General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on GH

Todd, Johnny, and Connie were arrested. Luke reached out to Anna. Tracy retained control of ELQ. A.J. considered drowning his sorrows. Ellie was told that she might never walk again. Trey was declared brain-dead.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 7, 2013 on GH
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Monday, January 7, 2013

Shawn and Alexis were in Shawn's bed in his room upstairs over Kelly's. Shawn was sleeping, but Alexis woke him up. She asked what he had been dreaming about. Shawn said that he had been dreaming about Alexis and had just been getting to the good part. When he asked Alexis what she wanted from him, Alexis said that she was a woman of large appetites. They exchanged sexual banter, but Alexis admitted that what she really wanted was one of Shawn's special sandwiches.

Shawn laughed as he got out of bed and went downstairs to make a sandwich for Alexis, which she devoured with moans of delight when Shawn returned. He asked if the reason Alexis was with him was because of his cooking. She agreed that Shawn knew his way around the kitchen, but added that he knew his way around a few other places as well, which was why she had worked up such an appetite. Shawn laughed and took Alexis in his arms. They were kissing when Alexis received an urgent phone call from Kristina.

Sonny celebrated New Year's Eve alone in his gym. He staggered into the boxing ring, and as he grabbed the ropes, he heard footsteps. When Sonny looked around, he saw Connie, who was dressed demurely as Kate. Sonny accused her of being late for the photo shoot that Connie had arranged with him, but Kate said to look at her. She said she was Kate, not Connie. Sonny said that he had missed her, and Kate said that she had missed him.

Kate said that she could see on his face how alone he felt. Sonny said that he had had a lot of loss that year. He said that Jason was gone, Kristina was leaving, and Michael was slipping away. Sonny said that he tried not to let himself need anyone. Kate apologized for not being there for him. Sonny told Kate that it was not her fault and added that she was there at that moment. They kissed and started dancing in the boxing ring. Each acknowledged their love for the other.

As Sonny held her, Kate told him not to let go. Sonny replied, "Never." At that moment, Sonny's phone rang. He woke up on a bench with a liquor bottle beside him. When he answered the phone Alexis told him to meet her at the hospital because Kristina needed them.

At General Hospital, Connie and Kristina watched as Steve tried to revive Trey, who was coding. Connie was loud as she yelled at Steve to help her kid. Liz asked Connie to leave, but she refused. Kristina and Connie got into a shouting match, and Steve told both of them to leave the treatment room because they were endangering Trey. After Connie and Kristina left the room, Steve and Liz continued their efforts to revive Trey.

Outside the room, Kristina and Connie continued to argue. Kristina wanted to know why Connie was in the hospital and not in jail after she had assaulted Starr, kidnapped Johnny, and caused an accident. Connie said that she did not have to explain herself to Kristina, and besides, she was Trey's mother. Kristina said that Connie had done nothing to earn that title and that Connie was just pretending to care. Connie snapped back that Kristina had no idea how Connie felt because Kristina was not a mother.

Connie called Kristina a spoiled brat who was only interested in making her father angry. Kristina said that she loved Trey, which was more that she could say for Connie. Connie laughed and said that was a joke because Kristina had divorced Trey as quickly as she had married him. Kristina said that she and Trey were rebuilding their relationship. Kristina accused Connie of causing the accident that had harmed Trey. They were screaming at each other and about to get physical when Sonny and Alexis arrived and separated them.

Elsewhere in GH, Michael comforted Starr as she shared her regrets about trusting Johnny at the time he had bought out her recording contract and befriended her. She regretted not taking Todd's advice when he had cautioned her about Johnny. Starr said that she had only looked at the good things that Johnny had done for her. Michael said that Johnny had been a coward.

Starr was shaken when she realized that she would have killed Connie by letting her fall from the cliff if Johnny had not intervened and told the truth about being responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths. Starr wanted to check on Trey and was worried about Connie. Michael pointed out that Connie had known the truth for months but had not told it. Michael said that Connie might not be as guilty as Johnny, but she was close. Starr agreed.

Starr apologized to Michael. She said that every time she tried to get a grip on her feelings, she ended up losing it. Michael said that Starr had just received horrible news and that it would take a while to sink in. Michael told Starr that Jason had told him that bad things happened fast, but that a person had to live through them slowly. Michael added that grief and loss hit a person in waves, and just when they thought they could stand up to it, it knocked them down. Michael said that the impulse was to fight, but when people did, they drowned.

Starr said one of the reasons she had been blindsided had been because the accident had happened in the same spot where she had lost Hope and Cole. Starr said that when she heard Connie calling for help, it had all rushed back at her, and she had thought that it was Hope who had been calling out. Michael assured Starr that there was nothing that she could have done to save Hope. He told Starr that everything would be okay because there would be no more lies or cover-ups, and she would get justice.

Starr was comforted and turned her attention to checking on Trey. She worried that Kristina was freaking out and that she, Michael, and Kristina were the closest thing to family that Trey had. Starr insisted on going to Trey but promised to lean on Michael if she felt near to collapse.

In another area of GH, Dante had Johnny in handcuffs while Carly and Todd stood nearby. Johnny asked Todd if he wanted to tell Carly all the truth or if Todd wanted Johnny to spill the beans. Carly called Johnny a hypocrite and a liar. Johnny said that Todd was as guilty as he was. When Johnny said that Todd had know about Johnny's guilt all along, Carly scoffed and said it was absurd.

Carly defended Todd and said that he would have called the cops or taken his own revenge if he had known about Johnny's guilt. Johnny said that he had been blackmailing Todd because Todd had been responsible for the baby switch. Carly was incredulous and again called Johnny a liar. She continued to defend Todd, but Johnny said that he had proof.

Johnny said that two of his men had been following Heather Webber to see what she would do with Anthony's body and had seen Todd take Sam's live baby out of the planter and put it in Teá's arms. When Carly looked at Todd's stricken face, she realized that Johnny was telling the truth. Carly was very hurt when she reminded Todd that he had sworn on Starr's life that he had told the truth when he said that he had not participated in the baby switch.

Todd tried to hold Carly, but she shrugged him off with a very angry, "Don't touch me!" Todd tried to explain himself by saying that he had warned Carly that he was not a good person, but Carly did not accept that explanation. She said that she had been married to a mobster, and her best friend had killed people for a living. She said that she had done some pretty bad things herself, but she was honest, and she was not a hypocrite.

Carly said that she would have forgiven Todd anything if he had been truthful with her. Carly said that she had begged Todd to be honest, but he had lied to her face, and she did not think that their relationship could recover from that. Carly asked Todd if he had thought about how the revelation would affect Starr. Carly said that Starr would be devastated when she found out that Todd not only knew that Johnny had been responsible for Hope and Cole's deaths but had done nothing.

Star and Michael overheard Carly's comment. Starr asked if it was true. Todd did not answer. Starr told Todd that he was even more messed up than she had thought possible. Starr walked away to check on Trey. Michael asked Todd what was wrong with him and said that Starr loved Todd more than anything. Todd told Michael to make sure that Starr was okay. Michael replied that Starr was not okay and then followed her to Trey's bedside.

As Dante and Johnny listened, Carly congratulated Todd and told him that his daughter would never speak to him again. Todd asked Carly to let him tell his side. He began by saying that he had not had a choice, but Carly cut him off and said that people always had a choice. She told Todd that he had made the wrong one.

Dante asked Johnny if he could provide the names of the witnesses. Johnny said that he could and that his men would testify. Johnny said that he would answer all of Dante's questions. With Johnny in handcuffs, Dante told Todd that he was also under arrest. Carly ruefully admitted that she "sure [could] pick 'em."

Connie listened as Kristina told Alexis that she should not have let Connie get to her. Kristina blamed herself for Trey's condition because he had unbuckled his seatbelt to retrieve her dropped cell phone just as the accident occurred. Alexis and Kristina went to the cafeteria for coffee.

Sonny stayed behind with a tearful Connie. When he hugged her and called her "Kate," Connie pulled away and spit out that he had called her Kate because he believed that only Kate could care about her son and because Sonny believed that Kate was the only one with real feelings. Sonny tried to comfort Connie, but she walked away after telling Sonny not to touch her.

Michael and Starr tried to look in on Trey as Steve and Liz worked frantically to revive him. Liz sent them out of the treatment bay, and Kristina, Alexis, Connie, and Sonny joined them. Kristina and Connie asked if there had been any change, but Starr and Michael had no answers. A few moments later, Steve emerged from the room and said that he was sorry. Both Kristina and Connie were devastated.

Sitting alone in the hospital, a glum Carly remembered a happier time, earlier in the evening, after she had slept with Todd and he had announced that they were "going steady." Meanwhile, Dante took Todd and Johnny to a jail cell in the Port Charles Police Station. When he opened the cell door, Dante told both men to make themselves at home. Todd protested being put in the same cell with Johnny, but Dante said it should be no problem for Todd, who had killed his own brother.

Dante added that Todd and Johnny had been joined at the hip for some time and that they deserved each other. Once they were alone in the cell, Todd asked if Johnny were happy. Johnny asked sarcastically if he looked happy. Todd sniped back that Johnny should be happy because Johnny was getting what he had always wanted: to be a martyr and to shed his guilt. Todd wanted to know why Johnny had dragged Todd down with him.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

At the penthouse, Sam left Spinelli a voicemail message requesting that he call her back immediately. She explained that the holidays were over, so it was time for them to get back to work looking for Jason. Sam ended the call just as someone knocked on the door. Sam deposited a large box on the desk and then opened the door. It was Carly. Carly had stopped by to tell Sam that Sam had been right about Todd.

Carly spotted the box on the desk as she entered the penthouse, so she asked Sam about it. Sam insisted that it was confidential, so Carly let the matter drop and blurted out that Todd had switched Sam's son with Téa's infant. Sam's anger mounted as Carly revealed that Johnny had confessed to causing the accident that had killed Starr's daughter and fiancé, so he had decided to take Todd down by revealing that two of his thugs had seen Todd switch the babies. Sam grabbed a jacket as she asked Carly to watch Danny; Sam intended to track Todd down to strangle him. Carly explained that Todd was in lockup with Johnny.

Sam was ready to head to the police station, but she changed her mind when Carly began to cry about Todd's betrayal. Carly confided that she had only learned the truth a few short hours after she had made the worst mistake of her life. Sam realized that Carly had slept with Todd. Carly conceded that Todd had warned her that he was a horrible person, but Carly had thought that she could trust Todd. Carly admitted that Sam had been right; Todd had made a fool of Carly.

Carly realized that she had no one to blame except herself. Carly had taken Johnny back after she had found him in bed with Connie, so it had been her own fault that Johnny had humiliated her when he and Connie had announced that they were married at Kate and Sonny's wedding. Carly had gotten through the heartbreak by leaning on her friend, Todd. Carly recalled that people had lined up for blocks to warn her about Todd, but she had been certain that she and Todd were kindred spirits. Sam pointed out that it had been a huge mistake on Carly's part.

"You know, you can be a real bitch sometimes," Carly complained. "It takes one to know one," Sam replied. Carly hated that she always gravitated towards men who were bad for her, so Sam reminded Carly of Jax. Carly explained that Jax hadn't been able to accept Carly's choices, so the only good man who had ever truly accepted Carly had been Jason, but he was gone. Sam angrily argued that Jason might not be there, but she insisted that Jason was not gone. Carly explained to Sam that it was time for them both to accept that Jason was dead.

Sam's anger flared as she made it clear that she would not stop searching for her husband, but Carly insisted that Jason would not return home because had been shot and tossed into the water. Sam argued that the man who had shot Jason might have him, but Carly believed that Jason had drowned. Sam pointed out that they had never recovered his body, but Carly told Sam that Jason would want them to accept that Jason was dead. Sam was sorry that Johnny and Todd had "screwed" Carly over, but Sam insisted that it didn't give Carly the right to take it out on Sam. Carly denied that she was doing that, but Jason had always called Carly out when Carly had lied to herself.

"You're lying to yourself; Jason is gone," Carly gently told Sam. Carly insisted that Sam had to accept that for Sam's sake as well as Danny's. Sam ordered Carly to leave, so Carly left. Afterwards, Sam picked up a picture of Jason and Danny as she begged for a sign from Jason. Moments later, someone knocked on the door.

In the jail cell, Todd held a pillow over Johnny's face as Johnny struggled to push Todd away. Moments later, Dante approached the jail cell, so Todd quickly stepped away from Johnny. Johnny gasped for breath while Todd pretended to fluff the pillow. Dante warned Todd that Todd had enough legal trouble without adding attempted murder to the list of charges. Dante ordered Todd and Johnny to play nice and then left. Afterwards, Johnny warned Todd that killing Johnny wouldn't keep Todd from going to jail.

Todd expected Johnny to make sure that it didn't happen. Johnny thought that Todd had nerve to try to kill Johnny one moment and then ask for Johnny's help the next. Todd explained that the pillow incident had been an attempt at a wake-up call, so Johnny was curious what Johnny stood to gain if he helped Todd. "Name it," Todd said. "Carly," Johnny replied without hesitation.

Todd pointed out that Carly wasn't his to give to Johnny, even if Todd were inclined to do so. According to Todd, Todd and Carly had a special connection, but Johnny laughed. Todd wondered if Johnny was prepared to break Starr's heart by taking her father away after Johnny had killed Hope and Cole. Johnny argued that Todd would lose Starr when Starr learned that Todd had switched Sam and Téa's babies, so Todd revealed that Starr already knew what Todd had done. Todd explained that Starr had forgiven him because she loved her father, so Johnny had the opportunity to prove that Johnny was a compassionate person by calling off his goons.

Moments later, Diane arrived. "Well, well, well. What have we here? Two clients, one cell. Mamma smells a shopping spree," Diane remarked as she looked at Todd and Johnny. Todd promised to double whatever Diane charged for a retainer if she got him out of jail. Diane assured Todd that she would take him up on the offer later; however, she was there to take Johnny to Johnny's arraignment because the judge thought a triple murderer was more important than someone who had switched babies.

Diane advised Johnny to keep his mouth shut if he hoped to have a chance to see the sky again. Todd was curious what his own chances at freedom were. Diane admitted that they were the same as Vicker Man II becoming a hit. After Diane and Johnny left, Todd did a headstand to think things through. He talked about his children, Jack and Starr, until he heard footsteps. Todd hoped that Diane had returned with news about his release. "Not quite," Carly replied as she stopped in front of the jail cell.

At the apartment, Maxie stood in the hallway as she told a deliveryman about her miscarriage. The deliveryman extended his condolences, but he had no idea what else to say. Maxie handed him a twenty dollar bill as she thanked him for listening and then took the coffee and bag of doughnuts from him. Spinelli was still asleep on the sofa as she entered the apartment. Maxie woke him up to let him know that his cell phone had been ringing, so Spinelli groggily opened his eyes and accepted the cup of coffee that Maxie had offered him.

Spinelli was curious how Maxie had slept. "Terrible," Maxie admitted. Spinelli suddenly recalled that he and Maxie had slept together and that she had wanted to tell him something important about the baby. Maxie assured him that it could wait, but Spinelli suddenly recalled Ellie. He worried that Ellie had arrived home and had seen Spinelli and Maxie together. Frustrated, Maxie asked Spinelli to stop thinking about Ellie for a second.

Spinelli ignored Maxie as he asked where Ellie was. Maxie had no idea because Ellie had not returned from her evening out. Maxie insisted that she wasn't Ellie's keeper, but suggested that perhaps Ellie was still out partying. Spinelli feared that Ellie might have spent the night with someone. "Like we did?" Maxie asked. Spinelli realized that he wasn't in any position to judge Ellie if she had slept with someone else because of what he had done with Maxie.

Maxie insisted that she and Spinelli had just had sex, so he didn't have to pretend that it was more than a drunken one-night-stand. Spinelli felt as if he had taken advantage of Maxie because he knew that she hadn't been a in a good place the previous night. Maxie argued that the same was true for Spinelli, prompting him to point out how they tended to gravitate toward each other whenever things went wrong. It made Spinelli wonder if it might be kismet. Maxie wondered what he was trying to suggest. "What if this is the way it's meant to be?" Spinelli asked.

Maxie was curious if he thought that they might have a future together as a couple. Spinelli confessed that a part of him had wanted to accept what Maxie had offered when she had declared her love for him, but he had chosen Ellie. He wondered if perhaps Ellie had been right about him and Maxie belonging together. Maxie panicked and ran out of the room, so Spinelli picked up his cell phone to check his voicemail. He was stunned when he heard Sabrina's message about Ellie's accident.

Meanwhile, Maxie looked in the mirror as she tried to give herself a pep talk. However, she was startled when she heard Spinelli quickly collect his things scattered around the living room. She asked him what was going on, so Spinelli revealed that Ellie had been struck by a car, while on her way to meet Spinelli. Spinelli was desperate to get to Ellie. "I'm so sorry," Spinelli told a shocked Maxie as he left.

In Ellie's hospital room, Ellie whispered, "Damien" as she slowly opened her eyes. Ellie recalled bits and pieces of the accident, so Sabrina confirmed that a car had struck Ellie. Ellie asked where Spinelli was, so Sabrina revealed that she had left Spinelli a message. Ellie wanted her cell phone, so Sabrina fetched Ellie's cell phone. Ellie was upset when she heard Spinelli's message because she realized that Spinelli had assumed the worst. Ellie was desperate to get to Spinelli to clear things up, so she tried to get out of bed.

Sabrina assured Ellie that everything would be fine, so she urged Ellie to remain in bed and rest. Ellie insisted that Spinelli needed to know the truth. As if on cue, Spinelli entered the room. Sabrina quickly slipped out of the room as Spinelli rushed to Ellie's side and asked about Ellie's injuries. Ellie told him that she had likely suffered internal hemorrhaging, a broken femur, and a fractured tibia. Spinelli was horrified, but Ellie was more concerned about Spinelli because he had thought that she had stood him up on New Year's Eve.

Ellie assured Spinelli that she had been on her way to meet him when her car had broken down. She promised him that she had wanted to spend New Year's Eve, and every day after that, with him. "You do?" Spinelli asked. "So much," Ellie replied with a smile. Ellie hated knowing that Spinelli had been on the rooftop alone, thinking the worst, so Spinelli confessed that he hadn't been alone.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Patrick told Connie, Kristina, and others that Trey's condition was "catastrophic" and that Trey would not recover. Michael comforted his sister as Kristina began to cry. Sonny watched Connie carefully as Connie demanded to talk to Steve because she refused to accept Patrick's diagnosis. Patrick explained that Trey had suffered an intracranial bleed from a ruptured aneurysm, so Trey was brain dead. Kristina blamed Connie for Trey's condition, but Patrick insisted that there was no way to know what had caused the aneurysm to rupture.

Connie was shaken, so Sonny tried to comfort her. Connie ignored him as she stormed off to find someone who could help Trey. Sonny followed Connie as Kristina entered Trey's hospital room. A short time later, Michael suggested that Kristina take a break. Kristina didn't want to leave Trey alone, so Starr promised to sit with Trey.

After Michael and Kristina left, Starr conceded that she and Trey hadn't gotten along well in the beginning, but they had become good friends, so she wanted him back.

Meanwhile, Dante arrived at the hospital to take Connie into custody. Sonny was stunned, so Dante explained that Connie had assaulted Starr and had kidnapped Johnny prior to running down a pedestrian on the road. Sonny insisted that Connie needed to stay at the hospital because her son might die. Dante found the timing of Connie's sudden motherly affection for Trey convenient. Sonny conceded that Connie had rejected Trey in the past, but he assured Dante that Connie was genuinely heartbroken at the realization that Trey might die.

Dante warned Sonny that Connie would face additional charges if Trey died from injuries sustained in an accident that Connie had caused during the commission of a kidnapping. Dante explained that it didn't matter if Johnny had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires because Connie had left a trail of broken bodies and ruined lives in her wake. Sonny was shocked that Johnny had confessed to shooting out Anthony's tires, so he turned to Connie for an explanation about why she had taken responsibility for a crime that she hadn't committed. Connie claimed that she had wanted to help Johnny. Sonny implored Dante to delay the arrest, so Dante agreed to give Connie until the end of the day.

After Dante left, Connie blamed herself for what had happened to Trey. Sonny insisted that Connie hadn't deliberately hurt her son, but Connie disagreed. She admitted that she had been determined to get out of town, no matter who had gotten in her way, even her own son. Sonny reminded Connie that Patrick had explained that the accident might not have caused the ruptured aneurysm, but Connie was adamant that it was her fault. Sonny suggested that they go outside to talk, but Connie insisted that it was time for her to step up, since she had abandoned her son at birth. Connie started to walk to Trey's hospital room, but stopped to invite Sonny to join her.

Outside of Trey's hospital room, Patrick explained to Michael that they needed to discuss the next step with Trey's family. Michael revealed that Trey's only family was Connie, so she would have to make all of the decisions. Patrick doubted that Trey had had a living will, since most people Trey's age didn't, so it would be up to Trey's loved ones to decide when to remove Trey from life support and whether or not to donate his organs. A short time later, Sonny and Connie walked up as Michael and Kristina discussed removing Trey from life support. Connie explained that she had left her son to die once, so she refused to do it again.

Elsewhere, Maxie called Dante to ask him and Lulu to meet her at the apartment. Dante explained that he was busy, so he wondered if it was an emergency. Maxie admitted that it wasn't. Dante asked her to hold on when he spotted two police officers exit the elevator. He ordered the police officers to take Connie into custody when she was done visiting her son and to read Connie her rights again before they processed her at the police station. After the police officers walked away, Dante promised Maxie that he and Lulu would be over as soon as he finished up.

In the hallway, Sabrina bumped into Patrick. Patrick greeted Sabrina and then told her that they needed to discuss what had happened on New Year's Eve.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Luke, sporting fresh cuts and bruises from a recent assault, called Anna. Anna had been worried sick about Luke, so she demanded to know where he was. Luke explained that he was still in a Turkish prison, but he had managed to grease the right palms to get his hands on a cell phone to call her. Luke wanted to know how things were going in Port Charles, prompting Anna to reveal that she was in Lucerne, Switzerland. Anna admitted that Luke had been right about Duke being an imposter, so she filled him in on Faison's attempt to pass himself off as Duke.

Nearby, Duke seemed sad as he overheard Anna admit that Faison had managed to turn every memory that she'd had of Duke against her. Anna then told Luke about Robert's condition. Luke realized that it was serious when Anna revealed that Holly was with Robert. Moments later, Anna spotted the doctor exit Robert's room, so she explained that she had to go. Luke told Anna to take care of herself and to keep an eye on Robert. After Anna disconnected the call, Duke walked up as the doctor updated Anna about Robert.

The doctor explained that Robert was in a coma and had limited brain activity. Anna wanted assurance that Robert would recover, but the doctor couldn't make any promises. According to the doctor, the drug had compromised Robert's lung function, so Robert's brain had been deprived of oxygen for a period of time. The doctor explained that they had no way of knowing if or when Robert would wake up. After the doctor left, Anna insisted that Robert was too mean to die. She conceded that she couldn't stand Robert half the time, but she needed him in her life.

Anna confided to Duke that Robert hated feeling helpless, so Robert wouldn't want to be trapped in a bed. Anna blamed herself for Robert's condition because she had ignored his warnings about Faison. Duke started to wrap his arms around Anna to comfort her, but she shrieked in fright and pulled away. Anna immediately apologized for her reaction, but Duke assured her that he understood that she saw Faison when she looked at him, so it would take time for her to get used to him.

Duke promised that he was a patient man. Anna regretted that she couldn't truly be happy about Duke's return because of what Faison had done. Duke was confident that she would soon grow to trust him and know that he was the man that she had loved. Anna offered a weak smile and then left to check on Robert so that Holly could have a break. Duke promised to wait for her.

At the apartment, Maxie typed a letter to Lulu and Dante about the miscarriage. Moments later, Dante knocked on the door. Maxie was surprised that he had stopped by because he had told her that he had been busy. Dante realized that Maxie had assured him that their talk could wait, but something in her tone had concerned him. Maxie held the door open as Dante entered and assured her that Lulu was on her way over. A short time later, Lulu arrived.

Lulu confessed that she had been initially concerned that something had been wrong with the baby, but then Lulu had recalled Maxie's promise to keep Lulu and Dante in the loop if there was a problem. Maxie started to break the news about the miscarriage to them, but Lulu's cell phone rang. It was Luke, so Lulu explained that she had to take the call. Dante and Maxie listened as Lulu asked her father where he was. Luke explained that he was in a Turkish prison, but he assured his daughter that he had reached out to the American consulate, so Luke expected to be released from jail soon.

Lulu urged Luke not to do anything rash so that he didn't make a bad situation worse. Luke assured her that he would behave and then changed the subject to find out what was going on in Port Charles. Lulu told him that Maxie had agreed to be Lulu and Dante's surrogate, so Maxie was pregnant with Luke's next grandchild. Moments later, a commotion broke out at the prison, so Lulu anxiously asked what was going on.

Luke watched as the guard left to investigate the noise as he assured Lulu that everything was fine. Lulu realized that her father had lied when she suddenly heard gunshots ring out. Seconds later, the phone went dead. Dante made some phone calls, but couldn't get any answers, so he suggested that he and Lulu track down Luke.

Lulu agreed, but then realized that it might not be wise to leave Maxie alone. Maxie assured them that she could call Mac if she needed anything, so Lulu and Dante left to begin their quest to find Luke. After Lulu and Dante left, Maxie sat down on the sofa and re-read her letter about the miscarriage.

At the jail, Carly confronted Todd about the baby switch and his lies. She couldn't understand what kind of parent swore to a lie on their child's life. "The kind of parent that loses his child. I lost Starr, tell me I haven't lost you too," Todd pleaded. Carly confessed that she had gone to Sam's penthouse to admit that Sam had been right to warn Carly about Todd. Carly realized that nothing with Todd had been real, but Todd disagreed.

Carly only wanted to hear Todd explain why he had switched babies and why he had lied to her. Todd insisted that everything that had happened on that fateful night had been so convoluted that even he had difficulty understanding exactly what had happened. Carly demanded to hear his side of the story, so Todd admitted that he had known immediately that something had been terribly wrong with Téa's baby after the delivery. Todd had gone for help, but had bumped into Heather. He conceded that Heather had tried to help the newborn, but it had been too late.

Todd explained that Heather had left to bury Anthony's body by the time Sam had stumbled through the door of the cabin and had passed out. Todd hadn't known who Sam was, but he had become distracted when he had heard a baby crying. He had found Sam's son in the planter box, so he had picked the newborn up just as Téa had walked up. Téa had assumed that the infant had been hers, so she had snatched the newborn out of Todd's arms.

Shortly afterwards, Heather had returned and had claimed that Sam had intended to abandon the infant in the woods, so the baby would have been better off with Téa. Todd had intended to tell Téa the truth, but then things had spiraled out of control. He hoped that Carly could understand. "I do," Carly quietly conceded, but she said it had still been wrong.

Carly tearfully admitted that she had believed in Todd and had convinced herself that he wasn't the horrible person that he had claimed to be. She couldn't understand how he could have humiliated her after she had dropped her guard and had slept with him. "Why?" Carly demanded. "Because of Jason," Todd answered.

Todd explained that he had been afraid of losing Carly once he had figured out the truth about Sam and Jason. Carly wondered if it had ever occurred to him that she could have told Jason where to find Danny in exchange for Jason's promise to leave Todd alone. Carly assured Todd that Jason would have agreed without hesitation for Carly. Todd insisted that he hadn't been able to risk it because he had realized during the pathogen crisis that he had wanted more time with Carly. Carly reminded Todd that the truth never remained buried.

Todd begged Carly to forgive him as he reached for her face through the bars of the jail cell and kissed her. Carly was certain that Todd was playing games, but he promised her that he wasn't. Todd vowed to fix things, but Carly argued that he had made a fool of her. She resented that he had denied Jason the opportunity to know his son before Jason had died. Todd assured Carly that he knew what it was like to be separated from his children because he had spent eight years locked up and hidden away.

Carly's brow furrowed when Todd made a remark that indicated that he had known before everyone else that Jason was Danny's father. Carly demanded to know when Todd had learned the truth about Danny's paternity. Todd reluctantly conceded that he had found the real paternity test in July among Heather's things. Carly was horrified that Todd had allowed Jason to die without knowing the truth about Danny.

Carly made it clear that Todd had lost her because she didn't have the energy to keep trusting him. She insisted that he had no idea what it meant to be a friend. Todd agreed, but Carly was unmoved by the raw admission of honesty. Todd promised not to keep secrets from Carly anymore, but Carly accused him of being a horrible person and left.

At the penthouse, Sam clutched the picture of Jason close to her chest as she tearfully begged him for a sign. Moments later, John McBain knocked on the door. Sam wiped her tears away as she admitted that she was surprised to see John, since he hadn't been around in a while. John explained that he had been in Switzerland, working on a case involving Cesar Faison. John quickly filled her in about Faison's attempt to pass himself off as Duke Lavery and then revealed that Faison was in custody. Sam admitted that she had hoped that John would have information about Jason.

John admitted that he had made some progress on Jason's case. John told Sam that Joe Scully had been in cahoots with Faison to steal Sonny's fortune. Sam's eyes filled with tears as John revealed that Faison had shot Jason point-blank in the back when Jason had gone to the docks to meet Bernie. Sam refused to believe that her husband had been killed, so John gently explained that Jason had staggered a few steps and then collapsed. According to John, Faison had kicked Jason's body into the harbor. "If the bullet didn't kill him, the water did," John added.

Sam argued that Jason was a strong swimmer, but John insisted that Faison had watched Jason's body sink. Sam suggested that Faison could have lied, but John pointed out that Faison faced life in prison, so Faison wouldn't have hesitated to cut a deal with the authorities if Jason had been alive. Sam refused to believe that Jason was dead because they hadn't found Jason's body. John thought perhaps Jason's body had been swept out to sea by the current or had been pinned to the bottom of the harbor. However, John knew for certain that Jason hadn't made it to shore. "I'm sorry, Jason's gone," John said.

Sam cried that Jason had had too much to live for. She told him about Carly's visit and Sam's plea for Jason to give her a sign just before John's arrival. Sam admitted that she had believed with every fiber of her being that Jason would return, but she realized that she couldn't do that anymore. John felt terrible for Sam, but she insisted that she had needed to know the truth. Sam wept inconsolably as she finally accepted that Jason was gone, so John held her.

At the hospital, Britt lurked around a corner as she eavesdropped on Patrick and Sabrina's conversation. Patrick thought that he and Sabrina should discuss what had happened on New Year's Eve. Sabrina recalled their near-kiss, so she agreed that it would be a good idea. Patrick realized that Britt had paid Sabrina for babysitting, but he didn't understand why Sabrina had left without saying goodbye. Sabrina admitted that she hadn't wanted to get in the way, since she knew that he had planned to kiss Britt, not Sabrina, at midnight.

Britt quickly stepped forward, apologized for interrupting, and then explained that she had picked up Ellie Trout's test results from the lab. Patrick quickly reviewed the results of Ellie's tests, so Sabrina asked if everything was okay with Ellie. Britt coldly glared at Sabrina, while Patrick explained that he needed to talk to Ellie.

After Patrick left, Britt asked Sabrina what Sabrina and Patrick had been talking about. "Nothing much, just New Year's Eve," Sabrina carefully answered. Britt claimed that Patrick had told her that Sabrina had tried to kiss him at midnight and that he had been "mortified." Sabrina was hurt and surprised because it hadn't happened the way that Britt had described. Britt insisted that Patrick had seen it that way and that Sabrina's crush had tongues wagging among the staff.

According to Britt, even Dr. Quartermaine had begun to question what was going on between Sabrina and Patrick. Britt warned Sabrina that Patrick would be the one to pay the price if things went any further between Sabrina and Patrick, so Sabrina should distance herself from Patrick as quickly as possible if Sabrina truly cared about Patrick's career.

In Ellie's hospital room, Ellie hated the idea that Spinelli had spent New Year's Eve on the hospital's rooftop, alone, thinking the worst. Spinelli confessed that he had been filled with self-pity, so he had drunk himself into oblivion. However, he hadn't been alone. He admitted that he had ended up with Maxie. Ellie assumed that he had gone to the apartment, looking for Ellie, but had decided to stay to keep Maxie company. Ellie confessed that she was relieved that he hadn't been alone on New Year's Eve, so Spinelli tried to confess what had really transpired with Maxie. However, Patrick entered the room to discuss Ellie's CT and MRI results.

Patrick decided to test Ellie's reflexes first, so he ran a pen across the bottom of her feet. Ellie didn't twitch or feel anything, so she suggested that perhaps the morphine had dulled her senses. Patrick continued to test Ellie's reflexes, but Ellie remained numb to all feeling. She started to become upset as she realized the significance of her lack of feeling. Patrick confirmed that the tests had indicated that she had suffered a spinal cord injury. Spinelli wondered if that meant that Ellie was paralyzed.

Patrick explained that they would know more in a week when the swelling around Ellie's spinal cord went down. Patrick pointed out that the feeling in Ellie's legs could return as the swelling reduced and that she could regain full use of her legs within six months. Patrick promised to reevaluate Ellie in a week and then left. Spinelli reached for Ellie's hand as she admitted that it helped having him there. However, she was terrified at the prospect of never walking again. Spinelli promised Ellie that they would get through it together, so Ellie confessed that she didn't know what she would do without him.

In the hallway, Sabrina asked Patrick how Ellie was doing. Patrick explained that Ellie had a lot to deal with, but it helped that Spinelli was with Ellie. Patrick then began to talk about Emma, so Sabrina seized the opportunity to tell Patrick that she wouldn't be able to babysit Emma anymore because Sabrina had a full schedule with her studies and work. Patrick sensed that there was more to it, but Sabrina insisted that it was for the best because it wouldn't be fair to Patrick or Emma to count on her for babysitting when she couldn't do it. "Goodbye," Sabrina said and then walked away.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lucy entered the Floating Rib and asked for the address. Mac recognized her voice, so he turned to greet her. Lucy cheerfully hugged Mac and asked if he was working undercover. Mac chuckled as he revealed that his sister-in-law, Anna, was the new police commissioner. Lucy was disappointed that he had left the police force, but Mac assured Lucy that it was fine because he enjoyed working behind the bar.

Mac and Lucy reminisced about the past when she had rented an apartment above the Outback, Mac's nightclub. Mac offered to fetch Lucy a glass of Felicia's favorite chardonnay, prompting Lucy to smile. She was happy that Mac and Felicia were still together. Mac conceded that it had been a bumpy road, and then changed the subject by asking why Lucy was in town. Lucy told him that she intended to get the Nurses Ball off the ground, which pleased Mac.

Lucy apologized that she had not made it to Robin's funeral, but she insisted that the Nurses Ball would be a fitting tribute to Robin. Mac agreed, but he was curious who was going to sponsor it. Lucy smiled as she confided that one of the Quartermaines would underwrite it. A short time later, Tracy arrived at the bar. Lucy was surprised that Tracy would enter the establishment, so Tracy revealed that the bar had the best ribs in town.

Tracy ordered a martini and ribs, but Lucy warned Tracy that it would take more than that to get Lucy's vote. "Will this do?" Tracy asked as she handed Lucy some documents. Tracy explained that ELQ was prepared to buy out CoeCoe Cosmetics, but Lucy admitted that concerns about an ingredient in her red lipstick line had forced her to liquidate the company. Tracy was startled when Lucy announced her intention to become ELQ's new CEO. Tracy informed Lucy that it was not an option, so Lucy threatened to cast her vote with A.J. if Tracy didn't agree to let Lucy be "Coe-CEO," as Lucy spelled it clearly.

Connie sat in jail, demanding that someone let her out because her son was in the hospital on life support. Connie was afraid that someone would "pull the plug" on Trey, so Connie needed to be there to stop it from happening. Moments later, Sonny walked up. Connie assumed that Sonny was there to gloat, so she ordered him to fetch Diane. Sonny explained that Johnny was looking at jail time, so Diane was busy. However, Sonny was willing to post Connie's bail.

Connie wondered what the catch was, so Sonny assured her that there wasn't one; he simply thought that she should be with Trey. Connie's eyes narrowed with suspicion because she knew that Sonny had despised Trey. Sonny revealed that he'd had a change of heart when Trey had tried to get Connie help. Sonny gently suggested that it was Connie's turn to help Trey, but Connie made it clear that she would not remove Trey from life support.

Later, Connie was stretched out on her cot, whistling to herself, when she realized that Sonny was still there. Sonny reminded her that he had promised not to leave her. Connie argued that he had made that promise to Kate, but Sonny insisted that it didn't matter. He had seen how upset Connie had been at the hospital, so he knew that she had felt helpless about Trey's situation. However, he assured her that she had choices; she could let Trey go or allow him to waste away on machines. Connie was curious what Sonny would do if their roles had been reversed.

Sonny wondered if Connie shared Kate's memories. Connie didn't understand why that mattered, so he told her about the shooting that had left Michael in a vegetative state. Sonny revealed that they had faced a similar choice, except Michael had been eligible for experimental surgery that had given Michael a fifty percent chance at a recovery. Connie was filled with hope that Trey had the same opportunity, but Sonny gently explained that Trey was already gone, so the surgery couldn't help. However, Sonny admitted that he would have let Michael go if it had been necessary because it was what Michael would have wanted.

Connie was frustrated because she had never done anything for her son, yet she was expected to end his life. Sonny assured Connie that she wouldn't be alone; he promised to be with her every step of the way.

At the hospital, Michael tried to persuade Kristina to go home to shower and rest, but Kristina refused to leave Trey's side. Frustrated, Kristina wondered how long Trey could linger on life support, so Michael reminded her that it was up to Connie. Kristina insisted that Trey wouldn't want to exist like that, so she regretted that she had signed the annulment papers because it had left her powerless to help Trey. Michael suggested that perhaps Alexis could find a way around that, so Kristina decided to discuss it with her mother.

In the hallway, A.J. bumped into Alexis. Alexis immediately ripped into A.J., so A.J. apologized for the pain that he had caused her. However, he assured her that he had changed and was in recovery. Alexis argued that alcohol had just been a symptom. According to Alexis, A.J. was the problem because he was vindictive, spiteful, and never took responsibility for the havoc he had wreaked. Alexis accused A.J. of always expecting his mother to clean up his messes.

A.J. made it clear that Monica was off-limits. He explained that he had returned to Port Charles to build a relationship with his son. Alexis felt sorry for Michael because it hadn't take A.J. long to dismantle Michael's life and set Sonny up to look bad in Michael's eyes. A.J. insisted that he'd had a right to defend himself against the lies that Sonny and Carly had told over the years and that Sonny had been responsible for his own behavior. A.J. believed that Sonny had stolen Michael from him, but Alexis claimed that Sonny had been a better man and father than A.J.

Neither Alexis nor A.J. realized that Michael had stepped out of Trey's hospital room and had overheard the argument. Michael approached them to chastise them for quarreling and to let Alexis know that Kristina needed her. After Alexis left, Michael sat down with A.J. A.J. revealed that he had talked to the shareholders about replacing Tracy as CEO. A.J. admitted that he would need Michael and Lucy's shares to unseat Tracy. Michael readily signed the papers to give A.J. the votes.

A.J. smiled because he was confident that Lucy would vote with him, too, which meant that A.J. and Michael would have the opportunity to work together and make the company a success. Michael smiled when A.J. admitted that it was important to him to have a chance to be Michael's father and the opportunity to prove himself capable of running ELQ.

In Trey's hospital room, Kristina told Alexis that Trey wouldn't want to linger in a vegetative state, so the needed to find a way to let him die with dignity. Kristina was furious that Connie had selfishly refused to remove Trey from life support. Alexis hoped that someone would get through to Connie. After Alexis stepped out of the room, Kristina's eyes filled with tears as she realized that she had never gotten the chance to tell Trey that she had loved him. Kristina regretted that he would never know.

A short time later, Kristina stepped into the hallway. Alexis revealed that their loved ones were in the chapel, praying for Trey. Moments later, Sonny and Connie arrived. Kristina angrily blamed Connie for Trey's ruptured aneurysm, but Alexis suggested that they focus on what was best for Trey rather than the anger. Kristina argued that she couldn't understand how Connie could leave Trey trapped, dependent on a machine and unable breathe on his own. Sonny gently explained that he had talked to Connie.

Connie's eyes swam with unshed tears as she explained that she had decided to let Trey go because it was the right thing to do. "May I please see him first?" Connie softly asked. Kristina agreed, so Connie slowly made her way to Trey's room, but she stopped to look at Sonny, who gave her a subtle nod of encouragement. Meanwhile, Kristina wondered what would happen next, so Alexis explained that Connie would have to sign legal documents authorizing the hospital to disconnect Trey from life support.

Kristina thanked Sonny for talking to Connie and then left with Alexis to fetch the paperwork. Michael was curious what Sonny had said to Connie, so Sonny admitted that he had treated Connie like a real person and had told her about the aftermath of the shooting that had left Michael in a coma. Sonny appreciated that Connie felt as if she had failed her child because he had experienced similar feelings about Michael. Michael insisted that Sonny had never failed him. Sonny smiled and admitted that he had no idea how to break the news to Kate when she returned because she would have to deal with the loss of a son whom she hadn't had a chance to know.

In Trey's hospital room, Connie admitted that she had been a lousy mother who had abandoned Trey in a drawer at birth. She couldn't believe that she had given him life and suddenly was expected to end it. Connie confessed that she hadn't had any idea what to do with a baby, but she assured Trey that she hadn't meant all of the cruel things that she had said to him, especially the part about wishing that he had never been born. "I'm sorry that I said that," Connie tearfully added.

Connie conceded that Trey had been handsome and smart, so she hoped that he'd had a good life. She realized that she should have taken the time to get to know her son, but she hadn't, so that was on her. Connie admitted that it had surprised her when Trey had sought her out to tell her that he had decided to leave town. She had no idea why he had done that because she had been nothing to him. Connie took a deep breath and then picked up his hand. She was surprised that it was warm, so she held it close to her face and cried because she didn't want him to die.

In the hallway, Kristina and Alexis returned. Sonny entered Trey's hospital room to fetch Connie so that she could sign the papers. Moments later, he returned to announce that Connie was gone.

Britt smiled when she saw Patrick shrugging out of his shirt in the locker room. They talked about their busy night, but Britt sensed that something was troubling him, so she asked him what was wrong. "Sabrina," Patrick answered. "You have a problem with your babysitter?" Britt innocently asked. "Ex-babysitter," Patrick replied.

Patrick explained that Sabrina had quit, so Britt pretended to be surprised and asked why. Patrick told her about Sabrina's claim that Sabrina was too busy with her studies and work to continue watching Emma. Britt claimed that she was impressed with Sabrina's maturity and offered to help Patrick break the news to Emma. Patrick decided to try to work things out with Sabrina, so Britt suggested that it would be unfair to expect Sabrina to compromise her studies.

Britt assured Patrick that Emma would get over losing Sabrina as long as Patrick didn't make a big deal out of it. Patrick conceded that Britt might have a point, so he headed to the shower to wash up. Moments later, Britt joined Patrick in the shower. She offered to leave, but Patrick kissed her.

At the nurses' station, Liz noticed Sabrina's distraction, so Sabrina admitted that she was upset about Patrick because Sabrina had misread what had transpired on New Year's Eve. Liz was surprised when Sabrina revealed that Patrick had been embarrassed by the "almost-kiss" because it had made him "horribly uncomfortable." Liz couldn't believe that Patrick would say those things to Sabrina, so Sabrina revealed that Patrick had confided to Britt because he had been concerned about a possible sexual harassment charge.

Liz pointed out that Britt was not to be trusted because Britt had a way of manipulating the truth to Britt's advantage. Liz reminded Sabrina that Britt had been the one to reveal Sabrina's fake crush on Steve during the first Nurses Ball meeting, so Liz urged Sabrina to talk to Patrick instead of blindly believing anything that Britt had said. Sabrina conceded that Liz had a point, so Sabrina decided to find Patrick. A short time later, Sabrina was horrified when she spotted Patrick and Britt having sex in the locker room shower. Sabrina fled in tears and found a quiet corner where she cried.

Liz entered the conference room to put together the packets for the Nurses Ball when A.J. entered and asked if he was in the right room for the Nurses Ball meeting. He smiled when Liz turned to look at him. Liz was surprised that A.J. was there for the Nurses Ball, so A.J. conceded that she had a right to question his interest, given his reputation. Liz assured him that it was okay and handed him a packet. A.J. apologized for being defensive, but everyone seemed to have a major attitude with him.

Liz reminded him that Monica was supportive and mentioned that she and Monica had talked. A.J. chuckled as he pointed out that his mother was biased. However, he was surprised that Liz and Monica had discussed him. Liz explained that Monica had thanked her for patching A.J. up after A.J. had sparred with Sonny and had suggested that Liz befriend A.J. A.J. was embarrassed and insisted that Monica shouldn't have imposed. Liz assured him that she could always use a friend.

A.J. told Liz about his plan to oust Tracy as CEO of ELQ with Lucy's help. Moments later, Tracy and Lucy entered the conference room and proudly announced that they had reached an agreement, so Lucy intended to give her vote to Tracy. A.J. was stunned. He warned Lucy that it was a grave mistake because Tracy would take Lucy down when the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated Tracy, but Tracy argued that she hadn't done anything wrong. A.J. desperately tried to persuade Lucy to change her mind, but Lucy explained that she was at a crossroads and that Tracy had made an attractive offer.

Frustrated, A.J. stormed out of the conference room. He apologized when he bumped into Sabrina and explained that he seemed to always be crashing into things. Sabrina assured him that she was okay, but A.J. kept going. He stopped when he overheard Michael praise Sonny as a father.

Meanwhile, Patrick caught up to Sabrina and suggested that they talk. Sabrina insisted that everything had been said and walked away. Nearby, Britt smiled with satisfaction. Moments later, Sabrina entered the conference room, so Liz was eager to hear how Sabrina's talk with Patrick had gone. Sabrina tearfully confessed that Patrick had been in the shower with Britt. Liz didn't have an opportunity to probe further as Patrick and Britt arrived. Britt made a point of possessively wrapping her hand around Patrick's arm and taking a seat next to him.

Lucy got the meeting started by officially introducing herself and then announcing that Tracy had agreed to underwrite the Nurses Ball. Lucy realized that Tracy hadn't signed the check, so she handed the check to Tracy for a signature. Afterwards, Liz congratulated Sabrina for all of Sabrina's hard work. Sabrina fled in tears.

At the Floating Rib, A.J. sat at the bar, contemplating a bottle of booze. The bartender offered to fetch A.J. a drink when A.J. was ready to order. Nearby, Connie ordered a double vodka and instructed the bartender to keep her drink refilled. Connie sat down at a table as she recalled slipping out of the hospital during Sonny's talk with Michael. She then spotted A.J. at the bar, so she offered to buy him a drink.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Todd read a letter of apology that he had written. He hoped that it wasn't too late. "I wouldn't count on it," John said as he strolled up to Todd's jail cell. John surmised that the letter was for Carly, but Todd insisted that it was private and then suggested that John was bent out of shape because Carly hadn't fallen for John's "hero act." John smiled as he admitted that it was amusing to see Todd behind bars; he had been anticipating the moment ever since Todd had walked away from Victor's murder.

Todd recalled that John had hated Victor as much as Todd had and then changed the subject. "How long has it been since you've seen your wife and your child, John?" Todd asked. Todd accused John of choosing to turn his back on Natalie and Liam, while Todd had been forced to leave his family behind. John ignored the comment as he raised his cell phone and snapped a picture of Todd behind bars. Todd glared at John as John suggested sending the picture to Téa to give her some peace.

Todd claimed that John was no different than Todd. According to Todd, they both acted without thinking and disregarded the rules when it suited them. John argued that there were "degrees of imperfection," which Todd acknowledged was true, since John hadn't switched babies. However, John had cheated on the mother of his child. John agreed that he had made mistakes, but they hadn't been felonies that would land John in Pentonville.

Todd thought that he and John had once been friends because John had given Todd a place to stay after Todd had been freed from eight years of captivity by Irene Manning's rogue CIA operation. John hoped that Todd didn't intend to set the stage for a temporary insanity defense because it would be a stretch. John made it clear that he had never liked Todd, so Todd vowed to prove that he was one of the good guys by helping John to reunite with Natalie and Liam. John was curious how Todd intended to do that, so Todd pointed out that the key was Clint.

Todd offered to use his considerable fortune to put together a legal dream team headed by Diane Miller. Todd realized that it might take some time, but he was confident that Todd's redhead would be able to get John's redhead back for John, as well as John's redheaded son. John clarified that Liam had brown hair and then pointed out that Todd wouldn't be able to do anything for John from jail. Todd smiled as he suggested that John could find a procedural glitch with Todd's arrest. Todd was certain that Natalie would appreciate John doing the right thing for her uncle. John admitted that he didn't trust Todd to keep up his end of the bargain, so Todd offered to set up a million-dollar trust fund for Liam.

John wanted Todd to admit that it was a bribe, so Todd complied. John smiled victoriously as he held up the cell phone and replayed Todd's confession. Todd was incensed and accused John of entrapment. John argued that Todd had offered the money without coercion. Todd was confident that Diane would get the tape tossed, but John didn't seem concerned. John suggested that Todd get back to the apology letter, but warned Todd that Carly had probably moved on.

Carly went to Michael's apartment, but Starr revealed that he was at the hospital with Kristina. Starr explained that she had stopped by the apartment to freshen up and pick up a change of clothes for Michael. Carly asked Starr to let Michael know that she had stopped by, but Starr sensed that something was troubling Carly. Carly initially claimed that she was fine, but then admitted that things were awful. Starr invited Carly inside to talk because she suspected that Carly was upset about Todd. Starr thought that it might help for Carly to know that Todd was in jail, but Carly admitted that she had already talked to Todd and had ended things with him for good.

Carly appreciated that Starr loved Todd, so she imagined that it was hard for Starr to know what Todd had done. Starr admitted that she had known about the baby switch since the night of Todd's first arrest. Carly was hurt that Todd had trusted Starr with the truth, but had lied to Carly. Carly conceded that a part of her had known that Todd hadn't been innocent, so Starr wondered why Carly had opted to believe him. Carly admitted that she had wanted to believe the lie because she had thought that she and Todd had been friends. Starr assured Carly that Carly had been Todd's only real friend, besides Starr's eight-year-old cousin, but it gave Carly little comfort.

Starr insisted that Todd had some good qualities, but he was capable of hurting those he cared the most about. Starr apologized on her father's behalf, but Carly insisted that it wasn't necessary because Carly had chosen to ignore the truth that had been staring Carly in the face all along. Carly started to leave, so Starr told her that, for what it was worth, Michael realized that Carly had a complicated history with A.J., so he didn't blame Carly for how she felt about A.J. However, Michael wanted a relationship with A.J., so perhaps things might be easier if Carly stopped fighting Michael on it.

Carly admitted that, if she were a more reasonable person, perhaps she could let things play out between A.J. and Michael, but Carly knew A.J. better than Michael did. According to Carly, A.J. was weak, entitled, and pathological. Starr suggested that perhaps A.J. had changed, but Carly pointed out that A.J. wouldn't have set Sonny up at the gym to look bad in front of Michael if that were true. Carly insisted that A.J. saw Michael as a trophy and that A.J. had trashed every chance that he had been given, so Carly didn't want A.J. to destroy Michael.

In the hospital's locker room, Olivia was relieved when she spotted Steve after his shower. She threw herself into his arms and admitted that she had been worried about him. Steve assured her that he was fine, but Olivia confessed that ever since they had become engaged, she had been anxious that she would lose him. Steve held her until she relaxed. After Steve finished getting dressed, Olivia warned Steve that he was stuck with her.

Steve suggested that they focus on being happy because they had a bright future ahead of them with a new grandchild on the way and a honeymoon to look forward to. Olivia had no idea why she was so worried and then shifted gears to tell him about Connie's message regarding Trey. Olivia felt terrible because she hadn't had a chance to get to know her cousin's son -- and neither would Kate.

Outside of Trey's hospital room, Sonny was relieved that Michael was there because Kristina would need her brother. Michael assured Sonny that Sonny and Kristina could count on him. Moments later, Alexis and Kristina returned to let Sonny and Michael know that the legal department would send over the necessary forms for Connie to sign to consent to taking Trey off of life support. Sonny went to fetch Connie, but returned seconds later with news that Connie was gone. Sonny suspected that Connie had panicked at the thought of letting Trey go, but Kristina argued that Connie had simply used Sonny to get out of jail.

Michael believed that it had been too overwhelming for Connie to see Trey hooked up to machines, but Kristina insisted that Connie didn't "give a damn" about Trey. According to Kristina, Connie was only interested in getting away and accused Sonny of helping. Michael thought that Kristina was being unfair, but Kristina argued that Trey lingering on life support was unfair. Kristina believed that Connie only cared about Connie, but Sonny assured Kristina that Connie had been genuinely heartbroken about Trey. Kristina couldn't understand why Sonny was determined to give Connie so much credit, but Sonny refused to argue with Kristina.

Sonny was determined to find Connie. Shortly after Kristina returned to Trey's bedside, a hospital administrator dropped off the paperwork for Connie to sign. After the woman walked away, Sonny decided to make some phone calls to track Connie down. Meanwhile, Alexis entered Trey's hospital room just as Kristina was about to pull the plug on the machines that kept Trey alive.

Alexis wrenched Kristina's hand away from the plug and reminded Kristina that disconnecting life support without consent was a felony murder charge. Kristina argued that Trey was already gone, so it didn't make sense for her to be charged with murder simply because she lacked a signature on a consent form. Alexis agreed, but she insisted that Kristina couldn't go near the ventilator until Connie signed the papers. Kristina resented that Connie had the power to make decisions for Trey simply because Connie had suddenly decided to be his mother.

Alexis agreed that it was wrong, unfair, and horrible, but there was nothing that Alexis could do abut it. Frustrated, Kristina feared that Trey could be left on life support indefinitely.

In the hallway, Sonny wrapped up a phone call with Max with instructions for Max to call when Connie was found. Moments later, Olivia and Steve walked up. Olivia was stunned when Sonny told her that Connie had slipped out of the hospital without signing the papers to take Trey off of life support. Olivia was horrified but became distracted when she suddenly saw Connie in the hallway holding a drink. Connie drunkenly accused Olivia of having no idea what Olivia was talking about and then took a swig of a drink. Olivia scolded Connie until Steve gently explained that it had just been a vision. Olivia was rattled because it had reminded her of how Connie had behaved on the night of Connie's bachelorette party at the Floating Rib.

Sonny decided to go to the Floating Rib, since Olivia's visions tended to be accurate. Meanwhile, Starr arrived and told Michael about Carly's visit. Starr urged Michael to call his mother because Carly had been upset.

At the Floating Rib, Connie knocked back a tumbler of vodka and then offered to buy A.J. a drink because he looked like he could use one. "Bitch of a day, huh?" Connie asked. "You have no idea," A.J. replied. Connie admitted that she hated to drink alone, so she once again offered to buy A.J. a drink. "Why the hell not?" A.J. replied.

Connie called out to the bartender. Moments later, Coleman appeared from the back room. "Keep your shirt on," Coleman grumbled. Connie turned to look at Coleman and smiled. "Or not. Either way, it's a hell of a view," Coleman added when he saw Connie. Connie suggested that they "take a spin" for old time's sake, but Coleman declined because he doubted that Sonny would appreciate Coleman hooking up with her. Connie made it clear that she and Sonny were in the past.

Coleman recalled that Connie had married Johnny, so he asked her where her husband was. Connie revealed that Johnny was in jail, facing three murder charges, so she was free to do as she pleased. Connie kissed Coleman, but he pulled away and suggested that perhaps they do that another time. Connie shrugged and ordered a drink for herself and A.J. A.J. decided to introduce himself to Connie, so Coleman added that he and A.J. went way back. Connie was intrigued and asked to hear the story.

Coleman told Connie that A.J. had once driven a car through Coleman's nightclub, the Oasis. "Strip club," A.J. corrected. Coleman smiled and then revealed that A.J.'s wife had decided to work off the damages by dancing, which Sonny, Courtney's brother, and Jason hadn't been pleased about. A.J. insisted that Coleman had blackmailed Courtney to force her to strip, so A.J. had torched the place. However, A.J. quickly added that he had given Coleman the money to buy Jake's, which had eventually been renamed the Floating Rib.

Connie suggested that A.J. and Sonny were practically family. A.J. agreed, since Sonny had stolen A.J.'s son. Connie realized that A.J. had been referring to Michael because she noticed a resemblance between father and son. Connie instructed Coleman to fetch her and A.J. a drink. Coleman was surprised that A.J. was off the wagon, so Connie asked A.J. what that meant. A.J. confessed that he hadn't had a drink in years. Moments later, Coleman set a drink down in front of A.J., so Connie asked A.J. how he had end up in a bar.

A.J. revealed that his plans to work with Michael had fallen through. A.J. admitted that he'd never had an opportunity to have a relationship with his son, so he feared that he would never get the chance to be a father to Michael. Connie knew how that felt because she was in a similar situation. Connie raised her glass and offered a toast. A.J. raised his glass just as Carly entered the bar. "Wow, my lucky day. Two of my least favorite people bonding," Carly snidely remarked as she walked up.

Carly assumed that A.J. had been drinking, so she began to berate him. A.J. advised Connie to be careful around Carly because Carly had a habit of slipping people a mickey, dousing them with booze, and dumping them in an alley. Connie suggested that it was the only way for Carly to get a man. A.J. and Connie chuckled, which only fueled Carly's rage. Carly invited A.J. to drink up but advised him not to get behind the wheel of a car, so that he didn't end up leaving someone else with brain damage.

A.J. didn't understand why Carly was complaining, since she had liked the way that Jason had turned out. Carly didn't disagree, but she insisted that it didn't absolve A.J. of wrongdoing when he had slammed Jason's head into a tree. Connie suggested that Carly find another murderer or baby snatcher to sleep with and leave them alone. Carly turned her wrath on Connie by reminding Connie that Connie's brain-dead son was in the hospital, while Connie was having a good time in a bar.

Carly continued to blast Connie for all the horrible things that Connie had done to Trey, so Connie walked away, but Carly just followed her. Eventually, Connie's temper flared, so she shouted at Carly to leave her alone. "With pleasure," Carly snarled and then sat down at the bar to order a drink. Moments later, A.J. slammed his drink down next to Carly and invited her to have it, since he wouldn't need it. Carly had a few drinks and then returned to A.J. and Connie's table to inform them that they were the two most despicable people that she knew. A.J. and Connie ignored her, so Carly wandered over to the booth and ordered Coleman to keep the drinks lined up.

Coleman wondered who he should call to collect Carly. Carly reminded Coleman that she had lost her best friend and complained that she hadn't been able to spend the last few days of Jason's life with him because she had been busy with her new friend, Todd, who had been lying to her the entire time. According to Carly, she didn't have anyone. Coleman stayed with Carly for a while, but Carly wanted to be left alone to drink herself into oblivion.

Meanwhile, Connie confided to A.J. that she had made the mistake of starting to trust Sonny until she had realized that Sonny had only been interested in persuading her to pull the plug on her son. A.J. felt bad for what Connie was going through. Connie decided that they should focus on having fun, so she dragged A.J. to the jukebox to pick out a song. Moments later, Connie spotted Sonny in the doorway, so she quickly planted a kiss on A.J.

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