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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 17, 2008 on DAYS
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Monday, November 17, 2008

E.J. waited upstairs for Nicole to get a snack, while downstairs Nicole answered the front door to find Brady Black. He asked to come inside and talk, so she invited him in, and Brady told her he was on the second stage of his drug recovery program and needed to make amends for the things he'd done in the past. He told Nicole he wasn't proud of the way he'd left things with her, and Nicole was shocked that he was apologizing when she was the one that tried to keep him and Chloe from each other. Brady wanted to put things behind him and start over with a clean slate-as friends.

She told him she was pregnant with E.J.'s baby, and Brady was surprised to hear that she was involved with the man who had messed up Sami's life. Nicole told Brady that E.J. was nice to her, and Brady said he was happy for her. They hugged, and in walked E.J. Nicole tried to explain, and E.J. acted debonair about it. She introduced Brady to E.J.

Brady apologized for stopping by unannounced and excused himself, but before he could leave, E.J. told Brady to stay because he was leaving anyway, and E.J. asked Nicole to walk him to the front door. Nicole asked E.J. if he was jealous of Brady, and E.J. denied it, saying he had some things to do and he was giving Nicole time to deal with Brady.

Brady told Nicole that he had seen his father, but John was distant. Brady asked Nicole to help him get through to John. Nicole said she'd be happy to help Brady get to know the new John, but she wasn't interested in helping him change John back to the way he was. Besides, she said, Brady might like the new John.

Nicole explained that John acted cold as a defense mechanism, because people always expected him to be someone he didn't know anymore. Brady said he would feel like he was letting his father down if he gave up on him. After Brady left, Nicole called John.

Across town, Bo and Hope showed a picture of Melanie and Nick to the cemetery caretaker, and he identified Nick as the guy he saw at the cemetery the night that Trent was murdered. Bo and Hope worried about what kind of trouble Nick had gotten himself into. Hope suggested that they not warn Nick that they needed to talk to him again. Hope wondered if Nick saw Melanie kill Trent.

Melanie and Nick were packing to leave town, when Melanie found a picture of her and her father. Nick told Melanie not to think about Trent, but Melanie was hysterical over Nick's revelation that he saw her kill her father. Nick tried to convince Melanie not to feel guilty, but Melanie felt confused. Nick felt sorry for sending Melanie the threatening notes saying that she killed her father. Nick pressured her to leave town, but Melanie wanted to stay and face the music.

Nick told Melanie he wouldn't let her turn herself in, but Melanie said if she ran, she would never be at peace. Nick asked for some time before Melanie turned herself in, because he was scared. He said it was his choice to do the things that he did, and Melanie began to question what he said. Nick downplayed it, but Melanie was afraid he would get into trouble for protecting her. She felt she ruined everyone's life. Nick said he didn't care what happened to him, because he just wanted to take care of her. Melanie agreed to go away with Nick.

Bo and Hope stopped by Maggie's house looking for Nick and Melanie, but they were gone. Maggie realized Nick was in some kind of trouble. Hope wondered why she let Melanie move into her house, and she said she did it to calm Nick down, since he was always worried about Melanie. Bo asked if Nick had been agitated, and Maggie admitted he was, saying she thought it had something to do with the painkillers he was taking. Hope remembered that Nick's mother, Jessica, was on painkillers when she started having problems.

Maggie said the difference was that Jessica had a split personality. Hope said she wasn't accusing Nick of having a split personality, but she noticed that Nick was sensitive to Melanie. Hope and Bo tried to calm Maggie down, and she told them that Nick denied taking the painkillers when he was arrested for DUI.

Hope asked where Nick and Melanie might have gone, and Maggie was afraid they'd run away. Hope asked to use Maggie's bathroom in hopes of seeing clues about where Melanie and Nick might be. Maggie asked Bo if he thought that Melanie killed her father. Hope said that Nick and Melanie's things were gone, so they probably skipped town.

Nick and Melanie stopped at a hotel, and he suggested they fly to Las Vegas to get married so that he wouldn't be forced to testify against her. Nick suggested Melanie take a bath and get ready for bed while he searched for airline tickets to Vegas and got them something to help them relax. He held her, and she looked over at the bed.

Nick poured some alcohol for them, but she turned down the drinks. Nick used the ice pick to break up the ice, which made Melanie remember that Nick killed her father. Nick made a toast to Melanie as his wife.

Marlena ran into John at the police station. He was there to notify the police that he'd hired a bounty hunter to track down the mayor's killer so that Sami could leave the witness protection program. Marlena said John was stupid for giving his son, Brady, the cold shoulder. She said John was afraid of being near Brady because it might make John feel something. She said Brady and John could help each other, but John said he was not afraid of Brady - he was detached.

John informed Roman that he'd hired a private investigator to find the mayor's killer, and Roman accused John of wanting to find the killer so Marlena would come back to him. Roman said Marlena would see through John's plan to get her back by saving Sami. John said he thought, for Roman's daughter's sake, that Roman would take all the help that he could get. Roman said John should let him think about his daughter and John should think about his son, but John told Roman to mind his own business.

E.J. stopped by Marlena's place to get advice about Nicole and Brady. He wondered if he should be worried about Nicole. Marlena asked if E.J. thought Brady might be a threat to the progress that Nicole had made. E.J. said he knew that Nicole and Brady had a difficult relationship, and Nicole didn't need anything else to deal with. Marlena thought that E.J. was smitten with Nicole.

E.J. admitted that he might be bothered about seeing Nicole with Brady more than he had thought. Marlena advised E.J. to ask Nicole how she felt about Brady. E.J. said if Nicole knew that her friendship with Brady bothered him, E.J. would lose all his power. Marlena said since he and Nicole were having a baby together, E.J. should want to improve their relationship. Marlena agreed to keep their conversation to herself. Marlena had to leave, so she walked E.J. to the door, and when she opened it, Brady was there to take her up on her offer to let him stay with her.

Marlena left and told Brady to show E.J. out. Brady asked E.J. what he was doing there, and E.J. said he was there to talk to Marlena. Brady thanked E.J. for letting him have time with Nicole, and E.J. said he needed to get some things straight.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Marlena's penthouse, E.J. warned Brady that he was protective of Nicole, and Brady agreed to keep his distance from her. E.J. continued by cautioning Brady not to look to Nicole to solve any of his problems, since she needed stability in her life. Calling E.J. out, Brady noted that having children by two different mothers, and one of them being Sami, hardly qualified as stability. Smirking, E.J. offered to help Brady with John, since he had grown close to him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Nicole talked to John on Brady's behalf and urged him to try to start over with Brady. John rejected the idea of spending any time with his son, but Nicole suggested that John and Brady get to know one another as the new people that they had become and not who they once were. Changing tactics, Nicole reminded John that making an effort with Brady would make Marlena happy. John agreed to think about it.

After John left, E.J. told Nicole that he had talked to Brady. Before Nicole could pry any information out of E.J. about his conversation, E.J. began to kiss her and carry her upstairs. The two made love for the first time in a bed and enjoyed one another's company for the rest of the afternoon.

Back at Marlena's penthouse, John stopped by to see Marlena, but instead found Brady at the apartment. As John attempted to leave, Brady asked John to try again to get to know him. John congratulated Brady on his rehab work but announced that he was unlikely to change who he was. Brady agreed that things between them would not be like the past, and that he was thinking of moving back to Salem. John cautioned Brady not to move back for him, before abruptly leaving. After John was gone, Brady said, "If you're sick, there's no way in hell I'm going anywhere."

At the Brady Pub, Stephanie showed her resume to Philip, who told her that the real test of her skills would be on the job and not on her resume. After Stephanie chatted about her life for a bit, she apologized for taking up Philip's time with her problems while he was worried about his mother's health. Philip explained that he welcomed the distractions of Stephanie and work, and the two agreed that they preferred to stay busy rather than dwell on the unpleasantness of life. Stephanie got a call from Maggie asking her if she had seen Nick or Melanie. Worried, Philip and Stephanie headed over to Maggie's house.

At Maggie's house, Bo and Hope learned that Nick and Melanie had run away. Max and Chelsea arrived and learned the news. Max immediately defended Melanie and wondered aloud whether they had left town together, since Melanie had seemed uncomfortable with the idea that Nick was in love with her. Bo determined that Nick had refilled his prescription that morning before leaving, just as Maggie nervously brought him a note she had found in the bathroom. The note read, "I saw you at the cemetery. I know what happened." Maggie recognized the stationary as her own and Chelsea confirmed the handwriting was Nick's.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Chelsea talked to Max while he worked. As the two talked about the facts of Nick and Melanie's disappearance, Chelsea wondered aloud why Nick would send Melanie the letter if he were in love with her. Max suggested that maybe running away was not Melanie's idea after all. Max noted that the note explained why Melanie had been acting strangely. When Max recalled that he had warned Melanie not to hurt Nick, he added, "Maybe I got it backward?"

At the police station, Hope took a call from Chelsea regarding her musings about the note. Bo and Hope theorized that if Nick were in love with Melanie, he would need a way to scare and isolate her. At first, Hope denied that Nick was capable of acting so cruelly, but eventually Hope admitted that because of Nick's painkillers and his mother's history, the theory could be correct. Looking at the evidence, Hope announced that Nick had to have been the one at the cemetery, and she noted the exact wording in the note said, "I saw what happened," and not something like, "I know what you did." Bo chimed in that the evidence showed the stab wound was consistent with an assailant over six feet tall, like Nick. The two discussed the evidence and worked out that Nick, obsessed with Melanie, followed her to the cemetery, saw her fight with Trent, and then stabbed Trent while Melanie was unconscious.

At a hotel, Nick poured drinks and took more pills, while a shocked Melanie stood nearby and had a memory of Nick stabbing Trent. Melanie cautioned Nick not to take his pills with alcohol, but soon began to encourage him to drink more and take more pills, so that she could escape him. Nick blabbered on about marrying Melanie in Vegas and explained that it was not only to protect her but also because he loved her. Completely oblivious to Melanie's teary eyes and increasing panic, Nick reached out to her. "Don't touch me!" Melanie barked at Nick. "You can not talk to me like that!" Nick ordered. Melanie tried to go to the bathroom, but Nick made her sit on the couch next to him.

A drunken and slurring Nick kissed Melanie, while she grew more panicky. When Nick talked about how he wanted to make her happy, Melanie offered to make more drinks for a toast. While Melanie made the drinks, she slipped the ice pick into her back pocket before returning to the couch. Not fooled, Nick kissed Melanie again to throw her off guard and then grabbed the ice pick from her. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Nick screamed at Melanie. Stammering, Melanie explained that everything was happening too fast. As Nick lowered the ice pick, Melanie took the opportunity to lash out and punch Nick in his wounded shoulder and break a glass over his head.

Just as Melanie got the front door of the room open, Nick pounced on her and shut the door. Nick pulled Melanie close to him and the two struggled, causing Nick to drop Melanie's phone and accidentally dial Stephanie.

"What are you gonna do, kill me like you killed my father?" Melanie cried out as a wide-eyed Nick stared at her.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daniel checked in on Kate, who was resting after her latest round of chemotherapy. She smiled and told him she'd just dreamed that he'd invented a miracle cure, which had saved her. He sat next to her on the bed, taking her hand and reclining against her pillows, as she asked about her latest test results. He advised her that the results, which they should have within the hour, would tell him what to do next in her treatment. He tenderly kissed the top of her head and rose to leave, but she stopped him. She assured him that telling him about the dream did not mean she expected it to come true, and that, while she would keep fighting with all her strength, she was also prepared for the worst. He started to protest, but she continued that she'd had a full life, and she'd had love-and she wished the same thing for him

Chloe joined Lucas at a table at the Brady Pub. He presented her with a folder containing pictures of a house, which he told her he'd already bid on. Chloe was a little surprised, so Lucas explained that he wanted to make sure she approved before he finalized the purchase, because he'd sensed that she felt he wasn't fully committed to their relationship. He added that buying the house was a way for him to show her that he was committed, and that-eventually-he'd be a great husband for her. With some reluctance, Chloe then confessed that she'd run into Brady earlier. After she'd filled Lucas in on how Brady was, Lucas asked if she planned to leave him for her ex. Chloe replied that, on the contrary, it had made her realize how lucky she was to have Lucas. This puzzled Lucas, so she clarified that, if she hadn't met him, she might have wasted even more time pining after Brady-but instead she'd found a family of sorts with Lucas and Allie. Lucas asked if that meant she was okay with his buying the house, and when she nodded happily, he kissed her across the table.

Lucas and Chloe then went to visit Kate, and found her with her eyes closed, listening to David Bowie through her earphones. Kate beamed, happily surprised to see the two of them, and thanked Chloe again for her words of support. Daniel returned with Kate's test results, which Kate asked him to read in front of Lucas and Chloe. A grinning Daniel informed them that Kate's tumor had shrunk appreciably, which greatly improved her prognosis. Lucas kissed and hugged Kate enthusiastically. Daniel left so the three of them could celebrate the good news, but when he reached the hallway, he stopped and heaved a worried sigh.

Lucas was anxious about what Kate's next step would be, but Chloe urged him to just savor the moment. So Kate and Lucas could visit in private, Chloe volunteered to go buy Allie a new picture book. After she'd gone, Lucas remarked that Kate and Chloe seemed almost friendly to each other. Kate admitted that she'd warmed a little toward Chloe, because she seemed to make Lucas happy, and because her kindness and empathy had comforted Kate during chemotherapy. She added that she knew Lucas loved Chloe, but she didn't want Lucas to try to force Kate to love her, too. Lucas agreed, and then showed her the pictures of the house. Kate was worried that Lucas and Chloe were moving too fast, then stunned when Lucas announced that he was going to ask Chloe to marry him. Lucas was annoyed when it seemed that Kate wasn't happy for him. Kate reluctantly agreed that if he loved Chloe, that was all that really mattered. Lucas said he'd never loved anyone the way he loved Chloe, and he was sure Kate would find that kind of love soon, as well.

Walking through the park on her way to the bookstore, Chloe was surprised to find Daniel lost in thought on a bench. He said he'd just needed some air after a long day, but Chloe could tell something was troubling him. She asked if he'd kept something from Kate about her test results. Daniel replied that he'd actually downplayed them, so Chloe asked why he was so downcast. He confided that he sometimes had a hard time maintaining professional objectivity with his patients, and that he lacked the humility to acknowledge that he couldn't cure all of them. Though Chloe didn't see those as flaws, rather as signs that he was passionate about his work, Daniel argued that losing patients, including his wife, should have taught him to distance himself long before. Chloe pointed out that Kate's test results had been good, but Daniel reminded her that Kate still had cancer, so it wasn't over yet. Though Chloe said that she understood, Daniel asked her not to let Lucas or Kate know how emotionally involved he'd let himself get. After they'd both acknowledged that Kate probably had an inkling, Chloe agreed.

Bo and Hope were in his office at the police station, reluctantly concurring that they believed Nick, not Melanie, had killed Trent Robbins. Bo tried to convince Hope to let him handle things from that point forward, since Nick was her cousin, but she refused. Angry with herself for not seeing the changes in Nick sooner, Hope vowed to reach out to him once they found him. The phone rang just then, and when Bo hung up, he informed Hope that they might have a lead on Nick and Melanie's whereabouts.

In their motel room, as Melanie struggled to get away from Nick, his cell phone fell to the floor. In the scuffle, Melanie stepped on it, accidentally dialing Stephanie. When Melanie finally wrestled free from Nick, she angrily told him that her memories of the night her father had been killed were coming back, and she knew the truth at last: that Nick was actually the one who had stabbed Trent. Nick tried to tell her she was just imagining things, but she was insistent that she finally remembered what had really happened. Nick maintained that he'd done everything for her, and even believed they would still get married, which horrified Melanie.

Stephanie, in the Horton kitchen with Philip, was relieved when she saw Nick's number on her phone, but Philip grabbed the phone from her. He heard Nick and Melanie shouting, but since he couldn't quite discern what they were saying, quickly realized that Nick must have "pocket dialed" Stephanie. Stephanie put her ear next to the phone to listen in, and they both heard the sound of an airplane in the background.

Melanie tried to bolt for the door, stepping on the phone again and disconnecting it, but Nick grabbed her before she could escape. Sobbing, she shouted that what he had done was unforgivable-and she hated him.

Stephanie immediately tried to call Nick back, but got no answer. As they talked about what little of the phone call they could understand, it dawned on Philip that Nick and Melanie must be staying at a hotel near the airport. They rushed out the back door.

Nick, devastated to realize that he'd hurt Melanie, begged for her forgiveness. He insisted that he'd only wanted to make her happy, and to help her. Melanie saw that he was sincere, and softened a little. Gently pressing the phone into his hands, she said she would forgive him if he called the police and confessed. Nick was worried that he'd never see her again if he went to prison. When Melanie promised that she'd visit him often, he knocked the phone out of her hand and threw her down on the sofa. Grabbing her by the hair, he accused her of manipulating him, and of selfishly thinking of no one but herself. Melanie hastily apologized, and Nick relaxed a little. He suddenly began talking about how strange it had felt to stab Trent, so she asked why he'd done it. Nick described how, after he'd seen Trent knock Melanie down, he'd been afraid Trent would hurt her even worse. He continued that he'd only followed her to the cemetery because he wanted to take care of her, to protect her, and he knew he should have called the police, but if he'd turned himself in, he'd have had to give Melanie up-and he loved her.

Bo and Hope, on the computer in his office, learned that Nick's credit card had been used at the Salem Airway Motel. They were on their way out the door when Philip and Stephanie showed up. They quickly brought Bo and Hope up to speed about the phone call, and how the plane they'd heard in the background led them to believe that Nick and Melanie were at a hotel near the airport. Bo and Hope told them that information confirmed the lead they'd just gotten, and after admonishing them to let the police handle it, raced out the door.

Philip, not content to just wait around for news, sat down at Bo's computer, and asked Stephanie to keep an eye on the door. He promptly had the address of the motel, but cautioned Stephanie that they had to stay out of sight. She suggested they find an alley from which to scope things out, and then they headed out.

Nick then told Melanie about how he'd accidentally killed Willow, who he'd thought was his friend until she'd blackmailed him. He recalled struggling with Willow over a hairbrush that she'd planted to implicate Chelsea in a fire at Bo and Hope's house, and Willow falling and hitting her head. He declared, "It's all connected: I caused one person to die for Chelsea, and now another one for you. It seems like every time I try to do good, people end up dead." He asserted that he ruined everything he touched, including Melanie.

Stephanie and Philip arrived at the motel's service entrance, but found the door locked. Since Philip didn't want to go through the front, lest Bo and Hope spot them, he asked if Stephanie had anything he could use to pick the lock. Stephanie produced a nail file from her purse, and Philip went to work while she paced impatiently.

Melanie tried to convince Nick that she could see how much he'd done for her, and it made her want to be with him. She suggested they leave right away for the airport, but Nick was sure it was just a ploy so she could try to get away from him once they were in public. Though she insisted she was sincere, he grew oddly calm as he told her he just couldn't let her leave. While he was putting the chain on the door, Melanie made a frantic dash for the balcony, but Nick caught her and grabbed her in the doorway.

While Melanie struggled again to get away from Nick, Bo and Hope arrived, guns drawn, outside the room's front door. They called for Nick and Melanie as they tried to determine which room the pair was in. In the parking lot below, Philip and Stephanie heard Melanie scream, as did Bo and Hope. Bo immediately started trying to break down the door. Yelling, Nick reminded Melanie that they were on the fourth floor, but she kept trying, frantically, to get away. When Bo finally broke through the door, Nick whirled around, loosening his grasp on Melanie, who went flying over the railing with a terrified shriek.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bo broke down the door to the hotel room where Nick and Melanie were staying, which startled Nick, and he let go of Melanie. She tumbled over the balcony but hung onto the ledge. Bo grabbed Melanie's hand to help her up, while Hope held Nick at gunpoint. Bo saw Philip in the alley outside the hotel and asked him to climb the fire escape to help. Hope went outside to help, so Nick tried to sneak out, but not before grabbing his painkillers. Before Nick could make it out the door, Hope pulled the gun on him again and read him his rights. Philip was able to grab Melanie and pull her down to safety from the fire escape.

Brady ran into Nicole at the gym. Brady asked Nicole if it was okay for Nicole to work out while pregnant, and while they were talking, the baby kicked. Brady told her he planned to move back to town for good and was hoping that she and E.J. would go out with him sometime. Nicole wondered why Brady chose to stay, and he said he wanted to get close to his father, although he didn't expect a breakthrough right away.

He surmised that she expected John to treat Brady better once she talked to him. Nicole said John was already ready to work on his relationship with Brady and all she did was give him a nudge. She said she was trying to make up for all the bad things she did in the past. Brady told her to call him if she needed a sponsor while trying to stay sober.

Stefano and E.J. argued over E.J.'s unborn child. Stefano said he had some research to do on baby names, but E.J. told him that he and Nicole weren't planning to find out the sex of the baby in advance. Stefano needed the baby's name on some official papers, giving Stefano visitation rights in the event of parental estrangement, which infuriated E.J. He told Stefano it was none of his business. E.J. said he knew that Stefano was motivated by love, but he cautioned that Stefano had driven away all of his children. Stefano felt like his kids were ingrates.

E.J. said he and Nicole did not want their baby legally bound to a dangerous or destructive relationship. Stefano asked where Nicole was and suggested he plan a family feast for that night, despite E.J. having plans to go out on a date with Nicole. Stefano said he planned the dinner for all of them and he wanted Nicole to understand that she had nothing to fear from him.

Stefano offered E.J. the chance to run the family business as counsel for DiMera Shipping, but E.J. turned him down, so Stefano said E.J. was on his own. E.J. wondered what that meant, and Stefano said it meant no more free rides. He said E.J. and his family had been living in the lap of luxury at the mansion, and E.J. said he didn't realize it came with strings attached. Stefano asked again whether E.J. was willing to accept Stefano's offer, and E.J. shook his hand.

When Nicole arrived at the mansion, Stefano told her about E.J.'s decision to work for the family business. E.J. apologized for not discussing it with her and said if she objected at all to let him know, but Nicole said she didn't have any objections. Stefano was glad that Nicole was being so supportive, and they toasted to E.J.'s future with the family business. After Stefano left, E.J. asked her how she really felt, and she said she knew that he would do what was right for their family. E.J. told Nicole he had a surprise planned for her the next day.

At the Brady Pub, Donna Farrell, who led the parent support group for autism, approached Lexie. Abe knew Donna, as well, because she volunteered on the city task force for environmental issues. Lexie was surprised Donna was involved in so many projects, especially when Abe said that Donna had four children at home. Chelsea dropped by the pub and gave Lexie an article about autism.

Lexie told Abe she didn't know how Donna was able to handle so many things while raising four kids, especially compared to Lexie, who felt like she was stretched too thin. Lexie felt she should be able to juggle her part-time work at the hospital with being a mother to Theo, and Abe told her not to downplay her job. Still, Lexie felt guilty about not being able to handle Theo. Abe got a call about Nick's arrest and informed Lexie.

While Abe talked with Donna, Lexie looked at the magazine Chelsea gave her and cried after seeing a picture of a mother hugging her child. Abe noticed Lexie crying and asked her what was wrong. She told him about the mothers in the article she was reading who were inspired by their children's diagnoses to want to help other children, and she said all she had done since Theo was diagnosed was to feel sorry for herself.

Donna asked Lexie to join the environmental task force, saying her expertise as a doctor would be valuable. At first, Lexie was hesitant, but then she decided to join. Lexie also said she would be at the next meeting of the support group for autistic children.

Stephanie called Chelsea and told her to go to the police station, because they'd found Nick. Meanwhile, Nick confessed to killing Trent, explaining that he did it to protect Melanie. He said it should be considered justifiable homicide and that Bo and Hope might be able to plead it down to involuntary manslaughter-and Nick would serve no time. They tried to get him to understand that innocent people were arrested because he covered up the murder.

Nick said that after what happened with Willow, he didn't think they would understand, but that Melanie would. Bo said they knew about the note that Nick sent to Melanie, and Hope asked Nick why he tortured Melanie with the blackmailing phone calls. Nick said it was because he needed her near him in Salem so he could keep her safe. Bo said Melanie lied about wanting to marry Nick.

Nick said that Melanie might have killed Trent if Nick weren't there because she went to the cemetery with a knife. Hope said Nick might have gotten Melanie killed, and he pleaded with Hope to help him, since there were family. She agreed to help him, but said justice had to be served. Nick asked to make a phone call. After his call was over, he asked to see Melanie, but Bo and Hope wouldn't let him. Bo told him to call his attorney, and he said he didn't call his lawyer.

Maggie walked in and hugged him. She cried, and Nick apologized, but Maggie said she was the one who was sorry, because she knew he was taking pills and drinking and she should have been there for him. Maggie asked Hope what happened next, and she explained that the case would go to the judge and jury. Maggie wanted assurances that Nick would not be convicted, but Bo said Nick was definitely going to prison.

Stephanie and Philip commiserated over being wrong about Melanie killing Trent when it was Nick all along. Max showed up at the police station wanting to know where his sister was. The doctors were checking her over, Philip explained, and Max thanked him for saving Melanie's life. Max said Nick hadn't been the same since Willow died, and Chelsea - who had overheard their conversation -- blamed herself.

Stephanie told Chelsea it wasn't her fault, but Chelsea said the only reason Nick ended up with Willow was because he was trying to protect Chelsea. Max told Chelsea that what happened with Willow was an accident, but that with Trent's murder, something must have pushed Nick over the edge. Melanie walked in as if on cue, and they all stared at her. Melanie told Max she just had some cuts and scrapes, but she was fine. Then, she thanked Philip for saving her life. Chelsea and Stephanie stared at her, and Melanie wondered why.

Stephanie wondered if Melanie was going to ask about Nick, and Melanie assumed he was going to jail. Stephanie said Nick would probably be locked up for the rest of his life because of Melanie. Stephanie's words angered Max. He said that his sister almost died that night, had been terrorized for weeks, and had been treated like dirt her whole life. He said it wasn't fair that they blamed Melanie. Melanie told them how Nick tortured her and tricked her into thinking she killed her father, and she didn't understand why Chelsea and Stephanie didn't get that she was the victim.

Chelsea said Melanie obstructed justice by lying to the police and she would be lucky if she didn't get charged, too. Max told Chelsea to knock it off, but Stephanie told him that Melanie needed to hear it. Stephanie blamed Melanie for pushing Nick over the edge and making him crazy. Chelsea accused Melanie of lying to Nick, using him, and ruining his life.

Nick was booked, and Maggie assured him that Mickey was on his way. Bo and Hope brought Nick into the room where Max, Chelsea, Melanie, Stephanie, and Philip were, and Nick told Melanie he loved her and he did everything for her. Then he apologized to Max, saying he never meant to hurt Melanie. Chelsea told Melanie she was pathetic because she wouldn't even say that she was sorry or that she cared for Nick, too. Melanie asked Max if he was mad at her, too, and Max hugged her. Nick looked at his friends one last time before he was led away in cuffs.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nicole was reading the newspaper in the DiMera living room, where E.J. found her and nuzzled her neck in greeting. He asked if she was ready for her surprise, and she responded by offering up a surprise of her own: the headline that announced, "Fallon Charged in Dean's Murder." Since that meant she was in the clear for killing Trent, they kissed to celebrate. Nicole then begged E.J. to tell her what her surprise was, so, after teasing her a little, at last he presented her with a small box. She opened it to find a note, rolled into a tiny scroll, which she unfurled and read aloud: "Your bag has been packed for romance and sin / Go upstairs and your journey will begin." E.J. explained that he planned to whisk her away for a romantic weekend at a mountain cabin. A beaming Nicole kissed him in thanks, then dashed upstairs to grab her suitcase.

E.J. turned to find an amused Stefano watching from the doorway. Stefano told his son that, although it pleased him to see E.J. so happy with Nicole, some urgent business had come up that would require E.J. to postpone his romantic getaway. As E.J. was demanding to know what was so pressing, Nicole returned with her suitcase. Stefano apologetically broke the news to her, but E.J. pulled her into the foyer before she had a chance to reply. When E.J. apologized and assured her that their weekend would only be delayed, not canceled, Nicole said she understood, although she was clearly disappointed. As he gave her the information she would need to check in, he asked her to go on ahead of him to the cabin, and promised to join her shortly. Nicole thanked him for arranging everything, adding that no one had ever done anything like that for her.

A little later, a bellman escorted Nicole into the cabin and pointed out the amenities. After he'd gone, she giddily looked around the rustically luxurious suite, and spotted a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries. Next to it, she found a thoughtful note from E.J., reiterating his promise to join her soon.

While Stefano waited, E.J. tried unsuccessfully to call Nicole to make sure she'd reached the cabin safely. E.J. then started to leave to join her, hotly declaring that he shouldn't have let Stefano foil his plans, but Stefano accused him of not being committed to the family business. E.J. reluctantly agreed to stay, and asked what the urgent business was. He was furious when Stefano replied that he'd fill him in on the plane-to Argentina. Stefano would only hint that the trip had to do with making sure the DiMera assets remained well hidden, then headed for the waiting limousine, while E.J. glumly dialed Nicole again.

E.J. reached Nicole just as she'd changed into a leopard-print negligee and had started nibbling on the strawberries. He told her about the trip to Argentina, apologized profusely, and swore he'd make it up to her. Nicole was very unhappy, but tried to be supportive. Though E.J. encouraged her to stay at the cabin and relax, she declined, maintaining that it was really more for couples. She told him she'd just return to the mansion. When their call was disconnected suddenly, Nicole frowned at her phone. "I was going to say 'I love you,'" she said quietly, pouting.

E.J., meanwhile, was cursing his own phone and trying to call Nicole back, but before he could get through, Stefano returned and impatiently ordered him into the limo. E.J. angrily hung up and followed his father out.

After Nicole had changed back into her street clothes, she began re-packing her suitcase. Suddenly she doubled over in pain and, clutching her abdomen, she cried, "Oh, no! The baby!"

At the safe house, Sami was surprised when she saw the headline about Nick's arrest. Rafe cheerfully pointed out that it meant her son wasn't living with a murderer, after all, but she reminded him that Johnny still lived with Stefano DiMera. Sami irritably asked why the FBI couldn't find the mayor's killer, if they could find Trent Robbins'. Rafe countered that if they caught the killer, and she got out of protective custody, she'd have to figure out another way to hide her pregnancy. She admitted she didn't know where she'd go when she got out, but at least she wouldn't be stuck in that room with him-and without sunshine or fresh air. She began pleading for him to open the window, or let her stand in the doorway, or at the very least open the drapes, but he steadfastly refused, reminding her that it wasn't safe, and soon the conversation had devolved into bickering.

When Rafe got a call informing him that the most recent lead in the case had gone cold, Sami broke down, desperate to get out and to see her children. Rafe gently cautioned her that they might never catch the killer, and they could be stuck there together for a long time. While she angrily got up to munch on some pickles, he encouraged her to keep a positive attitude, suggesting that she try to think of it as a vacation. She became even more furious, and sarcastically shouted that the TV in their so-called hotel only seemed to get football-which, she added with even more venom, she loathed. Rafe grudgingly declared that she could watch whatever she wanted, stalked over to the table, and put his headphones on and began to read the paper.

Sami pulled his headphones off and earnestly implored him again to let her go outdoors. Seeing how lightly she seemed to take the threat against her, Rafe adamantly emphasized that the assassin wouldn't stop until he killed her or got caught. Sami at last conceded that she knew that, if she left, she'd be putting her and her family's lives in jeopardy.

Sami then reiterated her plea to let her have at least a glimpse of sunlight. Rafe very reluctantly agreed, and drew back the heavy drapes a couple of inches so he could make sure the coast was clear. Once he okayed it, Sami rushed over and threw the drapes open, sighing happily as the sunlight hit her face. She pointed out a church spire, and Rafe told her it was the Church and Convent of the Holy Cross, adding that the nuns had run an orphanage there years before.

Steve met up with John in an alley, where John handed him an envelope. Steve stated that he was about to confer with someone who could supposedly identify the mayor's killer. John hoped Steve's source could do so soon, before the assassin struck again.

Marlena let herself into her townhouse, where a man in a ski mask was hiding in the shadows, waiting for her. John called to tell her that his bounty hunter should have good news soon about the mayor's murder. While Marlena tried to engage him in conversation about Brady, the masked man silently grabbed a poker from the fireplace and crept up behind her. Once she had hung up, the man grabbed her and threw her against the wall. Brandishing the fireplace poker in her face, he ordered her to tell him where her daughter was. A surprisingly calm Marlena maintained that she didn't know where Sami was, since she'd fled from town after witnessing the mayor's murder. Because he knew Sami could identify him, the man threatened to rough Marlena up if she didn't tell him exactly where Sami was.

Kayla found Steve doing research on his laptop at the Brady Pub, and, after greeting him with a kiss, asked what he was working on. Steve closed his laptop and reminded his wife that he couldn't discuss his private investigation cases with her. When he saw how concerned she was, he reluctantly confided that John had hired him to help find Mayor Marino's killer. Kayla flipped out, concerned and a little peeved that he was putting himself in too much danger. Steve tried to reassure her, reminding her that Sami could come home once the killer was caught, but Kayla just got angrier. She argued that working with John was a bad idea, because he'd once been brainwashed to be Stefano's hired killer, and his behavior was too unpredictable. Steve assured her that John's heart was in the right place, because he was just trying to help Sami and Marlena.

Kayla softened, confessing that because she'd lost Steve years before, sometimes she overreacted when she thought he was in danger. Steve dragged his chair next to hers and put his arm around her. She stroked his beard and apologized for worrying, then reassured him that he had her support. He promised to call the police for backup when he found the killer, and the two shared a tender kiss. Kayla then asked if he'd show her what he'd been working on, so Steve opened the laptop back up, and surreptitiously pulled out the police sketch of the suspect. Whispering, he showed her a database on the computer, where he said he hoped to find a picture that matched the drawing of the killer.

Marlena suddenly kneed the masked man in the crotch, and when he fell to the floor, she quickly dialed John. Before she could say much, the masked man stood and came toward her with a rope stretched between his hands. Marlena told him that if he killed her, he'd never find Sami, but the man didn't care. As he continued menacingly toward her, tightening the rope and vowing to kill her, John came in the front door and aimed a gun straight at the masked man's head. The man immediately grabbed Marlena from behind, putting her between him and John. As Marlena struggled, John ordered the man to let her go or John would shoot him. Marlena pleaded desperately with John not to fire, but he cocked his gun and said, "Too late."

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