General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on GH

Jason's loved ones received a mysterious invitation. Scott and Laura were married. Ava offered to give her daughter's votes to Tracy for a price. Silas Clay petitioned for custody of Rafe. Lulu decided to talk to Kevin about her flashbacks.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 20, 2013 on GH
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Spinelli met with Sam at the penthouse and poured out his disappointment. Spinelli told Sam that after initially believing that he had located the missing Quartermaine heir, his hopes had been dashed when the young woman in question revealed herself to be an actress hired by Luke to bamboozle Spinelli. Sam told Spinelli to look on the bright side because it meant that the real heir, Lauren, was still out there.

Sam offered comfort and ice cream to Spinelli who continued to chafe at how easily Luke had fooled him. Sam told Spinelli about her trip to New York with Carly and their attempts to locate Morgan and Michael. Sam told Spinelli that she had not found the boys, but she had run across Dr. Silas Clay, brother to Stephen Clay. Sam showed Spinelli a hospital photo of the doctor. Spinelli noted that Silas looked eerily similar to serial killer Steven, who had thought he was a vampire and had kidnapped Sam in the belief that Sam was his long-lost love.

Sam said that what got to her about Silas was that he had shown no interest or affect upon learning that his brother was dead and had left behind a child, Rafe, who was Silas' nephew and was motherless because Stephen Clay had killed Rafe's mother. Sam added that she did not want to tell Rafe and make him feel even more rejected. Spinelli agreed with her.

Spinelli said that the ice cream had made him feel better, just as Sam had predicted. After Spinelli left the penthouse, Sam peered at the photo of Silas Clay until someone rang the doorbell. Sam's visitor was a surprise to her.

In New York City, Kiki looked at her phone and a photo of a kiss between herself and Morgan. When Kiki's mother, Ava, arrived home, Kiki told Ava about everything that had happened while Ava had been gone, including that Morgan had been beaten up by thugs, Michael's arrival on the scene and subsequent trip with Morgan to the emergency room, and Sonny's ultimate rescue when the thugs had returned for the second time.

Ava was astounded by Kiki's announcements and called Kiki by her full name, Lauren Katherine Jerome. Ava said that she was relieved that Sonny had found Morgan. Ava told Kiki that she had advised Morgan to get help from his parents. Kiki said that she had found Sonny very calm but terrifying. Kiki added that Sonny had practically dragged Morgan out by his ear and home to Port Charles.

Ava asked if Kiki meant Port Charles, New York. Kiki was intrigued as Ava sat silently, oblivious to Kiki, and remembered her conversation with Luke when he had told her about the missing Quartermaine heir. Kiki aggressively shook Ava out of her reverie by asking Ava what she knew about Port Charles. Ava shrugged it off and said she had heard the name on the news because of the story about the "hellish relish." Kiki accepted the explanation.

Ava turned the conversation back to Morgan. Kiki was glad that Morgan was out of trouble, but she told Ava that she missed him. Ava told Kiki not to give up on Morgan. Kiki was surprised that her mom approved of her boyfriend. Ava said that she had gotten to know Morgan while he stayed at their apartment, and he seemed nice. Later, when Ava was alone, she recalled the details of her conversation with Luke about the Quartermaine heir.

Carly paced Michael's apartment until Sonny showed up with Michael and Morgan in tow. Morgan was only slightly chastened. Carly told Morgan that since she knew he would live, she would kill him herself. Morgan said he was sorry for worrying them, but Carly said that "sorry" did not cut it, but she did not even know where to start.

Sonny suggested that they start with the gambling. Carly wanted to know what had happened and why Morgan had not called his parents for help. Morgan said that he had wanted to take care of it himself and that his girlfriend had been helping. Sonny told Carly that the girl's name was Katherine Jerome, but she was called Kiki. He explained to Morgan and Michael that the Jerome family had once upon a time been players on the Port Charles mob front.

Morgan was defiant and did not take the danger he had been in seriously. He joked about Michael. Morgan was convinced that he and Michael could have handled the thugs who had been trying to roust him when Sonny had arrived. Carly vehemently insisted that Michael needed to stay out of trouble that could send him back to prison and chastised Morgan for putting Michael in such a position. Michael said that he had not been able to stand by while thugs beat up his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Sonny said that the thugs would not be calling the police, so the point was moot.

Sonny and Carly started arguing over where Morgan would stay. Morgan told the bickering duo that he did not like to hear them fight. Morgan suggested that his parents compromise and let him stay with Michael. That seemed like a fine solution to everyone but Michael, who gave his reluctant agreement. After Sonny and Carly left, Morgan grabbed his backpack and said he was going back to New York to be with Kiki. Before Michael could stop him, someone knocked on the door. When Michael opened it, Kiki was on the other side.

A blond man, who bore a striking resemblance to Todd Manning, arrived at Ferncliff to see Heather. A guard escorted the man to an interview room, where Heather was waiting. The man and Heather were very chummy as they exchanged pleasantries and seemed to be the best of friends.

The blond man and Heather got down to business when Heather asked him why he was visiting after "all this time." The man said that he needed to talk about Samantha Morgan. Heather ranted that she could not stand Sam because Sam had failed to deliver a letter to Heather's son, Steve, as Sam had promised to do in exchange for the information that Heather had given Sam.

The blond man merely noted that Sam had paid for her mistake. The man said that he had made Sam suffer, and he wanted to make amends, but as Heather knew, the man had been forced to leave town before he could do so. Heather did not want to help Sam, but acquiesced when the man told Heather that she would be helping him, not Sam. The blond man clasped Heather's hands and said that they shared a bond after all they had been through together. Heather smiled back and agreed, coyly stating, "As if I could ever say no to you." The blond man was gone when a guard escorted Heather back to her room. When the guard inquired about the identity of Heather's visitor, she smiled and said, "Just an old friend."

At Wyndemere, Lucy phoned Scott with the bad news that the mayor would not be available to perform the wedding ceremony for Scott and Laura. When it looked like the wedding would be called off, Lesley announced that she had used the Internet to obtain a license to perform wedding ceremonies and had, in fact, performed a valid ceremony for Wiccan friends. Scott and Laura were satisfied with Lesley's credential, so she stepped in for the mayor.

The ceremony went on as planned. Both Scott and Laura seemed very happy to be wed. Lulu had a memory of herself in a white dress, carrying red flowers. Dante noticed, but when Dante questioned Lulu, she denied remembering anything. Lulu went to Laura and Scott and congratulated them. Lulu apologized for not remembering them. Laura told Lulu that it was okay.

Laura said that she loved Lulu no matter what and that it had made Laura very happy that Lulu had attended. Lulu said that she was getting uncomfortable and needed to leave. Laura told Lulu to go and that she understood. Dante wanted to leave with Lulu, but Lulu wanted to be alone, so Dante remained behind.

Scott and Laura cut the cake. When Scott made the toast, he said that true love only got better with age. Everyone applauded. Both A.J. and Nikolas offered cake to Elizabeth, but she walked away from both of them. When Dante fretted to Lesley about Lulu, Lesley suggested that Lulu might be suffering from psychological as well as physical trauma. Lesley told Dante that there might be aspects of Lulu's past that she did not want to remember.

Lulu went to the Haunted Star, where she was beginning to get a grasp on the fragment of memory that she had almost recalled earlier. Before Lulu could retrieve the memory, the blond man boarded the boat.

As Luke downed a glass of scotch, Tracy said that she did not want to lose Luke to drinking again. Tracy admitted that she cared a lot about Luke. Luke said he cared a lot about Tracy also. Luke grabbed Tracy and gave her a long, slow smooch. Tracy pulled back and wanted to know what Luke was doing. Luke said he thought that they were having a moment. Tracy questioned whether it was a moment or a diversion to get her off the topic of Luke's drinking.

Luke agreed that he would try to divert her from his drinking, but denied that it was the reason that he had kissed her. Tracy told Luke to enlighten her. Luke asked the reason for "all the ruckus." He pointed out that they had been married and had kissed all the time. Tracy said that they had been married a long time before. She asked Luke if he had forgotten what obstacles that they had overcome to forge their friendship. She cautioned him about throwing a pothole in their path and warned that there would be no casual kissing.

Tracy kept at Luke until he admitted that Laura was getting married and that was why he had kissed Tracy. Tracy was on fire and let Luke know that she did not appreciate being a substitute for Laura. Luke explained that he was not interested in getting Laura back, because their relationship had been over a long time before. Luke said that he had not been thinking about Laura but about what Scott had said to him.

Luke said that he had been bothered when Scott had gleefully announced that while Scott and Laura would be safe and warm in old age, Luke would just become a lonely, doddering old coot. Luke added that when his globetrotting days were over, it would be nice to have someone to return home to. Luke told Tracy that he wanted her to be his home fire, his true north. Tracy did not melt; in fact, she resented being called a "fireplace." Tracy said that she did not want to be a safety net and keep the home fires burning until Luke got tired of traveling and having foreign adventures.

Luke saw it as a win-win. Luke did not see how it would be any different in the future that it was in that moment. Luke could imagine that if he and Tracy kept going in the direction that they were headed, they could easily end up together. Tracy agreed that if they followed that path, Luke would get to prove Scott wrong, but Tracy said that she wanted a lot more from a relationship than that.

Tracy said that she wanted a soul mate. Luke laughed and asked since when. Tracy told him since always. Tracy said that Luke had had Laura for a soul mate, but Tracy had never had that experience, and she wanted it. Tracy said that she wanted the dream because every woman dreamed of true love, and she would "be damned" if she gave up trying to find it before she drew her last dying breath.

Tracy got angry when she told Luke not to offer her dinner and then feed her crumbs. Tracy said that she wanted the whole meal and that she was not giving up until she got it. Luke was speechless and asked Tracy to give him a minute to collect his thoughts. Luke acknowledged that Tracy deserved the whole meal, but questioned if it was realistic to still carry such a grand romantic dream at her stage of life.

Tracy told Luke that it was not a dream and that she would like him to leave. She handed Luke a bottle of booze and said that the next time he wanted to cuddle up between adventures, he could cuddle up to the bottle. Tracy stormed out of the room and told Luke to see himself out.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

At Crimson, Shawn cleaned up the last of the debris from the scuffle with the two thugs who had tried to send a message to Sonny through Connie and Olivia. Connie and Olivia were concerned about Morgan, so Shawn assured the ladies that Morgan was safe and staying with Michael. Olivia thought that it was mistake for Morgan to live with Michael because Morgan was starving for parental supervision. Shawn seemed uncomfortable with the direction of the conversation, so Connie took pity on him by thanking him for the update.

Moments later, Sonny stopped by to check on Connie and Olivia. Shawn assured Sonny that all signs of the altercation in the office were gone. Sonny thanked Shawn, so Shawn left. Meanwhile, Olivia hugged Sonny as she confessed that she was happy that everything had worked out. Connie stood quietly near the door and watched as Sonny and Olivia chatted.

Olivia offered some friendly advice about Morgan, so Sonny deftly changed the subject by asking how Connie and Olivia were after the ordeal with the thugs. Olivia assured him that she and her cousin were fine. Sonny admitted that he appreciated everything that Connie and Olivia had done for him, so Olivia reminded him that she would do anything for Sonny. "For crying out loud, enough already," Connie suddenly blurted out in exasperation.

Sonny and Olivia were surprised by the outburst, but Connie ignored their reactions as she suggested that Sonny leave because she wasn't supposed to be around him. Sonny apologized then quickly said his goodbyes and left. Afterwards, Olivia wondered if Connie was okay.

Connie assured Olivia that everything was fine, but Olivia worried that Connie had been upset because of Sonny and Olivia's chat. Connie was curious why Olivia would think that, since Sonny and Olivia hadn't been doing anything wrong. Olivia admitted that she had noticed that Connie had snapped when Sonny and Olivia had been talking. Connie pointed out that Sonny and Olivia were friends and there wasn't anything romantic going on. "Is there?" Connie suddenly asked.

"Wow-wee, where the hell did that even come from?" Olivia asked defensively. Connie pointed out that Olivia had been the one to make the suggestion, but Olivia insisted that she and Sonny were just friends. Olivia assured Connie that she and Connie were cousins first, so Connie smiled then hugged her cousin.

At Michael's apartment, Michael became annoyed when Morgan collected his things then headed for the door. Michael demanded to know where Morgan was going, so Morgan explained that he intended to return to New York City and Kiki. Morgan opened the door, but stopped short when he saw Kiki looking up at him. "Surprise," Kiki said as she launched herself at Morgan for a hug. Kiki confessed that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about Morgan and didn't want to be without him.

Morgan wondered how she had found him, so Kiki explained that she had stopped by to ask Michael where Morgan was. Michael couldn't believe that Kiki had expected him to point her in Morgan's direction after all the trouble that she had landed Morgan in. Kiki ignored Michael as she confessed that she had also been hoping to get some pointers from Michael on how to win Sonny over. Michael made it clear that he wouldn't help Kiki, prompting her to suspect that Michael had been the favorite child.

Morgan confirmed that Michael was everyone's favorite, including Morgan's. Michael denied it, but Morgan assured Michael that he didn't hold it against Michael. Michael changed the subject by warning Kiki that once Sonny's mind was made up, it was hard to change it, so Kiki should return to New York City. Morgan disagreed; he was certain that Kiki could charm Sonny.

Kiki refused to leave town, so she decided to find a place to rent a room. Michael suggested that she check out the Rendezvous motel, but Morgan objected to his girlfriend staying at a motel across town. Michael was furious when Morgan invited Kiki to stay in the apartment, so he pointed out that it was out of line for a guest to extend an invitation like that. Morgan was unapologetic and threatened to leave with Kiki.

Morgan warned Michael that Michael would have to answer to Carly if Morgan walked out. Kiki smiled triumphantly as she suggested that Morgan was saving Michael from an uncomfortable situation. Michael argued that the apartment only had one bed and a sofa so someone would have to sleep on the floor. Kiki decided that she and Morgan should get the bedroom, since they were a couple, which left Michael with the sofa. Michael seethed with anger as a smug Morgan took Kiki to the bedroom to unpack.

At the lake house, Alexis put the finishing touches on the table that she had set for a romantic dinner for two. Molly decided to go to her room to study to give Alexis time alone with Shawn when he arrived. Alexis smiled when she heard a knock at the door, so she went to open it. Her smile turned to confusion when she saw Rafe standing on her doorstep.

Rafe explained that he had stopped by to talk to Molly about the prom. Alexis realized that there was trouble between T.J. and Molly, so she called out to her daughter. Seconds later, Molly appeared in the living room. Molly smiled when she saw Rafe, but Alexis wanted to know why Molly was going to the prom with Rafe, not T.J.

Molly admitted that she had ended things with T.J. because T.J. had behaved like a jealous possessive "jerk." Alexis suggested that perhaps T.J. had good reason to be concerned, since Molly had decided to go to the prom with Rafe. Molly explained that she had made plans with Rafe after the breakup. Alexis and Molly were startled when they heard a knock on the front door.

Rafe was curious why Alexis and Molly were nervous, so Molly revealed that Alexis had been expecting Shawn, T.J.'s guardian. Molly led Rafe to the front door and quickly said goodbye to Shawn as she and Rafe passed him on their way out. Shawn was curious what Molly was doing with Rafe, so Alexis promised to explain after dinner.

After Shawn gave Alexis an update on Morgan, he wondered why Molly had been with Rafe earlier that evening. Reluctantly, Alexis told Shawn that T.J. and Molly had broken up, so Molly had decided to go to the prom with Rafe. Shawn was certain that Rafe had been waiting in the wings for Molly, even though Shawn had warned Rafe to stay away from Molly because Molly belonged to T.J.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Alexis asked. Shawn realized his mistake, but it was too late. Alexis informed him that her daughter didn't belong to T.J. or anyone else, so Shawn assured her that he hadn't meant it the way that it had sounded. However, Shawn hadn't appreciated that Molly had treated T.J. like a project until another stray had wandered into her path. Alexis defended her daughter by insisting that T.J. had been possessive and jealous.

Shawn pointed out that Molly had agreed to go to the dance with Rafe right after the breakup, so perhaps T.J. had had good reason to be concerned. Shawn and Alexis continued to bicker about T.J. and Molly until they realized how silly they both sounded. They quickly agreed that they should focus on their relationship and let the children fight their own battles.

After Shawn and Alexis made love, Alexis reiterated that she didn't want T.J. and Molly's problems to affect her and Shawn because Shawn wasn't just a guy that she was seeing. Alexis confessed that she didn't know what she would do without Shawn in her life. Shawn promised Alexis that she didn't have to worry about it and then kissed her.

At the penthouse, Sam was stunned when she opened the door to Silas Clay. She immediately slammed it in his face, but Silas knocked on the door and kept knocking until she opened it again. Sam demanded to know what he wanted, so he asked her to hear him out. She reminded him that he had barely given her the time of day when she had told him about his brother and nephew, so she didn't appreciate him showing up at her home.

Silas pointed out that he had gone to a lot of trouble to fly to Port Charles, but Sam didn't care because Silas hadn't shown any reaction when she had told him that Rafe had watched as Stephen had murdered Rafe's mother. Silas explained that he had been caught off-guard when Sam had told him everything that had happened, so he had needed time to process it all. However, he had quickly realized that Rafe was his family, so Silas owed it to his nephew to meet Rafe.

Despite Sam's misgivings, she invited Silas into her home to hear what he had to say. Silas took in the lavish surroundings and concluded that Sam's husband was successful. Sam bristled as she informed him that she made a perfectly good living on her own. Silas nodded in acceptance then turned his attention to a picture of Jason. Sam snatched it out of his hand, but Silas argued that he had a right to know about the man who was raising Rafe. Sam told Silas that her husband was dead then changed the subject by suggesting that Silas call her instead of dropping by unexpectedly.

Silas explained that he didn't have the time to plan his visits to accommodate Sam's schedule, so Sam made it clear that she refused to let Rafe be put through the ringer just to satisfy "some arrogant jerk who thinks he's God's gift to the planet." Sam insisted that she needed time to break the news about Silas to Rafe, so she ordered Silas to leave. Silas refused, prompting Sam to threaten to call her security team. Silas was curious why Sam needed her own security team, but Sam ignored the question as she picked up the phone.

Silas agreed to leave, but he made it clear that he wouldn't leave Port Charles until he had met his nephew. Silas nearly collided with Rafe and Molly when he opened the door to leave. Rafe was shocked as he stared at the face of his father. Sam rushed forward to explain that the man was Stephen's older brother, Silas. Rafe stiffened as Silas offered his hand in friendship.

Rafe informed Silas that he wasn't interested in getting to know Silas, whom he didn't consider family. Silas explained that he had traveled a long way to meet Rafe, but Rafe didn't see the point of getting to know Silas because Silas was nothing to Rafe. Rafe stormed off to his bedroom as Molly trailed behind her friend. Sam glared at Silas as he admitted that he should have listened to Sam about waiting to meet Rafe. Sam expected Silas to return to New York City, but Silas warned her that he didn't give up that easily. Sam wanted to know what that meant, but Silas simply wished her a good night and left.

Dante spotted Milo exiting Kelly's, so Dante called out to him. Milo was surprised when Dante asked where Lulu was because Milo had expected her to be with Dante. Dante explained that he had taken Lulu to her mother's wedding and that Lulu had become overwhelmed by everything, so she had left. Dante had assumed that Lulu had returned to Milo's apartment, but she hadn't been there. Dante had seen the note that Milo had taped to the door for Lulu, so Dante had decided to see if Lulu had gone to the diner to meet up with Milo.

Milo confessed that he hadn't seen Lulu, but he had decided to surprise her with some food from Kelly's when she returned home. Dante's temper flared as he reminded Milo that Milo's apartment wasn't Lulu's home. Dante insisted that Lulu's home was with Dante and their baby, so Dante was fed up with Milo and Lulu playing house. "It ends now," Dante proclaimed.

Milo insisted that he cared about Lulu, but Dante argued that a real friend wouldn't keep her from her family. Milo pointed out that he had cared about Lulu far longer than Dante had, and Milo accepted Lulu for who she was. Milo suspected that Lulu preferred his company over Dante's because Milo wasn't constantly pressuring her to remember. Dante warned Milo that Lulu would eventually leave Milo when her memories returned, but Milo suspected that Lulu would have already remembered if she had really wanted to.

Dante's control snapped as he hauled back then punched Milo in the jaw. Milo momentarily staggered back then regained his balance. He was about to return the punch when Sonny suddenly appeared and grabbed Milo's fist before it connected with Dante. "I would not do that," Sonny growled.

Milo immediately backed down, so Sonny handed Milo a handkerchief as he wondered what was going on. Dante tried to change the subject by asking how Morgan was. Sonny assured Dante that Morgan was fine, but Sonny was more concerned about Dante. Milo started to leave until Sonny barked an order for Milo to wait inside the diner. After Milo entered the diner, Dante confessed that he had instigated the altercation.

Sonny suspected that Dante's punch had had something to do with Lulu. Dante complained that his wife seemed further away than ever. As they talked, Dante realized that Lulu might have gone to the Haunted Star.

In Kelly's, Felix noticed that T.J. seemed distracted, so he wondered what was troubling the teenager. Felix was surprised when T.J. confessed that things hadn't gone as planned at the lake house. T.J. assured Felix that he had intended to apologize until he had seen Rafe and Molly hugging. T.J. admitted that he had lost his temper and had made things worse. Felix reminded T.J. that Molly was a reasonable person, so Felix believed that T.J. still had a chance of salvaging things.

Later, Felix advised T.J. to find a way to make peace with T.J.'s troubled past so that T.J. could repair his relationship with Molly. T.J. argued that it was easier said than done, so Felix countered that most worthwhile things were. Felix and T.J. became distracted when they spotted an injured Milo enter the diner. T.J. fetched an ice pack, while Felix approached Milo to find out what had happened. Milo didn't have a chance to explain because Sonny entered and demanded to have a private word with Milo.

Milo immediately apologized to Sonny for the fight, but Sonny wasn't interested in hearing about the altercation with Dante. Sonny explained that he wanted to have a little chat about why Milo was "shacking up" with Sonny's daughter-in-law.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu looked around at the nightclub, which was in shambles from the recent shootout following her kidnapping. She suddenly tensed when she had a flashback of standing in the nightclub, wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers. Seconds later, the mystery man who had visited Heather at Miscavige Hospital entered the nightclub. Lulu was startled when she saw the man, so he quickly apologized for scaring her.

Lulu assured the man that it wasn't his fault then asked if she knew him. The man seemed surprised that she hadn't recognized him, so Lulu explained that she had amnesia. The man admitted that they had been acquaintances, so Lulu asked him what his name was. He started to answer, but Lulu changed her mind because she had too many names to remember.

Lulu opened up to the mystery man about how difficult it had been for her to try to live up to everyone's expectations of being the person that they had remembered. She had no idea if she could be or wanted to be that person again. The mystery man admitted that he knew what it was like to try to fit into an idea of what other people wanted. He confessed that it didn't give a person room to grow. Lulu smiled then wondered why he had stopped by the nightclub.

The mystery man revealed that he wanted to rent the ship for the following evening because he intended to throw a party. Lulu explained that she had no idea if she could get the place presentable by then, but the man assured her that he would take care of everything if she provided him with the venue. Lulu wondered if he was famous, since he could afford such an elaborate party. "Something like that," the man cryptically replied. Lulu decided that she couldn't let her business fall apart because she had amnesia, but the mystery man suggested that she was being too hard on herself.

Lulu smiled then agreed to rent him the ship for the evening. After they shook hands, the mystery man left, so Lulu resumed cleaning up the nightclub. She picked up a bottle of champagne but froze when she had a flashback of someone popping a bottle of champagne then filling two flutes with the bubbly liquid. Shaken, Lulu dropped the bottle just as Dante entered the nightclub. He immediately ran up to ask Lulu if she was okay, but Lulu ran off in fright.

At Crimson, Connie and Olivia decided to grab dinner together as they left Connie's office. After the elevator door closed, the mystery man stepped out of the shadows then made his way to a picture hanging over Maxie's desk. He smiled with satisfaction when he pulled a DVD from behind the picture.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tracy was enjoying breakfast on the patio when A.J. joined her. She admitted that she was glad to see her nephew because she had been wondering when he would make the announcement that Pickle-Lila had been responsible for the fiasco on television. A.J. informed Tracy that he didn't have any intention of taking responsibility for the tainted relish, prompting Tracy to wonder if he had told Elizabeth about his tryst with Carly. Tracy smiled triumphantly when A.J. reluctantly admitted that he hadn't.

A.J. was curious if Tracy was interested in finding out the truth about what had really happened to the relishes. Tracy insisted that Pickle-Lila had been rancid because the quality of the product had been substandard, but A.J. denied it. He assured his aunt that Pickle-Lila hadn't made anyone sick, unless Tracy had tampered with the product. Tracy pointed out that she hadn't had the opportunity, but she didn't rule out the possibility that A.J. had done something to her relish. A.J. argued that he, too, had lacked an opportunity to tamper with Pickle-Eddie, which meant that something else had happened.

Tracy dismissed A.J.'s suggestion that they had been sabotaged and accused him of having the backbone of a "banana slug." A.J. wondered when Tracy had last talked to her sons or gone out on a date. He warned her that tearing him down wouldn't change that she was a lonely old shrew. Tracy hoped that the thought gave him comfort when she took over ELQ, but A.J. vowed that it wouldn't happen. A.J. turned to leave, so Tracy warned him that if he didn't take responsibility for the tainted relish then she would tell Elizabeth about Carly.

"I thought he'd never leave," Ava said as she rounded the corner to join Tracy on the patio. Tracy accused Ava of being an intruder, so Tracy threatened to call the police if Ava didn't leave. Ava helped herself to a bite of breakfast then introduced herself as the mother of Lauren Jerome. "Or should I say Lauren Quartermaine," Ava quickly added. Tracy was curious if Ava was related to two mobsters named Victor and Julian Jerome.

Ava seemed taken aback by the question, but clarified that she was an art dealer. Tracy realized that Ava had likely met Franco in the art world, so Ava quickly explained that Franco had been a different man when she had met him. Tracy wasn't interested in hearing about Ava's relationship with Franco, so she ordered Ava to get to the point. Ava revealed that she was interested in finding out exactly how much her daughter's shares of ELQ stock were worth.

Ava admitted that she hadn't told Lauren about the shares, so Lauren's votes were available to the highest bidder. Tracy pointed out that she wasn't in a position to make any offers, so Ava decided to talk to A.J. Ava was confident that A.J. would gladly meet Ava's demands. Tracy was curious how much Ava wanted, so Ava revealed that one million dollars would satisfy her. She invited Tracy to call her when Tracy had the money ready. Tracy made it clear that Ava wasn't welcome on the premises until Tracy had made a decision.

At Kelly's, Carly squirmed nervously when Elizabeth admitted that she was glad that she had bumped into Carly because A.J. had told Elizabeth everything. Fearing an embarrassing confrontation, Carly led Elizabeth outside so that Elizabeth could unload on Carly without an audience. Elizabeth was confused why Carly expected her to blast Carly. Carly reminded Elizabeth that Elizabeth didn't like Carly, so Elizabeth quickly explained that she had been concerned about Michael and Morgan because A.J. had mentioned that there had been some trouble.

Carly immediately relaxed as she assured Elizabeth that the boys were fine. Elizabeth was curious why Carly had been so defensive when Elizabeth had mentioned A.J. Carly brushed it off as a natural reaction because Carly despised A.J., but Elizabeth was skeptical. Carly explained that she would always be grateful to Elizabeth for saving Josslyn's life by donating Jake's kidney, so she thought that Elizabeth deserved far better than a guy like A.J.

Shortly after Carly left, A.J. joined Elizabeth outside of Kelly's. Elizabeth was happy to see him because she wanted to talk to him about her strange encounter with Carly. Elizabeth confessed that Carly had acted "weird" when Elizabeth had tried to talk to Carly about Michael and Morgan. Elizabeth explained that Carly had become evasive when Elizabeth had tried to get to the bottom of Carly's odd behavior. A.J. suggested that Carly was just being Carly, but Elizabeth suspected that there had been more to it.

A.J. thought that he might have some insight into why Carly had reacted the way that she had when Elizabeth had mentioned his name. However, a terrified scream from inside Kelly's snagged their attention before he could elaborate.

Michael was stretched out on his sofa when Morgan and Kiki entered the living room, giggling. Morgan reminded Kiki to be quiet, but Michael told them not to bother because he was already awake. Kiki immediately goaded Michael, who was in an irritable mood because Morgan and Kiki had kept him up all night with their bedroom antics. Michael's mood didn't improve when he realized that Kiki was wearing his Pickle-Lila t-shirt. Kiki was unapologetic as she admitted that the little old lady in the picture was cute.

Michael informed Kiki that the "little old lady" was his great-grandmother, so he ordered Kiki to take off the t-shirt. "Okay," Kiki replied as she pulled off the t-shirt and exposed her nudity to Michael. Kiki sauntered into the kitchen for a snack, while Morgan jokingly ordered Michael to stop looking at Kiki. Michael made it clear that things weren't working out with Kiki, so she had to leave. Morgan tried to change his brother's mind, but Kiki, who had pulled on another of Michael's t-shirts, made matters worse when she confessed that she had accidentally downloaded a virus on Michael's laptop the previous evening.

Moments later, Carly knocked on the door. Morgan panicked because he didn't want his mother to meet Kiki. Michael took delight in marching over to the door, opening it, and then promptly introducing Kiki as Morgan's girlfriend who had spent the night having sex with Morgan in Michael's bed. As expected, Carly took an instant disliking to Kiki. Kiki held out her hand and invited Carly to call her Kiki, but Carly suggested that Kiki call a cab and put on some clothes. Morgan tried to defend Kiki to his mother, but Kiki assured Morgan that it wasn't necessary.

Carly glared as Kiki pointedly kissed Morgan and then flounced off to shower. Carly pointed out that Kiki could be associated with a crime family, but Morgan argued that they weren't in a position to judge, since Morgan was part of a crime family. Carly was furious that Michael had allowed Kiki to stay in the apartment, but Michael explained that he hadn't had a choice because Morgan had threatened to leave with Kiki. Carly apologized to Michael, but she was not happy with Morgan's choice of girlfriends.

Morgan reminded his mother that he was old enough to make his own choices, but Carly argued that he hadn't shown good judgment by gambling and getting deep into debt with bookies. Morgan conceded that he should have called his parents, but he insisted that he and Kiki hadn't done anything wrong like rob a bank or sell coffee. Carly didn't appreciate Morgan's veiled reminder of Sonny's illegal activities. She worried that Morgan wasn't practicing safe sex with a girl that he had met on the Internet.

Morgan assured Carly that he knew Kiki "intimately." Carly grimaced with disgust, but Morgan ignored her as he picked up the bag of doughnuts that she had arrived with. He thanked her for the breakfast then left the room. Afterwards, Michael apologized to Carly for dragging her into the mess with Morgan. Carly appreciated that Michael had agreed to put up with Kiki for Morgan's sake, but she confessed that she didn't trust Kiki. Michael admitted that he didn't trust Kiki either.

Later, Kiki stepped out of the bathroom as Ava called her daughter to check in and find out if Kiki had tracked down Morgan. Kiki confirmed that she had, so she thanked her mother because Kiki was glad that she had gone to Port Charles. "Me too," Ava replied as she looked out over the Quartermaine estate with a gleam in her eye.

At Kelly's, Dante thanked Kevin for agreeing to meet with him. Kevin explained that he had some extra time on his hands because Lucy was busy launching a new business that she had been very tight-lipped about. Dante told Kevin about Lulu's abduction at the hands of Stavros Cassadine and Lulu's memory loss. According to Dante, the doctors had ruled out clinical causes for the amnesia, which meant that it was likely psychological. Kevin realized why Dante had reached out to him, so Dante told him that it appeared that Lulu had had flashes of memories, but she hadn't been able to hold on to them.

Kevin suspected that Lulu's memory loss was a result of an emotional trauma. Dante admitted that the idea that something terrible had happened to Lulu made him crazy, but he insisted that Lulu needed to remember their life together because it was what Lulu would have wanted. Kevin warned Dante that Lulu might be blocking the memories because she didn't want to recall the event that had caused her memories to shut down.

Lulu entered her nightclub on the Haunted Star and saw the mystery man, who had rented the ship for the party, working on a computer tablet. The mystery man explained that he was compiling a guest list, but Lulu was a little distracted by all the activity on the ship. A workman emerged from the storeroom to ask Lulu to sign some papers because they were almost finished stocking the shelves. Lulu hesitated because she had no idea how to spell her last name. The workman suggested that her friend sign the receipt, but Lulu decided to simply sign the paper with her maiden name.

After the workman left, the mystery man imagined that having amnesia was difficult. He couldn't help her with her name, but he had noticed that she was right-handed, so he suggested that she might prefer the left side of the bed. Lulu decided to change the subject by asking for the man's name because she needed him to sign a contract and pay a deposit. The man explained that his name had to remain a secret until the party because it was part of the surprise that he planned for his guests. He handed Lulu a thick envelope filled with money to cover whatever expenses she might incur from the party, so that she wouldn't have to worry about a contract.

Lulu was disappointed that he didn't trust her with his name, but the man assured her that it wasn't personal; he didn't trust anyone. After the man had left, Lulu resumed picking up the bar. Dante walked in and noticed the activity, so he was curious what was going on. Lulu explained that she had rented out the ship for a private party, but Dante was concerned that it might be too much work for Lulu. Lulu pointed out that she had to get her life started at some point, although she wished that she knew how to throw a party and spell her last name.

Dante chuckled as he told Lulu that Falconeri was spelled with an "i." He then admitted that he had stopped by because he had sensed that something had been troubling her at Laura's wedding. Lulu tried to blame it on being surrounded by relatives she didn't recognize, but Dante was certain that she'd had memory flashbacks. Lulu was reluctant to discuss it, so Dante suggested that perhaps she was subconsciously blocking the memories. Lulu realized that Dante had been talking to a psychiatrist.

Dante asked Lulu to consider talking to Kevin, who was a well-respected doctor. According to Dante, Kevin suspected that Lulu was trying to block out something that the Cassadines had done to her, so Dante promised her that she wouldn't have to deal with it alone because he would be by her side when Kevin helped her recover the memories. Dante was pleasantly surprised when Lulu jokingly wondered if Kevin took insurance and then asked if she even had insurance.

On the piers, Lucy led a group of people on a "macabre and malevolent" tour of the "Stephen Clay Experience." She was unaware that Silas Clay lurked in the crowd, hiding behind big sunglasses and knit cap. Lucy told her captive audience about Rafe and Allison's return to Port Charles, Stephen's obsession with Rafe, and the nightmare that Rafe had endured when he had witnessed his father brutally murder Allison. The crowd was curious what had become of Rafe, so Lucy admitted that Rafe had been placed in a good home when Lucy's bid for custody had been denied.

After Lucy showed them the spot where Allison had been murdered, she led her group to the next stop on the tour. Silas lingered behind to examine the spot where Allison had died. He touched the bloodstain as the mystery man from the Haunted Star walked up and asked what Silas was doing. Silas revealed that he had been told that Silas' brother had murdered a woman on the spot where Silas was standing. "Apparently, that was his thing, killing people," Silas added.

The man suggested that Silas cross the killer off of Silas' Christmas list, but Silas explained that it wasn't necessary because Silas' brother was dead. After Silas left, the mystery man sat down to work on his guest list. The list included Sonny, Maxie, Spinelli, Elizabeth, Carly, and A.J., so he added Michael and Sam. Satisfied, the man put his computer tablet in his bag, pulled out the DVD that he had retrieved from Crimson, and then mumbled that it was time to pay Ms. Morgan a visit.

At the penthouse, Rafe eavesdropped as Sam told Alexis about Silas' visit. Sam admitted that Rafe had had a bad reaction to seeing Silas because Silas was the spitting image of Silas' younger brother, Stephen. Sam explained that Rafe had been rattled when Silas had tried to shake hands, so Rafe had fled to his bedroom. Alexis hoped that Silas had been satisfied with the meeting and had left town, but Sam confessed that Silas had made it clear that he intended to stick around to get to know Rafe.

Rafe stepped forward to inform Sam and Alexis that he didn't want to know Silas because all he saw was the face of the man who had murdered his mother. Sam assured Rafe that she wouldn't force him into anything he was uncomfortable with, but she reminded him that he needed to get ready for his appointment with the therapist. Rafe hugged Sam and thanked her for her support then went to his bedroom. Alexis offered to take Rafe to therapy so Sam could have some time with Danny. Sam thanked her mother, but Sam confessed that she was worried that Silas would make a liar out of her.

Lucy arrived at Kelly's with her tour group as she told them about her encounter with a man she had mistaken for Stephen. Some of the people wondered how Lucy had avoided jail time for staking an innocent man. Lucy insisted that she had been exonerated then turned to show the people where she had had her confrontation. However, Lucy froze when she saw Kevin at the counter. Kevin assured Lucy that she didn't have to stop her story on his account.

Lucy tried to salvage the awkward situation by showering Kevin with compliments as she introduced him as the man who some had mistakenly believed had been the father of Stephen's beloved dead wife, Livvie. Kevin couldn't believe that Lucy's new business venture was a vampire tour. Lucy rushed to explain that her tour wasn't a bunch of stories about vampires, but a tour of a real killer who was, thankfully, dead. Lucy assured everyone that there wasn't any possibility that Stephen would be back.

Kevin's tense expression when he looked at the doorway alerted Lucy to trouble. She turned then stared in horror at Silas, whom she had clearly mistaken for Stephen. "No," Lucy cried out as she tried to make sense of what she was seeing. Kevin tried to calm Lucy down as Silas quickly explained that he was Stephen's older brother, Dr. Silas Clay. Kevin recognized the name, but Lucy wanted corroboration of Silas' claims.

"Will I do?" Sam asked from the doorway. Sam, who had Danny perched on her hip, approached Lucy to confirm that Silas was indeed Stephen's brother and that Silas was in town to meet Rafe. Lucy warned Silas that he had better have Rafe's best interests at heart, so Silas assured Lucy that he did. Meanwhile, Lucy's tour group became restless, so Lucy decided to continue the tour by taking the group to the catacombs.

After Lucy and Kevin left with the tour group in tow, Silas thanked Sam for her help. Sam informed him that she had done it for Lucy because she hadn't wanted Lucy to get into trouble for staking another person. Silas tried to talk to Danny, but Sam refused to let him use her son to get to her. Silas apologized then offered to help pay for Rafe's expenses. Sam resented the suggestion that she couldn't afford to take care of Danny and Rafe. Silas assured her that he hadn't meant to upset her, but he had hoped that his offer would make things easier.

Sam wondered what Silas was talking about, so Silas handed her a thick envelope. She asked him what was in the envelope. Silas explained that it was a copy of papers that he had filed with the courts, petitioning for custody of Rafe.

Outside, A.J returned to the table to explain that Lucy had mistaken someone for Stephen Clay. Elizabeth feigned relief that they didn't have a "vampire" on the loose. She then reminded A.J. that he had been about to tell her something about Carly.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

At the hospital, Spinelli surprised Ellie with a half dozen balloons in anticipation of her job promotion. Moments later, Brad entered the lab to announce that he was the new lab manager. Ellie was outraged because Brad was an incompetent lab technician. Spinelli was baffled as to why Britt and the board had decided to give the promotion to Brad rather than Ellie, so Brad suggested that Spinelli and Ellie question Britt and the board. Brad tested his new position by reminding Ellie that she wasn't permitted to fraternize with her boyfriend while on the job.

Ellie explained that she was on break and then stormed out of the lab. Brad smiled victoriously as he grabbed the balloons, which he decided belonged to him, since he had been promoted. Spinelli picked up a pin then promptly popped each balloon. Moments later, Spinelli caught up to Ellie in the hallway.

Spinelli wondered if Tracy had been behind Brad's promotion, but Ellie doubted it because Tracy had the relish recipe and therefore didn't have any reason to deny Ellie the promotion. Ellie suspected that it was karma, punishing Ellie for keeping quiet about Maxie's baby. Ellie regretted that she had uncovered Maxie's secret, but Spinelli argued that it had been a "victimless crime." Ellie tearfully confessed that Spinelli was wrong; someone was getting hurt.

Spinelli appreciated that Ellie had a profound sense of responsibility, but he was curious who Maxie's secret was hurting. Brad called out to remind Ellie that her break was over, so Ellie returned to the lab without answering Spinelli's question.

Later, Brad noticed that Ellie was distracted, so he tried to make peace with her by apologizing for the promotion. Ellie confessed that something else had been on her mind. She admitted that she had been hiding something from Spinelli.

In an examination room, Maxie was surprised when she saw Britt in a wheelchair. Britt explained that Britt had been ordered to bed rest for the remainder of the pregnancy, so Maxie would have to find another doctor. Maxie was shocked when Britt claimed that Patrick had invited Britt to move in with him. Maxie couldn't understand why Britt needed to stay with Patrick, so Britt reminded Maxie that Britt was still recovering from a broken leg thanks to Frisco. Maxie argued that there wasn't any proof that Frisco had been responsible for Britt's accident but suggested that Britt shouldn't have been blackmailing Maxie to do terrible things to Sabrina.

Britt was unapologetic because Sabrina hadn't suffered irreparable harm. Britt was annoyed that Maxie couldn't at least pretend to be happy for Britt, so Maxie wondered why she should. Britt reminded Maxie that Britt hadn't told anyone the truth about the paternity of Maxie's baby and didn't plan to. Britt even offered to change Maxie's medical records so Maxie's new doctor wouldn't know that the baby wasn't Dante and Lulu's child. Maxie wasn't worried about Britt talking or the new doctor finding out, but she was concerned about Ellie exposing the truth.

Britt was stunned when Maxie revealed that Ellie had hacked into the hospital's computer system to access Maxie's medical records. Britt offered to have Ellie fired, but Maxie declined, so Britt took satisfaction in knowing that she hadn't given Ellie the promotion. Britt was curious why Maxie had told Ellie the truth about the baby, so Maxie explained that Ellie had threatened to confirm her suspicions by checking on Dante and Lulu's frozen embryos.

Maxie assured Britt that Ellie had promised to keep the secret. Britt thought that it was generous of Ellie, but Maxie admitted that Ellie had acted out of fear, not generosity, because Maxie had warned Ellie that Spinelli would break off his relationship with Ellie if he knew about the baby. "And he would," Maxie insisted. Britt was confused because she thought that Maxie wanted to be with Spinelli.

Maxie explained that she didn't want Spinelli at the cost of hurting Dante and Lulu because she wasn't like Britt who was willing to trample over other people to get the man that Britt wanted. Britt argued that Maxie wasn't in a position to judge because Maxie and Ellie intended to give Dante and Lulu a baby that wasn't Dante and Lulu's biological child. Britt warned Maxie that the ruse would be over if a doctor decided to do genetic testing on Maxie's baby.

A short time later, Spinelli burst into the examination room, looking for Britt. He was startled when he saw Maxie, but Maxie assured him that she was fine. Spinelli explained that he had wanted to talk to Britt about why Britt hadn't given Ellie a promotion. Maxie blamed it on Britt being a "bitch." Maxie grumbled that she needed to find a new doctor then started to leave, but Spinelli followed her because he was curious how Maxie planned to keep her secret from the new doctor.

Maxie nervously asked Spinelli what he was talking about, so he confessed that Ellie had told him everything. Maxie carefully asked him what he knew, so Spinelli revealed that he knew about the miscarriage and the secret implantation of Dante and Lulu's other frozen embryos. Maxie was annoyed that Ellie had confided to Spinelli, but Spinelli reminded Maxie that he and Ellie didn't keep secrets from each other.

Sabrina was changing out of her scrubs when Patrick entered the locker room. Sabrina quickly threw on a blouse then kissed him. After the kiss, Patrick talked to Sabrina about the situation with Britt because he had been losing sleep over the thought of Britt moving into his home. He explained that "no way in hell" could he let Britt move in, so he needed to find another solution.

Later, Sabrina carefully kept her eyes averted while Patrick showered and continued his conversation with her. He admitted that he had felt pressured to take Britt in, so he had made some inquiries to find out how much an apartment and full-time care would cost him. However, he realized that he couldn't afford it, so he had no idea what to do because he didn't want Britt to live under his roof. After some thought, Sabina announced that she had an idea that might work. Patrick heard Sabrina out, but he was leery about her plan. Sabrina assured Patrick that it was the perfect solution.

Moments later, Britt made her way into the locker room, careful to give the impression that she was frail and exhausted. Britt glanced at Sabrina then pointedly announced that she would be ready to go home with Patrick after she cleaned out her locker. Patrick revealed that there had been a change in plans. Britt's mouth dropped open when he told her that Sabrina had offered to take Britt in.

Britt flatly refused to consider it, but Sabrina pointed out that Britt would have access to round-the-clock professional nursing care from Sabrina and her friends. Patrick insisted that it was for the best because he had work obligations and Emma to take care of. Sabrina agreed that Emma was too rambunctious for someone in Britt's condition. Britt was forced to reluctantly accept Sabrina's offer, so Sabrina promised to collect Britt's things from the locker and meet up with Britt. Britt decided to say goodbye to a few more people and left.

Afterwards, Patrick wondered if it was weird that he had enjoyed Britt's frustration. Sabrina smiled, but Patrick warned her that it wouldn't be easy for her to live with Britt. However, he was happy that he could finally focus on Sabrina. Sabrina beamed joy when he leaned down to kiss her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy thanked Nikolas for stopping by. Nikolas confessed that he had almost ignored the invitation because it had occurred to him that she might want to retaliate for what had transpired in New York City. Tracy assured him that she wasn't interested in revenge, but Nikolas admitted that he had worn proper groin protection just in case.

Tracy promised Nikolas that she didn't want to hurt him; she wanted to hurt A.J. Nikolas warned Tracy that he had promised Elizabeth that he would let A.J. self-destruct on his own. He deftly changed the subject by asking how Tracy had managed to get away from his guards. Tracy credited Edward for helping her, but Nikolas doubted that Edward's ghost had hit the guards from behind. Nikolas suspected that Tracy had knocked the guards out with the amazing strength that she had exhibited in the lobby of the hotel and then later when she had encountered Nikolas outside of the green room.

Tracy felt bad for hurting Nikolas, so she decided to make it up to him. She revealed that Luke had tracked down Franco's daughter, so Tracy would soon regain control of ELQ. Nikolas was curious how that benefited him, so Tracy explained that she needed a million dollars to secure her niece's support. Tracy promised to repay Nikolas with interest if Nikolas loaned the money to her. Nikolas refused to risk losing Elizabeth by helping Tracy.

Tracy argued that Elizabeth had made it clear that Elizabeth wasn't interested in Nikolas, but Nikolas disagreed. He explained that Elizabeth was stubborn and determined to believe in A.J. Nikolas was confident that Elizabeth would have a change of heart when A.J. screwed up. Tracy admitted that A.J. had already made a mistake by sleeping with Carly behind Elizabeth's back. Nikolas was shocked and wondered if Tracy had any proof. Tracy assured him that she did, but for a price.

Outside of Kelly's, Elizabeth was curious what A.J. had wanted to tell her regarding Carly. Elizabeth sensed A.J.'s hesitation, so she assured him that they could work through anything together. A.J. was about to tell Elizabeth about his tryst with Carly until Duke walked up. Duke was shocked when he spotted a familiar face through the window of the diner, so he asked A.J. and Elizabeth if Stephen Clay was alive. A.J. and Elizabeth quickly filled Duke in on Stephen's brother, Silas, and Lucy's reaction to meeting the elder Clay brother. Duke chuckled because there was never a dull moment in Port Charles.

Duke switched gears by inquiring after Elizabeth's health. She assured Duke that she was fine, but she refused to believe that A.J.'s relish had caused her food poisoning. Duke disagreed then revealed that the cooking talk show had decided to test both relishes tested to find out what had made everyone sick. The results of the test suggested that someone had tampered with both jars of relish. Duke assured A.J. that the police had been notified and were investigating the incident. Elizabeth was happy for A.J.

Moments later, Elizabeth's phone rang, so she excused herself to talk to Audrey. After Elizabeth stepped away, A.J. confided that he was delighted by the turn of events because it meant that Tracy couldn't force A.J. to take responsibility for the tainted relish by threatening to expose his indiscretion with Carly. A.J. quickly dropped the subject when Elizabeth returned to the table.

Duke promised to keep A.J. updated about the saboteur and then left. Elizabeth reminded A.J. that he had been about to tell her something when Duke had appeared, but A.J. insisted that Tracy needed to know about the relish tampering, so he had to leave. Elizabeth couldn't believe that A.J. would do that for Tracy after everything that Tracy had done to him, but it reaffirmed to Elizabeth that A.J. was a good man.

After A.J. left, Nikolas walked up. He explained that Audrey had told him where to find Elizabeth. Elizabeth was curious why Nikolas had been looking for her, so he revealed that he had something to tell her.

Meanwhile, A.J. arrived home to tell his aunt that the tampered relishes. Tracy was curious who would want to sabotage them, but A.J. didn't have an answer for her. However, he pointed out that he no longer had to tell Elizabeth about Carly, since the public would soon learn the truth about the relishes.

At the penthouse, Alexis advised Rafe to stay positive and not to worry about Silas. Rafe feared that they hadn't heard the last of Silas, but Alexis was certain that Silas had already left town. Rafe wondered if Silas could take custody of Rafe without Rafe's consent. Alexis conceded that Rafe's uncle had some rights, but she reminded Rafe that Silas and Stephen had been estranged for years, so Silas probably wouldn't be interested in developing a relationship with Rafe. She quickly changed the subject by offering to get Rafe something to eat before dropping him off for his counseling session.

In the hallway, the mystery man stood outside of Sam's penthouse and listened at the door. Seconds later, Alexis opened the door a crack, but then stopped to dig through her purse for her sunglasses. The mystery man quickly ducked out of sight before he was spotted. After Alexis and Rafe left, the mystery man deftly picked the lock on the front door then quietly let himself into Sam's home.

Inside the penthouse, the mystery man looked around until his eyes landed on framed photographs of Sam, Jason, and Danny. He picked up one of the pictures and used his computer tablet to zoom in on Jason's face then snap a picture of the photograph. Afterwards, the man pulled out the DVD, turned on the television, and then inserted the DVD into the DVD player.

At Kelly's, Silas gave Sam a copy of papers that he had filed with the courts, petitioning for custody of Rafe. Sam objected to Silas taking Rafe away from her, so she put her son in the stroller then confronted Silas about his plans. She wanted to know why Silas wanted custody of Rafe, so Silas reminded her that he was Rafe's uncle. Sam argued that Silas hadn't seemed interested in Rafe when she had told Silas about the trauma that Rafe had endured.

Sam questioned Silas' sudden desire to be a part of Rafe's life. Silas suggested that Sam sounded paranoid, but she insisted that she a concerned mother. She feared that Silas was playing some kind of game, so she made it clear that she would not let Silas get away with it. Silas assured her that he wasn't playing any games. Silas resented how Sam had talked about Stephen as if Stephen had been a monster. Sam assured Silas that Stephen had been a horrible person, but Silas argued that it was wrong to suggest that Rafe was somehow tainted because Rafe was the son of a madman.

"Dr. Clay?" Alexis asked as she and Rafe entered the diner in time to hear Silas' remark. Silas immediately tried to salvage the situation by greeting Rafe with a handshake. Rafe ignored Silas' extended hand and demanded to know what was going on. Rafe's worst fears were realized when Silas announced his intentions to take custody of Rafe. Rafe vowed that he would not let it happen, so Sam assured Rafe that she would fight for Rafe.

Rafe reminded Sam that biological relatives had certain rights. Silas explained that he and Rafe had a special bond because they shared the same blood, so Silas accepted Rafe for who was. Rafe was disgusted when Silas suggested that Stephen had passed down some gifts to Rafe. Rafe insisted that Stephen had been a "psycho," but Silas wanted Rafe to know that Stephen had been a brilliant man prior to the breakdown.

Rafe argued that Stephen had murdered people, including Rafe's mother. Rafe ran out of the diner, so Sam followed Rafe to remind Rafe that she would do everything in her power to keep him with her. Rafe feared that he would be ripped away from Sam and Danny, whom Rafe considered his family. Sam promised Rafe that she felt the same way about Rafe.

Inside, Alexis wrapped up a phone call as Silas approached her. He warned her that he wouldn't leave town without Rafe, so Alexis informed Silas that she was an attorney as well as Sam's mother. Alexis vowed to make Silas regret trying to take Rafe away from Sam.

The mystery man was sitting on the coffee table in the living room when he heard Sam insert her key into the front door as she arrived home with Danny.

Friday, May 24, 2013

At the hospital, Dante assured Lulu that Kevin was a great doctor, so Kevin would be able to help her. Moments later, Kevin walked up and introduced himself to Lulu. Kevin confessed that he had known Lulu when she had been a little girl, but he hadn't seen her in decades. Lulu appeared to relax, so Kevin suggested that they get started on trying to recover her memories. Dante wished Lulu luck, but jokingly promised to keep dragging her to familiar spots to spark her memory if the session was a failure.

In the office, Kevin and Lulu talked about her flashbacks. She confessed that she felt awkward telling Dante about them, so Kevin assured her that their sessions were a safe place for her to be honest because he wouldn't judge her. Kevin gently invited her to tell him about the memories, so Lulu revealed that they had seemed to center around the Haunted Star. She confided that she recalled being dragged onto the ship by a man and then later standing on the ship in a wedding dress and holding a bouquet.

Kevin told her that she and Dante had been married in New York City, prompting Lulu to speculate that Stavros was the man that she had married on the Haunted Star. Kevin quickly assured Lulu that the wedding wouldn't have been legal, but he was curious if anything else had happened. Lulu seemed to shut down as she claimed that she couldn't remember. "Can't or won't?" Kevin asked.

Meanwhile, Olivia stopped by to check on her son, who was pacing in the waiting area of the hospital. After a quick hug, Dante told his mother that Lulu had agreed to talk to Kevin, but Dante felt guilty because he had pressured Lulu to remember. Olivia insisted that Dante had every right to want his wife back. She praised Dante for turning to a professional because she was certain that it would help Lulu in the end.

Dante explained that Lulu's memory loss might be a result of a traumatic event that Lulu wasn't ready to deal with. Olivia was confident that everything would work out. Shortly after Olivia left for an appointment, Lulu returned from her session. Dante tried to hide his disappointment when she told him that she hadn't remembered anything. He suggested that they go on the tour of the city that he had promised, but Lulu insisted that she needed to oversee the preparations for the party on the Haunted Star. She fled before Dante could stop her.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. decided that that he didn't have to tell Elizabeth about his indiscretion with Carly because a saboteur had tampered with Pickle-Lila and Pickle-Eddie, which had resulted in the debacle on national television. Tracy warned A.J. that someone else could tell Elizabeth about his tryst with Carly, but A.J. argued that no one besides Tracy knew about it. Tracy pointed out that Carly knew, so Carly might decide to confess everything to Elizabeth. A.J. assured Tracy that Elizabeth was the last person that Carly would want knowing about the tryst.

Tracy admitted that Carly had hit a new low by sleeping with A.J., but Tracy had other "fish to fry," so Tracy wasn't interested in telling Elizabeth about A.J. and Carly. A.J. was curious what Tracy was up to, but Ava entered the parlor before Tracy could respond. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" Ava asked innocently.

A.J. demanded to know who Ava was, but Tracy insisted that it wasn't A.J.'s business because Ava was an associate of Tracy's. Ava's smile brightened when she realized who A.J. was, so she seized the opportunity to make Tracy squirm by offering to tell A.J. about her business venture with Tracy. Tracy assured Ava that there wasn't any need to include A.J. because Tracy had the money that Ava needed. A.J.'s interest was piqued, prompting Tracy to threaten to call Elizabeth if A.J. didn't leave.

Tracy's ploy worked. After A.J. left, Tracy made it clear that Ava would not get the money until Lauren had signed a proxy promising the votes to Tracy. Ava agreed to take care of it, so Tracy suggested that the sooner Ava left, the sooner they could conclude their business. Ava suspected that ELQ meant a lot to Tracy because Tracy was willing to pay a substantial amount of money to secure control of the company, so Tracy explained that ELQ was rightfully hers. After Ava left, Tracy called to share her news with Ned.

Outside of Kelly's, Elizabeth wondered what had been so urgent that Nikolas had felt the need to track her down. Nikolas explained that it was about A.J., but Elizabeth warned Nikolas that she wasn't interested in hearing him trash-talk A.J. Nikolas thought about Tracy's revelation that A.J. had slept with Carly. "Trust me, you'll want to hear this," Nikolas told Elizabeth.

Nikolas admitted that it wasn't a secret that he was in love with Elizabeth and desperate for a second chance, but he assured her that he intended to keep his promise to leave A.J. alone. However, he had an important fact about A.J. to share with her. Elizabeth reluctantly agreed to hear Nikolas out, so he explained that he felt compelled to share the information with her because she always gave people the benefit of the doubt, even when they didn't deserve it. Elizabeth accused Nikolas of sounding judgmental.

Elizabeth appreciated that things had always been easy for Nikolas because he was rich, athletic, good-looking, and resilient. However, Elizabeth explained that not everyone was as fortunate. Nikolas was curious if Elizabeth was attracted to A.J. or if she felt sorry for A.J. She confessed that she admired A.J. for having the courage to try to get back on his feet.

Nikolas argued that Elizabeth didn't have all of the information, which he felt she deserved, so that she knew what A.J. was really like. Nikolas didn't have an opportunity to elaborate because Elizabeth received an unsettling text message.

At Volonino's gym, Sonny and Shawn were sparring in the boxing ring when Carly walked up. Carly informed Sonny that they needed to have a chat about their son, Morgan. Sonny assured Carly that Shawn and several guards were keeping an eye on Morgan, but Carly argued that they hadn't done a good job because Kiki had managed to get into Michael's apartment. Shawn immediately apologized because he realized that it shouldn't have happened.

Sonny admitted that he wasn't concerned about Kiki because Morgan was allowed to have a girlfriend. Carly reminded Sonny that Kiki might be related to a crime family, but Sonny argued that no one had heard from the Jeromes since the 1980s. Carly explained that she had enlisted Michael's help to keep an eye on Kiki because she didn't trust the girl. Sonny agreed to do the same because he realized that it was the only way to please Carly.

Satisfied, Carly reminded Sonny that Morgan had been "running wild" for too long, so it was up to them to keep their son from making stupid choices. Carly decided to call Michael, but she was startled when she suddenly received an eerie text message from an anonymous person.

At the apartment, Kiki was outraged when she caught Michael snooping through her purse. Michael claimed that he had been looking for a pen, but Kiki pointed out that there was a pen on the nearby table. Kiki called out to Morgan, who entered the living room seconds later with a towel wrapped around his hips. Kiki told Morgan what Michael had been doing, so Morgan demanded to know if it was true. Michael admitted that he had been going through Kiki's purse because Michael had promised Carly that he would keep an eye on Kiki.

"Mommy told you to spy on me?" Kiki asked. She didn't waste any time teasing Michael about being a "mama's boy," but Michael ignored her. Kiki invited Michael to make his mother proud by taking a second look through the purse, so Michael wondered if Kiki had any siblings that she cared about. Annoyed, Morgan accused Michael of being jealous that Morgan had something good and Michael didn't. Frustrated by Morgan's attitude, Michael decided to take a walk. Morgan snidely suggested that Michael file a report with Carly.

Later, Morgan told Kiki not to worry about Michael because Morgan planned to talk to Michael and Carly to assure them that Kiki was a good person. Kiki doubted that Morgan would sway Michael or Carly's opinions, but Morgan disagreed. He explained that Carly had some trust issues, but he was certain that she would change her mind about Kiki. Kiki felt terrible that she had gotten Morgan into trouble with the bookies by offering him bad advice, but Morgan insisted that she had helped him when he had needed it.

Kiki confessed that it hurt that Michael didn't like her. Morgan explained that Michael was overprotective, but he was certain that Michael would learn to like Kiki once Michael got to know her. Kiki doubted it, so she thought perhaps it was best if she left. Morgan disagreed, but Kiki argued that his family didn't approve of her. Morgan insisted that it was natural for his family to worry.

Morgan realized that he had been out of line for saying what he had to Michael because Michael was going through a bad breakup. However, Morgan had been defensive because he was crazy about Kiki. Kiki smiled as Morgan leaned down to kiss her. After Morgan and Kiki made love, Kiki agreed to stay. Pleased, Morgan decided to take a shower. Kiki relaxed on the sofa until someone knocked on the door. She was shocked when she opened the door and saw her mother standing on the doorstep.

At the penthouse, the mystery man quickly ducked out of sight as Sam arrived home with Danny. After Sam took Danny out of the stroller, she sat down to read to her son a story until he became sleepy. Sam took Danny to his bedroom to put him down for a nap, so the mystery man returned to the living room to retrieve the DVD. However, someone knocked on the door, so he was forced to slip into the closet while Sam returned downstairs to answer the door.

The mystery man listened as Sam invited Spinelli into the penthouse. Spinelli announced that he intended to renew his efforts to find Franco's daughter, Lauren, so he wanted Sam to help. Sam confessed that just hearing Franco's name had made her skin crawl, so she preferred to distance herself from the search and from Lauren. Besides, she explained, she had her hands full dealing with Rafe's uncle, Silas.

Spinelli was stunned when Sam told him about Silas' desire to take custody of Rafe. Sam's tirade quickly ended when she noticed that the DVD player was open. Inside the closet, the mystery man feared that Sam would play the DVD, so he sent a text message to all of the people on his guest list. Seconds later, Sam was shocked when she received a text message featuring a picture of Jason that read, "Haunted Star 8:00 p.m. I'll be there. Will you?"

Upset, Sam couldn't understand why someone would send a text message like that to her. Spinelli had received the same text message, so Sam wondered if he could trace it to find out who had sent it. Spinelli assured Sam that it was possible, but the person had taken steps to hide their identity, so it would take some time and sophisticated equipment to trace the text message. Sam wondered if Jason could have sent it, but Spinelli reminded her that Jason was dead.

Sam assured Spinelli that she knew that her husband was dead, but the text message had shaken her. However, she was determined to go to the Haunted Star to find out the meaning of the text message. Sam heard Danny cry, so Spinelli decided to head to their office to work on tracing the text message. After Spinelli left, Sam went to the bedroom to check on her son. The mystery man slipped out of the closet, retrieved the DVD, and then left. Moments later, Sam returned to the living room. She looked around as if she sensed that something was amiss.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. and Michael talked about the disturbing text message that they had each received. A.J. couldn't understand why someone would send him a picture of his dead brother, so Michael suggested that perhaps the sender had hoped to get a reaction out of A.J. A.J. admitted that it had worked. Moments later, Ava left the parlor, bid A.J. and Michael a good day, and then left. Michael wondered who the woman was, so A.J. explained that she was a business associate of Tracy's. A.J.'s thoughts returned to the text message that he and Michael had received. According to A.J., it had felt like he had received a message from the grave.

Outside of Kelly's, Elizabeth was shaken by the text message that she had received, inviting her to the Haunted Star, so she showed it to Nikolas. Nikolas confessed that he didn't know the details of Jason's death, so Elizabeth told him about the shooting and how Faison had kicked Jason's body into the water. Elizabeth confessed that she felt like she had seen a ghost when she saw the text message, but she was determined to go to the Haunted Star to find out why it had been sent.

At Volonino's, Carly was upset about the text message that she had received because it was a stark reminder of how much she missed Jason. Sonny suspected that someone was messing with Carly. Moments later, Shawn noticed that Sonny had received the same text message, so Shawn warned Sonny that the same person was also messing with Sonny. Carly's eyes filled with tears as she confessed that she thought about Jason every day and even dreamed about her beloved best friend. Sonny feared that the invitation was a trap, but Carly argued that they didn't have a choice but to go.

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