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Jessica was horrified when she heard about all of Tess's horrible deeds. Tess emerged to see the new baby and insisted it was the wrong one. Todd blamed himself for his granddaughter's death. Marty and Cole reunited. Starr learned of Todd's plan to kidnap Hope. Dorian planned to investigate Hope's death. John was arrested, but charges were dropped. He resigned from the police force.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, November 17, 2008

Cradle of Hope

At the police station, John, who had been placed under arrest, encountered Blair. As John related that a series of incidents had transpired that would affect many lives, Nora entered the room. Both Blair and Nora were shocked to learn that Marty was alive and had been living at Todd's residence. John explained that Marty had no memory of her life before the accident and had been living at Todd's of her own free will. John revealed that Marty knew about the rape, but had no knowledge that Todd was one of the culprits, until John told her. While Blair asked for more answers, Nora rushed off to the hospital to visit Marty.

John continued to give Blair the details regarding Todd's latest misdeed. He told her that Marty and Todd had confessed their love for each other and that they had slept together. Blair was horrified to learn that Todd could be capable of taking advantage of a vulnerable Marty. John informed Blair that he had arrived just in time - Todd had planned to run off with Marty and Starr's baby. As she listened to the shocking news, Blair vowed to make Todd pay. After learning that Starr's baby had died, John comforted Blair.

At the hospital, Cole couldn't believe his eyes when he witnessed Marty standing before him. Unsure whether or not he was imagining her presence, Cole asked Marty if she was real or a mirage. With a blank stare, Marty told him that she was actually alive. Cole embraced his mother, but noticed the bewildered look on her face. Sensing that something was wrong, Cole asked Marty if she was aware of whom he actually was. Talia related that it was uncertain of what actually happened to Marty and that she was in need of a full medical exam. Realizing that Cole was pained by her lack of emotion, Marty told him that she had suffered memory loss and only had a faint image of a little boy. Marty began to hum the lullaby that she remembered singing to the toddler, and Cole joined in. Both mother and son were overjoyed to realize that Marty had a memory from the past. While Marty tried her best to reassure Cole that she loved him, Cole was grateful that his mother was alive. The nurse interrupted to inform Marty that the doctor was ready to examine her. Cole told Marty how much he loved her and she told him that she was aware of his feelings towards her.

Down the hall, Todd was rushed into the emergency room. As the doctors worked frantically to save his life, Todd mumbled, "Let me die!" Appalled that someone would beat Todd nearly to death, the doctor wondered what Todd had done to deserve such treatment. Antonio stated that Todd had held a woman captive and then raped her. When the doctor questioned Antonio's presence, Antonio said that he was an officer and had been assigned to guard Todd.

Alone in his hospital room, Todd dreamt of Marty. In his dream, Todd told Marty that he was a changed man because of her. He told her that Starr had changed her mind about giving him her child and wanted Marcie to have the baby. Todd envisioned him and Marty discussing the idea of starting their own family, and Marty was delighted by the thought. He later dreamt of the night they made love and Marty pondered the idea of being pregnant by Todd.

In the maternity ward, Starr phoned Todd to inform him of the baby's death, but received his voicemail. She left her father a message begging him to call her because she had news about the baby. Later, Langston paid Starr a visit. In desperate need of a friend, Starr thanked her for coming and the two grieved for baby Hope together. Langston told Starr that Dr. Joplin had given her a lock of the baby's hair. Showing Langston the locket that Marcie had given her, Starr placed the lock of hair inside the trinket. Langston helped Starr place the locket around her neck.

Nora found Cole standing outside of Marty's examination room. Unable to contain himself, a joyful Cole told her that he had seen his mother. Realizing that Nora knew more than she was revealing, Cole insisted on knowing where his mother had been. Stating that she didn't know all the details, Nora told Cole that John found Marty at Todd's home. A confused Cole demanded to know why his mother was with Todd. Reminding Cole to be thankful that his mother was alive and well, Nora vowed to see to it that Todd paid for his crimes. Cole's attitude suddenly changed, and he suggested that Nora check on his mother.

When Nora walked into the examination room, she was surprised by the reception she received from Marty. Remembering the picture she had seen of Nora, Marty acknowledged her. In a vicious tone, Marty said, "You're Nora Gannon. You defended the man who raped me!" With Talia's help, Nora convinced Marty that they had become close friends over the years. Nora informed Marty that she had defended Todd, but later made every effort to put him behind bars after learning of his guilt. Nora promised Marty that Todd would never hurt her again. After advising Marty that she was the district attorney, Nora began questioning Marty about her encounter with Todd. Nora wanted to know if Todd had inappropriately touched Marty in any way. Upon remembering that she had sex with Todd, Marty flew into a rage. In tears, Marty cried out that she had sex with Todd willingly. As Marty blamed herself for having terrible judgment, Nora attempted to calm her, and assured Marty that she wasn't responsible. In a panic, Marty revealed that she didn't use protection when she slept with Todd. Horrified, Nora asked Marty if she thought she could be pregnant.

While Antonio and Talia spoke outside of Todd's hospital room, Cole observed an officer standing guard. As he walked past Todd's room, Cole observed a badly beaten Todd asleep.

As Todd continued to have pleasant memories of a life with Marty, Cole interrupted his dreams. Ripping the pillow from under Todd's head, an angered Cole demanded, "Wake up!" A dazed Todd opened his eyes.

At the Angel Square hotel, Mike escorted Marcie back to her apartment. To their surprise, they discovered the living room filled with baby items that had been sent by Marcie's relatives. A sadden Marcie announced to Mike that her family hadn't been told of Hope's passing. Fearing Marcie might suffer a meltdown, Mike quickly put away the gifts. Marcie made an effort to remain strong, but when they entered the bedroom and observed several other items that were meant for Hope's homecoming, both Marcie and Mike were overcome with emotion. Feeling guilty, Marcie accepted responsibility for wanting to raise Hope, and told Mike that he didn't deserve to suffer the loss of the child with her. Mike was adamant about standing by Marcie. Stating that her loss was his loss, Mike told Marcie that he loved her and would never walk out on her again.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plan "B"

At the police station, John gave Blair his condolences on the death of her granddaughter. Blair couldn't believe the number of shocking events that had come down on them all at once. John regretted not getting to Marty sooner, even though Blair told him not to blame himself. He urged her to focus on Starr, and not let Todd's latest crimes preoccupy her. Blair admitted that she had never been Marty's biggest fan, but said she could sympathize with her rage upon learning the truth. She reflected on how Todd had been haunted by what he had done to Marty for years, and told John she couldn't understand why he would choose to repeat the rape and put both himself and Marty through it again. "Some people never change," John replied. Blair asked if that was the answer, or whether Todd had managed to convince himself that he was actually in love with Marty. John told Blair that Marty didn't remember anyone, including Cole, and Blair expressed her sympathies for the boy, while dreading having to give Starr another shock with the news about Todd. As John was taken away for booking, he and Blair bid one another goodbye. "Take care of yourself," John said.

At Llanview Hospital, Clint arrived at Jessica's room with a bouquet of roses to cheer her up. She asked about the children, and Clint told her that both of her daughters were doing fine, and that the new baby was beautiful. Clint wanted to get her restraints removed, but Jessica told him to leave them on. "I'm dangerous," she reminded him. Clint tried to make the distinction between Jessica and Tess, and said she was not responsible and would be getting help, but Jessica wasn't having it. She told her father she did bear responsibility for Tess's actions, and insisted Clint tell her what Tess had done in the months she had been on the loose. After a lot of pushing, Clint grudgingly recounted Tess's murderous exploits to the horrified Jessica. "What have I done?" she cried.

At Rex's apartment, Roxy and Gigi surprised Rex with Natalie and Jared's return. Rex hugged his sister, and the Balsom siblings compared notes about their ordeals with Brody and Tess. Natalie was surprised to hear that Rex and Adriana had divorced, and was curious about the circumstances that led to Rex's shooting. Rex said that both Brody and Jessica were "sad, sick people" who were getting help, and that he was grateful to be together with the love of his life. Roxy spilled the beans to Natalie that "Rex is a daddy," and Rex explained to Natalie and Jared that Shane was his son. Natalie was shocked and delighted, but Rex said that they would be taking the father-son process slowly. The conversation turned back to Jessica, as Rex asked Natalie and Jared how they would relate to Jess after all that had happened. Natalie said she didn't know; she felt cheated of justice because she had despised Tess, but loved Jessica just as much, and they were not one and the same. She admitted she wasn't sure that things would ever be the same again between the two sisters.

As Jared and Natalie prepared to leave the Balsom household, Natalie got a call from Clint, who told her that he was with Jessica, and had filled her in on what Tess had done. Clint told Natalie that Jessica was asking for them.

At the veterans' hospital, Brody got another visit from Wes. Wes was pleased to see that Brody was coherent and in better spirits, and Brody said the doctors had lowered his medication dosage. He told Wes that Gigi and Rex had visited and brought Shane, and that he had appreciated their kindness. Wes informed Brody that he'd contacted Brody's sister, Nadine, but Brody was unruffled to hear that his sibling still wanted nothing to do with him. Wes encouraged Brody to keep working with the Veterans Affairs psychiatrists in order to get a lighter sentence for the shooting, but Brody said there was no point; he was going to prison, and that was that. Brody told Wes that the word had gotten out that the VA department was looking to cut him loose, uninterested in his stateside "civilian trauma." "I did this to myself," Brody insisted, and said he was ready to take the maximum punishment. Wes urged him to fight for his freedom.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Cole stared the wounded Todd down as he held the pillow over his head, ready to smother him. Cole railed at Todd about what Todd had to done to his mother, but all Todd could say was, "I saved her." He claimed he had never meant to hurt Marty again. "Nobody cares what you meant," Cole hissed, and said that all that mattered was what Todd had actually done. He asked Todd for one good reason he should live, but Todd said he had nothing left to live for. "I was trying to make it up to her," he croaked, and implied that Marty could have learned the whole truth at any time. Cole laughed in his face, and said that Todd had trapped a crippled woman in his home and brainwashed her. "She didn't want to leave," Todd whispered. "She wanted everything that happened between us." Cole grew frightened as the unthinkable dawned on him, and he asked if Todd had slept with Cole's mother. Todd turned to face Cole, and mumbled, "Yeah."

Horrified, Cole dropped the pillow and began to pace around Todd's hospital room. "It wasn't how you think," Todd protested feebly, but Cole rejected Todd's point of view. As he saw it, Todd found a way to make the amnesiac Marty owe him, and then he collected. He became furious again as he realized that Marty had been in Todd's house when Cole had come to see him regarding the baby's adoption. When he told Todd that Starr's baby was dead, Todd refused to believe it. "It's true, Todd," Blair said as she walked in. "Starr's baby is dead. God, I wish it was you." Cole said he blamed Todd for Starr's loss as well. Unable to deal with the situation any longer, he fled, leaving Blair to confront her ex-husband.

In the exam room, Marty sat on the floor with Nora, shell-shocked. In a broken, dazed voice, she admitted that she and Todd had not used protection when they'd gone to bed together. "I thought I wanted to have his baby," she mumbled. Nora told her not to blame herself for being taken in, and said that Todd was a master manipulator. Marty said she'd learned everything she knew about herself from him, and that it had all turned out to be lies. She called herself a fool, and when Nora said she wasn't, Marty said she was a victim, and that was worse. "Marty Saybrooke, you are nobody's fool and you are nobody's victim," Nora declared. She explained that Marty had been vulnerable, and Todd had taken advantage, nothing more. She asked Marty if she wanted the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy, and Marty agreed. When Nora left to get the doctor, Marty curled up into a ball, trying to shut out the world.

Nora returned with a doctor to administer the morning after pill, and Marty found herself lost in thought. She flashed back to her long talks with Todd, and how she had hoped for a baby of their own. Then, she remembered Todd's admission of rape. Without hesitation, Marty quickly downed both of the necessary pills.

After the doctor left, Marty and Nora spoke about Cole and children. Nora told Marty that she knew both of her children, even if she couldn't remember them. "No, I only know Todd," Marty muttered. Nora assured Marty that "you're still you," and that remembering would take time. Marty couldn't get over the fact that she had prayed for a child with Todd, but had actually had her own son, and she didn't know a thing about him. In Todd's room, Todd asked Blair about Starr, but Blair didn't think he deserved to know. "She's my daughter and I love her," Todd mumbled. "As much as you love Marty Saybrooke?" Blair shot back. Disgusted, Blair asked Todd if he'd really believed he could erase the past and absolve himself by making an amnesia patient fall in love with him. She said that first, Todd had stolen Marty's youth and then, he had spent years trying to ingratiate himself to her ever since. "I thought we could be happy," Todd moaned. Blair scoffed at the implication that there was anything innocent or noble about Todd's "love" for Marty. She said she never thought that he could shock her again, but that he had outdone himself once more. Growing emotional, she spoke about their relationship. "So long, I believed in the man that I thought you could be," Blair whispered. She said she'd thought that she had seen inside of him and their love was real, but his crime against Marty had made her realize that inside of Todd, there was nothing but a cold, black heart. As Blair stormed out, she told Todd that it would have been better for everyone, especially Marty, if John had beaten him to death.

In the exam room, Nora returned to Marty's side and told her that she was cleared to go home with Nora. Nora told Marty that Cole lived with her, as well, and that being around truthful, loving friends and family would help her memory return. Marty seemed pleased by the prospect, but was still thunderstruck by all that had happened with Todd. "I thought I loved him," she muttered. As Cole entered, Marty stayed at the other side of the room, distant, struggling with her thoughts. Nora gave Cole the good news, and Cole told Marty that no one would ever hurt her again.

At Rex's, Gigi prepared breakfast, but Wes Grainger knocked at the door and interrupted her. Wes introduced himself, and told Gigi and Rex that Brody needed their help.

At the veterans' hospital, Brody stared at a picture of himself with Shane, then sadly put it in a drawer and shut it away.

While being escorted to the cellblock, John wrangled a buddy's phone and called Nora to check on Marty. Nora told him that they were taking her back to the Buchanan mansion with Cole, and John asked her to "take care of them."

At the hospital, Clint opened Jessica's door to admit Jared and Natalie, who shared an awkward moment with her sister.

In a hospital corridor, Nora wheeled Marty through the halls on their way to the exit. Just then, an elevator opened, and Todd was wheeled out, coming face-to-face with Marty.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Nora wheeled Marty to the elevator after she was released from the hospital. As they approached the elevator, the doors opened and Todd was wheeled off. He was escorted by a nurse and a police guard. As the trio neared Marty, she stood up. When Todd came to a stop in front of her, Marty vented her fury. Todd had difficulty maintaining eye contact while Marty angrily told him that she had taken something to ensure that there wouldn't be any lingering effects of their sexual encounter. To clarify, she told him that she ended any potential pregnancies. Todd said little beyond apologizing as Marty berated him. Marty wasn't interested in his apologizes. She told him that she hoped that his regret ate him alive and killed him.

Nora spoke up when Todd reminded Marty that he had given her an out when he had invited her to leave. Nora was disgusted that Todd had the nerve to suggest that Marty had free will when her head had been filled with lies. Marty was equally outraged and reminded Todd of the worst of his lies; telling her that she didn't have children. She told Todd that she had met her son earlier and vowed to make sure that Todd spent the rest of his life suffering for what he had done to her. When Marty mentioned Todd's plans for Starr's baby, Todd dropped the bombshell that the baby had died. Marty and Nora were stunned. Their disbelief turned to anger when Todd suggested that the baby's death had been God's punishment for his transgressions. He went on to profess his profound regret over the things he had done.

Nora was disgusted. She asked Todd how he had the nerve to believe that his contrition would somehow make amends for the horrible things that he had done. She also wanted to know how he could have the gall to put it all on God when he was the one responsible for plotting the ruination of so many lives. When Nora was through blasting Todd, Marty spoke up again. She told Todd that she wanted nothing to do with him then walked away. Before the elevator doors closed on Nora and Marty, Todd turned and told Marty that he was sorry. Neither woman responded. After the doors closed, the nurse and guard stepped forward and wheeled Todd away.

Blair went to Starr's hospital room and found her out of bed. When she joined Starr on the sofa, she noticed the locket that Starr was wearing. Starr explained that Marcie had given it to her and she'd been advised to put something personal of her daughter's in it to help with the grief that she was feeling. Starr confided that the necklace held a lock of Hope's hair. Blair gently changed the subject to Todd and tried to break the news about Todd's recent wrongdoings to Starr. Starr was shocked when she learned that Marty was alive. She also worried about how Cole would react to the news. As the two talked, Starr began asking questions about Marty's return to Llanview. Those questions forced Blair to reveal Todd's role in Marty's recent tribulations. Starr was hurt that her father had been able to convince her and others that he had turned a new leaf. Blair was sympathetic and pointed out that she believed that Todd had been sincere in his acceptance of Starr's decisions concerning the baby. Unfortunately, it gave Starr little comfort when Blair went on to tell Starr that Todd had, at one point, planned to kidnap Starr's baby.

Dorian cornered Dr. Joplin in a hospital corridor and demanded answers about the death of Starr's baby. She informed Dr. Joplin that she had spoken to hospital personnel in the NICU and discovered that the baby had never been taken there. Dorian wanted to know where Dr. Joplin had taken the baby when she had left Starr's room. Dr. Joplin appeared nervous, but she stuck to her story. She told Dorian that she had suspected that the baby suffered from heart problems and she had acted accordingly. Dr. Joplin insisted that she had taken the baby to NICU. She suggested that perhaps the people Dorian had spoken to had only told Dorian what she had wanted to hear. Dr. Joplin then concluded that the baby's passing had been God's will. Dorian was far from satisfied. She warned Dr. Joplin that she intended to investigate the 45-minute window during which the baby was missing. When she discovered what happened, Dorian would then determine if the baby's demise had been an act of God or malpractice. After Dorian marched away, Dr. Joplin sat down in a nearby seat and dropped her head into her hands.

At Rex's place, Wes talked to Rex and Gigi about Brody. He wanted Rex to help Brody with the criminal charges that he faced. Wes explained that Brody's sister refused to return Wes's calls and Brody didn't have the funds to hire an adequate attorney to help deal with the legal ramifications that he faced. Wes wanted Rex to drop the charges against Brody. Rex was sympathetic but didn't feel that he could do much to help Brody. He reminded Wes that the D.A., not him, had filed the charges. It wasn't up to Rex whether or not the charges were dropped. Wes pointed out that without Rex's cooperation, the D.A. might have a difficult time prosecuting the case. Rex agreed and took Shane's feelings into consideration. He realized Shane would not want Brody to be sent to jail. For Shane's sake, Rex decided to do what he could to help Brody avoid jail. Wes was appreciative, and left.

Jessica's grasp on reality was tentative as Tess, trapped behind a mental cage, screamed for release. Tess wanted to see her baby. Jessica seemed somewhat aware of the struggle going on in her mind but she focused on Natalie when her sister and Jared arrived for a visit. Jared didn't appear happy to be in Jessica's room, but said little as Natalie approached Jessica. Jessica explained that she had asked to see them after she had learned from Clint the details of Natalie's imprisonment. Jessica felt that she couldn't ask for forgiveness until she extended the same courtesy. Jessica went on to express her shame over what Natalie and Jared had to endure at Tess's hands.

Natalie was more understanding than Jared was. When Tess explained that Nash's loss continued to be a raw wound that felt as if it had just happened, Jared asked what the point of the visit was if she still felt the intense pain of losing her husband. Natalie however was more compassionate. She understood what Jessica had meant because she realized that she and her sister had not resolved anything. It had been Tess who had falsely offered forgiveness, not Jessica. When Natalie asked to speak to Jessica alone, Jared appeared torn between relief and reluctance. He hesitated until Natalie assured him that she would be okay alone with her sister.

After Jared stepped out of the room, Natalie and Jessica spoke from their hearts. Jessica asked Natalie to look after her children. Natalie happily agreed but assured Jessica that she would soon return home to her daughters. Jessica wasn't so certain. She reminded Natalie that it was doubtful Tess had taken good care of Bree. Jessica worried that Bree would fear her mother because she was too young to understand that she was not Tess. Jessica also worried that her newborn could have problems because of poor prenatal care and a birth that Jessica did not remember. Natalie felt terrible for her sister and tried to offer her hope. She promised to help Jessica through the difficult journey ahead. Jessica appreciated Natalie's faith but admitted that she couldn't foresee a happy ending for herself.

Meanwhile, inside Jessica's head, Tess continued banging on the cage she was imprisoned in while she demanded to be released. She was frantic to see the baby. Tess worried that something awful had happened to the baby because she never heard her cry after her birth. Bess calmly walked up to the cage and told Tess to relax. She insisted that the baby was fine but Tess wasn't convinced. She reminded Bess that she never went "out" so she would have no way of knowing how the baby fared. Bess disagreed. She reminded Tess that she was responsible for order and was fully aware of what went on "outside" and "inside" Jessica's head. Tess was not pacified and began threatening Bess in an effort to force her compliance. She warned Bess that if she did not release Tess, Tess would do everything in her power to ensure that she and Jessica would not integrate. Bess reluctantly capitulated and released Tess. However, before Tess left, Bess told her that her freedom was temporary. Bess only intended for Tess to be "out" long enough to see that the baby was safe and sound.

Moments later, Bess walked out of the cage and closed the door behind her. As she walked away, Jessica was seen lying unconscious on the floor. She was wearing her hospital gown.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Lie Of The Mind

Marty arrived home with Nora, and stood by awkwardly while Nora expressed her sympathy to Cole over the death of his baby. Finally, an uncomfortable Marty spoke up, voicing her sorrow as well. Cole could only see the miracle of his mother's return. When Nora received a call to report to work, Cole fearlessly sat with Marty, trying to help her piece together her past. Marty was happy that Nora had been there for Cole, but was curious as to how he could make a baby with Starr, knowing what he did about Todd's past. He explained that he and Starr had been going out together for quite some time before that and that Marty herself had approved of their relationship.

Marty asked about Cole's father and was handed a photo album. She learned that she'd had a husband. Cole filled her in on Patrick Thornhart and how both Patrick and Marty had been teachers. She looked at her wedding portrait and heard how they had traveled to California to get away from some people who had caused Patrick some trouble. She was curious to learn that Patrick had been Irish and that her accident had taken place in that country. She was surprised to hear that John had taken care of Cole after the accident, and wondered what role John had played in her own life.

Dorian advised Blair that she was going to get answers regarding Starr's baby. Blair took offense to Dorian's reading the Intruder with its headline, "Bizarre Love Nest," that featured pictures of Todd and Marty. Dorian suggested that Blair really needed to yell and be angry. Refusing, citing her children nearby, Blair tossed a vase instead, hoping that her aunt was happy. Dorian thought that a less expensive coffee mug would have been better, but said it was a start. Blair felt angry that her priority should have been comforting Starr, but instead she was dealing with the revelations involving Todd. How sick was it, she wondered, that Todd had fallen in love with Marty? Dorian not only agreed, but felt that Todd was sick and capable of doing anything.

When Blair revealed Todd's plan to steal Starr's baby, Dorian could only exclaim, "I could kill him." "Yeah, well take a number," Blair replied. Blair admitted to feeling sorry for Marty, pointing out that the woman had lost everything. This brought Dorian much pride for her niece, reminding Blair how the women used to have a toxic relationship, much like the one between Blair and Todd. She wondered, though, if Marty and Blair would be fighting over John in the future.

Thrilled to see her daughter out of bed, even though she was in a straitjacket, Viki greeted her enthusiastically. "Do I look like Jessie to you?" Tess snarled at her. Demanding to see her baby, Tess was less than thrilled when Viki made it known that she preferred to discuss it with Jessica, even though she was glad that Tess was no longer hiding. She accused Tess of hurting Jessica. The women began to argue, with Tess not letting up on her demands to see her baby. She promised that she would allow Jessica to return afterwards. Viki was sure that Jessica would fight, but Tess thought that was highly unlikely, considering that Jessica was locked up. Tess informed Viki that the baby was hers, not Jessica's.

The women began to argue over who was worse, Tess or Jessica. While Tess had committed awful deeds, Jessica ignored them, Tess pointed out. She wondered if Jessica was actually part of her, rather than the other way around.

Meanwhile, a caged Jessica met Bess who called herself "a friend." She asked that Jessica do as she said, even as Jessica insisted that she be let out. Bess explained that she gave her word to Tess because Jessica's eyes were always closed to everything. She always stopped short and only went so far in her actions. Bess was surprised that Jessica's eyes were opened this time. She wanted Jessica to go along with her so that it would be easier for everyone. She informed Jessica that she would take care of her for her own good, same as always.

"What else have you done?" Jessica inquired. Bess quietly replied that whatever she had done had been for Jessica's good. She added that whatever Jessica didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Furthermore, any help that Tess had provided had been incidental, while she, Bess, always stepped in if necessary. Jessica learned that Bess was the gatekeeper and wondered if there were any more alters. Instead of answering her question, Bess told her to get some rest, and that she was monitoring the situation and would take over if she had to.

Tess needed to see the baby, since she was the only one who knew her, Bess stated. Jessica accused Bess of not being able to control Tess. She also thought that the alters were supposed to help, her but it didn't seem like that was happening. Tess would do or say anything to remain in control. Bess thought Jessica made a good point. She decided to set Jessica free.

When the baby arrived, Tess went crazy. "I warned you, no games," she screamed at Viki. She insisted that the baby wasn't hers and that someone had stolen her child. As she continued to scream and hurl accusations, Viki slapped her. Suddenly, Jessica reappeared. She informed her mother that she had met another alter.

Tess ended back in the locked cage, with Bess assuring her that because she had caused trouble, the experiment would not be repeated. Tess insisted that they had brought her the wrong kid. There was no mix-up, Bess replied. She told Tess to get some rest.

Michael paid John a visit and wondered why his brother was still locked up when he had saved Marty's life. John mentioned the variety of additional charges that he was facing. Michael sadly told him of all of the gifts that awaited Marcie after Starr's baby was born. He was in pain because Marcie was in pain. John assured him that he wasn't alone. Michael enlightened his brother with the same response; that he wasn't alone in his situation, and he felt it was all political. John was just sorry that he hadn't made his moves sooner. Michael pleaded with John not to shoot his mouth off. John was only concerned that Marty receive help. He was worried about her, since it took so long for her to recover from her long-ago rape.

Bo went over the statement of Officer Webster, who insisted that he had found John on the ground in his cell and the next thing he knew, he was down on the ground himself, with John gone. According to Antonio, the cop was sticking to that story. Bo was sorry that he couldn't change anything himself, but felt that John would have to pay for being a rogue cop. Antonio was hopeful that perhaps Marty could help out, though Bo was loathe to have a victim make such a move. The mayor arrived looking for John, and demanded John be brought up, so that he could take his badge.

Complaining that John had made a mockery of them, the mayor insisted that John would pay. Bo reminded him of his last wrong moves, when he clamped down, concerning Lee Ramsey. Nora informed him that she didn't answer to him and it was up to her as to whether she prosecuted John or not. The mayor was informed further that the citizens of Llanview were probably not on his side.

In the outer office, a reporter stopped John and referred to him as a superhero. A modest John stated that he was just doing his job, while Bo commented in a whisper to Nora that John was Batman. John revealed that he had been asking for warrants, but probably couldn't get them because Todd had donated money. Michael broke in, announcing that elected officials had blocked the rescue attempt Annoyed, the mayor stepped up and irritably pronounced that John had broken the law and he would not allow him to get away with it.

As the reporter began to question the mayor, the mayor suddenly, and quite eerily, changed his tune. He caused applause to break out when he abruptly stated that no charges would be filed. John would be put on administrative leave for a month and his records would reflect his insubordination, but he showed some dynamic police work, the mayor beamed. John's bravery did the city proud, he concluded. He offered to pin John's badge back on. Michael leaned in to say how grateful John was. "Take your badge, take your job and shove it," John growled.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Viki paid Jessica a visit at the psychiatric ward. Viki became concerned when a frantic Jessica related her encounter with Bess. Upon learning that Bess referred to herself as the "gatekeeper", Viki surmised that Bess was similar to her own alter ego, "Jean Randolph." Viki explained that Tess's existence was an expression of Jessica's rage, while Bess's presence represented control. Jess expressed the fear that she felt during her interaction with Bess and asked her mother if Bess's desire to protect her meant that the alter ego symbolized goodness. With a look of concern, Viki warned her daughter that although the gatekeeper's role was to protect, the alter ego had no real sense of right or wrong. Relying on her past experiences, Viki advised Jess that Bess might be dangerous in her own right.

Realizing that Bess was created because of her fear, Jess struggled to figure out what had transpired in her life that caused Bess to surface. Convinced that Jess's ability to remember her conversation with Bess was a good sign, Viki attempted to encourage her daughter. Sadly, Jess told Viki that she remembered very little of her conversation with Bess. Jess related Bess's cryptic message to Viki - "I've taken care of the situation!" Wanting desperately to help her daughter, Viki wondered what Bess's statement actually meant.

When Viki revealed that Tess had seen the baby, a worried Jess asked if Tess had hurt the child. Unwilling to jeopardize Jess's recovery, Viki avoided giving Jess vivid details of Tess's abrupt return and did her best to convince Jess that her daughters were safe. Certain that her mother was keeping her in the dark, Jessica demanded to know what had taken place during Tess's visit. Viki admitted that Tess returned with a vengeance and stated that the baby wasn't hers. Both Viki and Jessica ruled out any thoughts that Tess could possibly be right.

In an attempt to cheer Jessica up, Viki showed her pictures of her newborn and assured her that Bree was doing well. Although pleased to see her baby, Jessica thought about being away from her children and broke down in tears. A terrified Jessica told Viki that she was sick and needed to go away until she was well again. Jess said that she wasn't ready to face the real world, and feared being near her children. Remaining brave for Jessica's sake, Viki promised to get her help and take care of the girls while she was away.

Viki stepped out into the hall and wept. She looked up and noticed Charlie. Without saying a word, Viki collapsed into Charlie's arms and cried. Back inside her hospital room, Jess stared at a picture of her newborn baby and cried.

Dr. Joplin visited Todd in his hospital room. A dismal Todd asked the doctor what had happened to his grandchild. After learning that Dr. Joplin hadn't discovered the cause of death, he blamed himself. In a suspicious tone, the doctor asked if Marty was the reason why Todd had changed his mind about stealing the child. Todd mumbled that he loved Marty and stated that he wanted to start a family with her. Attempting to convince Dr. Joplin that he had the best intentions, Todd tried to defend his past actions. Acknowledging that she had heard the news bulletins relating to Todd's imprisonment of Marty, Dr. Joplin told Todd that she believed that he was a sick individual and was in desperate need of mental care. Dr. Joplin informed Todd that she hadn't the time to listen to his regrets, because she had her own troubles. She explained that Dorian was hell-bent on proving that she had caused the death of Starr's baby. Before leaving, Dr. Joplin told Todd that she hoped he would eventually get the care that he needed.

Alone with his thoughts, Todd had memories of Marty. Consumed with guilt, Todd stared at his reflection in the mirror. As he gazed at his badly bruised face, Todd heard Marty's voice. He remembered the day Marty accused him of rape and the horror on her face after learning that he had undergone surgery to change his face. Todd studied his appearance for a moment and slowly removed a bandage from his face, revealing a terrible scar.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole reminisced with his mother and tried his best to make her remember her past. When Marty mentioned the lies that Todd had told her about John, Cole defended John and recounted Marty and John's relationship before her accident. Cole maintained the close friendship that had developed between Marty and John and insisted that things would have developed further if their time together hadn't been cut short. Marty listened intently as Cole revealed that he thought her relationship with John was special.

Cole continued to relate stories about his mother's past. When Marty unknowingly called Cole by a familiar name, he felt the pain of his mother having virtually no memory of him. Marty reminded Cole that her very limited memory included an image of him as a child. Marty's words of encouragement gave Cole hope. He believed that his mother would regain her memory. Cole made every attempt to jog his mother's memory. Marty tried to take in all the information that Cole revealed to her but became overwhelmed. In an abrupt tone, Marty pleaded with Cole to stop pushing her to remember her past. Realizing that she had offended Cole, Marty apologized for her harsh tone. Reminding Cole that she had been under Todd's control for several months, Marty asked for time to herself. Appearing concerned, Cole agreed to give his mother some privacy. Marty assured Cole that she wanted more than anything to be his mother, but needed time to sort things out. After sharing an embrace with his mother, Cole left her alone to gather her thoughts.

At La Boulaie, Dorian and Blair discussed Marty's return and the effect it would have on Blair's relationship with John. As Blair tried to change the subject, Dorian was determined to learn Blair's true feelings for John and that Marty's return might wreak havoc on Blair's newfound relationship. Reminding Dorian that Marty had amnesia, Blair was convinced that Marty's presence wouldn't cause a problem because she didn't remember the feelings she once had for John. When Dorian suggested that John still had strong feelings for Marty, Blair appeared concerned. Feeling sympathy for Blair, Dorian expressed her concern for Blair's happiness and recounted Todd's terrible crime against Marty. After criticizing Todd for continuing to cause pain to everyone that he claimed to love, Blair insisted that John cared about her and said that she didn't want to analyze the relationship any further.

At the police station, the press crowded around as John criticized Mayor Lowell and announced that he was quitting. Insulted, May or Lowell warned John to never embarrass him again. While Bo and Nora pleaded with John to remain calm, John declared that was done with being careful, and resigned from the department. Fed up with John's defiance, the mayor demanded that the charges against John be reinstated. After listening to Bo's words of wisdom, Lowell rescinded his decision but advised John that he would remain under his radar.

Back at La Boulaie, Blair and Dorian tuned in to the news broadcast and learned of John's resignation.

Bo begged John to reconsider his decision. John was adamant that he couldn't return to the department, and insisted that he needed time to himself. Acknowledging that it had been an honor to work for Bo, John handed Bo his badge and left the office. As John walked down the hall, Antonio and Talia attempted to stop him, but John walked right past them without a word. When Antonio and Talia inquired about what had taken place, Bo stated that the department had lost one of the best cops that he had ever known.

Later, Bo offered John's job to Antonio. Antonio accepted the position but insisted that John should still be on the force. Bo said that John had made his choice and that they still had a job to do. With great sadness, Bo placed John's badge in his desk drawer.

Outside in the hall, Mike wondered if John was sure that he had made the right decision, and reminded his brother that he had actually won his fight. John disagreed with Mike's reasoning. John believed that he had failed Marty, and stated that it was because of him that Todd had raped her again. Looking around the station in disgust, John said that he couldn't stand to be there any longer, and left.

Blair showed up at the station looking for John. She was surprised when Nora told her that she had no idea where John had gone.

At the Buchanan mansion, the doorbell chimed. Marty opened the door and stood face-to-face with John once again.

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian left a message on Dr. Joplin's voicemail. She demanded information regarding baby Hope's autopsy, and warned the doctor that she would face serious consequences if it were discovered that Dr. Joplin had lied about the baby's death.

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