General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 18, 2013 on GH

Laura announced that she was engaged to marry Scott Baldwin. Sam and Danny disappeared after an encounter with Caleb. John, Rafe, and Lucy escaped police custody. Kate emerged after Sonny and Connie made love.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 18, 2013 on GH
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Monday, February 18, 2013

At the apartment, Maxie was on the phone with Britt. Maxie wondered if Britt had any friends with whom Britt could spend Valentine's Day instead of bothering Maxie. Maxie couldn't imagine what more Britt could want, since Maxie had helped Britt destroy Sabrina's credibility. Maxie thought that they had done enough to ruin Sabrina's life, but Britt appeared to want more. Maxie ordered Britt to stop hounding her and then ended the call when someone knocked on Maxie's door. It was Frisco.

"Dad?" Maxie asked, a little startled. Frisco held up a huge pink stuffed bear and wished his daughter a happy Valentine's Day. Maxie questioned her father's intention because she hadn't seen him since she had been seven years old, which meant that her sister, Georgie, hadn't even been old enough to talk. Maxie reminded Frisco that he had been absent for all of Maxie's life, but Frisco insisted that he wanted an opportunity to get to know her and to give her a chance to get to know him. Frisco asked his daughter for the same chance that she had given to Felicia.

Maxie agreed to take Frisco up on his offer to go somewhere to talk, but she made it clear that her motivation was to avoid being a third wheel when Spinelli arrived to spend the evening with Ellie. Frisco didn't mind, so Maxie wondered if he had a particular place in mind. Frisco recalled Mac surprising Felicia with tickets to the Valentine's Day party, so he suggested that they go to the Haunted Star.

At the nurses' station, Sabrina picked up a Valentine's Day candy from a dish, which read, "You are cute." "How about, 'You are a murderer'?" Sabrina sniped. Felix had heard enough of Sabrina's self-pity, so he insisted on taking her to a party. Sabrina refused, but Felix ignored her. Sabrina explained that she couldn't understand how she had mixed up the medication because she had been careful to read the label on the vial. Felix pointed out that Patrick had explained that the patient had been beyond saving, so nothing would have changed what had happened.

On pier 52, Steve looked out over the water as he tried to accept that Heather was dead. Steve admitted that Todd's story about John McBain throwing Heather into the harbor had sounded crazy. Olivia pointed out that crazy was normal for Heather. Steve couldn't understand why he even cared about Heather's fate after everything that Heather had done to him and everyone else, including Olivia. Olivia assured Steve that she supported him and that it was okay to mourn his mother.

Steve hugged Olivia just as Connie walked up. Connie remarked that Steve and Olivia were true romantics and then feigned concern when she noticed Steve and Olivia's somber expressions. "Who died?" Connie wondered somewhat sarcastically. Olivia ignored the question as she asked why Connie was there. Connie insisted that she was a newspaper woman, so she had to check out the scene of Todd's capture. Connie was curious if Steve would give her a statement about Todd's claim that Heather was "sleeping with the fishes."

Steve scowled at Connie as he replied, "No comment." Olivia chastised Connie for being insensitive, but Connie insisted that she had a responsibility to her readers. Olivia reminded Steve that they had a party to get to. Connie immediately perked up and asked where the party was. Connie was excited at the prospect at spending time on the Haunted Star, so she decided to accompany Olivia and Steve.

On the Haunted Star, Starr and Lulu went over some last-minute preparations for the Valentine's Day party. Starr and Lulu agreed that they liked working together, so they felt good about their partnership. Moments later, Michael arrived and asked Starr if she had heard about Todd's arrest. Starr was stunned when Michael revealed that Todd had accused John of killing Heather.

Lulu spotted her husband as Dante entered the nightclub, so she waked up to him. She confessed that she had heard that Todd had been apprehended. Dante confirmed that Todd had been arrested, but he didn't want to think about work. Lulu changed the subject because she was eager for her Valentine's Day surprise from Dante. Seconds later Sonny entered. "Surprise," Dante replied, a little embarrassed. Sonny greeted Lulu and asked if it was okay that he was there.

Lulu assured her father-in-law that he was welcome, so Sonny decided to mingle. Dante explained that he had invited Sonny in an effort to cheer his father up. Dante didn't expect Kate to return, so he thought that it was time for Sonny to find someone new.

At a nearby table, Starr pointed out that it was special night, so she wanted to focus on the party rather than Todd's antics. Michael was confident about Starr and Lulu's partnership, so Starr thanked Michael for being at her side. Michael was curious where else he would be, especially on Valentine's Day. Starr suggested that he could have been with A.J., looking for a jar of relish.

Moments later, Sonny greeted Michael, and the subject of the damaging story about ELQ quickly cropped up. Sonny hoped that Michael would eventually believe that Sonny hadn't leaked the story to Connie, since Connie had confirmed that Sonny hadn't been responsible. Michael suggested that it would help if Michael knew who the source had been. Sonny claimed that he couldn't divulge that information because he had promised Connie. Michael argued that Connie wasn't a real journalist, but Sonny claimed that Connie had changed.

As if on cue, Olivia, Steve, and Connie arrived. Sonny once against assured Michael that he hadn't leaked the story to Connie, so Starr asked Michael to give Sonny the benefit of the doubt. Sonny was relieved when Michael agreed. Moments later, Connie strolled by and struck up a conversation with Sonny by asking if all was well between Sonny and Michael. Sonny confessed that things were better, so Connie turned to "Starfish" and demanded, "Give me back my damn boat."

Starr informed Connie that Johnny had legally signed over his shares of the Haunted Star, so Connie didn't have a claim on the nightclub. Connie continued to argue that the boat belonged to Connie. The argument escalated when Connie coldly accused Starr of taking advantage of Johnny's guilt by exploiting Hope and Cole. Starr warned Connie not to go there, but Connie refused to back down.

Felicia stood on the deck of the Haunted Star, but her thoughts were on Frisco's declaration of love and his vow to persuade Felicia and Maxie to give him a second chance. Moments later, Mac draped his jacket over her shoulders and offered her a penny for her thoughts. Felicia smiled and smoothly lied that she had been thinking about him. Mac confessed that he was lucky to wake up to Felicia's beautiful face every morning and wondered what he had done to deserve it. Felicia insisted that she was the lucky one and suggested that they join the party, but Mac wasn't ready to share Felicia with everyone yet.

Later, Frisco and Maxie arrived for the Valentine's Day party. Maxie thought that the noise wasn't very conducive for a conversation, but Frisco merely smiled then pretended surprise when he spotted Mac and Felicia. Frisco suggested that they say hi and led Maxie over to Mac and Felicia. Mac was not pleased when he saw Frisco and asked what Frisco and Maxie were doing there. Frisco explained that Maxie had agreed to spend some time with Frisco to talk. Mac pointed out that a nightclub wasn't really the place for a talk.

Moments later, Steve and Olivia approached Maxie and Frisco. Steve introduced himself to Frisco, while Olivia demanded that someone get Maxie something to drink because Maxie was carrying Olivia's grandchild. Dante asked his mother to keep her voice down, but Olivia was unapologetic. Maxie became distracted when she spotted Sabrina, but Lulu snagged Maxie's attention by asking if Maxie was okay. Maxie wondered why she wouldn't be, so Lulu clarified that she had been referring to things between Maxie and Frisco. Maxie confided that she had left with Frisco to avoid Spinelli and Ellie, who were at the apartment.

Maxie was shocked when Lulu revealed that Laura had returned. Maxie was curious if Luke knew, but Lulu became distracted when she heard Connie's raised voice. Lulu went to deal with the commotion, while Maxie glanced at Sabrina.

Lulu approached Connie and ordered Connie to lower her voice. Connie continued to complain about Starr taking over Johnny's shares of the Haunted Star, so Sonny stepped forward to pull Connie aside. Sonny urged Connie to leave Starr alone because Starr was just a child. Connie argued that Starr had what rightfully belonged to Connie, but Sonny disagreed. He reminded Connie that she had enough on her plate without adding the nightclub to her list of responsibilities, but Connie disagreed. According to Connie, she had nothing because her son had died.

Sonny reminded Connie that she had Olivia. "And me," Sonny added. Connie seemed at a loss for words, so Sonny kissed her.

Michael apologized to Starr for Connie's outburst, but Starr assured him that it wasn't necessary because she should have expected it. Michael suggested that they focus on Valentine's Day, so he gave her a card and a small black velvet box. Starr was touched by the exquisite necklace nestled inside the box, so she read the card. Michael had written "I love you" on the card, so Starr smiled, told him that she loved him, too, and then kissed him.

At the bar, Dante invited Lulu to go onto the deck with him. Lulu agreed, so she reached under the bar to fetch a bottle of champagne. She was delighted when she discovered a big red box with a bow on it tucked under the bar. Lulu assumed that it was her surprise from Dante, so she quickly opened it. Lulu's smile faded when she saw a single black rose. Dante assured her that he hadn't sent the gift.

Elsewhere, Sabrina was unsettled when she noticed Dante at the bar. Felix urged Sabrina to let it go, but Sabrina argued that Dante had been the police officer who had questioned her about Officer Carlson. Sabrina wanted to leave, but Felix refused to let her flee. Sabrina decided that that her only recourse was to confess to killing Officer Carlson. Felix warned Sabrina that she would open the hospital to numerous lawsuits, which could destroy General Hospital, so it was best to let the hospital handle things.

Later, Sabrina was sitting at the bar, deep in thought, when Maxie walked up to check on Sabrina. Sabrina revealed that things weren't okay because Sabrina had killed a police officer. Felix overheard Sabrina's remark, so he immediately stepped forward and blamed it on the spiked punch. Sabrina denied that she'd had any punch, but Felix dragged her away. Maxie eavesdropped as Felix stopped in a quiet corner to scold Sabrina. Felix insisted that Sabrina couldn't go around telling people that she had killed someone without serious consequences.

Sabrina reminded Felix that she had been responsible for Officer Carlson's death because of the mistake with the medications. Maxie listened as Sabrina wept, overwhelmed by the guilt of causing the death of a man who'd had three children. Felix held Sabrina and then led her onto the dance floor to try to cheer her up.

Nearby, Felicia was livid that Frisco had used their daughter to get closer to Felicia. Frisco denied it, but Felicia insisted that he had known that Felicia would be at the party with Mac. Moments later, Mac, who Lulu had spurred on to fight for Felicia, asked Felicia to dance. Felicia happily agreed and allowed Mac to lead her away. Frisco watched as Felicia and Mac kissed on the dance floor, so he decided to check on Maxie.

Frisco immediately sensed that Maxie was troubled, so Maxie urged him not to bother getting to know her because she wasn't worth it. Frisco wanted to know what Maxie had done.

At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. searched a credenza for something when Luke walked in. A.J. demanded to know how Luke had gotten in, so Luke admitted that Alice had let him in because she was fond of Luke. Luke again asked what A.J. was up to, so Tracy entered the parlor and announced that A.J. had been looking for a key. Tracy held it up as she vowed that A.J. would never get his "grubby little hands" on it. Luke was curious if the key was too her heart.

A.J. snorted and asked who would want to get near that "cold thing." A.J. explained that the key was for the pantry. Tracy suggested that A.J. could afford to lose a few pounds, but A.J. accused her of wanting to keep him away from Lila's Pickle-Lila Relish. Tracy knew that A.J. wanted the relish to save ELQ. She conceded that the relish could be gold in the right hands, but not A.J.'s. A.J. admitted that he was eager to save ELQ, so he urged his aunt to give him the relish. Tracy refused and bickered with A.J. until he stormed out in frustration.

Tracy vowed to figure out the recipe to her mother's famous relish because she was certain that the relish was the key to restoring ELQ to its former glory. However, she had to be in charge of ELQ so they could get the relish produced, packaged, and on the market. She insisted that it was more important than ever for Luke to find the missing Quartermaine heir. Luke promised that he hadn't given up on "Laura." Tracy was taken aback by the slip, so she called Luke out on it.

Luke claimed that he had said Lauren, but Tracy knew what she had heard. She suspected that it had been a Freudian slip, but Luke acknowledged that it was possible he had said Laura because Anna had mentioned Laura when Anna had ended things with him. Luke revealed that Anna had suggested that Anna and Luke weren't a great love like Anna and Duke, and Luke and Laura, had been. Luke was startled when Tracy agreed.

After Luke left, Tracy looked at the last jar of her mother's relish as she admitted that she was grateful that Lila had invented such a popular recipe. Tracy confessed that she was also touched that Edward had bequeathed the relish to her because it meant that he had trusted Tracy to save ELQ.

At the Webber residence, Cameron handed his mother a Valentine's Day card that he had made for her at school. Elizabeth smiled and hugged both of her sons. Moments later, the doorbell rang. Elizabeth was shocked when she saw Laura standing on her doorstep. The two women hugged as they greeted each other, then Elizabeth invited Laura in. Laura explained that she had wanted to visit her grandsons, so Elizabeth reintroduced Cam to Laura, but Cam remembered his father's mother. After Laura handed each of the boys a present, Elizabeth sent them to the living room to open the gifts.

Laura couldn't believe how much the boys had grown. Laura thought that Aiden looked just like Lucky had at the same age. Elizabeth smiled and wondered if Laura had heard from Lucky recently. "No," Laura admitted, but she suspected that it was because Lucky was still trying to find himself. Elizabeth hoped that Lucky succeeded then changed the subject by confessing that Laura looked amazing. Laura returned the compliment and asked if there was anyone special in Elizabeth's life.

Elizabeth confessed that all of her relationships tended to be train wrecks, so Elizabeth was determined to focus on the true loves of her life, her sons. Laura argued that Elizabeth was young but conceded that relationships were difficult. Elizabeth was curious if Laura had seen Luke. Laura revealed that she had seen Luke and Anna together on the pier, but Luke hadn't seen Laura. Laura admitted that it appeared that Luke had moved on.

Elizabeth wondered if Laura had moved on too. Laura hesitated to answer, so Elizabeth apologized for prying. Laura promised Elizabeth that it was fine then started to confide to Elizabeth about something. However, the doorbell rang, so Elizabeth went to the door. A.J. stood on Elizabeth's doorstep and extended a bouquet of flowers. Elizabeth assumed that they were from him, so she didn't know what to say.

A.J. quickly clarified that he had bumped into the delivery person and had agreed to give Elizabeth the flowers. Elizabeth smiled with embarrassment and read the card. "From my Gram," Elizabeth revealed quietly. "Not exactly my secret admirer," she added in an attempt to lighten the mood. Meanwhile, Laura received a text message from someone asking where she was. Elizabeth invited A.J. inside. A.J. and Laura exchanged friendly greetings, then Laura announced that she had to leave.

A.J. went to play with the boys while Laura said goodbye to Elizabeth. Laura urged Elizabeth not to give up on love then left. Afterwards, A.J. confessed that he had dropped by because he had needed someone to talk to, and Elizabeth had been the first person that he had thought of. A.J. told Elizabeth that he needed his grandmother's pickle relish to save ELQ, but Lila's recipe had been so secret that no one had bothered to write it down. A.J. was eager to have the remaining pickle relish analyzed, so they could reproduce the recipe and put it back on the market. However, Tracy refused to cooperate.

A.J. suspected that Elizabeth thought that he was crazy for pining all of ELQ's hope on the relish, but Elizabeth assured A.J. that she thought that he had a lot of courage. Cam and Aiden squealed with excitement when they finished the puzzle that Laura had given them, so A.J. and Elizabeth clapped and praised the boys. After the boys went to the bedroom to play, A.J. started to leave, but Elizabeth invited him to stay for dinner. A.J. smiled and accepted.

On the pier, Laura spoke to an unknown person on the phone. She urged the person on the phone to relax because she had just been visiting her grandsons. Moments later, she assured the person that she hadn't seen Luke then promised to see the person soon.

Luke stood on the deck of the Haunted Star when he spotted a familiar figure on the pier. "Laura?' he asked, but then dismissed the possibility. Later, Luke grumbled as he sat down on the deck but looked up when someone approached him. It was Laura.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Spinelli arrived at Ellie's apartment with balloons, flowers, presents, and takeout food. Ellie smiled with delight as Spinelli tied the balloons to her wheelchair. He was startled when she revealed that they were alone because Maxie had left with Frisco. Spinelli admitted that he had never met Frisco, but it had been his understanding that Maxie's father was a free spirit whose relationship with Maxie had been strained

Later, Ellie sat at the dinning room table as Spinelli listed everything that he had picked up for her. She insisted that it was too much, but he argued he was just grateful that he hadn't lost her. Ellie was moved to tears when Spinelli handed her a black velvet box with a diamond bracelet nestled inside. Ellie thought that the gift was too extravagant, but Spinelli ignored her as he helped her to stand up and then set her feet on top of his, so that they could slow dance.

Ellie beamed as she confessed that she was happier than she had ever been. Spinelli warned her that he had more surprises in store for her, so he settled her on the sofa and handed her a DVD of her favorite non-science fiction movie. Ellie was curious how Spinelli had known about her fondness for the movie, so he reminded her that she had mentioned it during their first date. Ellie's eyes swam with tears as she kissed Spinelli.

At the Haunted Star, Felix decided to fetch Sabrina a drink to cheer her up, but Sabrina tearfully explained that she couldn't enjoy the evening, knowing that she had been responsible for the death of a man. Felix offered to take Sabrina home, but she decided to return to the hospital to check if she had been expelled from nursing school. Felix insisted on accompanying her, but Sabrina assured him that it wasn't necessary. Felix argued that she was his date and a friend, neither of which he ever abandoned.

Frisco wanted to know what was going on with Maxie, but Maxie asked her father to drop it. Frisco refused and reminded her that she could trust him because he was on her side. Maxie pointed to Sabrina and confessed that she had ruined Sabrina's life by making it appear that Sabrina had administered the wrong medication to a patient who had died. Frisco was curious why Maxie had done it, so Maxie blamed it on being a terrible person.

Frisco claimed that it had been his experience that even terrible people had motives for what they did. "My doctor hates her," Maxie revealed. Frisco wondered if Maxie's doctor was a friend, so Maxie clarified that she despised her doctor. Frisco was even more baffled as to why Maxie had agreed to help the doctor. Maxie was forced to confess that Britt had blackmailed Maxie because Maxie had made a horrible mistake. Frisco assured Maxie that nothing was unforgivable.

Maxie reluctantly revealed that she had miscarried Dante and Lulu's baby and then had had a one-night stand with Spinelli within hours of the miscarriage. Frisco was surprised when Maxie admitted that she was pregnant with Spinelli's baby, not Dante and Lulu's child. Maxie explained that she had decided to keep quiet about the baby because Spinelli had reconciled with Ellie, who genuinely cared about Spinelli. According to Maxie, Britt had used the information to force Maxie to sabotage Sabrina's life.

Frisco assured Maxie that Maxie wasn't a bad person, since she had sacrificed her own happiness for the sake of others. Maxie began to sob, so Frisco held his daughter. Later, Maxie sniffled as she revealed that she had been at peace with her decision to give her baby to Dante and Lulu until Britt had decided to blackmail Maxie. Maxie regretted what she had done to Sabrina, so Frisco promised to take care of everything. He reminded her that he had experience with dirty tricks.

Meanwhile, Michael suggested to Starr that they go home to their apartment. Starr argued that she couldn't leave because it was her first event as part owner of the nightclub. Michael was certain that Lulu would understand, so Starr agreed to discuss it with her partner.

At the bar, Lulu was taken aback when she looked at the odd Valentine's Day gift. Dante assured Lulu that he hadn't been responsible for the oddly shaped black stone that vaguely resembled a rose. Lulu looked for a card and found one. "Dear Lulu, I saw this and thought of you," Lulu read. She noticed that the card hadn't been signed, so she wondered who her secret admirer was. Dante thought that it was an ugly gift, so he suggested that they go home, where some real surprises were waiting for her.

Lulu grinned and promised to talk to Starr. As if on cue, Starr walked up to talk to Lulu about leaving, but Lulu beat Starr to the punch. Lulu explained that she hadn't had a night off since Johnny's arrest, so she asked Starr to close up. Starr plastered on a smile and assured Lulu that it wouldn't be a problem. After Dante and Lulu left, Michael suggested that he and Starr check out the rest of the ship, especially the staterooms.

Nearby, Sonny kissed Connie. Olivia and Steve watched in disbelief as Olivia asked if she was having another vision. Moments later, Connie pushed Sonny away, accused him of having an ulterior motive for kissing her, and then fled. Sonny quickly followed and caught up to Connie in the hallway outside of a stateroom. Sonny confessed that he had kissed her because he had wanted to. He admitted that in the beginning, he had seen her as an obstacle to Kate, but things had changed.

"I want you," Sonny confessed, but Connie remained skeptical. Sonny promised Connie that his feelings for her had nothing to do with Kate and begged Connie to believe him. Connie's defenses crumbled as Sonny kissed her. Things quickly heated up, so the two fell into the stateroom and made love. Afterwards, Connie confided that it had been a long time since she had been intimate with a man.

Sonny didn't want to talk about Johnny, but Connie revealed that she had only slept with Johnny to hurt Sonny. She explained that sex had always been her weapon of defense. Sonny was curious how Connie felt at that moment. "Like when I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you," Connie quietly admitted. Sonny kissed her, but Connie pulled back because she was afraid to trust Sonny's feelings. He insisted that his feelings were real and only for her.

Connie tearfully reminded Sonny of all of the awful things that she had done, including killing her own son and injuring a young woman who might never walk again. Sonny gently assured Connie that Diane would get the charges cleared, but she confessed that she couldn't afford to pay Diane. Sonny told Connie not to worry about that because he would take care of it. Connie smiled as she confessed that she had never been happier. Later, Connie's eyes snapped open and she looked around in fright because she didn't know where she was.

Michael and Starr were shocked when they spotted Sonny and Connie in a passionate embrace as they entered a stateroom, so the young couple returned to the main room. Everyone had left, so Michael pulled Starr into his arms and slow danced with her. Starr felt bad that they hadn't found a place to be alone, but Michael assured her that it didn't matter as long as he was with her.

On the deck, Luke was stunned when he looked up and saw Laura. He realized that it hadn't been his imagination earlier when he had spotted her on the pier. Laura smiled as she reminded him that it wouldn't have been the first time that he had thought that his mind had played tricks. Luke fondly recalled the time that he had seen Laura walking across the lawn of the mayor's mansion after she had been presumed dead. Luke returned to the present as he admitted that Laura had a point. Luke wondered if everything was okay with Laura, so she promised him that she was fine.

Laura explained that she had returned to Port Charles when she had learned about Lulu's baby. Laura revealed that she had already visited their daughter and grandsons. She then admitted that she had seen Luke on the pier with Anna. Luke deftly changed the subject by wondering if she had heard from Lucky. Laura admitted that she'd spent some time with Lucky the year before, but Lucky only sent the occasional post card.

Moments later, Dante and Lulu walked up. Lulu was pleasantly surprised when she saw her parents together. Dante greeted Laura, then the four chatted for a bit until Lulu mentioned her unusual Valentine's Day gift from a secret admirer. Luke and Laura were concerned when Lulu showed them the gift. Lulu immediately noticed, so she asked her parents what was wrong. Luke and Laura revealed that the gift had a striking resemblance to the Ice Princess the way it had looked the first time that they had seen it.

Lulu recalled that the Ice Princess was an infamous diamond, not an ugly black rock. Laura explained that diamonds resembled ordinary rocks before they were cut and polished. Laura wondered if the present had been intended for Lulu, so Dante and Lulu showed Luke and Laura the card that had accompanied he gift. Dante sensed that Luke and Laura had a suspect in mind, so Luke admitted that Helena might have been responsible for the present. Luke admitted that Helena had always had an obsession with the Ice Princess. Dante wondered what the meaning of the note to Lulu had been.

Luke didn't have an answer, but Laura revealed that Helena had used the infamous diamond to control Lucky. Lulu scoffed and informed everyone that Helena was out of her mind if she thought that she could use the diamond to control Lulu. Luke revealed that the Ice Princess had last been seen in a vault in Zurich. Luke picked up the rock, which fell to pieces between his fingers. Luke conceded that it was possible that Helena had gotten her hands on the diamond.

After Dante and Lulu left, Luke and Laura agreed that they had a bad feeling about the gift that their daughter had received. Luke feared that the worst case scenario was that some "psycho" from their past was trying to haunt them with the ugliest part of their history. "Who you calling ugly?" Scott Baldwin asked as he suddenly appeared on the deck.

Steve and Olivia were alarmed when they noticed that the apartment door was ajar. Olivia offered to call Dante, but Steve insisted on having a look inside the apartment, so Olivia followed him. Steve looked around and quickly determined that no one was inside the apartment. Steve suggested that perhaps he had been preoccupied with thoughts of Heather's demise when he had left and hadn't properly closed the door. Olivia advised him to check the shower to make certain that Sabrina wasn't in it.

Steve rolled his eyes, but Olivia pointed out that they hadn't figured out the meaning behind her vision of Steve and Sabrina. Steve tried to brush it off, but Olivia argued that all of her visions had some kind of message behind them. Steve insisted that he was the last thing on Sabrina's mind because Sabrina had contributed to a man's death in the emergency room. Steve distracted Olivia with a kiss and then making love to her. Afterwards, he offered to fetch them something to eat.

Olivia admitted that she was hungry, so Steve dashed off to the bathroom to shower. Moments later, Olivia heard a crash. She was horrified when Steve suddenly appeared in the doorway clutching his stomach as blood poured from between his fingers. Olivia screamed.

At the hospital, Britt folded a letter and then slid it into an envelope with Sabrina's name scribbled on it.

Nearby, Patrick thanked a nurse for keeping an eye on Emma. The nurse assured him that it was fine and that she'd had a wonderful time watching Emma make Valentine's Day cards. Emma handed one of the cards to Patrick and revealed that she had another one for Sabrina. After the nurse left, Emma wondered if Sabrina was Patrick's Valentine. Patrick smiled as he informed his daughter that Emma was his only Valentine. Emma suddenly tensed when she spotted Britt.

Emma warned her father that "that mean lady" was headed their way. Patrick promised that he and Emma could leave, but Britt asked to speak to Emma. Emma glared at Britt, who knelt down to apologize for their "misunderstanding" and then assured Emma that she liked Emma and cared about Patrick. "Do you accept my apology?" Britt asked. Emma ran off, so Patrick called out to his daughter.

Emma ran straight into Sabrina's arms as Sabrina and Felix exited the elevator. Britt insisted that she hadn't done anything wrong by trying to make peace with Emma, but Patrick ignored Britt and followed his daughter. Emma confessed that she was frightened as she clung tightly to Sabrina. Patrick explained that Britt had tried to apologize to Emma, but Emma had wanted no part of it. Britt barely suppressed her rage as she stood behind Patrick. Sabrina assured Emma that Emma would always be safe with her father, but Emma refused to let go of Sabrina.

Felix tried to cheer Emma up by presenting her with a sparkling wand that had a heart on the tip. Felix explained that the wand was magic, so Emma was curious if she could make Britt disappear with it. Patrick asked Britt to give them some privacy, but Britt refused to budge because she claimed that she needed to speak to Sabrina. Felix invited Emma to go with him to the nurses' Valentine's Day party in the break room, so Emma agreed. "Poof, you're gone," Emma said as she waved the wand at Britt and then followed Felix into the elevator.

Patrick made it clear that Britt was never to speak to his daughter again. Britt suggested that Emma would become an out of control child if he continued to let Emma have free reign and allow the child to be so openly rude to adults. Patrick reiterated that Britt was to keep her distance from Emma, so Britt agreed, since Patrick was determined to misinterpret everything that Britt did. Britt admitted that she had written Monica a letter about Sabrina, so she handed Sabrina a copy of the letter and advised Sabrina to read it.

Sabrina read the letter aloud to Patrick. The scathing letter accused Sabrina of an "egregious error" that had resulted in the death of a decorated police officer. Britt went on to claim that Sabrina had demonstrated gross incompetence and "hideously unprofessional" behavior while working with Britt. Patrick was outraged on Sabrina's behalf, but Britt was unapologetic as she ordered Sabrina to keep reading and then walked away. The letter continued to blast Sabrina by suggesting that Sabrina was "slovenly" and "frequently distracted" by a crush for a respected surgeon on staff.

Mortified, Sabrina was at a loss for words. Patrick was livid and insisted that Britt hadn't had the right to badmouth Sabrina. Patrick had seen Sabrina with patients, so he knew that she had never made a mistake. Patrick was determined that Sabrina would not only graduate from nursing school, but that she would remain on staff. Moments later, Patrick cheered Sabrina up by giving her the Valentine's Day card that Emma had made for her.

Britt entered the examination room and demanded to know what Maxie wanted. Britt could tell by Maxie's expression that Maxie was in crisis. Frisco slammed the door closed and smiled menacingly as he introduced himself. Frisco made it clear that Britt's little game was over and that he would not permit her to continue to blackmail Maxie. Frisco also expected Britt to clean up the mess with Sabrina. Britt was curious why she should, so Frisco revealed that he was a "fixer" who was paid to kill the bad guys. According to Frisco, Britt appeared to be one of those bad guys.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Luke and Laura agreed that they each had a bad feeling about Lulu's strange Valentine's Day gift. Luke suspected that "some psycho" from their past was trying to haunt them with the ugliest part of their history. "Who you calling ugly?" Scott Baldwin asked as he suddenly appeared on the deck. "I'll be damned...Baldwin," Luke said as he looked at his long-time rival. Laura smiled at Scotty as Scotty stopped beside her. Luke demanded to know what Scotty was doing in town, so Scotty announced that he was there for Laura.

Luke accused Scotty of being delusional and stalking Laura, so Scotty informed Luke that Laura was Scotty's fiancée. Luke tried to deny it, but Laura confirmed the engagement. Luke was certain that Scotty had taken advantage of Laura, but Laura assured Luke that she knew what she was doing. Luke noticed the lack of an engagement ring, so Laura explained that she and Scotty hadn't had time to get one, but that Scotty had promised to buy her a beautiful ring. Scotty smiled adoringly at Laura as he confessed that it would probably pale in comparison to Laura.

"Smarmy as ever," Luke growled, so Scotty bragged that Scotty and Laura would have a new life together after they were married. Luke implored Laura to look him in the eyes and tell him that she wanted to marry Scotty. "I want to marry Scotty," Laura assured Luke. Luke couldn't understand why, so Scotty reminded Luke that Scotty and Laura had been childhood sweethearts. Luke argued that Scotty had once tried to make Laura believe that she had killed her own stepfather, Rick.

Scotty scowled and accused Luke of raping Laura on the floor of the campus disco, while she had been married to Scotty. Laura asked both men to stop, but Luke feared that Laura was being pressured into the marriage. Luke was at a loss for words when Laura assured Luke that she loved Scotty and wanted to marry him.

At Sam's penthouse, Alexis explained to Shawn that she wanted to check on Sam and Danny before Alexis and Shawn proceeded with their plans for the evening. Shawn waited patiently as Alexis knocked on the door. Alexis grew anxious when Sam didn't answer, so Shawn offered to kick in the door. Alexis smiled indulgently as she assured him that it wasn't necessary because she had a spare key, which she promptly produced. Alexis and Shawn entered the penthouse and called out to Sam, but Sam didn't respond.

Alexis ran to the second floor to search the bedrooms. Moments later, she returned to the living room to report that neither Sam nor Danny was at home. Shawn suggested that Sam might have taken Danny for a walk, but Alexis argued that it was too late and too cold outside to take a baby for a walk. Shawn pointed out that the penthouse appeared undisturbed, but Alexis remained uneasy. She quickly called Kristina and Molly to check if they had seen or heard from their sister.

Alexis' anxiety mounted when Kristina and Molly reported that they hadn't had any contact with Sam. Shawn was curious who would want to take Sam, so Alexis reminded him that Heather remained unaccounted for. Shawn argued that there had been an eyewitness to Heather's murder, but Alexis insisted that they hadn't found a body and that Heather had been obsessed with Danny enough to kidnap him twice. Alexis had doubts about Todd's claims because she couldn't believe that John could murder anyone in cold blood, but she conceded that John could have snapped. Shawn wondered if she were suggesting that John had escaped from custody and then had kidnapped Sam and Danny.

On pier 52, Anna tensed and looked up when she heard approaching footsteps. She immediately relaxed when Duke greeted her. Anna was curious why Duke was out so late at night, so he confessed that he couldn't stand to be cooped up after years of captivity. He then changed the subject by wishing her a happy Valentine's Day and confessed that he had considered sending her flowers, but he'd been concerned about how she would react. Anna admitted that she had been too busy with work, prompting Duke to question what was going on.

Anna confided that she had been trying to figure out if it was possible for two John McBains to exist. Anna revealed that she had known John a long time and that they had been more than colleagues, so she was certain that John wasn't capable of murder. Anna also explained that John had been in police custody when Todd had claimed he'd seen John on the pier with Heather and the baby. Duke was curious what Anna's instincts told her. Anna explained that the alleged double had an uncanny resemblance to John, as well as identical mannerisms.

"How is that even possible?" Anna asked. Duke reminded Anna about Cesar Faison's attempt to pass himself off as Duke. Anna revealed that it was the reason that she couldn't trust her instincts, but Duke had complete faith in her. He pointed out that he wasn't Cesar or Joshua Temple, the man that Lucy had mistaken him for. "I'm Duke Lavery," Duke assured her. "Yes, you are," Anna replied.

Duke confessed that he was more than that; he was a husband who was still very much in love with his wife. Duke quickly assured Anna that he didn't expect her to respond to that, but he wanted her to understand that he would wait for as long as it took for her to choose between him and Luke. Duke was surprised when Anna revealed that she had ended things with Luke because she had realized that Luke was not the love of her life nor was she the love of Luke's life. Duke was glad. Anna and Duke were on the verge of kissing when Anna's phone suddenly rang. It was Alexis calling to report that Sam and Danny were missing.

Anna arranged to meet Alexis at the police station and ended the call. Duke assured Anna that he understood that she had to get back to work. Duke confessed that he had to get back to work, too, so Anna smiled and left. Afterwards, Duke tossed a pebble into the water and smiled as he looked out at the harbor.

In lockup, Rafe tried to sleep on the cot in his jail cell, while Todd chatted away in an adjoining cell. Rafe grumbled about Todd, so Todd pointed out that at least they didn't have to share a cell with John. John sat in a third jail cell, trying to ignore Todd. Meanwhile, Todd asked Rafe about witnessing Alison and Officer Carlson's murders. John warned Todd not to make Rafe relive the murders, but Todd ignored John.

Todd promised that he had Rafe's back and then revealed that he had seen John murder another woman who had been a mother. Todd was disappointed that Lucy Coe's aim had been off when she had tried to plunge a stake into John. Rafe perked up and asked if Todd knew Lucy. Todd confirmed that Lucy was an acquaintance and then resumed talking about Heather's slaying. Todd painted Heather as a frail victim, but Rafe revealed that he had met Heather when she had kidnapped Danny, so he knew that Heather hadn't been completely defenseless. Todd ignored the remark as he continued his story about how he had tried to rescue Danny from John's diabolical clutches.

Todd thought that Rafe and Todd could help each other, but Rafe wanted to know why John had murdered Alison and Officer Carlson in front of Rafe. John insisted that Caleb had committed the murders. Todd laughed because John had tried to pin the murders on a vampire, but John explained that Caleb wasn't a vampire. Todd remained in doubt about Caleb's existence because of Caleb's strong resemblance to John, right down to the hair. John pointed out that John's presence had been accounted for during the time of Heather's murder, so it couldn't have been John on the pier.

Todd argued that the police were covering for John because of the "blue wall of silence," but John pointed out that he had been accused of killing a police officer. Todd laughed at the idea of John having a doppelgänger, but John reminded Todd that there had been a time not too long before when Todd had been in a similar situation and John had had Todd's back. Rafe was shocked when John revealed that Todd had had a twin brother whom Todd had killed. "If you had met him, you'd have killed him too," Todd told Rafe and then explained that Victor had stolen eight years of Todd's life.

John insisted that the point was that Todd had been in a position of trying to convince everyone of something that had sounded crazy, but in fact had been true, just like John. Todd agreed to believe John if John promised to believe Todd. John confessed that he believed Todd's claim about what had transpired on the pier, so he asked Todd to go over everything that had happened. Todd reluctantly admitted that Caleb had been furious with Heather for taking something from Caleb. However, Caleb had cryptically thanked Heather for making it easy for Caleb to control the mother through the child.

John wondered if Caleb had mentioned a woman named Livvie Locke. Todd wanted to know who Livvie was, so John revealed that Livvie was a woman who supposedly looked exactly like Sam. "Now there are two double-people running around Port Charles?" Todd asked with a heavy dose of skepticism. John explained that both Alison and Lucy had told him that Caleb had been obsessed with Livvie, which meant that Caleb might use Danny as bait to get Sam.

John demanded to be released just as Anna, Alexis, and Shawn arrived. John immediately sensed that something was wrong, so Anna explained that she had simply wanted to make certain that John had been where he was supposed to be. Todd wondered where else they would go, since John, Rafe, and Todd were all locked up behind bars. John's fears were realized when Anna revealed that Sam and Danny had disappeared.

In the stateroom on the Haunted Star, Kate's eyes snapped open, and she looked around in confusion as she anxiously wondered where she was. She saw Sonny sleeping next to her and quickly shook him awake. Sonny assumed that she was Connie. "Sonny, it's me, Kate," Kate clarified. Sonny was momentarily speechless as he looked deep into Kate's eyes. Overjoyed, Sonny hugged and kissed her. Kate smiled and asked where they were.

Sonny revealed that they were in a stateroom aboard the Haunted Star. Kate was shocked when he told her that it was Valentine's Day. She realized that she had missed Thanksgiving and Christmas, so she wondered how long she had been away. "You've been gone for five months," Sonny quietly told her. Kate was curious if she and Sonny had gotten married, so Sonny confessed that Connie had married Johnny Zacchara in an attempt to avoid being committed to Shadybrook. Kate was horrified, so Sonny assured her that everything was okay because he and Kate were together.

Kate suddenly realized that she was in bed with Sonny, so she demanded to know why. Sonny squirmed and tried to change the subject, but Kate refused to be sidetracked. Sonny reluctantly explained that he had slept with Connie. Kate was devastated and begged him to tell her that Connie had tricked him. Kate's hurt turned to anger and disgust when Sonny admitted that he had slept with Connie of his own free will. Kate reminded him that Connie had stolen Kate's life and had kept Kate down so that Kate wouldn't get near Sonny.

Sonny tried to explain things from his perspective, but Kate was too infuriated. She wondered if he had gotten bored waiting five months for Kate to return and had used Connie as a substitute. Sonny denied it, but Kate gathered her things and fled.

At the apartment, Olivia heard a crash in the bathroom and then screamed in terror when Steve suddenly appeared in the doorway, clutching his stomach as blood gushed from between his fingers. Olivia raced to call 9-1-1 just as Steve reached for her and assured her that he was fine. Olivia looked down at Steve's unharmed abdomen. She tearfully told Steve about her frightening vision and confessed that she was afraid that something terrible would happen. Steve promised Olivia that nothing would happen to him, but she argued that a serial killer was on the loose, who had already stabbed Alison Barrington, a police officer, and a professor at Port Charles University. Olivia feared that Steve would be the next victim, but Steve calmly assured her that nothing would happen to him.

Later, Olivia remained unsettled about her vision. Steve reminded Olivia that John had been arrested for the police officer's murder. Olivia argued that John might not be the killer and then suggested that perhaps Heather had murdered Alison, the cop, and the professor. Steve pointed out that Heather had had no reason to kill the professor, but Olivia insisted that Heather didn't need a reason. Olivia explained that she could not believe that Heather was dead until she saw Heather's corpse. Steve explained that his mother hadn't been a strong swimmer, so it was unlikely that Heather had survived being tossed into the harbor.

Olivia reminded Steve that Heather had jumped off of the roof of the hospital and had survived, so Heather was indestructible. Steve doubted that his mother would try to kill him, but Olivia argued that there was a first time for everything. Olivia refused to be a widow before she was even married. Steve hugged Olivia and promised her that he wasn't going anywhere. Olivia made it clear that she intended to get an alarm system and a guard dog if necessary.

Later, Steve and Olivia were about to make love when Kate knocked on the door and identified herself. Meanwhile, Sonny called Kate on the cell phone, but Kate let it go to voicemail. Seconds later, Olivia cautiously opened the door and asked if it really was Kate. Kate tearfully nodded. Olivia asked what happened as she pulled a sobbing Kate into her arms and rocked her.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Michael greeted his father and revealed that he had seen Sonny enter a stateroom with Connie. Michael smiled as he guessed that Sonny and Connie had spent the night in the cabin. Sonny tried to brush past Michael as he confessed that Connie was gone and that he had to find Kate. Michael demanded to know what was going on, so Sonny told him that Kate had unexpectedly emerged the previous night. Michael was curious why Sonny didn't seem happier, so Sonny explained that Kate had fled when she had realized that Sonny had slept with Connie.

At the apartment, Steve quietly entered the living room. Olivia handed him a cup of coffee and then glanced at her cousin who was slept fitfully on the sofa. Olivia couldn't imagine how terrible it had been for Kate to realize that Sonny had cheated on Kate with another woman who was actually Kate. Steve was confident that Olivia would take good care of Kate, so he kissed Olivia and then left.

Meanwhile, Kate dreamed about the moment that she had realized that Sonny had slept with Connie when Sonny had tried to explain what had happened. Kate gasped loudly as her eyes popped open. "Kate, is that you?" Olivia asked as she rushed to her cousin's side. Kate was annoyed by the question, so Olivia explained why she had asked. Kate didn't want to hear Connie's name because she couldn't understand how Sonny could have slept with Connie.

Kate changed the subject by thanking Olivia for taking Kate in when Kate had needed her cousin. Moments later, Kate tensed when her cell phone rang. Olivia confirmed that it was Sonny, so Kate made it clear that she didn't want to talk to him. Olivia promised Kate that Kate wouldn't have to, but then answered the call. Kate was furious until Olivia informed Sonny that Kate wasn't ready to talk. Olivia assured Sonny that Kate was safe but needed time to process everything.

Olivia promised to have Kate call Sonny when Kate was ready to talk and then ended the call. Kate was relieved that Olivia had bought her some time. Olivia insisted that Sonny was in love with Kate, but Kate didn't believe Olivia because Sonny had slept with Connie. Olivia told Kate that Connie had tormented Sonny and then revealed the details about the disastrous wedding on the Haunted Star. Kate was curious why Johnny had agreed to marry Connie, so Olivia reluctantly told Kate about the blackmail.

Kate was shocked when Olivia explained that Johnny had killed Starr's daughter and fiancé. Kate was eager to visit Starr, so she asked if Starr still lived with Trey. Olivia gently suggested that Kate rest before visiting anyone, but Kate suddenly recalled arguing with Trey when Kate had seen the necklace that Joe Jr. had worn when he had raped Kate. Kate's eyes suddenly filled with tears as the pieces fell into place. "My son! My son! He's alive!" Kate cried as she realized who Trey was and why Connie had emerged.

Kate was determined to visit Trey, but Olivia explained that it wasn't possible. Kate made it clear that she would not let Joe Jr. stop her from getting to know Trey, so Olivia revealed that Joe Jr. was dead. Kate wasn't sad about Joe Jr.'s passing, but she was curious why Olivia had tried to stop Kate from visiting Trey.

On the deck of the Haunted Star, Sonny ended the call with Olivia and told Michael that Kate wasn't ready to talk. Sonny decided to pay Kate a visit, but Michael advised Sonny to give Kate some space. Michael thought that Kate needed some time to calm down and to realize that sleeping with Connie hadn't meant anything to Sonny. "What?" Sonny asked. Michael assumed that Sonny had gotten wrapped up in the romance of Valentine's Day and Connie's link to Kate, but Sonny admitted that he had been with Connie because he had wanted to be.

Michael was stunned, so Sonny reminded Michael of the good that Connie had done. Michael insisted that it had been Connie's attempt at damage control, but Sonny argued that there had been more to it. Michael wondered if Sonny had feelings for Connie. "Yeah, I do," Sonny replied. Michael was at a loss for words because Connie had relentlessly hurt Sonny until recently. Sonny clarified that he hadn't fallen for Connie, because Kate was the woman that Sonny was in love with.

At the nurses' station, Elizabeth was on the phone with A.J., thanking him for the bouquet of flowers that he had sent to her. A.J. thought that she should get some flowers that he had actually sent instead of a bouquet that he had picked up on her porch. Elizabeth pointed out that his honestly about the flowers on the porch proved that he was evolving as a human being. A.J. chuckled. "It's about time," A.J. admitted.

A.J. thanked Elizabeth for making dinner the previous evening, but she insisted that it had just been spaghetti. A.J. reminded her that he had watched her prepare the meal, so he had seen her personal touches. He appreciated that she had let him play with the boys and confessed that he'd had a really good time. Elizabeth smiled and assured him that the boys had had fun too. "Did they?" A.J. asked, uncertain. "Yeah, and so did I," Elizabeth told him.

A.J. admitted that he'd had a smile on his face until that very moment. Elizabeth guessed that Tracy had walked into the room. A.J. confirmed Elizabeth's suspicions, so Elizabeth wondered if he had taken her advice about his aunt. "No," A.J. admitted, but he intended to give it a try and promised to keep her posted. A.J. realized that it was a long shot, but he would be indebted to Elizabeth if it worked.

After Elizabeth ended the call with A.J., Steve walked up. Elizabeth had heard about Heather, so she was curious if it was true. Steve explained that a body hadn't been recovered, but Todd had been adamant that John McBain had tossed Heather into the harbor, even though John had been in police custody at the time. Elizabeth was concerned about Steve, but he promised that he was fine. Elizabeth appreciated that Steve's feelings for Heather were complicated, so she invited Steve to lean on her if he needed to.

Steve assured Elizabeth that everything was okay for the moment and then told her about Olivia's latest vision of him being stabbed. Elizabeth was uneasy because she knew that Olivia's premonitions tended to be accurate. Steve argued that Olivia had seen him in a shower with Sabrina, so Olivia's visions weren't infallible. He then changed the subject by asking who the flowers were for. Steve was surprised when Elizabeth revealed that A.J. had sent them to her.

Steve questioned Elizabeth's relationship with A.J., but she assured her brother that she and A.J. were just friends. Steve was curious if A.J. knew that, because A.J. had a checkered past. Elizabeth argued that she'd made her own fair share of mistakes, but Steve insisted that A.J. had done far worse. Elizabeth explained that A.J. had been desperately trying to prove himself to his son, make amends, and live up to his family's standards. Steve questioned how high the Quartermaines' standards could be, given their reputation. Elizabeth accused the Quartermaines of being hypocrites because they liked to build each other up by tearing A.J. down.

Steve warned Elizabeth that A.J. had better watch himself because Steve intended to keep an eye on him. Elizabeth smiled as her phone rang. She glanced at the caller identification and revealed that it was A.J.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy was curious who A.J. had been talking to. "Just a friend," A.J. cryptically replied. Tracy laughed at the idea of A.J. having friends. A.J. tried to be nice, but Tracy warned him that it wouldn't work because she knew that he was only after the pantry key that was attached to a chain around her neck. Tracy vowed that she wouldn't let A.J. get near her mother's pickle relish because it belonged to Tracy. A.J. assured Tracy that he wouldn't take the key or the relish from her by force.

Tracy eyed A.J. warily as A.J. explained that she would give him the key voluntarily. Tracy wondered why she would give A.J. anything, so A.J. revealed that he intended to give her a job at ELQ in exchange for the key and the relish. A.J. handed her a copy of a business plan, but Tracy wasn't interested in working for A.J. A.J. promised Tracy that she would work alongside A.J. and Michael, not under them. A.J. intended to reconstruct the recipe of the relish and then brand it and mass produce it. A.J. insisted that it made sense for them to join forces, since they'd both had the same idea at the same time.

Tracy admitted that A.J. didn't sound like his usual treacherous self, so A.J. credited the person that he had been on the phone with for the change. A.J. explained that they had two options: they could continue to snipe at each other and watch ELQ circle the drain, or they could work together and rebuild ELQ. A.J. thought that it was a no-brainer, but Tracy rejected the idea because she wanted it all. Tracy intended to reclaim her position as CEO of ELQ and toss A.J. out.

Tracy vowed that A.J. would never get his hands on the relish or rebuild ELQ because he never succeeded at anything. A.J.'s breaths became labored as Tracy continued to ruthlessly berate him. Tracy started to storm out of the room, but A.J. collapsed to the ground as he struggled to breathe and clutched his chest. Tracy merely laughed because Edward had faked heart attacks numerous times to get his way. A.J. explained that he was having a panic attack, so he begged Tracy to call Elizabeth because Elizabeth would know what to do. Tracy watched him struggle to breathe, so she finally picked up his phone and called Elizabeth.

Elizabeth answered the call and asked if A.J. had taken her advice. Tracy informed Elizabeth that A.J. was in the midst of a panic attack and then handed the phone to A.J. Elizabeth gently talked A.J. through the panic attack.

Later, Tracy and A.J. arrived at the hospital. "Nurse Webber, here he is. Take him, he's all yours," Tracy said as she let go of A.J.'s arm and watched A.J. approach the nurses' station where Elizabeth was working. A.J. thanked his aunt for driving him to the hospital because he had been concerned about driving in his condition. Tracy informed A.J. that a CEO should be able to handle stress without succumbing to panic attacks and then left.

A.J. thanked Elizabeth for helping him on the phone, but she insisted that A.J. had gotten himself through the panic attack. A.J. conceded that perhaps Tracy had been right about him not being cut out to run ELQ. Elizabeth refused to let A.J. put himself down and suggested that a doctor check him out. She revealed that a doctor could prescribe antianxiety medication to help A.J. with the panic attacks, but A.J. didn't think that it was a good idea because he was a recovering alcoholic. Elizabeth agreed and promised that they would find another way to help A.J. deal with the attacks.

A.J. smiled. "Will we?" he asked. Elizabeth wrapped her hand around his wrist as she assured him that he didn't have to deal with the problem alone.

At the police station, Lucy was handcuffed to a desk in the squad room. She flirted with the police officer as she asked him to loosen the handcuffs because they hurt her wrists. The police officer leaned forward to adjust the handcuffs, while Lucy lifted a set of keys from him. Moments later, Molly entered the police station and approached a police officer at the front desk to give him copies of recent pictures of Sam and Danny to help with the search. The police officer took them and assured her that they would find Sam and Danny.

Lucy quickly snagged Molly's attention by asking to see the picture of Sam and Danny. Lucy was dismayed when Molly revealed that Sam and Danny were missing. Molly was startled when Lucy claimed that she knew who had taken Sam and Danny and why. Lucy was taken aback when Molly confessed that she knew who Lucy was because John McBain was a family friend. However, Molly was interested in hearing what Lucy had to say, so Lucy confided that Caleb had abducted Molly's sister and nephew.

Lucy conceded that it had become clear that John and Caleb were not the same person, but Molly wanted to know why Caleb had taken Sam. Lucy explained that Caleb was obsessed with a woman named Livvie Locke, who looked exactly like Sam. Lucy warned Molly that it got worse, because Caleb wanted Sam and his son, Rafe. Molly told Lucy about Rafe's encounter with Caleb and Caleb's promise to find Rafe. Lucy was proud that Rafe had managed to slip away from Caleb but insisted that Rafe wasn't safe because it was only a matter of time before Caleb returned for Rafe.

Molly was curious how Lucy expected Molly to help, so Lucy showed Molly the set of keys that Lucy had pilfered from the police officer. Lucy insisted that Molly take the keys to lockup and pass them to Rafe. Lucy decided that they needed to use Rafe to lure Caleb out of hiding. Molly was horrified by the idea of Rafe as bait, but Lucy explained that it was the only way to save Sam, Danny, and Rafe.

After Molly left, the police officer returned to drop a pack of cigarettes and matches on the desk. Lucy warned the police officer that smoking was bad for his health, so he smiled and agreed to quit smoking for her. Lucy saw through the lie, but appreciated that he had wanted to please her. She told him that he was kind and then asked for something to drink and eat. As soon as the police officer walked away, Lucy reached for the matches.

A short time later, Lucy huddled over her drink in an attempt to shield her efforts to light a match. She quickly hid the matches when an orderly from Ferncliff arrived and announced that he was there to return Lucy to the sanitarium for the criminally insane. Lucy turned on the charm as she complained about her chafed wrists and asked that they exchange the handcuffs for the "soft squishy little hand restraints." The orderly had to check with Lucy's doctor, Dr. Finch, so he walked away to make the phone call. Meanwhile, Lucy redoubled her efforts to light a match. Seconds later, a flamed flared to life from the tip of a match.

In lockup, John asked the guard on duty to call the commissioner because John wanted to talk to Anna. The guard explained that it wasn't possible, but John insisted that Sam and Danny were in danger. John was furious when the police officer walked away. Rafe realized that Sam and Danny meant a lot to John. "They do," John confirmed. Rafe had some questions for John, so John agreed to talk because Todd was busy with Diane.

Rafe was curious if John believed that Caleb had used Danny to get to Sam. John explained that Caleb believed that Sam was a woman named Livvie who looked just like Sam. John was frustrated because Caleb would be able to manipulate Sam as long as Danny was Caleb's hostage. Rafe blamed himself because he had let Heather take Danny. John insisted that they needed to focus on getting Sam and Danny back, but Rafe pointed out that they were powerless to help from behind bars.

Rafe confided that Caleb had claimed to be Rafe's father. Rafe refused to believe that his mother had lied to Rafe his whole life, so John suggested that they take things one step at a time. John was curious if Caleb had said anything revealing, so Rafe told John that Caleb had pointed to a boat in the harbor that Caleb had been expecting.

Later, Molly approached the police officer on guard to request a visit with Rafe. The police officer initially refused, but Molly explained that her sister and nephew were missing. Molly insisted that she was certain that Rafe had valuable information, so she wanted to talk to Rafe. The police officer relented and allowed her to approach Rafe's jail cell. Rafe demanded to know what Molly was doing there, so Molly whispered, "I came to break you out." Molly showed Rafe the keys that Lucy had given her, but then accidentally dropped them.

The guard turned to look at Molly, so John covered for Molly while she picked up the keys. Afterwards, John called Molly over. He had recognized the cell block keys, so he demanded to know where she had gotten them. Molly explained that Lucy had stolen the keys and given them to Molly because Lucy had planned to help Rafe escape. John agreed to keep Molly's secret if she promised to unlock his jail cell too. Molly was conflicted, but Rafe reminded her that she had repeatedly declared that John was innocent.

Molly agreed to release John when Rafe insisted that John was their only hope. John was curious what the plan was, so Molly revealed that Lucy had promised to create a distraction and that they would know it when it happened. Moments later, the fire alarms went off. The guard dashed off to check things out, so Molly unlocked the jail cells. John promised to rescue Sam and Danny and then fled with Rafe.

In the squad room, a police officer started to exchange Lucy's handcuffs for soft restraints when Lucy spotted smoke billowing from a trash can. The police officer looked away to investigate as Lucy repeatedly shouted fire. Everyone began to scramble to put out the fire, so Lucy screamed for someone to pull the alarm. During the commotion, Lucy managed to slip out of the police station.

Friday, February 22, 2013

At the Haunted Star, Scott walked in and requested to clear the air with Lulu about the fact that she had killed his son. When Lulu reminded Scott that Logan had stalked and terrorized her, Scott claimed that he just wanted to put that behind them. Lulu then asked that she and Scott move forward, and that they have no relationship at all.

As Lulu started to take down the Valentine's Day decorations, Scott announced, "I'm going to be your stepfather. Your beautiful mother has agreed to marry me," as Laura walked in. Laura lamented that Scott had not waited for her to tell Lulu about their engagement and then requested that Scott give her time alone with her daughter. Once Scott left, Lulu demanded to know what her mother was doing.

At Steve's apartment, in tears, Olivia informed Kate that Joe Jr. was dead, and Kate realized that she would be able to see her son. Kate ran and opened the door to Sonny, who begged her for a chance to explain. Kate revealed that the last thing she remembered was that she had been unable to face the truth that Trey was her son. When Kate declared that she was ready to face Trey, Sonny remarked that Kate would be unable to do that. After Kate pleaded with Sonny to let her see her son, Sonny stated that Trey was "gone."

Kate believed that Trey had returned to New Orleans, but Sonny sadly announced that Trey was dead. Kate then yelled that Trey had survived everything else, including being left as an infant in a drawer, so God could not be that cruel to return her son to her life, only to take him away a minute later. Sonny informed her that Trey had actually died months earlier due to a car accident that had resulted from his attempt to rescue Johnny from Connie. Sonny related that Trey had seemed fine after the crash but had collapsed afterwards. Kate then realized that she had killed her own son.

At the police station, Anna asked Alexis to help her with John and Rafe, who had both escaped with Lucy. Anna explained that Lucy had set a fire as a diversion, but that it was actually Alexis' daughter, Molly, who had assisted with the escape. Shocked, Alexis denied that Molly could have done that, but Anna declared that she had caught it on tape.

In the interrogation room, Molly exclaimed that the escape was the only way to save Sam from Caleb Morley, whom Lucy thought was a vampire. Molly added that Lucy also believed that Rafe was in danger, so Molly had released John from his cell to help Rafe. Molly felt that John truly cared about Sam and Danny, and she voiced that she was sure John would rescue them.

Scott found Anna in the police station lobby and requested to see Lucy, since he claimed he was Lucy's attorney. When Anna noted that Lucy already had an attorney, Alexis, Scott declared that he would replace Alexis. Anna still refused to let Scott see Lucy. Anna finally admitted that Lucy was no longer in custody, and Scott guessed that Lucy had escaped.

Scott announced that he had just returned to Port Charles with his fiancée, Laura, and Anna was stunned that Scott and Laura had gotten back together. Anna sincerely hoped that Scott was not taking advantage of Laura's "mental instability." Scott then commented that he had heard that Anna and Luke were an item, but Anna revealed that they had broken up the night before Valentine's Day.

Back in the interrogation room, Shawn tried to calm Alexis down. He then asked Molly where John and Rafe had gone, but Molly denied that she knew their destination. Alexis begged Molly not to be swayed by lost causes, but Molly cried out that Rafe, Sam, and Danny were not lost causes.

Molly felt that she could not turn her back on someone who needed her help and asked, "You tell me what's better: having John McBain behind bars or out there looking for Sam?" Alexis screamed that she was still furious but then admitted that she would want John out to search for Sam also. In the lobby, an officer informed Anna that a break-in had taken place at the university campus.

At the Haunted Star, Laura claimed that she and Scott had run into each other in Paris; however, Lulu remarked that Scott probably had been stalking her. Laura stated that she had been glad to see a familiar face and explained that Scott had told her that he had wanted to rebuild his life and hoped to find someone to rebuild it with. Laura reminded Lulu that she and Scott were each other's first loves, and that they had reconnected. Laura added that they had leaned on each other, and that some of the old feelings had returned. Laura then admitted that she and Scott had not been engaged when she had first seen Lulu, and Lulu realized that Laura and Scott had become engaged after Laura had seen Luke kiss Anna.

Lulu remarked that Elizabeth had informed her that Laura had witnessed Luke and Anna's kiss and then wondered why Laura had not told her about it. Lulu speculated that Laura had needed to "test the waters" with Luke before she accepted Scott's proposal. Lulu questioned if Laura would have accepted Scott's proposal if she had not seen the kiss. Laura admitted that she had wanted to see if there was anything left with Luke but that she had seen for herself that Luke had moved on. However, Lulu was not sure that Luke had moved on and wondered if that was a good enough reason for Laura to marry Scott Baldwin, who then announced that he had returned.

Scott declared that his trip to see Lucy had been a waste of time. Scott then exclaimed to Lulu that he was in love with Laura and always had been. Scott indicated that since he was marrying her mother, he wished to bury the hatchet with Lulu -- "as long as it's not in the back of my head." When Scott held out his hand to Lulu, Laura pleaded with her daughter to take it. Lulu then shook Scott's hand.

Luke found Tracy in the Quartermaine living room, and Tracy announced that A.J. suffered from panic attacks, so she had perfect grounds to remove him as CEO of ELQ. Tracy said that A.J.'s nondisclosure could get him removed and then asked if Luke had located the missing Quartermaine heir. Luke commented that he had been distracted by an event that had happened at Lulu's party and added that he had run into his ex.

After Tracy mistakenly believed Luke had met Anna, Luke clarified that he had meant Laura. When Tracy tried to verify that Luke had meant "Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer, mother of Lulu, Lucky, and Nikolas," Luke agreed that she was the one. Luke remarked that he had not known that Laura was even in the country, and Tracy realized that Laura would want to be with Lulu while Dante and Lulu awaited the birth of their baby.

When Luke revealed that Laura had introduced her fiancé, Tracy noted that Laura had found a new man. Luke then declared that Laura had actually found an old man, who was Scott Baldwin, and Tracy spit out her drink. Tracy verified that Luke meant "the oily ambulance-chaser with the spiky hair and the dangerously high forehead," Luke commented that Scott's forehead had been even higher, when Luke saw him.

Tracy wondered if Laura had really gotten better, if she could not remember all of the bad things that Scott had done to her. Tracy then declared that Luke had been right not to get involved, and if Laura had the poor taste to marry Scott a second time, then she could have him. However, Luke refused to let Laura marry "the sewer rat." Tracy pointed out that it was no longer Luke's job to rescue Laura but then remembered that Luke had never stopped loving Laura.

Tracy remarked that Luke believed that once Laura had returned to town, it was kismet, and that Luke hoped that he could win Laura back. Luke stressed that he and Laura were over and that they had both moved on. However, Tracy noticed that Luke was still single and ready to protect Laura again. Luke insisted that he would only protect Laura from Scott Baldwin, "the sleaze ball with bad-luck troll hair." Luke then yelled out, "The Ice Princess."

When Tracy wondered what the Ice Princess had to do with anything, Luke explained that a replica had been given to Lulu. Luke reflected that the original Ice Princess had contained a formula for carbonic snow that could freeze Port Charles and the world. Luke had thought that Helena had sent the replica to Lulu but wondered if the Dragon Lady might not have sent it after all. Luke declared, "The Ice Princess caused nothing but pain and suffering. And now a reminder of it shows up in our lives." Tracy asked, "And you think the timing was too convenient?" Luke cried out, "I think that replica was sent by Scott Baldwin."

At the university, Lucy, John, and Rafe searched for clues about Sam and Danny's disappearance. When Rafe asked if they would get in trouble for passing through the police tape blocking the professor's office door, John remarked, "We're escaped fugitives. Really, how much more trouble can we get in?" In the office, John looked for information about Caleb's ring and for something that the professor had left behind. As they continued the search, Lucy informed Rafe that his mother, Allison, had been a wonderful, caring person, who had crossed paths with the wrong, and Rafe finished, "Vampire."

Just as Rafe questioned if Caleb could really be his father, John yelled that he had found something. John showed Rafe a picture of the ring on the professor's computer and then read about a clan bent on revenge. John read that the ring had surfaced in the last 19th century, when a family named Morley had possessed it. Lucy commented that Caleb had also used another name, Stephen Clay, an alias as a rock musician. John then announced that he knew who the vampire really was.

John stated that Caleb was really a rock singer, who had escaped from a mental institution in Alabama after he had suffered a psychotic break after the death of his wife, Livvie Locke Clay. John then showed Lucy and Rafe a picture of a lady who looked just like Sam. John revealed that Stephen Clay had adopted the vampire into his singing act and had later convinced himself that he was a vampire. John explained that Clay had caused many bloody deaths and that the day Clay had been committed, he had claimed that he was immortal and would return to "find and reclaim his wife."

Lucy cried out that Clay was a deranged killer, who would be looking for Rafe, and John wondered where a vampire would hang out. John then explained that Clay was patterning his behavior against the legend, so they needed to figure out what the legend's next move would be. Lucy claimed that since Clay already had Sam, he would also want Rafe so that he would have his family back together.

Lucy then informed Rafe that she would give up her life to protect him and that she had dreamed that Caleb had stated that he would not stop trying to get to Rafe. John wondered if it had actually been a dream and then read that vampires had used a form of hypnosis that would lead people to believe that they were dreaming. Lucy stated that Heather had taken her to a spooky place on Spoon Island, where Lucy had dreamed her dream, and John realized that Lucy meant Wyndemere.

At Wyndemere, Sam awoke on the couch and whispered, "Caleb." She saw Caleb at the window, and he turned to greet her with "welcome home."

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