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Monday, November 17, 2008

David kissed Amanda long and hard. He stated that the purpose of a kiss was to leave the other person wanting more. Amanda promised to try to seduce JR again the next day, but David was not satisfied. He handed her a cup of coffee to help sober her up, so she could meet with JR right away. She started to feel guilty about playing JR. David reminded her that JR used her many times. He also stated that he was paying her a lot of money to ruin JR's life. Amanda drank the coffee.

Krystal brought Little Adam to his grandfather's mansion. Adam was surprised to see his ex-wife so late at night. She explained that Little Adam could not sleep because he wanted to be in his old bedroom. She said that she had tried everything to get the little boy to sleep, but nothing had worked. Adam was happy that she came to his home. Adam told his grandson that he was always welcome at the family home, as long as JR was fine with it. Adam asked Krystal if JR knew where she brought his son. She replied that she left JR a message.

JR was in the elevator at Fusion as he stared at the bottle of champagne in his hands. He almost took a sip of the alcohol, but he threw the bottle against the wall instead. Then, he saw the message from Krystal and rushed to the mansion.

JR arrived at the mansion to find Adam reading a bedtime story to Little Adam. The boy was asleep, but JR grabbed him and woke him up. Krystal explained that Little Adam was having trouble sleeping, so she brought him to the mansion to comfort him. Little Adam told his father that he wanted to sleep in his old bedroom. JR said Little Adam could stay one night, so Adam carried his grandson to bed. JR scolded Krystal for bringing Little Adam to the mansion. Krystal understood that JR did not want his son to be influenced by Adam, but she reminded JR that his son was mourning Babe. She felt that the mansion provided Little Adam with a connection to Babe because he grew up in the home with her. She asked JR to put his anger towards Adam aside to help Little Adam deal with his mother's passing. JR agreed.

David and Amanda went to the mansion and secretly watched JR through a window. As JR somberly looked at a picture of Babe, David asked Amanda what she saw. Amanda said that she saw a man in pain. David corrected her and said that she was looking at a vulnerable man that she could exploit. Once again, Amanda felt guilty about taking advantage of JR in his time of need. David commented that Amanda was not strong enough to take down JR. She wanted to prove that she was strong, so she vowed to enact David's treacherous plan. David said that she needed to act like Babe, so she could win JR's heart.

Amanda went inside the mansion to see JR. She profusely apologized for kissing him. She claimed that she did it because she was lonely and missed Babe. She said that she understood if he never wanted to speak to her again. Just as she started to leave, he told her to stay.

David was still peering through the window when Krystal noticed him. She went outside and threatened to call Adam's security detail. He confidently stated that she would not call security on him, and she looked annoyed.

Angie and Frankie talked to Rebecca's oncologist. He stated that, because Rebecca refused chemotherapy, she only had a few weeks to live. He further revealed that Rebecca wanted to go home for the last weeks of her life, instead of staying in the hospital.

Angie and Frankie entered Rebecca's hospital room. Natalia was begging her mother to stay in the hospital. Rebecca told Natalia that she needed to accept Rebecca's inevitable death. Angie told Rebecca that she supported Rebecca's decision to leave the hospital. Angie then pulled Frankie aside to speak privately. She told her son that she wanted to invite Rebecca and Natalia to live with them. Frankie called his mother a kind and caring person, and he promised to support her. Angie then asked Rebecca and Natalia to move into her home. Rebecca refused because she did not want to impose on Angie. Angie stated that Rebecca had sacrificed for others her whole life, so it was her turn to be taken care of. Rebecca began to cry and Angie comforted her.

Brot was hiding in the storage closet and Colby brought him food from the cafeteria. Brot was grateful, so he opened up to Colby. He told her the story of how he got burned in Iraq. She was moved by the story and tried to touch his arm to comfort him, but he pulled away. He yelled that he did not need her pity, so she ran away.

Jake was helping Taylor with her physical therapy. They laughed and flirted with each other. Jake had a French chef deliver Taylor an array of gourmet desserts. She was very impressed with his romantic gesture. She admitted that she could fall in love with him. Meanwhile, Taylor did not know that Brot was outside of her room, listening to her conversation with Jake.

Greenlee, Aidan, and Ryan were outside of Di's hotel room when they heard a gunshot. They entered the room and saw Di lying on the floor and Annie standing over her with a gun in her hand. Annie exclaimed that Di stole Emma and she had to shoot Di in self-defense. Ryan asked Di where Emma was and she replied, "Ask Annie." Just then, Di saw a gun on the floor and grabbed it. Aidan saw Di about to pull the trigger and he jumped in front of Greenlee. Aidan was hit by the bullet and fell to the ground. Then, Di died.

Jesse went to Puerto Rico to help Ryan and Annie find Emma. Jesse joined the Puerto Rican police when they arrived on the scene at the Palm Hotel. Ryan, Annie, and Greenlee were relieved to see Jesse. As the paramedics brought Aidan to the hospital, the police arrested Ryan, Annie, and Greenlee as suspects in Di's murder.

At the police station, Greenlee begged the police to let her see Aidan in the hospital, so they let her go, under Jesse's supervision. The police interrogated Annie. Annie claimed again that Di was the kidnapper and that she shot Di in self-defense. After Annie was put back into the cell with Ryan, they attempted to escape. They tried to flee the cell when a cop opened the door, but they were quickly caught. However, during the escape attempt, Ryan was able to secretly steal keys from one of the cops.

Greenlee was at the hospital and asked the doctor about Aidan's condition. The doctor said that Aidan needed treatment that their hospital could not give him. He feared that Aidan would die, and told Greenlee to say her goodbyes. She refused to let Aidan die and vowed to find a doctor that could save him.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Krystal told David that JR and Little Adam were moving back into the Chandler mansion. David said it was not wise for Little Adam to be near Adam. Krystal said Little Adam was having trouble sleeping without Adam around. She said the Chandler mansion was really the only home Little Adam knew. David said the home was surrounded with memories of Babe being emotionally tortured by JR. Krystal tried to convince David that JR had become a better man, but David figured it was only a matter time before JR became just like his father.

JR asked Amanda to stay at the mansion. He said it would help him to be near someone else who loved Babe. Krystal went inside the house to see Amanda and JR. Amanda said it felt strange to be in the house without Babe. Krystal asked JR if he had decided to move in with Adam. JR said it was what Little Adam wanted. Krystal left to go home. JR and Amanda shared stories about how Babe changed their lives. Before she left, JR thanked Amanda for listening to him.

Jake told Taylor he liked her beautiful, vulnerable side that many people don't get to see. Brot, who was listening outside the door, heard Taylor tell Jake she could possibly fall in love with him. Jake joked that most of his patients, including a bird with a broken wing, always fell in love with him. Greenlee called the hospital to speak to Jake. She told him that Aidan had been shot while they were in Pine Key. Greenlee begged Jake to come save Aidan. Jake told Greenlee he was on his way. She went into Aidan's room, grabbed his head and told him Jake was coming. The doctors managed to stabilize Aidan until Jake arrived. Once Jake got there, he told Greenlee that the bullet had to be removed. Aidan woke up and whispered that he needed to tell Greenlee something important.

Tad visited Taylor. Taylor apologized for being mean to him the last time they spoke. Tad said he figured Jake's influence played a role on her new positive attitude. Krystal snuggled into bed with Tad. She told him JR and Little Adam were moving back into the Chandler mansion. But Krystal admitted that, deep down, she worried Little Adam would be influenced by Adam. Tad said he and Krystal would make sure Little Adam turned out as well as JR had.

Colby found Brot in his nesting spot at the hospital. After seeing Brot watch Taylor and Jake, she knew that Brot was involved with Taylor. Frankie knocked on the door. Brot hid in the corner while Colby explained that she was taking a nap. Frankie said he heard Colby talking to someone. She said it was just talking in her sleep. Colby shut the door and pretended to walk away. But she went back inside after Frankie was gone. Brot thanked Colby for not ratting him out to Frankie. Colby encouraged Brot to come clean with Frankie and Taylor. She offered to help Brot, whether he stayed or left, but wanted to know more about him and why he was in Pine Valley. Brot explained his relationship to Taylor. Colby was shocked Brot would not tell his fiancée he was alive. But Brot was ashamed of his appearance. He said he came to Pine Valley to make sure Taylor was happy. Brot wanted to leave town after seeing Taylor was happy with Jake. Brot asked Colby to help him get to a bus station. Afterwards, Brot would figure out what to do with his life. Colby said she knew a place Brot could stay temporarily.

Rebecca and Natalia thanked Angie for the offer to stay with her and Jesse. David was surprised when he overheard Angie telling Rebecca and Natalia that they would be released. David was even more surprised the pair would be rooming with her and Jesse. Angie said David was invading her patients' privacy, and she would take it up with Joe. Angie asked Rebecca to sign a form that stated whether or not she wanted to be resuscitated should another medical emergency arise. Natalia thought the idea was insane. Rebecca insisted that she wanted to sign the form. Natalia snatched the form and Frankie escorted her out of the room. She decided to bring the form back to Rebecca. Rebecca signed it and handed it over to Angie. Rebecca told Natalia that she was not scared to die. In fact, she saw it as an adventure.

Annie looked at the key in Ryan's hand. She told him they needed to escape and find Emma. Ryan said he would look for Emma alone while Annie stayed behind. Annie was scared to be alone at the prison. She feared the police would think she killed Di. Annie said Di made it sound like Emma only had a limited amount of time left to live. When a guard was not looking, Ryan and Annie snuck out of the cell. They went back to the hotel room where Di was staying with Emma. Ryan frantically searched for clues as Annie assumed the worst for Emma. Ryan found a rosary and thought it might have belonged to Di. Jesse was not surprised to see Annie and Ryan back in the hotel room. Annie said she was not going back to jail. Jesse had no intentions of locking her back up. He sent the cop on a wild goose chase to give them time to search the room. Ryan showed Jesse the rosary, which had the same wax on it that Jesse found on Di's purse. The cop returned and pointed a gun at Ryan. Ryan managed to overcome the officer, pointed the gun at him, and demanded to know where all of the local churches were. Jesse handcuffed the cop to a chair as Annie and Ryan rushed off to the nearest church.

Emma woke up alone in a room and called out for Di. She walked around the room, which appeared to be inside a church. No one answered when Emma asked to be let out. Emma tried to open the door, but it was locked. Emma saw a window in the room. She pulled a chair over to the window. A flickering candle fell to the floor and set the curtains on fire. Smoke emerged from the building as Jesse, Annie, and Ryan arrived. They heard Emma crying out from inside. Jesse and Ryan kicked the door open. Ryan went inside for Emma while Jesse held a frantic Annie back from the flames.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ryan saved Emma from a burning church. Ryan and Annie were relieved to see their daughter alive and safe. Jesse pulled Ryan aside to discuss the kidnapping. Jesse thought that the kidnapping was a set up and Annie was involved. Ryan said that he could not think about that because he needed to concentrate on his daughter. Then, Ryan went to Emma and stated that her mother and father would never let anything bad happen to her again.

Aidan was writhing in pain in his hospital bed as he tried to talk to Greenlee. He obscurely stated, "It all began on the day of the tornados when I found you and Ryan together." She did not understand what he was trying to convey. He then said, "It was me." She was still confused. Aidan then passed out in pain and Jake rushed in. Jake announced that Aidan needed surgery immediately.

Ryan, Annie, Emma, and Jesse arrived at the hospital. As Emma was being treated for smoke inhalation, a Puerto Rican cop tried to arrest Annie. Ryan grabbed the cop and told him to leave his wife alone. Jesse asked to speak with the Puerto Rican Police privately.

Greenlee relayed Aidan's cryptic statements to Ryan. They wondered if Aidan knew Annie was involved in the kidnappings. Greenlee wanted Annie to pay, and Ryan promised that she would. But first, Ryan needed to get evidence that Annie was behind the kidnapping, which meant that he had to feign kindness towards Annie.

Jake came out of surgery and told Greenlee that he did not have the proper equipment and staff in the Puerto Rican clinic to save Aidan. Jake said that he needed to fly Aidan back to Pine Valley for emergency surgery.

Jesse announced that he and the Puerto Rican Police made a deal. Ryan and Annie could return to the U.S. because Jesse was taking over Di's murder case. In exchange, Ryan had to pay the police $10,000. Ryan told Emma that they were going home and that he loved her very much. Then, he took Annie by the hand and led his family out of the hospital. Annie smiled.

Colby was helping Brot leave the hospital unseen when they noticed a woman approach Frankie in the hall. Brot was surprised to see that the woman was his mother. Frankie asked Mrs. Monroe if she knew about Brot, and she looked confused. Frankie realized that she did not know her son was alive. Mrs. Monroe said that she came to see Taylor because she heard about her accident. Meanwhile, Colby asked Brot why his mother did not know he was alive. Brot affirmed that he did not want anyone to know, not even his mother.

Mrs. Monroe visited Taylor. Mrs. Monroe apologized to Taylor for lying, but Taylor was confused. Mrs. Monroe explained that she knew who Taylor was when she came to see her. Mrs. Monroe said that she formed a spiritual connection to Brot and she worried that Taylor would ruin it. Taylor said that she understood. Then, Mrs. Monroe revealed that Brot talked about Taylor a lot. Mrs. Monroe thanked Taylor for making her son happy and loving him. Mrs. Monroe handed Taylor a picture that Brot sent her. The picture showed Brot and Taylor hugging as Taylor showed off her engagement ring.

After Mrs. Monroe left, Frankie could tell that Taylor was upset. Taylor began to cry. She explained that she could sense Brot, as if he was close by. She admitted that she liked Jake, but she could not get over Brot. Frankie encouraged her to leave the past behind her and move on.

Adam feared that someone was in his house, so he searched the mansion with a gun in his hand. He was shocked to see Pete lurking in his living room. Pete explained that he was looking for Colby. Adam noticed that Pete was in a tuxedo and inquired why. Pete divulged that he was trying to impress Colby, but it did not work. Pete was worried because he could not find Colby anywhere. Adam assumed that Colby was hiding from Pete. Pete worried that Colby was infatuated with someone at the hospital. Adam told Pete to get his "mind out of his pants," so he could work at Fusion again. Adam wanted Pete to spy on Erica and get dirt on her. Pete said that he would consider returning to his job, if Colby was an intern at Fusion. Adam agreed to try to convince Colby to work at Fusion. Pete left, but after Adam went to sleep, Pete reentered the mansion.

Colby brought Brot into her home. Pete confronted Colby and demanded to know who she was with. When Pete saw Brot, he stared at his face. Colby told Pete to stop staring and to leave the property. Brot wanted to leave because he did not want to deal with Pete. Colby told Brot that she had a great place for him to stay and they left the mansion, but Pete stayed.

When Colby returned to the mansion, Pete inquired about Brot. Colby refused to answer any questions. He accused her of having feelings for Brot. She yelled at him to leave her alone, so he left the mansion.

Zach tape-recorded messages to Kendall, so the doctors could play them to her. Bianca overheard one of Zach's recordings and chimed in. Bianca told Kendall to wake up because she missed her very much.

Bianca, Reese, and Zach reminisced about the night that Zach agreed to be their donor. Bianca, Reese, and Zach were in France drinking wine at Bianca and Reese's favorite restaurant. Bianca and Reese revealed that they wanted to have a baby together and Bianca unexpectedly asked Zach to be the donor. Initially Zach refused, but after Bianca went to sleep, Zach and Reese stayed up until dawn talking. Zach could tell how much Reese and Bianca loved each other, so he agreed to be their donor.

Bianca and Reese told Zach that they wanted him and Kendall to be Gabrielle's godparents. Zach said that he would be honored, and he assumed that Kendall would be as well.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tad brought Krystal breakfast in bed, but she was not hungry. Tad said Krystal was being too hard on herself for Babe's death and JR's decision to move back into Adam's home. Krystal said Tad was being completely insensitive by suggesting she forget Babe. Tad told Krystal he would never want her to forget Babe. Krystal said Tad, of all people, should understand her loss. Angrily, Krystal threw on some new clothes and stormed out of the house.

JR dreamt of Babe telling him how much she loved him. JR awoke and stared at the empty spot beside him the bed. JR went downstairs, but Adam noticed he looked tired. JR said he had trouble sleeping in the bed without Babe. JR and Little Adam went to see Krystal and Tad. Tad said Krystal bolted out of the house after they got into a disagreement.

Amanda went to see David after he claimed to have urgent news. David wanted to remind Amanda that she needed to bring down JR. First, David suggested Amanda change her outfit. He showed her a blue dress Babe wore that was sprawled out on a chair. Amanda refused to wear the dress. She thought it was weird and disrespectful to Babe. David said that JR was the reason Babe died. Amanda allowed David to put the blue dress on her.

Krystal found herself seeking help from David. David asked Krystal why she was so upset. Krstyal explained the fight she had with Tad. David said that no one, not even Tad, understood how Krystal was feeling without Babe. Krystal said the pain was so unbearable that it was hard not to cry in front of Kathy, Jenny, or Little Adam. Krystal sobbed in David's arms. Krystal said she felt like David understood her pain.

Erica told Adam she was not in love with him. Adam pushed Erica to admit she was wildly crazy about him. Erica said she only got close to Adam to save Fusion. She thanked him for allowing her to stay in the mansion, but asked that her belongings be sent to the newly renovated Yacht Club.

Zach visited Kendall before Gabrielle's christening ceremony. He begged her to wake up. A doctor told Zach that Kendall's condition was holding steady. Zach asked why Kendall was not making any progress. The doctor asked Zach to be patient and assured him Kendall was receiving the best care. The doctor hurried off to check on another patient. Zach kissed Kendall on the forehead, played a tape of Spike singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and left. Kendall's eyes fluttered open for a few seconds before she went back into a comatose state.

Bianca called someone Reese knew and said they both needed the person on the phone. Bianca quickly got off the phone as Reese walked into the room. Reese asked Bianca if she felt well. Bianca said she just wanted everything to be perfect for the christening. Reese said being a family was the only thing that mattered to her. Erica arrived at Zach's home for the christening. She called Amanda and Randi at Fusion to inform them that Fusion and Cambias Industries would host a fundraiser. All of the proceeds would go to help tornado victims. Erica asked Randi to head up the fundraiser, even though Amanda was in charge of special events.

The pastor arrived at Zach's house. He tried to tell Erica something, but she interrupted him so he could meet Bianca and Reese. The pastor said he was not aware Bianca's partner, Reese, was a woman. He assumed Reese was a man. The pastor said he did not feel comfortable performing the ceremony. Instead, the pastor suggested Reese and Bianca wait for Erica's regular pastor to return to Pine Valley. Appalled, Erica ushered the pastor out of Zach's house. Bianca thanked her mother for handling the preacher. Zach and Jackson arrived at the christening. Erica found another pastor who conducted the ceremony. Afterwards, Bianca admitted that she called Reese's mother to ask her to be a part of their family. But Reese's mother hung up. Erica said Reese had a new family of her own to love and support her.

Amanda was highly insulted with the way Erica treated her. She told Randi that one day she would be running Fusion. But first, Amanda figured she needed to get rich again. She called David to confirm their deal - she got $500,000 if she brought JR down. Amanda said it was practically a done deal already. She frantically called JR and claimed it was too overwhelming to be at Fusion without Babe. JR arrived and was immediately taken back when he saw Amanda wearing Babe's dress. Amanda claimed Babe gave it to her. JR started angrily untying and ripping the dress.

Friday, November 21, 2008

At Wildwind, David leaned in to kiss Krystal, but she pulled back at the last moment. Krystal quickly got up from the sofa and prepared to leave. She told David that she needed to be with Tad, not David. David didn't agree. He told Krystal that he was the only person who could give her what she needed because he grieved as deeply for their daughter as she did. Krystal appeared uncertain for a moment, but then turned and walked out of the door. Alone, David pulled out pictures of Babe and sat down.

In their bedroom, Tad apologized to Krystal. Krystal began talking about the pain of losing her child. Tad tried to offer Krystal hope by telling her that one day the moments of profound loss would lessen, but she could not find comfort in Tad's words. She asked him to kiss her. When Tad gave her a gentle loving kiss, Krystal wasn't satisfied. She wanted passion from Tad. They kissed again and fell back on the bed. After they made love, Tad cradled Kystal in his arms while she slept. He appeared reflective. Meanwhile, Krystal dreamt of waking up and asking Tad to make love to her again. When she turned to him, she found David in her bed instead. Krystal came awake with a start and sat up in bed.

At Fusion, JR was infuriated when he realized that Amanda was wearing one of Babe's dresses. In his rage, he began ripping the dress from Amanda's body while she fought him off. He asked Amanda if she planned to dye her hair blonde next. Erica walked in on the scene and immediately ordered JR to take his hands off of Amanda. Disgusted with JR's behavior, Erica demanded to know what had gotten into him. She asked if he had been drinking or taking drugs. JR denied being under the influence and tried explaining what had happened. When Erica mentioned Babe, JR's temper flared again. He warned Erica never to mention Babe's name to him and stormed out of Fusion. Alone with Amanda, Erica tried to ascertain if JR had violated her. When Erica suggested calling Jesse, Amanda tried to explain that she had provoked JR, but Erica didn't listen. Instead, Erica offered Amanda one of her dry-cleaned dresses to change into. After Amanda went to change clothes, Erica called Randi and arranged a staff meeting.

Greenlee, Ryan, Annie, and Emma arrived with Aidan at the hospital. While Angie took Emma to a nearby examination room, Annie turned to Ryan and hugged him. She was delighted that everything was okay. Ryan looked down at her and reminded Annie that Aidan could die.

As Aidan was settled in, Jackson caught Greenlee up on what had transpired since she had left town. He told her about Kendall's transfer to a facility in Canada before he dropped the bombshell that Erica had taken over Fusion. Greenlee was stunned. Before she left the hospital, Ryan spoke to Greenlee about Annie. Greenlee asked Ryan if he suspected that Annie had set Di up. Ryan felt certain that Annie had been the mastermind behind the kidnapping, and vowed that she would not get away with it.

Erica introduced Elizabeth and Joanna to Pete, Amanda, and Randi during a staff meeting. She told the Fusion staff that the two young women would be her eyes and ears at the company. Erica then introduced her personal assistant, Val, to everyone. After the introductions were made, Erica announced that they were going to launch a new Face of Fusion campaign. She surprised everyone by offering the coveted position to Randi. Amanda didn't think Randi would accept because she had turned down the offer in the past. Randi, however, accepted the honor and thanked Erica for the opportunity. Greenlee walked in at that moment and made it clear that she intended to run Fusion herself. Erica and Greenlee took their argument into a private office. While the Fusion staff listened at the door, Erica told Greenlee that she had Kendall's proxy and controlled fifty percent of the company. Erica went on to say that while Greenlee had been off on her adventure with Ryan, Erica had saved the company from financial ruin. Erica said that she had no intention of going anywhere, and suggested that Greenlee deal with it.

When Amanda and Randi were alone, Amanda took a moment to ask Randi if she was afraid her past would return to haunt her if she became the new spokesperson for Fusion. Randi was confident that none of her ex-clients would risk exposing her for fear of exposing themselves. She also doubted anyone would recognize her from her days as a prostitute. Randi insisted that she was in a better place than she had been, and she wanted the opportunity to shine.

JR walked into the living room at the Chandler mansion and asked his father where the alcohol was hidden. Adam immediately realized that JR was distraught and agitated. He encouraged JR to talk to him. JR poured out his grief over losing Babe. When he asked his father why he had brought them back to Pine Valley, Adam didn't have any words of comfort to ease JR's pain. JR walked out of the room after accusing Adam of being responsible for Babe's death. A short time later, Erica slammed into the mansion and demanded to speak to JR. Adam was speechless when Erica accused JR of nearly raping one of her employees. Adam immediately fetched JR back to the living room. JR denied that he had intended to sexually assault Amanda. He told them that Amanda had been wearing one of Babe's dresses and he had become upset. Adam immediately suspected Amanda of trickery, and warned JR to stay away from the young woman.

Amanda returned to Wildwind and threw Babe's dress at David when he answered the door. She told him, in no uncertain terms, that she was through torturing JR. When he realized that the dress was torn, David wanted to know what had happened, but Amanda didn't supply any details. She reiterated that she was finished with David's games, and started to leave. David grabbed Amanda's arm to stop her. In a menacing tone, he told Amanda that we would not be denied his grandson when he was close to attaining everything that he wanted.

Jesse walked into his apartment and found Rebecca inside. Rebecca told Jesse that Angie had invited her to stay with them and she had agreed for Natalia's sake. She felt that their daughter would be able to handle her mother's passing better if she was with her father. Worried that Jesse felt she was intruding, Rebecca offered to leave. Jesse declined the offer and assured her that they would make it work. When Angie arrived home a short time later, Jesse thanked his wife for her generosity. Angie explained that she didn't want Rebecca to die alone. Jesse said that Rebecca wasn't alone. Later, the three were gathered together while Angie prepared dinner. As they talked, Rebecca mentioned Jesse's high blood pressure. Angie was surprised to learn of it and seemed bothered that she hadn't known. Rebecca and Jesse said nothing when Angie tossed the salt in the garbage. The tension increased as the three settled down for dinner. After a touching grace, during which Jesse and Rebecca sang Angie's praises, Jesse and Rebecca appeared to fall back into old patterns as they reminisced about their daughter's eating habits. Angie became increasingly uncomfortable, but neither seemed to pick up on it. Finally, Angie could take no more of it and stood up. She made a feeble excuse about having to return to work and dashed out the door before anyone could stop her.

Jesse felt that Angie needed some time to herself and decided not to follow her. Rebecca took the opportunity alone with Jesse to confess that she had known she was dying when she had pushed Jesse to return to Angie. Jesse was dumbfounded. He couldn't believe that Rebecca had made such a sacrifice while grappling with a terminal illness alone. She went on to reveal that she had put his contact information and a letter in a lockbox for Natalia. She intended for Natalia to read it after she had died but Natalia had found the box and opened it. It was what had led Natalia to Pine Valley. While Jesse let it all sink in, Rebecca told him that she thought he was where he belonged with Angie.

Greenlee retuned to the hospital and got an update about Aidan's condition from Jake. Aidan required life-saving surgery, but there weren't any guarantees that Aidan would survive. His condition remained grim. Jake wanted Greenlee to sign papers authorizing the surgery, but Greenlee hesitated. She explained that her marriage was over, and she worried that she might not be the right person to make decisions for Aidan. Jake stressed the necessity of the surgery, until Greenlee relented and asked for the papers. She was startled when Aidan suddenly spoke up and told Greenlee not to sign the consent forms.

After Angie gave Emma the all clear, Ryan packed up Emma and Annie and took them back to his place. Annie was elated that Ryan appeared to want his family back. When Emma asked about Di, Ryan and Annie were forced to explain things to her so that she would understand that Di was gone. Emma seemed to accept the sad news and, before long, was curled up on her dad's shoulder, fast asleep, while he rocked her. Annie asked Ryan if he had been sincere about his desire for Annie and Emma to move in with him. Ryan cryptically said that he just wanted to focus on the future. Annie took that to mean "yes," and glowed with joy.

A smile of complete satisfaction crossed Annie's lips when Ryan took Emma to her bedroom. She was unaware that Ryan watched her. When Ryan returned to the living room, Annie was positively euphoric and was waiting for Ryan with wine. Ryan took a glass and toasted to Emma. Then he looked deep into Annie's eyes, leaned in close as if he were about to kiss her, and told her that he knew she had set Di up. Annie's smile slipped and her expression turned to confusion. When she realized that Ryan was serious Annie tried to pretend that she had no idea what he was talking about. Ryan didn't buy it. He accused her of planning the kidnapping and asked her where the money was.

Annie dropped all pretense and angrily asked Ryan why she should tell him anything. She knew that he intended to have her arrested and take Emma away from her. Ryan didn't deny it, which put Annie in a desperate situation. She reached for her purse and pulled out a gun. Ryan stopped short when she pointed the gun at him and threatened to shoot him.



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