed because she hadn't visited him once in nearly two years.

Shawn explained that T.J.'s father's death had been very difficult on T.J.'s mother and that T.J. looked so much like his father that T.J. was a constant reminder of everything that she had lost. T.J. insisted that his mother hadn't lost him; he was right there. Shawn's eyes filled with compassion and understanding as he assured T.J. that when he looked at T.J., he saw his best friend and brother, and a young man that T.J.'s father would have been proud to know. T.J. smiled in gratitude and hugged Shawn tightly.

At Pozzulo's, Kiki confessed to Sonny that her mother, Ava, was Victor Jerome's daughter. Stunned, Sonny asked Kiki to explain, so she revealed that Ava's mother had once been Victor's mistress. Kiki conceded that she knew next to nothing about her family, but she had heard about Sonny's recent troubles. Sonny admitted that the Jeromes had been responsible for the attacks, but he assured Kiki that she had done the right thing by telling him about Ava.

Kiki made it clear that she didn't want anything to happen to her mother. Michael cautioned Kiki not to broach the subject, but Sonny was quick to promise Kiki that Ava was not in his sights. Michael's interest was piqued, so he was curious who Sonny was after. Sonny recalled his conversation with Max when they had planned the hit on Julian, but he opted not to fill Michael in.

Moments later, Olivia arrived to talk to Sonny, so Michael and Kiki decided to leave. Sonny quietly asked Max to call Shawn and then dismissed his bodyguard. After Max left, Sonny asked what was troubling Olivia. She confessed that she was worried about Morgan because she suspected that he was in big trouble. Olivia started to tell Sonny about her encounter with Morgan when Lazaro stormed into the restaurant, demanding to talk to Sonny in private.

Sonny pointedly introduced Olivia to remind Lazaro that Sonny had been in the middle of a conversation, but Lazaro insisted that it was urgent that they talk. Sonny assured Lazaro that Olivia was a trusted friend who knew about the file that Lazaro had given to Sonny. Frustrated, Lazaro informed Sonny that Scott Baldwin also knew that Lazaro had taken the file from the police station and had turned it over to Sonny.

Sonny's smile disappeared as Lazaro explained that Scott had a recording of Sonny and Lazaro's private conversation, so Lazaro demanded to know if Sonny had worn a wire. Sonny was infuriated by the suggestion and made it clear that he had never worn a wire and never would. "Then what the hell happened?" Lazaro asked.

Lazaro feared that Sonny had worked out a deal for leniency by agreeing to expose corruption in the district attorney's office, but Sonny denied that he would ever cooperate with the authorities. Sonny didn't know how Scott had gotten his hands on the incriminating recording, but he was through talking to Lazaro, so he ordered Lazaro to leave. Lazaro conceded that he was out of a job, but it also meant that Sonny had lost a connection to city hall.

After Lazaro left, Olivia wondered how Scott had obtained the recording of Sonny and Lazaro. Sonny was certain that someone had spied on him, but he had no idea who. Olivia suddenly recalled that she had seen Morgan talking to Scott earlier, so she told Sonny about her conversation with Morgan when Morgan had cryptically told her that it was too late to fix things with Sonny. Olivia wondered if Morgan might have given the recording to Scott, so Sonny stood up and slowly made his way to his office to pick up the clock that Morgan had recently returned. Sonny sighed heavily when he saw the listening device planted on the bottom of the clock.

At the Jerome Gallery, Sebastian regaled Heather with stories about famous people he had encountered in the art world. However, Heather's mind was on the first time that she had shown Franco her painting and Franco's request for her to paint more. Heather returned to the present when Sebastian told her a joke and waited for her to laugh. He became alarmed when she didn't, so he worried that he had made her mad. Heather assured him that her mad face and happy face looked the same, so Sebastian relaxed.

Nearby, Derek admitted that Morgan had been in his hotel suite earlier that day, but he assured Carly that he and Morgan were not lovers. Carly demanded to know what kind of relationship Derek had with her son and why Morgan couldn't discuss it. Ava suddenly appeared and announced that the "jig" was up. Derek tensed until Ava explained that Derek was her partner in the art gallery.

Carly revealed that she already knew about Ava and Derek's partnership, but Sam confessed that she hadn't heard the news. Sam congratulated Derek, so he thanked her. Meanwhile, Carly appreciated Ava's "spectacular diversion," but she wanted an answer to her question about the nature of Derek and Morgan's relationship.

Ava claimed that Morgan had simply dropped off some contracts for Derek to sign because Derek preferred that their financial business arrangements remain private. Sam suddenly realized that Derek might have arranged for a portion of the proceeds to go to children's cancer research.

Derek confirmed Sam's suspicion, so she thanked him for his generosity. Derek turned his attention back to Carly to assure Carly that he hadn't slept with Morgan and then invited her to ask Morgan if she didn't believe him. Carly glanced over her shoulder as Morgan walked up. Ava quickly filled Morgan in on Carly's suspicions. Horrified, Morgan was at a loss for words on how to explain. Ava seized the opportunity to illustrate Morgan's sexual preference by kissing him.

Carly's temper flared as she lunged for Ava, growling for Ava to get her hands off of Morgan. Derek and Morgan quickly pulled the ladies apart as Carly angrily accused Ava of being a "cradle-robbing whore." The exchange of heated words abruptly ended when Sebastian called for everyone's attention to introduce the guest of honor, Franco.

Franco entered the gallery with Diane on his arm and then thanked everyone for attending the art show. He appreciated that his supporters hadn't lost faith in him and had stuck by him through his darkest hours. Franco looked at Carly as he confessed that the love and support had meant everything to him.

Later, Sebastian approached Heather in high spirits because he had sold a painting to someone at Wyndemere. He advised Heather not to wait too long to buy one of the masterpieces, so Heather wondered if he truly thought the paintings were masterpieces. Sebastian gushed about the paintings that had clearly been created by a "mad, mad genius." Heather agreed and informed him that she would buy all of the paintings. However, she had one stipulation.

Meanwhile, Scott and Lucy arrived at the art show. Scott was delighted when he received a call confirming that Lazaro had bowed out of the race. Lucy was happy that Scott was the new district attorney, but she worried about the price he would have to pay for using the recording that Morgan had given him.

Elsewhere, Carly congratulated Franco on his speech and then informed him that he had been wrong about Derek and Morgan's relationship. Franco smiled politely and told Carly that he hoped that she and Derek had a nice evening. Carly claimed that she hoped the same for Franco and his girlfriend, Diane. Franco remained silent, so Carly remarked that his show appeared to be a success. Franco's expression clouded with guilt, so he quietly confessed that he had something to tell Carly.

At the same time, Ava pulled Julian aside to warn him that she had spotted Sonny's bodyguard. Julian reminded his sister that Max had to pass through a metal detector like the other guests, so Julian was confident that Max wasn't armed. Ava wasn't satisfied because she knew that Sonny had men waiting to take a shot at Julian when Julian left the gallery. Julian assured Ava that he knew what he was doing and then walked away.

Nearby, Silas and Sam ordered a whiskey at the bar. Sam wanted to check on Carly, but Silas saw Carly talking to Franco. He thought that Carly seemed fine, so Sam looked around for Derek. Moments later, Sam and Silas caught up with Derek. Sam advised Derek to warn Ava that Carly was not someone to mess with.

Derek assured Sam that he would, so Sam asked him for a favor. She wanted Derek to donate bone marrow to a bone marrow bank in the event that Danny's cancer returned. Sam was thrilled when Derek agreed.

Later, Michael and Kiki approached Morgan and Ava at the bar. Morgan was surprised when he saw Kiki, so she explained that she was there to warn him about Ava. Ava tried to talk to her daughter, but Kiki made it clear that she wasn't interested in hearing anything that Ava had to say. Morgan admitted that he didn't have anything to say to Kiki either, so Kiki implored Morgan to hear her out because he needed to know about Ava's latest lie.

Ava tensed and asked her daughter what Kiki was talking about. Kiki accused Ava of being connected to the Jerome crime family through Ava's brother, Julian. Morgan pointed out that he and Michael were Sonny's children, but that didn't mean that they were mobsters. Kiki begged Morgan to get past his anger at her because she genuinely cared about him and didn't want him to get caught in the crossfire.

Morgan assured Kiki and Michael that he could take care of himself. Kiki tried to get through to Morgan, but he stubbornly refused to listen and accused Kiki of being a liar. According to Morgan, Ava had never betrayed him. After Morgan and Ava walked away, Michael noticed that Morgan hadn't seemed surprised when Kiki had told him about Ava's connection to the Jerome crime family.

Nearby, Diane bumped into Max. Max admitted that he was surprised that Diane was dating Franco. Diane started to explain that things were not as they seemed, but Sebastian cut her off to make an important announcement.

Sebastian happily revealed that someone had purchased all of Franco's paintings, but the buyer had made one request; she wanted Franco to personally explain the meaning of each painting. Everyone clapped as Franco was forced to step forward and approach the first painting. Franco rambled nonsensically to the confused guests until Heather had had enough.

"No, no, no," Heather barked as she approached Franco. "It's a BLT, you idiot," Heather explained. She angrily accused Franco of taking advantage of her creativity and then approached the painting to adjust it, so everyone could see that the horizontal lines represented layers of a BLT sandwich.

Friday, November 8, 2013

At Pozzulo's, Sonny let out a heavy sigh when he found the bug that had been planted on the bottom of the clock that Morgan had returned. Olivia stood in the doorway and watched as Sonny smashed it. Sonny realized that Morgan had likely given Scott the incriminating recording of Sonny and Lazaro, but Olivia refused to believe that Morgan would betray Sonny like that. Sonny assured Olivia that it was true, but he doubted that Morgan had acted alone.

Sonny was certain that Julian and Ava Jerome had manipulated Morgan into turning against Sonny. Olivia tried to defend Morgan by reminding Sonny that Morgan was a young kid who was confused and hurt. She refused to believe that Morgan had acted out of malice, so she suggested that perhaps Julian and Ava had coerced Morgan into cooperating. Sonny conceded that it was possible, but he insisted that Morgan should have reached out to him for help. However, Sonny was determined that things would end that very night.

Alarmed, Olivia asked what Sonny intended to do. Sonny tried to evade the question, but Olivia pointed out that she was the one who had given him the information, so she was involved whether Sonny liked it or not. Sonny explained that he had arranged for Julian Jerome to be killed. Olivia objected because she knew that Julian was at an art show, so she didn't want anyone to fire into a crowd of innocent people. Sonny assured Olivia that Shawn had been instructed to wait until the coast was clear.

"Julian Jerome dies tonight, alone and miserable like the filthy rat that he is," Sonny vowed. Olivia feared that it was a mistake and regretted that she hadn't told Dante about Julian when she'd had the chance. Sonny tensed because he had asked Olivia not to mention Julian to Dante, so Olivia assured him that she had kept her word. However, she reminded Sonny that Dante wasn't just their son; he was a police officer.

Sonny argued that the local police answered to the World Security Bureau, so Dante couldn't help them. Sonny refused to call off the hit on Julian because he was determined to save Morgan, who had been caught in Julian's clutches. Olivia remained apprehensive because she didn't want to lose Sonny. "Not when I finally...," Olivia started. "What?" Sonny asked.

At the Jerome Gallery, Heather brandished a cheese knife as she revealed to the gathered guests that she had created the paintings that Franco had taken credit for. Silas approached Heather to try to talk her down, but Heather resented Silas' interference because he had conveniently forgotten their deal. Heather vowed that no one would ever forget Kelly's sandwiches or her again.

Heather approached a painting to turn it around as she proudly proclaimed that it was called "The Reuben." Next, she adjusted "The Roast beef" and then "The Tuna," which she grumbled had been hung incorrectly.

Nearby, Diane begged Franco for assurance that Heather's rant was a performance piece.

Elsewhere, Julian glanced down at his cell phone when he received a text message alerting him that Benjamin Lazaro had conceded the race to Scott Baldwin. Julian was pleased that Morgan had thrown Sonny under the bus by giving Scott the recording because Sonny's loss had been Julian's gain in the district attorney's office. Julian smiled with satisfaction at Scott, but Morgan looked troubled.

"Who let Heather out?" Scott asked. "I don't know," Lucy answered as she watched guests dodge a knife-wielding Heather, who made her way around the gallery to adjust the paintings while rambling about betrayal and sandwiches.

Alexis stopped short as she entered the gallery and saw the commotion. Scott decided that Heather had become completely unhinged. Lucy panicked because she realized that Heather might carry out the threat to falsely accuse Scott and Lucy of helping Heather to escape so they could have a "ménage à three."

Nearby, Ava asked Julian to deal with the woman waving around the cheese knife, but Julian ignored his sister.

Meanwhile, Diane was furious that Franco had used Heather's paintings because Heather was unstable. Heather stopped in front of Franco to give him a chance to respond to her allegations. However, Sebastian stepped to ask how Heather had known the meaning behind each of Franco's creations. Diane jumped in to explain that Heather was Franco's number one fan, so Heather knew Franco better than anyone else.

Heather began to calm down as Diane carefully stroked Heather's ego, while attempting to salvage the fiasco with a plausible explanation that would allow Franco to take credit for the paintings. However, Franco was tried of pretending, so he asked Diane to stop. Heather sensed what Franco was about to do, so she quietly assured Franco that it wasn't necessary.

Franco looked at Carly as he confessed that he hadn't painted any of the paintings in the gallery. "Heather did," Franco admitted. Franco turned to Heather and apologized for trying to take credit for her paintings, so Heather asked him why he had done it. Franco revealed that he had lost his talent with the removal of the brain tumor, so he had been desperate and financially broke.

Franco regretted that he had taken advantage of Heather when all she had done was give him a "beautiful" gift on his birthday. Heather assured Franco that she forgave him, so Franco turned to apologize to Carly. Franco assured Carly that he would gladly give up whatever creativity he had left to be the kind of man that Carly wanted.

"Leave it to Franco to screw things up," Ava growled under her breath. "What an idiot," she added with disgust. Moments later, she noticed Morgan standing alone and appearing downcast, so she asked him if he was okay. Morgan revealed that he had bumped into Olivia earlier in the day and that Olivia had told him how much his father loved him. Ava quietly wondered if Morgan had second thoughts about helping her and Julian.

Ava assured Morgan that he could talk to her, but he quickly made it clear that he hadn't changed his mind. Morgan explained that Olivia was "Team Sonny" all the way, so Olivia would always defend his father.

Meanwhile, Kiki noticed Michael looking at his brother and Ava. Michael commented that Morgan and Ava seemed closer than ever, so Kiki admitted that she had been surprised that Morgan hadn't been concerned that Ava was the daughter of a crime lord. Michael reminded her that Morgan was the son of one. However, Michael feared that Morgan intended to stick it to Sonny.

Moments later, the police arrived. Scott told the police officers who Heather was and then ordered them to take Heather into custody.

Nearby, Sam chuckled when Silas realized that all of his dates with Sam ended with something bizarre happening.

Scott cleared his throat and announced to everyone that Lazaro had resigned and bowed out of the race, so Scott was the new district attorney effective immediately. Scott made a brief speech and then promised to prosecute both Heather and Franco to the fullest extent of the law. Stunned, Heather warned Scott that he couldn't do that. Scott assured Heather that he could charge Franco with fraud, aiding and abetting Heather's escape, and trying to profit from stolen goods.

Heather reiterated that Scott couldn't prosecute Franco. "Why?" Scott asked. "Because he's your son," Heather answered.

After a collective gasp of surprise from the guests, Heather assured Scott that she could prove that he was Franco's father. Michael refused to believe that Scott was Jason's biological father. "Who cares about Jason?" Heather asked as she sneered.

Heather explained that Jason and Franco had not been brothers, so Franco was not a Quartermaine. Heather admitted that she had lied, but Franco refused to believe that Scott Baldwin was his father. Carly demanded the proof that Heather had promised, so Heather produced a birth certificate and DNA test. Lucy and Sam pointed out that the documents could be forged and the tests altered, so Heather invited Scott to have his own DNA test done.

Carly wasn't satisfied and demanded that Heather explain herself. Carly insisted that Jason's loved ones deserved answers because Heather had spent years tormenting them.

Heather assured everyone that Scott was Franco's father and then revealed that she was Franco's mother. Scott immediately objected because he recalled that Jason had been an infant when Scott and Heather had slept together. Heather reminded Scott that they'd had a one-night stand prior to their affair.

According to Heather, she and Scott had encountered each other one cold, dark night shortly after Luke and Laura had returned from Beechers Corners. Laura had asked Scott for a divorce, so Scott had been in a bad place and drinking heavily. Meanwhile, Heather had been equally vulnerable because Jeff had had Heather committed for "a few minor hallucinations." Scott suddenly recalled that Heather had left the facility often.

Heather smiled and then reminded Scott that he had taken her to his favorite place. "Kelly's," Scott answered. "We shared a BLT and oh, so much more. We made a baby that night," Heather admitted gently as Scott stared at her in horror. Heather conceded that she had hidden her pregnancy and had given birth to Franco the same time as Susan had delivered Jason. Heather conceded that she had sold her baby to Betsy, but she assured Franco that she had always loved him.

Lucy was certain that Heather was lying, but Heather didn't care because she was certain that Franco knew the truth deep down inside. Heather pointed out that it was the reason why she cared so much about Franco and had been desperate to protect him from Carly.

Lucy handed the documents to Alexis and Silas to examine. Alexis and Silas agreed that the birth certificate appeared authentic and the DNA test seemed legitimate.

Diane quickly approached Scott to point out that he didn't have a case against Franco because Franco had used the paintings with his mother's consent. Heather made it clear that she would not testify against her son, so Scott was forced to release Franco from custody.

Max was disgusted that Diane had slept with Franco and then had defended the man. Diane tried to explain that Franco was not her lover, but Max decided that he was through "carrying a flame" for Diane because she was not the person that he had thought she was. Max stormed off, so Diane ran after him. She assured him that she had not had an affair with Franco, but Max refused to hear her out and left.

The police started to cart Heather away, but she called out to Franco to tell him that she loved him and to assure him that he was just like her. Carly asked the police officers to remove Heather from the gallery, so Heather warned Carly to watch her back. Carly ignored Heather and focused on Franco to gently ask how he was holding up. Franco was at a loss for words.

At Pozzulo's, Max walked in on Sonny and Olivia as Sonny asked Olivia what she had been about to say. Max apologized for the interruption, but he had important news to share. Sonny assured Max that Max was free to talk in front of Olivia, so Max revealed that things had gone awry inside the gallery, but Shawn was in place and ready to carry out Sonny's order.

Sonny decided that he would personally handle things, so he asked Max to stay with Olivia. Olivia objected, but Sonny made it clear that he did not want Olivia to get hurt again. After Sonny left, Olivia paced the floor because she had a bad feeling about things.

At the gallery, Ava was curious why Julian was still there. She urged him to take advantage of the chaos by slipping out with the crowd. Julian assured his sister that Sonny couldn't touch him because Julian had a guardian angel.

Sam was worried about Danny because Heather had been on the loose, so Sam and Silas decided to check on Danny.

Nearby, Diane informed Franco that she was off to do some damage control, but she promised to be in touch with him soon. After Diane left, Sebastian bellowed that Franco was through and would never be taken seriously as an artist again. Carly tried to offer Franco a sympathetic shoulder to lean on, but Franco simply walked out without a backward glance.

At the bar, Lucy checked on Scott as he looked over the birth certificate and DNA test. He confessed that it appeared that Heather had told the truth. Scott couldn't believe that he had fathered a child with Heather and that his son had turned out just like Heather. Scott was certain that his career as district attorney was over, but Lucy promised that they would work something out.

Scott and Lucy started to walk out, but stopped to quietly thank Morgan. Lucy wondered if Sonny knew about Morgan's betrayal because she was concerned for Morgan. Morgan assured Lucy that he would deal with Sonny and then walked away.

Nearby, Michael confided to Kiki that something appeared to be going on with Morgan because Michael had seen Morgan talking to Derek Wells and then Scott Baldwin.

At the bar, Ava promised to take Morgan home and to make him forget about everyone. She then turned to offer the last few remaining guests mementos of the evening to take home, but they refused and rushed out the door.

"Well, I guess it's safe to say the party's over," Ava said. "Are you kidding? This party's just getting started," Sonny replied as he strolled in.

In Franco's suite, Franco reclined on the sofa and stared at the ceiling as Heather's parting words to him replayed in his head. He heard the door open, so he closed his eyes and told Diane that he wasn't in the mood to hear what she had to say. "It's not Diane," Carly said from the doorway. Franco bolted upright and looked at Carly.

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